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Interview to Sidelong International Electrical (China) Co. Ltd - IEI ...

Interview to Sidelong International Electrical (China) Co. Ltd - IEI ...

effectively. (The new

effectively. (The new products controlled by computer are equipped with inner leakage current protector.) • One-way pressure relief valve Double pressure relief protection by scientific pressure relief device, could not only exterminate hot water backflow to tap water pipe and prevent the heating element from heating without water if the water supply system stops working, but also drain the water for pressure relief so as to protect the tank. • High-temperature limit As the second protection in water temperature control, could automatically cut off the power which will be reset by hand only in order to prevent from large trouble if temperature controller is in malfunction. High-temperature limit is set at 93°C in our products. Power will be cut off when water temperature is over the limit. • Super large anode rod with core Could be used completely.(However ordinary anode rod may not be used enough to fall in the tank and then lose its function) • Highly active environmental protection polyurethane insulation layer Once-for-all filling and foaming into shape by Germany specialized equipment, the thickness of insulation layer can reach 30mm-35mm, same insulating in the end of heating element of controller to avoid loss of heat from service cover so as to save the power and energy. (Almost other products have insulation layer of 18mm-20mm) • Heating method in the way of steering down Could heat fully without any dead angle. • New type design of water separator Rate of heat water production in horizontal water heater is over 60% but less than 50% in ordinary water heater.
 The market Sidelong company adopt two channels of sale; own brand sale and OEM manufacture. Our brand sale is focussed in domestic market. Based on the market of Northeast, we have extended to the other provinces and regions. Now we have five sale companies in domestic market. OEM manufacturing is mainly working for abroad brand and domestic prominent brands. Now our products have entered European and Australian markets. By manufacturing for oversee markets along with the foreign standard, Sidelong improves own capacity and quality. Annual sales amount to 150 M-200M RMB and export accounts for 20-25%. The next step is to enlarge our market quota abroad and inland by extending our series of products.

Development programs of the company and forecasts for vitreous enamel
 Our intention is to manufacture our current products and at the same time to extend our series of products and usage especially for enamelling tank in solar and heat pump projects. Furthermore, we will develop large volume enamelling tank for solar and heat pump system. The use of enamelling in water heater has largely extended the market of water heaters. But enamelling has to compete with other products, like stainless steel and plastic coating; Moreover enamelling is limited by the enamelling equipment: if the volume exceeds 500 l, there are, in China, no enameling line capable to coat them. Relations with the Association who represent the enamelling industry Sidelong is supporting very much the Chinese Enamellers Association CEIA and greatly involved in the Association social life with the top manager of Sidelong acting as vice-president of CEIA Board.

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