Aptilo Company Profile


Aptilo Company Profile

Aptilo Networks Company Profile



• Founded in 2001, Aptilo develops Service Management

software for control of billing, user services

and access in 3G/LTE, WiMAX and Wi-Fi


• Headquartered in Stockholm, with regional

headquarters located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

and Plano, Texas.

• Deployed with more than 120 customers in 60


• Profitable; privately held. Grown an average of

35%+ annually over the past three years.

Aptilo has won a number of prestigious awards

including the Red Herring Global 100.

Aptilo’s cost-effective pre-integrated solution

can be delivered globally as software on standard

servers or as cloud based service.

Aptilo Networks is the global leader in integrated

service management and access control

solutions for service providers, enterprises and

municipalities needing a rapidly deployable,

scalable multiservice solution to easily provision,

deliver and manage broadband data

services over 3G/LTE, WiMAX, Wi-Fi and

fixed broadband networks.

Aptilo's service management platform controls

billing, user services and access in these

networks, which are currently deployed in

more than 60 countries.

Selected by premier technology partners such

as Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco and HP, Aptilo has

become the provider of choice to manage and

deliver highly secure broadband data services.

From smaller initial installations to large carrier

networks and deployments with some of the

world’s largest Fortune 500 companies,

Aptilo’s cost-efficient solution for wireless

service management and delivery provides a

rapid time-to-market while flexibly supporting

future network and service expansion.

One common scalable back-end

Aptilo’s multi-service architecture provides a

single, scalable platform to meet the needs for:

3G/LTE and Mobile Data Offloading to Wi-Fi


Carrier-Class Wi-Fi (hotspots), wireless mesh

Guest Internet Access, providing temporary

Internet access to visitors and guests

Fixed broadband (such as prepaid xDSL)

Software license or Cloud Services

Aptilo’s solutions are sold as software licenses running on standard servers.

In addition,

Aptilo offers customers the convenience of a

hosted solution via Aptilo Managed Service.

This cloud service is ideal for companies wanting

to swiftly deploy a wireless service management

solution without burdening IT

and network support staff or being

distracted from their core business.

It is hosted from one of Aptilo’s


network operation centers (NOCs).

Alternatively Aptilo’s experts can

manage the Aptilo-systems

remotely from servers located in

the customer’s own NOC. Aptilo is

the only vendor in its field that offers

cloud services globally.

Customer Segments

The versatile and scalable Aptilo Networks

service management system has found an important

role in a variety of different business segments:

Service Providers offering post- and prepaid broadband

data services over IP-based networks such as

fixed broadband, 3G/LTE, WiMAX, Wi-Fi and wireless

mesh. The Aptilo system supports transparent service

delivery independent of the type of access technology

used and will thus provide a simple migration path

between for instance WiMAX and LTE.

Aptilo’s Mobile Data Offloading solution makes offloading

to Wi-Fi seamless both for the subscriber and the mobile core. It provides

a Carrier-Class Wi-Fi service management system, multiple authentication

methods including SIM-based authentication and innovative integration

with the mobile core and OSS/BSS for policy control and charging.

Aptilo’s Policy & Charging solution goes beyond the scope of a standard

3GPP PCRF, it features optional pre-integrated functions for prepaid data

balance and policy based IP-assignment and routing. We call it PCRF+.

Municipalities and cities extending their “corporate” data network to

outdoor locations to provide better coverage and enable various costand

efficiency-improving services to their employees and service contractors,

as well as offering wireless Internet access to the public.

Enterprises with a need to provide controlled and secure temporary

Internet access to visitors and guests throughout their offices and campuses.

The hosted Aptilo Guest Internet Services is designed to work

seamlessly with the infrastructure typically found in large corporations

such as those with the Cisco WLC and Aruba architecture and can also

be delivered as software. We also have extensive experience with vertical

industries like Travel & Transportation, Healthcare and Hospitality businesses

that want to offer paid or free Internet access to their guests.

A few Customers

• Axtel

• Bahamas Telecom

• Bahrain Telecom


• Cable & Wireless

• Cablevision

• City of Lompoc, CA

• City of St Cloud, FL

• Copenhagen Airports

• Du

• Eircom

• IndosatM2 ( IM2)

• Jaring

• Swedish Airports


• Qware (FET)

• Saudi Telecom

• Scandic

• Spectrum Interactive


• TeliaSonera

• Telecom Malaysia

• Telenor

• TIM Brasil

• US Army

• Wind Telecom

• Europe / Africa • Americas • Asia / Middle East

Pre-integrated solution

To manage services in wireless networks,

integration of several different subsystems is

required. These subsystems perform critical

functions such as Authentication, Authorization

and Accounting (AAA), policy management

(PCRF), subscriber management, postpaid

billing, prepaid billing, voucher management,

provisioning, customer portals, captive

portals, service portals, mobility management

and more. These subsystems frequently come

from different vendors, which often leads to

significant time and money spent for the operator

in the procurement, integration and

maintenance processes. This can have a negative

impact on time-to-revenue and time-tolaunch

of the service.

In addition to the important pre-integrated functionality for fast and

reliable time-to-market, there is a fully flexible modularity and many

native interfaces to integrate to external systems of choice instead of

utilizing Aptilo’s optional subsystem modules.

Aptilo products

The Aptilo Service Management Platform (SMP) is a feature-rich, carrierclass

and multi-access (3G/LTE, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, fixed) back-end system,

the core node in Aptilo’s solution.

The Aptilo Access Controller (AC) securely communicates with the

service platforms and controls Wi-Fi access and Quality of Service (QoS)

among other features. Although Aptilo SMP is optimized to work with

the Aptilo AC it also works well with all leading third party gateways.

The Aptilo Service Portal (SPA) is a separate node in the Aptilo solution

architecture for monitoring, generating statistics and reporting. The Aptilo

Service Portal features secure and tailored access to the correct subset

of information for different user groups, such as administrators and

customer support through dedicated Venue Portals.

The Aptilo SIM Authentication Server provides EAP-SIM/AKA

(SIM/USIM-based) authentication for Wi-Fi users based on the information

retrieved from the HLR or HSS in the mobile core.

The Aptilo Policy & Charging Server, we call it PCRF+, is designed for

working well in a distributed policy environment. It features three

optional pre-integrated modules for prepaid data balance, policy based

IP-assignment and policy based routing control via BGP.

A few Business Partners

Alcatel Lucent


Aruba Networks

BelAir Networks


Eion Wireless





Intracom Telecom









Awards and Accolades

Named “Best Mobile Offload Solution for Enhancing

Customer Experience” at the 2011 Broadband Traffic

Management Awards.

INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine named the

Aptilo WiMAX CSN System as a recipient of the

2009 and 2010 WiMAX Distinction Award.

Named Best WiMAX Product or Service by Wireless Broadband

Innovation Awards 2009.

Aptilo offers a unique and simple approach to

overcome many of these challenges. We have

pre-integrated most of the different subsystem

functions into the field-proven Aptilo Service

Management solution.

Named to the Red Herring 100 Global 2008, a prestigious list

of the 100 most innovative and promising private technology

companies (chosen from winners and finalists of the Red

Herring Top 100 Award in North America, Europe and Asia

since 2005, a total of 1,800 companies).

Named to the Red Herring 100 Europe 2008.

Tornado Insider, Nominated to Europe's top

100 emerging tech companies, 2003.

About Aptilo Networks

Aptilo Networks is a leading provider of systems to manage mobile data services for Wi-Fi, WiMAX and 3G/LTE networks,

including mobile data offloading. Aptilo’s carrier-class solutions boast pre-integrated authentication, policy control and

charging functions to maximize the capabilities of the wireless network and fast-track deployments while minimizing

impact on existing systems. They feature a multitude of interfaces and APIs for seamless integration to external systems of

choice. Aptilo’s solutions are delivered as software licenses, or as a hosted, cloud-based service using the Aptilo Managed

Service from one of our many regional data centers located worldwide, or handled remotely by Aptilo’s experts from

servers at the customer premises. With proven interoperability with all leading vendors in the wireless ecosystem, Aptilo’s

solutions are currently in operation in more than 60 countries.


+1-866 861 3900

Asia / ME

+60 3 2780 6900

Europe / Africa

+46-8 5089 8900



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