Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) - Cobb County School District

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) - Cobb County School District

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Expanding Learning Opportunities


We want:

• To leverage technology to create relevant learning

experiences for students that mirror their daily


• Students to power-up when they come to school.

• Students to have access to information/digital

resources for instruction 24/7.

• To supplement what a school might already have

in terms of technology and access to


• Focus on instruction…not the tool.


• Promote higher order thinking, creativity and other

21 st Century Skills

• Increase student engagement

• Promote greater collaboration (between

teachers/students/parents) using Web 2.0 tools

• Increase student access to technology/digital


• Integrate technology seamlessly into curriculum

• Increase project based learning activities

• Raise achievement levels in core content areas

• Model good digital citizenship

Parent/Student: What We Need to Know

• Definition of “Device

• Network Connectivity

• Security and Damages

BYOD Student Agreement

• Additional FAQs


May include…

• Laptops

• Netbooks

• Tablets

• iPod Touch

• Smart phones

• eReaders

• Gaming device with Internet

connectivity (i.e., Nintendo Dsi)

Network Connectivity

• Students must use the CCSDBYOD


• Students cannot use their own 3G or 4G


BYOD Network FYIs:

– CCSD filters are applied to student device

– Students cannot save work to the network from

personal device.

– Students cannot print from personal device.

Security and Damages

• The school district is not liable for stolen or

damaged devices.

• Stolen or damaged devices will be handled

similar to other personal artifacts.

BYOD Student Agreement

• Student agreement located at the end of

the parent letter.

• CCSD Student Code of Conduct (JICDA)

• Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Additional FAQs

1. If my child does not bring their own device,

will he/she be penalized or miss out on


2. If my child is bringing a device to school for

instructional purposes, will they have

access to things they normally do with

district equipment

3. As a parent am I required to add additional

software to my child’s device

4. How will my child’s device be used in the


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