Trojan 1981 - Yearbook

Trojan 1981 - Yearbook


University Of Minnesota

Technical College

Crookston, Minnesota

198 1 Trojan Yearbook

Volume 15

The contents of-this yearbook will become

more valuable to each of you as time goes

on. I extend my personal greetings to each

of you through this yearbook.

Each individual is very important to me because

you are a member of the UMC family.

Good luck to each of you!

Provost S. D. Sahlstrom








Row 1: Steve Emery, Linda Peters, Cindy Gruhot, Sue Bergeson, and Tim Chapman. Row 2: Karla Zinn, De Daniels, Shawn

Borud, Nancy Kotval, and Jim O'Doherty. Row 3: Greg Parenteau, Dean Bondeson, Dennis Sargeant, David Ekman, and Ron


Ron Nelson serves as student representative

to the University Board of Regents.










Concerts 1



Year Round Entertainment

Ag- Arama

Ag Arama was held January 23-24, 1981. The two

days consisted of contests for students to test their

abilities in activities of their choice. The events were

a variety of contests in horticulture identification,

animal science showmanship, log peeling, speaking

contests and many others. Overall this was a day for

students to forget about home work and have fun.

On the final evening Greg LaPlante, and Jackie Malo

were named King and Queen Ag Arama.


Ag Arama King and Queen Candidates- Row 1: Julie Bernardson, Lori Bellanger,

Tammy Schilling, Vicki Wagner, and Karolyn Erickson. Row 2: Jackie Malo, Sheri

Hoffman, Kari Wright, Pat Feil, Lona Larson, and Dale Carter. Row 3: Roy Bell,

Duane Emery, Jeff Torsen, Steve Rinkenberger, and Greg LaPlante. Not pictured:

Russ Gold and Jon Olson.

Steve Rinkenberger and Roy Bell shared the honors of receiving

the True Grit Award.




Directed By

Alice Moorhead

Row 1: Becky Melaas, Kelly Kennedy,

Kent Hurst, Deb Fiala, Joel Schultz, and

Pam Koch. Row 2 Lori Haugen, Pat

Garry, Paul Heiberg, Charlie Williamson,

Kevin Danielson, Karolyn Erickson, and

Shawn Borud. Row 3 Bruce Beresford,

George French, Mike Somppi. Dan

Nemanick, Chuck Tiedeman, Judy Cota,

Tim Klaers, and Jo Trottier. Not

pictured: Linda Grimm, Mike Morgan,

Steve Urseth, Bruce Emmel, David

Young, and Bill Schuster.


I rojan







George French

Pop Choir and Trojan Singers:

Sandy Basnett, Rebecca Backman, Paul

Bly, Ann Boeddeker, Joe Bradseth, Julie

Carlson, Leslie Gieseke, Kersti Hanson,

Alene Holmes, Rita Jewell, Doreen

Johnson, Janet Klemetson, Don Korach,

Lori LaFrinier, Julie Marple, Jim

McLaughlin, Pam McNeilly, Rebecca

Melaas, Joan Moat, Gail Moose, Lori

Olson, Barb Pester, Linda Peters, Mark

Ramsay, Valerie Rude, Jackie Saur, Sheri

Schmidt, Butch Schleicher, Kevin Sharp,

Carol Smith, Elaine Sorbo, Tracy

Spargur, Joe Spoden, Dona Stone, Lisa

Svegdahl, Charles Tiedeman, Lynn

Webster, Michelle Wenzel, David Young.

Pianist Mary Lou Wosick

Guest Conductor Mark Sheppard





“Steppin’ Out” Members: Row 1: Doreen

Johnson, Geno Mancini, Janet Klemetson,

Bernie DeLaHunt, Mark

Schneider. Row 2 Greg Bakken, Joe Bradseth,

Pat Halloran.

Trojan Band

Denise Anderson

Brian Andrew

Susan Bergeson

Joe Bradseth

Gloria Busse

Julie Carlson

Lenae Carlson

Daniel Flom

Patrick Halloran

Rick Hopperstad

Lisa Konsor

Ruth McGlynn

Gail Moose

Mark Ramey

Lynn Webster

Scott Winger


Ag Judging Teams

Students from UMC placed third in the overall sweepstakes at the National Association of Colleges Teaching Agriculture (NACTA)

contest in Hays, Kansas. They competed against 25 two-year postsecondary institutions from across the nation. Row 1: Dr. Harvey

Peterson, Dan Brown, Scott Tollefson, Charles Norman, Joydell Olson, Kevin Sharp, Vivian Altepeter, Carol Collyer, and Tim Kenyon.

Row 2: Dale Perkins, Milo Ravndaler, Karolyn Kumpula, Lona Larson, Pam Koch, Kim Strandell, Kathy Carlson, Dale Carter, and

Truman Tilleraas. Row 3: Charles Habstritt, Keith Stenvik, Linda Grave, Chad Payne, Tim Keith, Pam Fahrlander, Dennis Tollerud,

and David Hoff.

- Animal Judging Team' Row

Kum~u'a. Soils Judging teams. Above - Milo Ravndaler, Scott Tollef-

Dan Brown' and Tim Kenyon' ': Harvey

son, Kevin Sharp, Chad Payne, and Chuck Habstritt. Below -

Peterson, Kathy Carlson. Dale Carter. Keith Stenvik, and Dave

Chuck Habstritt, Joe

Richard Magnusson, Paul

Hoff. Below - Dairy Judging Team. Truman Tilleraas, Pam

McNelly, and Chuck Lariviere.

Koch, Kathy Carlson, Dale Perkins, and Charles Norman.

Spring Awards Banquet Held April 21

Recipients of the Student Service Awards were. row 1: Esther DeLeCruz, David Ekman, Nancy Kotval, Jackie Malo. Row 2 Tim

Chapman, Theresa Primus, Karla Zinn, De Daniels, Lori Bellanger, and Greg LaPlante. Not pictured: Sharon Anderson.



Marv Mattson, left, received the Faculty Member Most Supportive of Student Activities Award. Bruce

Brorson, center, received the Outstanding Service Award for Faculty-Staff. Anthony Warner, exchange

Professor from England, right, received the Outstanding Teacher Award.

Man and Woman of the Year were named at the spring Awards

Banquet. Receiving the honors were 1980-81 Student Senate president,

David Ekman and Nancy Kotval.

Roger Aspevig received the athletic award for Fan of th


Student athletic award winners were Dean Marshik, left,


and Patty


Athletic Awards

Foot ba I I -Wrest I i n g

Left: Football most valuable player for defense was Bill Molitor. Right:

Football most valuable player for offense was John Livingston.

Most valuable wrestler was Joe Gross.

Men’s Basketball

Left: Men’s basketball best defensive player was Dave Ekman. Right:

Men’s basketball most improved player was Joe Day.

Men’s basketball most valuable player was Pat



Women’s Basketball


Left: Women’s basketball most improved player was Fran Kuznia.

Right: Women’s basketball most valuable player was Patti Biebl.

Left: Volleyball most team hustle was Jackie Malo. Right: Volleyball

most valuable player was Judy Cota.

Wrestling Baseball Women’s Softball

In wrestling the Rod Hanson Award for

most dedicated wrestler went to Todd


Baseball’s most valuable player was Jeff


Women’s softball most valuable player

was Karolyn Kumpula.



Commencement May 22, 1981

Commencement took place at 2 p.m. on the campus


Featured speaker was Thrainn H. Kristjansson, a UMC

alumnus from the Class of 1972. A graduate of the

division of hotel, restaurant and institutional managemenl

Kristjansson now owns and manages several restaurants

in major cities of western Canada.

Also included on the program were Regent William

Dosland, Provost Stanley Sahlstrom, and Dr. Donald

Sargeant. David Ekman, spoke on behalf of the Class of

1981. Tom Feiro ('75) offered congratulatory remarks as

1980-81 president of the UMC Alumni Association. The

invocation was delivered by The Rev. Tom Latterell,

pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Crookston, and the

benediction by Brent Jacobson, director of the UMC

Campus Ministry program. Musical interludes throughout

the ceremonies were presented by the UMC Chorale,

under the direction of George French.

A reception followed the recessional at the College's new

food service building.


Yearbook Staff

The staff enjoyed a great year in 80-81. Thanks to our

photographers: Theresa Primus and Mike Sompi; Barb

Weiler, our advisor; and all the people who helped with

the book. A special thank you to Dennis Magsam, John

Zak, Dr. Tony Kuznik, and Lori Mateer (Crookston Times).The

staff prepared their own second annual dinner

consisting of delicious mexican dishes. We also celebrated

Theresa Primus’ birthday with a “cat cake,”

something we won’t forget.

Right: Lauri Paluch and Tina Gonzalez co-editors. Below: Row 1:

Mike Sompi, Lauri Paluch. Barb Weiler, Tina Gonzales, and Theresa

Primus. Row 2 Cathy Hensel, Theresa Mann, Becky Melaas, Judy

Cota, Nancy Kotval, Mark Ecklund, and Gloria Busse. Not pictured:

Julie Snyder, Laurie Dunbar, and Nancy Iverson.






Row 1: Greg Parenteau, Keith Hill, John Panzer, Chuck Tiedeman, Deb Fiala, Tracy

Amundson. Row 2 Rich Zehnder, Dave Young, Ken Torkelson Advisor, Sami Sewell, Charlie

Williamson, Joel Schultz, Bill Schuster. Row 3: Kevin Grimm, Paul Heiberg.







Distributive Education Clubs Of America

DECA Advisors: Row 1: Larry

Christiansen, Sue Brorson, Colleen DeMartin

and Ken Myers. Row 2 Bruce Brorson,

Emily Minnichsoffer, and Joseph Behm.

From Around

The World

Confirmation was received that three UMC students nave been

accepted to British colleges to participate in the United Kingdom

Reciprocal Exchange (UKRE) program during the 1981-82 school year.

Row 1: Michael Houdek and Heidi Fallgren will study at Llandrillo

Technical College in Colwyn Bay, Wales. Row 2 Juan Moreno is

director of special students and coordinator of the UKRE program, and

Kathy Carlson will study at Berkshire College of Agriculture in

Maidenhead, England.

Multicultural Club

Row 1: Carlos Moreno (Ecuador) secretary-treasurer, Vicky Moreno (Ecuador) vice

president, Rafael Gonzalez (Venezuela) president, Nick Cakebread (England) student

senate representative. Row 2 Provost Stanley Sahlstrom (USA), Atta Tareen (Pakistan),

Roberto Velazquez (Venezuela), Rudy DeLeon (USA), Flor Gonzalez (Venezuela), Jolene

Olson (USA), Chukwu Obasi (Nigeria). Row 3 lbrahim Mohammed (Nigeria), Umaru

Garba (Nigeria), Camilo Ronderos (Columbia), Jose Rios, Jr. (USA), Johnny Rivas

(USA), Fabian Rodas (Ecuador), and lbrahim Mouktar (Nigeria).


Out Reach

Singing Group

Row 1: Jeannette Anderson and Brent

Jacobson. Row 2 Kathy Lamatsch, Pam

McNeilly, and Laurie Dunbar. Row 3:

Betty Bjorkman, Mark Hamann, Theresa

Primus, Butch Schleicher, and Don

Korach. Not pictured: Russ Gold,

Donna Jensen, Roberta Hansen, and AI

Hel bing.






Ski Club

Ski Club Officers: Jim O’Doherty, Jackie Malo,

Chuck Vogel, Jane Healy, and advisor

Gretchen Starks.

Veteran’s Club

Preparing Christmas toys Standing: Arlin Volker, Dan Berrios, Curt

Kallander, and Steve Borg. Sitting: Tim J. Meyer.




A ssocia tion



State I





Row 1: Steve Wimer, Rita Jewell, Mary Lou Wosick, Sandy Storsteen, Karl Fuhrman.

Row 2 Lori Olson, Steve Addabbo, Kris Fossum, Claire Noterman, Brenda Gotto, Gloria

Busse, Sue Jensen. Not Pictured: Tracy Sparager, Lori Gelen.


Fashion Club

A New Wave!

At left are fashion club officers. Row 1: Gale Jenkins and Linda Peters.

Row 2 Robin Lee, Karin Hermonson, and Doreen Johnson.

Home And



Row 1: Jeannette Anderson, Shawnda

Johnson, Esther DeLaCruz-President,

Bindy Stone-Student Senate, Becky

Melaas, Becky Backman-DECA State

Treasurer. Row 2 Diane Seddon,

Lynn Webster, Sue Smith-Vice

President, Chris Baudler-Student

Senate, Julie Borgos, Emy Lou Oelfke,

Glenice Johnson-Advisor. Not

Pictured: Theresa Primus-Secretary,

Beverly Adams, Lenea Carlson,

Colleen Chisholm, Mark Ecklund,

Cindy Erickson, Joan Erickson, Leslie

Gieseke-Treasurer, Roberta Hanson,

Jan Lewis, Linda Mohn, Diane Nelson,

Terri Pavek, Barb Pester, Lisa

Svegdahl, Darlene Szklarski, Kim

Wittenburg, Tina Gonzalez.


"Little Dodge City" - Row 1: Lyle Marohl, Dan Rosencrans, Kerry McCabe,

Karen Muehlenhardt. Row 2: Michele Wenzel, Sharon Anderson, Jim Friesen, De

Daniels, Ken Reddick, and Janis Adams.






Hospitality Association Board of

Directors: Row 1: Mike Haudek-executive

board member, Sharon Andersonsecretary,

John Garafola-executive board

member. Row 2: Jim Friesen-chairman,

Tim Stein-vice chairman, Lyle Marohltreasurer.






Row 1: John Bard, Phil Baird, Marj Pharis, Wendy Hogan. Row 2 Dave Meyer, Jaci

Moravec, Lisa Marty, Rhonda Elsner, Becky Armstrong. Row 3 Cam Boeck, Leslie

Harvey, Sandy Olson, Jean Fjelsta, Dan Flom. Row 4 Tod Tonsager, Brian Peterson,

Wayne Friemund. Paul Martin, Roger Mohn, and Jim Teske.


Horticulture Club


Future Farmers Of America

Row 1: Paul Aakre, advisor. Row 2 Theresa Mann, Vicki Wagner, Cathy Hensel, Richard Muckala, Bill Hawley. Row 3

Tim Kenyon, Greg LaPlante, Harold Stanislawski, Jon Bromander, Steve Rinkenberger, Rick Schmidt.

4-H Club

Row 1: Dan Brown, Ronna Brekke, Steve Rinkenberger. Row 2 Lisa Svegdahl, Tim Klaers, Joe Spoden, Lynn Anderson, Kathy

Carlson, Don Keith (Advisor), Mark Hamann.






Row 1: Mark Hamann, Steve Knopps, Dale Carter, Linda Grave, Theresa Mann. Row 2

Lori LaFrinier, Shelly Nielson, Kim Standell, Shelly Sebenaler, Beth Zimmerman, Connie

Sue Johnston, Tammy Schilling, Sandra Bassnet. Row 3: Kim Tattle, Joane Eklo, Pat

Feil, Laurie Erickson, Lisa Marty, Pam Fahnlander. Missing: Debbie Beck, Joydell Olson,

Vivian Altepeter, Linda Abar, Penny LaPlante, Toni Rose, Sue Watsula, Sue Bergeson,

Carol Collyer-Advisor, Raydell Koch.

Officers: Row 1: Linda Grave treasurer, Kim Standell president. Row

2: Tammy Schilling secretary, and Beth Zimmerman vice president.



Ag Production Club 1981: Row

1: Dick Muckula, Dan Nelson, Alan

Stangeland, Theresa Mann, Patty

Nolan and Bert Hanson. Row 2

Richard McGregor, Joe

Magnusson, Jeff Trosen, Eric

Larson, and Brian Hopka. Row 3

Matt Burthold, Greg Anderson, Dan

Prichard, Grant Langerud, Jim

Pritchard, Harold Stanislawski, Ken

Siem, Marv Mattson.


College Democrats




At right, College Democrats and Republicans visit

Secretary of State Joan Growe (center, front row) at

the Minnesota State Capitol.


Row 1: Mark Craigmile, Chuck Feria, Brian Deckert, Mark Hagl, Steve Laddusaw, Kent Hurst, Tom Solien, Dewey King, Mike

Sandt, Dave Parks, Joe Gross, Dan Omdahl, Mike Morgan, and student manager Paul Heiberg. Row 2 Gary Carlson, Chad

Nikkari, Dan Girolamo, Bruce Poppel, Jeff Rutten, Dean Marshik, Jim Karels, Scott Morgan, Don Stephens, Tom Quinn, Bret

Anderson, Ed Pekarek, Bill Molitor, Jim Harris, Robby Becker, and trainer Dan Zahn. Row 3: Layne Stangeland, Jerome Simmons,

Brook Buchkolz, Joel Ash, Joe Bruflat, Paul Lucas, Chad Payne, Greg Morris, Greg Engle, Doug Remer, Mike Kirkpatrick, Rod

Bulstad, Steve Urseth, head coach Jim Sims, coach Wayne Olson, coach Jim Sutherland, coach AI Lund, coach AI Droen, and

John (Butch) Schleicher. Row 4 Dale Snyder, Dale Perkins, Randy Dahl, Daryl Foss, John Paul, Dave Rolf, Les Hell, Rick Sather,

Todd Ukkelberg, Steve Denherder, Tony Blake, Camilo Ronderos, Tom Reding, Kevin Danielson, Joe Dawson, Derby Brown,

student manager Steve Butler, and student manager Jim Svir. Not pictured: Jim Gobel, John Livingston, and Bernie Foss.


Football '8 1

COACHES ROW 1: offensive line coach Jim

Sutherland, head coach Jim Sims, and defensive

coach Wayne Olson. Row 2 wide receiver coach

Albert Lund, and defensive back coach Albert


CHEERLEADERS- Row 1: Kathy Baker, Bernadine DeLaHunt, and

Mary Tollefson. Row 2 Kristie Rohlstan, mascot Kevin Hagar, and

Brenda Gotto.

Row 1: Jennifer Keith, Cindy Gruhot, and Pam Huot. Row 2 De Daniels, Terri Pavek, Karolyn Kumpula, and Teri Salentine.

Row 3: Coach Bill McManus, Francine Kuznia, Patti Biebl, Judy Cota, Diane Hubbard, and Assistant Coach Jane Healy. Not

pictured: Jackie Malo.

Volley bal I

Co-captains were Judy Cota and Patti Biebl. Pictured below is the

KROX Most Valuable Player, Judy Cota.


Go, go, go go

Win, win, win, win

No, no, no, no

We won’t give in

Run, run, run, run

Faster, faster


Is what we’re after



Kneeling: Mascot Jason Sutherland. Row 1: Doug Hedman, Doug Paulson, Dave Ekman, Keith Strickland,

Rich Dufault. Row 2 Head coach Jim Sutherland, John Bungarden, Joe Day, Steve Espeland, Pat Devine, Kyle

Larson, Jeff Ronglien, Andy Miller, and Manager Daryl Fladhammer. CHEERLEADERS (below): Renae Carlson,

Bernadine DeLaHunt, and Brenda Maki.

’80-’8 1 Men’s Basketball

Row 1: Diane Hubbard, Micky Habeck, Karolyn Kumpula and Terri Pavek. ROW 2 Coach Wayne Olson, Shelly Geurts, Patti

Biebl (captain), Francine Kuznia, and Carol Erickson.

Women’s Basketball

Captain: Patti Biebl





















Rainy River

Lake Region





Fergus Falls




Fergus Falls

Rainy River



Lake Region




























Row 1: Brett Urness, Doug Salo, Todd Johnston, Tim Friesen, Brian Beich, and

Dave Meyer. Row 2: Head coach Murray Tiedemann, Bill Molitor, Joe Gross,

Dean Marshik, Tim Martine, Mark Hamann, Steve Emery, and coach Rod

Mosher. Not pictured: Mike Sandt.

“The UMC wrestlers finished their season with a 10-6 record. Three of

these losses were to nationally ranked teams. UMC was second in the

Northern Division behind a strong Anoka-Ramsey team. The Trojans

qualified two wrestlers to the National Tournament Joe Gross at 177

and Dean Marshik at heavyweight. Joe Gross also led the team in wins,

compiling an impressive 29-5-1 record during his freshman year.”

Coach Murry Tiedeman


Cheerleaders (Left to right): LaRae Rennewanz, Diane Vettel, and

Diane Johnson.


Trojan Hockey

Row 1: Student Manager Nancy Greenwood, Co-captain Tim Brown, Bernie Foss, Joel

Johnson, Jim Pelowski, Joe Magnusson, Co-captain Scott Pieper, Student Manager Chris

Lindquist. Row 2 Asst. Coach Chuck Habstritt, Jim Norlander, Bob Clauson. Scott

Morse, Mark Perreault, Robin Brekken, Kenny Thunder, Bob Landry, Todd Fisher, Head

Coach Tom Kelly. Row 3 Scott Brolsma, Jeff Hedlof, Steve Biermaier, Steve Bade, Elliot

Solheim, and Milo Ravndalen.

Cheerleaders: Row 1: Nancy Milbrath, Gwen Hogland, and Gale Jenkins. Row 2 Kathy

Baker, and Becky Backman.


Trojan Baseball

Row 1: Bill Vollbrecht, Mark McGlynn, Capt. Scott Morse, AI Cota, John Livingston, Jim Harris, Jerome Simmons, Doug Grev, Dan

Sammon. Row 2 Scott Waage, Joe Dawson, Marty Andrews, Robby Becker, Kevin Danielson, Terry Brennan, Shawn Eastman,

Randy Faul, Brook Buchholz, Jeff Ferguson, Coach Wayne Olson. Not Pictured: Tim Meyer.


8 Northland 2

9 Northland 7

5 Northland 3

4 Northland 0

1 Fergus Falls 2

Row 1: Micky Habeck, Jackie Malo, Jane Healy, Terri Pavek, Fran Kuznia, Laurie Erickson, Karolyn Kumpula. Row 2

Nancy Milbrath, Sheri Hoffman, Shawn Borud, Vicki Wagner, Nancy Iverson, Judy Cota, Karen Muehlenhardt, Tammi

Slater, and Coach Bill McManus.

The womens fastpitch softball team entered

its first year with lack of experience but a

very good turn out of women. This was

UMC’s first year in the league and although

they never won a game they gained

knowledge and skill of the game. The

women played well together and by this

time next year the other teams will have

some competition looking at them.


Which Sport

Do You Prefer






Larry Abraham: Thief River Falls

Janis Adams: Wilton, ND

Vivian Altepeter: Crookston

Jeannette Anderson: Cleveland

Lynn Anderson: Bagley

Sharon Anderson: Little Falls

Cindy Arnold: Brainardsville, NY

David Backstrom: Bloomington

Kathleen Baker: Bemidji

Mohammed Bashir-Bomai: Nigeria

Christine Baudler: Roseau

Pete Behling: East Grand Forks

Tammy Beiseker: Crookston

Lori Bellanger: Mahnomen

Jenny Bement: Ely

Julie Bernhardson: Ada

Karen Beyer: Holloway

Patti Biebl: New Ulm

Betty Bjorkman: Chisago City

Delroy Blake: Crookston

Camilla Boeck: St. Paul

Janelle Bogestad: Donaldson

Bonnie Bohnsack: Hillsboro, ND

Michael Boland: Bloomington

Rodney Bolstad: East Grand Forks

Dean Bondeson: Braham

Kathleen Bonemeyer: Grand Forks, ND

Shawn Borud: Babbit

Michelle Brisk: Pierz


Jon Bromander: Ulen

Joann Bromen: Sauk Centre

Monte Brorson: Gardner, ND

Earle Brown: Edina

Timothy Brown: Grand Forks, ND

Jennifer Brule: Crookston

Marilyn Buness: Crookston

L. Robin Bursheim: MclNtosh

Matthew Burthold: Pekin, ND

Gloria Busse: Mahnomen

Craig Cailler: Crookston

Julie Carlson: Alvarado

Dale Carter: Tintah

Tim Chapman: Grand Forks, ND

Colleen Chisholm: Gary

Donna Clemenson: Crookston

John Coffey: Pisek, ND

Linnea Cooley: Grand Forks, ND

Judy Cota: Red Lake Falls

Paul Craigmile: Hallock

Karen Cudmore: Park River

Denise Daniels: Tintah

Margaret Davis: Bloomington

Joseph Day: Warroad

Jeffrey Defoe: Pembina, ND

Esther DeLaCruz: Hendrum

Bernadine DeLaHunt: Park Rapids

Rudy DeLeon: Fisher

Susan Delisle: East Grand Forks


Dan Desrosier: Roseau

Patrick Devine: Wakonda, SD

Kelly Dibble: Palermo, ND

Kevin Dietz: Glencoe

Mike Dodds: Red Lake Falls

Jane Drege: Rugby, ND

Jeff Default: Crookston

Audrey Dunn: Hamilton, ND

Mark Ecklund: Crookston

Kaydell Eggen: Thief River Falls

Frances Eisenrich: Pinewood

Theresa Eiynck: Mahnomen

Joanne Eklo: Glenwood

Dave Ekman: Argyle

Don Embretson: Crookston

Duane Emery: Motley

Cindy Erickson: Crookston

Diane Erickson: Grand Forks, ND

Karolyn Erickson: Badger

Laurie Erickson: Baudette

Steve Erickson: Breckenridge

Toufigh Fazollahi: Iran

Pat Feil: Park Rapids

Borode Femi

Jeff Ferguson: Grafton, ND

John Finn: Staples

Daryl Fladhammer: Winger

Dan Flom: Starbuck

Lori Foertsch: Wyndmere, ND


Eddie Foskey: Crookston

Maureen Foss: Crookston

Roberta Fraser: Greenbush

Wayne Freimund: Rochester

Jim Friesen: LeSueur

Annette Froeber: Crookston

Kari Fuhrman: New Rockford, ND

Lori Gelen: Crookston

William Gimler: Roseville

Jim Gobel: Minneapolis

Russell Gold: Motley

Rafael Gonzalez: Venezuela

Tina Gonzalez: Blue Earth

Brenda Gotto: Bismarck, ND

Linda Grave: Hartford, SD

Nancy Greenwood: E. Grand Forks

Jeff Grev: Shakopee

Jon Grimley: Austin

Kevin Grimm: Alexandria

Sharon Gullekson: Fertile

Ralph Gunderson: Lacrosse, WI

Brenda Gustafson: Oldham, SD

Liz Gustafson: Duluth

Jean Haapasaari: New York Mills

Steve Hammero: Cottage Grove

Brenda Hansen: Larimore, ND

Roberta Hansen: Park Rapids

Bert Hanson: Detroit Lakes

Janell Haugen: Motley


Chris Haugrud: Pelican Rapids

Terri Hawes: Crookston

Jane Healy: Red Lake Falls

Doug Hedman: Mahnomen

Alan Helbling: Pierz

Mike Hinderscheid: West St. Paul

Pam Hinkle: Cavalier, ND

Sheri Hoffman: Vergas

Craig Hoglund: Crookston

Alan Horack: Ogema

Randy Huelskamp: Winthrop

Pam Huot: Crookston

Anthony Huotte: Crookston

Fred Huotte: Crookston

Nancy Hurd: North St. Paul

Mouktar Ibrahim: Nigeria

Roger Isdahl: Brooten

C. Scott James: Grand Forks, ND

Gale Jenkins: East Grand Forks

Donna Jensen: Oklee

Gerri Jensen: Proctor

Laura Lee Jensen: Clearwater

Shelly Johanneson: Gardar, ND

Celeste Johnson: International Falls

David A. Johnson: Minneapolis

David D. Johnson: Bemidji

Doreen Johnson: Hallock


Elaine Johnson: Erskine

Tammy Johnson: Thief River Falls

Julie Jolicoeur: Eden Prairie

Sonja Kalhagen: Webster, ND

Curt Kallander: Moorhead

James Karels: Ortonville

Elizabeth Keefe: Hopkins

Mary Keegen: Grand Forks, ND

Tim Kenyon: Hennings

Duaine King: Moorhead

Janet Klemetson: Ulen

Chris Kneen: White Bear Lake

Val Knuth: Ruthton

Dawn Koch: Twin Brooks

RaeDell Koch: Bloomington

Don Korach: Cushing

Kevin Koralewski: Brooks

Gail Kosmatka: Oslo

Nancy Kotval: Clarissa

Dale Kratochwill: Euclid

Tim Krueger: Niagra, ND

Cindy Kunz: Crookston

Carolyn Kuznia: Stephen

Steve Laddusaw: Crookston


Julie Lanctot: Crookston

Grant Langerua. Hawley

Greg LaPlante: Fisher

Corine Larson: Crookston

Lona Larson: Hines


Charles Lariviere: Crookston

Dale Laursen: Red Lake Falls

Janine LeBlanc: Crookston

Robyn Lee: Grand Forks, ND

Jan Lewis: Park River

Chris Lindquist: Baudette

Dan Lindquist: East Grand Forks

Debbie Lizotte: Red Lake Falls

Tom Lloyd: Bemidji

Lorie Lokken: Finley, ND

Lonnie Lofstedt: Roseau

Laurie. Lundberg: Kennedy

Albert Lund: Moorhead

Duane Luukkonen: Sebeka

Steve MacGregor: Red Lake Falls

Joe Magnusson: Roseau

Pam Magnusson: Roseau

Brenda Maki: New York Mills

Jackie Malo: Fairmont

Josylla Marthaler: Crookston

Bill Mattson: Eldred

Ted Mauch: Wyndmere, ND

Kerry McCabe: Moorhead

Kathy McGillvray: Neche, ND

Tim McGillvray: Bathgate, ND

Richard McGregor: Warren

Pamela McNeilly: Mora

Paul McNelly: Fosston

Pam Meagher: Grand Forks, ND



Laura Meine: Crookston

Tami Melbostad: East Grand Forks

Carol Michaelson: Euclid

Linda Mohn: Detroit Lakes

Roger Mohn: Moorhead

Jackie Monson: Valley City, ND

Vicky Moreno: Eduador

Scott Morgan: Lake Crystal

Lyle Morohl: Ely

Greg Morris: Moorhead

Scott Morse: Alexandria

Richard Muckala: New York Mills

Karen Muehlenhardt: LeSueur

Greg Myszkowski: Warren

Dan Nelson: Luverne

Dawn Nelson: Waskish

Diane Nelson: Eagle Bend

Ken Nietfeld: Melrose

Bob Nordstrom: Eagle Bend

Claire Noterman: Adams

Chukwu Obasi: Nigeria

Tope Oduyale: Nigeria

Jolene Olson: Crookston

Jon Olson: Madison

Sandra Olson: St. Paul

Dawn Osborne: Crookston

Doug Owens: Sebeka


Lauri Paluch: lvanhoe

Greg Parenteau: Brooks

Dave Parks: Hoffman

David Peake: Crookston

James Pelowski: Roseau

Ross Petersen: Warren

Kevin Peterson: Warren

Mary Petrowitz: Fingal, ND

Tim Perry: Elko

Scott Pieper: Williams

Michelle Pinna: Crookston

Theresa Primus: Melrose

Jim Pritchard: Ulen

Jerry Qwala: Nigeria

Kristi Ralston: Larimore, ND

Ken Reddick: Ocala, FL

David Reese: Bloomington

Jolene Reitmeier: Crookston

Michelle Richards: Moorhead

Margaret Richter: Rock Valley, IA

Steve Rinkenberger: Fosston

Jose Rios, JR.: Crookston

Paul Rodenburg: Linton, ND

David Rolf: McIntosh

Debra Rongen: Crookston

Valerie Rude: Gary

Heidi Rutherford: Hines

James Sabourin: McIntosh

Timothy Sampson: Motley

Mike Sandt: Lake Crystal

Dennis Sargeant: Cabery, IL

Kay Satrom: Fargo, ND

Mike Schenck: Hawley

Jilleen Schilling: Frazee

Tammy Schilling: Carlos

Sheri Schmidt: Michigan, ND

Jody Schroeder: Maple Plain

Carol Schuweiler: Crookston

Paul Schwalba: Minneapolis

Diane Seddon: Crookston

Kenneth Seim: Detroit Lakes

Tammy Sellheim: Adams, ND

Peggy Sheridan: Shelly

Scott Shermoen: Grand Forks, ND

David Simmons: Gilbert

Tammi Slater: Fisher

Evelyn Slyt: Crookston

Tom Solien: Moorhead

Debbie Stanaway: Eveleth

Harold Stanislawski: Greenbush

Jill Steffen: Crookston

Kathleen Stepaniak: Browerville

Belinda Stone: Barney, ND

Sandra Storsteen: Churchs Ferry, ND

Scott Stradtmann: Glencoe

Kim Strandell: Grand Forks, ND

Keith Strickland, East Grand Forks

Bonnie Swanson: Kennedy


Darlene Szklarski: Stephen

Paul Sullivan: Ulen

Perry Sullivan: Ulen

Leroy Sundbom: East Grand Forks

Jon Tack: East Grand Forks

Mary Tollefson: St. Cloud

Tod Tonsager: Buffalo

Steve Tritz: DuMont

Tim Valentin: Verndale

Tony Vigen: Pelican Rapids

Charles Vogel: Victoria

Arlin Volker: Crookston

Daryl Wagner: Crookston

Vicki Wagner: Richville

Chris Wahlin: Fertile

Mavis Warling: Lake Park

Lynn Webster: Beltrami

Donna Wentz: Gary

Michele Wenzel: Crookston

Robin Werman: East Grand Forks

Joni Wilebski: Kennedy

Charles Williamson: Gaylord

Kim Wittenburg: Wyndmere, ND

Mark Wittler: Fairburg, NE

Linda Wone: Grand Forks, ND

Mary Lou Wosick: Oslo

Kari Wright: Wadena

Kelly Yetter: Mandan, ND

David Young: St. Paul

Pam Zea: Blackduck

Richard Zehnder: Norwood

Karla Zinn: Lake Park, IA


Linda Abar: Grand Forks, ND

Beverly Adams: Bloomington

Steve Addabbo: Hettinger, ND

Bret Anderson: Menahga

Bruce Anderson: Crookston

Craig Anderson: Roseau

Denise Anderson: Fisher

Diana Anderson: Erskine

Luther Anderson: Stephen

Mark Anderson: Faribault

Brian Andrew: Lengby

Marty Andrews: Grafton, ND

Ralph Andring: Mahnomen

Becky Armstrong: Chisago City

Charles Arvik: Park Rapids

Joel Ash: Milaca

Rebecca Backman: Bemidji

Greg Bakken: Coon Rapids

Lori Bakken: Goodridge

Kathy Bakula: St. Paul

Jeff Barr: Grand Forks, ND

Gene Barvels: Underwood

Sandy Basnett: Langdon, ND

Charles Bauer: Graceville

Todd Bauer: Blackduck

Kelly Baumgartner: Roseau

Debbie Beck: St. Paul


Robert Becker: So. St. Paul

Tod Becker: Park Rapids

Lance Becklund: Baudette

Brian Beich: Crookston

Mary Bendickson: Crookston

Nicholai Benson: Mentor

Joyce Berg: Grafton, ND

Jerry Berge: Harmony

Sue Bergeson: Hartford, SD

Robin Bering: Wahpeton, ND

Gerald Berthold: Arvilla, ND

Steve Biermaier: Crookston

Mark Birkholz: Sebeka

Valorie Black: Fairfax

Sue Blawat: Stephen

Jules Blom: Rose Creek

Paul Bly: McIntosh

Ann Boeddeker: Brandon

Laurie Bohlman: Thompson

Steve Borg: Red Lake Falls

Julie Borgos: Elbow Lake

Richard Bothum: Karlstad

Bradley Brause: Fergus Falls

Michael Bratsch: Danube

Robert Brazier: Greenbush

Bret Breckheimer: Tolna, ND

Hannah Brekke: Jordan

Ronna Brekke: Greenbush

Terry Brennan: St. Cloud


Zanna Brinkman: Golden Valley, ND

Scott Brolsma: Crookston

Dan Brown: Grand Rapids

Joseph Bruflat: Clarkfield

Brook Buchholz: Wheaton

John Bungarden: Madison

Linda Butte: Grand Forks, ND

Nick Cakebread: England

Larry Calistro: Columbia Heights

Tom Capes: Grand Forks, ND

Gary Carlson: Erskine

Kathy Carlson: Clearbrook

Lenae Carlson: Stephen

Renae Carlson: Stephen

Tim Carlson: Brainerd

Benita Carriere: Red Lake Falls

Mike Cassidy: St. Paul

James Cepak: Portal, ND

Tom Cesare: Long Lake

Laurie Chally: Oakes, ND

Scott Christenson: Hastings

Todd Christenson: Canby

Tammy Clemenson: Crookston

Kim Cooper: Larimore, ND

Mary Cote: Crookston

Pam Coyer: Fosston

Mark Craigmile: Hallock

Diane Crane: Gonvick

Lisa Cummings: Fargo, ND

Michael Cushing: Blaine

Carlene Danielson: Arvilla, ND

Michael Danielson: Tintah

Joe Dawson: Morton

Brian Deckert: Henning

Steve Denherder: Luverne

Tracy Dibble: Palermo, ND

Jody Doda: Crookston

Paul Drees: St. Hilaire

Dale Droske: St. Thomas, ND

Cathy Dufault: Crookston

Richard Dufault: Argyle

Laurie Dunbar: Coon Rapids

Sharon Dvergsten: Greenbush

Lisa Dyrness: New Rockford, ND

Shawn Eastman: Fridley

Tami Edevold: Gonvick

Daniel Ekblad: Minneapolis

Mary Ellingson: Mentor

Rhonda Elsner: Fargo, ND

Kim Emery: Greenbush

Steve Emery: Motley

Bruce Emmel: Clearbrook

Gregg Engle: Columbia Heights

Carol Erickson: Crookston

Joan Erickson: Trail

Laurie Erickson: Baudette

Paul Erickson: Benson

RuthAnn Erstad: Ada


Steve Espeland: Madison

Eileen Evenson: Red Lake Falls

Jodie Evenson: Roseau

Heidi Fallgren: Benedict

David Fath: DeGraff

Charles Feria: Crookston

Jacalyn Ferguson: Grafton, ND

Todd Fisher: Grafton, ND

Jean Fojelsta: Minneapolis

Gary Forsberg: Hawley

Darryl Foss: Donaldson

Christine Fossum: Henderson

Timothy Friesen: Morris

Tammy Friskop: DeLamere, ND

Randy Frost: Crookston

Jeff Fulin: Milaca

Julie Fulks: Warren

Rose Galle: East Grand Forks

Teresa Gantner: Mound

Mary Gard: East Grand Forks

Rochelle Geurts: Motley

Leslie Gieseke: Bejou

Dan Girolamo: Harmony

Kellee Gnadt: Ada

Danny Goos: Roseau

Kristi Graff: Grand Forks, ND


Janice Greene: LeMars, IA

Kelly Greenwood: East Grand Forks

Marie Greer: Mentor

Carol Grenier: Red Lake Falls

Douglas Grev: Crystal

Linda Grimm: Bemidji

Ethan Grindeland: Mayville, ND

Joe Gross: Hines

Cynthia Gruhot: Argyle

Alex Guerrero: San Antonio, TX

Carol Guerrero: San Antonio, TX

Joe Guerrero: San Antonio, TX

Julie Gullekson: Fertile

David Gunderson: Oklee

Micky Habeck: Ada

Kevin Hager: Waterville

Patrick Halleran: Cold

Mark Hamann: Badger

Marla Hamre: Beltrami


Kathy Hanson: Detroit .akes

Kersti Hanson: Slayton

Marcia Harlow: Warren

Jim Harris: South St. Paul

Leslie Harvey: Laporte

Scott Hasbrouck: Crookston

Vickie Hatlestad: Crookston

Curtis Haugen: Oslo

Lori Haugen: Cooperstown, ND

Karmin Hauschild: Wheaton


William Hawley: Motley

Debbie Hedin: Moorhead

Paul Heiberg: Crookston

Les Hell: Langeon, ND

Rene Helvick: Crookston

Catherine Hensel: Park Rapids

Karin Hermansen: Roseau

Wendy Hogan: Minneapolis

Gwen Hoglund: Crookston

Lowell Holland: St. Paul

Rick Hopperstad: Gonvick

Dennis Host: Long Prairie

Mike Houdak: Mahnomen

Connie Houska: Grafton

David Huanca: Minneapolis

Diane Hubbard: Becker

Dan Huot: Red Lake Falls

Kent Hurst: St. Thomas, ND

Joyce Ihrke: Lengby

Becky Iler: Afton

Gerald Iverson: Sioux Falls

Nancy Iverson: Grafton, ND

Steve Jaegar: Coon Rapids

Lori Jagol: Fertile

Mike Jensen: Springfield

Suzanne Jensen: Mankato

Rita Jewell: Bemidji

Dean Johnson: Tyler

Diane Johnson: Warren


Jeff F. Johnson: Viking

Joel Johnson: Grafton, ND

Julie Johnson: Hines

Karyl Johnson: Greenbush

Kelly Johnson: Cavalier, ND

Shawnda Johnson: Crookston

Tom Johnson: Roseau

Tyler Johnson: Grand Forks, ND

Jay Johnston: Angus

Sister Grace Marie Kampa: Crookston

Kathy Kasprick: Angus

Jennifer Keith: Crookston

Doug Kettner: Mahnomen

Judy Kiesow: Goodridge

Nancy Kingsbeck: Crookston

Joseph Kirchner: Waite Park

Mike Kirkpatrick: Oklee

Clara Kjonaas: Pennington

Tim Klaers: Watkins

Diane Knapper: Hackensack

Steve Knopps: Spicer

Pamela Koch: Puposky

Linsa Konsor: Aitkin

Stephanie Korpi: Eveleth

Anne Kowalski: Grafton, ND

Steve Kraft: Cevils Lake, ND

Kieth Kramer: Ely

Scott Kruger: Bloomington

Cindy Krull: Moorhead


Karolyn Kumpula: New York Mills

Fran Kuznia: Stephen

Donald Lachowitzer: Perham

Don LaCoursiere: Brooks

Lori LaFrinier: Mahnomen

Kathleen LaMatch: Elk River

Diane Lammers: Pelican Rapids

Carole Landby: Crookston

Penny LaPlante: Minneapolis

Eric Larson: Park Rapids

Kyle Larson: Mound

Lisa Larson: Borup

Nancy Larson: Crookston

Rebecca Larson: Elbow Lake

Joani Lease: Bemidji

John LeBlanc: Crookston

Chuck Lehn: Rothsay

Karl Liekvold: Wakonda, SD

Laurie Lenertz: Crookston

Wanda Lepsey: Butterfield

Evonne Levenhagen: Lake Bronson

Jeff Linnell: Crookston

Randell Losse: Salol

Paul Lucas: Robbinsdale

Ken Luney: Grand Forks, ND

Robert Lyberg: Hallock

Delilah Lystad: Baudette

Carol Macioch: Roseau

Gregg Malm: Park Rapids


Geno Mancini: Chisholm

Theresa Mann: Elbow Lake

Wendy Marko: Randolph

Julie Marple: Wendel

Sharon Marquette: Rochester

Clara Marquez: Pearsall, TX

Jeff Martin: Pillager

Lisa Marty: Red Wing

Sherri Mattinen: Ada

Delphine Maygra: Crookston

Ruth McGlynn: Mentor

James McLaughlin: Grand Rapids

Tim McMillan: St. Cloud

Becky Melaas: Wendell

Dave Meyer: Luverne

Tim Meyer: Detroit Lakes

Tim L. Meyer: Degraff

Nancy Milbrath: Bemidji

Andy Miller: Sisseton, SD

Mike Moehring: Mlssissippi State, MS

Mike Mohlencamp: Blaine

Brett Bondghan: Grand Forks, ND

Jodi Moore: Breckenridge

Gail Moose: Viking

Jaci Moravec: LeCenter

Carlos Moreno: Crookston

Michael Morgen: Thompson, ND

John Moriarty: Primgahr, IA

Dawn Mortenson: Warren


Bill Moser: Red Lake Falls

Brent Moses: Crookston

Randall Murray: Fosston

Joe Myszkowski: Warren

Cindy Narlock: Forest River

Mark Narlock: Drayton, ND

Denise Nauratil: Bagley

Bryan Nelson: Bagley

Julie Nelson: Brandon

Ron Nelson: Fertile

Linda Neubauer: Bottineau, ND

Daniel Newman: Carlton

Richelle Nielsen: Madelia

Chadley Nikkari: Wadena

Peggy Niswonger: Mentor, ND

Patricia Nolan: Maple Plain

James Norlander: Virginia

Charles Norman: Pine River

David Nowaski: Farmington

Dixie Nygaard: Northwood, ND

Marcia Nysetvold: Twin Valley

Melanie Ochs: Roseau

James O’Doherty: N. St. Paul

Emy Oelfke: Frazee

Mark Oja: Savage

Mark Olmstead: Oakdale

Carolyn Olson: Kasota

Joydell Olson: Crookston

Lori Olson: Crookston


Lynn Olson: Crookston

Danny Omdahl: Warren

Sandy Ose: Gary

Dan Overmoe: Hillsboro, ND

John Panzer: Crookston

Doug Paulson: Warren

Terri Paveck: Waubun

Janelle Pawloski: Stephen

Peggy Pawlowski: Warren

Chad Payne: DeGraff

Brenda Pederson: Crookston

Ed Pekarek: Bloomington

Ricky Penas: Greenbush

Dale Perkins: Deer Creek

Barb Pester: Fisher

Linda Peters: Sauk Centre

Barry Peterson: Park Rapids

Marj Pharis: Minneapolis

Bryan Pike: Luverne

Jack Pint: Sanborn

Bruce Poppel: Kent

Daniel Pritchard: Ulen

Mike Pueringer: Red Lake Falls

Thomas Quinn: Park Rapids

Kim Raaen: Fertile

Patsy Ramires: Pearsall, TX

Dora Ramirez: Pearsall, TX

Mark Ramsay: Grand Forks, ND

Milo Raundalen: Roosevelt


Scott Reimer: Bena

Doug Remer: Mentor

LaRae Rennewanz: Detroit Lakes

Scott Revier: Mahnomen

Tim Rey: East Grand Forks

Dave Riedberger: Detroit Lakes

Johnny Rivas: Raymondville, TX

Sulema Rivera: Uvalde, Tx

Fabian Rodas: Cuenca, Equador


Don Roerick: Albany

Cindy Rohde: Burtrum

Ronderos: Riviera Beach, FL

Brenda Rongen: Crookston

Toni Rose: Rothsay

Tanya Rosenau: Bordulac, ND

Carol Rowland: Meralga

Teri Salentine: Euclid

Karen Salertiny: Euclid

Doug Salo: New York Mills

Dan Sammon: Fairbault

Rick Sather: Badger

Donna Sattler: Moorhead

Mary Schiller: Argyle

Rick Schimdt: Hutchinson

Rhonda Schmiess: Grand Forks, ND

Eric Schoephoester: Hoffman

Nanci Schuemann: Squaw Lake

Bill Schuster: Alberta

Greg Schuweiler: Crookston


Michell Seberaler: Mentor

Mike Seifert: Perham

Tammy Sele: Lake Bronson

Kevin Sharp: Hamilton, ND

Wayne Silbernagel: Perham

Jerome Simmons: Crookston

Susan Simonson: Kiester

Wendell Sip: Ada

Keith Sipple: Albert Lea

Lowell Skoog: Menahga

Joe Smirl: Minot, ND

Carol Smith: Crookston

Sue Smith: Crookston

Dale Snyder: Pekin,ND

Kathy Solheim: Crookston

Mike Somppi: Duluth

Elaine Sorbo: Two Harbors

Nina Sorensen: New Hope

Perry Sorenson: Ada

Maria Sommerfeld: Crookston

Tracy Spargur: Eagan

Julie Spivack: Grand Forks, ND

Joe Spoden: Clearwater

Tom Spotts: Hibbing

Layne Stangelend: Starbuck

Roberta Stanislowski: Crookston

Annette Steer: Crookston

Alan Steichen: Ulen

Timothy Stein: Bemidji


Keith Stenvik: Goodridge

Donald Stephens: Perth Amboy, NJ

Dona Stone: Erskine

Tom Strand: Grand Forks, ND

Lisa Svegdahl: Greenbush

Denise Szklarske: Stephen

Gailene Tangen: Crookston

Scott Tangen: Crookston

Atta Tareen: Cavalier

Mark Taus: Angus

Kim Tattle: St. Cloud

Denise Taylor: Bemidji

Mary Taylor: Grand Forks, ND

Jana Thomforde: Crookston

Rick Tobkin: Perham

Scott Tollefson: Beltrami

Robert Tornio: Farmington

Brian Trangsrud: Badjer

Jay Trangsrud: Minneapolis

Marc Troldahl: Crookston

Doreen Troftgruben: Adams, ND

Brent Trosen: Larimore, ND

Jo Trottier: Bloomington

Grant Tweed: Hamer, ND

Todd Ukkelberg: Clitherall

Susan Underhill: Motley

Brett Urness: Beltrami

Steve U rset h : Warren

Charles Vanyo: Crookston


Diane Vettle: Caledonia, ND

Kevin Vettleson: Trial

David Virnig: Little Falls

Steve Voje: Ada

Jon Vold: Graceville

Bill Vollbrecht: Hanoven

Brenda Vosburgh: Warren

Scott Waage: Greenbush

Leonard Wahl: Portland, ND

Nadine Waller, Grand Forks, ND

Sue Watsula: Meadowlands

Sharon Wendorf: Deer Creek

John Wendt: Luverne

Mike Wharton: Rochester

David White: Carls Carlton

Steve Wimer: Moorhead

Scott Winger: Pinewood

Marguerite Wise: Hickson, ND

Mike Wren: Buffalo

Craig Young: St. Paul

Sue Zane Rowe: East Grand Forks

Mary Rae Zastrow: Long Prairie

Lori Zenk: Onamia

Larry Ziegler: Perham

Beth Zimmerman: Chokio










Paul Aakre, instructor of mechanized ag

Myrtle Acker, food service

Bonita Anderson, business office

Roger Aspevig, asst prof of word proc

Marvin Bachmeier, athletic director

Philip Baird, inst of park and recreation

Joseph Behm, instructor of HRI

Adolph Beich, assoc prof of secretarial

Bruce Beresford, assoc prof of hort

Deloryce Bertils, food service

Karl Bornhoft, business manager

Janet Buchholz, placement secretary


Ethel Buckley, bookstore

Philip Buckley, assoc prof of nat res

John Bywater, admissions & fin aid dir

Mary Bywater, Children’s Center


Kenneth Carlson, admissions asst dir

Patricia Carlson, Learning Resources sec

Don Cavalier, placement director

Darlene Charron, HRI senior secretary

Richard Christenson, gen ed chairman

Jeanne Christiansen, word processing

Carol Collyer, inst of light horse mgmt

R. Blake Crosby, financial aid asst dir

Colleen DeMartin, instructor of HFS

Sue Dwyer, agriculture senior secretary


Thomas Feiro, senior lab tech

Marie Fournier, Computer Center tech

Kenton Freberg, asst prof of mech ag

George French, director of music

Tillie Gebhardt, student aff prin sec

Patti Gieseke, Children’s Center

Anne Granitz, inst of shorthand

Marilyn Grave, Children’s Ctr director

Charles Habstritt, asst prof of agronomy

Walter Hanson, building caretaker

Craig Harmon, asst prof of mathematics

Susan Helten, teaching specialist

Elwood Hill, asst maintenance supr

David Hoff, asst prof of ag economics

Paul Holm, asst prof of chemistry

Brian Hopper, flight instructor

John Howlett, carpenter

Brent Jacobson, Campus Ministry


Constance Johnson, admissions


Glenice Johnson, instructor of HFS

Robert Johnson, asst prof of biology

Wendell Johnson, assoc prof of biology

Marilyn Kappelhoff, financial aid sec

Brenda Kaspari, inst of communication

Donald Keith, asst prof of agronomy

Tim Keith, instructor of soils

Thomas Kelly, HRI division chairman

Dale Knotek, student activities director

Kay Kraatz, RSVP director

Steve Kraatz, cont education director

Dennis Kuzel, maint and opr mechanic

Anthony Kuznik, asst provost

Gladys LaCoursiere, financial aids sec

Lowell Larson, fund development director

Mary Larson, reading center asst dir

Robert Larson, admissions counselor

Shirley Larson, food service

Linda Loing, career ed center

Herschel Lysaker, inst cont education

Mary MacDonald, food service

Donald MacGregor, asst prof of


Dennis Magsam, communications


Marv Mattson, asst prof of agronomy

Doris Matzke, U relations sr secretary

Cleon Melsa, asst prof of chemistry

Emily Minnichsoffer, HFS chairwoman

Gail Mitchell, receptionist-secretary

Alice Moorhead, asst prof of comm

Juan Moreno, special students director

Karen Morlock, HFS secretary

Ken Myers, instructor of HRI

Berneil Nelson, library senior asst

Linda Nester, Records secretary

Clarice Norbom, cook

Donald Normandin, bldg caretaker

Jacquie Normandin, fin aid sec asst

Harold Opgrand, Lrn Res supervisor

Betty Panzer, bus off sr off specialist

Harvey Peterson, asst prof of animal scl

William Peterson, asst prof of math


John Polley, asst prof of mechanized ag

Krista Proulx, Learning Resources sec

Keith Ramberg, director of dining

Clifford Ricord, building caretaker

Dolores Rodriguez, cook

John Rodseth, post office

Stanley Sahlstrom, provost

Janet Sannes, library secretary

Donald Sargeant, asst provost

John Schleicher, equipment manager

Cheryl Schmidt, Children’s Center

Bernard Selzler, asst prof of comm

Jim Sims, football coach

Jeff Sinks, media resources producer

Dorothy Soderstrom, provost’s sec

David Solberg, general mechanics

Sonia Spaeth, women’s physical ed

Virginia Stainbrook, nurse practitioner

Gretchen Starks, RLC director

Sharon Stewart, asst prof of dietetics

Edward Stoyanoff, Univ relations dir

Kay Sullivan, agriculture sec asst

Jim Sutherland, basketball coach

W. Daniel Svedarsky, assoc prof, nat res

Stephen Sylvester, inst of social science

Arlene Tahran, business senior sec

Mary Tanke, instructor of HR1

Ardis Thompson, development secrel tary

Truman Tilleraas, asst prof of an sci


Gretchen Tjossem, gen ed senior lab att

Ken Torkelson, inst of rural comm

Kris Torkelson, word proc secretary

Erman Ueland, agriculture chairman

Val Uttermark, records senior secretary

Arlene Vrem, custodial worker

Kathy Wagner, career ed secretary asst

Roger Wagner, asst prof of horticulture

Corinne Walsh, senior data operator

Anthony Warner, exchange prof, England

Barbara Weiler, University relations

Linda Weiss, student activities sec

JoAnn Westburg, housing secretary

Linda Wilkens, word processing

Gary Willhite, housing director

John Zak, University relations



Top left: Provost Stanley Sahlstrom

welcomes Crookston's mayor Harold

Thomforde and wife to UMC. Center

left: Assistant Provost of Academic

Affairs Don Sargeant listens to

agriculture division chairman Erman

Ueland. Center right: Assistant


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