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<strong>INDUSTRIAL</strong> <strong>DESIGN</strong> & <strong>ENGINEERING</strong>


<strong>INDUSTRIAL</strong> <strong>DESIGN</strong> & <strong>ENGINEERING</strong><br />

5 <strong>Award</strong> winners 2008<br />

• Category CONSUMER PRODUCTS - <strong>DESIGN</strong><br />

BRYCE, aluminium radiator, from VASCO, Belgium<br />


ALURUNNER, aluminium sled, from Alurunner, Germany<br />

• Category <strong>INDUSTRIAL</strong> PRODUCTS - AUTOMOTIVE & TRANSPORT<br />

R2S, aircraft recovery system, from ZUMRO, Holland<br />

• Category <strong>INDUSTRIAL</strong> PRODUCTS - BUILDING & CONSTRUCTION<br />

PALARICCIONE, aluminium stairway, from Bayards, Italy<br />

• Category <strong>INDUSTRIAL</strong> PRODUCTS - MECHANICAL <strong>ENGINEERING</strong> & ELECTRONICS<br />

ACP 5080MF, aluminium solar panel, from Alimex, Germany<br />

1 Special Prize for Production Technics<br />

• FUSE TECHNOLOGY, from BALCO, India<br />

1 Overall Jury Prize<br />

• EVORA, , aluminium sportscar structure, from Lotus Engineering, England<br />


<strong>European</strong> <strong>Aluminium</strong> <strong>Award</strong> 2008 - Industrial Design & Engineering


<strong>INDUSTRIAL</strong> <strong>DESIGN</strong> & <strong>ENGINEERING</strong><br />

From the Jury table<br />

For the <strong>European</strong> <strong>Aluminium</strong> <strong>Award</strong>s 2008<br />

Industrial Design & Engineering the Jury<br />

judged 48 entries, from 10 different countries,<br />

all meeting the regulations.<br />

All entries were divided into two categories -<br />

Consumer Products and Industrial Products -<br />

each category subdivided into subcategories,<br />

resulting in the following:<br />

Consumer Products<br />

• Design 8 entries,<br />

• Innovation 12 entries, including 3 entries<br />

for environment & sustainability<br />

Industrial Products<br />

• Automotive & Transport 5 entries<br />

• Building & Construction 11 entries<br />

• Mechanical Engineering & Electronics 12<br />

entries, including 6 entries for production<br />

technics.<br />

The international jury consisted of the<br />

following persons:<br />

• Prof. Laurens Katgerman, Delft University<br />

of Technology, the Netherlands (chairman)<br />

• Mr. Elmar Schüller, Vice-President Red<br />

Dot, Germany (vice-chairman)<br />

• Ms. Roberta Bordiga, Edimet, Aluminio e<br />

Leghe, Italy<br />

• Mr. Eur.Ing. Steve Harmer BSc, The<br />

Institute of Materials, United Kingdom<br />

• Mr.Ing. Rein van de Velde, <strong>Aluminium</strong><br />

Centrum, the Netherlands (secretary)<br />

<strong>European</strong> <strong>Aluminium</strong> <strong>Award</strong> 2008 - Industrial Design & Engineering<br />

Final decisions<br />

Of the 48 entries 30 were nominated for the<br />

award.<br />

In unanimous decision 5 <strong>Award</strong>s, 1 Special<br />

Prize and 1 overall Jury Prize were given.<br />

It is with great pleasure that the jury did<br />

observe that the quality of the entries is<br />

improving year by year moving up to even<br />

higher standards. The market is looking for<br />

creative and robust solutions and fi nds in<br />

aluminium and aluminium alloys a versatile<br />

metal, meeting the competitive needs of the<br />

customer.<br />

In particular environmental issues like weight<br />

saving and CO2 reductions make aluminium<br />

an obvious material to consider.<br />

Overall Jury Prize<br />

The overall Jury Prize was awarded to put<br />

special emphasis on the environmental<br />

and sustainable impact of light-weight<br />

constructions and products.<br />

For the Jury,<br />

Prof. Ir. Laurens Katgerman<br />



Category CONSUMER PRODUCTS - <strong>DESIGN</strong><br />

<strong>European</strong> <strong>Aluminium</strong> <strong>Award</strong> 2008 - Industrial Design & Engineering<br />

Company: VASCO<br />

Country: Belgium<br />

Product Name: Bryce Radiator<br />

VASCO, specialising in the development and<br />

production of designer radiators, continues<br />

to invest in new technologies. The most<br />

recent example of this specialisation is the<br />

development of the aluminium radiator<br />

BRYCE, which gives new meaning to the<br />


Inspired by nature<br />

Bryce Canyon in the USA, famous for its<br />

unique geological rock formations, inspired<br />

the VASCO designers to develop a radiator<br />

composed of vertical aluminium profi les, a<br />

concept that causes the light rays striking<br />

them to refl ect in multiple colour variations,<br />

depending on their angle of impact.<br />

With this aluminium radiator, VASCO has<br />

introduced a new look to home heating.<br />

Innovative heat<br />

The Bryce is a fully closed radiator.<br />

Connection points and other awkward<br />

elements are hidden from the eye. The<br />

execution in aluminium promotes more<br />

effi cient heat radiation and at the same time,<br />

because of its light weight, has an aesthetic<br />

look to it.<br />

The novel character and design of its newly<br />

conceived radiator is a confi rmation of<br />

VASCO’s creativity and a valuable boost to<br />

stimulate future innovative endeavours.<br />

More info: www.vasco.eu


Category CONSUMER PRODUCTS - <strong>DESIGN</strong><br />

<strong>European</strong> <strong>Aluminium</strong> <strong>Award</strong> 2008 - Industrial Design & Engineering<br />

Company: ALCON/GRAMM Technik/<br />

STYLIQ-Ingenieurburo<br />

Country: Germany<br />

Product Name: Alusatin-Finish<br />

”ALUSATIN-Finish” is ideal for householdapplication:<br />

- insensitive even to fi ngerprints, due to a so<br />

called ”LOTUS-Effect”<br />

- dielines, welding-lines and defects in texture<br />

or microstructure become invisible.<br />

The application on aluminium-profi les for<br />

base-board-trunking in offi ces as well as private<br />

houses may open a new market for thousands<br />

of kilometres of profi les. A new business for the<br />

aluminium-extrusion-plants and specialised<br />

aluminium-surface treatment companies.<br />

More info: www.aluminiumconsult.de<br />

Company: Pilipili<br />

Country: Belgium<br />

Product Name: Finitube<br />

The Finitube is a professional tool, designed<br />

for a fast, perfect fi nish for every type of tube,<br />

cylinder of piping construction. It is a brandnew<br />

redesign with an attractive styling and a<br />

lot of new advantages for the user.<br />

The formal details of the joints and the<br />

smooth curved surfaces give this aluminium<br />

product a sophisticated look, usually<br />

unexpected for traditional milling processes.<br />

This result contains a noticeable improved<br />

ergonomics, aesthetics, durability and<br />

functionality.<br />

More info: www.pilipili.be


Category CONSUMER PRODUCTS - <strong>DESIGN</strong><br />

<strong>European</strong> <strong>Aluminium</strong> <strong>Award</strong> 2008 - Industrial Design & Engineering<br />

Company: Finn<br />

Country: Holland<br />

Product Name: Rotating-Rowing-<br />

Footstretcher<br />

With the rotating footrest the force of the<br />

rowers leg at the footstretcher will always<br />

be in the most ideal direction. <strong>Aluminium</strong><br />

was the ideal material combining all<br />

requirements on strength, weight saving and<br />

design. Rowing with this footstretcher will be<br />

more effi cient and effective according rowing<br />

with a normal footstretcher. By improving<br />

rower’s effi ciencies up to 8% the result is<br />

not only faster rowing but also rowing more<br />

comfortable. The Danish rowing team used it<br />

for the Olympics 2008.<br />

More info: www.fi nn.nl<br />

Company: Greutmann Bolzern<br />

Designstudio<br />

Country: Switzerland<br />

Product Name: D5<br />

D5 is a modular shelving system composed<br />

of vertical columns and shelves which can be<br />

set up easily and quickly in a few steps.<br />

The columns are made of aluminium die<br />

casting while profi le trays are of anodised<br />

extruded aluminium. When connected, the<br />

elements provide an extremely strong and<br />

stable structure without the need for any<br />

additional stiffening or diagonal bracing.<br />

D5 is easy to cable and ensures easy integration<br />

with light and multimedia devices.<br />

More info: www.gbdesign.ch



<strong>European</strong> <strong>Aluminium</strong> <strong>Award</strong> 2008 - Industrial Design & Engineering<br />

Company: Alurunner<br />

Country: Germany<br />

Product Name: Alurunner Sled<br />

Alurunner® the world’s fi rst sled with real<br />

shock absorption through an adjustable<br />

shock absorber system - represents a new<br />

age sledding concept.<br />

The Alurunner® is manufactured with the<br />

highest possible technical standards. All<br />

materials are innovative and extremely<br />

durable.<br />

<strong>Aluminium</strong> frame<br />

The entire frame of the sled is made of<br />

aluminum tubing (Alu 6061) and of a nice<br />

design. The wide aluminum runners with<br />

PE-glide profi les are a guarantee for optimal<br />

gliding and tracking qualities. The effective<br />

brake with the aluminum claw is extremely<br />

durable, easy to use, and grips precisely<br />

under the center of mass in the snow.<br />

Space-saving<br />

The collapsible light aluminum frame makes<br />

space-saving easy storage and transport<br />

possible.<br />

- Measurements packed in the carrier bag:<br />

109 x 47x 16 cm<br />

- Weight: 9.5 kg<br />

- Driver weight: max. 100 kg<br />

More info: www.alurunner.com



<strong>European</strong> <strong>Aluminium</strong> <strong>Award</strong> 2008 - Industrial Design & Engineering<br />

Company: AA Total Parts<br />

Country: Holland<br />

Product Name: The UV-C Seawater<br />

Microorganism Filter<br />

The UV-C Seawater Microorganism Filter is the<br />

world’s fi rst seawater fi lter for consumer use.<br />

The very thin walled aluminium internal<br />

housing manufactured in Impact Extrusion<br />

technology has a wall thickness of only 0.8 mm.<br />

This design is a typical example of aluminium<br />

Impact Extrusion technology. In combination<br />

with an excellent light refl ection of aluminium<br />

it does not allow any material and technique to<br />

copy this at an extremely low cost price.<br />

More info: www.slagextrusie.nl<br />

Company: ANOX<br />

Country: Holland<br />

Product Name: Anografi c®<br />

Anografi c® is a surface treatment technique<br />

for full-colour wear resistance prints on<br />

anodized aluminium.<br />

It is the answer on an increasing demand for<br />

durable images or graphics on aluminium<br />

that will resist scratch, wear, solvents and<br />

chemicals.<br />

Anografi c® can be economical both for single<br />

pieces or high volume printing.<br />

More info: www.anox.nl



<strong>European</strong> <strong>Aluminium</strong> <strong>Award</strong> 2008 - Industrial Design & Engineering<br />

Company: Gardena<br />

Country: Germany<br />

Product Name: Garden tool<br />

Secateurs are ideal for cutting fl owers, twigs and<br />

branches. Due to their broad application range,<br />

their low weight and compact size they are one<br />

of the most-used tools in gardening work.<br />

Gardena uses aluminium die casting parts as<br />

a technical construction material for highly<br />

stressed components of garden tools. Further<br />

the premium look of aluminium as well as<br />

the comfortable feeling are added values.<br />

The high stability and simultaneously good<br />

looking workability of aluminium is comparably<br />

profi table for both producer and consumer.<br />

More info: www.gardena.com<br />

Company: M5 Recumbents and<br />

Handbikes<br />

Country: Holland<br />

Product Name: Lightweight Hub<br />

The lightest aluminium hub for wheels at M5<br />

recumbents.<br />

M5 took their own super lightweight<br />

aluminium hubs with ceramic bearings and<br />

combined them with Sapim CX Ray spokes<br />

and Carbon/Boron LEW rims.<br />

Result: a super lightweight set of wheels even<br />

lighter than full carbon wheels!<br />

- Front wheel: 349 grammes<br />

- Rear wheel: 519 grammes<br />

- Set of wheels: 868 grammes<br />

More info: www.m5-ligfi etsen.nl



<strong>European</strong> <strong>Aluminium</strong> <strong>Award</strong> 2008 - Industrial Design & Engineering<br />

Company: SK-Elektronik & RIFTEC<br />

Country: Germany<br />

Product Name: Ökolüfter 9038<br />

The Ökolüfter 9038 recovers 90% of heat and<br />

humidity of ventilated air in any household.<br />

Perforated aluminium sheet is rolled and<br />

friction stir welded to form two cylinders.<br />

After anodisation they build a rotating,<br />

aerodynamic driven heat exchanger. This part<br />

is the essential component of the innovative<br />

Ökolüfter.<br />

The challenge was the combined<br />

requirements of design and function.<br />

<strong>Aluminium</strong> as material and Friction Stir<br />

Welding as welding process were the<br />

solutions.<br />

More info: www.sk-elektronik.de<br />

Company: Teich<br />

Country: Austria<br />

Product Name: Chocomel Hot<br />

Functional packaging for the preparation<br />

of hot chocolate beverages in the Senseo®<br />

padmachine.<br />

The innovative character of the portion<br />

pack is the peelable separation of the top<br />

lid layers and the constancy in introducing<br />

the holes into the fi lm layer. For this product<br />

the perfect properties of aluminium are<br />

obligatory to ensure optimal product- and<br />

aroma protection and to guarantee the<br />

requested shelf life time.<br />

More info: www.constantia-teich.com


All Categories<br />

<strong>European</strong> <strong>Aluminium</strong> <strong>Award</strong> 2008 - Industrial Design & Engineering<br />

Company: Lotus Engineering<br />

Country: United Kingdom<br />

Product Name: Evora <strong>Aluminium</strong> Sportscar<br />

Structure<br />

The <strong>Aluminium</strong> Structure for Project ‘Evora’ -the<br />

new ‘green sportscar’ from Lotus - showcases<br />

part of the advanced technology being utilised<br />

and the latest development of the innovative<br />

Lotus Versatile Vehicle Architecture (VVA).<br />

Project Evora is the code name for the new<br />

higher specifi cation addition to the Lotus<br />

product range entering the market above the<br />

Elise, Exige and Europa. Going into production at<br />

the beginning of next year, Project Evora draws<br />

heavily on the proven technology used in the<br />

iconic Lotus Elise family of vehicles as well as<br />

the Versatile Vehicle Architecture (VVA) shown<br />

as the APX (<strong>Aluminium</strong> Performance Crossover)<br />

Concept Vehicle. Project Evora will be an all new<br />

fantastic Lotus sports car, which illustrates Lotus<br />

Engineering’s ability to create innovative and<br />

exciting high performance niche car products.<br />

Lotus Engineering is a world leader in niche<br />

vehicle design, manufacture and global sales.The<br />

Evora project utilises Lotus’ core competences in<br />

aluminium.<br />

It is proving that the new Lotus sportscar is a<br />

reality and that VVA is an advanced ecological<br />

technology from which further ‘green’ Lotus<br />

models will be produced.<br />

More info: www.grouplotus.com


Category <strong>INDUSTRIAL</strong> PRODUCTS - AUTOMOTIVE & TRANSPORT<br />

<strong>European</strong> <strong>Aluminium</strong> <strong>Award</strong> 2008 - Industrial Design & Engineering<br />

Company: RESQTEC Zumro<br />

Country: Holland<br />

Product Name: R2S Aircraft Recovery System<br />

R2S Recovery System will be used to lift aircrafts<br />

for aircraft recovery operations after crashes or<br />

missed runways, etc. The system is based on high<br />

pressure NT resque (air) bags, stabilized with a<br />

highly loaded yet very lightweight self-stabilizing<br />

aluminium frame that consists of a large number<br />

of forged and stamped aluminium parts.<br />

<strong>Aluminium</strong> rings made of 6 forged, interlinked<br />

aluminium parts are placed between 2 high<br />

pressure airbags and form the backbone of<br />

the lifting columns. These columns are made<br />

in heights ranging from 4 to 12 high pressure<br />

airbags, with a maximum height (infl ated) of<br />

6,5 meter. The maximum lifting capacity of each<br />

single column is 44 metric tons.<br />

The R2S system safes valuable time during<br />

recovery operations, where runways need to be<br />

cleared as soon as possible. When defl ated, the<br />

columns are extremely fl at and allow placement<br />

in small spaces under fuselage or wings. The<br />

column concept is completely modular.<br />

The most recent R2S-maxx recovery system is<br />

especially developed for the A380. It lifts 165<br />

metric tonnes in one continuous movement from<br />

2 to 6.5 meter high. Suffi cient to lift one wing (or<br />

side) of an A380 during recovery operations.<br />

More info: www.resqtec.com


Category <strong>INDUSTRIAL</strong> PRODUCTS - AUTOMOTIVE & TRANSPORT<br />

<strong>European</strong> <strong>Aluminium</strong> <strong>Award</strong> 2008 - Industrial Design & Engineering<br />

Company: Metal Technologies<br />

Kitzingen<br />

Country: Germany<br />

Product Name: Daimler Frightliner Truck<br />

crank case cover<br />

New environment regulations in the USA<br />

have prompted Daimler to design different<br />

parts on the Frightliner. On this account<br />

the existing crank case cover in GCI was<br />

substituted for the alloy EN AC-AlSi10MgDT6.<br />

The decision in aid of MTK was made due to<br />

the higher mechanical properties compared<br />

to gravity die casting and permanent mould<br />

casting. Result a weight reduction from<br />

app. 17 kg on the raw part. This relates to<br />

a reduction of app. 46 % of the previous<br />

component weight.<br />

More info: www.mtk-giesserei.de<br />

Company: Ritter-<strong>Aluminium</strong> / BAI<br />

Country: Germany / Holland<br />

Product Name: Ducati engine crank case<br />

The Ducati crank case is an important<br />

development in innovative engine design.<br />

Low weight and high strength can be<br />

combined in Vacural die casted aluminium.<br />

With this industrial reference, engine<br />

designers tend to extend the use of<br />

aluminium by designing with improved<br />

mechanical parameters with as result parts<br />

with lower weight.<br />

More info: www.ritter-aluminium.de /<br />



Category <strong>INDUSTRIAL</strong> PRODUCTS - AUTOMOTIVE & TRANSPORT<br />

<strong>European</strong> <strong>Aluminium</strong> <strong>Award</strong> 2008 - Industrial Design & Engineering<br />

Company: Süddeutsche <strong>Aluminium</strong><br />

Manufaktur<br />

Country: Germany<br />

Product Name: Audi A6 allroad door panel<br />

Audi A6 Allroad aluminium door panel with<br />

high resistant ALUCERAM surface on SolGel<br />

Basic. With this protection this aluminium<br />

anodized part is wel fi tted for all current<br />

environmental infl uences.<br />

It avoids problems with the resistance of<br />

the gloss surface after a short time in series.<br />

Especially in the bottom vehicle area with its<br />

very aggressive infl uences like salt and dust<br />

from the brakes.<br />

More info: www.binder-group.de



<strong>European</strong> <strong>Aluminium</strong> <strong>Award</strong> 2008 - Industrial Design & Engineering<br />

Company: Bayards Italia<br />

Country: Italy<br />

Product Name: Palariccione/aluminium<br />

stairway<br />

<strong>Aluminium</strong> stairwaysystem of modular<br />

connected extrusion profi les for the<br />

Palariccione, the new Conference Centre of<br />

Riccione in the “Green Pearl of the Adriatic” .<br />

Alloys used are mainly 6005A T6 but also<br />

6063 T6, 6082 T6 and 5083 H111.<br />

Stair width 2.5m / stair fl ight length 7.5m.<br />

The Palariccione stairwaysystem in total<br />

counts 88 stair fl ights, 1100m handrail, 1050<br />

steps and 36 intermediate platforms.<br />

Load on fl ooring and stair treads 5kN/m2.<br />

More info: www.bayards.nl / www.palariccione.com



<strong>European</strong> <strong>Aluminium</strong> <strong>Award</strong> 2008 - Industrial Design & Engineering<br />

Company: Heli Leichtgerüst<br />

Country: Germany<br />

Productname: HeliPanAL®<br />

This sandwichpanel is a composite panel<br />

consisting of aluminium sheets and a polypropylene<br />

core.<br />

The main application of the panels is the<br />

replace of defective timber stages in scaffolding<br />

aluminium frames.<br />

HeliPanAL® -sandwichpanels are saving<br />

20 – 40% weight and can be 100% recycled.<br />

The product is an exemplary pioneer in<br />

ecological environmental conservation.<br />

More info: www.heli-leichtgeruest.de<br />

Company: James & Taylor<br />

Country: United Kingdom<br />

Product Name: Eyetech Expanded Anodised<br />

Veil Cladding<br />

To create outstanding and original façades<br />

requires an architect with passion and<br />

determination and a client who allows the<br />

design team to break with tradition and<br />

convention.<br />

James & Taylor are at the forefront of modern<br />

technology with a new, increasingly indemand<br />

product, Eyetech – an expanded<br />

aluminium veil mesh which has already<br />

transformed well-known buildings across the<br />

UK and abroad.<br />

More info: www.jamesandtaylor.co.uk



<strong>European</strong> <strong>Aluminium</strong> <strong>Award</strong> 2008 - Industrial Design & Engineering<br />

Company: US Systems LLC<br />

Country: USA<br />

Product Name: MHS Prefab - High-Tech<br />

Modular Housing System<br />

US Systems invented, designed and developed<br />

a new modular aluminum system for modular<br />

aluminum construction, interior, exterior and<br />

prefab building systems introduced in 2008<br />

onto the <strong>European</strong> market.<br />

Patented A True Modular <strong>Aluminium</strong> Building<br />

Systems and Construction Methodology.<br />

Original Design, Modular, Prefab, Recyclable,<br />

Green, Relocatable, Sustainable products with<br />

the life time durability and safety.<br />

More info: www.ussystems.us<br />

Company: XSPlatforms<br />

Country: Holland<br />

Product Name: <strong>Aluminium</strong> Bridge System<br />

The modular platform system consists of easyto-fold<br />

units of 2 m, 1 m and 0.5 m . These modules<br />

of aluminium extrusions are interconnectable<br />

up to a total length of 16 m. Maximum rated<br />

working loads of 1200kg are possible with<br />

confi gurations that have 800kg hoists.<br />

These robustly designed foldable units integrate<br />

the aluminium composite fl oor, side frames<br />

and guard rails, which reduces fi ve separate<br />

parts to a single assembly. It can be folded<br />

up after use thanks to an integrated hinge in<br />

the aluminium profi le. Only minimal space is<br />

required for transportation and storage.<br />

More info: www.xsplatforms.com


Category <strong>INDUSTRIAL</strong> PRODUCTS - MECHANICAL <strong>ENGINEERING</strong> & ELECTRONICS<br />

<strong>European</strong> <strong>Aluminium</strong> <strong>Award</strong> 2008 - Industrial Design & Engineering<br />

Company: Alimex<br />

Country: Germany<br />

Product Name: ACP5080MF Solar Panel<br />

ACP 5080MF is produced in a special milling<br />

technique in large dimension of 2.000 x 3.300<br />

mm (width x length). One surface is mirror<br />

fi nish and the other surface is ACP 5080<br />

(milled). It has a gloss level and it has no need<br />

to get hand polished. It’s easy to clean.<br />

Solar technique, Measurement engineering,<br />

Laser, High-tech and Airtight applications.<br />

In the past this size wasn’t possible to<br />

produce in such surfaces of a milling process.<br />

By avoiding hand polishing cost reduction<br />

can be achieved.<br />

It guaranties a consistent surface and the<br />

surface has a Ra < 0,1 µm.<br />

More info: www.alimex.de


Category <strong>INDUSTRIAL</strong> PRODUCTS - MECHANICAL <strong>ENGINEERING</strong> & ELECTRONICS<br />

<strong>European</strong> <strong>Aluminium</strong> <strong>Award</strong> 2008 - Industrial Design & Engineering<br />

Company: BALCO<br />

Country: India<br />

Product Name: <strong>Aluminium</strong> fuse<br />

BALCO invented a fuse with which 320 KA<br />

current could be bypassed to the next pot<br />

through the fuse instead of the shorted joint<br />

for about ten minutes.<br />

As the fuse operation depends on the selfgeneration<br />

of heat under conditions of<br />

excessive current by means of the fuse’s<br />

own electrical resistance, it is designed to<br />

withstand ten minutes of the shortened<br />

raiser current safely.<br />

During this period the pot is brought into the<br />

circuit by inserting insulation plates between<br />

the shorted joints and after ten minutes the<br />

fuse melts and the pot is put on power. So<br />

by using the fuse technology, pots could be<br />

powered on at 320 KA without reducing the<br />

power to 0 KA.<br />

BALCO has successfully implemented this<br />

technology in the start-up of 221 pots and<br />

adapted this as a standard procedure to<br />

put pots on power. The results were clearly<br />

visible in the increase in production, stability<br />

of operating pots and the elimination of<br />

frequent power outages.<br />

More info: www.vedantaresources.co.in


Category <strong>INDUSTRIAL</strong> PRODUCTS - MECHANICAL <strong>ENGINEERING</strong> & ELECTRONICS<br />

<strong>European</strong> <strong>Aluminium</strong> <strong>Award</strong> 2008 - Industrial Design & Engineering<br />

Company: Enercon<br />

Country: Germany<br />

Product Name: Wind Turbine Nacelle Casing<br />

The three-dimensional wind turbines dropshaped<br />

generator nacelle, designed by<br />

Norman Foster, require sophisticated metal<br />

bending technology. Usage of aluminium<br />

sheetmaterial is the innovative aspect of<br />

Enercon ’s E-82 aluminium nacelle. Several<br />

advantages have been achieved:<br />

a. maximum material recyclability,<br />

b. the fi re risk is reduced to a minimum,<br />

c. lightning protection is improved as the<br />

nacelle has the function of a Faraday cage<br />

d. the aluminium surface helps cool the<br />

nacelle components –and extends their<br />

operational life span.<br />

More info: www.enercon.de<br />

Company: Plasmatreat/Griesser<br />

Country: Germany/Switzerland<br />

Product Name: plasma coil coated aluminium<br />

Openair-Plasma technology has made it<br />

possible to eliminate the complete use of<br />

wet chemicals in the precleaning process of<br />

aluminium coils prior to the application of<br />

the conversion coating. The plasma system<br />

replaces a 60m precleaning line. This means<br />

that hundreds of tons of wet chemicals and<br />

waste process water will be avoided. Due to<br />

this the speed of the plant has quadrupled.<br />

The measure is thus resulting in enormous<br />

savings in costs and protection of the<br />

environment. The impact this technology<br />

may have on the aluminium coating industry<br />

is monumental. More info: www.plasmatreat.de


Category <strong>INDUSTRIAL</strong> PRODUCTS - MECHANICAL <strong>ENGINEERING</strong> & ELECTRONICS<br />

<strong>European</strong> <strong>Aluminium</strong> <strong>Award</strong> 2008 - Industrial Design & Engineering<br />

Company: TSS<br />

Country: Belgium<br />

Product Name: Adaptor<br />

T.S.S. ADAPT ® is a new concept, designed<br />

and developed to improve effi ciency in<br />

fi tting lifts and as such increase returns per<br />

lift installation.<br />

The system is used when fi tting the elevator<br />

car and counterweight guiderails. The<br />

guiderails are hoisted separately and stacked<br />

on top of each other so precision is optimal<br />

and the possibility of mistakes occurring<br />

minimalised.<br />

This product meets stringent <strong>European</strong> safety<br />

regulations.<br />

More info: www.ts-solutions.be<br />

Company: Horst Witte Gerätebau<br />

Country: Germany<br />

Product Name: AluQuick Fixturing System<br />

Aluquick AQ is a new modular fi xturing system,<br />

enables high fl exibility with a small number<br />

of aluminium basic components. Less is more.<br />

Special connection elements give AQ further<br />

advantages for fi xture building, compared to<br />

conventional extruded profi les.<br />

Cost-effective standard components allowing<br />

high repeatability. Aluquick fulfi lls current<br />

demands regarding main characteristics<br />

required for fast and easy fi xture building.<br />

Also accurate positioning using the grid or<br />

positioning off-grid using grooves, is unique.<br />

More info: www.horst-witte.de


Category <strong>INDUSTRIAL</strong> PRODUCTS - MECHANICAL <strong>ENGINEERING</strong> & ELECTRONICS<br />

<strong>European</strong> <strong>Aluminium</strong> <strong>Award</strong> 2008 - Industrial Design & Engineering<br />

Company: Wolf<br />

Country: Germany<br />

Product Name: COB-20 Heatexchanger<br />

Cylindrical aluminum extrusion profi le with<br />

a diameter of 320 mm, fi ligree ribbed on<br />

the inside. The profi le is extruded in only<br />

one tool. It is specifi cally designed as a<br />

heat exchanger and is currently used in oilcondensing-boilers<br />

up to 30 kW power.<br />

The material here unites economic<br />

production with best effi ciency of heat<br />

transfer at high corrosion resistance. This<br />

makes this ideal for condensing heat<br />

exchanger equipment. It is included in Wolf<br />

oil-condensing-boiler COB.<br />

More info: www.wolf-heiztechnik.de<br />

Company: Zenergy Power<br />

Country: Germany<br />

Product Name: Induction Heater<br />

Induction heaters are extensively used in<br />

aluminium extrusion plants to soften billets<br />

prior to shaping them into parts for subsequent<br />

assembly into fi nished products.The newly<br />

developed superconducting induction heater<br />

uses High Temperature Superconducting<br />

(HTS) coils featuring zero electrical resistance.<br />

For heating of non-ferrous metals the energy<br />

effi ciency increases to values of at least 80%.<br />

Due to this breakthrough in effi ciency a<br />

500 kW superconducting induction heater<br />

saves the annual energy consumption of<br />

850 single-person households compared to<br />

conventional induction heaters.<br />

More info: www.zenergypower.com


<strong>INDUSTRIAL</strong> <strong>DESIGN</strong> & <strong>ENGINEERING</strong><br />

Winning a prestigious prize such as this<br />

<strong>European</strong> <strong>Aluminium</strong> <strong>Award</strong> not only<br />

recognises your innovative approach to<br />

business, but is also an important stimulus<br />

that helps to promote your company.<br />

The <strong>European</strong> <strong>Aluminium</strong> <strong>Award</strong> is an<br />

initiative of the Dutch <strong>Aluminium</strong> Centre.<br />

A wide base has been acquired through<br />

the support of the <strong>European</strong> <strong>Aluminium</strong><br />

Association (EAA), the GDA - the German<br />

<strong>Aluminium</strong> Association - and ALUMINIUM<br />

2008, World’s largest Trade Show &<br />

Conference in the area of <strong>Aluminium</strong>.<br />

For every aluminium innovation<br />

Industrial designers, manufacturers,<br />

importers, architects, builders and<br />

constructors can enter into various<br />

categories for the <strong>European</strong> <strong>Aluminium</strong><br />

<strong>Award</strong> Industrial Design & Engineering.<br />

The competition is held every 2 years.<br />

Leading aluminium companies ALCAN,<br />

ALCOA, HYDRO and NOVELIS are involved<br />

as main sponsors of the competition.<br />


<strong>European</strong> <strong>Aluminium</strong> <strong>Award</strong> 2008 - Industrial Design & Engineering<br />

<strong>Award</strong>s for industrial and consumer<br />

products<br />

In total 6 <strong>Award</strong>s are at stake in 2 Categories:<br />

• Consumer Products<br />

- Design<br />

- Durability<br />

- Innovation<br />

• Industrial Products<br />

- Automotive and Transport<br />

- Building and Construction<br />

- Mechanical Engineering and Electronics<br />

In addition, the Jury is free to give extra Prizes<br />

for a special achievement.<br />

Selection and Nomination<br />

In each category the selection committee<br />

will assess the entries with respect to the<br />

completeness of its documentation and<br />

whether they meet the regulations.<br />

Entries that meet the selection criteria will<br />

be judged and reviewed for nomination for<br />

the <strong>European</strong> <strong>Aluminium</strong> <strong>Award</strong>s in one of<br />

the two main categories. In principle in each<br />

main category maximum 15-30 entries will<br />

be nominated.<br />


Criteria<br />

To be eligible for the <strong>European</strong> <strong>Aluminium</strong><br />

<strong>Award</strong> 2008 the products had to be<br />

produced or put onto the <strong>European</strong> market<br />

after 1 July 2006 and must incorporate<br />

aluminium applied in a practical or<br />

innovative manner.<br />

The following criteria are taken into account<br />

in the assessment of the entries:<br />

a. Originality and functionality of the use<br />

of the materials: the degree to which the<br />

metal aluminium is used in an original and<br />

useful manner.<br />

b. Functionality of the product: the degree<br />

to which the part meets both its primary<br />

user function and its technological<br />

function, as a result of use of materials,<br />

construction and any ergonomical<br />

adjustments.<br />

c. Design: the degree to which the design<br />

as a whole reaches a harmonic unity or a<br />

solution - by the construction of the design<br />

and the details of the shape, all this in<br />

relation to the material used.<br />

d. Durability: in relation to Life Cycle Costs.<br />

e. Recycling: the possibility to recycle the<br />

applied materials and the raw materials<br />

used.<br />

f. Representativity and promotional value<br />

for aluminium.

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