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Coordinators' evaluation Name University Special fields of study ...

Coordinators’ evaluationName Removille Vinuesa Chantal Nadja Baur Konrad Sofia Santos Gerard Kessels Helle Brok Cor NiksUniversity ISRP Paris Interkantonale Hochschule für Heilpädagogik Zürich Human Kinetics Faculty HAN VIA WindesheimSpecial fields of study/special fields of experience DE Psychomoticité France DU neuropsychologie DU clinical psycho oncologie Master international ofpsychomotricity (ISRP France) - Psychomotor Rehabilitation Special Educaon Intellectual Disability Quality of Life Adaptive Behavior andSuppors Evaluation and Intervention Coordinator PMT-Education HAN Forensic psychiatry Body-awareness - PMT in general, Children and confidence, agresionHow did you become a part of the IP? I become part of the IP because I M the erasmus coordinator of ISRP Paris First meeting about a cooperation in 2007 between HfH and VIAUC. HfH is one of the five universities inEurope that have a Bachelor in Psychomotricity. The IP is a unique chance have exchange in this littlefield of education and profession. First I was invited as a teacher of the first year of IP (in Randers) and later I assume the coordinationtask Co-founder of the IP - I'm one of the teachers who start up the IP with the 6 universities

Information Did you get the information you needed before the meeting inNovember?Did you get the information you needed at the meeting in November?

Did you get the information you needed in the period after the meeting and beforethe IP?Did you get the information you needed during the IP?Were you backed up by the coordinator from your university?

Were you backed up by your university?Did you visit the IP website: forinformation?The purpose of the IP: Similarities, differences and integration What is your overallimpression of the cooperation between you and the other teacher on the workshop?How could the cooperation have been improved? Longer stays of the teachers. This year I´ve participated as a coordinator -

To what extent were your own ways of teaching and practicing psychomotor therapychallenged by cooperating with someone from another university?Please write about the challenges The challenge was teaching in english to collaborate with a colleague of foreign country and make acohenrent course in short time trying to be clear with the students First of all: to see and feel the engagement of all teachers. A great challenge is to find together theconcepts that lie behind words, language. There where no hard challenges because I was a coordinator and the cooperation with the othercoordinators was wunderfull. Also the time in Zurich worked out in a positive way. Because I did the IPlast Year it was nice to help Nadja this week.To what extent were your ways of teaching and practicing psychomotor therapyenriched by the cooperation?Please write about the enrichment More and more adaptation aperture to other technics and method of working The cultural and also political differentces that influence PMT Th different focus in PMT I did give some activities in the morning for a warming up and the students liked it. It gives me a goodfeeling they told me that the short excercises where realy clear for the Dutch way of therapy. I will usethis experience to give more lessons abroad.

Will you be able to implement this enrichment in your work?Please write down your ideas of how to do it Ask students to make exercices quickly and explain the exercices To structure the curriculum in some other way To make more exchanges with the European Universities. To teach at the European congress for PMTTeaching the students at the IP To what extent do the students differ from thestudents you teach at home?In what way do they differ? In the way of understanding the theorical Theoretical background Practical Methodologies Cultural differences, age, live experience, focus, practical or theoretical educatedDoes the way the students differ from your own make you consider teaching in adifferent way if you were to teach foreign students another time?

Please write down your considerations of teaching differently This year I havent´t taughtHave the feedback or questions you got from the students challenged your view ofthe psychomotor profession?Please write about how your view was challenged It was challenging to be more clear in the way of explaining my method and the bases More european commom identification Profession grouwing up need to more exchanges How important language, definitions and words are and to see how they include or hide the concepsbehindAs teacher and supervisor of students' projects you have formed an impression of thestudents' reactions to your teaching. According to that impression try to estimate towhat extent the students from other universities were challenged by your teachingPlease write a few examples of how the students were challenged Because I ask them to be creativ and autonoms By paradoxial or 'strange' questions

The dynamic way of threatment was suprising them and they like to do some experiment with it athome. The structure was sometimes new for them and the will try this at home. They had someexperience now with there one thinking, feeling and acting and where suprised about it because it wasjust a game the played. And we could tell them trough the observation something about their behavior.According to your impression try to estimate to what extent the students from otheruniversities were enriched by your teaching and by making their projectsPlease write a few examples of how the students were enriched creativity - new wuays of seeing the same things - new perspectives in methodologies - new positions towardspossible target-populations to work with - new possibilities on going abroad for study or work See last question they have now a challenged to do this at home. They will try out the activities.The focus of the IP is on similarities, differences and integration To what extent doyou think the focus has been maintained in the part of the IP that you participatedin?Please write a few examples of when focus has been lost - - I was just a coordinator. And because of the few things I did (warming up, starting up moments) theeffects are low.

Please write your ideas of what could have been done to maintain focus in yourexamples above - - It was ok, because I was a coordinator and my role was only give structures and to coach the students.And that was working out in a positive way.As a teacher how do you estimate the students' educational benefit of the IP on ascale from 1 to 10 where 10 is the maximum benifit and 1 is the lowestPlease comment on the estimation Because the method of beeing mixed and work in two days highly chanllenged them - new and more knowledge more awareness of what a psyshcomotor therapist can do diversity ofmethodologies and paradigms no comment - They where working straight, hard, positive, with pleasure and as a group.Further comments on the IP Very good experience The students have grown a lot. Their thinking got much open, the reflexion on psychomotricity andthemselves was high. A next IP is recommended - We have to go on with this kind of projects, because it helps to think in a European way.

This was the last IP with support from Erasmus Lifelong Learning. In future we wantto make a 1-week summer school for students at HAN, HfH, Windesheim, ISRP, FMHand VIA. Do you have any suggestions as for the theme/themes of such a summerschool? Research in europe in psychomotricity - Research Professional and Personal Competences Evaluation Research Professional personal development Happiness - I'm one of the coordinators who is involveld that means I do the discusion with the group.Do you have any other suggestions concerning a 1-week summer school? same way of working By deciding on the theme it is essentiel that the students and teachers should get knowledge about thedifferencies of the countries and so broaden their horizon. There needs to be another output as if thesame theme would be taught just in the own country. the same... No -

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