i a m o m s i

o r e g o n m u s e u m o f s c i e n c e a n d i n d u s t r y

d o n o r r e p o r t 2 0 0 9

o f f e r i n g u n i q u e

l e a r n i n g e x p e r i e n c e s

t h a t

i n s p i r e w o n d e r

w e a r e o m s i

a l i f e t i m e o f

d i s c o v e r y

At OMSI, we believe that people of all ages and stages of life should have the opportunity to ask questions

and look for solutions, to make a difference and imagine a better world.

One of our leading priorities is your confidence in the responsible and effective management of the resources

you’ve entrusted to us. For more than 60 years, OMSI has operated without state or local revenue for our

ongoing operations, relying instead on our members, sponsorships from corporations, and the support of

individuals and foundations. We know that there are numerous worthy organizations that rely on similar support

and are profoundly grateful for your dedication to the OMSI mission.

As you know, OMSI has not been immune to the effects of the weakened economy. We took a hard look at

our resources and made many difficult, but necessary, changes to reach our financial goals. As a result, we are

pleased to have concluded our 2009 fiscal year (FY09) in a positive financial position, assuring our donors that

we match the generosity of their investment with responsible accountability.

We’re proud of our history as a community resource for generations of families, providing a continuum of

experience that plays a vital role in our region’s growth. Your commitment allows us to continue building our

capacity as a lifelong learning center, initiating and enhancing programs tailored to every age group.

We can’t put a price on the look in a child’s eyes when they experience a magical moment of discovery, or

quantify what it means to a senior citizen to be able to speak live with an astronaut in space. However, we do

know these things happen at OMSI as a direct result of your generosity.

Thank you for your support and recognition of the value of lifelong learning. Together we are OMSI, and the

possibilities are endless.

Nancy Stueber, President

o a r d o f t r u s t e e s

OMSI’s Board of Trustees is a special group of volunteers with a passion for OMSI, our community, and science education. They bring professional expertise,

advocacy skills, financial support, and boundless energy to countless projects on OMSI’s behalf.

The Board has our deepest gratitude for their contributions this past year.

B o a r d O f f i c e r s ( F Y 0 9 )

Curt Henninger, Chair

Judy South, Secretary

Steve Cox, Chair-elect and Treasurer

B o a r d O f f i c e r s ( F Y 1 0 )

Steve Cox, Chair

Curt Henninger, Immediate Past Chair

Judy South, Treasurer

Jennifer Bruml, Secretary

B o a r d o f t r u s t e e s ( F Y 1 0 )

Joe Barra

Bob Beal

Alisa Brake*

Kurt Bruun

Marc Compton

Clive Cook

Joyce Lynn Garrett

B o a r d o f t r u s t e e s ( c o n t. )

Blake Hedinger

Ed Hepp*

Trond Ingvaldsen

Jon Jaqua

Lynn Johnson*

Dolores Orfanakis

Preston Pulliams

Dilip Ratnam

Pat Reiten *

Don Remlinger

Joseph E. Robertson, Jr.

April Sanderson

Greg Struxness

Andy Teich

Tom Turnbull

Don Vollum

* Completed term 2009

m u s e u m s ta f f

Nancy Stueber, President

Paul Carlson, Senior Vice President

Tim Mack, VP Finance, Human Resources, and Volunteer Services

Doug Orloff, VP Marketing, Retail, and Sales

Ray Vandiver, VP Center for Learning Experiences

i am omsi

i n u r t u r e i n s p i r a t i o n

F Y 0 9 H i g h l i g h t s

[ J u n e 1 , 2 0 0 8 – M ay 3 1 , 2 0 0 9 ]

S c i e n c e M e e t s A r t

In FY09, the stunning exhibit Da Vinci: The Genius brought a fascinating examination of science and art to OMSI. The exhibit explored the art and science of one of history’s most

complex, visionary minds and featured full-scale replicas of machines, anatomy, and inventions based on drawings found in da Vinci’s personal notebooks. Sponsored in large

part by Lufthansa German Airlines, Chevron Corporation, Mentor Graphics, and The Standard, the exhibit drew 240,500 visitors.

Da Vinci: The Genius also offered a compelling scientific dissection of his most well-known masterpiece. The Secrets of Mona Lisa exhibit was created by scientific engineer and

photographer Pascal Cotte, who invented a 240-million pixel camera to photograph her in the Louvre. Cotte’s camera revealed the masterpiece in its original pigment colors and

unveiled 25 startling revelations. Among the discoveries, that da Vinci gave Mona Lisa eyebrows and eyelashes, there is lace on her dress, and the unusual position of her right

arm is because she holds up one side of a blanket.

OMSI’s da Vinci-themed Genius Gala included an appearance by Cotte, who traveled from France to share his remarkable findings with guests.

D a V i n c i C h a l l e n g e

OMSI put Leonardo da Vinci’s remarkable inventions to the test and invited 16 teams of youth and adult inventors from the region to put their minds to work and take part in the

Da Vinci Challenge. The teams were asked to build modern adaptations of his inventions using a renewable energy source-—air, water, solar, or human power.

M i n d b e n d e r M a n s i o n

The OMSI exhibit team designed, built, and presented the wonderfully puzzling Mindbender Mansion. Engaging puzzles, brainteasers, and interactive challenges encouraged

more than 145,000 visitors to exercise their problem-solving skills and think creatively. Produced in partnership with IBM and Planar Systems, this original OMSI exhibit is now

available to museums across the country, and most recently opened at the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa, Florida.

R e n o vat i o n s o f S c i e n c e S t o r e a n d O M N I M A X

In FY09, the OMSI Science Store and OMNIMAX Dome Theater underwent extensive renovations, significantly improving the quality of visitor experience.

Science Store renovations included new carpeting, lighting, fixtures, signage, ceilings, and more. These improvements and re-merchandising helped the Science Store to exceed

its post-remodel budget by 8%.

Renovations to the OMNIMAX Dome Theater greatly enhanced visitor comfort and viewing experience, and included new seats, flooring, carpeting, lighting,

screen cleaning, and more.

Both renovations were made possible through grants from the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust and James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation.

F Y 0 9 H i g h l i g h t s

[ J u n e 1 , 2 0 0 8 – M ay 3 1 , 2 0 0 9 ]

O M N I M A X : E d u c at i o n a n d E n t e r ta i n m e n t

In partnership with the Pepsi Bottling Company, the OMNIMAX Dome Theater offered a dynamic mix of themes to more than 194,000 visitors in FY09, with films appealing to a

wide variety of age groups. The inspirational documentary Wild Ocean explored the interplay between humans and the endangered ocean ecosystem. Dinosaurs Alive! brought

dinosaurs back to life and uncovered evidence that their descendants still walk among us. Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaohs offered ancient wonders, historic intrigue, and a

modern-day forensic adventure. Adrenaline Rush explored the science of courage and risk from the soaring cliffs of Norway to the American schoolyard.

L i f e L o n g L e a r n i n g

Successful programs designed to draw new audiences continued to grow in FY09. The monthly Science Pub discussion series expanded beyond Portland and Eugene to include

Corvallis, and a second Portland location was established at the McMenamins Bagdad Theater. The popular $2 Days program, offering $2 admission the first Sunday of every month,

gained another year of sponsorship from Bank of America Foundation and The Standard, making OMSI’s resources accessible to more people in our community than ever before.

In FY09, OMSI added additional programming to connect with new audiences. Teen Science Night offers a free night at the museum with special programming and fun activities

created just for youth ages 13-18. This quarterly program includes a live DJ, Segway rides, a Science Café discussion, and an opportunity to experience the featured exhibit.

For the 21-and-over crowd, OMSI now offers the monthly OMSI After Dark. These entertaining and educational evenings allow adults to explore the museum in a child-free

environment complete with appetizers, wine, beer, and plenty of science fun.

K e n d a l l P l a n e ta r i u m : A N o r t h w e s t R e s o u r c e

In FY09, the Kendall Planetarium continued to offer the largest and most technologically advanced indoor planetarium experience in the Pacific Northwest. With the support of

FEI Company, 92,766 visitors of all ages enjoyed Star Parties, Space Shuttle launch viewings, daily planetarium shows, and weekend laser light shows.

A particularly popular show was U2: The Full-Dome Experience, an immersive digital presentation featuring rich computer renderings and abstract visuals choreographed to the

band’s award-winning music.

Extreme Planets took viewers on a tour of exotic places in the universe where science is stranger than any fiction.

In FY09, the planetarium debuted Starry Nights Live, with live presentations offering audiences the opportunity to ask questions, hone their astronomy skills, and learn where and

when to look for planets, constellations, shooting stars, the zodiac, and satellites.

A lt e r n at i v e P o w e r , S u s ta i n a b l e S o l u t i o n s

OMSI is committed to operating more sustainably and has installed a Portland General Electric (PGE) plug-in vehicle charging station in its north parking lot. The OMSI installation

is one of five recently completed plug-in vehicle charging stations-—enough to charge 12 vehicles—in the Portland and Salem areas.

Fuel cell vehicles can potentially achieve zero tailpipe emissions and dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As part of OMSI’s mission to serve as a community resource

and educate the public on sustainability issues, the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Showcase brought these vehicles to the OMSI plaza where visitors could test drive and ride them,

and learn more about how this “green” technology fits into a clear air future.

f i n a n c i a l i n f o r m at i o n


Year Ended May 31, 2009 Year Ended May 31, 2008


Admissions 4,010,224 6,374,332

Memberships 2,276,228 2,403,997

Educational programs 2,735,869 2,617,702

Auxiliary activities 2,204,979 2,780,038

Exhibit fees 2,219,322 1,701,010

Contributions and grants 5,008,235 4,631,831

Contributed services of volunteers and in-kind donations 1,357,408 4,076,232

Interest and other income (32,313) 336,104

Gain/(loss) on sale of property, plant and equipment (799) 1,300

Net assets released from restrictions -- --

Total public support and revenue 19,779,153 24,922,546


Program services:

Museum activities 12,447,378 17,344,129

Educational programs 3,698,234 3,750,216

Total program services 16,145,612 21,094,345

Supporting services:

Management and general 2,298,119 2,496,652

Fundraising 373,728 372,971

Total supporting services 2,671,847 2,869,623

Auxiliary activities 1,119,868 1,430,987

Total expenses 19,937,327 25,394,955


From Operating Activities: (158,174) (472,409)


Extraordinary gain on debt restructuring - 7,020,232

CHANGE IN NET ASSETS (158,174) 6,547,823

Net assets, beginning of year 28,466,185 21,918,362

Net assets, end of year 28,308,011 28,466,185

OMSI is an independent, nonprofit

501(c)(3) organization that

receives no state or loal tax

support and relies on admissions,

memberships, and donations to

continue our education mission,

programs, and exhibits.

Tax # 93-0402877

i am omsi

i e x p l o r e s o l u t i o n s

I n d i v i d u a l S u p p o r t e r s

Individual action in support of something important helps us reach present goals and gives us the confidence to dream. The following individuals have made

their passion for OMSI, science education, and the future of our community known through their generous contributions. FY09 = June 1, 2008–May 31, 2009

T i ta n i u m P r e s i d e n t ’ s C i r c l e

$50,000 +

Harry C. Kendall, Jr.

David and Christine Vernier

P L AT I N U M P r e s i d e n t ’ s C i r c l e

$25,000 +

Jean M. and Ray B. Auel

Dorothy Lemelson

G o l d P r e s i d e n t ’ s C i r c l e

$10,000 +

Terry Aarnio

William Kay and Nancy Blount

Frank Foti

Robin Jaqua

Heather Killough

S t e e l P r e s i d e n t ’ s C i r c l e

$5,000 +


Eric Lemelson and Jennifer Bruml

William and Holly Coit

Kristin and Truman Collins

Julie and Wayne Drinkward

Phil Iosca and Annie Dudan

Dan and Kathy Harmon

Curt Henninger

Jon Jaqua and Kimberly Cooper

Joan and Wayne Kingsley

Angela Polin

Richard Polin

Dilip and Urmila Ratnam

Barbara and Jon Stroud

Hank Swigert and Marlene Koch

Gary and Karen Takahashi

Marian and Don Vollum

S i lv e r P r e s i d e n t ’ s C i r c l e

$2,500 +


Bob and Diane Beal

W. Neal and Christine Christman

Nancy Floyd

Steve Janik and Cheryl Manning

Mary Anne H. Peterson

Marcia Randall

Pat and Randi Reiten

Kelly and Melissa Saito

April Sanderson

William and Kimberly Swindells

Jacqueline Swint

Andy and Laurie Teich

Virginia and Robert Walters

Jan and Jody Ward

P r e s i d e n t ’ s C i r c l e

$1000 +

Ken and Jill Abere

Thelma and Merril Adkisson

Lee and Becky Allred

Leonard and Brenda Aplet

Phil and MaryAnn Barnekoff

Keith Lee and Sharon Barnes

Linda and Stanley Barnwell

William and Kathleen Berg

Patricia Berg

Patty Boday and David Estes

Kim and John Bradley

Kay and L. Martin Brantley

Kurt and Kristine Bruun

Carmen Calzacorta and Casey Mills

Gregory and Christine Chaille

Josie and Raymond Cheng

Richard Carr and Colleen Chun

Marc and Jody Compton

Vikki Mee and Steve Cox

David and Erica Davidovic

Neil and Marjie Dreiseszun

Katy Durant and Gordon Sondland

Dan and Sallie Dutton

Bart and Jill Eberwein

Gary and Suzanna Eichman

Steve and Anita Eltinge

Ruth and Carnett Falconbury

I truly thank you for continuing to enlighten kids’ lives.

Young Adult

Craig and Ruth Fischer-Wright

Mark and Lynda Gordon

Steve and Pam Grant

Cy Green

Jeffrey and Sandra Grubb

Connie and Randy Haan

Brian Druker and Alexandra Hardy

Janis and Robert Harrison

Mike and Rochelle Hart

David Heil and Sally Greer

Ed and Fran Hepp

Trond and Catherine Ingvaldsen

David Slama and Denise Julian

Susan L. Kem

Patrick and Karen LaCrosse

Barbara and Aaron Lance

Cindy and Curt Larson

Randy, Teri, and Ryan Lund

Josie Mendoza and Hugh Mackworth

Gary Maffei and Marc Lintner

Jim and Jennifer Mark

Libby and Mike McCaslin

James Esquibel and Pat McDonald

June and Edward McLean

Samuel Metz

Janet and Randolph Miller

Kerry Montgomery

Deborah Mrazek and

Michael Niquette

Sandra and Don Neubaum

John and Ginger Niemeyer

Russ and Molly Omizo

Dolores and Nick Orfanakis

Kim and Craig Overhage

Harold Pollin and Jane Pollin

Bloor and Patricia Redding

Julie and William Reiersgaard

Dick and Jeanie Reiten

James and Gaye Richardson

Joseph Robertson, M.D. and Patricia Fisher

Sham and Theresa Rockove

Russ Rosner and Susan Sokol Blosser

Lisa and Robert Roth

Greg and Lisa Rudisel

Halle M. and Rick Sadle

Eric and Elizabeth Schneider

Craig and Mary Schwartz

Daniel Gibbs and Lois Seed

Linda and Elmer Seeley

Al Solheim

Rick and Patty Sorensen

Scott and Judy South

Jennifer Steinkamp

Greg and Martha Struxness

Rick and Terri Timberman

Chris Logan and Cheryl Vandemore

Harold Vogel

Katherin and Robert Voll

Steve and Patricia Vollum

Kim and Kristy Wayson

Juliana Wellman

John and Traci Wheeler

Ben and Elaine Whiteley

Donna and Clifford Wilson

Dolores and C. Norman Winningstad

Robert Zagunis and Deborah Bergh

B e n e fa c t o r

$500 +

Norma Alberthal

Allen and Debbie Alley

Jeffrey W. Andrews

David and Courtney Angeli

Richard Bailey

James and Cherie Beatty

Gaylord and Shirley Bennett

Lyman and Wendy Black

John and Sarah Brehmer

Suzan and Larry Brice

Bob and Pat Brown

Garry Bullard and Kay Stepp

Phyllis G. Burns

Carolyn and Dan Burris

Richard and Liane Cabot

Elizabeth and Bill Chapin

Suresh and Aruna Chittor

Greg and Lynda Clarke

Douglas and Kathryn Collins

Donald Correll

Chris Davais

I n d i v i d u a l S u p p o r t e r s ( c o n t. )

Marc Davidson and Elizabeth Allen

Bruce Duncan and Annie Larsen Duncan

William and Karen Early

Jane and John Emrick

Kimball and Sue Ferris

Jim and Michelle Fitzhenry

Ric and Robbyn Foggia

Peggy and Bob Fowler

Brent and Kimberly Gale

Randy Garitty and Suzanne Congdon

Amy and Brock Gillcrist

Barbara Grutze Roessner and Mary Jane Roessner

Jill and Christopher Hall

John Hall

Bill and Linda Hammersley

Paul and Julie Hansen

John and Pamela Harmon

Dale Harris and Michelle Petrofes

Howard and Molly Harris

Bart Heater and Nicole Ramsay

Shaun and Luz Hedmann

Greg Roderick and Jeanette Heinz

Christopher Herz

Thomas and Sue Horstmann

Dan and Becky James

Danielle Johnson

Robyn L. Johnson

Clifford and Karen Jones

Betty Kaufmann and Sharon Kaufmann

Dan Root and Julie Kim

Robert and Denise Koury

Joseph and Betty Labadie

Samuel Lee

Norman Lemly

Eric and Julie Leuvrey

Scott Lewis and Laura Rose-Lewis

William and Rosella Lindblad

CJ and Valerie Lipinsky

Eric Mann and Elizabeth Yen

Michael and Sharon Marcus

Rex Markley

Robert Matteri and Sarah Goforth

Daphne Clifton and James McBride

Peter and Debbie McCabe

Patrick and Margaret Mead

Lisa and Brock Metcalf

Rudi and Jean Milpacher

Tim and Harline Moyer

Marc and Pauline Mueller

Joel V. Nava, Jr.

Tom and Chris Neilsen

Jim Lafky and Madeline Nelson

Jean and Verne Newcomb

Ruth Nickodemus

Gloria and Michael Olds

Doug Orloff and James Tuchschmidt

Elizabeth Price

Job Rabinowitz and Anita Osterhaug

Lisa Ramsey and Thomas Barnes

Chris and Sondra Reid

Tim and Carol Reifsteck

Margie and David Rikert

Karly Ritter

Eric and Tiffany Rosenfeld

Rosemarie Rosenfeld

Greg Rucka and Jennifer Van Meter

Wayne Schweinfest

Marie and Fred Shanaman

John and Joan Shipley

M. Gerald and Donna Smith

Kent and Phyllis Snyder

Tim and Ann Stout

John and Jan Swanson

Susan and Robert Tenold

Lewis and Susan Van Winkle

Kirk and Marsha Vogel

Linda and Richard Ward

Karen Whitman and Brad Shiley

Jonathan and Joanne Wisniewski

Lynn and Jeff Wolfstone

It was a wonderful feeling to look around that

room and see all the young (and not so young)

people so very interested in science and space.

I’ve grown up loving OMSI and am ecstatic to see

my children building that same affection.

Thank you for a spectacular event, and a

l i f e l o n g m e m o r y e x p e r i e n c e

s h a r e d w i t h m y c h i l d r e n !


C o r p o r at e Pa r t n e r s

Our corporate friends share our vision of a creative, technologically fluent community where science learning plays a role in contributing to everybody’s

success—from research scientists to kindergarten teachers and from poets to pipe fitters. We salute the leadership and vision of the following group of

businesses, large and small, that make our work possible every day. FY09 = June 1, 2008–May 31, 2009

T i ta n i u m C o r p o r at e Pa r t n e r $50,000 +


Clear Channel Radio


Comcast Spotlight


KATU Channel 2

Lufthansa German Airlines

P l at i n u m C o r p o r at e Pa r t n e r $25,000 +

Bon Appétit

Management Company

Chevron Corporation

FLIR Commerical

Visual Systems, Inc.


KGW Northwest News Channel 8

Mentor Graphics, Inc.

Pepsi Bottling Group

Port of Portland

Tektronix. Inc.

The Standard

Vernier Software & Technology

G o l d C o r p o r at e Pa r t n e r $10,000 +

American Industries

American Steel, LLC

FEI Company

Hoffman Corporation


NIKE, Inc.

Oregon Health & Science University


Pacific Power

Smartforest Ventures

The Boeing Company

Wells Fargo

S t e e l C o r p o r at e Pa r t n e r $5,000 +

Ater Wynne, LLP

Bank of America

Buchanan Angeli Altschul and Sullivan, LLP

Clear Channel Outdoor

Durham and Bates Agencies, Inc.

Family Values Magazine

HemCon Medical

Technologies, Inc.

Kiewet Bilfinger Berger

KeyBank of Oregon

Knowledge Learning Corporation

Lane Powell, PC

Liberty Northwest Insurance Corporation

Lorentz Bruun Construction

McMenamins, Inc.

Northwest Pipe Company

NW Natural Gas

NW Senior and Boomer News


Portland Business Journal

Portland General Electric

Providence Health & Services

Ron Tonkin Dealerships

Small Dog Video

Stevens Printing

Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.

Sunset Express Magazine


Wave One Group

WebMD Health Services

Wells Fargo Private Bank

I have attended several outstanding OMSI camps over the years, but this one will forever be embedded in my memory!

Youth Camper

S i lv e r C o r p o r at e Pa r t n e r

$2,500 +


Big Duck

Harsch Investment Properties

Metal Products Company

Moreland Veterinary Hospital

Oregon Iron Works

Portland Community College

Portland Trail Blazers


Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc.

Sonitrol Pacific

Spanish Yellow Pages

The Fan 1080 AM

US Bank

Union Bank

B r o n z e C o r p o r at e

Pa r t n e r $1,000 +

Accurate Installation Services

Antinori Wine Estate

Chateau Ste Michelle

Wine Estates

Christenson Electric, Inc.

Community Newspapers, Inc.


Electrical Distributing, Inc.

ESCO Corporation

Frank’s Floor Covering

The Heathman Hotel

HMH Advertising and Public Relations

IBM Beaverton

Informal Education Products

Lumber Products

NIKE Employee Matching Gift

Northwest Evaluation Association

PCC Structurals, Inc.

Portland Roasting Holdings, LLC

Premiere Valet

Siltronic Corporation

Teufel Landscape

WGBH Educational Foundation

C o r p o r at e Pa r t n e r $500 +

Adalis/H.B. Fuller Company

Adidas America, Inc.

Alex Watchworks


Capps Broadcast Group

Diageo North America–Tanqueray No. 10

Goldman Sachs & Company

Goodness Magazine

Lago di Merlo

Mt. Hood Solutions

Sunset Heating & Cooling Company

TLC Federal Credit Union

Torii Mor

Vestas-American Wind

Technology, Inc.

Wentworth Chevrolet-Subaru

Western Family Foods, Inc.

F o u n d at i o n s A N D G o v e r n m e n t A g e n c i e s

The support of the following foundations and government agencies is instrumental in helping OMSI connect people to science learning

experiences that equip them to face the opportunities and challenges of the future. FY09 = June 1, 2008–May 31, 2009

i r o n Pa r t n e r

$1,000,000 +

Hedinger Family Foundation*

National Science Foundation

T i ta n i u m Pa r t n e r

$50,000 +

City of Portland

Institute of Museum and Library Services

William K. Blount Family Fund of

The Oregon Community Foundation

John and Robin Jaqua Fund of The

Oregon Community Foundation

The Lemelson Foundation

M.J.Murdock Charitable Trust

National Institutes of Health

National Oceanic and

Atmospheric Administration

Christine and C.F. Swigert, Jr.

Endowment Fund for OMSI

The Wollenberg Foundation

* Multi-year gift

P l at i n u m Pa r t n e r

$25,000 +

Bank of America Foundation

JFR Foundation

National Aeronautics and Space


G o l d Pa r t n e r

$10,000 +

Anonymous Fund #16 of

The Oregon Community Foundation

Carl O. Peterson Memorial Fund

William G. Gilmore Foundation

Harry A. Merlo Foundation

Intel Foundation

Jackson Foundation

Joseph E. Weston Public Foundation

Juan Young Trust

Lematta Foundation

Mason Charitable Trust

Samuel I. Newhouse Foundation, Inc.

Robert D. and Marcia H. Randall

Charitable Trust

Rose E. Tucker Charitable Trust

The Jean Vollum Fund of the

Vanguard Charitable Endowment

Wells Fargo Foundation

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

S t e e l Pa r t n e r

$5,000 +

The Autzen Foundation

Betswest Foundation

The Campbell Foundation

Chambers Family Foundation

Coit Family Foundation

Gray Family Fund of the Oregon

Community Foundation

The Herbert A. Templeton Foundation

Hoover Family Foundation

J.W. and H.M. Goodman Foundation

Jessie Jonas Charitable Fund

Life Technologies Foundation

Mildred E. and Harvey S. Mudd Foundation

OSU Foundation

The Faerie Godmother Fund of The Oregon

Community Foundation

Wildhorse Foundation

The Xerox Foundation

Keep bringing the science!


S i lv e r Pa r t n e r

$2,500 +

A. Ted and Doris E. Nelson Fund

Anne A. Berni Foundation

Carpenter Foundation

IBM Matching Grants Program

H.W. Irwin and D.I. Irwin Foundation

Leo Adler Community Fund

Gordon Strain Memorial Fund of The Oregon

Community Foundation

Union Bank of California Foundation

Wheeler Foundation

Willard L. Eccles Charitable Foundation

B r o n z e Pa r t n e r

$1,000 +

Black and Company Fund of The Oregon

Community Foundation

The Caryll M. and Norman F. Sprague, Jr. Foundation

Fernando and Dolores Leon Family Trust

Leotta Gordon Foundation

H. William and Patricia J. Gazeley Fund

Holland Family Foundation

JEZ Foundation

John Mosser Fund of The Oregon

Community Foundation

Monroe A. Jubitz Family Fund of

The Oregon Community Foundation

MALU, LTD. Foundation

Mario and Alma Pastega Family Foundation

Papé Family Foundation

Patricia H. and John C. Beckman Fund of

The Oregon Community Foundation

Pollin Family Fund of the Oregon Jewish

Community Foundation

Regional Arts and Cultural Council

Sir James and Lady Anne McDonald Fund

Sokol Foundation, Inc.

Peter W. Stott Foundation

Tagmyer Family Fund of The Oregon

Community Foundation

Trust Management Services, LLC

Ward Family Fund of The Oregon

Community Foundation

F o u n d at i o n Pa r t n e r

$ 5 0 0 +

Flora Family Foundation

Gayle and Carol Post Family Fund

Swigert Foundation

The Stevenson Charitable Fund of Fidelity Investments

Grace had the best time last week

at the “At the Seashore” camp at OMSI.

She brought home seashell bowls and

sand dollar treasures. Nowadays she tells

everybody she meets that she went to a

“big OMSI camp.” If you could have seen

how happy my little one was,

i t w o u l d h a v e w a r m e d

y o u r h e a r t .


v o l u n t e e r s

OMSI depends on the generous contributions of volunteers. These are people in their teens and well beyond who care deeply about

OMSI’s mission and are willing to give their time and personal attention to nearly every aspect of the museum’s operation—from the labs

to the administrative offices. They are the people who greet visitors and answer questions and whose willingness to share their love of

science learning infuses everything we do. FY09 = June 1, 2008–May 31, 2009

THANK YOU to our dedicated, multitalented, inspiring volunteers who gave 87,602 hours of service to OMSI.

4 5 y e a r s o r 1 0 , 0 0 0 h o u r s

o f s e r v i c e

Tom Prewitt

4 0 y e a r s o r 9 , 0 0 0 h o u r s

o f s e r v i c e

Larry Abney

3 5 y e a r s o r 8 , 0 0 0 h o u r s

o f s e r v i c e

Dean Abney Will Fessler

2 5 y e a r s o r 6 , 0 0 0 h o u r s

o f s e r v i c e

Hank Becker David Herzog

Darrell Desper Janet Kretzmeier

Carroll Dubuar

2 0 y e a r s o r 5 , 0 0 0 h o u r s

o f s e r v i c e

Dan Donegan Gareth Wilson

Roger Eiss Bob Wyant

1 5 y e a r s o r 4 , 0 0 0 h o u r s

o f s e r v i c e

Garrett Abney

David Baerwald

Don Bardel

Martha Brady

George Brennfleck

Fred Carneau

Fran Hein

Ray Hein

Eric Johnson

Dale Jolly

Don Kendall

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Al Beale

Bruce Beattie

Gerry Breese

Scott Carneau

Nancy Dotterer

David Dunham

Sandy Frederick

Brian Hamilton

Keith Holmes

Michael Holst

David Koch

John Kovach

Randy King

Ed Lee

Ted Liljeholm

BJ McIntosh

Harriet Myers

Jim Peterson

Dick Pyne

Mike Salmon

Bob Scheuchenpflug

Chris Stafford

Bob Walters

Vince Meyer

Keith Miller

Ed Nusbaum

John Purrett

Margie Rikert

Nina Rust

Terri Seiler

Bruce Shaughnessy

Stephen Summers

Gary Thrall

Lewis Van Winkle

Mary Vance

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Alisa Allred

Linda Babcock

Jim Bess

Jim Birchard

Richard Burt

Ernie Butts

Francie Casey

Eric Chavez

Wayne Crook

Don Daly

Jerry Dodson

Bill Dolan

Margo Edinger

Carol Farr

John Fessel

Ray Haag

Dominic Hartmann

Jim Hoeschen

Marie Hopper

Marion Jangula

Art Johnstone

Abe Kamerman

Jonathan Leung

Molly Looney

Chuck Macaluso

Mark Manzer

Jim McKeon

Janet Mills

Kerry Montgomery

Janice Moore

Anna Richardson

Julian Ridley

Earl Rottsolk

Steve Ryan

Cheryl Sears

Hal Smith

Susan Spangler

Ruta Stabina

Mel Stearns

Ralph Strom

Lance Thompson

Ron Tipper

Otto Tzevelekos

Gary Webb

Al Wick

1 , 0 0 0 + h o u r s o f S E R V I C E

Marvin Dawson Will Muzzall

Julie Deters Dave Powell

John Jennings Gail Templeman

Chris Knoll Michelle Wilson

o u r m i s s i o n

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) seeks to inspire wonder in people of all ages by creating

engaging science learning experiences, making those experiences available to a broad audience, and providing

compelling ways to explore the role of science in our world today.

1 9 4 5 s e wat e r av e .

p o r t l a n d , o r 9 7 2 1 4

o m s i . e d u

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