Honor Roll of Giving, 2011-2012 - Berea College


Honor Roll of Giving, 2011-2012 - Berea College

Berea College

Honor Roll of Giving


Honor Roll of Giving

The names of those captured in this Honor Roll have done something remarkable—these people have

changed lives. By giving to Berea College, these generous women and men have made possible a host

of educational opportunities for Berea students.

As I reflect upon these names, I think how inspiring it is to have thousands of different people come

together on an annual basis for one cause—to support the mission of Berea College. From alumni, to

friends of Berea, to foundations and corporations, the Berea story would not be complete without

those you see listed here. These great people saw something in our students and our mission. They

saw possibility and promise. Not only that, they acted, giving selflessly to help others. We are grateful

for their generosity, compassion, and steadfast belief in our students’ potential.

Berea students are extraordinary in so many ways. Limited only by their financial need, Berea students

go on to do great work in countless ways. See some of their incredible stories here


Our sincere thanks go out to all those who help make this possible.


Michelle L. Janssen, CFRE

Vice President for Alumni and College Relations

Greeting • 2011-2012


Honor Roll of Giving

Honor Roll of Giving

Berea College 2011-2012

Prepared by the Office of Alumni and College Relations

If you have questions concerning this report, please

contact Mary Labus ’78, Coordinator of Alumni

Information Services and Direct Mail. Call her at

800-457-9846, ext. 3034, or send her an e-mail at



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Fee Society 4

Founders’ Club 5

President’s Club 9

Second Century Club 15

Mountaineer Club 25

Alumni By Years 27

Alumni Association Executive Council 33

Young Alumni Advisory Council 55

Faculty/Staff 59

Friend Contributions Made rough the Alumni Association 60

Great Commitments Society 72

In Honor Gis 79

Memorial Gis 81

Bequest Gis 88

Corporate and Matching Gis 90

Contents • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

John G. Fee Society

July 1, 2011-June 30, 2012

e Fee Society recognizes those who

have given $1 million or more to Berea

College during their lifetime.

1525 Foundation

George and Frances Ball Foundation

Mrs. Edith Bingham

Corella and Bertram F. Bonner Foundation

Mrs. James C. Bowling

Compton Foundation, Inc.

Jessie Ball duPont Fund

Horatio B. Ebert Charitable Foundation

Frances Rosi Fife

Gaynell Fowler

Heather Sturt and Paul G. Haaga, Jr.

Hallett Charitable Trust

Humana Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Jones

Kendall Foundation

Lilly Endowment, Inc.

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Kay Moore

William T. Moore, Jr., ‘45

Anne Ray Charitable Trust

E. O. Robinson Mountain Fund

Seabury Foundation

Starr Foundation

Gordie Ann McConkey White, ‘66

R. Elton White, ‘65

John G. Fee Society • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Founders’ Club

July 1, 2011-June 30, 2012

Beginning with the 2003-04 fiscal year, criteria for

membership in the Founders’ Club changed.

Lifetime memberships to the Founders’ Club are

now conferred to those who have already contributed

$50,000 or more to Berea College or indicate their

intention of contributing $5,000 annually until

$50,000 has been reached (including past

donations). Those who became members prior to

July 1, 2003 retain their membership under the

previous criteria.

Kay E. Adair

Maynard J. Aldridge

Dr. Nelda E. Alger

Mrs. John M. Allen

Roberta Larew Allison, ‘42

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Altman

Mr. and Mrs. K. Tucker Andersen

Deborah Anderson

Mary Anne Anderson

Stephen M. and Jane Anderson

James Thomas Arnold, ‘75

Dr. Emel L. Atkins, ‘57

Margaret Boyd Atkins, ‘58

Jeanne Auxier

Dr. John Alden Auxier, ‘51

Lois Speer Baird, ‘48

Elizabeth Baker

Kathleen Scott Banks, ‘53

James T. and Hanna Bartlett

Katharine M. Bassett

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Basta

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Beaman, Jr.

June Mullins Begley, ‘62

Leo Begley, ‘64

Florence and Minnie Behl Trust

Beim Foundation

Dr. Donald Forbes Belknap

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Billera

Jackie Gunkler Bingham, ‘68

Dr. Charles Edwin Bishop, ‘43

Dessie I. Black

Nancy E. Blair, Esq.

Grace W. Blough

Carolynne Fincher Bobbitt, ‘56

Dr. Jesse Leroy Bobbitt, ‘55

George Bock Charitable Trust

Laura A. Bornholdt

Howard Boroughs

Bou Family Foundation

Kathy O. Bow

Stephen T. Bow, ‘53

Dr. David A. Bowman, ‘45

Wayne and Ida Bowman Foundation

William H. Bowman, Hon.’08

Claranelle Blackburn Bradbury, ‘52

Raymond A. Bradbury, ‘46

Helen Sweet Brann, ‘48

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Bredt

Gertrude Lange Brooks

Mr. and Mrs. James Keeley Brown

John Carter Browning, ‘71

Linda Holbrook Browning, ‘71

Jack W. Buchanan, ‘46

Verna Hall Bulman, ‘49

Dr. Warren E. Bulman, ‘48

Evelyn Pennington Burkle, ‘49

Richard M. Burridge

Mrs. W. F. Campbell

Richard L. Carl

Thomas K. Carpenter

Robert P. Castrignano

Dr. Donald W. Caudill, ‘80

Raymond G. Chambers

Dorothy Chrisman, Hon.’96

John D. Chrisman, Hon.’96

Carl E. Clark, ‘62

Jackie Collier, ‘80

Elisabeth Covey Collins

Martha Lampkin Colvard, ‘34

Glenn Conn

Ruth Brantley Conn, ‘53

Eileen Barnawell Hartley Cooper, ‘47

William E. Cornelius

Estill Cornett, ‘52

Reba Blevins Cornett, ‘54

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Couch, Jr.

Martin and Sandy Coyle

Jim Cramer

Dr. Darrell Crase, ‘56

Dixie R. Crase

Dr. James D. Crase, ‘58

Elizabeth Culbreth, ‘64

Gayle T. Culp

Beatrice Curtis

Founder’s Club • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Carolyn G. Danforth

Margaret Daniels

Mr. and Mrs. George I. Danly

Bill Daugherty, III, ‘76

Dr. Chella David, ‘61

Judith K. David

Robert W. Davis

Dr. James Dean, ‘66

S. Eugene Dekich, ‘52

Grace Kilbourne DePalma, ‘39

Mrs. Walter L. Deuel

Shirley B. Dodenhoff

Mrs. Paul C. Doehring

Nancy D. Dorer

Richard K. Dowse

Marjorie Drackett

Fred Lamar Dupree, Jr., V-12 ‘45

Johanna K. Egan

Margarette Eisenhour

Fred T. Elswick, ‘60

Jonnell Webb Elswick, ‘63

Constance M. Essington

Patricia F. Evans

William B. Evans, ‘50

Susan Brown Eyster

Mr. and Mrs. Eric N. Ferguson

Robert W. Fessler

Eugene V. Fife

Lorraine B. Finley

C. Ronald Fouts, ‘72

Shirley B. Fowler

Dr. John P. Freeman

Dr. Billy W. Friar, ‘53

Ethel D. Fritts

Glenn R. Fuhrman

Muriel Fuhrmann

Mrs. H. B. Fuller, III

Louis L. Garber, ‘49

Marjorie D. Getsch

Lucille Holmes Gibson, ‘45

Dr. Smith H. Gibson, ‘45

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Ginn

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Girvin

William R. Gosser, ‘50

Ernest Graham, ‘49

Jim Gray

Dorothy G. Griffin

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Griswold

Barbara Huntsman Grizzle, ‘52

Dr. James E. Grizzle, ‘51

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Grover

William R. and Joan Gruver

Searls Lewis Guthrie, V-12 ‘43

John K. Gwinn, ‘54

Hazel Reynolds Hale, ‘48

Jerry B. Hale, ‘73

Nancy Walker Hale, ‘73

Betty Lou Hollifield Hall, ‘58

J. Clyde Hall, ‘55

Donna Stauffer and John Richard Hall

Grace B. Hamilton

Lowell A. Hamilton, ‘61

Sara Standifer Hamilton, ‘62

Paulette Alexander Harder, ‘65

Shirley B. Harding

Mrs. D. Foster Harland

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Harley

Mr. and Mrs. Leon W. Harman

Helen Fillmore Harvey, ‘54

Pamela Hatfield-Wells

Dr. John D. Haun, ‘48

Lois Culbertson Haun, ‘47

Dr. Charles F. Haywood, ‘49

Charles T. Hendrix

Mrs. Reuben Herzfeld

Hirtle Callaghan and Co.

Katherine E. Hocking

James Hollandsworth, ‘37

Eula Turner Holliday, ‘45

J. Charles Honeycutt, ‘51

Reba Honeycutt

Norma M. Horvitz

Mary Louise House

J. Woodford Howard, Jr.

Winn E. Hughes, ‘43

Dolores W. Humphrey

Barbara Hunter

Patricia Finn Hunter, ‘48

Reuben Hunter, ‘47

Betty Partin Hurst, ‘50

Jane Miller Hutchens, ‘71

Thomas Walter Hutchens, ‘67

Thomas S. Hutsell

Virginia Dale Kyer Hutsell, ‘50

Marjorie Gabbard Hylton, ‘49

Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Jackson, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. David Japikse

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Jepson, Jr.

Dr. Flora Hsu Johnson, ‘67

Founder’s Club • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Brenda Starnes Johnstone, ‘75

Dr. William H. Johnstone, ‘74

Leigh A. Jones, Hon.’93

Susan Kellogg

Marie Gebbie Kemper

Mrs. Charles F. Kettering, II

Pauline Schellberg Kifer, ‘40

Averill Kilbourne

Debbie Q. Kiser

Jackson S. and Kathryn Huffman Kiser, ‘40

Diane S. Klingenstein

Mr. and Mrs. Emil Allen Kraus

Janet C. Kreider, Hon.’91

Dr. and Mrs. Donald H. Lakin

Mr. and Mrs. Oliver M. Langenberg

Brenda and Charles Larsen, III

Mr. and Mrs. Jay B. Larsen

Virginia Begley Legare, ‘45

Marthella S. Lehtinen

Dr. George Ronald Lester, ‘54

Patricia P. Lester

Hunter Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Lombard

William M. Lowder, ‘62

Dr. John Y. Lu, ‘55

Ruth Ferrill Luthringer, ‘46

Mrs. Constable MacCracken

Lillian M. Mairs

Doris S. Major

Dr. Alice R. Manicur, ‘54

Hannah Trigg Mather, ‘33

Laurens B. Mathews

Dr. Geneva Metzler Matlock, ‘48

Betty Dimmick Mattingly, ‘51

Dr. Steele F. Mattingly, ‘50

Mr. and Mrs. William R. McFarland

Ann Bishop McNeer, ‘50

Charles S. McNeer, ‘50

Lillian McNeily

Anne W. McNulty

Mr. and Mrs. Orval G. Mead

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley A. Meisel

Mr. and Mrs. George Wall Merck

Robert E. Merkle

Carol Ledbetter Miller, ‘55

Dr. Robert Warren Miller, ‘53

Helena Jacobs Mink, ‘51

Wilburn L. Morris

Dr. Harold L. Moses, ‘58

Linda H. Moses

I. E. Murray, Jr.

Rosemary E. Olds

Thomas H. Oliver

Dr. and Mrs. Edward T. Ordman

Rev. J. Randolph Osborne, Hon.’95

Betty Parker Parker, ‘50

Dr. Franklin Parker, ‘49

John Williams and Ruth Ann Parker

Dr. Eugene Q. Parr, ‘49

Joan Lykins Parr, ‘48

Leland F. Pemberton

June Morton Perry, ‘44

Mary McWilliams Perry, ‘53

Eugene H. Peterson

Margaret Bowman Peterson, ‘45

Mr. and Mrs. Philip T. Peterson

Mr. and Mrs. Kroger Pettengill

Ellen Herron Phillips

Ruth B. Phillips

Harry A. Piland

Virginia Ferrill Piland, ‘43

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Polk

Carol M. Porter

Margaret C. Price

Jill Gruver Puleo

Charles C. Rayburn, ‘45

Mary Rayburn

Ruben D. Recio, Sr., ‘51

Charles Reifsnyder

Dr. Irene Pennington Reifsnyder, ‘35

Kathryn Sanders Rieder

James E. Ripley, ‘66

Padi McKain Ripley, ‘66

Linda Stewart Rivers, ‘62

P. Clayton Rivers, ‘61

Ruth Barnes Robbins, ‘49

Helen Swanson Robinson, ‘49

Dr. Roy R. Rose, ‘38

Rubye L. Rose

Doris Rosenbaum

Albert L. Roy

Dr. Justine Jones Rozier, ‘43

Dorothy D. Ruppel

Mr. and Mrs. William Knight Russell

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Rutledge

Dr. James I. Salter, Jr., ‘49

Lou Haigler Salter, ‘47

Willie Sanders, ‘69

L. Manlius Sargent, Jr.

Founder’s Club • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Muneer A. Satter

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Scaramucci

Lucy S. Schneider

David G. Schultz, ‘41

Kathleen Jett Schwarzschild, ‘46

Catherine Seabury

Dr. Charles Ward Seabury, II

Mr. and Mrs. Roger J. Sell

Dr. Sarah Hamilton Sell, ‘34

Carol E. Shanesy

Lucy B. Shaw

Dr. David Eugene Shelton, ‘69

Don Shinault, Jr., ‘84

Larry D. Shinn, Hon.’08

Nancy Shinn, Hon.’08

Farra Mai Shipp

Dr. Robert H. Shipp, V-12 ‘45

Harold Lloyd Shoemaker, ‘44

Frances G. Shoolroy

Dr. James R. Showkeir

Myrtle I. Sillen

Marjorie Singleton

Dr. Mary Slusser

Ernest H. Smith

Florence Pittman Smith, ‘53

Frances Sturgell Smith, ‘47

Henry H. Smith

Jessie Pennington Smith, ‘39

Kathleen M. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip H. Smith

Vincent M. Smith

Rev. and Mrs. Harry C. Snyder

Sylvene Osteen Spickerman, ‘56

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore R. Stanley

Daniel W. Stanton

Robert K. Steel

Dorothy Stein

Nina L. Steiner

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Steiner, Jr.

Ellis M. Stephens

Jane Stephenson, Hon.’93

Margueritte C. Pendergast Stevens

Mr. and Mrs. Gene P. Stickle

Mark and Lucy Stitzer

Mrs. Alfred J. Stokely

Michael Stranahan

Rev. Dr. E. Vincent Stratton

Ms. Margo W. Curl and Dr. Thomas D. Strickler

Eleanore Burchell Sturgill, ‘55

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Styer

Dr. Faye Collett Sutton, ‘65

David and Ann Swanson

Mrs. Eugene E. Tappero

Barbara T. Taylor, ‘84

Katheryn Allen Taylor

Harry W. Tennant, ‘43

Alice Terres

Tyler Smyth Thompson, ‘83

Sue M. Tice

Annette H. Tinnin, Hon.’01

Charles W. Tinnin, Jr., Hon.’01

Richard Tredwell

Kay Tseng

John Vanderstar

Mrs. William D. VanDusen

Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Vanlandingham

Mr. and Mrs. Neil J. Van Sloun

Mr. and Mrs. Emmet P. Vaughn, Jr.

Nick Vaughn, ‘97

Christine Chadwell Vensel, ‘50

Dr. L. H. Vensel

Hedda Windisch von Goeben

David L. Wallace, ‘82

Diane Artist Wallace, ‘80

Iverson Louis Warinner, ‘66

Melba Wilson Wash, ‘39

Mary G. Waterman

Anne Smith Weatherford, Hon.’82

Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Webber

Elizabeth B. Weber

Dr. Rosemary Maxie Weddington, ‘53

Henri L. Wedell

David O. Welch, ‘55

Joyce Loy Welch, ‘54

Alice Wesley

Mrs. John L. Wesley

Jean L. West

Helen Kiser Wheeler, ‘53

Max Wheeler

Hon. John C. Whitehead

Mary Alice Whiting

Shelby Alderman Whitson, ‘59

Richard Wiener

Frieda Meade Wierda, ‘54

Edith Beldon Wiesel, ‘41

Mr. and Mrs. Bradford H. Williams

Dawneda and Stafford H. Williams, III

Mary Coates Williamson, ‘44

Judge Bradley Wilson, II, ‘78

Founder’s Club • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Richard B. Wolf

James D. Woodfin

Page M. Wright

Robert T. Yahng, ‘63

Tina Ing Yahng

Jessie Reasor Zander, ‘54

President’s Club

July 1, 2011-June 30, 2012

Beginning with the 2003-04 fiscal year, criteria for

membership in the President’s Club changed.

Lifetime memberships to the President’s Club are

now conferred to those who have already contributed

$20,000 or more to or indicate their intention of

contributing $2,000 annually until $20,000 has

been reached (including past donations).

Ann Abshier and Jerome R. Blackstone

Dr. Fuad Said Abu-Zayyad, ‘57

Dr. Harold R. Adams, ‘48

Violet Gregory Adams, ‘41

Dorothy J. Alexander, ‘52

Evelyn U. Alley

Sue Harlan Alley, ‘70

Mrs. W. M. Angas

Mary Seals Arnett, ‘51

Patricia Rae Arnett, ‘49

Dr. Willard Eugene Arnett, ‘47

Barbara Boothby Arnold

Diana Shepherd Arnold, ‘74

Mary Alice Atwood, ‘54

Joe H. Austin, ‘44

Dr. and Mrs. David Babbott

Elizabeth M. Baird

Carol J. Baker

Loralee E. Baker

Cynthia J. Ball and David E. Aspnes

Quinten Barbee

Channell Barbour, ‘91

Jessie Fay Barbour

William L. Barbour, ‘49

Kathryn Barnes

Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Barringer

Christine A. Bartlett

Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Batchelder

Jean S. Vincent Bates, ‘66

Dr. Rodney Kent Bates, ‘67

Dr. Dan Baugh, Jr., ‘50

Alberta T. Baumgartner

Philip J. Baur, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Beard

Kay Beasley

Pauline Sloane Becraft, ‘46

Dr. Grant F. Begley, ‘39

Joy Begley

Barbara J. Belknap

Beverly Barclay Bell, ‘73

John L. Bell

Lila Davis Bellando, ‘62

Richard Ray Bellando, ‘62

Mrs. Milton L. Benjamin

Beverly T. Bernstrom

Dorothy Davis Blackburn, ‘48

Harold Gene Blackburn, ‘57

Pansy Waycaster Blackburn, ‘58

Dr. Jack C. Blanton, ‘57

Sandra Blanton

Isaac F. Bledsoe, ‘63

Margaret B. Bledsoe

Sept of Blue

Dr. John S. Bolin

Sandra A. Bolin, ‘75

Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Bonnie

Mrs. Werner H. Bothe

Robert R. Bowie

Billie Jo Bowling

Winston W. Bowling, ‘49

Milton G. Bracht

Olga Beck Bracht, ‘44

Hugh Brady

Kenneth Ray Bray, ‘61

Dr. William H. Breeze, V-12 ‘43

Naomi Briscoe-Serrurier

Ann Saunders Brown

Hope B. Brown

La Verne Blaser Brown

Dr. Lloyd Browning, ‘60

Marcella Chambers Browning, ‘61

Joyce Grogan Bryan, ‘56

Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Bryan

Robert E. Bryan, ‘56

Evelyn Hammons Buchanan, ‘51

Dr. Betty M. Burchett, ‘55

Randall S. Burkert

Esther Weller Burkhard

Marie Burkhart

President’s Club * 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Dr. Stephen B. Burkhart, ‘51

Dr. James S Burton, ‘58

Ophelia Weaver Burton, ‘59

Helen Adams Bussey, ‘66

Rodney C. Bussey, ‘63

Robert M. Butler

Gleta H. Byrd

Robert Edward Cabe, ‘59

Doris B. Campbell

Richard Darrel Campbell, ‘58

Mary Anna Shupe Cassady, ‘45

Mrs. Robert C. Chapin

Harvey Chaplin

Dr. Cleophus Charles, Hon.’95

Glen Charles

Dr. Abraham P. Cheij

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Chivetta

Helen S. Choy

Yvonne E. McDowell Christiansen, ‘91

Carnzu A. Clark

Mrs. E. Garfield Claxton

Mary E. Clemesha

Dr. Charles Glyndon Click, ‘67

Karon McGuire Click, ‘67

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Cochran

Henry C. Coldiron, ‘47

Juanita Noland Coldiron, ‘47

L. Maxine Collier

Willadene Pound Collum, ‘42

Dr. James Edward Colvard, ‘58

Joy Alexander Colvard, ‘58

Phyllis A. Combs, ‘62

Doris Davies Comer, ‘47

Laura Ramsay Compton, ‘76

Milinda Byrd Compton, ‘62

Dr. Ralph E. Compton, ‘76

Dr. Robert N. Compton, ‘60

Helen Barnes Connelly, ‘48

Charles Ray Conner, ‘55

Phyllis Scrivner Conner, ‘52

C. Dean Cornett, ‘55

Nina Crabtree Cornett, ‘61

Jerry J. Cox, ‘65

Vicki Carter Cox, ‘72

Cuba Franks Craig, ‘68

Mr. and Mrs. Earle M. Craig, Jr.

Alice R. Crain

Dr. Brad Crain, ‘65

Mrs. Asho I. Craine

Eldred Pennington Craine, ‘44

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Cunningham

Mr. and Mrs. Lyle M. Cutchin

Christine LaFon Dailey, ‘47

Senator and Mrs. John C. Danforth

Lillian Butler Davey

Ruth T. Davidson

Mrs. John Lillard Davis

Dr. Donna Joyce Dean, ‘69

Bonnie DenDooven

K. C. DenDooven

John P. DeNeufville

Frank Dickerson, ‘56

Wanda L. Dodson, ‘63

Russell J. Donnelly

Kathy Dozier

Vae Shutt Duff, ‘45

Ann Peterson Duncan, ‘65

William E. Duncan

Irenee duPont, Jr.

Allen D. DuRand

Linda V. DuRand, Hon.’10

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Dwan, Jr.

Mrs. Robert E. Eberly

Mr. and Mrs. J. Dean Eckersley

Dorothy Baldwin Edwards, ‘47

James Roy Edwards, ‘48

Jonathan W. Edwards

June Settle Edwards, ‘47

Dr. Robert L. Edwards, ‘46

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey G. Eisenbarth

Rea Elias

Virginia McDonough Ellis, ‘40

Mary E. Faber

Carol S. Fang

Gaius Haston Farley, ‘39

Joan E. Farrell

Frank B. Fehsenfeld

Dillard Bruce Feltner, ‘52

Elizabeth Meade Feng

Victor Yu Hu Feng, ‘66

Joyce Barnes Fields, ‘61

Truman Ray Fields, ‘61

Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Finch

Jennie Westlake Findley, ‘45

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph F. Findley

Mr. and Mrs. Allan R. Fisher

Dr. Clyde C. Flannery, ‘44

Dr. Donald W. Forester, ‘59

Sherrena Jones Forester, ‘62

President’s Club * 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Marie Lay Formichella, ‘46

Ralph G. Fort, ‘56

Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Foster

A. Wade Francis, ‘79

Marian Frank

Roger Franklin

Dr. Arnold R. Frazier, ‘65

Dyanne Morrell Frazier, ‘66

Jess V. Frost

Brian T. Fuhrmann

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Fuhrmann

David and Marilyn Fuhrmann

Dr. and Mrs. Fletcher Gabbard

Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Gailor

Harriet E. Gamper

Dr. Dorothy G. Gates, Hon.’84

Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Gates, Jr.

Lisa Ann Gibson

Margaret Morris Gibson, ‘58

Paul A. Gibson, ‘59

Kenneth Carl Gilbert, ‘69

Peggy Sisson Gilbert, ‘69

Janet W. Gildermaster

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Gilliam

Penman R. Gilliam, ‘58

R. Renee Gladstone

Leslie Glew

A. Barbara Goddard, ‘48

Mr. and Mrs. Joe L. Goodman, Jr.

Shirley Reed Goossen, ‘59

Carolyn T. Gossett

Donna L. Graham

Dr. Fred H. Greenberg, ‘55

Dorothy A. Gregory

Gay Looney Grider, ‘56

Dr. Sam L. Grider, ‘56

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Griesser

Jeanne Hardy Griffin, ‘48

Murray S. Griffin

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Griffith

Eduardo A. J. Guevara, ‘47

Samuel P. Guyton

Edward O. Haenni

Fay Mills Hale, ‘41

Barbara W. Hall

Brian E. Hall, ‘70

Lt. Col. Don H. Hall, ‘51

Dorothy S. Hall

Judy Wolford Halstead

W. A. Hammond Drierite Company

Dorothy Smith Hardiman

Leo O. Harris

Betty Jean Gasaway Hartsell, ‘57

Gene L. Hartsell

Katherine Beckman Hawks, ‘77

Robert F. Hawks, ‘77

Rev. and Mrs. C. Theodore Hegg

Joyce Ritchie Henderson

Elizabeth D. Henley

Eileen Hibbitts

Alice LeMaster Hicks, ‘66

Dr. B. Glenn Hicks, ‘65

Mr. and Mrs. Roger G. Hildeen

Louise Hilton

Amy Hincks

David Hincks, ‘82

Mr. and Mrs. C. Douglas Hindman

Don Richard Hirschman, ‘67

Lois Stephens Hoskins, ‘53

Mary Skidmore Hoskins, ‘51

Dr. Bobby A. Howell, ‘64

Mary Early Howell, ‘65

Ruby J. Huff

Alice M. Hughes

Vera McKinney Hyman, ‘57

C. Glenn Ihrig, ‘63

Dr. Kyoko Ando Iitaka, ‘59

Doris L. Irmiter

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Ison

Barbara McLain Israel, ‘58

Dr. J. Ray Israel, ‘59

Mrs. Bremner H. Jackson

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Jackson

Dr. Brian O. James, ‘60

Ingrid Haug James, ‘60

George Jamieson

Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Jay

Scott M. and Mrs. Yardly Jenkins

Glenn R. Jennings, ‘72

Linda Owens Jennings, ‘80

Donald E. Johnson, Jr.

Dr. Victor Johnson, ‘68

Mary Ann Moser Johnstone, ‘68

Dr. Robert L. Johnstone, Hon.’96

Bernice F. Jones, ‘33

Dr. David Robert Jordan, V-12 ‘43

Mrs. Frank Schoolfield Jordan

Sara Slusher Jordan, ‘45

Janet H. Judd

President’s Club * 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Robert Peyton Judd, ‘58

Georgia F. Kearney

Dr. Douglas Kelley, ‘51

Mary Corsi Kelley, ‘51

Alberta Allen Kelly

Diane Rowe Kerby, ‘75

Dr. Kak-Choong Kim, ‘56

Beryl Wilson King, ‘41

Sally Armstrong Kiteck, ‘74

Dr. Stephen S. Kiteck, ‘71

Mrs. Kenneth M. Knopf

Eleanor L. Knotts, ‘47

Margie D. Kysela

Donald E. Lainhart, A’46, Cx’50

Virginia L. Lainhart

Jean Lamb, ‘65

Carolyn Lavender Lambert, ‘42

David G. Lambert

Riley M. Lambert, ‘42

Alice and Leslie Lancy Fdn.

Monica Satkowski Laramee, ‘77

Dr William A. Laramee, Hon.’09

Karin L. Larson

Mr. and Mrs. Fred M. Lawson

Robert Gene Lawson, ‘60

Rosemary DeHart Lawson, ‘62

Leever Foundation, Inc.

Carl and Buzzy Leming

Dr. Jack Douglas Lewis, ‘56

Rebecca Hollen Lewis, ‘70

Charles Liebman

Gillian Lindt

Sanford Litt

Bobby L. Lotts, ‘66

Burma Davis Lotts, ‘68

Rebecca Dudley Lucas

H. William Lurton

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Lyon

Drs. Mary Parke and James A. Manning

Elizabeth M. Marion

Dr. James Edsel Marion, ‘57

Marios Pizza

Estelle Marsh

John S. Marsh, ‘54

Rev. and Mrs. Anthony R. Martin

Dinah Carden Martin, ‘02

Gaylord L. Martin

H. Bruce Martin, ‘62

Dr. Harry James Martin, ‘69

Sue Martin

Dr. Elissa May-Plattner and Kenneth Plattner

Olga McAllister

Anna Roberts McConkey, ‘31

Dr. Beechard C. McConnell, Jr., ‘59

Patricia Howard McConnell, ‘62

Paul McCracken

Mr. and Mrs. William J. McCune, Jr.

Mrs. Kenneth D. McGinnis

Dr. George W. McKinney, Jr, ‘42

Lucille Christian McKinney, ‘43

Dr. Judith Frances McLaughlin, ‘66

Mr. and Mrs. J. Neil McNabnay

Anna Planck McNeill, ‘52

Peter T. McNeill, Jr., ‘51

Mrs. William T. McWhorter

Dr. Shirley Baker Meece, ‘50

Mr. and Mrs. Hans P. Mengering

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Menschel

Mr. and Mrs. Kent H. Merideth

Charles E. Merrill, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Merrill

Bob Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson Lewis Miller

Hazel Longworth Milton, ‘41

Elzabeth K. Miner

Tom T. Miyahara

W. A. Moody

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Morrison, Jr.

Dr. Kenneth W. Moss, ‘55

Mr. and Mrs. Dale E. Murphy

Dr. Jill Ann Neff, ‘79

Margaret H. Neidinger

Dr. P. David Nelson, ‘65

Rebecca Plaster Nelson, ‘65

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Nevels

Margaret Williams Nevels, ‘59

Nancy Nevels

Ralph W. Nevels, ‘59

Dr. Barbara Newborg

Dr. Cora F. Newell Withrow

Phoebe O. Nicholas

Sara Rudd Nickell, ‘44

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Nickolaus, Jr.

Mrs. Albert F. Norris

Mr. and Mrs. George D. Norton

Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Nottingham, III

Mr. and Mrs. G. Oberbillig

Dr. Cheyenne Jean Oldham Olson

Harriet Gates Oman, ‘33

President’s Club * 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Michael D. Oney, ‘89

Michelle Prather Oney, ‘89

Gilman Ordway

Joseph Ornelas

Kathleen Wiggins Ornelas, ‘68

Lucille B. Osteen

Mitchell M. Osteen, ‘58

Harold S. Ottman

Delbert Ousley, ‘66

Betty C. Owen

Larry G. Owen, ‘61

Jean Phyllis Owens

Dr. Herman Patterson, ‘49

Dr. Maxine Bonner Patterson, ‘50

Katherine Leatherwood Pennington, ‘46

Dr. Kenneth W. Perkins, ‘48

Margaret Southard Perkins, ‘48

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Piette

Fern E. Pillifant

Dorothy E. Pollak

Paul D. Pomfret

Paul R. Porter, V-12 ‘43

Anne Powell

D. Wesley Poythress, ‘89

Velma Watson Pressly, ‘50

Rose Pu

E. Gary Raines, ‘68

R. Marina Raines

Rose Moore Ramsay, ‘52

William R. Ramsay, ‘52

Mary R. Ratliff

Dorothy Stuart Ray, ‘39

Redwing Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Rees

Charlotte E. Reinicker

Carl M. Relyea

Helen Renner

Stanley R. Resor

Margaret Steinorth Reuter, ‘42

Joan B. Richardson

Joseph W. Richen, ‘60

Sheridan L. Risley, ‘49

Beverly Robbins

Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Robbins

William G. Robbins

Barbara Grubb Robinette, ‘65

Robert E. Robinette, ‘64

Dr. Nathaniel M. Robinson

Mrs. Richard Robinson

Lois E. Robison

Dorothy Gay Rouse, ‘55

John James Rouse, Jr., ‘53

Dr. William H. Roush, ‘49

Agnes Ratcliff Rudberg, ‘45

Arthur Sanders

Lois Williams Sanders, SN’55

Donald E. Savage

Barbara Weaver Sawyer, ‘57

Dr. Hershel G. Sawyer, ‘57

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Scheide

Ruth M. Scherbarth

Sallie Conley Scherrer, ‘43

Victor E. Scherrer, ‘43

Gertrude A. Schlachter

Nancy J. Schmidt

Mr. and Mrs. Marion W. Scholes

Anna W. Schorman

Norma F. Schuessler

Christa R. Schwintzer, ‘62

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Scott

Fairy Powers Sells, ‘54

Gloria Janelle Sells, ‘61

Mr. and Mrs. Kirtley Settles

Harry Gus Shaffer, Jr.

Evelyn Lamb Shaheen, ‘42

Mrs. Milton E. Shaw

Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Sheldon

Mrs. Charles H. Simmons

Donnie R. Singleton, ‘70

Mary Ann Daniel Singleton, ‘71

Pamela Corley Slowkowski, ‘71

Dr. Kenneth A. Smiles

James A. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Smith

Ron Smith, ‘56

Thomas L. Smith, ‘79

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Smyth, Jr.

Howard Snure, Jr.

Franklin Delano Souther, ‘58

Larcenia Singleton Souther, ‘57

Bettie Smith Spangler, ‘54

John Stephen Sparkman, ‘74

Betty Sutton Spiggle, ‘63

Dr. Wayne C. Spiggle, Jr., ‘56

Brenda Galloway Spillman, ‘63

Jean A. Spining

Antoinette D. Stabile

Linda M. Stafford Burrows

Marilyn L. Steinbright

President’s Club * 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Dr. Herbert D. Stern

Lynda Brodersen Stern, ‘67

Lisa Kittler Stevens

Caroline C. Stewart

Glenna Stewart

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Stewart

Jane K. Stiverson

Juanita H. Stoneburner

Catherine French Stookey, ‘49

Alberta Stout

Dr. Mary C. Stranahan

Margaret Wallhagen and William J. Strawbridge

Joseph E. Sumner, ‘41

Eugene M. Taulbee, ‘37

Anne Taylor

Capt. Fred M. Taylor, ‘42

Mrs. George W. Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. W. B Terry

Margaret Ernest Thomas, ‘44

Paula Thompson

Tracy Eugene Thompson, ‘80

Cheryl L. Thoms

Dr. Peter S. Thoms, ‘55

Mr. and Mrs. Jack C. Threet

Mary Anne Tigges

Ann Tilson

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Townsend

Donna Posey Trent, ‘64

Dr. Wendell C. Trent, ‘63

Robert S. Troth

P. D. Tuttle

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Upton

Anna C. Vaughan

Margaret Via

Mr. and Mrs. Oliver W. Waddell

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Wade

Jack G. Walker, ‘43

Dr. John David Walker, ‘62

Ruth Gregory Walker

Mrs. Walter E. Walpole

Janath Casto Walters, ‘53

Roy N. Walters, Jr., ‘58

Charlotte L. Watson

Kenneth Gregory Way, ‘73

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Weidenbach

Kathleen P. Weitz

Mrs. Ben H. Wells

Charles Maurice Wesley, ‘51

Ruth E. Wesley

Mrs. J. B. Wharton, Jr.

Billy Edd Wheeler, ‘55

Mary B. Wheeler

Elmer Whitaker

O. Wendell White, ‘58

Ruth Neely White, ‘57

Jacquelyn G. Widner

Dr. Larry Allen Widner, ‘69

Vernon I. E. Wiegand, Jr.

Amelia Jo Wier

Irene B. Williams

Dr. and Mrs. J. Peter Williamson

Thelma Foley Wilson, ‘57

Margaret M. Winslow

Deborah Wolfe

Dr. James W Wolfe, ‘70

Leon Blackburn Wolford, ‘69

Jane C. Woods

Dr. Ballard D. Wright, ‘59

Elizabeth Peterson Wright, ‘60

Conrad Yanis

Debbie Jarvis-Yates, ‘83

Dr. Steven W Yates, ‘83

Robert N. Young, ‘63

Mariam Zabel

Marjorie Perry Zeigler

Stephanie Bowling Zeigler and Eric Zeigler

President’s Club * 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Second Century Club

July 1, 2011-June 30, 2012

The Second Century Club is an

annual giving club with four levels –

bronze, silver, gold, and platinum.

Gifts totaling $250-$499 qualify for

the bronze level, $500-$999 the

silver level, $1,000-$2,499 the gold

level and gifts of $2,500 or more

qualify for the platinum level.

Platinum Members

Dr. Mark Alley, ‘69

Sharon R. Alley

Roberta Larew Allison, ‘42

Vanessa Lynn Armstrong, ‘88

Dr. Emel L. Atkins, ‘57

Margaret Boyd Atkins, ‘58

Mary Alice Atwood, ‘54

Kathleen Scott Banks, ‘53

Dr. Charlotte Faye Beason, ‘70

Beverly Barclay Bell, ‘73

John L. Bell

Isaac F. Bledsoe, ‘63

Margaret B. Bledsoe

Mary Lou Randles Bothe, ‘43

Orville Branham, ‘62

John Carter Browning, ‘71

Linda Holbrook Browning, ‘71

Dr. Lloyd Browning, ‘60

Marcella Chambers Browning, ‘61

Jack W Buchanan, ‘46

Doris B. Campbell

Richard Darrel Campbell, ‘58

Carl E. Clark, ‘62

Henry C. Coldiron, ‘47

Juanita Noland Coldiron, ‘47

Alice Hook Colley, ‘49

Milinda Byrd Compton, ‘62

Dr. Robert N. Compton, ‘60

C. Dean Cornett, ‘55

Nina Crabtree Cornett, ‘61

Dr. Darrell Crase, ‘56

Dixie R. Crase

Charles Douglas Crowe, ‘70

Elizabeth Culbreth, ‘64

Dr. Chella David, ‘61

Judith K. David

Dr. Donna Joyce Dean, ‘69

Claude Wallace Derting, ‘60

Helena R. Derting, ‘60

Wilma Hylton Dippery, ‘63

Wanda L. Dodson, ‘63

Ann Peterson Duncan, ‘65

William E. Duncan

Allen D. DuRand

Linda V. DuRand, Hon.’10

Carl C. Evans, ‘62

Catherine Hawkins Evans, ‘68

Joan B Richardson

Lt. Col. James David Evans, ‘67

William B. Evans, ‘50

Obera Huddleston Faas, ‘44

Ted Faas, V-12 ‘43

Joyce Barnes Fields, ‘61

Truman Ray Fields, ‘61

Robert D. Fisher

Ralph G. Fort, ‘56

Gaynell Fowler

Dr. Fred H. Greenberg, ‘55

Barbara Huntsman Grizzle, ‘52

Dr. James E. Grizzle, ‘51

Lida Kidwell Hail, ‘43

Fay Mills Hale, ‘41

Jerry B. Hale, ‘73

Nancy Walker Hale, ‘73

Brian E. Hall, ‘70

Lowell A. Hamilton, ‘61

Sara Standifer Hamilton, ‘62

Vivian H. Hart

Dr. Miles O. Hayes, ‘57

Bessie Looney Hedgecock, ‘51

Richard L. Hedrick, ‘67

Betty Gene Hensley Hibbard, ‘58

Maurice B. Hibbard

Hilda Outlaw Horton, ‘48

Carole Keeble Hubble, ‘62

Patricia Finn Hunter, ‘48

Reuben Hunter, ‘47

Michelle L. and Wade T. Janssen

Loyal Jones, ‘54

Nancy Swan Jones, ‘55

Janet H. Judd

Robert Peyton Judd, ‘58

Dr. Douglas Kelley, ‘51

Mary Corsi Kelley, ‘51

Martha Dendy King, ‘52

Walter A. King

Carolyn Lavender Lambert, ‘42

Riley M. Lambert, ‘42

Dr. Carl Clinton Layne, ‘63

Lois E. Layne

Dr. George Ronald Lester, ‘54

Patricia P. Lester

Dr. John Y. Lu, ‘55

Ruth Ferrill Luthringer, ‘46

Dr. Alice R. Manicur, ‘54

John S. Marsh, ‘54

Dr. Geneva Metzler Matlock, ‘48

Dr. Jacqueline Michel

Dr. Harold L. Moses, ‘58

Linda H. Moses

Betty Parker Parker, ‘50

Dr. Franklin Parker, ‘49

Dr. Eugene Q. Parr, ‘49

Joan Lykins Parr, ‘48

Catherine B. Peercy

Dr. Paul S. Peercy, ‘61

Frances H. Perry

Dr. Simon D. Perry, ‘54

Mary White Phifer, ‘84

Dorothy M. Phillips

Thomas W. Phillips, ‘65

Harry A. Piland

Virginia Ferrill Piland, ‘43

Dr. Jack Daniel Pittillo, ‘61

Charles C. Rayburn, ‘45

James E. Ripley, ‘66

Padi McKain Ripley, ‘66

Gerald Dean Roberts, ‘62

Second Century Club • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Dr. James I. Salter, Jr., ‘49

Lou Haigler Salter, ‘47

Barbara Weaver Sawyer, ‘57

Dr. Hershel G. Sawyer, ‘57

Sallie Conley Scherrer, ‘43

Victor E. Scherrer, ‘43

Dr. David Eugene Shelton, ‘69

Larry D. Shinn, Hon.’08

Nancy Shinn, Hon.’08

Irene Sidun

Florence Pittman Smith, ‘53

Henry H. Smith

Ron Smith, ‘56

Dr. Daniel Patrick Spangler, ‘56

Dorothy E. Spangler

Sylvene Osteen Spickerman, ‘56

Nina L. Steiner

Eleanore Burchell Sturgill, ‘55

Harry W. Tennant, ‘43

Tyler Smyth Thompson, ‘83

Cheryl L. Thoms

Dr. Peter S. Thoms, ‘55

James Tuan, ‘78

James A. Waddell, ‘57

Kenneth Gregory Way, ‘73

Mary Coates Williamson, ‘44

Dale Dedman Wilson, ‘49

Josef B. Wilson, ‘49

Judge Bradley Wilson, II, ‘78

Robert T. Yahng, ‘63

Tina Ing Yahng

Debbie Jarvis-Yates, ‘83

Dr. Steven W. Yates, ‘83

Gold Members

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Airhart, II

Kathryn Whitaker Alford, ‘62

Emmanuel Ampofo-Tuffuor, ‘88

SJ Arthur, ‘71

Julie Erdman Atkinson, ‘62

Ronnie C. Atkinson, ‘62

Dr. Robert Auerbach, ‘49

Wanda Irwin Auerbach, ‘50

Ledford L. Austin, ‘55

Sally Austin

Zuria Farmer Austin, ‘45

Dr. John Alden Auxier, ‘51

Mary Lou Auxier

Christina S. Back

Dr. Lindsey Russel Back, ‘69

Sandra A. Back, ‘62

Joseph P. Bagnoli, ‘88

Lois Speer Baird, ‘48

Channell Barbour, ‘91

June Mullins Begley, ‘62

Leo Begley, ‘64

Dr. Chad T. Berry

Floyd D. Bibbee, ‘65

Dan P. Blalock, Jr., ‘59

Dr. Jack C. Blanton, ‘57

Sandra Blanton

Carol E. Blue

David L. Blue, ‘65

Carolynne Fincher Bobbitt, ‘56

Dr. Jesse Leroy Bobbitt, ‘55

Mark F. Boes, ‘76

Carrie Holcomb Bottenfield, ‘57

R. Eugene Bowling, ‘51

Milton G. Bracht

Olga Beck Bracht, ‘44

Dr. William H. Breeze, V-12 ‘43

Charles E. Brown

Helen Smith Brown, ‘48

Virginia Brown, ‘48

Blanche E. Bryant

Sammy Ray Bryant, ‘57

Evelyn Hammons Buchanan, ‘51

Verna Hall Bulman, ‘49

Dr. Warren E. Bulman, ‘48

Dr. Betty M. Burchett, ‘55

Marie Burkhart

Dr. Stephen B. Burkhart, ‘51

Frank Lynn Bush, ‘75

Robert Edward Cabe, ‘59

Jane Shivel Campbell, ‘69

Dr. Wallace Campbell, ‘66

Bonnie Riddle Carriker, ‘66

James E. Carriker, ‘65

Caren Lynn Caton, ‘79

Billie Jo Bates Caudill, ‘62

Billy F. Caudill

Dr. Donald W. Caudill, ‘80

Mabel Lim Chang, ‘63

Ngee-Pong Chang

Hazel Williams Chappell, ‘62

Dorothy Taylor Chidester, ‘50

V. Jean Childers, ‘49

Yoonho Ho Cho, ‘01

Elisabeth Covey Collins

Charles E. Colson, ‘71

Rosemary F. Colson

Dr. James Edward Colvard, ‘58

Joy Alexander Colvard, ‘58

Eileen Barnawell Hartley Cooper, ‘47

Estill Cornett, ‘52

Reba Blevins Cornett, ‘54

Neal Leon Craig, ‘68

Mary Back Croucher, ‘65

Samuel L. Croucher, ‘62

Jack Cummins, ‘58

Lynn Finchum Cummins, ‘57

Liz Tester Davis, ‘60

Rev. Vance P. Davis, Ph.D., ‘61

Thomas L. Dawson, ‘56

Dr. Hazel F. Dicken, ‘61

Carla W. Dye, ‘94

Dr. Gregory Brian Dye, ‘94

Rena Yount Dyer, ‘46

Dorothy Baldwin Edwards, ‘47

Rev. Frank H. Edwards, ‘46

James Roy Edwards, ‘48

June Settle Edwards, ‘47

Dr. Robert L. Edwards, ‘46

Eddie Elswick, ‘64

Rev. Faye Feltner, ‘50

Jennie Westlake Findley, ‘45

Justin Matthew Fister, ‘99

Stephanie Mitzel Fister, ‘98

Earl Garrett

Nelle Freeman Garrett, ‘59

Nancy S. Gibson

Dr. Ray Allen Gibson, ‘62

Kenneth Carl Gilbert, ‘69

Second Century Club • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Peggy Sisson Gilbert, ‘69

David L. Gillenwater, ‘58

Carol Schroedel Gillilan, ‘60

Dr. David R. Graham, ‘59

Ernest Graham, ‘49

Linda Houston Graham, ‘59

Searls Lewis Guthrie, V-12 ‘43

Jean S. Haines

Betty Lou Hollifield Hall, ‘58

J. Clyde Hall, ‘55

Joan R. Hartman

Betty Jean Gasaway Hartsell, ‘57

Gene L. Hartsell

Pamela Hatfield-Wells

Dr. John D. Haun, ‘48

Lois Culbertson Haun, ‘47

Katherine Beckman Hawks, ‘77

Robert F. Hawks, ‘77

Wm. Randy Hays, ‘86

Elaine Back Haywood, ‘68

James E. Haywood

Larry R. Henson, ‘64

Dr. Bobby A. Howell, ‘64

Betty Partin Hurst, ‘50

Vera McKinney Hyman, ‘57

Dr. Kyoko Ando Iitaka, ‘59

Melissa Anne Jennings, ‘95

Brenda Starnes Johnstone, ‘75

Dr. William H. Johnstone, ‘74

Timothy Brant Jones, ‘94

Wayne E. King, ‘73

Janet C. Kreider, Hon.’91

Sandra Walker Kurtz, ‘67

William Kurtz

Diana and Roger L. Lacy, ‘69

Christopher Jason Langley, ‘95

Robert Gene Lawson, ‘60

Rosemary DeHart Lawson, ‘62

Dr. William M. Leach, ‘56

Dr. Jack Douglas Lewis, ‘56

Rebecca Hollen Lewis, ‘70

Sue Nevils Ling, ‘62

Dr. Esfandiar Lohrasbpour, ‘74

Dr. Gary Steven Mahoney, ‘82

James A. Manchester, ‘83

M. Kay Esh Manchester, ‘84

H. Bruce Martin, ‘62

Sue Martin

Lillie Parsons McCoy, ‘53

Dr. Shirley Baker Meece, ‘50

Dr. Anna Lee Messer, ‘53

Jason Dean Miller, ‘98

Kristin Kelley Miller, ‘98

Helena Jacobs Mink, ‘51

Helen LeMay Monk, ‘67

Ruth Moore

Dr. Patrick E. Napier, ‘49

Dr. Jill Ann Neff, ‘79

Nadeane Sears Newell, ‘44

Margaret Mary O’Brien, ‘88

Joyce Hyder OKeefe, ‘58

Maurice O’Keefe

Brenda Joyce Ross Olinger, ‘63

Guy Lawrence Olinger, ‘69

Joseph Ornelas

Kathleen Wiggins Ornelas, ‘68

Delbert Ousley, ‘66

William E. Parker, ‘56

Dr. Herman Patterson, ‘49

Dr. Maxine Bonner Patterson, ‘50

Cora Boone Payne, ‘62

John H. Payne

Bruce Anthony Perkins, ‘84

Mary McWilliams Perry, ‘53

Eugene H. Peterson

Margaret Bowman Peterson, ‘45

Patricia Brannon Pike, ‘64

Carol M. Porter

Frances Edwards Pou, ‘49

Dr. James Lawrence Powell, ‘58

Gregory M. Quesenberry, ‘66

E Gary Raines, ‘68

R. Marina Raines

Frank H. Rex, Jr.

Susan Edinger Rex, ‘79

Glenna Sawyer Rice, ‘51

Jane S. Richardson

Dr. James Michael Riemann, ‘62

Theda Rasnick Riemann, ‘63

Ruth Barnes Robbins, ‘49

Miles Garnet Roberts, ‘61

Helen Swanson Robinson, ‘49

Linville C Robinson, ‘60

French E. Rogers, Jr., ‘49

Philip Daren Roof, ‘88

Betty Hollandsworth Roop, ‘70

Dr. Dennis Russell Roop, ‘69

Dr. William H. Roush, ‘49

Jared Mathew Rowley, ‘09

Samuel C. San, ‘94

Arthur Sanders

Lois Williams Sanders, SN’55

Gloria Janelle Sells, ‘61

Arthur Lynn Shipe, ‘54

Farra Mai Shipp

Dr. Robert H. Shipp, V-12 ‘45

Joanne Varney Shopher, ‘54

Kenneth Ray Shopher, ‘53

Julie Renee Pragar Simon, ‘96

Dr. Mathew Simon, ‘97

Joanne Singh

Bobby R. Singleton, ‘66

Ada Richards Sly, ‘53

Donald R. Sly

Jessie Pennington Smith, ‘39

John Stephen Sparkman, ‘74

Jennifer Hale Stafford, ‘92

Robert Scott Stafford, ‘89

Wayne Robert Stemple, ‘81

Catherine French Stookey, ‘49

Carolyn Farley Stultz, ‘62

James W. Stultz

Susan Lim Supapol, ‘65

M. Felix Taylor, ‘60

Roebertha Harvey Taylor, ‘57

David Hull Tompkins, ‘73

June Chrisley Tompkins, ‘72

Bill Reynolds Toy, ‘57

Renee Dow Toy, ‘56

Earl S. Trent, ‘62

Linda Triplett, ‘67

James H. Turner, ‘61

Second Century Club • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Roberta S. Turner

Virginia Hubbard Underwood, ‘73

John Vanderstar

Ralph Wade, ‘53

Dr. John David Walker, ‘62

Ruth Gregory Walker

Burnice L. Wall, ‘42

Anna Bray Webb, ‘49

William C. Webb, Jr., ‘50

Charles Maurice Wesley, ‘51

Dr. Robert C. Wesley, ‘50

Ruth E. Wesley

Billy Edd Wheeler, ‘55

Mary B. Wheeler

Luther Whitaker, ‘58

O. Wendell White, ‘58

Ruth Neely White, ‘57

Jacquelyn G. Widner

Dr. Larry Allen Widner, ‘69

Rev. Wilson Howard Willard, ‘59

Dorothy Amey Williams, ‘48

Virginia M. Williamson

Anna Ludwig Wilson, ‘66

Stephen E. Wilson, ‘65

Leo L. Winchester, ‘57

Mary Ellen Winchester

Dorothy Ledford Withers, ‘54

Thomas C. Woodbridge

Veree Thompson Woodbridge, ‘65

Dr. Ballard D. Wright, ‘59

Elizabeth Peterson Wright, ‘60

Silver Members

Maria Abelquist, ‘97

Geoffrey D. Alexander, ‘02

Terry L. Allebaugh, ‘81

Vicki Elaine Allums, ‘79

Jeffrey S. Amburgey, Hon.’10

Enola Foley Arms, ‘50

Fred S. Arms, ‘38

Patricia Rae Arnett, ‘49

Dr. Willard Eugene Arnett, ‘47

Samuel William Ashworth, ‘05

Nicholas George Bagnoli, ‘87

Dempsey Bailey, ‘54

Kathleen Gibson Bailey, ‘57

Betty Ruth Ball, ‘70

Frances Farley Barrier, ‘53

Dr. George E. Barrier, ‘51

Amy Struss Basham, ‘92

Dr. Derwood E. Basham, ‘86

Narmin Musaeva Bashirov

Novruz Bashirov, ‘04

Donald C. Baucom, ‘57

Doris B. Baucom

Stanley J. Bays, ‘61

Wanda Parham Bays, ‘60

Lila Davis Bellando, ‘62

Richard Ray Bellando, ‘62

Birdell Hensley Bennett, ‘67

Dr. Charles D. Bennett, Jr., ‘65

George E. Biddix, Jr., ‘57

Reva Mink Biddix, ‘54

Dr. Larry K. Blair, ‘66

Linda Wear Blair, ‘66

Dr. George T. Blakey, Jr., ‘61

Billie Jo Bowling

Winston W. Bowling, ‘49

L. Roger Braden, ‘72

Allene Fitzwater Bridges, ‘66

Dr. Edward T. Bridges, ‘65

Dr. Charles A. Brown, ‘56

Dr. Hazel Nixon Brown, ‘62

Leonard L. Brown

Eddie Bullock

Susie Hillard Bullock, ‘81

Abbie Buttle, ‘10

Damian A. Buttle, ‘11

Dr. Logan Ray Campbell, ‘50

Wanda Glass Campbell

Wallace Cantrell, Jr., ‘62

Carolyn Castle, ‘70

Raymond Caudill, ‘73

Ruth E. Caudill

June Brice Cawthon, ‘45

Alexander J. Chalmers, ‘52

Arlene Chalmers

Dr. H. H. Cheng, ‘56

Jo Y. Cheng

Dr. Marisa Yuen Chuang, ‘65

Paul Roy Claiborne, ‘57

Anne Clark

Donald K. Clark, ‘46

Dr. Alfred L. Cobbs, ‘66

Ann Walker Collins, ‘57

Willadene Pound Collum, ‘42

Phyllis A. Combs, ‘62

Clemente Conde, ‘70

Donald E. Cook

Cecil P. Crane

Linda Orfield Alder Crane, ‘69

Isaac Crase, ‘64

Sedahlia Jasper Crase, Ph.D., ‘67

Beverly Smith Dean, ‘61

Bhana Pollard Deaver, ‘97

Ronald Russell Deaver, ‘72

Jean Dedman, ‘53

Garneta Shannon Derian, ‘47

Douglas Dodd

Dr. Susan Price Dodd, ‘77

Cindy Paige Dougherty, ‘87

Jean Moore Earl, ‘61

Phillip I. Earl

Frances Van Sant Edwards, ‘54

Robert Lewis Edwards, ‘55

Loretta Elledge-Lockett, ‘66

Patricia Cooper England, ‘66

Russell H. England, ‘66

Dr. J. Mark Estepp, ‘77

Patricia Campbell Estepp, ‘77

Dillard Bruce Feltner, ‘52

Jay Fields, ‘73

Pamela J. Fields

Frances Rosi Fife

Douglas M. Fisher

Dr. Barbara Durr Fleming, ‘68

Dr. John E. Fleming, ‘66

A. Vernon Flynn, Jr., ‘56

Barbara E Flynn

Janet Sue Fore, ‘75

Sherrena Jones Forester, ‘62

Second Century Club • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Roger Franklin

Betty Burgin Freeman, ‘49

Carolyn Asher Fromuth, ‘38

William T. Fryxell

Ruth Blackburn Fugate, ‘53

Allen Fuller, ‘81

Kristen H. Fuller

Jill Galbraith, ‘80

Sumit Kumar Ganguly, ‘77

Ferne Denney Garrett, ‘55

Nevil McClure Garrett, III, ‘56

Wayne A. Geiss, ‘60

Carol Gilliam, ‘67

Charley E. Gillispie

Delphina Hopkins Gillispie, ‘73

Christine Reedy Godsey, ‘60

Maurice A. Godsey, ‘60

Rachel Critz Graves, ‘58

Ronnie C. Graves, ‘58

Carol Roach Gray, ‘58

Dr. Elmer Gray, ‘56

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Griesser

Geraldine Bennett Grossman, ‘68

Dr. Laurence William Grossman, ‘68

Doris Swingle Hall, ‘48

Dr. O. Glen Hall, ‘51

Brenda Barker Hamrick, ‘63

Ralph H. Hamrick

Dr. J. Edward Harrill, ‘52

Ellen Carpenter Hellard, ‘65

Clyde R. Hopkins, ‘59

Earlene Hibbard Hopkins, ‘62

Bruce I. Hovey, ‘70

Carlton W Hsu

Irene Hoong-Chiung Ch Hsu, ‘56

Betty Ross Hubbard, ‘52

James Maupin Hubbard, ‘53

Dr. Leslie Husband, ‘88

Thomas Hutchins, ‘70

Mrs. J. W. Hyder

James Edward Hyder, ‘55

Jewrette Y. Johnson, ‘77

Betty Parker Johnston, ‘55

Sylvia Phelps Jones, ‘65

Malcolm N. Joseph, III

Pamela Howell Joseph, ‘72

Bishop and Mrs. Troy A. Kaichen

Dr. Rachel Keen , ‘59

Katherine Silver Kelly, ‘91

Donald J. Kenney, ‘67

Billy E. Kerns, ‘72

Larry Wood Kinnard, ‘96

Tria Beth Bottorff Kinnard, ‘98

Guan Koay, ‘02

Jean Lamb, ‘65

Patricia G. Lane, ‘76

Linggawatti Laoh, ‘78

Dr. Juanita Smith Lee, ‘68

Nancy Furry Lee, ‘48

Shing Mirn Lee, ‘96

Linda Leek

Brenda Ernst Lilly, ‘70

Peter B. Lilly

Currie Lockett

Corinne Sparks Lockhart, ‘45

Mary Nell Hall Mahler, ‘58

Dora K. Man

Elizabeth M. Marion

Dr. James Edsel Marion, ‘57

Clifton Hamilton Marshall, ‘57

Helen Yambor McCann-Herbst, ‘44

H. Thomas McClure, ‘66

Dr. James A. McCool, ‘60

Mary Elizabeth McKenzie, ‘90

Mary Alice Peters Klees Meharg, ‘49

Lois Allison Menasian, ‘64

G. Grissom Miller, ‘52

Dr. Grover C. Miller, ‘50

Melinda Snipes Miller, ‘79

Dennis R. Moffitt, ‘74

Susan Jane Moore, ‘68

Raymond G. Morris, ‘59

Shelby Sawyer Morris, ‘59

Donald D. Morrison

Trudy Gilkerson Morrison, ‘60

Adam Mullikin

Helen Bennett Murray, ‘58

Traci Nagle

Joline Vickers Nakamura, ‘50

Mitsuto Nakamura

M. Fred Nickell, ‘53

Virginia Miner Nickell

Rong Nie, ‘97

Ronnie Nolan, ‘95

Charles Robert O’Dell, ‘57

Wilmoth O’Dell

Amy Jo Oney, ‘93

Catherine E. Orton, ‘65

Rev. J. Randolph Osborne, Hon.’95

Lucille B. Osteen

Mitchell M. Osteen, ‘58

Owen Dewitt Parker, ‘76

Sherry Addington Parker, ‘75

Barbara C Parks

Dr. James E. Parks, ‘61

Urban T. Peters, ‘52

Ruth A. Reedy

Richard E. Pollard, ‘63

Shari Erikson Pollard, ‘63

Theresa L. Powers

Dr. William Philip Powers, ‘78

Barry Dallas Poynter, ‘88

Edy Cook Price, ‘62

Flay Spencer Price, ‘62

Gary Lynn Price

Susan Rockwell Price, ‘65

Lester Pross, Hon.’92

Joyce E. Reedy, ‘48

Janice Hill Reid, ‘69

Vernon M. Reid

Nancy M. Reneau

Raymond B. Reneau, Jr., ‘64

Cecilia Stalnaker Repair, ‘48

Dr. Gene Rice, ‘51

Harry S. Rice

Lori E. Pistor

Doug Riffey, ‘67

R. J Riffey

Jean Clark Ring

Shirley Douty Rion, ‘56

Juanita Hall Roberts, ‘42

William L. Roberts, ‘42

Second Century Club • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Jennings B. Robinson, ‘42

Myrtle Tonne Robinson, ‘50

Dr. Robert Earl Robinson, ‘49

Lena Hardin Rosselott, ‘49

Dorothy Gay Rouse, ‘55

John James Rouse, Jr., ‘53

Suweeyah Salih-Niang, ‘92

Jane Gardner Sapp, ‘61

Kenneth F. Sapp, ‘61

Dennis L. Schweitzer

Joanne Cornette Schweitzer, ‘59

Theresa Martin Seals, ‘62

Bernard Baffour Senchery, ‘82

Cdr. Daniel D. Siedschlag, ‘69

Donnie R. Singleton, ‘70

Marjorie Singleton

Mary Ann Daniel Singleton, ‘71

Arthur Smith, Jr., ‘59

Bernette A. Smith

Betty J. Standifer

Wayne H. Standifer, ‘62

Dr. Noel Stephens, Jr., Hon.’97

John W. Stephenson, ‘66

Rev. C. Eugene Stollings, ‘45

Sharon F. Stollings

Carol Stumbo, ‘65

Mae Suramek, ‘95

Thomas Jerry Surber, ‘74

Louise Sutherland, ‘36

Diane Charles Sutton, ‘69

Caitlin Szalay, ‘07

Barbara T. Taylor, ‘84

Bryan W. Taylor

Faye P. Thompson

John R. Thompson, ‘52

Patricia Timberlake

Annette H. Tinnin, Hon.’01

Charles W. Tinnin, Jr., Hon.’01

Bette Allison Todd, ‘45

John D. Todd

Eduard Verbeke

Allan F. Vinton, Jr., ‘57

Dorothy Vinton

Jack G. Walker, ‘43

Camille C. Walthall

Rev. Ronald K. Walthall, ‘53

Anne Smith Weatherford, Hon.’82

Anne Elizabeth Weinkam, ‘78

Jean Justice Welsh, ‘48

William B. Welsh, ‘49

Dr. Larry E. West, ‘64

Susie Gibbs West, ‘64

Dr. Janet Marie White, ‘73

Martha Noss Whitis, ‘57

Dr. Peter R. Whitis, ‘56

Elmer W. Widby

Sally Viola Hess Widby, ‘51

Gwen Joyce Tamayo Wiley, ‘75

Richard H. Wiley, Jr.

Aileen Saylor Williams, ‘46

William A. Wilson, ‘54

Dorothy Lee Wing, ‘55

James Wing

Penny D. Winkle

Deborah Wolfe

Dr. James W. Wolfe, ‘70

Man-Chong Wong, ‘54

Ronald P. Woodson, ‘63

Susan Dutton Woythaler, ‘67

Kathryn Ross Wright, ‘62

Tianpei Xin, ‘96

Paul Man-Him Yim, ‘78

Helen Yu, ‘01

Bronze Members

Anna Collins Abrams, ‘58

Robert C. Abrams, ‘54

Alice Umans Abramson, ‘50

Laura Zimmerman Abramson, ‘61

Ruby Roten Absher, ‘60

Beth McKenzie Adams, ‘84

Guy W. Adams, ‘81

David Agnew

Dorothy J. Alexander, ‘52

Denis Okello Aliker, ‘98

Jack Algon Allen, ‘59

Dr. William Appiah Amponsah, ‘84

Diana Shepherd Arnold, ‘74

William Lloyd Aszman, V-12 ‘43

Annette Meeks Baber, ‘61

Joan Ramey Baber, ‘51

Larry Gene Baber, ‘59

Dorothy Brown Bach, ‘40

Carrie Back

Dr. Reedus Back, ‘48

Revs. Donna B. and David R. Baker

Dr. Helen Hicks Baker, ‘72

Mary Callison Baker, ‘45

Patrick E. Ballinger, ‘81

Billy Ray Banks, ‘62

Jeffrey Lynn Banks, ‘84

Judith G. Banks

Jessie Fay Barbour

William L. Barbour, ‘49

Wilma Adkins Barck, ‘52

Nancy E. Barnwell

Jean Howard Barrier, ‘63

O. Jack Barrier, ‘62

Gracia Chin Barry, ‘65

Geoffrey Bartlett, ‘93

Hatha Gable Bartlett, ‘96

Tony Basham, ‘00

Katie Racz Basham, ‘02

Joan Coy Bates, ‘55

Robert H. Bates

Otis Costello Benning, ‘62

Willa Peters Benning, ‘64

Rhoda Bryan Billings, ‘59

Vance Edward Blade, ‘82

Vivian Hairston Blade, ‘85

Carol S. Blayney

Harold L. Blayney, ‘70

Margie Blevins

Dr. Parker Ray Blevins, ‘63

Dr. Carl H. Boatright, ‘62

Peggy Wilkerson Boatright, ‘62

Annette C. Boles

Wayne Reece Boles, ‘69

Jill Elaine Bouma

Rev. Charles L. Bowyer, ‘61

M. Margaret Boyce

Dr. V. Milton Boyce, ‘56

Second Century Club • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Claranelle Blackburn Bradbury, ‘52

Raymond A. Bradbury, ‘46

Kenneth A. Bradshaw, ‘77

Robin Bradshaw

Scharlene Oney Branum, ‘47

Carolyn Keith Brazill, ‘67

Marie Dotson Brechtel, ‘68

Stanley D. Brechtel

Roger R. Brooks, ‘59

Sue F. Brooks

Eunice Van Winkle Brown, ‘48

Lydia Galliher Brtan, ‘54

Carol Fielder Brunty, ‘67

Joyce Grogan Bryan, ‘56

Robert E. Bryan, ‘56

Jackie Grisby Burnside, ‘74

Virgil Burnside, Jr., ‘74

Alma Powers Burton, ‘50

Scottie J. Butler

Sue Witten Butler, ‘65

Lucille Roberts Buttram, ‘54

Cheryl S. Byrd

Dr. Keith H. Byrd, ‘61

Gilmer Woods Callison, ‘49

Lavaun Halsey Callison, ‘49

Dorothy Campbell

James J. Capobianco

Sally Blakey Capobianco, ‘59

David Henry Carbaugh, ‘71

Sharon Carrington, ‘64

Barbara M. Case

L. C. “Bud” Case, ‘56

Rebecca O’Daniel Cauble, ‘51

Daniel Bradford Chapman, ‘86

James Frank Cheney, ‘52

Oma Salyer Childress, ‘40

Rockwell Chin, ‘65

William B. Churchill, ‘70

Kristin Lee Conley Clark, ‘92

Paul G. Clawson, ‘03

Rebekah Hall Clawson, ‘06

Marie Watkins Clontz, ‘44

Jason V. Cody, ‘94

Bernadine Coffey

Harding Coffey, ‘45

Beverley C. Cole

Chester R. Cole, ‘67

Christina S. Cole

Maj. Jeffrey Dale Cole, ‘98

Rebecca Clutter Connor, ‘66

E. Ray Cope, ‘63

Jacqueline Levi Cope, ‘64

Beverly Clay Crabtree, ‘81

William Crabtree

Dr. Kenneth W. Crase, ‘66

Mary Sue Keith Crase, ‘67

Claire Anne Hamrick Crawford, ‘64

Joe Franklin Crawford, ‘64

Effie Mae Boggs Creamer, ‘54

Betty Sneed Crisp, ‘77

Marvin Ray Crisp, ‘77

Nancy Hurst Crouch

William Jerome Crouch, ‘49

Beverly F. Croucher

General “Junior” Croucher, ‘55

Eric Anthony Crowden, ‘84

Lola Sholar Cunningham, ‘50

Dr. Mary Mills Stanford Dalton, ‘69

Pat Pruitt Dash, ‘59

Ray H. Dash, ‘60

Louise Archer Davidson, ‘51

Dr. Bernard Davis, ‘56

Jerrye L. Davis

JoAnn Overton Dawson, ‘56

Bruce D. DeBruhl, ‘55

Michele Williams Deloach, ‘78

Frank Dickerson, ‘56

Ursula Boehm Dickinson, ‘52

Bernice D. Dickson

Sheldon P. Dickson, ‘60

Rev. Richard C. Donnelly, ‘57

Dr. James M. Dowdy, ‘49

Joan M. Dowdy

Mollie Watts Duckett, ‘66

Dr. Willard R. Duckett, ‘64

Donald P. Duncan

Elizabeth Swan Duncan, ‘69

Donna A. Earhart, ‘83

B. Zane Egan, ‘57

Delores Williams Egan, ‘57

Margarette Eisenhour

Katie M. Elder, ‘97

Dr. Barry W. Elledge, ‘62

Linda Finley Elledge, ‘64

Dr. George G. Ellis, ‘58

Joyce McEntire Ellis, ‘60

Lisa A. Ellison

Mark McKinley Ellison, ‘00

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Estes

Eva V. Eutsler

Rev. Kern Eutsler, ‘40

Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt Eutsler

Cheryl Ferguson, ‘97

William E. Ferguson, ‘52

Erma Reedy Lane Fielden, ‘56

Fred T. Finley, Jr., ‘58

Nina Marable Finley

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Forbess

Anna Lee Wills Fowler, ‘46

Richard Fowler

Margaret Gadd Fowlkes

Robert L. Fowlkes, ‘47

Janis Eckler Fox, ‘63

Juanita Horton Franks, ‘55

R. Kenneth Franks

Joseph J. Fray

Judy Ann Coates Fray, ‘67

Dr. Arnold R. Frazier, ‘65

Douglas Frazier

Dyanne Morrell Frazier, ‘66

Jane Adams Frazier, ‘72

Ellen Leonard Freck, ‘67

Thomas R. Freck

Kelvin W. Galloway, ‘06

Mary Rush Galloway, ‘07

Mary Ann Marsh Gareis, ‘85

Peter D. Gareis

Rondall K. Garland, ‘73

Ruth Steinberg Geis, ‘47

Julie Silver George, ‘95

Dr. James Archie Gibbs, ‘57

Shirley Osborne Gibbs, ‘57

Second Century Club • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Margaret Allison Gilbert, ‘45

Frances Nunley Giles, ‘45

Lois Davidson Gillespie, ‘61

Dr. Robert Lee Gillespie, ‘59

Evelyn Brubaker Glasscock, ‘63

Nancy B. Glenn

Dr. Robert Lee Glenn, ‘53

Ron Glore

Theresa Phillips Glore, ‘75

A. Barbara Goddard, ‘48

Mr. and Mrs. Todd A. Goldberg

Trylba Campbell Gordon, ‘56

Dr. Louise Young Gossett, ‘45

James E. Gourley

Jeanne Rae Moran Gourley, ‘67

Darlene Devere Grant, ‘71

Dennis E. Grant, ‘71

Cara Stewart Green, ‘03

Nate Green, ‘04

James Leonard Greer, ‘55

Martha J Greer

Jeanne Hardy Griffin, ‘48

Murray S. Griffin

Ann Webb Grove, ‘52

Carolyn Messenger Grubb, ‘61

Dr. Herbert W. Grubb, ‘58

Caroline Atkins Gula, ‘52

William Conley Hacker, ‘95

Omar C. Haddad

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hadley

Harold Dean Haga, ‘55

James W. Hale, ‘52

Virginia Dorton Hale, ‘53

Bernice Clark Hall, ‘46

Denzil Hall, ‘74

Homer W. Hall

Lois Forester Hall, ‘62

William Robert Hall, ‘62

Andrew Lee Hamilton, ‘96

Gordon S. Hamilton, ‘54

Mary Sue Baker Hamilton, ‘49

Wanda L. Hamilton

Dr. John P. Handago

Paulette Alexander Harder, ‘65

David Hardin

Mary Frances Griffith Hardin, ‘82

Rev. Delmas E. Hare, ‘55

Mabel Herren Hare, ‘56

Florence Davis Harner, ‘58

Joseph R. Harner

Faye Horne Harris, ‘56

James L Harris, ‘55

Wesley Lowell Harris, ‘59

Robert D. Hatmaker, ‘57

Joe E. Haven, ‘48

Lawrence Patrick Hayes

Phyllis M. Haynes, ‘65

Dr. Ruth Lanier Hays, ‘62

Sidney B. Hays

Angie Scerbo Heiman, ‘58

Joe L. Heiman

Betty Seneker Heiney, ‘67

George G. Heiney, II

Judith Dove Heishman, ‘62

Ralph D. Heishman

Dr. Alberta Henderson, ‘87

Mary Lou Baker Henjum, ‘48

Evalee Williams Hensley, ‘46

David Hershberger, ‘70

Linda Waters Hershberger, ‘67

James B. Hickman, ‘61

Howard K. Hicks, ‘61

June Davis Hicks, ‘57

Nina Jean Looney Hill, ‘70

Raymond Thomas Hill, ‘70

Dr. Deidre K. Hilliard, ‘98

Floyd J. Hines, ‘66

Nancy Hicks Hines, ‘64

Willie Jo Traylor Hipp, ‘55

David K. Hoadley

Nancy Latham Hoadley, ‘66

James Tilden Hodge, ‘68

Elizabeth Lackey Hodges, ‘70

Robert Emril Hodges, ‘70

Fran Olivett Holladay

Dr. Thomas M. Holladay, ‘56

Margaret Frye Holmes, ‘47

Paul R. Holms

Mary Margaret McCoy Homa, ‘75

Mary Skidmore Hoskins, ‘51

Dr. Adam Howard, ‘93

Freeman Hughes, ‘62

Geneva Caudill Hughes, ‘62

Phyllis Campbell Hughes, ‘66

Carol Fletcher Hunter, ‘67

David Lee Hunter, ‘68

Clyde Boyd Huskey, ‘68

Thomas S. Hutsell

Virginia Dale Kyer Hutsell, ‘50

Judy Isaacs

Ronald Benny Isaacs, ‘63

Howard P. Jackson

Dr. Linda Hall Jackson, ‘63

Jean B. Jacobs

Walter W. Jacobs, ‘52

Sandra A. Jarvis

Shamya Surani Jayasuriya, ‘95

Kathleen Propps Jenkins, ‘43

Steven C. Jenkins, ‘88

Dorothy Prince John, ‘41

Mary Atkins Johnson, ‘57

Thane K. Wilkins

Roslea Johnston Johnson, ‘65

Donna H. Johnston

Arthur D. Jones, ‘58

Ottie Jones

Ramona Davidson Jones, ‘52

Robert Paul Jones

Kay Jordan

Timothy W. Jordan, ‘76

Andrew Christopher Judd, ‘02

Jack C. Keeter, ‘54

Mae Corbin Keeter, ‘53

Paul M. Keller

Dr. Eugene Kelly, ‘72

Rossie Drummond Kelly, ‘49

Clement K. M. Keung, ‘83

Harry W. Kilbourne, ‘48

Mary French Kilbourne, ‘48

Beryl Wilson King, ‘41

Vadim Kornilov, ‘99

Howard Kuhl, Jr., ‘52

Second Century Club • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Ruby Morrow Kuhl, ‘50

Mary Labus, ‘78

Laura Lamons-Reed, ‘01

Monica Satkowski Laramee, ‘77

Dr. William A. Laramee, Hon.’09

Charles E. Larew, ‘56

Dorothy Winston Larew, ‘56

Evelyn L. Larson

Celia Parker Lawrence, ‘57

R. N. Lawrence

Thomas E. Lawson, ‘85

Dr. William R. Ledford, ‘47

Marty McCall Lemke, ‘61

Richard L. Lemke

Glenna Smith Lett, ‘46

Mr. Allan J. Libbe

Charles S. Little, ‘50

Hazel Graff Little, ‘47

Bernard B. Lootens, V-12 ‘43

Dr. Mark Anthony Lovell, ‘87

Betty Koger Lucas, ‘66

James T. Lucas

Mr. and Mrs. William P. Mando, Jr.

Donald Maney, Jr., ‘61

Joyce G. Maney

Peggy Mitchell Mannering, ‘71

Monica Rene Manns, ‘96

Bobbie Gibson Marcum, ‘75

Roger Lee Marcum, ‘74

Everett L. Martin

Gloria Calfee Martin, ‘60

Robert L. Martin, ‘66

C. Edwin Matheson, ‘62

Martha Ann Matheson

Dr. Betty Pingley McCartney, ‘51

Orris D. McCauley, ‘64

Michelle Mowrey McCaulley, ‘89

Richard B. McCaulley

Glenn B. McClanan

Reba Salyers McClanan, ‘59

Mrs. Verlaine M. McDonald and

Mrs. Andrew T. McDonald

Forrest G. McGlone, ‘53

Omer M. McGlone, ‘56

Sarah Gouge McKee, ‘56

Lori J. McKeel

Dr. George W. McKinney, Jr., ‘42

J. Bruce McKinney, ‘66

Lucille Christian McKinney, ‘43

Maggie Jordan McKinney, ‘68

Nancy Biddix McKinnis, ‘54

William R. McKinnis

June Colvard McLane, ‘56

Richard J. McLane

C. Eugene McLemore, ‘55

Janet Bowling McLemore, ‘55

Billy C. Melton, ‘69

Nancy Moore Melton, ‘72

Betty Pressley Michael, ‘56

Evelyn M. Miller

Mary Margaret Miller

Mary Jane Miller, ‘60

Odell Carlton Miller, ‘51

Royce Brown Miller, ‘58

Ali Mohammadione, ‘78

Dr. Dayna Cheesman

Mohammadione, ‘78

Anne Hayes Montgomery, ‘48

Lawrence C. Montgomery

Mary Gillis Moore, ‘69

Ronnie D. Moore

Jewell Miller Morgan, ‘67

Patricia Williams Morgan, ‘46

Thomas E. Morgan

Charles Lewis Morris, ‘53

Faye Bennett Morris, ‘57

Voe Frances Hines Morris, ‘69

Betty Simpkins Moss, ‘57

Dr. Kelly Gene Moss, ‘58

James Earl Mounce, ‘76

Che Murphy-Williams, ‘97

David L. Myers, ‘02

Fred H. Myers, V-12 ‘43

Janice E. Myers

Lindsey Bashford Myers, ‘03

Joe Grant Neal, ‘57

A. Paul Nestor, ‘42

Janet White Nestor, ‘42

Enna Mae Newbolt

Dr. William Barlow Newbolt, ‘56

Darrol Stallard Nickels, ‘44

Georgia Nickels

Billie Hurt Noland, ‘54

Paul D. Noland, ‘53

Dr. Charles Geissnger Noss, ‘59

Dr. Martha Ojeda, ‘91

Richard K. Oshiro

James “Bones” Owens, ‘66

L. Imogene Fearnow Owens, ‘46

Rachel Upchurch Owens, ‘66

Joseph Owusu-Ansah, ‘04

Rev. Dr. Bradley Pace, ‘97

Katherine Anne Panciera, ‘05

Richard Wilbur Parker, Jr., ‘50

Second Century Club • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Marjorie S. Patrick

Dr. John Vandaveer Payne, ‘61

Marlene Ellis Payne, ‘61

Carolyn Pearson

Stokes Royal Pearson, ‘51

Betty Peaslee

Donald E. Peaslee, ‘50

Robert L. Peercy, Jr., ‘56

Wilma Mahaffey Peercy, ‘58

Katherine Leatherwood

Pennington, ‘46

Gerald F. Perry

Jacqueline Davis Perry, ‘56

June Morton Perry, ‘44

Dr. Alice Chung Phillips, ‘59

Joe Douglas Powell, ‘54

Mattie Lusk Powell, ‘53

Betty McCracken Poynter, ‘76

Laney Poynter

Charles L. Prince

Kathleen King Prince, ‘61

Emily E. Pugsley

James Pugsley, ‘54

Fay Means Purcell, ‘59

Cllifford P. Rafson

Judy R. Rafson, ‘79

Marguerite J. Ratcliffe, ‘56

Janet Thompson Reagan, ‘67

Dr. Karen Thompson Redding, ‘86

Colleen Snapp Redman, ‘57

Brian David Reed, ‘99

C. Dale Reedy, ‘55

Judy Whitlock

Clara Halterman Reho, ‘55

Jack Reho

Thekla Rosenberg Reis, ‘50

Harriet Lilly Reynolds, ‘50

Kevin Michael Reynolds, ‘85

Randall Commodore Reynolds, ‘80

Sandra Blanton Reynolds, ‘79

Sarah Peters Reynolds, ‘80

Steven E. Reynolds

Mary Lou Hamilton Rhodes, ‘50

Yancy Ray Rhodes

Gloria Hyder Richards, ‘65

Albert L. Richardson, ‘48

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Richardson

Jeffrey Lynn Richey

Elizabeth Mullins Robinette, ‘82

Ronnie Gene Robinette, ‘82

Jean Ratcliffe Robinson, ‘51

Frances Nichols Rogers, ‘66

John Campbell Rogers, ‘52

Norma A. Rogers

Terry W. Rogers

Rachel Erin Rosolina, ‘06

Stella L. Ross, ‘51

James L. Rousey, Jr., ‘70

Joanne Smith Rowley, ‘42

Barbara Ledford Rueger, ‘56

William J. Rueger

Grayson Lee Saine, ‘71

Wanda Saine

Charles R. Sanford, ‘62

Linda Seneker Sanford, ‘62

Aileen Lewis Schaller, ‘46

Margaret Scutchfield

Dr. Scott B. Scutchfield, ‘63

Carol A. Selvey, ‘66

Patricia Baber Sergent, ‘63

Herbert E. Shadowen, ‘50

Jacky Hopper Shadowen, ‘50

Phyllis Whitlock Shank, ‘62

James R. Shaw, ‘65

Kathleen Kincaid Shaw, ‘40

Amy Carter Shehee, ‘91

David Bryan Shehee, ‘89

Esther Spence Sherman, ‘47

Joy Cline Shoemaker, ‘61

Earl Stanley Shrader, ‘51

Edna Pressley Shults, ‘60

Johnny Earl Shults

Margaret Siedschlag

Paul C. Siedschlag, ‘71

Carol Cruse Singleton, ‘66

Ronnie H. Singleton, ‘66

Dixie B. Sisk

Lee R. Sisk, ‘56

Edna Welte Smith, ‘62

Elmer D. Smith, Jr., ‘60

Frances Sturgell Smith, ‘47

C. Tony Spears, ‘69

Linda Harden Spears, ‘70

George A. Spiggle, ‘65

Nancy Forsyth Spiggle, ‘65

Jackie Spivey

Raymond F. Spivey, ‘59

Allen Stamper, ‘95

John M. Stapleton, ‘57

Margaret Pauck Stapleton, ‘57

Natalie Shull Stepputat, ‘93

Julie Stewart, ‘04

James Stiegler

Patricia Burd Stiegler, ‘61

JoAnn Czekalski and Jim P. Stokes

Candice Shelton Strickler, ‘71

Dennis J. Strickler, ‘71

Dr. Howard Martin Strickler, ‘75

Susan H. Strickler

Cynthia Grey Sutton, ‘96

Donald Edward Sutton, III, ‘94

Robin Taffler

Kelly George Tatchell

Diana Taylor, ‘71

Annie Sue O’Daniel Teeter, ‘47

Herman M. Teeter

Michael Dean Thiel, II, ‘96

Mable Cureton Thomas, ‘68

Prince Altee Thomas, ‘66

Saundra Carter Toussaint, ‘69

Dr. Carol Ann VanHook

Dr. Harold Denton VanHook, ‘59

Juanita S. Vanover

Roger L. Vanover, ‘66

Charles A. Venters, ‘62

Gene Heidel Venters, ‘64

David L. Wallace, ‘82

Diane Artist Wallace, ‘80

Jeremy Elias Wallace, ‘97

Monica Avila Wallace, ‘97

Deborah A. Wanninkhof

Dr. Richard Wanninkhof, ‘80

Second Century Club • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Iverson Louis Warinner, ‘66

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen S. Weiner

Beverly Ring Wesley, ‘55

Fannie Garrison Westfall, ‘51

Robert L. Westfall, ‘52

Gwen C. Whitaker

John R. Whitaker, ‘51

Rita H. Harris

William E. Whitlock, ‘64

Juan Whittington

Linda Wynkoop Whittington, ‘67

Carolyn Clifford Wickline, ‘49

Dr. Lee Edwin Wickline, ‘49

James Edward Wilder, ‘62

Evelyn Ritchie Wilkins, ‘59

Dr. Gloria Evans

Carolyn Y. Williams

Dr. Connie Willard Williams, ‘56

Preston Williams

Dr. Janice Crabtree Wilson, ‘59

Fred E. Winebarger, ‘51

Sarah Hutcherson Wing, ‘49

Joshua T. Winsett, ‘06

Gretka Young Wolfe, ‘47

Ralph S. Wolfe

Robert Henry Wolfe, ‘57

Earl C. Woods, ‘49

Larry K. Woods, ‘75

Sharon Kinser Woods, ‘78

Charles W. Wykle, ‘59

Fady Zaki, ‘07

John Zakian

Margery Murphy Zakian, ‘47

Betty Jones Zeller, ‘58

Joseph H. Zeller

Mountaineer Club

The Mountaineer Club recognizes

students and young alumni who have

graduated within the past 10 years

and donate between $50 or more from

July 1, 2011–June 30, 2012.

Quad Level ($50-$99.99)

Shawn M. Adkins, ‘01

Jennifer Boyle Akins, ‘11

A. Joy Aldeen, ‘07

Courtney Springer Amick, ‘04

Kirk Amick, ‘03

Rachael R. Anglin, ‘08

Florence N. Anyabuonwu, ‘11

Kannatassen Appavoo, ‘08

Ines A. Aquino, ‘14

Jonathan Nicholas Armstrong, ‘05

Sana Asif, ‘12

Charles Badger, ‘11

Rosanna May Green Ballinger, ‘08

Taylor Ballinger, ‘07

James Aaron Barger, ‘05

Araidia Mae Blackburn, ‘01

Brock Leroy Brewer, ‘08

Allan R. Bridges, ‘10

Sarah Broomfield, ‘08

Oliver Bugariski, ‘07

Derek Anthony Cain, ‘05

Tinsley Carter, ‘05

Abby Joe Clark, ‘14

Judith Eveleen Orlowski Cochran, ‘04

Kristin Baker Dalessio, ‘06

Michael Anthony Dalessio, ‘06

Zachary Eli Danneman, ‘12

Casey Dansby-Sparks, ‘03

Dr. Royce Dansby-Sparks, ‘04

Amber Michelle Davis, ‘06

John L. Davis, ‘01

Leah Devine, ‘06

Alicia Diaz, ‘11

Christopher J. Dueker, ‘11

Victoria A. Easter, ‘11

Loretta Minton Edington, ‘03

Stephen C. Edington, ‘01

Britin Ellard, ‘09

Dara Evans, ‘04

Tina I. Feier, ‘11

Rishara Rose Finsel, ‘05

Katie Rose Fitch, ‘11

Bradley Allen Fletcher, ‘06

Kyle French, ‘03

Sourabh Garg, ‘12

Jeni Triplett Goddard, ‘08

Jennifer Lynn Goodpaster, ‘03

Steven M. Goodpaster, ‘03

Laxman Gurung, ‘08

Whitney M. Hacker, ‘11

Destiny Harper, ‘06

Michael Scott Harry, ‘02

ElBonita Hawkins, ‘05

Robert Z. Hayes, ‘02

Jennifer Long Hodges, ‘09

Rachelle C. Hubbard, ‘12

Jonathan Jamal Hunt, ‘08

Mountaineer Club • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Marissa Anne Hutchinson, ‘02

Jenny Elliott Jamison, ‘01

Andrew Jones, ‘06

Sarah Ann Keller, ‘13

Erin Kluesener, ‘05

Renee Lamance, ‘04

Brandie N. LeBlanc, ‘08

Crystal Martin Lince, ‘07

Suzie Loveday, ‘06

Partam Manalai, ‘06

Paloma Martinez, ‘07

Megan Mata-Hughes, ‘04

Linda Kay McClanahan, ‘05

Amy McNally, ‘06

Neil Howard Mecham, ‘13

Heather Veeder Monroe, ‘02

Eric R. Moore, ‘12

Christian Jalil Motley, ‘09

Marcus A. Murphy, ‘12

Megan Naseman, ‘07

Missy Naseman, ‘05

Paula Jane Nichols Hillyer, ‘03

Monica Renise Oden, ‘05

Michael Adeyemi Olaopa, ‘05

Sean P. Owsley, ‘11

Clint Pinion, ‘08

Amos Prophete, ‘12

Chris Reynolds, ‘06

Alicia G. Riley, ‘12

Derek Roe, ‘02

Jeannine Mann Roe, ‘03

Anna Singleton Rose, ‘09

James Courtney Rose, ‘08

Ashley Hall Rotty, ‘05

Jeremy Daniel Rotty, ‘05

Marc Saintelus, ‘01

Megan E. Schell, ‘06

Chasity Fleming Scholl, ‘03

Jody Scholl, ‘01

Amanda Lester Sebey, ‘04

Joseph Quinten Sebey, ‘04

Ahmad Shuja, ‘11

Genesis Song, ‘09

Adam Sparks, ‘10

Josh Sparks, ‘08

Danielle Yvette Spencer, ‘09

Drew E. Stevenson, ‘12

Emmanuel Joshua Stokes, ‘08

Judith Nchang Suh, ‘13

Craig Tucker, ‘01

Anastasia Hall Turner, ‘10

Nathan Turner, ‘10

Carlo Wahlstedt, ‘06

Lindsey Walker, ‘09

Carrie E. Watson, ‘06

Lederrick Wesley, ‘07

Brandy Adkins Whisman, ‘03

Mike Whisman, ‘05

Johnna Whittamore, ‘06

Jennifer Lynn Williams, ‘05

Shelby Layne Williams, ‘14

Amelia Wilson, ‘10

Grace Marie Wintermyer, ‘14

Baron Wolf, ‘04

James Cole Younger, ‘11

Hussene M. Youssouf, ‘05

Ridge Level ($100-$199.99)

Travis Tyler Ambrose, ‘06

Candis R. Arthur, ‘11

Eric R. Arthur, ‘11

CJ Bloomer, ‘05

Fred Eugene Boggs, ‘03

Kristy McCoy Boggs, ‘03

Gretchen Bolton, ‘01

Melissa Bradley, ‘06

Traci Bray, ‘05

Wendy Brotherton, ‘06

Wayne Conrad Centers, ‘05

Chungyen Chang, ‘12

Marc Crenshaw, ‘02

Dr. Alice Laurel Driver, ‘03

Becca Duley, ‘08

Derek Mitchell Glenn, ‘05

Tara Evatt Glenn, ‘06

Diana Olegovna Gudkova, ‘09

Beth Hannah, ‘06

Rebecca Ogburn Hilas, ‘07

Anna Mavourneen Hoone, ‘08

Davell L. Jenkins, ‘12

Luke Keeler, ‘06

Justin Kindler, ‘05

Sarah Shannon Kindler, ‘04

Maureen Kluesener, ‘07

Justin Lanier Lee, ‘07

Patty Lee, ‘06

Julianne Nicole Lemerand, ‘11

Markesha Flagg McCants, ‘03

Ricardo McCants, ‘03

Solomon Metcalf, ‘07

Yuriy Gennadievich Myachin, ‘03

Huy Anh Nguyen, ‘04

Elizabeth Ann Novak, ‘06

Kateryna Polozkova, ‘08

Dan Pray, ‘06

Samuel Mason Rosolina, ‘10

Ellie Rung, ‘10

Joe Saleem, II, ‘08

Lolly Ladd Saleem, ‘08

Lowell Joseph Sellards, ‘04

Shelly Jean Slocum, ‘04

Daniel I. West, ‘12

Svetla Dimitrova Yankova, ‘05

Pinnacle Level ($200-$249.99)

Regina Ann Fugate, ‘02

Crystal Baldwin Grewe, ‘04

Justin Grewe, ‘07

Christopher David Hess, ‘03

Kimberly Alsip Hess, ‘03

Nolan G. Oberg, ‘05

Paul Maximilian Winker, ‘08

Pinnacle Plus Level ($250+)

Geoffrey D. Alexander, ‘02

Samuel William Ashworth, ‘05

Katie Racz Basham, ‘02

Novruz Bashirov, ‘04

Abbie Buttle, ‘10

Damian A. Buttle, ‘11

Yoonho Ho Cho, ‘01

Paul G. Clawson, ‘03

Rebekah Hall Clawson, ‘06

Mountaineer Club • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Kelvin W. Galloway, ‘06

Mary Rush Galloway, ‘07

Cara Stewart Green, ‘03

Nate Green, ‘04

Andrew Christopher Judd, ‘02

Guan Koay, ‘02

Laura Lamons-Reed, ‘01

David L. Myers, ‘02

Lindsey Bashford Myers, ‘03

Joseph Owusu-Ansah, ‘04

Katherine Anne Panciera, ‘05

Rachel Erin Rosolina, ‘06

Jared Mathew Rowley, ‘09

Julie Stewart, ‘04

Caitlin Szalay, ‘07

Joshua T. Winsett, ‘06

Helen Yu, ‘01

Fady Zaki, ‘07

Alumni by Class Years

Class of 1941 and Prior

Contributors: 38

Berea Fund: $9,402.50

Total Funds: $9,402.50

1937 Reunion Chair:

James “Pop” Hollandsworth

Phyllis Douglass Abbott, ‘41

•Fred S. Arms, ‘38

+Dorothy Brown Bach, ‘40

ΔLizzie Allen Barrett, ‘41

Genevieve Woodard Burchett, ‘32

Susan Christian Camp, ‘33

Axson Rodes Ceperley, ‘35

+Oma Salyer Childress, ‘40

ΔMildred Catron Dickison, ‘39

Dr. Emmett U. Dillard, ‘40

*Virginia McDonough Ellis, ‘40

+Rev. Kern Eutsler, ‘40

Lois Roberts Foley, ‘38

◊•Carolyn Asher Fromuth, ‘38

◊Elizabeth Wood Gibbs, ‘40

Mollie Taulbee Grove, ‘36

∏Fay Mills Hale, ‘41

#◊James Hollandsworth, ‘37

+Dorothy Prince John, ‘41

Δ◊*+Beryl Wilson King, ‘41

#◊Kathryn Huffman Kiser, ‘40

Wilma Brandenburg Lachmann, ‘39

◊Dr. Leon A. Lackey, ‘41

◊*Anna Roberts McConkey, ‘31

Mary Ellis McDonald, ‘41

Leona Braswell Moldenhauer, ‘41

ΔDorothy Strait Nestor, ‘41

Marie Morgan Runyon, ‘37

ΔErnestine Mann Russell, ‘37

Δ◊Grace Roberts Scott, ‘40

Δ+Kathleen Kincaid Shaw, ‘40

ΔGlenn Harte Shoun, ‘41

Δ#◊§Jessie Pennington Smith, ‘39

•Louise Sutherland, ‘36

Δ◊*Eugene M. Taulbee, ‘37

ΔElizabeth Sparks Vinciguerra, ‘40

#◊Melba Wilson Wash, ‘39

Grace Kennedy Wesley, ‘38

Class of 1942

Contributors: 27

Berea Fund: $2,942.50

Total Funds: $17,239.80

Reunion Chair:

Roberta Larew Allison

Reunion Giving Chairs:

A. Paul and Janet White Nestor

Δ#◊∏Roberta Larew Allison

ΔAudrey Dodd Bales

ΔHazel Hughey Canon

Δ◊Frances Barr Cargill

*•Willadene Pound Collum

Robert M. Conley

ΔLaura Eakin Copes

Ruth Cornett Fierros

Mary Evans Frye

ΔJuanita Wheeler Healy

ΔMartha H. Hiebel

Eunice Garcia Holmes

◊*∏Carolyn Lavender Lambert

◊*∏Riley M. Lambert

ΔVivian R. Frazier Leffler

Δ*+Dr. George W. McKinney, Jr.

Mary Helen Roberts Moore

Δ+A. Paul Nestor

Δ+Janet White Nestor

◊*Margaret Steinorth Reuter

Δ•Juanita Hall Roberts

Δ•William L. Roberts

•Jennings B. Robinson

+Joanne Smith Rowley

Δ*Evelyn Lamb Shaheen

M. Geneva Wesley St. Claire

§Burnice L. Wall

Class of 1943

Contributors: 17

Berea Fund: $23,900.00

Total Funds: $33,000.00

Δ∏Mary Lou Randles Bothe

ΔRuth Wilson Caldwell

J. Kenneth Frye

∏Lida Kidwell Hail

Emma Bardill Hendrick

Δ+Kathleen Propps Jenkins

Δ*+Lucille Christian McKinney

ΔCarl Woodrow Newman

Alumni by Class Years • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

ΔRev. Thomas Masaji Okuma

#∏Virginia Ferrill Piland

Δ#◊Dr. Justine Jones Rozier

Δ*∏Sallie Conley Scherrer

Δ*∏Victor E. Scherrer

ΔAudra Osborn Smith

ΔThelma Branham Stewart

#∏Harry W. Tennant

Δ◊*•Jack G. Walker

Class of 1944

Contributors: 24

Berea Fund: $6,385.00

Total Funds: $14,885.00

ΔWilma Wilson Barath

ΔVirgie L. Wright Bloomer

Δ*§Olga Beck Bracht

James H. Brightwell

Rev. Annabel Brake Clark

Δ+Marie Watkins Clontz

ΔKatherine Keen Cowan

Ruby Napier Evans

∏Obera Huddleston Faas

Margaret Noss Gibson

ץHelen Yambor McCann-Herbst

Δ◊§Nadeane Sears Newell

Δ+Darrol Stallard Nickels

Δ#◊+June Morton Perry

ΔMargaret Atchley Phillips

ΔDr. McCoy Pitt

ΔDelia Abney Prather

ΔBertha Bell Seal

Eunice Fosson Thomas

Jessie P. Tipper

Lenore Crouser Walston

ΔEllen Hillman West

Δ#◊∏Mary Coates Williamson

Alice Ann Refo Xiques

Class of 1945

Contributors: 30

Berea Fund: $5,835.00

Total Funds: $63,013.59

§Zuria Farmer Austin

Δ+Mary Callison Baker

Δ•June Brice Cawthon

+Harding Coffey

Δ◊§Jennie Westlake Findley

Susan Cochran Gibson

+Margaret Allison Gilbert

Δ◊+Frances Nunley Giles

Δ+Dr. Louise Young Gossett

Beth Morgan Griffin

Dorothy E. Sparks Howard

ΔDr. Jeannie H. James

ΔElizabeth Stafford Johnston

ΔMargaret Jessup Kauffman

George William Kilbourne

ΔFrances Zicafoose Kleinman

ΔMargie Mantooth Linnartz

Δ◊•Corinne Sparks Lockhart

Helen Monson Luce

L. Kenneth Mavity

ΔNaomi Chafin Okuma

Key to Symbols

† indicates Fee Society member

# indicates Founders’ Club member

* indicates President’s Club member

+ indicates Second Century Club Bronze member

• indicates Second Century Club Silver member

§ indicates Second Century Club Gold member

∏ indicates Second Century Club Platinum member

◊ indicates Great Commitments Club member

Δ indicates 5-plus years of consecutive giving

∞ indicates Mountaineer Club Quad member

Ω indicates Mountaineer Club Ridge member

& indicates Mountaineer Club Pinnacle member

indicates Mountaineer Club Pinnacle Plus member

Note: Gift amount totals shown for individual class years include gifts

received from Donor Advised Funds at the recommendation of class


Δ#◊§Margaret Bowman Peterson

◊Fern Goode Porter

#׸Charles C. Rayburn

Δ*Agnes Ratcliff Rudberg

Δ•Rev. C. Eugene Stollings

Δ•Bette Allison Todd

Forrest Ira Watson

ΔMargaret Armbrister Worsham

ΔKathleen Mieras Wright

Class of 1946

Contributors: 37

Berea Fund: $7,200.00

Total Funds: $423,963.98

#◊+Raymond A. Bradbury

Δ#∏Jack W. Buchanan

ΔMadge Sparks Buehler

•Donald K. Clark

ΔFlorence Begley Cochran

Roberta J. Garverick Cowley

ΔBobby Coyle Crosswhite

ΔGlenn Crosswhite

Alumni by Class Years • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

§Rena Yount Dyer

Δ§Rev. Frank H. Edwards

Δ*§Dr. Robert L. Edwards

Rowena Griffith Elswick

Rosebelle Elkins Fallis

Δ+Anna Lee Wills Fowler

Nina Sprinkle Gilbert

Leonora Hoernlein Green

Δ+Bernice Clark Hall

Wilma Clarice Miniard Hatcher

Δ+Evalee Williams Hensley

Cecil R. Jones

Lucille Davis Juett

+Glenna Smith Lett

ΔEmogene Maney Longmire

#׸Ruth Ferrill Luthringer

Δ+Patricia Williams Morgan

William James Morgan

Δ+L. Imogene Fearnow Owens

Dr. Blaine F. Parker

ΔJimmie Burton Parris

ΔAlva Calmes Peloquin

◊*+Katherine Leatherwood


Δ+Aileen Lewis Schaller

ΔGeraldine Lucas Smith

Ernest C. Venable

•Aileen Saylor Williams

Dr. Forrest V. Williams

ΔOrmand C. Williams

Navy V-12/V-5

Contributors: 29

Berea Fund: $979.00

Total Funds: $7,995.00

Δ+William Lloyd Aszman

Gabriel P. Becker

ΔRobert H. Berry

ΔC. Victor Bloomfield

Hubert Bourne

Δ*§Dr. William H. Breeze

Allan F. Clark, Jr.

#◊Fred Lamar Dupree, Jr.

∏Ted Faas

William Friedlander

Charles H. Gibson

#פSearls Lewis Guthrie

Δ+Bernard B. Lootens

+Fred H. Myers

Δ*Paul R. Porter

◊Melvin Gordon Satlof

Δ#◊§Dr. Robert H. Shipp

Scott Dorsey Skillern

Robert J. Stradling

Harold Strom

Dr. Harwood Northmore Sturtevant

Chester Edward Trost, Jr.

James Wesley Turpin

ΔShirley Paul Washburn

ΔDr. Otis V. Wheeler, Jr.

Dr. Robert E. Whitsitt

Charles David Willett

Neal T. Wright

Thomas Lee Wuerdeman

Class of 1947

Contributors: 36

Berea Fund: $14,462.50

Total Funds: $24,512.50

Reunion Chair:

Juanita Noland Coldiron

Δ*•Dr. Willard Eugene Arnett

ΔBetty Shufflebarger Bergman

◊+Scharlene Oney Branum

Colette Rieben Charig

ΔLacy E. Cochran

ΔMartha Hutcherson Cochran

Δ*∏Henry C. Coldiron

Δ*∏Juanita Noland Coldiron

Δ◊*Doris Davies Comer

Δ#◊§Eileen Barnawell Hartley


June Stanley Dawson

Δ•Garneta Shannon Derian

Δ*§Dorothy Baldwin Edwards

Δ*§June Settle Edwards

Δ+Robert L. Fowlkes

+Ruth Steinberg Geis

Δ#◊§Lois Culbertson Haun

Δ+Margaret Frye Holmes

#∏Reuben Hunter

Martha Daniels Ladwig

Δ+Dr. William R. Ledford

+Hazel Graff Little

Sammye Sturdivant McLean

ΔAnnis Dodd Nelson

Mary Hiott Perry

#׸Lou Haigler Salter

Δ+Esther Spence Sherman

#◊+Frances Sturgell Smith

ΔDr. Frisby D. Smith

Δ+Annie Sue O’Daniel Teeter

ΔMary Pierce Turner

Dorothy Hyde Varner

Glen Westbrook

ΔDaphne Miller Williams

Δ+Gretka Young Wolfe

Δ+Margery Murphy Zakian

Class of 1948

Contributors: 44

Berea Fund: $15,025.00

Total Funds: $50,764.00

Δ+ Dr. Reedus Back

Δ#§Lois Speer Baird

ΔGene Earl Ballenger

+Eunice Van Winkle Brown

Δ§Helen Smith Brown

Δ§Virginia Brown

Δ#§Dr. Warren E. Bulman

Δ◊Elizabeth Anne Churchill

Frances Barnes Crabtree

ΔRuth Shuler Dieter

Δ*§James Roy Edwards

ΔElsie Coffey England

Rita Ritchie Farley

Alumni by Class Years • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Δ◊*+ A. Barbara Goddard

Δ*+Jeanne Hardy Griffin

Δ•Doris Swingle Hall

Δ#◊§Dr. John D. Haun

Δ+Joe E. Haven

Δ+Mary Lou Baker Henjum

ΔJane Bishop Hobgood

ΔJoanne Bridges Hogue

Mary Frances Shafer Holt

∏Hilda Outlaw Horton

#∏Patricia Finn Hunter

Δ+Harry W. Kilbourne

Δ+Mary French Kilbourne

•Nancy Furry Lee

◊Glenn E. Lively

#׸Dr. Geneva Metzler Matlock

+Anne Hayes Montgomery

Elayne Waters Nord

Δ#◊∏Joan Lykins Parr

ΔMarian Van Winkle Presnell

ΔClint Ramey

Δ◊•Joyce E. Reedy

Δ•Cecilia Stalnaker Repair

Harold Reynolds

Δ◊+Albert L. Richardson

ΔHilda Karlsson Roderick

ΔJames H. Shaffer, Jr.

ΔPhyllis Jones Shaffer

Nell Davis Smith

•Jean Justice Welsh

Δ§Dorothy Amey Williams

Class of 1949

Contributors: 68

Berea Fund: $29,285.00

Total Funds: $54,991.65

Δ*•Patricia Rae Arnett

Δ§Dr. Robert Auerbach

ΔRosa Case Baldwin

Δ*+William L. Barbour

Jessie Hibbitts Beasley

ΔRev. Kenneth E. Bibbee

Dr. Dwight L. Blackburn

Δ*•Winston W. Bowling

Δ#§Verna Hall Bulman

Δ+Gilmer Woods Callison

Δ+Lavaun Halsey Callison

ΔFredrick Lamar Chapman

§V. Jean Childers

∏Alice Hook Colley

ΔReva McMillion Crabtree

Δ+William Jerome Crouch

Jessie Higginbotham Crutchfield

+Dr. James M. Dowdy

ΔDr. Peggy Johnson Duncan

Aloma Barnes Earles

Δ•Betty Burgin Freeman

ΔGenevieve Graham Gleis

Audrey Shaw Gordon

#פErnest Graham

ΔMary Ruth Smith Grant

Δ◊+Mary Sue Baker Hamilton

Mabel Pollard Hawkins

#◊Dr. Charles F. Haywood

ΔLoyal Hogue

Δ+Rossie Drummond Kelly

ΔNorma Morris Lamb

Robert Roy Lang

Nancy Rose Latham

◊Lois Kyer Lively

•Mary Alice Peters Klees Meharg

ΔCharles L. Metcalf

Δ§Dr. Patrick E. Napier

Mary Alice Neal

ΔMargaret Myers Nicholas

Fannie Patrick Owens

Δ#◊∏Dr. Franklin Parker

Δ#◊∏Dr. Eugene Q. Parr

Δ◊*§Dr. Herman Patterson

William J. Perry

Loretta V Petersen

פFrances Edwards Pou

Δ#§Ruth Barnes Robbins

#פHelen Swanson Robinson

Δ•Dr. Robert Earl Robinson

Δ§French E. Rogers, Jr.

•Lena Hardin Rosselott

Δ*§Dr. William H. Roush

#׸Dr. James I. Salter, Jr.

Mary Saferight Sandlin

ΔDr. Frank Seto

ΔMae Watts Smith

Δ◊*§Catherine French Stookey

Ramona Layne Stylos

ΔGarland Thayer

ΔHelen Smith Wassum

Δ§Anna Bray Webb

•William B. Welsh

Alumni by Class Years • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Δ◊+Carolyn Clifford Wickline

Δ◊+Dr. Lee Edwin Wickline

Δ◊∏Dale Dedman Wilson

Δ◊∏Josef B. Wilson

Δ+Sarah Hutcherson Wing

+Earl C. Woods

Class of 1950

Contributors: 63

Berea Fund: $13,410.00

Total Funds: $60,299.70

Minnie Lea Sanders Abell

+Alice Umans Abramson

Lois Nolan Alley

•Enola Foley Arms

Δ§Wanda Irwin Auerbach

Arlin J. Barton

Lorene Hudson Bowling

ΔPauline Pettit Bracht

Δ+Alma Powers Burton

Δ•Dr. Logan Ray Campbell

Δ◊§Dorothy Taylor Chidester

Joseph Curtis Craft

+Lola Sholar Cunningham

ΔMartha Gibson Deveneau

#׸William B. Evans

Δ§Rev. Faye Feltner

Charles R. Flowers

David W. Gilreath

#◊William R. Gosser

Patsy P. Hamilton

ΔMary Armstrong Hiller

Δ#◊§Betty Partin Hurst

#◊+Virginia Dale Kyer Hutsell

LaVerne Huie Jones

ΔMary Shultz Kessinger

Lee E. Kilbourne

+Ruby Morrow Kuhl

Δ◊*Donald E. Lainhart

+Charles S. Little

ΔJack Lowe

Δ#◊Dr. Steele F. Mattingly

ΔDonald G. May

Dr. Glenn W. McCall

Δ◊*§Dr. Shirley Baker Meece

Δ•Dr. Grover C. Miller

ΔJames D. Miller, Jr.

Ruth Black Mitchell

Δ•Joline Vickers Nakamura

ΔPearl Newbern

Δ#◊∏Betty Parker Parker

Δ+Richard Wilbur Parker, Jr.

Δ◊*§Dr. Maxine Bonner Patterson

Δ+Donald E. Peaslee

+Thekla Rosenberg Reis

Δ+Harriet Lilly Reynolds

Martha Shurtleff Reynolds

Δ+Mary Lou Hamilton Rhodes

Δ•Myrtle Tonne Robinson

Doris Walker Rummel

ΔJosephine Beck Sanders

Δ◊+Herbert E. Shadowen

Δ◊+Jacky Hopper Shadowen

Phyllis Pennington Simpson

Pablo Stone

Effie Taylor Strong

Paul Stylos

Carolyn Calkins Verploegh

ΔRev. Robert L. Wallace

Δ§William C. Webb, Jr.

§Dr. Robert C. Wesley

Eula Bumgarner Williams

ΔGarland Williams

◊Dr. Ohlen Rudolph Wilson

Class of 1951

Contributors: 84

Berea Fund: $16,737.50

Total Funds: $34,497.50

Richard Applegate

ΔWilliam E. Arrowood

Δ#◊§Dr. John Alden Auxier

Δ+Joan Ramey Baber

ΔFontaine Banks, Jr.

Sara Anderson Barr

ץDr. George E. Barrier

Raymond Beverly

Δ§R. Eugene Bowling

ΔEmogene Gilpin Brummitt

Δ*§Evelyn Hammons Buchanan

Δ*§Dr. Stephen B. Burkhart

Evelyn Smith Cable

ΔDaniel W. Capps

Duanne Davidson Carter

Δ+Rebecca C. O’Daniel Cauble

Jean Carrithers Cornett

Robert Miller Cornett

Louise Lewis Craft

ΔGertrude Bremer Crites

Dr. James D. Crutchfield

Δ◊+Louise Archer Davidson

ΔBettie Williams Davis

ΔG. Milton Davis

ΔRobert W. Davis

Edith Morelock Derting

John F. Derting

Jeanne Purkey Deschamps

Helen Hartman Dingus

Lena Marie Dove

ΔRev. Floyd Finch, Jr.

Beverley Fleming

Hazel McCurry Fox

ΔMargaret Peak Gayhart

ΔDorothy Talbott Greenawalt

Sue Hodges Greene

Δ#◊∏Dr. James E. Grizzle

◊Lt. Col. Don H. Hall

Δ•Dr. O. Glen Hall

ΔArthur L. Haynes

Δ◊∏Bessie Looney Hedgecock

ΔRuby Hurt Hill

Δ#◊J. Charles Honeycutt

+Mary Skidmore Hoskins

ΔIrene McDonald Johnson

Δ*∏Dr. Douglas Kelley

Δ*∏Mary Corsi Kelley

◊Cherry Cook Davenport Kelly

Δ◊H. Bruce Kelly

Charles W. LeMaster

ΔGene E. Logan

Alumni by Class Years • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

ΔRuth Tipton Love

Δ#◊Betty Dimmick Mattingly

+Dr. Betty Pingley McCartney

ΔNell Jean Lusk McDarris

Δ*Peter T. McNeill, Jr.

Δ+Odell Carlton Miller

Rhoda Allen Miller

Δ#◊§Helena Jacobs Mink

Sakiko Miyashiro

Jean Crider Nielsen

Δ+Stokes Royal Pearson

ΔT. Bruce Pittman

Δ◊Dr. Hugh Poston

Helen Baker Purkey

Δ#◊Ruben D. Recio, Sr.

•Dr. Gene Rice

פGlenna Sawyer Rice

Δ+Jean Ratcliffe Robinson

ΔJuanita Clemons Roschi

Δ+Stella L. Ross

ΔMaurice Shamma

+Earl Stanley Shrader

ΔTed Smith

ΔAli R. Touba

ΔBetty Jean Abernathy Tuck

ΔDr. William M. Waller

Δ*§Charles Maurice Wesley

+Fannie Garrison Westfall

Δ+John R. Whitaker

•Sally Viola Hess Widby

ΔWanda Branham Williams

◊Martha Salter Wilson

+Fred E. Winebarger

Class of 1952

Contributors: 79

Berea Fund: $12,810.00

Total Funds: $21,236.00

Reunion Chairs:

Bill and Rose Moore Ramsay,

Ursula Boehm Dickinson, and

Walter Jacobs

Δ◊**+Dorothy J. Alexander

Dr. Starling K. Alley, Jr.

ΔDr. C. David Auxier

Josephine Wittig Baird

Δ◊+Wilma Adkins Barck

Virginia Snedegar Beran

Annabelle Phipps Beverly

ΔMary Irwin Bloomer

Dr. Unabelle R. Boggs

#◊+Claranelle Blackburn Bradbury

ΔDr. Henry S. Brown

ΔWilda Eskew Brown

Mae Crosswhite Brummitt

William Gordon Bryson

Joyce Gouge Byrd

ΔDoris M. Cash

Daniel H. Center, Jr.

Δ•Alexander J. Chalmers

+James Frank Cheney

Robert N. Coggins

*Phyllis Scrivner Conner

Δ#◊§Estill Cornett

Gaylyn Price Cumming

ΔAnna Evans Davidson

Δ◊+Ursula Boehm Dickinson

Dr. Doyle Dingus

Mary Louise King Donathan

ΔGeraldine Christian Ensor

Δ*•Dillard Bruce Feltner

Δ+William E. Ferguson

ΔSusan Wiseman Fisher

Reba Kinsland Fothergill

ΔDr. Sue Propst Frye

Δ◊Corban Goble

Δ◊Harriet Cline Goble

ΔDr. Garland D. Godsey

ΔMary Evelyn Black Green

Δ#◊∏Barbara Huntsman Grizzle

Δ+Ann Webb Grove

John E. Growman

Δ◊+Caroline Atkins Gula

Δ+James W. Hale

Δ•Dr. J. Edward Harrill

◊Doris Parrish Hazlewood

Δ•Betty Ross Hubbard

ΔMartha Henley Jackson

Δ+Walter W. Jacobs

ΔDonna White Johnson

ΔHenry Clay Johnson

Δ+Ramona Davidson Jones

ΔLeah Ann Alley Kidd

ΔDr. Thomas K. Kim

∏Martha Dendy King

+Howard Kuhl, Jr.

ΔJ. Robert Love

Nadene Wade May

Δ*Anna Planck McNeill

ΔShirley A. Mealey

ΔLt. Col. James Thomas Medley

William R. Meredith

Fay Ramey Miller

Δ•G. Grissom Miller

ΔCarol Henderson Pardue

•Urban T. Peters

ΔHarry A. Phillips

Nell Halsey Porter

*Rose Moore Ramsay

*William R. Ramsay

ΔTheadosia Hogan Ribet

Δ+John Campbell Rogers

Dixie Fair Shugars

Δ•John R. Thompson

Dr. O. Byrne Tinney, Jr.

Gloria Goode VanWinkle

ΔPatty Frasher Wallace

+Robert L. Westfall

ΔJoanne Dingus Wheeler

ΔMaudine Bastin Williams

ΔAgnes Greene Yoos

Class of 1953

Contributors: 73

Berea Fund: $15,857.50

Total Funds: $19,012.95

Δ#∏Kathleen Scott Banks

Joanne Ezzard Barksdale

Maye Hansen Barnard

ץFrances Farley Barrier

Mary Lou Boggs Bean

Alumni by Class Years • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Δ◊Charles B. Bensenhaver, Jr.

Jane Aulick Bentle

ΔMarjorie Martin Bixler

ΔCarolyn Thurmond Bostic

Iva Sublett Brown

ΔHugh B. Browning

D. Sue Lilly Bryant

Judge Terry Calton, Jr.

Δ#◊Ruth Brantley Conn

Dr. Donald Lloyd Crawford

ΔIgnacio Torres Cruz

ΔFrances Austin Day

Δ•Jean Dedman

ΔDonald Dixon

Edward Ray Dowdy

ΔCharles L. Edwards

Dorothy Cooper Falin

ΔLeona Sutherland Finch

Δ#Dr. Billy W. Friar

Δ•Ruth Blackburn Fugate

Joyce Parsloe Gardner

Δ+Dr. Robert Lee Glenn

Δ+Virginia Dorton Hale

Mary Hughes Harrelson

Sarah Anderson Helton

Δ•James Maupin Hubbard

ΔSamuel B. Jennings

Δ+Mae Corbin Keeter

ΔColista Spradlin Ledford

Mary Zuerner Lesher

ΔPhyllis K. Lisi

§Lillie Parsons McCoy

+Forrest G. McGlone

§Dr. Anna Lee Messer

ΔDoris Martin Michael

Wanda Honeycutt Miller

Jean M. Mitchell

Dual Darrow Mobley

Eva Hefner Monier

ΔBetty Ball Moore

Δ+Charles Lewis Morris

•M. Fred Nickell

Δ+Paul D. Noland

Roy C. Page

Δ#§Mary McWilliams Perry

Calvin L. Phipps

ΔNorma Graybeal Pohl

Δ+Mattie Lusk Powell

Dr. Betty Click Powers

ΔFrances Dillingham Price

Billie Faye Wyatt Roark

ΔLouise Austin Roe

Josephine Kite Roth

*•John James Rouse, Jr.

Δ§Kenneth Ray Shopher

§Ada Richards Sly

Δ#◊∏Florence Pittman Smith

Oma Farler Spivey

Dorothy King Sutton

ΔEdwin E. Trimble

Kenneth Lee Valentine

Eleanor Clem Van Horn

§Ralph Wade

•Rev. Ronald K. Walthall

#◊Dr. Rosemary Maxie Weddington

ΔElizabeth Hall Westall

Alumni Association

Executive Council 2011-12

Larry Woods, ’75,



Lowell Hamilton, ’61,



Celeste Patton Armstrong, ’90,



Larry D. Shinn, Hon.’09,

President of Berea College,


Mae Suramek, ’95,

Director of Alumni Relations,


Michelle Janssen,

Vice President for Alumni and

College Relations,


Members at Large 2011-12

Joe Brandenburg, ’71,

North Carolina

Wally Campbell, ’66,


William Churchill, ’70,


Paul Clawson, ’03,


Jason Cody, ’94,


David Cook, ’85,


Cheryl Ferguson, ’97,


Betina Conley Gardner, ’94,


Cara Stewart Green, ’03,


Andrew Hamilton, ’96,


Tim Jones, ’94,


Michael Murphy, ’84,


Ronnie Nolan, ’95,


Willie Sanders, ’69,


Edward Seay, ’95, Georgia

Alumni Trustees – 6-year


Vicki Allums, ’79,


Lynne Blankenship Caldwell, ’78,


Jerry Hale, ’73,


Alumni by Class Years • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

ΔJean Hurt Williams

Wesley Wilson

Class of 1954

Contributors: 83

Berea Fund: $31,545.90

Total Funds: $42,306.99

Lester B. Abbott

ΔCorenna McClung Ambrose

ΔElaine Risk Armstrong

◊*∏Mary Alice Atwood

ΔEileen Gunter Auxier

Δ•Dempsey Bailey

ΔBlanche Allison Bakke

June Warholm Barth

Dolores E. Bell

Δ•Reva Mink Biddix

ΔLillie Bryan Brewer

Δ+Lydia Galliher Brtan

Δ+Lucille Roberts Buttram

ΔNorma Black Calder

Gladys Christian Carrier

ΔEllen Reedy Conley

ΔJames Franklin Conley

Doris Helmboldt Cope

Δ#◊§Reba Blevins Cornett

Δ+Effie Mae Boggs Creamer

ΔRandall C. Day, Jr.

ΔMary Ballard Denney

ΔJoanne Carr DeWitt

Jack E. Earley

Δ•Frances Van Sant Edwards

L. Hunter Elrod

ΔLaura Rachel Farley

ΔJohn B. Few

George S. Geyer

Bethena Shaw Gibson

ΔWonnell Bussey Godsey

Everett Gray

Basil A. Grubbs

Dolores Mitchell Grubbs

Δ+Gordon S. Hamilton

Nan Hendricks Hardin

#◊Helen Fillmore Harvey

ΔCorine Alley Hegwer

ΔRev. Edward L. Henderlite

ΔRoemelle Stivers Holloway

ΔGlennon B. Ison

Guinevere Crase Ison

Dr. H. Milton Jones

Δ∏Loyal Jones

Δ+Jack C. Keeter

ΔPatricia Jean Smathers Konstam

Δ#◊∏Dr. George Ronald Lester

ΔJolene Hager Luth

Δ#◊∏Dr. Alice R. Manicur

Δ*∏John S. Marsh

Δ+Nancy Biddix McKinnis

Dr. Louis Miles

Wayne C. Morris

Delphine Cody Moser Deaver

ΔWilliam B. Napier

Δ+Billie Hurt Noland

Dr. James E. Owens

ΔDon C. Pardue

Bernie K. Peace

∏Dr. Simon D. Perry

Gunars Potapous

Δ+Joe Douglas Powell

ΔDonald E. Powers

+James Pugsley

Ted Rogers

Reva Fowler Schumacher

Δ§Arthur Lynn Shipe

Δ§Joanne Varney Shopher

ΔJean Austin Smith

Imogene Lewis Soper

Dr. Philip F. Thornton

ΔSam Turner

Evelyn Glass Walton

Anna McGee Watts

ΔDr. Jack Wayne Weaver

#◊Frieda Meade Wierda

Jackie Webb Williams

Δ•William A. Wilson

Wilma Harrell Wilson

Δ§Dorothy Ledford Withers

Δ•Man-Chong Wong

Charles Milton Young

Δ#◊Jessie Reasor Zander

Class of 1955

Contributors: 88

Berea Fund: $29,959.54

Total Funds: $38,271.63

ΔTed D. Adams

David Udine Allen

Δ§Ledford L. Austin

ΔJuanita Simons Baird

ΔPatricia Goheen Baker

George L. Ball

Δ+Joan Coy Bates

Stanislav Beran

#פDr. Jesse Leroy Bobbitt

ΔBetty Jo Waldrop Boggild

ΔMolly Myles Bundy

Δ◊*§Dr. Betty M. Burchett

ΔShirley Garland Byassee

Betty Alley Campbell

ΔMarilyn Patton Chambers

Dr. Cheng Yin Cheng

Sally Jo Ballard Clark

*Charles Ray Conner

◊*∏C. Dean Cornett

ΔMartha Marshall Cress

Δ+General Croucher, Jr.

Δ+Bruce D. DeBruhl

ΔJoe William Derting

Maxine Randolph Earley

Lillian A. Ebermann

Δ•Robert Lewis Edwards

Jeanne Elmore Elrod

Δ+Juanita Horton Franks

ΔRussell G. Gadd

•Ferne Denney Garrett

Δ◊∏Dr. Fred H. Greenberg

Δ+James Leonard Greer

Barbara Patrick Griesheimer

Δ+Harold Dean Haga

#§J. Clyde Hall

Alumni by Class Years • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

+Rev. Delmas E. Hare

+James L. Harris

Herbert S. Harrison

ΔEverette Filmore Hartzog

ΔShirley Purkey Hendrix

Ruby Landrum Hines

Δ◊+Willie Jo Traylor Hipp

ΔDonald Wade Hutcheson

•James Edward Hyder

Mary Conant Inman

ΔMillicent Hedges Jackson

•Betty Parker Johnston

Δ∏Nancy Swan Jones

ΔJohn L. Landeryou

ΔDr. Ernest P. Lane

Ann McMurray Larkey

Raoul A. J. LeBlanc

ΔEugene Lovely

Δ#∏Dr. John Y. Lu

ΔBill S. Masters

Δ+C. Eugene McLemore

Δ+Janet Bowling McLemore

Nancy Lewis Moore

ΔD. Sherwood Mull

Jimmie Rochester Nickell

Δ◊Beth Meyer Perry

ΔBillie Stevens Rayl

Betty Green Reeder

Δ+C. Dale Reedy

Δ+Clara Halterman Reho

Barbara Nelson Reynolds

*•Dorothy Gay Rouse

Russ Lloyd Sammons

*§Lois Williams Sanders

Paul J. Scott

Bronelle Skaggs

Lucille Metcalf Skaggs

ΔNancy Spitzer Snively

Helen Parrish Southards

ΔWanda Norris Stephenson

Δ#◊∏Eleanore Burchell Sturgill

Δ◊*∏Dr. Peter S. Thoms

ΔMary McDougal Trimble

Glenna Smith Valentine

ΔLoring H. Vance, Jr.

ΔDelma Parker Welder

+Beverly Ring Wesley

Margaret Brittain Wetzel

Δ*§Billy Edd Wheeler

Juanita Turpin Wilkerson

•Dorothy Lee Wing

O. C. Earle Wise

ΔDr. Charles C. York

Class of 1956

Contributors: 97

Berea Fund: $46,637.50

Total Funds: $49,888.50

ΔSammie Mills Adams

Sylvia Elizabeth Sutherland Allen

ΔAlice Sprinkle Baker

Patricia Wright Baker

ΔKathleen Harth Bergeron

#פCarolynne Fincher Bobbitt

Betty Cloyd Bond

John W. Bond

+Dr. V. Milton Boyce

Δ◊•Dr. Charles A. Brown

Elizabeth Brown

Jean Sargent Brown

Δ*+Joyce Grogan Bryan

Δ*+Robert E. Bryan

ΔBraxton Crocker Buchanan

Tommy S. Camper

Δ+L. C. Case

Rose Lutz Cassidy

Δ•Dr. H. H. Cheng

ΔTommy L. Clark

Patty Treadway Clotfelter

Δ#◊∏Dr. Darrell Crase

ΔRuth King Cross

Δ+Dr. Bernard Davis

+JoAnn Overton Dawson

Δ§Dr. Thomas L. Dawson

Elizabeth Sanborne Deuillet

*+Frank Dickerson

Floyd G. Estridge, Jr.

Joyce Betler Estridge

Δ+Erma Reedy Lane Fielden

Δ•A. Vernon Flynn, Jr.

Dr. Thelma Hess Foley

Δ◊*∏Ralph G. Fort

Gay Wise Franklin

•Nevil McClure Garrett, III

ΔEula Ison Gilliam

Viola Couch Glassmann

Δ+Trylba Campbell Gordon

Δ•Dr. Elmer Gray

Δ◊Gay Looney Grider

Δ◊Dr. Sam L. Grider

ΔLois Potter Grissom

Marian Horton Hamilton

+Mabel Herren Hare

+Faye Horne Harris

Δ+Dr. Thomas M. Holladay

Δ•Irene Hoong-Chiung Ch Hsu

+Charles E. Larew

+Dorothy Winston Larew

Δ◊§Dr. William M. Leach

John W. Leeson

*§Dr. Jack Douglas Lewis

Jo Ann Alvis Marsh

ΔElizabeth Waldroup Masters

+Omer M. McGlone

Δ+Sarah Gouge McKee

Δ+June Colvard McLane

ΔMary Messer Meece

Emma Bradley McKinle Mehl

+Betty Pressley Michael

ΔCapt. Thad W. Mills

ΔPeggy Patterson Mull

ΔBetty Watkins Neu

+Dr. William Barlow Newbolt

Choko Nakamura Oshima

Δ§William E. Parker

Sylvia Hitchcock Peace

Larry P. Peercy

+Robert L. Peercy, Jr.

Margaret Holbrook Penney

Δ+Jacqueline Davis Perry

ΔElizabeth Ann Hampton Peters

Alumni by Class Years • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

ΔTerry D. Poff

Rev. J. Wendell Powers

Δ◊+Marguerite J. Ratcliffe

Δ•Shirley Douty Rion

Δ+Barbara Ledford Rueger

Margaret Marr Sammons

Ruth Nichols Sass

Nancy Radford Scott

Δ+Lee R. Sisk

Δ*∏Ron Smith

∏Dr. D. Patrick Spangler

Δ#∏Sylvene Osteen Spickerman

Δ◊*Dr. Wayne C. Spiggle, Jr.

Hugh F. Sutherland

◊Christine Greene Thompson

Δ§Renee Dow Toy

ΔAnn Skidmore Turner

Donald R. White

ΔJean Musser White

ץDr. Peter R. Whitis

+Dr. Connie Willard Williams

ΔWilma Hall Williams

ΔSadie Stines York

ΔJ. David Zook

Class of 1957

Contributors: 92

Berea Fund: $28,247.67

Total Funds: $31,028.76

Reunion Chair:

Reggie Dickson

Vivian Hope Arnold

#׸Dr. Emel L. Atkins

Δ•Kathleen Gibson Bailey

G. Tipton Baker

Δ•Donald C. Baucom

Δ•George E. Biddix, Jr.

Δ*Harold Gene Blackburn

Δ*§Dr. Jack C. Blanton

Δ§Carrie Holcomb Bottenfield

ΔH. Bradley Brown

ΔJill Wolfe Brown

Δ§Sammy Ray Bryant

James J. Buckley

William A. Case

H. Jack Chambers

Δ•Paul Roy Claiborne

Donald Clarke

•Ann Walker Collins

Joanne Austin Condra

Alan Dale Cooper

§Lynn Finchum Cummins

JoAnne Collier Davidson

ΔDr. Arnold R. Davis

ΔBernice E. Dick

ΔWilma Audrey Dick

+Rev. Richard C. Donnelly

Gisela Hoeck Dykema

+B. Zane Egan

+Delores Williams Egan

Δ+Dr. James Archie Gibbs

Δ+Shirley Osborne Gibbs

ΔSilas W. Gilliam

Betty Weems Gray

◊Sarah Kincer Hagen

Δ◊§Betty Jean Gasaway Hartsell

+Robert D. Hatmaker

Δ∏Dr. Miles O. Hayes

ΔCarleen Hemric

Dr. J. Gordon Henry

ΔDr. Astor Herrell

Δ+June Davis Hicks

Beecher J. Hines

ΔFrances Wilson Hubbard

ΔCoy Kate Hunsucker

§Vera McKinney Hyman

Δ+Mary Atkins Johnson

ΔAnna Holcomb Jones

Keith Jones

Joyce VanSant Judge

Wilma Riddle Lambert

+Celia Parker Lawrence

ΔCarolyn Skeen Ledford

ΔBurnice Lewis

Alma Shrewsberry Lusk

Δ◊*•Dr. James Edsel Marion

Δ◊•Clifton Hamilton Marshall

Roy Heyward McCall, Jr.

ΔRoger Meece

Δ+Faye Bennett Morris

ΔR. Mason Morrison

+Betty A. Simpkins Moss

ΔWilgus Neace

Δ+Joe Grant Neal

Δ•Charles Robert O’Dell

John C. Owen

ΔShirley Rasnake Owens

Gerald Parrish

Mary Lou Battle Parrish

Huey James Perry

Δ+Colleen Snapp Redman

ΔF. Ronald Ross

Δ*∏Barbara Weaver Sawyer

Alumni by Class Years • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Δ*∏Dr. Hershel G. Sawyer

Owen J. Schumacher

ΔEllen Harvey Showell

Gail McDavid Smith

Δ+John M. Stapleton

Δ+Margaret Pauck Stapleton

§Roebertha Harvey Taylor

ΔHelen Baldwin Telfer

Δ§Bill Reynolds Toy

ΔWallace Truesdell

Δ•Allan F. Vinton, Jr.

∏James A. Waddell

Dr. Patricia A. Walker

Marshall Wall

ΔDorothy Vanhorn Wharton

Δ*§Ruth Neely White

ץMartha Noss Whitis

Robert W. Wilkerson

פLeo L. Winchester

Δ+Robert Henry Wolfe

Class of 1958

Contributors: 86

Berea Fund: $25,602.50

Total Funds: $25,790.00

Thelma Davenport Abbott

Δ+Anna Collins Abrams

Wayne Arms

#׸Margaret Boyd Atkins

Marion F. Atkinson

Suzanne Hile Atkinson

Δ*Pansy Waycaster Blackburn

Juanita Rice Blodgett

Dale Wilds Bowman

ΔColeane Rice Brackens

Nancy Scott Brewer

Charles T. Bright

Boonie Burton

Δ*Dr. James S. Burton

Nina Wade Butler

Δ*∏Richard Darrel Campbell

Dr. Joan Fox Clark

Δ*§Dr. James Edward Colvard

Δ*§Joy Alexander Colvard

Donald Edwin Cornett

Ruth Childress Cox

§Jack Cummins

ΔDr. Patsy McLain Davis

Lavonia Ballard Dayton

ΔJanet Miller Derting

Marybelle McAfee Duff

Bobby G. Edwards

Mannon Blevins Eldreth

+Dr. George G. Ellis

ΔBarbara Hyder Fenton

Δ*+Fred T. Finley, Jr.

Δ◊§David L. Gillenwater

William T. Gilpin

•Rachel Critz Graves

•Ronnie C. Graves

Δ•Carol Roach Gray

Dr. Howard A. L. Greer

Δ+Dr. Herbert W. Grubb

#§Betty Lou Hollifield Hall

Harold G. Harberson

+Florence Davis Harner

ΔMary Roberts Harrell

Δ+Angie Scerbo Heiman

Rosalie Reyes Helm

Δ∏Elizabeth E. Hensley Hibbard

John Holbrook

ΔDr. M. Ali Isani

ΔBarbara McLain Israel

Δ+Arthur D. Jones

Δ*∏Robert Peyton Judd

Chong Bin Kim

Annette Strange Kirkland

Eugene Kirkland

ΔElease Wilson Landreth

Nancy Parks Mabry

Δ•Mary Nell Hall Mahler

ΔDelores McMahan McCravy

Anne Hutchins McManus

ΔVirginia Cook Messer

Howard P. Miller, Jr.

ΔJoy Phillips Miller

ΔRobert Clell Miller

Δ+Royce Brown Miller

Charles Lloyd Moore

Δ#∏Dr. Harold L. Moses

+Dr. Kelly Gene Moss

•Helen Bennett Murray

ΔIona Robinette Nixon

ΔCarol Colvard Noronowicz

Δ§Joyce Hyder O’Keefe

Δ*•Mitchell M. Osteen

ΔG. Keith Parker, Ph.D.

+Wilma Mahaffey Peercy

Dr. Jerry Paul Perry

§Dr. James Lawrence Powell

Frances Stephens Sebastian

Elizabeth Guffey Summers

ΔBetty Lou Buchanan Sundermeier

ΔJ. Paul Sutton, Jr.

ΔAlec P. Taylor, Jr.

Nancy Ruddle Walker

§Luther Whitaker

Δ*§O. Wendell White

Joseph Michael Wilson

ΔAgnes Kulungian Woolsey

Δ◊+Betty Jones Zeller

Class of 1959

Contributors: 79

Berea Fund: $13,880.00

Total Funds: $15,472.00

+Jack Algon Allen

Doris Conley Arms

+Larry Gene Baber

ΔWillie Ann Dotson Baird

+Rhoda Bryan Billings

Δ§Dan P. Blalock, Jr.

Lillian Roebuck Blomgren

Dr. Harold F. Branam

David Mead Brodrick

Δ+Roger R. Brooks

Lucy Sizemore Burton

Δ*Ophelia Weaver Burton

Δ◊*§Robert Edward Cabe

Δ+Sally Blakey Capobianco

Marvin E. Carroll

Alumni by Class Years • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Joyce Collins Clarke

Marianna Smith Conley

+Pat Pruitt Dash

ΔLois Todd Dawson

Dollie Wray Dingus

Dr. Robert Hedley Dowdy

ΔJack E. Duckworth

ΔKent Kelly Felty

Δ§Nelle Freeman Garrett

Δ+Dr. Robert Lee Gillespie

ΔRalph E. Gochenour

Δ§Dr. David R. Graham

Δ§Linda Houston Graham

Joan Adams Greer

+Wesley Lowell Harris

ΔMavis Pepper Hay

Sue Troutman Henry

ΔLoretta Bishop Hicks

Δ•Clyde R. Hopkins

§Dr. Kyoko Ando Iitaka

ΔDr. J. Ray Israel

Sue Bowlin Johnson

•Dr. Rachel Keen

ΔMartha Zoellers Kim

Δ◊Norma Salisbury LeDe

ΔLillian Goins Lewis

ΔRev. Reginald Martin

+Reba Salyers McClanan

Pauline Dowell McCormick

Δ•Raymond G. Morris

Δ•Shelby Sawyer Morris

Sue Barnes Moss

*Margaret Williams Nevels

*Ralph W. Nevels

Δ+Dr. Charles Geissnger Noss

Ellen Stubblefield Parrett

Sharlett Gullett Peercy

Δ+Dr. Alice Chung Phillips

Δ◊Beth Powell

Δ+Fay Means Purcell

Georgia Bishop Rachelson

Charles W. Ramsey

ΔIva Bowman Ritenour

ΔWilliam C. Roberson

ΔShirley Harth Robertson

ΔGail Parsons Ross

Δ•Joanne Cornette Schweitzer

Δ•Arthur Smith, Jr.

ΔArdle W. Snapp

+Raymond F. Spivey

ΔMable Lewis Starling

Randall Q. Storm

ΔJuandola Parsley Sutton

ΔJohn Wesley Turner

ΔMary C. Stewart Uziel

Δ+Dr. Harold Denton VanHook

ΔClifford E. Ward

ΔMargie Louise Crawford Weber

Shirley Harrison White

Δ+Evelyn Ritchie Wilkins

Δ§Rev. Wilson Howard Willard

Δ+Dr. Janice Crabtree Wilson

Δ*§Dr. Ballard D. Wright

Δ+Charles W. Wykle

Class of 1960

Contributors: 80

Berea Fund: $15,520.50

Total Funds: $18,158.00

+Ruby Roten Absher

Rose Lee An

Johanna L Shoopman Anderson

Royce H. Bailey

ΔLucille Holland Baker

Bobby N. Batie

Δ•Wanda Parham Bays

ΔGayle Cooper Bosma

Sandra Conover Branam

ΔJoseph Franklin Brodrick, III

*∏Dr. Lloyd Browning

Gary D. Chaffins

Dr. Pauline Rose Clance

Δ*∏Dr. Robert N. Compton

Winifred Peace Compton

Vernon Conley

ΔJohn Cook

James C. Coomer

Russell E. Coop

Arvil Crase

Violet Kisamore Crase

Patricia Collier Daner

+Ray H. Dash

ΔDaniel L. Davis

Δ§Liz Tester Davis

∏Claude Wallace Derting

∏Helena R. Derting

+Sheldon P. Dickson

Annette Collins Dowdy

Shelby Cave Edwards

Dr. Thomas L. Edwards

+Joyce McEntire Ellis

#◊Fred T. Elswick

ΔJohn William Evans

Elva McCullough Fisher

Δ•Wayne A. Geiss

Δ§Carol Schroedel Gillilan

ΔKlena Conley Godbey

•Christine Reedy Godsey

•Maurice A. Godsey

ΔGene R. Graves

ΔUneva Blakely Graves

ΔJohn David Greene

ΔDr. Nathan D. Greene

Melva Uhurch Henninger

ΔMarcus G. Hoover

ΔRebecca Cobb Isani

Nancy Due Johnson

Sylvia Barnett Johnson

Carolyn Kiracofe Joyce

Halburn L. Kitts

Rebecca Harman Kitts

Thelma Miller Klich

ΔShelby Duncan Lane

Δ*§Robert Gene Lawson

ΔDr. Ollie J. Lee

Willean Warren Leslie

Δ+Gloria Calfee Martin

Δ◊•Dr. James A. McCool

ΔFrances Lewis Meghoo

Δ◊+Mary Jane Miller

Alumni by Class Years • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Katha Reagan Morgan

Δ•Trudy Gilkerson Morrison

Dr. Buelon R. Moss

Fred Eugene Pardue

Ronald E. Reed

Cleta Haga Roberts

§Linville C. Robinson

Alma Powers Ross

Georgia Catchen Schermer

Δ+Edna Pressley Shults

Δ+Elmer D. Smith, Jr.

§M. Felix Taylor

ΔFaye Adams Turner

Richard A. Whipple

Barbara Baker White

ΔSusan Hall Williams

Jerry Parker Workman

Δ*§Elizabeth Peterson Wright

Ronald Bryan York

Class of 1961

Contributors: 88

Berea Fund: $20,005.00

Total Funds: $75,681.43

+Laura Zimmerman Abramson

ΔMaxine Harrison Aldredge

ΔAnna Thorn Alt

Anita Lance Arnold

+Annette Meeks Baber

Ruth Napier Bailey

Δ•Stanley J. Bays

ΔJack H. Blair

Δ•Dr. George T. Blakey, Jr.

Larry Blondell

Δ+Rev. Charles L. Bowyer

*∏Marcella Chambers Browning

E. Gene Bundy

Ruby Hampton Bundy

Δ+Dr. Keith H. Byrd

Betty Carter Cain

Annetta Huskins Collins

◊*∏Nina Crabtree Cornett

Elizabeth Rose Cunningham

Δ#◊∏Dr. Chella David

Δ§Rev. Vance P. Davis, Ph.D.

ΔVeda Webb Davis

Δ•Beverly Smith Dean

Keith Alan Devault

Δ§Dr. Hazel F. Dicken

David R. Dodrill

•Jean Moore Earl

ΔDonna Flack Eary

ΔJo Thompson Felty

Δ*∏Joyce Barnes Fields

Δ*∏Truman Ray Fields

Δ+Lois Davidson Gillespie

ΔLynn Easter Greene

+Carolyn Messenger Grubb

Δ#∏Lowell A. Hamilton

Madge Maupin Haney

ΔSandra Hamrick Harlow

ΔFaye Robertson Hensley

+James B. Hickman

Δ+Howard K. Hicks

ΔAlice Gosnell Hoover

Patsy Gravley Kennally

ΔHelen Shepherd Klingler

ΔLoren Wight Kramer

Charlotte Crummett Kuykendall

+Marty McCall Lemke

Zethel Lewis

Δ+Donald Maney, Jr.

Felix McDaniel

Janice Mayhall McDaniel

Harold Molineu

Thelma Walls Morse

Roger G. Owens

Δ•Dr. James E. Parks

Rev. Walter P. Parry

◊+Dr. John Vandaveer Payne

Δ◊+Marlene Ellis Payne

∏Dr. Paul S. Peercy

Δ∏Dr. Jack Daniel Pittillo

Eloise Painter Plavney

Madeline Powell

Δ+Kathleen King Prince

Alvin G. Reese

Lelia Johnson Reid

Curtis Reppert

Minnie Sue Martin Ripy

Δ#◊Dr. P. Clayton Rivers

Δ§Miles Garnet Roberts

ΔCarol Ingledew Roland

Δ◊•Jane Gardner Sapp

Δ◊•Kenneth F. Sapp

Δ◊Ival Secrest

Δ*§Gloria Janelle Sells

ΔEva Dorough Shepherd

ΔRobert Lee Shepherd, Jr.

Sylvia Minnix Shepherd

Δ+Joy Cline Shoemaker

ΔEdward Shull

Hazel Tallent Stangis

+Patricia Burd Stiegler

ΔShirley F. Swift

ΔLarry G. Triplett

פJames H. Turner

DeWitt VanArsdale

Eva McClelland Walter

ΔShirley Gregory Ward

Bobby Eugene Wood

Class of 1962

Contributors: 115

Berea Fund: $48,537.50

Total Funds: $68,459.83

Reunion Giving Chair:

Earl S. Trent

Reunion Chair:

Samuel Croucher, Randal

Almarode, and Mike Rieman

§Kathryn Whitaker Alford

Randal Almarode

Δ§Julie Erdman Atkinson

Δ§Ronnie C. Atkinson

Nancy Norman Austin

§Sandra A. Back

Δ+Billy Ray Banks

ΔMargaret Alice Barnwell

Carol Agee Barrier

Alumni by Class Years • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Δ+O. Jack Barrier

ΔDr. Valerie Bauhofer

ΔAnna Stewart Beckley

#§June Mullins Begley

ΔOllie Williams Belcher

Δ*•Lila Davis Bellando

Δ*•Richard Ray Bellando

Δ+Otis Costello Benning

Joan Blevins

Δ+Dr. Carl H. Boatright

Δ+Peggy Wilkerson Boatright

Δ∏Orville Branham

ΔNellie Kindle Brodrick

Δ•Dr. Hazel Nixon Brown

ΔAnna Davidson Burton

Dr. James L. Campbell

Δ•Wallace Cantrell, Jr.

Shirley A. Fink Catron

Δ§Billie Jo Bates Caudill

§Hazel Williams Chappell

Δ#∏Carl E. Clark

ΔFreddie Henderson Cochran

Δ*•Phyllis A. Combs

Δ*∏Milinda Byrd Compton

ΔBecky Henderson Cook

Ellen Harmon Coomer

Jerry E. Cornelius

Laura A. Crawford

Δ§Samuel L. Croucher

Veer E. Devalal

Δ+Dr. Barry W. Elledge

Eric Dave Emory

∏Carl C. Evans

Δ◊Rose Mary Evans

Δ◊*•Sherrena Jones Forester

Joy Hensley Frauson

Eleanor Gibson Gay

§Dr. Ray Allen Gibson

Janet Noe Gilchrist

ΔRodney B. Graves

Forest L. Greenawalt

Δ+Lois Forester Hall

Δ+William Robert Hall

Δ#∏Sara Standifer Hamilton

+Dr. Ruth Lanier Hays

M. Douglas Hazelwood

Δ+Judith Dove Heishman

Charles K. Hollan

Δ•Earlene Hibbard Hopkins

∏Carole Keeble Hubble

Δ+Freeman Hughes

Δ+Geneva Caudill Hughes

Dr. Anne Cole Keast

Marian Martin Kenner

Georgianna Tonne Klein

H. Carol Miller Langhurst

Δ*§Rosemary DeHart Lawson

Betty Feltner Leggett

ΔJesse L. Lester

Linda Daye Lethgo

§Sue Nevils Ling

Wayne S. Long

Δ◊*§H. Bruce Martin

ΔLynda McGraw Martin

Δ+C. Edwin Matheson

ΔDr. Thomas B. McCune

Janie Richardson McNeill

Dr. Celia Hooper Miles

William Miracle

Paul Edward Osborne

Δ§Cora Boone Payne

Δ◊•Edy Cook Price

Δ◊•Flay Spencer Price

Ella Moore Reavis

Mary Lou Crigger Reed

Clayton M. Reid, Jr.

Helen Alexander Reid

Δ§Dr. James Michael Riemann

Δ#◊Dr. Linda Stewart Rivers

Δ∏Gerald Dean Roberts

Paul Walden Roberts

Δ+Charles R. Sanford

Δ+Linda Seneker Sanford

Δ•Theresa Martin Seals

ΔGail Sprague Seto

+Phyllis Whitlock Shank

ΔPaul M. Sipple

Δ+Edna Welte Smith

ΔSylvia Tyree Smith

Δ•Wayne H. Standifer

Myra Bledsoe Storm

Δ§Carolyn Farley Stultz

ΔJo Ann Huskins Swiger

Rose Hayes Swope

Catherine Austin Teets

ΔJames R. Terry

Δ§Earl S. Trent

+Charles A. Venters

Δ*§Dr. John David Walker

Harry M. Wheeler

Δ+James Edward Wilder

ΔGeorge Osborne Wilson, Jr.

Mary Ball Adkins Woodward

Eleanor Lambert Workman

•Kathryn Ross Wright

Gary G. Zachary

Class of 1963

Contributors: 57

Berea Fund: $16,265.50

Total Funds: $49,595.83

Eugene Barrier

Δ+Jean Howard Barrier

Δ*∏Isaac F. Bledsoe

Δ+Dr. Parker Ray Blevins

Δ*Rodney C. Bussey

Brenda Barnes Cantrell

Δ§Mabel Lim Chang

William Keith Collins

Dr. Philip W. Conn

Joan Calvert Coomer

Δ+E. Ray Cope

Donald L. Davis

John L. Dellinger

Margaret Grimes Dellinger

Δ∏Wilma Hylton Dippery

Δ◊*∏Wanda L. Dodson

Virginia Baber Draughn

ΔJasper Dunaway

ΔLinda McReynolds Dunaway

#◊Jonnell Webb Elswick

Alumni by Class Years • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

ΔLois Lewis Esham

Charles Noel Fiske

Δ+Janis Eckler Fox

Δ+Evelyn Brubaker Glasscock

•Brenda Barker Hamrick

Phillip Haney

Connie Compton Higgins

Josietana Segar Hill

Robin Hood

ΔHazel Lawless Howard

◊*C. Glenn Ihrig

+Ronald Benny Isaacs

Δ◊+Dr. Linda Hall Jackson

∏Dr. Carl Clinton Layne

ΔAl Martin

Margaret Walden Mauney

ΔMary Jo Ellenburg Morton

ΔEvelyn Ritchie Nachman

Δ◊§Brenda Joyce Ross Olinger

ΔRonald Mike Osborne

ΔJames Kent Poe

•Richard E. Pollard

•Shari Erikson Pollard

Δ§Theda Rasnick Riemann

Mary Martha Rose

ΔLeah Lee Schneider

Δ+Dr. Scott B. Scutchfield

Δ+Patricia Baber Sergent

Ewell Smith

Δ◊*Betty Sutton Spiggle

Margaret Turnbull Suters

Dr. D. Jack Tate

Claire Lucille Ross Watkins

•Ronald P. Woodson

ΔJohnny Grant Wykle

Kate Austin Wynn

Δ#∏Robert T. Yahng

Class of 1964

Contributors: 76

Berea Fund: $12,980.00

Total Funds: $17,605.00

ΔCharlayne Stewart Allan

ΔL. Belle Sexton Altice

Dr. Barton Scofield Baker

Jean Jessup Barrier

Effie Watts Beavers

#§Leo Begley

Δ+Willa Peters Benning

ΔJoyce Thompson Bergen

Carolyn Davis Buff

Alma Haynes Burr

ΔRuth Carhart Buterbaugh

ΔJoyce Bach Carpenter

+Sharon Carrington

Gail Wilson Chandler

◊Carole Tuckwiller Clemo

ΔThomas Coomer

Δ+Jacqueline Levi Cope

•Isaac Crase

+Claire Anne Hamrick Crawford

+Joe Franklin Crawford

Δ#◊∏Elizabeth Culbreth

W. Clyde Draughn

William E. Druell, Jr.

Δ+Dr. Willard R. Duckett

Δ+Linda Finley Elledge

Δ§Eddie Elswick

Carole Turpin Fiske

ΔHelen Campbell Graves

David W. Harris

Cecilia Hayes

Δ§Larry R. Henson

+Nancy Hicks Hines

Dr. Bette Gabbard Hinton

Jennie Greene Hoehne

ΔGerald Peter Hopper

Δ§Dr. Bobby A. Howell

Larry W. Hudson

ΔDr. Raleigh F. Johnson, Jr.

ΔRita Roberson Johnson

James H. Kirkland

ΔDr. Roger D. Kline

Jean M. Mehaffey Leonard

L. Sue Lindsey

ΔDonald Howard Lovegrove

ΔGlenda Shortt Lovegrove

ΔJack Lykins

ΔJannelle Ledbetter Martin

+Orris D. McCauley

Δ•Lois Allison Menasian

Dr. Nancy Hammonds Meyer

Carolyn Wethington Murphy

Forrest E. Murphy

ΔBetty Jane Nelson

Dorothy Howell Newman

ΔDr. David Lee Nickel

David B. Nolle

David G. Phillips

Δ§Patricia Brannon Pike

James Michael Powell

Joy Ritchie Powers

•Raymond B. Reneau, Jr.

ΔNancy P. Selvey

Ann Cooper Shaw

James Lowell Shelor

Dr. Diane Selvidge Silver

ΔClara Williams Smith

Julia Smith Smith

ΔWillard P. Smith

Brenda Stepp

+Gene Heidel Venters

Dr. Alma Watson

Δ•Dr. Larry E. West

Δ•Susie Gibbs West

Donald White

Δ+William E. Whitlock

ΔHelen Hayes Wykle

Class of 1965

Contributors: 86

Berea Fund: $14,955.00

Total Funds: $17,250.00

ΔNigel J. R. Allan

ΔRita Davis Bales

Dr. Robert G. Barrier

+Gracia Chin Barry

•Dr. Charles D. Bennett, Jr.

§Floyd D. Bibbee

§David L. Blue

Alumni by Class Years • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Joyce Minnix Bolender

Denny N. Bonner

Δ•Dr. Edward T. Bridges

+Sue Witten Butler

Δ§James E. Carriker

Carl J. Chadwell

+Rockwell Chin

Ruth Dutton Christy

Δ•Dr. Marisa Yuen Chuang

Frances Gasperson Collette

William R. Conley

Δ*Dr. Brad Crain

Δ§Mary Back Croucher

Jefferson T. Davis

Mary Whitehead Davis

Donna LeMaster Druell

Δ◊*∏Ann Peterson Duncan

Dr. Gerri Ellison

Gerald B. Farmer

ΔJane Austin Follmer

Δ*+Dr. Arnold R. Frazier

ΔElba Gillenwater, Jr.

C. Luther Gochenour

Franklin R. Gould

Rev. Julieanne Sotzing Hallman

#+Paulette Alexander Harder

Jo Anna McClelland Hardin

David R. Harris

Δ+Phyllis M. Haynes

•Ellen Carpenter Hellard

ΔBetty Cundiff Hisle

ΔCharles M. Hollitt

Glenda M. Merritt Hood

Patricia Pope Hudson

Ann Elliott James

+Roslea Johnston Johnson

•Sylvia Phelps Jones

ΔNancy Wallace Kinder

Δ◊*•Jean Lamb

ΔMary Workman Manning

ΔDr. Joseph A. McKinney

ΔGlen Alton Messer

ΔMargaret Kupsky Messer

Janet Neace Miracle

ΔDr. Zarin Rustom Mody

Frances Smith Moore

Dr. C. Bruce Myers

Linda Shafer Myers

*Dr. P. David Nelson

*Rebecca Plaster Nelson

ΔDr. Jennie Tallent Nickel

Δ•Catherine E. Orton

ΔEllery Allen Owens

Δ∏Thomas W. Phillips

Marilyn Kindel Powell

Δ•Susan Rockwell Price

C. Eugene Reavis

ΔDavid Lee Reber

Barbara Cranford Rhymes

Δ+Gloria Hyder Richards

Edward Seldon Sears

+James R. Shaw

+George A. Spiggle

+Nancy Forsyth Spiggle

•Carol Stumbo

§Susan Lim Supapol

#◊Dr. Faye Collett Sutton

Erma Foster Sword

Sue Ellen Shelton Tate

ΔDr. Margaret Huff Tennis

ΔDoris Enix Vargo

Dr. Jimmy W. Viers

Virginia McDavid Viers

Kathy Timmerman Vinson

ΔLinda Dunn Wagers

ΔT. Sammie Wakefield

William H. Wightman

§Stephen E. Wilson

Δ◊§Veree Thompson Woodbridge

Class of 1966

Contributors: 100

Berea Fund: $15,239.50

Total Funds: $18,614.50

Robert C. Baker

•Dr. Larry K. Blair

•Linda Wear Blair

Marilyn Gerbig Borchardt

Jean Hornbeck Boyce

Dr. Robert Piper Boyce

Δ•Allene Fitzwater Bridges

Doris Rochelle Brodrick

ΔAudrey Berry Bryant

Dr. Judy F. Burroughs

Roy T. Burton

Danny R. Bush

Δ*Helen Adams Bussey

Δ§Dr. Wallace Campbell

ΔJohn Capps, Jr.

Δ§Bonnie Riddle Carriker

◊Catherine Castle

Janice Sells Chadwell

Mary Grace Chesnut

Δ•Dr. Alfred L. Cobbs

ΔAda Asbury Cole

Δ+Rebecca Clutter Connor

Δ+Dr. Kenneth W. Crase

Roger Lee Curry, Sr.

W. Kay Davidson

Δ#◊Dr. James Dean

◊Dr. Delmar D. Dingus

Δ+Mollie Watts Duckett

•Loretta Elledge-Lockett

Δ•Patricia Cooper England

Δ•Russell H. England

Glenna Roberson Farnsworth

Rita Ann Fie

Patricia Martin Finch

Δ•Dr. John E. Fleming

Δ*+Dyanne Morrell Frazier

Ronald L. Golliday

Sandra Thompson Harris

Jean Loeber Hawkins

ΔSandra Patricia Hill

+Floyd J. Hines

+Nancy Latham Hoadley

ΔDr. Shirley Ann Holt/Hale

Kenneth D. Hopkins

Δ+Phyllis Campbell Hughes

ΔJudy Hensley Hulvey

ΔHoward Leroy Johnson

Alumni by Class Years • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Dr. Yvonne Belanger Johnson

Ola Shortridge Kirkland

Gaylon Stephen Leach

Δ*Bobby L. Lotts

+Betty Koger Lucas

Benjamin R. Martin

+Robert L. Martin

Dr. Ronald Edward Mattson

•H. Thomas McClure

George Fish McKenzie, Jr.

Δ+J. Bruce McKinney

ΔDennis Wade McMahan

Robert Dean Meadows

Sue Hagy Meadows

Joyce Barnes Mirgle

Parker Montgomery

Edgar G. Moody

Shirley Golladay Moyers

ΔDonnie R. Murray

Δ*§Delbert Ousley

Δ+James “Bones” Owens

Δ+Rachel Uhurch Owens

Kenneth M. Palmer

Carolyn Moore Parker

Bobby S. Parsons

Douglas Parsons

Harriet Smargian Parsons

ΔLucy Ann Peters Pederson

Mim Pride

§Gregory M. Quesenberry

Rachel Greene Redmon

Δ#∏James E. Ripley

Δ#∏Padi McKain Ripley

Δ◊+Frances Nichols Rogers

ΔRobert W. Schneider

Brenda Falls Schoenbeck

Rebecca Anderson Sears

Δ+Carol A. Selvey

Δ§Bobby R. Singleton

Δ+Carol Cruse Singleton

Δ+Ronnie H. Singleton

Frank W. Spencer, Jr.

Marjorie Hicks Stagg

•John W. Stephenson

Russ Donald Sword

Larry Dale Templeton

Δ+Prince Altee Thomas

+Roger L. Vanover

J. Robert Vinson, Jr.

ΔJuan Manuel Walker

Δ#◊+Iverson Louis Warinner

§Anna Ludwig Wilson

James Irvine Wright

Class of 1967

Contributors: 65

Berea Fund: $15,454.50

Total Funds: $15,755.00

Reunion Chair:

Judy Ann Coates Fray

ΔC. Ray Barrier

•Birdell Hensley Bennett

Δ+Carolyn Keith Brazill

+Carol Fielder Brunty

William T. Burkett

Elaine Hampton Carrig

+Chester R. Cole

Alma Phillips Collins

Naomi Funk Conner

Alice Gibson Crase

Dr. Charles E. Crase

Δ+Mary Sue Keith Crase

•Sedahlia Jasper Crase, Ph.D.

Russell Damron, Jr.

Laura McIntosh Deck

∏Lt. Col. James David Evans

ΔJ. Gary Ferrebee

ΔC. Monroe Forman

Δ+Judy Ann Coates Fray

Δ◊+Ellen Leonard Freck

Dr. Theodore Fuller

Alumni by Class Years • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Δ•Carol Gilliam

Betty Pettit Gochenour

+Jeanne Rae Moran Gourley

Janice Stephenson Hamilton

Terry L. Hamrick

∏Richard L. Hedrick

+Betty Seneker Heiney

+Linda Waters Hershberger

Douglas A. Hicks

Glenda Hughes Hopkins

Terry L. Humble

Δ+Carol Fletcher Hunter

Δ+David Lee Hunter

Mary Caponite Hurley

D. Douglas Jessee

#Dr. Flora Hsu Johnson

William L. Johnson

Δ•Donald J. Kenney

Δ§Sandra Walker Kurtz

Boon T. Lee

ΔBecky Smith Mann, Ph.D.

Wanda LeForce McKinnon

ΔBrenda Ford McMahan

Δ§Helen LeMay Monk

Charles E. Morgan

Jean Burgett Morgan

Δ+Jewell Miller Morgan

Geraldine Webb Olin

Clinton D. Owen

Mary Tyree Penland

ΔRobert L. Pinney

Δ+Janet Thompson Reagan

ΔDr. Linda Wallace Reece

ΔLula Ann Reynolds

•Doug Riffey

Catherine Wadsworth Roberts

ΔHelen Miller Sexton

ΔGeraldine Williams Slone

Sandra Hale Stewart

Δ§Linda Triplett

+Linda Wynkoop Whittington

Helen J. Winkler

•Susan Dutton Woythaler

Kenneth C. York

Class of 1968

Contributors: 81

Berea Fund: $12,000.00

Total Funds: $12,495.00

ΔConnie Spencer Ackerman

Phyllis Piercey Amonett

Anita Payne Arney

Alvin G. Arnold

ΔBarbara Thompson Asher

Gwendolyn Hoskins Barton

Necla Ben

+Marie Dotson Brechtel

ΔRoger Lee Brown

ΔSheila Brown

Patricia Warren Burton

Barbara Roundtree Coffey

Chester M. Copeland

Δ§Neal Leon Craig

ΔJoann Childress Davis

Marble Delphine Saylor Deaton

ΔSusan Lund Duffee

Diann Lovett Duvall

∏Catherine Hawkins Evans

James E. Farris

Harry Lee Feeback

Sharon McClelland Feeback

Δ◊Carolyn Jackson Ferguson

Δ◊Dr. James E. Ferguson

Δ•Dr. Barbara Durr Fleming

Betty Jo King Fore

ΔBoyd J. Graves

ΔBetty Williams Green

Δ•Geraldine Bennett Grossman

Δ•Dr. Laurence William Grossman

Jimmy C. Guffey

ΔBetty Jean Hall

Benjamin W. Harmon

ΔFrederick L. Hatcher

§Elaine Back Haywood

ΔCheri Jean LeMaster Hendrickson

Patricia Tipton Hepler

Saundra Hillman

Judith McElrath Hobson

Δ+James Tilden Hodge

Linda Martin Hook

Δ+Clyde Boyd Huskey

Gwendolyn Small Johnson

Margaret Jones Kemp

ΔJames Kenney

Don R. King

Malcolm Edward Kitchen

Wanda Barnes Krack

Δ◊•Dr. Juanita Smith Lee

ΔBarbara Sue Douglas Litteral

Δ*Burma Davis Lotts

ΔVicki McKenzie Lovins

Ellen Frances Mason

Δ+Maggie Jordan McKinney

ΔKaye Burchett Moberg

Capt. H. Edward Montgomery, Jr.

Δ◊•Susan Jane Moore

James W. Oiler

Walter John Olin, Jr.

*§Kathleen Wiggins Ornelas

Nancy Sue Van Sant Palmer

ΔDenver Parks

Helen Charles Pennington

ΔAnn Francisco Pinney

ΔLinda Mae Poore

Bonnie Baker Potz

Dr. Gary V. Prater

Δ*§E. Gary Raines

Mona George Ray

Elizabeth A. Rose

ΔTommy J. Sammons

Kay Eubank Sanderson

Jerry Shank

ΔEdward E. Shupe

ΔMary Ann Cooper Shupe

ΔRoger Lee Slone

Donnie R. Stacy

Vera Napier Stacy

William Dale Sturgill

Richard Wayne Sutherlin

Δ+Mable Cureton Thomas

Alumni by Class Years • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Class of 1969

Contributors: 101

Berea Fund: $24,820.00

Total Funds: $26,620.00

∏Dr. Mark Alley

ΔLinda Helleson Appanaitis

§Dr. Lindsey Russel Back

ΔPatricia Woodward Barrier

ΔJoyce Spears Beets

ΔGwen Meadows Blackmer

Anthony L. Blair

Δ+Wayne Reece Boles

Donna Tremaine Bonner

Ernest Joel Brinegar

Richard W. Brubaker

Δ§Jane Shivel Campbell

Betty Miller Counts

Δ•Linda Alder Crane

+Dr. Mary Mills Stanford Dalton

Δ◊*∏Dr. Donna Joyce Dean

Δ+Elizabeth Swan Duncan

Percillia Byrd Ewen

Ila Robinson Farris

Dr. R. Louise Floyd

ΔLeona Mae Gadd

ΔDianne Porter Gibson

Δ*§Kenneth Carl Gilbert

Δ*§Peggy Sisson Gilbert

ΔJoanne Smith Graves

Mary Francis Haire

Helen Austin Hassler

Michael Douglas Hassler

Deana Randall Hazelwood

ΔMary Cribbs Heck

ΔFrank Vernon Hicks

ΔJoseph E. Horton

George David Hunter

Donna Rhodes Hurley

ΔPeggy Sloan Kemp

ΔLinda Crawford Kenney

Ronnie Ray Kern

ΔLelia Prater King

Lucy Artz King

§Roger Lee Lacy

Valaria Kilgore Large

C. Frank Lovell

Lois Johnson Lovell

ΔJeffrey Lynn Lovins

Dr. Paul S. Lyda

Linda Stevens Madden

ΔBeverly Jones Madison

◊Paul Hamilton Maymon, Jr.

Erma Chestnut McKinney

Δ◊+Billy C. Melton

Carolyn Owenby Middleton

Dorothy Russell Minucci

Linda White Moore

Δ+Mary Gillis Moore

Phyllis Neace Morris

Δ◊+Voe Frances Hines Morris

Marshall Everett Norton

Dr. Betty Hyatt Olinger

David Y. Olinger, Jr.

Δ◊§Guy Lawrence Olinger

Mary Ann Little O’Neil

Donna Stanley Palmyra

Sharon F. Parsons

Edward F. Powell

Peggy Hurt Powell

Shelia A. Powell

Patsy Chadwell Puterbaugh

Ralph Milton Ragan

Larry A. Rawlings

•Janice Hill Reid

Carolyn Farthing Rhoton

Fredrick Arledge Rivers

Ann Hamlett Robertson

§Dr. Dennis Russell Roop

Ethel Stoltzfus Shank

Δ#∏Dr. David Eugene Shelton

•Cdr. Daniel D. Siedschlag

Emma Brashear Smith

Nancy Robinson Smith

Joseph M. Sowder

Pamela Thompson Sowder

Phyllis Bowen Spangler

Δ+C. Tony Spears

Russell L. Stamper

ΔCharles Marion Stines

Ruth Campbell Sturgill

•Diane Charles Sutton

ΔDiana Adkins Taylor

Δ+Saundra Carter Toussaint

Janet McKinney Tracy

Rev. Jerry L. Tracy

ΔMarie L. Tychonievich

ΔEarl L. Varney, Jr.

ΔJanice Gross Varney

ΔAnita Martin Wexler

Pamela Hinds Whitaker

ΔSue White

Marilyn Oliver Wicker

Δ*§Dr. Larry Allen Widner

Barry N. Wood

Class of 1970

Contributors: 75

Berea Fund: $18,792.50

Total Funds: $19,482.50

Denice Galloway Allen

Gary Randall Allen

ΔRonald E. Amburgey

ΔJames R. Arnett, Jr.

Randolph M. Baker

Δ•Betty Ruth Ball

ΔJudy Brown Barr

Δ◊∏Dr. Charlotte Faye Beason

ΔThelma Moore Blair

Δ+Harold L. Blayney

John L. Buckles, Sr.

Δ•Carolyn Castle

Dr. Chang Whon Choi

+William B. Churchill

•Clemente Conde

Dr. Judith Sherrow Conde

Christine Roelker Conley

William Larry Counts

∏Charles Douglas Crowe

Patricia Andrews Curtis

ΔRonald Carl Dockery

Alumni by Class Years • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

ΔJoe Dwight Elswick

Dr. John R. Frazier

Patricia Peters Frazier

ΔGary H. Fricks

ΔNorman H. Gibson

Δ∏Brian E. Hall

Lizabeth Martin Hamblin

Dr. Jerry W. Hardin

ΔNorman Carl Hartsog

+David Hershberger

ΔJudy Carol Horne Hicks

Δ+Nina Jean Looney Hill

Δ+Raymond Thomas Hill

ΔGary Glen Hilton

Patricia Hall Hinegardner

Δ+Elizabeth Lackey Hodges

Δ+Robert Emril Hodges

Δ•Bruce I. Hovey

Sharon Boggs Huffman

•Thomas Hutchins

Donnese Clevinger Kern

Hannah Spurlock Kern

Jean Jessie Kovacs

ΔConnie Lester

Dorothy Logan Lewis

*§Rebecca Hollen Lewis

Δ•Brenda Ernst Lilly

ΔFred T. Marcengill

Sally Robinson McEnroe

Gerald E. Moss

Gary Russell Mullins

Paula Stern Mullins

Shirley Snider Mustard

Robin P. Neal

Larry D. Pigman

Ben Lee Pipes

ΔJo Easton Pulkkinen

Gail Holmes Rasnic

ΔRonald S. Reed

§Betty Hollandsworth Roop

Δ+James L. Rousey, Jr.

ΔAnn Seffens

◊*•Donnie R. Singleton

ΔJudy Gail Kennedy Smith

Helen Messer Spangler

Δ+Linda Harden Spears

ΔDiane Sandefur Stines

Evelyn Combs Tolliver

ΔIris Kennedy Waade

David G. Williams

Carl Lee Wilson

Nancy McCall Wilson

*•Dr. James W. Wolfe

Kay Ramsey Wong

Class of 1971

Contributors: 45

Berea Fund: $8,960.00

Total Funds: $9,995.00

Δ§SJ Arthur

Martha Samples Baker

Jolene Martin Benson

ΔNell Turner Black

ΔMargaret Ann Boyd

Δ#∏John Carter Browning

Δ#∏Linda Holbrook Browning

Sandra K. Campbell

+David Henry Carbaugh

Dr. Dennis Wade Coffey

Rick W. Collins

Δ§Charles E. Colson

ΔLarry Vernon Cornett

ΔBarbara Scoggins Curtis

ΔFranklin Carl Curtis

Betty Ridings Dizney

Glenda McCown Fraley, CPA

+Darlene Devere Grant

+Dennis E. Grant

Dale E. Greenawalt

Julia Marie Collier Griffith

Dr. Lonnie Ray Helton

ΔRev. C. David Hess

Dr. W. Leon Hisle, Jr.

Rev. Linda Catherine Johnson

Δ+Peggy Mitchell Mannering

ΔLeonard William Marr

Kathy Ratliff Miller

Linda Page Ragan

ΔTeresa Combs Reed

James Ray Rhoton

+Grayson Lee Saine

Rosita Morgan Shields

Δ+Paul C. Siedschlag

◊*•Mary Ann Daniel Singleton

◊*Pamela Corley Slowkowski

Manfred Smith

Charles Ray Spangler

Δ+Candice Shelton Strickler

Δ+Dennis J. Strickler

Vaden R. Tabor, Jr.

Δ+Diana Taylor

ΔPhyllis Ann Taylor

Dennis Ray Tolliver

K. Dean Whitaker

Class of 1972

Contributors: 35

Berea Fund: $4,663.00

Total Funds: $4,663.00

Reunion Giving Chair:

Janie Adams Frazier

Reunion Chair:

Donna Carter Yost

Mary McFee Alton

Δ+Dr. Helen Hicks Baker

Michael W. Baker

ΔRonald J. Black

David Arnold Boone

•L. Roger Braden

Teresa Gail Cole

Emma Fultz Cox

Δ•Ronald Russell Deaver

Carolyn Sweeney Earehart

Nelva Fitzgerald

Jake Fraley

Δ+Janie Adams Frazier

Maribeth Yost Hays

Glenn R. Jennings

Δ•Pamela Howell Joseph

ΔJoy Belle Judy Joss

Alumni by Class Years • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Δ◊+Dr. Eugene Kelly

Δ•Billy E. Kerns

ΔLawerence W. King

Carol Henderson Lieser

Jerry Lineberger

Δ◊+Nancy Moore Melton

Shayla Damron Mettille

ΔBetsy L. Baker Olinger

ΔBeth Tilden Parrish

Marty Thomas Pross

Nancy Dagenhart Randolph

Pamela J. Baldwin Ray

Kenneth Dean Shuler

David B. Sloan

Δ§June Chrisley Tompkins

ΔNovena F. Trimble

ΔElizabeth Pansy Waycaster

Donna Carter Yost

Class of 1973

Contributors: 38

Berea Fund: $13,523.54

Total Funds: $15,118.54

Donnie V. Archie

C. Wayne Barber

ΔAndrew Lewis Baskin

*∏Beverly Barclay Bell

Paula Meade Blackburn

Mary Cave Bowen

ΔK. Darrell Cantrell

•Raymond Caudill

Ann Greenwell Clark

Dr. Betty Smith Coffey

Ronald E. Collier

Donna Massey Collins

Δ•Jay Fields

Δ+Rondall K. Garland

Δ•Delphina Hopkins Gillispie

Bruce Gray

Dr. Johnny Lee Grigsby

ΔRobert J. Grossman

Δ#◊∏Jerry B. Hale

Δ#◊∏Nancy Walker Hale

Mary Claiborne Johnson

Dr. Mike E. Johnson

§Wayne E. King

Kay Stumbo Larson

Diana Atherley Logan

ΔAnn Austin Pannell

Linda VanWinkle Parsons

James Everett Shields

ΔDavid Glen Thacker

Δ§David Hull Tompkins

ΔDr. Tu Ahn Tran

Δ§Virginia Hubbard Underwood

Shinsaku Uratani

*∏Kenneth Gregory Way

Sharon Wesley Edwards

Δ•Dr. Janet Marie White

Dr. William Michael Yost

Class of 1974

Contributors: 30

Berea Fund: $4,980.00

Total Funds: $6,230.00

Δ*+Diana Shepherd Arnold

ΔPatricia Burns Balmer

Sharon K. Brown

Δ+Jackie Grisby Burnside

Δ+Virgil Burnside, Jr.

Kathlene Patterson Cratin

Rev. Carol Bryan Gailey

+Denzil Hall

Ava Coffman Hinton

Carl Wayne Howerton

Margie Reynolds Hutchens

Kenneth Jerry Jackson

Δ#§Dr. William H. Johnstone

§Dr. Esfandiar Lohrasbpour

Jayne Murchie Lumbley

Δ+Roger Lee Marcum

ΔRebecca White Martin

•Dennis R. Moffitt

ΔFrieda Smothers Mullins

Rev. George Thomas Mustard

ΔWilliam A. Olinger, Jr.

ΔJanice Yearout Patton

ΔMichael S. Patton

ΔMary Hampton Phillippe

Loretta Kirby Powell

James Richard Scroggins

ΔTeresa Hall Snavely

Δ◊*§John Stephen Sparkman

Alumni by Class Years • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Δ•Thomas Jerry Surber

Brenda Wong-Uratani

Class of 1975

Contributors: 36

Berea Fund: $5,295.00

Total Funds: $6,045.50

#◊James Thomas Arnold

ΔKimberly Lu Bishop

Δ*Sandra Bolin

Δ§Frank Lynn Bush

Donna Lester Dixon

Sandra Shuford Eckard

Δ•Janet Sue Fore

Glenn Fugate

+Theresa Phillips Glore

Janice Yeary Grigsby

ΔMarilyn Todd Grossman

ΔP. Delayne Parham Harlowe

Linda Joy Heemskerk

Δ+Mary Margaret McCoy Homa

Betty Campbell Howerton

Brenda Smith Jackson

Timothy Lamont Jackson

Δ#§Brenda Starnes Johnstone

ΔJan Averill Kilbourne

Wanda Cain Manhanke

Δ+Bobbie Gibson Marcum

Eva Harper McGraw

Cheryl Thomas McKinney

Δ•Sherry Addington Parker

ΔDr. Timothy Franklin Phillippe

Anne Hylton Ramsay

William Edward Ramsay

Ernest E. Smith

Dr. Merry Embree Stewart

+Dr. Howard Martin Strickler

Elaine L. Bishop Trent

Rose Sharon Weaver

Lawrence West

Δ•Gwen Joyce Tamayo Wiley

Rev. Dr. Camille Williams-Neal

Δ+Larry K. Woods

Class of 1976

Contributors: 31

Berea Fund: $3,562.50

Total Funds: $3,562.50

Betty Lou McCreary Alspaugh

Paul David Atkinson

ΔJ. David Begley

Denise Canty Bentley

Dalice Jones Berkshire

Δ◊§Mark F. Boes

ΔBonnie Rutherford Brock

ΔGary Lee Brock

ΔElla Fitzpatrick Brooks

ΔMarcia Phillips Cantrell

Roy Kin-Fai Chan

Sharon O’Quinn Delph

Kennett R. Ellis

ΔJohn William Fisher

Lula Nicholson Ford

Debbie Leeper Gray

David Lee Hammonds

ΔPeggy Lou Harper

J. Steele Hinton, III

Δ◊+Timothy W. Jordan

•Patricia G. Lane

Maria Yu Lee

Ernestine White Love

Amy Johnson McGrath

Δ+James Earl Mounce

Δ•Owen Dewitt Parker

Δ+Betty McCracken Poynter

Jane Wilson Ritter

Eugenia Lynn Tanner

ΔTeresa Reed Thacker

Barbara A. Workman

Class of 1977

Contributors: 32

Berea Fund: $2,727.50

Total Funds: $4,940.00

Reunion Giving Chair:

Larry Sweeney

Reunion Chair:

Mark and Trish Campbell


ΔBarry David Adler

Δ+Kenneth A. Bradshaw

Cathy Phillips Brinkley

Deborah Tilson Clark

Terry Allen Clark

Willard Clawson

Diane Hughes Coleman

Donnie Steve Coleman

+Betty Sneed Crisp

+Marvin Ray Crisp

Sandra Manuel Davis

Δ•Dr. Susan Price Dodd

Benjamin Mitchell Dodson

Jody Howson Epperson

Δ◊•Dr. J. Mark Estepp

Δ◊•Patricia Campbell Estepp

Δ•Sumit Kumar Ganguly

פKatherine Beckman Hawks

פRobert F. Hawks

ΔEugene Holbrook

Robert L. Hutchins

ץJewrette Y. Johnson

Δ◊*+Monica Satkowski Laramee

Anna Lee Leavell

Sharon Tollett O’Malley

Wanda Baisden Pollinger

George Burton Reed, III

Marvin Renfro

Jean Ebenschweller Reynolds

ΔBonita Baker Sparks

Wendell R. Terry

Irene Hairston West

Class of 1978

Contributors: 34

Berea Fund: $9,830.20

Total Funds: $11,105.20

ΔJohn I. Alexander

ΔSusan McGuffin Alexander

Alumni by Class Years • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Phyllis Atkisson Allison

Yvonne Shuler Barnwell

Lynne Blankenship Caldwell

ΔMan Sung Co

Elin Clarke Crabtree

ΔChristopher Charles Crum

Susan MacMartin DAmico

+Michele Williams Deloach

Linda Lou Fish

ΔRev. Grace Griffith Hackney

Δ+Mary Labus

Δ•Linggawatti Laoh

Connie N. Manchester

Thomas G. Miles

Δ+Ali Mohammadione

Δ+Dr. Dayna Cheesman


Deborah Reid Moore

Donna White Myles

Ruth Anita Nissley

Rev. Arvil L. Pennington

Kenneth Pennington

•Dr. William Philip Powers

Esther Teresa Rule

Thepnakhone Sirimongkhon

David R. Tiffany

Δ∏James Tuan

Jack Warren

Δ•Anne Elizabeth Weinkam

Δ#∏Judge Bradley Wilson, II

Cora Lee Crandall Wise

Δ+Sharon Kinser Woods

•Paul Man-Him Yim

Class of 1979

Contributors: 33

Berea Fund: $6,035.00

Total Funds: $6,140.00

Clark L. Allison

Δ•Vicki Elaine Allums

ΔCynthia Marie Artist

Linda Queen Avery

Dr. Michael A. Banks

Amy Rose Bloomfield

§Caren Lynn Caton

Connie Klinefelter Dickey

ΔGerald Evans

ΔDr. Anthony C. Hackney

Grant Lee Hafley

Eugene Huddleston

Margaret Payne Jack

Melinda Wilson McDonald

Greta Farmer Miller

Δ•Melinda Snipes Miller

Randall D. Miller

Kenneth R. Moore

Δ*§Dr. Jill Ann Neff

Arno Douglas Norwell

Rafique Pasha

Jeffery Phipps

Debra Potts

Δ+Judy R. Rafson

§Susan Edinger Rex

Δ+Sandra Blanton Reynolds

Lou Ann McCoy Slagel

Kevin Andrew Smith

James William Stratman

Halima Mohidin Tiffany

Karen Thomas Troxler

Felecia Renee Magwood Webb

ΔJoy Vest Wright

Class of 1980

Contributors: 31

Berea Fund: $2,575.00

Total Funds: $3,575.00

Claudia F. Altemus

#§Dr. Donald W. Caudill

Δ#Jackie Collier

Jo Cox

Michael Dennis

Janie Tucker Eldridge

Steve F. Fouts

•Jill Galbraith

Valerie Farmer George

Δ◊Amy Elizabeth Hollifield

Vickie Grant Huddleston

Marvin Jack

Elmyra Ninell Jackson

Linda Owens Jennings

Dr. Laura Anne Porter Kimble

ΔDuane Edgar Lewis

Rhonda Thomas Marples

ΔDr. Tandy McConnell

Barry Alan McKenzie

Patricia Flynn McKenzie

B. Doug Miller

Tamara Sue McKinley Miller

Simon H. R. Okoth

Δ+Randall C. Reynolds

Δ+Sarah Peters Reynolds

ΔP. Dennis Ritchie

Paula Gray Stafford

Georgia Isaacs Wagner

Joel Shreve Walker

#◊+Diane Artist Wallace

+Dr. Richard Wanninkhof

Class of 1981

Contributors: 22

Berea Fund: $2,970.00

Total Funds: $3,170.50

Δ◊+Guy W. Adams

Δ•Terry L. Allebaugh

Deborah L. Ayers

Δ+Patrick E. Ballinger

Kathyren Morrison Beverly

Δ•Susie Hillard Bullock

Mary Beth Thibo Cornwell

Δ◊+Beverly Clay Crabtree

Penelope Ward DelRio

Beverly Queener Fouts

•Allen Fuller

ΔJoan Jarrell Gould

Cindy Rollins Hipsher

Lisa C. Johnson

ΔRobert Frances Lee, Jr.

Lisa Hayes Magee

Tana Brown McCraw

ΔValeria Dale Steele Roberson

Alumni by Class Years • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

ΔDorothy Morgan Ruble

§Wayne Robert Stemple

Shannon Hunt Wilson

ΔLarry G. Wright

Class of 1982

Contributors: 26

Berea Fund: $3,392.00

Total Funds: $3,442.00

Reunion Giving Chair:

David Hincks

ΔJoan M. Aldrich

ΔR. Wade Biddix

◊+Vance Edward Blade

Christina Davis-Camp

Darlene Lorraine Dotson

Terri Lee Fluker Gilman

Betty Eggleston Fox

Ronald Gregory Hallman

+Mary Frances Griffith Hardin

Δ◊David Hincks

Rebecca Kerridge Krus

Seung-Mi Doris Ku

Δ§Dr. Gary Steven Mahoney

ΔVincent Dewayne Moorehead

Dr. Jose Agustin Pasten

Jean Harvey Perdue

James Ramsay

ΔKenneth F. Roberts

Δ+Elizabeth Mullins Robinette

Δ+Ronnie Gene Robinette

Dr. Tijan M. Sallah

ΔCatherine Patricia Seago

•Bernard Baffour Senchery

ΔMaureen Pawley Spencer

Carl C. Stafford

◊#+David L. Wallace

Class of 1983

Contributors: 24

Berea Fund: $16,830.00

Total Funds: $27,230.00

Rebecca Ann Asente

ΔSidi N. Bojang

Allen Mi Chang

Shu Chang

Lauretta Joann Luckett DeMille

Δ+Donna A. Earhart

James W. Elrod

Jane Ann Holt Elrod

ΔLori Ann Gibbs

Δ+Clement K. M. Keung

Eileen Blaire Trail Lad

Jack Everett Long

Δ§James A. Manchester

ΔPhyllis Clement Moorehead

Julie Hudson Norcross

Elizabeth Olweya Okoth

Karen Sue Shepherd Robbins

Dr. Kerry E. Robertson

ΔMary Moore Snipes

Δ#∏Tyler Smyth Thompson

Kenneth James VanEtten, II

Fred Wilson

Δ◊*∏Debbie Jarvis-Yates

Δ◊*∏Dr. Steven W. Yates

Class of 1984

Contributors: 27

Berea Fund: $3,140.00

Total Funds: $19,289.00

Δ◊+Beth McKenzie Adams

ΔDr. Rick L. Adkins

+Dr. William Appiah Amponsah

Δ+Jeffrey Lynn Banks

ΔLesa Tapp Brahm

Linda Gail Campbell

+Eric Anthony Crowden

Gary Eldridge

Catherine Wilson Finley

Michael Loren Finley

Jeanne Hibberd

J. Anthony Holbrook

Susan Smith Long

Δ§M. Kay Esh Manchester

Hunter Mathews, Jr.

Timothy Mark McCoy

Michael G. Murphy

Nancy Shugars Norton

ΔEdward Francis Novak

A. Kevin Page

§Bruce Anthony Perkins

∏Mary White Phifer

ΔJanis Stewart

Thelma Ramsey Stickler

Δ#•Barbara T. Taylor

William Dean Turley

Billy Edward Yarnell, II

Class of 1985

Contributors: 19

Berea Fund: $1,535.00

Total Funds: $1,535.00

◊+Vivian Hairston Blade

ΔReginald Bruster

Willa Jean Chambers

Lisa Updike Conrad

David Neil Cook

Simona Bivins Derr

Eddie Galloway

+Mary Ann Marsh Gareis

ΔPaula Jane Gibbs

Karen Louise Hitchcock

◊Pamela Sue Hunt

Bonita Reinking Johnson

Alumni by Class Years • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Anita Miracle Jump

Ernest J. Kidd

+Thomas E. Lawson

◊Jack Silva Marinelli

+Kevin Michael Reynolds

Jennifer Jo Grigsby Sigmon

Susan Parker Weatherford

Class of 1986

Contributors: 29

Berea Fund: $2,497.50

Total Funds: $3,147.50

•Dr. Derwood E. Basham

Lee Bryan Blanton

Lori Brust Blanton

Benjamin Brookman

William C. Broomfield

+Daniel Bradford Chapman

Mu Lee Chen

Sharmila Teresa Ferris

Brette Fraley

Joseph X. Goins

Calvin Gross

Δ◊§Wm. Randy Hays

Jennifer Zimmerman Little

Scott Eric Little

Carmen Sturgill Long

Sheila Hazel Lyons

Angela Adams Mahbooba

Paula Beard McCoy

David William Pelren

ΔRanda Jean Powers

Shawn Myers Ramsay

+Dr. Karen Thompson Redding

Laura Bacon Rose

R. Damon Rose

Alida Herrick Schuyler

Marty Alan Seitz

Shirley Ford Seitz

Richard James Steblein

Pamela Lewis Thomas

Class of 1987

Contributors: 26

Berea Fund: $2,320.00

Total Funds: $2,470.00

Jami Lou Albright

•Nicholas George Bagnoli

Peggy Farley Bender

Ann Butwell

Jennifer Tharp Clark

Glen E. Dandeneau

Δ•Cindy Paige Dougherty

ΔTim B. Falls

+Dr. Alberta Henderson

Marla Wash King

Ernest Larew Long

William Brent Long

+Dr. Mark Anthony Lovell

John Charles Lowder, Jr.

Ramona Spur Martin

Elizabeth Ann McIlwain

Dr. Douglas Wayne McMillen

Kathy McMillen

Gladystine Mosby

ΔLaura Layne Kelty Mudd

ΔMark Andrew O’Connor

Michael Packard

Jacqueline Pagor Rogers

Rebecca Watkins Rucker

Ada Smith Shannon

Wayne Edward Shannon

Class of 1988

Contributors: 25

Berea Fund: $6,472.50

Total Funds: $9,873.50

§Emmanuel Ampofo-Tuffuor

Δ◊∏Vanessa Lynn Armstrong

Δ§Joseph P. Bagnoli

Christine Brooks-Atkinson

Jackie J. Bowling Caudill

Ping Chen

David Matthew Collins

Larry Garrison

Sandy Middleton Garrison

•Dr. Leslie Husband

Δ+Steven C. Jenkins

Cynthia Khoo-Robinson

ΔKelly R. Kirby

Julie Emerine Lowder

Kevin Dwayne Martin

Tedd Bruce Masiongale

◊Glennis Faye Napier

Δ§Margaret Mary O’Brien

Eric Clark Pelren

•Barry Dallas Poynter

Δ§Philip Daren Roof

Laurita Roberts Sirimongkhon

Sharon Fisher Stiles

Wendy Anne Wallace

ΔTimothy Ralph Whelan

Class of 1989

Contributors: 21

Berea Fund: $1,435.00

Total Funds: $1,435.00

ΔMichael David Bagnoli

William A. Buchanan

Stephanie Rodgers Chisolm

Sherry Taylor Counts

Amos Gordon Dunlap

Jerry William Gloeckner

Tanya Catherine Hagerty

Miranda Jean Mathis Harris

Davey Joe King

Jeannie Robinette King

+Michelle Mowrey McCaulley

Sarah Eugenia McKee

Dr. Donna Conway Moscicki

Suzanne Long Pelren

Beth Ann Samol

Todd Simon Scheler

Δ◊+David Bryan Shehee

ΔR. Darrell Simpson

Melanie Buchanan Smith

Δ§Robert Scott Stafford

Michael Durand Wallace

Alumni by Class Years • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Class of 1990

Contributors: 24

Berea Fund: $1,435.00

Total Funds: $1,485.00

ΔCeleste Lynn Patton Armstrong

Stuart Mansur Barr

Cecil Abner Begley

K. Sean Brennan

Michele Ann Brunette

Donna Sabino Butt

James Gregory Butt

Leah Breland Dunlap

Jennifer Kirk Ferrell

Stephanie Bostic Gloeckner

Dr. Laureen Muriithi Husband

ΔDawn Crum Jarnagin

Wendy Moye Johnston

ΔJennifer Smith Malone

•Mary Elizabeth McKenzie

Anglia Janette Abbott Munk

Anthony C. Ogden, Ph.D.

Rebecca Kiser Osborne

Tim E. Pennington

ΔAndrea Lea Pike-Goff

Vestena Sue Robbins

Cynthia Louise Salyer

Mark David Suder

Regina Owen Valerio

Class of 1991

Contributors: 24

Berea Fund: $1,927.50

Total Funds: $3,127.50

Homecoming Chair:

Sara Zook Wilson

Timothy Lee Adams

Δ*§Channell Barbour

Jane Ring Begley

Rev. Lisa Caldwell-Reiss

Mary Ann Roenker Correthers

Smitha Dharmaraj Day

Amy Lynn Elswick

ΔDavid Nicholas Feldkamp

Kevin James Ferrell

William Lee Gardner

Karen Perry Hill

Dr. J. Daniel Husband

Δ•Katherine Silver Kelly

Barbara Lyons LeMaster

Lydia Claunch Moore

+Dr. Martha Ojeda

Dr. Rebecca Seipelt

Δ◊+Amy Carter Shehee

Kathleen Miller Sinkhorn

Margie Jo Batton Suder

Johnny Edward Sweet

Carlos Alberto Verdecchia

Katherine Fahey Villarreal

ΔDavid Graham Whipple

Class of 1992

Contributors: 20

Berea Fund: $1,450.00

Total Funds: $2,350.00

Angella Collette Fraley Arthurs

•Amy Struss Basham

Laura Lynn Click Brennan

Kathleen Hanson Buchanan

Dr. Kiwhan Chung

Δ+Kristin Lee Conley Clark

William Day

Catherine Eleanor Spice Durst

ΔAmy Leigh Ellis Hammond

Kenny Duane Holt

Carla Mefford Lee

Donna Kennedy McCaskey

Eddie Miles, Jr.

Montgomery Dwain Moore

•Suweeyah Salih-Niang

Troy Sanford

Δ§Jennifer Hale Stafford

Heather Marie Tucker

Dee Lindemann Verdecchia

Class of 1993

Contributors: 17

Berea Fund: $2,168.00

Total Funds: $2,288.50

Δ+Geoffrey Bartlett

Paul Bradley Blair

Danielle Carlson

ΔMatthew Martin Cox

Jane Frances Dyne

ΔJacqui Greene

+Dr. Adam Howard

ΔTed Scott Jennings

Michelle Thompson Johnson

ΔAndre Louis Jones, II

Tommy Dale Leach

Fred Calloway Lowry, Jr.

Tanya Lawson Lowry

Δ•Amy Jo Oney

Dr. Michael R. Papantonakis

Δ+Natalie Shull Stepputat

Dr. Kimberly Hudson Walsh

Class of 1994

Contributors: 24

Berea Fund: $4,436.00

Total Funds: $4,611.00

Georgia Osborne Bowers

John C. Bowers

Crystal Dawn Brown

◊+Jason V. Cody

Ejim Helena Dike

ΔDanny Lawrence Due

§Carla W. Dye

§Dr. Gregory Brian Dye

Travis James Earlywine

Betina Lark Conley Gardner

Felicia Cheek Jaeger

Δ§Timothy Brant Jones

Toby Matthew Lewin

Jenny Rebecca Lowery

Alumni by Class Years • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Margo Anderson Marquette

Wayan Mastriyana

ΔWillard Keith Rogers

Δ§Samuel C. San

Daniel Patrick Skidmore

Andrew Stanberry, Jr.

+Donald Edward Sutton, III

Alicia Dooley Swanson

Joseph Arthur Wells

Chris Dale Workman

Class of 1995

Contributors: 22

Berea Fund: $5,130.00

Total Funds: $5,130.00

Toby Aaron Bailey

◊Darin Brooks

Melissa Ann Durbin

+Julie Silver George

Yukthi Kavisa Gunasekera

◊+William Conley Hacker

Δ◊John Douglas Harmon

ΔKena Marie Spencer Harrison

+Shamya Surani Jayasuriya

Δ§Melissa Anne Jennings

§Christopher Jason Langley

ΔAdam Christopher Maung

Anthony Kwesi Nfodjo

Δ•Ronnie Nolan

Nathan Gabriel Rome

+Allen Stamper

Cleo Rose Scheich Stanberry

Jacquilla Stonewall-Gillette

Δ•Mae Suramek

Larry Swartz

Heidi I. Thiel

Cathy Osborne Workman

Class of 1996

Contributors: 23

Berea Fund: $2,593.50

Total Funds: $3,293.50

Homecoming Chair:

Wayne Clemons

Holly Delane Nibblett Bailey

Δ+Hatha Gable Bartlett

R. Travis Brenda

Wayne Clemons

Renee Lenise Colquitt

Shelley E. Fort Oldham

Andrew Charles Gardner

+Andrew Lee Hamilton

Randy Hicks

•Larry Wood Kinnard

Jan Kmetko

•Shing Mirn Lee

ΔLiwen Liu

Dwayne Adam Mabry

+Monica Rene Manns

Brandi Fay Parker

Aimee Johnson Ralph

Ginger Riley-White

Claribel Linda Hinton Sawyerr

Δ§Julie Renee Pragar Simon

+Cynthia Grey Sutton

Δ+Michael Dean Thiel, II

•Tianpei Xin

Class of 1997

Contributors: 21

Berea Fund: $3,352.50

Total Funds: $3,602.50

•Maria Abelquist

Jessica Reeves Clemons

Δ•Bhana Pollard Deaver

+Katie M. Elder

+Cheryl Ferguson

Sarah Kelly Garrison

Adam Hardin

John Walden Krewson

Clara D. A. Henry Mabry

Melissa French McBath

Δ+Che Murphy-Williams

•Rong Nie

+Rev. Dr. Bradley Pace

Terecia Meade Polley

Shannan Martin Rome

Christopher David Schill

Δ§Dr. Mathew Simon

+Jeremy Elias Wallace

+Monica Avila Wallace

Kimberly Beth Watts Wideman

Angela Lombardi Zappala

Class of 1998

Contributors: 24

Berea Fund: $3,097.50

Total Funds: $3,297.50

+Denis Okello Aliker

Whitney Blackburn-Lynch

Virginia Begley Ceesay

Melissa DeFilippo Clouse

+Maj. Jeffrey Dale Cole

Angela Collard

Becky Dunn

ΔBarbara A. Cromer Earles

ΔLauren H. Earles

§Stephanie Mitzel Fister

Δ+Dr. Deidre K. Hilliard

•Tria Beth Bottorff Kinnard

Damien Mallen

Nyoman Wati Mastriyana

Allison Akers McFadden

Δ◊§Jason Dean Miller

Δ◊§Kristin Kelley Miller

Timothy Robert Noble

Ashley Carpenter Oakes

Juan Pena

ΔSarah Stricklen Schilens

ΔPrakash Shahi

Marvis Strickland

Jamie Foglesong Thomas

Alumni by Class Years • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Class of 1999

Contributors: 15

Berea Fund: $1,322.50

Total Funds: $1,342.50

ΔMarisa FitzGerald Aull

ΔCharles W. Blankenship

Tammy Lynn Clemons

Melissa Casey Dillenbeck

§Justin Matthew Fister

Δ◊Amy Burkhardt Harmon

Elisabeth Hettinger-Pena

Jonathan Lee Johnson

LeDon Ferez Jones

Δ+Vadim Kornilov

Christina Likirdopulos

Δ+Brian David Reed

Heather McNew Schill

ΔChasity Hornsby Shahi

ΔLinda Lawson Tucker

Class of 2000

Contributors: 23

Berea Fund: $796.00

Total Funds: $821.00

Δ+Tony Basham

Jason Bowles

Kathryn Lynch Bowles

Brandy Sloan Brabham

Judy Ann Brenda

Kristi Ansley Campbell

Shannon Anniece Hammock Cooper

Elizabeth Marie Cozzo

Rebecca Tefft Curtis

+Mark McKinley Ellison

Don Hodges

Ferdous Hossain

ΔKortney Carr Johnson

Melissa Homan McLaughlin

Ryan McLaughlin

Tammy Elkins Moseley

Rebecca Paull

Robin L. Smith

Amy Harshbarger Thompson

Rachel Hamm Thornton

Joseph Arthur Tipton

Michelle Smith Tipton

Renee Waller-Smith

Class of 2001

Contributors: 14

Berea Fund: $2,180.07

Total Funds: $2,180.07

Homecoming Chair:

Shawn M. Adkins

∞Shawn M. Adkins

∞Araidia Mae Blackburn

&Gretchen Bolton

§ Yoonho Ho Cho

∞Dwayne Compton

Δ∞John L. Davis

∞Stephen C. Edington

∞Jenny Elliott Jamison

Jill Carpenter Jarrell

Δ+ Laura Lamons-Reed

∞Marc Saintelus

∞Jody Scholl

Δ∞Craig Tucker

Δ•∞Helen Yu

Class of 2002

Contributors: 17

Berea Fund: $1,933.50

Total Funds: $2,133.70

• Geoffrey D. Alexander

Δ+ Katie Racz Basham

Kara Lyn Beisner Santiago

ΔTimothy S. Bird

Jennifer Lynn Bray

ΩMarc Crenshaw

Δ◊&Regina Ann Fugate

∞Michael Scott Harry

∞Robert Z. Hayes

∞Marissa Anne Hutchinson

+ Andrew Christopher Judd

Δ• Guan Koay

Carrie Ferguson McCormack

∞Heather Veeder Monroe

+ David L. Myers

ΩDerek Roe

April Schill-Booth

Class of 2003

Contributors: 22

Berea Fund: $972.52

Total Funds: $1,307.52

∞Kirk Amick

ΩFred Eugene Boggs

ΩKristy McCoy Boggs

+ Paul G. Clawson

∞Casey Dansby-Sparks

ΩAlice Laurel Driver

∞Loretta Minton Edington

∞Kyle French

Δ∞Jennifer Lynn Goodpaster

Δ∞Steven M. Goodpaster

Δ+ Cara Stewart Green

&Christopher David Hess

Alumni by Class Years • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

∞Kimberly Alsip Hess

ΔΩMarkesha Flagg McCants

ΔΩRicardo McCants

ΩYuriy Gennadievich Myachin

+ Lindsey Bashford Myers

∞Paula Jane Nichols Hillyer

∞Jeannine Mann Roe

∞Chasity Fleming Scholl

ΔJayne Smith

David Teague

Class of 2004

Contributors: 26

Berea Fund: $1,692.63

Total Funds: $2,062.63

Ryan Joseph Adkins

∞Courtney Springer Amick

• Novruz Bashirov

Olin Marr Christy

∞Judith Eveleen Orlowski Cochran

∞Dr. Royce Dansby-Sparks

Abigail Ridge Derringer

Δ∞Dara Evans

Heather Barton Evans

Francesca Damiana Evola

Δ+ Nate Green

Δ&Crystal Baldwin Grewe

ΩSarah Shannon Kindler

∞Renee Lamance

∞Megan Mata-Hughes

ΩHuy Anh Nguyen

+ Joseph Owusu-Ansah

Karis Russell

∞Amanda Lester Sebey

∞Joseph Quinten Sebey

ΩLowell Joseph Sellards

ΔΩShelly Jean Slocum

Δ+ Julie Stewart

Danara Jeanette Wallace

∞Baron Wolf

Mee Yang

Class of 2005

Contributors: 34

Berea Fund: $2,130.00

Total Funds: $2,230.00

Mohammed Sefiu Aiyegbo

∞Jonathan Nicholas Armstrong

• Samuel William Ashworth

∞James Aaron Barger

Nadja Beglerovic

Isaac A. Bingham

ΩC.J. Bloomer

ΩTraci Bray

∞Derek Anthony Cain

∞Tinsley Carter

ΩWayne Conrad Centers

Adrienne Keller Eisenmenger

∞Rishara Rose Finsel

ΩDerek Mitchell Glenn

ΔJamaco Grady

Shameka Lewis Grady

∞ElBonita Hawkins

Jessica Brooke Hill

Young Alumni Advisory Council 2011-12

Rashaad Abdur-Rahman, '04,


April J. Aldeen, '07,


Charles Badger, '11,


Amanda Bingham-Bryant, '03,


Abbie Buttle, '10,


Wayne Conrad Centers, '05,


Dwayne Compton, '01,


Marc Crenshaw, '02,


Amber M. Davis, '06,


Mary Rush Galloway, '07,


Steven M. Goodpaster, '03,


Destiny Harper, '06,


ΩJustin Kindler

∞Erin Kluesener

Δ∞Linda Kay McClanahan

Janet Elaine Meyer

∞Missy Naseman

Jonathan L. Johnson, '99,


Markesha Flagg McCants, '03,


Christian J. Motley, '09,


Missy Naseman, '05,


Elizabeth A. Novak, '06,

North Carolina

Brian D. Reed, '99,

New Hampshire

Jeremy D. Rotty, '05,

North Carolina

Jared M. Rowley, '09,


Genesis Song, '09,

South Carolina

Julie Stewart, '04,


Lederrick Wesley, '07,


Hussene M. Youssouf, '05,


Nolan G. Oberg

∞Monica Renise Oden

∞Michael Adeyemi Olaopa

Δ+ Katherine Anne Panciera

Jennifer Rene Prather

Alumni by Class Years • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

ΔPeterkin Fritz Quagraine

Δ∞Ashley Hall Rotty

Δ∞Jeremy Daniel Rotty

∞Jennifer Lynn Williams

ΩSvetla Dimitrova Yankova

∞Hussene M. Youssouf

Class of 2006

Contributors: 34

Berea Fund: $2,053.00

Total Funds: $2,408.00

Homecoming Chair:

Destiny Harper

Daisy Shrout Adkins

ΩTravis Tyler Ambrose

&Melissa Bradley

ΩWendy Brotherton

+ Rebekah Hall Clawson

ΩKristin Baker Dalessio

∞Michael Anthony Dalessio

∞Amber Michelle Davis

∞Leah Devine

∞Bradley Allen Fletcher

+ Kelvin W. Galloway

ΩTara Evatt Glenn

Beth Hannah

Δ∞Destiny Harper

∞Andrew Jones

ΩLuke Keeler

Jason Lambert

ΩPatty Lee

ΔJesse Neil Likens

ΩSuzette Loveday

Calvin James Maginel

∞Partam Manalai

∞Amy McNally

ΩElizabeth Ann Novak

Olivia Abbott Posada

ΩDan Pray

∞Chris Reynolds

+ΩRachel Erin Rosolina

∞Megan E. Schell

Rachel Anne Schneider

∞Carlo Wahlstedt

∞Carrie E. Watson

∞Johnna Whittamore

+ Joshua T. Winsett

Class of 2007

Contributors: 21

Berea Fund: $1,633.00

Total Funds: $1,683.00

∞A. Joy Aldeen

∞Taylor Ballinger

John Brock

Joy Renee Brock

∞Oliver Bugariski

Liam Conroy

Jessica E. Fagan

Δ+ Mary Rush Galloway

&Justin Grewe

Δ◊ΩRebecca Ogburn Hilas

ΩMaureen Kluesener

ΩJustin Lanier Lee

∞Crystal Martin Lince

∞Paloma Martinez

ΔΩSolomon Metcalf

∞Megan Naseman

Dia Berend Obonyo

Victor O. Obonyo

• Caitlin Szalay

∞Lederrick Wesley

+ Fady Zaki

Class of 2008

Contributors: 23

Berea Fund: $1,322.50

Total Funds: $1,442.50

∞Rachael R. Anglin

∞Kannatassen Appavoo

∞Rosanna May Green Ballinger

∞Brock Leroy Brewer

∞Sarah Broomfield

ΩBecca Duley

∞Jeni Triplett Goddard

∞Laxman Gurung

ΩAnna Mavourneen Hoone

∞Jonathan Jamal Hunt

∞Brandie N. LeBlanc

Ashley Long

Hannah Bernice Mitchell

∞Clint Pinion

ΩKateryna Polozkova

James Derwin Rittmann

∞James Courtney Rose

ΩJoe Saleem, II

ΩLolly Ladd Saleem

∞Josh Sparks

∞Emmanuel Joshua Stokes

Helen Dannielle Whitehouse

&Paul Maximilian Winker

Class of 2009

Contributors: 20

Berea Fund: $1,620.00

Total Funds: $1,630.00

Tambra Wayne Ash

Errinn A. Bixby

Michael Gregory Cox

∞Britin Ellard

Gonzalo Jose Garcia

ΩDiana Olegovna Gudkova

∞Jennifer Long Hodges

Ashley Jordan Lawrence

Christopher Michael McKenzie

Grace Ann McKenzie

∞Christian Jalil Motley

∞Anna M. Singleton Rose

§ Jared Mathew Rowley

Adrian Vaughn Safar

Emily M. Schoonover

∞Genesis Song

∞Danielle Yvette Spencer

John M. Stoltz

Megan Leanne Torres

∞Lindsey Walker

Alumni by Class Years • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Class of 2010

Contributors; 16

Berea Fund: $735.50

Total Funds: $996.50

Mary Pflanze Benami

Micki Biggs

∞Allan R. Bridges

• Abbie Buttle

Hannah Joy Clifton

Justin Cornelison

Treshani Perera

Stephanie Radford

Megan Rodgers

∞Samuel Mason Rosolina

Jeta Rudi

ΩEllie Rung

∞Adam Sparks

Brittany Johnson Stoltz

∞Anastasia Hall Turner

∞Nathan Turner

Class of 2011

Contributors: 16

Berea Fund: $713.50

Total Funds: $763.50

Homecoming Chair:

Ahmad Shuja

∞Jennifer Boyle Akins

ΩCandis R. Arthur

∞Charles Badger

Rebecca Mansell Caplinger

∞Alicia Diaz

∞Christopher J. Dueker

∞Katie Rose Fitch

∞Whitney M. Hacker

LaKeesha Cherise Knight

ΩJulianne Nicole Lemerand

∞Sean P. Owsley

∞Ahmad Shuja

Theint Theint

Cara Elaine Williams

∞Amelia Wilson

∞James Cole Younger


Contributors: 119

Berea Fund: $3,680.10

Total Funds: $4,332.10

Carrie Margret Adams

∞Florence N. Anyabuonwu

∞Ines A. Aquino

ΩEric R. Arthur

∞Sana Asif

Adam T. Bailey

Erica B. Bailey

Nicholas Alan Bauer

Lucinda Latrice Birdine

Jenna Marie Brooks

Rachel Elizabeth Brown

Randy Lee Burson

• Damian A. Buttle

Silvia Marcela Calderon-Laiton

Brendan Matthias Callan

Matthew A. Callo

Noah Daniel Cantele

Jonathan David Carter

Britney R. Chaney

ΩChungyen Chang

∞Abby Joe Clark

Andrew Dalton Cooper

Betsy Ann Crabtree

Natalie D. Crone

Ashley Nicole Curtis

∞Zachary Eli Danneman

Morgan Camic Day

Sara Lynn Dean

Maria Yolanda Diaz

Katherine Lydia Downey

∞Victoria A. Easter

LeAnna R. Easterday

Ashley Lale Edwards

Rudy Evans

∞Tina I. Feier

Noema Orduna Fernandez

Shaina Breanna Finney

Sarah Elizabeth Firebaugh

Gerald Ernest Fitts

Morgan Nicolle Freeman

∞Sourabh Garg

Courtney Rianna Green

Alisha Nicole Griffis

Samuel M. Hawes

Niklos Bartholomew Q. Hawkins

Travis D. Helton

Joshua Ryan Hicks

Kaleigh Hire

Katherine Emily Hollstein

Erin Paige Hopkins

∞Rachelle C. Hubbard

Catherine Helen Hughes

Dondolyn Shunte’ Jackson

ΩDavell L. Jenkins

Karly Avonte Jones

Teresa LaShea Jones

∞Sara Ann Keller

Adrian A. Lebo

Natasha Elizabeth Lieser

William T. Lucas

Tyler Rae Luebke

Brenna M. Mahoney

William Todd Martin, II

Chido Matara

Brittany Rene Mathis

Jessica Lenay McNeil

Anna Kate McWhorter

∞Neil Howard Mecham

Ana Megrelishvili

Kia Lynn Missamore

Yi Mon

∞Eric R. Moore

Kelly Njine Mouapi

∞Marcus A. Murphy

Rutendo V. Mwaramba

Megan Beth Norris

Tarrance Leonard O’Connor

Katrina Louise Owens

David Ray Payne

Erin McDonald Phillips

Connie Lee Podleski

Alumni by Class Years • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

∞Amos Prophete

∞Alicia G. Riley

Rebecca Anne Roscoe

Colleen Brianna Rouse

Holly Erin Rudnik

Mary Patrice Ryks

Dennis Kim Scalf

John Craig Schroader

Jami Carol Setters

Justin Matthew Sherwood

Priyanka Shrestha

Daniel John Sinkel

JeLisa JoAnn Smallwood

Crystal Michelle Snelson

Omowunmi Motunrayo Soremi

Patricia Lynn Stephens

∞Drew E. Stevenson

Jalicia Anganette Sturdivant

∞Judith Nchang Suh

Caleb Michael Swope

Brandi T. Taylor

Fidel Tamrat Tewolde

Shaina C. Theis

Brittney Marie Thomas

Jerayl Tierra Thomas

J.P. Torres

Nmadiuto Ndidi Uche

Jasmine Desirae Walker

Jamey Marie Walston

Cassie Amber Walters

Tela Marie Warren

ΩDaniel I. West

Elleisa Ann Burden

∞Shelby Layne Williams

∞Grace Marie Wintermyer

Lara M Zavalza-Neeson

Hong Ren Zhang Durandal

Demissew Zeleke Zike

Honorary Alumni

Contributors: 16

Berea Fund: $9,954.50

Total Funds: $21,391.00

Δ•Jeffrey S. Amburgey, Hon.’10

#William H. Bowman, Hon.’08

Δ*∏Linda V. DuRand, Hon.’10

Dr. Maureen A. Flannery, Hon.’02

Dr. Paul C. Hager, Hon.’98

Δ#§Janet C. Kreider, Hon.’91

Δ◊*+Dr. William A. Laramee,


Δ#•Rev. J. Randolph Osborne,


Δ•Lester Pross, Hon.’92

ΔMary Lou Pross, Hon.’92

Δ#◊∏Larry D. Shinn, Hon.’08

Δ#◊∏Nancy Shinn, Hon.’08

•Dr. Noel Stephens, Jr., Hon.’97

#◊•Annette H. Tinnin, Hon.’01

#◊•Charles W. Tinnin, Jr., Hon.’01

#•Anne Smith Weatherford, Hon.’82

Alumni by Class Years • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Berea College Faculty

and Staff Contributors

Elaine Adams

Jennifer Boyle Akins, ‘11

Dr. Kathryn R. Akural

April Joy Aldeen, ‘07

Jeffrey S. Amburgey, Hon.’10

Rachael R. Anglin, ‘08

Candis R. Arthur, ‘11

Joseph P. Bagnoli, ‘88

Adam T. Bailey, ‘12

Jay H. Baltisberger

Katie Racz Basham, ‘02

Tony Basham, ‘00

Andrew Lewis Baskin, ‘73

Dr. Chad T. Berry

James Blackburn-Lynch

Ginny Ann Blackson

Janice B. Blythe

Mark F. Boes, ‘76

Sandra S. Bolster

Dr. Stephen C. Bolster

Jill Elaine Bouma

Gail Elizabeth Bowman

Sarah Broomfield, ‘08

Jackie Grisby Burnside, ‘74

Virgil Burnside, Jr., ‘74

Abigail Buttle, ‘10

Damian A. Buttle, ‘11

Ann Butwell, ‘87

Nashwa Monir Cahill

Dr. Richard Cahill

Carolyn Castle, ‘70

Virginia Begley Ceesay, ‘98

Roxanne W. Chase

Tammy Lynn Clemons, ‘99

Linda Cope

Tracy Sturgill Counts

Kristin Baker Dalessio, ‘06

Glen E. Dandeneau, ‘87

Dr. Miriam L. David

Amber Michelle Davis, ‘06

Andrea Renee Davis

Ronald Russell Deaver, ‘72

Alicia Diaz, ‘11

Colleen K. Donathan

Becca Duley, ‘08

Eugenia D. Edwards

Katherine Egerton

Randall E. Ellis

Sara Marlene Ellis

Dara Evans, ‘04

Rudy Evans, ‘11

Tina I. Feier, ‘11

Noema Orduna Fernandez, ‘12

Kyle French, ‘03

Mary Rush Galloway, ‘07

Nancy J. Gow

Dennis E. Grant, ‘71

Jacqui Greene, ‘93

Calvin Gross, ‘86

September Lee Hall

Dr. John Peter Heyrman

Dr. Robert W. Hoag

Dr. Jeanne M. Hoch

Teresa G. Hosler

Michelle L. Janssen

Dr. Mike E. Johnson, ‘73

Timothy W. Jordan, ‘76

Noreen Karcher

Steven D. Karcher

Martha Kazura

Melissa S. Kelley

Mary Labus, ‘78

Dr. William A. Laramee, Hon.’09

Linda Leek

Esther Livingston

Ashley Long, ‘08

Lloyd Alan Lowhorn

Sheila Hazel Lyons, ‘86

Dr. Gary Steven Mahoney, ‘82

G. Edward McCormack

Verlaine M. McDonald

Lori J. McKeel

Grace Ann McKenzie, ‘09

Nancy Moore Melton, ‘72

Janet Elaine Meyer, ‘05

Christopher A. Miller

Tammy Jo Molton

Adam Mullikin

Lori Myers-Steele

Amy McCleese Nichols

Nolan Gabriel Oberg, ‘05

Dr. Cheyenne Jean Oldham Olson

Richard Kenneth Olson

Michael T. Panciera

Dr. Janice Pearce

Stephen Pulsford

William Edward Ramsay, ‘75

Sue E. Reimondo

Ann Rhodes

Harry S. Rice

Judith Richards

Jeffrey Lynn Richey

Marguerite K. Rivage-Seul

Dorothy Morgan Ruble, ‘81

Dr. Nancy Ruth Ryan

Joe Saleem, II, ‘08

Lolly Ladd Saleem, ‘08

Ralph Conley Salyer

Curtis T. Sandberg

Kara Lyn Beisner Santiago, ‘02

Heather McNew Schill, ‘99

Amy Carter Shehee, ‘91

Dr. Larry D. Shinn, Hon.’08

Nancy Shinn, Hon.’08

Mary Ann Cooper Shupe, ‘68

Joanne Singh

Phillip Derrick Singleton

Scott Steele

Darlene Stocker

Dr. Robert Suder

Mae Suramek, ‘95

Robin Taffler

Bryan W. Taylor

Diana Taylor, ‘71

Theresa A. Thesing

Sherry J. Thiele

Deborah J. Thompson

Melinda G. Townsend

Faculty/Staff • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Charles R. Turner

Althea Webb

Beth Curlin Weber

Judith E. Weckman

Judge Bradley Wilson, II, ‘78

Paul Maximilian Winker, ‘08

Gail W. Wolford

Stephanie M. Woodie

Friends of Berea


Contributions made

through the Alumni


Phyllis D. Abbott Trust

Steven Abbott

Rachel L. Abramson

*◊Ann Abshier

Evelyne Cerutti Acheson

Beverly M. Adams

Mary A. Adler

+David Agnew

Billy F. Allen

Marlene P. Allen

∏Sharon R. Alley

Mildred W. Almarode

David H. Alspaugh

Gerald D. Alton

Arthur G. Ambrose

Jack Ambrose

Jane M. Ambrose

Jane Anderson

#Stephen M. Anderson

Marjorie Morgan Applegate

Jennifer A. Armstrong

Joseph B. Armstrong

Carol Jean Arnett

David L. Arney

Anna L. Arnold

Billy G. Arnold

Sam Arnold

Alice Aronow

Saul Aronow

Anthony Arthurs

Ascension Health

Brian J. Ash

Roy E. Asher

William L. and Alma E. Aszman


Prof. Emily Auerbach

Chad R. Aull

§Sally Austin

פMary Lou Auxier

William David Ayers

B. F. Foundation

+Carrie Back

§Christina S. Back

Annette C. Bagnoli

Marshall Roy Bailey

A. Gene Baird

Harry E. Baird, Jr.

Ann T. Baker

David W. Baker

Hazel E. Baker

Janice A. Baker

Jerry L. Baker

Jeune Baker

Judy C. Baker

Winton E. Bakke

Dr. Fletcher N. Baldwin

Dr. Nancy T. Baldwin

Baldwin and Associates, PLLC

James V. Bales

Doris V. Ball

Betty Ballenger

Andy Balmer

Barbara Banks

+Judith G. Banks

*+Jessie Fay Barbour

Mary E. Barker

R. E. Barker

Leroy H. Barnard, Jr.

Mary Barnes

Dr. Richard Barnes

Jean M. Barney

Michael S. Barney

Charles R. Barr

Harold W. Barr

Ruth B. Barriere

•Narmin Musaeva Bashirov

Symerdar Baskin

Rosemary F. Basta Living Trust

+Robert H. Bates

Kay K. Batie

•Doris B. Baucom

Gerald T. Bean

Harman D. Beavers

Meredith L. Bechtel

Mary Earle Becker

*∏John L. Bell

Mary M. Bell

Joseph Bender

◊Doretha Bensenhaver

Omer A. Bentle

Berea Kiwanis Club

Faculty/Staff • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Gerald J. Bergen

Robert H. Bergeron

Bill Beverly

Marie R. Bibbee

Joanne L. Biddix

Kirk E. Birrell

Natalie F. Birrell

James Blackburn-Lynch

Edward M. Blackmer Revocable Trust

Edward M. Blackmer

◊Jerome R Blackstone

Mary C. Blair

#◊Nancy E. Blair

Ellis Blanton

*§Sandra Blanton

Shirley Blanton

+Carol S. Blayney

*∏Margaret B. Bledsoe

+Margie Blevins

Lester D. Blomgren

Karen G. Blondell

Mary S. Bloomfield

§Carol E. Blue

Janice B. Blythe

Birger K. Boggild

+Annette C. Boles

*Dr. John S. Bolin

Sandra S. Bolster

Dr. Stephen C. Bolster

Woodrow E. Booth

Melvin J. Bosma

+Jill Elaine Bouma

Delores Bourne

*•Billie Jo Bowling

Shelby L. Bowling

Linda W. Bowman

Wayland W. Bowser Revocable Trust

John K. Boyce

+M. Margaret Boyce

Vicki G. Boyce

Terry R. Brabham

*§Milton G. Bracht

Ralph W. Bracht

Margaret Bradley

+Robin Bradshaw

Steven J. Brahm

Rosella M. Brandenburg

Louise Hanna Breazeale

+Stanley D. Brechtel

Joe O. Brewer

Whitfield R. Brinkley

Fred R. Bristol Trust

Robert C. Brooks

+Sue F. Brooks

§Charles E. Brown

Diane M. Brown

Dorothy K. Brown

•Leonard L. Brown

Rev. Dr. Roland J. Brown

George E. Brummitt

§Blanche E. Bryant

James Bryant

Mary Chase Bublitz

Curtis C. Buchanan

Melissa Buchanan

William Buchanan

Glenda Buckley

Madge S. Buehler Trust UTD

•Eddie Bullock

Vernon Bundy

Dr. Dewey A. Burdine

Susan B. Burdine

*§Marie Burkhart

Alma Burton Rev Living Trust

Donald R. Burton

Sandra Bush

William R. Buterbaugh

Margaret L. Buth

Ronald G. Butler

+Scottie J. Butler

Patricia Butterfield

Patricia A. Bylsma

Carolyn S. Byrd

+Cheryl S. Byrd

Deborah H. Byron

James F. Cable

Lloyd Cain

Avice Calais

Neill M. Caldwell, Jr.

Mark L. Caldwell-Reiss

Virginia A. Calich

Susan C. Camp Trust

Patrick A. Camp

Brenda H. Campbell

Charlotte Campbell

*∏Doris B. Campbell

J. D. Campbell

Jim J. Campbell

Walker Campbell

•Wanda Glass Campbell

B. Mae Camper

Betty F. Candy

Gerald C. Cantrell, Sr.

+James J. Capobianco

Daniel W. and Nancy E. Capps Trust

Nancy E. Capps

James D. Carpenter

David C. Carrier

Thomas Carrig

Charles W. and Catherine M. Cart


Catherine M. Cart

Charles W. Cart

Christopher M. Carter

Jeanne C. Carter

+Barbara M. Case

Freda B. Case

Clell Catron

§Billy F. Caudill

Kenneth Scott Caudill

•Ruth E. Caudill

Elizabeth R. Causey

Cedar Heights Animal Clinic, LLC

Barbara W. Center

Andrew R. Ceperley

Florian F. Ceperley

•Arlene Chalmers

Beverly A. Chambers

Paul W. Chambers

Roy K Chan Corporation CPA

Mario H. Chan

Patsy W. Chan

Friends • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Robin Chandler

§Ngee-Pong Chang

Colette J. Charig Living Trust

Hui Tzu L Cheng

•Jo Y. Cheng

Banner G. Childress

Choy Pik Chiu

Lue Yung Chow Chiu

Mrs. Insuk P. Choi

James L. Christy

Betsy Churchill Revocable Trust

Paula Jane Claar

•Anne Clark

Daniel L. Clark

Dorothy R. Clark

James C. Clark

Joan Clark

Robert T. Clark

Ruby S. Clawson

Clayton Corporation

◊Raymond M. Clemo

Jack B. Clotfelter

Bud A. Clouse

Coastal Southern Inc

Eugene C. Cochran

+Bernadine Coffey

Lewis E. Coffey

+Beverley C. Cole

Rev. Brian Lee Cole

+Christina S. Cole

Ann F. Collard

David Joseph Collard

Arden M. H. Colley

David R. Colley

Mark D. Colley

Ann Walker Collins Trust

Charles F. Collins

Debbie D Collins

Donna Sue Collins

#פElisabeth Covey Collins

Col. Ruth B. Collins

William Collins

§Rosemary F. Colson

Catherine M. Colvard

Community Foundation, Inc .

Community Foundation of


Earl N. Condra

James F. Conley

Rebecca A. Conley

#◊Glenn Conn

Clinton E. Conner

Ronald Conrad

David R. Cooke

Ruth L. Cooke

Barbara Coomer

Carol Ann Coop

Sharon B. Cooper

Dwight A. Cope

V. Earle Copes

Carolyn E. Cornelius

Judy Cornett

Cornett Family Revocable Living


Gary Cornwell

Gerald Correthers

Donald Corwin

Ginger Corwin

Greg A. Counts

R. R. Cowley

Cortland Cox

◊+William Crabtree

*Alice R. Crain

•Cecil P. Crane

#׸Dixie R. Crase

John R. Crockett

Lona P. Crockett

Catherine Cropper Foundation, Inc.

David L. Cross

+Nancy Hurst Crouch

+Beverly F. Croucher

Sandra Jane Crum

Barbara Sue C Cruz

William Cumming

Judy Cunningham

Mark A. Cunningham

Dr. Robert P. Cunningham

Mrs. Verdery R. Cunningham

Emily Jane Curry

Michael Curtis

Kathryn A. Curtner

AB Cushman Family Trust

Elizabeth S. Cushman

D and B Janitorial Service

Gerald W. D’Amico

Claudia J. DaVia

Gerard L. DaVia

#׸Judith K. David

Living Trust of Anna R. or Robert

W. Davidson

Robert L. Davidson

Robert W. Davidson

William H. Davidson

Betty B. Davies

Ed R. Davies

Andrea Renee Davis

Carol Davis

Gary R. Davis

◊Helen B. Davis

◊Jeremy S. Davis

+Jerrye L. Davis

Johelen Davis

Loretta S. Davis

Stacy M. Davis

William Bruce Davis

William M. Davis

Willy J. Davis

Michael A. Dean

James D. Deaton

Frank Deaver

James L. Deck, Jr.

Sara Deem

Anthony S. DeFrank

Virginia F. DeFrank

Ronald G. Delph

Ruben DelRio

Jane DeMartini

Judy N. Deme

Mark Earl DeMille

Lynneda J. Denny

John Derr

Mark T. Derringer

Friends • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

George W. Deuillet, Jr.

Ticiang P. Diangson

Winston F. Dickey

+Bernice D. Dickson

Della B. Dillard

Beatrice Dixon

Roy Lee Dixon

Camille Doane

William J. Doane

Charlotte Dockery

Leroy Doctor

Peggy Doctor

•Douglas Dodd

Brenda L. Dodson

William P. Dolnick

Barbara E. Dowdy

+Joan M. Dowdy

#Marjorie Wood Drackett

Mrs. E. L. Dressman

Kay P. Driscoll

Lawrence T. Driscoll

Nancy S. Duckworth

Earl Duff

Steve Duffee

Virginia O. Dulworth

+Donald P. Duncan

*׸William E. Duncan

Duncan Living Trust

Kendra L. Dunn

*∏Allen D. DuRand

Brian D. Durbin

John K. Durst, III

Duval BBQ Management, Inc.

Elsie M. Eads

•Phillip I. Earl

Julius H. Eary

Danny W. Eckard

Jimmy C. Edwards

Lorene W. Edwards

Katherine Egerton

#◊+Margarette Eisenhour

Lillard Eldreth

Chong Lee Ellis

Gerald J. Ellison

+Lisa A. Ellison

Claudia Ellquist

Employees Charity Organization of

Northrop Grumman

Walter Carl Emshoff

Eugene E. England

Eddie Epperson

Doster Jay Esh

Mary A. Esh

Albert F. Ettinger

+Eva V. Eutsler

Amel Evans

∏Dr. Gloria Evans

James G. Evans

Jelena Z. Evans

Patrick Evans

Wanda L. Evans

Forrest B. Ewen

David P. Ewing

Elena Maria Ewing

Helen M. Ewing

Fairfield County Community


Dedrick Falin

Sandy Farler Hoyt

Mike Farmer

Briant J. Farnsworth

Priscilla A. Fearn

Robert M. Fearn

John Bennett Fenn

Anne Ferguson

Carrie L. Ferguson

Elizabeth A. Ferguson

#Eric N. Ferguson

Martha C. Ferrebee

Martha Few

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

•Pamela J. Fields

†◊•Frances Rosi Fife

+Nina Marable Finley

David R. Finsel

Emily Finsel

Eric N. Fischer

•Douglas M. Fisher

Lesa W. Fisher

Vernon E. Fisher

Sally A. Fiske

Christopher C. Fitz

Lillie J. Fleming

A. C. Flores

Sylvia A. Flores

•Barbara E. Flynn

Lois R. Foley Living Trust

Mary Donna Foley

Raymond E. Fore

Anita Forman

Louise Scott Foster

Lyle Jack Foster, Jr.

†∏Gaynell Fowler

James Arthur Fowler

+Richard Fowler

+Margaret Gadd Fowlkes

Fred R. Fox

Traci L. Fraley

Ruth F. Frank

Ann Barton Franklin

Buford Franklin

*•Roger Franklin

+R. Kenneth Franks

+Joseph J. Fray

+Douglas Frazier

◊+Thomas R. Freck

Julia A. Freeman

Judy Fricks

Mitzi B. Friedlander

Edna W. Fryar

Leslie P. Fryar

Tracy Lee Fryar

•William T. Fryxell

•Kristen H. Fuller

Jessica G. Funkhouser

June C. Gadd

Angela K. Galloway

Melissa Stanton Gammon

Paul D. Gammon

Edgar E. Gardner

Melissa E. Gardner

Friends • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

+Peter D. Gareis

§Earl Garrett

Charles H. Gatchel

Evelyn A. Gatchel

Jack M Gay

Margaret G. Gaynes

Karen Ostrum George

Larry D. George

Shirley Geyer

§Nancy S. Gibson

Shirley C. Gibson

Robert Gilchrist

Cecil F. Gilkerson

Janis Ann Gillenwater

William Gillette

•Charley E. Gillispie

Sandra Gilman

Thomas C. Gilman

Kathryn A. Gilpin

Gary Glassmann

+Nancy B. Glenn

Alison Glick

+Ron Glore

Jared P. Goddard

Milton A. Goetz

George Ann Goff Ridge

Anne F. Golliday

Good Stuff

Ray L. Gordon

Ivey W. Gosser

Katherine M. Gottlied

Robert C. Gottlied

Alan Gould

Suzanne Louise Gould

+James E. Gourley

Louise H. Grant

Terri M. Grant

Grants Lawn and Garden Center

◊Irene B. Gray

C. Thomas Green

Dana S. Green

◊Mary Ruth Green

Rachel L. Greenawalt

Gerald S. Greene

Teresa E. Greene

+Martha J. Greer

Richard E. Griesheimer

Melanie Griffin

*+Murray S Griffin

Gordon E. Grissom

Ray S. and Mollie T. Grove Living


Dr. Barry Grove

Pat Grove

John R. Grump

Sallie A. Guffey

Marsha H. Haas

William C. Haas

+Omar C. Haddad

Loretta Hafley

◊Warren M. Hagen

Dr. Joy Hager

Raimund Hahn

§Jean S. Haines

Roger Hale

Donna Stauffer Hall

*◊Dorothy S. Hall

+Homer W. Hall

#John Richard Hall

Leigh Ann Hall

Patrick Hall

Harry W. Hallman

Michael Hamblin

Patsy P. Hamilton Revocable Living


Carroll E. Hamilton

+Wanda L. Hamilton

Merlene Hamrick

•Ralph H. Hamrick

Jean D. Haney

Elizabeth M. Harden

+David Hardin

Willard Hardin

E. L. Harlow

Edgar W. Harlowe, III

+Joseph R. Harner

Cynthia D. Harrelson

Barbara Carmen Harris

Beverly Harris

Helen Patricia Harris

Joel A. Harris

+Rita H. Harris

Margaret A. Harris-Murray

David M. Harrison

Sandra Harrison

Deborah A. Harsch

Paula C Harshaw

∏Vivian H. Hart

Carol Harter

Dr. Newman Harter

§Joan R. Hartman

*פGene L. Hartsell

Mildred P. Hartzog

Thomas J. Harwood

June A. Hatcher

#פPamela Hatfield-Wells

Clifford E. Hathorn

Kenneth Hawkins

Dr. Herby G. Hay

James R. Hay

Natalie L. Hay

Robin A. Hayes

+Sidney B Hays

§James E. Haywood

◊Jack Robertson Hazlewood

James M. Heck

Casper F. Heemskerk

+Joe L. Heiman

+George G. Heiney, II

+Ralph D. Heishman

Paul E. Helm

Barbara Helton

Jim Helton

Nancy K. Henderlite

Del R. Henderson

Joan C. Henderson

*Joyce Ritchie Henderson

Charlie R. Hendrickson

#◊Charles T. Hendrix

Marjorie D. Heney

Thomas E. Heney

Cindy Hennessy

Friends • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Tom Hennessy

Ernest H. or Melva D. Henninger

Revocable Living Trust

Ernest H. Henninger

George H. Hensley

Iris H. Hensley

Richard Herr

Valerie J. Herr

C. R. Herrmann

Emily H. Herrmann

∏Maurice B. Hibbard

Margaret K. Hickman

Barbara Hicks

Jack Hicks

Dr. Joseph J. Hiebel

Dorothy H. Hill

Doug Hillyer

Debra S. Hilton

Marylyn M. Hilton

*◊Amy Hincks

◊Bob Hinds

◊Jane Monnette Hinds

Allen R. Hinegardner

Mike Hipsher

W. Leon Hisle

◊Don E. Hissam

Lawrence E. Hite

Robin T. Hite

Chien Ho

Nancy Tseng Ho

+David K. Hoadley

Catherine O. Hobgood

Harlan H. Hobgood

John H. Hoehne

Faye Holbrook

+Fran Olivett Holladay

Lynda H. Hollan

William H. Holland

Aaron J. Hollander

Janet Thurman Hollander

Kathryn L. Hollitt

Elizabeth R. Holloway

Ronald Holloway

+Paul R. Holmes

Hometown Pediatric Care

#◊Reba Honeycutt

Jeff Hoover

Karyn Hoover

Sue T. Horton

#Norma M. Horvitz

Elizabeth M. Houston

Joseph B. Houston

Bill Howard

Emily V. Howard

•Carlton W. Hsu

Dora H. Hubbard

Thomas S. Hubbard

Ruby J. Huff Revocable Living Trust

*Ruby J. Huff

Ron Huffman

Mary Lou Hughes

Jay E. Hurley

Robert Hurm

Tina Hurm

Shelley Hutcheson

#◊+Thomas S. Hutsell

•Mrs. J. W. Hyder

Inner Court Realty Services

+Judy Isaacs

Thelma Ison

Elizabeth Ann Jackson

◊+Howard P. Jackson

John C. Jackson

Rosemary M. Jackson

Bonnie Dilworth Jacobs

+Jean B. Jacobs

William J. James

Clinton D. Jamison

Jean M. Jansing

William E. Jansing

Vince Jarnagin

Mark W. Jarrell

*Scott M. Jenkins

Mrs. Yardly Jenkins

Beverly M. Jessee

Carolyn L. Johnson

Chad G. Johnson

Charles Johnson, Jr.

◊Fred E. Johnson

Phillip E. Johnson

Sharon G. Johnson

Shawn C. D. Johnson

Steven Johnson

Nannie E Johnson-Morgan

Betty P. Johnston Co Trustee Living


Steven Johnston

Cecil R. Jones Revocable Trust

Donald Jones

Edward Jones

Jeannie Jones

Joan Jones

La Verne Hawkins Jones

+Ottie Jones

+Robert Paul Jones

Robin Jones

Salena H. Jones

◊+Kay Jordan

•Malcolm N. Joseph, III

Kirby Joss

*∏Janet H. Judd

Ron Jump

Karla Hurst Karash

Richard I. Karash

Paul and Margaret Kauffman

Revocable Trust

Robert D. Keast

G. Kelly Keith Charitable Lead Trust

+Paul M. Keller

Thomas E. Kemp

John A. Kennally

Lewis and Marian Kenner Trust

Ruth W. Kerley

Maryann Khamis-Seipelt

Margaret Kilbourne

Kyung S Kim

George B. Kimsey

Joyce E. Kimsey

David B. King

Jane E. King

Kathleen L. King

Roland H. King

Friends • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

∏Walter A. King

John E. Kirby

Joseph Jerry Klich

Lalah P. Kline

Kline Family Trust

Klingler HAUS

Tamara J. M. Kort

Loren W. Kramer Family Trust

#Emil Allen Kraus

§William Kurtz

Julius Kusey

Robert P. Kuykendall

Joel S. Labovitz

Sharon Labovitz

Kenneth C. Lachmann

*◊Virginia L. Lainhart

George A. Lamb

Ruth M. Lamb

Margaret A. Landeryou

Angela L. Lang

J. C. Langhurst

Dr. John L. Lanham

Susan D. Lannin

R. W. Large

Brenda Todd Larsen

#Charles Larsen

Laura Jean Larsen

Gwen Latham

Marie D. Latimer

Judy A. Lawless

+R. N. Lawrence

∏Lois E. Layne

Brenda S. Leach

Walter W Leach

Robert E. Ledford

Barbara R. Lee

Bob Allen Lee

Gloria S. Lee

Kay L. Lee

Peter W. Lee

Eric B. LeMaster

Roberta W. LeMaster

+Richard L. Lemke

Melissa Anne Leser

Walter E. Leser

Nancy Leslie

William H. Leslie

Alfreda Lester

#׸Patricia P. Lester

Martha C. Leung

Janice Lewis

Charles D. Lieser

Mary B. Liguori-Conroy

Ethel T. Lillard

•Peter B. Lilly

*Gillian Lindt

Chung Yan Ling

Joan Ling

Mabel Ling

Donald E. C Linnartz

D. H. Litteral

Dale Herman Locke

Janet Elizabeth Locke

•Currie Lockett

◊Dr. Ruth Lofgren

Gay T. Logan

Patricia A. Long

Margaret A. Lowe

+James T. Lucas

Vitoria A. Lucas

Peter R. Luedtke

Joseph P. Lumbley

Elizabeth M. Lupo

Tollison Lusk, Jr.

Marrian Latham Lyda

Virginia F. Lykins

Donald E. Lytal

Dorothy P. Lytal

Dr. Steven C. Macdonald

R. Scott Madden

James A. Madison

Helen E. Maggard

Munther K. Mahbooba

J. Patrick Maher

Martha H. Maher

Deborah H. Mainwaring

W. Thomas Mainwaring

Louis Mallette

Marshall Malone

•Dora K. Man

Dean S. Manchester

+Joyce G. Maney

Christine H. Manning

Lavelle T. Marcengill

Edward Marcus

Harriet Marcus

Sheila M. Marcus

◊E. BlythE. Marinelli

*ץElizabeth M. Marion

Gene Marples

Robert D. Marshall

Rosanne Marshall

*Rev. Anthony R. Martin

Dennis E. Martin

+Everett L. Martin

Gloria P. Martin

James R. Martin

Marcella D. Martin

Mrs. Michael P. Martin

Ralph K. Martin

*פSue Martin

Delleyne Power Martineau

Massey Foundation

John Masucci

Judy Masucci

+Martha Ann Matheson

Bill W. Mauney

Margaret Mavity

Daisy C. May

Henry S. May

Jean E. May

Kathy Jo Maymon

Tyrrell B. McAllister

+Richard B. McCaulley

Beth Link McConnell

Justin R McCormack

Kenneth W. McCormick

Eric A. McDonald

Matthew McFadden

Jane Arnot McFarlane

Dr. Joe Robert McFarlane

Richard A. McGraw

Friends • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

George T. McKinney

George W. McKinney

Marie M. McKinney

Mark McKinney

Nancy P. McKinney

Ruth Ann McKinney

+William R. McKinnis

Donald J. McKinnon

+Richard J. McLane

Laughlin C. McLean

Laurie S. McLeister

Paul M. McLeister

Norma F. McLemore

Garvin McNeill

Jeanne Meador

Meadowbrook Farm

Penny M Medley

Elsie H. Meek

◊Mary M. Meese

*Kent H. Merideth

Linda Merideth

Timothy R. Mervak

Creed Messer

Jean Metcalf

John L. Mettille

Dr. Carol F. Meyer

Johannes Horst M. Meyer

Keith Meyer

∏Dr. Jacqueline Michel

Gwendolyn Miles

Betty M. Millar

Charles W. Millar

Aileen Miller

C. B. Miller

Elizabeth A. Miller Revocable Trust

+Evelyn M. Miller

Judith C. Miller

Libby Miller

+Mary Margaret Miller

Mary Katherine Miller

Robert E. and Rhoda A. Miller

Living Trust

Robert E. Miller

Royce B. and Evelyn M. Miller Trust

Barbara H. Mills

Helen Mills

Salvatore C Minucci

Grover Frederick Mirgle

Linda Jebavy Mitchell

Paul E. Moberg

Arletta M. Molinari

Mario J. Molinari

Connie S. Molineu

Julie A. Montgomery

+Lawrence C. Montgomery

Maria Moody

Mary Frances Moody

William C. Moody

Gary L. Moore

Howard Moore

Jane B. Moore

Kenneth R. Moore

Lucille C. Moore

+Ronnie D. Moore

Moore Community Property Trust

Lorine S. Moran

A. Dan Morgan

+Thomas E. Morgan

Carolyn Morgan Williams

Virginia H. Moriarty

Dr. Barb Walters Morris

Marilyn A. Morris

•Donald D. Morrison

Margaret Morrison

#∏Linda H. Moses

Brenda S. Moss

William C. Moyers

Sally L. Mullenix

Ulen S. Mullenix

•Adam Mullikin

John Munk

Janice Murdoch

Joseph Murdoch

Barbara Murphy

John Murphy

+Janice E. Myers

Sandra Jane Myers

Michael Myles

Richard H. Nachman

•Traci Nagle

•Mitsuto Nakamura

Dixie Lee Napier

C. Edward Neal

Cynthia Neal

Mildred S. Neely

James W. Nelson

Elizabeth Ling Nemitz

*Nancy Nevels

+Enna Mae Newbolt

Dr. Barbara Newborg

Blanche C. Newman

Carmel Ray Newman

J. Joel Newton

Katherine Y. Newton

James M. Nicholas

•Virginia Miner Nickell

+Georgia Nickels

Robert A. Nixon

Mary S. Noble

John B. Norcross

Mark A. Norton

Beth A. Novak

Jason B. Oakes

Ann F. Ober

Karen P. O’Connor

Roberta O’Connor

•Wilmoth O’Dell

Catherine O’Harra

Dr. Thomas E. Ohlson

Margaret E. Oiler

§Maurice O’Keefe

*§Joseph Ornelas

Belen Ortiz

Donald R. Osborne

Jo Osborne

Jeanne Osmun

*•Lucille B. Osteen

Peter T. Oswald

Carolyn T. Owen

Deborah M. Owens

Gene M. Owens

Jack T. Owens

Friends • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Prince E. Owens

Ariana L. Packard

Patricia R. Page

Jeff Palmyra

Dr. A. David Paltiel

Rachel Papantonakis

Elisabeth S. Paper

Larry V. Park

Robin S. Park

Jonlyn Truesdail Parker

Lynn F. Parkerson

•Barbara C. Parks

Joyce Parks

Kenneth W. Parrett

Rev. W. Alton Parris

Claude M. Parrish

Gerald Parrish

Judith M. Parrish

Susan D. Parsons

Parveen H. Pasha

Edward M. Pate

Gayle S. Pate

Paulus Family

§John H. Payne

+Carolyn Pearson

+Betty Peaslee

Peaslee Trusts

∏Catherine B. Peercy

Alana M. Pelren

Wayne Penland

Carrie Pennington

Patricia K. Pennington

Leslie K. Perdue

∏Frances H. Perry

+Gerald F. Perry

#פEugene H. Peterson

Betty S. Pfarrer

Nanya C. Philipsen

∏Dorothy M. Phillips

Dorothy A. Phillips

Esther J. Phipps

◊Father Ezra Alden Pickup

David L. Pierson

Deborah P. Pierson

Ola Pigman

#∏Harry A. Piland

Donna Pipes

•Lori E. Pistor

Carolyn N. Pittman

Cedric F. Plavney

Joanne Poe

Nancy K. Poff

Michael S. Polley

Charles H. Pollinger

Bruce Porter

#§Carol M. Porter

Hugh O. Porter

Judy A. Porter

Marjorie S. Porter

Stephanie Porter

◊Birdie M. Poston

Aija Potapous

Stephen E. Potz

Jesse Powell

Sherry G. Power

Stanley W. Power

Laquita J. Powers

Nancy Powers

Scott Powers

Scott Powers

•Theresa L. Powers

+Laney Poynter

Ben D. Prather

Presbyterian Foundation

Charles Press

Nancy Press

Araxi A. Prevot

•Gary Lynn Price

+Charles L. Prince

Mark Alan Pross

Ruth Pruszynski

+Emily E. Pugsley

Kenneth F. Pulkkinen

Michael Puterbaugh

Radiographica Medica of LA

+Clifford P. Rafson

Christiaan Raftery

*§R. Marina Raines

Kathy Ramey

Clarence E. Randolph

Dennis Rasnic

Clinton M. Ray

Charles and Charlotte Rayburn,


Scott D. Rayl

Pauline H. Reber

Ruben D. Recio, Sr. Revocable

Living Trust

Billy J. Reece

Sandra Reed

Norman Reeder

+Ruth A. Reedy

Jane P. Reese

+Jack Reho

•Vernon M. Reid

Barbara Reif

◊Sue E. Reimondo

•Nancy M. Reneau

Joy Renfro

Cecilia S. Repair Revocable Trust

Margaret Reppert

Robert E. Reuter

§Frank H. Rex, Jr.

Rev. Dr. Cynthia J. Reynolds

Katherine Sutton Reynolds

Mark Anthony Reynolds

Robert W. Reynolds

Scott W. Reynolds

+Steven E. Reynolds

+Yancy Ray Rhodes

Edward F. Ribet

•Harry S. Rice

Eldridge Richards

Elizabeth C. Richards

Judith Richards

§Jane S. Richardson

*ץJoan B Richardson

Thomas A. Ridge

Mary A. Riemann

•R. J. Riffey

Robyn E. Ritchie

Malcolm F. Ritter

Friends • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

River Oaks Foundation, Inc.

Edwin Brian Robbins

Margaret M. Roberson

Claire E. Roberts

David N. Roberts

Gerald F. Roberts

Tammy Roberts

W.L. and J.H. Roberts Trust

Jesse S. Robertson

Muril Robertson

†E. O. Robinson Mountain Fund

John M. Robinson

Laura J. Robinson

Michael K. Robinson

Thomas H. Roderick

Celeste Sim Rogers

M. Susan Rogers

+Norma A. Rogers

◊+Terry W. Rogers

William Rogers

Gene D. Roland

Roll Giving

Irene H. Ross

Mrs. Kuni Ross

Wayne I. Ross

E. Josephine Roth Trust

David M. Royse

Mary P. Royse

Donald W. Rucker

Agnes J. Rudberg Living Trust

+William J. Rueger

Curtis A. Rung

Susan M. Rung

Pickens Russell

Angelo V. Sabatino

+Wanda Saine

Marguila Saintelus

Betty C. Sammons

Mary K. Samson

Steven Samson

*§Arthur Sanders

Gary P. Sanderson

Lisa A. Sanford

Marilyn R. Satlof

#Muneer A. Satter

Satter Foundation

Stephanie Savage

Tim Savage

Kathryn L. Schaffer

Alan B. Schaffter

Kathy A. Schaffter

Barbara G. Scherer

Robert L. Scherer

F. David Schermer

Eric C. Schilens

Tamara Schilko

#◊Lucy S. Schneider

Marion W. Scholes

Shirley R. Scholes

Mrs. Freddie C. Schrimper

Ronald A. Schrimper

Susan Schroer

•Dennis L. Schweitzer

Dorothy B. Sconyers

+Margaret Scutchfield

Wayne Sebastian

◊Lang F. Secrest

Steve Seipelt

Martin Q. Selzer

Mary Ellen Seward

Robert J. Seward

Ward Sexton

Blanche M. Shamma

D. T. Shaw

Kari E. Shaw

J. Gregory Shea

David Sheldon

Terey S. Shelor

Phillip R. Shepherd

+Rev. William W. Sherman

#פFarra Mai Shipp

Joy C. Shoemaker Living Trust

Cornelia D. Shoffner

Dr. James P. Shoffner

Ellen L. Shoun

John S. Showell

Owen K. Shugars

Anna M. Shull

+Johnny Earl Shults

+Margaret Siedschlag

Ed Sigmon

Silicon Valley Community


Myra Silver

Peter A. Simon

Dr. and Mrs. Joel L. Siner

#•Marjorie Singleton

Singleton and Associates Inc

Leo Sinkhorn, Jr.

+Dixie B. Sisk

Joyce Skillern

*Peter Slowkowski

§Donald R. Sly

Mary C. Smialek

Adelaide J. Smith

Arthur Smith

•Bernette A. Smith

C. Wayne Smith

Diana Maria Smith

#׸Henry H. Smith

Joyce S. Smith

Kenneth C. Smith

Marcia H. Smith

Sandra Smith

Stephen L. Smith

Susan Smith

William S. Smith

Betty Snapp

Michael Snavely

Thomas R. Snively

Sonny’s Franchise Co

Leroy D. Soper

Carroll J. Southards

Evelyn W. Southards

Joseph M. Southards

∏Dorothy E. Spangler

Paul D. Spangler

Dr. Donald M. Spano

Marian J Spano

Bruce D. Spencer

M. A. Peggy Spencer

Mary K Spencer

Friends • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

+Jackie Spivey

Arthur C. Stagg, Jr.

Jeanenne Stamper

•Betty J. Standifer

Marylin H. Stanley

Mark P. Stanton

James E. Starling

Christie Steblein

Marianne Steinberg

#∏Nina L. Steiner

Robert Lynn Stewart

Michael Stickler

+James Stiegler

Dorothy Stoller

Wayne Stoller

•Sharon F. Stollings

Susan R. Stollings

Betty Story

Evelyn N. Stradling

+Susan H. Strickler

Shirley Strom

Dr. W. R. Strong

§James W. Stultz

Sheral A. Stumbaugh

Ann Black Sturm

Mary L. Sturtevant

Judith Ann Suder

Dr. Robert Suder

Heidi R. Sulis

Patricia L. Sumers

Ralph Summers

Lelia B. Sunday

William H. Suters, Jr.

James A. Sutterfield

Nancy S. Sutterfield

Robert Sutton

Bruce Swanson

Hildur Swanson Foundation

Linda Swanson

Sandi Sweet

Warren S. Swiger

Jane Taft

Gary N. Tannenbaum

Betty L. Taylor

Jerold C. Taylor

Dr. Jerry D. Taylor

#Katheryn Allen Taylor

Dr. Louise T. Taylor

Victor D. Taylor

+Herman M. Teeter

Eric Telfer

Patricia A. Templeton

Ethel S. Tennant Irrevocable

Intervivos Trust

Harry W. Tennant Revocable Trust

Richard L. Tennis

Jean C. Thayer

Sherry J. Thiele

Carolyn T. Thomas

David L. Thomas

David W. Thomas

Rick C. Thomas

Bradley Thompson

◊Carl B. Thompson

David Thompson

•Faye P. Thompson

Linda K. Thompson

Martha Thompson

Martha Wesley Thompson

*׸Cheryl L. Thoms

David H. Thoresen

Mary L. Thoresen

Clayton E. Thornton

Linda L. Thornton

Catherine I. Threet

*Jack C. Threet

John Thurman

James R. Tidball

Nancy J. Tidball

Mary Lynn Tiffany

•Patricia Timberlake

Robert W. Toan

Vivian I. Toan

•John D. Todd

Ase H. Touba

Eunice L. Toussaint

John A. Townson

Rebecca R. Tran

Ronald V. Trense

Bruce Trent

Tricor, Inc.

Ann Trownsell

Richard J. Trownsell

Walter Troxler

Rose Truesdell

Kathryn A. Turnbull

Charles A. Turner

Linda Coffey Turner

Mary P. Turner Revocable Living


פRoberta S. Turner

D. Wrenn Turpin

Rebecca A. Ullom

Robert M. Umstead

United Technologies Corporation

United Way of Bartholomew

County, Inc.

Paul Valerio

Annabelle Vance

Georgia F. Vancza

#פJohn Vanderstar

Larry VanDyke

Victoria L. VanDyke

Jennifer VanEtten

Vanguard Charitable Endowment


Dr. C. D. VanHook

+Dr. Carol Ann VanHook

Connie M. VanHook

+Juanita S. Vanover

James Vargo

Frank A. Varner, Sr.

Martha Venable

•Eduard Verbeke

Jean Verlich

Edwin G. and Carolyn Verploegh

Family Trust

Edwin G. Verploegh

Vinson and Elkins, LLP

•Dorothy Vinton

Jayne H. Voelker

Friends • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Judy Gayle Wade

James G. Wagers

Laura F. Wagers

Mark A. Wagner

Richard A. Wakefield

Mary K. Wakeman

Dan M. Walker

Jolene V. Walker

Martha K. Walker

*§Ruth Gregory Walker

Bertha Levon Wall

Carolyn Wallace

Ginger Wallace

Leola C. Waller

Michael P. Walsh

Kenneth G. Walter

•Camille C. Walthall

+Deborah A. Wanninkhof

Kimberlee Warren

Alfred C. Warrington

Judy A. Warrington

*Charlotte L. Watson

Susan Weaver

Welchwood Foundation, Inc.

Franklin H. Welder

Amy C. Wells

Phyllis C. Wertime

Jerry M. Wesley

*§Ruth E. Wesley

Donald G. Westall

Westford, LLC

Joseph Wexler

W. B. Wharton

Janet M. Wheat

K. B. Wheeler

*§Mary B. Wheeler

Shirley H. Wheeler

Dr. Virginia R. Wheeler

Elizabeth J. Whelan

Susan C. Whipple

+Gwen C. Whitaker

Carolyn J. White

Frederick White

John S. White

Lois D. White

Raymond C. White

Warren K. White

+Judy Whitlock

Joan T. Whittenberg

+Juan Whittington

•Elmer W. Widby

Daniel Jerome Wideman

*§Jacquelyn G. Widner

Jean A. Wiley

Karl Wiley

•Richard H. Wiley, Jr.

+Thane K. Wilkins

Darryl Williams

#Dawneda F. Williams

Eddie J. Williams

J. Ron Williams

Laurie Williams

Lucinda Williams

+Preston Williams

Deborah H. Williamson

Helen Williamson

§Virginia M. Williamson

Audrey M. Wilson

Jane R. Wilson

Dr. Thomasyne Lightfoote Wilson

פMary Ellen Winchester

•James Wing

G. Stewart Wise

Nan Wise

*•Deborah Wolfe

+Ralph S. Wolfe

Paul Wong, DMD PSC

Kenneth A. Wood

Marjorie H. Wood

Martha M. Wood

פThomas C. Woodbridge

Woost Living Trust

W. Nelson Worsham

Julia L. Worthen

Charlotte Wratchford

Homer E. Wright

K. I. Wright Living Trust

Anna Fang Wu

Manxi Wu

Tai T. Wu

Pauline W. Wuerdeman

Susan Wygal

Dr. Janet Wygal Zoller

Doyal Wynn

#∏Tina Ing Yahng

Ling Hu Fung Yee

John M. Yoakum

Judy York

Kim B. York

Margaret W. Young

Judy Zachary

+John Zakian

Giuseppe Zappala

◊+Joseph H. Zeller

Ron Ziemba

Rosemary Ziemba

Dr. Robert C. Zoller

Friends • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Great Commitments


July 1, 2011-June 30, 2012

The Great Commitments Society

recognizes those who have included

Berea College in their will and/or

who have established life income

agreements with the College.

Louis K. Ach

Beth McKenzie Adams, ‘84

Guy William Adams, ‘81

Judy B. Airhart

Robert E. Airhart, II

Dorothy J. Alexander, ‘52

Dr. Nelda E. Alger

Mary Helen Allburt

Roberta Larew Allison, ‘42

Arthur L. and Nancy G. Altman

Mary Anne Anderson

Irene A. Anderson

Donald P. and Susan K. Anderson

Vanessa Lynn Armstrong, ‘88

James T. Arnold, ‘75

Richard E. Arnold

Robert Burns Asher, A’ 40,’44

Dr. Emel L. Atkins, ‘57

Margaret Boyd Atkins, ‘58

James DeHaven Atwood, M.D.

Mary Alice Atwood, ‘54

Joe H. Austin, ‘44

Jeanne Auxier

Dr. John Alden Auxier, ‘51

Mary Lou Auxier

Dr. David Babbott

Meredith B. Babbott

Jean Emerson Bacon, ‘49

Charles and Elizabeth Baer

Christine M. Baermann

Philip D. and Cornelia D. Baker

Rev. David R. Baker

Loralee E. Baker

Dr. Howard C. Baker, ‘65

Rev. Donna B. Baker

Alterio A-G Banks

Virginia Morton Barber, ‘41

Wilma Adkins Barck, ‘52

Dr. C. Robert and Diane G. Barnard

Nancy E. Barnwell

Frances Farley Barrier, ‘53

Dr. George E. Barrier, ‘51

James T. and Hanna Bartlett

Robert E. and Mary B. Basta

Richard and Marilyn Batchelder

Dr. Rodney Kent Bates, ‘67

Dora M. Battram

Dr. Charlotte Faye Beason, ‘70

William E. and Judith Beckman

Joan Bedell

Dr. Grant F. Begley, ‘39

Joy Begley

Dr. and Mrs. Walker K. Belasko

William Bell

Ivan F. Bennett

Charles B. Bensenhaver, Jr., ‘53

Doretha Bensenhaver

Ellen A. Berghamer

Samuel Bertron and Rebecca Lowe

Kay Coleman Beveridge

Elmer Billman

Dessie I. Black

Dorothy Davis Blackburn, ‘48

Jerome R. Blackstone and Ann


Vance Edward Blade, ‘82

Vivian Hairston Blade, ‘85

Walter Blair

Nancy E. Blair

William H. and Eve Jeanette Blohm

Richard W. and Mary Jane Bloom

Grace W. Blough

Carolynne Fincher Bobbitt, ‘56

Dr. Jesse Leroy Bobbitt, ‘55

Mark F. Boes, ‘76

Marjorie Boetter

Stephen T. and JoAn W. Boggs

John H. Bonitz, Jr.

Dr. James W. Boodley

Basil Borders, ‘58

Eleanor S. Borders

Howard L. Boroughs

Mrs. James C. Bowling

Dr. David A. Bowman, ‘45

Patricia J. Boyce

Dr. Stephen S. Boyce

Claranelle Blackburn Bradbury, ‘52

Raymond A. Bradbury, A’46

Dr. John D. Bradley, ‘62

Mary L. Bradley

Dorothy C. Bradshaw

Patricia J. Brand

Dr. Frances Joan Brannon, ‘56

Scharlene Oney Branum, ‘47

Chris E. and JoAnn G. Brekke

Silas Brewer

Wanda F. Brinkley

Louise Brinkmeyer

Gertrude Lange Brooks

Lloyd Darin Brooks, ‘95

Stuart H. Brown

Elizabeth Worthen Brown, ‘53

Douglas L. Brown

Dr. Charles A. Brown, ‘56

David G. Browning

Dr. Betty M. Burchett, ‘55

Evelyn Pennington Burkle, ‘49

Virginia J. Burr

Richard M. Burridge

Jeanne C. Burton

Dr. Wilfred A. Bychinsky

Robert Edward Cabe, ‘59

Jean Mary Calhoun

Zane E. Campbell, ‘63

Dr. Theresa J. Canada

Frances Barr Cargill, ‘42

Richard L. Carl

Robert J. Carlson

Thomas K. Carpenter

Dr. W. L. Carter, Jr.

Tyna D. Carter

Great Commitments Society • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Mary Anna Shupe Cassady, ‘45

Elizabeth K. Cassidy

Thomas A. and Ellen Ann Cassidy

Catherine Castle, ‘66

Dr. Fred A. Cazel, Jr.

Dorothy Simpson Chidester, ‘50

Anthony J. and Dolores K. Chivetta

Elizabeth “Betsy” Anne Churchill, ‘48

Mary E. Clemesha

Dr. Charles Glyndon Click, ‘67

Karon McGuire Click, ‘67

Joseph E. Cochran

Jason V. Cody, ‘94

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cohn

Tammy Collier, ‘84

Elisabeth Covey Collins

Arthur C. Collins, Jr.

Virginia B. Colman

Martha Lampkin Colvard, ‘34

Doris Davies Comer, ‘47

Glenn Howard Conn

Ruth Brantley Conn, ‘53

Bettie Keske Cooke

Ina Diane Cooper

James K. Cooper, M.D.

Eileen Barnawell-Hartley Cooper, ‘47

William E. Cornelius

Doris Lou Cornell

C. Dean Cornett, ‘55

Estill Cornett, ‘52

Nina Crabtree Cornett, ‘61

Reba Blevins Cornett, ‘54

Evelyn Gray Coskey, ‘60

Kathryn M. Coughlin, ‘95

John P. Cowden

Dorothy Ruth Cox

Jerry J. Cox, ‘65

Vicki Carter Cox, ‘72

Marty and Sandy Lund Coyle

Beverly Clay Crabtree, ‘81

William Crabtree

Dr. James D. Crase, ‘58

Dr. William D. and Lynda H. Craver

David and Marilyn Crawford

M. Elizabeth Culbreth, ‘64

Margo W. Curl

Margaret R. Curtin

Elizabeth Penn Custer

Christine LaFon Dailey, ‘47

Richard Dale

Margaret Daniels

George and Dorothy Danly

John and Nancy J. Daugherty

Dr. Chella David, ‘61

Judith K. David

Louise Archer Davidson, ‘51

Miriam Evans Davis, ‘42

Jeremy S. and Helen B. Davis

Harold “Hal” A. and Yvonne S. Davis

Shomo De, ‘95

Felix J. De Martis

Dr. James Dean, ‘66

Dr. Donna Joyce Dean, ‘69

Bobby G. DeArmond

Christine D. DeGraffenriedt

Enid Dembo

Dr. Richard Dembo

Carolyn M. Derr

Walter L. Deuel

Milton D. Devermann

Leah L. Dey

Ursula Boehm Dickinson, ‘52

Virginia C. F. Dickson

Dr. Delmar D. Dingus, ‘66

Wanda L. Dodson, ‘63

Betty L. Donahue

Laura Dugo

Maxine Alice Dull

Ann Peterson Duncan, ‘65

Richard Franklin Duncan, ‘54

William E. Duncan

Ruth I. Dunlap

Fred L. Dupree, Jr., V-12 ‘45

Jean Faulkner Durham, ‘38

Lewis Alvin Eakins

Margaret N. Eaton

Jonathan W. Edwards

Stuart D. Edwards

Johanna Kerer Egan

Jeffrey G. and Sudie Lyn Eisenbarth

Margarette A. Eisenhour

Rea Elias

Gerald R. and Rochelle F. Elliott

Fred T. Elswick, ‘60

Jonnell Webb Elswick, ‘63

Marion S. Erwin

Dr. J. Mark Estepp, ‘77

Patricia Campbell Estepp, ‘77

Patricia F. Evans

William B. Evans, ‘50

Rose Mary Evans, ‘62

Mary E. Faber

George T. Fain, ‘70

Joan E. Farrell

A. L. “Joe” and Jean Holbrook


Albert and Eunice Hering Feininger

Carolyn Jackson Ferguson, ‘68

Dr. James E. Ferguson, ‘68

Robert W. Fessler

Wilma C. Fidoe

Anna Smith Fielder, ‘41

Frances Rosi Fife

Paul R. and Judith A. Finch

Jennie Westlake Findley, ‘45

Lorraine B. Finley

Helen Knight Finnie, ‘52

Frederick W. Fisher

Robert D. and Dorothy E. Fisher

Evelyn M. Flanary

Nancy B. Forbriger

Dr. Donald W. Forester, ‘59

Sherrena Jones Forester, ‘62

Ralph G. Fort, ‘56

Philip A. and Lucy A. Foster

Shirley B. Fowler

Robert H. Franke

Aaron Frankel

Johnny Franklin, ‘59

Joyce Duncan Franklin, ‘59

Ellen Leonard Freck, ‘67

Thomas R. Freck

Great Commitments Society • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Dr. John P. Freeman

Carolyn Asher Fromuth, ‘38

Jess V. Frost (Great nephew of Pres.

William G. Frost)

Regina Ann Fugate, ‘02

Maxine Jennings Funk, ‘47

Ova Gene Gabbard

Pauline M. Gaffney

Jean Roberts Gainer, ‘42

Louis L. Garber, ‘49

Hallie Price Garner, ‘56

Betty Austin Gash, ‘52

Dr. Dorothy G. Gates, Hon.’84

Lorna J. Gates

Walter C. Gates, Jr.

Dr. John D. Gawlik

Marjorie L. Gebhart

Marjorie D. Getsch

Elizabeth Wood Gibbs, ‘40

Regina A. Gilbert, ‘77

Barbara N. Gilderdale

Frances Nunley Giles, ‘45

David L. Gillenwater, ‘58

Penman R. Gilliam, ‘58

Joyce Girdler

Edward and Alice G. Girvin

Daniel and Jane Gluck

Corban Goble, ‘52

Harriet Cline Goble, ‘52

Mrs. Fred M. Godard

A. Barbara Goddard, ‘48

Walter and Jean Gollinge

Shirley Reed Goossen, ‘59

William R. Gosser, ‘50

Dr. Cheryl J. Gowie

Donna L. Graham

Ernest Graham, ‘49

Irene B. Gray

Martha R. Green

Mary Ruth Green

Dr. Fred H. Greenberg, ‘55

Gay Looney Grider, ‘56

Dr. Sam L. Grider, ‘56

Dorothy G. Griffin

Bill and Gwendolyn H. Griswold

Barbara Huntsman Grizzle, ‘52

Dr. James E. Grizzle, ‘51

Joseph S. and Eunice P. Grover

Eleanor Weekes Gruman, ‘49

Lawrence L. Gruman

Caroline Atkins Gula, ‘52

Searls Lewis Guthrie, V-12 ‘43

Samuel P. and Jean P. Guyton

Heather and Paul Hagga, Jr.

William Conley Hacker, ‘95

Lois McCollum Haddix, ‘58

Sara Kincer Cornett-Hagen, ‘57

Warren M. Hagen

Hazel Reynolds Hale, ‘48

Jerry B. Hale, ‘73

Nancy Walker Hale,’73

Lt. Col. Don H. Hall, ‘51

Dorothy S. Hall

Grace B. Hamilton

Mary Sue Baker Hamilton, ‘49

Gloria H. Hamman

Shirley B. Harding

Betty Durstock Harding

Robert E. and Martha T. Harley

Amy Burkhardt Harmon, ‘99

John Douglas Harmon, ‘95

Leo O. Harris

Betty Gasaway Hartsell, ‘57

Gene L. Hartsell

Helen Fillmore Harvey, ‘54

Adelaide I. Hass

Pamela Hatfield

Dr. Joseph R. Haun, ‘46

Dr. John D. Haun, ‘48

Lois Culbertson Haun, ‘47

Katherine Beckman Hawks, ‘77

Robert F. Hawks, ‘77

Lewis E. Hayes

Roger and Gerda Haynes

Wm. Randy Hays, ‘86

Dr. Charles F. Haywood, ‘49

Doris Parrish Hazlewood, ‘52

Jack Robertson Hazlewood

Margaret Headley

Bessie Looney Hedgecock, ‘51

Marjorie W. Hegarty

Ronald P. and Lou Ellyn Helman

C. R. and Harriet S. Henderson

Charles T. Hendrix

Joseph R. Henry

Margarent W. Heyn

Roger Gettys and Emily Hill

Paul W. Hillier, Jr.

Amy Hincks

David Hincks, ‘82

Bob and Jane Monnette Hinds

Willie Jo Traylor Hipp, ‘55

Don E. Hissam

Annette Hobbs, ‘70

Charles F. and Megan M. Hoffman

Virginia M. Hohenstein

James Hollandsworth, ‘37

Amy Elizabeth Hollifield, ‘80

Pauline Shepherd Holsapple, ‘58

Wesley Franklin Holsapple, ‘58

I. J. Holton

J. Charles Honeycutt, ‘51

Reba Honeycutt

Helen M. Hoover

Bonnie and Carl E. Hosea, Jr.

Regina Poynter Hoskins,’74

William Jack Hoskins, ‘73

Irene R. Houchins

J. Woodford Howard, Jr.

Vesta A. Hrnciar

Dr. Phyllis Huff

Alice M. Hughes

Winn E. Hughes, ‘43

Margaret A. Hukill

Mary A. Hulse

Dolores W. Humphrey

Pamela Sue Hunt, ‘85

Betty Partin Hurst, ‘50

Evelyn A. Hutchins

Thomas S. Hutsell

Virginia Dale Kyer Hutsell, ‘50

Jeffrey Price Hutton, ‘78

Great Commitments Society • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Reda Hutton

Marjorie Gabbard Hylton, ‘49

C. Glenn Ihrig, ‘63

Capt. James D. Ingram

Patricia Eells Jackson

Howard P. Jackson

Dr. Linda Hall Jackson, ‘63

Mrs Frances H. Jacobs

Newton E. and Erna K. James

Edith Carmelita James, ‘75

George Jamieson

Udo. H. and Martha D. Jansen

Michelle L. Janssen

Dr. Richard E. and Elisabeth Jay

Velma Jeremiah

Ferman R. Jespersen

Amy Parrish Jett

Babette K. Johnson

Stanley C. Johnson

Robert A. Johnson

Jewrette Y. Johnson, ‘77

Fred E. Johnson

Frank Johnstone, ‘73

Janet H. Johnstone

Rev. J. Paul Jones

Kay Jordan

Timothy W. Jordan, ‘76

H. Wilkes and Ann C. Joy

Lois G. Jungas

Dr. Robert L. Jungas

Martha Justice

Nancy A. Kane

Barry and Susan Kantowitz

Georgia F. Kearney

Jalamang Keita, ‘82

Susan Kellogg

H. Bruce Kelly, ‘51

Cherry Cook Kelly,’51

Dr. Eugene Kelly, ‘72

Patrick V. Kendall

Velma E. Kidd

Jacqueline M. Kienzle

Pauline Schellberg Kifer, ‘40

Dorothy Crumrine Kindel, Fd. ‘61

Merlin R. Kindel, ‘64

Beryl Wilson King, ‘41

Mabry Jean Durden King, ‘54

Jackson S. and Kathryn Huffman

Kiser, ‘40

Helen L. Knopp

Doris Kolb-Bivens

Emanuel Kondoleon

Richard J. and Louise V. Kowalsky

Mrs. Roger D. Kramer

Marjorie J. Kraus

William G. Kring

Donald W. Krueger

Edwin C. Kruse

Judith M. Kryter

Dr. Robert C. Kryter

Dr. Leon A Lackey, ‘41

Dr. Arthur E. Laidlaw

Donald E. Lainhart, A’46 ‘50

Virginia L. Lainhart

Jean Lamb, ‘65

Carolyn Lavender Lambert, ‘42

Riley M. Lambert, ‘42

Arkie M. Lambert

Margaret Landis LaMere, ‘57

Rose Marie Langrock

Monica Satkowski Laramee, ‘77

Dr. William A. Laramee, Hon. ‘09

Jay B. and H. Pauline Larsen

Janet L. Laue

Robert E. and Leslie J. Lazzerin

Dr. William M. Leach, ‘56

Jo Ann Leach

Ronald K. Leach, ‘56

Shirley Willard Leach, ‘57

Jennie K. Leavell

Norma Salisbury LeDe, ‘59

Richard L. and Dorotha B. Ledman

Robert H. and Ethel M. Lee

Dr. Juanita Smith Lee, ‘68

Ruth Ann Leever

Virginia Begley Legare, ‘45

Irene Lejman

Richard E. and Eleanor C. Leslie

Dr. George Ronald Lester, ‘54

Patricia P. Lester

Helen S. Lewis

Lt. Col. Carl A. Liner

Andrew Lippman

Helen Luttrell Litwiller, ‘39

Glenn E. Lively, ‘48

Lois Kyer Lively, ‘49

Corinne Sparks G. Lockhart, ‘45

Dr. Ruth Lofgren

B. J. Loftsgaarden

Jacob H. Long, Jr.

Jeannette Louth

Rebecca Dudley Lucas

Ruth Ferrill Luthringer, ‘46

Byron O. Lutman

James Madden

James Magary

Lillian M. Mairs

Hannah L. Malkin

Dr. Alice R Manicur, ‘54

George F. and Glady M. Manley

E. Blythe Marinelli

Jack Silva Marinelli, ‘85

Elizabeth M. Marion

Dr. James Edsel Marion, ‘57

Clifton Hamilton Marshall, ‘57

H. Bruce Martin, ‘62

Sue Martin

Colin P. Masica

Carl E. and Ida M. Mason

James R. Masters, ‘58

Hannah Trigg Mather, ‘33

Laurens B. Mathews

Dr. Geneva Metzler Matlock, ‘48

A. R. Matthews

James C. Matthews

Betty Dimmick Mattingly, ‘50

Dr. Steele F. Mattingly, ‘50

Carol J. Maxwell

Juanita E. May

Dean and Julia A. Mayberry

Paul H. Maymon, ‘69

Dr. Elissa May-Plattner

Great Commitments Society • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Olga McAllister, wife of John Bard

McAllister ‘40

Helen Yambor McCann-Herbst, ‘44

Anna Roberts McConkey, ‘31

James A. McCool, M.D., ‘60

Elaine D. McCrate

Leland V. McFall, ‘50

Willine C. McKee

Douglas A. McLeod

Betty J. McLeod

J. Neil and Lenore F. McNabnay

George McPherson, Jr.

Rev. Milton E. McWilliams

Orval G. and Anne V. Mead

Dr. Shirley Baker Meece, ‘50

Mary M. Meese

Billy C. Melton, ‘69

Nancy Moore Melton, ‘72

Robert E. Merkle

Warren J. and Ruth H. Meyer

Richard Mickelson

Robert R. Milam, Jr.

Dorothy S. Miller

Carol Ledbetter Miller, ‘55

Dr. Robert W. Miller, ‘53

Mary Jane Miller, ‘60

Jason Dean Miller, ‘98

Kristin Kelley Miller, ‘98

H. F. Mills

Helena Jacobs Mink, ‘51

Kathy Mirzaian

Margaret Martini Mishra, ‘75

Joan L. Mitchell

Tom T. Miyahara

Margaret M. Mollenkopf

Herbert K. Monroe, ‘37

Ruth Moore

Susan Jane Moore, ‘68

Mary Emily Morgan

Joseph L. Morris, ‘39

Voe Frances Morris, ‘69

Dorothy Turpin Morris, ‘47

LCDR John Robert Morris, V-12 ‘43

Rev. Stephen Muncie

Marion M. Munger

Esther M. Myer

A. F. Nahas

T. Ray Nanney

Glennis Faye Napier, ‘88

Gwen Neff

Margaret H. Neidinger

Ruth A. Neidinger

Steve Newberry

Arlene R. Newby

Nadeane Sears Newell, ‘44

Andrew H. Nickolaus, ‘51

Claire Nickolaus

Dr. Dorothy Beckett Nolan

Kenneth J. and Mary C. Obrzut

Elizabeth B. O’Connor

Rebecca Ogburn, ‘07

Lydia G. Skidmore O’Haran

Brenda Joyce Ross Olinger, ‘63

Guy Lawrence Olinger, ‘69

Thomas H. Oliver

Michael D. Oney, ‘89

Michelle Prather Oney, ‘89

Douglas L. and Helen Orre

Jean Phyllis Owens

Caroline W. Palmer

Odette L. Pantelich

Betty Parker Parker, ‘50

Dr. Franklin Parker, ‘49

Dr. Eugene Q. Parr, ‘49

Joan Lykins Parr, ‘48

Robert F. Parsons

Marjorie S. Patrick, In Memory of

Oscar F. Patrick

Dr. Herman Patterson, ‘49

Dr. Maxine Bonner Patterson, ‘50

Dr. John Vandaveer Payne, ‘61

Marlene Ellis Payne, ‘61

Jeanette C. Pearson

Keith M. Pearson, M.D.

Leland F. Pemberton

Katherine Leatherwood

Pennington, ‘46

June Morton Perry, ‘44

Beth Meyer Perry, ‘55

Richard G. and Janet T. Petershagen

Eugene H. Peterson

Margaret Bowman Peterson, ‘45

Kristin Peterson

Mary Boggs Peterson, ‘41

Marian L. Phillips

Ruth B. Phillips

Janice Ellen Phillips

Father Ezra Alden Pickup, Jr.

William J. Ping, ‘55

Kenneth Plattner

Louis G. Pobo

Thomas P. and Nancy E. Polesnak

Dorothy E. Pollak

Fern Goode Porter, ‘45

Mrs. M. K. Porter

Birdie M. Poston

Dr. Hugh Poston, ‘51

Martha K. Potter

Frances Edwards Pou, ‘49

Anne Powell

M. Elizabeth Powell, ‘59

Dr. Beatrice O. Pressley

Edy Cook Price, ‘62

Flay Spencer Price, ‘62

Richard E. Probst

Earlene Hawks Prokopec, ‘72

Guy E. and Elizabeth R. Pry

Rose Pu

Joan Quick

Mrs. John E. Raber

William C. Ragland

John M. Ramsay ‘52 and Bernice


Esther H. Rand

Joe L. Randles

Marguerite J. Ratcliffe, ‘56

Jean L. Rausch

Charles C. Rayburn, ‘45

Ruben D. Recio Sr., ‘51

Jamario Deonte Reed, ‘11

Joyce E. Reedy, ‘48

Sue E. Reimondo

Great Commitments Society • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Carl M. Relyea

Stanley R. Resor

Margaret Steinorth Reuter, ‘42

C. Kelly and Reda Reynolds

Louise Rhoads

Glenne Sawyer Rice, ‘51

Albert L. Richardson, ‘48

Joan B. and Billy K. Richardson,

Ph.D. ‘56

Joseph W. Richen, ‘60

Kathryn Sanders Rieder

Charles A. and E. Frances Riggs

Sheridan L. Risley, ‘49

Dr. Linda Stewart Rivers, ‘62

Dr. P. Clayton Rivers, ‘61

Beverly Robbins

Helen Swanson Robinson, ‘49

Warren H. and Betty Jane Robinson

Lois E. Robison

Phillip and Marilyn Rockey

Frances Nichols Rogers, ‘66

Terry W. Rogers

James M. and Patricia Raper Rogers

Betty and Jack Roosa

Gerald F. and Concetta V. Ross

Edith V. Rottman

Kay Ellen Rouse

Albert L. Roy

Dr. Justine Jones Rozier, ‘43

Dr. Peter C. Ruenitz

Dorothy D. Ruppel

Mary Russell

Mary Agnes Ryan

Louis H. Ryason

Dr. James I. Salter Jr., ‘49

Lou Haigler Salter, ‘47

Dr. John B. Sanford

Julie Clara Sanford

Jane Gardner Sapp, ‘61

Kenneth F. Sapp, ‘61

Melvin Gordon Satlof, V-12 ‘44

Leslie A. Saunders

Patricia Schaefer

Gerda Schild

Ernestine A. Schmelzl

Stanley Schmerken

Nancy J. Schmidt

Glenn H. and Mary S. Schnadt

Lucy Selligman Schneider

Charles R. Schroeder

Norma F. Schuessler

David Schultz, ‘41

Raphael E. Schwartz

Virginia E. Schwatel

Emanuel R. Schwegman

Grace Roberts Scott, ‘40

Sally Scrimgeour

Lonette Donahue Seaton

Ival Secrest, ‘61

Lang F. Secrest

Madge Warden Selinsky

Roger J. Sell

Dr. Richard Monroe Sellers

Herbert E. Shadowen, ‘50

Jacky Hopper Shadowen, ‘50

Jessica B. Shaeffer

John Shafer, Jr.

Lois Shafer

Carol E. Shanesy

Margaret Walker Shaper

Helen F. Sheeks

Kenneth and Dawn Sheets

Amy Carter Shehee, ‘91

David Bryan Shehee, ‘89

Robert H. and Patricia A. Sheldon

Richard C. and Irene Card Shell

Elton W. Shepherd

Nelma Eller Sherrill, ‘54

Jeanie W. Sherwood

Larry and Nancy Shinn, Hon. ‘08

Farra Mai Shipp ‘45

Dr. Robert H. Shipp, V-12, ‘45

Harold Lloyd Shoemaker, ‘44

William B. and Betty J. Short

Dr. James R. Showkeir

Irene Sidun

Louise Sikora

Kathleene Ann Sims

Joanne Singh

Donnie R. Singleton, ‘70

Mary Ann Daniel Singleton, ‘71

Bonnie L. Skelton

Nancy B. Slavinsky

Pamela Corley Slowkowski, ‘71

Dr. Mary Slusser

Jessie Pennington Smith, ‘39

Florence Pittman Smith, ‘53

Henry H. Smith

J. Neil Smith, Jr.

Thomas L. Smith, ‘79

Wayman W. Smith

Mark R. Smith, ‘80

Donald and Jean Smith

Kathleen M. Smith

Frances Sturgell Smith, ‘47

Amanda Clark Snider, ‘49

Audrey Snider

Kathleen M. Snider

Barbara E. Snyder

Fay A. Snyder

Rev. Harry C. Snyder

Dr. Erwin F. Soell

Margaret Soell

Louise J. Solberg

Harold and Elaine Sorensen

Susan M. Spadinger

John Stephen Sparkman, ‘74

Nancy L. Spencer, ‘60

Elizabeth Sutton Spiggle, ‘63

Dr. Wayne C. Spiggle, Jr., ‘56

Jean A. Spining

Nancy P. Sprague

Blanche Stanton

Dorothy R. Stark

Arlene E. Stearns

Dr. Albert L. Steinbach

Margaret S. and Robert L. Steiner, Jr.

Ethel Stenberg

Jackie Stephens

Elinor Crawford Sterne, ‘48

Lisa Kittler Stevens

John D. and Hannah Stewart

Great Commitments Society • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Herbert O. Stiefel

Mrs. Alfred J. Stokely

Catherine French Stookey, ‘49

William J. Strawbridge, Ph.D.

Dr. Thomas D. Strickler

Nancy Boothe Stringer, ‘70

Eleanore Burchell Sturgill, ‘55

Charles and Barbara F. Sturtevant

Elizabeth Logue Styer

John F. Styer

Dr. Faye Collett Sutton, ‘65

Eugene Taulbee, ‘37

Lyle A. and Ruth M. Taylor

William E. Taylor

Britta K. Taylor

Margaret Ernest Thomas, ‘44

Mary A. Thompson

Carl B. Thompson

Christine Greene Thompson, ‘57

Cheryl L. Thoms

Dr. Peter S. Thoms, ‘55

Carolyn Thomson

Sue M. Tice

Kenneth W. Tieman

Mary Anne Tigges

Ann Tilson

Donald A. Timm

Annette H. Tinnin, Hon.’01

Charles W. Tinnin, Jr., Hon.’01

F. Eugene Tobey

R. Dale Toms, ‘79

Martin B. Tracy

Patsy Dills Tracy, ‘65

June P. Traweek

Raymond S. Trayer

Richard Tredwell

Donna Posey Trent, ‘64

Dr. Wendell C. Trent, ‘63

Robert H. and Masako Trickey

Kay Tseng

Jane Cox Turner, ‘42

June M. Turner

Clark P. and Kathleen Turner

James H. Turner, ‘61

Roberta S. Turner

Louis and Elizabeth Uelmen

William H. and Saima H. Upham

Ray F. Valdez

Barbara D. Van Arsdale

John Vanderstar

Shelley Varga

Linda and Emmet P. Vaughn, Jr.

Margaret Via

Martha G. Wagner

Richard N. and Patricia J. Wagner

Timothy C. and Martha G. Wagner

Jack G. Walker, ‘43

David L. Wallace, ‘82

Diane Artist Wallace, ‘80

Margaret I. Wallhagen

Janath Casto Walters, ‘53

Roy N. Walters, Jr., ‘58

Iverson Louis Warinner, ‘66

David S. and Hope G. Warren

Melba Eurydice Wilson Wash, ‘39

Brenda Weaver, ‘76

Sylvia B. Weaver

Elizabeth B. Weber

Dr. Rosemary Maxie Weddington, ‘53

Bruce and Karla Wells

Thurman B. Wenzl

Alice Wesley

Anna M. Wesley

Mrs. Paul West

Grace E. Westcott

Rev. John M. Whallon

Martha M. Whipple

Gordie Ann McConkey White, ‘66

R. Elton White, ‘65

Martha Noss Whitis, ‘57

Dr. Peter R. Whitis, ‘56

Shelby Alderman Whitson, ‘59

Carolyn Clifford Wickline, ‘49

Dr. Lee Edwin Wickline, ‘49

Richard Wiener

Frieda Meade Wierda, ‘54

Edith Beldon Wiesel, ‘41

Emerson and Elisabeth W. Willard

Ann West Williams, ‘55

Dr. Patrick C. Williams Jr., ‘54

Kelly Williams, ‘07

Mary Coates Williamson, ‘44

Genenne Wilson McGee, ‘74

Martha Salter Wilson, ‘51

Dr. Ohlen Rudolph Wilson, ‘50

Dale Dedman Wilson, ‘49

Josef Wilson, ‘49

Leo L. Winchester, ‘57

Mary Ellen Winchester

Peter A. Winograd

Paul A. Wolf

Richard B. and Edith Wolf

F. Louis and May Jean Wolff

Leon Blackburn Wolford, ‘69

Judy L. Wolicki

Dr. Daniel and Edith Wolter

Thomas C. Woodbridge

Veree Thompson Woodbridge, ‘65

W. Shane Woodson, ‘80

Philip P. Woodward

Gordon P. Woolner

Douglas P. and Grace M. Wright

Page M. Wright

Debbie Jarvis-Yates, ‘83

Dr. Steven W. Yates, ‘83

Bishop Melchizedek Romanov


Jessie Reasor Zander, ‘54

Betty Jones Zeller, ‘58

Joseph H. Zeller

Charles Zimmerman, ‘48

Morton and Lorain Zimmerman

Great Commitments Society • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

In Honor of Gifts

Gifts provided in

Honor of the following


Ali Tahseen Abdulsamea

Alice Umans Abramson, ‘50

Mohammed J. A. Abukhiran, ‘11

David R. Adams

Dr. Harold R. Adams, ‘48

Mary Albanese

Elizabeth Albright

Adrian Andrade

Emily Jo Applegate, ‘14

Dr. Robert Auerbach, ‘49

Wanda Irwin Auerbach, ‘50

Dr. Randall Auxier

Lois Speer Baird, ‘48

Mary Callison Baker, ‘45

Mitcheal Barrett

Dr. Charlotte Faye Beason, ‘70

Dr. John Belanger

Jean Gordon Bell

Richard Ray Bellando, ‘62

Benton Family

Evelyn Bentz

Bereket H. Berhane, ‘93

Dr. Chad T. Berry

Lisa Berry

Wendell Berry

Wayne Billick

Nancy E. Blair, Esq.

Christopher Lindsey Blanton

Mark F. Boes, ‘76

Dr. Cynthia Britt

Hal Brown

Linda Brown

Don R. Buchanan, ‘58

Samantha Danielle Buchanan, ‘09

Dr. Kathy W. Bullock

Mary Andrea Hunter Burlingham

Jackie Grisby Burnside, ‘74

Samuel Burrell

Opal Dunaway Canida, ‘42

Duanne Davidson Carter, ‘51

Shirley W. Caudill

Axson Rodes Ceperley, ‘35

Blanche Chak

Dr. Cleophus Charles, Hon.’95

Mirela Ciperiani

Martin Jeffry Claar, ‘09

Elizabeth B. Clark

Harding Coffey, ‘45

Deloris B. Coleman

Martha Lampkin Colvard, ‘34

Becky Henderson Cook, ‘62

John Cook, ‘60

Thelma and Marvin Copher

Steve Cornett

Kathryn M. Coughlin, ‘95

Dr. Roswell David Cox, ‘66

Martin A. Coyle

Raymond Earl Crenshaw, ‘12

Sabrina Lynne Cummings, ‘08

Lola Sholar Cunningham, ‘50

Kathryn A. Curtner

Whitney R. Allen Dargle

John Francis Darling

Maj. Thomas A. Delgado

Katherine E. DeYoung

Robert Bingham Downs

Shelby Duff, ‘48

Gisela Hoeck Dykema, ‘57

Arnold Edwards, ‘51

Mahala Smith Edwards, ‘49

Margaret Eide

Virginia McDonough Ellis, ‘40

Sonja Mae Miriam Escamilla

Carl C. Evans, ‘62

Keith Evans

Kristen Ashley Evans, ‘08

Obera Huddleston Faas, ‘44

Carl Farler, ‘58

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Ferguson

William E. Ferguson, ‘52

Eugene V. Fife

Rishara Rose Finsel, ‘05

Tom Fischer

Edward FitzGerald, Hon.’03

Dr. George K. Floro

Virginia Freeman

Clyde Froehlich

Dr. James R. Gaines, ‘56

Mary Rush Galloway, ‘07

Brian T. Gannon

Mary Robert Garrett

John Georgi

Loretta Elledge Georgi

Lucretia Elledge Georgi, ‘61

Richard Georgi and Family

Teresa Georgi

William O. Gile

Phillippa Glover

Dr. Donald William Good, ‘55

Trylba Campbell Gordon, ‘56

Ernest Graham, ‘49

Wanda Grissom

William Gruver

Dr. Joy Hager

Dr. Paul C. Hager, Hon.’98

Paulette Alexander Harder, ‘65

Barbara H. Harding

Rev. Delmas E. Hare, ‘55

Mabel Herren Hare, ‘56

Amy Burkhardt Harmon, ‘99

Betty Jean Gasaway Hartsell, ‘57

Helen Fillmore Harvey, ‘54

David Hester

Chuck and Bev Hull

Joanne Huntzinger

Marjorie Gabbard Hylton, ‘49

Irene Blanton Irwin, ‘55

J. L. Jackson, Jr.

Marion Via Jackson

Miranda Jansing, ‘06

Barbara D. Johnson

Dr. Robert L. Johnstone, Hon.’96

Loyal Jones, ‘54

Victoria Mier Jones, ‘08

Sally Shimanaka Kazama, ‘47

In Honor Gifts • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Dr. Dorrit Klarke

Judith West Laforce, ‘65

Mansel Laforce

Laine Family

Monica Satkowski Laramee, ‘77

Dr. William A. Laramee, Hon.’09

Sarah C. Latham

Dr. and Mrs. James F. LeDerer

Kathy Leitch

Donna Jane Hunter Lentini

Dr. George Ronald Lester, ‘54

Corey Marcus Lewis, ‘13

Robert J. Lewis, Hon.’11

John P. Little

Phyllis A. Little

Fiorella Ljunggren

Amanda Joi Lucas, ‘09

Betty Koger Lucas, ‘66

Kristine Lundquist

Dr. Richard S. Marken

Rev. Anthony R. Martin

Donald G. Martin, ‘54

Michael P. Martin

Todd Martin

James R. Masters, ‘58

Dorothy E. Mau

R. Craig Mauney, ‘78

Dr. Beechard C. McConnell, Jr., ‘59

Patricia Howard McConnell, ‘62

Mary Ellis McDonald, ‘41

Eileen P. McKiernan

Dr. George W. McKinney, Jr., ‘42

J. Bruce McKinney, ‘66

Lucille Christian McKinney, ‘43

Maggie Jordan McKinney, ‘68

Mary Smith McLaughlin, ‘69

McPartlin Family

Keven Darryl McQueen, ‘89

Kelly Mehler

Elizabeth Meyers

Helena Jacobs Mink, ‘51

Michiko Miyashiro

Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Moore

Rebecca Moore

Billy Kaye Moores, ‘50

Rev. Lee Morris, Hon.’01

Edward Mozeski, Jr.

Ruppert Murray

Raymond G. Myers

Joline Vickers Nakamura, ‘50

Dr. P. David Nelson, ‘65

Rebecca Plaster Nelson, ‘65

A. Paul Nestor, ‘42

Janet White Nestor, ‘42

Ruth Anita Nissley, ‘78

Rev. J. Randolph Osborne, Hon.’95

Marlene Ellis Payne, ‘61

Carole Perry

Timothy Perutz

Elizabeth Ann Hampton Peters, ‘56

Dorothy A. Peterson

Betty Pierce

Hal Pierce

Jeff B. Pool

Gary Poppick

Henry Ebenezger Porter

Barbara Byrd Power, ‘56

Edy Cook Price, ‘62

Flay Spencer Price, ‘62

Lester Pross, Hon.’92

Mary Lou Pross, Hon.’92

Deborah Watson Provence, ‘78

W. E. Quinlan, III

W. E. Quinlan, IV

Harriette and Steve Racz

Dr. John M. Ramsay, ‘52

Marguerite J. Ratcliffe, ‘56

Father John S. Rausch

Gwendolyn Griffith Rector, ‘54

Retha Brown Reedy, ‘55

Val Rehrer

James S. Reid

Margaret Steinorth Reuter, ‘42

Glenna Sawyer Rice, ‘51

Jessica Lee Richardson, ‘03

William McCabe Richardson

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Riordan

Rell Roberts, ‘45

Marianne Robertson

Emily Rodd

Tom Rodd

Lauren M. Roelofs

Dr. Lyle D. Roelofs

Samuel Mason Rosolina, ‘10

Stella L. Ross, ‘51

Danni Sue Rung, ‘09

Ellie Rung, ‘10

David Schaffer, ‘02

Timothy Steven Schaffer, ‘05

Calvert E. Schlick, Sr.

Murtaza Sharifi

Ashley Lynn Sharp

Dr. Larry D. Shinn, Hon.’08

Nancy Shinn, Hon.’08

Harold Lloyd Shoemaker, ‘44

Rachel Alice Silver, ‘05

Alice Smith, ‘04

Deborah A. Smith

Harry L. Smith, ‘56

Rev. James Michael Smith, ‘99

Michael Dean Smith, ‘00

Tony Gray Snow, ‘63

Judy Spears

Dr. Phillip V. Spears, Hon.’94

Virginia Whitson Spring, ‘55

Frances M. Staniloff

Seldon Staniloff

Dr. Noel Stephens, Jr., Hon.’97

Jane Stephenson, Hon.’93

Rev. C. Eugene Stollings, ‘45

Annriette S. Stolte

Dr. William F. Stolte

Margaret Stotsenburg

Dr. Thomas D. Strickler

Diana Taylor, ‘71

Mr. and Mrs. Maury Taylor

Eunice Fosson Thomas, ‘44

Ralph L. Thompson

Priya Kristina Thoresen, ‘09

Annette H. Tinnin, Hon.’01

Charles W. Tinnin, Jr., Hon.’01

Dr. Robert Wayne Tolliver, ‘68

In Honor Gifts • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Allan Troxler

Jami Tvenge

Adele Uding

Chuck Voss

Joyce M. Voss

Mr. and Mrs. David Vreeland

Mary Glenn Vreeland

Ernest H. Walker

Katherine Walker

Marlene Waller

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Walter

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Walter

Mal Wasserman

Anne Smith Weatherford, Hon.’82

Mr. and Mrs. George Weiss

Joyce Loy Welch, ‘54

Linda Westerschulte

Joan Weston

David Graham Whipple, ‘91

Charlotte Edwards Whitley

Doris Jean Williams, ‘49

Jackson Williams, ‘11

Wendy R. Williams

Anna Ludwig Wilson, ‘66

Edwin Wilson

Stephen E. Wilson, ‘65

Andrea R. Woodward

Jessie Reasor Zander, ‘54

Memorial Gifts

Gifts provided in Memory of the

following individuals:

Joseph Anthony Abell

Joseph C. Abell, Jr.

Garry Lane Abrams, ‘69

Blon L. Ackels

Jeremy Alvin Adkins, ‘00

Martha H. Agnew, ‘52

Bolette Gwen Ahlgrim

George W. Akens, Jr., ‘51

Forrest Albright

Esther Hoff Alexander

Alexander Family

Charles E. Allen, Hon.’87

Mrs. Charles W. Allen

Francis W. Allen

Julia Allen

Margaret Allen, Hon.’79

Ruth M. Allen

Jan Mitchell Amilani

Johanna L. Shoopman Anderson, ‘60

Jon M. Anderson

S. Howell Anderson, ‘56

William Rockwell Anderson, Jr.

Lucille Angle

Dr. John W. Armstrong

Rita E. Armstrong

Judith Miller Ashbury, ‘44

Agnes M. Aspnes, Hon.’86

Alma Smith Aszman, ‘47

Dr. David Mayo Austin

Benton Back

Mary Cooper Back, ‘27

Oreva Blair Back

Nancy Shetterly Bailey, ‘60

Ruth Raymond Bailey, ‘31

Calvin Baird, ‘49

Marie Gay Baker

Sarah Prentice Baker

T. P. Baker

Clarence H. Bales, ‘42

Anne Balles

Dr. John Bangson

Grant Banks, Jr., ‘48

Joyce Hardin Banks, ‘46

Garry Gene Barker, ‘65

Brent Barnaby

Lloyd W. Barnwell, ‘78

Milo Baron

Lela Taylor Barton, ‘48

Ouida Hughes Bass, ‘49

Florence Lewis Batson, ‘19

Dr. Thomas R. Beebe

Darwinia Belcher

Frances Evans Beldon, ‘45

Harriet Poynter Beldon, 1908

William W. Beldon, ‘46

Jonathan T. Belknap

Elgetha Brand Bell

George W. Bell

Martin Benade

Miriam Benade

Bernard Berger

Dorothy Spickard Biddle, ‘43

Elizabeth Bieghler

Toby Jackson Billings, ‘67

Lucy Ann England Biltz

Dr. Charles Edwin Bishop, ‘43

Dorothy Anderkin Bishop, ‘43

Ernest Bateman Black

Nancy Chamberlain Black, ‘38

Timuel Kerrigan Black

Bonnie Reynolds Blackson, ‘52

Winfield Blackwell

Margaret Minnich Blaine

Burley E. Blankenship

Lena Barr Blanton, ‘28

William Joseph Blanton

Robert L. Blue

Reverend Doctor James Bond, 1892

Martha Boston

A. May Bostwick

Ruth Bennison Bothwell

Harry Bowen

Richard and Edna L. Bowers

Anna Ogle Bowling, ‘55

David S. Bowling, ‘56

James Chandler Bowling

James D. Bowling, ‘58

James Clayton Bowman

Evelyn Boyd

Henry Bradley

Irene Ranson Bradley

Melba Bradley

Edward R. Brann, ‘42

Lora Belle Branum

Memorial Gifts • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Mose Branum

Herman A. Brautigam

Dr. Mack Alfred Breazeale, ‘53

Hellon Elizabeth Brennan

Pauline Smith Brewer

Florence Brooks

Steve A. Broughton

Dora Margaret Wade Brown

Dorothy V. Brown

H. Roscoe Brown

Howard J. Brown

Joanna M. Brown

Mirneal Compton Brown, ‘56

Stuart H. Brown

William Roy Brown

Vladimir Brtan, ‘53

Walter J. Bublitz

Pat Breazeale Buchanan, ‘46

Roger Ellis Buchanan, ‘54

Dale Buckingham

Erma Buckle

Walter Buckle

Donald H. Burr

Howard J. Burridge

John C. and Barbara M. Burridge

B. Rush Butcher, ‘51

Grace Butgereit, Hon.’83

Olive Coolidge Butman

Claude E. Buttram, Jr.

Dr. Robin Adair Byron, ‘35

Roger A. Byron, ‘35

Dr. Deweese Y. Campbell

Lt. Col. Ret. John A. Campbell

Roberta L. Candusso, ‘71

Margaret B. Cantieni

Ethel E. Capps, Hon.’77

Dr. Julian Capps, Hon.’29

Dr. John A. Carpenter

John Anthony Carpenter

Ted N. Carpenter

Pauline Harmon Cart, ‘55

Harry Carter

Dr. W. L. Carter, Jr.

Alfred Caudill

Caver Family

Fu Liang Chang

Louise Chang

Dr. Guy L. M. Chappell, ‘62

Yvonne Chappell

Rosa Lee Charles

Frank W. Cheney

Frances Wang Chin

Mr. and Mrs. Henry I. Chin

Dr. Rockwood Q. P. Chin

Dr. Ying-Nan Chiu, ‘55

Siryoon Chon, ‘62

Joan Chovanec

Dorothy Chrisman, Hon.’96

John D. Chrisman, Hon.’96

Grace Crutchfield Christensen

Rena Page Christopher

Dorothea B. Church

Shirley W. Cintron

Kathryn Harris Claiborne, ‘58

Betty Harden Clark, ‘63

Roger B. Clark

Cassius Marcellus Clay

Barbara Cleavenger

Lillian Salisbury Clifton, ‘45

Elaine M. Cohen

Basil C. Cole

Jason Derek Cole, ‘03

Raymond Colley, ‘51

Dr. Arthur Carl Collins, ‘42

Dr. Wyatt E. Collins, ‘55

J. C. Collum, ‘41

C. Deward Colvard, ‘39

Dr. Dean Wallace Colvard, ‘35

Avaleah Lafferty Combs, ‘35

Delbert D. Combs, ‘59

Jackie Combs

Donna Taylor Conn, ‘71

Marjorie deMars Constant

Ruby Hall Cooke

Carmie Tutt Cooper, ‘39

Dr. Edward B. Cooper, ‘30

Lester J. Cooper, ‘47

Nancy Brantley Cooper

Virginia Hylton Cooper, ‘49

Emmanuel Jay Cope

Joe and Eva Corder

Lavada Yates Cornelius

Zora Ball Cornett, ‘43

Dean C. Cornette, ‘38

Winnie Coffey Cornette, ‘38

Mae Counsel

John E. Courter

Lucille Baird Coyle, ‘40

A. J. Creech

Burley Creech, ‘52

Charles Creech

Helen Nicholas Crisp, ‘47

Robert E. Critchell

Virginia Sands Critchell

Catherine Golden Cropper, ‘25

Carroll R. Croucher, ‘47

John J. Crowden

Lillian Amelia Swezy Crumb

J. D. Cruse

Reba Cruse

Alice Crutchfield

James Crutchfield

Mae Daigle

Leonard Damron, ‘41

William H. Danforth

James Marshall Davenport

Marsha JoAnn Davenport

Ray B. Davenport, ‘48

Davy David

Esther David

Charles Bernard Davidson, ‘35

Betty Jean Morgan Davis, ‘48

Donald L. Davis, Jr.

Dr. James Jefferson Davis

Lonnie Davis, ‘67

Susan B. Atchley Davis, ‘40

Thelma Adams Davis

Gertrude Partain Ross Day, ‘47

Muriel G. Dayhoff

Louise Hensley Dean, ‘57

Dr. Roger L. Dean, ‘58

Opal Deaton

Memorial Gifts • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Albert DeBen

Jana Nicole Denker

Charles L. Dennis

Harriet C. Dennis

Dale A. Derr

Alfred J. Deschamps, ‘50

Hans Raj-Kaushalaya Devi

Lahori Mal-Kartar Devi

J. Wendell Deyton, ‘44

Wayland J. Dietz

Dr. Charles W. Dill, ‘54

Joseph R. Dippery

Marie Gearhart Dixon

Mary Martha Rice Doane, ‘37

Caron Lynn Crotty Dobbs, ‘61

Robert Doctor, V-12 ‘44

Ann DeJarnette Donnally, ‘43

Richard Donovan

Dr. Sam H. Dorfman

Bill Dorning

Belva Drummond

Cecil Drummond

James Drummond

Ray E. Duncan

Mary Stanley Dunn, ‘46

Jean Faulkner Durham, ‘38

Cornella Dyck

Paul Dyck

Dr. James W. Dykens

Ralph and Marie Earle

George F. Eaton

James C. Eaton

Edwin Eells

Eleanor P. Eells

Mary L. Ela

Bessie Elledge

Luther Elledge

Barbara Embree

Norris Dean Embree

Ralph Arnold Embree

William Dean Embree, Jr.

Estelle Arms Emshoff, ‘38

Donald L. Englander

Edward Englander

Doster John Esh, ‘85

Olney T. Eurit

Ellen Best Evans, ‘30

Richard C. Evans

Robert Evans

Dr. Wilson A. Evans, ‘30

Jean Fant

Dr. John B. Fenn, ‘37

W. Frank Fife, ‘49

Esther Whitlock Finn, ‘23

June Allen Fisher, ‘49

Martin H. Fisher

Sam and Esther Fishman

Dr. Oma Creech Fiske, ‘30

Helen Ludlum Fitzpatrick

Arthur C. Flandreau

Eileen Griffin Fleming, ‘43

W. Gilbert Fling

Daniel E. Foley

Ruth Crossen Fontana, ‘36

America McCoy Fordham, ‘58

Dr. Donald W. Forester, ‘59

Patricia Severson Forst, ‘69

Janet C. Fortune

Allie Dobbs Fowler

Howland A. Fowler

James Fletcher Fowler

Charles Frankel

Lilas Neal Franklin, ‘51

Roland Franklin, ‘91

Jack Moore Friar, ‘54

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Friedricksen

John W. Fritz

Kenneth N. Fromm

Dr. and Mrs. Norman Frost

President and Mrs. William G. Frost

Freddie J. Fugate, ‘48

Zula Fisher Fuller

Dr. William E. Fulmer

Kenneth Fulton

Margaret Stewart Funk

Wilda C. Furbee

Dr. Franklin B. Gailey

E. Melvin Gammage

Sybil Gammage

Daniel J. Gang

Eleanor Louise Elliott Gans

Mary Kathleen Gardner, ‘67

Madeline J. Garver

Perry T. Garver

Frank A. Gauss

Kenneth M. Gibbs, ‘39

Curtis Gibson

Louise Gibson, ‘55

Mildred Gibson

Ronald W. Gibson, ‘54

Wallace Gibson, Jr., V-12 ‘47

Charles D. Giesler

Howard L. Gile

Anna Osborn Gilkerson, ‘38

Seth W. Gilkerson, ‘38

Darrell R. Gilliam, ‘66

Alfred A. Gilman

Rev. Albert Gingrich

Connie Gingrich

Carol Mays Givens, ‘64

Peggy Glenn

Robert A. Glover, ‘75

Gazella F. Glowacki

Louis Godbey, ‘57

Dr. Jane Godfrey

Walter Goga

Roland E. Goode, ‘46

Ellen Goodpasture

Emily G. Graham

Shawn Greenwood

Winona Grizzell

James Grossman

Mrs. J. C. Gundlach

Tracy Collinsworth Hacker, ‘94

Martha J. Hagle

O. LeRoy Hagle

Grace Haig

Victoria Haig

Arthur C. Haise

Irene M. Haise

Charley F. Hale, ‘41

Dr. Jack K. Hale, ‘49

Memorial Gifts • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Dr. James R. Hall

Ardelle Hamilton

Bertha Hamilton

Harley S. Hamilton

Horace E. Hamilton

James N. Hardy

Leila Cranford Hardy

Mabel L. Baker Hargis

Lois Evans Harrill, ‘54

Glenn E. Harris, ‘49

Phillip Hite Harris, ‘50

Susan Clarice Wheeler Hart

William Hart

Clifford Ralph Hartsog, ‘59

Carl H. Hatcher

Virginia Elece Hatter

Robert S. Hawks

Mary Colford Hayes

Gene P. Heatherton

Patricia M. Heatherton

A. D. Heinrich

Gladys L. Heinrich

Eleanor Isaacs Helton, ‘61

Dr. John Carrell Helton, V-12 ‘46

Dr. John D. Henderson, Jr., ‘43

Inez Hendrick

Paul G. Henjum

Joseph B. Henry

Ruth Fornshell Henry

Lucille Tway Herndon

Woodrow Lanty Herold, ‘32

Hattie Chesmore Heron

Jim A. Herrell, ‘76

Rabbi Nathan Hershfield

J. Ernest Hill, ‘36

Ora Lee Hill, Hon.’00

Robert Henry Hill, ‘37

George V. Hillis

Ethel M. Hilton

H. Ernest Hilton, ‘34

Joseph L. Hipp, ‘62

Guy Hobgood, 1910

Emma Cairns Hodgson, ‘35

Dorothy M. Hoermle

Abigail Hoffsommer

Rev. Charles B. Holder, Sr.

Herbert Holloway

Trudy Walker Holmes

Dr. Karen E. Holt

Kenny Hornacek

Roman L. Horne, ‘25

Wilma Creech House

Charlene Seabury Houser

Sarah H. Houston

Caroline Hovey

Dr. Rolf E. Hovey, Hon.’78

Carolyn Howell

Pearle Scott Hubbard, ‘43

Dr. Thomas P. Hubbard, Jr., ‘44

Lt. Col. Walter Huff, ‘52

Elizabeth Propps Huggin, ‘39

Dr. Jerome Hughes, Hon.’75

Dayton David Hulburt, ‘42

Howard L. Humphries

Nelvia Lowe Hunt, ‘52

Dr. Gray Hunter, ‘43

Helen H. Hunter

John A. Hunter

Leonard H. Hunter, Jr.

Nora Louise Bowman Hunter

Calla Turner Hurd, ‘31

Evert B. Hurst, ‘42

Lois Inez Henderson Hurst, ‘42

Dr. and Mrs. Lowell S. Husband

Dr. Francis S. Hutchins, Hon.’67

Louise G. Hutchins, Hon.’67

Helen Kersey Hyatt

Alice P. Ingraham

Gweneth Jackson

Robert D. Jackson

Sara D. Jackson

Dr. George L. Jenkins, ‘43

Grace B. Jenkins

Dr. Ralph C. John, ‘41

Cynthia Anne Johnson

RADM Millard Jerry Johnson, ‘53

Powell D. Johnson, ‘57

Doris Louise Johnson-Smith

Robert P. Johnston, ‘47

Earl W. Jones

Jean Zeiher Jones

John Riley Jones, ‘15

Molly Jones

Smith B. Jones, ‘37

Marilyn Kalanzis

Frederick H. Kate

Lois M. Kate

Eileen Howsmon Katzenberger, ‘39

Janice Osburn Keck, ‘49

Douglas R. Keeter, ‘57

Mary Knight Keller, ‘69

Leon Kemp

Judith Graves Kennedy, ‘58

William E. Kerley

Irvine H. Kidd, ‘56

Dr. Carl G. Kilbourne, ‘43

Dr. Thomas K. Kim, ‘52

Chase Kimball

George G. Kimsey, ‘18

David Foster Kinder, ‘66

Ann Ford King Family

Dr. J. Stanton King, ‘44

Nan L. Segar King, ‘61

Rita Baisden King, ‘79

Thomas King Family

Mark Kingsbury

Georgia Kirkpatrick

Amber W. Klekamp

Michael Kobrzycki

Evelyn P. Koehler

George Jean Koehler

Raymond C. Koeller

Gertrude Witteborg Koenig

Amanda Kogerma

Anna Kogerma

Kris Kogerma

Dr. G. Daniel Kohler

William Kooiman

Bert Kozma

Martha Kraus

Walter Kraus

Dr. Thomas M. Kreider, Hon.’91

Memorial Gifts • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Henry Allen Laine

Sheila A. Larson

Helen Virginia LaRue

Gloria Dickson Lasley, ‘65

Margie Moore Laurent

Earl E. Lawson, ‘59

Lillie Margaret Pressley Lazaruk, ‘47

Elsie Louise Creech Leach, ‘31

Ethel M. Lee

Gary C. Leffler

R. Schuyler Lesher, Jr.

Hazel M. Lester

James Lester

Gerrit Gus Levey

Molly B. Levey, Hon.’02

Robert J. Lewis, Hon. ‘11

Ginny Lindsey

Maude Lindsey

Susan DeGoey Lineberger, ‘75

Dr. Robert Francis Ling, ‘61

Phyllis K. Lisi, ‘53

Frank Litchfield

Henry C. Litton

Alice Lloyd

Max Lousin

William T. Louth

Dr. Milton L. Lowell

C. Betty Lundgren

Eugene E. Lundquist

Leslie S. Lynch

Philip Lowell Lyon

Minnie Maude Macauley, Hon.’86

Carlisle Keller Macdonald, ‘38

Capt. T. P. Maggard, SC USN Ret., ‘42

John Stanley Manos

Marie F. Maraviglia

Anna Kraatz Margolis, ‘29

William and Lela Marion

Howard R. Markley

Susan Pat Lockett Markley

Grace Marsh, ‘68

James R. Marsh

Janet Cochran Martin, ‘54

Matthew Robert Martin

Manuel Cortez Martinez

Hannah Trigg Mather, ‘33

Henrietta M. Matz

Ernest Edwin May

John Bard McAllister, ‘40

Barbara McIntosh McCall, ‘58

Dr. Clyde N. McCall, ‘50

Connie Ann McClaughry, ‘69

Thomas R. McCleary, Jr.

Victor McConkey, ‘29

Russell K. McConnell, ‘57

Herman Patrick McDonald, ‘40

Michael E. McGlynn

Ronald McGrew

Samuel Elliott McIlvaine, V-12 ‘45

Woodrow W. McIntosh, ‘51

Patricia L. McIrvin

Marjory A. McKinley

John D. McLaren

Eva Smith McLeister, ‘57

Peter T. McNeill, Jr., ‘51

John P. McNulty

Hazel McQuade

Dr. V. Theona McQueen, ‘51

Robert G. Meade, ‘28

Devon W. Meek, ‘58

David H. Meese

Helen Anderson Dizney Menefee, ‘92

Maxine Wooten Menefee, ‘39

Dr. Robert Gordon Menefee, ‘40

Jeannett Menendez

Florence Butgereit Merideth

Hayden Haltom Merideth

Leon Met

Joe W. Metcalf, ‘43

Maude B. Meyers

Jayne McDonald Mierisch

Anna Blanton Miller, ‘32

H. Ellsworth Miller

Nancy Louise Miller, ‘83

Gordon Mills

Mary Ellen Mills

Elizabeth E. Minnich, 1911

John B. Minnich

Dr. Edison Lee Monk, ‘67

Herbert K. Monroe, ‘37

Michael Allen Moore, ‘89

Michael J. Moorhead

Henrietta Kern Cary Moos

Clayton Monroe Moretz, ‘26

Christine Smith Morgan

Florence Bryan Morgan, ‘36

Larry Peyton Morgan, ‘36

Earle Taylor Morris

Floyd Morris, Jr.

Kenneth Morris

Matthew L. Morris

Elizabeth Moss

Felix Moss

Greta Moss

Rosemary Mullinax

Michael Lee Mullins, ‘71

William F. Murphy, Jr., ‘85

Dean W. Murray

Janice Campbell Murray, ‘69

Harvey A. Musser, ‘55

Tharon M. Musser, ‘46

Irene Turner Napier, ‘51

Etta Mae Holbrook Neal, ‘38

Paul Christopher Nelson, ‘90

Janet White Nestor, ‘42

Prof. Anne M. Newman

Charles S. Nicholas

Charles Ed Nichols

Jennifer M. Norman

Dave Norris

George Norton

Geraldine D. Norton

Rev. Howard G. Norton

Dr. George S. Noss, Hon.’78

Robert O’Bryan

David Seth Muno Ochieng

Jeanette M. Ocker

Michael John O’Connor

James L. O’Dell, ‘46

Anna Grace Oiler

Jackson L. Oldham

Katharine C. Orwig

Memorial Gifts • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Gerald Myron Osborne, ‘64

Jane Osborne

William Lester Osmun, V-12 ‘44

Wimma Osborne Owen, ‘74

Harold M. Owens

Father Henry L. Parker

Howard M. Parker, ‘50

Martha Rouark Parker, ‘42

Elvis F. Parson

Clara M. Parsons

Dr. Charles E. Pauck, Hon.’76

Dr. Walter A. Payne, Jr., ‘39

Dorothy Pearce

Lisa Anne Pearre

Jeanne R. Pere

Mr. and Mrs. Pernice

Dr. Charles V. Perrill

Hal Gordon Perry, ‘53

Thomas Pesiri

Otto A. Petersen

Alfred H. Peterson, Jr.

Charlotte Petrikin

Cleone Lucia Sparks Petz, ‘49

Fred Elsworth Phifer, ‘85

Glen A. Phipps

Mary Frances Phipps

Jane Pierson

Rowena Piety

Joseph C. Pillion

Helen Pine

Steven G. Pistello, ‘74

Denny C. Plattner

Rev. Thomas M. Ploof

Ira J. Poff

Amy Alice Polley, ‘78

Gisele L. Pool

Maurice S. Pool

Carol L. Porcello

Homer Arthur Porter, Jr., ‘52

Hugh O. Porter, ‘25

Wilfred Post, Jr.

Dr. Wilfred Post, Sr.

Glenna Shaw Pottinger, ‘39

Averala Marcine Poucher

Lizena Davis Powell, ‘32

Dr. Paul Nelson Power, ‘58

Robert Bruce and Mai Norma Power

Della Irene Napier Pressley, ‘38

Louise H. Price

Luther R. Price

Dr. Martha Wylie Pride, Hon.’91

Curtis Pulliam, ‘35

Mary Houchins Pulliam, ‘37

Jaya Ramani

Willard and Hazel Ranney

Robert Rappe

Tilden B. Rasnick

Charles H. Reedy, ‘55

Sarah E. Reid

Dr. Irene Pennington Reifsnyder, ‘35

Birgit Hansen Renaut

H. Nathan Repair, ‘50

Oliver W. Rice, Jr., ‘51

Dr. Bill K. Richardson, ‘56

Bonnie Smith Richardson

Barbara Jett Rieber

Marion B. L. Riley

Esther H. Rivinus

G. Gilbert Roberts, ‘30

Gussie Roberts

Mildred C. Roberts, ‘25

Myrtle Nesbitt Roberts, ‘34

John E. Robertson

William E. Robinson, ‘18

RADM Allan B. Roby

Frances Roby

David Rock

Wayne E. Roe, Sr.

Barbrea Hill Rogers, ‘49

J. A. R. and Elizabeth Rogers

Robert Reed Rogers, ‘51

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Beulah Bootie Ropkins

Dr. Harold D. Rosenbaum, ‘41

Helen Ross

John M. Ross, ‘49

Vince Ross, ‘62

Dr. W. Gordon Ross, Hon.’69

Michael Joseph Rotolo

M. Roger Rouse

Beverly Rubinstein

Jerome Rudberg

Elizabeth Rumminger

Jeannette E. Runyon

Joseph Quinton Rush, ‘25

Manjula Rystrom

Flora Coefield Sabatino, ‘50

Donna Salmen

William Howard and Opal


Col. Harland Sanders

JoAnne T. Santangelo

Patricia Templeton Satter, ‘56

Lon Reginald Saylor

Charles H. Schaaff

Helen Schaaff

John and Lillian Schaaff

Dr. William J. Schafer

Dr. Helen Maynor Scheirbeck, ‘57

George Hilson Scherrer, ‘40

Elizabeth Scholz

Fritz Scholz

Rev. William R. Schorman, ‘42

Albert C. Schumacher

Edna and George Schumacher

Hiram Schumacher

Hugh A. Scott, ‘40

Beecher Scutchfield, ‘34

Miriam Seagle

William Seagle

Melba Spellmeyer Seay

Marjorie Wightman Segal, ‘59

George Sekol

Alice T. Senn

Robert J. Shackelford

Dorothy E. Shanesy

Harold Dennis Shanesy

Betty Broome Sharder, ‘51

Doris H. Sheets

Rev. Gilbert Shely, ‘30

Doris Galliher Shinn

Memorial Gifts • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Dwight Shinn

Dr. J. Pat Shugars

Dr. Noel M. Shutt, ‘41

Howard Allen Silverman

Donval R. Simpson, ‘50

Walter and Lydia Simpson

Catherine M. Simson

Dr. Donald W. Singleton, Sr., ‘44

J. Knox Singleton, ‘40

Robert E. Siska

Frank T. Slayzak

Helen T. Slayzak

Lawrence B. Slobodkin

Ira and Emily Sloyer

Ann Vanusek Smith

Arlie W. Smith, ‘49

Dr. C. Louis Smith, Hon.’74

Daniel B. Smith

Dr. Edward Smith

Frank Smith

James H. Smith

Jennifer Carol Smith, ‘75

John Ed Smith

Mary Smith

Mary Klein Smith

Ruth Smith

Ruth P. Smith

Silas Smith

Robert Sommers

Dr. Robert H. Sorenson

Dr. C. Bishop Spangler, ‘53

Mary Helen Spears

Jeanne Brown Speckhals, ‘88

Vivian M. Sprague

Julia Drukker Stammer, ‘30

Teddy Stamper, ‘43

Dorothy Steere

Douglas Steere

Nancy A. Steinbeck

Susan E. Steineke

James W. Steiner, V-12 ‘45

Dr. Noel Stephens, Jr., Hon.’97

Albert F. Stewart, ‘36

Herschel J. Stewart

Leslie Stewart

Walter L. Stewart, ‘69

Zula Stewart

James R. Stiverson

Opal Loy Story, ‘42

William Steve Stricklen

Dr. Thomas D. Strickler

Alfred Strunk

Marietta Purkey Suhart, ‘48

Algernon Sydney Sullivan

Mary Mildred Sullivan

Benjamin F. Sutherland, ‘38

Charles Melvin Sutton, ‘53

Henry S. Szurgot

Jewel Lee Tabor

William Tallmadge

Eugene Tappero

Arthur Taylor, 1914

Lowell D. Taylor

Studs Terkel

Fred and Ann Thaw

Rev. and Mrs. John Thetgyi

Mrs. Charles W. Thomas, Jr.

Lyell Jerome Thomas, Sr., V-12 ‘44

Dr. Craig Alan Thompson, ‘91

Lt. Col. Glen E. Thompson, ‘50

Raymond Thompson

Dr. Robert J. Thompson

Ruth King Thompson, ‘50

Franklin Thurman, ‘32

Miriam McVey Thurman, ‘31

Kenneth E. Tigges

Dr. Charles E. Timberlake, ‘57

Elizabeth Dove Jesse Todd, ‘32

Dorothy Tredennick, ‘46

Elizabeth L. Trout

Dorothea Tuney

Jack J. Turner, ‘59

Alice S. Tyler

Jack G. Underwood, ‘64

Charlotte Angell Uorick, ‘41

Victor G. Vaive

Norma Crase Valentine, ‘52

Virginia Buchanan VanArsdale, ‘63

Virginia C. VanCleve

Lottie McClung VanDyke, ‘34

Dr. C. D. VanHook

Jeanette VanHook, ‘25

Dr. Joseph O. VanHook, ‘25

Dr. Alice VanKrevelen, Hon.’97

Ruth Watson VanWinkle

Mary Vanya

Ned Vargo

Helen Varnum

Edward Wachholz

Mary O’Daniel Wade, ‘55

Warren A. Wakefield

Elizabeth Kay Walker, ‘70

Sadie Walker

Antonietta Bianca Wallace

Dr. Jerome Howard Waller, Sr.

Harold L. Walters

Landon Todd Walters, ‘94

Dr. and Mrs. C. C. Wang

James Burt Wanland, V-12 ‘45

Miriam Brandenburg Wann, ‘45

John James Watson, ‘34

Ruth P. Watson

Dr. Willis D. Weatherford, Jr.,


Kathleen Weatherhead

Charles Barton Weaver

George L. Weaver

Dr. R. Michael Weaver, ‘64

Alma Weber

Dr. W. Harry Weddington, ‘49

Dr. Ernest J. Weekes

Frances E. Weeks

Frances C. W. Wei

Robert Stephen Weimann

Billie Laye Welsh, ‘50

Ralph Welsh, ‘51

Judy A. Wenrick

Leoma Wersal

Margaret Miller Wesley, ‘41

Rex Wesley, ‘46

Clyde West

Irene West

Memorial Gifts • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Norman C. Wheeler

Rose Blackburn Wheeler, ‘38

Marion G. White

Dale Whitsitt

Dorothy Whitsitt

Bernard Wierda

Roland Robert Wierwille, Hon.’98

Edith Beldon Wiesel, ‘41

Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland Williams

Dr. Jean Pierre Williams

Leonard Earl Williams

Randall P. Williams, ‘51

James Edgar Williamson

Dr. Paul Wendell Williamson, V-12 ‘45

Dr. Russell D. Williamson, ‘44

E. Dickson Willis, ‘38

Charles Wilson, ‘16

Martin A. Wilson, ‘57

Ruth Isaacs Wilson

Grace Turner Winebarger, ‘51

June McLaughlin Wingo, ‘56

Frederick H. Winterkamp

Herbert Wisenberg

Col. Alfred M. Wood, ‘14

Mrs. Alfred M. Wood

Eliza Stewart Wood

Henry H. Wood

T. J. Wood, 1909

Alvine A. Woodward

Dr. Eugene P. Wratchford, ‘57

Jon Michael Wright

Marian Wright

Pietertje Smits Wright, ‘40

Clarence H. Wyatt, ‘33

Dr. James M. Wygal, ‘42

Barbara J. F. Wyman

Daniel T. E. Yahng

Shizuko T. Yamaguchi

Louise C. Yang

Edwin D. Yoakum, ‘38

Betty J. Young

Polly Young

Josif D. Zhugashvili

Bequest Gifts

Frederic C. Ashworth

Agnes Aspnes

Ballmann Family

Florence and Minnie Behl

David A. Beldon

Pauline M. DeFriece Belvedere

Jean Fulton Benedict

Grace Blough

William Bosch

Zorah W. Bowman

Harold Allen Brooks, Jr.

Eva Reid Brosius

Stuart H. Brown

Charles and Evelyn Burgoyne

Marie B. Burlingame

Ouida Midkiff Burrus

Cloe A. Call

Josephine Virginia Callahan-House

Zane E. Campbell

Marjorie Cianflone

Clegg Family

Virginia B. Colman

Clifford R. Combs

Wilma Jean Cornett

Marion E. Crawford

Carolyn I. Cressman

Henry S. Crosby, Jr.

Kinsman E. Crumb

Margaret Cruze

E. Ruth Dorsett

John Doscher

Francis E. and Julia R. Drury

Harold W. Fassold

Ruby I. Fassold

Lida M. Ferguson

Enza Aronica Ferrante

Dorothy Fiore-Gramenstetter

George Washington Foose

Ann Hardeman and Combs L. Fort

Mary S. Frazer

Alice and George Gardner

Augatha C. Gayhart

Mary Nell Griffin

Henry Gund

Jessie Hallett

A. Vincent and Edith Harper

Robert E. Harrison

Carolyn H. Harvey

Carmela Haynes

Willis C. Helm

O. Tinsley Helton

Tommie J. Hillmon

Irene H. Hills

Marion E. Homeier

Corinne Marsh Keith

Tuthill King

Eleanor S. Kivela

Robert C. and Barbara K. Koehler

G. Daniel and Suzi Kohler

Esther Bridge Kohnle

Walter C. Kronke

Edwin C. Kruse

Wilma Larew

Phyllis K. Lisi

John J. MacGregor

Bequest Gifts • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Laban and LaVerna McClure

Stewart McCullum

Dorothy and Clarence Meacham

Lewis B. Miller

Wade E. Miller

George E. Mills, III

James M. Moler

Margaret M. Mollenkopf

Gerald Morgan, Jr.

Joseph Tyler Morris

Emily R. Nashner

W. O. and Lois Newell

Jeanette M. Ocker

Michael Parrish

Clara Phillips

Elisabeth Severance Prentiss

Helen Louise Price

Martha W. Rains

Charles C. Reardon

Nancy R. Reckinger

Lloyd E. Roberts

Frances K. Ross

Sara De Coursey Ruth

Aldo Scafati

Ernst M. Schaefer

Norma L. Schaumburg

Else L. Schulze

Gertrude A. Schwarz

Harriett E. Scott

V. Frank Scott

Blanche Wiley Shafer

Kate B. Sheadle

Emmy L. Shockley

Samuel Siurua

Blanche K. Stanton

Arthur J. Starr

David G. Stenberg

Louise C. Stolle

Fern Elizabeth Stowe

Margaret B. Taylor

Robert M. and Ella Mary Thorpe

Dorothy Tredennick

Chester D. Tripp

Gilbert J. Ward

Charles Barton Weaver

Laura Amelia Davis Whisnant

Edith B. Wiesel

Garnet I. Willow

Frederick W. and Genevieve Witteborg

Alfred M. and Mary Swain Wood

Bernal R. Woodward

W. Leslie and Mable D. Worth

Lawrence L. Zarrilli

Corporate and Matching Gifts • 2011-2012



Honor Roll of Giving

Corporate and

Matching Gifts

Contributions made in the form of

Matching Gifts

3M Foundation


Abbott Laboratories Fund

Alcoa Foundation

American Express Foundation

American International Group, Inc.

Amica Companies Foundation

Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc.


AT&T Foundation

Automatic Data Processing

Avago Technologies

Bank of America Foundation

Bank of New York Mellon

BASF Corporation


Boeing Company

BridgestoneFirestone, Inc.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation

Broadridge Foundation

Brown-Forman Corporation

Cargill, Inc.

Caterpillar Foundation


Coca-Cola Company


Dow Chemical Company Foundation

Dow Jones and Company

Duke Power Company Foundation

Eli Lilly and Company Foundation

ExxonMobil Foundation

Fidelity Foundation

GE Foundation

General Mills Foundation

GlaxoSmithKline Foundation

W. W. Grainger, Inc.

Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation

Honda of America Manufacturing, Inc.

Hormel Foods Corporation

Houghton Mifflin Company

J. M. Huber Corporation

Humana Foundation, Inc.

Illinois Tool Works Foundation

Johnson & Johnson

KPMG Foundation

Laboratory Corporation of America

MeadWestvaco Foundation

Merck Company Foundation

Metropolitan Life Foundation

Microsoft Giving Campaign

Milliken and Company

Norfolk Southern Corporation

Pentair, Inc.

PepsiCo Foundation

Pfizer, Inc.

Pimco Foundation

PNM Resources, Inc.

Procter & Gamble Fund

Public Service Electric & Gas


Raytheon Company

Regence Employee Giving Campaign

Shell Oil Company

Sherwin-Williams Foundation

Southern Star Central Gas

Pipeline, Inc.

Space Systems Loral

Square D Foundation

State Farm Companies Foundation

SunGuard Data Systems, Inc.

SuperValu Foundation

Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Inc.

Verizon Foundation

Wells Fargo

Xcel Energy Foundation

Xerox Foundation

XL Capital Group

Corporate and Matching Gifts • 2011-2012



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