Download the Defense Architectures Brochure - Casewise

Download the Defense Architectures Brochure - Casewise

Designing, Implementing, Deploying and Improving Next-Generation Architectures

for Defense, Intelligence and Homeland Security Operations

Tremendous progress has been made in developing enterprise-wide and mission specific architectures

to meet the dynamically complex requirements and operational threat scenarios facing the future

Warfighter. However, challenges remain – including how to establish governance, ensure and maintain

interoperability, and analyze, measure, and improve architecture performance.

This outstanding conference brings together the senior government and industry experts who are

leading the way in shaping the defense architectures of the future. They will provide an in-depth, inside

look at how OSD, the Services, the intelligence community, DHS, DOE and the Federal Government

are defining their architecture needs and requirements and what industry needs to know to compete on

future systems and services acquisitions.

n How is JCIDS shaping future architecture requirements

n What role will enterprise and mission architectures play in future ISR information sharing

n What is the status of DoDAF 2.0/2.02/2.03 What are the guidelines for DoDAF 2.0 migration

n What are the best practices in architectural analysis

n What are the challenges and emerging solutions for cyber security in the enterprise


n How will new technologies, capabilities and methodologies (cloud computing, massive data

analytics, service-oriented architectures, etc.) impact future architecture development

These and many other critical questions will be exhaustively examined during this outstanding

two-day event.

Our Panel of Experts

Mr. Gary Blohm

Mr. Dennis Wisnosky

Mr. Adrian Gardner

Mr. Tony Montemarano

Mr. Bobby Smart

Mr. Michael Jacobs

Mr. Robert Brese

Mr. Walt Okon

Mr. Nickolas Guertin

Mr. Ed Fox

Mr. Chris Chilbert

Mr. David Goosman

Mr. Gregory Black

Mr. Charles Frawley

Dr. Megan Cramer

Mr. Guy Copeland

Mr. Michael LaRoi

Mr. Walter Wilson

Mr. Chris White

Ms. Sarah Perry

Mr. Glenn Cruickshank

Dr. Lowell Vizenor

Mr. Matthew Hause

Director, Army Architecture Integration Center, Army CIO (G-6)

Chief Technology Officer, DCMO

Chief Information Officer, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Director, Strategic Planning and Information, DISA

Chief, Policy and Resources (AF/A6P), Air Force

Director, Enterprise Architecture, DON CIO

Deputy Chief Information Officer, DOE

Senior Architect Engineer, DoD CIO

Director for Open Architecture, DASN/RDT&E

Chief Enterprise Architect; CIA, Chair JAWG

Chief Architect, Department of Homeland Security

Chief Systems Architect, Marine Corps Systems Command

Senior Architect, Office of the Director of National Intelligence

Senior Architect, Naval Surface Warfare Center – Dahlgren Division

Principal Assistant Program Manager, S&T Lead, PEO-LCS

Vice President, Information Infrastructure Advisory Programs, CSC

Director and Product Architect, Northrop Grumman

Enterprise Architect, Lockheed Martin

Vice President, Architecture Strategy, Casewise Systems

Senior Communication System Engineer, Networked Tactical ISR, Boeing

Architecture Specialist, Deloitte Consulting

Semantic Technology Practice Lead, Alion Science and Technology

Chief Consulting Engineer, Atego

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