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WALK THIS WAY. Lambda Sig·

rna pledges participate in silly

... -~~day. Pledge week was full of aet1viti!,s

for pledges' to meet and

get tOitnow older mem bers of the

club. - Photo by Qrian .Lovegrove





Jayne Lipford. Karen Swolensky,

Dianne tLacey. and

Heather Smith che."er at a social

club lootball gam~ - Club sports

l.. were a large attraction for both

fans and -athletes. - ·photo by Kevin


'1 ,


Tri-Sigma Delta pledge, .l!.oses for

a picture on Silly Day. Club",rnembers

each chose the costumes for

photo by Briari'll.o-


their pledge. -


Lasting !mpr~ssio,ns ,: ~ ~



Becoming a member of a club not only encompassed

growing from one another, but also included feeling

the excitement of a cramped hayride, the anticipation of a

Valentine party, attending general club meetings,

participating in club devotionals, and playing a close

scoring softball game.

Upon leaving Harding, students will take with them

many impressions, but the friendships and the memories

of the special times shared with club brothers and sisters

will be one impression that will last.

Trish Shanklin

Social Clubs Editor


Social Clubs Divider 149

Chi Alpha Rho

"No one is too small to be able to help

a friend" is the motto for Chi Alpha Rho.

This year brought new members, stronger

friendships, and a deeper love of God

to this club.

This club began the year by adding

nineteen new members to their number.

Pledge week activities included Silly Day

and a barbecue in Harding Park. Also, in

the fall semester the club sponsored a

hayride and a Homecoming tea to reunite

all the club alumni. The girls participated

in two service projects which

included playing softball with the Sun-

shine School children and singing at a

local nursing home. December 8 was the

date the girls held their Christmas party.

Spring Banquet and being active in

Spring Sing kept the members busy in

the spring. Furthermore, the club entered

teams in all club sports.

"Chi Alpha Rho is a diverse group of

girls, unified by their love for the Lord

and others. They are a caring group that

have meant a lot to me over the years,"

stated the club's president Cindy Canada.

by Trish Shanklin

LET ME HAVE A LOOK. Chi Alpha Rho members.

KeUye Dillard and Judy Tyson, examine club

pictures. Many club members enjoyed getting together

with club brothers or sisters to study, relax,

or just have fun.

Front row: Mark Baker, Amy Turner,

Michele Stein, LiM Ramseyer, Sandie

Armstrong. Melinda McCall, Renita

Atkinton, Tanya Atkinton, Tin. p ~.

jean, Bobby Gunn; Second row: Misty

McDowell, Brenda Lawrenson, Erin

Hundley, AJ Grimes, Carolyn Holmes,

Tracy Ran~yer . Tana Stewart, Darlene

Mancuso. Peggy Baird. Third row: Stacey

Saladzinski, Patrice Busby, Judy

Tyson, Laura Adams, Melinda Huntu,

Michelle Rozmarynowyc:r.. Kri.ti Jones,

Kim Fancy. Kellye DiIlud, Leigh Ann

Selbe; Back row: Chuck Ramseyer, Cindy

Canada, Canie Blodgett, Patt Cope.

Janine Re

Front row; Jan Baskett, Rachelle Pratt,

Angie Stricklin, Shari Purdom, Cara

Orr, Diane Kallis, Shannon Woody,

Tanya TennyflOn, Barb Evan., Jennifer

McDaniel, Elizabeth Pickens, Pat Conolty,

Soott Tenery; Second row; Julie

Carey, Launa Oliver, Mitzi Smith,

Kim be rly Johnson, Julie Nelson, Lori

Majors, Laura Beth Va nderpool, Chanu

lle Bequette, Am y Showen, Anja Underwood,

Betty Wall aC1!: Third row:

Paula Tibbits, Sherry Orr, Cindy

Grout, MadaHne Cook, Susan Billingsley,

Lisa Wilhiu , Dena Harrell, Amber

Collins, Julie FOI!S, Susan Willard, Karen

Martin: Fourth row: Stade Evans,


Front row: Claudette Bratcher, Shelly

Logan, Kinuyo MOM, Shawn Hicks,

Krista Neidig, Desiree Ren, Carrie Tal.

lant, Sara Banta, Kirsten Truman, Gina

Wilkerson, Nona Wise, David Kirk·

bridge; Second row: Kristen Hill, Shan·

non Armstrong, Leslie Hammond, Lau·

ra Thornton, Julie Gardner, Beth Spur·

lock, Leanne Benshoor, Dayna Dunn,

Amy Jene, Lesty 5oehendra; Third row:

Lydia Stephens, Laura RichardllOns,

Wanda Harris, Paula Jackson, Johnna

Jenes, Robin Worrell, Ked Alexander,

Rena McCarty, Lisa Bullard, Marianne

Crouch; Fourth row: Arthur Silva,

Kythrie Dunkin, Lynnette Gipeon, Tri·

sha Malone, Ronda Milam, Sheryl

Hertter, Leigh Brooks, Tammy Neal,

Shara Marquardt, Julie Clapp, Emee

Belo; Back row: Wendi Scott, Carolee

Musick, Lori Fischer, Suaan Rice,

Becky Owen, Stacia Morris, Kathy

Chambeu, Hannah Blrry, Karll

McNary, Kari Pahal, Trent Arnold.·

Photo by Leslie Down..

The ladies of Ka Re Ta were a hard

working group this year. The fall semester

was spent raising money through garage

sales and collecting food and clothing

from Harding students to help HIS

HOUSE, a campus ministry which tries

to provide food and clothing for the

needy. Their desire to help in this cause

stemmed from their club motto, "There

is always sunshine in those that love the


Ka Re Ta had many activities such ·as

their hayride at the Carter farm, a

Christmas party that included caroling

around Harding Drive, a Valentine's party,

and, to close the year, a Spring banquet.

Aside from these activities, the

women of Ka Re Ta actively participated

in all sport competitions.

The club goal for the year was to "grow

spiritually together," said Sheryl Hertter,

club president for Ka Re Ta. She also

added, " We're a group of sisters trying to

spread sunshine everywhere due to our

love for Christ and each other. We are all

so different, but we have a common


by John Corpuz

LET'S TALK. Dolly Nunley and Shanda Ring,

both Ka Re Ta mem bers, enjoy each others com·

pany at the club's Homecoming Tea. Hosting club

homecoming teas were a way for visiting club sisters

to get together with present members,

KaRe Ta

52 Ka Re Ta

Omega Phi

"Love, loyalty and light from God to

our fellow man" is the motto from the

women's social club, Omega Phi. The red

and white jerseys signify this small-sized

women's club.

This was a year for changes for these

girls. The fall semester began with the

induction of eleven new members into

the club. The club constitution was also

revised during the fall and a new sponsor,

Mrs. Carolyn Priest, was elected-

Sponsor Marilee Coker conducted the

Homecoming Tea at her home, while

later in the year the members chose to

hold a Halloween party for the Searcy

Head Start as their fall service project.

The club also entertained at a club cookout

at Riverside Park, a hayride on November

10, and a Christmas Party at the

Wyldewood retreat center on December


Jeannie Shrable, president of Omega

Phi, stated the following regarding her

club sisters, "Omega Phi is just what a

club should be to me. It's casual. It's not

too big or too little, and we all know each

other, some better than others. We have

a great time laughing and talking when

we get together."

by Trish Shanklin

I WANT TO SING. Omega Phi senior, Becky Albee.

performs in her club's 1990 Spring Sing show.

Participants in Spring Sing were able to established

new friends and enhance old ones.

Front row; Lisa Lee, MeliBU. Strader.

Jackie Jordan, Geei Bitting, Michelle

Bebout; 5e

Phi Delta

"The girls in Phi Delta are the sisters I

always wanted. They are enthusiastic,

fun, serving, and loving," stated Laura

Blount, president of Phi Delta social


The women of Phi Deitajoined together

as club sisters and accomplished many

good things this year. As a monthly service

project, the members cleaned the

home of a local Searcy couple. This couple

was taken in by the girls of Phi Delta

and were invited to the club's Christmas

Party, Valentine's Party and Spring

Banquet. The club motto of "Others be-

fore self" certainly reigned true with Phi


Among the activities the club participated

in this year were softball, volleyball,

cookouts, pledgeweek, study parties,

breakfast devos, Silly Day, kangaroo

court, and formal inductions. On November

9 the club members held their annual

hayride. December 9 was the club's

Christmas Party where the girls escorted

their dates to the Wyldewood Retreat


by Trish Shanklin

JUST LET ME STUDY. Jennifer Rogers, Phi Del.

ta member, is busy studying. Club members kept

academics high on the list of priorities.

Front row: Laura Deckard. Jennifer

Benshoof, Angela Quiroa. Natalia

Valle, Silvia Bu)nes, Wendy Kenne,

t...ura Blount; Second row: Nancy Lynn

Pal me r, Michelle Cha ndler, Lana

Leach, Allison Dean, Con nie Galloway,

Amy Hawkins. Leahanna Roggendorfr,

Ingrid Thompson; Third row: Heidi

Pickett, Leah Barber. Jennifer Rogers.

C.rla Norville, Sherry Pace, Jennifer

Brandon, Kathy Turner, M el iua

Barth: Foorth row: Heather McGlaughlin,

Michelle Just. Carol ReevH, Stacey

McCoy, Melanie Hobbs, Jan Hong Ng,

Wendy Fuller, Robinel Randall: Back

row: Bob Lawrence, Kristi Cash, Pat

Odum, Amy Jo Smith, Michelle COl:,

Joe Brigance, Debra Williaml , Patty

Ba rrelL-PholO by Leslie Down ..

54 Phi Delta

,"'ront row; Juanita Campbell, Melissa

Russell, Anissa Campbell, Jennifer Noland,

Laura Berson, Judi Nogueira,

Stella Rios, Emily Gibson, Kristin

Ford, ROl i Toms, Lanie Bulner, Jan

Bonds, Betsy Yurcho, Lisa Cowan, Kar­

Ia Suiter, Amy Grant; Second row: Alice

Gay, Ch rista Mosa, Tamra Baker, Karen

McCoy, Kristi Crouch, Diana Dosa.

Gena Wishard, Jenny Judd, Camille

Krenz, Laura Beth Lemmon, Ashlie

Blansett, Shannon Weldon, Lisa Kirkbride.

Cynthia Merchant, Stacy Daniels.

Cody Sipe, Bill Ashmore, Jimbo

Car r, Oiadra McGrgor, Shalee

O'Rourke, Stephanie Lawrenct. Kesa

Koerber. Denise Anderson, Tamara

White, Aimee Winings. Christine Mac·

Donald, Kathy Mason, Diana Gregg,

Tammy Barkman. Wendy Pierce;

Third row: Carrie Butler, Lisa Cleaver;

Fourth row; Jennifer Beverly, Tracy

Shipman, Kristi Cothren, Mikki Ha·

good. Contessa Cockrell, Sharon Brothers,

Debbie Bitting, Christina Brown,

Sandi Wallace, Laura Pronia, Ramona

Reaves, Lau ra Wright. Clynis Rogers,

Lana Brown, Donna Davis, Donann

Cummings, Carol Riddle. Jen Buckley,

Sheri Welb, Allisha Alderson, Janie

Giles, Shawn Wal ker, Kellie Brown,

Sharon Walker; Back row: Shannon

Black, Charlene Cvelbar. Robbie Ran ­

son, Sharlotte Terry, Susanna Jenkins,

Monica Bagley, Michelle Wroblewski,

Lori Brancy, Kara Dickerman, Lisa

Dockery, Stacey McFarland, Candace

Davis.-Photo by Leslie Downs.

Their distinctive orange jerseys are

just one of the ways that Shantih members

stand out in a crowd. One of the

largest women's clubs on campus, Shantih

women are known for their crazy,

fun-loving, yet spiritual attitude.

This attitude is exemplified through

their service work with the Migrant Children

Headstart Program Raising toys,

clothes, food, and money as well as

throwing holiday parties and spending

volunteer time are just some of the ways

Shantih tries to serve these children and

follow the example of Christ.

Whether it is doing volunteer work,

playing sports, or just enjoying each oth-

WHAT'S GOING ON Shantih members, Diadra

McGregor and Jaunita Campbell, look at the information

in their club box. Club boxes, located in the

student center, were a place members found information

regarding upcoming club events.

er, Shantih has fun with any activity.

They have participated in all club sports,

and have had the honor of winning the

Women's Sportsmanship Award three

years in a row_

Spring Sing is another excuse for

Shantih girls to make friends and have

fun. They have found that joining seven

other clubs makes winning the sweepstakes

three years in a row seven times as


Spring semester brought the annual

Orange Crush Party, where the guys outnumbered

the girls three to one, and the

formal Spring Banquet.

All of these activities are what makes

Shantih the close knit family that it is.

Being unified comes naturally when a

club has such a common love for God and

each other.

by Kristin Ford


Shantih 155

Front row: Beth Finch, Tor~y Gib.on,

Julie Windham, April Dobb&; $eeond

row: Cainya Lertwich, Angie Herrod,

Annette Sproule, Rachel 8redford,

April Horton; Third row: Shanna

Thomas, Rebecca Hammond, Amy

Moore, Kim Maddox, Chandra Lati·

mer; Fourth row: Ma rk Thorn ..., Karen

Adams. Ledena McSpadden, Sharla

Fricks, Arnitre Lloyd; Firth row: Beth

Miller, Amelia Jamison, Regena

McSpadden, Jonatha Orick, Dana

Howard; Beck row: Tim Stay, Latonia

King, Roxanne Watta, LeAnn Pierce,

Jane Cox .. Photo by Leslie Downs.

"The thing I love most about Sig Phi,

is that we can all be ourselves," stated

Sigma Phi Mu president Annette

Sproule. This girls club began the year

with a positive attitude. Every member

contributed to each club activity to make

the year a success.

The club's fall activities included

pledge week, a Homecoming Tea, a horse

drawn hayride, and involvement in club

football and volleyball. On December 6

the girls held their annual Christmas

Party at the Wyldewood Retreat Center.

The club served those in the Searcy community

by singing at area-wide nursing


Spring semester brought several other

activities for the girls. Some of which

included participating in the Mothers

Against Drunk Driving Dash, having a

Valentine's Day Party, and involvement

in spring sports.

Sproule concluded saying, "We all love

God, and love each other, and that's

what makes our bond so great!"

by Trish Shanklin

READY TO SERVE. Sigma Pi Mu pledge, Leslie

Holl and. waits for her next pledge week activity.

Pledge week was an opportunity for the new students

to get to know the older members.

Sig PhiMu

156 Sigma Phi Mu

Tri Delta

Prime colors are the colors of the women's

social club Tri-Delta Epsilon, and

"prime" is a good way to describe the

time the women have had this year. Because

of their activities and involvements,

the members took no time in establishing

themselves on Harding's campus

this year. Having signed their

charter in the fall of 1989, the ladies

dedicated their time to upholding the

standards they set for themselves.

As the fall semester rolled in, Tri-Delta

continued to be active in campus and

club activities. From mass dates to serenading

their beaux, the women came up

with fresh ideas and worked with others.

In the Spring of 1990, the club had the

highest percentage of member participation

of any club involved in the winning

Spring Sing show "Toys Will Be Toys."

President Cherie Poynot stated, "Most

importantly, it gave us a chance to get to

know more people in several other clubs

and strengthen our bonds with them. We

feel like all won because of that."

When it came to winning on the athletic

field; Tri-Delta developed the philosophy

of " We AL WAYS win! We get outscored

every now and then, but we always

come away winnersl" That attitude

helped them make it to the small club

volleyball championship game, as well as

participate in basketball and softball.

by Joe Cranford

JUST CALL ME CLOWN. Junior, Tri-Delta member

Celeste Selby, performs her routine in her

club's Spring Sing show. Tri·Delta and seven other

clubs participated in the sweepstakes winning

show, "Toys Will Be Toys."

Front row; Kim Ward, Trioa Shaw,StIcey

Hinds, Lorrie Chafin, Shelley

Hughe3. Art Markart, Stephanie Vincent,

Dawn Marie Helms, Minda Rug.

glH; Se


The men of Alpha Gamma Omega social

club focused themselves on being the

best that they could be this year. Presidimt

Kevin Yaws said, "AGO has helped

me grow spiritually and improve my attitudes

on life. The men in AGO are brothers

and are always there to give a helping

hand to someone in need. The most important

aspect of AGO is our relationship

to God and how we exemplify Him."

During . pledge week, AGO initiated

four "of the finest men on campus," stated

Yaws. The club participated in all

club sports. The members worked at all

times to show great sportsmanship on

and off the playing field. The club joined

together for a hayride in the fall and also

on December 8 the members held their

annual Christmas Party at Hickory Hollow.

Although the club is classified as

small, the men of AGO shared what their

motto states, "A common bond holding

us to the Lord."

by Trish Shanklin


member, is found watching the news in the student

center. A large screen television was provided so

that students could watch news and sports programs.

Front row: Jack McKi nney, Lorna Coh,

Patricia Hukhinson, ~ky Hill: Sec·

ond row: Ronny Widodo, Kevin VIIWl,

Bernie McAt_. Barry Baggett. Roger

Witty, Mark BJ't!wst.er; Back row: Terry

Collins, Al Fannin. Randy Hill, Larry

Brown, Jamtl Keilty, David Hadley.­

Photo by Lalie Downs.

158 AGO

Front row: Harmon Brown, Arthur

Silva. Walker Schul, Nathan Hart.

Ch ris Barker. Mark Vaughn. Jeremy

Green, Mark Cullum; Back row: Bruce

Richardson, Jolyon Hall. John Spivey.

Denny Hickerson, Tim Shauver. Dave

Beck, Brandon Peachey.·Photo by Les,

lie Downs.

Matthew 5:16 states, "In the same way,

let your light shine before men, that they

may see your good deeds and praise your

Father in heaven." This is the motto for

men's social club, Beta Phi Kappa. The

eighteen member club strove to uplift

not only themselves but all those around

them. They tried to achieve this goal by

being positive examples to their peers.

During pledge week the club chose to

dress their pledges as clowns wearing

cowbells. President Arthur Silva described

pledge week stating, "It was fun

and a great experience to draw the club


Along with pledge week the men par-

ticipated in several other activities. For

t heir fall service project the members

raked leaves for a local woman. The club

also competed in all Harding sponsored

sporting events. They held their hayride

at the Carter's farm the last week of October.

December 7 was the date of the

annual club Christmas party held in the

new gym.

Silva also stated, "I feel that this club

has a great deal of potential. We are

hardworking and diligent; just waiting

for someone to give us a chance in life.

The people in this club will succeed in

life because of t hese things."

by Trish Shanklin

JUST A COUPLE OF FRIENDS. Beta Phi members, Denny Hickerson

and Jeremy Green spend time in the student center. Beta Phi

members were a close group of friends.

Beta Phi

Beta Phi 159

Front row: Ron Sparkman, Matt CIIIborne,

Brian Ragsdale, Shanna Thomas,

Ma rk Thomas: Second row: Kevin

Kee, Jeff Harris, Hal Baker, Ra ndy

Peaney, Scott Mangrum: Back row:

Chan&e Sialer, Tad Niblett, Brandon

Claborne, Jim Garner.-Photo by Leslie


"Our club has a lot of new blood that

will allow us to have a great mixture for

our club," stated Mark Thomas, president

of this year's Buccaneers social


The club joined together in another

year of sporting events. Many of the club

mem bers were part of the Harding Bison

football team which kept them very

busy. Although the club did not have a

pledge week, they did fi nd time to sponsor

both a hayride and a Halloween par-


Many of the members are very sports

oriented. They joined together and participated

in many of the intramural

sports. The highlight of the spring for

the Bucs was their annual flag football


"The few, the proud, the Buccaneers,"

is the motto for this men's club. Thomas

summed up his statement by saying,

"our club is second to none."

by Trish Shanklin

JUST CALL ME TEACHER. Buccaneer member,

Alvin Henry, talks, to a classroom of young students.

Many education students had the opportunity

to show their skills in front of a classroom.


160 Buccaneers

Delta Chi

Red, black, and white distinguished

the men's club Delta Chi Delta from all

others. The 47 members of this club

joined together in many different ways.

Sports was one aspect of campus life

that these members enjoyed. The club

won second place in their division of

football and first place in their division

of volleyball. The members also participated

in softball and basketball. One of

the extra sporting events t he club was a

part of was "gym night" along with Chi

Sigs and Knights. Other activities the

club included a hayride, a Christmas party,

a Spring Banquet, and many devotionals.

Cody Sipe, president of Delta Chi,

stated, ",Delta Chi has quality members

who are working together to serve God.

We are excited about making this club a

tool for God's Kingdom and we are growing

rapidly because of it."

by Trish Shanklin

WHAT DID YOU SAY Corey Brown, Delta Chi

Delta member, decides to relax wi th his friends.

The student center was a central gathering point

for both students and faculty.

Front row; Clint S~pp, Jen Folding,

Pat Odum, Kim Jones, Eric Bond, Am)'

Smoak, Charlie Ja rrett, Lori Branch,

Allen Clement.: Second row: Danny

Dodson, Tim Chrisman, Tony Tale,

Don Neal. Kevin Cranford, Chadd

Moore, Ashley Tucker, Arthur Mat·

kart. Jeremy Hurt: Third row; Rich

Reaves, Dan Feeney, Luis Allen, Scott

Lacy, Dan Ro..on, Russell Poteet. Lew.

is Short, John.than Vest; Fourth row:

Ric.hard Shannon, Samuel Clark, Chris

Myer, Damon Bingman, Mark Hogan,

Niki VertOOouloe, John Scott; Back

row: Trent Arnold, Greg Clayton, Rob·

ert Cox, Ryan Thomason, Todd Hoe!­

zle, Cody Sipe, Mike May, Corey

Brown, Matt May.-Photo by Le.li*


Delta Chi Delta 161

Kappa Tau

Kappa Tau Omega started their year

off with a positive attitude. Brian Maddox,

president of Kappa Tau, statad, "I

would have to attribute this year's success

of Kappa Tau Om.ega to the camaraderie

among its members. Everyone of

our activities this year has been aimed at

strengthening the friendships of club


Prior to the club's full week of pledging,

the club held a "drive-thru" mixer

behind the New Gym. During pledge

week, the men entertained at a Mellow

Party, which is the club's beach party at

Heber Springs. They also had a basketball

lock-in which brought the club

members together.

Each year the club chooses new

queens. One of those chosen for the 1990-

91 school year was Monica Kimbrell. She

stated, "Kappa Tau Omega is a fantastic

group of guys. I have noticed something

unique and special in each of the members

and I fell they all have something to

offer on Harding's campus. I love them

all and will never forget this year of my

life. "

by Deidre Scott


Kappa Tau member, Lance Berberian, coneen·

trates on the computer problem in front of him.

Harding's campus includes both an Academic computer

center and a Macintosh lab, which are open

for student use.

Front row: Monica Kimbrell, Kelly

Hicks. Shelley Shafer, Kara Dunaway;

Second row; Scott Chiem, Michael Van·

BU8lr.irk, Carlo. Cutillo, Kenneth

Wood, Mark Pruitt. David Sacha', Brian

MaddoI, Jim Osbourne; Third row:

Juon White, Lance Berberian, Hamilton

Holliman, William Gay, David Flo_

res, Scott Brady, Lloyd Kluaendorf;

Fourth rtlw: Mike Flowerl, Alan Evam.

David Gay, Allen Burnett, Reid

Hayward, Jon Eppes. Rob Newsom,

Thomas Hopper; Fifth row: Ben

Frump, Shane West. Dave Perry, Marty

Newsom, Cum. Willmon, Bruce Eddy;

Silth row; Mark Brown, Michael Oelz.e,

Matt Bien, Greg Humphreya, 0. Robinson,

Garty Vollmering, Steve Treue,

Ryan King; back row; Brent Mallory,

Eric Dodson, John Sharp, RU88 Maile,

ereg Lomas, John David Morsan.­

Photo by Leelie Downs..

162 Kappa Tau

Front row: Dave Adams, David Kirk·

bride, Lisa Kirkbride, Christine Mac·

Donald, Glynis Rogers, Shannon Hog.

gendorff, Monica Bagley, Brenda Hoi·

land, Sheri Wells. Kristy Dawdy, Dan·

iel Campoli, Willie Martin, Chria Cash;

Second row: Larry SchwarU, Rich Ma·

!IOn, David Beiki rc:h, Mike Miller, Mike

Moncrief, Kirk Bowman, Jeff Cash,

Doug Davis, Ke lly Dilton, Chuck

Schuhhersi, Mark Cornell; Third row:

Bryan Gray, Desmond Peterson, Kirk

Hollis, Chris Thiele, Art Rockwell,

John Tebo, Rob Pe~, Jeff Hawkins,

J.P. Wornock, Ma rk Merchant, Adrian

McGlaughlin, Marc Metz, Dale Tucker;

Fourth row: Jamie Ridenour, Mike Ar·

nette, John Lesher, Ronnie Ashoock,

Geoffrey Haussin, Steve Horne, Phillip

Jones, John Bacon, Aaron Shumate,

Tim Wells, Doug Black, Sandy Cash;

Back row: Trevor Black, Matt Davis,

Marty McKee, Andy Mawdsley, Duke

McPherson, Randy Carlton, Dave Ja·

cobs, Michael Wallace, Kevin Wells,

Scott Raby, Jason Knight., Tibor Sik·

losi, Kevin Quek, Doug Vogel, Tim

Moore.·Photo by Leslie Downs.

"Men of steel in suits of iron, forged

legends of valor untarnished by time," is

the motto for the men's social club

Knights. These men, wearing green,

black, and white jerseys, spread over the

campus striving to serve others. President

David Beikirch stated, "Knights is

founded on the belief that we need to

serve God first, others second, and ourself

last." The club as a whole provided

the Searcy area with support and good

works this year. Beginning is January,

the men visited the Searcy Children's

Home on a regular basis.

Knights pledge week activities have

been well-known on the Harding campus

for years. This year, as every year on

Silly Day, the pledges were dressed in

helmets and chest protectors and carried

shields. This armor was to help protect

maidens and slay dragons during the

day. The annual jousting tournament is a

tradition for the pledges as a completion

of Silly Day.

Other activities the club was involved

in included a fall hayride, devotionals'

with other clubs, caroling with Shantih

social club, and a spring banquet.

Beikirch also added regarding his club,

"In my years at Harding, I have learned

this principle from many examples in

Knights. Knights has been a very rewarding

experience, II

by Trish Shanklin

I'LL DO WHAT YOU SAY. Knights pledge, Steve

Valentine, checks his pledge book to find a correct

response for his pledge master, Pledge week activities

were a highlight for the fall semester.


Knights 163

Front row; Arden Miller, Kenji Nishida,

Kevin Morkassel, Martin Hopewell,

Stacia Morris, Carla Sparks, Jona·

than Byrd, Scott Scharfenberg, Brent

Bellinger, Mike Bennett; Back row:

Dean Morkasael, Monty Dunbar, Troy

Allen, Fred Jewell, Steve Mahan, Sean

Jackson, Brian Lovegrove, Steve

Breeur, Bobby Gunn.·Photo by LeIl lie


Red and gray, when joined, become the

colors for the men's social club Lambda

Sigma. The club, though small in size,

joined together and helped to serve the

community and provide each other with

lasting friendships.

The year began for the members of

Lambda Sigma with a picnic. The mixers

and interaction of the men helped this

club gain several pledges which almost

doubled the size of the club. To enhance

the relationships among the members,

the club held pre-home game pizza parties

at Mazzios.

Other activities the club members participated

in included the traditional

hayride and Christmas party. As a service

project, the men went to Oakdale

Nursing Home and sang songs to the

residents. Another service project the

club participated in to better the community

was painting at Wyldewood.

Vice-president, Dean Morkassel, stated

when asked about his club brothers,

"We have a diverse but very close club.

Everything seems to center around our

motto. 'Togetherness is Lambdas.' ''

by Trish Shanklin


Lambda Sigma member enjoys a pizza party with

his club members. Club outings were a special part

of social activities at Harding.

Lambda Sigma

164 Lambda Sigma


"Let me see you get down" became a

familiar phrase heard throughout the

Harding campus during pledge week.

Getting down was what the Titans did.

Whether it be in sports, leadership positions,

or other activities, the "brothers"

in black and white did the job.

Beginning the 1990 school year with

the club's annual barbeque, Titans took

the opportunity to renew old friendships

and begin a new year together. Sporting

togas during pledge week, twenty-six

pledges were chosen to represent Titans.

Other activities the club members were

involved with included, the infamous

Ground Hog Day, Spring Banquet, and

assisting in the Special Olympics track


Joel "Grandpa" Whitaker, Titans treasurer,

stated, "the first thing people notice

is our unity. You've got to love a

bunch of guys that can go around and

beat up each other; yet, still call each

other brothers."

Mark Halbert, Titans president,

summed up the year by saying, "Each

year Titans has developed into a better

club, and this year was no different. I've

always lleen proud to be a part of this

club. It is from within this club that I

have made my greatest and closest

friends. The guys have grown closer than

they ever have before, and it has made

me extremely proud to be a Titan."

by Kristin Holst

LET ME SEE YOU GET DOWN. Seve .. l Titans

members oversee the activities of some of their

pledges. Titans men social club has long been

known for their togo wearing tradition on Silly


Front row: Randy Williams, Mark

Butta, Kim Halbert, Mellissa Kepiill',

Tami Dennison, Mike Duncan, Tommy

Valentine; Second row: Steven MeRoberta,

Patrick McGaha, Chuck Baker,

Jason Parsca1e, Jim Carr, Greg ReeVe8,

David Shidiskis, Jimmy Hodnot, Michael

Johnson, Mark Elrod: Third row:

Lee Hogue, Gra)' Dillard, Darren Shiro

ley, Jerry Laird, Demon Littlejohn,

Dwayne Cox, Butch Porco, Jason Brubaker,

David Earnhart, Bryan Pittole.

Kyle Reed, Scott Tener)" Jeff Goodson,

Randall Massey, Jam i~ Bunka;, Tom

Herring, Spencer Bishop, Darin Martin,

Jeff Conner, Brent Diehl; Fifth

row: JOIh Cooper, Jason Clark, Hoyt

Slade, 8eott Miller, Dwight Musselman,

Chris Cash, Frank Merritt, Chrie;­

topher Rone, David Billam, Matt

Kinser; Si.th row: Shannon Sheppard,

Matt Horton, Chrie; Shadri., Greg

Compton, Craig Shadri., Brett Roberson,

Paul Pollard, Jeff Galyan, David

Che.tnutt, Wade Darnell; Back row:

Jay Shipman, Dale Hearn, Shay

Wright, Mark Crafton, Paul Richardson,

Jason Fnnch, Elvie; Boyd, Evlyn

Daniel.-Photo by Leslie Downs.

Titans 165

Pikes & Chi Omega

This year was a period of unifying and

becoming two of the most influential social

organizations on campus for the

school's newest brother/sister club, Pi

Kappa Epsilon and Chi Omega Pi.

Chi-O's participated in many activities

this year. Some of which included, devotionals

and a service project which was

giving Christmas gifts to the Sunshine

School pupils. This allowed the Chi-O

members the opportunity to express

their spirituality as well as their Christian

attitudes. Pikes social club served

the community by having a clean up day

at Wyldewood.

Chi-O's were a part of all the fall and

spring sports, challenging each of the

other womens club in their division.

Pikes were also tough when sports were

involved. This club also competed in all

sporting events.

Pikes president, Tom Ed Simmons,

feels confident about the success of the

club. "Pikes have really come into our

own this year. We're no longer just the

"new club". We've grown to be one of the

most active and close-knit clubs on campus."

Chi-O members, Stephanie Lucas and

Heather Powell, agreed saying, "We feel

the best thing about Chi-O's is that the

diversity of personalities all come together

to make a very close and unified


by Kristin Holst

LAUGHING UP A STORM. Chi Omega Pi member,

Sarah Folkerts. and friend Beth Heffington,

enjoy a club softball game. Club sports were a popular

attraction for students.

Front row: Rachel Dye, Deanna Taylor,

Angie Haley, Susan Gwin; Second row:

Scott Buaby, Glen Metheny, Roy Mont·

gomery, Tom Ed Simmons, Brad Blanton;

Third row; Reed Tomlinson, Vince

Sturges., Julio Cruz, Joe Hunsaker,

AlolllO c.atro: Fourth row: Michael

Maw, Shane Lank, Todd Farr, Rod

Bonham, Chri, Carper, Andy Gaither,

John Sibert. Juen Jones; Fifth row:

Scott Morria, Michael Jordan, Trey

Boal. , Ryan Gjovig, Tim Vltee, Jeer

Olivet, Jim Flanders.. Eric Morgan;

Back row: Michael Stephenson, Jeff

Black, Stacy Kymes, Eric Hollis, Soott

Field, Mstt Herren, Clinton Blair, Greg

French .. Photo by Lealie Down8-

166 Pi Kappa Epsilon And Chi Omega Pi

Front row: Rachel Dye, Suaan Gwin,

Victoria Gill, Holly Fannin, Mae Carol

Hulett, Pam Fowlkes, Thania Lee,

Dana Luttman, Anne Fukasawa, Sonya

Miller, Re nee Devido: Second row: Angie

Pressler, Ann Coggins, Amy Gott,

Kate Barnes, Kacy Underwood, Cecilia

Parra, Deanna Taylor, Tami Herbert,

Ki m Baker, Valery Pruitt, Shannon

Gore: Third row: Sheryl Norfleet, Lyd·

ia Weathersby, Braunice Perez, Paige

Wright, Angie Kopf, Jennifer Vest,

Vicki Armstrong, Laura Whyte, Debra

MOtIte rt., &:ott Busby; Fourth row:

Stephanie Norfleet, J ennire r Boyle,

Erica Jackson, Jamie Woodard. Oede

Cli£ton, Jane Norton, Sherri Tipton,

Amy Summar, Loana Cooper, Back

row: Debbie Ferguson, Lauren Merritt,

Susie Hughes, Sarah Folkerta. Brook

Jones, Shantyl Browning, Sally Paine,

Mary·Lou Dunn, Lora Fleener.-Photo

by Leslie Downs.


Mary Pat Miller and Holly

Kelley, both Chi Omega Pi

members, perform in their

Spring Sing show. The brother-sister

club duo of Pikes

and Chi-D's joined together

in the show "A Touch of



member, Jeff Olivet, takes a

study break on a Harding

swing. Students used the

Harding swings to both study

and relax.


Pi Kappa Epsilon And Chi Omega Pi 167

Front row: Rhonda Foutch, U .. York,

Nathan Lamb, Chriatine Myera, Karen

MeCartney, Dcmita Dugger; Second

row: Adam Adama, Chria Jones, Jimmie

Florea, Shawn Butterfield, Wayne Phillips;

Third row: Kevin Kelly, Joel Vincerft,

Rocky Oodaon, Paul Boquet, Greg

Mardia; Fourth row: Ricky JenkiM,

Craig Smith, Randy Fleming, u. Rydl,

Dave Tyler, John Tucker, J8IOn Dod­

IOn; Fifth row: Jeff Demuth, Steven

Sherro£, John Weibel, Clint Delaplane,

Shawn Ware, Jamey Jamison, Tracy

Dougan; Sixth row: D. Cole, Terry Al­

Ien, Darold Rydl, Brian Hall, Greg

Smith, Brandon Hick&. Mike Muaey,

Corey Lorenzo; Back row; Chria Holley,

David Boour, Danny Hipp, Bobby

J im.-Photo by Leslie Down8.


Tau pledge. Clint Delaplane.

smiles while modeling

his Alpha Tau hard hat_ Hats

were only one clothes article

used by members to dress

their pledges.


FLOWERS. Gata and Alpha

Tau joins other clubs in their

Spring Sing show about hippies.

Spring Sing brought

members from all corners of

campus together for four performances_

• • j

168 Alpha Tau And Gata

Alpha Tau & Gala

Being brother and sister club was not

just a saying with Alpha Tau Epsilon and

Gata social clubs this past year. The

members of both shared a bond that

went deeper than only surface hello's

and goodbye's; the two clubs were


"Live pure, speak truth, right wrong"

is the motto for Gata women's social

club. The 64 member organization

worked to better themselves and the

community. This year initiated 33 new

sisters into their group. The club shared

in many activities such as a hayride and

a Girl's Night Out in November and a

Christmas party in December. As a service

project the club spent a day at Morrilton

Children's Home. President Chris-

tine Myers stated, "Gata has been my life

for the past four years, and I love it dearly.

The responsibility has been great, but

I must say that I am ready for the next

generation to take it over."

Alpha Tau members enjoyed participating

in activities with their sister club.

Some of the functions the two clubs have

shared were club devotionals, mass

dates;' and service projects. The men of

Alpha Tau also enjoyed a club bonfire,

hayride, Christmas Party, and club cookout.

Wayne Phillips, president of Alpha

Tau stated, "Our club motto is, 'In all

things do your best' and through this we

show our unity and togetherness."

by Trish Shanklin

LEND ME YOUR EAR. Gata girls, Denise Patterson

and Amy Fisher, take a break to talk in the

student center. Club brot hers and sisters on cam·

pus develop lasting friendships.

Front row: Corey Loren:ro, Patrick

Musey, Adam Adams, Rocky Dobeon;

Second row: Tara Rtlina, Ann Rawe,

Amanda Eaton, Christine Myers, Ka·

ren McCartney, Rhonda Foutch, Leah

Hug hee; Third row: Jan Gilpin. Steph.

anie Eslinger, Angie Blackburn,

Tammy Blakeney, Christy Austin,

Beth Pyle; Fourth row: Julie Espena.

ehied. Laurie Childers, Donna Ear·

wood, Jamie Martin, Denita Dugger;

Fifth row: J ulie JohflllOn, T raci Harvey,

Tam; Billings. Rebekah Coz, Amy

FiBher, Denise Patterson, Dena Shirley;

Sizth row: Terri Sledge, Lisa York,

Hayley Borden, Dawn Spell, Nancy

Bellcock, Angela Presley, Terrah Eld

ridge; Seventh row: Michelle Evim,

Tammy Smith, Trudy Pidcock, Jill

L.uley, Kathy Prince, Robin Lugger;

Back row: Elill38 Messick, Malinda

Lucky, Pat Baranowski, Shelley GIr~ia,

Becky Farley, Minan Gibson, Shanon

Chi,m, Michelle Ham mitt, Sophia

Roberta.-Photo by Lealie Oownl.

Alpha Tau And Gata 169

Chi Sigs & Regina

Chi Sigma Alpha and Regina social

clubs have been a close brother and sister

club for many years. The unity between

the club members comes not only

through sharing social experiences, but

from sharing the love of Christ.

Chi Sigs began the year with their

Wyldewood campfire. The purpose for it

was to set personal as well as club goals

and to bring the members closer to each

other. Club president Mark Blue said

when asked about Chi Sigs, "Not only

does Chi Sigs try to reach an innH unity,

but also, unity between other clubs

through sports, devos and combined activities."

The club motto, "One Through

Brotherhood" puts Blue's statement into

perspective. Chi Sigs was also a very active

club with many activities held during

the year such as their fall and Christmas

serenade, Christmas party, hayrides,

and their annual float trip up the White


Regina began the year with their traditional

Petit Jean outing, a day to renew

friendships before taking in new members.

After participating in pledging activities,

both new and former members of

Regina attended a hayride, blind date

night, and a Christmas party. Regina

also was active in club sports, earning

several championships. But the most enjoyable

aspect of the club to Regina

president Lori Westbrook was the friendship.

She said, "Regina is my family at

Harding. It's great to have good friends

who love you and share your hope of

heaven as the girls of Regina do."

The two clubs together enjoy mass

dates, Thanksgiving dinner, service projects,

and a Valentine's party.

by John Corpuz

FREEZE FRAME. Robert San Juan and Kelly

Scott, display their flexibility as leprechauns. Chi

Sigs and Regina joined together in their Spring

Sing show, " Not Just a Bunch O'Slarney."

Front row: Kent Baker, Herbie Gard·

ne r, Michael Bitting, Duane Worthing·

ton. A'l.ana nean, Kelly Scott. Lori

Wettbrook, Jason Powers, Tom Gerber,

Murphy Crowson, Alan Moreland; Seeond

row: James Koci, John Corpuz, Brian

Hargett, Brian Mashburn, Craig

Mashburn. Kevin Penna, Mark Blue,

Oaniel Craft, Brett Rardin; T hird row:

Greg Hargett, Tim Mullican, Brian

Jon", Bart Roberta, Tim Scott, Tom

Wateon , Ken RUBhing; Fourth row: em

Mi rna, Jefr Tacker, Jeff Felzien, David

S.clr.lund, Joel Cranford, Scott Ferguson,

funt aaker, Manhall Munch,

Curt T reece, Clay Harland; Fifth row:

Tim Gerber, Tony Hill, Erie Sweneon,

Matt Lawyer, Sha nnon Simmon.,

Bubba Cook, David Reeves, Kirk

Smith; Sixth row: Drew Str8ll:Ser, Steve

Bunner. Tom Wroblewski. Terry Davit.

Joeh Haniton. Ad rian Harria, Kenny

Dodton; Seventh row: Mike Fry, Keith

Hawes, Mark T reece, Gene Jones. Scott

Young. Dale Gaskin. David Sproles,

Danny Elliott; Eighth row: John

Bingham, B. Martin, Jeff DeY'. Bill

A.hm'lre. Jeff Wilton, Bryon Barnhill,

Tim Doualas; Back row: Stacy Harri.,

Wade Percival, Steven Yatea. Dan Tulloe,

Matt Ogren. Dave Andenon, Dayid

Gaskin, Scott Hanh. Tom Van Duren.

Harold Bradley. Mark Williama.-Photo

by Lealie Down ..

170 Chi Sigma Alpha And Regina

Frollt row: Wade Percival. Edlla Durall,

Lisa WilllOn, Tracy Brown, Martha

Garrett, Jana Penna, Lori Westbrook,

Marianne Susi, Dona Kolde, Andrea

Felkner, Drew St.rasser; Secolld row:

Jill Jordall, Stacy Mantooth, Darla

Miller, Beth Heffington, Christy Spi.

vel', Jeanette Garrett, Drea Howard.

Myca Hasood, Kristine Witzeling:

Third row: LeaH Fergusoll, Angie Treat.

Lisa Stiles. Stephanie Powell. Michele

Ward, Kimberly Steele, Angie OiJ.on,

Ruth Ann Gardner; Fourth row: Nikki

Bledsoe, Debbie Lightfoot, Juliet Di.­

mang, Ch ria Ann Quigley, Carisse

Lightfoot, Patti Blallk, April Brasher,

Stad Baker; Fifth row: Tavia DemPMY,

Jenny Cole, Faith Seay, Meg Gillespie,

Kaylene Brummett, Marisa Thomas,

Kelly Scott, Welldy Goodyear, Taya

Hall , Kristen SanJuan; SiJ.th row: Nancy

Wilkills, Tricia Seibel, Brenda Val_

lette, Tanya Comer, Greta Caey, Dawn

Cantrell, Karell Ritzel, 8e

Front row: Mark Waters, Eric Lindley,

Bryon Jacbon, Mark Baker, Matt Kil·

gore, Ed White, D.J. Overman, Damon

Heasley, Diane Roof; Second row: Bob·

by Moore, Matthew Owens, Allan Dye,

Brett. Rimer, Omar OrUlI:, Bill Ceraao,

Jwan Luhur, Brent Vaughan, Kevin

Keech; Third row: Bryan Burch, Dana

!)tree, N.H. Williams, Terry Ramae,

Abraham Quesada, Paul Davis, Harold

Orth, Robert Provaet; Fourth row:

Steve Yatea, Kevin West, Scott Ed·

ward.., Michael Bass, Robert Wicker,

Tom Gaskins, Wade Wicker, Todd Mer·

edith, Martin Tabora; Back row: Mike

Webb, Aaron Kite, Thomas Tandy, Bill

Howard, Robert Victor, Mike Ledbetter,

Duane Barron, Bob Higbee, David

Cunningham .• Photo by Leslie DownB.

SMILE BIG. Galaxy member, Robert

Provost, smiles as he sits in the

student center. Many club members

met and made new friends while

spending time in the student center.


Ju Go Ju members, Kenda Sawyer

and Jessica Nelson, join brother

club member, Paul Davis at an intramural

game. Ju Go Ju and Galaxy

participated in many activities together

throughout the year.

172 Galaxy And Ju Go Ju

Galaxy & Ju Go Ju

Ju Go Ju and Galaxy so'cial clubs have

long been known for the close bond they

share. This year only confirmed that

idea. The year began with a variety of

activities for both clubs. Pledge week

kept the girls busy with their annual

Wyldewood games, club olympics, and

Silly Day. The members of Ju Go Ju continued

as in the past by insisting that

their pledges stand on "cutie crates" and

sing the club songs.

Together the clubs hosted a banana

split sale to raise money for Italian missionaries.

Also the members joined together

for a roller skating party.

Separately the clubs held their own

functions. For example, each held their

own hayrides and Christmas parties. No-

TOSS ME THE BALL. Ju Go Ju member. Vickie

Bellizzi, smiles as she takes a break from a club

softball game. Ju Go Ju was only one of the many

women's clubs that participated in club sports this


vember 9 was the date Galaxy participated

in an all night sports night. On December

3 Ju Go Ju completed their

Christmas Service Project of helping

needy families with food and clothing.

Both presidents had several comments

regarding their clubs. Dayna Wiggins,

president of Ju Go Ju stated, "Ju Go Ju is

a club filled with spirit. Not only spirit

for our club, but spirit for each other and

for God. This is what keeps us strongest,

what makes us Ju Go Ju."

Mark Baker, president of Galaxy said,

"Galaxy is a club that lets its members be

who they ' want to be without trying to

force them to fit into a particular stereotype.

We are a group of guys with a wide

variety of interests and diverse personalities,

who are able to have fun together

and form strong bonds of friendship."

by Trish Shanklin

Front row: Krist)' Brown, Ashley Bell,

Jennifer Fly. Lilla Badgiey, Kara

Dunaway, Tami Kepis!, Karen May.

field, Amy Stroud, Kaye Lynn Biggl,

Melissa DuBoille, Wendy Hart. Amy

Cavendar, Kanda Sawyer; Second row:

Anna Pettit, Kar. Sanders, Kim Oobbe,

Eliae Ra muy, Marcy Day, Jill

Creighton, Mary Beth Chriatian,

Christy Roberta, Cha ri~ Turner, Tan.

ya Moore. Shelley Shafer. Tommy

Orinnen, Lori ScarbofO\lih; Third row:

Sara Bray, Teresa Garner, Diane Roof,

Jennifer Moore. Jill Traylor, Holli

Henion, Karen Norwood, Jamie

&:ribner, Rebecca Wimpy, LeAnne

Green, Melanie Johnson, Amy Atkinson,

Diane Davis, Ginger Garner;

Fourth row: Scott Gentry, Julie Wilson,

Kathy Thompson, Ginger Collins, Alicia

Fowler, Kelly Livingaton, April

Legg, Kerry Dunn, Jeaaica Nel80n.

Corie Anthony, Julie Owen, Amy Machen;

Back row: Beverly Stagg., Kimberly

ButLa, Joe Dugger, Miko Fugisawa.

Kelly Perry, Elizabeth Doyle,

Dayna Wiggina, Carla Kearbey, Karen

DeWoody, Michael Webb, Wendi Murrell.-Photo

by Lealie DownB.

Galaxy And Ju Go Ju 173

Kappa Sigs & Tri Kappa

Kappa Sigma Kappa and Tri Kappa

social clubs were active brother and sister

clubs. The two organizations participated

in many functions together

throughout the year.

The clubs were known for their periodic

Monday night "Mazzio Invasions,"

where the members of both clubs attended

pizza parties. The two clubs held combined

devotionals and supported each

other by attending brother and sister

club athletic games. In addition, the annual

hayride for both clubs was a combined


For Tri Kappa the fall semester began

with a combined devotional of Ko Jo

Kai, Zeta Rho, and Tri Kappa. That semester

was also highlighted by the winning

of the A-team middle club football

championship. In addition, the women of

Tri Kappa, held an inter-club devotional

January 16, the night the war in the Persian

Gulf began. For their service project

the members sent care packages to the

soldiers in the Gulf region.

This year Kappa Sigs participated in

several activities which did not include

their sister club. One such event was the

men's spring service project. The members

chose to raise money for an orphanage

in Texas by taking bids for dates.

Each club member was put up for auction

and bidded on by girls .interested in

buying a date with him. This was the

first year the club held this kind of service


by Trish Shanklin

JUST GIVE ME A SMILE. Tri Kappa members,

Jayne Lipford and Karen Swolensky, enjoy a club

football game. Tri Kappa members supported their

brother club by attending various sporting events.

Front row: Larry Creighton, David

Powell, Brian Parker, Aaron Walters,

Kenny Scroggs, Brian Fink, Trey

Lamb, Carol Elliot, Tom Koller, David

Echola, Alisa Malone, Todd MaplM,

Tracy Childen, Mitch Mathew" John

Hunter, Harold Butler, Alan Norton,

Brad Sipe, David Taylor, JQOn Ogle,

Cindy Jones, Berney Waite, Jim Rea·

gor; Baek row: Gerry Glover, Eric

Fletcher, Justin Morrison, Kenyon

Flekher, John HalT, Bob Harp, Billy

Shubert.e, Eric McAli8ter, Teddy Gonwn,

Randy Uthe, David Elliot., Rick

McCain, Juon Rucker, Corey Wolfe,

Randall WeJah, John Arnett., Jed Clampett,

John Childerll, Robert Buckles,

Darren Burru8, David Sanderll, Johnny

Swolentky, Rex Sexton, David Crawford

, Adam Siegrest., John Orum.­

Photo by Lealie Downt.

174 Kappa Sigs And Tri-Kappa

Front row: Lisa Holeman, Sarah White,

Jean Craddock, Greta Ott, Karen Ruh­

IllIId, Cindy J ones, Michele Crafton,

Cyndi Garner, Katie Bell, Caryllee

Parker; Second row: Jennifer Watts,

LiN Tacker, Allyson Ollift', Libby Dusroe,

Tracye Adamll, Karen Swolensky,

Rebecca Money, Kathleen Eyman;

Third row: Lori Dale, Rachel J arrett.

Mary Medley, Jennifer Reed, Ked

Marlin, Melissa Wilder, April Cantrell;

Fourth row; Jayne Lipford, Stephanie

Stovall, Beth Wiley, Kelli Speed, Melissa

Vaughn, Shana Sanders, Stacy

English, Joy Deaver; Becky Pitta, Carol

Elliott, Lenaira Phillips, Stephanie

Miller, Lisa Terry, Kelli Hanlon, Debbie

!..eonard, Angie Dawson, AIiN Ma_

lone; Sixth row; Heidi Ballinger, Kiri

Hendrix, Julie Green, Adana Harrit ,

Shannon Green, Dianne Lacey; Back

row; Tracy Childers, David Elliott,

Dionne Frazer, Shanna Phillips, Elizabeth

Crockett, 5earlett Grady, Lisa

Hopson, Suzy LeCave, Amy J oyner,

Michelle Sabourin.-Photo by Lealie


SING TO ME. Kappa Sigs

member, Donald Robbins,

and Tri Kappa member, Car.

yllee Parker, join together in

the 1990 Spring Sing show.

The brother and sister team

joined together in "Yakity·

Yak, Fifties are Back,"

CLUB NEWS. Kappa Sigs

member, David Jerrels, takes

a break to read the informa·

tion in his club box. Club

members often stopped in the

student center to get the most

recent club information.


.. -0


¢ *.

Kappa Sigs And Tri-Kappa 175

Front row: Scott Grigg, Gary Royse,

Meyleea Hill, Michele Winter, Eddie

Boone, John Exum ; Second row: Curti,

Clemenl.8, Chris Collett, Dale Sheehy,

Tony Ceraao, Bert Parker, James Bennett;

Third row: Rob Boehning, Bert

Paddok, Karhon Turner, Mark Taylor,

Jim Laughart; Fourth row: Steve Cooper,

Brian Haley, Doug Horton, Stacy

O'Rear, Jonathan Sterling, Seth Lawson;

Back row: Ken Webb, Bornwell

Sianjina, Darren McEntire, Cecil Tom_

linson. B.J. Lawson.-Photo by IAslie


'- .-.



DOES IT HURT James Scott., King', Men

member gives encourq:ement to a blood donor.

Ki ng', Men and Oege were the lponsorll ror

Harding', blood drives.


LET ME SEE THAT SMiLE. King's Men member,

Jonathan Sterling and Oege member, Jina

Anderson. pose ror the camera. The Harding nudent

center brought out many smiles and laughter

over the year.

176 King's Men And Oege

Kings Men & Oege

King's Men and Oege social clubs are

joined as brother and sister clubs. The

two participated in several activities together

each semester of this past school


The service project both clubs sponsor

was the frequent blood drives on campus.

These two clubs were the sponsors of this

important activity. In addition, the clubs

interacted socially. Among these gatherings

were the combined Christmas and

skating party in December and the picnic

in the spring.

King's Men was also busy this year

with other projects. The members went

to the Southern Christian Children's

Home to visit with the students there. In

addition, the men served by placing the

sheet music to the Harding Alma Mater

in the front of the Benson Auditorium


Oege added 25 new members to their

club during pledge week. The women

hosted both a hayride and a Spring Banquet

this year.

Renee Benson, vice-president, stated,

"Oege wasn't my first choice club, but

I'm glad I'm in there because of the


PresIdent of King's Men, Jim Laughary,

said regarding his club, "We have so

many people with different backgrounds

that our diversity is great throughout the

club. Our diversity brings us closer together.

This club has allowed us all to

develop friendships that will never end."

by Trish Shanklin


pledge. Jennifer Neuhart, attempts to get her quota

of minor dates. Most women pledges were required

to talk to over 100 men during pledge week.

Front row: Cayleynn Osborne, Brenda

Etheridge, Dawn Pinner, Myleea Hill,

Terri Lehmann, Renee Benson, Mi.

chelle Ponda, Sondra Smith; Back row:

Heather Dreessen, Carol Hobbs, Jeannette

Picklesimer, Jina Su Anderson,

Rocio Garita, Amy Horsman, Angie

Wolf, CHnt Stapp, Melissa McAuley,

Wendy Hill, Jal'lelle McFarland, Tracy

Brothers, Dan& Garrett, Tracy Scourfield,

Cara Walker.-Photo by Leslie


King's Men And Oege 1 77

Sig Tau & Kappa Delta

Kappa Delta Kappa women's social

club and Sigma Tau Sigma share one of

the school's closest brother/sister club

relationships. Kappa Delta president,

Teddi Harris, expressed this feeling

when she stated, "The relationships that

I share with the members of Kappa Delta

and our brother club Sig Tau are one of

the richest blessings in my life."

Kappa Delta celebrated their club's

30th anniversary this year. During

pledge week the club gained 12 new club

sisters. The club participated in all women's

club sports, celebrated Christmas at

a party, and hosted a Valentine's party,

and a Spring Banquet. This women's social

club put emphasis on getting to know

the members of their brother club, Sig


Sig Tau men's club had several activities

which were required for their pledges

this year. These incoming freshmen and

transfers wrote letters 'to former members,

members of their sister club, club

queens, and club sponsors. The men also

completed pledge books, participated in

silly day, and endured "Roo Woo" the

club's initiation process. As a whole, the

club held a hayride, a stag Christmas

party, and competed in all club sports.

Prior to pledge week the two clubs

held functions together. One of these was

a barbeque where all prospective pledges

were invited. Some of the other activities

included weekly devotionals, mass dates,

and a Halloween party.

Mark De Young, one of the 53 members

of Sig Tau stated, "Sig Tau is a close-knit

group of brothers who struggle together,

have fun together, and encourage one another

to be strong in the Lord."

by Trish Shanklin

LEAN A LlTILE CLOSER. Kappa Delta member,

Lynn Tannahill, moves closer to smiling brother

club member, Scott White. Brother and sister clubs

have long been known for the strong friendships

between members. .

Front row: 8e

Front row; Lori Currie, Cynthia Kooiman,

Shannon Davis, Denise Hollen.

Robin Vowell, Darlene Sellers, Lisa

Browning; Second row: Jatretta Rose,

Patricia Parrish. Jenifer Flasschoen.

Lynn Tannahill, Leslyn Rose, Annette

Fay. Teddi Harris. Steven Stephens;

Back row: Candace Ware. Pat Fay, Rick

Fought, Patricia Hutchinson, Marsha

Osborne. Sheila Douglas. Lance Clark.

photo by Leslie Downs


Delta pledges, Ci'ldy Kooiman, and

Sheila Douglas, participate in silly

day. Silly day was the host to many

different sights and sounds.


Taylor and Shannon Davis prepare

for the holiday season. T he Christmas

break fo r students lasted from

December 22 to January 7,


Front row: Sally Diehl, Pam Peachey,

Donnie HiggingB, Lori Griffin, Andrea

Moorer, Michael Co:.:, Todd Stricklen;

Sewnd row: RU8IleIl Moody, Stevie

Tyler, Gavin Hones,Jon Pulliam, Richard

Underwood. Cody Wel:It, Steven

Sills, Wayne Palk, Robert Morria;

Third row: Greg Doenum, Stephen

'spears, Btian Birmingham, Eric Yarbrough,

Michael Gibbs, Brent Good·

win, {{eith Shollenbarger, Jason Hill;

Fourth row; Michael Denison, Larry

Weatherly, Mark Mikhail, Keith Olree,

Rob Branson, Kevin Henley, Danny

Brackett. Mark Farley, Daren Holaday,

Todd Andel"&On; Fifth row: Chris Peacock,

Jay Adamson, Shannon Roach,

Johnny Tollett, Leslie Mote, Paul

French, J.D. Mitchell, Brian Oliver,

Steve McPheeters; Sixth row: Stephen

Loft, Jarrod Calloway, Dane Flippin,

Brent Heeke, Glenn Talbott, Steve

Smith, Tim Ballard, Jeff Loyd, Micah

Hall, Shawn Kell; Back row: Dan Hite,

Paul Reaves, Shannon Romine, Steve

Peck, Gary Moody. Kelly Barden, Kelly

~artin, Sean Davis, Scott, Scott Pulley,

'Robby Paul, Larry Weatherly.·Photo

by Leslie Downs.


West, Sub·T member, discovers

the new computer system

in the remodeled library. Several

computer systems along

with other new technology

were added to the library this


SING ON. Ko Jo Kai members,

Tracy Boyd, Kristy Midyett,

Kelly Bolls, and Lori

Griffin sing in the 1990

Spring Sing show. Ko Jo Kai

joined with their brother club

Sub-T 16 for the four performances.

180 Sub-T 16 And Ko Jo Kai

Sub-T & Kojies

Ko Jo Kai and Sub-T 16 social clubs

have had an eventful year. Kojies started

their year off with pledge week. Each of

the pledges gave their pledge mistress

12¢ a day for HIS HOUSE. Pledges from

both Kojies and Sub-T were brought together

at Wylewood for games and ended

with shaving cream fun-fight. The two

clubs also went to Morilton Children's

Home for a Christmas party with the


The men of Sub-T take pride in their

club. Todd Stricklin, skipper (president)

of Sub-T stated, "I believe Sub-Tis the

closest group of guys on campus. We all

respect and stick up for each other when

there is a need." The "Subbers" went to

J.B.'s Southern Cooking for their traditional

Homecoming breakfast. They also

helped the S. A. with a Haunted House

for Halloween. Ko Jo Kai president Julie

Crosswhite described Kojies as an "allarounci

club. We all have best friends in

other clubs. Our club doesn't set barriers

for friendships like some of t he other

clubs have."

by Deidre Scott

JUST THE TWO OF US. Meeka Brown and Tracy

Halbert, Ko Jo Kai members, pose for a picture.

Over the year club members established long and

lasting fr iendships.

Front row: Tammy Finnell, Mandy

Crider, Amy Lisle, Staci Pulley, Sara

Smith, Janel Morrison, Jennifer Meyer,

Jennifer Gatlin, Kelly Bolls, Michelle

Allen, Fa rah Mackey, Jennifer

Bittle, Kelly Cooper, Alan Elrod, Tish

Elrod; Second row: Alison Jacobsen,

Shayl. Waters. Heather Oliver, Jane

Ann Gregory, Cristy Miuham, Angie

Bukett. Heather Elliott, Kristi Hall­

&ell, Paula Peebles, Amy Thornton,

Kim Gooc:h, Meli8lla Dennison, Jennifer

Smith, Ma rcie Lloyd; Third row;

Meeka Brown, Andrea Rehkop, Tracy

Halbert. Leah Mangrum, Nicole Dawkins,

Wendy Waite, Carmen Millsp:lugh,

Laura Beth Henderson, Julie

Croawhite, Christy Thrasher, Jennifer

Neal, Shelli Muuleman, Deidre Scott,

Joyce Johnson; Fourth row: Shannon

Reed, Natalie Pirtle, Jana Stegall, Me·

leah Parker, Brandy Bandura, Donna

Beasley, Ashley House, Tracy Boyd,

Julie Ryan, Kristy Dawdy, Lori Adkins,

Bonnie Harland, Melissa Smith, Kelaie

Hutchinson; Firth row: Amy Harrell,

Tiffany Cook, Kimberly Garner, Keri

Hutchinson, Diane Hunnicutt, Jennifer

Adalll$, Kristi Oldacb, J immy Hadnot.

Anne Thomas, Mary Kaye Baker, Angela

Luster, Kad Bolls; SiJ:th ro .... :

Monica Kimbrell, Carole Hopkins,

Beth Howaro, Christy Howard, Sheil"

McFall, Carrie Haywaro, Shirley Lock·

hart. Kristen Perry, Mandy Ellis, Lori

Griffin, Sara Keichline, Tom Herring;

Back row: Russell Moody, Mark Hal·

berL.-Photo by Lealie Downs.

Sub-T 16 And Ko Jo Kai 18]

Theta Tau & Tri Sigs

Tri Sigma Delta not only added new

pledges to the club, but also established a

closer unity among the members. The

club centered on their motto of "Sisterhood,

scholarship, service and dedication

to God" and grew together as a club.

The year began with a club slumber

party, traditional pledge week activities,

pizza parties, and a hayride which

brought the new and old members together.

The club donated Toys For Tots

during the Christmas season for the local

children in need. The girls also provided

Christmas food baskets for the elderly

and shut-ins.

President Amy Swangel stated, "Tri-

Sigs contains some of the best friends I

have ever had! Their desire to serve God

and others makes them a very special

group of girls that have helped me have

some special memories of my years at


Tri-Sigs brother club, Theta Tau, consists

of men interested in sports. This

year the club excelled in several different

events. The club as a whole went on

camping trips and participated in service

projects. President Andrew Evans stated,

"I'm proud to be friends with this group

of fellows because of their Christian and

competitive attitudes in sports."

by Trish Shanklin

WHAT'S NEW TODAY Theta Tau member, Nathan

Howard, reads the newest information in his

club's box. Club boxes are located in the Student

Center so club members can keep up to date on the

happenings of their club.

Front row: Paul Hillier, David Oser,

Dana Luttman, Tony Thornton, Derek

Kirkman, Mike West; Second row: Brad

Batte. Lucy Furil, Jason Frederick,

Nathan Howard, Larry Burns, Andrew

Evan., Tammy Todd, Johnny Kerr;

Third row; Glenn Hollis, John Gray,

David Blankenlhip, Craig Copeland,

Stephen Dearin. Dan Coombs, Rick

Chitty; Back row: Alan Nesbitt, Kurt

Bunch, Brad Whittington, William

Reider, Tim Kroeker.- Photo by Leslie


82 Theta Tau Delta and Tri Sigma Delta

Front row: Debbie McArthur, Valerie

Sleege, SUUlnne Forney, Sandy McGee,

Andrea S helley, Amy Lowe, Carrie Gar·

cia, Karen Banks, Leanne Anderson;

Second ro w: Jim McFarland, Jenni

Smith , Becky Blythe, Kim Coleman,

Kim High, Leanne Simmons, Carrie

Hooper, Maria Bendana, Mary McWil·

Iiams: Third row: Trent Baker, Annette

Swangel, Kari Keesling, SUlln

Holloway, Carole Ashley, Cheryl Vick,

Connie Segers: Fourth row; Scott Mill·

er, Micki Dunn, Ellen Gullick, Tammy

Lippialt, Amy Hicks, Ch risty Hooper,

Robin Bendickson; Fifth row: David

Shidiskis, Kimberly Ashby, Kari Tre·

maine, Suzette Koch, Faith Ort, Shan·

non Hogan, Jennie Overman; Sir.th

row: Michele Winter, Teresa PitUnger,

Angie Maht!, Carrie Lowry, Diana Ung,

Ch ri. tineCreasy; Back row: Kara Wolt·

man, Amy Jo Swangel, Tracy Crouch,

Heather Henderson, Shannon !..oslin ..

Photo by Leslie Down$.


Tau member, Bob Let·

singer, and Tri Sig member,

Debbie McArthur, take time

out for each other. Harding

students are well known for

creating lasting relationships

during their time at the Uni.



WAY. Tri·Sig "Signals" sing

their pledging songs on Silly

Day. T ri·Sigs pledges were

instructed to help direct traf.

fic in the cafeteria, before

chapel, and any other place

there was a need.

Theta Tau Delta And Tri Sigma Delta 183

Front row: Darah Tale, Ronda Mullen.

Kim Thompson, Julie Huffman; See·

ond row: Roy Ash, Joel Hendel'llOn,

Carlos Knight, Alan Earnhart, Joey

Adams, Joe[ Harper, Wade Osburn,

Rob Galloway, Rob Callicott, Lanier

Tucker; Third row: Paul Pruett, Jerry

Hanselman, Kevin Golman, Kevin

Wells, David Brauer, Hugh Gallant,

Travis McNeal, 800tt Gentry, Andy

Chesser, John Mark Hays; Fourth row:

Sam Barrington, Dave Park, Gary Par·

nell, Shawn Pittman, Brian Ellsworth,

Greg Noah, Allen Busby, Jim Kennell,

Soott Shappard, Ted Barto[o, Terry

Austin; Fifth row: Todd Slewart, Will

Glade, Mark Stogsdill, Keith Kilmer,

David Hook, Tim Jenk ins, Greg

McKenzie, 800tt Muo, Andrew Cra·

ven, J im Hull; Back row: William W.

SUmatis, Juon Harriman, Ruu Og.

burn, David Bell, Darren Bonham,

Juon Stipp, Brent Andrews, Peter Ep·

ton, Clint Davis, Byron Gardner,

Shawn Mayes, Doug Campbell .• Photo

by Les[ie Downs.


MATCH. Peter Epton and

Rob Galloway, TNT pledges,

smile while wearing the traditional

TNT dynamite stick

on their heads. Many clubs

practiced their club traditions

and created new ones

during pledging this year.


- Zp -

, ,


JUST YOU AND I. Seniors,

Angie Stipp and Billy Shelton,

enjoy a club softball

game. Members of Zeta Rho

and TNT competed in all

club sporting events.

l84 TNT And Zeta Rho

TNT & Zeta Rho

This year marked the 30 year anniversary

for the woman's social club, Zeta

Rho. "Purity in purpose and love in

deed," Zeta Rho's original club motto,

was reinstated this year. The changing of

the motto was just one of many highlights

which occurred during the 1990

school year.

TNT, Zeta Rho's brother club, began a

new tradition this year by initiating the

"TNT Pigroast" in combination with

their annual hayride.

Spiritual and campus leaders separately,

TNT and Zeta Rho once again joined

forces to provide a Christian environment

for members and friends. The two

clubs did this by planning activities to-

gether. These included such things as the

Halloween Party at Wyldewood, Sunrise

devotionals at B-Rock, and rollerskating


Both clubs are unique in the fact that

they are so close-knit. Zeta Rho's president,

Mary Pat Miller, sated, "Zeta Rho

and TNT have a special kind of bond-we

are alHo close! The friendships we have

all made will definitely last a lifetime."

Jim Hull, president of TNT, echos this

remark by. saying, " I am truly thankful

for the closeness we share, bound together

with our diversity. God has given us

each other to fulfill our Harding years."

by Kristen Holst

JUST WATER ME. Tammy Bartch, Zeta Rho

pledge, tries to balance 8 large plant she is wearing

during pledge week. Silly day brought out numerous

combinations which filled the dorms and academic


Front row: Jennifer Swinea, Jenny

R.ndolph. Patty AI".reng.. Kristi

Martin, Christi Rolett, Ch risty Tucker.

Shelley O'Cun, Julie Adami, Esther

Pipkin, Angie Phillips, Darah Tate, Katie

Burright. Kristin Aluander; Seo:md

row: Jennifer Kendrick, Wendy Ward.

Carmen Neucomb, Seeky Sou, Monica

Chapman, Jennifer Byrnes. Meliaaa

Pickens, Robin Rose, Cinnamon Wil .

son, Joy Huffman, DeAnn Rodgen, Ju·

lie Huffman; Third row: Jennifer DaviB,

Donna Chapman, Marsha Vaughn,

Stepha nie Bailey, Crystal Moore,

Avery Bonds, Tammy Perry, Kathy

Meadows. Kristin Holst, Shelley Bra·

zell; Fourth row: Malia Reddick, Renee

Webb, Laura MeadoW$, Ingrid Cho, Ke·

cia Adams, Patty Paulso n, Katie Ter·

linsner, S\lMn Vaughn, Angie Stipp,

Kim Thompson; Fifth row: LeAnn Per.

ry, Stephanie Kramer, Jana Brown,

T racy Kibler, Missy Mulhollen, Robin

Cox, Debbie Hendon; Sixth row: Sarah

Sandlin, Kriatine Shephard, Renee

Williamson, Jenna Brooks, Lori

Tucker, Vicki Lawrence, Lisa Gootee,

Amy Bowman, Carrie Nelson; Back

row: Kelley Rose, Tisha Coggin, Dale

Hearn, Jim Barker, Pam Andel'1lOn, Re·

becca Jones. Eleesha F06ter, Jeanie

b om, Sonya Curtis; Back row: Lori

Rose, Connie Barnett, Amy 8e

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