Gibault Children's Services 2009 ANNUAL REPORT - Gibault, Inc.

Gibault Children's Services 2009 ANNUAL REPORT - Gibault, Inc.

Gibault Children’s Services



Volume 50, Number 2 • August 2010

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Why I


Gibault is one place that gives hope to young people who

otherwise would fall through the cracks.”

Jim & Peggy Harpenau

Council #10257

Gibault exemplifies the Christian work to aid children, families and

communities. I know our Lord is very proud of our work for his people.”

MaryAnn & Jim Mancilla

Council #4933

“Children should have a chance in life. Gibault is this chance.

If we save one child…or one thousand that’s our goal in life. I have

believed in Gibault since 1967!”

Ronald Bowman

Council #4377

“I believe in Gibault’s Mission to help troubled

youth to be reunited with their families and communities through

programs that teach God’s love for all.”

Ron Doxsee

Council #1631

2009 Annual Report


A Message From The President/CEO 4

Henry County Youth Center 20

Art & Music 23-25

Jasper County 26

Our First Eagle Scout 43

Mission Statement:

To provide life-changing opportunities

for children, families and communities.

Please call to

schedule a tour of

the Museum!


VOLUME 50 No. 2


Published by Gibault, Inc.

6401 South U.S. Highway 41,

Terre Haute, IN 47802


Web site:

James M. Sinclair, President/CEO


Kathy Bradbury

April Kendall

Zach Pies

Patty Stiegelbauer



Dale J. Heger ………………… Greensburg, IN


Annette “Mickey” Lentz ……… Indianapolis, IN


John E. Abel ………………………… Bedford, IN

Douglas E. Adams ………………… Wabash, IN

George Buennagel …………… Indianapolis, IN

David DeKoninck …………………… Auburn, IN

Ron Doxsee ………………… North Vernon, IN

Robert J. DuFallo ……………… Fort Wayne, IN

Dr. John B. Egan ……………… Rensselaer, IN

Thomas A. Egold ……………… Greenwood, IN

Lawrence B. Fluhr ……………………Corydon, IN

James W. Funk, Jr. ……………… Brownsburg, IN

Tom Gawlik, SD ………………… Terre Haute, IN

David A. Gorrell ………………… Terre Haute, IN

Robert Lynch …………………… Indianapolis, IN

MaryAnn Mancilla ………………… Highland, IN

Charles E. Maurer, Jr. ……………… Richmond, IN

Katherine Sleva ……………………… Bedford, IN

Jerome J. Smith ……………………… Granger, IN

Brother Roy Smith ……………… Notre Dame, IN

Daniel F. Stobierski …………………… Angola, IN

Stephan A. Ziemba ………………… Hammond, IN


Father Bob Robeson ……………… Indianapolis, IN

Trustees Emeritus

Raymond C. Alter …………………… Ft. Wayne, IN

Ralph C. Bruns …………………… Greensburg, IN

Charles F. Castleman ………………… Evansville, IN

M. Tracey Cummins ………………… Terre Haute, IN

Gerald H. Erlenbaugh ……………… Indianapolis, IN

Bro. William Kirsch, CSC …………… Notre Dame, IN

Edward J. Kreilein ………………………… Jasper, IN

Sr. Lawrence Ann Liston, SP …West Terre Haute, IN

Robert Riegel, PhD ………………… Indianapolis, IN

A. A. Mike Vitello ……………………… Noblesville, IN

Carol J. Wood ………………………… Rensselaer, IN

Gibault Children’s Services

Providing life-changing opportunities for children, families and communities.

Every day Gibault builds up our kids and prepares them for the

future. We work hard to teach each child new useful skills to build

upon their existing strengths.

Our work is about more than helping young people find success

today. Gibault provides each child with comprehensive services

designed to provide a lifetime of happiness.

This success occurs because of the compassionate care of a

dedicated group. The Gibault team consists of our staff, board

members, donors and friends of our program. Our efforts make it

possible for Gibault to reach out and help those who are most in need.

I hope each and everyone who reads this understands your true impact on the life of a child.

We could not do this without the Gibault team…our staff, our board and our donors and


Together we have provided thousands of children services that can last a life time. We are

making the world better each time we show our children they too can be great.

Thank you for supporting Gibault.


Jim Sinclair, MSSW, JD


“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

~Fredrick Douglas

4 MESSENGER | Vol.50 No. 2 2010

Letter from a Former Student

When a child leaves our care we all pray they will be able to remember what they learned at Gibault. Recently

a supervisor received a letter from a former student.

Thank you for helping us make a difference!


Gibault, Inc., The Gibault Foundation, Inc., Gibault Care, Inc. and Gibault Ventures, Inc.

For the year ended December 31, 2009


TOTAL = $14,863,875 TOTAL = $14,844,098


Financial Planning

for clients in Shelbyville

by Lead Youth Treatment Specialist Amber Watson

Community Services of Shelbyville offer Gibault’s Shelbyville youth a

financial literacy course. The course is part of a pilot program funded

by a federal grant. The goal of the course is to teach youth how to

make sound financial decisions and establish good financial habits

early in life.

“It is really important for teens to understand and take advantage

of time as a factor in savings,” states Finance Coach Don Currant,

instructor of the program. He has developed a curriculum using resources from the FDIC for teaching financial literacy

to youth on topics including budgeting, savings, credit and debt.

By providing a casual and interactive atmosphere with open dialogue using real life applications, Community Services

hopes to enhance class participation and reception of the material. Additionally, each teen will receive a $50 savings

bond and a $50 gift card upon completion of the course to get a head start on applying what they’ve learned.

“I think it will be fun. I am looking forward to it,” states a female student on the independent living track. Youth residing

at the Shelbyville Group Homes are given multiple opportunities to gain independent living skills in addition to financial

literacy and money management, including career planning, daily living, housing, self care, social relationships and work


The Gibault Shelbyville Group Home works with other organizations in the community to enrich and supplement

services for the students and to help them build their social networks. Gibault is proud to work with community service

organizations to make life better for the kids we serve.

Gibault supports Relay for Life

by Theresa Goodwin, School Secretary

Gibault staff members are strong supporters of the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. This year our

students joined to raise money for the Relay for Life. Many of the students who participated in this effort have

family members who suffered from cancer. They were very serious about their


To raise money the students developed sponsor sheets and asked staff to sponsor

them for one month of good behavior in the school setting. The students set a

goal of $100.

Holy Cross School Principal Cary Molinder encouraged their efforts by agreeing

to dress up like Barney the Dinosaur if the kids hit their goal. With a goal in

mind and encouragement from the staff the kids did indeed hit their goal…and

surpassed it. Mr. Molinder sweetened their success by holding up his end of

the deal!

Congratulations to our students on their success in helping others!

School Secretary Theresa Goodwin poses with

Barney (aka our school principal). The costume

was designed by students in our art class.

6 MESSENGER | Vol.50 No. 2 2010

Psychiatric Residential

Treatment Facility

by Tamara Seeley, Utilization Review Specialist

I joined Gibault’s team in 2005 as the Psychiatric Residential

Treatment Facility [PRTF] Utilization Review Specialist. In preparation

for the program’s opening July 5, 2005 we began developing the

policies and procedures. As I read the histories of the children

being referred to the PRTF unit my heart was saddened at the

destruction done to some of these children at the hands of trusted

adults as well as the maddening illnesses causing the children’s

uncontrollable behavior. How could such children be repaired?

During the admission process it is explained to the child’s guardian

Gibault cannot guarantee their child will leave the treatment

program 100% free of all issues and behaviors. The child will

be offered the opportunity to seek change through clinical,

educational, medical and spiritual avenues. My role in this is process

is to review these areas and report to the insurance companies

each month on the child’s progression. Although I rely strongly on

the interdisciplinary treatment team’s weekly and monthly reports

I also take time to interact with the children during pet therapy,

while eating lunch or when taking a walk. These interactions help

me obtain a personal impression of each child.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd Tamara enjoys time with a

student during lunch.

President of the United States stated, “We cannot always build the future for

our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” This is the heart of Gibault’s mission to provide lifechanging

opportunities for the kids we serve.



The other day I was fortunate to have a chance encounter with a man who was a former student at Gibault.

I was at the neighborhood gas station while wearing a Gibault t-shirt. I was approached by a middle aged

man who explained to me some years ago he was at Gibault. He proudly stated he is now the father of two

children, a husband, and is gainfully employed in Indianapolis, Indiana. His words I will always remember, “It is

all because of my time spent at Gibault.”

Volunteering at Gibault

by Linda Gorrell

My husband Dave and I have been familiar with Gibault as

residents of Terre Haute and through the Knights of Columbus.

This past fall Dave became a member of Gibault’s Board of

Trustees. Dave’s commitment to the Knights of Columbus

and to Gibault is an inspiration to me.

I have always worked in an educational environment

throughout my career as an administrative assistant/secretary.

I worked at Our Lady of Mt Carmel in Carmel, IN. I also worked

at Brebeuf (where all three of my children graduated). My last

employment was in Kansas as an administrative assistant to

the math director at Johnson County Community College.

I love children and find it rewarding to be among them as they

grow in all aspects of their lives. Two things happened to steer

Linda Gorrell, volunteer

me toward volunteering my services at Gibault. The first was

to hear from Dave how the downturn in the economy is affecting Gibault and how everyone was “tightening

their belt” everywhere. Secondly, I had been looking into places to volunteer and I knew this would be a

perfect fit. I already knew several of the staff and their good hearts and hopes of accomplishment for the kids

inspires me.

Being a part of Gibault is very rewarding to me. I believe the work we do is all for the honor and glory of God!

Special thanks to all of our volunteers who give their

time to make life better for the kids we serve.


A Division of Gibault Ventures

Please call if interested.




Top of the Hill Auto Sales is another

opportunity to help Gibault!


By purchasing a car from

Top of the Hill you are helping

to support Gibault’s mission.

You may also donate

your old vehicle to Gibault!

Call us at 800-264-1156

to learn more!

8 MESSENGER | Vol.50 No. 2 2010

Thank You To All Of Our Generous Donors in 2009

$10,000 & above

John W. Anderson Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald H. Erlenbaugh

Indiana Chemical Trust

Indiana State Council K of C

Margaret Metzger Estate

Gibault Staff

$5,000 - $9,999

Community Foundation Alliance

K of C Council #560

K of C Council #712

K of C Council #1790

K of C Council #3660

K of C Council #12387

First Financial Bank

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Kleptz

Andrew J. & Florence A. Krizman

Charitable Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Maurer

Mr. & Mrs. Wilford A. Redmon

Superior Oil Company, Inc.

Wabash Valley Community


Mr. Robert T. Walt

$2,500 - $4,999

Mr. Irvin Banet

Clark County Children’s Home

K of C Council #456

K of C Council #565

K of C Council #732

K of C Council #864

K of C Council #1461

K of C Council #1477

K of C Council #2957

K of C Council #3631

K of C Council #6923

K of C Council #6955

K of C Council #8746


Mr. & Mrs. Donn J. Stobierski

Herman F. Tierney Estate

$1,000 - $2,499

Anonymous Foundation

Mr. George D. Buennagel

Community Foundation of

Greater Fort Wayne

K of C Council #437

K of C Council #451

K of C Council #541

K of C Council #553

K of C Council #563

K of C Council #656

K of C Council #822

K of C Council #1010

K of C Council #1221

K of C Council #1252

K of C Council #1265

K of C Council #1347

K of C Council #1584

K of C Council #1631

K of C Council #1696

K of C Council #1808

K of C Council #2215

K of C Council #3228

K of C Council #4933

K of C Council #5290

K of C Council #6679

K of C Council #7053

K of C Council #7839

K of C Council #8080

K of C Council #10596

K of C Council #11044

K of C Council #12379

K of C Council #12510

K of C Council #13142

Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Downton

Eagles Auxiliary #1527

Eagles Auxiliary #766

Eagles Auxiliary #852

Eagles Auxiliary #2062

Eagles Auxiliary #2442

Eagles Auxiliary #2498

Eagles Auxiliary #3335

Eagles Auxiliary #3512

Eagles Auxiliary #4097

Eagles Auxiliary #4132

Eagles Auxiliary #4182

Dr. & Mrs. John B. Egan

Mr. Gilbert J. Fox

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Funk

Mr. & Mrs. James Harpenau

Mr. Dennis J. Hohlbein

Indiana Youth Institute

Jasper County Farm Bureau

Jasper County REMC Comm. Fund

John F. & Katharine W. Kelly Fdn.

Mr. & Mrs. Lee Jones

Mr. Thomas L. Kelly

Mr. Terrence J. Keusch

Ms. Deborah J. Kruyer

Mr. & Mrs. James Mancilla

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Martin

Mary E. Van Drew Foundation

National Philanthropic Trust

Dr. Nicholas R. O’Neil

Mr. Cletus M. Oing

Old National Bancorp

The Pfister Fund

Mr. Zach A. Pies

Mr. & Mrs. Edgar B. Powell

Mrs. Fern Roesch

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey C. Rose

Mrs. Betty R. Schodrof

Mr. Paul E. Schumacher

Ms. Theresa A. Sego

Mr. & Mrs. Caran G. Siefert

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Sinclair

St. Charles Borremeo Catholic


State Employees’ Campaign

Patty & Mike Stiegelbauer

Mr. & Mrs. George Terlep

The Weston Wabash Foundation

Mr. Vincent C. Tragesser

Frederick R. Benson Trust

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Vernasco

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel M. Wanstrath

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Wells


Whirlpool Foundation

Ms. Barbara A. White

Mr. & Mrs. David G. Worland

$500 - $999

Mr. & Mrs. Gene Allen

Mr. Edmund M. Anderson

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Axon

Mr. Philip R. Baker

Mr. & Mrs. Larry L. Batchelder

Bemis Company, Inc.

Bishop Leo A. Pursley Assembly


Mr. Claude V. Boushey

Mr. & Mrs. Warren J. Braunsdorf

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald T. Bush

Ms. Mary S. Canarecci

Mr. J. Terrence Cody

K of C Council #861

K of C Council #1414

K of C Council #1542

K of C Council #1755

K of C Council #1881

K of C Council #1975

K of C Council #3682

K of C Council #5570

K of C Council #5581

K of C Council #6273

K of C Council #6347

K of C Council #8052

K of C Council #8082

K of C Council #8487

K of C Council #9441

K of C Council #10257

K of C Council #10422

K of C Council #10811

K of C Council #11276

K of C Council #12951

K of C Council #13968

Dr. Kevin Deardorf

Mr. William V. Drew

Eagles Auxiliary #2517

Mr. Robert J. Edwards

Mr. Henry Ernstes


Father Sorin Assembly #240

Federated Campaign Stewards

Fishers 3rd Degree Team

Forrest Sherer, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Gawlik

Mr. & Mrs. Max Gibson

Ms. Geraldine Girone

Mrs. Bernard A. Glotzbach

Mrs. Marguerite D. Hark

Mr. & Mrs. Dale J. Heger

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Henry

Mrs. Julia A. Hoffman

Hoselton Environmental Group

Indiana Department of Education

Mr. & Mrs. Addison B. Johnson

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Kase

Mr. & Mrs. Marvin J. Kopetsky

Mr. & Mrs. Louis G. Kovacs

Mr. & Mrs. Harold A. Ley

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Litt

Marian Assembly #1833

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry W. McCullough

Mr. Cary Molinder

Monarch Beverages

Miss Marcella Mooney

Mother Teresa Assembly #2581

Msgr. A.J. Sprigler Assembly #253

Mutual of America

Mrs. Margaret S. Myers

Mr. & Mrs. Tom J. O’Connor

Mr. Daniel F. O’Riley

Ms. Mary Jane Oakley

Mr. William Oberwitte

Mrs. Mary Winifred Oing

Mrs. Karen A. Olsen

Sackrider & Company, Inc.

Saint Lawrence Church

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Sartore

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence G. Schmidt

Rev. Joseph B. Sheets

Mr. & Mrs. Harold A. Shuster

Mr. & Mrs. Jerome J. Smith

Southeastern Ind. Degree Team

Springfield Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Taraska

Mr. Kenneth Taurman

Mr. & Mrs. Norbert H. Tebbe

The Della Selsor Trust

The Duke Energy Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. David D. Towner

Mr. Mark Trout

Vincennes Assembly #256

Wilkinson, Goeller, Modesitt,

Wilkinson & Drummy, LLC

Mr. Jack Wilson

Mr. & Mrs. Marcus E. Woods

$250 - $499

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Abel


Mr. & Mrs. Doug Adams

American Water Company

Anthony Wayne Assembly #239

Bagnoche Sports

Mr. Robert O. Baker

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Becker

Mr. & Mrs. John G. Beckman

Mr. Frank D. Behr

Mr. Tim Benningfield

Bi-Petro, Inc.

Mr. Robert J. Binder

Bishop Arnold Assembly #243

Mr. Denny Blaker

BP America, Inc.

Kathy & Ed Bradbury

Mr. & Mrs. Walter J. Brochin

Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Carroll

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Castleman

Chequeuh Lodge #56, I.O.O.F.

Coca-Cola Bottling Company

Mr. John F. Cook

K of C Council #726

K of C Council #1042

K of C Council #1131

K of C Council #1166

K of C Council #2111

K of C Council #3840

Thank You To All Of Our Generous Donors in 2009


K of C Council #4047

K of C Council #4263

K of C Council #4377

K of C Council #5599

K of C Council #5709

K of C Council #5929

K of C Council #6138

K of C Council #7431

K of C Council #7473

K of C Council #8617

K of C Council #10371

K of C Council #10460

K of C Council #11927

K of C Council #12154

K of C Council #12541

K of C Council #13971

K of C Council #14214

K of C Council #14673

Cox, Zwerner, Gambill & Sullivan

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Dant

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Dinkel

Mr. James W. Dockery

Mr. Robert F. Doerr

Mr. & Mrs. George Doll

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Drong

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. DuFallo

Mr. David J. Eddington

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Ellenberger

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Enneking

F.O.E. #3207

Mr. & Mrs. Larry E. Farver

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Gibson

Mr. & Mrs. Louis W. Glaub

Mr. & Mrs. Lin H. Griffith

Grimmer Middle School

Mr. Jeffery C. Gross

Dr. & Mrs. Carl Grothouse

Mr. Jeffrey R. Guenther

Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Halter

Mr. William L. Halter

Mrs. Helen M. Harmon

Mr. Michael A. Hein

Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Henry

Mr. & Mrs. David B. Hildreth

Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Hoyland

I.B.E.W. Local Union #725

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald D. James

Jewett Publications, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Oscar T. Jones

Mr. Vincent A. Kapocius

Mr. H. Fred Keepes

Dr. & Mrs. Bernard P. Kemker

Brother Camillus Kirsch

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Y. Kline

Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Kreilein

Mr. & Mrs. Jed Lange

Mr. David Lawler

Mr. & Mrs. Larry J. Lemler

Mr. Donald Lengerich

Mrs. Annette M. Lentz

Mr. & Mrs. Chad D. Lueken

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Lynch

Keith & Michele Madley

Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Meer

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene A. Mills

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pawlak

Pepsico Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. E. Wayne Pokorney

Rev. Richard W. Puetz

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Ravenna

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel W. Reed

Mr. & Mrs. Roger L. Reuss

Mrs. Ann Roberts

Mr. J. Gregory Rust

St. Louis & Mary Assembly #250

Mr. Max L. Schiffli

Rev. John H. Schipp

Mr. Tobias J. Schmitter

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Schwinghammer

Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Joe Sears

Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Sedlack

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis P. Sharp

Mr. Michael J. Shea

Mr. Linas K. Slavinskas

Mrs. Katherine Sleva

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Slinger

Speedway SuperAmerica, LLC

St. John Evangelist Parish

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Steiner

Mr. Glenn A. Suarez

SYSCO Food Services

Thompson Thrift Construction

Mr. & Mrs. Terah Tracy

Mr. & Mrs. C. James Tranter

United Way of Monroe Co.

UPS Foundation, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. David Veneziano

Mr. & Mrs. Roger Warran

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Wenzlick

Mr. Daniel Wierda

Mr. & Mrs. Monty K. Woolsey

Mr. & Mrs. Stephan Ziemba

$100 - $249

Abraham Lincoln Assembly #235

Mr. Keith A. Ackerman

Air Comfort Corporation

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Alexander

Mr. Raymond C. Alter, PSD

Ancient Order of Hibernians

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Anders

Mr. C. Philip Andorfer

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Andres

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

Mr. Norbert J. Arth


AT&T Services, Inc.

Ms. Amy C. Atchley

Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Bacher

Mr. Russell J. Bachman

Baesler’s Market

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Bahler

Mr. Donald T. Barker

Ms. Charlotte Barney

Mr. & Mrs. John M. Barrett

Dr. Carol Kelly Bass

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Baumann

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon J. Becker

Mr. Donald E. Bender

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Benko

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Benson

Mr. Robert Berry

Mr. Benjamin Betz

Mrs. Joan S. Bey

Mr. Larry J. Biegel

Mrs. Lee C. Birk

Bishop Chatard Assembly #245

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Blanford

Mr. & Mrs. Elmer L. Blessinger

Mr. & Mrs. John Blichmann

Mr. Maurice E. Bokhart

Mrs. Anna A. Bolanowski

Mr. & Mrs. Barry Bolinger

Mr. Lawrence E. Bollman

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Bouchard

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Bowen

Ms. Pamela J. Bowman

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Bowman

Ms. Marguerite Boyer

Ms. Kelly Brannen

Mrs. Charles H. Braun

Mr. Richard E. Braun

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Brien

Bristol-Myers Squibb Fdn.

Brothers of Holy Cross

Mr. & Mrs. James T. Brown

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory M. Bruner

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph C. Bruns

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Brunton

Mr. R. Thomas Brusnahan

Mr. & Mrs. Carl M. Buchanan

Mr. Clarence B. Buechler

Mr. & Mrs. Phil Buening

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene J. Bujdoso

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Bunjan

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Burch

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Burke

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Burkhardt

Mr. Joshua A. Burkhardt

Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Burns

Mr. & Mrs. Jason Cabral

Mr. & Mrs. Gaylord Campbell

Mr. Michael L. Canada

Mr. Chris Carboneau

Mrs. Richard J. Carroll

Mrs. Robert F. Casse

Chet’s Service Center, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard J. Chiluski

Ms. Barbara Clark

Clark County Glass Co., Inc.

Mrs. Coletta Clements

Mr. Stephen R. Clevenger

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick M. Clisham

Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Cloud

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick L. Cole

Ms. Geraldine Conlon

Mrs. Marina Correa

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Corrigan

Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Corsaro

K of C Council #738

K of C Council #1231

K of C Council #1348

K of C Council #1639

K of C Council #4620

K of C Council #7878

K of C Council #8056

K of C Council #9696

K of C Council #12417

K of C Council #12540

K of C Council #12671

K of C Council #13105

K of C Council #13623

K of C Council #14192

K of C Council #14240

K of C Council #14476

K of C Council #10713

K of C Council #11292

K of C Council #11896

K of C Council #12149

K of C Council #12177

K of C Council #12307

Mr. Jim Crowley

Mr. & Mrs. George S. Curosh

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Danner

Daughters of Isabella #79

Ms. Denise De Mattie

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond A. DeSutter

Mr. & Mrs. Karl A. DeSante

Mr. & Mrs. William B. Dilts

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Donaldson Co., Inc.

Donut Bank, Inc.

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Mr. & Mrs. Ronald K. Doxsee

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Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Doyle

Mrs. Rachel E. Doyle

Eagles Auxiliary #3760

Eagles Auxiliary State Officers

Mr. Andrew V. Eckert

Mr. & Mrs. Larry A. Eckert

Rev. Francis J. Eckstein

Mr. Jonathan A. Effner

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Egold

Mr. David P. Ehinger

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Elliott

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Mr. & Mrs. Mike Endris

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Mr. & Mrs. James W. Ernst

Mr. Donald L. Esser

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F.O.E. #274

Mr. & Mrs. Rickey D. Fair

Fr. Joseph Gerdon Assembly #1813

Father Peters Assembly #248

Father Rivet Assembly #247

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Fehlinger

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Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Francis

Mr. James L. Franke

Mr. Thomas A. Fritsch

10 MESSENGER | Vol.50 No. 2 2010

Thank You To All Of Our Generous Donors in 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Fusak

Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Gantner

Geary Electric, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. George J. Germek

Mr. William Gervasio

Gilbane Building Co.

Mr. & Mrs. Tim A. Goedde

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Goethals

Mr. Paul Goldsmith

Mrs. Paul C. Goldsmith

Mr. John F. Goodin

Rev. Joseph W. Grace

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Rev. Barry Gross

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Mr. Marvin L. Hackman

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Hageman

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Mr. James R. Hamill

Mr. John Harmeyer

Harrah Plumbing & Heating Co.

Dr. Paras Harshawat

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin R. Hartgrove

Mr. & Mrs. Harold J. Haskamp

Health Resources, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Hechlinski

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Heck

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Heck

Mr. & Mrs. Dick Helmkamp

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony L. Henn

Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Hess

Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Hoagland

Mr. Ralph Hobbs

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hochgesang

Mr. & Mrs. John S. Hong

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Hospodavis

Mr. Sylvester A. Hurst

Mr. Jeffrey W. Ikerd

IKON Office Solutions

Mr. & Mrs. Rocco J. Imbesi

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ingram

Mr. & Mrs. James Jacobs

Mrs. Stanley Jagodzinski

Mr. Joseph N. James

Dr. & Mrs. George Jancosek

Jasper Chair Company, Inc.

Jasper Office Furniture Fdn.

Jasper Seating Foundation, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Johnson

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Jonelis

Mr. Herbert L. Julbert

Mr. & Mrs. Jerome S. Kacmar

Mr. & Mrs. Clarence J. Kaiser

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Kappes

Mr. William Karnoscak

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Keilman

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Keown

Keyes Mailing Service

Mr. Elmer L . Kiesel

Mr. Doyle Kifer

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Kiger

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene P. King

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Kirchner

Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas W. Kirincich

Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Kitchin

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Kitchin

Mr. Thomas E. Kleber

Mr. & Mrs. Justin A. Kleinrichert

Mr. James H. Kloeck

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Koorsen

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel N. Korty

Mr. Thomas Koval

Mr. & Mrs Joseph T. Krause

Mr. Andrew B. Krempp

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Kriegbaum

Lt. Col. & Mrs. Sidney Kubesch

Mr. & Mrs. Cyril S. Kuchler

Mrs. Philma M. Kuebel

Kuert Concrete, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Ben H. Laaper

Mr. Joseph D. Lacay

K of C Ladies #1221

K of C Ladies #451

K of C Ladies #630

K of C Ladies #732

Mr. & Mrs. Donald LaGrange

Mr. William J. Landrigan

Mr. Joseph A. Lane

Mr. Cecil J. Latta

Mr. & Mrs. Ted S. Lazarz

Mr. & Mrs. Robert LeeVan

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Lengerich

Mr. & Mrs. Donald G. Lents

Mr. & Mrs. Roger P. Lichtle

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Liersch

Mr. Christopher Locken

Mr. Gene T. Locker

Mrs. Wayne F. Lockridge

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Loftus

Ms. Carmen Ludy

Dr. & Mrs. George T. Lukemeyer

Mr. & Mrs. John Lukens

Mr. & Mrs. Don C. Luther

Mr. & Mrs. Willard M. Lutz

Mr. & Mrs. George F. Lythgoe

Mr. & Mrs. Tony MacLennan

Mrs. Rosemary Maher

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Majewski

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Majkowski

Mrs. Leland J. Marchino

Ms. Elizabeth Marcin

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Martin

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Martin

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Mason

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Matthys

Mrs. Mary Maurer

Mr. & Mrs. Gene N. McCann

Mr. & Mrs. William J. McGrogan

Mr. G. John McLaren

Mr. Larry D. McNabb

Mrs. Mary McNamara

Most Rev. Dale J. Melczek

Mrs. Mary A. Menard

Mr. & Mrs. Leo J. Meyer

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Mikowski

Millwright LU 1043

Mr. Robert V. Monfort

Mr. & Mrs. James K. Moorman

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Morter


Mr. & Mrs. Sebastian Moster

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel L. Mroz

Msgr. James Conroy Assembly


Mr. & Mrs. James F. Murphy

Mr. Norbert Muzzillo

Mr. Raymond T. Myszak

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Naughton

Mr. Leo J. Neis

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald F. Neuner

Mr. Philip V. Nichols

Mrs. Mary Nordenbrock

Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Nordmeyer

NRK, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Nuce

Mr. Robert M. O’Brian

Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy R. O’Connor

Mr. Paul R. O’Connor

Mr. & Mrs. George O’Donnell

Deacon & Mrs. Dennis J. O’Neil

Mrs. Patricia O’Rourke

Mr. & Mrs. Tim Ohime

Dr. Robert G. Olsen

Westside Optimist Club,Evansville

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Ortman

Mr. D. Larry Osborne

Mr. Gerald Oswald

Mr. Gordon Papke

Mr. Clifford A. Peters

Mr. & Mrs. Mark K. Peterson

Mr. Frederick E. Petre

Mrs. Betty Pfister

Mr. L. Martin Pfister

Mr. & Mrs. P. James Pfister

Plumbers & Steamfitters #157

Dr. James P. Poirier

Mr. Salvador J. Polito

Mr. John F. Pollman

Rev. Fred Potthoff

Mr. Donald Preble

Mr. & Mrs. William Purcell

Mr. & Mrs. Guy F. Quarandillo

Mr. Robert V. Rasche

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel J. Reed

Dr. & Mrs. Christopher Rehme

Mr. & Mrs. David A. Reising

Mr. Jason C. Reising

Responsible Community Fun, Inc.

Mr. Larry N. Richards

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald E. Richter

Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Riegel

Mr. & Mrs. David N. Rihm

Mr. William A. Roberts

Ms. Susan Robinson

Mr. & Mrs. Elwin R. Rogge

Mr. & Mrs. Maury D. Rohleder

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Rose

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas N. Rosenfeld

Miss Ann L. Roth

St.Theodore Guerin Assembly


Mr. William F. Schaefer

Ms. Bertha Schafer

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Schafer

Rev. Raymond E. Schafer

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel H. Schaller

Mr. Anthony Schapker

Scherer Monument Works

Dr. Kim P. Scherschel

Mr. S. E. Schleicher

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Schlink

Ms. Linda Schlundt

Mr. Eugene R. Schmitt

Mr. & Mrs. Norbert Schroeder

Mrs. Audrey Schultz

Mr. William L. Schwab

Mr. Gervase Schwenk

Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Schwenk

Ms Kerri Sedlacek

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Seffrin

Mrs. Romana L. Sego

Mr. Michael J. Sellmer

Mr. Norman Sesi

Mr. Jason L. Setliff

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Sherer

Mr. Harry J. Sherman

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Shimala

Mr. Thomas R. Shoemaker

Miss Gloria J. Shuster

Sign Express

Mr. & Mrs. John S. Sinclair

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Siorek

Dr. & Mrs. John S. Slamkowski

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Slivka

Mr. John Slowiak

Ms. Becky Smith

Mr. Donald E. Smith

Mr. Matthew J. Smith

Brother Roy E. Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Smudde

Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Soley

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Solomon

Mr. Randall Sorg

St. Clement Catholic Church

St. John Roman Catholic Church

St. Joseph Altar & Rosary Society

St. Joseph Social Club

St. Martin Community Men’s Club

St. Mary’s Cathedral

St. Paul’s U.C.of Christ

St. Vincent DePaul Catholic


Mr. & Mrs. John J. Stackowicz

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Staggenburg

Mrs. Joseph A. Stamm

Mr. Daniel M. Stango

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Stanley

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Stanley

Ms. Angela Stark

Ms. Rebecca A. Stevens

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel F. Stobierski

Ms. Julie A. Stottler

Mr. & Mrs. David G. Strange

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Strathmann

Mrs. Roberta C. Struewing

Mr. & Mrs. William W. Studer

Mr. John F. Sullivan

Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Sur

Mr. Charles Surges

Mr. & Mrs. Edward T. Swan

Mrs. Catherine J. Swander

Mr. & Mrs. Jay M. Szafasz

Thank You To All Of Our Generous Donors in 2009


T. L. McKinney Enterprises, Inc.


Mr. & Mrs. Gerald R. Taylor

Mr. Michael Telezyn

Terre Haute Savings Bank

Mr. Charles E. Thibeault

Mr. James R. Thieman

Mr. Garett J. Thomas

Mr. Fred Thorman

Mr. Thomas J. Tokarek

Trueblood Oil Co., Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel A. Tyrone

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Tzouanakis

United Way of Greater Lafayette

V.F.W. Post #3183

V.F.W. Post #972

Mr. Eric Vagedes

Ms. Christina Valentine

Mr. Lawrence H. Veracco

Mr. George J. Visnovsky

Mr. & Mrs. A. A. Mike Vitello

Mr. & Mrs. David R. Wahman

Wal-Mart Super Center #1310

Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Walsman

Mr. Alfred J. Waninger

Mr. Kevin D. Ward

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Wathen

Mr. J. Mark Weigman

Mr. & Mrs. William B. Weist

Mr. William M. Welch

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Welker

Wellpoint Foundation

Mr. Michael L. Wenning

Mr. William A. Werhowatz

Ms. Norma Wesoloski

Mr. & Mrs. Neal J. Wessling

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Whelan

Mr. William H. White

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Wibbenmeyer

Mr. Eric A. Wiebke

Mr. & Mrs. Dirk A. Wiener

Mr. Ramon J. Will

Mr. & Mrs. Leonard C. Winchell

Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. Witte

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Wohlhieter

Mr. Bill Wojtyska

Mrs. Margaret Wolfe

Mr. Von N. Wolfe

Ms. Judith B. Wolford

Mr. & Mrs. George W. Wood

Carol & Harvey Wood

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Yochum

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald L. Zahnen

Mrs. Betty Zavor

Mr. Robert S. Zetzl

Mr. James A. Ziegler

Deacon & Mrs. Daniel Zurawski

$99 and Below

A & A Auto Recycling

Miss Donna Abell

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis J. Adams

Mr. Chuck Adamson

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony V. Adducci

Mr. & Mrs. Norbert E. Adler

Mr. Sam Ajamie

Alexander Bright Post 87

Alexander Funeral Home-East


Mr. & Mrs. Jack L. Allen

Mr. & Mrs. Marty Allen

Ms. Nora Allen

Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Alles

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Almon

Mr. & Mrs. Ron Alplanalp

Miss Rita Alter

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Amberger

Ms. Gerty Ammerman

Ms. Meagan Anderson

Mr. Steve Anderson

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Andrews

Mrs. Wilfred Angermeier

Mr. & Mrs. Ray Anguiano

Mr. Walter L. Anslinger

Mr. & Mrs. Melvin J. Anson

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Antico

Aqua Care Pool Service, Inc.

Archbishop Edw. T. O’Mera

Assembly #2489

Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Archer

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Arduini

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Arend

Mr. Joseph S. Arent

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Armstrong

Mr. William D. Ashburn

Mr. Raymond J. Austerman

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Auten

Mrs. Arlene M. Avery

B & S. Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

Bachelors ‘n’ Bachelorettes

Mr. & Mrs. Victor C. Back

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Backe

Mrs. Alice A. Bailey

Mr. & Mrs. Claude Baker

Mr. & Mrs. David A. Baker

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Baker

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Balazs

Mr. & Mrs. Max A. Baldridge

Mr. & Mrs. Leo A. Banet

Mr. & Mrs. Odell J. Banet

Mr. Phillip Barber

Mr. & Mrs. T. Aaron Barber

Barbour Ave. United Methodist


Mr. Anthony W. Barilla

Mr. Allan J. Barker

Mr. Donald A. Barker

Mr. & Mrs. James Barker

Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Barko

Mrs. Rita Barras

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Barrett

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph L. Bartley

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Bastnagel

Mr. Richard H. Batchelor

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Battistini

Mr. & Mrs. Mike E. Bauer

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Baumis

Mr. & Mrs. Louis P. Baurle

Mr. & Mrs. Ray Baxter

Mr. Justin A. Baysinger

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest G. Beach

Mr. Franklin H. Becher

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Beck

Mr. Arthur Beckel

Mr. Joe A. Beckman

Mr. Thomas G. Beckman

Mr. Bernard J. Beda

Mrs. Peter P. Beda

Mr. Ludwig J. Bednar

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory M. Bendel

Mr. Harold C. Bender

Mr. & Mrs. Philip M. Bender

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Bender

Mr. William H. Bender

Mr. & Mrs. Lyle Benedetto

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin P. Benner

Mr. Alan G. Bennett

Ms. Michelle Bennett

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bennett

Mr. Robert Benton

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Bentz

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen F. Berg

Mrs. Henrietta Berlier

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Bessette

Mr. Doug Bessler

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Beuligmann

Ms. Mary E. Beuschlein

Mr. & Mrs. Dwain V. Biddle

Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Biehle

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bieker

Mr. Donald E. Biever

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Biggs

Mr. & Mrs. Peter L. Billick

Mrs. Eugene J. Billman

Ms. Pamela Bird

Bishop Simon Gabriel Brute

Assembly #246

Mr. Raymond L. Bittner

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Bittner

Mr. Michael A. Blanc

Mr. & Mrs. David Bland

Mr. Wilbert J. Block

Mr. Daniel Z. Blomeke

Mr. Bruce Blue

Mr. Nicholas Bobos

Dr. Leslie M. Bodnar

Mr. & Mrs. John H. Boes III

Mrs. Patricia L. Bohlander

Mr. Anthony G. Bohman

Mr. & Mrs. Dale J. Boing

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew L. Bolds

Mr. & Mrs. Tony Bolen

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Bombagetti

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel B. Bonkoski

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bonta

Mr. J. Kenneth Borders

Mrs. Dorothy R. Borger

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Borgia

Mrs. Roy Bormann

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Borst

Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Bos

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Bosco

Mr. Larry Bowen

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bower

Mr. Michael A. Bowers

Mr. Donald F. Bowling

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Boyd

Mrs. Mary Helen Boyer

Mr. Michael Boyer

Mr. Val W. Bozymski

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Brabender

Ms. Angela Brannick

Ms. Stacie Brantner

Mrs. James E. Brassell

Ms. Mary L. Brauer

Mr. Walter H. Brauer

Mr. & Mrs. Leo A. Breitenbach

Ms. Ashley D. Brenneman

Mr. Ralph F. Brenner

Ms. Lorraine E. Brett

Mrs. Mary Hazel Bridenbaugh

Mr. & Mrs. Royce Bridgeman

Mrs. George L. Brinker

Mr. & Mrs. Norman D. Britton

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Brochin

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Brock

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel A. Brock III

Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Brodfuehrer

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Bronnert

Mr. Eric S. Brooks

Mr. & Mrs. T. Chris Brooks

Mr. Terry L. Brooks

Mr. Donald A. Broome

Mrs. Dorothy A. Brosmer

Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Brothers

Mr. John N. Broughton

Mr. Leonard Brouillette

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Broviak

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Brown

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert J. Brown

Mr. & Mrs. Keith A. Brown

Mr. Ryan P. Brown

Mr. Wallace Brown

Browning Funeral Home, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel J. Brummett

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin W. Brunner

Mr. John F. Brusko

Ms. Jennifer Bryant

Mrs. Elisabeth A. Bubelenyi

Mrs. Hilda L. Buck

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Buckley

Mr. & Mrs. J. Michael Budenz

Mr. Arthur C. Budreau

Mr. & Mrs. John Budzynski

Most Reverend Daniel M.


Mrs. Ruth C. Buerger

Ms. Judy Buescher

Ms. Robin Bulington

Mr. Mark Bundy

Mr. Eugene P. Burd

Mr. Raymond W. Burger

Ms. Pamela Burgess

Mr. & Mrs. William R. Burke

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Burns

Ms. Joy D. Burris

Mr. John Burt

Father August A. Busch

Mr. George R. Butwin

Mr. Robert Bycraft

12 MESSENGER | Vol.50 No. 2 2010

Thank You To All Of Our Generous Donors in 2009

Ms. Virginia E. Byrd

Mr. & Mrs. Brian D. Byrer

Mr. & Mrs. Edward K. Cady

Mr. & Mrs. Dave Caito

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis L. Cake

Mr. Larry E. Campbell

Mr. & Mrs. Walter K. Cannon

Mr. & Mrs. Dale E. Cardinal

Mr. John F. Cardinal

Mr. & Mrs. Morris E. Carie

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence W. Carlin

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Carr

Mr. & Mrs. Craig F. Carr

Mr. Phillip Carroll

Mr. & Mrs. Milo Carson

Mr. & Mrs. John Carsten

Mr. A. Kenneth Carter

Mr. & Mrs. Marllon D. Carter

Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Carter

Mr. Renato S. Casciari

Mr. Brent I. Case

Mr. Jerome M. Case

Mr. Richard Cashell

Mr. James Castner

Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Cater

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph T. Cattell

Mr. Walter Caulton

Mr. & Mrs. Dwayne E. Cawley

Mr. & Mrs. Stephan W. Cecil

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Cegala

Mrs. Helen M. Celarek

Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Chaffee

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Chaffee

Mr. & Mrs. Nick Chalos

Ms. Pam Chamberlain

Mr. James R. Chase

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Chomka

Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Ciancio

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Clark

Mr. Dana Clark

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Clauss

Mr. & Mrs. Lyle Clute

Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Coffey

Mr. Frank M. Cole

Mr. Casey Collier

Ms. Ashley Collins

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Collins

Mr. & Mrs. George A. Colombo

Mr. Eugene J. Colvin

Mr. Stephen P. Colvin

Mr. Teddie Compton

Mr. Philip Concannon

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Conlon

Mrs. Jane E. Conrad

Ms. Emma Cook

Ms. Karen Cooper

Mr. Thomas J. Cooper

Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Copeland

Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Copenhaver

Mr. John O. Corcoran

Ms. June Cord

Mr. & Mrs. Tony Cornejo

Mrs. Marilyn L. Corso

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Corso

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Cortese

Mr. & Mrs. Paul D. Corya

Mrs. Margherita Costantino

Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Coughlin

Ms. Molly Coulston

K of C Council #580

K of C Council #1878

K of C Council #4511

K of C Council #5584

K of C Council #11165

K of C Council #12486

K of C Council #12741

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Courtney

Mr. & Mrs. Frank M. Covey

Mr. & Mrs. Darrel L. Cox

Mr. James E. Craig

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald W. Cramer

Mr. Ronald K. Crawford

Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Cripe

Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Crites

Mr. Scott M. Crossen

Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Crossk

Mr. Gene Crowell

Mr. & Mrs. John V. Croy

CSB State Bank

Mr. & Mrs. Kendell Culp

Mr. & Mrs. H. Evan Cunningham

Mr. & Mrs. William W.


Mr. James J. Curran

Mr. Tim Curry

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony P. D’Mello

Mr. Donald F. Dager

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Dages

Mrs. Patricia D. Daily

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Daily

Mr. Gene Dalton

Mr. Cecil Daly

Mr. Daniel L. Daly

Ms. Genevieve M. Daly

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Damler

Ms. Margery Danner

Mr. & Mrs. John Darcy

Daughters of Isabella Circle #95

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Davis

Mr. Edgar W. Day

Mr. & Mrs. Everett F. Day

Mr. & Mrs. Melvin J. Day

Mr. & Mrs. Paul V. De Bie

Ms. Lorainne M. De Geeter

Mr. & Mrs. Cyril De Vliegher

Mr. Brayton P. Deal

Ms. Jody Dean

Mr. Donald L. Deason

Mr. & Mrs. Jack DeGroote

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Deiser

Mr. & Mrs. David L. DeKoninck

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Del Giudice

Ms. Stephanie L. DeLashmit

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel DeLaurentis

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Delisle

Mr. Jerod DeLong

Mr. Joseph Demske

Mr. & Mrs. Larry R. Denison

Mr. & Mrs. John Denk

Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Dennis


Mr. & Mrs. Tony Denu

Mr. Joseph C. Derheimer

Mrs. Marjorie Des Roches

Mrs. Kathleen D. Devitt

Ms. Leah M. Dewitt

Mr. & Mrs. Paul W. DeWitt

Ms. Lillian Dick

Mr. & Mrs. David Dickerson

Ms. Francis Dickman

Ms. Ann Dicus

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony N. DiFilippo

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard J. Dillon

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. DiRocco

Mr. Chris Divish

Ms. Stephanie Dobbins

Mrs. Donald A. Dodson

Mrs. Mary A. Dolan

Mr. & Mrs. Aloys P. Doll

Mr. & Mrs. Floyd N. Doll

Mrs. Michael J. Doll

Mr. & Mrs. Chester J. Dombrowski

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin S. Domogalik

Ms. Shontay Donigan

Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. Donlan

Mr. & Mrs. Charles N. Doppler

Mr. W. Joseph Doran

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Dougherty

Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Douglass

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Doyle

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Drehobl

Mr. Phillip Drennan

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth I. Drew

Mr. Jeremiah J. Driscoll

Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Drury

Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Duehmig

Mr. Kyle Duell

Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. Duff

Ms. Marilyn J. Dugger

Ms. Danna Duncan

Mr. Donald H. Durham

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Durnell

Mr. & Mrs. Philip W. Dwire

Mr. Brock Dyer

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Dykes

Mr. Kenneth Dywan

Eagles Auxiliary #823

Eagles Auxiliary Zone 2

Mr. & Mrs. J. Michael East

Mrs. David J. Easterwood

Mr. Bernard A. Eberhardt

Mr. Glen H. Eberhardt

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Eberly

Dr. Herman J. Echsner

Mr. & Mrs. David P. Eckert

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Eckstein

Mr. Carl W. Eddy

Mr. John T. Edwards

Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Edwards

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Effinger

Mr. & Mrs. Herman J. Ehinger

Mr. Lawrence H. Ehinger

Mr. & Mrs. Paul B. Ehinger

Mrs. Marjorie A. Eineman

Mr. Timothy Eldon

Mrs. Philip Ellert

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Ellett

Mr. Richard Ellis

Mrs. Doris P. Ellison

Mrs. Ann Elpers

Embroidery Express

Mr. Robert G. Emge

Mr. Roger J. Emmert

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Engels

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew P. Enneking

Mr. & Mrs. Louis Enziinger

Mr. Edward E. Epping

Mr. Richard Erhardt

Mr. Charles M. Erler

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Ernstes

Mr. & Mrs. Chad M. Erny

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Erny

Mr. & Mrs. R. Christopher Ertel

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard E. Esboldt

Mr. Brenton Essex

Mr. & Mrs. C. Robert Evans

Mr. & Mrs. David L. Evans

Mr. & Mrs. Wilbur L. Evans

Mr. Fred Everett

Mr. James Ewing

Ms. Elizabeth Fallis

Fr. Meinrad J. Rouck Assembly


Mr. & Mrs. Donald Faust

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Fawley

Mr. & Mrs. Ben Federle

Mr. & Mrs. Dave Fehrenbacher

Mrs. Frances Fenoglio

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel B. Ferkinhoff

Mr. & Mrs. Lester J. Fernung

Mr. & Mrs. Mario Ferroli

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin H. Fesenmyer

Mr. Raymond I. Fetter

Mr. V. Thomas Fettig

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Field

Mr. Adrian Fields

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard T. Fields

Mr. & Mrs. H. James Fillenwarth

Dr. & Mrs. William R. Finley

Ms. Lindsey Finn

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth C. Fischer

Ms. Mary Jane Fischer

Mrs. Frances Fish

Mr. Michael Fish

Mr. John A. Fisher

Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Fisher

Mr. & Mrs. Barry E. Flanigan

Mrs. Audrey Fleck

Ms. Marilyn A. Fleck

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Fleck

Mr. & Mrs. William L. Fleck

Mr. & Mrs. John Flinn

Mr. Russell F. Flint

Mrs. Clarence Flitter

Mrs. Lillian Floyd

Mr. Michael P. Fodroci

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Fogarty

Mr. & Mrs. Reno C. Foli

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Foote

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Forney

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Forsythe

Thank You To All Of Our Generous Donors in 2009


Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Fouts

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Fox

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Foy

Mr. William F. Frain

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey B. Fraker

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Frank

Mrs. Janet Frech

Ms. Charla Freeman

Mr. & Mrs. Frank G. Freeman

Mr. Steve Freeman

Mr. & Mrs. William G. Freeman

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Freiburger

Mr. & Mrs. Gary E. Freiburger

Mr. & Mrs. George H. Frenchik

Mr. & Mrs. Calvin Frick

Mr. Donald R. Frick

Mrs. Mildred W. Frieders

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Fritch

Mr. Joe Fritsch

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene S. Fritz

Mr. Donald E. Froelich

Mr. Henry B. Froning


R.J. Fuhs Agency, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Funke

Mr. David L. Fyffe

Mr. David L. Gagermeier

Mr. Joseph A. Gagliano

Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Gasparovic

Mr. & Mrs. George W. Gates

Mr. Joseph Gawrys

Ms. Marilyn Gaza

Mrs. Mary R. Gebhard

Mrs. Martha M. Geier

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony L. Geis

Mrs. Rose Gentile

Ms. Amber L. Gentry-Rash

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Georgas

Mr. & Mrs. Gust G. Georgelas

Georges of Indiana Enterprises, LLC

Mr. John R. Gerard

Mr. & Mrs. Ed Gerdewsky

Mr. Herbert R. Gerdink

Mrs. Joyce L. Gertz

Mr. John F. Gettelfinger

Mr. John Geyer

Mr. & Mrs. John L. Gianotti

Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Gibson

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Giczewski

Mr. & Mrs. Don Giedemann

Ms. Susan Gilbert

Gilcor Construction Corporation

Mr. John J. Gilday

Mr. Max G. Gill

Mr. Tom Gill

Mrs. William C. Gillig

Mr. Bob Gindling

Fr. Rick Ginther

Ms. Clare Giuffrida

Mr. Timothy J. Glasper

Mrs. William J. Glasper

Ms. Vickie Glass

Mr. & Mrs. James P. Glaub

Mr. & Mrs. John Glaub

Mr. & Mrs. E. Michael Glenn

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Glissman

Br. Walter Gluhm

Golden Citizens Community Club

Mr. & Mrs. William A. Goldhagen

Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Goley

Mrs. Ozella Goodridge

Mrs. Theresa Goodwin

Mr. John C. Goossens

Mrs. M. Steve Gordon

Mr. & Mrs. Jerald D. Gorman

Mr. Robert E. Gorman

Mr. & Mrs. David A. Gorrell

Mr. & Mrs. Norbert J. Gossman

Ms. Nancy Goulette

Mr. & Mrs. David Grabowski

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Grady

Mrs. Mildred C. Graham

Grandmothers of Wabash Valley

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Grant

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Grantz

Mr. William L. Grantz

Mr. Bertus F. Grassman

Ms. Nikkole Green

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Green

Mrs. Carole M. Greer

Mr. John Greer

Mrs. Mary F. Grein

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Gremaux

Mr. Raymond Grembowicz

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Grewe

Ms. Ke’Shana Griddine

Mrs. Patricia A. Grieshop

Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Grieshop

Mr. Carl E. Griffin

Mrs. Charles Griffin

Ms. Melissa Grinslade

Mr. John R. Groben

Ms. Thomas F. Grogan

Dr. & Mrs. David P. Grundman

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Guckien

Mrs. Janet K. Guest

Mrs. Marion R. Gutzwiller

Mr. & Mrs. James Haag

Mr. & Mrs. George R. Haddin

Mr. & Mrs. John O. Hagan

Dr. Paul W. Hagan

Mr. Walter R. Hagedorn

Mr. & Mrs. Herman F. Hagner

Mr. Lincoln Hagy

Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Hahn

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Hake

Mr. & Mrs. Larry L. Hakman

Mr. Raymond M. Halas

Mr. Edward Halaschak

Ms. Frances Halberstadt

Mr. & Mrs. Allen G. Halbig

Mrs. E. Kathryn Hall

Mr. Fred W. Hall

Ms. Katie Hall

Mr. Herb Halley

Mr. & Mrs. Craig E. Hambidge

Ms. Melissa Hamil

Mr. James B. Hamilton

Mr. & Mrs. Ray E. Hamilton

Ms. Kathleen Hanlon

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hanlon

Mrs. Donnabelle H. Hannon

Mr. & Mrs. James F. Hannon

Mr. Eugene J. Hanyzewski

Mr. & Mrs. Don Harbison

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Hardebeck

Mr. & Mrs. Danny A. Harding

Mr. Robert D. Harding

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Hargrave

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick G. Harkins

Mr. Alvin A. Harmeyer

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Harmeyer

Mr. & Mrs. Lowell Harner

Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Harpenau

Mr. James E. Harper

Mrs. Marjorie M. Harper

Mr. Norbert G. Harpring

Mr. Robert A. Harris

Mrs. Barbara Hart

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred J. Hartman

Ms. Anna C. Hartman

Mr. & Mrs. David R. Hartman

Mr. & Mrs. Gary M. Hartman

Mr. & Mrs. Irvin J. Hartman

Mr. Leonard J. Hartman

Ms. Shawna Hass

Mr. Robert A. Hasser

Ms. Virginia Hathaway

Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Haury

Mrs. Margaret M. Hawkins

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Hayes

Mr. & Mrs. William Haynes

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Healy

Mr. & Mrs. Steven D. Heckber

Mr. Leo G. Heim

Mr. Charles J. Heimann

Mrs. Mary Helen Heimann

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew R. Hein

Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Hein

Mr. Michael L. Hein

Mr. & Mrs. David W. Heinekamp

Mr. Robert Heller

Mrs. Leona C. Hellmich

Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Hemelgarn

Mr. Hermann Henderson

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Henderson

Mr. & Mrs. Brad Hendrickson

Ms. Janet Hendrickson

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard J. Henehan

Mr. & Mrs. Rickey Henn

Mr. Joseph T. Hennekes

Mr. Robert P. Hennig

Ms. Alice L. Hennigan

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne F. Henning

Mrs. Jerome Henry

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Henry

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence J. Henry

Mr. Lawrence J. Hensley

Mr. Bob Hepner

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Heppner

Mr. & Mrs. Andy Herbach

Mr. Joshua M. Herndon

Mrs. Lorraine J. Herod

Ms. Jeanine Herold

Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Herold

Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Herr

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Herron

Mr. & Mrs. David A. Hess

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hess

Ms. Tesse Hess

Mr. & Mrs. Dallas L. Hester

Mr. & Mrs. Craig Hewitt

Mr. & Mrs. Myron Hiatt

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Hilbert

Mr. Bob Hill

Mr. & Mrs. Charles P. Hill

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Hill

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Hill

Mr. & Mrs. Carlton Hilton

Mrs. Barbara E. Himburg

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hinga

Mr. & Mrs. David J. Hirt

Mr. Richard Hirt

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene T. Hoare

Mr. & Mrs. James Hobaugh

Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Hobbs

Mr. Anthony Hodge

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Hoehn

Mr. & Mrs. Wilbur Hoeing

Mr. Mark A. Hoevel

Mr. Joseph H. Hoff

Mr. James Hoffman

Mr. Olga M. Hoffman

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Hoffman

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Hoffmire

Mrs. Alma Holloran

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph R. Holscher

Ms. Joy Holt

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Holtel

Mr. Carl Holzer

Mrs. Wanda Holzknecht

Mr. Keith J. Holzmeyer

Mr. & Mrs. Sarang N. Honap

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene A. Hopf

Mrs. Ruth Horan

Mr. Mark Hosbein

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Houk

Ms. Leila Houston

Mr. John M. Howard

Mr. & Mrs. Cornelius S. Howe

Mr. Chris Hoyt

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Huber

Ms. Kathy S. Hudak

Mr. Paul E. Huey

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald J. Hughes

Mr. & Mrs. Leonard A. Hughes

Mr. & Mrs. Virgil Huguenard

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Hulsman

Mr. Jim Hummell

Mr. Ryan Humphrey

Mr. Eugene W. Hungate

Mr. & Mrs. Gene A. Hurm

Ms. Laura L. Hurst

Ms. Briana Husband

Mr. Edward J. Igras

Ms. LaTanya Ivy

J.L. Farm Equipment Co., Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley J. Jachura

Ms. Carolyn R. Jackson

Mrs. Paul A. Jackson

14 MESSENGER | Vol.50 No. 2 2010

Thank You To All Of Our Generous Donors in 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Jacob J. Jacob

Mr. & Mrs. Banks I. Jacobs

Mrs. William Jaeger

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Jagoda

Mr. & Mrs. David W. Jahnke

Mr. Stephen M. Jaje

Jake’s Feed & Garden

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Jakupco

Ms. Earlene James

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Janas

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Jankowski

Mr. Anthony Jarana

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Jedlicka

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Jenkins

Mr. & Mrs. William M. Jenkins

Mr. & Mrs. Brian F. Jennings

Mrs. Connie L. Jerman

Jerry David Enterprises, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Jeselnick

Mr. James Joest

Mr. & Mrs. George L. Johns

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Johnson

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Johnson

Mr. Louis A. Johnson

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Johnson

Mr. & Mrs. William M. Johnson

Mr. Dennis L. Jones

Mr. Jack Lee Jones

Ms. Jacqueline Jones

Mr. John Jones

Ms. Kara D. Jones

Mr. Michael C. Jones

Mrs. Norman Jones

Mr. Preston R. Jones

Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Jones

Mr. & Mrs. S. Charles Jones

Mrs. William Jones

Mr. Raymond Jorgeson

Ms. Ethylgene Josh

Mr. & Mrs. David J. Jozwiak

Mrs. Daniel C. Jung

Mr. Kenneth F. Junk

Ms. Rita Junk

Mr. Jason Justice

Mr. & Mrs. Mark R. Kaiser

Mr. & Mrs. Victor E. Kaiser

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Kaiser

Ms. Ann M. Kaminsky

Ms. Elizabeth Kanney

Mr. Ted Kaperak

Ms. Helen Kapsch

Mr. John P. Karabin

Mr. & Mrs. David A. Karcher

Mr. Gilbert A. Karcher

Mr. William A. Karg

Mr. Nick J. Karges

Mr. & Mrs. Edmund J. Karwatka

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Kashman

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew F. Kazmierzak

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Keane

Mr. Charles E. Keatts

Ms. Patty Keen

Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Keethers

Mr. & Mrs. James P. Keilman

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph C. Keilman

Mr. John B. Keith

Mr. & Mrs. David W. Kellar

Mr. Kemel Kellum

Mrs. Marian Kelly

Ms. Mary Jo Kelly

Mrs. Ruth M. Kelly

Ms. April Kendall

Mr. James P. Kendall

Ms. Shannon Kendrick

Mrs. John D. Kennedy

Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Kennedy

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Kennedy

Mr. & Mrs. Billy J. Kent

Mr. & Mrs. James F. Kenzor

Mr. Leo D. Kerber

Mr. Clarence E. Kerker

Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Kern

Mr. & Mrs. James F. Kiley

Mr. Stephen A. Kiley

Mr. & Mrs. David E. King

Mr. Donald King

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. King

Ms. Pamela King

Mr. Thomas R. King

Mrs. Cynthia H. Kinnebrew

Mrs. Mel Kirchner

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Kish

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel M. Kitchin

Mr. & Mrs. Russell L. Klee

Mrs. James M. Kleemann

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Klein

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Kleine

Mr. Jeffrey W. Klem

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Kline

Mr. Paul Kline

Kline Remodeling Co.

Mr. & Mrs. Jerome F. Klinker

Mr. Neil A. Klinker

Mrs. Sheila J. Klinker

Mr. & Mrs. Jerome J. Kloser

Mr. & Mrs. Raphael E. Klueh

Mr. John V. Klug

Mr. Robert Kmetz

Mr. & Mrs. Albert A . Knecht

Mr. Greg Knies

Mr. & Mrs. Victor J. Knies

Mr. & Mrs. William Knorr

Mr. & Mrs. David Knowles

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Koch

Dr. Paul J. Koch

Mr. & Mrs. William P. Koch

Mr. & Mrs. James B. Koeberlein

Mrs. Lawrence J. Koenig

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Koerber

Mr. & Mrs. James J. Koetter

Mr. John H. Kohlbacher

Mr. Harry P. Kolisz

Mrs. Wanda Kolodziej

Mr. Jeffrey J. Kondra

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Kondra

Mrs. Anthony J. Konechnik

Mr. Alois J. Konermann

Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Koors

Mrs. Sue Koors

Mr. & Mrs. Don C. Korte


Mr. & Mrs. Alvin A. Kosiak

Rev. Leonard J. Kostka

Mrs. Mary Kotterman

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Kovach

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen F. Kovacs

Ms. Brenda Koverman

Mr. David J. Kozlowski

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry P. Krack

Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Kramer

Mrs. Helen F. Kramer

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Kras

Mr. James R. Kraus

Mr. & Mrs. Leon A. Kraus

Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Kraus

Mr. & Mrs. David Krause

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Kray

Mr. Aaron Kreke

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy W. Kreke

Mr. & Mrs. Jerome W. Kremer

Mr. & Mrs. Ken Krempp

Mr. & Mrs. Oscar E. Krieg

Mr. Paul D. Krizman

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Krodel

Ms. Edith Krogstie

Mrs. Arthur A. Krol

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin J. Krueckeberg

Mr. Charles H. Krueger

Ms. Kim Krull

Mr. Mark A. Kruzan

Mr. Stanley Kubacki

Mr. & Mrs. Vince W. Kucharski

Mr. & Mrs. Norman W. Kuhn

Mrs. R. Marjorie Kuhn

Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Kunkler

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Kuntz

Mr. & Mrs. Emil A. Kuntz

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Kuntz

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Kuper

Mr. Walter Kurczak

Mr. & Mrs. Harry S. Kurek

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Kurzydym

Mr. & Mrs. Albert J. La Mere

Mr. & Mrs. James N. La Reau

Ms. Adrienne L. Laffoon

Ms. Suzanne Lamb

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Lambert

Mr. & Mrs. Terry Lambert

Mr. Wayne Lambert

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin R. Lamey

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Lamey

Mr. Thomas Lampert

Mr. & Mrs. Jerome M. Lamping

Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Lamping

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Lancaster

Mr. Joseph E. Lane

Mr. & Mrs. Allan T. Langen

Mr. & Mrs. Jon Langfeldt

Mr. Bernard J. Langferman

Ms. Breanna Langley

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Lannan

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Lannan

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Lanter

Lappe Heating & Air

Conditioning, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Tony Lara

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Larkin

Mr. Thomas Lashenik

Mr. William C. Latta

Mr. & Mrs. Leo B. Lauck

Ms. Nancy Lavelle

Ms. Amanda Lawrence

Mr. Charles Lawrence

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas S. Lawrie

Mr. Christopher Lazzell

Mr. & Mrs. Mark S. Leach

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Lecher

Mr. James B. Lecher

Mr. & Mrs. W. Earl Leclere

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Leezer

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Lehner

Ms. Priscilla D. Leibacher

Mrs. Margaret M. Lemish

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard C. Lenahan

Mr. Thomas E. Lenahan

Ms. Shirley Lenon

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph C. Leppert

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lescinski

Mr. & Mrs. Carmine Lettieri

Mr. Harry J. Lewandowski

Mr. Alamar Lewis

Ms. Kathryn Lewis

Mrs. Rose Marie K. Lewis

Mr. David E. Leydet

Mr. Eugene J. Liegibel

Mr. & Mrs. Dale Light

Mr. & Mrs. Laurence M. Lillig

Mr. Norbert Lindenmaier

Dr. & Mrs. Mark R. Lindenmeyer

Mr. Maurice C. Linder

Mr. & Mrs. Philip Link

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Linn

Mr. & Mrs. J. Paul Lipps

Sister Lawrence Ann Liston

Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Litch

Rev. Edward F. Litot

Mrs. Severin C. Litzelman

Mr. & Mrs. Emil Litzinger

Mr. & Mrs. Bob Livers

Mr. & Mrs. Duane L. Lods

Mr. Brian Loeffler

Mr. Brandon Logan

Miss Flora Lollock

Mr. Jerry Lone

Mr. & Mrs. Herman G. Loner

Mrs. Iona D. Loro

Mr. John W. Lorton

Mr. & Mrs. James J. Louzon

Ms. Martha Love

Mrs. Stacy Lowdermilk

Mr. Devon Lowery

Mr. Eric Lowery

Mr. Robert L. Lows

Mrs. Powell A. Luber

Mr. Henry T. Luckett

Mr. Jeff Luedeman

Mr. & Mrs. Marvin E. Luers

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence E. Luff

Mr. Bill J. Lutz

Ms. Aimee L. Lykins

Mr. John M. Lyons

Thank You To All Of Our Generous Donors in 2009


Mr. & Mrs. Jerome C. MacGregor

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Mackin

Mr. Filemon Magana

Mr. & Mrs. James Mahle

Mr. & Mrs. William Maldonado

Mr. Robert V. Malinosky

Mr. Anthony J. Maloney

Mr. & Mrs. Leroy Mang

Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Manion

Mr. Robert Mann

Mr. & Mrs. John G. Manosky

Mr. Anthony M. Mapes

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Maranowicz

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Marasch

Mr. Mark Marcheski

Mr. Earl Margraf

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Marias

Mr. Michael E. Marlatt

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Marticke

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Martin

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Martin

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Martin

Mr. Jerome A. Martin

Mr. & Mrs. John G. Martis

Mr. Albert C. Maschino

Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Mashura

Ms. Jessica Maskell

Mr. & Mrs. Harold M. Mathena

Ms. D. Jane Mathies

Mr. Richard A. Matlon

Mr. & Mrs. Glen Matthew

Mr. James Matthews

Mr. James D. Matthews

Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Matting

Mr. & Mrs. William R. Mattingly

Mr. Dennis Maude

Mr. Ed Mauer

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Mauer

Mr. Thomas A. Maurer

Mrs. Louise W. May

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Mayer

Mr. Virgil F. Mayer

Mr. Steve J. Mayernik

Mr. & Mrs. Leo Mayhew

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Mayo

Mr. Frank Mazely

Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Mazzoni

Mr. George Mc Fadden

Mr.& Mrs. Michael McArdle

Mr. J. Robert McAtee

Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. McConnell

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred R. McCormick

Mr. & Mrs. James McDonald

Mr. Scott McDonald

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick McDowell

Mr. & Mrs. Charles McFadden

Mr. Jerry B. McFadden

Mrs. Marilyn McGauley

Mr. Kenneth V. McGinity

Mrs. Roberta C. McGovren

Mr. & Mrs. James A. McGuire

Mr. & Mrs. J. Nicholas McIntosh

Mr. & Mrs. Charles McLaughlin

Mr. Joseph M. McLeish

Mr. & Mrs. David McMahan

Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. McMillen

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick E. McNulty

Mr. & Mrs. David E. Mears

Ms. Kay Mee

Mr. & Mrs. Cliff Meer

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Meer

Mr. Urban J. Meese

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald R. Mehlon

Mr. Robert T. Meixel

Mr. & Mrs. Carl E. Melle

Mrs. Emil H. Meltzer

Mr. & Mrs. Keith Memering

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Menke

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Mennel

Mrs. Rena M. Mennen

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Meny

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth H. Meny

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony R. Meo

Mr. & Mrs. Johnnie W. Mercer

Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Merchant

Ms. Christine Merkel

Mr. & Mrs. James G. Merkel

Ms. Tara Merriman

Merry-Go-Round Restaurant, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Linus F. Metz

Mr. & Mrs. Harry O. Metzger

Mrs. Jo Anna Metzger

Mr. & Mrs. Dave Meuninck

Mr. Christopher S. Meyer

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Meyer

Mr. George Meyer

Mr. Kenneth Meyer

Mrs. Nancy A. Meyer

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Meyer

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Meyer

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Meyer

Mr. & Mrs. Walter R. Meyer

Mr. & Mrs. Alan Meyers

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Meyers

Mrs. Matthew Michaels

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Michalak

Mrs. Ruth M. Micinski

Ms. Cora S. Micklick

MidWest America

Mrs. Helen Mikolaitis

Mr. Julius E. Mikulak

Mr. Joseph S. Miles

Mr. & Mrs. James Milharcic

Mr. Artie Miller

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce E. Miller

Mr. & Mrs. David Miller

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Miller

Mr. Eugene J. Miller

Mr. & Mrs. Frank C. Miller

Mr. & Mrs. John Miller

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Miller

Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Stephen Miller

Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Mills

Mr. & Mrs. Norman T. Mills

Mr. & Mrs. Mark L. Minar

Mr. Fred Minard

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Minich

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Minich

Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Misch

Mr. Michael D. Mischler

Mr. & Mrs. Harold F. Mitchell

Mrs. Karen Mixon

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Moeller

Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Moeller

Mr. & Mrs. James T. Mohr

Mr. & Mrs. Glennon E. Molitor

Mr. Paul Mollmann

Mr. Patrick Monaghan

Ms. Danielle R. Montgomery

Mrs. Elizabeth M. Moore

Mrs. June Moore

Mr. & Mrs. Merle Moore

Mr. Roy Moore

Ms. Stephanie L. Moore

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Moore

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Morales

Ms. Linda Moran

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Moreland

Mr. Edward F. Morken

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Morris

Mrs. Marjorie A. Morrow

Mr. Anthony Moss

Mr. Dwayne Moss

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Mossing

Mr. & Mrs. James Mossman

Mr. Harry J. Moster

Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Moster

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Motes

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Mrak

Mr. & Mrs. John Mu

Ms. Clare Mueller

Mr. & Mrs. Phil Mueller

Muensterman’s Auto Service

Mr. Robert P. Muha

Mr. Arnold H. Muller

Mr. Paul R. Muncie

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel D. Munson

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Muraida

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Murphy

Ms. Beverly Myers

Mr. Charles C. Myers

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel M. Myers

Mr. Kenneth J. Myszak

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Naderman

Mrs. Al Nagel

Mrs. Dorothy Nagel

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Nagel

Mr. James Nagel

Mr. & Mrs. Walter J. Nagel

Ms. Mary Lois Nardini

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Nau

Mrs. Richard J. Neal

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Necco

Mr. & Mrs. Keith Nelson

Mr. Raymond Nelson

Mrs. Harold E. Neville

Ms. Kathy Newell

Mr. Mark K. Nice

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Nickel

Mr. Joseph L. Niehaus

Niemeier Eyecare, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Niemier

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Niezgodski

Mr. & Mrs. David K. Nix

Mrs. John W. Nobbe

Mr. & Mrs. David T. Nole

Mr. Paul A. Nordhoff

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph B. Nordhoff

Mr. John W. Nordmeyer

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth C. Nordmeyer

Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Nordmeyer

Norm’s Mirror Image Glass, Inc.

Mr. Treyviaun Z. Norman

Mr. & Mrs. William J. North

Mr. & Mrs. Jack J. Nosich

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Nygra

Mr. David L. Nyhuise

Mr. & Mrs. James E. O’Brien

Mr. Dudley J. O’Carroll

Mr. & Mrs. John A. O’Connell

Dr. Carl B. O’Connor

Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. O’connor

Mrs. David S. O’Connor

Ms. Ellen O’Connor

Mr. & Mrs. Harlan P. O’Connor

Mr. & Mrs. Herman H. O’Connor

Mr. John C. O’Connor

Mrs. Donna M. O’Donnell

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph O’drobinak

Mr. & Mrs. Terrence O’Hara

Mr. & Mrs. Louis O’Keefe

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey S. O’Leary

Mr. Eugene O’Neil

Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. O’Neil

Ms. Kathleen O’Rourke

Mr. James E. Oakley

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Oefinger

Mr. & Mrs. James Oesterling

Mr. & Mrs. John Oesterling

Mr. John F. Offerle

Ms. Sharon Ogg

Mr. Ray J. Ohlman

Mr. Edwin F. Oing

Mr. Arthur A. Okerstrom

Mr. John C. Oliver

Mr. John T. Oliver

Ms. Pamela Oliver

Mr. Gerald Ollier

Mr. Patrick J. Olmstead

Mr. & Mrs. Eric L. Olson

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Olszewski

Mr. Frank J. Orbik

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Oresik

Mr. John S. Oresko

Mr. Daniel Orlando

Mrs. Paul Orr

Ms. Elizabeth A. Osburn

Mr. & Mrs. David Ostrowski

Ms. Lisa Ostrowski

Mr. & Mrs. William Ostrowski

Mrs. Vincent A. Ott

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry A. Owczarzak

Mrs. Judy M. Owens

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry F. Padgett

Mr. Joseph L. Padgett

Mrs. Margaret Padgett

Mr. & Mrs. David A. Pairitz

Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Palla

Ms. Stephanie A. Palmer

Mr. & Mrs. J. Richard Panasuk

16 MESSENGER | Vol.50 No. 2 2010

Thank You To All Of Our Generous Donors in 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley J. Panek

Mrs. Sylvia Papineau

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Pappadopoli

Mr. Ralph Pappert

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Paquin

Mr. Bruce D. Parent

Mr. Jack Parisey

Mr. Martin W. Park

Mr. & Mrs. Rodney D. Parker

Mr. & Mrs. Norman Parr

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Parrish

Ms. Carol Pasquale

Mr. Gary Passmore

Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Paulson

Mr. Paul E. Pearson

Mr. Kyle Peavier

Mr. Wesley Peavier

Dr. Garnet E. Peck

Ms. Diane Pederson

Mr. Ken Peetz

Mr. Ray E. PeGan

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard L. Pence

Mr. Corey Pernell

Mr. & Mrs. Lucien M. Perras

Mrs. Marietta A. Pesel

Mr. Charles L. Peter

Mr. & Mrs. William Peter

Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Peterson

Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Petitte

Mr. James Pfaff

Rev. John F. Pfister

Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts

Mr. Bryan Phillips

Ms. Mary Ellen Phillips

Ms. Kathy L. Pierce

Pierre Funeral Home, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. James Pietraszak

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Pike

Mr. Anthony E. Pisello

Mr. Rodney M. Pitstick

Mr. & Mrs. Dick Placke

Mrs. Eleanor R. Plahn

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Pleva

Mr. Charles A. Plocher

Mr. & Mrs. David A. Pluimer

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Pnakovich

PNG Telecommunications, Inc.

Mr. Charles Polarek

Ms. Thelma Ponsler

Mr. & Mrs. Merlin A. Popp

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Post

Mr. & Mrs. Leroy R. Postel

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel P. Potosky

Ms. Jill Potratz

Mr. F. Thomas Pottratz

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Potts

Mr. & Mrs. Kim Powell

Mrs. Marjorie Powell

Mr. Joshua Power

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Power

Mr. & Mrs. Kerry Powers

Mr. Patrick J. Powers

Dr. & Mrs. Ralph M. Pratt

Mr. Michael Prendergast

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Prendergast

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence J. Preske

Mr. Chester Price

Ms. Jodi Price

Ms. Molly Price

Mr. Mark A. Prickel

Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Prieboy

Mrs. Marjorie S. Primeau

Mr. Andrew Primich

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Primrose

Mr. & Mrs. Walter J. Primus

Mr. & Mrs. James Prior

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Proctor

Mr. & Mrs. Paul B. Prullage

Mr. & Mrs. Francis R. Prus

Mr. & Mrs. Edward E. Prusinski

Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Pucel

Mr. Ascanio Puntillo

Ms. Mary E. Pusich

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Quiel

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Quigley

Mr. Jesse B. Quiroz

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Raab

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Rabensteine

Mr. & Mrs. John Racanelli

Mr. & Mrs. Leo C. Rademaker

Dr. & Mrs. Wade Ragas

Mr. Joseph J. Rager

Mr. Robert P. Raidy

Ms. Jacolyn Ransom

Mrs. Margaret C. Rardon

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Rasche

Mr. & Mrs. Doug Rauch

Mr. & Mrs. Pat Rauch

Fr. Joseph F. Rautenberg

Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Raver

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Raver

Mr. Charles W. Ray

Mr. & Mrs. John Ray

Ms. LaVonne Ray

Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Ray

RBSK Partners PC

Mr. Howard Record

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Reece

Mrs. Betty L. Reed

Mrs. Donald V. Reed

Ms. Donna S. Reed

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Reed

Mrs. Mary J. Reed

Mrs. Dona J. Reherman

Reis Tire Sales

Mr. & Mrs. Harold J. Reisman

Mr. & Mrs. David J. Reitz

Mr. & Mrs. Wilbur K. Rembold

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Rennekamp

Rev. Frank G. Renner

Mr. Carl A. Rennier

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Renninger

Mr. & Mrs. David L. Renshaw

Mr. & Mrs. Howard Renz

Dr. & Mrs. Paul A. Reszel

Mr. Harold F. Reust

Mr. & Mrs. Phil Revis

Mr. & Mrs. Leroy E. Rhea

Mr. Dominic Ricci

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence P. Ricci


Mr. Michael V. Ricci

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin L. Rice, Jr.

Ms. Kelly Richards

Mrs. Norma J. Richards

Mr. Patrick G. Richardson

Mr. William C. Richardson

Mr. & Mrs. Mark D. Richardt

Ms. Elizabeth Richey

Mr. & Mrs. Wilbur G. Richmer

Mr. Richard M. Rickert

Mr. & Mrs. Edward P. Rickman

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Ridens

Mr. & Mrs. Herman E. Riecke

Mr. James E. Riedman

Mr. & Mrs. Sylvester Riehle

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin F. Riemer

Mr. & Mrs. Francis (Jim) Riffel

Mrs. Jerry Riffert

Mr. Earl R. Riggin

Riley Lions Club

Ms. Beatrice Risvold

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Rivelli

Ms. Kristy Robb

Ms. Brittnee Roberts

Mr. Merle B. Robertson

Mrs. Rosemary E. Robinson

Mr. Stan Robinson

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas G. Rodgers

Ms. Jennifer Rodriguez

Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Rodriguez

Mr. Stephen A. Roelle

Mr. & Mrs. Norbert Rojewski

Mr. Matthew G. Rollins

Ms. Amanda Romas

Mr. Leroy J. Roos

Mr. & Mrs. Norman D. Rorick

Mr. & Mrs. John D. Roscoe

Mr. Earl J. Rosenberger

Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Rosenberger

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Rotering

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard B. Rourke

Mr. Roy M. Roush

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley L. Routon

Mr. Joseph J. Ruda

Mrs. Sue Phillips-Rudicel

Mr. Tim Rudisel

Ms. Leisha Rudy

Mr. Edward J. Ruhe

Mr. & Mrs. David G. Rumschlag

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Ruppel

Ms. Mary Ann Ruppel

Mr. & Mrs. Louis Rusch

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald J. Russell

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Ryan

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Ryba

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Ryczaj

Mr. Mark S. Sadowski

Mr. Stacy Sagar

Mr. Luis Salazar

Mr. Francis E. Salb

Mr. & Mrs. Roger W. Sallee

Mr. Larry Sample

Santa Maria Venegas Assembly


Mr. Eugene A. Sartini

Mr. Frank N. Savage

Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Sawyer

Mr. Gary M. Scagnoli

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Scarlett

Mr. John A. Scarrci

Mr. Raymond J. Schaefer

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Schaefer

Mr. William E. Schaefer

Mr. & Mrs. James P. Schafer

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin E. Schaller

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Schaller

Mr. Vince Schaller

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin J. Scheele

Mr. & Mrs. Louis Scheele

Mrs. Joyce L. Scheitlin

Mr. Dennis G. Schellenberger

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L.


Mr. & Mrs. Arthur C. Scheller

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Schellhammer

Mr. & Mrs. Ben Schene

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Scheurich

Ms. Barbara J. Schiffli

Mr. James A. Schindler

Schindler-Richard Insurance


Ms. Jackie Schinkel

Mr. & Mrs. James Schmal

Mr. & Mrs. Ledger J. Schmidlin

Ms. Crystal Schmidt

Mr. & Mrs. David W. Schmitt

Mr. Donald P. Schmitt

Mr. & Mrs. Howard L. Schmitt

Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred J. Schmitt

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore J.


Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Schnefke

Mr. & Mrs. John V. Schneider

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Schneider

Mrs Irvin J. Schneidt

Mr. Kurt J. Schnell

Mr. Stanley A. Schnell

Mr. & Mrs. Dale Schoeff

Mr. & Mrs. William H.


Mrs. Laura Schoettmer

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Schott

Mr. Edwin Schowe

Mr. & Mrs. Orville J. Schroeder

Mr. Othmar J. Schroeder

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Schroeder

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald E. Schuckel

Mr. & Mrs. James T. Schuler

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence L. Schultheis

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schultheis

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Schultz

Mr. John J. Schutz

Mr. James P. Schwartz

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis L. Schwegman

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Scott

Mr. Steve Scott

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Scudder

Dr. & Mrs. William E. Scully

Mr. Brad Sears

Security Source, Inc.

Thank You To All Of Our Generous Donors in 2009


Ms. Tamara A. Seeley

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis T. Seib

Mr. & Mrs. Kim Seifert

Mr. & Mrs. Edward G. Selm

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Sennott

Ms. January N. Shaner

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Shank

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick T. Shannon

Mr. Dale Sharpe

Mr. & Mrs. David Shaw

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen F. Shay

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Shay

Mr. Daniel Shea

Mr. & Mrs. John N. Sheaks

Mr. Gary W. Sheets

Shelby County Democrats

Sherwin Williams

Mr. Michael Sherwood

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Shiel

Mr. Jason Shingleton

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher C. Shoaf

Mrs. Robert E. Shorter

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin M. Shull

Mrs. Charlotte Shuter

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Siebert

Mr. Elmer J. Siefert

Mr. Louis Siefert

Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Siefert

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Sieg

Siemers Glass Company, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. William Silver

Mr. & Mrs. Ray Simmermeyer

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Simon

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Simon

Mr. Robert Sindy

Mrs. Joseph P. Sinnott

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Sippel

Mr. Edward F. Skurka

Mr. & Mrs. William L. Sliger

Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Slinger

Mr. Andrew Slivka

Mr. & Mrs. Barry Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Francis T. Smith

Ms. Jennifer Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Smith

Mrs. Patricia Ann Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph G. Smith

Ms. Robin Smith

Mrs. Roger L. Smith

Mr. Scott Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen R. Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Smith

Mr. Joseph B. Smrt

Mr. & Mrs. Noah Smucker

Ms. Paula A. Snavely

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Snyder

Mr. & Mrs. William Sobieski

Mrs. Nilda Sodupe

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Soller

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Sommer

Mr. Raymond F. Sommers

Mr. William R. Sommers

Mr. & Mrs. Glen W. Songer

Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Sonntag

Mr. & Mrs. Russell J. Sorg

Mr. Victor J. Sourdry

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Sowash

Mr. Michael Spalding

Mr. Louis Spataro

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent J. Spataro

Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Speckner

Mrs. Rita E. Spellman

Mr. Kenneth E. Spieckerman

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Spink

Ms. Shawn Spitler

Mr. David Spychalski

Mr. & Mrs. John Spychalski

Mrs. Marion Spychalski

Mr. Joseph Squadrito

Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. St. Amand

St. Anthony Men’s Choir

Mrs. Aline M. St. Hillier

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Stallman

Ms. Odysyee Stanhope

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Stann

Mr. George J. Stanny

Mr. Lawrence A. Steeb

Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Steele

Mr. Edwin R. Steelman

Mr. Henry J. Steenken

Mr. & Mrs. Jerome W. Steffe

Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell R. Steffen

Mr. Del Steinhart

Mr. James J. Stenftenagel

Mr. & Mrs. Edward H. Stenger

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Stenger

Mr. & Mrs. Roger A. Steup

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Stevenson

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry G. Stewart

Fr. Jonathan Stewart

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Stiegelbauer

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Stier

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Stocky

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard S. Stodola

Mr. Harold J. Stoffel

Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Stoffel

Mr. & Mrs. Norman Stoffel

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Stoller

Mrs. Charlene Stomm

Mr. Marion L. Straight

Mr. & Mrs. Kenny Strasburger

Mr. & Mrs. Leo S. Stratman

Mr. Arthur P. Strickland

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Strisko

Mr. Robert P. Strisko

Mr. Eldon Strong

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis J. Stroup

Mr. James Struewing

Mr. Raymond E. Struewing

Mr. Robert M. Sturm

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Subler

Mr. & Mrs. Paul W. Sudhoff

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Sudhoff

Ms. Elaine Sullivan

Mr. William J. Sullivan

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Summers

Mr. Tim Summers

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald A. Sumner

Ms. Tina Surber

Mr. Noel Sutton

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Swaller

Mr. & Mrs. Louis W. Sweeney

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Szafasz

Mr. & Mrs. Harry M. Szulborski

Mr. Napoleon C. Tabion

Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Tackett

Mr. & Mrs. Frank G. Taelman

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Tanksley

Mr. & Mrs. James J. Taper

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Tapocik

Ms. Lindsey N. Tatman

Mr. Dallas R. Taylor

Mr. & Mrs. John G. Taylor

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Taylor

Mr. Gary Tebbe

Mr. James H. Tebbe

Mr. & Mrs. Keith L. Tebbe

Mr. Louis E. Tebbe

Mr. & Mrs. Virgil J. Tebbe

Mrs. Ambrose W. Telker

Mr. & Mrs. Francis W. Telles

Mr. Theodore J. Telles

Ms. Mary Lou Terrell

Mr. David F. Terveer

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Lee Tester

Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Thais

Mrs. Frieda Thalheimer

Miss. Mary Thallemer

The Children’s Corner, Inc.

The Cutting Edge, Inc.

The Wanatah Historical Society

Mr. James A. Theobald

Mr. & Mrs. Mitch Thielking

Mrs. Elmer P. Thiemann

Thiemann Office Products, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Thieneman

Mrs. B. Jean Thomas

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Thomas

Mr. & Mrs. Lee A. Thomas

Dr. & Mrs. Martin J. Thomas

Thomas Funeral Home

Mr. Zachary Thomson

Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Thornberry

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Thornburg

Mrs. Mary Thornsen

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Thorstad

Ms. Carol J. Timm

Mr. Daniel Timmons

Mr. David Timmons

Mr. Jacob E. Timmons

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Timmons

Mr. Thomas P. Timmons

Mr. Edward D. Tobey

Dr. & Mrs. John B. Toepp

Mr. Jesse Tohill

Mr. & Mrs. George J. Tonner

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Toole

Mr. Andrew Toon

Dr. & Mrs. Jose N. Tord

Mr. & Mrs. Hubert L. Tragesser

Mr. Chris Trahin

Mrs. Frank E. Traina

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard J. Trauner

Mr.& Mrs. Harry M. Trausch

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent R. Traxler

Tri-County Equipment Co., Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Othmar H. Troesch

Ms. Tyra Trueblood

Mr. & Mrs. Clem A. Trytko

Ms. Peggy Trytko

Mr. & Mrs. Clarence James Tucker

Mrs. Georgia A. Tucker

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Tucker

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Turco

Mr. & Mrs. Carl T. Tuttle

Mr. & Mrs. Myron Jack Tuttle

Mr. Burel O. Tyner

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Uebelhor

Ms. Patricia L. Unger

United Way

United Way of LaPorte County

Mrs. Margaret Unverzagt

Mr. & Mrs. William Urbanczyk

Ms. Arielle Usrey

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Uzubell

Mr. & Mrs. Kirk D. Vachon

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Vachon

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Valko

Mr. & Mrs. Roger Van Slyke

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Vanden


Mrs. Agnes F. Vangessel

Ms. Kara VanGilder

Mr. Raymond VanKirk

Mrs. Mary J. Vargo

Mr. Anthony J. Velligan

Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Vera

Verizon Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Roy J. Verkuilen

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Vessels

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Vieck

Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Vieck

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Viehl

Vigo Interiors, Inc.

Ms. Melissa Villegas

Mr. & Mrs. Leon Vinup

Ms. Michelle Vinzant

Mr. Matthew Virus

Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore V. Viscuso

Mr. Alfeo Vittorini

Mr. Edward G. Vogel

Mr. & Mrs. Simon C. Voges

Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Vrtis

Mr. Paul J. Waddy

Mr. & Mrs. Gary K. Wagner

Mr. James R. Wagner

Mr. James W. Wagner

Mr. & Mrs. John H. Wagner

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Wagner

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Wagner

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Wagner

Mr. & Mrs. Urban Wagner

Mr. Robert E. Wahlstrom

Wal-Mart Supercenter

Mr. R. Charles Walden

Mrs. Dorothy J. Walker

Mr. Kevin Walker

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Wallace

18 MESSENGER | Vol.50 No. 2 2010

Thank You To All Of Our Generous Donors in 2009

Ms. Christy Walloch

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel K. Wallpe

Mr. & Mrs. James Walsh

Mr. Joe Walsh

Ms. Megan Walsh

Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Walsh

Mr. Paul S. Walston

Mr. Harold R. Walterman

Mrs. Rita Mae Walters

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Waltke

Mr. Eugene J. Wannemuehler

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth T. Wanstrath

Mr. Norman A. Wanstrath

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene R. Wantuck

Ms. Mandy Ward

Ms. Nancy Ware

Ms. Heahter Warner

Mrs. Janis Warner

Mrs. Richard E. Warren

Ms. Amber M. Watson

Mr. & Mrs. Carl E. Weber

Mr. Paul Weber

Mr. Ted Weddell

Mr. James D. Wehrheim

Mr. Earl G. Weidner

Mr. & Mrs. William L. Weidner

United Way Contributions

Gibault received contributions from the United Way. Thank you to all those who contributed through the United Way in 2009.

JP Morgan Chase

Employee Campaign

Lori Crossen

Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Weinmann

Mr. & Mrs. Omer J. Weintraut

Mrs. Diana R. Weinzapfel

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew V. Weisenbach

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Weisenbach

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Weisenbach

Mr. & Mrs. Roger Welage

Mr. & Mrs. Steven A. Weller

Ms. Tiffany Wellman

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Welsh

Mr. John E. Welsh

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Welsh

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Welsh

Mr. & Mrs. Tim Welsh

Mr. & Mrs. C. Ralph Wenning

Ms. Evelyn M. Wessel

Mr. Edward A. West

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence J. West

Mr. & Mrs. David Whetstone

Mr. & Mrs. George R. White

Mrs. Rita A. White

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Wiedeman

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur B. Wiercioch

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Wiles

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur R. Wilhelm

Mr. Frank W. Wilhelm

State Employees’

Community Campaign

Robert W. Dwyer

Lawrence M. Lamport

Robert D. Newland

Robert Hughes Reeder

John Rihm

Gibault Receives Block Grant

by Rebecca Stevens, Director of Research and Grant Development

This summer, Gibault received an Energy Efficiency and

Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) in the amount of $28,454.47.

This grant will help Gibault reduce fossil fuel emissions in a

manner that is environmentally sustainable, reduce the energy use,

increase energy efficiency, and reduce energy costs through

efficiency improvements.

This support allowed Gibault to provide HVAC upgrades in our

classrooms and other buildings on campus.


Mr. & Mrs. Warren J. Wilhelm

Ms. Norma Wilkinson

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Will

Mrs. Marilyn J. Willcox

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Williams

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Wilson

Ms. Megyn R. Wilson

Mr. Michael Wilson

Rev. Arthur K. Wingate

Mr. John Winger

Mr. D. Rick Winkler

Mr. & Mrs. Darvin E. Winters

Mr. & Mrs. James Wintz

Mr. Hilaire J. Wittenbrink

Mr. & Mrs. John Witting

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Wittner

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Wohrle

Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Wolf

Mr. & Mrs. Tim Wollenmannh

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Wood

Mr. & Mrs. James P. Wood

Mr. Rodney Woolley

Ms. Ruth Ann Woolley

Mr. Charles L. Worden

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Worden

Mr. & Mrs. James C. Worden

United Way of Greater Lafayette

Anita K. Reed

United Way of LaPorte, Indiana

Anonymous Donors

Mrs. James F. Worden

Father Timothy A. Wrozek

Ms. Aimee Wyeth

Mr. Gary Yaeger

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Yeakey

Ms. Laurie Yeary

Mr. & Mrs. James Yochum

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Young

Ms. Josephine Young

Ms. Sarah Young

Your Handy Man, LLC

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony W. Yudt

Mrs. Melva B. Zabarte

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene T. Zale

Mr. & Mrs. Dean Zentz

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Zerr

Ziemer Funeral Homes

Mrs. Robert W. Ziems

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Ziliak

Mr. James J. Zimnicki

Mr. Alfred J. Zubler

Mr. Albert Zubrickas

Mr. & Mrs. Ed Zurawski

Mrs. Marijona Zurlis

United Way of

Monroe County, Inc.

Anonymous Donors

United Way, New York, NY

Marilyn Kase

Indiana Lt. Governor Becky Skillman presents

Rebecca Stevens Gibault’s Energy Efficiency and

Conservation Block Grant

Henry County Youth Center


In February 2004 the Circuit and Superior Court redirected the Mission of the Henry County Youth Center by

opening a ten-bed residential treatment unit in honor of John and Nancy Kellam. The Honorable

John Kellam (ret.) served the Henry County Circuit Court for more than

20 years. The Kellams are deeply committed to at-risk youth

and family. Through their leadership and tireless efforts the

Henry County Youth Center has evolved into a highly

respected local and regional program with a tradition of

making a meaningful difference in the lives of youths.

In 2010, leadership of the Youth Center changed to Gibault

Children’s Services. The partnership between Gibault and the

staff at Henry County Youth Center will continue to provide

opportunities for enhancement of programming for youths in

our care.

Secure Detention Facility

The Henry County Youth Center provides thirty secure detention

beds. These beds are available 24/7 to multiple counties in

Indiana. Secure detention is the temporary and safe custody of

a juvenile who is accused of conduct subject to the jurisdiction of

the court that requires a restricted (locked) environment.

Emergency Shelter / Non-Secure

The Henry County Youth Center provides ten staff secure

shelter beds. Emergency Shelter is the temporary and

safe custody of youth eight years and older who are

subject to the jurisdiction of the court and require the

least restrictive out-of-home placement. These beds are

licensed through the Department of Child Services.

Kellam Residential Treatment

The Henry County Youth Center provides ten staff secure

residential treatment beds. Residential Treatment is a

therapeutic intervention process for individuals who can

not or do not function satisfactorily in their own home

environments. This program is for youth ages eight and

above who are subject to the jurisdiction of the court and who require a staff secure treatment setting for a

period of three to eight months. The Henry County Youth Center provides a wide range of helpful services to

the youth and family while in placement.

20 MESSENGER | Vol.50 No. 2 2010


Additional Services

Henry County also offers many other

services to the children in each of our

programs. Services are provided to the

kids based on their individual needs.

Structured behavioral program

Case management


Personalized education services


Social Growth Program

Medical services

Clinical services

Religious services for those




Community service projects,

volunteer and employment


Gift Societies

Holy Cross Society

($5,000 or more in cash, stocks

& bonds, or real estate to

Gibault, Inc. in 2009)

Andrew J. & Florence A.

Krizman Charitable Foundation

John W. Anderson Foundation

Community Foundation Alliance

K of C Council #560

K of C Council #712

K of C Council #1790

K of C Council #3660

K of C Council #12387

K of C Indiana State Council

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald H. Erlenbaugh

First Financial Bank

Indiana Chemical Trust

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Kleptz

Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Maurer

Mr. & Mrs. Wilford A. Redmon

Superior Oil Company, Inc.

Wabash Valley Community Fdn.

Mr. Robert T. Walt

Guardian Angel Society

($1,000 - $4,999 in cash, stocks

& bonds, or real estate to

Gibault, Inc. in 2009)

Irvin Banet Trust

Mr. George D. Buennagel

Clark County Children’s Home

Community Foundation of

Greater Fort Wayne, Inc.

K of C Council #437

K of C Council #451

K of C Council #456

K of C Council #541

K of C Council #553

K of C Council #563

K of C Council #565

K of C Council #656

K of C Council #732

K of C Council #822

K of C Council #864

K of C Council #1010

K of C Council #1221

K of C Council #1252

K of C Council #1265

K of C Council #1347

K of C Council #1461

K of C Council #1477

K of C Council #1584

K of C Council #1631

K of C Council #1696

K of C Council #1808

K of C Council #2215

K of C Council #2957

K of C Council #3228

K of C Council #3631

K of C Council #4933

K of C Council #5290

K of C Council #6679

K of C Council #6923

K of C Council #6955

K of C Council #7053

K of C Council #7839

K of C Council #8080

K of C Council #8746

K of C Council #10596

K of C Council #11044

K of C Council #12379

K of C Council #12510

Placing Agency

Dept. of Child Services/Dept. of Job

& Family Services 30.9%

Medicaid 23.8%

Probation 21.0%

Wraparound 20.1%

Dept. of Education 4.2%


Male = 64%

Female = 36%

Average number of previous placements 3.1


Caucasian 79.4%

African American 15.9%

Multi-racial 4.2%

Hispanic 0.5%

Members of Gibault’s Giving Society make a difference!

K of C Council #13142

Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Downton

Dr. & Mrs. John B. Egan

Mr. Gilbert J. Fox

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Funk

Mr. & Mrs. James Harpenau

Mr. Dennis J. Hohlbein

Indiana Youth Institute, Inc.

Jasper County Farm Bureau, Inc.

Jasper County REMC Comm.


John F. & Katharine W. Kelly


Mr. & Mrs. Lee Jones

Mrs. Thomas L. Kelly

Mr. Terrence J. Keusch

Ms. Deborah J. Kruyer

Mr. & Mrs. James Mancilla

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Martin

Mary E. Van Drew Foundation

National Philanthropic Trust

Dr. Nicholas R. O’Neil

Mr. Cletus M. Oing

Old National Bancorp

Mr. Zachary A. Pies

Mr. & Mrs. Edgar B. Powell

Mrs. Fern Roesch

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey C. Rose

Mrs. Betty R. Schodrof

Mr. Paul E. Schumacher

Ms. Theresa A. Sego

Mr. & Mrs. Caran G. Siefert

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Sinclair

St. Charles Borremeo Catholic


State Employees’ Campaign

Outcomes for Annual Report

Based on admission statistics for 2009

Patty & Mike Stiegelbauer

Mr. & Mrs. Donn J. Stobierski

Mr. & Mrs. George Terlep

The Weston Wabash Foundation

Herman F. Tierney Estate

Mr. Vincent C. Tragesser

Frederick R. Benson Trust

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Vernasco

Vigo County School Corp.

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel M. Wanstrath

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Wells

Whirlpool Foundation

Ms. Barbara A. White

Mr. & Mrs. David G. Worland

Bequests in 2009

Recognizing individuals who made

a planned gift to Gibault, Inc. These

financial contributions from their

planned gift/estate was received in

2009. These gifts build a lasting

endowment that will help Gibault

provide life-changing opportunities for

children, families and communities for

generations to come.

Martha C. Martin

Margaret Metzger

Herman F. Tierney

Robert T. Walt

Victims of abuse prior to placement

Neglect 23.8%

Physical abuse 32.2%

Sexual abuse 23.4%

From Single Parent Families 44.4%

Adjudication Status

Child in Need of Services 21.5%

Delinquent 27.6%

Unknown 7.5%

None 42.5%

Both .9%

DSM Diagnosis at time of admission = 74.1%

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental

Disorders (DSM)

On psychotropic medication at time of admission = 61.7%

22 MESSENGER | Vol.50 No. 2 2010

Music at Gibault is an incredible life-changing

opportunity for many of our kids. Often times kids

who come to Gibault have not had much exposure

to music. Some have never picked up an instrument.

Music is such a great avenue for many of our students

to express themselves while learning to work with a

team to accomplish something fun.

24 MESSENGER | Vol.50 No. 2 2010

Art teacher Amber Gentry-Rash is the featured artist for the month of

September in the Sullivan County Library. This is an honor reserved for

the Sullivan County Art Guild members. We are proud to have Amber

providing life-changing opportunities for the children we serve.

“Art is an outlet of self expression that every

child can embrace and share.”

Amber Gentry-Rash

Gibault Art Teacher

CASA Programs

(Court Appointed Special Advocate)

by Katie Hall

The Jasper and Newton County CASA programs are expanding!

March 17 the program received full membership into the National

CASA Association. April 26, fourteen volunteers were sworn in to

help abused and/or neglected children. The program is advocating

for over 80 children.

Jasper County CASA was the recipient of the Quality of Life Award

given by the Rensselaer Chamber of Commerce. This award

recognized our CASA program for enhancing the quality of life in

Rensselaer. April 15, Judge Potter from Jasper County was awarded

the Robert J. Kinsey Award. This award recognized Judged Potter’s

dedicated leadership and commitment to working with children.

Both programs will continue to recruit volunteers and help more

children. If you know someone who may be interested in becoming

a CASA, please visit to find a program

near you.

If you live in the Jasper County region and would like to learn

more about making a difference as a CASA, please call Katie Hall

at 219-866-2179.

Imagination Station Youth Program at JCYC

by Kathy Lewis

The Imagination Station Youth Program received a grant from

Nickelodeon for our “What a Green World This Can Be.” The

children have learned how they can help the environment by

growing a garden and volunteering at community clean-up

days. The children have also enjoyed free field trips to Indiana

Beach, White Sox

Baseball, Fountain

Stone Theatres,

Recycling Plant,


State Park, Wolf Park and more!

A student, Cory, states, “I like baseball, I’ve played it for six years

now, I’m ready to go see the White Sox play!” Hannah says, “If

you recycle, it makes the world a better place. I’m going to start

recycling so the world isn’t filled up with trash.”

26 MESSENGER | Vol.50 No. 2 2010

Thank you Gibault Envoys for giving your time and financial support during 2009.

Listed below is the name of the

Envoy, the city in which they live

and the Council they represent.

*Denotes Envoy Ambassador

(Lifetime Envoy)

Gibault Envoy Chairman

*Robert J. Edwards, Fishers

Council #6923

*Herman F. Hagner, Indianapolis

Council #437

Bryan K. Wulf, Greenwood

Council #437

*Don C. Luther, Fort Wayne

Council #451

John C. Murray, Fort Wayne

Council #451

*Tom Shoemaker, Lafayette

Council #456

*Charles A. Ave, Lafayette

Council #456

Kenneth C. Nordmeyer, Terre Haute

Council #541

*Warren J. Braunsdorf, South Bend

Council #553

Efrain Miranda, Muncie

Council #560

Terrence C. Pomasl, Logansport

Council #561

Frank J. Orbik, Jr., Anderson

Council #563

*Charles F. Castleman, Evansville

Council #565

*Carl Buchanan, Wadesville

Council #565

Kim Seifert, Mt. Vernon

Council #565

Fred Campbell, Richmond

Council #580

Daniel Brock, Marion

Council, #623

Charles E. Gilkey, Montgomery

Council #630

*Bruce M. Leclerc, Kokomo

Council #656

William Sims, Elwood

Council #679

Richard W. Vieck, Vincennes

Council #712

Marvin G. Walker, Peru

Council #718

Jerry B. McFadden, Hammond

Council #726

Mark Trout, Loogootee

Council #732

Donald C. Brink, Valparaiso

Council #738

Jeffrey B. Schwering, Rushville

Council #769

Jeremy R. O’Connor, Shelbyville

Council #822

Clarence B. Mitchell, Connersville

Council #861

Norman D. Rorick, Decatur

Council #864

Donald E. Wood, Madison

Council #934

Homer J. Stammen, Union City

Council #983

Jon McKamey, Brookville

Council #1010

Timothy Blomeke, Huntington

Council #1014

Patrick J. Stewart, Flat Rock

Council #1042

David M. Towner, Bristol

Council #1043

Joe O’Connor, Spencer

Council #1096

Charles Ingram, Princeton

Council #1131

Loren (Darrell) May, Bedford

Council #1166

Thomas R. Schaefer, Tell City

Council #1172

Patrick A. Yost, New Albany

Council #1221

Paul E. Lamping, Valparaiso

Council #1231

Bill Kerkoff, Columbus

Council #1252

Michael S. Smith, Seymour

Council #1252

*Norbert H. Tebbe, Windfall

Council #1265

Joel Helding, Hobart

Council #1347

Jerome F. Jacobi, Jeffersonville

Council #1348

Dale C. Langferman, Columbus

Council #1414

Thomas A. Fritsch, Batesville

Council #1461

Edward Redden, Notre Dame

Council #1477

Ronald Kubit, LaPorte

Council #1542

Michael R. Ewing, Winamac

Council #1561

Edward J. Kreilein, Jasper

Council #1584

Jim Murphy, Crawfordsville

Council #1591

Dan Struck, North Vernon

Council #1631

Donald L. Dennis, Hartford City

Council #1639

*Michael J. Siorek, Schererville

Council #1696

Craig M. Hanusin, Munster

Council #1700

Larry Koby, New Castle

Council #1755

David L. DeKoninck, Auburn

Council #1790

G. Harold Baker, Corydon

Council #1808

James R. Highfield, Mishawaka

Council #1878

Joseph P. Mersch, Plymouth

Council #1975


Ronald G. Meek, Rossville

Council #1977

Robert Mann, Aurora

Council #2111

James McDonald, Haubstadt

Council #2215

Robert L. Kuhn, Wabash

Council #2957

Kevin C. Howard, Indianapolis

Council #3228

James E. Scheuer, Lake Station

Council #3283

John H. Kohlbacher, Indianapolis

Council #3433

*Donald H. Klein, Highland

Council #3631

*David M. Slazyk, Hammond

Council #3631

Jerry A. French, Indianapolis

Council #3660

*Tom Kase, Indianapolis

Council #3682

James P. Keilman, Lowell

Council #3840

Henry G. Peters, Merrillville

Council #4047

Larry Landy, Granger

Council #4263

Ronald L. Bowman, Reelsville

Council #4377

L. Martin Pfister, Winona Lake

Council #4511

*James Mancilla, Highland

Council #4933

Robert R. Wolfe, Crown Point

Council #4933

Michael Sample, Indianapolis

Council #5290

Shannon E. Cloud, Rossville

Council #5294

Ryan Grill, Mishawaka

Council #5521

Julius Van Hulle, South Bend

Council #5570

Keith A. Ackerman, Jasper

Council #5581

Brian Vanden Bossche, Rochester

Council #5584

Jim L. Ebert, Ferdinand

Council #5599

James R. Swan, Walkerton

Council #5709

Art Diaz, Chesterton

Council #5929

William E. Johnson, Greenwood

Council #6138

Ray Malospiriti, Martinsville

Council #6273

Brian Weideman, Milford

Council #6323

Donald J. Carli, Knox

Council #6347

Paul Quiel, Bloomfield

Council #6679

Donald Bouchard, Fishers

Council #6923

Myron E. Stirling, Monticello

Council #6955

Kevin Richards, Greencastle

Council #6989

Michael L. Muchler, Angola

Council #7053

J. Mark Weigman, Camby

Council #7431

John F. Ryczaj, Crown Point

Council #7473

Robert Nazareth, Trail Creek

Council #7524

Mark Weaver, Goshen

Council #7541

Dave McGill, Newburgh

Council #7544

Jim Mueller, Avilla

Council #7839

William A. Werhowatz, Gary

Council #7878

Carl Spadling, Indianapolis

Council #8052

Joseph T. Krause, West Lafayette

Council #8056

*Kevin Schlink, Highland

Council #8080

Stanley J. Wrobel, Hammond

Council #8080

Stephen J. Costa, Saint John

Council #8082

David Hartman, Osgood

Council #8487

Paul E. Drury, Floyds Knobs

Council #8586

Darren Kemble, Mishawaka

Council #8617

*Ron Keller, Newburgh

Council #8746

David S. Markos, Portage

Council #9114

Roger A. Steup, Auburn

Council #9186

Carroll H. Schafer, Charlestown

Council #9269

Tom Hofmeyer, Fowler

Council #9400

Kevin R. Rudduck, Clinton

Council #9441

Herman Berghoff, Ft. Wayne

Council #9460

M.W. Erdelen, Lowell

Council #9696

Ted A. Archer, Noblesville

Council #9706

James Harpenau, Boonville

Council #10257

Ryan Haehl, Shelbyville

Council #10371

Jerry M. Bridges, North Vernon

Council #10422

Kenneth A. Hartkorn, Franklin

Council #10460

James Pietraszak, Munster

Council #10596

*William R. Clements, Carthage

Council #10713

Thank you Gibault Envoys for giving your time and financial support during 2009.


Joseph R. Martinez, Crown Point

Council #10811

Kevin C. Booker, Fort Wayne

Council #11043

Jason Cabral, Westfield

Council #11044

Edward J. Boudreau, Richland

Council #11165

R. Byron Walters, Ora

Council #11292

Jason Cabral, Fort Wayne

Council #11353

Jeremy D. Gerber, Goshen

Council #11574

Michael A. Pecar, Indianapolis

Council #11896

Thomas L. Heim, Indianapolis

Council #11927

Richard D. Vanderlin, Valparaiso

Council #12149

*Tom M. Keilman, St. John

Council #12154

Lawrence Barna, Schererville

Council #12177

Dale Wolford, Portland

Council #12307

*Larry M. Lillig, Indianapolis

Council #12387

Ronald E. Reece, Fort Wayne

Council #12417

Joe Smolek, North Judson

Council #12486

Eric A. Wiebke, Zionsville

Council #12510

Rick Myers, Indianapolis

Council #12540

Chris Sartore, Evansville

Council #12541

Carlos L. Perez, East Chicago

Council #12647

David R. Raczkowski, Valparaiso

Council #12671

James Till, New Haven

Council #12741

Raymond Jorgeson, Goshen

Council #12747

Gregg Scott, Michigan City

Council #12951

John Kiefer, Huntingburg

Council #13086

Steven Hawkins, Indianapolis

Council #13105

Ray Baxter, Yoder

Council #13142

*Robert J. Seger, Santa Claus

Council #13504

John Miller, Shipshewana

Council #13962

Victor L. Pfister, Whitestown

Council #13968

Mike Hinen, Columbia City

Council #13971

Michael Deiser, Fort Wayne

Council #14299

Robert Jorczak, Noblesville

Council #14449

Robert Boe, Cicero

Council #14476

Raymond A. Schaefer, Elberfeld

Council #14659

Thomas S. Becurin, Evansville

Council #14673

Mike McLaughlin, Indianapolis

Council #14895

INSURANCE: Staying True to the Mission

There are three undeniable truths we need to discuss:

1) The founding principle of the First Degree of the Knights of Columbus is charity.

2) The #1 charity for Indiana Knights of Columbus is Gibault.

3) Since the founding of the Knights of Columbus in 1882, insurance has been a “primary motivation” for the

Order’s existence (Parish Priest, Preface xiii, Brinkley & Fenster, 2006.)

With these truths in mind, I ask YOU, Brother Knight, are YOU staying true to Father McGivney’s mission? Are

YOU being as charitable as YOU can be, with your time, talent and treasure? Are YOU consistently supportive of

Gibault and all the children of God Gibault serves? And do YOU encourage your fellow knights to do the same?

Chad Leuken

General Agent

K of C Insurance

And when it comes to insurance, are YOU part owner of the Order? Are YOU an insured member? If so, are YOU

confident that YOU are adequately insured? If the Good Lord had called you home last night, would all of your

family’s financial goals be successfully achieved--including retirement for your wife, long term care plans and all

of your estate planning? If the answer to any of these questions is “no,” you already know that you need help to

develop a game plan. And of course, we can help YOU improve your plan. Call us today. But what if YOU answered “yes” to all the above

questions? What if YOU have all your “ducks in a row” and have already achieved all of your financial goals? I say “Great! When can we


If your personal financial and insurance goals are already met, we need to talk about making a charitable gift of life insurance to Gibault!

Using life insurance as a charitable gift is an excellent way to maximize your “giving dollar.” Not everyone can afford to give thousands of

dollars in cash to their favorite charity right now, but everyone I know can afford to take out life insurance policy that will do just that (at


If YOU are between the ages of 18 and 65, and are a member or spouse of a member in good standing, I can GUARANTEE at least

a $5000 death benefit* will be available to your beneficiary of choice—even a favorite charity like Gibault! Not a bad deal, hey? The

only other way to guarantee that kind of gift is to have the cash set aside. But why would you do that in today’s interest rate environment?

Further, why would you do that when we can do it at a discount? These plans are available for monthly premiums ranging from just under

$6 a month to just under $36 a month!

Do YOU have a better plan? I’d like to hear it. Either way, you and I need to talk…

Call us today! Toll Free 1-866-311-KOFC (5632)

* The Graded Death Benefit Whole Life is issued to qualified members or spouses without medical underwriting. Except for accidental death,

during the first two years the death benefit is limited to a return of premium plus interest and unearned premium. After two years, the full face

amount is in effect, and the death benefit remains level for the life of the contract. For more information, contact your Knights of Columbus

Field Agent.

28 MESSENGER | Vol.50 No. 2 2010

The Indiana Knights of Columbus Councils made contributions in 2009

Indiana State Council, K of C

K of C Council #437

K of C Council #451

K of C Council #456

K of C Council #541

K of C Council #553

K of C Council #560

K of C Council #563

K of C Council #565

K of C Council #580

K of C Council #656

K of C Council #712

K of C Council #726

K of C Council #732

K of C Council #738

K of C Council #822

K of C Council #861

K of C Council #864

K of C Council #1010

K of C Council #1042

K of C Council #1131

K of C Council #1166

K of C Council #1221

K of C Council #1231

K of C Council #1252

K of C Council #1265

K of C Council #1347

K of C Council #1348

K of C Council #1414

K of C Council #1461

K of C Council #1477

K of C Council #1542

K of C Council #1584

K of C Council #1591

K of C Council #1631

K of C Council #1639

K of C Council #1696

K of C Council #1755

K of C Council #1790

K of C Council #1808

K of C Council #1878

Matching Gifts

AT&T Federal Political Action Committee

AT&T Services, Inc.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation

Anonymous donor

Community Foundation Alliance, Inc.

Joseph & Mary DeLoriea Fund

K of C Council #1881

K of C Council #1975

K of C Council #2111

K of C Council #2215

K of C Council #2957

K of C Council #3228

K of C Council #3631

K of C Council #3660

K of C Council #3682

K of C Council #3840

K of C Council #4047

K of C Council #4263

K of C Council #4377

K of C Council #4511

K of C Council #4620

K of C Council #4933

K of C Council #5290

K of C Council #5570

K of C Council #5581

K of C Council #5584

K of C Council #5599

K of C Council #5709

K of C Council #5929

K of C Council #6138

K of C Council #6273

K of C Council #6347

K of C Council #6679

K of C Council #6923

K of C Council #6955

K of C Council #6989

K of C Council #7053

K of C Council #7431

K of C Council #7473

K of C Council #7839

K of C Council #7878

K of C Council #8052

K of C Council #8056

K of C Council #8080

K of C Council #8082

K of C Council #8487

K of C Council #8617

Listed below are individuals who have given through a Matching Gifts Program. Many companies have matching gifts programs. Please check

with your employer to see if they offer a matching gifts program. If so, you may be able to double or triple your donation to Gibault.

Pepsico Foundation

Lauren Ziemba

Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program

Andrew Del Giudice

Tyco Employee Matching Gifts Program

Joseph M. Shimala


K of C Council #8746

K of C Council #9441

K of C Council #9696

K of C Council #10257

K of C Council #10371

K of C Council #10422

K of C Council #10460

K of C Council #10596

K of C Council #10713

K of C Council #10811

K of C Council #11044

K of C Council #11165

K of C Council #11276

K of C Council #11292

K of C Council #11353

K of C Council #11896

K of C Council #11927

K of C Council #12149

K of C Council #12154

K of C Council #12177

K of C Council #12307

K of C Council #12379

K of C Council #12387

K of C Council #12417

K of C Council #12486

K of C Council #12510

K of C Council #12540

K of C Council #12541

K of C Council #12671

K of C Council #12741

K of C Council #12951

K of C Council #13105

K of C Council #13142

K of C Council #13504

K of C Council #13623

K of C Council #13968

K of C Council #13971

K of C Council #14192

K of C Council #14214

K of C Council #14240

K of C Council #14476

Verizon Foundation

Thaddeus Dudziak

Wellpoint Foundation

Scott Crossen

Whirlpool Foundation

James E. Harpenau

K of C Council #14673

Abraham Lincoln Assembly #235

Anthony Wayne Assembly #239

Father Sorin Assembly #240

Father J. A. Nieuwland Assembly


Bishop Arnold Assembly #243

Bishop Chatard Assembly #245

Bishop Simon Gabriel Brute

Assembly #246

Father Rivet Assembly #247

Father Peters Assembly #248

Saint Louis & Mary Assembly


SaintTheodore Guerin Assembly


Msgr. A.J. Sprigler Assembly #253

Vincennes Assembly #256

Father Joseph Gerdon Assembly


Marian Assembly #1833

Father Meinrad J. Rouck Assembly


Bishop Leo A. Pursley Assembly


Msgr. James P. Conroy Assembly


Archbishop Edw. T. O’Mera

Assembly #2489

Mother Teresa Assembly #2581

Santa Maria Venegas Assembly


Fishers 3rd Degree Team

Southeastern Indiana Degree Team

K of C Ladies #451

K of C Ladies #456

K of C Ladies #732

K of C Ladies #1221

“We Care” Awards

of C Councils and Assemblies receive special recognition at the Indiana State Convention for their “per member” contribution to Gibault.

K The total annual (Jan. 1, 2009 – Dec. 31, 2009) donation of each Council/Assembly is divided by the number of active members as

determined by Supreme Council records. This then gives a “per member” donation amount. The “per member” amount is used to place the

Councils into one of five recognition categories. The One-Star level is for a “per member” average of $5 to $9.99; Two-Star, $10 to $14.99; Three-

Star, $15 to $19.99; Four-Star, $20 to $24.99, and Five-Star, $25 and up.

One-Star Councils – receive a certificate

Mater Dei Council #437, Indianapolis

Saint Mother Theodore Guerin Council #541,

Terre Haute

Hail Holy Queen Council #656, Kokomo

Unity Council #726, Hammond

Shelbyville Council #822, Shelbyville

Msgr. J.J. Seimtz Council #864, Decatur

Msgr. Rawlinson Council #1252, Seymour

Notre Dame Council #1477, Notre Dame

St. Bernard Council #1631, North Vernon

Saints Peter & Paul Council #2215, Haubstadt

Our Lady of Fatima Council #3228,


Msgr. Downey Council #3660, Indianapolis

Marian Council #3840, Cedar Lake

Saint Joseph Council #5290, Indianapolis

Saint Martin’s Council #6273, Martinsville

Queen of All Saints Council #6347, Knox

Bishop Andrew Grutka Council #7878, Gary

Scott County Council #8052, Scottsburg

Fr. Michael J. McGivney Council #8082, Dyer

All Saints Council #9441, Clinton

Fr. Seger Council #10371, Shelbyville

Four Corners Council #10422, Hayden

Msgr. Robert Weis Council #10596, Munster

Good Shepard Council #10811, Merrillville

Father M. Joseph McDonnell Council #11044,


Queen of Angels Council #12154, St. John

Our Lady of Perpetual Help #12510, Zionsville

Saint Joseph the Carpenter Council #13968,


Saint Patrick of Arcola Council #13971, Fort


Father Dominic Duehmig Council #14214,


Good Shepherd Council #14673, Evansville

Bishop William Arnold Assembly #243

Saints Louis & Mary Assembly #250

Msgr. A.J. Sprigler Assembly #253

Bishop Leo A. Pursley Assembly #1974

Two-Star Councils

Lafayette Council #456, Lafayette

Msgr. Thomas J. Travers Council Father Gibault

Council #712, Vincennes

Saint Ann Council #1755, New Castle

Fr. Thomas J. Kelley Council #6923, Fishers

Father Bernard Voges Council #8487, Osgood

St. Clements Council #10257, Boonville

Father Gibault Assembly #256

Marian Assembly #1833

Mother Teresa Assembly #2581

Three-Star Councils

Evansville Council #565

Father Ralph Doyle Council #732, Loogootee

Saint Thomas Council #1347, Hobart

Corpus Christi Council #7839, Kendallville

St. Joseph Hessen Castle Council #12379, Ft.


Queen of All Saints Council #12951, Michigan


St. Aloysius Parish Council #13142, Yoder

Four-Star Councils

Saint Christopher Council #1265, Tipton

Marquette Council #3631, Griffith

Fr. Ryan Council #6679, Linton

Our Lady of the Lakes Council #7053, Angola

Msgr. Alvin J. Jasinski Council #8080, Highland

Newburgh Council #8746

Five-Star Councils

Saint John Neumann Council #6955, Monticello

Fr. Petit Council #2957, Wabash

Saint Paul the Apostle Council #560, Muncie

Saint Alfred Council #4933, Hammond

Bishop George A. Fulcher Council #12387,


Father August Young Council #1790, Garrett

Financial Support also comes from Gibault’s Staff

Amy C. Atchley

Tim Benningfield

Mary E. Beuschlein

Pamela Bird

Pamela J. Bowman

Kathy Bradbury

Kelly Brannen

Angela Brannick

Ashley D. Brenneman

Robin Bulington

Mark Bundy

Joy D. Burris

Virginia E. Byrd

Mary S. Canarecci

Brent I. Case

Walter Caulton

Pam Chamberlain

Thomas J. Cooper

Molly Coulston

Jeremy Dix

Stephanie Dobbins

Brock Dyer

Jonathan A. Effner

Steve Freeman

Amber L. Gentry-Rash

Ozella Goodridge

Theresa Goodwin

Ke’Shana Griddine

Melissa Grinslade

Katie Hall

James B. Hamilton

Shawna Hass

Hermann Henderson

Bob Hepner

Kathy S. Hudak

Earlene James

Jacqueline Jones

Kara D. Jones

April Kendall

Mel Kirchner

Mark A. Kruzan

Adrienne L. Laffoon

Kathryn Lewis

Eric Lowery

Keith & Michele Madley

Michael E. Marlatt

Christopher S. Meyer

Stacie Minix

Jill Mitch

Cary Molinder

Danielle R. Montgomery

Stephanie L. Moore

Melissa O’Connor

Karen A. Olsen

Frank J. Orbik

Gary Passmore

Bryan Phillips

Kathy L. Pierce

Zachary A. Pies

Missy Pipes

Molly Price

Mary E. Pusich

Laura Reynolds

Elizabeth Richey

Matthew G. Rollins

Amanda Romas

Jennifer Rose

Tim Rudisel

Luis Salazar

Tamara A. Seeley

Jim & Fran Sinclair

Scott Smith

Shawn Spitler

Rebecca A. Stevens

Patricia L. Stiegelbauer

Robert M. Sturm

Tina Surber

Catherine J. Swander

Michael Telezyn

Jesse Tohill

Tyra Trueblood

Patricia L. Unger

Kara VanGilder

Mandy Ward

Amber M. Watson

Tiffany Wellman

John Winger

30 MESSENGER | Vol.50 No. 2 2010

Legacy Society

The Legacy Society Honors and Recognizes the Generosity and Vision of Individuals and Families who have chosen to make a Planned Gift to

Gibault. + = deceased.

Anonymous Donor

Theresa Allen

Robert E. Bangert

Augusta E. Barth (+)

Christopher Baur

Robert J. Beaven

Carl W. Beavin

Jean & Stephen Bilunas

Robert M. Boyer (+)

Helen Bradfield (+)

Philip Braun

Warren & Rosie Braunsdorf

William M. Broderick (+)

Steven Bubrick (+)

George D. Buennagel

Lloyal Bugby (+)

Michael & Shannon Carter

Raymond & Rita Chezem

Ronald K. Crawford

Warren W. Cross (+)

Charles Ed Curtis

Audrey C. Deady (+)

Joseph & Mary Deloria (+)

Robert A. Dowd

Ron & Carolyn Doxsee

Margaret W. Dum (+)

Ed Eckersall

Father Don Eder

Margaret T. Enneking (+)

Mary A. Erlenbaugh

Bernard W. Fallon

Anna R. Faulkenberg (+)

Audria Fisher

Kevin J. Fitzpatrick

Herman (+) & Audrey Fleck

Grace E. Fledderman

William & Jane Fortune (+)

Bruno Franceschina

Pauline Fromme (+)

James & Jan Funk

Anne B. Ganser (+)

Tom & Liz Gawlik

Jerry A. Grabman

Raymond K. Gretencord (+)

William F. Haley

James & Margaret Harpenau

Tim & Cookie Hayes

Walter N. Heimann

Vincent Helming

Charles & Barbara Henry

Alfonso & Mary Hernandez

John D. Hess

John Hoffman, II

John (+) & Alma Holloran

Kevin & Linda Hoolehan

Steven K. Hopf

Clinton Jarboe

Tim & Michele Jarboe

Laura Johnson

Lee & Brenda Jones

Richard S. Jones

Kenneth F. Junk (+)

Nona Kartholl

George H. Kieffer

Daniel M. Kintz

Brother Camillus Kirsch

Members of Gibault’s Legacy Society are proudly displayed in

the Welcome Center for all guests to see.


William Kirsch (+)

Mary Ellen Knuckles

Dorothy A. Krieger (+)

Joseph Krieger (+)

Joseph & Irene Kruyer (+)

William J. Larkin

William C. Latta

William R. Latta

Mickey Lentz

Jean V. Luce (+)

Chad & Yvonne Lueken

Dennis Luken (+)

Martha C. Martin (+)

Adam G. Mauman

Charles & Tonya Maurer, Jr.

Randy & Tammy Maurer

Laurence McGrath

Margaret A. Metzger (+)

Bernard J. Miller (+)

James R. Miller (+)

Marcella Mooney

Delphine Murzyn

Donald E. Nelson (+)

John W. Nordmeyer

Julia A. Nyerges

Leo M. Pfister (+)

Zachary A. Pies

Wilford & Jean Redmon

Donald (+) & Lois Reed

Paul & Patricia Reibly

Ken Riddle

George & Esther Ruhe

William E. Schaefer

Mary M. Scheiber

Charles B. Schladand

John J. Schluttenhofer

Maxine Schmoll

Betty R. Schodrof

Lorraine D. Schroeder

Harold A. Shuster

Jim Sinclair

Lee & Diane Slavinskas

Rose Southerland

Pam & Theo Stalling

Lance S. Steffen

Patty L. Stiegelbauer

Lambert Stock, Jr. (+)

Arthur & Joanne Sullivan

John A. Swisher

Herman F. Tierney, Sr. (+)

Charles & Diana Van Camp

Virginia R. Verkuilen

Bob T. Walt (+)

Lois Wanstrath

Loretta Ward (+)

Edward J. Weinmann

Robert D. Werner

James & Patricia Whelan

Lucille A. Wiesman (+)

Rose Marie Wilkinson (+)

Harvey & Carol Wood

Eugene J. Young

Martin O. Young

Herman Zeps (+)

In Memory and Thanks to:

William & Jane Fortune

Your incredible gift to

our children will change

the lives of young people forever.

Memorial Gifts

Thank You To All Of Our Generous Donors

A Memorial Gift is a special way to remember a friend or loved one by helping Gibault’s children. A Memorial Gift renews the life that has passed

by touching the life of a troubled child. Gibault has received the following memorial gifts from January 16, 2010 to August 15, 2010.


Mr. & Mrs. Roger Warran


Mr. & Mrs. James Ravenna


Mrs. Roberta Struewing


Mr. & Mrs. Don C. Luther


St. Mother Theodore Guerin

Assembly #252

Ed & Kathy Bradbury

Patty & Mike Stiegelbauer


Deacon & Mrs. Dennis J. O’Neil


Mr. & Mrs. George W. Wood


Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Cater


Deacon & Mrs. Dennis J. O’Neil


K of C Council #2215, Haubstadt


Mr. & Mrs. Michael Benko


Patricia O’Rourke


Bette Meyer

Bob Hultz

Bobbie W. Rooker

Capt. Milt & Maureen Lee

Charles & Jane Boenig

Donna E. Coomes

From the M.I.C. Gang

Gene & Ginger Hamilton

John & Bettye Sander

K of C Council #10903, Gulf Shores

K of C Council #6923, Fishers

Kaiser Realty, Inc.

Kay & Bill Masses

Lois Laughlin

Mary Jo & Deborah Coker

Mrs. Judy Connell

Roy C. Gaston

Shirley Cook

Virginia M. Noland

Theresa Remorse


Betty Zavor


Warren & Rosie Braunsdorf


Mrs. Patricia O’Rourke


Mrs. Anna Bolanowski


Diann L. Bradley


K of C Council #1231,



Mr. & Mrs. Ron McGrath

Bob & Kay Schneider

Charles & Juanita Lee

Ernest & Betty Evans

Gordon Peabody

Greg & Julianne Eley

Jeff & Lisa Eley

John & Jeanette Bierbaum

Joseph & Nancy Jenckes

Mill Creek Villas Assoc.

Steve & Kathy Heckber

Tom & Katie Devine

Venice & Sharon Fasse

Mr. & Mrs. Tom McGrath

Warren & Carol Wilhelm, Jr.


Mr. Dick Erhardt

Mr. James Lecher


K of C Council #7053


Mrs. Betty Zavor


Patricia O’Rourke


Patricia O’Rourke


Marie & Joe Naderman


Mr. & Mrs. Larry Battistini


K of C Council #563, Anderson


Mr. Sam Ajamie


Mr. & Mrs. John R. Blasko

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. DuFallo


Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Zahnen


Mr. & Mrs. Dennis J. O’Neil


Mrs. Shiela Callahan


J.R. Strickland


Herbert & Ruth Wathen

K of C Council #3631


Mr. & Mrs. Robert Roell


Mr. Sam Ajamie


Charles & Barbara Henry



Mr.& Mrs. Paul F. Witte


Mr. & Mrs. Roger Warran


Mr . & Mrs. Louis Kovacs, III

Diversified Lawn Services, LLC

Louis G. Kovacs


Doug & Cherryl Adams & family


Mary Jo Kelly


Deacon & Mrs. Dennis J. O’Neil


Donald Deason


Tom & Regina Meyer


Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Bahler


St. Louis & Mary Assembly #250


John J. Henry, Sr.

Council #451 Bowling League

Irene Hawks

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Henry, Jr.

Officers & Members IBEW 723

GTE Mens Bowling League

Donald A. Dodson, Jr.

C. F. Schanbacher, Jr.

David & Jeaninne Criswell

Doris E. Gray

Helen Hicks

Keller’s Barbershop Bowling Team

L. K. Zowadylre & Faye Durbin

Lamplighter Resident Council

Leanne Mensing

Mary J. Dornick

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Martone

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Troyer

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Zahn

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Schanbacher

Tom Kelham

Virgil L. Kemper


Mr. & Mrs. Dale Lambert,

Cassie & Whitney

Alan & Cece Doll

Andy & Eleen Weisenbach

Dale & Betty Heger

Darlene C. Vicars

Dick Erhardt

Ed & Joan Gindling

Floyd & Alberta Doll

Gary & Karen Bedel

Gerie Shane

Herb Hoff & Sarah

Jim & Kathy Wintz

Joan Weisenbach

Joe & Carol Hoog & Family

Joe & Marlene Prickel

K of C Council #560, Muncie

Larry & Dorthy Huntington

Mary & Mary Huntington

Maurice & Eva Schoettelkotte

Mr. & Mrs. Tim Merkel

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony F. Doll

Mr. & Mrs. Art Schneider

Mr. & Mrs. Bob Grieshop

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Summe

Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Doll

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Lambert

Mr. & Mrs. Kenny Erhart

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Narwold

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bordner &


Mr. & Mrs. Tom Doll

Mr. Bob Luesse

Mr. Ted Harmeyer

Richard & Pat Chaffee

Rita Westerfeld

Ron & Bertie Alplanalp

Tom & Regina Meyer

Mr. & Mrs. Tim Lambert,

Natalie, Jonathan & Maddie

Mr. & Mrs. Gene Lambert,

Megan, Christopher & Matthew


K of C Council #3631, Griffith

Herbert & Ruth Wathen


W. Joseph Doran


Doug & Cherryl Adams


Charles & Barbara Henry


Mr. & Mrs. Mike Dvorak & Family


Mr. & Mrs. Merrill Blackwell

Mr. & Ms. Thomas C. Fulner

Donald J. Dichmann

Elizabeth Ruhmkorff

Jim & Barbara Hines

K of C Council #3228, Indy

Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Soultz

Ms. Rita J. Edson


Mr. & Mrs. Joe Brochin


Roger Emmert


Roger Emmert


Roger Emmert


Roberta C. Struewing


Bernie & Liz Esboldt


Mr. Daniel F. O’Riley


Ms. Rose Gentile


Ms. Mary Ellen Kraeszig


Frank Avila

Paul & Patricia Witte

* The name of the person memorialized or honored is in Capital letters.

32 MESSENGER | Vol.50 No. 2 2010

Memorial Gifts

Thank You To All Of Our Generous Donors

A Memorial Gift is a special way to remember a friend or loved one by helping Gibault’s children. A Memorial Gift renews the life that has passed

by touching the life of a troubled child. Gibault has received the following memorial gifts from January 16, 2010 to August 15, 2010.


Frank Avila


Mr. Ken Borders


Sam Ajamie


Mr. Russell Flint


Alice Bailey


K of C Council #563, Anderson


Mr. & Mrs. William G. Freeeman


Mr. & Mrs. William G. Freeeman


K of C Council #1790, Garrett


Sam Ajamie


Father Sorin Assembly #240


Mr. Thomas A. Fritsch

Mr. & Mrs. Norbert Tebbe &


Thomas J. & Regina Meyer


Sam Ajamie

K of C Council #3228, Indianapolis


Bob & Dottie Lynch

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Ziemba


Mr. Joseph H. Gawrys


Mary R. Gebhard


Dale & Betty Heger

K of C Council #1042, Greensburg

Mrs. Patricia Grieshop

Mrs. Sue Koors


Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Lamping


K of C Council #3631, Griffith


Joyce L. Gertz


Herbert & Ruth Wathen


Mr. & Mrs. James E. Ravenna


Robert & Ruth Bahler


Mr. & Mrs. Stephan Ziemba


Mr. & Mrs. Don C. Luther


Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Lamping


Roberta C. Struewing


Mr. & Mrs. Jack Strisko


Wm. L. Halter


Jim & MaryAnn Mancilla


Eugene J. Hanyzewski


Helen M. Harmon


Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Hartgrove


Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. Witte


Cora S. Micklick


K of C Council #560, Muncie


Deacon & Mrs. Dennis J. O’Neil


Mr. & Mrs. Don C. Luther

Bob & Paula Hinga

Carol A. Hoagland

K of C Counil #451

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Venderley

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Roe

Mr. & Mrs. James Brassell

Mr. & Mrs. John Becker

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Sievert

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Greenwalt

Mr. Raymond C. Alter

Old Fort Model A. Region Club

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Kelly

Robert A. Hicks

Twenty Mysteries LLC

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Laupp


Angermeier & Wathen LLC

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Mueller

Maury & Darle Hagan

Andrew Helmkamp

Andy & Kim Kiefer

Anonymous Friends

Auburn Automobile Company

Dick Helmkamp & families

Ben, Kevin, Chris Jeff & families

Bill & Janis Sobieski

Bob & Doneta Oswalt

Bonnie Keesler

Brian & Amy Freyberger

Charles Downey

Chris & Angela Jansen & Family

Chuck & Mary Schmidt

Clinton & Jill Lay

Dan Helmkamp

Danny & Ruth Ann McAfee

Dave & Pam DeKoninck

Dave & Tracy Schnase

David & Norma Fry

Dorothy Pippenger

Dr. Stacy Majoras


Edna M. Angermeier

Floyd & Rosemary Uhl

Fred Demske

George & Ruth Clifford

Herman & Mildred Lemper

Howard & Judy Rothgeb

Jack & Cindy Jollief

James & Judith Sheldon

Jeff & Pam Blessinger

Jenny & Max Teders

Jerry & Carolyn Vinson

Jim & Mary Teders

Jim & Fran Sinclair

John & Joan Weimer

Keith & Cindy Turner

Ken & Leah Baranowski

Kim & Kathy Shumway

LaGrange Co. Dodge

Lewis Starr Family

Mary Ann Barth & Family

Mary Ann Dolezal

Mike & Becky Traxler

Mike & Karen Wills

Mike & Linda Carrigan

Mike & Natalie Axel

Mike & Sandy Hayes

Mr. & Mrs. Alan Hubbell

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Brown

Mr. & Mrs. Gus Campbell

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Ruger

Mr. & Mrs. Marty Alexander

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Dockery

Mr. Paul Easley

Nick & Jennifer Jansen & Family

Orville & Melody Rolston

Pat & Suzie Tyler

Patty & Mike Stiegelbauer

Paul & Julie Voirol

Paul & Karen Helmkamp

Phil & Linda Speer

Phil Helmkamp

Rita Couture Family

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Harding

Robert Schlensker Family

Roger & Mary Jane Steup

Roger & Susan Souder

Ruth & Scott Durbin

Shirley Finney

Stan & Lucille Greenlee

Sue Lemper - Steve Lemper

The Ed Shull Family

The Jim Reutebuch Family

Thomas Novy

Tim & Cathy Dancer

Tim, Sarah & Miriam Speer

Tom & Dorothy Schuerman

Tom & Emily Eickholtz

Tom & Linda Jansen

Tom & Pat Dendinger

Tom Drzewiecki

Vince & Mary Kay Helmkamp

Mr. & Mrs. Keith L. Schrimshaw

Rich & Susan Higgins

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence E. Ley

Roger & Natalie Wathen

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel F. Stobierski

Mr. & Mrs. Gene Teders

Mr.& Mrs. Doug Adams

Dave & Sally Turner & family


Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Lamping


Charles & Barbara Henry


K of C Council #1461, Batesville

Sharon Schoentrup


Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. Witte


Dick & Jan Molle

Don & Josie Bolek

GK Tom Caco, Council #1696

K of C Wives Club Council #1696

Mike & Mariann Siorek

PGK Bob & Mary Jane DuFallo

PGK Ed & Mary Igris

PGK Jack & Judy Strisko

PGK John & Lucille Blasko


Ralph R. Hobbs


Ralph R. Hobbs


Mr. & Mrs. Paul Witte


Mr. & Mrs. Norbert Tebbe


Mrs. Pat Hogle & family


Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. Witte


Mr. & Mrs. Roger Warran


Mr. William Amberger


Mr. & Mrs. James Harpenau


Mr. & Mrs. Paul Witte


Mary Bogan


K of C Council #861,



Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kahler


Mike & Patty Stiegelbauer


K of C Council #1790, Garrett


Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Jonelis


K of C Assembly 253, Evansville

* The name of the person memorialized or honored is in Capital letters.

Memorial Gifts

Thank You To All Of Our Generous Donors

A Memorial Gift is a special way to remember a friend or loved one by helping Gibault’s children. A Memorial Gift renews the life that has passed

by touching the life of a troubled child. Gibault has received the following memorial gifts from January 16, 2010 to August 15, 2010.


Edwin & Deanna Shull

Kathy & Ed Bradbury

Mary Jane LaBerge

Mr. & Mrs. Gus Campbell

Mr. & Mrs. James P. McCanna

Orville & Melody Ralston

Patty & Mike Stiegelbauer


Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Henn


Caran & Jeanne Siefert

Ham & Jean Struewing

Tony & Judy Schath


Richard L. & Lois C. Kaufman


Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Bahler


Bishop Simon Gabriel Assembly


Mr. James R. Hamill


Mrs. Pat O’Rourke


Mr. & Mrs. Roger Warran


Ms. Genevieve M. Daly


Dr. John & Anne-Marie Egan


Andrea & Paul Sullivan

Brad & Michelle Cuttill

Jennifer & Troy Rogers

Kelly & Erik Arkman

Michelle & Eric Webster

Mr. & Mrs. Joe O’Connor

Theresa & Brian Carrithers


Mr. Thomas E. Kleber


Beth & Kelli Bush

Charlie Gearns

Chuck, Jan, Emily & Rachel Gearns

Dan & Beth Poehlein

Friends of Jim Kleeman

J.T. & Betty Hagedorn

Jolene & Walt Peterson

Ken & Joan Ellison

Lucille Wheatley

Mr. & Mrs. Alan Kessler

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hardesty

Mr. & Mrs. James McEntarfer

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Boerste

Mr. Jerry Knight

Ms. Julie Franchville

Ms. Mary Sabelhaus

Ray & Wilma Poehlein

Russ & Beth Puckett

Tom & Sue Kramer & Family

Mr. Dan Cunningham


K of C Council #3228, Indianapolis


Caran & Jeanne Siefert

Herbert & Ruth Wathen

K of C Council #3631, Griffith

Mr. Zach Pies

Mr. Don Klein


Dr. John & Anne-Marie Egan


Judi & Jerry “Andorfer” Dunbar


Mrs. Roberta Struewing


Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. Witte


Mrs. R. Marjorie Kuhn


Dr. & Mrs. John B. Egan


K of C Council #3228,



Mr. Joe Lane


Mr. & Mrs. Louis Kovacs, III

Diversified Lawn Services, LLC


Deacon & Mrs. O’Neil


Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. Witte


Debbie Kruyer


Debbie Kruyer


Warren & Rosie Braunsdorf


Alice M. Cleer

Anne-Cecile Thorndyke

Bea Alexander

Berneice Jackson

Betty Worden

Bob & Dottie Lynch

Bob & Sharon Blasky

Byron Callahan & Family

Carol & Harvey Wood

Christina & John Tryon

Cindy L. Aubuchon

Darren & Cindy Regnier

David & Deb Lane

David & Nancy Walter

David Scheurich

Dept. of Ag Economics

Brenda Pearl

Dirk & Claudine McCollum

Dr. John & Anne-Marie Egan

Edward Jagoda

Edwin & Mary Lou Nagel

Elizabeth Waymire

Estel & Deana George

Fred Walter

Gary E. Sanders

Genevieve Yeoman

George & Joan Kanne

Gregg Kanne

Harold & Beverly Shuster

Jeremy & Karla Lane

Jerry & Georgia McKim

Jim Nagel

John & Pat Shellcrosslee

John & Janice Mercer

John F. Shank

Joseph A. Lane

Kate DeWees

Kathy & Ed Bradbury

Kevin & Dianne O’Kane

Larry & Bonnie Green

Lois Saltwell

Louise Shide

Martin Park

Mary, Steve & Anthony Martinez

Mike & Belinda Robinson

Mr. & Mrs. Roger Warran

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Torbet

Mr. & Mrs. Bob F. Jones

Mr. & Mrs. W. Vollmer

Mr. & Mrs. Winston Sears

Mrs. Paul Floyd

Pat Luck

Patty & Mike Stiegelbauer

Paul & Janet Shannon

Paul & Valorie Dunn

Phil & Ellen McGraw

Phillip Nagel

Richard & Barbara Werner

Richard & Diana Scheurich

Robert & Germaine Schenk

Robert & Nancy Jo Prue

Ron & Lib Prohosky

Scott & Maureen Deno

Steve & Chris Green

The Chuck Bahler Family

The Goad Family

Mr. Charles Worden

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Worden

Mr. & Mrs. Chad Worden

Mr. Craig Worden

Tom & Nancy Messman

Tom & Sue Brusnahan

Tom & Carolanne Effinger

Velma & Walter Nagel

Donna S. Reed

Lois Reed

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Snyder

Mr. & Mrs. C. Robert Evans

Mr. & Mrs. James Worden

Walter Farm Partnership


Mr. Sam Ajamie

Mr. Jason Brewer


Mr. & Mrs. Roger Warran

Joseph A. Lane


Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. Witte


K of C Council #4047, Merrillville


Mr. & Mrs. Paul Witte


K of C Council #2215, Haubstadt


K of C Council #1461, Batesville


Mrs. Diane C. Litten


Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Downton


K of C Council #10257, Boonville


James A. Riczo


Dale & Betty Heger


K of C Council #1042, Greensburg


Henry T. Luckett


Patty & Mike Stiegelbauer


Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. Witte


Bernadette Fife


Mr. & Mrs. Michael Welsh


Dr. John & Anne-Marie Egan


Mr. Dennis Majewski


K of C Council #5709, Walkerton


Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Martin


Bob & Dottie Lynch


Mr. Sam Ajamie

K of C Council #3228, Indianapolis


K of C Council #1042, Greensburg


Caran & Jeanne Siefert

Cathy Ray

Chris & John Peek

Dale & Betty Heger

April Kendall

Dr. John & Anne-Marie Egan

Kathy & Ed Bradbury

Mr. & Mrs. Stephan Ziemba

Norm & Sandy Stoffel

Pam Bowman

Patty & Mike Stiegelbauer

Elizabeth E. Johnson

Gene & Janet Hurm

* The name of the person memorialized or honored is in Capital letters.

34 MESSENGER | Vol.50 No. 2 2010

Memorial Gifts

Thank You To All Of Our Generous Donors

A Memorial Gift is a special way to remember a friend or loved one by helping Gibault’s children. A Memorial Gift renews the life that has passed

by touching the life of a troubled child. Gibault has received the following memorial gifts from January 16, 2010 to August 15, 2010.

Jerry & Jane Marlatt

Jim & Rose Suveges

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Brochin

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. DuFallo


Doug & Cherryl Adams


Ms. Mary Jo Clem

Ms. Rosalie Houser


Mrs. William Menard


Robert & Ruth Bahler


Caran & Jeanne Siefert

Mr. & Mrs. Jerrome Lamping

Roberta Struewing


Gerry & Amy Mehlon


Mrs. Patricia O’Rourke


K of C Council #2215,



K of C Assembly #253,



Roberta Struewing


Doug & Cherryl Adams


Mr. & Mrs. Raymond

Minnick, Jr.


Mr. & Mrs. Raymond

Minnick, Jr.


Ms. Olivia Macia

XLI Chicago-Dallas

Harold & Dorothy Carroll


K of C Council #563, Anderson


K of C Council #861, Connersville

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Brochin


Charles C. Myers


Dr. & Mrs. John B. Egan

Tom & Sue Brusnahan


Mr. Ken Borders


Mr. & Mrs. Roger Warran


K of C Council #3228,



Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Wells


Mrs. Rosemary Maher


Mr. & Mrs. Dennis J. O’Neil


Mr. & Mrs. Roger Warran


Herbert & Ruth Wathen

Mary Lee Rudd

Tim & Diana Twiss


Mr. & Mrs. John J. Henry, Sr.


Edwin F. Oing


Gerry & Amy Mehlon

Mrs. Roberta Struewing


K of C Council #864, Decatur


K of C Council #861,




Lorene E. Hoevel


Mrs. Patricia O’Rourke


Mr. John J. Henry


Deacon & Mrs. Dennis J.



Richard C. Paskiet


Deacon & Mrs. Dennis J.



Eleanor R. Plahn


Mr. & Mrs. Dan Mroz


K of C Council #3631, Griffith


Herbert & Ruth Wathen


Ms. Anna Hartman


Patty & Mike Stiegelbauer


Mr. Mark Prickel


Mr. & Mrs. Roger Warran


K of C Council #3631, Griffith


K of C Council #861,



Donna S. Reed

Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. Witte


Dona J. Reherman



K of C Council #3228, Indianapolis


Bob & Dottie Lynch


Mr. & Mrs. Emil Kuntz


K of C Council #1231, Lawrenceburg


Jerry & Judi (Andorfer) Dunbar


Mr. & Mrs. Louis G. Kovacs III


Mr. & Mrs. Roger Warran


Mr. & Mrs. Jerry C. Steiner

Steve & Cherie TeRoller

Steve & Marsha Jordan

The Mitchell Group


K of C Council #864, Decatur


Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hanlon &



Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hanlon


K of C Council #864, Decatur


Dr. John & Anne-Marie Egan


K of C Council #7053, Angola


Max L. Schiffli


Mrs. Roberta Struewing


Mrs. Pat Grieshop


Dale & Betty Heger


Roberta Struewing


Robert & Ruth Bahler


Mr. & Mrs. Myron Hiatt, Jr.


Mr. Dallas R. Taylor


Mr. & Mrs. Dick Scheurich

Mr. Charles Worden


Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Martin


Dr. John & Anne-Marie Egan


Deacon & Mrs. Dennis J. O’Neil


Mr. & Mrs. Roger Warran


John & Becky Abel & Family


Jim & MaryAnn Mancilla


Millard M. Spicka



K of C Council #1042, Greensburg


Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hanlon


Mr. & Mrs. Warren J. Braunsdorf


K of C Council #1042, Greensburg


Mr. & Mrs. H. Evan Cunningham


Jim & Kathleen Struewing

Mrs. Roberta Struewing


Caran & Jeanne Siefert

Dick Erhardt

Ham & Jean Struewing

James B. Lecher

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Schneider

Roberta Struewing


Mr. & Mrs. Joe Brochin


Justin & Mary Kotterman


Norbert Tebbe


Mr. & Mrs. Norbert H. Tebbe


Edwin F. Oing


David F. Terveer


K of C Council #1231, Lawrenceburg


Ms. Pat Lutz


Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Smudde


Mr. Sam Ajamie


Council #8487, Osgood


K of C Council #3631, Griffith


Mrs. Margaret Unverzagt


Mr. & Mrs. William Schoentrup


K of C Council #1461, Batesville

Mr. & Mrs. William Schoentrup


K of C Council #563, Anderson


K of C Council #8487, Osgood


Mr. & Mrs. Dick Scheurich

* The name of the person memorialized or honored is in Capital letters.

Memorial Gifts

Thank You To All Of Our Generous Donors

A Memorial Gift is a special way to remember a friend or loved one by helping Gibault’s children. A Memorial Gift renews the life that has passed

by touching the life of a troubled child. Gibault has received the following memorial gifts from January 16, 2010 to August 15, 2010.


Barbara A. Walter


Charles & Tonya Maurer


Mrs. Don Wehrheim


Dr. & Mrs. David Weigel


Rebecca Wilson


Mrs. Lois J. Reed


Mrs. Earl Kreinhop

And the Winner is... Before the winner is

chosen, S.K. Stan Wrobel of Highland Council

8080, Chairperson MaryAnn Mancilla and

her husband and committee member S.K.

Jim Mancilla of St. Alfred’s Council 4933

pose - MaryAnn is holding the decorated

box containing all the ticket stubs for this

year’s raffle.


Mr. & Mrs. Roger Warran


Patricia O’Rourke


Jim & MaryAnn Mancilla

Thank you for the opportunity to

memorialize your loved ones

and for your support of our children.

Notre Dame Ticket Raffle Wrap Up


Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. Witte


Mr. & Mrs. William Schoentrup


Vincennes 4th Degree #256

Congratulations to Craig & Cyndy Wilson of Crown Point. They are

the 2010 Notre Dame Ticket Raffle winners.

Special thanks to Raffle Committee member Mike Siorek of Whiting

Council 1696 who was seller of the winning ticket.

On behalf of Gibault, Members of the Board of Trustees and the

Raffle Committee…I would like to thank everyone who participated

in any fashion - whether purchasing tickets or promoting the

raffle. You have made a difference for the boys and girls we serve

all over Indiana.

This year we raised $7,700!


MaryAnn Mancilla,

Gibault Board of Trustees

We hope to have your support again next year!

36 MESSENGER | Vol.50 No. 2 2010

Honor Gifts

Thank You To All Of Our Generous Donors

An Honor Gift shows appreciation for someone special and also touches the life of a troubled child. Gibault has received the following honor gifts

from January 16, 2010 to August 15, 2010.


Our 17th Wedding Anniversary!

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Bachman


Happy 50th Anniversary!

Thomas Fritsch


K of C Council #4933


Happy Anniversary

Norbert Tebbe


50th Wedding Anniversary

Frank & Alice Gorski


Honoring your 200th victory

as coach!

Dr. & Mrs. John B. Egan


Congrats! 25 yrs. as priest &

election as Vice Provincial


Dr. John & Anne-Marie Egan


Hope you are feeling better soon

Patty & Mike Stiegelbauer


Happy Birthday

Mr. & Mrs. Marllon D. Carter



Get Well Soon

Dale & Betty Heger


Happy Birthday!

James & Alison Jaksa


Congrats to Rensselaer

Volunteers of the Month

Dr. & Mrs. John B. Egan


Honoring the children

Michael & Barbara Erdelen

K of C Council #9696, Lowell



Honoring Class on May 16

Princeton #1131

Fishers 3rd Degree Team



K of C Council #563, Anderson


Honoring 1st Degree Class


K of C Council #451, Ft. Wayne


Honoring 1st Degree Classes

5/17/2010 & 6/21/2010

K of C Counil #451,

Fort Wayne



Eagle Scout ceremony Patrick


David & Cheryle Cudzilo


Gibault Bucks

Knights of #9696, Lowell


Congratulation on recent marriage

Mr. & Mrs. James Harpenau


Congrats an excellent

directorship of a performance

in The Music Man

Dr. John & Anne-Marie Egan


50th Wedding Anniversary

Mrs. Roberta Struewing

Caran & Jeanne Siefert


Honoring Jon for his help

Jim Sinclair


Happy Birthday

Patty & Mike Stiegelbauer


Happy Birthday

Patty & Mike Stiegelbauer


50th Anniversary of Ordination

Dr. John & Anne-Marie Egan


Happy 80th Birthday

Jan Erlenbaugh Gaddis

Patty & Mike Stiegelbauer


Praying for good health

Patty & Mike Stiegelbauer


Honoring them for their

recent help!

Jim Sinclair


50th Wedding Anniversary

Mrs. Roberta Struewing


Happy Anniversary!

Mr. & Mrs. Norbert H. Tebbe


Happy Anniversary!

Mr. & Mrs. Norbert H. Tebbe


50th Wedding Anniversary

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Struewing


Congrats! 60 yrs. as Priest

Dr. John & Anne-Marie Egan


A gift for the children

AOH, Kevin Barry Div., Indy



Happy Birthday

Dr. John & Anne-Marie Egan


Happy 90th Birthday

Raymond C. Alter


Happy 90th Birthday

Jim & MaryAnn Mancilla


Thank you & Happy Easter

Dr. John & Anne-Marie Egan


Congratulations on 2009

Ancilla Award!

Dr. & Mrs. John B. Egan


50th Wedding Anniversary

Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Lamping


Dr. & Mrs. John B. Egan


Happy Birthday!

Mr. & Mrs. Nortbert H.Tebbe


Happy Anniversary

Mr. & Mrs. Norbert Tebbe


Happy Birthday

Mr. & Mrs. Norbert Tebbe


60th Wedding Anniversary

Mr. & Mrs. David R. Wahman


50th Wedding Anniversary

Dr. John & Anne-Marie Egan


Happy Anniversary!

Mr. & Mrs. Doug Adams


Happy Birthday!

Dr. John & Anne-Marie Egan


Congratulations! Candidate for

doctorate at Loyola.

Dr. John & Anne-Marie Egan


Honor of her birth

Kathy & Ed Bradbury


Congrats on 70 years as Priest.

Dr. John & Annie-Marie Egan


Thank you for your hospitality

Patty Stiegelbauer


50th Wedding Anniversary

Mr. & Mrs. James K. Moorman


Birth of son on April 14th

Dr. John & Anne-Marie Egan


Honoring Patty Stiegelbauer’s

first grandchild.

Kathy Bradbury


Thank you & Happy Easter!

Dr. John & Anne-Marie Egan


Happy Birthday

MaryAnn Mancilla

Patty & Mike Stiegelbauer


Happy Birthday

Patty & Mike Stiegelbauer


Congrats on 50yrs, Sister of

St. Joseph

Dr. John & Anne-Marie Egan


Congratulations on publication

of book, The Lion’s Pride

Dr. John & Anne Marie Egan


A gift in your honor

St. Mary’s Parish Council


45th Wedding Anniversary

Patty & Mike Stiegelbauer


50th Wedding Anniversary

Dr. & Mrs. John B. Egan


2010 RCHS Graduation


Dr. John & Anne-Marie Egan


Congrats to Rensselaer Area May

Volunteer of the Month

Dr. John & Anne-Marie Egan


Happy 80th Birthday

Dr. John & Anne-Marie Egan


A gift in your honor

Mrs. Judy A. O’Connor


Congrats on 25 years as priest!

Dr. John & Anne-Marie Egan


Recovery from Surgery Get Well

Dr. John & Anne-Marie Egan


Congratulations Promotion &


Dr. John & Anne-Marie Egan


Happy Birthday

Mr. & Mrs. Norbert Tebbe


Mr. & Mrs. Norbert H. Tebbe

* The name of the person memorialized or honored is in Capital letters.

Honor Gifts

Thank You To All Of Our Generous Donors

An Honor Gift shows appreciation for someone special and also touches the life of a troubled child. Gibault has received the following honor gifts

from January 16, 2010 to August 15, 2010.


Happy Birthday

Mr. & Mrs. Norbert Tebbe


Happy Birthday!

Mr. & Mrs. Norbert H. Tebbe


Happy Birthday

Mr. & Mrs. Norbert Tebbe



Happy Anniversary

Mr. & Mrs. Norbert Tebbe


Your 500th victory as coach!

Dr. & Mrs. John B. Egan


Congrats on birth of your


Dr. & Mrs. John B. Egan


Happy 50th Wedding


Mr. & Mrs. James Knecht


Happy 50th Wedding


Richard & Helen Downton


Inducted into the Ripley

County Basketball Hall of


Mrs. Roberta Struewing

Father McGivney

Health Care Center

Providing long-term residential

care to persons with chronic

illness or disability

Dear Family & Friends,

Our vision is to provide residents with

the highest quality of care to meet their individualized

needs. McGivney Health Care Center provides a

continuum of care in a smaller, family-like setting,

creating a sense of pride for residents, staff, family

and friends. This home is filled with lots of love,

laughter and activity for the residents to enjoy.


Fran Jenkins, Administrator


Happy Birthday

Mr. & Mrs. Norbert H. Tebbe


Happy Birthday

Mr. & Mrs. Norbert Tebbe


Happy Anniversary

Mr. & Mrs. Norbert Tebbe


Honoring our anniversary!

Mr. & Mrs. Norbert H. Tebbe


Happy 50th Birthday

Dr. John & Anne-Marie Egan


Gift in your honor.

Anonymous Donor


Happy Birthday

Mr. & Mrs. Norbert Tebbe


50th Wedding Anniversary

Dr. John & Anne-Marie Egan


Thinking of you

Anthony W. Yudt


God Bless the US Military

Jason & Jill Simala

* The name of the person memorialized or honored is in Capital letters.

McGivney Health Care is committed to making

your experience both caring and comfortable. If

you are considering a health care facility for a

loved one, please feel free to call us for a tour.

Address: 2907 East 136th St, Carmel, IN 46033-9402 ~ Phone: 317-846-0265

38 MESSENGER | Vol.50 No. 2 2010

Springfield Visitation Program

by Jill Mitch, Visitation Supervisor

The Gibault Springfield Visitation Program provides a safe, friendly and neutral environment allowing

children separated from their families or in foster care to visit with their families. The program offers 3 levels of

supervision in which the referring agency chooses. Level 1 is constant supervision with a staff member in the

room at all times. Level 2 is 15-minute checks during the visit. Level 3 includes 30-minute checks during the

visit. Referrals can be made directly to the Visitation Center by Clark County Department of Job and Family

Services and the local court system. Private individuals may also elect to use the Visitation Program.

During each visit, staff respectfully offer suggestions and model appropriate discipline techniques, age

appropriate care, nutrition and child development information. The Visitation Program has age appropriate

toys, art supplies and educational activities for the families to utilize during their visits. Staff also encourages

the visiting parties to provide their own activities. Along with all the indoor activities there is an abundance

of activities for families to enjoy outside. A year ago the agency received funding to update the basketball

court and purchase new basketball hoops. Our families congregate on the court to play basketball, ride bikes,

scooters and engage in other outdoor games.

Within the last eight months, Visitation Program staff put together different holiday and seasonal activities for

visiting families. Christmas with Santa, Easter Egg Hunts and coloring contests are just a few.


Zach Pies

Director of Development

Come Visit Gibault

For more than 14 years I have been able to witness life-changing opportunities

occur for the kids we serve. I have seen kids proudly showing off their first “A” on

a report card. I have seen our kids stand taller when they put on their first official

team uniform. I have also seen amazing smiles while tears roll down a young

person’s face as they accept their high school diploma.

You’ve probably heard or read about some of the inspiring stories in other Gibault

publications or from presentations by Gibault staff or volunteers. These are truly

amazing milestones to witness.

These lives have been transformed through the generosity of donors like you! Your

donations hold incredible power to change life and restore hope for the kids we

serve. You make our mission possible.

For those of you who have not had the chance to witness a life-changing opportunity I encourage you to visit

our campus and see the difference made every day.

You can also return the information slip below with

your next contribution if you would like an invitation

to our next graduation or awards banquet on the Terre

Haute campus.

Seeing our kids succeed is amazing…knowing you

helped make it happen is priceless.


Cut Here

I would like an invitation to Gibault’s next

special event:








Life-changing opportunities…

For You…

...and the kids we serve!

By providing Gibault with a Charitable Gift Annuity you help

ensure the future of our mission to provide life-changing

opportunities for the kids we serve.

Charitable Gift Annuities are simple! You make a financial

contribution to Gibault of $5,000 or more and we agree to

pay you back a percentage of that gift for the rest of your

life! Gibault requires donors to be at least age 60.

Example: If you are 70 years-old and you contribute $10,000 to

a Charitable Gift Annuity for Gibault you would receive a 5.8%

($580) return on your money for the rest of your life!

The income is partially tax-free and you can also receive a

tax-deduction for your gift!

The following rates are for single life annuities:

Age Rate

65 5.5

66 5.5

67 5.6

68 5.7

69 5.8

70 5.8

71 5.9

Age Rate

72 6.0

73 6.1

74 6.3

75 6.4

76 6.5

77 6.7

78 6.8

Age Rate

79 7.0

80 7.2

81 7.4

82 7.5

83 7.7

84 7.9

85 8.1

Age Rate

86 8.3

87 8.6

88 8.9

89 9.2

90+ 9.5

Did you know two-life gift annuities will provide an

income for you and/or your spouse the rest of your lives?

Call us at 800-264-1156 for two-life rates!

Zach Pies

Development Director

800-264-1156 ext 3120

Patty Stiegelbauer

Associate Director

800-264-1156 ext 3030

40 MESSENGER | Vol.50 No. 2 2010


Jim Niemeyer of First Financial Bank presents Jim Sinclair,

President/CEO Gibault corporate check for sponsorship.

AFLAC Terre Haute District Office

Indianapolis Car Exchange

Keyes Mailing

Mutual of America - Mark Deady

Trueblood Oil

Thiemann Office Products, Inc.

Ron Bowman, District 26

Norm’s Mirror Image Glass, Inc.

Bagnoche Sports

AFLAC Lynn Steppe Independent Agent

K of C Council #4377, Brazil

Time Warner Cable

HP Products

Lew Sharp

Bob Edwards, Gibault Envoy Chairman

K of C Council #1790, Garrett

Please join us in recognizing the following sponsors:

Indiana Past State Deputies - Sponsoring Prize Money:

(Charlie Maurer, Dale Heger, Bob Lynch, Ray Alter, Doug Adams & Caran Siefert)


Corporate Sponsor

First Financial Bank

Golf Signs Donated by:

Recognition Plus

Food Sponsor:

In memory of

Joe & Irene Kruyer, PSD, South Bend

Beverage Sponsor:

Muncie K of C Council #560

Hole Sponsorships

Bagnoche Sports Cox, Zwerner, Gambill & Sullivan

Coca Cola Bottling Company Jewett Publications, Inc.

K of C Council #12387, Carmel Indiana State Council, Steve Ziemba

K of C Council #1042, Greensburg JOINK, LLC

Neace Lukens Sackrider & Company, Inc.

Republic Services K of C Council #6923, Fishers

Tee/Green Sponsors

Plumbers & Steamfitters Local #157

Westside Noon Optimist - Evansville

Saint Anthony Council #1461, Batesville

John & Becky Abel, Gibault Board

Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield

Cart Sponsors

K of C Council #6679, Linton (2 carts)

David & Doris Towner, South Bend

Ed & Nancy Kreilein, Gibault Board

Bob & Mary Jane DuFallo, Gibault Board

K of C Council #3840, Cedar Lake

Joe Brochin FS Council #861, Connerville

Father Ralph Doyle Council #732, Loogootee

Saint Theodore Guerin Council #541, Terre Haute

Jim Sinclair, President/CEO, Gibault, Inc.

Megan Bradbury, Venus Hair Salon

Envoy Ambassador Dyke Braunsdorf

Prizes/Giveaways Donated by:

First Financial Bank ~ Bagnoche Sports ~ Tony’s Café ~ Sherwin Williams ~ I.B.E.W.

8 th Hole Tee Club Repair ~ IKON

2010 Golf Committee

Rick Bagnoche, Bagnoche Sports

David Gorrell, Gibault Board Member

Jim Niemeyer, First Financial Bank

Tom Kase, Indianapolis, #3682

Thank you one and all!

Valley Electric Supply Corp.

Sackrider & Company, Inc.

Terre Haute Savings Bank

Vigo Interiors

K of C Council #565, Evansville

Charlie & Eloise Castleman, Gibault Board

Sign Express

K of C Council #1696, Whiting

K of C Council #12540, Brownsburg

K of C Council #1166, Bedford

K of C Council #3228, Indianapolis

Patty & Mike Stiegelbauer, Gibault Staff

Thanks to our Volunteers

Charlie & Eloise Castleman, Evansville

Elizabeth Smith, First Financial Bank

Jacque Pentell, Forrest Sherer

Nancy Brochin, Connersville

How A Little Makes A Lot

by Patty Stiegelbauer

It’s always been Gibault’s priviledge to honor and memorialize your friends

and loved ones. Your confidential gifts to Gibault help recognize and remember

those who have an impact on your life. If you would like to make an honor or

memorial gift and have never done so, simply use the donation envelope in the

center of this Messenger.

You can do this by:

(1) Printing your name and address clearly on the top of the form.

(2) Mark payment method: check, Visa or MasterCard.

(3) Indicate on the envelope if this is a Memorial or Honor gift

(4) Message line: indicate here if it is for a birthday, anniversary, promotion, etc.

(5) Send acknowledgement to: write the name and address of the family

member close to the deceased or name and address of the person having

the birthday or anniversary.

Gibault will send a Memorial or Honor card to the name and address you

provide on the form. Donation amounts are not noted in the cards.

Patty Stiegelbauer

Associate Director

of Development

Not only will you feel good about helping a child at Gibault but the person or family member receiving a card

from Gibault will know you care!

Hall of Honor

The Gibault Hall of Honor is a beautiful and lasting way to pay tribute to those you love and care about. The

Hall of Honor is a beautiful 25 X 8 foot wall made of cherry wood blocks of various sizes. Each block is laserengraved

to honor someone special, recognize a special occasion or remember a loved one. This unique and

attractive giving option is located in the hallway of Holland/Gallagher Hall on Gibault’s Terre Haute campus

for all of our students, staff and visitors to see.


8 X 12-inch block with laser-engraved photo

and a maximum of 15 lines of type.


8 X 12-inch block without laser-engraved

photo with a maximum of 15 lines of type.


6 X 6-inch block with

up to six lines of type

(33 characters per



2 X 6-inch block with up to four lines of

type (33 characters per line)

42 MESSENGER | Vol.50 No. 2 2010

Student Achieves Eagle Scout

by Ashley Brenneman, ABLE Supervisor

Joseph, a junior at Gibault’s Holy Cross School, was awarded Eagle

Scout by the Boy Scouts of America Review Panel April 14, 2010 in

Indianapolis with Troop 18.

Gibault is very proud of Joseph’s dedication and this major life

accomplishment. Joseph joined Scouts in second grade as a Wolf

Cub. Over time he advanced through the ranks of Scouting and

earned more than 32 merit badges.

Scouting has given Joseph the opportunity to spend time

outdoors doing things he enjoys like fishing, camping, hiking and

biking. It has also given Joseph the opportunity to learn numerous

skills to carry him throughout his life. One of Joseph’s challenges

as a younger Scout was to complete the requirement of building

an outdoor shelter from all natural materials and spending the night in the shelter. One of Joseph’s most

memorable activities was biking over 50 miles with fellow scouts.

Joseph’s Eagle Scout Project consisted of clearing 1,700 square feet of land, cleaning and repairing an existing

fire pit and repairing broken benches for a local Youth Ministry meeting area in his hometown. Joseph funded

this project with money he earned by selling wreaths through Boy Scouts.

Gibault helped Joseph brainstorm ideas of what community project he had the most interest in completing.

When his project was chosen, Gibault staff and Joseph planned how he could achieve this awesome goal.

With a plan formed, Joseph and his family completed the assignment back home.

Gibault also helped Joseph prepare for the Eagle Board presentation by conducting mock interviews. Joseph

practiced answering questions regarding his assignment as well as his view on serving as an active member

of his community.

Staff also prepared this exceptional young man for his swearing in ceremony by practicing his pledge and

accepting the oath of Eagle Scout.

Joseph’s accomplishment is a wonderful example of a life changing opportunity for a child, a family and a

community. This success is a reminder to all of us. When we work together we make a lifelong difference.

Joseph’s success is a reminder to all of us…

when we work together we make a lifelong difference.


Michele Madley

Vice President

Terre Haute Campus

Is My Job Rewarding?

Recently I was discussing our mission with an individual who was not familiar

with Gibault. During our conversation, he asked me if I find my job rewarding?

It is difficult to describe what I get from my job, so I decided to share with him a

story about a child in our care.

John is a sophomore who arrived in our care several months ago. During his

first day of school, while in Physical Education class, he stated he didn’t really

like basketball and he wasn’t good at any sport. Over the next few weeks, John

would spend any free moment he had shooting baskets. He then informed his

P.E. teacher he could not make a basket no matter how hard he tried. He asked

the teacher to show him what he was doing incorrectly. The teacher watched

him shoot and suggested he bring his arm in closer and follow through with his

shot. Almost immediately John started improving.

Most people would credit the teacher for John’s improvement. At Gibault, the teacher would say the

improvement occurred because the child permitted himself to be coached. Many of our children do not

quickly accept assistance from others. Teachers, direct care staff, therapists, cooks and other staff members

spend a lot of time permitting a child to become comfortable and to gain their trust. This can take time

because many of our kids have been in situations where adults have not been trustworthy.

John has progressed well in our school and recently registered to attend public school in our community

while residing at Gibault. After registering for school, John asked his Physical Education teacher to take him

to tryouts for football. Tryouts went well for our young student. He turned out to be the fastest kid on the

team. Although he didn’t really know a lot about football the coaches were informed he was definitely willing

to learn.

John became a member of the football team and we were all very proud of him for his pride and effort. We

took our proud young star to the store to buy football cleats, ankle braces, gloves and other equipment to gear

up for his new opportunity. He arrived his first day of practice and as he was running onto the field, I noticed

another student pull him aside and politely tell John, “Hey dude you need to turn your jersey around, it’s on

backwards.” Several weeks later John played in his first scrimmage Junior Varsity game, with five carries for

thirty yards, one fumble and one fumble recovery. His new nickname by his team mates is “high and tight.”

So ask me again, is my job rewarding? Yes it is! I am a part of something great that makes my community

better because we work to make life better for others.

44 MESSENGER | Vol.50 No. 2 2010

Chairman of the Board

Dale Heger, PSD

and his wife Betty

Pray • Educate • Donate • Advocate

Gibault is a place of hope and opportunity for many children. Since 1921 we

have been a standard of quality and companionate care for those in need.

Today we continue our tradition of care as we serve people all over Indiana,

both young and old.

As a donor and friend of Gibault you make our mission possible by providing

the much needed financial support and advocacy for our mission.

Today I would like to ask you for your continued support in the following ways:

Pray: Pray for the boys and girls at Gibault. Pray they learn the skills necessary

to lead a happy and healthy life. Pray for the staff that they continue to have the

patience and knowledge needed to help guide the children we serve.

Educate: Learn more about Gibault. Learn about the deep connection

between the Knights of Columbus and our mission. Visit the website at to learn more about how donations are used and the programs

you help support as a donor.

Donate: Make a personal donation to Gibault. As a donor you are a primary part of bringing a child a lifechanging

opportunity. All donations are used solely to provide services directly to the children in our care.

Advocate: Share the mission of Gibault and the good work we do with those around you. You can brag about

YOUR program and the hundreds of children we help each year. We have much to be proud of and I hope you

will join me and tell others about our success.

With all of us who believe in Gibault praying, learning,

supporting and advocating we will make a major difference

for children everywhere.

Thank you for being a friend of children in need!

Give your lunch to Gibault!

Well, maybe not the sandwich in your hand...

but I find I spend about $7 on lunch at least

once a week. Indiana has more than 30,000

members of the Knights of Columbus. If

each one of us donated the cost of one $7

lunch to Gibault once a month for one year

we could provide more than $2,520,000.


Cut Here


Would you like to help the children

at Gibault receive some

of the following items:

fishing poles, basketballs, winter gloves,

winter hats, ping pong paddles

and ping pong balls

These are just a few items the children are

in need.

If you want to help with these needs please

fill out the form and mail it back to Gibault

with your donation in the enclosed envelope.






Indiana Fraternal Order of Eagles Auxiliary

2009-2010 State Charity

Jim Sinclair, President/CEO, Patty Stiegelbauer, Brenda Edwards

and Gibault Board Chairman Dale Heger recognize Mrs. Edwards.

Thank you for providing life-changing

opportunities for the children we serve!

Special thanks to Brenda Edwards, Indiana State

President Eagles Auxiliary 2009-2010 for

choosing Gibault as the state project.

Through this choice and the hard work of

countless Eagles all over the state $90,701 was

raised to support the mission of Gibault

Children’s Services.

State President Brenda Edwards was awarded the

“Friend of Gibault Award” in recognition of her

dedication to Gibault and our mission to provide

life-changing opportunities to the children we serve.

The kindness you have shown makes you a friend of Gibault forever, not

just today. We hope all of you who have made this year a success will

continue to stay involved with our mission. As we move forward you

can see just how far your support can take a child!

Gibault would also like to thank each of the state

officers for their dedication to Gibault and to all of the

charities supported by the Eagles Auxiliary. Your work

makes all of our homes and communities stronger!

Seated left: Secretary Sharon Hays, Treasurer Ruby Tuell, Junior

Past President Lois Lyons, State President Brenda Edwards, Vice

President Rita Garst, Chaplain Betty Cummings, Conductor Debbie

Kinman. Standing: Outside Guard Polly Rheinhardt, Trustees:

Diane Himes, Donna Weber, Marge Massing, Shirley Riggs and

Inside Guard Debra Staley.

Diane Himes State

Project Chairman

pictured with Patty

Stiegelbauer and Jim

Sinclair after Gibault

Board Dinner.

State President Brenda

Edwards presents

check to Gibault.

46 MESSENGER | Vol.50 No. 2 2010



Installation Team

Shelbyville Eagle Riders

benefit ride for Gibault.

Check presentation from Shelbyville Eagle Riders.

Thank you for helping the children at Gibault.

President Brenda

Edwards tours

Shelbyville Group

Home for girls.

Sullivan Eagles #4470 tour Gibault

Gibault Children’s Services

6401 S US Hwy 41

Terre Haute, IN 47802


Providing life-changing opportunities for children, families and communities.

Nonprofit Org.

US Postage


Terre Haute, IN

Permit No. 89

Gibault was founded by the Indiana Knights of Columbus in 1921, is accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Services

for Families and Children, Inc., and is licensed by the Indiana Department of Child Services. All staff share the responsibility for

creating an environment in which the children can change their lives. Our main objective is to enable each of those we serve

to return to their communities as responsible citizens who will contribute to a sound family life.

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