On the trail of Fendt - Agco Direct


On the trail of Fendt - Agco Direct

The most fuel efficient high-horsepower tractors of FendtWorld record in DLG PowerMixFendt proves highest competence in the area of high-horsepower tractors and putsforward the reigning world record holder in the DLG PowerMix: the 828 with a fuelconsumption of 245 g/kWh* has the lowest value that has ever been measured. Thesesuperior result clearly demonstrates how big the lead in fuel economy is when thegroundbreaking SCR technology and Vario are perfectly combined. Further tests arebeing awaited eagerly.* acc. to DLG PowerMix, February 2011828 Vario245 g/kWh299 g/kWhPowerMix averageall test machinesFendt Efficience Barometer6 7

Gold for the technology of the futureFendt GuideConnectFendt is advancing in giant steps in the area of electronics and has been awardeda Gold Medal at the Agritechnica for the new Fendt GuideConnect concept! FendtGuideConnect connects two tractors via GPS signal (grey) and radio (blue), so thatboth can be controlled by just one driver. Groundbreaking innovations for the futureof farming.8 9

714 • 716 • 718 • 720 • 722 • 724Perfection in its best formThe new Fendt 700 appeals to all users without exception. A highlight of the newrange is the VisioPlus cab, which provides new dimensions in visibility and spaciousness.The load relief control for the comfort front linkage and the CargoProfi front loaderhave been awarded a Silver Medal at the Agritechnica – exclusive for the 700 Vario!Furthermore, the 700 Vario models are also equipped with the latest high-horsepowertractor technology, for example, the Varioterminal. With a maximum output of 145 to240 hp, the 700 Vario is ready to tackle a wide range of applications.Silver for theCargoProfi front loaderSilver for the load limitcontrol for the comfortfront linkage10 11

The new Fendt forage harvesterBreakthrough on a new pathWith the Fendt Katana 65, Fendt takes a completely new path and will introduce it tothe market step by step. Closely supervised by a competent service team, the forageharvester has been in operation on the first customers' fields since May 2011. It hasalready proven itself with outstanding chopping results as well as high economy andefficiency in operation. The operators are impressed with the new Visio5 cab, whichfeatures extra ergonomics, extra operating comfort, extra visibility and space as wellas extra lighting.12 13

The new C-Series and L-Series combinesReliability andimpressive quality of workThe new Fendt C- and L-Series combines, with five or six walkers, offer you maturetechnology side by side with the latest innovations. The unique ParaLevel slope compensationon the C-Series guarantees optimal harvesting results in all positions andenables a transport width of 3.50 metres.* Equipped with the SCR engine technology,both ranges boast low fuel consumption. Fendt harvesting machines – a guaranteefor high throughput, efficiency and threshing quality.*depends on tyres14 15

The Fendt Tractor Line100% Vario – 100% efficiencyA 100 percent Fendt Vario line-up means progress and stepless driving in all powerclasses from 70 to 390 hp – from the 200 Vario to the 900 Vario. Experience the unsurpassedVario technology and catch the excitement of the unparalleled Vario drivingsensation, the exceptional comfort and the ingeniously easy operation – completelystepless.200 Vario V/F/P200 Vario300 Vario400 Vario700 Vario700 Vario800 Vario70 80 90 100 11070 80 90 100 11095 105 115125115 125 135145155130145165180145165180200 220240220 240260280900 Vario240 270300 33036039050 100 200 300400 hp16 17

The future of tomorrow today200 Vario VFPStepless at the topWith the 200 Vario V, F and P, Fendt also offers the groundbreaking Vario conceptfrom 70 – 110 hp in the area of specialty tractors. The stepless Vario transmission isthe innovation that increases productivity and raises safety on steep slopes thanks toconstant power engagement. A narrow, traditional vineyard tractor V, a medium-wideF for wide spacings and a wide P-tractor for hops and fruit-growing are available tomeet your requirements. Ease of operation, high-tech hydraulics as well as superiormanoeuvrability ensure the greatest driving and operating comfort.A world first is standard specificationThe flat cab floor on the new 200 Vario V/F/P provides unprecedented legroom andmakes climbing in and out easy. Another factor that increases legroom is that thereare no operating elements to get in the way in the foot well. The low noise level andconvenient temperature and fan adjustment ensure a pleasant working environment inthe clutter-free, ergonomically designed cab.• From an overall width of 1070 mm (200 V)• Low heights (200 V starting at 2210 mm)• Continuously variable Vario transmission for maximumperformance with the lowest fuel consumption• Optimal driving speed on slopes• Powerful 3-cylinder AGCO Sisu Power engine withcommon rail injection and external exhaust gasrecirculation• 58° steering angle for excellent manoeuvrability• High-tech hydraulic system with numerouseasy-to-use functions• Unprecedented amount of legroom thanks toflat cab floor• Ideal ergonomics and ease of operation for maximumdriving comfort• Front axle suspension (optional)207 V/F 51 kW 70 hp208 V/F 59 kW 80 hp209 V/F/P 67 kW 90 hp210 V/F/P 73 kW 100 hp211 V/F/P 81 kW 110 hp18 19Maximum power to ECE R24

Compact and flexible200 VarioBig in operationThe Fendt 200 Vario standard tractor impresses with its compactness, productivityand efficiency in mixed and row crop operations. Now you can also profit from thesuperior stepless Vario technology in the maximum output range from 70 to 110 hp.Operators find plenty of space, modern equipment features and easy to operate controlsin the generously designed cab – for comfort and pure driving pleasure.Spacious work place for the highest demandsThe 200 Vario cab offers plenty of space for a pleasant workplace. The centralisedoperating unit on the right-hand side, which integrates all the working and operatingfunctions, and the height and tilt adjustable steering wheel, set new standards in termsof operating ergonomics.• Stepless Vario transmission from 70 to 110 hpmaximum power output• 40 km/h top speed at a fuel-saving 1750 rpm• Low unladen weight of 3,750 kg (207 Vario)• Excellent manoeuvrability thanks to 52° steering angleand wasp-waist design• Anti-roll control for high stability, even on slopes• Exemplary ergonomics and clutter-free cab design• High profitability in total cost calculation• Cruise control and Tractor Management System TMS• Front axle and cab suspension for maximum ridecomfort207 Vario 51 kW 70 hp208 Vario 59 kW 80 hp209 Vario 67 kW 90 hp210 Vario 73 kW 100 hp211 Vario 81 kW 110 hp20 21Maximum power to ECE R24

Fendt 310 Vario – best in testand most economical in European comparison*1,9Proven 1000s of times in operation300 VarioStep into a step up* top agrar Tractor Comparison 2009 in the 100-hp compact classWith the 300 range, Fendt offers tractors with superior productivity and easiestoperation. True to our motto – simple, logical and productive. The compact blockdesign gives it maximum manoeuvrability with a low unladen weight. Fendt offersthe optional Vario TMS, which significantly increases operating and driving comfortas well as fuel efficiency, for all the 300 Vario models. The performance, reliability andhigh residual value, make the 300 Vario a profitable investment.Ingeniously simple – simply ingeniousAll the most important functions, for example for the PTO, hydraulics and EPC, TMS andcruise control, are located on the right-hand side console of the 300 Vario. Driving directionand speed can be easily controlled with the handy Variostick.• Stepless Vario technology from 95 to 125 hp• Easiest operation with the highest level of operatingcomfort• 40 km/h transport speed at reduced engine speed(1,750 rpm)• Compact dimensions for exceptional manoeuvrabilityand best visibility• Pivoting mudguards for maximum steering angle• Low unladen weight and high payload(8 tonnes perm. overall weight)• Self-levelling front axle suspension• Cab suspension available• Maximum operating comfort with the optional TMS• Roof window for best visibility during front loader work309 Vario 70 kW 95 hp310 Vario 77 kW 105 hp311 Vario 84 kW 115 hp312 Vario 92 kW 125 hp22 23Maximum power to ECE R24

The talent for all operations400 VarioThe compact class with all the comfortWith the 400 Vario, Fendt offers the perfect all-round tractor for mixed and grasslandfarming. Lightweight and compact, it represents the award-winning continuously variableVario drive in the medium horsepower range with a maximum output from 115to 155 hp. Suitable for a wide range of applications, the 400 Vario maximises utilisationin agricultural contracting businesses or cooperatives. Its particular strength liesin PTO operations. Its exceptional manoeuvrability is an additional special benefit.321A combination of suspension systemsThe 400 Vario has a mature suspension design. The combination of shock load stabilising(1), mechanical cab suspension (2) and front axle suspension with level control (3)provides high ride comfort. It also increases safety, since it absorbs vehicle bounce, whenan implement is mounted. The load on the front axle remains constant and steerabilityis maintained.• Stepless Vario technology from 115 to 155 hp• Highest level of operating comfort• TMS and headland management Variotronic TIupon request• 50 km/h transport speed at reduced engine speed(1,700 rpm)• Extremely compact dimensions for exceptionalmanoeuvrability and best visibility• Lockable front axle suspension with level control isstandard• Optional with pneumatic cab suspension(mechanical cab suspension standard)• Large-sized row crop tyres are possible411 Vario 85 kW 115 hp412 Vario 92 kW 125 hp413 Vario 99 kW 135 hp414 Vario 107 kW 145 hp415 Vario 114 kW 155 hp24 25Maximum power to ECE R24

Efficient operation and comfortable driving700 VarioA league of its own in the upper mid-sized classThe all-rounder, the 700 Vario, is available with a maximum power output of 130 to180 hp. The lift capacity of the rear linkage has been boosted in all models and axleload has been increased to provide enough payload reserves for the most modernimplements. Furthermore, all 700 Varios can now accommodate 42" tyres on the rearaxle. Whether for heavy-duty traction work on mid-sized mixed farms, row cropoperations on larger farms, or in cooperatives – the 700 is the top choice.Groundbreaking terminal generationThe first generation of the Fendt Varioterminal offers you a simple and logical interfaceto assist you during complex work. Fine adjustments, for example for the EPC andhydraulic control valve functions, engine speed and cruise control as well as themaximum load control, are conveniently made using the terminal. At the same time,important parameters, such as distanced travelled or area worked, are recorded.• Stepless Vario technology from 130 to 180 hp• Top level operating comfort(optional with TMS and Variotronic TI )• 50 km/h transport speed at reduced engine speed(1,700 rpm)• Lockable front axle suspension with level controlis standard• Mechanical cab suspension• Pneumatic cab suspension available as option• High tractive power• Roof window for best visibility• Wide-angle mirror712 Vario 96 kW 130 hp714 Vario 107 kW 145 hp716 Vario 121 kW 165 hp718 Vario 132 kW 180 hp26 27Maximum power to ECE R24

A model range that inspires700 VarioPerfection in its best formWith the new Fendt 700 Vario, Fendt introduces a compact high-horsepower tractor,which is virtually unmatched in terms of practicable innovations. A maximum outputof 145 to 240 hp, combined with exceptional compactness, make a wide range of applicationspossible, from heavy-duty field work and light row crop work, to dynamictransport and manoeuvrable front loader operations. The undisputed highlight of thenew 700 Vario is the new Fendt VisioPlus cab – it redefines visibility and spaciousness.700Load relief controlfor the comfortfront linkageCargoProfifront loaderThe new VisioPlus cabThe new Fendt VisioPlus cab is a true visibility and space wonder. The windscreen curvesup into the roof and provides a full view of the raised front loader. More room and somesix square metres of glass make the cab very spacious.• New VisioPlus cab with front windscreen that curves upinto the roof provides a tremendous sense of space andexceptional visibility• Ingenious Variotronic operating system incl.multi-function lever on the right-hand armrest• New Varioterminal – for the first time, all functionscan be operated in one terminal with ideal menunavigation, either per touch or keys• Variotronic TI headland management• Precise Fendt VarioGuide automatic steering• Fast documentation with VarioDoc• VarioActive steering for faster steering movements• Six-cylinder 6.06 l engine with common rail injection,SCR technology and 240 hp maximum output at1,800 rpm for lowest fuel consumption• 50 km/h at just 1,700 rpm• Tractor Management System TMS and automaticmaximum output control714 Vario 107 kW 145 PS716 Vario 121 kW 165 PS718 Vario 132 kW 180 PS720 Vario 147 kW 200 PS722 Vario 162 kW 220 PS724 Vario 176 kW 240 PS28 29Maximum power to ECE R24

The most economical in its class800 VarioInnovation through passionWith the 800 Vario range, Fendt enters into the 220 to 280 hp power class with arange of high-horsepower tractor models with a top speed of 60 km/h. With the x5comfort cab and Variotronic operation with the unique Varioterminal, Fendt sets thestandards in this segment. As the most economical tractor on the market*, the 828Vario proves just how much fuel the perfect combination of SCR and Vario can save.800828 Vario245g/kWh, DLG PowerMixBestin Class* acc. to DLG PowerMix, February 2011Fendt Variotronic – the new standard for driving comfortThe Varioterminal, multi-function joystick, crossgate lever and membrane keypad arelocated on the right-hand armrest. Operators can place their arm comfortably on theadjustable armrest and control the tractor and implement using the multi-functionjoystick and Varioterminal.• Stepless Vario technology from 220 to 280 hp• The Varioterminal integrates all functions in one• Variotronic implement control for ISOBUS implements• New Variotronic TI headland management• Precise and reliable VarioGuide automatic steering• Fast documentation with VarioDoc• 60 km/h transport speed at reduced engine speed(1,750 rpm)• SCR technology for the best possible fuel efficiency andbest environmental compatibility• Up to eight electrohydraulic double-acting valves• Maximum lift capacities:Front 5,030 daN, rear 11,110 daN• Reverse drive possible822 Vario 162 kW 220 hp824 Vario 176 kW 240 hp826 Vario 191 kW 260 hp828 Vario 206 kW 280 hp30 31Maximum power to ECE R24

Move ahead with vision900 VarioThe executive talentWith the new generation of the 900 Vario, Fendt sets another milestone in boostingpower and efficiency. With 390 hp, the top model 939 Vario delivers more enginepower than ever before. The new Varioterminal and automated functions such as theVarioGuide automatic steering system, make operating and monitoring the tractorand implement much easier. Driving safety has been raised again, thanks to ABS.It keeps the high-horsepower tractors under better control during strong brakingmanoeuvres at a top speed of 60 km/h. That is the Fendt innovative power for moreperformance, efficiency and comfort.900AdBlue® filler neckAdBlue®withdrawaland heatingReaction of NH3 + NOx –> H2O+N2cooled metering moduleAdBlue®injectionSCR catalyticconverterAdBlue® tankdelivery module withfilterSCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) for exhaust gas after-treatmentWith SCR technology, exhaust is after-treated with Adblue®, a 32.5 percent solution ofurea, which converts nitrous oxides NO xinto non-toxic nitrogen and water. The consumptionof AdBlue, the standard urea-water solution used by commercial vehicles, lies at anaverage of seven percent of the diesel consumption. This may vary depending on the operation.AdBlue® is available at filling stations all over the world or through AGCO Parts.• Stepless Vario technology from 240 to 390 hp• Quiet x5 cab with integral automatic climate control• 60 km/h transport speed at reduced engine speed(1,700 rpm)• Anti-lock brake system (ABS)• The Varioterminal integrates all functions in one• Variotronic implement control for ISOBUS implements• New Variotronic TI headland management• Precise and reliable VarioGuide automatic steering• Fast documentation with VarioDoc• SCR technology for compliance with emissionsstandard EU Stage 3b/Tier IV interim and excellentfuel efficiency• Tractor Management System TMS and automaticmaximum output control924 Vario 176 kW 240 hp927 Vario 199 kW 270 hp930 Vario 221 kW 300 hp933 Vario 243 kW 330 hp936 Vario 265 kW 360 hp939 Vario 287 kW 390 hp32 33Maximum power to ECE R24

Fendt VariotronicAhead through innovationIn the 700, 800 and 900 Vario high-horsepower tractors, Fendt presents a completelynewly developed electronics concept: The Fendt Variotronic. The operating elementson the right-hand armrest – comprising the Varioterminal, multi-function joystick,crossgate lever and membrane keypad – have a well-balanced overall design andform an ergonomic command centre where everything is under control.34 35

Fendt VariotronicThe ONE terminal conceptThe new Varioterminal has been optimally tailored to the Vario and offers exceptionaloperating comfort. It is the first and only terminal to integrate the tractor and implementcontrols as well as all other functions, such as documentation or automated steering,into one single terminal. The well thought-out, easy handling makes it a pleasure touse. Ease of operation that takes you forward.The Varioterminal is available in two versionsYou can choose between the 7" Varioterminal or the 10.4" Varioterminal to match yourneeds. Both terminals offer easy to operate tractor and implement controls as well as theVariotronic TI headland management. The large terminal also allows you to operate theVarioGuide automatic steering system, which features a clearly laid out map view, aswell as the VarioDoc documentation system and external camera images.• Varioterminal operated with navigation keys ortouchscreen• Flat, multilingual menus and self-explanatory symbols• Up to four applications can be displayedsimultaneously (10.4" Varioterminal)• High-resolution, scratch-proof screen with automaticbrightness adjustment• Electronic operating manual in Varioterminal• Optimum control of ISOBUS implements via theVarioterminal• Innovative Variotronic TI headland management forfast turning manoeuvres• VarioGuide automatic steering– Automatic steering system completelyintegrated in the Vario operating interface– High reliability through parallel use of GPSand GLONASS satellites– The latest satellite and reception technology• VarioDoc documentation– Data can be entered immediately on-location– Fast and easy transfer into the field record file– Open ISOXML standard for data transfer withfield record files from different manufacturers36 37

The combination is unbeatableFendt Vario and Fendt CARGOCargoProfifront loaderThe Fendt CARGO front loader offers sophisticated technology and enables maximumproductivity for successful operations. The CARGO underwent intensive testing on aregular basis under the toughest conditions and passed with flying colours. Whetherin everyday farming work, toughest contracting jobs or intensive municipal operations,the Fendt CARGO always proves its high performance capabilities.The new Cargo R rear loader now enables loader work with the 800 and 900 Vario highhorsepowertractors. By driving in reverse drive mode, the new rear loader can be controlledjust as easily as a front loader. The rear loader’s design is based on the tried andtested Cargo 4 X/85 arm. The system offers many benefits, for example, a tremendouslifting height of up to 5050 mm when the rear loader is raised.• Vario and CARGO form one optimum unit• Perfect visibility• Designed for a long service life• Sophisticated parallel guidance through Z-bar linkage• Automatic lock – CARGO Lock• Multi-coupler for mounting and removing the frontloader is standard• Parking supports mounted compactly on arm• Optional damping system for best driving comfort• Gas shock absorbers and valves lie protected in thecross beam• Silver for the CargoProfi front loader:- Intelligent adjustment of front loader settings usingthe Varioterminal with Memo feature for frequentlyused working procedures- Integral weighing system with documentation- Lifting height and tipping angle for the arm andattachment, etc. can be setCargo 3 X / 65 200 V / 300 VCargo 3 X / 70 300 VCargo 4 X / 75 300 V / 400VCargo 4 X / 80 400 VCargo 4 X / 85 700 V *Cargo 5 X / 85 700 V / 700 VCargo 5 X / 90 700 V / 700 V38 39* up to 28 inch wheels

Universal and versatileFendt Vario for year round operationsThe economical and technical advantages of Vario tractors have won over more andmore customers, including those with the toughest operations in the areas of industry,roads and environment. As a successful high-tech manufacturer, Fendt offers itsVario tractors in an output range from 70 to 390 hp and has teamed up with leadingimplement manufacturers to offer custom solutions for the non-agricultural sector.Maximum versatility in year round operations, low fuel consumption values and longservicing intervals guarantee outstanding profitability.40 41

Solutions for Industry, Road and EnvironmentMowing and maintenanceRangeConstruction and TransportRangeAreas of application Implement 200 VFP 200/300 400/700 700 800 900Golf coursesPark maintenancereel mowerrotary and flail mower44 4Large areasrotary and flail mower 4 4 4 4 4 4Mowing edge strips flail mower4 4 4 4 4 4Areas of application Implement 200VFP 200/300 400/700 800 900Transportcontainer flatbed, trailer 4 4 4 4 4 4Heavy transport dump trailer, push-off trailer4 4 4Roadsidemower, ditch cleaner, etc. 4 4 4 4 4 4Soil removalscraper4 4Soil stabilisation pulvimixer4 4Brush and forestRangeWinter maintenanceRangeAreas of application Implement 200 VFP 200/300 400/700 700 800 900Hedge maintenance hedge trimmer on boom 4 4 4 4 4 4Shredding brush shredder4 4 4 4Forestry mulching Forestry mulcher4 4 4 4Wood chip production wood chipper4 4Areas of application Implement 200 VFP 200/300 400/700 700 800 900Walking/cycling paths snow plough, spreader 4Parking areas snow plough, spreader 4 4 4 4Roadssnow plough, spreader4 4 4 4 4Snow blowers (front) side wall cutter, cutter blower 4 4 4 4 4 4Snow blowers (rear) cutter blower4 4

Technical SpecificationsEngineRated power (kW/hp) ECER24Max. power (kW/hp) ECER24Rated power (kW/hp) EC 97/68Max. power (kW/hp) EC 97/68No. of cylinders/coolingBore/stroke (mm)Displacement (cm 3 )Rated engine speed (rpm)Opt. fuel consumption (g/kWh)Max. torque (Nm/rpm) 1600 rpmTorque rise (%)Fuel tank capacity (l)Transmission and PTOTypeSpeed range (forward / reverse)Maximum speed RWD/4WD (km/h) 2)Powershift rear PTO standardoptionalPowershiftable front PTO (optional) 1)HydraulicsTypeControlHydraulic pump capacity (l/min)Working pressure (bar)Auxiliary control valves, max. centre/rearMax. available oil volume (l)Flow volume control valvesBrakesRear brakesFour-wheel braking system for 4WD/RWDElectrical equipmentBattery (Ah)Three-phase alternator207 V/F44/6051/7052/7155/753/water108/1203300210021229535762006/425Fendt 200 Vario V F P208 V/F 209 V/F/P 210 V/F/P 211 V/F/P52/7059/8060/8263/853/water108/1203300210021233732762006/42559/8067/9067/9170/953/water108/12033002100210373307666/9073/10073/9977/1053/water108/120330021002104083076displacement pump (35+71) 1)2002006/46/42525wet ring piston brakeautomatic 4WD engagement / hydraulic drum brake5014 V / 120 A74/10081/11074/10185/1153/water108/120330021002104584476stepless Vario transmission4WD: 0.02 to 40 km/h / 0.02 to 25 km/hRear wheel drive: 0.02 to 30 km/h / 0.02 to 25 km/h35/40 35/40 404040540 / 540E / 1000540 / 540E / ground PTO 1)540 or 1000 1)EPC with shock load stabilising or EHL position control 1)free floating, position, draft and stepless mix controlTandem pump (35+41), load-sensing system withall valves: 0-40 litres, 3rd valve with 0-65 litres 1)2006/425207 / 208 V207 - 211 VA207 - 208 F207 - 211 FA209 - 211 PA1)Optional2)Speed depends on tyresStandard tyresTyres Track minimumRWD min. track widthfront rear front rear rear7.50-16 280/85R24 940 777 10707.50-16 320/85R24 940 831 11514WDfront rear7.5L15 280/85R24 794 777 107010.0/75-15.3 320/85R24 844 831 1151280/70R16 320/85R24 852 831 1155360/70R24 857 1217RWD7.50R16 12.4R2813.6R28940 1000100013221372280/70R18 12.4R28 1064 1000 1322280/80R18 13.6R28 1064 1000 1372280/80R18 380/85R28 1212 1288 1668280/70R20 420/70R28 1212 1288 1703Max. lift capacity, front linkage (daN) 1) 2390 2390 2380 2390 2380 2390 2540 2390 2390 2540 2390 2390207 208 209 210 211V/VA F/FA V/VA F/FA VA FA PA VAFAPAVA FAWeights and dimensionsUnladen weight with cab (kg)Unladen weight with safety bar (kg)Max. perm. overall weight RWD/4WD (kg)Max. hitch load (kg)Overall length (mm)Overall width narrow/wide (mm)Wheelbase (mm)Overall height comfort cab (mm)Overall height low roof version (mm)Overall height safety bar high (mm)Hydraulics278025804000/4500150035781070/116121602360221023832860---4000/4500150036831340216024432293---278025804000/4500150035781151/126921602390224024132860---4000/4500150036831372216024622312---278025804500150035781151/126921602390224024132860---4500150036831372216024622312---3080286053001500370116792160248623362509278025804500150035781269/126921602390224024132860---4500150036831372216024622312---3080286053001500370116792160248623362509278025804500150035781305/130521602390224024132860---4500150036831372216024622312---Max. lift capacity, rear linkage (daN)2775 2417 2775 2417 2775 2417 3134 2775 2417 3134 2775 2417PA308028605300150037011717216024882338251131342540EngineRated power (kW/hp) (ECE R24)Max power (kW/hp) (ECE R24)Rated power (kW/hp) (EC 97/68) 2)Maximum power (kW/hp) (EC 97/68)No. of cylinders / cooling / aspirationInjection / engine control / exhaust recirculationBore / stroke (mm) / cubic capacity (cm 3 )Rated engine speed (rpm)Engine speed at max. power (rpm)Max. torque (Nm/rpm)Torque rise (%)Optim. fuel consumption (g/kWh)Fuel tank (l)Oil change interval (op. hrs.) 6)Transmission and PTOTypeSpeed range I: (forward / reverse)Speed range II: (forward / reverse)Maximum speed (km/h)Rear PTO (rpm) standard (optional)Front PTO 1)HydraulicsTypeHydraulic pump capacity (l/min)Working pressure (bar)Rear linkage controlMax. auxiliary valves, (standard) incl. front controlsMax. lift capacity, rear linkage on the drawbar (kN/kp)Max. lift capacity, front linkage (daN)Max. available hydraulic oil (l)BrakesRear brakesBrakes front Four-wheel drive version:Rear wheel drive version:Weights and dimensionsUnladen weightPerm. overall weight (kg)Max. payload (kg)Max. hitch load (kg)Overall length (mm)Overall width (mm)Overall height (mm)Ground clearance 3) (mm)Wheelbase (mm)Front track 3) (mm)Rear track 3) (mm)Min. turning circle (m)Electrical equipmentStarter (kW)BatteryAlternatorCabTypeClimate controlTyresFront tyres (standard)Rear tyres (standard)20744 / 6051 / 7052 / 7155 / 7521001900295 / 1600342071255004048 (41+35) 1)200420424902837507000325020004068197024774752294150015103.98320/70R24420/85R3020852 / 7059 / 8060 /8263 / 8521001900337 / 160032207125500Electrohydr. power lift control (EPC) with shock load stabilising48 (41+35) 1)20048 (41+35) 1)20048 (41+35) 1)200EPC, lower link control, shock load stabilising4 da 4) (2 da 4) ) valves / crossgate lever42042490284204249028420424902837907000321020004068217024824752294150016553.98320/70R24480/70R30Fendt 200 Vario20959 / 8067 / 9067 / 9170 / 95108/120/330021001900373 / 16003020712550038707000313020004068217025304752294169016603.98380/70R24480/70R3421066 / 9073 / 10073 / 9977 / 1053 cylinders / water / turbocharger, intercoolercommon rail / EDC / external EGR21001900408 / 160030207125500stepless Vario transmission0.03 to 40 km/h / 0.03 to 25 km/h– – – –404040540 / 540E / 1000 ground PTO 1)540 or 1000wet ring piston brakeautomatic 4WD engagement3.012V / 90Ah14V / 120 A38707000313020004068217025304752294169016603.98380/70R24480/70R3421174 / 10081 / 11074 / 10185 / 11521001900458 / 1600422071255004048 (41+35) 1)200420424902839307000307020004068218625254752294169016603.98integral, tiltable safety cell hinged, tinted front, side and rear windows, roof hatch,ventilation system with blower in roof,hot water heating with 3-speed blower, air-conditioning 1)440/65R24540/65R3430959 / 8070 / 9569 / 9473 / 9921001900407 / 145040207210500Fendt 300 Vario310 311stepless Vario transmission0.03 to 40 km/h / 0.02 to 25 km/h– – – –40404040540 / 540E / 1000 (540 / ground PTO (7.9 rev/driven metre) 1) )540 or 1000constant flow system78 (48+30)20078 (48+30)20078 (48+30)20078 (48+30)200EPC, lower link control, shock load stabilising4 da 4) (2 da 4) ) valves / crossgate lever5280294042528029404252802940425280294042drum brake 9)4130 (3800 9) )8000 (6000 9) )3870 (2200 9) )200041502165274043623501685 (1580 9) )16604.4 (4.1 9) )380/70R24480/70R3466 / 9077 / 10573 / 99.580 / 10921001900445 / 145044206210500wet, integrated ring piston brake4WD engagementdrum brake 9)4130 (3800 9) )8000 (6000 9) )3870 (2200 9) )200041502275274543623501685 (1580 9) )16604.4 (4.1 9) )440/65R24540/65R343.012V / 90Ah14V / 143 A74 / 10084 / 11584 / 11488 / 11921001900485 / 14503520621050041908000381020004150227527454362350168516604.5440/65R24540/65R3431281 / 11092 / 12591 / 12495 / 1294-cylinders, 4-valve technology / water / turbocharger, intercoolercommon rail / EDC / external EGR101/126/403821001900515 / 14503220621050043508000365020004150238527904762350182018004.5integral, tiltable safety cell hinged, tinted front, side and rearwindows, roof hatch, ventilation system with blower in roof,hot water heating with 3-speed blower, air-conditioning 1)480/65R24540/65R381)= optional 2) = power specifications for registration, 3) = with standard tyres, 4) = can also be used as single-acting, 5) = depending on country regulations, 6) = SHPD oil, 7) = is halved when using RME , 8) = without steering brake 9) = rear-wheel drive version, 10) = for perm. overallweight of 7500 kg, 11) = only Profi version with dual-circuit braking system, 12) = upon request single-circuit braking system, only 50 km/h, 13) = depends on the braking system and perm. top speed, 14) = Power version (50 km/h) 15) = Profi version (60 km/h)44 45

Technical SpecificationsEngineRated power (kW/hp) (ECE R24)Max. power (kW/hp) (ECE R24)Rated power (kW/hp) (EC 97/68) 2)Max. power (kW/hp) (EC 97/68)No. of cylinders / cooling /injection / engine control / exhaust recirculation /Bore / stroke (mm) / cubic capacity (cm 3 )Rated engine speed (rpm)Engine speed at max. power (rpm)Max. torque (Nm/rpm)Torque rise (%)Optim. fuel consumption (g/kWh)Fuel tank (l)AdBlueOil change interval (op. hrs.) 6)Transmission and PTOTypeSpeed range I: (forward / reverse)Speed range II: (forward / reverse)Maximum speed (km/h)Rear PTO (rpm) standard (optional)Front PTO 1)HydraulicsTypeHydraulic pump capacity (l/min)Working pressure (bar)Rear linkage controlMax. auxiliary valves, (standard) incl. front controlsMax. lift capacity, rear linkage on the drawbar (kN/kp)Max. lift capacity, front linkage (daN)Max. available hydraulic oil (l)BrakesRear brakesBrakes front Four-wheel drive version:Weights and dimensionsUnladen weightPerm. overall weight (kg)Max. payload (kg)Max. hitch load (kg)Overall length (mm)Overall width (mm)Overall height (mm)Ground clearance 3) (mm)Wheelbase (mm)Front track 3) (mm)Rear track 3) (mm)Min. turning circle (m)Electrical equipmentStarter (kW)BatteryAlternatorCabTypeClimate controlTyresFront tyres (standard)Rear tyres (standard)41174 / 10085 / 11584 / 11488 / 12021001900505 / 140042205245-50050 5)75 (110 1) )2006520310038Fendt 400 Vario5400 5400 5420 5450 54509000 (7500 1) ) 9000 (7500 1) ) 9000 (7500 1) ) 9500 (7500 1) ) 9500 (7500 1) )3600 (2100 10) ) 3600 (2100 10) ) 3580 (2080 10) ) 4050 (2050 10) ) 4050 (2050 10) )20004252234029004622417182018004.9520004252234029004622417182018004.9520004242238029234822417182018004.9520004281244029234822417188018604.7520004281249029535122417188018604.75480/65R24540/65R3841281 / 11092 / 12591 / 12496 / 13021001900550 / 140042205245-50050 5)load sensing75 (110 1) )20075 (110 1) )20075 (110 1) )200EPC, lower link control, shock load stabilising4 da 4) (2 da 4) ) electr. valves / crossgate lever6520310038480/65R24540/65R3841388 / 12099 / 13598 / 134103 / 140101/126/403821001900589 / 140041204245-50050 5)6520310038540/65R24600/65R3841496 / 130107 / 145106 / 144110 / 15021001900613 / 140035203245-50050 5)6520310038540/65R24600/65R38415103 / 140114 / 155113 / 154118 / 1604-cylinders, 4-valve technology / water / turbocharger, intercooler /common rail / EDC / AGRexstepless Vario transmission0.02 to 24 km/h / 0.02 to 17 km/h0.02 - 50 5) km/h / 0.02 - 40 km/h540 / 540E / 1000540 or 1000wet, integrated multi-disc brake4WD engagement4.012V / 90Ah14V / 150 A21001900657 / 140035204245-50050 5)75 (110 1) )2006520310038integral, tiltable safety cell hinged, tinted front, side and rear windows, roofhatch, ventilation system with blower in roof,hot water heating with 3-speed blower, air-conditioning 1)540/65R26650/65R3871285 / 11596 / 13097 / 132100 / 13621001900571 / 145038198340-50050 5)load sensing110 (154 1) )200110 (154 1) )200110 (154 1) )200110 (154 1) )200EPC, lower link control, shock load stabilising5 da 4) (3 da 4) ) electr. valves / crossgate lever83404440456605 6605 660511500 (7500 1) ) 11500 (7500 1) ) 11500 (7500 1) )4895 (895 10) )20004669252029605522700194019205.54895 (895 10) )20004669252029995522700194019205.54895 (895 10) )20004669257029995522700194019205.5480/65R28600/65R38Fendt 700 Vario71496 / 130107 / 145108 / 147111 / 15121001900640 / 145038198340-50050 5)8340444045480/70R28580/70R38716110 / 150121 / 165123 / 167126 / 17221001900724 / 145036195340-50050 5)8340444045540/65R28650/65R38718121 / 165132 / 180129 / 175137 / 1866 cylinders / waterTurbocharger, intercooler, common rail / EDC / AGRex101/126/6056stepless Vario transmission0.02 to 28 km/h / 0.02 to 17 km/h0.02 - 50 5) km/h / 0.02 - 40 km/h540 / 540E / 1000540 or 1000wet, integrated multi-disc brakewet brakes on cardan shaft4.012V / 170 Ah14V / 200 A21001900780 / 145035195340-50050 5)9080444045698512500551520004753257029995522720194019205.5Integral, tiltable safety cell hinged, tinted front,side and rear windows, roof hatch, ventilation system withinf. adj. blower in roof, hot water heating with three-speedblower, air-conditioning540/65R28650/65R3871494 / 128107 / 145106 / 144110 / 1506 / water101 / 126605621001800650431924003850050 5)71694 / 128107 / 145106 / 144110 / 1506 / water101 / 126605621001800650431924003850050 5)718121 / 165132 / 180133 / 181139 / 1886 / water101 / 126605621001800804391924003850050 5)724162 / 220176 / 240174 / 237181 / 2466 / water101 / 1266056210018001058381924003850050 5)load sensing109 (152)200109 (152)200109 (152)200109 (152)200109 (152)200109 (152)200EPC, lower link control, shock load stabilising 7 da 3) (3 da 3) ) electr. valves / crossgatelever9580441864760012500490020005227255030505522770194019205.5480/70R28580/70R389580441864760012500490020005227255030505522783194019205.5540/65R28650/65R38Fendt 700 Vario9580441864760013500560020005227255030505522783194019205.5540/65R28650/65R38720136 / 185147 / 200148 / 201153 / 2086 / water101 / 1266056210018008973919240038500stepless Vario transmission0.02 to 28 km/h / 0.02 to 17 km/h0.02 to 50 km/h / 0.02 to 33 km/h50 5)540 / 540 E / 1000540 or 10009580441864wet, integrated multi-disc brakewet brakes on cardan shaft4.012 / 180 Ah14V / 200 A790013500560020005227255030505522770194019205.5540/65R30650/65 R42722136 / 185147 / 200148 / 201153 / 2086 / water101 / 126605621001800897391924003850050 5)9580441864790013500560020005227255030505522783195019205.5540/65 R30650/65 R429580441864790013500560020005240255030505522783195019205.5VisioPlus cab, panorama windscreen, suspension system with pitch and rollcompensation, tinted front, side and rear windows, roof hatch, air-conditioning540/65 R30650/65 R42822147 / 200162 / 220159 / 216166 / 2266/water101 / 1266056210019009553719250542500605) 11)load sensing152 (193 1) )200152 (193 1) )200152 (193 1 )200152 (193 1) )200EPC, lower link control, shock load stabilising4 da 4) (3 da 4) ) – 8 da 4) (4 da 4) ) el. valves11110503080930014000 -16000 13)4920-8920 13)2000527425505132900200019705.4540/65R30650/65R42Fendt 800 Vario824162 / 220176 / 240174 / 237182 / 2486/water101 / 1266056210019001040361925054250011110503080930014000 -16000 13)4920-8920 13)2000527425505132900200019705.4540/65R30650/65R42826176 / 240191 / 260188 / 256195 / 2656/water101 / 12660562100190011203519250542500stepless Vario transmission0.02 to 35 km/h / 0.02 to 20 km/h0.02 to 60 km/h / 0.02 to 33 km/h5) 11)5) 11)60 60540E / 1000 or 1000 / 1000E100011110503080945014000 -16000 13)4740-7740 13)2000527425505672900200019705.4540/65R34650/85R38828191 / 260206 / 280203 / 276211 / 2876/water101 / 126605621001900121035192505425005) 11)6011110503080pneumatic, wet, integrated multi-disc brakeProfi version: wet, integrated multi-disc brake; Profi:air brakes, spring-loaded handbrake Profi version: FBS2:Fendt dual-circuit four-wheel braking system; Powerversion: single-circuit braking system4.012 V / 170 Ah14V / 2 x 150 A945014000 -16000 13)4740-7740 13)2000527425505672900200019705.45-pillar large cab, 3-point pneumatic suspension systemwith pitch and roll compensation, tinted front, side andrear windows, roof hatch, automatic air-conditioning540/65R34650/85R38Fendt 900 Vario927930933936924939650/65R42 15) 650/85R38 15) 650/85R38 15) 710/70R42 15) 710/75R42 15) 710/75R42 15)154 / 210177 / 240183 / 249189 / 2586/water110 / 13677552200190010493619560060500177 / 240199 / 270194 / 264202 / 2756/water110 / 13677552200190011163619560060500199 / 270221 / 300217 / 295224 / 3056/water110 / 13677552200190012343419560060500221 / 300243 / 330238 / 324245 / 3336/water110 / 13677552200190013263119560060500243 / 330265 / 360261 / 356269 / 3666/water110 / 13677552200190014983419560060500265 / 360287 / 390276 / 376291 / 3966/water110 / 13677552200190015473119560060500stepless Vario transmission0.02 to 34 km/h / 0.02 to 20 km/h0.02 to 60 km/h / 0.02 to 33 km/h5) 11)605) 11)605) 11)605) 11)605) 11)605) 11)60540E / 1000 or 1000 / 1000E1000load sensing160 (216 1) )200160 (216 1) )200160 (216 1) )200160 (216 1) )200160 (216 1) )200160 (216 1) )200EPC, lower link control, shock load stabilising4 da 4) (3 da 4) ) – 8 da 4) (4 da 4) ) el. valves / crossgate lever118055508711805550871180555087118055508711805550871180555087pneumatic, wet, integrated multi-disc brakeProfi version: wet, integrated multi-disc brake; Power version: 4WD engagement Profiand Power versions: air brakes, spring-loaded handbrake Profi version: FBS2: Fendtdual-circuit four-wheel braking system; Power version: single-circuit braking system1070015000 -18000 13)1076015000 -18000 13)1076015000 -18000 13)1076015000 -18000 13)1083015000 -18000 13)1083015000 -18000 13)4300-7300 13) 4240-7240 13) 4240-7240 13) 4240-7240 13) 4170-7170 13) 4170-7170 13)2000565527504803050210020506.082000565527504803050210020506.452000565527505103050210020506.452000565527505103050210020506.452000565527505703050210020506.582000565527505703050210020506.584.712 V / 170 Ah14V / 2 x 150 A5-pillar large cab, 3-point pneumatic suspension system with pitch and rollcompensation tinted front, side andrear windows, roof hatch,automatic air-conditioning540/65R34 14) 540/65R34 14) 600/65R34 14) 600/65R34 14) 600/65R34 14) 600/65R34 14)540/65R34 15) 600/65R34 15) 600/65R34 15) 600/65R34 15) 600/70R34 15) 600/70R34 15)650/65R42 14) 650/65R42 14) 650/85R38 14) 710/70R42 14) 710/70R42 14) 710/70R42 14)1)= upon request 2) = power specifications for registration, 3) = with standard tyres, 4) = can also be used as single-acting, 5) = depends on country regulations, 6) = SHPD oil, 7) = is halved when using RME, 8) = without steering clutch brake 9) = rear wheel drive versions,10)= perm. overall weight of 7500 kg, 11) = only Profi versions with dual-circuit braking system, 12) = upon request single-circuit braking system, only 50 km/h, 13) = depends on braking system and perm. top speed, 14) = Power version (50 km/h) 15) = Profi version (60 km/h)46 47

Fendt is completeFendt HarvestingProduct Line 2012Forage harvester Katana 65150 200 250 300 350 400 450E-SeriesL-Series5180 E 5220 E5255 L 6275 L500 550600 650 hpWith the completion of the harvesting product line, the Fendt brand has become along-liner for key machines. Farmers and contractors now have access to a completeline of high-quality machines all from one source. Like the tractors, the harvestingmachines from Fendt are designed for low operating costs with high performanceand optimum working quality. Brand new in the Fendt Harvesting line is the FendtKatana 65 forage harvester.C-SeriesP-SeriesR-Series5275 C 6335 C8370 P 8400 P9350 R9390 RX-Series150 200 250 300 350400Variable balersFixed chamber balers4160 V 4180 V 5160 V 5200 V1250 F 2250 F 3250 F9460 R9470 X450 hpSquare balers870990 1270 1290 1290 XD 1213048 49

New pathsFendt Katana 65Fendt engineers have taken an innovative path in designing the all-important choppingunits on the Fendt Katana 65 for maximum output. For example, the choppingcylinder has a 720-mm diameter, the largest currently available on the market, whichenables an enormous throughput. The unique V-cracker produces high-qualitychopped material. The use of SCR keeps fuel consumption extremely low. It can bereduced even further when working in grass, thanks to the ECO Power drive concept.This all means that the Fendt forage harvester has the highest level of efficiency.The completely newly developed Visio5 cab provides extra ergonomics and operatingcomfort, extra visibility and illumination and, most of all, extra space. Operatorergonomics, which includes the perfectly designed multi-function joystick, has beenexceptionally well implemented. The Vario-Terminal, very popular with users, has beenadopted in the forage harvester and adapted to its operating philosophy.• Visio5 cab for best all-round visibility• Modern and straightforward operation using theVariotronic, same as the Fendt Vario• Proven Kemper headers for grass and maize• Innovative swinging frame for uniform feed,even when the header is slanted• Six feed rollers with a width of 770 mm• In-cab infinite adjustment of cutting length from4 to 22 mm• The largest chopping cylinder on the market:720 mm diameter for higher throughput and quality• New V-Cracker with two meshing rollers and biggersurface area for high-quality chopping results• Rear axle suspension for higher ride comfort• SCR engine technology and innovative ECO Powerdrive for outstanding fuel efficiencyFendt Katana 65 480 kW 653 hp50 51

5-walker entry-level modelsSimply flexibleFor owner operators, Fendt offers two models in the Fendt E-Series that are preciselytailored to the requirements of these farms. No compromises have been made inthe design of the threshing unit, so many components and technical solutions fromthe larger ranges are also found here. With one of the largest separation areas in thisperformance class, the Fendt E-Series delivers impressive threshing results and a highoutput. It stands for maximum cost-effectiveness and an excellent return on investment,as well as reliability and a rugged design.Together, the threshing cylinder and ABC module have a 120° angle of wrap.This results in a large, and completely usable, separation area for maximum outputin all types of crops.• A clean cut under all harvesting conditions with therobust FreeFlow table• High throughput thanks to large 0.83 m 2 separationarea in the threshing unit• Independently adjustable concave clearances foroptimum adjustment for all types of crops andconditions• Active Beater Concave (ABC Module) increases separationcapacity and guides straw gently to the strawwalkers• Reliable fuel-saving 6-cylinder engines;SCR technology for improved fuel efficiency (5220 E)• Generous amount of space in the modern cab withair-conditioning and heating• Optimal control over the table and driving speed withthe ergonomic multi-function lever5180 E 129 kW 176 hp5220 E 154 kW 209 hp52 53 Maximum power to ISO TR14396

Reliable 5 and 6-walkersThe entry into productivityThe Fendt L-series offers high productivity and reliability in the 5 and 6-walker combinesegment. Its modern design features a spacious cab and intuitive operation. TheAGCO Sisu Power engine, featuring SCR technology for AdBlue exhaust after-treatment,ensures low fuel consumption. A wide range of equipment features make theFendt L-series an efficient all-rounder.MCS plus rotated in:The separator concave is rotated under the Multi-Crop Separator. This settingimproves the separation performance in long straw and wet conditions, enablinghigh output, even under difficult conditions.• Comfortable cab with ergonomically arrangedoperating elements in the armrest and on themulti-function lever• PowerFlow table for continual crop flow under alloperating conditions• The Power Feed Roller* feeds the crop over the fullwidth of the threshing unit.• High throughput thanks to the high inertia of thelarge 600-mm threshing cylinder• Independently adjustable concave clearances foroptimum adjustment for all types of crops andconditions• Completely rotatable concave on the Multi CropSeparator plus* for higher active grain separation andbest quality of straw• Long preparation floor and HighCapacity sieves delivera very clean sample• Fuel-efficient, powerful and eco-friendly 6-cylinderAGCO Sisu Power engine with SCR technology* only for MCS version5255 L 179 kW 243 hp6275 L 203 kW 276 hp54 55Maximum power to ISO TR14396

Full output even on slopesReliability and impressive working qualityThe new Fendt C-series combines, with five or six walkers, offer you mature technologycombined with the latest innovations. The unique ParaLevel slope compensationguarantees optimal harvesting results in all positions and enables a transport widthof 3.50 metres.* The SCR engine technology ensures low fuel consumption at alltimes. The C 2000 Terminal, new in the Fendt C-Series, is easy to operate andfunctional. An overall concept for high throughput, threshing quality and efficiency.*depends on tyresDesign of the ParaLevel front axleThe axles and final drives are connected to each other through a parallelogram structure.Hydraulic cylinders, which lie horizontally in the front axle, shift the parallelogram.This raises or lowers the front axle and levels the combine on slopes. This can fullycompensate for slopes up to -/+ 20%.• PowerFlow table – active crop flow for continual feed tothe threshing cylinder under all operating conditions• The Power Feed Roller feeds the crop over the fullwidth of the threshing unit.• 600-mm threshing drum with extra weight bars forsmooth running and a consistently high throughput• Robust concave with independent adjustment of frontand rear clearance• Multi Crop Separator plus (MCS plus) – rotary separatorconcave rotates completely for best quality of straw• ParaLevel system compensates across slopes of upto +/- 20%• Comfortable, spacious cab with C2000 touchscreen formonitoring and adjusting the machine settings• Powerful AGCO Sisu Power 6-cylinder engine withSCR technology for low fuel consumption and cleanemissionsFendt 5275 C 203 kW 276 hpFendt 5275 C PL 203 kW 276 hpFendt 6335 C 265 kW 360 hp*Fendt 6335 C PL 265 kW 360 hp*56 57Maximum output to ISO TR14396; *incl. boost

Power for the harvestHarvesting machines for prosThe Fendt P-series combines are equipped with a unique 8-walker system. Togetherwith the very efficient, gentle threshing system, these combines offer a high throughputin all kinds of crops. Large family-owned farms and contractors profit the mostfrom the flexibility and versatility of the P-series.The Fendt PowerFlow table is designed for high flexibility. Easy conversion and simpletable maintenance minimise downtime, so it is possible to react quickly, even in difficultweather conditions. The operational reliability of the table is a guarantee for a successfulharvest.• PowerFlow table for uniform feed under all harvestingconditions• Ergonomic control via Fieldstar Terminal• The 1680-mm wide threshing drum has a large 600-mmdiameter and a 117° concave wrapping angle for gentleand efficient threshing• Constant-Flow load control for constant output at thehighest level• Effective and thorough cleaning thanks to Hi Streamsieves• 8 straw walkers for maximum output• High performance chopper with 108 knives providesthe best conditions for mulching or direct seeding8370 P 279 kW 379 hp*8400 P 297 kW 404 hp58 59Maximum output to ISO TR14396, *incl. boost

Highest level of efficiencyThe intelligent combinationThe Fendt X-series with HyPerforma technology is the answer to the increasingdemand for economical products for professional, cost-consciousand environmentally-friendly farming. In the HyPerforma threshing andseparation system, tried and tested threshing technology is perfectlycombined with highly efficient rotor technology. The new Fendt 9470 Xstands for outstanding results and unbeatable productivity.HyPerforma threshing and separating systemWith the new HyPerforma threshing and separating system, you can profit from theadvantages of two tried and tested systems. Efficient and gentle threshing occurs inthe three-drum threshing system. The crop is fed to the rotors through a tapered feedchannel, gently, swiftly and without breakage. Then, once in the two 475-mm diameterrotors, the crop is separated gently and highly efficiently without resistance, whichmakes the process especially fuel efficient.• New HyPerforma threshing and separating system forexcellent grain quality and higher output.• Large high inertia threshing drum• Optimised material flow and higher working speed• Gentle handling of grain and straw• PowerFlow header with active crop flow• Lower power requirement during the threshing andseparating process• Two rotors with a 475-mm diameter and spirallyarranged fingers• Venturi cleaning system specially adapted to thehigh throughput of the Fendt Hybrid combine• Seven-cylinder AGCO SISU Power engine with 510 hpand SCR technology – environmentally friendly, veryfuel-efficient and powerful• AutoLevel version with automatic levelling acrossslopes of up to twelve percent for constantly highoutput9740 X 375 kW 510 hp60 61Maximum output to ISO TR14396, incl. boost

High output and maximum throughputStandards in harvesting equipmentThe Fendt rotary combine leaves no wishes open. The four segments, intake, threshing,separating and discharge, are equipped with technology that takes you ahead.The proven PowerFlow table works efficiently over a width of 9.20 metres. At theheart of the rotary combine is a large rotor measuring 800 mm in diameter and3.55 m in length, which ensures optimum crop throughput. The hydrostaticallydriven rotor substantially increases efficiency, since it operates at a constant speed,independent of the engine. That is the technology for maximum output during theharvest.The rotor is divided into four sections: intake, threshing, cleaning and discharging.These segments are perfectly matched to each other and ensure gentle threshingas well as seamless processing of the crop in the combine.• Large rotor – high throughput• Grain tank unloading rates up to 159 l/sec• Grain tank capacity of 12,300 litres• Powerful 8-row straw chopper• High capacity PowerFlow table up to 9.20 m• 12.5 litre high performance engine with up to 459 hp• High operator comfort thanks to the largest cab on themarket and a clearly laid out operating terminal• Easy access to all lubrication and servicing points9350 R 260 kW 350 hp9390 R 297 kW 404 hp9460 R 342 kW 459 hp62 63Maximum power to ISO TR14396

Fendt square balerHigh performance with absolute reliabilityFendt square balers have enjoyed an excellent reputation for their rugged anddurable design as well as their high throughput capacity. Their operating interfacehas been optimally adapted to the Vario tractors. The high baling density of the Fendtsquare balers is unique and means fewer bales per hectare for the same amount ofstraw. This results in major cost savings in transport. New is the top model, the 1290XD, with a larger and heavier flywheel. It increases the pressure of the plunger on thebale and thus further increases bale density. Fendt also offers an optional fully integratedweighing system for easy job management.Uniform shape and densityThe decisive factor for uniformly dense bales is the pre-compression chamber. It is continuallyfilled by the rake feeder. As soon as the packing process in the pre-compressionchamber is finished, the sensor flap on the bottom end of the chamber is pressed down.At the same time, the fingers are pulled back and open the way to the main balingchamber.• High throughput and baling density• Perfectly formed bales• Uniformly dense bales• Optional weighing system for easy job managementand documentation• Unique lighting concept• Fewer lubrication points, longer maintenance intervals• Operational security under all conditions870 80 cm x 70 cm990 80 cm x 90 cm1270 120 cm x 70 cm1290 120 cm x 90 cm1290 XD 120 cm x 90 cm12130 120 cm x 130 cm64 65Model, width x height

Fendt round balersFor perfectly formed balesThe new generation of Fendt round balers offers you the technology you need foroptimal work results in silage, hay and straw. Perfectly formed bales, reliable performanceand durability guarantee that Fendt round balers are a valuable investment.You can rely on Fendt round balers, even under the most difficult conditions.The variable Fendt round balers produce bales from 1.65 m to 2 metres in diameter.The intelligent density baling chamber allows the diameter and baling pressure to beselected for three different zones.• 2.0 to 2.20 metre wide pickup for fast and efficientoutput• Rake feeder, rotor feeder and 14 or 25-knife pre-cutterare available• Cutter floor can be lowered to clear blockages easily• Fixed chamber balers with three different chambersystems:- Only rollers- Only bar chains- Rollers and bar chains• Variable round balers with three different densitysettings that can be adjusted from the cab• Net roll is simple and easy to load• Intuitive control via the terminal1250 F 1.20 x 1.20 m2250 F 1.20 x 1.25 m3250 F 1.20 x 1.25 m4160 V 1.20 x 0.6 – 1.65 m4180 V 1.20 x 0.6 – 1.85 m5160 V 1.20 x 0.6 – 1.65 m5200 V 1.20 x 0.6 – 2.00 m66 67Model, width x diameter

Technical SpecificationsTableTable widths FreeFlow from - to (m)Table widths PowerFlow from - to (m)Automatic table guidanceAutoLevel table control5180 E4.20 - 6.00–––E-Series L-Series C-SeriesP-SeriesX-SeriesR-Series5220 E4.20 - 7.60–nq5255 L4.80 - 7.605.50 - 6.20nn5255 L MCS4.80 - 7.605.50 - 6.20nn6275 L4.80 - 7.605.50 - 6.20nn6275 L MCS4.80 - 7.605.50 - 6.20nn5275 C4.80 - 7.605.50 - 6.80nn6335 C4.80 - 7.605.50 - 6.80nn8370 P6.00 - 7.606.20 - 9.20nn8400 P6.00 - 7.606.20 - 9.20nn9740–6.80 - 9.20nn9350 R–6.20 - 7.70nn9390 R–6.80 - 9.20nn9460 R–6.80 - 9.20nnThreshing systemThreshing cylinder width (mm)Threshing cylinder diameter (mm)Threshing cylinder speed (rpm)Concave wrap angleConcave area (m²)Electrically adjustable concaveIndependent front/rear concave adjustmentConstant Flow load limit controlNumber of concave bars1340600380 - 1210120°0.83–n–121340600380 - 1210120°0.83nn–121340600380 - 1210120°0.83nn–121340600380 - 1210120°0.83nn–121600600430 - 1310120°0.99nn–121600600430 - 1310120°0.99nn–121340600380 - 1210120°0.83nn–121600600430 - 1310120°0.99nn–121680600360 - 1080117°1.18n–q131680600360 - 1080117°1.18n–n131680600360 - 1080117°1.18n–n13–––––n––––––––n––––––––n–––SeparationRotary separatorRotary separator diameter (mm)No. of straw walkersNo. of stepsStraw walker length (mm)Straw walker area (m²)No. of rotorsRotor diameter (mm)Rotor wrapping angleRotor length (mm)Speed range rotors electrically adjustable (rpm)Total separation area (m²)––5442565.73–––––6.72––5442565.73–––––6.72––5442565.73–––––6.72MCS Plus6005442565.73–––––7.62––6442565.73–––––7.99MCS Plus6006442565.73–––––9.06MCS Plus6005442565.73–––––7.62MCS Plus6006442565.73–––––9.06Rotary separator5008540007.9––––––Rotary separator5008540007.9––––––Rotor Feeder500––––2475150°4200360 - 10003.54––––––1700160°3560175 - 9801.44––––––1700160°3560175 - 9801.54––––––1800161°3560106 - 10411.54CleaningPreparation floor area (m²)Total sieve area (m²)Fan typeFan speedFan speed (with reduction kit)Returns2.312.314.674.67Radial fanRadial fan350 - 1050350 - 1050270 - 840270 - 840to threshing cylinder to threshing cylinder2.314.67Radial fan350 - 1050270 - 840to threshing cylinder2.314.67Radial fan350 - 1050270 - 840to threshing cylinder2.762.765.585.58Radial fanRadial fan350 - 1050350 - 1050270 - 840270 - 840to threshing cylinder to threshing cylinder2.312.764.675.58Radial fanRadial fan350 - 1050350 - 1050270 - 840270 - 840to threshing cylinder to threshing cylinder3.445.3Radial fan460 - 1150310 - 790Rethresher3.445.3Radial fan460 - 1150310 - 790Rethresher3.445.3Radial fan460 - 1150310 - 790Rethresher–4.36Radial fan590 - 1350445 - 545to rotor–4.36Radial fan590 - 1350445 - 545to rotor–5.35Radial fan500 - 1150375 - 465to rotorStraw and chaff managementStraw chopperNo. of knivesMaxiSpread radial spreaderElectrically adjustable straw chopper deflector platesChaff spreadern52––qn52–qqn52–qqn52–qqn64–qqn64–qqn52–qqn64–qqn108q–qn108qnnn108qnnn108––nn108––nn108––nGrain tankGrain tank capacity (l) (w/wo slope compensation)Unloading rate (l/sec)Turret unloadingMaximum unloading height (m)520072n4.2650085n4.2860085n4.2860085n4.2860085n4.2860085n4.28600 / 9000105n4.458600 / 9000105n4.45950090n4.59500 / 1050090n4.59500 / 10500110n4.512334159n4.3410570159n4.3412334159n4.34EngineEngine typeEmissions stageTypeCubic capacity (l)Maximum power (kW/ hp) (ISO TR 14396)Fuel tank capacity (l)AdBlue tank capacity (l)IVECOEURO 3a, Tier III6 cylinders6.7129 / 176450–AGCO SISU POWEREURO 3b, Tier 4interim6 cylinders6.6154 / 20945080AGCO SISU POWEREURO 3b, Tier 4interim6 cylinders6.6179 / 24362080AGCO SISU POWEREURO 3b, Tier 4interim6 cylinders6.6179 / 24362080AGCO SISU POWEREURO 3b, Tier 4interim6 cylinders7.4203 / 27662080AGCO SISU POWEREURO 3b, Tier 4interim6 cylinders7.4203 / 27662080AGCO SISU POWER AGCO SISU POWEREURO 3b, Tier 4interim EURO 3b, Tier 4interim6 cylinders6 cylinders7.48.4203 / 276246 / 3356206208080AGCO SISU POWER AGCO SISU POWEREURO 3b, Tier 4interim EURO 3b, Tier 4interim6 cylinders6 cylinders8.48.4279 / 379297 / 404750750103103AGCO SISU POWEREURO 3b, Tier 4interim7 cylinders9.8374 / 510*750103AGCO SISU POWEREURO 3a, Tier III6 cylinders8.4283/380*870–AGCO SISU POWEREURO 3b, Tier 4interim6 cylinders8.4297 / 40487080CAT® * C13 ACERTEURO 3a, Tier III6 cylinders12.5342/459870–Ground driveHydrostatic driveNo. of gearsGround speed (km/h)4WDOptional slope compensationn30 - 20––n30 - 20q–n40 - 20q–n40 - 20q–n40 - 20q–n40 - 20q–n40 - 20q / n for PLParaLeveln40 - 20q / n for PLParaLeveln40 - 20qAutoLeveln40 - 20qAutoLeveln40 - 20qAutoLeveln40 - 20q–n40 - 20q–n40 - 20q–CabAir-conditioning systemControl terminalMoisture measurementYield mappingAGCOmmandAuto-Guiden–––––nAgritronic plus––––nAgritronic plus––––nAgritronic plus––––nAgritronic plus––––nAgritronic plus––––nC2000––––nC2000––––nFieldstarqqqqnFieldstarnnqqnFieldstarnnqqnC2000nnqqnC2100nnqqnC2000nnqqn Standardq Optional – not available* incl. power boost68 69

Fendt impressesSatisfied customers the world over“With the load relief control for thecomfort front linkage, we can nowannounce the “end of the spring” formowing operations.”724 Vario / School of AgriculturalMachinery Landsberg – GermanyThe VisioPlus cab provides asuper overview and is unbeatablein all kinds of front loaderwork. A big step forward.”Farmers and contractors from all over the world depend on technology and servicefrom Fendt. Their verdict is always the same: our next tractor will also be a Fendt.High brand loyalty is the best proof for the quality of Fendt products and a harmoniousoverall concept from consultation to service. This loyalty and customer satisfactiongive Fendt employees even more incentive to continue to develop innovativetechnology for our customers.“We use the terminal for VarioGuide andto control our ISOBUS implements. WithVarioGuide, we can achieve the 2-cmaccuracy that we wanted for potatoproduction.“828 Vario / Manfred Dralle, Ostheide –Germany724 Vario / Stefan Freiburg-Neuhaus,Sundern – Germany“I chose the Fendt because ofthe low operating costs and theoptimal operating environment.”“The cab has no transmissiontunnel, which means lots of legroom.With the continuously variable transmission,any engine speed can becombined with any ground speed.”209 Vario V / Benjamin Überbacher,Lana – Italy930 Vario / Eberhard Gierschner,Hähnichen-Spree – Germany“The new Varioterminal isintuitive to operate. Savingsettings is very practical andeasy to do.”“We decided in favour of Fendtbecause of the eco-friendly newengine technology and lower fuelconsumption as well as thepermissible overall weight.”824 Vario / Anders Rosen,Vadstena – Sweden824 Vario / Bruno Parret,Calvados – France“We really learned to appreciate the824 Vario after the first few days. Whenwe discovered all its finer points, wewere really impressed.”70 71“When using the 7-share reversibleplough in the heaviest soil, the tractoronly consumed 16.6 l of dieselper hectar. Filling the AdBlue tankis no problem – I do it when I fill thediesel tank.”828 Vario / Uwe Conrad,Niederseifersdorf – Germany800 Vario / Marcus and Andreas Bladin,Linköping – Sweden“Stacking crates is fantastic with thepedal and shuttle transmission.There’s nothing to improve on thistractor, a super machine.”211 Vario V / Hans-Peter & GeorgMauracher, St. Pauls – Italy

Premium class serviceThe best product –the best serviceWhen you buy a Fendt, you get a high-tech product that meets the highest demands.Consequently, you can also expect premium class services from Fendt. Fendt Serviceoffers you a comprehensive range of services, including certification of select dealershipswith top know-how and premium workshop quality, driver training for improvingdriving economy or attractive financing and rental offers. This increases yourprofitability and operational security.*Award-winning Fendt dealersin 10 years of theShell Service Award:• 42 of 110 regional winners• 14 of 30 national winners• 11 of 20 international winners72 73

Premium class serviceVersatile and flexible servicesThe comprehensive services offered for Fendt tractors and harvesting machines areextremely versatile. For example, together with certified dealers, Fendt tailors financingand rental offers as well as care-free packages optimally to suit your individualrequirements. You remain mobile and flexible and, with Fendt, you can lead yourbusiness securely into a successful future.Fendt Expert driver training teaches you about all the functionalities of the FendtVario, so you can fully utilise the performance potential of your tractor. That helps youfurther reduce fuel consumption and increases the profitability of your Fendt Vario.Tips and tricks for optimum maintenance and servicing round out the programme.• Certified Fendt dealers offer comprehensive services –you stay mobile• Professional workshop quality through regular trainingof foremen and mechanics, modern service vehicles,optimised tool and diagnostics systems, installation oforiginal Fendt parts.• Fast availability of spare parts, emergency hotlineavailable around the clock during the harvestingseason• Exclusive Fendt Expert driver training for greaterdriving economy with your Vario• Servicing and repair costs under control with servicepackages• Comprehensive rental programme for added capacity,more free funds and calculable costs per hour• Attractive, individually-tailored financing andinsurance offers74 75

Environmentally-friendly production and productsFendt for the environment –corporate responsibilitySustainability and quality have had a high priority at Fendt for many decades. For example,integral environmental and quality management ensures the implementationof measures in our production process that protect the environment. Furthermore,Fendt has succeeded in developing a family of tractors that are extremely fuelefficient.Together 120,000 Vario tractors can save quite a bit. If, for example, 120,000Varios are in use for an average of 800 operating hours a year and each saves on averagethree litres per hour, the total per year comes to an amazing 288 million litres lessfuel consumed and 760,320 fewer tonnes of CO 2emitted – a fantastic result.VisioPlusVarioDocTheinnovationsSCR inside VarioActiveVarioGuide60 km/hFSCABS4-in-1terminal288 mil.litres lessdiesel18% lessCO 2Less soilcompaction95 %Highestproductionstandardsless NO xLess tripsFor theEnvironment95% lessparticulatematterLess overlapping76 77

Environmentally-friendly production and productsMeasuresthat speak for themselvesFendt promotes environmentally conscious production of eco-friendly products withconcrete measures. For example, the entire factory is heated with CO 2-neutral districtheating from a nearby biomass heating power plant run by the Brennpunkt EnergieGmbH. This saves 1.75 mil. litres of heating oil and some five million kilograms of CO 2emissions annually. When expanding the Fendt locations, particular emphasis wasplaced on environmentally friendly production processes. Equipping the tractors withthe eco-friendly SCR technology was also a major focus. Furthermore, when developingnew models, special attention is already placed on the use of environmentallycompatible materials. With these and other steps, Fendt has taken on an exemplaryrole as an environmentally-conscious manufacturer of agricultural equipment.An important step towards bio-energy:Fendt heats the entire factory with CO 2-neutral district heating, supplied by theBrennpunkt Energie GmbH in Ruderatshofen near Marktoberdorf.• German location: short transport distances betweendevelopment, production and logistics• Use of CO 2-neutral district heating for heating theentire factory• Constant implementation of measures for improvingenvironmentally-friendly production- Waste heat recovery in the entire factory- Oil-containing exhaust is cleaned via wet scrubbing- Eco-friendly cleaning in the factory, e.g. steamcleaning of floors• Compliance with highest environmental standardsalong the entire supply chain• Regularly held training for staff on the topics ofenvironmental protection and energy efficiency• Introduction of SCR technology for Fendthigh-horsepower tractors and therefore- 95% lower emission of NO x- 95% lower emission of particulate matter- Significant reduction in fuel consumptionand CO 2emissions• Fewer transport trips thanks to high payload, idealpower-weight ratio of the Varios prevents unnecessaryballast, which lowers fuel consumption• Less overlapping through use of the VarioGuide automaticsteering system, increases area coverage andlowers consumption of fuel and operating materials78 79• Less soil compaction thanks to large-sized tyres availablefor all Fendt ranges

Fendt prepares for the futureReady for growthThe expansion of the Fendt locations in Marktoberdorf and Bäumenheim is the AGCOCorporation's largest single investment project to date, totalling some 172 millioneuros. Starting September 2012, Fendt tractors will be leaving from a completelynew final assembly, which has a capacity of 20,000 tractors. The Vario transmissiondivision will have a maximum capacity of 30,000 units. Fendt has also substantiallyerlarged research & development at the Marktoberdorf location. In a separate R&Dbuilding, some 120 new jobs for engineers and electronics technicians are beingcreated; then a total of about 400 employees will be working on new and furtherdevelopments. Fendt is ready for further growth!80 81

Fendt prepares for the futureBuilding the most moderntractor factory in the worldIn the new Fendt production facility, the latest technology, such as the newpaint finishing system, is being used to provide customers with the highestquality tractors with the best workmanship. Manufacturing and assemblyare organised according to modern production principles, such as Just-In-Time and Just-In-Sequence. Several thousand parts and assemblies aredelivered directly to the production hall in the specified sequence necessaryfor the current daily production of up to 75 Fendt tractors, some just a fewhours before they are installed. This holds true for our own production aswell as for some 350 parts suppliers worldwide. With the AGCO APS productionsystem, processes are optimised using the latest methods, such as 6S.Finish areaAssembly after paintIn the Fendt Forum visitor centre, customers have the opportunity to take a close lookat Fendt tractors and harvesting machines and to watch a factory film about all thelatest products. The bistro provides refreshments and the Fendt Shop offers a wideselection of models, clothing, pedal tractors and much more.• Daily production of up to 75 tractors in the modernfactory, production will be increased to more than100 tractors a day starting in the second half of 2012Despatch zone• The new tractors undergo extensive testing beforeseries production start to ensure the best long-lastingFendt quality• Order-based production and certified Fendt qualitymanagement• High vertical range of manufacture and use of modernmachining centres, for example for high-precisionboring and milling operations• Perfectly timed supply strategies in accordance withjust-in-time and just-in-sequence principles for some350 parts suppliersPaint shop• Consistent implementation of the 6S principles inall areasAssembly before paint82 83

Fendt employees – the key to successTogether we are strongIt is people who make a company what it is. The team of employees at AGCO/Fendt is the driving force behind the success of the Fendt brand. The currentworkforce at the Fendt manufacturing facilities totals more than 3,500 employees.The success of the brand - from its beginnings in the 1930s up to its role asthe high-tech brand in the AGCO Corporation, was only possible through thediligence of the employees and their identification with the products.3321308027902690861802746739239822271899 19923381 3352879 8752478 2449345911787324692005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Juni 2011Workforce developmentAGCO GmbHHohenmölsenBäumenheimMarktoberdorf84 8584 85

Rooted in Germany, successful worldwideGermany 37.9%At home in fields around the worldSuccessful sales are based on a powerful dealer network that offers customers highlyeffective sales consultation and support as well as perfected servicing for the tractor.With a combination of cooperatives and strong private dealers, the sales network inGermany is very effective. Fendt increased sales in the traditional export markets inWestern Europe and in Central Europe last year with the aid of the AGCO distributionnetwork. Likewise in the world markets Australia and North America. Work onestablishing a comprehensive dealer network is currently in progress in the up-andcomingfarming countries in Eastern Europe. These regions have enormous expansionpotential, which AGCO also wishes to tap with the Fendt brand.France 15.5%Austria 7.2%Central Europe, CIScountries 10.5%Other 2.6%Scandinavia 3.0%Belgium 1.8%Switzerland 2.3%Spain 4.2%Netherlands 3.6%Italy 6.4% England, Ireland 5.0%Fendt sales according to countryThe export quota in 2010 was 64 percent. Fendt sold some 9,830tractors outside of Germany in 2010. Continuing strong on the German market – 2010 market leaderFendt confirms its top position in Germany. In 2010, Fendt againclaimed first place for tractor registrations over 51 hp.15.42815.00011.39012.15713.31213.65512.5842005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Plan 2011Sales trend Fendt tractorsWith 15,428 tractors sold, 2008 was the record year for Fendt to thisdate. After a downward trend in 2009 and 2010, Fendt is now targetingsales on this record level for 2011, about 15,000 tractors.86 87

Successful tractor history – written by FendtMilestones in tractor design fromMarktoberdorf1999: With the slogan “Vario 2000”, Fendt presents a completeVario line with eleven models from 86 to 270 hp.2002: Expansion of Fendt harvesting equipment: C-Seriescombine, round balers, square balers.1930: With the Dieselross, the first European 6 hp smalltractor, featuring mower and mounted plough,Fendt entered into a period of growth.1958: The Favorit 1, trendsetting in appearance and technology,for example, it had a 40-hp engine and a multispeedclose-ratio gearbox.1980: The 300 Farmer range defined a new tractor trend:40 km/h, four-wheel braking system, Turbomatic andcomfort cab with rubber bearings.1984: The original all-round vision tractor, the 380 GTA,is launched.2005: Fendt presents the 936 Vario with 360 hp and a topspeed of 60 km/h along with the 312 Vario at theAgritechnica.This Dieselrossis 75 years old.1937: The Dieselross F 18 (16 HP) was equipped with a travelindependentpower shift PTO1949: Monthly production of20 Dieselross F 18 (18 hp)tractors1953: The 12 hp Fendt tool carrierwith four mounting areas ispresented for the first time. 1959 Fendt received thehighest award of the German Agricultural Society for itsingenious one-man system.1968: Farmer 3 S (48 HP) with fluid flywheel (Turbomatic) –trend-setting technology.1975: Specialty tractors for wine, hops and fruit-growing(42, 50 and 65 HP).1976: New standards for high horsepower tractors: The FavoritLS range with comfort cab, six-cylinder engines(85 to 150 hp) and electronic power lift control (EPC).1979: Ahead of their time: The high-horsepower tractorsFavorit 622 LS (211 hp) and 626 LS (252 hp).1987: High-tech with compact dimensions distinguishes the200 series, ranging from 40 to 75 HP, for wine, fruit andhops-growing.1993: Trailblazing: The 800 series high-horsepower tractorsare the first high-horsepower tractors in the world withturboshift, hydropneumatic suspension for the cab andfront axle and a top speed of 50 km/h.1994: The Favorit 500 C series (95 to 140 hp) incorporatessuccessful features such as a top speed of 50 km/h,suspension and turboshift in the mid-sized class.1995: World première at the Agritechnica: the 926 Vario, theworld’s first high-horsepower tractor with stepless Variotransmission.2006: Five new Varioranges with a totalof 21 new models with maximum power ranging from95 to 360 hp are launched.2007: Fendt introduces the project studyTRISIX, a future-oriented high performancevehicle, at the Agritechnica.Furthermore, a tractor that runs onrapeseed oil and a new front loaderare also presented.2008: Eleven new combine models are presented at the FendtField Day in Wadenbrunn. The rotary combine with 459hp is equipped with the largest rotor currently availablein the industry.1997: The globallyactive USagricultural equipment corporation AGCO acquires thetractor manufacturer Xaver Fendt GmbH & Co.1998: The new Vario 700 range is launched. The innovativeVariotronic operating system receives internationalawards. The first Fendt combine is introduced.2009: Fendt starts series production of the 200 Vario V/F/Pspecialty tractors. The new 200 Vario and 800 Varioand the Fendt hybrid combine are presented at theAgritechnica.2010: The first Fendt Efficient Technology models are introducedat the Fendt Field Day in Wadenbrunn: the new800 Vario and the 900 Vario with up to 390 hp. Moreover,the Fendt forage harvester is presented for the first time.2011: The new 700 Vario with new VisioPlus cab is launchedwith success. The first Fendt Katana 65 combines put inoperation in customer fields.88 89

Internationally establishedAGCO – the GroupThe AGCO Corporation, headquartered in Duluth, Georgia, USA, is a leadingglobal manufacturer and distributor of tractors and agricultural equipment.AGCO offers a full product line including tractors, combines, forage harvesters,self-propelled sprayers and fertilizers, tillage equipment, planting andharvesting machines, engines, electronic data logging, financing and worldwideservicing. In 2010, AGCO had net sales of $6.8 billion and around 16,000employees around the world. Fendt is the high-tech brand within the corporation,geared towards customers with the highest demands. With the activesupport of the AGCO Corporation, the Fendt brand has successfully gainedhold in all interesting markets worldwide.Martin RichenhagenChairman, President and Chief ExecutiveOfficer (CEO)AGCO locationsJackson, USABeloit, USAHesston, USADuluth, USASuolathi, FinlandLinnavuori, FinlandHohenmölsen, GermanyFeucht, GermanyGrubbenvorst, NetherlandsBeauvais, FranceNeuhausen, SwitzerlandBreganze, ItalyBäumenheim, GermanyMarktoberdorf, GermanyDaqing, ChinaChangzhou, ChinaShanghai, ChinaAGCO revenuesaccording to regions (2010)Sao Paulo, BrazilMogi das Cruzes, BrazilSanta Rosa, BrazilIbirubá, BrazilCanoas, BrazilRosario, ArgentinaNorth America 22%South America 25%Far East, Pacific 4 %Europe, NearEast, Africa 49%90 91

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