Dylan Owen-Buoy, Idiocy of a Cricketer (Part 1 & 2) (PDF ... - Scope


Dylan Owen-Buoy, Idiocy of a Cricketer (Part 1 & 2) (PDF ... - Scope

Idiocy of a Cricketer (Part 1)

There exists a very knuckleheaded cricketer

His fame of being knuckleheaded is nothing short of spectacular

Though he is good at what he does, he isn’t exactly the smartest

He doesn’t care about it though he just likes to play regardless

This mysterious being is titled the ‘Dylbag’ and ‘Dylbag’ means me!

No one else is entitled to this name since it only suits me effectively

Should I approach you must be wary

You must watch out for my happy rampages since they can be quite scary

My friends don’t exactly seem to mind, which comforts me

I am not worried to hide my feelings so I can just be me.

Through a tunnel of my craziest moments you will be guided

Now strap yourselves in, you’re in for one hell of a ride.

“First and foremost and usually cause myself pain reactions

many of my team-mates say that my sensibility is on short rations

be prepared for the stories of Idiocies of a Cricketer

well here I go, this is where it all starts.”

I recall a certain match which had to be the best

I got so hurt I needed two days rest

There was a certain batsman giving us absolute hell

I come into bowl and take him out with the first ball of my spell

Then came the second ball of which I forgot to let go

It crashing into the ground and back between my eyes

The whole world then went as white as the clouds in the skies

Dylan Owen-Buoy

Idiocy of a Cricketer (Part 2)

“When I was batting that day, I was running for the other crease

the bat then flew outta my hand as if covered with grease

it span in the air and hit me in the head

everyone was laughing and told me to hit the ball instead

I fell over backwards onto the stump so I was arched

it felt so painful, when I got up I was totally hunched

“SON OF A!!!”, I cursed I really wanted to continue my innings

but I knew I couldn’t since my body was still stinging

“Oh well, let’s plough into another game”

as usual it went the same way me out there will equal pain

I failed to stop a certain boundary and chased it up the hill

On the way down I fell in a hole and twisted my heel

Three times I tried to get up and three times I fell

My mates said “Dylbag when we get back you’re in for hell”

I was still laughing despite the fact I was face down in the dirt

I don’t care though we won the game

And I had fun all the same

When we got back to the clubrooms they really let me have it

My friends say that when I smile it is as if candles have been lit

Dylan Owen-Buoy

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