Farmer Parasite Control What can you do?

Farmer Parasite Control What can you do?

Farmer Parasite Control What can you do?


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<strong>Farmer</strong> <strong>Parasite</strong> <strong>Control</strong><strong>What</strong> <strong>can</strong> <strong>you</strong> <strong>do</strong>?

<strong>Farmer</strong> <strong>Parasite</strong> <strong>Control</strong> Determine drench resistance status of <strong>you</strong>r farm A<strong>do</strong>pt “Best Practice” regarding parasite control

FEC caution 4900 adult Oster = 0 epg3800 adult Oster = 150 epg56700 adult Oster = 80epgField Trial Massey 2005 weaners in Autumn % efficacyOstertagia (adult)FECRTIvomec oral 31% 56%Ivomec Pour On 68% 100%Cydectin PourOn 94% 100%

FEC caution Adult abomasal worms and FEC- reasonable correlation in Autumn ??- no correlation in Spring Zero FEC <strong>do</strong>es not mean no parasites Positive FEC = parasites but no indication oftotal numbers

Cost Determining Farm Status <strong>Control</strong> and treatment groups – samplecollection, lab fees & interpretationapprox $1300 per group = $3900 Moxi treated group sacrificed due to WT asresult off label useapprox $500 / deer x 6 = $3000 Total Cost approx = $7000

“Cheap & Nasty” option based oncrude estimate. No <strong>Control</strong> Moxi treatment groups only – sample collection, lab fees &interpretation = $1300 Moxi treated group sacrificed due to WT as result off label use$500/deer = $3000 Total Cost approx = $4300 Only 4 deer and only count adult parasites = $2800 Limitations – zero result = ? Pretreatment parasite burden- some parasites = likely resist but not quantified

A<strong>do</strong>pt Best Practice Assume drench resistance is presentand act accordingly Do not use Pour On drenches Use Triple Combination drenchCydectin injection + S<strong>can</strong>da Quarantine drench Refugia

Weaner Drenching Early season/1 st drench/Jan-Feblungworm primary concernAudige et al(1998) Feb 65% March 83%Mwendwa (2007) Jan 26% 50epg Feb 37% 110epgDruijf (2011) Jan & Feb 90% 200epgCombination Late Autumn/early winterGI parasite numbers higherCombination

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