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The Living Mandala of

The Living Mandala of Padma Samye Ling Thanks for everyone’s ongoing support of PSL as a thriving retreat center for Buddhist study and practice! Through your dedicated efforts this past year we have been able to maintain and nourish the living treasure of PSL as well as develop: an expanded organic vegetable garden and compost system; delightful new berry bushes and flowering trees; more handcrafted picnic tables; wooden thrones for the stupas in the front of the temple; painted bhumpas at the base of the temple columns; updated library archives; refinished prayer flag poles; decorative painting on the new pillars and balcony ceilings at the Bodhichitta Inn; and a new sanitizer for sangha house kitchen. Thank you to all 2013 Learning Dharma Skills Program participants! Cathy Allen, Ross Hathaway, Bonnie Holsinger, Jack Housman, Roberto Irizarry, Dylan Lewis, Lodro, Jeychalie Maldonado, Andrew Serow, and Carol Stromek. Thank you so much to everyone who sponsored Sangha Dana food for PSL residents! Judith Mattingly, Christine Rothman, Theresa Cooper, Doug & Lesley Colberg, Galina Whitman, Richard Cullen, Joyce Loke, Marie Friquegnon, Susan Magovern & Marleen Pennison, Linda & Barbara Bland, PBC NYC Sangha, Karme Ling Retreat Center, Helen Mon & Family, John & Kerry Foose, Richard Steinberg, Cynthia Friend, and Mary & David Shaw. DRAGPA CBS Interview on Tibetan Buddhism H.H. Sakya Trizin blessing PSL & bestowing a Guru Rinpoche empowerment of Awam Terton DRAGPA Ross landscaping Bodhichitta Inn DRAGPA LAIA Bonnie tending the organic garden LAIA Amanda, Pia, and Jack painting the Gonpa bhumpa vases JEN CURRY John Foose helping with one of many carpentry projects DRAGPA 16 Pema Mandala | SPRING/SUMMER 2014

Buddha Shakyamuni Wind Horse Retreat Fire Puja JEN CURRY Andy Millar, a steady hand at PSL JEN CURRY Dylan Lewis painting prayer flag poles JEN CURRY Lodro enjoying summer festivities AMANDA LEWIS JEN CURRY Diane Avice du Buisson leading the Annual Calm Abiding Yoga Retreat Khenpo Rinpoche celebrating with the sangha JEN CURRY Pete DeNiro’s musical offering during a sangha dinner DRAGPA Khenpo Rinpoche teaching philosophy students from William Patterson University LAIA Sangha brothers Lama Laia and Andrew Cook DRAGPA SPRING/SUMMER 2014 | Pema Mandala 17

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