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Advertising in the Australian Orthoptic Journal - International ...




australian orthoptic journal – 2008 Volume 40, Number 1

06 Editorial – Life Begins in the 40’s – A Ruby Tribute to this Australian

Orthoptic Icon

08 Eye Movements in Vestibular Function and Dysfunction: A Brief Review

Elaine Cornell, Ian Curthoys

13 Vision Rehabilitation and the Development of Eccentric Viewing Training: A

Historical Review

Meri Vukicevic, Kerry Fitzmaurice

19 Diurnal Variation of Central Corneal Thickness and Intra-Ocular Pressure

in Normal and Suspect Glaucomatous Eyes

Stuart Keel, Linda Malesic

23 Surgical Management of Essential Infantile Esotropia

Nicole Mocnay, Konstandina Koklanis, Zoran Georgievski

27 Suitability of Monovision Laser Correction in Patients with Ocular Motility


Shih Shih Ta

31 Selected Abstracts from the 63rd Annual Scientific Conference,

held in Perth, 25-2 8 November 2007

39 Named Lectures, Prizes and Awards of the Orthoptic Association of

Australia Inc.

41 OAA Office Bearers, State Branches & University Training Programs

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