e-QAS Training Courses and Services Guide

e-QAS Training (e-Qualifications and Skills) is one of the largest and most successful training providers in the East of England and East Midlands. We provide training and recruitment needs whether you are an employer or an individual who wants to give your career a kick start. Check our Courses and Services Guide out to discover how we can put you on the road to a brighter future.

e-QAS Training (e-Qualifications and Skills) is one of the largest and most successful training providers in the East of England and East Midlands.

We provide training and recruitment needs whether you are an employer or an individual who wants to give your career a kick start.

Check our Courses and Services Guide out to discover how we can put you on the road to a brighter future.


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Boston 01205 311526<br />

Lincoln 01522 575628<br />

Peterborough 01733 312485<br />

www.e-qas.co.uk<br />

<strong>Courses</strong><br />

<strong>and</strong><br />

<strong>Services</strong><br />


Contents<br />

Learning with e-<strong>QAS</strong><br />

Advice & Guidance<br />

learndirect courses & qualifications<br />

IT<br />

English<br />

Maths<br />

Office Skills<br />

Retail<br />

Customer Service<br />

Traineeships<br />

Pitman <strong>Training</strong> courses<br />

UK online<br />

Success stories<br />

Our promise<br />

Contact <strong>and</strong> find us<br />

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Learning with<br />

With e-<strong>QAS</strong> <strong>Training</strong>, rest assured that your<br />

learning is in safe h<strong>and</strong>s. With over 25<br />

years of training experience, we’re<br />

committed to helping people gain skills<br />

<strong>and</strong> qualifications to achieve their<br />

employment <strong>and</strong> career ambitions.<br />

At e-<strong>QAS</strong> we know that life can get busy<br />

<strong>and</strong> sometimes things get in the way. That’s<br />

why the courses <strong>and</strong> services we offer are<br />

flexible to you <strong>and</strong> your needs.<br />

Each course we offer takes place in one of<br />

our centres, where you undertake learning<br />

at your own pace <strong>and</strong> are led through the<br />

whole journey by one of our friendly,<br />

dedicated tutors.<br />

Learning through a centre is flexible, with<br />

convenient session times for you to choose<br />

from, including evening availibility. How<br />

long a course takes to complete is<br />

dependent on your needs <strong>and</strong><br />

circumstances, <strong>and</strong> will be individual to<br />

each learner.<br />

Before you enrol with us, we’ll have a chat<br />

with you to find out what it is you need, <strong>and</strong><br />

check the level <strong>and</strong> type of qualification<br />

you should be working towards. We’ll also<br />

take into account any qualifications <strong>and</strong><br />

skills you already have, so we can tailor the<br />

right programme of learning for you. This<br />

means you only do the courses you need<br />

to, <strong>and</strong> don’t waste time covering things you<br />

already know.<br />


Careers help, advice & guidance<br />

Whether you’re struggling to find work, fancy a<br />

new challenge or need some general career<br />

advice, our advisors are here to help you. All<br />

our advisors are fully trained <strong>and</strong> qualified so<br />

they can give you the best possible options<br />

<strong>and</strong> advice.<br />

All our advice <strong>and</strong> guidance is accredited by<br />

the ‘Matrix st<strong>and</strong>ard’ <strong>and</strong> provided through the<br />

National Careers Service so you can be<br />

confident that you’re receiving the best<br />

possible service from us.<br />

Our personalised one-to-one appointments<br />

can help with:<br />

• Career management<br />

• Progression advice<br />

• CVs<br />

• Cover letters<br />

• Interview skills<br />

• Creating an e-mail address<br />

• Online job searching<br />

• Universal Job Match (UJM) accounts<br />

• Confidence building<br />

• Communication skills<br />

• Funded training<br />

• And much more...<br />

To make an appointment with<br />

one of our National Careers<br />

Service advisors, contact your<br />

local centre on the phone<br />

numbers provided on the<br />

‘Contact us’ page (pg. 16)<br />

All appointments are FREE, so book yourself in<br />

today to access some fresh advice <strong>and</strong> ideas.<br />


courses<br />

Why learndirect<br />

4<br />

1<br />

We can help you learn whatever your stage of life.<br />

Whether you’re unemployed <strong>and</strong> looking for a job,<br />

or in work <strong>and</strong> looking to progress, we have<br />

courses <strong>and</strong> qualifications right for you.<br />

2<br />

We help you get the qualifications employers are<br />

looking for- in maths, English <strong>and</strong> IT, as well as in<br />

a number of industries.<br />

3<br />

You can start at any time of year- we don’t have<br />

term times. When you learn is flexible so it can fit<br />

around your life. We’ll discuss what works for you<br />

before you start.<br />

4<br />

What you learn will be based on your needs so<br />

you focus on what matters for you <strong>and</strong> don’t<br />

waste time on things you already know. We’ll chat<br />

about this before you start.<br />

5<br />

You can choose where you learn- in a centre, at<br />

work or online at home.<br />

6<br />

You’ll get help <strong>and</strong> support when you need it.<br />

7<br />

We underst<strong>and</strong> your goals- so we’ll agree a<br />

target end date with you as well as having<br />

regular reviews to chat about how you’re getting<br />

on, keeping you on track to achieve what<br />

you want.<br />

8<br />

We can help you work out how to pay for your<br />

learning. Thanks to government funding your<br />

course may be FREE.<br />

9<br />

We get results- 93 percent of our learners say<br />

learning with learndirect has given them the<br />

skills to help them in their working life.<br />

10<br />

We please our customers- 94 percent of<br />

learners are satisfied with the services we<br />


IT skills<br />

Do you need an IT qualification to help<br />

you get a job or get ahead at work<br />

Whether you’re a total beginner or just<br />

need to gain a greater range of IT , we’ve<br />

got a course <strong>and</strong> qualification for you.<br />

Our functional skills IT courses are offered<br />

from entry level, for the total beginner,<br />

through to level 2, for those people who<br />

wish to gain a qualification which proves<br />

to employers they have the IT skills<br />

they’re looking for.<br />

Depending on the level you start at, our IT<br />

courses will cover a range of skills,<br />

including:<br />

• Computer basics<br />

• Using computers to make day-to-day<br />

tasks easier<br />

• Using the Internet <strong>and</strong> e-mail<br />

• Word processing <strong>and</strong> Spreadsheets<br />

• Computer <strong>and</strong> Internet security<br />

• Improving IT productivity<br />

• Databases<br />

Our entry level course usually takes place<br />

as a workshop over a week long period,<br />

with a dedicated tutor guiding you <strong>and</strong><br />

offering support. The level 1 & 2<br />

qualifications take place in the centre with<br />

your learning flexible to your needs <strong>and</strong><br />

circumstances.<br />


English skills<br />

Do you need an English qualification to<br />

improve your CV or get a job Would you<br />

like to boost your confidence in<br />

punctuation, spelling or reading<br />

If so, we can help. We underst<strong>and</strong> that<br />

English skills are part of our everyday<br />

lives. If you need help writing your CV,<br />

completing a job application form or<br />

underst<strong>and</strong>ing what a leaflet is telling you,<br />

then gaining our nationally recognised<br />

English qualifications from City & Guilds<br />

will help you apply your English skills in a<br />

practical way.<br />

Our courses are offered from entry level<br />

through to level 2, <strong>and</strong> you’ll be entered at<br />

the level decided by your current ability<br />

<strong>and</strong> learning needs. Through the courses<br />

you’ll cover subjects such as:<br />

• Reading<br />

• Writing<br />

• Grammar <strong>and</strong> punctuation<br />

• Spelling<br />

• Vocabulary<br />

• Speaking <strong>and</strong> listening<br />

Learning takes place online at one of our<br />

centres, with face-to-face support from<br />

one of our friendly subject tutors.<br />


Maths skills<br />

Need a maths qualification to give your<br />

CV boost <strong>and</strong> help get a job Want to<br />

improve your everyday maths skills Then<br />

we can help.<br />

We know how important maths skills are<br />

in everyday life- at work, at the shops <strong>and</strong><br />

even at home.<br />

Our maths qualifications will help you gain<br />

the essential skills you need to solve<br />

number problems easily at work <strong>and</strong> at<br />

home, <strong>and</strong> you’ll get a city & Guilds<br />

accredited qualification too.<br />

In our courses you’ll cover subjects like:<br />

• Subtraction, addition, multiplication <strong>and</strong><br />

division<br />

• Fractions <strong>and</strong> decimals<br />

• Shapes <strong>and</strong> space<br />

• Percentages<br />

• Measurements<br />

• H<strong>and</strong>ling data<br />

• Money<br />

We offer courses from entry level to level<br />

2, depending on what you need. Learning<br />

takes place online at one of our centres,<br />

with face-to-face support from one of our<br />

friendly subject tutors.<br />


Office skills<br />

Do you want to underst<strong>and</strong> how a business<br />

really works, <strong>and</strong> develop the skills to use in a<br />

huge range of industries<br />

Then gaining a qualification in business<br />

administration can help you. The ‘Introduction<br />

to Business Administration’ course will give the<br />

skills <strong>and</strong> knowledge you need to work in an<br />

office based role, giving you that all important<br />

advantage over competition when going for<br />

jobs.<br />

Not only will you learn new <strong>and</strong> relevant skills,<br />

but upon completion you’ll also gain a City &<br />

Guilds accredited Level 1 Certificate in<br />

Business <strong>and</strong> Administration.<br />

Topics that are covered on the course include:<br />

• Working in a business environment<br />

• Different communication methods in the<br />

business environment<br />

• Managing <strong>and</strong> improving your performance<br />

• Using office equipment, filing systems <strong>and</strong><br />

e-mail<br />

• Working with others, greeting <strong>and</strong> welcoming<br />

visitors, <strong>and</strong> making <strong>and</strong> receiving phone<br />

calls<br />

8<br />

To learn more about the course, <strong>and</strong> how<br />

learning takes place, please contact your local<br />

centre on the details provided on page16.

Retail skills<br />

A qualification in retail opens doors to a variety<br />

of working environments to indulge your<br />

interests- whether you love fashion or music,<br />

DIY or food, there’s a retail job perfect for you.<br />

Our ‘Introduction to Retail’ course will give you<br />

the skills <strong>and</strong> knowledge you need to work in<br />

the retail sector, giving you the all important<br />

advantage over competition when applying for<br />

jobs.<br />

You’ll gain valuable technical knowledge of the<br />

retail environment <strong>and</strong> upon completion you’ll<br />

also gain a City & Guilds accredited unit award<br />

Level 1 qualification in ‘Underst<strong>and</strong>ing<br />

Customer Service in the Retail Sector’.<br />

During the course, you’ll cover topics such as:<br />

• Customer service<br />

• Looking after customers in a retail<br />

environment<br />

• Creating a positive retail impression<br />

• Meeting the needs of individual customers<br />

• Undert<strong>and</strong>ing the importance of communication<br />

in the delivery of customer service.<br />

For more information about this course, <strong>and</strong><br />

how learning takes place, please contact your<br />

local centre on the details provided on the<br />

‘Contact us’ page (pg. 16).<br />


Customer service skills<br />

Our customer service course <strong>and</strong> qualification<br />

can develop the skills you need to provide<br />

excellent customer service, <strong>and</strong> can be applied<br />

to hundreds of job roles across different<br />

industries.<br />

A qualification in customer service can help you<br />

to:<br />

• Make the right impression with customers<br />

• Get a better underst<strong>and</strong>ing of what customers<br />

really want<br />

• Build confidence <strong>and</strong> a sense of achievement<br />

• Gain an important advantage when applying<br />

for jobs<br />

Upon completion of the course you’ll gain a City<br />

& Guilds accredited Level 1 award in Customer<br />

Service, <strong>and</strong> developed skills in the following<br />

areas:<br />

• Customer service essentials<br />

• Communicating with customers<br />

• Problem solving<br />

• Relationship building<br />

• Using information<br />

• Continuing professional improvement<br />

To find out more details about the course <strong>and</strong><br />

how learning takes place, please contact your<br />

local centre on the details provided on the<br />

‘Contact us’ page (pg. 16).<br />


Traineeships from learndirect give 19-23 year olds the opportunity<br />

to develop the skills <strong>and</strong> workplace experience that employers want,<br />

<strong>and</strong> put them in a better position to compete for an apprenticeship<br />

or job.<br />

Finding a job can be tough, especially if you<br />

don’t have much work experience. Often<br />

employers want people with previous work<br />

history, but how do you get this experience<br />

in the first place<br />

There’s no need to worry, learndirect can<br />

help you take that first step <strong>and</strong> kick start<br />

your career with a traineeship.<br />

Real life work experience <strong>and</strong> the<br />

training you need<br />

You’ll have the chance to develop the skills<br />

that will prepare you for the workplace,<br />

including CV writing, interview techniques,<br />

time management, problem solving at work<br />

<strong>and</strong> much more.<br />

You’ll be able to build your confidence with<br />

practical work experience. You’ll complete a<br />

placement with a local company to really<br />

help you gain the skills that employers are<br />

looking for <strong>and</strong> the confidence that you can<br />

use in future employment.<br />

Not sure what type of work you’d like to<br />

do<br />

Don’t worry, you can try out different work<br />

environments to help you decide what<br />

you’re most interested in.<br />

Supporting you<br />

We’ll support you every step of the<br />

way. A mentor will give you one to one<br />

support, be there to answer any<br />

questions or concerns you have <strong>and</strong><br />

make sure you’re getting the most<br />

from your learning <strong>and</strong> work<br />

experience<br />

Do I have to pay anything<br />

Your Traineeship could be funded by<br />

the government. We’ll discuss this with<br />

you before you start<br />

To find out more details, or if you are<br />

eligible, please contact us on the<br />

details provided on page 16.<br />

Work<br />

placement<br />

Traineeship<br />

English<br />

& maths<br />

Work<br />

preparation training 11

Get the<br />

Pitman<br />

Advantage<br />

Nowhere in the world offers anything like Pitman <strong>Training</strong> - because our<br />

students receive a unique combination of benefits.<br />

Whether you’re interested in secretarial, Microsoft Office, keyboard skills, bookkeeping<br />

<strong>and</strong> accounts, IT or any of our other courses, our training is designed to help<br />

both boost your confidence <strong>and</strong> enhance your skills.<br />

• Your CV will st<strong>and</strong> out from the crowd<br />

Sir Isaac Pitman invented shorth<strong>and</strong> in 1837 <strong>and</strong> since then we’ve enjoyed an<br />

unrivalled reputation; highly respected by employers. When you’ve trained the<br />

Pitman <strong>Training</strong> way, you’re already a cut above the rest.<br />

• You can train anytime, full-time or part-time<br />

We don’t have rigid course timetables with fixed terms, like many others, which<br />

means training can fit around your work <strong>and</strong> home lives.<br />

• Help <strong>and</strong> support along the way<br />

Experienced advisors <strong>and</strong> tutors are always on h<strong>and</strong> to help. Our exceptional levels<br />

of support <strong>and</strong> guidance mean whenever you need advice or encouragement we’ll<br />

be right by your side.<br />

Whether you want to improve your career prospects with one of our highly respected<br />

diplomas, gain that promotion, get back to work or simply st<strong>and</strong> out from the crowd,<br />

Pitman <strong>Training</strong> can help you like nobody else can.<br />

The best way to get things started<br />

Just give us a call on 01522 514863 for a chat with one of our friendly experts.<br />

12<br />

For further info <strong>and</strong> courses that are offered visit: www.pitman-training.com/lincoln

Computers <strong>and</strong> the Internet can open up whole new worlds!<br />

Do more online<br />

There are so many things you can do on<br />

the Internet. It could make everyday tasks<br />

a lot easier, save you time <strong>and</strong> money, <strong>and</strong><br />

allow you to do more of the things you like<br />

doing best!<br />

It can help you get in touch with people<br />

wherever they are in the world at the click<br />

of a button, <strong>and</strong> you can find information<br />

on whatever you’re interested in, from<br />

fishing to football.<br />

Millions of people use the Internet every<br />

day as it helps make their life easier - <strong>and</strong><br />

you could join them!<br />

Find the help <strong>and</strong> support you need<br />

Whether you’ve never touched a computer<br />

before <strong>and</strong> want to get started with the<br />

basics, or can do a little but want to know<br />

more, we’re here to help you.<br />

Our friendly tutors are on h<strong>and</strong> whatever<br />

you want to learn about- from using a<br />

mouse for the first time to finding jobs<br />

online or keeping in touch with friends <strong>and</strong><br />

family. We’ll give you a helping h<strong>and</strong> so<br />

you’re confident doing whatever you want<br />

to do online.<br />


Success stories<br />

Don’t just take our word for it, hear what our learners<br />

have to say about their time with e-<strong>QAS</strong><br />

Judith, 48<br />

“I was suffering from low confidence <strong>and</strong> thought my dyslexia would<br />

stop me from learning. The tutors took all this on board, helping me<br />

learn at my own pace <strong>and</strong> giving my confidence a much needed boost.”<br />

Due to health reasons Judith could no longer do the physical work that<br />

she had done for most of her life. She had low self-esteem, held no<br />

formal qualifications <strong>and</strong> little knowlege or experience of computers.<br />

e-<strong>QAS</strong> was able to help by enroling Judith on fully-funded courses in IT<br />

<strong>and</strong> Maths, <strong>and</strong> putting her through our employability workshop. Since<br />

completing the employability programme, Judith has gone on to secure<br />

a job with Gala Bingo while still completing her learning.<br />

Paige, 22 <strong>and</strong> Brooke, 20<br />

“The staff at e-<strong>QAS</strong> gave us the confidence to apply for jobs <strong>and</strong><br />

promote ourselves in an interview, opening up a future of possibilities.”<br />

14<br />

Paige <strong>and</strong> Brooke (sisters) came to e-<strong>QAS</strong> eager to gain employment<br />

<strong>and</strong> take on any suggestions we had to offer. We were able to help by<br />

creating updated CVs that showed off the skills they had to offer.<br />

They were also helped through one of our employability workshops,<br />

which taught them to write cover letters, <strong>and</strong> provide practical advice<br />

in gaining employment. Both sisters have since gone on to gain work at<br />

‘The Range’ store in Boston, Brooke as a Sales Assistant <strong>and</strong> Paige as<br />

a Cash Office Assistant.

Our promise to you<br />

Whatever you want to achieve with e-<strong>QAS</strong>, we want to<br />

make sure you enjoy it <strong>and</strong> receive the best possible<br />

service from us.<br />

We will:<br />

• listen carefully to you <strong>and</strong> help you find the right learning, qualification or support to<br />

achieve your goals<br />

• ensure you know what to expect, who will support you <strong>and</strong> how they can help<br />

• be flexible in how we support you <strong>and</strong> make it easy for you to get in touch with us<br />

• underst<strong>and</strong> your needs <strong>and</strong> circumstances to make sure you get the most out of your<br />

time with us<br />

• treat you fairly, politely <strong>and</strong> with respect<br />

• ensure our staff are professional <strong>and</strong> have the skills <strong>and</strong> knowledge to support you<br />

• provide help <strong>and</strong> support if you have a problem, question or complaint<br />

• let you know if you’re eligible for funding or how much you need to pay, <strong>and</strong> whether<br />

you can get help with your costs<br />

• help you work out what your next steps could be so you continue developing new<br />

skills, whatever your age <strong>and</strong> circumstances<br />

In return you should:<br />

• complete the activities <strong>and</strong> work that you agree with us<br />

• participate fully <strong>and</strong> actively in your programme<br />

• treat staff, learners <strong>and</strong> customers fairly, politely <strong>and</strong> with respect<br />

• talk to our staff regularly about your progress<br />

• let us know if you need any extra support to help you achieve your goals<br />


- Contact Us<br />

Boston<br />

t: 01205 311526<br />

Unit D2<br />

Boston Trade Park<br />

Norfolk Street<br />

Boston<br />

PE21 9HG<br />

Lincoln<br />

t: 01522 575628<br />

3rd Floor<br />

Norwich Union House<br />

Silver Street<br />

Lincoln<br />

LN2 1EA<br />

Peterborough<br />

t: 01733 312485<br />

Crescent House<br />

46 Priestgate<br />

Peterborough<br />

PE1 1LF<br />

Find us online at www.e-qas.co.uk<br />

e-mail: enquiries@e-qas.co.uk<br />

www.facebook.com/eqastraining<br />

16<br />


Proud to work with:<br />

*All information in this brochure is correct as of December 2014

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