Dylan Owen-Buoy, Idiocy of a Cricketer (Part 1 & 2) (PDF ... - Scope

Dylan Owen-Buoy, Idiocy of a Cricketer (Part 1 & 2) (PDF ... - Scope

Dylan Owen-Buoy, Idiocy of a Cricketer (Part 1 & 2) (PDF ... - Scope


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<strong>Idiocy</strong> <strong>of</strong> a <strong>Cricketer</strong> (<strong>Part</strong> 1)<br />

There exists a very knuckleheaded cricketer<br />

His fame <strong>of</strong> being knuckleheaded is nothing short <strong>of</strong> spectacular<br />

Though he is good at what he does, he isn’t exactly the smartest<br />

He doesn’t care about it though he just likes to play regardless<br />

This mysterious being is titled the ‘Dylbag’ and ‘Dylbag’ means me!<br />

No one else is entitled to this name since it only suits me effectively<br />

Should I approach you must be wary<br />

You must watch out for my happy rampages since they can be quite scary<br />

My friends don’t exactly seem to mind, which comforts me<br />

I am not worried to hide my feelings so I can just be me.<br />

Through a tunnel <strong>of</strong> my craziest moments you will be guided<br />

Now strap yourselves in, you’re in for one hell <strong>of</strong> a ride.<br />

“First and foremost and usually cause myself pain reactions<br />

many <strong>of</strong> my team-mates say that my sensibility is on short rations<br />

be prepared for the stories <strong>of</strong> Idiocies <strong>of</strong> a <strong>Cricketer</strong><br />

well here I go, this is where it all starts.”<br />

I recall a certain match which had to be the best<br />

I got so hurt I needed two days rest<br />

There was a certain batsman giving us absolute hell<br />

I come into bowl and take him out with the first ball <strong>of</strong> my spell<br />

Then came the second ball <strong>of</strong> which I forgot to let go<br />

It crashing into the ground and back between my eyes<br />

The whole world then went as white as the clouds in the skies<br />

<strong>Dylan</strong> <strong>Owen</strong>-<strong>Buoy</strong>

<strong>Idiocy</strong> <strong>of</strong> a <strong>Cricketer</strong> (<strong>Part</strong> 2)<br />

“When I was batting that day, I was running for the other crease<br />

the bat then flew outta my hand as if covered with grease<br />

it span in the air and hit me in the head<br />

everyone was laughing and told me to hit the ball instead<br />

I fell over backwards onto the stump so I was arched<br />

it felt so painful, when I got up I was totally hunched<br />

“SON OF A!!!”, I cursed I really wanted to continue my innings<br />

but I knew I couldn’t since my body was still stinging<br />

“Oh well, let’s plough into another game”<br />

as usual it went the same way me out there will equal pain<br />

I failed to stop a certain boundary and chased it up the hill<br />

On the way down I fell in a hole and twisted my heel<br />

Three times I tried to get up and three times I fell<br />

My mates said “Dylbag when we get back you’re in for hell”<br />

I was still laughing despite the fact I was face down in the dirt<br />

I don’t care though we won the game<br />

And I had fun all the same<br />

When we got back to the clubrooms they really let me have it<br />

My friends say that when I smile it is as if candles have been lit<br />

<strong>Dylan</strong> <strong>Owen</strong>-<strong>Buoy</strong>

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