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From the desk of the Executive Director - The INCLEN Trust

From the desk of the Executive Director - The INCLEN Trust

• Chinese National

• Chinese National Programs for Science and Technology Development ‘863’on Chinese Traditional Medicine. • Erasmus-Fudan-ChinaCLEN joint study • Norway-Sino on Chinese Traditional Medicine Events • The 11th Bi-Annual Clinical Epidemiology conference of China • Seminars on the progress on the research area of clinical epidemiology were held regularly in Fundan university(every month) • Workshop on Meta-analysis was given by CEU in Zhejiang University, 30 participants. INCLEN AFRICA Amr Hassan Secretary General Email- INCLEN-Africa continues to be the main health research capacity builder in Africa. Ifakara University and Wits University could be explored for the possibility of turning into Centers of Excellence in the context of EUROMED CLEN Francois Chapuis President E-mail : Research Projects: Ongoing • Epidemiology research on influence of reproductive factors and CYP1A1 and P53 genes polymorphism on risks of genital cancers in the population of North West Romania (Iasi CEU) • PASO (Autism and Oral Health Program) (HDV CEU) • Iowa non-communicable chronic diseases research training in Romania (Targu- Mures CEU) • Study on NSAIDs and the risk of a trial fibrillation (Aarhus CERTC) • The multicenter study on cutaneous lupus and hydroxychloroquine Ho (Amiens CERTC) • 2 PHRC (Hospital Projects for Clinical Research) and 1 PHRIP (Hospital Project for Nurses and Paramedics)-(Lyon CERTC) Events • Executive committee meetings (in 2010) held on January 11, February 14, March17, April 11, April 29, May 19, June 10, July 05, August 30, September 29, October 24, November 23, • Board of directors and scientific Board meetings held on November 8, 2010 • Mérieux Foundation- Several meetings between the staff of EuroMedCLEN and the Mérieux Foundation. Project to write methods synthesis on clinical research. 4 proposed strategic plan for INCLEN and IIGH. In upcoming projects, the WHO project of ‘Best Care Africa’ was conceptualized by and driven by IEO in partnership with INCLEN-Africa secretariat. However the WHO secretariat also involved certain other European and African partners. Research Projects: Ongoing Suez Canal University • Global road traffic injury prevention project • Egyptian neonatal network for training pediatricians • Tranexamic acid for the treatment of postpartum hemorrhage • Evaluation of cesarean section rate in two hospitals in Ismailia governorate & women and doctors opinion about its indications, advantages and dangers • Behavioral patterns in relation to HCV endemicity & prevention program in the Suez Canal Area • Comparison of effect of human umbilical cord derived hematopoietic and mesenchymal stem cells transplantation on the regenerative capacity of murine model of liver fibrosis. • Immune-regulatory cytokines as predictors of early response in antiviral treatment of chronic HCV genotype-4 infected Egyptian patients. University of Pretoria • Pheno- and genotypic characterization of patients diagnosed with diabetes mellitus before the age of 40 in South Africa • The efficacy of primary and tertiary specialist

care collaboration and mobile complications screening for improving the management of diabetes at primary health care level in Tshwane district Wits University • Surveillance of non-communicable diseases in the Gauteng Province • Determination of prevalence of metabolic and endocrine disorders among HIV positive patients and study of associated factors • Gauteng province EPI, EPR and CDC surveillance • Patient-related adverse events in the maternity units at Tokollo/Mafube district hospital complex • Clinical procedures in the maternity unit at a district hospital • Utilization of the wellness programme by the staff members in a regional hospital • Use of antenatal care services at District Hospital • Evaluation of caesarean sections in Abraham Esau district hospital • Utilisation of medical equipment in maternity unit at district hospitals • Laboratory services in the maternity unit at Siyanda district hospital • Public hospital CEO mentoring programme developing management skills for hospital efficiency Makerere University • Evaluation of diagnostic and treatment capacity of brucellosis among humans in Uganda • Prevalence and evaluation of natural products in control of helminthosis among goats in Uganda • Quality of care in the integrated community case management of fever in under-five children in Uganda • School based malaria control: Impact of intermittent preventive treatment and anithelmintic treatment on malaria morbidity and mortality Events University of Pretoria • Evidence based medicine for the Pharmaceutical industry (8 courses 15 participants each) • Summer school in biostatistics: Basic biostatistics (30 participants) • Introduction to data analysis with STATA (30 participants) • Repeated measures analysis (given by Prof Lesaffre from Erasmus University) Makarere University • Short term training on systematic reviews training are held INCLEN ASIA Manuel Emerson S. Donaldo Direcor E-mail : The linguistic and demographic variety of INCLEN-Asia was acknowledged as a challenge and an opportunity. Foundation for the Advancement of Clinical Epidemiology Inc. (FACE Inc.) is a registered not-for-profit organization that looks after fund management, financial statement maintenance, auditing and book-keeping for INCLEN-Asia. On the other hand, if INCLEN- Asia had tried to register in another member country, it could have been a tedious and expensive task. Thus FACE could be the registered organization for the INCLEN-Asia network. Research Projects Ongoing Kyoto University (Japan) • Japan Adverse Drug Event (JADE) study • Diurectics in the management of essential hypertension (DIME) study+ • Angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARB) and ACE inhibitors (ACEI) on silent brain infarction and congnitive decline • Fall study CEBU Institute of Medicine(Philippines) • Prospective surveillance of febrile illness for dengue-endemic areas in Asia • Efficacy and safety of a novel tetravalent dengue vaccine in healthy children aged 2- 14 years in Asia • CPG compliance in a tertiary hospital • Relationship of blood uric acid, urine pH and renal stones University of Phillipines, Department of Clinical Epidemiology (Manila) • Effective Health Care Research Program Consortium • C Understanding of Systematic Review by Clinicians at the UP-PGH • Linguistics Validation of GerdQ Translations to Various Regional Languague in the Philippines • Operations Research for Interventions with and for Children and Young People with High risk Behaviours for HIV Clinical Research Centre (Malaysia) • Road traffic injury prevention study (R- TRIPS) 5

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