Second Quarter 2009 - Primus Electronics Corporation

Second Quarter 2009 - Primus Electronics Corporation


Second Quarter 2009

NEW Elk River’s EZE-Man

Auto Descent

Andrew Sector Frame Challenge




nd to

nd Network Protection


on winning the photo contest!



on DBI-SALA’s ExoFit XP Harnesses


• ETMS-PTC / 220 MHz Antennas

• Ritron Clean Cab Radio at Primus

• Kitting Convenience

• PSE Amber/Code 3 Products

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SAC Wireless is

and wearing Primus

Primus would like to congratulate and thank SAC Wireless for entering and winning our Cover Photo Contest this quarter.

About SAC Wireless

SAC Wireless is recognized as one of the nation’s premier

providers of wireless network deployment and project management

services. Since 1996, the company has been delivering results

for the wireless community, on-time, on-budget, and with the

quality required for today’s wireless networks and infrastructure.

SAC Wireless self-performs its services: They are the site development

agent negotiating the rooftop lease, the zoning agent

in the community hearing, the expediter pulling the permit, the architect

developing solutions for a stealth site, and the engineer

working rev g of the structural analysis. They are the site supervisor

managing the 2 a.m. maintenance window, the tower climber

on site in the cold of winter, and the technician commissioning the

base station.

The company’s teams are the first to begin work, the last to

leave, and the one to call for the right result. At SAC Wireless,

they make wireless networks work.

Pictured in the photo are key members of the company’s team

utilizing the SAC Wireless Training Facility in Schaumburg, IL.

Their indoor Training Facility is staffed by the company’s internal

certified instructors providing all of their tower climbers, technicians,

and civil crews with the following certifications: Com Train,

CPR/First Aid, Rigging, OSHA 10, RF Safety, Forklift and Manlift,

and Trenching and Shoring. For more information about SAC

Wireless, visit

MESSAGE from the President

It is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing of Primus

Electronics Co-Founder Robert Cranmer. Mr. Cranmer along with

Dr. Michael S. Greenwald founded Primus in August 1981.

Mr. Cranmer resigned as President and sold his interest in

Primus in 1991. While it has been some time since Bob has had

involvement in Primus, his substantial contributions to our early

years are felt and appreciated to this date.

Mr. Cranmer is survived by his wife Patty and their three children

as well as seven grandchildren.

We will miss the man that the industry had come to affectionately

know as “Big Order Bob.”

Robert E. Cranmer

1937 - 2009

2 Toll Free (800) 435.1636 • Fax (800) 767-7605 •

End-to-End Network Protection thru Primus and Transtector


Power and Signal Integrity Solutions

Primus is a proud distributor of Transtector Systems products which provide a complete systems approach for the

protection of communications systems and critical electronics from lightning and power anomalies. Transtector’s

comprehensive product portfolio includes ac, dc and high speed data and signal protection. From the network hub

to the radio access network, Transtector provides industry leading power and signal integrity solutions.

Silicon Diode Leader __________________________

Silicon diodes provide the best protection for sensitive electronics;

other technologies degrade over time and allow surges to damage

equipment before reacting. For high amperage applications,

Transtector also offers numerous devices with MOV back-up configurations

that leverage non degrading silicon technology with robust

MOV current handling capability.

Protection Solutions __________________________

Transtector Systems, communication protection solutions offer

designs engineered to electrical performance and safety standards:

• UL 497, 497A and 497B • IEC 61000-4-5

• UL 1449 • EN 61000-4-5

• GR 1089 • Motorola R-56

• IEEE 802 • RoHS

• IEC 61643 • MIL-STD 188-125

Data and Signal Protection _____________________

Transtector’s data and signal surge protectors are designed for

maximum signal throughput, low let through voltage and high

surge current capacity. We offer modular rack mount, DIN rail

mount, panel and surface mount configurations in both indoor and

outdoor enclosures.

• GigE


• Ethernet


• Digital loop

• RS-232, RS-422,


DC Surge Protection __________________________

Transtector’s dc surge protection portfolio is engineered for performance

with proprietary silicon avalanche

diode technology. The dc portfolio

includes low voltage dc, 24 Vdc, 48 Vdc

and high voltage dc protectors in indoor

and outdoor enclosures, including rack

mount and DIN rail.

AC Surge Protection ________________________________

Transtector is the industry leader in high performance ac protection

of critical electronics. Our product offering includes ac panel,

equipment and signal protection in self contained enclosures,

modular DIN rail, and rack mount configurations.

• 120 V Single Phase

• 120/240 V Split Phase

• 120/208 V Three Phase Wye

• 240 V Single Phase

• 240/415 V Three Phase Wye

• 277/480 V Three Phase Wye

• 480 V Three Phase Delta

Integrated Power Protection Cabinets ____________

Transtector’s Integrated Power Protection Cabinets provide full

functionality for quick site setup and termination of both electrical

and communication utility feeds. They include ac, dc and data/signal

surge protection options for commercial applications, including

indoor and outdoor telecommunication sites.

Transtector provides exceptional lead time, on-time delivery

and value for options based power distribution and telecommunications


Product Highlights

AC Power and Telecommunications Combination

Cabinet ____________________________________

H-frame or wall mount 64” NEMA 3R enclosure

• Telco chamber with plywood backing for customer equipment

- Multi-position ground bar

- Cable management raceway

• 24 position, 200 A, 120/240 V Square D load center

• Integrated ac surge suppression

• Manual transfer switch - utility/generator

• GFCI convenience outlet

• Appleton generator receptacle

• Pad lockable handle

• 135° wind stop on door

• UL 891 Listed

TSJ X6 A ___________________________________

Six port, modular, RJ-48 (RJ-45 compatible), high performance

silicon diode T1/E1 span surge protector

Transtector’s TSJ X6 A is an advanced high speed, high current

silicon surge protector for six T1 spans. Utilizing Transtector’s

proven proprietary technology, the TSJ X6A is a compact, high

performance RJ-48C (RJ-45 compatible) protector for transmit

and receive (1,2) and (4,5) data lines. The SASD (silicon avalanche

suppressor diode) technology is more effective and

Continued on page 5


NEW Self

Mark Conover, Elk River

EZE-Man Auto Descent

Rescue Device with Hub (Lifting Function)

Elk River, Inc. introduces the EZE-Man® Auto Descent / Self Rescue Device which is designed for emergency high-angle rescue from a

wide variety of elevated work areas. The EZE-Man Auto Descent Device has an automatic controlled descent of 3 ft. (0.9 m) per second

with bi-directional design – one end of the lifeline descends as the other ascends. This device is ideal for self-rescue or multiple

escapes, and approved for two person rescue [2 person rated – 550 lbs. (250 kg.)

total combined weight].

The EZE-Man Auto Descent Device is lightweight but durable, compact, and

in rope lengths of 50', 100', 150', 200', 250', 300' and 350'. Custom lengths are

also available.

To receive more information about the new EZE-Man Auto Descent Device or

to place an order, call Primus today at (800) 435-1636.

Part # Part # Description

(With Hub) (Without Hub)

19905 19805 EZE-Man Auto Descent/Self Rescue Device, 50'

19910 19810 EZE-Man Auto Descent/Self Rescue Device, 100'

19915 19815 EZE-Man Auto Descent/Self Rescue Device, 150'

19920 19820 EZE-Man Auto Descent/Self Rescue Device, 200'

19925 19825 EZE-Man Auto Descent/Self Rescue Device, 250'

19930 19830 EZE-Man Auto Descent/Self Rescue Device, 300'

19935 19835 EZE-Man Auto Descent/Self Rescue Device, 350' Without Hub With Hub*

Product ships from factory within five business days after receipt of order.

*Professional rescue training is required to use this device.

While visiting Primus, David Carotenuto (left) and Jeff Miller

(right) with Maxrad/PCTel, present President Michael Johnson

of Primus (center) with an award celebrating 28 years of

working together and congratulating Primus on the completion

of their new headquarters located in Morris, Illinois.

Chris Pleibel, Regional Sales Manager of Primus and President

of the Pennsylvania Wireless Association (PWA), presents

a check for $15,500 from PWA's third annual golf outing

to Penn State Children's Hospital located in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Although plans were not immediately released on

what the donation will be used for, it will be applied directly to

benefit children during their stay at the hospital.

4 Toll Free (800) 435.1636 • Fax (800) 767-7605 •



American Short Line & Regional Railroad Association (ALSRRA)

Annual Convention

April 26-28, 2009

Red Rock Resort • Las Vegas, NV

Booth 220

If at the show, be sure to visit us at booth 220 to talk with industry

professionals on how Primus can satisfy all of your land, railroad,

and other wireless technology product needs.

WindPower Tradeshow

May 4-7, 2009

McCormick Place • Chicago, IL

Booth 5519

Visit Primus at booth 5519 to learn how the company is supplying

the wind power market with quality safety solutions and more.

Railway Systems Suppliers, Inc. (RSSI) Tradeshow

May 18-20, 2009

Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center • Nashville, TN

Booth 505

Primus has been serving the rail industry for over 27 years. Visit us

at booth 505 to learn about the quality products Primus offers and

discover why Primus really is the Difference in Wireless Distribution.


CITCA Authorized Climber 8-Hour Class

April 24 - Baltimore, MD & May 8 - Phoenix, AZ & June 12 - Kankakee, IL

Anritsu SiteMaster TM Certified Line Sweep Training 2-Day Course

April 28-29 - Illinois & May 19-20 - California

CITCA RF Safety & Site Hazard Awareness 8-Hour Class

April 27 - Kankakee, IL & May 8 - Pittsburg, PA & May 19 - Phoenix, AZ

Tower Rescue & Competent Climber 3-Day Class

May 20-22 - Phoenix, AZ & June 17-19 - Kankakee, IL

OSHA Construction Industry 10-Hour Class

June 11 - Kankakee, IL

An incredible deal offered quarterly to you in appreciation for your business.



o n l y

245 .00

Getting tired of reaching for that small adapter

and you can’t locate it anywhere Primus

handy Universal Adapter Kit will assure that

won’t happen. This kit includes everything you

need stored and protected in a high

quality padded equipment case.

It's available in one easily ordered

part number: PE-Adapt-Kit

The Kit Includes:

• Small Storm Carrying Case (1150-Black)

• N-Female to Din-Male Adapter (194400)

• Din Female to Din Female Adapter (196400)

• N-Male to N-Male Adapter (293650)

• N-Female to N-Female Adapter (293750)

• N-Male to Din Male Adapter (293800)

• N-Male to Din Female Adapter (293900)

• N-Female to Din Female Adapter (294000)

• Din Male to Din Male Adapter (393370)

For additional information

and quick and

easy ordering, contact

Primus at (800) 435-


End-to-End Network Protection

Continued from page 3

reliable for sensitive data applications than alternative technologies

such as gas tubes and thyristors.

Superior performance of the

TSJ X6 A decreases maintenance

costs and helps to maximize uptime.

For more information about the

solutions Transtector offers, call Primus at (800) 435-1636.

*Offer valid on all Universal Adapter Kits purchases from April 1 through

June 30, 2009. The savings will be discounted at the time of purchase. Offer not

valid on purchases made before April 1, 2009. No limit on the quantity of kits purchased during

the offer.



Andrew Sector Frame Challenge



While visiting Primus, guest BeLinda Fadely with Andrew Corporation presented employees with a fun and educational Sector Frame

Challenge. Teams were divided into guys versus girls with the guys having to assemble a standard Andrew sector frame while the girls

were responsible for the assembly of an Andrew Quik-tee Sector Frame. See the teams happily accept the challenge and race to win:

The guys spend a few moments reading the instructions and developing their

master plan...

...While the girls instantly take the lead by unpacking the parts and following


The guys work seamlessly and take the lead...

...While the girls proudly ask the assistance of Primus employee Ken Davis

to lend a hand helping with the heavier parts.

The guys (l-r) Rich Gebhart, Chris Pleibel, Gerry Fritzke, and Rob

Menees, Regional Sales Managers of Primus, stand proud next to

their assembled sector frame...

...While the girls (l-r) Diane Mueller, BeLinda Fadely (Andrew Corporation),

Shannon O’Connor, Lana Peralez and Jamie Smith with Ken Davis, stand

proud of their accomplishment.

And the winner is:

This wasn’t easy. By the clock, the girls finished their assembly just minutes before the guys. The guys however, took it

upon themselves to examine the girls work and after careful review, noticed that a part was never assembled on the

girls Quik-tee Sector Frame, making them the winners. The girls challenged it by taking it to experts in the Andrew Steel

Division, who declared that the part (PMSL.01 S-Bracket) is only necessary if the Quik-tee Sector Frame is going to

pivot or is mounted on a tapered tower. Since that was never specified in the beginning of the challenge, the girls won.

Congratulations to everyone who participated and a special thanks to BeLinda Fadely for coordinating this fun event.

Toll Free (800) 435.1636 • Fax (800) 767-7605 •

John Tim Derek



April 1 through June 30, 2009


Take advantage of this incredible savings

offer! Call Primus today at (800) 435-1636.

*Offer valid on DBI-SALA ExoFit XP harnesses, sizes small through extra-large purchased

April 1 through June 30, 2009. The savings will be discounted at time of purchase.

Offer not valid on purchases made before April 1, 2009. No limit on the quantity of harnesses

purchased during the offer.

**Offer includes sizes small through XL.

on DBI-SALA’s ExoFit XP


Buy any three ExoFit XP harnesses at Primus and get a

fourth harness free from April 1 through June 30, 2009.

The ExoFit XP Harness is the industry’s first “truly washable”

harness with removable padding and features a

unique spring-loaded “stand-up” dorsal D-ring with impact

indicator which ensures safe and easy connection. All

sizes** competitively priced at $345.00 each.

Part # Description Size

1110300 ExoFit XP Harness with Front and Back Small

1110301 D-Ring, Belt/Hip Pad and Side D-Rings, Medium

1110302 Removable Seat Sling with Positioning Large

1110303 D-Rings and Quick-Connect Buckles XL

ExoFit XP harnesses exceed industry standards including OSHA and

ANSI Z359.1.

The Difference in Wireless Distribution

4180 E Sand Ridge Rd. • Morris, IL 60450

m e e t t h e t e a m : ADMINISTRATION


Marketing Manager

Years at Primus: 2


Accounts Receivable Manager

Years at Primus: 5


Sales Administrative Assistant

Years at Primus: 3



Years at Primus: 4


Accounts Payable Manager

Years at Primus: 6

Primus would like to thank all of their customers and visitors who contributed to making the company’s

exhibit at the National Association of Tower Erectors 2009 Tradeshow in Nashville a great success!

Pictured above (l-r): Chris Pleibel (Regional Sales Manager), Diane Mueller (Tower Sales Representative), Bert Nava (Warehouse Manager), Rob Menees (Regional

Sales Manager), Michael Johnson (President), Travis Kinney (Inside Sales Manager), Rich Gebhart (Regional Sales Manager), and Shannon O’Connor (Marketing


8 Toll Free (800) 435.1636 • Fax (800) 767-7605 •

ETMS-PTC / 220 MHz Antennas Now in Stock


rimus is now stocking the full compliment of locomotive and base station 220

MHz antennas for proposed use in the deployment of ETMS systems by Class

1 railroads. The SD212 series is a 2-bay exposed dipole antenna designed for applications

where moderate gain is required. These premium-quality antennas are well

suited to public safety/public security applications.

The design of these antennas provides for coverage between 118 to 225 MHz in 3

sub bands, 118-138 MHz for civil aviation applications, 138-174 MHz for private mobile

networks, public safety and public security and 220-225 MHz for transportation


The standard connector offered is N male which is terminated on a 1 foot cable.

Clamps are not included, but recommended is the set of #130 clamps.

Contact Primus with your 220 MHz applications and let your Railroad Division

Sales Manager, Gerry Fritzke, explain in detail all the solutions available. Call Gerry

today at (800) 279-8306 or email at

Electrical Specifications



Lightning protection

DC ground


Offset or Bi-directional

Input VSWR (max) 1.5:1

Horizontal beamwidth degrees 210

Vertical beamwidth degrees 34

Average power input (max) W 300

Mechanical Specifications

Length/ Height in (mm) 120 (3048)

Width in (mm) 23 (584)

Depth in (mm) 3 (76)

Shipping dimensions in (mm) 124x4x44 (3150x102x1118)

Weight lbs (kg) 16 (7.3)

Shipping weight lbs (kg) 40 (18.2)


N (male)

Base pipe diameter in (mm) 1.9 (48)

Base pipe mounting length in (mm) 36 (914)

Mounting hardware

clamps not supplied*

*recommend clamp #130

Environmental Specifications

Rated wind velocity (1/2" radial ice) mph (km/h) 105 (169)

Rated wind velocity (no ice) mph (km/h) 140 (225)

Tip deflection degrees 5.3

Projected area (Flat Plate Equivalent) ft² (m²) 2.1 (0.2)

Projected area (ice) ft² (m²) 3.71 (0.34)

Lateral thrust (100mph) lbs (N) 77 (342.5)

Torsional moment ft-lbs (Nm) 83 (112.1)

Bending moment ft-lbs (Nm) 247 (333.5)

Application Notes:

• The SD212 is available in half-wave

configuration (P2) providing 5.0 dBd

gain in a bidirectional pattern, and a

quarter-wave configuration (P4) providing

a 5.5 dBd gain in an offset pattern

(gain varies slightly with frequency).

• Sub bands:

118-138 MHz (F1)

138-174 MHz (F2)

216-225 MHz (F3)



of the


for Class 2, Class 3 and Transit Railroads


• Single piece and two-piece models available.

• Uses a fresh, clean-paper design optimized for the

railroad environment instead of adapting an off-the-shelf

mobile radio.

• All-metal, rugged enclosure for maximum durability.

• Large, bright, easy-to-read LED display for wide viewing

angle, long viewing distance and ruggedness.

• Automatic dimming in low light environments.

• Front panel push buttons are large and flush mounted to

ensure correct entry and backlit for low light operation.

• Large speaker provides loud, crisp, easy-to-understand audio.

• Oversized easy-to-grasp carrying handle allows for hassle-free radio transport.

• Special emphasis on easy access and serviceability of all internal PCBs and

related electronics. Assembly/disassembly straight-forward by service personnel.

• Supports Wideband (25 kHz) or Narrowband (12.5 kHz) operation.

• Directly supports NXDM TM FDMA digital 6.25 kHz operation with optional plug-in


• Supports data operation with optional modem plug-in PCB.

• Dual front-end design; narrow front-end with dual surface acoustic wave (SAW)

filters for AAR channels and wider front-end for general VHF operation.

• Appropriate front-end is automatically selected for channel/frequency chosen.

• Supports 170 MHz Mexican frequencies via wide front-end.

• Tight RF specifications for urban environments. Frequency stability supports

FCC 6.25 kHz requirements.

• Internal flash memory and program code externally upgradeable.

• High VSWR Alert:

While transmitting, radio automatically shows [ANTENNA] on the display if it

detects an antenna VSWR greater than 3:1. Provides quick visibility of a problem

due to a faulty antenna connection at the radio, the cable or the antenna

itself. Reduces down time and increases safety by ensuring maximum radio


• Manufacturer 2 year limited warranty.

• Completely designed, manufactured, and supported by Ritron’s factory in

Carmel, Indiana USA.

*Primus is the exclusive distributor of the Ritron

Clean Cab Radio for Class 2, Class 3 and Transit

Railroads. Primus also offers a full line of

AAR Clean Cab Radio Accessories.

For more information, contact:

Jack McNutt - K90TB

Railroad Division Manager

Primus Electronics

2131 Heather Glen Way

Franklin, IN 46131

Tel: 888.303.RAIL

Fax: 317.346.4075

10 Toll Free (800) 435.1636 • Fax (800) 767-7605 •


rimus now offers customers unique,

easy and convenient kitting services.

Read more about the advantages of kitting

with Primus:

- Kits can be packaged with the customer

supplied number or a Primus number or


- Kits can be packaged individually within

a larger kit.

- Kits can be shipped and wrapped on


- Kits can be shipped to multiple locations.

- Kits can be shipped same day, and off

the shelf if you set up your preference.

- Kits can offer "just in time" delivery.

- Kits can save your company money by

having Primus do the work.

- Kits can save money by reducing the install


- Kits can be "added to" or "subtracted

from" with a simple e-mail.

- Kits can save time and money in an


- Kits allow you to add non-Primus purchased

items into the same kit for a

nominal fee.

Primus Makes Kitting Easy

As in many kits, a drawing can be emailed

before a purchase decision is made.

Primus will send a complete list and

price breakdown of all items within the kit.

You can then make an informed decision

regarding the purchase of the kit.

Each item within a kit can be purchased


To learn more about kitting and how to

take advantage of this convenient service,

contact Primus today at (800) 435-1636.


An example of a kit Primus offers is


The kit contains four components which

provides a mounting system for the Clean

Cab Radio and the Head of Train device.

Those components are: Mounting frame,

Clean Cab Radio Mounting Plate, “Mary”

plate and Heavy Duty Rubber Hang-Up

Cradle for a handset.

The kit is then assigned one part number

which makes ordering simple and easy!

Primus Now Offers PSE Amber/CODE 3 Products


rimus is pleased to announce that we have become an authorized distributor of PSE

Amber/CODE 3 Products of St. Louis, Mo.

Since 1974 PSE Amber/CODE 3 has engineered, manufactured and marketed a complete

line of lighting and sound based warning products used by professionals and municipalities,

utility companies, service & transportation fleets, emergency response, DOT's, tow

& recovery, construction & communication, law enforcement and industrial settings.

PSE Amber/CODE 3 has ISO 9001 certification and is considered the most innovative

manufacturer & supplier of warning products in the industry. From basic rotators, strobes

and lightbars to the newest LED technology Primus has warning product solutions to meet

all of your requirements.

For more information, contact the Primus Sales Department at (800) 435-1636.

Hide-A-Blasts provide reliable LED output in head

and tail lights for additional warning flashers. Available

in white, red, blue, and amber, these easy-to-install

lightheads come with 30 flash patterns and are

covered by a 5-year warranty. They also fit in all vehicle

models. Multiple lightheads can also be synchronized.


I just want to say that you

folks, Primus Electronics and your supplier,

Allcom, are two of the easiest places to

do business with I have seen in my 25 years of procurement

experience. Even though we inially ordered

the wrong cables, we returned them and you fixed them

and shipped them back in a few days. Paral shipments that

went to five different locaons - no problems. My invoicing

request will make it easy for us to pay these invoices even

though we changed part numbers, quanes and from

our part, accounng codes to accommodate our internal

sales order challenges.



Mark, Illinois

Providing Quality Products

& Superior Service

is our Speciality!

Antenna & Filter Products

Broadband Products

Cables & Connectors

Grounding Materials

Land Mobile Applications

Lightning Protection

Railroad Products

Roof-Top Materials

Safety Gear

Test Equipment

Test Solutions

Tower Components


and much more!

4180 E Sand Ridge Rd.

Morris, IL 60450

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