Graduate Catalog 2010-2012 - Richmont Graduate University

Graduate Catalog 2010-2012 - Richmont Graduate University

Late Registration

Students whose holds are not cleared or who choose to register on

or after the first day of classes will be assessed a $50 late registration

fee. This also applies to students not otherwise enrolled in Richmont

who are registering for intensive classes on or after the first day

of classes.


Through the first Friday of the semester, classes may be dropped or

added upon receipt of a completed add/drop/withdrawal form by

the Registrar. A $10 schedule change fee will be assessed per


After the first Friday of the semester, the student must withdraw

from the class in question using the add/drop/withdrawal form. A

$10 schedule change fee per transaction will be assessed. A student

who withdraws from a class will receive a refund according to the

schedule published by the Business Office and included in the Academic


Although students submit add/drop/withdrawal forms to advisors

for signatures, the student has the final responsibility for submitting

the form to the Registrar for processing and is responsible for fees

and penalties incurred for late submission.

Financial Exceptions

A student seeking an exception of any kind on his financial record

may complete a Petition for Financial Exception to be reviewed by

the Financial Affairs Committee. This form is available from the

Business Office on both campuses and on the Richmont website.

In the event of a student’s injury, prolonged illness, death of a family

member, or similar circumstances that interrupt or preclude the completion

of a course or courses, the student may choose to withdraw

from one or more classes for the semester, or, if necessary withdraw

from the University. In either event, the student will receive a tuition

refund based on the refund schedule. The student will follow the procedures

for course withdrawal or institutional withdrawal depending

on the situation. In the event of the death of a student, the family will

receive a full tuition refund for the semester.

Intensive courses can be dropped up until close of business on the

day before the class begins, using the same procedure outlined

above for dropping and adding weekly classes. Students who drop

an intensive class prior to the close of business on the day before the

course begins will receive a full refund minus a $10 schedule change

fee per transaction. After that time, no refunds will be given.

Institutional Withdrawal

Students withdrawing from the institution, either for the semester

or indefinitely, must complete the Institutional Withdrawal Form

available from the Registrar. They will receive refunds based on the

same schedule for individual course withdrawals.

Refund Policy and Assessed Fees

Following is a general description of how Richmont’s refund policy

is structured. Please note that all non-tuition fees are non-refundable.

Tuition refunds for drop/add and institutional withdrawal:

• Prior to add/drop deadline = 100 percent refund

• After add/drop deadline to 10 percent point in

term = 90 percent refund

• Beyond 10 percent to 25 percent point in

term = 75 percent refund

• Beyond 25 percent to 50 percent point in

term = 50 percent refund

• After 50 percent point in term = no refund

• Drop/add fee = $10 (per transaction)

• Late registration fee = $50

These dates will be calculated for each term consistent with the

length of the term.

The date that will be used for calculation of a refund for withdrawal

or add/drop will be the date on which the Registrar receives the

completed form signed by all required personnel. All students must

follow the procedures for withdrawal and add/drop to receive a refund.


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