Auto SE New - Horiba

Auto SE New - Horiba

"User Oriented Software Platform"

The fully automatic mode provides

a very intuitive software based

on the use of icons. Four main

interfaces are available to build

experimental recipes, manage

data, control the system in realtime,

and for maintenance.

DeltaPsi2 Scientific Mode

to Extend the Measurement


DeltaPsi2 is a fully integrated

spectroscopic ellipsometry

platform that includes advanced

measurement and analysis

capabilities and a complete

materials database.

This software is ideal for

engineering applications for new

sample characterization or

optimization of an existing

experimental recipe. Once the

new recipe is validated it can be

performed repeatedly without

expert intervention.

Auto Soft

Fully Automatic Mode

for Routine Analysis

1> Load Sample

Automatic adjustment of the sample

• Visualization of the spot on the sample

with the MyAutoView vision system

• Choose your measurement site

2> Run Measurement

• Select your experimental recipe

in the ready to use application database

• Push the Run button

• Measure at a single position or

multiple positions to map thin

film uniformity

3> Accurate Results

• Clear table provides thickness,

optical constants, film uniformity

and other material properties

of the sample

• Thin film result status:

in or out tolerance limits

Automatic reporting

• Reprocessing capability

Worldwide Customer Support

Founded nearly 190 years ago, HORIBA Jobin Yvon is one of world’s largest manufacturers

of analytical and spectroscopic systems and components. Certified ISO

9001 and 14001, our instruments are manufactured under a strict quality assurance

program. They are supported by a worldwide network of strategically located facilities

in the United States, Europe and Asia that are ready to provide assistance when

and where it is needed.

Our staff of highly trained service and application specialists install and certify instrument

performance, and conduct technical and application user training for smooth

and efficient commissioning of the instruments.

This commitment to product excellence and continued support is part of the

HORIBA Jobin Yvon culture.

Auto SE Awards

2008 IC Industry

New System Award

2008 ACCSI Best New

Instrument of the Year

Find us at or contact us:

France : HORIBA Jobin Yvon S.A.S., Z.I. La Vigne aux Loups, 5 avenue Arago, 91380 Chilly-Mazarin

Tel: +33 (0)1 64 54 13 00 - Fax: +33 (0)1 69 74 88 61 - Email:

USA : HORIBA Jobin Yvon Inc., 3880 Park Avenue, Edison, NJ 08820-3012. Toll-free: +1-866-jobinyvon

Tel: +1 732 494 8660 - Fax: +1 732 549 5125 - Email:

Japan : HORIBA Ltd., Scientific Instruments Sales Dept., Alte Building Higashi-Kanda, 1-7-8 Higashi-Kanda,

Chiyoda-ku, 101-0031 Tokyo - Tel: +81 (0)3 3861 8231 - Fax: +81 (0)3 3861 8259 - Email:

Germany : +49 (0)89 46 23 170 Italy: +39 02 57 60 30 50 UK: +44 (0)20 8204 8142

China : +86 (0)10 8567 9966 Other countries: +33 (0)1 64 54 13 00 Korea: +82 (0)2 753 7911

Auto SE Specifications

Standard Configuration

Light source Combination halogen and blue LED

Spectral range 440 – 1000 nm

Spot size

500 µm x 500 µm; 250 µm x 500 µm;

250 µm x 250 µm; 70 µm x 250 µm;

100 µm x 100 µm; 50 µm x 60 µm; 25 µm x 60 µm


CCD – Resolution: 2 nm

Sample stage 200 mm x 200 mm, automatic XYZ adjustment,

vacuum chuck, Z height 40 mm

Sample viewing CCD camera – Field of view: 1.33*1 mm

Resolution: 10 µm

Goniometer Fixed at 70° - Possible set up at 66° or 61.5°



• Sample cells: Temperature controlled cell,

Electrochemical cell, Liquid cell

• Sample stage: Autosampler, 360° Rotation

control, Transmission mount, Plastic film

mounts, Lens and curved sample mounts

Microspot Xenon lamp needed for spot sizes < 100 x 100 µm


Dimension (wxdxh): 1400-1840 x 530 x 740 mm


Measurement time < 1 s, typical 5 s

Accuracy NIST 1000 Å SiO 2

/Si: d ± 4 Å - n(632.8 nm) ± 0.002

Fused silica: n ± 0.004

Repeatability ± 0.2 Å – Tested on NIST 150 Å SiO 2


Facility Requirements

Operating systems Windows ® 2000 / XP / Vista / 7

Power supply 100 V / 115 V / 230 V; 200 W; 50 / 60 Hz


80 kg



592 mm

572 mm

760 mm

Technology: Spectroscopic Ellipsometer, liquid crystal modulation based

This document is not contractually binding under any circumstances - Printed in France - ©HORIBA Jobin Yvon - RCS EVRY B 837 150 366 - July 2010.

Auto SE

The simple solution

to measure thin films

Film thickness,

Optical constants,

and Imaging

Auto SE

“Designed for your thin film measurements,

to deliver maximum efficiency with simplicity”

The Auto SE is a new thin film measurement tool that provides fully

automated analysis of thin film samples with simple, push button


Sample analysis takes only a few seconds and a complete report is generated

automatically. The report provides a comprehensive description of the thin film

stack over the wavelength range 440-1000 nm, and includes film thicknesses,

optical constants, surface roughness, and film inhomogeneities.

The Auto SE includes numerous automatic features, and the patented

MyAutoView vision system allows the user to measure at exactly the right place

every time.

The Auto SE is a turnkey instrument ideal for routine thin film

measurement and device quality control.

Thin Film Analysis Made Easy

• Ready-to-use system configured to meet your specific application needs

• Full automatic analysis of thin film samples with simple push button operations

• Comprehensive display results with automatic reporting and compliance

• Multilanguage software

“Optimized for enhanced functionality and flexibility”

MyAutoView Vision System

• Visualization of the measurement site for all kinds of sample

• Exact positioning of the measurement spot on a sample

• Unique advantage for measurement of transparent substrates

• Integrated microspot optics

Highly Featured System

Automatic sample loading and adjustment

Automatic sample mapping

• Fast measurement from 440-1000 nm < 1s

Automated selection of seven spot sizes

• Accessories to suit all applications

Intelligent Diagnostics

• Detect and diagnose problems automatically

with comprehensive operator guidance for


• Stage with integrated reference samples for

instrument quality control

• Simple instrument maintenance



• Dielectrics

• Thin metal films

• Polymers, photoresists

• Silicon


• Laser diodes: GaN, AlGaN

• Transparent electronics

Flat Panel




• Plasma display panel

• Flexible display



• Amorphous, poly, micro, nano

crystalline silicon

• Transparent conducting oxides

• Anti-reflective coatings

• Organic materials



• Optical coatings: Anti

reflective, self-cleaning,

electrochromic, mirrors

• Surface coatings and

treatments: polymers,

oil, Al 2

O 3

Biological and



• Organic films, LB, SAM, protein

• Film adsorption

• Surface functionalization

• Liquids

Broad Range

of Thin Film Applications

Interfacial Behavior

• Interface thickness

• Composition of mixed materials forming interface

• Monitor interface thickness in real-time:

film growth, film adsorption

• Monitor real-time changes at interfaces



Thickness Measurement

• From a few Å to 15 µm

• Single and multi layers

Material Properties

• Graded and anisotropic film

• Film porosity expressed in

void percentage

Surface Measurement


• Roughness thickness

• Native oxide thickness

• Any surface film thickness

• Depolarization coefficient


Optical Properties

• Optical constants (n,k) and

• Optical bandgap Eg

• Transmittance

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