Established 1847.

Established 1847.


t^fje 0ltan publicHtbrarpcop. 2.r.ia« ^V7, Al Book OXZThis is a reference book and can not be taken from thelibrary without special permission of the librarian.

O L E A ND i r e c t o r y1 8 8 9 - 9 0 ,COMPILED BYGEO. F. T H O M P S O NAND PUBLISHED BYPersons, Sibley &Spaulding.DAILY HERALD PRINT,OLBAN, N. Y.

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PICiVNS YL VANIA STOJIA111LUMP.KR YAK "xpxunsylvanta stoiiaiuPL AH INfl Mll.l'.ri.HUBBAHD d: BLAKE'KTANNEBY.\•NJt >^-o-J*=-Vl^—^-3& as

nCUTICT Esoecial attention to Crown and Bridge work and Correcting'UCIl I lu I • Irregularities.Hours 9 to 13: 1 tos. 3DE. S. J- FISHEE, ID. 3D. S-Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.ABBREVIATIONS.Ave. avenue; bds. boards; bet. between; cor. corner; mfr. manuf*turer;N. O. North Olean; S. O. South Olean; E. O. East Olean;W. O. West Olean; Bv. Boardmanville; opp. opposite. The word streetis implied.WARDBOUNDARIES.ocCOFirst—On the north by State street, east by Union, south by Alleganyriver and west by Seventh street.Second—On the north by State street, east by Olean creek and Alleganyriver, south by Olean creek and Allegany river and west by Unionstreet.Third—On the north by town line and Olean creek,- east by Oleancreek, south by State street and west by Union street.Fourth—On the north by town line, east by Union street, south byState street and west by Seventh street.Fifth—On the north by town line, east by Seventh street, south byAllegany river and west by Fifteenth street.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

V"»" nPNTKT ,Esoecial ^soccial attention to Crown and Brido-e work and CorrectingIrregularities.Hours 9 to i3: i to 5. ^D»- S- J" ^^^f^1*-' ^ P" S"ThursdayR 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.OLEANDIRECTORYUnion—From Allegany river bridge north to N. Y., L. E. & W. R.R., North Olean.STREETS RUNNING EAST AND WEST.Coleman—From 337 Union west to Fourth.Green—From 39 Union east to Olean creek, west to Ninth.Hanilton—From 166 Union east to BarryHenley—From 68 Union east to Olean creek, and west to—From 57 Union west to Fifteenth.Jay—From 138 Barry east to East avenue.Laurens—From 151 Union west to Fourth.North—From 110 Union east to Barry.Putnam—Not yet opened.Reed—From 174 Third west to Thirteenth.South—From 85 Union east to Barry.State—From 93 Union east to town line, and west to town line.Tompkins—From 128 Barry east to East avenue.Town Line Alley—From Fourth east to Buffalo.Washington—From 126 Fourth west to Thirteenth.Water—Not yet opened.Wayne—From 300 Union west to Eighth.Whitney Avenue—From 233 Union northwest to Third.BOARDMANVILLE.Main—From creek bridge north.First Avenue—East of and parallel with Main.Second. Avenue—East of and parallel with First avenue.Third Avenue—East of and parallel with Second avenue.Fourth Avenue—East of and parallel with Third avenue.'Fifth Avenue—East of and parallel with Fourth avenue.Front—From bridge en Main east following bank of creek.Boardman—Next north of Front from Main east.Genesee—Next north of Boardman from Main east.NORTH OLEAN.Union—From N. Y., L. E. & W. R. R. south.Walnut—East of UnionChestnut—East of Walnut.Ash—East of '. hestnutRiver—From junction of Green and Chestnut, northeast along creek.DR. D. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,(48 1-2 UNION STREET.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65 Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.Washington—North of and parallel with N. Y., L. E. & W. R. RPine—South of and parallel with N. Y., L. E. & W. R. R.Oak—South of Pine.Elm—South of Oak.Water—South of Elm.Green—South of Water,EAST OLEAN.State—From cijeek bridge east.Garden Avenue—North of State, from Pond to King.Griffin—North of State, from King to Duke.Railroad Avenue—Along W. N. Y. & P. R. R.Prince—North of Railroad avenue, from Alder to King.Brook—North of Railroad avenue, from King to Cherry.Bishop—North of Garden avenue, from ()rchard avenue to King.Plum—North of Railroad avenue, from Line to Cherry.Goodrich—North of Brook, from Line to Cherry.Crown—North of Prince and Brook, from Owen to Gulf.Spring—North of Railroad avenue and Prince, from Creek to Owen.Bell—North of Crown, from Owen to King.Pond—First street across State street bridge running along creeknorth.Orchard Avenue—Next east of Pond, from State to Railroad avenue.Alder—Nearly a continuation of Orchard avenue, from Railroadavenue north.Chestnut—Next east of Orchard avenue, from State to Bishop.Queen—Next east of north end of Orchard avenue and nearly a continuationof Chestnut from Bishop north to Railroad avenue.Owen—From Railroad avenue north, being a continuation of Queen.King—Next east of Chestnut, from State north.Duke—Next east of King, from State to Railroad avenue.Bush—Next east of King, from Railroad avenue'to Brook.Line—Next east of Bush, from Railroad avenue to Goodrich.Clark—Second street from Duke, from State north to Goodrich.Cherry—Next east of Clark, from State north to Goodrich.30at(=3F. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO.. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

OLEAN DIRECTORYt86cx 1889.W . H . M A N D E V I L L E ^ C O .Life, F i r e a n dA c c i d e n ti l f f S i l F y ^ E :Exchange Bank Building,OLEAN, N. Y.W. H. Mandeville. J. H. Thompson. John Troy.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.O l e a nDirectory.Abbey, Mrs. A. H., 84 Barry.Abbey, Bessie L., do.Abbey, Lulu M., do.Abbey, Susa B., do.Abbott, D. D., fireman, 483 Union, N. O.Abbott, D. S., machinist, 27 Coleman.Abbott, Mrs. M. E., do.Abbott, Edward, weigher, Elm, N. O.Abbott, Mrs. Laura, do.Abbott, L. P., time-keeper, 133 Third.Abbott, Mrs. Nettie M., do.Abbott, Eva B., do.Abbott, Clara M., do.Abbott, Frederick L., do.Abbott, Leonard H., do.Abrams, James D., shipping clerk, 160 Union.Abrams, Mrs. Arietta F., do.Abrams, William M., Jr., 13 Hamilton.Abrams, Mrs. Harriett A., do.Abrams, William M., do.Abrams, Frederick D., do.Abrams, Margaret E., do.Ackerly, A. S., bookkeeper, 186 State.Ackerly, Mrs. Jennie, do.Ackerly, Mrs. I. E., bds 14 Laural Ave.Ackerly, Davy, do.Ackerman, F. R., tailor, 15 Laural Ave.Ackerman, Mrs F. R., do.Ackerman, Alta M., do.Ackerman, Philip W., laborer, 52 Barry.Ackerman, Mrs. Ida, do.Ackerman, Ada, do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES

nrilTIOr Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingU L ll 110 11 Irregularities. „Hours 9 to 12; 1 to 5. „ ^ n „ n - w vThursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. i.10 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Ackley, Geo., laborer, bds 115 Henley.Ackley, William, Wild Cat road, S. O.Adams, Andrew, currier, 200 State.Adams, Mrs. Jane, do.Adams, Edward, do.Adams, Ethel, do.Adams, Edgar A., real estate agent, 87 Union.Adams, Mrs. Pauline J., do.Adams, Lee, do.Adams, Geo. N., 84 First.Adams, Mrs. L. Sarah, do.Adams, Minnie R., do.Adams, James A., do.Adams, Carrie L., do.Adams, Mrs. Rosina S., 144 Barry.Adams, Henry J., do.Adams, Fred R., do.Adams, Mrs. Ruth A., 87 Union.Adsit, Ansil M., laborer, 29 Barry.Adsit, Mrs. Rolsatha, do.Adsit, Orlin M., do.Adsit, George, laborer, Canal.Adsit, J. M., laborer, 20 Jay.Adsit, Mrs. J. M., do.Adsit, Mrs. J., Bv.Adsit, Myron, laborer, Fourth, Bv.Adsit, Mrs. Kate, do.Adsit, Otis B., drayman, 34 Clinton.Adsit, Mrs. Emily D., do.Adsit, S. A., hostler R. R. shop, 87 Eleventh.Adsit, Mrs. Anna, do. \Adsit, Earle, do.Adsit, Mabel, do.Adsit, Edward, do.Ahrens, Adolph, laborer, Pierce Ave., W. O.Ahrens, Mrs. Henrietta, do.Ahrens, Augustus, do.Albpalk, Viola, domestic, 257 Union.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBREGHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 11Albrecht, Mrs. Margaret, 165 Union.Albrecht, Walter C, plumber, do.Albrecht, Fred E., plumber, do.Albro, Georgia, 13 Clinton.Alderman, E. E., real estate and insurance agent, 38 Laurens.Alderman, Mrs. Minnie, do.Alderman, George, do.Alderman, Earl, do.Alderman, Clare, do.Alexander, J. B., blacksmith, 31 Sullivan.Alexander, Mrs. Lydia L., do.Allen, Daniel, policeman, 145 State.Allen, Mrs. Nancy, do.Allen, Mary, do.Allen, Edward H., do.Allen, Daniel J., do.Allen, Willie J., do.Allen, Dascum, moulder, 37 Henley. .Allen, Mrs. Anna, do.Allen, Claude A., do.Allen, Frank, fireman, bds Bateman hotel, 331 Union.Allen, George, 8 State.Allen, H. G., 107J Union.Allen, Mrs. Alice, do.Allen, John, blacksmith, 18 Coleman.Allen, Mrs. Jennie, do.Allen, William, farmer, State, E. O.Allen, Thomas, do.Allen, Edward, do.Allen, John, do.Allen, Ella, do.Allen, James, do.Allen, Richard, do.Allen, William, Jr., laborer, 8 Fulton.Allen, Mrs. Mary, do.Alles, Conrad, cooper, 48 Clinton.Alles, Mrs. Catharine, do.Alles, John, do.Altice, Miss Zellie, domestic, 122-124 Union.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES

nrUTJQT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUlUIIoIi Irregularities. . _Hours 9 to12- 1 to 5 :D:R- S" J- ^ISHtiE; :D- D-, S-Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.12 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Alvord, George, 74 Second.Ammerman, R. A., R. R. conductor, 30 Whitney Ave.Ammerman, Mrs. Agnes, do.Ammerman, Florence, do.Ammerman, Paul, do.Anderson, Andy, galvanirer, Elm St., N. O.Anderson, Arthur, laborer, 69 River, N. O.Anderson, Mrs Matilda, do.Anderson, Lacie, do.Anderson, Betty, domestic, 142 Second.Anderson, Charles, fireman, 218 Seventh.Anderson, Mrs. Louisa, do.Anderson, John, laborer, 101 Buffalo.Anderson, John, River St., S. O.Anderson, Mrs Aurilla, do.Anderson, Jennie, do.Anderson, Earle, do.Anderson, John, bds 124 Barry.Anderson, Mrs. Lovinia A., washing and ironing, Queen St., E. O.Anderson, Charles W., do.Anderson, Blanch M., do.Anderson, Thomas, do.Anderson, Maggie, King St., E. O.Anderson, Samuel, carpenter, 46 Washington.AnderSon, Mrs. Lena, do.Anderson, Nellie, do.Anderson, Bessie, do.Andrews, C. E., furniture dealer, 27 Laurens.Andrews, Mrs. Augusta F. do.Andrews, D, R., book keeper, 153 Sullivan Cor. First.Andrews, E. S., foreman lumber yard, 17 Whitney Ave.Andrews, Mrs. Mary, do.Andrews, Kittie K. do.Andrews, Clara E., do.Andrews, R., clerk, 169 Union.Andrews, Wells, 27 Laurens.DR. D. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,148 1-2 UNION STREET.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.165 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 13Archibald, Emma, State E. O.Arends, Fredrick H., 28 Washington.Arends, Mrs. Edda E., do.Arends, Henry F. do.Arends, K. Edith, do.Arends, Agnes, doArey, Frank J., book keeper at Lee Claflin & Sons' Tannery, 70 Fourth.Arey, Mrs. Jennie S., do.Arey, Ray L. do.Arey, Marion O. do.Armstrong, Miss Edith E., teacher, 28 Laurens.Armstrong, Sylvester, foreman oil lease, 57 Green,Armstrong, Mrs. Cora, do.Armstrong, Daisie, do.Armstrong, Lillie, do.Armstrong, Clarence, do.Armstrong, Cora, do.Armstrong, Carrie, do.Armstrong, Deward, do.Armstrong, Ray, do.Arnold, J. W , laborer, 94 Clinton.Arnold, Mrs. Laura M,, do.Arnold, Almond P., assistant book keeper Acme refinery, do.Arnold, John, engineer, 22 Whitney Ave.Arnold, Mrs. Mary, do.Aiordson, Emma A., domestic, 140 Union.Ashly, A. D., 75 Irving.Ashly, Emily, do.Ashly, Eugenia M., do.Ashly, Leva, do.Ashly, William J., Teamster, do.Ashly, Walter A., do.Ashly, M. Earle, do.Ash ton, Rev. James W., clergyman, 55 Clinton.Ashton, Mrs. Amelia E., do.NAshton, Mary, do.Asselta, Nicholas, fruit dealer, y Irving.Asselta, Mrs. Jennie, do.Atkinson, Joseph, clerk, 69 Union.Atwood, Jerry Mayer, Drayman, 11 Garden Ave., E. O.Atwood, Mrs. Eliza A. do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nriijioj Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUtll I Id 11 Irregularities. _Hours 9 to 12; 1 to B. ***- S-.J- SWISHER ID IX 0.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, in. x.14 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Austin, Mrs. Ann, 35 Henley.. Austin, Harrington, 73 Barry, cor. Henley.Austin, Mrs. Maria, do.Austin, EdmondH., do.Austin, Henry, farmer, S. O.Austin, Mrs. Melissa, do,W. A., dealer in Tobacco and Cigars.AUSTIN, 182 Union street, bds Option House.Ayrault, Walter R., laborer, 52 Orchard Ave., E. O.Ayrault, Mrs. Ella E., do.Ayrault, Freddie, do.Ayres, George E., Tailor, 141 BarryAyres, Mrs. Carrie C, do.Ayres, George E., Jr., do.Babbett, John, janitor school building, Water St., N. O.Babbett, Mrs. Adelia, do.Babcock, Frank, painter, 32 Laurens.Babcock, George P., New Palmer House, 222-224 Union.Babcock, Mrs. Thera, do.Babel, John, book-keeper; 153 Sullivan, cor. First.Bachelor, Henry, 1 Homer, N. O.Bahney, Joseph, boot and shoe store, 33 Fulton.Bahney, Mrs. Minnie, do.Bahney, Leon S., do.Bahney, Ellis S., do.Bahney, Laura, do.Bailey, J. H., clerk, bds 186 Union.Bailey, Anna H., do..Bailey, J. G., clerk, 13 Jay.Bailey, Mrs. E. M., do.Bailey, B. Floyd, do.Bailey, A. E., fish and oyster market, 186 Uuion.Bailey, Mrs. Louisa, do.Bailey, Ziba E., janitor, 5 Jay.Bailey, Mrs. Hattie A., do.Bailey, Ernest R., do.Bailey, Roy E., do.Bailey, Alta F., do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65 Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.Bailey Harriett, Canal.Bailey, Miss Victoria E., teacher, 8 North.Baird, G. W. D., clerk in the Empire Line office, 96 Clinton.Baird, Mrs. H. A., do.Baird, Rose A., doBaird, Bennie F., doBaird, Franklin I)., do.Baird, John P., do.Baird, Pauline J., do.Baish, C. E., printer, Herald office, bds Option House.Baker, Albert, driller, 50 Ninth.Baker, Mrs. Kate, do.baker, Charlie, do.Baker, Florence, do.Baker, Elias, miller, Orchard Ave.Baker, Miss Miranda, do.Baker, Albert, mason, 152 Eighth.Baker, James B., laborer, 22 Genesee, Bv.Baker, Mrs. Ella M., do.Baker, Ida B., do.Baker, John H., laborer, 23 First, Bv.Baker, Mrs. Hattie, do.Baker, Cora G , do.Baker, Frank, stone mason, 50 State, E. O.Baker, Mrs. Sarah, do.Baker, Ella M., do.Baker, John F., do.Baker, Anna G., do.Baker, Agnes, do.Baker, Henry, weigh agent, W. N. Y. & P., 41 Irving.Baker, Mrs. Anna, do.Baker, Ethel, do.Baker, Ralph, carpenter, 82 Second.Baker, Mrs. Emma, do.Baker, Ernest R., clerk, do.Baldwin, Eva A., 42 Front, Bv.Ball, Mrs. Elizabeth, 69 Henley.Ball, Lizzie, do.Ball, Delia, tailoress, do.Ball, Ida, dressmaker, do.Ball, Francis, do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

flCUTfOT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingULII110 I. Irregularities.HourR 9 to 12; 1 to 6. 3DIR- S. J. FISHEE, ID. 3D. S-Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.OLEANDIRECTORY.Ball, Frank M., carriage painter, 8i Third.Ball, Mrs. Catharine, do.Ball, Tillie E., do.Ball, George H., do.Ball, John B., do.Ball, Anna M., do.Ball, Clara M., do."~ Ball, G. J., painter, 20 Irving.Ball, Mrs. Lizzie, do.Ball, Raymond E., do.Ball, Gertrude I., do.Ball, Alfred G., do.Ball, W. W., clothier, 24 Laurel Ave.Ball, Mrs. W. W., do.Ball, Fred A., do.Ball, Lewis W., do.Ball, Dua A., do.Ballard, D. H., oil producer. 125 Third.Ballard, Mrs. Louise, do.Ballard, Elsie M., do.Ballard, L. Tracy, do.Ballard, Edward H., do.Ballard, Mary, teacher public school.Ballweg, Frank, car inspector, Walnut, N. O.Ballweg, Mrs. Rickie, do.Ballweg, Charlie, do.Ballweg, Lewie, do.Barber, W. T., laborer, Garden Ave., E. O.Barber, Mrs. Lizzie; do.Barber, Daisy L., do.Barber, E. G., horse trainer, 133 Sixth.Barber, Mrs. Laura, do.Barber, Charlie, clerk, do.Barber, Andrew, laborer, do.Barber, Maggie, do.Barber, Glenn, do.Barber, C. N., carpenter, 51 Washington.Barber, Mrs. Eliza E., do.Barber, Mrs. W. C, 17 State, cor. Fulton.Barber, James H., do.Barclay, Miss Harriette, teacher.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,J

OLEAN DIRECTORY. 17O . K . ; ^BARBER SHOPOLEAN, N. Y.116 Union Street. Johnson BlockS P E C I A L T I E S .Ladies' and Children's Hair Cutting and Shampooing; Fine Barbering; The BestBrands of Cigars.F E A T U R E S .A Private Parlor for Ladies and Children; AnElegant, Light and Airy Shop;Five Fine Barbers.

nCjUTIOT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUr.ll 110 I, Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to 5. :D:R- S- J- KISSER, ID. ID. S-Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.18 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Barents, Simon, clothier, n Fulton.Barents, Mrs. Augusta, do.liarents, Ester F., do.Barents, Tillie, do.Barents, Hattie, do.Barents, Tessie, do.Barhydt, James, foreman W. N. Y. & P. shops, 189 Fourth.Harhydt, Mrs. Alice, do.Barhydt, James, do.Barker, Fred H., cor. Queen and Spring, E. O.Barleon, John, watchman barrel works, 60 Second.Barleon, Mrs. Anna, do.Barleon, Mary K., do.Barleon, Katie, dp.Barnard, Mrs. M. E., housekeeper, 28 State, E. O.Barnes, Thos., barber, 113 Second.Barnes, Mrs. Mary B., do.Barnes, Oliver T., do.Barnes, Mabel C, do.Barnes, Harry G., do.Barnett, H. W., cook, 122-124 Union.Barney, Charles, blacksmith, 81 Second.Barney, Lillian, do.Barney, Stella, do.Barnum, Mrs. Emeline, m Henley.Barr, Daniel, currier, 483 Union, N. O.Barrett, J. B., bds 6 Coleman.Barrett, Mrs. Jennie, do.Barrett, Nancy, do.Barrett, James, driller, 122 Green.Barrett, Mrs. Anna, do.Barrett, Katie, do.Barrett, Mary, do.Barrett, James, Jr., do.Barrett, Sarah, do.Barrett, Maggie, do.Barrett, Bessie, do.Barrett, Kate, domestic, 222-224 Union.Barrett, Levi, tanner, 38 Barry.Barrett, Mrs. Harriet F., do.Barrett, Charlie F., do.DR. D. E, BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.19Barrett, Sadie, domestic, 30 Railroad Ave.Barmws, D. E., dentist, 39 Union, cor. Green.Barrows, Mrs. Nettie, do.Barrows, Lee, do.Barrows, Ethel, do.Barrows, Mrs. E. T., 59 Union.Barry, Marion A., 8 North.Barry, John Hi, real estate agent, 114 Barry.Barry, Mrs. Sarah r£., do.Barry, John, laborer. Cor. King and Griffin, E. O.Barry, Mrs. Abbie, do.Barry, Josie, do.Barry, Mary E., do.Barry, Margaret A., do.Barry, Michael, laborer, 259 Union.Barry, David W., baggage master, 57 State.Barry, Mrs. Kate, do.Barry, Mary L., do.Barry, Kate, do.Barry, Thomas, do.Barry, Maggie, do.Barry, William F.. do.Barry, Annie E., do.Barry,Barry, JohnMichael,D.,laborer,do.Buffalo.Barry, Mrs. Anna, do.Barry, Michael, laborer, do.Barry, George, do.Barry, Mary, do.Barry, Julia, do.Barry, Delia, do.Barry, J., barber, Water, N. O.Barry, George, 23 Laurens.Barth, Henry, laborer, 128 State.Barth, Geo., laborer, 130 Henley.Barth, Mrs. Mary, do.Barth, William H., do.Barth, Joseph L., do.Barth, Johnnie A., do.Barth, Frank J., do.|iIc/iF. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nPUTIPTEspecial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingH 1 »\t 'rre0"jlaritieS' DR. 8. O". BTCara, XD. ID. S-SEEftS ^oM0 ^ OFFICE DUKE BLOCK, OLEAN, N. Y.20 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Bartlett, Frank L., cashier Exchange National bank, 142 Second.Bartlett, Fannie, do.Bartlett, C. H., physician, bds. 144 First.Bartlett, Mrs. S. C, do.Bartlett, Mary B., do.Bartlett, F. II., physician, 73 Union.Bartlett, Mrs. A. G., do.Bartlett, Eleanor H., do.Bartlett, Emily H., do.Barton, Andrew J., carpenter, 12 Canal.Barton, Mrs. Anna E., do.Barton, Ella E., doBarton, A. L , stone mason, 102 Barry.Barton, Mrs. Nancy A., do.Barton, Maud, do.Barton, John, carpenter, 13 Buffalo.Barton, Mrs. Mary F.Barton, Florence, do.Barton. Harry, bds. 88 Canal.Bartow, R. S., carpenter, 144 Eighth.Bartow, Mrs. Mary E., do.Bartow, Charlie, do.Bartow, Lulu, do.Bartow, Lotta, doBartow, H. D , mason, 15 Winter Ave.Bartow, Mrs. Jennie, do.Bartow, Mattie, do.Bascom, George, farmer, 132 First.Bascom, Mrs Cordelia, do.Bascom, Hortense R., do.Bascott, Mrs. Anna,. Cor. Walnut and River.Bascott, Frank, engineer, do.Basquett, F., tanner, Option house.Basquett, Gus, tanner, do.MORRIS, PROPRIETOR BATEMAN HOUSE,133 BATEMAN,Union Street.Bateman, Mrs. Mary A., do.Bates, Mrs. B. M., Second, Bv.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 21Bates, Mrs. Libbie, 20 Wayne.Bates, Clarence, laborer, do.Battles, Mrs. Francis, 95 Washington.Battles, Rosa, do.Battles, Lloyd, do.Battles, George F., do.Battles, Mabel A., do.Battles, Roy N., do.Battles, J. H., 125 Thirteenth.Battles, Mrs. Ida, do.Battles, Fred, engineer, do.Battles, Archie, wiper, doBattles, Eugene,, do.C3Battles, Ida, do.Baxter, Charles, foreman R. K., 30 Coleman.Baxter, John T., attorney, Fifth St., between Washington and Sullivan.Baxter, Mrs. Nellie, do.Baxter, Mrs. Elizabeth, 152 Eighth.Baxter, J. L., miller, 4 State.Baxter, Mrs. J. L , do.Baxter, Kyban, do.Bayley, Edward, petroleum oil dealer, 158 Second.Bayley, Mrs. Frances C, do.Beabout, George W., laborer, 47 Fourth, Bv.Beabout, Mrs. Julia A., do.Beabout, William J., do.Beabout, Harry E., do.Beabout, Clara E., do.Beabout, Anna E., do.Beabout, Mabel L., do.Beadey, Bernard, laborer, 195 Eleventh, cor. Henley.Beaman, Maggie, domestic, 67 Union.Beaper, Theo, wiper, 26 Wayne.Bear, Benjamin, cigar maker, 100 Seventh.Bear. Mrs. Rebecca, do.Bear, Michael, laborer, 187 Eighth.Bear, Mrs. Kate, do.Bear, Anna, do.Bear, Willie, do.Bear, Katie, do.Bear, Michael, do.Bear, Barbara, do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nrilTIOT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUlIIIIOIi Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to 5. JDtt. S. J. DjTTS £3 ZEDH, ID. 3D. S.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.22 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Bear, Eva, 207 Seventh.Beardsley, Horace A. L., attorney, 49 Clinton._ Beardsley, Mrs. Celia S., do.Beardsley, Beatrice L., do.Beardsley, John E., Sole Leather Pad Co., bds Option.Beaty, Anna, domestic, 36 Laurens.Becker, Anna E., 9 State.Becker, Jacob M., carriage and wood worker, 17 Genesee, Bv.Becker, Mrs. Isabella, do.Becker, Edward, do.Becker, Clara M. J., dp.Becker, Herbert J. J., do.Becker, Annatta C. E., do.Becker, infant, do.\"Becker, Jacob, fireman,'17 Fourth, Bv.Becker, Mrs. Lizzie, do.Becker, Lewis, do.Becker, Jacob, Jr., do.Becker, Lizzie, Jr., do.Becker, Charlie, do.Becker, Daniel, do.Becker, Anna L., do.Becker, Mary K., do.Becker, Katie M., do.Becker, Maggie K., do.Becker, C. L., blacksmith foreman, 155 Sixth.Becker, Mrs. Mary, do.Becker, Augusta, do,Becker, Henrietta, do.Becker, Lawrence, do.Becker, Helena, do.Beckwith, Charles H., carpenter, 120 Henley.Beckwith, Mrs. Clemmia W., do.Beckwith, Ora, do.Beckwith, Earle, do.Beden, John C, printer, Times office, bds New Palmer House.Bedford, C. L., P. O. clerk, bds Olean House, 122-124 Union.B.edford, Mrs. Lou, bds 114 Barry.Bedford, Albert, do.Beech, Frank, tanner, cor. Ninth and Buffalo.DR. D. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,148 1-2 UNION STREET.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65 Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.23Beers, W. H., carpenter, 163 Fourth.Beers, Mrs. Mary, do.Beers, Mary J., do.Beers, Anna, do.Beers, Clara, do.Biggen, Dean, laborer, 16 Third, Bv.Biggen, Mrs. Kate L., do.Biggen, Carrie, do.Biggen, Lewis, do.Biggen, Jake, do.Biggen, August, do.Biggen, Fred, do.Bell, Biggen, C. Dean E., dry-goods B., do. merchant, 130 Second.Bell, Mrs. Florence S., do.Bell, Harold S., do.Bell, G. F., merchant, bds Olean House, 122-124 Union.Bell, J. F., laborer, 81 Second.Bell, Mrs. Jennie.Bell, Donovan, carpenter, 46 Third, Bv.Hell, Mrs. Jennie, do.Bell, Clarence D., do.Bell, Maggie M., do.Bell, Mrs. H. M., music teacher, 9 Crown, E. O.Bement, S. W., carpenter, 241 Union.Bemis, G. I.., carpenter, 31 Second, Bv.Bemis, Mrs. Anna. do.Bemis, Raymond G., do.Bemus, Emmett L., bottler, 38 Third, Bv.Bemus, Mrs. Sarah, do.Bemus, Bessie H., do.Bemus, Nellie L., do.Bemus, Gilbert E., do.Bemus, Harriett, bds 38 Third, Bv.Bendine, Fred, laborer, 104 Twelfth.Bendine, Mrs. Anna, do.Bendine, Fred, barber, do.Bendine, Minnie, do.Bendine, Emma, do.Bendine, Charles F., do.Bendine, Willie H., do.1i11|G3F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nrilTIOT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUCH Noli Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to B. ^D:R- S. J. FISHEE, ID. ID- S-Thnrsdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.24 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Benedict, E. E., cooper., 15 Third, Bv.Benedict, Mrs. W. W., do.Benjamin, Charles W., 31 Sullivan.Benjamin, A. O., Pond, E. O.Benjamin, Mrs. May, do.Benjamin, Harriett M., do.Bennett, William M., butcher, 29 Buffalo.Bennett, Mrs. Hannah M., do.Bennett, Flora, do.Bennett, Nellie, do.BENNIE,H. D., 93 UNION ST., DEALER IN HARDWARE,HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS, CROCK­ERY AND FINE CHINA.Bennie, Mrs. Alice B., 136 Second.Bennie, Charles B., do.Bennie, Alice H., do.Bennie, S. W., foreman pipe line, Oak, N. O.Bennie, Mrs. Minnie, do.Bensel, Mrs. Maria, 200 Fourth.Bensley, T. G., freight clerk, 460 Union, N. O.Bensley, Mrs. Nellie, do.Benson, Frank, flagman, 220 Seventh.Benson, Mrs. Maggie, do.Benson, Harry, do.Benson, Charlie, do.Benson, Inez, do.Benson, Lewis, do.Benson, Earle, doBenson. Georgie, do.Benton, F. L.. cashier Acme barrel factory, bds Olean House, 122-124Union. *Berkhousen, Mrs. M., 138 Henley, cor. Seventh.Bernard, Fred, butcher, Tenth, between Reed and BuffaloBernard, Mrs. Anna, do.Bernrether, P. H., tinner, 109 Eighth.Bernrether, Mrs. Louisa, do.Berrey, Amriah H., foreman in Wright's tannery, Bishop E OBerrey, Mrs. Hellen M., do.Berrigan, Michael, laborer, Water, N. O.DR. D. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,148 1-2 UNION STREET.

I. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65Union .Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.Berry, Eva, 75 Third.Berry, Bert, do.Berry, Mrs. Bridget, laundress, 33 Green.Berry, Mary A., do.Berry, William T., do.Besecker, Zeno, teamster, Walnut, N. O.Besecker, 'Mrs. Margarette, do.Besecker, Carrie, do.Besecker, George, do.Bevere, Wallace, Second, Bv.Bevere, Mrs. Cora M., do.Bevere, Pearl, do.Bevier, E. W., clerk, 43 Walnut, N. O.Bevier, Mrs. Euseba, doBevins, Frank, carriage maker, 39 Jay.Bevins, Mrs. Emma E., do.Bevins, Stella L. V., do.Bevins, Ralph S., do.Bickford, Aria, book-keeper, bds 129 Fourth.Bickmire, Mrs. Louisa, 137 Thirteenth.Bickmire, Ella, do.Bickmire, M., rear 135 Thirteenth.Biddlecombe, C, H., boiler maker, 105 Ninth.Biddlecombe, Mrs. Lydia, do.Biggins, Mary, domestic, 22 Railroad Ave.Biggins, Anna, domestic, do.Biggs, M. D., State, E. O.Biggs, Mrs. Marinda J., do.Biglan, James, boiler maker, Elm, N. O.-Biglan, Mrs. Nellie, do.Billings, Edwin, mgr. Higgin's store, 31 Sullivan.Billings, L. B., brakeman, 22 Railroad Ave.Billington, John, laborer, Garden Ave., E. O,Billington, Mrs. Nellie, do.Billington, Fred, do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUtN lluli IrregularitiesIDE. S3- J. FISHBB, ID. 13- s-Hours 9 to 12: 1 tcfc^9 *° IV ,*«?5" • Office Duke Block, Ole an, N. Y.Thursdays 9 to 12.26 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Billington, Joseph B., carpenter, 44 Barry.Billington, Mrs. Pheba A., do.Billington, Joseph A., Jr., do.Billington, Minnie E., do.Billington, Roy R., do.Billington, Rooney D., carpenter, 48 Barry.Billington, Mrs. Carrie, do.Billington, May, do.Billington, Bessie, do.Birge, Norman, harness m'f'g., 138 Second.Birge, Mrs. Sarah, do.Bishop, C. A., cooper, 9S Thirteenth.Bishop, Mrs. Sarah, do.Bishop, Edith, do.Bishop, Grace, do.-Bishop, Mrs Florilla, Third., Bv.Bishop, G. L., musician, State, E. O.'Bishop,.Mrs. Nettie, do.Bishop, J. S., merchant, State, cor. Orchard Ave., E. O.Bishop, Mrs. Mary S., do.Bishop, R. O., teamster, 154 Sullivan,Bishop, Mrs. Mina, do.Bishop, Henry, do.Bishop, Daniel, do.Bissell, T. J., presiding elder, 116 Barry.Bissell, Mrs. Mary J., do.Bissell, Alice G., do.Bissell, Williston W., do.Bissell, Clarence S., do.Bixby, E. D., baker, Union, N. O.Bixby, Mrs. Maria, do.Blackman. John, laborer, N. O.Blackman, Mrs. Jessie, do.Blackmer, Miss Mary A., teacher, 57 Henley.Blackwell, Joseph, gauger, 35 River, N. O.Blackwell, Mrs. Anna, doBlackwell, George, do.Blackwell, Earle, do.Blackwell, Morris, do.Blake, A., hardware merchant, 42 Sullivan.Blake, Mrs. Anna M., do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 27Blakeslee, H. C, 159 Second.Blakeslee, Mrs. Lucy, do.Blakeslee, Frank, 159 Second.Blakeslee, Mrs. Coma, do.Blakeslee, Bessie, do.Blakeslee, Alice, do.Blakeslee, Manley A., 96 Barry.Blakeslee, Fred S., do.Blakeslee, Kate C, do.Blanchard, Claud, engineer, 136 Buffalo.Blanchard, Mrs. Rebecca, do.Blanchard, Maggie S., do.Blanchard, John, mason, 73 River, N. O.Blanchard, Mrs. Pecebe, do.Blanchard, Charlie, do.Blanchard, Ida, do.Blanchard, Lillie, do.Blanchard, Victoria, do.Blanchard, T. A., contractor, 149 Sullivan.Blanchard, Mrs. Francis, do.Blanchard, Raymond, do.Bland, Charles, barber, bds. 53 Irving.Blatchford, Archibald, clerk, bds 4 Coleman.Blatchford, Charles, 51 Henley, cor. Union.Blessing, Conrad J , horse-shoer, 101 Third.Blessing, Mrs. Huldah.Blessing, Fred, W. U. Tel. messenger, 101 Third.Blessing, George, horse-shoer, 209 State.Blessing, Mrs. Florence A., do.Blessing, Florence M., doBlessing, George W., Jr., do.Blessing, Grace M., do.Blessing, William, blacksmith, 80 Seventh.Blessing, Mrs. Jennie E., do.Blighton, Elijah C, undertaker, 71 First.Blighton, Mrs. Minnie A., do.Blighton, Harry J., do.Blighton, Thomas N., do.Blighton, Minnie A., do.Bliss, W. P., student, 130 Barry.C/3F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nrilTIOT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUlNIIoI. Irregularities. ^ _rr „*,„,** TDIR. S- J- HCSHKR, ID. ID- 9-ThursVays 9V,2° B' Offjce Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.OLEAN DIRECTORY.Blood, F. L., contractor, Avenue A., N. O.Blood, Mrs. M. H., do.Blood, Burnace F., do.Boardman, £lcott P., founder of Boardmanville and real estate dealer,I Main, Bv.Boardman, Mrs. Marcia, I Main, Bv.Boardman, Miss Marcia R., do.Boiler, C. F., clergyman, 114 Thirteenth.Boiler, Mrs. Mary, do.Boiler, Arthur, do..Boiler, Charlie, do.Boiler, Paul, do.Bolles, D H., lawyer, 83 Union.Bolles, Mrs. E. E., do.Bolles, J. H., do.Bond, Edmond E., wool and seed merchant, 351 Union.Bond, Mrs. Anna E., do.Bonell, Eli, tailor, bds O'Meara hotel, 261 Union.Bones, James R., book-keeper, 19 Tompkins.Hones, Mrs. James R., do.Bonhuff, Henry, car inspector, 21 Buffalo.Bonhuff, Mrs. Carrie, do.Bonhuff, Edwin, do.Borneman, William, cleaner and dyer, 269 Union.Borneman, Mrs. Mary T., do.Bonner, Edward, barber, 111 Third.Bonner, Mrs. Julia, do.Bonny, Martin, foreman R. R., 201 Sixth.Bonny, Mrs. Ella, do.Borden, George, book-keeper, 76 Second.Borden, Mrs. Jennie, do.Borden, Jennie, do.Bortch, Max, laborer, 125 Green.Bortch, Mrs. Mollie, do.Bortch, Paul, do.Bortch, Martha, do.Bortch, Hattie, do.Boser, Nicholas, laborer, 98 Eleventh.Boser, Mrs. Carrie, do.Boser, Clara, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.165 Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.29Bosler, Frank, tailor, 88 Washington.Bossier, William, hostler, 104 Fourth.Bossier, Mrs. Bessie, doiBossier, Inan, do.Bossier, Celia, do.Bossier, Harry, do.Bossier, Person, do.Bossier, Bosworth, Mildred, Frank, do. laborer, 89 Eleventh.Bosworth, Mrs. Inez, do.Bosworth, Victor, do.Bosworth, Owie, do.Boswqrth, Emma, do.Bosworth, Floyd, laborer, east of King, E. O.Bosworth, Fred, do.Bourk, Mrs. Mary, 483 Union, N. O.Bouton, Mrs. S. P., 22 Laurel Ave.Bowen, W. H., carpenter, 167 Sullivan.Bowen, Mrs. Mary E., do.Bowen, John, do.Bowen, Lulu, do.Bowen, Nellie, do.Bowman, Jacob, laborer, 39 Barry, cor. Green.Bowman, Mrs. Irena, do.Bowman, Mildred O., do.Bowman, Myrtle M., do.Bowman, Raymond W., do.Bowman, Alma L., do.Bowser, J. A., laborer, Union, N. 0.Bowser, Mrs. Mary, do.Bowser, Etta V., do.Bowser, Wesley, do.Bowser, F. L., barber, 146 State.Bowser, Mrs. Ella, do.Bowser, Artie, do.Bowser, Nelson, musician, 16 Washington.Bowser, Mrs Alice, do.Bowser, Artie, do.j'1i1\11ii |111IF.'H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nrUTIPT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUCIlllOli Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to B. :D:R- S- J- FISHBE, U. ID- S-Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.30 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Bowser, A. R., boarding house, 14 Whitney Ave.Bowser, Mary M., do.Bowser, Jacob F., barber, do.Bowser, R. Frances, dressmaker, do.Bowser, Almeda B., dressmaker, do.Bowser, Lillie M., do.Boyer, Daniel, laborer, 56 Eleventh.Boyer, Mrs. Acheinas, do.Boyer, John, laborer, 28 State, cor. Clinton.Boyer, Will, laborer, do.Boyle, Kate, dressmaker, Union, N. O.Boynton, Olive, 6 Whitney Ave.Bracken, Michael, boiler-maker, bds 53 Whitney Ave.Bradbury, N. P., 74 Second.Bradford, Daniel, farmer, River, S. O.Bradford, Mrs. P., do.Bradford, J. Frank, do.Bradley, Anna, domestic, 30 Wayne.Bradley, S. H., oil producer, 33 Lanrens.Bradley, Mrs. Kate, do.Bradley, Florence, do.Bradner, John, manager G. B. Adam's store, 140 First.Bradner, S. B. D., 32 Laurens.Braider, Lizzie, domestic, 146 Third.Braider, Tobias, carpenter, 83 Third.Braider, Mrs. Christina, do.Braider, Charles, carpenter, do.Braider, William, contractor, 88 Green.Braider, Mrs. Anna, do.Braider, Mary, do.Braider, Nora, do.Braider, Willie, do.Braider, Florence, do.Branch, William P., R. R. fireman, 22 Whitney Ave.Branch, Mrs. Jennie M., do.Branch, Bertha L., do.Branch, George W., do.Branch, Clifford E., do.Branch, Cora M., do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65 Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.Brannock, Charles, millwright, Maple, N. O.Brannock, Mrs. Charity, do.Brannock, Otis C, do.Brannock, Clara M.. do.Brannock, Arthur, do.Brant, Peter, wiper, 6 Railroad Ave.Brant, Mrs. Florence, do.Brant, Glenn, do.Brant, Myrtle, do.Brasted, Mrs. Jane, seamstress, 98 Seventh.Breed, Miss Florence M., teacher, 126 Third.Brendall, John A., 125 Union.Brendall, Mrs. Mary E., do.Brendall, Frank, do.Brennan, D. H., boiler-maker, 31 Coleman.Brennan, Mrs. Anna, do.Brennan, Mamie, do.Brennan, Kittie, do.Brennan, Josie, do.Brennan, Grace, do.Brennan, Bessie, do.Brennan, Lizzie, domestic, 216 Union.Brenner, George, tailor, 210 Henley.Brenner, Mrs. Anna, do.Brenner, Michael, do.Brenner, Adolph, do.Brenner, George, do.Brenner, Joseph, do.Brenner, Edward, do.Brenner, Katie, do.Brenner, Mary, do.Brenner, Theresa, do.Brenner, Anna, do.Brett, Irving C, laborer, 4 Buffalo.Brett, Mrs. Kate, do.Brett, Fred, do.Brett, Adah, do.Brett, K., agent, bds 85 Sullivan.Brett, Mrs. Ellen, do.Brett, William, do.Brewer, Frank M., moulder, 6 Canal.Brewer, Mrs. Alice M., do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.Brewer, William H., do.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nrilTIOT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUL.Ii Mult Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. :D:R- S- J- FISHER, ID. 3D- S.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.OLEANDIRECTORY.Brick, D. A., sawyer, Pine, N. O.Brick, Mrs. Elizabeth, do.Brick, Sarah E., doBrick, May E., do.Brick, Lillie I., do.Brickell, Charles, 136 Sixth.Brickell, Mrs. Anna, do.Brickell, Frank, cooper, do.Brickell, E. F , architect, 104 First.Brickell, Mrs. Emma L., do.Brickell, Mary, do.Brickell, Bertha, do.Brickell, Harry, do.Brickell, T. J., photographer, 128 First. "Brickell, Mrs. Alice E., do.Brickell, Bernice E , do.Brickell, W. S., architect, 26 Coleman.Brickell, Mrs. Hattie E., do.Brickell, Freddie S., do.Brietinger, Mary, domestic, 62 Henley.Brigham, Charles, engineer, 26 Union.Brinkman, Mrs., hotel, Vine., N. O.Brinkshaw, Samuel, farmer, State, E. OBrinkshaw, Mrs. Anna, do.Brinkshaw, Ethel M., do.Bristol, Mrs. Caroline H., 68 Barry.Bristol, Joseph, M., farmer, 27 Barry.Bristol, Mrs. Bula A., do.Bristol, Orla M., do.Bristol, Margaret M., do.Britt, Mrs. Ellen, 241 Spruce, N. O.Britt, Patrick, laborer, 241 Spruce, N. O.Britt, Thomas, do.Britt, Ellen, do.Brogan, Thomas, mason, 290 Uaion, N. (.(.Broman, Aaron, fireman, 34 Wayne.Broman, Mrs. Mary, do.Broman, Lessie Moran, do.Broman, John Moran, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

I. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.Bronson, Mrs. Eliza P., 79 Second.Brook, Andrew, cor. Plum and Line, E. O.Brook, Mrs. Rosa, do.Brook, Eugene, do.Brook, C. H., carriage trimmer, bds 39 Jay.Brooks, Henry L., stone mason, Railroad Ave., E. O.Brooks, Mrs. Alice M., do.Brooks, Estella F., do.Brooks, Henry E., do.Brooks, Ella M., do.Brooks, Mrs. Mary, 209 Union.Brooks, Julia, book-keeper, do.Brooks, Charles, dentist, do.Brooks, Grace, do.Brooks, Maud D., 135 First.Brooks, Robert F., laborer, Alder E. O.Brooks, Mrs. Clara B.,.do.Brophy, William, cooper, 135 Sullivan.Brophy, Mrs. Bridget, do.Brophy, Nora, do.Brophy, Maggie, do.Brophy, Mary, do.Brophy, Julia, do.Brophy, William, do.Brophy, Johnnie, do.Brophy, Anna, do.Brophy, Frank, do.Brosworth, Nancy, East of King street, E. O.Brothers, Edwin, pumper at water works, 182 Third.Brothers, Mrs. Mary, do.Brothers, Mary, do.Brothers, Ellen, do.Brothers, Thomas, do.Brothers, Willie, do.Brown, Mrs. Edward, State, W. O.Brown, Ella, do.Brown, Godwick, carpenter, 438 Union, N. O.Brown, Mrs. Sarah, do.Brown, Henry, do.Brown, Sarah, do.Brown, James, do.F. H. Brown, OAKLEAF, Miss BOOKS, Nellie G., STATIONERY teacher. AND NEWS DEALER,'F. H. OAKLEAF & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nrMTIOT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUlUMOIi Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. JDtt. S. J. ITISHIEIS, ID. ID- S-Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.OLEANDIRECTORY.Brown, R. H., traveling salesman, 99 Clinton.Brown, Mrs. Mary S., do.Brown, J. Webber, do.Brown, William H., laborer, rear 227 Union.Bro/in, Samuel A., painter, 39 Fourth, cor. Green.Brown, Mrs. Malvina, do.Brown, Horatio E., do.Brown, William H., do.Brown, John, conductor, 195 Fourth.Brown, Mrs. Anna, do.Brown, Jane, do.Brown, James, do.Brown, William, do.Brown, S. D., 112 Fourth.Brown, A. T., do.Brown,.Charles T., jeweler, do.Brown, Jennie L., do.Brown, I. Paul, do.Brown, Joseph, 183 Seventh.Brown, L. J., currier, 185 State.Brown, Mrs. Carrie, do.Brown, Laura, do.Brown, Bertha, do.Brown, Patrick, laborer, 183 Seventh.Brown, Mrs. Anna, do.Brown, Bernard, do.Brown, James, do.Brown, Thomas, do.Brown, Patrick, cooper, 178 Thirteenth.Brown, Mrs. Kate, do.Brown, Joseph, do.Brown, Steve, do.Brown, Frank, do.Brown, John, do.Brown, Bernie, do.Brown, Michael, cooper, 52 Buffalo.Brown, Mrs. Mary, do.Brown, Mary, do.Brown, Anna, do.Brown, H. A., oil producer, in SullivanBrown, Mrs. Mary E., do.Brown, Mary R., do.Brown, DR. Jennie D. O., do. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,148 1-2 UNION STREET.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 35Brown, Mrs. Nancy, 30 Main, N. O.Brownson, Miss Eva, clerk, 75 State.Bruner, George, laborer, 51 Ninth.Bruner, Mrs. Elizabeth, do.Brunold, George, mason, 124 Henley.Brunold, Mrs. Barbara, do.Brunold, Joseph, do.Brunold, Lizzie, do.Brunold, Mary, do.Brunold, Lena, do.Brunold, Lewis, do.Brunold, Johnnie, do.Brunold, Carrie, do.Brunold, Nellie, do.Brunold, Frankie, do.Brunold, Peter, mason, Fifth, between State and Henley.Brunold, Mrs. Barbara, do.Brunold, Mary, do.Brunold, Anna, do.Brunold, Peter, do.Brunold, Minnie, do.Brunold, George, do.Brunold, Bessie, do.Brunold, Eddie, do.Brunold, Edith, do.Brushingham, Miss Josie, domestic, 122-124 Union.Brushingham, Mrs. Mary, 56 State, E. O.Bryant, Fannie, domestic, 22 State.Bryant, J. S., laborer, Garden Ave., E. O.Bryant, Mrs. Jennie, do.Bryant, William, do.Bryant, Eva, do.Bryant, Ethel, do.Bubbs, Albert E., carpenter, Grossman, E. O.Bubbs, Mrs. Eliza S., do.Burleigh, Frank, currier, Ave. A, cor. Washington, N. O.Bull, Samuel, 107 Third.Bull, Mrs. Lydia, do.Bullemer, Charlie, pop bottler, 138 Henley.Bullemer, Henry, cigar maker, do.Bullemer, Mary, do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

DEUTIQT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and Correcting •till lull Irregularities. _Hours 9 to 18; 1 to 5. =>*• &r^:B^B^m^i.x>- ??Y S"Thursdays 9 to 12. Off-ioe Duke BlosEjOleaij, JN. i.36 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Bullis, S. S., lumber merchant, 37 Laurens.Bullis, Mrs. Sarah A., do.Bullis, Mattie, do.Bullis, Gilbert, do.Bullis, Raymond, do.Bullis, Hellen, do.Bullis, Seth, do.Bullis, Gardner, do.Bump, Edward, laborer, 434 Union, N. O.Bump, Nellie, 136 Barry cor. Jay.Bump, M. V., miller, 434 Union, N. O.Bump, Mrs. Cora, do.Bump, Staley, do.Bump, Merton, do.Bump, Minnie, domestic, ,63 Buffalo.Bundy, Orlando W., painter, 73 Green.Bundy, Mrs. Mary J., do.Bundy, Louisa, do.Burcher, Sarah, 183 State.Burcher, Belle, do.Burdick, Ira, grocer, 223 State.Burdick, A. J., grocer, 223 State.Burdick, Mrs. Lillian A,, do.Burdick, Charlie, laborer, Fourth, Bv.Burdick, F. W., piano tuner, Second, Bv.Burdick, Mrs. Rubie M., do.Burdick, Maurse H., do.Burdick, S. W., painter, 56 River, N. O.Burdick, John H., tanner, 11 First, cor. Water, Bv.Burdick, Mrs. Mary R., do.Burdick, Alma L., do.Burdick, Herbert S., do.Burdick, Benice G , do.Burdick, Horatio P., huxter, 35 Third, Bv.Burdick, Mrs. Celia V., do.Burdick, Carrie P., do.Burdick, Avra S., huxter, 35 Third, Bv.Burdick, Mrs. Emma J., do.Burdick, Myrtie B., do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 37Burdick, Geo. H., Olean House'122-124 Union.Burdick, Mrs. G. H., do.Burdick, Alice, do.Burg, Frank A., machinist, 187 Fourth.Burg, Miss Sophia, E., do.Burge, Chester, shipping clerk, 141 Sullivan.Burge, Mrs. Rose, do.Burge, George, do.Burgess, Clark, currier, bds. 194 State St.Burgher, Adam, stone cutter, 106 Ninth.Burgher, Mrs. Barbara, do.Burgher, Mary, do.Burgher, Anna, do.Burgher, Charles, do.Burgher, John, do.Burgher, Joseph, laborer, 149 State.Burgher, Mrs. Sophia, do.Burk, Maggie, domestic, 7 Hamilton,Burke, Ellen, domestic, 28 Tompkins cor. Clinton.Burke, John, laborer, Walnut, N. O.Burke, Thomas, 107 Buffalo Cor. Thirteenth.Burke, Timothy, laborer, Cor. Spruce and Oak, N. O.Burke, Mrs. Hannah, do.Burke, Timothy Jr., do.Burke, John, do.Burke, Hannah, do.Burke, Albert, do.Burke, Ella, do.Burke, Daniel, do.Burke, Kate, domestic, 42 Clinton.Burlew, George, lumberman, 8 Garden Ave. E. O.Burlew, Mrs. Martha J., do.Burlew, Louis M., do.Burley, George, helper blacksmith, 65 River. N. O.Burley, Mrs. Louisa, do.Burley, Willie, do.Burley, Gertie, do.Burley, Raymond, do.CMF. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingDENTIST. Irregularities.IDE. S. J. FISHEE, 3D. ID- S-T&Yys 9 toSl? *Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y38 OLEAN DIRECTORY.encoBurley, Charles, laborer, 59 River, N. O.Burley, Libbie, dress maker, do.Burley, Charles, Jr., blacksmith, do.Burley, Emma, do.Burley, David, harness maker, do.Burley, James, do.Burley, John, do.Burlinggame, B., laborer, Cor. Washington and Ave B, N. O.Burlinggame, Mrs. Flora M., do.Burlinggame, Harris J., do.Burlinggame, Ina F., do.Burlingham, A. C, clerk, 397 Union, N. O.Burlingham, Mrs. Emma, do.Burlingham, William D., do.Burlingham, Beatrice, do.Burlingham, Elnathan, do."Burlingham, Charles, do.Burlingham, Margarette, do.Burlingham, C. A., fireman, 99 Seventh.Burlingham, Mrs. Kate, do.Burlingham, Loyd C, do.Burlingham, Mabel I., do.Burlingame, Mrs. Emeline, S. 0.Burlingame, farmer, Edgar, do.Burlingame, George, farmer, west of bridge, S. O.Burlingame, Mrs. Augusta, do.Burlingame, George, do.Burlingame, May, do.Burlingame, John, do.Burlingham, F. C, sewing machine dealer, 36 State.Burlingham, Mrs. Mary B., do.Burlingham, Harriett C., do.Burlingham, James H., do.Burlingham, Marion E., do.Burlingham, Mrs. A. C, 36 State.Burlingham, Wilbur F., 54 Clinton.Burlingham, Mrs. Irene H., do.Burlingham, Laura A., do.Burlingham, Kate I., do.Burlingham, Fred H., do.Burns, John, currier, Ave. A, cor. Washington, N. O.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.165 Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.39Burns, John, currier, 66 Wayne, cor. Fifth.Burnside, George W., farmer, Dugan Road, E. O.Burnside, Mrs. Martha A., do.Burnside, Earl, do.Burnside, Stillman S., do.Burnside, Stephen R., do.Burnside, Rosa A., do.Burnside, Burritt, Charles Hattie E., M., depot do. help, Pine, N. 0.Burritt, Mrs. Lillian N., do.Burroughs, Solomon C, mason, ioi Eighth.Burroughs, Mrs. Minnie J., do.Burt, Joseph, carpenter, 64 Irving.Burt, Mrs. Margarette, do.Burt, Mary L., do.Burt, Jasef P., do.Burt, Anna M., do.Busehaber, John, 109 Eighth.Bush, Mrs. Fannie, 41 Laurens.Bush, John H., mason, 118 Barry.Bush, Mrs. Mary, do.Bush, Alvin A., book-keeper, 41 Laurens.Bush, Mrs. Rachael W., do.Bush, Anna L., 118 Barry.Bush, William, do.Bush, George, mason, 36 Canal.Bush, Mrs. Julia, do.Bush, Alice, do.Bushy, Effie, 123 Seventh.Bushy, George, do.Bussell, G. S., oil producer, 135 Fourth.Bussell, Mrs. M. J., do.Bussell, Bertha E., do.Bussell, Edna S., do.Bussell, Daisy L., do.Bussell, Bessie M., do.Bussell, Mary J., do.Bussler, Bussell, A. Alice C, C., carpenter, do. 192 State.Bussler, Mrs. Myna, do.;:i11'jj!F. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nxUTIPT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUlIiIIOIi Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to B.IDE,. S- J. FISHBE, ID. ID.Thursdays 9 to 12.Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.40 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Butanowicz, Louis, tailor, 62 Eleventh.Butanowicz, Mrs. Mary, do.Butanowicz, Julia, do.Butanowicz, Anna, do.Butanowicz, Mary, do?Butanowicz, Kate, do.Butanowicz, Cora, do.Butanowicz, Lewis, do.Butler, Mrs. N. S., 135 Second.Butler, William H., student, do.Butler, F. Louisa, do.Butler, Milton G., carpenter, 205 First.Butler, Mrs. Jennie, do.Butler, Flora, teacher, do.Butler, Lina, do.Butler, William, laborer, Canal.Butler, Mrs. Agnes, do.Butler, Gertie, do.Butler, Blansha, do.Butler, William, do.Butler, W. J., clerk, 216 Union.Butler, Martha L.. 68 Barry.Butler, Alford W., Canal.Butler, M. A., junk dealer, 51 Sullivan.Butler, Mrs. P. E., do.Button, Israel, 19 Eleventh.Cady, Charles G., secretary of Y. M. C. A., 123 Sullivan.Cady, Mrs. C. M., 123 Sullivan.Cady, Mary, domestic, 74 Second.Caffrey, James, laborer, Maple Cor. Water, N. O.Caffrey, Mrs. Mary, do.Caffrey, Mary A., do.Caffrey, Grace, do.Caffrey, Etta, do.Caffrey, Edward, do.Caffrey, Esther, do.Cahaney, Alexander, laborer, 74 Railroad Ave., E. 0.Cahaney, Mrs. Mary D., do.Cahaney, Margret M., do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, 6AS AND STEAM FITTING,165 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 41Caldwell, J. P., formarf tar stills, Cor. Elm and Maple, N. O.Caldwell, Mrs. Thirsa, do.Caldwell, Joseph, do.Calkins, Patrick, lumberman, 75 Third.Calkins, Mrs Sarah, do.Calkins, John, do.Callahan, John, clerk, 216 Union.Cameron, A W., laborer, Cor. Washington and Ave. A., N. O.Cameron, Mrs Elizabeth, do.Cameron, Edward, do,Campbell, John, tank builder, 101 Second.Campbell, Mrs. Ella, do.Campbell, Kittie B., do.Campbell, Grover J., do.Candee, John, painter, 85 Seventh.Candee, Mrs. Nellie, do.Candee, Myrtle, do.Canel, Daniel, laborer, 195 Eleventh Cor. of Henley.Canty, Jerry, foreman R. R., Oak, N. O.Cappell, Charles E., laborer, Railroad Ave., N. O.Cappell, Mrs, Lola, do.Cappell, Sylvester, G., do.Cappell, Vera, I., do.Card, George P., horse trainer, 2 Fourth, Bv.Card, Mrs. Eliza B., do.Card, May E., dress maker, do.Card, William, sawyer, 345 Union.Card, Mrs. Belle, do.Card; Edna, do.Carey, Anna, domestic, 260 Second.Carey, A. R., operator, cor. Washington and River.Carey, Mrs. Julia, do.Carey, Martha, do.Carey, George, do.Carey, J. A., agent, 81 Tenth.Carey, Mrs, Nettie, do.Carey, Mamie, do.Carey, John, 435 Union, N. O..F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nCMTICT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingULI1 lluli Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to5. IDK. S. J. FISHBB, ID. ID. S.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.42 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Carey, Miss Kate, domestic, 122-124 Union.Carey, Patrick, gardiner, 227J Union.Carey, Mrs. Mary, do.Carey, Patrick H., do.Carey, Anna B., do.Carey, Sarah, do.Carlson, Oscar, carpenter, 134 Sixth.Carlson, Mrs. Louise, do.Carlson, Florence, do.Carlson, Earnest, do.Carlson, Mabel, do.Carlson, Galdo, do.Carney, John, boiler maker, Walnut, N. O.Carney, Mrs. Mary, do.Carney, Thomas, do.Carney, Frank, do.Camey, Katie, do.Carney, John, do.Carpenter, Charles W., engineer, Second, Bv.Carpenter, Mrs. Mary J. do.Carpenter, George S., do.Carrig, John, blacksmith, 15 Tompkins.Carrig, Mrs. Ellen K., do.Carrig, Katie~L., do.Carrig, John V., do.Carrig, Cornelius R., do.Carrig, William F., do.Carrig, Francis J., do.Carrige, Maggie, domestic, Option House.Carroll, Joseph, telegraph operator, 117 State.Carroll, Mrs. Ettie A., do.Carroll, Anna L., do.Carroll, Belle, do.Carroll, Thomas, do.Carroll, Nettie, do.Carroll, Mrs. Nancy, 247 Spruce, N O.Carroll, Frank, galvanizer, do.Carroll, Mary, do.Carroll, Samuel, do.Carstater, Amanda S., domestic, 119 Barry.DR. D. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,148 1-2 UNION STREET.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.Carter, Almond F., 74 Wayne cor. Sixth.Carter, Mrs. Susan A., doCarter, Almond J., do.Carter, Anna, clerk, do.Carter, Reuben S., boilermaker, do.Carter, J. William, do.Carter, Charles W., laborer, 51 Genesee cor. Third. Bv.Carter, Mrs. Eunice L., do.Carter, Maude, do.Carter, Clara, do.Carter, Kate, do.Carter, Reuben, do.Carter, Levi C, do.'Carter, Josephine, Railroad Ave., E. O.Carter, Harry, do.Carter, Earl, do.Carter, Mrs. Sarepta, 138 Bary cor. Jay.Carter, George B., musician, do.Carter, William, carpenter, 24 Wayne.Carter, Mrs. Ella, do.Carter, Grace, do.Carter, Gale C, do.Cartright, Aaron, 115 Green.Cartright, Mrs. Mary, do.Cartright, Levelia, do.Cartright, Carlie, do.Cartwright, Mrs. E. A., 120 Barry.Cartwright, Henry, O., do.Cartwright, Lucy J. do.Cartwright, Evlin B., do.Cartwright, Lucy, Domestic, 22 Railroad Ave.Cary, C. S., attorney, 137 Second.Cary, Mrs. S. A., do.Casey, D. J., carpenter, 21 Second, Bv.Casey, Mrs. Bridget, do.Casey, Ellen E., do.Casey, Anna J., do.Casey, Mary A., do.Casey, John A., bds 21 Second, Bv.Casey, Mrs. Francis C„ do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nrUTIOT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingULI1110 I i Irregularities.Houra 9 to 12: 1 to 5. IDR. S. J. FISHER, ID- ID. S.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.44 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Casgrove, John, laborer, Spruce, N. O.Casgrove, Mrs. Bridget, do.Casgrove, Michael, do.Casgrove, Frank, do.Casgrove, Joseph, do.Cassily, John, laborer, Homer road, N. O.Castaline, Stanley, wood worker, 26 Wayne.Castor, John, cigar maker, Spring, E. O.Castor, Joseph, cigar maker, Spring, E. O.Castor, Mrs. Lena B., do.Castor, Gertrude L., do.Castor, Fred, do.Caswell, J. C, telephone manager, 44 Laurens.Caswell, Mrs. Hannah, do.Caswell, Mabel E., do.Caswell, Arthur D., do.Caswell, Darius, 46 Laurens.Caswell, Mrs. Sarah, do.Cavenaugh, Charlie, currier, 138 Eighth.Cavenaugh, Mrs. Emma, do.Cavenaugh, Charlie, do.Cavenaugh, Mary, do.Cayson, G. R., painter, Crown, E. O.Cayson, Mrs. Ester C, do.Cayson, Hiram E., do.Cayson, Martha, do.Cayson, Fidela j., do.Cayson, Cora B., do.Cayson, Hattie E., do.Chadderdon, Sealy, laborer, Genesee, Bv.Chanderdon, Mrs. Allie S., do.Chadderdon, Emma B., do.Chadderdon, Howard W., do.Chadderdon, Sealy W., do.Chadderdon, Cora, do.Chadwick, C. E., manufacturer Chadwick cart, bds Olean house122-124 Union. 'Chadwick, Imogene L., Bishop, E. O.DR. D. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,148 1-2 UNION STREET.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.165 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 45M, D., HORSE-SHOEING AND CENERALBLACKSMITH INC.CHAFFEE, 326 TJISTIOISr STREET.Chaffee, Mrs. Ida M., 317 Union.Chaffee, Claud L., do.Chaffee, Clifford D., do.Chamberlin, Mrs. George, 31 Henley, cor. Barry.Chamberlin, A. M., mechanic, 96 Fourth.Chamberlin, Mrs. Nellie, do.Chamberlin, Raymond, do.Chamberlin, Carl, do.Chamberlin, A. W., carpenter, 74 Second.Chamberlin, Adelaide, do.Chamberlin, Florence, telephone office, do.Chamberlin, Colby, 130 Barry.Chamberlin, Mrs. Sarah, do.Chamberlin, H. W., 67 Union.Chamberlin, Mrs. Emma, do.Chamberlin, Clara, do.Chamberlin, Lewis G., 145 First.Chamberlin, Mrs. Patient S., do.Chamberlin, George L., do.Chamberlin, Husted C, do.Chamberlin, William D., grocer, 119 Barry.Chamberlin, Mrs. Emma E., do.Chamberlin, Ella H., do.Chamberlin, Clara W., do.Chamberlin, Willis A., 34 Washington.Chamberlin, Mrs. Alta, do.Champlain, Ira, cobbler, 68£ State.Chandler, George, lumberman, 114 Green.Chandler, Mrs. Jennie S., do.Chandler, Minnie, do.Chapin, L. A., bds 76 Clinton, cor. Laurel Ave.Chapin, L. E., stone business, 42 Clinton.Chapin, Mrs. E. J., do.Chapin, Joy, do.?5r-F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nCUTICT Espectaf attention to Crown- and Bridge work and Correcting-UL.I1110 I • Irregularises.Hours 9 to 12; 1to & IDR- S. J. FISHEE, D- ID. S-Thursdays 9>to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.46 OLEAN DIRECTORYChapman, J. M., telegraph, line repairer, ioi Clinton.Chapman, Mrs. Ella, do.Chapman, Mabel E., do.Chapman, Mary J., do.Chapman, Blanche, do.Charles, W. H., carpenter, brls 65 State.Chase, Mrs. Etta, 50 Eleventh.Chase, Mabel, do.Chase, Allie, do.Chase, Hiram H., teamster, Third, Bv.Chase, Mrs. Irenea S., do.Cherlinska, Mike, laborer, 210 Seventh.Cherlinska, Mrs. Anna, doi.Cherlinska, Anna, do.Cherlinska, Martha, do.Cherlinska, Celia, do.Chesbro, Frank, (Acme Milling Co.} cor. Coleman and Union.Chesbro, Mrs. Martha, do.Chesbro, George, miller, 56 Clinton.Chesbro, Mrs. Ella S-, do.Chesbro, Doran, do.Chesbro, Frank, do.Chesner, Ambrose, tanner, State, W. O.Chesner, Mrs. Mary, do.Chesner, Katie, do.Chesner, Lewis, do.Chesner, Frank, do.Chesner, Carrie, do.Childs, M. A., agent, 30 Boardman, cor. Third, Bv.Childs, Mrs. Sarah A., do.Childs, Lucy E., do.Childs, Nettie A., do.Childs, Ester J., do.Chisler, Simeon, car inspector, 111 Eighth.Chisler, Mrs. Louisa, do.Chisler, John, do.Chisley, John, laborer, 146 State.Chisley, Mrs. Mary, do.Christian, Anna, domestic, 51 Clinton.Christian, Thomas D., time keeper at refinery, Spruce N OChristian, Mrs. Emily, do.'DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

m. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.165 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 47Ciegler, Frank, laborer, 108 Thirteenth.| jCiegler, Mrs. Anna, do. ,Ciegler, Maggie, da!'Ciegler, Bennie, do. ;Ciegler, Mary, do.jCiegler, Frank, do.Ciegler, Charlie, do.Ciegler, Georgie, do.Cilds, Mrs. S. W., 16 Center, Bv.Ciegler, John, do.Clancey, Agnes, 136 Barry, cor. Jay.Clancy, Mrs. C, Union, N. O.jClancy, Eugene, laborer, daiClancy, Edward, do.SSClancy, Sarah, do.'Clancy, Mary, do'Clancy,Cloncy, Elizabeth,John, oil merchant,do.192 Fourth.Clancy, Mrs. Anna, do.Clancy, Willie, do.Clancy, John, peddler, 70 Green.Clancy, Mrs. Jane M., daClancy, John P., do. ;Clancy, Charles H., do.'Clancy, Lizzie, domestic, 351 Union.•Clancy, W. F., liquor dealer, 152 First.Clancy, Mrs. Mary, do.Clancy, Roy, do. ;Clancy, Irene, do.Clare, A. J., 201 State. :Clark, A. B., carpenter, State, E. O.Clark, Mrs. Carrie S-, do.Clark, Blanche M., do.Clark, Amzi, do. !Clark, A. J., oil producer, 9 Laurel Ave. 1Clark, Challa A., do.Clark, William F., do.Clark, Alexander, J., do.Clark, Amzi, farmer, 45 King, E. 0.Clark, Mrs. Mary R., do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nrilTIOT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUr.ll I lull h-regularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to 5. IDR- S- J. FISHEE, ID. ID. S.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Blook, Olean, N. Y.OLEANDIRECTORY.Clark, Carlton J., laborer, Bishop, E. O.Clark, Mrs. Edna L., do.Clark, Carlton, do.Clark, Carrie A., bds 18 First, cor. Center, Bv.Clark, Ella, domestic, Option house.Clark, Emma K., 26 Railroad Ave.Clark, G. F., barber, Garden, E. O.Clark, Mrs. Jennie F., do.Clark, H. J., 50 Railroad Ave., E. O.Clark, Mrs. Mary A., do.Clark, Frank A., do.Clark, John A., King, E. O.Clark, Dr. J. C, 36 Laurens.Clark, Mrs. Hattie, do.Clark, James, do.Clark, Jefferson, 39 Eleventh.Clark, J. H., 222-224 Union.Clark, Mrs. jane, do.Clark, J. H., carpenter, 158^ State.Clark, Mrs. Maiy, do.Clark, Margaret, weaver, 26 Fulton.Clark, Minnie, 8 Winters Ave.Clark, Morris, pumper, 90 Pine, cor. Spruce, N. O.Clark, Mrs. Mertilla, do.Clark, Lillian, do.Clark, Mabel, do.Clark, Marian, do.Clark, Newton E., tanner, 74 Barry.Clark, Mrs. Kate J., do.Clark, James, do.Clark, Daniel B., do.Clark, Margaret O., do.Clark, John, do.Clark, Lydia, do.Clark, Mrs. S. A., Garden Ave., E. O.Clark', W. C, engineer, 216 Union.DR. D. E. BARROWS,DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 49Clark, William, book-keeper, W.-N. Y. & P. office, 86 Green.Clark, Mrs. Jessie, do,Clark, Tracy, do.Clarke, Charles D., teller Exchange bank, 139 Second.Clarke, Mrs. Grace, do.Clarke, Defrance, do.Clayton, C. T., Supt. Eclipse oil works, 30 Laurens.Clayton, Mrs. Laura, do.Clayton, C. T., Jr., do.Clayton, Edward S., do.Clayton, Edna H., do.Clayton, Donald, do.Cleary, John D., laborer, Main, Bv.Cleary, May domestic, do.Clemens, William, blacksmith, 65 Irving.Clemmens, J., 10 Railroad Ave.Clisbee, Wilson S., musician 130 Clinton cor. Jay.Clisbee, Mrs. W. S., do.Closser,' Mrs. H. A., Milliner, 164^ Union.Coakley, Miss Mary, cook, 122-124 Union.Coal, Charlotte, bds. 2 Prince, E. O.Coast, Fleming, oil producer, 51 Clinton.Coast, Mrs. Mary, do.Coast, Emily, do.Coast, Bessie, do.Coast, John, oil producer, 53 Clinton.Coast, Mrs. Emley, do.Coast, J. W. oil prodtcer, 8 North.Coast, Mrs. Anna E., do.Coast, John W., do.Coast, Morse, do.Coast, W. F., oil producer, 17 Laurel Ave.Coast, Mrs. W. F. do.Coast, Zoda, do.Coast, Cobb, A. Ochen, D.'janitor, do. 25 Henley.Cobb, Mrs. Matilda C, do.Cobb, George W. do.Cobb, Gracie A., do.Cobb, Florence M., do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

FIFNTI9T Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingULllllOli Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to 5. IDE. S. J- IFISHER, 3D. ID. S-Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.50 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Cobb, John, laborer 18 Fulton.Cobal, Rosa, Spruce, N. O.Cobal, Angelo, do.Cobal, Sebastian, do.Coburn, May, clerk, 75 State.Coffe, A. M., carpenter, Clark, E. O.Coffe, Mrs. Mary J., do.Coffe, Mattie O., do.Coffe, Ezra J., do,Coffe, Carrie M., do,Coffe, Ethel M., do.Coffe, George C, doCoffey, Mrs. Johanna, hotel, 263 Union.Coffey, Thomas W., do.Coffey, John brakeman, do.Coffey, Johanna, do.Coffey, Alice, do.Coffey, Edwin, do.Coffey, Johnnie, do.Coffey, Rosa, do-Coffey. M. J., saloon and restaurant, 28 Railroad Ave.Coffin, Gertrude, domestic, 41 Henley.Coffin, Harry A., dynamiter, Railroad Ave.. E. O.Coffin, Mrs. Mary A., do.Coffin, Frankie, do.Coffin, Katie, do.Coffin, Mary E., do.Cohells, Mike, tanner, 66 Wayne cor. Fifth.Cohn, Max, cigar maker, bds. Bateman Hotel, 331 Uuion.Colas, Joseph, contractor, Ave. B., N. O.Colas, Mrs. Maria, do.Colas, Matilda, do.'Colas, Mary, do.Colas, Daisy, do.Colas, Leo, do.Cole, Asa J., laborer, Garden Ave., E. O.Cole, Mrs. M. E., do.Cole, Stella, do.Cole, E., carpenter, 17 Clinton.Cole, Mrs. Carrie, do.Cole, Maud, do.Cole, Mattie, DR. do. D. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,148 1-2 UNION STREET.

Ol.r.Alg'T''Ml6 I 1I:UM. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 51oroCole, Elias, farmer, Wild Cat, S. O.Cole, Mrs. Sarah A., do.Cole, George, do.Cole, Charles E , do.Cole, Henry W., laborer, Garden Ave., E. O.Cole, Mrs. Amanda C, do.Cole, Glenn F., do.Cole, Robert B., bee keeper, 57 King.Cole, Mrs. Sarah, do.Cole, Sylvester, laborer, Wild Cat, S. O.Cole, Anna, do.Cole, Katie F., do.Cole, William, lumberman, bds 60 Washington.Colegrove, C, 10 Railroad Ave.Coleman, John, laborer, 247 State.Coleman, Mrs. Katie, do.Coleman, Frederick, do.Coleman, Etta, do.Collard, Henry, carriage maker, 68 First.Collard, Mrs. Elizabeth, do.Colligan, T., raihoad laborer, Union, N. O.Colligan, Mrs. Bridget, do.Colligan, Nellie, teacher, do.Colligan, John, operator, do.Colligan, Timothy, do.Collins, Bridget, domestic, 10 Tompkins.Collins, Daniel, grocer, 263 Union, N. O.Collins, Mrs. Ellen, do.Collins, Dean, trainman, do.Collins, John, mail carrier, do.Collins, Thomas, clerk, do.Collins, John, laborer, 440 Lfnion, N. O.Collins, Mrs. Ellen, do.Collins, Maud, do.Collins, Mabel, do.Collins, William, do.Collins, Junius G., baggage master, Erie railroad, 199 First.Collins, Mrs. Emma S., do.Collins, Fred, do.Collins, Jessie, do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

J1CUTICT ijj, [special Especial attenl attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingIrregularitiesHours 9 to 12; 1 to 5.Thursdays 9 to 12.IDR. S. J. FI8HBB, ID. ID. S-Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.52 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Collins, Kate, domestic, 84 Barry.Collins, Mary, domestic, 125 Union.Collins, Mary E., domestic, 8 North.Collins, Michael, mason, 32 Clinton.Collins, Mrs. Mary, do.Collins, George J., collar maker do.Collins, Fred, collar maker, do.Collins, Kate L., do.Collins, Patrick, laborer, Vine, N. O.Collins, Mrs. S. A., 108 Fourth.Collins, John, laborer, do.Collins, Rose P., do.Collins, Stella, do.Collins, Jennie, do.Collins, William, teacher, Oak, N. O.Collins, Mrs. Margaret, do.Collopy, James W., liquor dealer, 80 Second.Collopy, Mrs. Josephine, dn.Collopy, Katie, do.Collopy, Ethel, do.Collopy, John, farmer, 13 River, N. O.Collopy, Mrs. Mary, do.Collopy, Charlie, do.Collopy, Lenora, dressmaker, do.Collopy, Josie, dressmaker, do.Collopy, Frank, do.Collopy, William, engineer, bds. 26 Wayne.Colony, Arthur L., book keeper, 142 Barry.Colony, Mrs. Anna E., do.Colony, Aldine, do.Colony, Anna C., do.Colony, Cora E., do.Colony, Kate S., do.Colony, Clarence M., do.Colony, Edna M., do.Colony, Mrs. M. B., nurse, 124 State.Colson, E., laborer, 101 Buffalo.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 53Comers, James, blacksmith, 120 Green.Comers, Mrs. Ida, do.Comers, James, do.Comers, Anna, do.Comers, Walter, do.Comers, Frank, do.Comers, Ida, do.Comfort, Thomas, laborer, 67 River, N. O.Comfort, Mrs. Francis, do.Comfort, Merl, do.Comfort, David, do.Conderman, William, 30 Rail Road Ave.Condon, Garret, laborer, 195 Eleventh cor. Henley.Coners, James, laborer, Spruce, N. O.Conklin, W. H., wagon manufacturer, 11 State.Conklin, D. C, wagon manufacturer, 27 State cor. Clinton.Conklin, Mrs. Hester, do.Conklin, D. C. Jr., do.Conklin, Elijah W., wagon maker, 9 State.Conklin, Mrs. Lizzie C, do.Conklin, George W., do.Conklin, Hester Y., do.Conkling, Robert A., 53 Clinton.Conkling, Mrs. Emily M., do.Connell, John, liquor dealer, 477-479 Union, N. O.Connell, L. P. liquor dealer, 477-479 Union, N. O.Connell, Mrs. Mary, do.Connell, Mary, do.Connell, Richard, do.Connell, Lawrence, do.Connell, Gertrude, do.Connell, Martin, farmer, Pine, N. O.Connell, Mrs. Ellen, do.Connell, John, do.Connell, May, do.Connell, Sarah, do.Connely, J. L., book-keeper, 6 Hamilton.Connely, Mrs. Gertrude J., do.Connely, Elizabeth K., do.Connely, Electa L., do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H, OAKLEAF & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nrUTICT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUUl 110 11 Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. IDE- S. J. FISHBE, ID. ID. S.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.54 OLEAN DIRECTORYConnelly, Burney, laborer, State, E. O.Connelly, Mrs. Cathrine, do.Connelly, Joseph, bartender, 127 State.Connelly, Patrick, laborer, Homer Road, N. O.Connelly, Mrs. Fannie, do.Connelly, Patrick, cooper, 137 Sullivan.Connelly, Mrs. Kate, do.Connelly, Francis J., do.Connelly, Thomas E., do.Connelly, Mary M., do.Connelly, Charles S., do.Connelly, Leo, do.Connelly, William, pipe fitter, 73 Wayne.Connelly, Mrs. Mary, do.Connelly, Catherine, do.Connors, Austin, 233 Union.Connors, Hughey, 20 Railroad Ave.Connors, John, laborer, Vine, N. O.Connors, John, brakeman, Oak, N. O.Connors, Mrs. Bridget, do.Connors, Michael, do.Connors, Julia, do.Connors, Margaret, do,Connors, Mike, currier, Oak, cor. Spruce, N. O.Connors, M. J., blacksmith, 22 Second, Bv.Connors, Mrs. Bid F., do.Conrad, Mrs. Emma, 53 Irving.Conrad, F. B., carpenter, 35 Henley.Conrad, Mrs. F. B., do.Conrad, May, do.Conrad, Lee, do.Consedine, John, hotel, 20 Railroad Ave.Consedine, Mrs. Bridget, do.Consedine, Jennie, do.Consedine, Nora, do.Consedine, Alice, do.Consedine, Anna, do.Consedine, Kittie, do.Consedine, Frank, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.55Converse, David H., hooper, Fifth Ave., Bv.Converse, Mrs. Sylvia F., do.Converse, Elizabeth B., do.Converse, Myrtie A., do.Converse, Thomas, boiler maker, Spruce, N. O.Converse, Mrs. Anna, do.Conway, Mary, 71 River, N. O.Conway, Simon, laborer acid works, 204 Fifth.Conway, Mrs. Anna, do.Conway, Thomas, currier, 235 State.Conwell, R, E., clerk, Second, Bv.Con well, Mrs. Anna, do.Cook, Mrs. Anna, laundress, Bishop, E. O.Cook, Mrs. Anna, 155 State.Cook, John W., locomotive fireman,do.Cook, Miss Ella, teacher, 75 State.Cook, Elmer, carpenter, Tenth, between Buffalo and Wayne.Cook, Mrs. Maud, do.Cook, Mrs. Emily, 41 Clinton.Cook, Hattie L., do.Cook, George W., engineer, 423 Union, N. O.Cook, Mrs. Lida,. do.Cook, Nannie H., do.Cook, Mabel C, do.Cook, Gotlieb, laborer, 100 WashingtonCook, Mrs. Maggie, do.Cook, William, do.Cook, Anna, do.Cook, Fred, do.Cook, Mrs. J., 288 Union, N. O.Cook, Jacob, carpenter, 148 Henley.Cook, Mrs. Margaret, do.Cook, Jacob, laborer, 255 State.Cook, Mrs. Mary, do.Cook, Joseph, do.Cook, Jacob N., night watchman, 159 State.Cook, Mrs. Rosa, do.Cook, George F., do.Cook, Frank C, do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nrilTIQT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUCllllOli Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. T3TI. S. J. FISHEE, ID. ID. S.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.56 OLEAN DIRECTORYCook, John, laborer, 255 State.Cook, Mrs. Louise, do.Cook, John, do.Cook, Frank, do.Cook, Albert, do.Cook, John C, book-keeper W. N. Y. & P., 41 Clinton.Cook, Mrs. May M., do.Cook, Ethlyn, do.Cook, Julius, laborer, Third, Bv.Cook, Milo, stone dealer, Wild Cat road, S. O.Cook, Mrs. Jane, do.Cook, Hattie, do.Cook, Myrtle, dressmaker, 41 Coleman.Cooledge, Mrs., 39 Eleventh.Cooledge, Loebick, do.Cooledge, Charles, laborer, Homer road, N. O.Cooledge, Mrs. Ella, do.Cooledge, Myrtle, do.Cooledge, Clarence, do.Cooledge, Laura, do.Coolidge, Mrs. Laura, 56 Sullivan.Coolidge, Francis, do.Coolidge, Mary, domestic, 132 Second.Coon, J. V. D., druggist, 36 Laurens.Coon, Mrs. Polly, do.Coon, William, druggist, do.Coon, Faith, do.Coon, Samuel H., city editor Olean Daily Times^i45 Second.Coonrod, John, miller, Bishop, E. O.Coonrod, Mrs. Eliza, do.Coonrod, Ida, do.Cooper, Charles S., gas-fitter, 69 First.Cooper, Mrs. Adelia, do.Copenspire, F. H., 222-224 Union.Coppersmith, Frank, wiper, 30 Coleman.Coppinger, Thomas, boiler-maker, bds O'Meara hotel,'261 Union.Corbin, John, fireman, 30 Walnut, N. O.DR. D. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,148 1-2 UNION STREET.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 57Corbin, John, lumberman, 5 River, N. O.Corbin, Mrs. Mary, do.Corbin, Samuel, do.Corbin, J. A., lawyer, bds. Olean house, 122-124 Union.Cordes, Henry, laborer, 80 River, N. O.Cordes, Mrs. Margarette, do.Cordes, Albert, do.•Cordes, Henry, do.Cordes, Earnest, do.Cordes, Edward, do.Cordes, Bertha, do.Corkins, John, constable, 71 Irving.Corkins, Mrs. Anna, do.Corkins, Willie, do.Corkins, Joseph, do.Coma, , bds 124 Barry.Cornwall, H., foreman, 223 Seventh.Cornwall, Mrs. Mary, do.Cortson, Peter, laborer, 15 Eleventh.Cortson, Mrs. Salina, do.Cortson, Arthur, do.Corwin, Mrs. Margaret, 181 State.Corwin, R. G., overseer gas line, do.Corwin, Edward F., carpenter, 120 Barry.Corwin, Mrs. Martha H., do.Corwin, Fannie S., do.Cosens, James W., laborer, Bell, E. O.Cosens, Mrs. Josephine A., do.Cosens, James F., do.Cosens, John, Bell, E. O.Cosens, Mrs. Sofrona, do.Cosens, W. Y., fireman, Bishop, E. O.Cosens, Mrs. Rosa E., do.Cosens, Lillian N., do.Cosmeyer, John, cooper, Water, N. O.Cosmeyer, Mrs. Mary, do.Cosmeyer, Steve, do.Coss, G. M., carpenter, 1 Prince, E. O.Coss, Mrs. Francis R., do.Coss, Samuel L., do.Coss, William R., do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

pri|T|QT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUulllloli Irregularities. .„ _,TTR ^5 T In1 | 'g^~pTTi'iV-i. Tj . T* fn -Thursdays fti 12° *' " "office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.58 OLEAN DIRECTORY.ujc/9Coss, Mrs. Zilla B., 28 Laurens.Coss, Dora, do.Cotton, A. J , pipe fitter, 249 Spruce, N. O.Cotton, Mrs. H. M., do.Cotton, [V innie, do.Cotton, Earnest, do.Cotton, Frank, do.Cotton, Charles, mechanic, 19 Eleventh.Cotton, Mrs. Ophelia, do.Cotton, Lruis, do.Cotttn, Jessie C, do.Cotton, Chester A., do.Cotton, S. H., carpenter, 50 Eleventh.Cotton, Mrs. Julietta, do.Cotton, Ada, do.Coughlin, J. C, carpenter, 20 Tompkins.Coughlin, Mrs. Anna, do.Coughlin, Charlie, do.Coughlin, Sadie, do.Coughlin, Lulu, do.Coughlin, Nellie, do.Coughlin, Timothy, fanner, State, E. O.Coughlin, Mrs. Marcy, do.Coughlin, T. C, conductor, 39 Jay.Coughlin, Mrs. T. C, do.Coughlin, John, do.Councilman, George, 89 River, N. O.Councilman, A. J., delivery man, Washington, N. O.Councilman, Mrs. Kate, do.Councilman, Alice J., do.Councilman, Ira W., armorer, 89 River, N. O.Councilman, Mrs. Josephine, do.Councilman, Lula P./do.Couse, A. C, commercial traveler, 135 First.Couse, Mrs. Ida, do.Cousin, Fred, 20 Railroad Ave.Cousins, F. C, moulder, 62 Green.Cousins, Iidith, do.Cousins, Mary, do.Cousins, Cora, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 59Cowdrey, Kate, 398 Union, N. O.Coyle, Michael, engineer, 417 Union.Coyle, Mrs. Bridget, do.Coyle, Aggie, do.Coyle, Albert, do.Craddock, Charles, grocer, 16 Railroad Ave.Craddock, Mrs. Mary L., do.Craddock, Bertha, do.Craddock, George, do.Craddock, Conway B., grocer, cor. State and Pond, E. O.Craddock, Mrs.Alzina S., do.Craddock, John F., laborer. State, E. O.Craddock, Alice A.,'do.Craddock, Richard, produce dealer, 35 State, E. O.Craddock, Mrs. Elizabeth, do.Cram, Mrs. E. A., 13 Laurel Ave.Cram, Harry D., do.Cram, Bert F. G., do.Crandall, A., undertaker, 112 Third.Crandall, Mrs. J. M., do.Crandall, Alace, do.Crandall, A, G., insurance clerk, 162J Union.Crandall, Mrs. P. M., do.Crandall, E. E., carpenter, 207 Henley.Crandall, Mrs. Cora, do.Crandall, Newton D., do.Crandall, Charlie B., do.Crandall, E. N., music dealer, First, Bv.Crandall, Mrs. Cora E., do.Crandall, Lucy E., Canal.Crandall, Clara L., do.Crandall, William O., railroad man, 98 Canal.Crandall, Mrs. W. O., do.Crandall, Ora, do.Crandall, Lillian, do.Crandall, Delia, do.Crandall, Daisy, do.Crandall, Oliver, do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nCMTIOT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingULIIIIOI. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. TDR. S-' J. FISHEE, ID- ID. S.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.60 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Crawford, Henry C., lumberman 27 Fulton.Crawford, Mrs. Sarah A., do.Crawford, William E., do.Crawford, George H., do.Crawford, Lulu L., do.Crawford, Myrtle L., do.Crawford, Miss Gemella, teacher, 87 Sullivan.Crawford, Jane, nurse, 76 Barry.Crocker, J. M., mill wright, 58 Clinton.Crocker, Mrs. Jessie F., do.Crocker, Edna B., do.Crocker, Mildred, do.Cromwell, John, stone mason, Railroad Ave, E. ().Cromwell, Mrs. Cora A., do.Cromwell, Ida, do.Crotty, John, flagman, 431 Union, N. O.Crotty, Mrs. Kate, do.Crotty, William, do.Crotty, Mary, do.Crowley, Mrs. Agnes, 163 Eighth.Crowley, Joseph P., carpenter, do.Crowley, Eddie, saddler, do.Crowley, Mary, dressmaker, do.Crowley, Dennis, laborer, 112 Twelfth.Crowley, Mrs. Kate, do.Crowley, Daniel, do.Crowley, James, do.Crowley, Timothy, do.Crowley, Nellie, do.Crowley, James, farmer, Buffalo, W. O.Crowley, Mrs. Catherine, do._ Crowley, John, laborer, do.Crowley, Mary, domestic, 14 Laurel Ave.Cuishon, John, fireman, Spruce, N. O.Cuishon, Mrs. Anna, do.Cuishon, John, do.Cuishon, Mary E., do.Cuishon, Anna, do.Cuffman, Mrs. Lucy, seamstress, 98 Seventh.Culver, Joseph, laborer, 106 Fourth.Culver, Mrs. Anna, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 61Culver, George, blacksmith, Walnut, N. O.Culver, Mrs. Mary A., do.Cummins, Thomas, tank builder,..96 Buffalo.Cummins, Mrs. Katie, do,Cummins, John, do.Cummins, Ellen, do.Cunningham, Mary, dressmaker, 140 Henley cor. Seventh.Curbey, Charles, brakeman, 22 Railroad Ave.Curran, Bernard, laborer, 195 Seventh.Curran, Mrs. Anna, do.Curran, Minnie, do.Curran, Anna, do.Curran, Winnie, do.Curran, Agnes, do.Curran, Stella, do.Curran, Mrs. Ellen, Oak, N. O.Curran, Michael, laborer, do.Curran, Katie, do.Curran, John, do.Curran, Nellie, do.Curran, Mary, do.Curran, Bridget, do.Curran, Patsy, do.Curran, John, stillman, 63 Buffalo.Curran, Mrs. Winnie, do.Curran, Frank, do.Curran, Katie, do.Curran, John, do.Curran, Edward, do.Curry, David, brick-mason, 433 Union, N. O.Curry, Mrs. S. E., do.Curry, Marnie, do.Curry, James, carpenter, 191 Seventh.Curry, Mrs. Mary, do.Curry, Frank, do.Curry, Wilson, do.Curry, J. L., Erie yard master, bds. City Exchange hotel, cor. Union.Curtin, Timothy, laborer, bds. 65 Sullivan.Curtis, A. R., oil producer, 98 Sullivan.Curtis, Mrs. Anna, do.Curtis, Edwin F., do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.G3CO

nCMTICT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and Correcting:UlIIIIOIi Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1to5. DE. S. J. FISHEE, ID. ID. S.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.62 OLEAN DIRECTORYCurtis, Harvey W., contractor, 148 First.Curtis, Mrs. Flora, do.Curtis, Emma Francis, do.Curtis, Mrs. Mahala, Canal.Curtis, Solomon, laborer, do.Curtis, Mrs. Sarah A., 132 Third.Curtis, William H., liveryman, 132 Third.Curtis, Louise Elizabeth, do.Curtis, Florence E., do.Curtis, Alvin H., do.Curtiss, Miss Clara A., teacher, 11 Laurel Ave.Curtiss, W. O., 11 Laurel Ave.Curtiss, Mrs. Ella H., do.Curtiss, Clara P., do.Curtiss, W. Hanford, do.Cutler, Lou, currier, 66 Wayne, cor. Fifth.Cutler, L. F., currier, Oak, cor. Spruce.Cutler, W. C, proprietor merry-go-round, over 35 Buffalo.Cutler, Mrs. Carrie, do.Cutler, Carrie, do.Dagnan, P., laborer, Spruce, N. O.Dagnan, John M., blacksmith, do.Dagnan, Mary A., dressmaker, do.Dailey, Thomas, laborer, 187 Thirteenth.Dailey, Mrs. Caroline, do.Dake, Mrs. Martha, 273 Union.Dake, D. E. Montie, 273 Union.Dake, Mrs. Lizzie, do.Daley, Peter, laborer, 66 Wayne, cor. Fifth.Dallenbaugh, Carl, physician, 152^ Union.Dallenbaugh, Mrs. Ella E., do.Dalton, Mrs. Jennie, Elm, N. O.Dal ton, Fred, clerk, do.Dana, Ward, bds 124 Barry.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 63Danforth, Mrs. Anna, cor. Second and Sullivan.Danforth, Anna, do.Danforth, Minnie H., do.Danforth, Elizabeth, do.Danforth, Julia L., do.Daniels, Ada F., 20 Henley.Daniels, S. J., carpenter, King street, E. O.Daniels, Mrs. Anna, do.Daniels, Louis E., do.Danziger, Nathan, cigai maker, 72 Fourth.Danziger, Mrs Hannah, do.Danziger, Joseph, do.Danziger, Lillian, do.Darrin, Mrs. H. H., 89 Clinton.Darringer, William, 65 Sullivan.Darringer, Mrs. Lizzie, do.Darringer, Jennie, do.Darringer, Florence, do.Davenport, Charles A., carpenter, 19 Clinton.Davenport, Mrs. Louise L., do.Davenport, Ruth L., do.Davenport, A. M., tanner, cor. Ninth and Buffalo.Davenport, Mrs. Mary, do.Davenport, Claud T., do.Davenport, Edith M., do.Davey, William, laborer, 21 State, cor. Fulton.Davey, Mrs. Dorah, do.Davey, Mrs. Jennie L., 2 Prince, E. O.Davey, Pearl H., do.Davis, Mrs, J. A., laundress, 92 Canal.Davis, John, do.Davis, Edwin, do.Davis, Jennie, do.Davis, Seth, do.Davis, H. F., shipping clerk Acme oil works, 95 Clinton.Davis, Mrs. Clara, do.Davis, Richard F., do.Davis, Belltena, Garden Ave., E. O.Davis, O. L., traveling salesman, 95 Clinton.Davis, Mrs. O. L., do.Davis, Charles L., clerk, do.F. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.enco

nrilTIPT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUEIl lluli Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to 6. 3D^- S- J. FISHEE, ID. ID. S-Thnrsdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.64 OLEAN DIRECTORYDavis, Charles, bds 49 Orchard Ave., E. O.Davis, Thomas, laborer, 73 Wayne.Davis, J. W., agent, Garden Ave., E. ODavis, Mrs. Harriet, do.Davis, Sarah J., do.Davis, Henry B., 105 Henley, cor. Fourth.Davis, Denial D.,"laborer, 23 Coleman.Davis, Mrs. Jennie, do.Davis, Howard, do.Davis, Clare, do.Davis, Arthur, do.Davis, J. M., billing clerk, Queen, E. O.Davis, Mrs. Mary E., do.Davis, Ruth E., do.Davis, Ross E., do.Davy, Jerry, laborer, 85 Green.Davy, Mrs. Mary, do.Davy, Willie, do.Davy, W. H., carpenter, Elm, N. O.Davy, Mrs. Sarah, do.Day, John M., liquor dealer, 82 Henley.Day, Mrs. Olive, do.Day, Ella, do.Deabold, John K., laborer, 11 Tompkins.Deabold, Mrs. Mary, do.Deabold, Mary, do.Deabold, Francis, do.Deake, Mrs. Hattie, dressmaker, 40 Pine, N. O.Deake, James, do.Deake, Orrin, do.Deake, Guy, do.Dean, Lulu, 221 First, cor. Coleman.Dean, Frank H., 221 First.Dean, Mrs. Alice, do.Dean, Hiram, bark buyer, 221 First, cor. Coleman.Dean. Mrs. Ella, do.Dean, Eugene, do.Decker, C. J., barber, 75 First.Decker, Mrs. Hattie, do.Decker, Bessie, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.Deibler, Addison, baggageman, 12 South, Bv.Deibler, .Mrs. Lida M., do.Deibler, Clarence W., do.Deibler, Ethel L., do.Deibler, Charlie A. H., do.Deibler, Gordon L.. do.DeKay, Mrs A. F., 15 Third, Bv.DeKay, C. M., grocer, 66 King, cor Crown.DeKay, Mrs. Elizabeth, do.DeKay, Harry, do.DeKay, Orry, do.DeKay, Albert B., grocer, 167 Sullivan.DeKay, Mrs. Lulu, do.Dekey, Nathaniel, Bishop, E. O.C=9Dekey, Sarah A., do.coDelahoyda, Michael J., car repairer, 61 River, N. O.Delahoyda, Mrs. Anna, do.Delahoyda, Mary B., doDelahoyda, Edward J., do.Delahoyda, Anna, do.Delauey, Mrs. Mary, 21 Tcftnpkins.Delaney, Mike, stone cutter, do.Delaney, Thomas, mason, do.Delaney, Maggie, do.Delaney, Lewis J., do.DeLong, A. W., mason tender, 93 Eleventh.DeLong, Mrs. Mamie, do.DeLong, Leon, do.Delph, Fred, laborer, 140-142 Irving..Delph, Mrs. Sophia, do.Delph, Christian, laborer, do.Delph, George, do.Delph, Lena, do.Delph, Farnuma, do.Delph, Sophia, do.Demel, Peter, laborer, State, W. O.Demel, Mrs. Maggie, do.Demel, John, do.Demel, Sebastian, do.Demel, Barbara, do.Demel, Joseph, do.Demel, George, do.F. H. Demel, OAKLEAF, Maggie, BOOKS, do. STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. Demel, OAKLEAF Peter, do. & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.Demel, Anna, do.

nCMTIPT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUt.ll I lull Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to 5. TDR. S. J. FISHEB, ID. ID. S.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.66 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Demont, Albert, tank builder, Spruce, N. O.Demont, Mrs. Mary J., do.Dempsey, Bartholomew, laborer, 34 Oak, N. O.Dempsey, Mrs. Ellen, do.Dempsey, John, do.Dempsey, Katie, do.Dempsey, Nora, do.Dempsey, Batty, do.Dempsey, Thomas, do.Denison, E. IL, grocer, 257 Union.Denison, Mrs. Francis, do.Denison, Frank, do.Denison, Charles E., do.Denison, Ida, do.Denter, Andrew, 109 Green.Denter, George, do.Depskenskie, August, mason, 129 Henley.Depskenskie, Mrs. Fannie, do.DepsVcnskie, Frank F., do.Depskenskie, Tames A., do.Depskenskie, Anna M., do.Depskenskie, Johnnie J., do.Depskenskie, George W., do.Depskenskie, Sophia, domestic,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 67Devitt, T. J., conductor, 189 Seventh.Devitt, Mrs. Mamie, do.Dewitt, Clarance, laborer, Main, Bv.Dewitt, Mrs. C. L. carpet weaver, Main, Bv.Dewitt, Clarance. do.Dewitt, Mary E., do.Dewitt, Flora E., do.Dhierman, Erhart, tailor, 107 Eight.Dhierman, Mrs. Kate, do.Dickens, Frank, carpenter, 13 Fulton.Dickerson, Clark, teamster, Garden Ave., E. O.Dickerson. Mrs. Ella R. do.Dickerson, Ernest, do.Dickerson, Lura, do.Dickinson, H. E., Prof of music, 49^ Irving.Dickinson, Mrs. Ida, do.Dickinson, Lynn L., do.Dickinson, John W., receiving clerk Acme oil works, 165 Fourth.Dickinson, Alfred, mover of buildings, 174 Irving.Dickinson, Ida M., teacher, do.Dickinson, Elizabeth, I74~lrving,Dickison, A. J., 102 Henley.Dickison, Mrs. Sarah, do.Dickison, Clara G., do.Dickison, Theo L., do.Dietman, Henry, hotel, State, E. O.Dietman, Mrs. Carrie, do.Dietman, Charlie, do,Dietman, Andrew, do.Diffenderfer, Clarence M., 127 Fourth.Dillon, Mrs., bds Bateman hotel, 331 Union.Dillon. P., farmer, cor. Vine and Oak.Dillon, Mrs. Ellen, do.Dillon, John, tank builder, do.Dillon, Michael, laborer, do.Dillon, Ella, do.Dinter, Mary, domestic, 65 Union.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

jCUTIOT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUl.ll 110 I > Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to 5. ILDR. S. J. FISHEE/D. ID, S.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.68 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Divers, William, 290 Union.Divers, Mrs. Jane, do.Divers, Anna, do.Divers, John, do.Divers, Willie, do.Dodge, R B., porter Grand Central hotel, 216 Union.Doherty, Felix, currier, 66 Wayne cor. Fifth.tDolan, Thomas, 233 Union.Dolloff, J. Edith, 196^ Union.Dolly, George O., brakeman, 152 Seventh.Dolly, Mrs Ellen, do.Dolly, Joseph, do.Dolly, Georgf, do.Dolly, Maud, do.Dolson. Cornelius, engineer, 179 Henley.Dolson, Mrs. Mary J., do.Dolson, Rosaline, do.Donald, N. M., carpenter, m Ninth.Donald, Mrs. Alice, do.Donald, Charles, do.Donald, Edward, do.Donald, Ray, doDonegan, Jerry, brakeman, 32 Wayne.Donegan, Mrs. Katie, do.Donegan, Joseph, do.Donegan, Jerry, laborer, State, W. O.Donnelan,' Thomas, trackman, 196 Sixth.Donnelan, Mrs. Anna, doDonnelan, John, brakeman, do.Donnelan, Thomas, brakeman, do.Donnelan, Michael, do.Donnelan, Patrick, do.Donnelan, James, do.Donnelan, William, do.Donnelan, Mary, do.Donnelan, Charlie, do.Donnelly, Henry, attorney, 15 Fulton.Donnelly, Mrs. Mary, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.Donohue, Edmond, mason, 52 Green.Donohue, Mrs. Anna, do.Donohue, Thomas, apprentice, do.Donohue, Jennie, do.Donohue, Katie, do.Donohue, Edmond, Jr., do.Donohue, David J., do.Donohue, Frank, do.Donovan, Mary, domestic, Vine, N. O.Donovan, Michael, laborer, do.Donovan, Jeremiah, laborer, 163 Thirteenth.Donovan, Mrs. Sarah, do.Donovan, Mary, do.Donovan, Battie, boiler maker, 150 Thirteenth.Donovan, Mrs Katie, do.Donovan, Winnie, do.Donovan, William, W. N. Y. & P. hotel, Vine, N. O.Donovan, Mrs. Maggie, do.Donovan, Katie, .do.Donovan, John, do.Donovan, Charlie, do.Donovan, Steven, do.Donovan, Joseph, do.Donovan, Mary, dp.Uonoven, Willie, do.Dooley, William, 78 Wayne.Dooley, Michael, Jr., Buffalo, W. O.Dooley, Mrs. Nellie, do.Dooley, Michael, cooper, Buffalo, W. O.Dooley, Thomas, do.Dooley, John, do.Dooley, Mary, do.Doolittle, Gertrude C, bds 18 Canal.Doolittle, Austin E., do.Doolittle, Alva, bds 124 Barry.Doran, C. H., proprietor Grand Central hotel, 216 Union.Doran, Mrs. Mary, do.Doran, Tessie, 108 Barry.Dorn, Mrs. Hattie, 62 Fourth.Dorn, Jessie, doD->rn, Pearl, do.F. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.G3CO

nrilTIPT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingULlllloli Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to 5. T3*l- S. J. IFIS-tHEU, ID. ID. S.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.70 OLEAN DIRECTORYDorr, Fred, harness maker, 107 Thirteenth.Dorr, Mrs. Maggie, do.Dorr, F'red, do.Dorr, Lillie, do.Dorr, John G., bds 129 State.Dorr, Mrs. Mary, 107 Second.Dorr, John, 209 Seventh.Dorr, Mrs. Josephine, do.Dorr, Elva, do.Dorr, Lotta, do.Dorr, Freddie, do.Dorsey, Edward, liquor dealer, 35 Henley.Dorsey, Mrs. Amanda, do.Dorsey, William, do.Dorsey, Harry, do.Dotterer, Thomas, tank gauger, 99 Thirteenth.Dotterer, Mrs. Jenetta, do.Dotterer, Flora G., do.Dotterer, Merrick H., do.Dotterer, Carl A., do.Dotterweich, John, manager brewery, 75 Henley.Dotterweich, Herman, book-keeper, do.Dotterweich, Mary, do.Dotterweich, Adolph, deliverer, do.Dotterweich, Rudolph, harness maker, 75 Henley.Dotterweich, Mrs. Susie, do.Dotterweich, George H., grocer, 86£ State.Dotterweich, Mrs. Minnie S., do.Dotterweich, Charlie P., do.Dotterweich, Henry, do.Dougher, Delia, domestic. Union, N. O.Dougherty, Patrick, currier, 116 Thirteenth.Dougherty, Mrs. Delia, do.Dougherty, Michael, tank builder, 213 State.Dougherty, Mrs. Mary, do.Dougherty, Eunice, do.Dougherty, John, do.Dougherty, Bernard, do.Doughtery, Henry, Vine, N. O.DR. D. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,148 1-2 UNION STREET.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 71Dougherty, Patrick, laborer, 41 River, N. O.Dougherty, Mrs. Margaret, do.Douglas, Jeiome, oil inspector, 33 Washington.Douglas, Mrs Clara A., do.Douglas, Dora, do.Douglas, Edward, do.Dorr, Eliza, Plum, E. O.Dowds, J. Clyde, book-keeper, 88 Pine, N. O.Dowds, Mrs. Millie, do.Dowds. Frank, do.Dowds, Florence, do.Dowds, Charlie, do.Dower, Jerome E., city bill poster, 57 State.Dowling, Thomas, fireman, River, N. O.Dowling, Mrs. Mary, do.Dowling, John, do.Dowling, Jerry, do.Dowling, James, do.Dowling, Albert, do.Dowling, Frank, do.Dowman, W. A., 38 Washington cor. Seventh.Dowman, Mrs. Eliza, do.Dowman, Harly, do.Dowman, Ralph, do.Downs, John C, conductor 196 Fourth.Downs, Mrs. Catherine, do.Downs, Joseph, do.Downs, Frank, do.Downs, Mary, do.Dox, Rev. Rutger, clergyman, 36 Henly.Dox, Mrs. Lydia M., do.Dox, Howard S., do.Dox, Arthur, W., do.Dox, Elmer, A., do.Drake, Miss Libbie, teacher of stenography, 191 Union.Driscol, Mrs. Mary, 445 Union.Driscol, Michael, laborer, do,Driscol, John, laborer, do.Driscol, Daniel Sullivan, do.Driscol, Lizzie, do.Duclow, Mi s. Mary, cor. Maple and Oak, N. O.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nfUTIOT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingULIlllOli Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to 5. IDE. S. J. FISHEE, ID. ID. S.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.Ducy, Thomas, pipe fitter,Spruce, N. O.Ducy, Mrs. Kate, do.Ducy, James, do.Ducy, Charles, do.Ducy, Frank, do.Ducy, Nellie, do.Ducy, Michael, laborer, 245 Spruce, N. O.Ducy, Mrs. Mary, do.Ducy, William, do.Ducy, Michael, do.Ducy, Patrick, do.Ducy, Sarah, do.'Ducy, Bridget, do.Ducy, Daniel, laborer, 237 Spruce, N. O.Ducy, Mrs Anna, .do.Ducy, Mary, do.Ducy, Thomas, do.Ducy, Joseph, do.Ducy, Sarah, domestic, 49 Oak, N. O.illlrrT 135 UNION STREET,UUI I I J MAKES THE NOBBIEST SUITS IN OLEAN.Duffy, Mrs. Mary E , 126 Fourth.Duffy, Edward J., do.Duffy, William J., do.Duffy. Charlie J., do.Duffy, Mamie J., do.Duffy, Catherine, 60 Wayne.Duffy, Bernard, laborer, 60 Wayne.Duffy, Mrs. Anna M., do.Duffy, John, do.Duffy, Benedict, do.Dugan, Timothy, oil guager, 202 Fourth cor. Coleman.Dugan, Mrs. Ellen, doDugan, Dennis, do.Dugan, Mary, do.Dugan, Ella, do.Dugan, Katie, do.Dugan, J., 10 Railroad Ave.Dugan, John, laborer, State, E. O.Dugan, Mrs. Abbie, do.Dugan, Conney, do.Dugan, Mary, do.Dugan, DR. William, D. do. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,148 1-2 UNION STREET.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY.Duke, John, oil producer, 76 Clinton, cor. Laurel Ave.Duke, Mrs. Nancy J., do.Duke, Mrs. Emily, 153 First, cor. Sullivan.Duke, Hanford, do.Duke, Myron J., do.Duke, H. J., carriage maker, 93 Twelfth.Duke, Mrs. Flora, do.Duke, Mettie, do.Duke, Howard, do.Duke, Milton, do.Duncan, William, mason, Plum, E. O.Duncan, Mrs. Dealia A., do.Duncan, Dora B., do.Dunham, William, cook, Grand Central hotel, 216 Union.Dunlavy, Mrs. Maggie, boarding house, Elm, N. O.Dunlavy, Mrs. Mabel, do.Dunlevie, E. J., book-keeper, 153 Sullivan, cor. First.Dunlivia, E. V., 222-224 Union.Dunn, Charles, 20 Railroad Ave.Dunn, Mrs. Laura, Garden Ave., E. O.Durx, Adam, laborer, 6 Tompkins.Durx, Mrs. Louisa S., do.Durx, Emma S., do.Durx. Lena M., do.Durx, Jessie A., do.Durx, Rosa K., do.Durcot, Ed., laborer, Spruce, N. O.Dutton, O. E., saloon, cor. State and King, E. O.Dutton, Mrs. Esther, do.Dwight, John, clerk, bds 134 Fourth.Dwyer, Timothy, Washington, N. O.Dwyer, Mrs. Margaret, do.Earle, Edward A., laborer, Clark, E. O.Earle, Mrs. Josephene E., do.Earle, Ada M., do.Earle, J. C, 30 Boardman, cor. Third, Bv.Earle, Mrs. Jane J., do.Earle, Dr. J. C. Jr., do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nrUTIOT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUlRIIoIi Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to S. 33^- S. J- ^ISHEU ID. ID S.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.OLEAN DIRECTORY.Earling, Mrs. Nellie, 220 First.Earling, Mamie, Tailoress, do.Eastabrook, E. R, shoe maker, 13 South, Bv.Eastabrook, Mrs. Hattie J,, do.Eastabrook, Anna, A., do.Eastman, Nathaniel, 15 Garden Ave , E. O.Eaton, Alice, ilomestic, 105 Third.Eaton, A. T., cashier First National bank, 131 Barry.Eaton, Mrs. Harriet, do.Eaton, Louie, do.Eaton, George B., do.Eaton, Tiffany, do.Eaton, F R., 33 Laurens.Eaton, Mrs Florence, do.Eaton, Fred L., attorney, 85 Sullivan.Eaton. Mrs. Elizabeth, do,Eaton, H. W., insurance agent, State, E. O.Eaton, C. Olin, do.Ebleher, Sebastian, tanner, 224 Seventh.Ebleher, Mrs. Mary, do.Ebleher, Joseph, do.Ebleher, Katie, do.Ebleher, Frank, do.Ebleher, John, do.Eck, John, laborer, 101 Buffalo.Eck, Mrs. Emma, do.Eck, Edith, do.Eck, Ella, do.Eck, Augusta, do.Eckland, Mrs. L., 173 Seventh.Eckland, A. Emil, machinist, do.Eckman, W. H., overseer R. R., 46 Coleman.Eckman, Mrs. Lizzie, do.Eckman, Anna S., do.Eckman, Charlie H., do.Eckman, May M., do.Eddy, Dr. J. L., 8 State.Eddy, Mrs. J. L , do.Eddy, Loren L.Edel, Alexandria, laborer, Twelfth, between State and Henley.Edel, Mrs. Augusta, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,148 1-2 UNION STREET.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 UnionStreet.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 75Edel, Charles, hotel, 215 State.Edel, Mrs. Josephene, do.Edel, Mary, do.Edel, Joseph, do.Edel, Lucy, do.Edel, Mattie, do.Edel, John, laborer, 60 Eleventh.Edel, Mrs. Susan, do.Edel, August, do.Edel, Alfrence, do.Edel, Louisa, do.Edel, Joseph, laborer, 95 Thirtenth.Edel, Mrs. Louisa, do.Edel, Charles, do.Edel, Joseph, dn.Edel, Carrie, do.Edels, Sherman, laborer, 104 Thirteenth.Edels, Mrs. Anna, do.Edmonds, Harriet, book keeper, 139 Third.Edwards, Eugene, engineer, 109 Green.Edwards, Mrs. Anna, do.Edwards, Georgia Anna, do.Edwards, Carrie L., do. 03*"°'' "e-Edwards, Edwin L., do.Eggleston, John, assistant superintendent refinery, bds. spruce, N. O.Ehman, Christian, laborer, 123 Thirteenth.Ehman, Mrs. Caroline, do.inger, H , Option house.Ehman, Mary, domestic, 84 SecondElliiis, Herman, laborer, 57 Union.Ell.s, Mrs. Mollie E., do.Ellis, Florence J., do.Ellis, Margarette M., do.Ellis, James A., do.Elliis, Thomas, clerk Bell Bros., 9 Buffalo.Ell;is, Mrs. Kate, do.Ellis, Kate L., do.Ellis, George, do.Ellis, John, do.Ellis, Bessie, do.Ellis, May, do.Elliis, Thomas, do.EllWillie, do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.EllF. H. OAKLEAF & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES

nCUTIOT Especial attention to Crown and Brido-e work and CorrectingUUlllOl. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. TDIR. S. J. FISHEE, ID. ID. S.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.76 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Ellsworth, Miss Lotta, 5 Barry.Ellsworth, I. W., clerk, bdsEmerson, A. J., granite and marble dealer, 15 Laurens.Fmerson, Mrs. Lula, do.Emerson, Susie, doEmerson, Grace', do.Emerson, G. W., 186 State.Emmons, John, 86 Barry.Emmons, Jennie E., do.Engle, Mrs. Alice, 76 Barry.Engle, Frank M., do.Englebach, Adolph, saloon, 82 Wayne, cor. Seventh.Englebach, Mrs. Catherine, do.Englebach, Charles, do.Englebach, John, do.Englebach, Frances, do.Englebach, Adolph, do.English, Edward E., laborer, State, E. O.English, >Irs. Ellen, do.English, Mary A., doEnglish, John J., do.Ensworth, Nellie A., at M. D. Brigg's, State, E. O.Erhart, Leo, teamster, 169 State.Erhart, Mrs. Mary, do.Erhart, Emma, do.Erhart, Grace, do.Erhart, Lewis, 22 State.Erhart, Lewis, hostler, 18 Fulton.Ernst, H. M., oil operator, 75 Union.Ernst, Mrs. E. F., do.Ernst, Eliza, do.Etter, Eli, tinsmith, 15 Oak, N. O.Etter, Mrs. Ella, do.Etter, Lila M , dressmaker, do.Etter, Thomas A., laborer, do.Etter, James R., laborer, do.Etter, Harry E., tinsmith, do.Etter, Ella C, do.Etter, Minnie A., do.Etter, Eli F., do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.' 165 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 77Ettinger, Elmer E., harness maker, rear 16 FultonEttinger, Mrs. Ada, do.Ettinger, Luzerne, do.Evans, Charles K., 33 Barry.Evans, Mrs. Anna P., do.Evans, Mabel L., do.Evans, Mary W., teacher, 140 First.Evans, Grace, hair dresser, 80 Fifth.Evans, R. W., oil producer, 140 First.Evans, Mrs. Anna, do.Evens, Fred G., teamster, cor. Brook and Gulf, E. O.Evens, Mrs. Mary, do.Evens, Myrta, do.Evens, Bertha, do.Evens, Libbie, tailoress, 130 Barry.Evens, Libby, tailoress, 143 Barry.Evens, M. O., teamster, Brook, E. O.Evens. Mrs. Sarah, do.Evens, Oscar, laborer, Elm, N. O,Evens, Mrs. Helen, do.Ewarts, F. S., bds. New Palmer, 32-36 Railroad Ave.Ewarts, E., bds New Palmer, 32-36 Railroad Ave.Exton, Thomas, bartender, 175 Union.Eyler, Sylvester, car inspector, 103 Sixth.Eyler, Mrs. Anna B., do.Eyler, William, do.Eyler, Howard, do.Eyler, Martha, do.Fahey, Sadie, domestic, 135 Fourth.Fairchild, W. H., commercial traveler, 19 Jay.Fairchild, Mrs.-F. E., doFairchild, Edith L., do.Falkner, Mrs. A. M., 14 Canal.Falkner, Augustus G , do.Falkner, Henry, do.Farley, Clarence L., clerk, 16 Railroad Ave.eracocoF. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nrUTIOT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUCIfllOli Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to 5. Titt. S. J- FISHEE, ID. ID. S-Thnrsdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.OLEANDIRECTORYentoUJCOFarley, Frank, laborer, 157 Sullivan.Farley, Lillie, do.Farley, Wright, do.Farley, James, hotel, 26 Railroad Ave.Farley, Mrs. Anna M., do.Farley, Katie E., do.Farley, Frank M , do.Farley, George A., do.Farley, Harry, do.Farman, Ellen, domestic, 222-224 Union.Farr, Frank A., lumberman, S. O.Farr, Mrs. Eunice, J., do.Farr, Robert W., do.Farr, Lee A., do.Farr, George D., 11 Union, S. O.Farr, Mrs. Josephine, do.Farf, William M., lumberman, 11 Union, S. O,Farr, Mrs. Electa, do.Farrell, Arthur, tanner, 7 Henley, cor. Fulton.Farrell, Mrs. Ellen, do.Farrell, Thomas J., do.Farrell, Maggie B., do.Farrell, Mary E., do.Farrell, Arthur, do.Farrell, James, laborer, 179 Eighth.Farrell, Ellen, do.Farrell, Kate, do.Farrell, Orrin, bricklayer, 205 First.Farrell, Mrs. Ida, do.Farrell, William, do.Farrell, Joseph, do.Faunce, Mrs. Margaret E., 88 Barry.Faunce, Addie A., do.Faunce, Mabel, do.Faunce, William E., blacksmith, King, E. O.Faunce, Mrs. Susan S., do.Faunce, Nellie M., do.Fay, Edgar L., car inspector, Pierce Ave., W. O.Fay, Mrs. Emma, do.Fay, Lewis, do.Fay, E. Leroy, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 79Fay, F. T., teamster, 7 River, N. O.Fay, Mrs. Ella, do.Fay, Fred, do.Fay, Bert, do.Fay, Willie, do.Fay, Luellen, do.Fay, Mrs. Sarah, domestic, 10 Railroad Ave.Feeny, Lizzie, dressmaker, 8 North.Fein, Lizzie, chambermaid, 91 Union, cor. State,Fein, Timothy, laborer, Washington, N. O.Fein, Mrs. Julia, do.Fein, David, do.Feltham, R. J., blacksmith, 2 Laurel Ave.Feltham, Mrs. R. J., do.Feltham, Percy G., do.Feltham, Clarence V., do.Feltham, Roy L., do.Ferguson, Charles, 12 Buffalo.Ferguson, Mrs. Emma, do.Ferguson, Julia, do.Ferguson, Ellen, do.Fernong, Carl, clerk, 163 Union.Ferrin, Martin, Ave. A., N. O.Ferrin, Mrs. Carrie, do.Ferrin, Philip, currier, Ave. A. cor. Washington, N. O.Ferris, George, carpenter, 25 First, Bv.Ferris, Mrs. Jane, do.Ferris, Jennie, do.Ferris, Rachael, Bishop, E. O.Ferris, W. C, laborer, Bishop, E. O.Ferris Mrs. Myrtie E., do.Ferris Ralph, do.Ferry, John, brakeman, 97 Buffalo.Ferry, Mrs. Rosa, do.Ferry, Dennis, do.Ferry, Mary, do.Ferry, Anna, do.Ferry, Maggie, do.Ferry, Rosa.Ferry, Nellie, domestic, 73—l—15F. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nrilTIOT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUlU lloli Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. ^D^- S- J- FISHKBi ID. ID. S.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.OLEANDIRECTORYFeuchter, George, blacksmith, ioo Second.Feuchter, Mrs. Caroline, do.Feuchter, Clara A., dressmaker, do.Feuchter, Anna K., teacher, do.Feuchter, Kate, 163 Henley.Feuchter, George W., carpenter, State, N. O.Feuchter, Mrs. Rachael, do.Feuchter, John C. A., do.Feuchter, Edith M. L., do.Feuchter, Satie S. L., do.Feuchter, William, laborer, 163 Henley.Feuchter, Mrs. Caroline, do.Feuchter, Theodore, laborer, do.Feuchter, Ella, do.Fields, Mrs. Reba, laundress, rear of 227 Union, E. O.Fields, Nellie, do.Fields, Emmit, doFields, Charles, do.Fike, F. L., laborer, cor. Pond and Railroad.Fike, Mrs. Hannah A., do.Fike, Mabel, do.Filkins, Mrs. M. E., 9 Laurens.F"ilkins, J. V., lather, 14 Fulton.Filkins, Mrs. Isadore, do.Filkins. Claude W. L., do.Fillen, Tony, 4 Laurens.F'inch, W. B., laborer, cor. Plum and Line, E. O.Finch, Mrs. Tinna E., do.Finger, Mrs. Wilhelmine, 132 Sullivan.Finger, Edwin, do.Finger, Mary, do.Finiser, Josephine, 118 Barry.Finiser, Anna L., do.Fink, John, saloon keeper, 163 State.Fink, Mrs. Katie, do.Fink, Anna, do.Fink, Katie, do.F'inn, Edward, clerk, 72 Barry.Finn, Harry L., 44 Clinton.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 UnionStreet.OLEANDIRECTORY.81Finn, Menzo, carpenter, 146 Seventh.Finn, Mrs. Mary, do.Finn, Allie, do.Finn, Kittie, do.Finn, Earle, do.Finn, M. R., foreman pad factory, 44 Clinton.F"inn, Mrs. Elizabeth A., do.Finn, Ray, do.Finn, Grace F., do.Finn, W. W., farmer, E. River, S. O.Finncane, Timothy, blacksmith, 54 Pine, N. O.Finncane, Mrs. Kate, do.Finncane, Kate, tailoress, do.Finncane, John, boiler maker, do.Finncane, Julia, do.Finncane; Eddie, do.Finncane, Minnie, do.Finncane, Finnegan, Timothy, Michael, oil do. dealer, 95 Sullivan.Pinnegan, Mrs. Kate, do.Finnegan, Charles, do.Finnegan, Electa, do,Finnegan, Ashier, do.Finnegan, Mary, do.Finnegan, Celestine, do.Finnessy, ^innegan, J. Clara, B., clerk, do. 11 Jay.Finnessy, Mrs. Jennie E., do.Finnessy, Veva M.. do.Finnessy, James E.Fischer, Edward, clerk, 7 Fulton.Fish, Carrrie E., domestic, 130 Barry.Fish, David, foreman T. P. F., 30 Coleman.Fish, F. W., mason, 104 Third.Fish, Mrs. Clara B., do.Fish, Mandana, 45 Barry.Fish, James B., do.Fish, S. S., mason, 18 Tompkins.Fish, Mrs. Hannah E., do.Fish, Sydney E., do.Fisher, Dan, bds 32 Fulton.\i1\1F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES

nPUTIPT Especial attention to Crown and Brido-e work and CorrectingULll I lO I • Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1to5. DE. S. J. FISHES D- I> S.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. 1.OLEANDIRECTORY.Fisher, Edwin N., 33 Fulton.Fisher, Fred, clerk, 130 Barry.Fisher, J. N.. 108 Henley.Fisher, Julia M , do.Fisher, Sanford I., do.Fisher, S. J., dentist, 43 Clinton.Fisher, Mrs. C. M., do.Fisher, Henry S., do.Fisher, Charles A., do.Fisher, Kate E., do.Fisher. Mary C, do.Fitch, H. H., locomotive engineer, 80 Clinton, cor. Laurel Ave.Fitch, Mrs. H. H , do.Fitch, Harry E., brakeman, do.Fitch, William H., do.Fitch, Charles A., do.Fitch, George P., do.Fitch, Stanley J., insurance agent, 48^ Laurens.Fitch, Mrs. Maggie, do.Fitzgerald, Mrs. Catherine, 65 BarryFitzgerald, John, do.Fitzgerald, Edward W., do.Fitzgerald, George A., do.Fitzgerald, William D., do.Fitzgerald, Joseph, laborer, 75 State.Fitzgerald, Patrick, 137 Seventh, cor. Washington.Fitzgerald, Mrs. Nora, do.Fitzgibbons, Anna, domestic, 122-124 Union.Fitzgibbons, Kate, domestic, do.Fitzgibbons, John, 30 Railroad Ave.Fitzgibbons, Mrs. Mary, 23 Second, Bv.Fitzpatrick, A., laborer, Homer road, N. O.Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Mary, do.Fitzpatrick, Mike, do.Fitzpatrick, James, do.Fitzpatrick, William, do.Fitzpatrick, Andy, do.Fitzpatrick, Mary, do.Fitzpatrick, Thomas, do.Fitzpatrick, Daniel, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.Fitzpatrick, Daniel, boiler maker, Oak, N. O.Fitzpatrick, Lizzie, domestic, 140 Third.Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Mary, 38 Pine, N. O.Fitzpatrick, John, operator, do.Fitzsimmons, J. C, Vine, N. O.Fix, Jacob, baker, 56 State.Flahie, Mrs. Anna, 140 Henley, cor. Seventh.Flahie, Edward, do.Flahie, John, do.Flanders, Emma, domestic, 153 Sullivan, cor. First.Fleetwood, John, currier, Pierce Ave., W. O.Fleetwood, Mrs. Alice, do.Fleetwood, Ellen, do.Fleetwood, Willie, do.Fletcher, A. M., mechanic, 24 Front, Bv.Fletcher, Mrs. Nettie S., do.Fletcher, Mary E , do.Fletcher, Nettie J., do.Flood, James J., grocer, 35 Wayne.Flood, Mrs. Mary, do.Flood, Catherine, do.Flood, Patrick E., laborer, Vine, N. O.Flynn, Hugh, laborer, 113 Sullivan.Flynn, Mrs. Susan, do.Flynn, Mary, do.Flynn, John, doFlynn, Susan, do.Flynn, Katie, do.Flynn, Nellie, do.Flynn, Lizzie, do.Flynn, James, do.Flynn, Frank, do.Flynn, Sadie, do.Flynn, Matthew, cooper, 174 Thirteenth.Flynn, Mrs. Mercilla, do.F'lynn, Katie, do.Flynn, Charles, cooper, do.Flynn, Tohn, cooper, do.Flynn, Ellen, do.Flynn, Joseph, apprentice, Herald office, do.F. H. Flynn, OAKLEAF, Matthew, BOOKS, do. STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES

nCUTIPT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUl.I1 I lOli Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. JDTl. S. J. FISHEB, ID. ID. S.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.OLEAN DIRECTORY.Fobes, Mrs. George N., 14 State.Fobes, George, book-keeper, do.Fobes, Clara M., do.Fobes, Fred D., do.Fobes, Walter, do.Fobes, Mrs. M. B., 24 State.Fobes, John R., president street railway, do.Fobes, Emma, do.Folansbee, C E., sup't Lee, Claflin & Sons' tannery, 416 Union, N. O.Folansbee, Mrs. Margarie, do.Foley, Miss Mary, cook, Olean house, 122-124 Union.Foley, Patrick, marble polisher, 95 Henley.Foley, Mrs. Catharine, do.Foley, Martin G., do.Foley, I'eterC, marble dealer, do.P'oley, John P., marble cutter, do.Foley, W. Henry, do.Follett, Albert, farmer, E. River, S. O.Follett, Mrs. Lotta, do.Follett, Albert, do.Follett, Edgar, do.Follett, Grace, do.Follett, Ella, do.Follett, Lena, do.Follett, Blanche, do.Follett, Jennie, do.Follett, Cleo, do.Follett, M. C, physician, 51 Henley, cor. Union.Follett, Mrs. Mary A , do.Ford, Edward, clerk, bds. 53 Whitney Ave.Forester, James M., sawyer, 144 Canal.Forester, Mrs. Murvana, do.Forman, George V., 26 Laurens, cor. Second.Forman, Mrs. Martha C, do.Forman, Howard A., do.Forman, George A., do.Forman, Lawrence C, do.Forman, Mary M., do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST

OLEAN DIRECTORY. 85AMERICAN GRANITE.SCOTCH GRANITE.P . C . F O L E Y ,MANUFACUTRER OF/ T \ o |f u / i \ e ff T 5Tablets and Cemetery Work of Every Description.Designs and Estimates Furnishedon Application.71 STATE STREET, OLEAN, N. Y.AMERICAN MARBLE. ITALIAN MARBLE.

nrilTIPT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUtHlloli Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to 5. 1=>:R- S- J- W I S H E S , ID. ID. S.Thursdays 9 te 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.86 OLEAN DIRECTORYForman, Mike, laborar, 205 Fifth.Forman, Mrs. Kate. do.Forman, Martha, do.Forman, Lizzie, do.Forman, Katie, do.Forman, Sopha, do.Forman, Theodore, do.Forman, Herman, do.Forman, Albert, bds. 124 Barry.Forrest, James, cooper, 203 First.Forrest, Mrs. Carrie, do.Forrest, Lester, do.Forrest, Sylvester, do.Forrest, Frank, do.Forrest, Belle, do.Foss, W. M., stillman, 138 Sullivan.Foss, Mrs Fannie, do.Foss, Wallace, do.Foss, Earle, do.Fossler, Saphire, farmer, State, W. O.Fossler, Mrs. Paulina, do.Fossler, John, do.Fossler, Mary, do.Fossler, Willie, do.Foster, Mary E., domestic, 158 Second.Foster, Millard, carpenter, ill Green.Foster, Mrs. Martha J., do.Foster, Lulu M., do.Foster, Raymond E., do.Foster, George M., do.Foster, Arthur A., do.Foster, Dora E., do.Foster, Glenn, do.Fowler, Joseph C, coppersmith, 103 Ninth.Fowler, Mrs. Emma, do.Fowler, Edna, do.Fowler, Elsie, do.Fowler, Clara, do.Fowler, Harry, do.Fox, George W., laborer, King, E. O.Fox, Mrs. Louisa, do.Fox, Oscar E., do.Fox, Wilber, DR. do. D. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,Fox, Lalla M., do.148 1-2 UNION STREET.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 87Fox, Hyrum, S. O.Fox, John, laborer, 200 Sixth.Fox, Mrs. Rf'sa, do.Fox, Peter, do.Fox, Charles, do.Fox, Mary, do.Fox, John, do.Fox, John, farmer, State, W. O.Fox, Mrs. Rekine, do.Fox, John, car repairer, do.Fox, William, do.Frager, Will, brakeman, 22 Railroad Ave.Franchot, N. V. V., oil producer, 22 State.Franchot, Mrs. Anna W., do.Franchot, Douglas W., do.Franchot, Louisa W., do.Franchot, Janet U. V., do.Franchot, Charles P., do.Franchot, Annie C. W , do.Franchot, R. H. lumberman, Olean house 122 and 124 Union.Frank, C. L., carpenter, 109 Twelfth.Frank, Mrs. Nettie, do.Frank, Minnie, daFrank Dana, laborer Walnut, N. O.Frank, Mrs. Nellie, do.Frank, Austin, do.Frankson, Emma, domestic, 140 Union.Frasier, Amelia, 106 Third,Frawley, John B,, hardware dealer, 159 Union.Frawley, Mrs. Margaret E., do.Frawley, Lotta G., do.Frawley, James, do.Frawley, Eva M., do.Frazee, W. L., supt. lumber yard, 69 Sullivan.Frazee, Mrs. Alice doFrazee, Anna, do.Frazee, Lois, do.Frazier, William, near Buffalo, N. O.Freeman, Jacob R., cor. state and pond, E. 0.F. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nCWTIOT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUtll 110 I • Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. IDE- S- J. FISHEE, ID. ID- S.Thursdays 9 ta 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.OLEAN DIRECTORYFreeman, J. W., sailmaker, 54 river, N. O.Freeman Mrs. Adaline, do.Freeman, Francis, G., cigar maker, do..Freeman, Menia, do.Freeman, Mrs. L. F., 111 Barry.Freeman, A. S., do.Freeman, May, 202 Union.Freeman, Ella M., teacher, bds. 32 Laurens.French, John C, lumber dealer, no Barry.French, Mrs. Effie D. do.French, Hellen M., do.French, John C. Jr., do.French, J. R., Tinsmith, 139 Sixth.French, Mrs. Otelia, do.French, Fred G., harness maker, do,French, Charles, E. merchant, do.French, Harry C., clerk, do.French, Nellie, do,Friel John, currier, Oak cor. Spruce.Frier, Mrs. L., dressmaker, 107 third.Frier, Ida L., dressmaker, do'Frink, Edwin, 140 First.Frink, Mrs. Emma, do.Frink, Harry, do.Fritch, Mrs. Francis, 155 Thirteenth.Fntzgerald, Kate, domestic, 122-124 Union.Frohlich, Michael, meat market, 259 Union.Frohlich, Mrs. Anna, do.Frohlich, Florence, do.Fry, Charles, machinist, 212 Seventh.Fry, Mrs. May, do.Fry, Harry, do.Fry, Mrs. W., 202 Seventh.Fry, August, fireman,do.Fry, Adolph, boiler maker, do.Full, A. H., 182 Union.Fuller, C. T., teamster, Oak, cor. Spruce,N. O.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 89Fuller, J. W., book-keeper, 138 Third.Fuller, Mrs. Emma J., do.Fuller, William J., do.Fuller, Nellie A., do.Fuller, Jay W., express messenger, 196^ Union.Fuller, Mrs. Louisa, do.Fuller, Webster M., agent, do.Fuller, Mary, 317 Union.Fulmer, E. M., brakeman, 22 Railroad Ave.Fulton, Robert, conductor, 216 Union.Furman, J. L., fireman, Washington, N. O.Furman, Mrs. Pearl, do.Furman, William W., do.Fursdon, Frank, carpenter, 8 Buffalo.Fursdon, Mrs. Emma, do.Fursdon, Johnnie, do.Fursdon, Maud, do.Fury, Mike, laborer, 243 Spruce, N. O.Fury, Mrs. Rosa, do.Gabler, William, painter, 191 State.Gabler, Mrs Sopha, do.Gage, Bernard, 79 State.Gage, Mrs. Ida, do.Gage, Wanda, do.Gale, Henry, hardware merchant, 8 Laurel Ave.Gale, Mrs. Henry, do.Gale, Harry B., do.Gale, Gardner M., do.Gale, Walter M., do.Galey, Stephen, laborer, 49 Orchard Ave., E. O.Galey, Mrs. Harriet, do.Galey, Sarah A., do.Gallagher, D. B., agent, 202 First.Gallagher, Mrs. Anna, do.Gallagher, Anna, do.Gallagher, Mrs. D. H., cor. First and Wayne.Gallagher, Annie, do.Gallagher, Miss Eliza, housekeeper, 87 River, N. O.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES

nrilTICT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUCIl Noli Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. 3D^- S- J. FISHER, ID. IX S.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.90 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Gallagher, E. H., pipe line, 12 Wayne.Gallagher, Mrs. Anna, do.Gallagher, Genevieve, do.Gallagher, James, fireman, bds. 26 Wayne.Gallagher, Mrs. Jane, .7 Wayne.Gallagher, James, glycerine manufacturer, do.Gallagher, William, glycerine manufacturer, do.Gallagher, Joseph, do.Gallagher, Maty, do.Gallagher, Thomas, do.Gallagher, Patrick, telegraph operator, do.Gallagher, Steven, do.Gallagher, Eddie, do.Galmish, George, laborer, 241 Union.Galusha, D. C, engineer, 43 Coleman.Galusha, Mrs. Nancy M., do.Gamble, W. G., teacher, 78 Barry.Gamer, Michael, laborer, 225^ Union.Gamer, Mrs, Ella. do.Ganner, Joseph, laborer, Ave. B., N. O.Ganner, Mrs. Mary, do.Ganner, Susie, do.Ganner, Eddie, do.Ganner, Anna, do.Ganner, Joseph, do.Ganner, Michael, do.Gannon, Mrs. Katherine, 429 Union, N. O.Gannon, William, engineer, n Winters Ave.Gannon, Mrs. Maggie, do.Gannon, Frank, do.Gannon, Nellie, do.Gannon, Jennie, do.Gardner, Mrs. Agnes S., 40 Clinton.Gardner, Fred W., printer, Times office, 82 Barry.Gardner, Mrs. Carrie E., do.Gardner, Victor W., do.Gardner, George, laborer, Pierce Ave., W. O.Gardner, Mrs. Rose, do.Gardner, Willie, do.Gardner, Charlie, do.Gardner, Mary, do.Gardner, Edna, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,148 1-2 UNION STREET.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 UnionStreet.OLEANDIRECTORY.Garey, Anna, bds. 106 Second.Garr, Gilbert, teamster, 218 State.Garr, Mrs. Elizabeth, do.Garr, Agnes, do.Garr, Mena, do.Garr, Lizzie, do.Garr, Gillie, do.Garr, Dora, do.Garr, Willie, do.Garr, Freddie, do.Garvey, Anna, boarding house, Gillingham Ave.Garvey, John, 105 Buffalo.Garvey, Mrs. Mary, do.Garvey, Martin, laborer, do.Garvey, John, laborer, do.Garvey, Nora, do.Garvey, Kate, laundress. 91 Union cor. State.Garvey, O. N., hotel keeper, 219 State cor. Eleventh.Garvey, Jane, do.Garvey, M. T., do.Garvey, T. P., do.Gasper, I., carpenter, 182 State.Gasper, Mrs. Mnllie, do.Gasper, Amelia, do.Gasper, Dora, do.Gauge, Miss Blanche, 122-124 Union.Gault, J. C, butcher, 42 Front, Bv.Gault, Mrs. Minnie E., do.Gault, John C, Jr., do.Gault, Joseph, butcher, Union, cor. Oak, N. O.Gault, L. C, 42 Front, Bv.Gay, John G., carriage trimmer, 40 Irving.Gay, Mrs. Mary E., do.Gay, Nellie, domestic, First.Gayton, Charles W., laborer, Railroad Ave., E. O.Gayton, Mrs. Elnora R., do.Gayton, Clarence, do.Gayton, Harry, do.Gayton, Charles E., do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES

nCMTICT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUU1110 I. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12;1 to B. JDJR, S. J. FISHEB, D. ID- S.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.92 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Gaze, F. P., carpenter, Brook, E. O.Gaze, Mrs. Katie E., do.Gaze, Lorena, do.Gaze, Clara E., do.Geise, John, 29 State.Geise, Joseph, laborer, State, W. O.Geise, Mrs. Catherine, do.Geise, Edward, do.Geise, Bertha, do.Geise, Elizabeth, do.Geise, Mary, do.Gender, George, laborer, 97 Seventh.Gender, Mrs. Catherine, do.Gender, Otto W., do.Gender, Albert G., do.Gender, George, do.Gender, Bernhart, do.Gender, J., teamster, 9 Jay.Gender, Mrs. Louise, do.Gender, John H., laborer, Pine, N. O.Gender, Mrs. Annn, do.Gender, Edith, do.Gender, Emma, do.Georgia, A. W., mechanic, 143 Barry.Georgia, Mrs. A. W., do.Georgia, Alice M., do.Georgia, Mrs. Elizabeth, 23 Coleman.Georgia, Florence, dressmaker, do.Georgia, Estella, toothpick packer, do.Georgia, F. B., freight agent, 8 Coleman.Georgia, Mrs. Carrie A., do.Georgia, Charles A., do.Geratas, Joseph, Water, N. O.Geratas. Mrs. Anna, do.Geratas, Anna, do.Gerlagh, John, tailor, 164 State.Gerlagh, Mrs. Mary, do.Gerlagh, William, laborer, do.Gerlagh, Mary, do.Gerlagh, Charlie, do.Gerlagh, Anna, do.Gerlagh, Herman, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,148 1-2 UNION STREET.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.Gerstenberger, Henry, sup't Acme barrel works, 96 Sullivan.Gerstenberger, Mrs. Cora, doGerstenberger, Lewis, do.Gerstenberger, Catherine, do.Gessy, W. A., train dispatcher, 147 Second.Getsel, John, cooper, Walnut, N. O.Getsel, Mrs. Lena, do.Getsel, Joseph, do.Gibbons, J. D., brick mason, 200 Seventh.Gibbons, Mrs Anna, do.Gibbons, Eva, do.Gibbons, John, do.Gibbons, Gertrude, do.Gibbons, Irene, do.Gibbons, Daniel, do.Gierhart, Jennie, domestic, 233 Union.Giesser, Rhinehart, painter, 86 Seventh.Giesser, Mrs. Rose, do.Giesser, Frank, do.Giesser, Leo, do.Giesser, Mary, do.Giesser, Jacob, do.Giffith, Ezekeil, carpenter, Clark, E. O.Giffith, Mrs. Sarah E., do.Gilbert, Charles, Railroad Ave., E. O.Gilbert, Edward P., teamster, Railroad Ave., E. O.Gilbert. Mrs. Mary, do.Gilbert, William, do.Gilbert, Ella, do.Gilbert, Martin, do.Giles, Mary Bissell, 116 Barry.Giles, Edith M., do.Gill, Patrick, laborer, River, N. O.Gill, Mrs. Katherine, do.Gill, Francis J., do.Gill, Mary C, do.Gill, Edward, laborer, do.Gill, Ellen, do.Gill, Anna, do.Gill, Margaret, do.sF. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nCMTlOT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUt.ll I lOli Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to 5. TDT=l- S. J- FISHEE, ID. ID. S-Thursdays »to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.94 OLEAN DIRECTORYGillett, Gideon B., lumberman, 136 First.Gillett, Mrs. Lucy J., do.Gillett, G. Henry, printer, do.Gillett, Jennie, do.Gilligan, Thomas, drayman, 59 Henley.Gilligan, Mrs. Mary, do.Gilligan, Catharine, do.Gilligan, Dennis, do.Gilligan, Willie, do.Gillingham, Charles, 196J Union.Gillingham, Mrs. Caroline, do.Gillingham, Charles, Jr., do.Gillman, Charles, 132 Fourth.Gillman, Mrs. Julia A., do.Gilmore, Charles, Jr., machinist, 59 Green.Gilmore, Mrs Hannah E., do.Gilmore, Jessie A., do.Gilmore, Delia M., do.Gilmore, Ella J., do.• Gilniore, Ada E., do.Gilmore, Charles E. M., do.Gilmore, Matthew, do.Gilmour, John, 229 Spruce, N. O.Gilmour, Mrs. Julia, do.Gilmour, William, laborer, do.Gilmour, Catherine, do.Gilmour, Martha, do.Gilmour, Charlotte, do.Gilmour, Lizzie, 48 Wayne.Gilson, E. P., laborer, Tenth, between Wayne and Buffalo.Gilson, Mrs.' Kitty E., do.Gilson, Frank, do.Gilson, George, do.Gilson, Stella, do.Gilson, John, laborer, Union, N. O.Givens, Charles A., bds. 124 Barry.Givler, H. V., clergyman, 127 Fourth.Givler. Mrs. Lillie, do.Givler, Mary E., do.Givler, John Paul, do.Givler, Robert C, do.Givler, Fred, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,148 1-2 UNION STREET.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 95Glavin, Patrick, laborer, 150 Eighth.Glavin, Mrs. Anna, do.Glavin, Edward, do.Glavin, William, do.Glavin, Andrew, do.Glavin, Patrick, do.Glavin, Timothy, do.Glavin, Mary, do.Gleason, Fred L., 13 South, cor. Union.Gleason, Ella V., do.Gleason, Carrie L., do.Gleason, I. F., 145 Second.Gleason, Mrs. Caroline, do.Godden, John H., miller, Main, cor. Center, Bv.Godden, Mrs. Francis A., do.Godden, Harriett F., teacher, do.Godden, Charles A., clerk, do.Godden, Rose E., do.Godden, Walter F., do.Godden, Addie L., do.Godden, Harrie B., do.Godden, Florence A.,-do.Godfrey, Elmer, express agent, 92 Clinton.Godfrey, F. W., photographer, 95^ Union.Godfrey, Orrin W., milkman, 46 Front, Bv.Godfrey, Mrs. Frankie O., do;Godfrey, Mina A., do.Godfrey, Myra E., do.Godfrey, Elizabeth A., do.Goggin, Maggie, domestic, 261 Union.Gold, John, laborer, 199 Eighth.Gold, Mrs. Anna, do.Gold, John, do.Gold, Joseph, do.Goldstein, Lewis, currier, 95 Ninth.Golinski, Mollie, 7 Fulton.Goltz, F. W., contractor, 74 Henley cor. Second.Goltz, Mrs, Anna H. E., do.Goltz, Emma E., do.Goltz, Ada, L., do.coF. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nrUTIOT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUlIiIIoIi Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. ^H. S. J. FISHEE T>. I) S.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.96 OLEAN DIRECTORYtoLUCOGood, Anna, domestic, 154 Second.Good, Carrie, domestic, 233 Union.Good, Mrs. Catherine, 231 Union.Good, John F., do.Good, John E., laborer, 9 Second.Good, Mrs. Elizabeth, do.Good, John, do.Good, Mrs. Margret, 5 Third, cor. Center, Bv.Good, Bell, do.Gpod, Carrie, do.Goode, Miss Elizabeth, teacher, 427 Henley.Goodell, James, gunsmith, 48 Laurens, cor. Fourth. ,Goodell, Mrs. Clorinda A., do.Goodrich, William F., driller, cor. Clark and Brook, E. O.Goodrich, Mrs. Nellie, do.Goodrich, Bertha J., do.Goedsell, John, foreman tannery, 398 Union, N. O.Goodsell, Mrs. Elizabeth, do.Goodsell, Olin, do.Goodsell, Leon, do.Goodsell, John W., carpenter, Plum, E. O.Goodsell, Mrs Georgie A., do.Goodsell, George R., do.Goodsell, Elizabeth, do.Goodsell, John C, do.Goodwin, Irving J., 26 Railroad Ave.Goodwin, Josh, bds. 27 Main, Bv.Goodwin, Lewis, currier, Ave. A, cor. Washington, N. O.Goodwin, Nelson S., wagon maker, 40 Clinton.Goodwin, Mrs. Agnes, do.Goodwin, W. A., music teacher, 9 Crown, E. O.Gorden, Maggie, domestic, N. Washington, N. O.Gorman, E. A., hotel, 24 Railroad Ave.Gorman, Mrs. E. A., do.Gorman, Roland J., do.Gorman, Gertrude M., do. 'Gorman, Maud E., do.Gorman, Joseph E. do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1.2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.Goss, Charlie, laborer, 54 State.Gostman, Albert, mason, 32 State cor. Clinton.Gowen, Daniel, laborer, Dugan Road, E. O.Gowen, Elmer laborer, cor. Ninth and Keed.Gowen, Mrs. Cora, do.Gowen, Harry, do.Grader, Mrs., 49 Eleventh.Grader, Peter, laborer, do.Grader, Vickory, laborer, do.Grader, Kate, do.Grady, Alfred, 86 Barry.Grady, Mrs. Ella, do.Graham, Frederick T., trimmer G. B. Adams' store, 140 First.Graham, Grace, Bishop, E. O.Graham, Katie, domestic, 241 Union.Graham, Samuel, boiler maker, 190 Henley.Graham, Mrs. Nettie, do.Graham, Edith, do.Graham, Willie, do.Granger, Fayette W., carpenter, 25 Fulton.Granger, Mrs. Estella M., do.Granger, Beulah, do.Grant, E. M., section boss, bds. City Ex. hotel, cor. Union, N. O.Grant, Julia, dressmaker, bds. 10 Tompkins.Grant, William, 199 Fourth.Grant, Mrs. Ellen, do.Grant, Edwin, merchant, do.Grant, Joseph F., merchant, do.Grant, Ellen, dressmaker, do.Gratts, Theodore, 205 Fifth.Gray, Frank, laborer, Pierce Ave., W. O.Gray, Mrs. Anna, do.Gray, Ray, do.Gray, Helen, do.Grear, Mrs. Mary, 32 River, N. O.Grear, Nellie, teacher, do.Grear, Francis, book-keeper, do.Grear, John, laborer, do.Grear, Sadie, do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADESco

Esoecial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingDENTIST. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. *DK. S. J- FISHEE ID. I> SThursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.98 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Greaves, Edmond, clerk, loo Henley.Greaves, Mrs. Louisa, do.Greaves, Ethel, do.Greaves, Alice, do.Green, Allen L., carpenter, State, E. O.Green, Mrs. Joann, doGreen, James W., do.Green, Ernest H., do.Green, Roy A , do.Green, Emmet E., do.Green, Thomas B., do.Green, Clarava M., do.Green, Kate J., do.Green, Alford H., mason, 35 Green.Green, Mrs. Nancy A., do.Green, Josephene A., do.Green, Jennie M.. do.Green, Harry H , do.Green, Laura M., do.Green, Charles, of Green & Tothill, machinists, bds 126 Third.Green, Mrs. Mary, do.Green, Cornelia C , 132 Fourth.Green, D. M., tinsmith, 219^ Union.Green, Mrs. Stella, do.Green, E. I,., Railroad Ave., E. O.Green, Mrs. J. A., agent, 227^- Union.Green, Oscar, blacksmith, 5 Irving.Green, Mrs. Augusta, do.Green, Paul, oil shipper, 18 Washington.Green, Mrs. Anna J., do.Green, Fannie A., do.Green, S. C, editor Olean Times, 145 Second.Green, Warren R., farmer, King, E. O.Green, Mrs. Alzina, do.Greet, Michael, laborer, 78 Eleventh.Greet, Maggie, do.Greet, Charlie, do.Gregory, T., 10 Railroad Ave.Griffin, Mrs, A. H., boarding house, 30 Coleman.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,165 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 99Griffin, C, laborer, Spruce, N. O.Griffin, Mrs. Amelia, do.Griffin, Cornelius C, laborer, cor. Maple and Elm, N. 0.Griffin, Mrs. E., do.Griffin, Christopher C, pipe fitter,do.Griffin, Elizabeth, do.Griffin, E. A., tank builder, cor. Maple and Elm, N. O.Griffin, Mrs. H M., do.Griffin, Bessie, do.Griffin, James J., guager oil tanks, Griffin, E. O.Griffin, Mrs. Mary, do.Griffin, James J., Jr., do.Griffin, Maggie, do.Griffin, John, do.Griffin, Frank, do.Griffin, William, do.Griffin, Thomas, do.Griffin, Richard, do.Griffin, Mary, Washington, N. O.Griffin, Mary, Canal.Griffin, Philip, contractor, 285^ Union.Griffin, Rose, do.Griffin, Jennie, do.Griffin, Kittie, do.Griffin, George, do.Griffin, John, do.Griffin, Paul B., supt. chemical works, 20 Laurel Ave.Griffin, Mrs. Paul B., do.Griffin, Addie B., do.Griffin, Edith S., do.Griffin, Howard, do.Griffin, Richard, saw filer, State, E. O.Griffin, Mrs. Johana, do.Griffin, Ella, do.Griffin, Kate, do.Griffin, Mary, do.Griffin, Josa, do.Griffin, Margret, do.Griffin, Lizzie, do.Griffin, William, laborer, Washington, N. O.Griffin, Mrs. Catherine, do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES

nCMTICT Esoecial attention to Crown and Brido-e work and CorrectingULI1II0I. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. IDH. S. J- FISHEE, ID. ID. S.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.100 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Griffith, David, blacksmith, 46 Wayne.Griffith, Mrs. Elizabeth, do.Griffith, Maggie, do.Griffith, l.eroy, carpenter, State, E. O.Griffith, Mrs. Gertrude, do.Griffith, Clarence A., do.Griffith, Winfield B., do.Griffiths, William, boiler maker, 132 State.Griffiths, Mrs. Amanda, do.Grimes,' James, 20 Railroad Ave.Grinard, W. A., sawyer, 64 Wavne.Grinard, Mrs. Carrie, do.Grinard, Claud, do.Griswold, Morton, drayman, 222 First.Griswold, Mrs. Carrie, do.Griswold, Delia, do.Griswold, Maud, do.Grossman, Mrs J., 98 Fourth.Grossman, Ida, do.Grossman, Charles, Grossman, E. O.Grossman, Maggie, do.Grossman, Kittie, do.Grossman, Charles B., do.Grossman, Bessie D., do.Grover, Mrs. Delight, bds. 57 King, E. O.Grundy, Ellen, River, N. O.Grundy, Ellen, do.Grundy, Alice, do.Grundy, Peter, laborer, do.Grundy, James, laborer, do.Grundy, Thomas, do.Grundy, Eliza, do.Grundy, Ada, do.Grundy, Daniel, do.Guipner, Adam, laborer, 77 Tenth.Guipner, Mrs. Kate do.Guipner, Anna, do.Guipner, Rosa, do.Guipner, Lawrence, do.Guipner, Katie, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.Gumloch, Michael, laborer, Washington, N. O.Gumloch, Mrs. Anna, do.Gumloch, Mary, do.Gunuarson, Wahltzer, 18 Fulton.Garney, Wilson D., bds 24 Front, Bv.Guyer, Adam, printer, 77 Fourth.Guyer, Edward, moulder, do.Guyer, Lewis, do.Guyer, George, do.Guyer, Valentine, do.Guyer, Jacob, do.Haas, August, carpenter, 143 Irving.Haas, Mrs. Augusta, do.Haas, Anna, do.Haas, Joseph, do.Hadley, Oliver N., laborer, Railroad Ave., E. O.Hadley, Mrs. Eliza E., do.Hadley, Floyd B.. do.Hadley, Anna B., do.Hadley, Oliver N. Jr., do.Haight, W. J., carpenter, 98 Ninth.Haight, Mrs. Alice L., do.Haire, Joseph, engineer, 146 Third.Haire, Mrs Margaret, do.Haire, Frank, machinist, do.Haire, John, clerk, do.Haire, Joseph, office boy, do.Haire, Dominick, do.Hale, Harry, brakeman, 216 Union.Hale, S. K., 128 Barry, cor. Tompkins.Hale, Mrs. E. M., do.Hale, Willis E., Queen, E. O.Hale, Mrs. Ella, do.Haley, John, laborer, Elm, N. O.Haley, John, bds. 157 Eighth.Haley, Michael, do-.Haley, Mike, 63 State.asCOC3COF. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nCUTIOT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUMlllOL Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to 5. 3DR- S- J. FISHEE, ID. 3D. S.Thursdays 9 te 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.102 OLEAN DIRECTORYHall, A. B., laborer, 82 River, N. 0.Hall, Mrs. Matilda, do.Hall, Lizzie, do.Hall, Blanche, do.Hall, C. W., Sixth, bet. Reed and Sullivan.Hall, Mrs. Ida, do.Hall, Mrs. Caroline, 133 Third.Hall, George E., laborer, Garden Ave., E. O.Hall, Mrs. Nancy M., do.Hall, Bessie M., do.Hall, T. B., carpenter, 48 Third, Bv.Hall, Mrs. Romelia A., do.Hall, Fredrick L , doHall, Oliver M., do.Hall, Norman, do.Hall, Homer, architect, 103 Third.Hall, Mrs. Emna, do.Hall, Archer, do.Hall, Josie, do.Hall, Jessie, do.Hall, J., barber, City Exchange hotel, cor. Union, N. O.Hall, James, laborer, 34 State. E. O.Hall, Mrs. Mary, do.Hall, James M., 19 Barry.Hall, Jason, cooper, 77 Wayne.Hall, Mrs. Sarah A., do.Hall, Clarence, do.Hall, Clinton, do.Hall, John C, drayman, Garden Ave., E. O.Hall, Mrs. Evaline E., do.Hall, Harrie F., do.Hall, Freddie C, do.Hall, Ella Lee, M., 199 do. Union.Hall, Lee S., 114 Green.Hall, Mrs. Lucinda A., do.Hall, William, barber, 90 State.Hall, Mrs. Carrie, do.Hall, Ada, do.Hall, Beatrice, do.Hall, Jessie, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING. CI 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 103Hall, William S., still fireman,142 Thirteenth.Hall, Mrs. Emma, do.Hall, Florence, do.Haller, A., stationary engineer, 38 Coleman.Haller, Mrs. Theresia, do.Haller, Rosa, do.Haller, Katie, do.Haller, Mary, do.Haller, Charles, engineer, 48 Wayne.Haller, Mrs. Elizabeth, do.Haller, Emma, saleslady, do.Haller, Mary, saleslady, do.Haller, Rosa, do.Haller, Theressa, do.Haller, Frank, fireman,do.Haller, George, machinist, 207 Fourth.Haller, Mrs. Maggie, do.Halpine, John C, gauger, 30 Wayne.Halpine, Mrs. Catherine, do.Halpine, Grace, do.Halpine, Mary, do.Halpine, Arthur, do.Halpine, Mary, 200 Seventh.Halter, William, butcher, 128 State.Halter, Mrs. Frances, do.Halter, Lucy, do.Halter, Amy, do.Halter, Lena, do.Halter, Rosa, do.Hamel, J. J., clergyman, 62 Henly.Hamer, Charles, laborer, 56 River, N. O.Hamer, Mrs. Jane, do.Hamer, Willie, do.Hamer, Samuel, do.Hamer, Bennie, do.Hamilton, J. C, engineer, 107 Third.Hamilton, Mrs. Frances, do.Hamilton, Pearl, do.Hamilton, Nellie, do.Hamilton, Tohn, do.|CO5F. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nr UTIQT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and Correcting-UlIiIIoIi Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. D E . S- J. STIS JaBER, ID. ID S.Thursdays 91© 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.104 OLEAN DIRECTORYentoHamilton, Marvin N., mason, 18 Barry.Hamilton, Mrs. Anna, do.Hamilton, Fred, do.Hamilton, Blanchard E., do.Hamilton, Oscar W., carpenter, 118 Henley-Himilton, Mrs. Mary H., do.Hamilton, Lucy E., teacher, do.Hamilton, Lizzie, book-keeper, do.Hamilton, Gertrude E., do.Hamilton, Samuel, carpenter, 34 Coleman.Hamilton, Mrs. Rosina, do.Hamilton, Frank, carpenter, do.Hamilton, George, carpenter, do.Hamilton, Gertie, do.Hamilton, Nellie, do.Hamilton, Fred, 4 Laurens.Hamilton, William H., drayman, 20 Whitney Ave.Hamilton, Mrs. Charlotte L., do.Hamilton, Byron, do.Hamilton, Alice L., do.Hamilton, Hattie E., do.Hamilton, Matie O., do.Hamilton, Birdie, do.Hammond, E. J., laborer, Ave. B, N. O.Hammond, Mrs. K. L., do.Hanagan, Mary, domestic, 23 Laurens.Hancox, Ninian I., oil producer, 52 Clinton.Hancox, Mrs. Frances E., do.Hanegan, Patrick, farmer, Oregon, N. O.Hanegan, Thomas, farmer, do.Hanegan, Lucy, do.Hanegan, Martha, tailoress, do.Haney, John A., stillman, 153 Sullivan.Haney, Mrs. Lucy, do.Haney, Lillie, do.Haney, Mrs. Matilda, 129 Irving.Haney, Elmer, laborer, do.Haney, Lewis, laborer, do.Haney, Caroline, do.Haney, Kemp, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 105Hanigan, James, laborer, 95 River, N, O.Hanigan, Mrs. Mary, do.Hanigan, May E., do.Hanigan, Josephine, do.Hanigan, George, do.Hanigan, Anna I., do.Hanlan, Moll'e, 207 Fourth.Hanley, Julia, domestic. 10 Railroad Ave.Hanley, Patrick, engineer, 189 Fifth.Hanley, Mrs. Bridget, do.Hanley, Thomas, laborer, do.Hanley, Julia, do.Hanley, Mary, do.Hanley, Andrew, do.Hanly, Margarette, 36 Walnut, N. O.Hanna, M. F., cabinet maker, Bishop, E. O.Hanna, Mrs. Melvina, do.Hanna, Fred A , do.Hannifan, M. J., carriage maker, 226 State.Hannifan, Bridget, do.Hannifan, William P., do.Hannifan, Thomas, do.Hannifan, Hugh, printer, do.Hannifan, Celia, do.Hannifan, Agnes, do.Hannifan, John, do.Hannigan, Eugene, laborer, Buffalo, N. O.Hannigan, Susie, do.Hannigan, James E., laborer, State, E. O.Hannigan, Mrs. Mary J., do./Hannon, John J., foreman tank builder, 125 Henley.Hannon, Mrs. Margarette, do.Hannon, Leo. J., do.Hannon, Mary E., do.Hannon, Mary, domestic, 10 Railroad Ave.Hannon, Patrick, laborer, 62 Irving.Hannon, Mrs. Mary, do.Hannon, William F., tank builder, 125 Henley.Hannon, T. J., oil pumper, do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES

nrjyTIOT Esoecial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUtH I lu I • Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12:1 to 5. :D:R- s- J- EISHEZR, ID. ID. S-Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.Hanon, Michael, laborer, 198 Fifth.Hanon, Mrs. Mary, do.Hanon, Thomas, laborer, do.Hanon, John, laborer, do.Hanon, James, do.Hanon, Mary, do.Hanon, Kate, do.Hsnon. Everet, do.Hanon, Maggie, do.Hanon, Willie, do.Hanon, Frank, do.Hanson, Mrs. Florence, 98 Sullivan.Happell, Alexander, tailor, 67 Irving.-Happell, Mrs. Anna F., do.Happell, Maggie K., do.Happell, George F., do.Happell, James M., do.Happell, Arthur A., do.Happell, Laura B., do.Happell, John, clerk, 74 Fourth.Happell, Mrs. Mary, do.Hanrahan, Patrick, laborer, 26 Third, Bv.Hanrahan, Mrs. Bridget A., do.Hanrahan, Edward J., do.Hanrahan, Kate, R., do.Hanrahan, Lulu A., do.Hanrahan, John W., do.Hanrahan, Thomas, do.Hanrahan, Mary A., do.Hanrahan, Patrick, Jr., do.Hanrahan, Mary, do.Hare, Frank, painter, 59 River, N. O.Harkness, Mrs. D., 14 Tompkins.Harkness, John, do.Harkness, Lloyd, doHarnish, John L., laborer, 115 Henley.Harnish, Nellie, do.Harnish, James, do.Harnish, Edwin, do.Harrington, Dennis, laborer, Washington, N. O.Harrington, Mrs. Johanna, do.Harrington, Susie, do.Harrington, DR. Agnes, D. E. do. BARROWS, DENTIST,Harrington, Katie, do.148 1-2 UNION STREET.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 107Harrington, James, laborer, 290 Union.Harris, David, dry goods merchant, 62 Union.Harris, Mrs. Bertha, do.Harris, George A., do.Harris, Julien, A., do.Harris, H. J., dry goods merchant, 7 Fulton.Harris, Mrs. Rachael, do.Harris, Hellen D., do.Harris, Rosa, do.Harris, Lester, do,Harris, John D., moulder, 58 Irving.Harris, Mrs. Lizzie, do.Harrison, Byron A., pipe fitter, Washington, N. O.Harrison, Mrs. Iimma, do.Harrison, William H., clerk, Fourth, cor. Henley.Harrison, Mrs. Clara E., do.Harrison, Mary E , do.Hart, E. C, toothpick manufacturer, 139 Third.Hart, Mrs. D. A., do.Hart, Albertus, do.Hart, Daisey, do.'•'Hart, George, blacksmith, 21 Second, cor. Center, Bv.Hart, Mrs. Lucy M., do.Hart, Lora A., do.Hart, Mabel C, do.Hart, Robert G., do.Hart, Mildred A., do.Hart, James, wholesale merchant, 216 Union.Hart, John, merchant tailor, 245 Union.Hart, Mrs. Elizabeth, do.Hart, John, Jr., do.Hart, Maggie, domestic, 78 Second.Hart, Matthew, yard master W. N. Y. & P. railroad, 164 Eighth.Hart, Mrs. Catherine, do.Hart, Mamie, do.Hart, Charles, do.Hart, John, do.Hart, Nellie, do.Hart, Annie, do.Hart, Henry, do.Hart, Mabel, do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES

nrUTIOT Esoecial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUCIl Noli Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. :D;IR- S. J. FISHEB, ID. ID. S.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.Hart, Mrs. Margaret, 3 River, N. O.Hart, Michael, switchman, do.Hart, WiUiam D., toothpick factory, 29 Fulton.Hart, Mrs. William D., do.Hart, Sadie, do.Hart, Matie, 192 State.Harten, Lotta, 167 Henley.Harten, Henry, do.Hartman, Henry, tailor, 12 Tompkins.Hartman, Mrs. Caroline M., do.Hartman, Charles W., do.Hartman, Isabelle L., do.Harts, Henry, laborer, 143 Sullivan.Harts, Mrs. Theresa, do.Harts, Joseph, do.Harts, Frank, do.Harts, Albert, do.Harts, Herman, doHarts, Willie, 167 State, cor. Seventh.Harvey, Frank, bartender, 22 Railroad Ave.Harvison, William, foreman railroad, 34 Pine, N. O.Harvison, Mrs. Catherine, do.Harvison, William A., laborer, do.Harvison, Jennie, do.Harvison, Thomas J , do.Havrison, Robert G„ do.Harvison, May C, do.Hasfurther, Prof. F., bds. 76 State.Hassett, John, laborer, 75 Green.Hassett. Mrs. Mary, do.Hassett, Kate, do.Hassett, Eleanor, do.Hassett, Minnie, do.Hassett, Timothy, plumber, do.Hassett, Anna, do.Hassett, John, plumber, do..Hassett, Thomas, do.Hassett, Bridget, do.Hassett, Millie, do'.Hassett, Cecelia, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,148 1-2 UNION STREET.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.165 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 109Hassett, Timothy, mason, 121 Green.Hassett, Mrs. Mary, do.Hassett, Arthur, do.Hassett, Tommie, do.Hastings, Allen J., lawyer, 133 First.Hastings, Clarence D., clerk, 119 Barry.Hastings, J. B , inspector of stores at Acme refinery, 5 Coleman.Hastings, John, laborer, City Exchange hotel, cor. Union, N. O.Hastings, Mrs. J. T., 32 Laurens.Hastings, Maud L , do.Hastings, Blanche, do.Hastings, Mrs. Mary, bds. 126 Third.Hatch, Ralph, mover buildings, 80 State.Hatch, William D., machinist, 78 State.Hatch, Mrs. Elizabeth, do.Hatch, Edith, do.Hatch, Winifred, do.Hatch, William, do.Hathaway, Daniel T., farmer, Spring, E. O.Hathaway, Mrs. Cynthia A., do.Hathaway, Ina A., do.Hathaway, Phoeba A., do.Hathaway, Irene E., do.Hathaway, Alta I., do.Hathaway, Mary S. E., do.Hathaway, Chaulicey P., do.Haugh, Mrs. Mary, Spruce, N. O.Haugh, James, laborer, do.Haugh, Patrick, machinist, do.Hangh, Maggie, do.Haugh, Katie, do..Haugh, Nellie, do.Haugh, Mike, laborer, Oak, N. O.Haugh, Mrs. Bridget, do.Haugh, John, do.Haugh, Harry, do.Haugh, M. J., beer bottler, 76 Pine, N. O.Haugh, Mrs. Maggie, do.Haugh, Chester, do.Haugh, Matie, do.F. H. Haugb, OAKLEAF. Katie, BOOKS, do. STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.Haugh, Ella, do.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.$

nrUTIOT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and Correctinu-UClllloli Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. :D:R- S- J- EIS £313314, ID. ID. S.Thursdays 9 te 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.110 OLEAN DIRECTORYulCOHauley, E. F., wagon maker, Pond, E. O.Hauley, Mrs. Barbara, do.Hauley, Francis S., do.Hauley, Emma A., do.Hauley, Masha G., do.Hauley, William F., do.Hauley, John F., do.rlausman, Mary, 91 Clinton, cor. Tompkins.Havelin, G. H., laborer, Ave. A., N. O.Havens, Adison I., machine agent, 323 Union.Havens, Mrs. Millicent, do.Havens, Lysle, do.Havens, Leon, do.Havens, Vina, do.Havens, Charles W., clerk, 86 Barry.Havens, Mrs. Margaret L., do.Hawley, Mrs. D., East River, S. O.Hawley, Frank, carpenter, do.Hawley, Kent, do.Hawley, Charles, do.Hawley, Nancy, do.Hawley, Frank, trackman, Pine, N. O.Hawley, Mrs. Lizzie, do.Hawkins, R. W., clergyman, 141 Sixth.Hawkins, Mrs. Laura, do.Hawkins, Blanche, do.Hawkins, Clifford, book-keeper, do.Hawkins, Clark, telegraph operator, do.Hawkins, Benjamin, do.Hawks, William, boiler maker, 85 Irving.Hawks, Mrs. Mary, do.Hawks, Mertie, do.Hay, Michael, hostler, 18 Fulton.Hayden, J., 78 Barry.Hayden, M. M., bds. Olean house, 122-124 Union.Hayes, Jacob, mason, rear 135 Thirteenth.Hayes, Mrs. Katie, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65 Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.Hays, John, laborer, 194 Seventh.Hays, Mrs. Mary, do.Hays, John, do.Hays, Anna, do.Hays, Eddie, do.Hays, Nellie, do.Hazlett, G. F., 71 Henley.Hazlett, Mrs. Augusta, do.Hazlett, Ella, librarian, do.Healy, James, horse trainer, 207 First.Healy, Mrs. Catherine, do.Healy, James, Jr., do.Hearns, Michael, laborer, 140 Union.Hearron, Michael J., porter, 29 Second, Bv.Hearron, Mrs. Minnie M., do.Hearron, Edward, do.Hearron, Howard P., do.Heath, F., shoemaker, N. O.Heath', Mrs. Larencia, do.Heath, Libbie, do.Heberle, T. A., cooper, 140 Sullivan.Heberle, Mrs. Anna, do.Heberle, John, do.Heberle, Ellen, do.Heberle, Fred, do.Heberle, Eddie, do.Heberle, Anna, do.Heeney, Patrick, gauger, River, N. O.Heeney, Mrs. Maria, do.Heeney, William C, do.Heeney, Patrick H., do.Heeney, Florence M., do.Heeney, Thomas E., do.Heilbrunn, Hermann, ill Second.Heilbrunn, Mrs. Fannie, do.Heilbrunn, Bertie, do.Heilbrunn, Carl, do.Heilbrunn, Joseph, junk dealer, 115 State, cor. Third.Heilbrunn, Mrs. Rosa, do.Heilbrunn, Robert, do.Heilbrunn, Harry, do.Heilbrunn, Bertha, do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nrilTIQT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUtlllloli Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to 5. IDE. S. J. FISHEE, ID. ID. S.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y..112 OLEAN DIRECTORYCOHeinecke, Clara, domestic, 139 Fourth.Heinseman. John, City Exchange Hotel, cor. Union.Heinseman, Mrs. Lena, do.Heinseman, Jacob, do.Heinseman, Edward, do.Heinseman, William, do.Heinseman, Laura, do.Heinseman, Philipine, do.Heinseman, Clarence, do.Helen, Frank, bds. 18 Canal.Heller, William W., carpenter, 30 Jay.Heller, Mrs. Anna, do.Heller, William D., do.Hellwege, J. T., laborer, 100 Ninth.Hellwege, Mrs. M. R., do.Hellwege, Fred T . P., do.Hellwege, Lizzie M. K., do.Helm, Mrs. Laura, Canal.Hemmerman, Charles, carpenter, 150 Irving.Hemmerman, Mrs. Belle, do.Hemmerman, Edna, do.Henderson, Mrs. Mary, 3 Coleman.Henderson, Charles, machinist, do.Henderson, Elthel, do.Henderson, Henry, laborer, Canal.Henderson, Mrs. Susan, do.Henderson, Jessie M., do.Henderson, Marion, Plum, E. O.Henderson, Peter, bds. 16 Barry.Henesy, James, laborer, 214 Seventh.Henesy, Mrs. Ellen, do.Henesy, James, do.Henesy, Patrick, do.Henesy, Mary, domestic, 39 Union, cor. Green.Hennessy, Richard, laborer, State, E. O.Hennessy, Mrs. Margarette L., do.Hennessy, Dennis, tanner, 12 Fulton.Hennessy, Mrs. D., do.Hennessy, Martin J., book-keeper, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,148 1-2 UNION STREET.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.Henrietta, James, teamster, 84 River, N. O.Henrietta. Mrs. Margarette, do.Henrietta, Francis, do.Henrietta, Edwin, do.Henry, William, tool dresser, 8 Winters Ave.Hermann, E., tanner, 22 Twelfth.Hermann, Mrs. C. L., do.Hermann, Christian, do.Hernandes, Mrs., Option House.Herold, John, bds. 84 Seventh.Herold, John, Jr., stone mason, 84 Seventh.Herold, Mrs. Eva, do.Herold, Albert, do.Herold, Arthur, do.Herron, Minnie, clerk, 75 State.Herse, Robert, carpenter, 112 State cor. Third.Herse, Mrs. Ellen, do.Hesling, Kate, domestic, 24 State.Hysel, Philip, marble cutter, 100 First.Hysel, Mrs. Jennie, do.Hysel, George, delivery boy, do.Hysel, Ida, do.Hysel, James, do.Hysel, Eddie, do.Hysel, Donald, do.Hysel, Harry, do.Heysel, George, laborer, 140 Union.Heysel, J. B., bell boy, 122-124 Union.Hibbard, DeVere, doctor, 112 Barry.Hibbard, Mrs. May E., do.Hibbard, Marie, do.Hickey, Robert, stillman, 219 Seventh.Hickey, Mrs. Ellen, do.Hickey, John, do.Hickey, William J., do.Hickey, Robert D., do.Hickey, Anna, do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES

Esoecial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingDENTIST. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to B. *DR. S J. FISHIER ID ID S-Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. 1.114 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Hickmon, Simeon, pumper, King, E. O.Hickmon, Mrs Celest'a R., do.Hickmon, Clara E., do.Hickmon, Lawrence A., do.Hickmon, Iva M., do.Higby, W. L., driller, 184 Henley.Higby, Mrs. Anna M., do.Higby, Homer, J., doHigby, Lulu A., do.Higby, J. W., tool dresser, 188 Henley.Higby, Mrs. Minnie, do.Higby, J. W., Jr , do.Higgins, Frank W., grocer, 3 South, cor. Barry.Higgins, Mrs. Kate C., do.Higgins, O. T., Jr., do.Higgins, Josephine B,, do.Higgins, Frank Harrison, do.Higgins, James, canvasser, 241 Union.Higgins, Mary F., domestic, 24 Laurel Ave.Higgins, O. T., real estate dealer, 3 South, cor. Barry.Hight, Mrs Maggie, Garden Ave, E. O.Hill, Mrs. Nellie, cook, 56 State.Hill, Mrs. Sarah, 65 Irving.Hill, W. B., clerk, State, E.'O.Hill, Mrs. Frank H., do.Hill, John W., do.Hill, Henry A., do.Hillenmeyer, Alfred, gauger, 142 Sullivan.Hillenmeyer, Mrs. Jennie, do.Hillenmeyer, Carrie, do.Hillenmeyer, Grace, do.Hillenmeyer, George, do.Hills, Fred, operator, 421 Union, N. O.Hills, Mrs. Kate, do. 'Hills, Gertrude, do.Hills, Florence, do.Hills, Treva, do.Hills, Nina B., book-keeper, 123 Third.Hillyer, Emilie R., 9 Genesee, cor. First, Bv.Hilton, Nathan, teamster, 233 Union.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

OLEAN DIRECTORY.F. W . H I G G I N S # C O ,lj2adin

Esoecial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingDENTIST. Irregularities,TDH- S- J. FISHEE, ID..ID. S.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to 5. ._ . . . .Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.OLEANDIRECTORY.Hilton, S. B., teamster, 165 Fourth.Hinds, Miss Mary F:, teacher, 16 Henley.Hmds, George W., farmer, Dugan road, E. O.Hinds, Mrs. Rebecca A., do.Hinds, Floyd, do.Hines, Mary, 78 Barry.Hines, Mrs. Mary, Pine, N. O.Hines, Martin, Pine, cor. River, N. O.Hines, Mrs. Margarette, do.Hines, Michael, laborer, do.Hines, Martin, Jr., do.Hines, John, do.Hines, Ellen, do.Hines, Maggie, do.Hites, H. C, cooper, 329 Union.Hites, Mrs. Ida J., do.Hites, Robert G., do.Hites, Bertie D., do.Hodges, H. W., Jr., currier, 185 State.Hodges, J., salesman, 207 State.Hodges, Mrs. ' V., do.Hodges, Hallie, do.Hodges, Fred, do.Hodges, T. J , mason, 74 Coleman.Hodges, Mrs. Bertha T., do.HoHges, Marshall J., do.Hodges, Howard J., do.Hodges, William H., locomotive engineer, 52 Irving.Hodges, Mrs. Carrie L,, do.Hodges, William C. do.Hodges, Clara M., do.Hoffman, Frank, baker, 212 State.Hoffman, Mrs. Ida, do..Hoffman, N. D., liquor store, 273 Union.Hoffman, Mrs. E. L., do.Hoffmire, Augustus, laborer, 80 Third.Hoffmire, Mrs. Emma, do,Hoffmire, George, do.Hoffmire, Laura, do.Hoffmire, Bessie, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 117Hogan, James E., bds. Olean house, 122-124 Union.Hogan, W. J., do.Hogan, David, oil producer, 138 Fourth.Hogan, Mrs. Ellen, do.Hogan, Andrew, do.Hogan, John, do.Hogan, Nellie, do.Hogan, Katie, do.Hogan, Lucy, do.Hogan, Maggie, do.Hogan, James F., engineer, Spruce, N. O.Hogan, Mrs. Mary, do.Hogan, Margarette, do.Hogan, Gertrude, do.Hogan, John, do.Hogan, James, do.Holcomb, R. S., laborer, Railroad Ave., E. O.Holcomb, Mrs. Caroline, do.Holcomb, Jennie E., do.Holcomb, Charlie C., do.Holcomb, Adran W., do.Holcomb, Asenath L., do.Holday, J., operator, 94 River, N. O.Holday, Mrs. Mary, do.Holday, Edward, do.Holden, Alice H., teacher, 42 Laurens.Holden, John, fireman foundry, 60 Fourth.Holden, Mrs. Nellie, do.Holden, George, do.Holden, John, do.Holiday, Charles, ice dealer, State, E. O.Holiday, Mrs. Phoeba, do.Holiday, Samuel, laborer, Alder, E. O.Holland, Matie, cook, Grand Central hotel, 216 Union.Holland, Timothy, teamster, Homer road, N. O.Holland, Mrs. Esther, do.Holland, William, do.Holland, Mary, do.Holland, Timothy, do.Holland, Esther, do.F. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nriiTIPT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUCIlllOl. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to 5. TDTl. S. J. FISHES,, ID. ID. S.Thursdays 9 te 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.118 OLEAN DIRECTORYHolland, William, machinist, 199 Fifth.Holland, Mrs. Katie, do.Holland, Mary, do.Holliday, William W., 45 Barry.Holliday, Mrs. Manda, do.Holliday, Earl F., do.Holliday, William W., Jr., do.Holly, George, marble cutter, in Second.Holly, Mrs. Emily, do.Holly, Newton, farmer, Chisley road, W, O.Holly, Mrs. Phoebe, do.Holmes, Ella, domestic, 6 Laurens.Holmes, F. L., foreman tannery, 91 Union, cor. State.Holmes, Mrs. Georgia A., do.Holmes, Ruth H., do.Holmes, J. T., farmer, 190 Irving,Holmes, Mrs. Mary J., do.Holmes, N. T., clerk, 98 Clinton.Holmes, Mrs. Alena M., do.Holmes, Edward D., do.Holmes, Delia M., do.Holmes, Laura E , do.Holmes, Debby V., do.Holsman, Lawrence, operator, 78 Wayne.Holts, Herman, carpenter, Pine, N. O.Holts, Mrs. Elvira, do.Holts, Minnie, do.Holzberg, Julius, furniture dealer, 66 Barry.Holzberg, Mrs. Elizebeth, do.Holzberg, Tena K., do.Holzberg, Jennie B., do.Holzberg, Barenel P. J., do.Holzberg, Jovoba, S., do.Holzberg, Tonnis G., do.Holzberg, Bessie L., do.Homer, E. A., agent American Express Co., 29 Laurens.Homer, Mrs. Anna, do.Homer, Mrs. S. R., 158 First.Homer, George, do.Homer, James, doHomer, Hattie, do.Homer, Samuel, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,148 1-2 UNION STREET.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65 Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.Homer, Emma, 158 First.Homes, W. A., locomotive fireman, 14 Washington.Homes, Mrs. Blanche, do.Hoolander, Wolfgans, laborer, Railroad Ave., E. O.Hoolander, Mrs. Maggie, do.Hoolander, Frank, do.Hoolander, Daney, do.Hoover, Mrs., Union, N. O.Hopkins, George, barber, 9 Irving.Hopkins, Peter, 30 Railroad Ave.,Horn, Timothy, laborer, 483 Union, N. O.Hornbeck, Alfred, barber, 90 State.Hornbeck, Mrs. Jennie, do.Hornbeck, Bessie, do.Hornbeck, Earl, do.Hornbeck, Irene, do.Hornbeck, Myron, mechanic, 23 Tompkins.Hornbeck, Mrs. E. R., do.Hornbeck, Martha E., do.Hornbeck, Louise E., do.Horner, John, 16 Laurel Ave.Horner, Mrs. J., do.Horner, William, clothier, do.Horner, P. L., clerk, 126 Second.Horner, Mrs. Marcia, do.Horriton, Anna, domestic, 3 South, cor. Barry.Horton, C. E., clerk, 76 Clinton, cor. Laurel Ave.Horton, D. T., druggist, 98 Henley.Horton, Mrs. Lulu, do.Horton, G. S., mason, 180 State.Horton, Mrs. Susan, do.Horton, Mattie, do.Horton, Irvin, lather, Gillingham Ave., bet. State and Henley.Horton, Mrs. Ella, do.Horton, Lena, do.Horton, Stephen, farmer, East River, S. O.Horton, Mrs. Sophia, do.F. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

flFNTI^T Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUCIl I lOl. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. IDE. S. J- FISHEE, ID. ID. S.Thursdays 9 te 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.120 OLEAN DIRECTORY?£Hotchkiss, Collins, trackman, Pine, N. O.Hotchkiss, Mrs. Mary, do.Hotchkiss, E. O, brakeman, 8 Canal.Hotchkiss, Mrs. Dora M., do.Hotton, Philip, blacksmith, 66 Wayne, cor. Fifth.Houghton, J. W., mail carrier, 29 Clinton.Houghton, Mrs. Ella, do.Houghton, Joseph V., do.Houghton, Bessie, do.Houghton, Royal, Reed, near Thirteenth.House, William M., laborer, 109 Second.House, 'Mrs. Mary do.House, Minnie, do.House, Charlie, do.Houskie, Hammond, laborer, 90 Reed, cor. Seventh.Houskie, Mrs. M. E., do.Houskie, Dora, do.Houskie, Ida, do.Housted, Albert, 60 Union.Hovey, N. P., liveryman, 49 Sullivan.Hovey, Mrs. jane T., do.Hovey, Charlie, do.Howard, Marden, brakeman, 19 Tompkins.Howellenstene, Jewell, 60 Union.Howes, E, T., treasurer Oil Well Supply company, 76 First.Howes, Mrs. Kate, do.Howes, Edgar, do.Howes, Essie, do.Howlett, F. D., job printer, 38 Washington, cor. Seventh.Howlett, Mrs. Lizzie, doHowlett, Nina I., do. ,Hoyle, Kate, Olean house, 122-124 Union.Hoyt, • , bds. 124 Barry.Hubbard, Charles S., farmer, Queen, E. O.Hubbard, Mrs. Lorella B., do.Hubbard, Arthur C, do.Hubbard, Florence M., do.Hubbard, Frank, do.Hubbard, Edward, do.Hubbard, Clara, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,148 1-2 UNION STREET.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 121Hubbard, Frank, teamster, 106 Second.Hubbard, Mrs. Amelia, do.Hubbard, Jack, painter, 20 Railroad Ave.Hubbell, B. B., farmer, 26 Genesee, cor. Main, Bv.Hubbell, Mrs. Serena, do.Hubbell, Emma E., do.Hubbell, H. C, hooper, 19 Third, Bv.Hubbell, Mrs. Lizzie, do.Huelstein, John, b'acksmith helper, 183 Eighth.Huelstein, Mrs. Kate, do.Huelstein, Rosa, do.Huff, Stephen, mason, 65 Irving.Huff, Stephen E., do.Hughes, J. H., oil operator, 50 Green.Hughes, Mrs. Lucretia, do.Hughes, Lottie, do.Hughes, Don, do.Hughes, Silas, bds. 14 Canal.Hughs, |. A., over 214 Union.Hughs, Mrs. J. A., do.Hughs, Harry, do.Hughs, Lulu, domestic, 106 Third.Hughs, Richard, laborer, 463 Union, N. O.Humes, J. D., painter, 114 State.Humes, Mrs. Nellie, do.Humes, Grace, do.Humes, Nellie, do.Humes, Robert, do.Humphrey, Fred B., operator, 138 Second.Humphrey, Mrs. Jennie, do.Humphrey, Grace, do.Humphrey, James, do.Hunt, George, laborer, 157 Sullivan.Hunt, Mrs. M. H., milliner, 209 Union, cor. Sullivan.Hunt, Jessie, stenographer, do.Hunt, Mrs. Martha A., 77 Second.Hunter, Lewis, bds 32 Fulton.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES

nCMTICT Esoecial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingULIlllOl. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12:1 to s. TDR. S. J. FISHEE, ID. ID- S-Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.OLEANDIRECTORY.Hurlbut, H. S., carpenter, 8 Tompkins.Hurlbut, Mrs. H. S., do.Hurlbut, Daisy, do.Hurley, Jerry, locomotive engineer, 87 River.Hurley, Timothy, teamster, do.Huson, Joseph, grocer, 69 Union.Huson, Mrs. Mary, do.Huson, Anna, do.Hutchings, W., hotel keeper, 10 Railroad Ave.Hutrhings, Mrs. Eva, do.Hutchings, W., do.Hutchings, Pearl, do.Hutchings, Florence, do.Hutchings, Joseph, do.Hutchinson, Alexander M., engineer Acme mills, 144 Barry.Hutchinson, Mrs. Lovila, do.Hutchinson, William G., do.Hutchinson, Hugh, road master, 18 Elm cor. Walnut, N. O.Hutchinson, Mrs. Mary, do.Hutchinson, Lizzie, do.Hutchinson, John, do.Hutchinson, Maggie, do.Hutchinson, Agnes, do.Hyde, Carrie, 25! Green.Hyde, Edward J., 28 State cor. Clinton.Hyde, Miss Mary A,, 9 Hamilton.Hylman, John, laborer, 18 Fulton.Hynds, James, 28 Railroad Ave.Ingalls, O. H, Bishop, E. O.Ingalls, Mrs. Sarah, A., do.Irish, William M., Supt. Acme oil works, 131 Third.Irish, Mary E., do.Irish, William M., Jr. do.Irish, Desire M., 131 Third.Jackie, Jacob, butcher, 471 Union, N. O,Jackie, Mrs. Anna, do.Jackie, Fred, do.Jackie, Monda, do.Jackie, Emil, do.Jackie, Mabel, do.Jackie, Anna, do.Jackie, Bertha, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,148 1-2 UNION STREET.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 123Jackson, G. P., train despatcher, 49 Irving.Jackson, Mrs. Edna, do.Jackson, Edward S., dentist, 28 Fulton.Jackson, Mrs. Carrie M., do.Jackson, Albert H., do.Jackson, Lewis E., do.Jackson, John, cooper, 16 Third.Jackson, Mrs. Mary A., do.Jackson, Alice W., do,Jackson, Elizibeth, do.Jackson, William, do.Jackson, Charles, railroad man, Option house.Jackson, F. L., laborer, 219 Union,Jackson, Mrs. Frances, do.Jackson, Alice, 92 State.Jackson, John, W., laborer, 54 State.Jacobasko, Adam, laborer, Homer road, N. O.Jacbbasko, Mrs. Mary, do.Jacobs, Mrs., 89 Wayne.Jacquett, William H., railroad fireman, 16 Whitney Ave.Jacquett, Mrs. Matilda, do.Jacquett, Francis J., do.Jacquett, William T., do.Jacquett, Celia, do.Jahn, Anthony, tailor, 69 Ninth.Jahn, Mrs. Paulena, do.Jahn, Rosa, do.Jahn. Lizzie, do.James, Mark, carpenter and joiner', 149 Thirteenth.James, Mrs. Harriet, do.Tames, Agnes, teacher, do.James, Alice, teacher, do.James, Mark L., do.James, Thomas W., do.James, Anna F., do.James, Aaron, stillman, 78 Washington.James, Mrs. Clara, do.James, Louisa M., do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES

nCHTIOT Esoecial attention to Crown and Brido-e work and CorrectingULllllOl. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to B. TD3B. S. J. FISHEE, ID. ID. S.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.124 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Japsan, Jasep, laborer, Water, N. O.Japsan, Mrs. Antonette, do.Japsan, Anna, do.Japsan, John, do.Japsan, William, do.Japsan, Mary, do.Jamtar, Michael, laborer, 82 Clinton.Jarntar, Mrs. Augusta, do.Jasper, John A., wood turner, 197 First.Jasper, Mrs. Margaret, do.Jasper, Alisia, do.Jessmore, Mrs. John, dressmaker, 162 Sullivan.Jewell, Joseph R., lawyer, 154 Second.Jewell, Mrs. Julia E., do.Jewell, Dana, do.Jewell, M. B., lawyer, 74 First.Jewell, Mrs. Lizzie B., do.Johann, John M., painter, 155 Sullivan.Johann, Louisa, do.Johnson, E. M., oil producer, 32 Sullivan.Johnson, Mrs. H. C, do.Johnson, Harriet, do.Johnson, Jamie, do.Johnson, Anna, do.Johnson, Beulah, do.Johnson, Mart, do.Johnson, Louise, do.Johnson, James M., merchant, 38 Clinton, cor. Henley.Johnson, Mrs. Anna V., do.Johnson, Mary A., do., Whitney Avenue Greenhouse,JOHNSON.1 Cut Flowers, Designs, Decorative Plants andBedding Plants in their season.Johnson, Mrs. Isabelle S., 45 Whitney Ave.Johnson, E. W., Supt. Penn. Lumber Storage Co., 1 Homer, N. O.Johnson, Mrs. Cora E., do. »Johnson, Francis E., carpenter, 45 Clinton.Jonnson, Mrs. Permelem M., do.DR. D. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,148 1-2 UNION STREET.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65 Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.Johnson, Julius P., carpenter, 116 Sullivan.Johnson, Mrs. Lodemie E., do.Johnson, Nellie S., book-keeper, do.Johnson, John A., tailor, 125 Sullivan.Johnson, Mrs. Amanda, do.Johnson, Ethel A. E., do.Johnson, Pearl S. E., do.Johnson, Peter, laborer, Clark, cor. Brooks, E. O.Johnson, Mrs Anna, do.Johnson, Oscar, do.Johnson, Michael, foreman yard, Water, N. O.Johnson, Mrs. Ella, do.Johnson, Johnnie, do.Johnson, Mary, do.Johnson, Katie, do.Johnson, Michael, do.Johnson, Fred, do.Johnson, Edwin, do.Johnson, Margret J., 5,Center, cor. Third, Bv.Johnson, Arthur A., foreman wrecker W. N. Y. & P., 19 Buffalo.Johnson, Mrs. Emma, do.Johnson, Lee, do.Johnson, Mabel M., do.Johnson, Albert F., locomotive fireman, 192 Sixth.Johnson, Mrs. Augusta, do.Johnson, C. O., liquor dealer, 62 State.Johnson, Mrs. Matilda, do.Johnson, Minnie, do.Johnson, S. P., laborer, 156 Fifth.Johnson, Mrs. Matilda, do.Johnson, Hilda, do.Johnson, Frank, oil pumper, 137 Sixth.Johnson, Mrs. Jennie, do.Johnson, Theodore, do.Johnson, Fred, do.Johnson, C, barber, 283 Union.Johnson, Mrs. Martha, do.Johnson, J. F., real estate dealer, 10 Hamilton.Johnson, Mrs. Mary A., do.Johnson, E. G., domestic, 122-124 Union.F. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

npilTIOT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingULIlllOli Irregularities.Hours 9to 12; 1 to B. IDE. S. J. FISHEE, ID. ID. S.Thursdays 9 te 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.126 OLEAN DIRECTORYJohnson, John A., book-keeper, 8 North.Johnson, Mrs. Gertrude, do.Johnson, Eddie W., do.Johnson, John A., Jr., do.Johnson, Betsy, Canal.Johnson, Maud, do.Johnson, Henry, do.Johnson, Edith, do.Johnson, Harry, 20 Railroad Ave.Johnson, Samuel, laborer, 16 Barry.Johnson, Mrs. Helma, do.Johnson, Charles F., do.Johnson, Mrs. Sarah, 25 Irving.Johnson, Louisa, domest'c, 105 Henley.Johnson, Benjamin, laborer, 96 Seventh.Johnson, VI rs. Augusta, do.Johnson, Charlie, do.Johnson, Albert, do.Johnson, W., currier, 194 State.Johnson, Mrs. Georgia, do.Johnson, Ward, do.Joice, Stephen A., laborer, Railroad Ave., cor. Queen, E. O.Joice, Mrs. Eva S., do.Joice, Nellie L., do.Joice, Ruben M., do.Jones, M. T., painter, 142 Third.Jones, Mrs. Grace, do.Jones, Ruth, do.Jones, N. I., 223^ Union.Jones, Mrs. N. I., do.Jones, Edward, conductor, 9 Tompkins.Jones, Mrs. Hatttie A., do.Jones, Albert T., do.Jones, Nina M., do.Jones, A. T., clerk, 122-124 UnionJones, C. S., bds. 22 Barry.Jones, Mrs. E. C, boarding house, 92 Clinton.Jones, Bertha E., do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65 Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.Jones, W. H., brakeman, 216 Union.Jones, Dama, milliner, 13 Laurel Ave.Jones, Ida, domestic, 116 First.Jones, David, engineer, 12 Washington.Jones, Mrs. Mary E., do.Jones, Elmer, laborer, Fifteenth, W. O.Jones, Mrs, May, do.Jones, Harry, do.Jones, Matie, 203 Henley.Jones, Mrs J., Raihoad Ave.Jones, Berdell, do.Jones, Bertha, do.Jones, Arthur, do.Jones, Herman, do.Jones, Hazel, do.Jones, Thomas, laborer, State, E. O.Jones, Mrs. Mary, do.Jones, Sarah, do.Jones, Robert, do.Jordan, Thomas, engineer, 197 Seventh.Jordan, Mrs. Mary, do.Jordan, Thomas, 159 First.Jordan, Daniel, laborer, 56 State.Jordan, Margret E., do.Judd, C. D., bank teller, 78 Barry.Judd, Mrs. F. V., do.Judd, Ethan, do.Judge, Levi, lumber dealer, 100 Third.Judge, Mrs. Emma, do.Judge, Kate, do.Judge, Martin, Supt. Gillingham & Co. yard, 26 Wayne.Judge, Albert, manufacturer of sash, doors & blinds, 174 Third.Judge, Mrs. Abbie, do.Judge, George, grocer, 213 State.Judge, Mrs. Lotta E., do.Judge, Cecil, M., do.Judge, Charles Henry, do,F. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

f|r||T|OT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingIrregularities.Eours9tol2: 1 to S.73*1. S. J. FISHEE, ID- ID-Sfhursdays9 ta 12.Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y128 OLEAN DIRECTORY1-«sUJC=> _l1-^LU .. .^COej^enCOca^coulXCO(=>£1—•as. ecOSea -^£3«cUJ>-35Judge, Henry, gardner, 77 Buffalo, cor. Judge Ave.Judge, Mrs. Mary F.; do.Judge, Michael, laborer, River, N. O.Judge, Mrs. Anna, do.Judge, John, do.Judge, Herbert, do.Judge, Martin, do.Judkins, F. M., clerk, over 22 Tompkins.Judkins, Mrs. Patience, do.Juhl, John, laborer, 37 Third.Juhl, Mrs. Bertha, do.Juhl, John, do.Juhl, Carrie, do.Kalahn, Kate, 6 Hamilton.Kallenbach, Louisa, 70 Washington.Kallenbach, Earnest, do.Kamery, Nelson, laborer, S. O.Kamery, Mrs. Ella, do.Kamery, Clara, do.Kamery, P. M.', contractor, S. O.Kamery, Mrs. Arminda, do.Kamery, Grace, do.Kamery, Henry, teamster, S. 0.Kamery, Mrs. Nettie J., do.Kamery, Pearl, do.Kamler, Frank, carpenter, 88 Washington.Kamler, Mrs. Matilda, do.Kamler, Paul, harness maker, do.Kamler, Alfred, do.Kamler, Frank, do.Kamler, Henry, do.Kamler, Max, do.Kane, John, laborer, West River, N. O.Kane, Mrs. Mary, do., Kane, Michael, teamster, do.Kane, John, barber, do.Kane, William, do.Kane, Mary, do.Kane, Robert, currier, 135 Thirteenth.Kane, Mrs. Mary; do.Kane, Maggie, do.Kane, Isabel, do.Kane, Florence, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,148 1-2 UNION STREET.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 129Kane, Ed., painter, 263 Union.Kane, John, Homer road, N. O.Kane, Mrs. Bridget, do.Kane, James, do.Kane, Mary, domestic, 131 First.Kane, M., 10 Railroad Ave.Karel, Daniel, laborer, 195 Henley cor. Eleventh.Karnock, F. G., laborer, 14 Third, Bv.Karnock, Mrs. Minnie, do.Karnock, Amelia, do.Karnock, Henry, do.Karnock, Freddie, do.Kaselhock, George, 64 Barry.Katz, Mrs. Sarah, 7 Fulton.Kayes, John, saw filer, State, E. O.Kayes, Mrs. Ann, do.Kayes, Joseph, do.Kayes, Robert, do.Kayes, Katie, do.Kayes, John, Jr., do.Kayes, Nellie, do.Kayes, Mary, do.Kayes, Anda, do.Keahl, Mary, book-keeper, bds. 24 Laurel Ave.Keasaw, Paul, yard master cripple yard railroad, 163 Seventh.Keasaw, Mrs. Maggie, do.Keasaw, Hattie P., do.Keasaw, Carrie A., do.Keasaw, Earl P., do.Keasler, Nora, domestic, 8 State.Keef, Patrick, Vine, N. O.Keef, Mrs. Anna, Vine, N. O.Keef, Harry, do.Keef, Mary, do.Keeflin, Calvin, Hotel Capitol Cafe, 175-177 Union.Keeflin, Mrs. June, do.Keeflin, Bessie, do.Keeflin, Dolphin, do.Keeler, Mary I., Garden Ave., E. O.Keeler, Elmer E., do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES

nCUTIQT Esoecial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingULllllOli Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. IDE. S- J". FISHEE, ID. ID- S-Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.|130 OLEAN DIRECTORY.^-a: ic= .IXJLUCE 1—COas^3CT5CD-ar——UJCOS3C3 31esSzCECWCOC3C3 1ec33iC3IKeeley, William, brakeman, io Canal.Keeley, Mrs. Anna, do.Keenan, Charles, grocer, Option house.Keenan, P. F., carpenter, io Tompkins.Keenan, Mrs. P. F., do.Keenan, Michael, contractor, oil wells, 134 Eighth.Keenan, Mrs. Emma, do.Keenan, Katie, do.Keenan, Georgia, do.Keenan, Mary, do.Keenan, Albert, do.Keenan, Fred, do.Keenan, Harvey, do.Keesler, James, farmer, East River, S. V.Keesler, Mrs. Elva, do. \Keesler, Elmer, do.Keesler, George, do.Keesler, Alfred, farmer, State, E. O.Keesler, Mrs. Louisa, do.Keesler, Nora M., do.Keim, J. P., oil dealer, 92 Thirteenth.Keim, Mrs. Mary, do.Keim, Mary, do.Keim, Anna, P., do.Keim, John G., grocer, 236 State.Keim, Mrs Rica, do.Keim, Charles, laborer, 94 Thirteenth.Keim, Mrs. Julia, do.Keim, Grace, do.Keim, Eva, do.Keir, James, 128 Sullivan.Keir, Mrs. Loretta, do.Keir, Isadora H., do.Keith/George T., civil engineer, 35 Laurens.Keith, Mrs. Eveline A., do.Keith, Mildred E., do.Kelleher, Mary, domestic, 105 First.Keller, William W., laborer, Brook, E. 0.Keller, Mrs. Ada L., do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 131Keller, Milton B., laborer, 52 Ninth.Keller, Mrs. Jennie, do.Keller, Minnie, do.Keller, Marshal, do.Keller, Frank H., teamster, 12 Third, Bv.Keller, Mrs. F. May, do.Keller, Mary E., do.Keller, Eugene B., do.Keller, Mrs, R., 83 Green.Kelley, J. T , gauger, 39 Third, Bv.Kelley, Mrs. Carrie K., do.Kelley, Charles E., do.Kelley, Floyd L., do.Kelley, Leota G., do.Kelley, Henry M., works Acme mills, Fourth, Bv.Kelley, Mrs. Nellie M., do.Kelley, F. W., laborer, 29 Clinton.Kelley, Delia, domestic, no Barry.Kelley, E. J., barber, 146 Union.Kelley, Clarendon, carpenter, 62 Barry.Kelley, Mrs. Martha, do.Kelley, Edward W., painter, do.Kelley, Frank H., do.Kelley, Judson W., printer, do.Kelley, Louie M., do.Kelley, Charles S., do.Kelley, Thomas, 30 Railroad Ave.Kelley, Nora, domestic, Grand Central hotel, 216 Union.Kelley, Nora, domestic, 122-224 Union.Kelley, Nellie, domestic, do.Kellogg, Martha, dressmaker, bds. 68 Fourth.Kelly, Mathew, laborer, 159 Eighth.Kelly, Mrs. Mary, do.Kelly, Nora, do.Kelly, John, do.Kelly, Elizabeth, do.Kelly, Mary, do.Kelly, Frank, do.Kelly, J., 10 Railroad Ave.Kelly, Daniel, laborer, bds. O'Meara hotel, 261 Union.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES

nCUTICT Esoecial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingULllllOl. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. 3DE. S3- J- FISHEE, ID. ID. S-Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.OLEAN DIRECTORY.Kelsey, James, cigar manufacturer, 16 Laurens, cor. First.Kelsey, Mrs. Jane, do.Kelsey, Lavina, do.Kelsey, James, do.Kelsey, Howard, do.Kelsey, Geoige, cigar dealer, 128 Second.Kelsey, Mrs. Mary, do.Kelsey, George Francis, do.Kelsey, Hellen Verna, do.Kelsey, George, pattern maker, 10 Laurel Ave.Kelsey, Mrs. George, do.Kelsey, James, do.Kelsey, Walter, Wild Cat road, S. O.Kemery, P. M., Jr., farmer, East River, S. O.Kemery, Mrs. Julia, do.Kemery, Lena, do.Kemery, Fred, farmer, East River, S. O.Kemery, Mrs. Carrie, do.Kemery, Glenn, do.Kemery, Jessie, do.Kemery, Mills, do.Kemery, Frank, farmer, East River, S. O.Kemery, Delia, domestic, 38 Barry.Kemp, Walter, harness maker, 17 Buffalo.Kemp, Mrs. Eleanor, do.Kemp, William W., harness maker, do.Kemp. Minnie A., saleslady, do.Kemp, Frederick A., do.Keneip, Adam, tanner, State, W. O.Keneip, Mrs. Elizabeth, do.Keneip, Lina, do.Kennedy, George, carpenter, Fifteenth, W. O.Kennedy, Mrs. Lenny, do.Kennedy, Hattie, do.Kennedy, Earl, do.Kennedy, Jessie, do.Kennedy, John, blacksmith, 201 Fifth.Kennedy, Mrs. Mary, do.Kennedy, John, Jr., do.Kennedy, Maria, domestic, 122-124 Union.DR. D. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,148 1-2 UNION STREET.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.Kennerdall, Richard, clerk Eclipse Lub. Oil Co., bds. Olean house.Kent, Omar P., 71 Fourth.Kent, Mrs. Carrie R., .do.Kent, Lambert W., do.Kent, Howard T., do.Kent, Johnnie W.„ do.Kent, William R., do.Kent, William S., general store, Uni(>n, N. O.Kent, Mrs. Louise, do.Kent, Charlie, do.Kent, Clare, do.Kent, Albe'rt H., Jr., clerk, bds. 71 Fourth.Kent, Edward, clerk, 60 Union.Kent, Elmer G., bds. 59 Green.Kent, Mrs. Flora, do.Kent, Anna, Third, near Green.Kenyon, J., Pad Co., bds. Option house.Kerly, Patrick, laborer, 229 First.Kerly, Mrs. Elizabeth, do.Kerly, William, do.Kerly, Michael, do.Kerly, Mary, do.Kerly, Elizabeth, do.Kerly, Katie, do.Kerly, Maggie, do.Kerly, Agnes, do.Kerly, Nellie, do.Kerr, Boyd, jeweler, 117^ Union.Kerr, William, boiler maker, 113 Third.Kerr, Mrs. Fannie, do.Kerr, Henry Eddy, clerk, do.Kerr, George L., printer, do.Kerr, Fannie P., do.Kerr, W. J., jeweler, 113 Third.Kerr, Mrs. Maude, do.Kerr, Mrs. N. C, 68 Fourth.Kerr, Melville M., laborer, do.Kesselhook, Rosewell, tanner, 30 Orchard Ave , E. O.Kasselhook, Mrs. Ellen L., do.Kasselhook, Philip H., do.Kasselhook, Charles F., do.Kasselhook, Zatla, do.F. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nCMTICT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUtll HOI. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to B. IDE- S. J. FISHEE, ID. ID. S.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.134 OLEAN DIRECTORYKeysley, Bela, farmer, East River, S. O.Keysley, Mrs. Catherine, do.Kiesel, Michael, shoemaker, Union, N. O.Kiesel, Mrs. Catherine, do.Kiesel, John, clerk, do.Kiesel, Henry, clerk, do.Kiesel, Conrad, boiler maker, Elm, N. O.Kiesel, Mrs. Mary, do.Kiesel, Charles, clerk, 20 Elm, N. O.Kiesel, Mrs. Maria, do.Kiesel, L;zzie, do.Kiesel, Bertha, do.Kightlinger, D., fireman, 216 Union.Kilborn, Charlie, buggy washer, 146 Union.Kilday, Frank, railroad man, 263 Union.Kilday, J. H., hotel, 277 Union.Kilday, Mrs. J. H., do.Kiley, John, operator, n Coleman.Kiley, Mrs. Mary, do.Kiley, Bessie, do.Kiley, Mary, 126 Fourth.Kilk, George, State, W. O.Killenbuck, Mark, tanner, Option house.Killington, George, 8 Canal.Killington, Jennie, M., do.Killington, Mary M., do.Killington, Charles W., do.Kilmer, David, laborer railroad, 70 Washington.Kilmer, Mrs. Eliza, doKilmer, David, do.Kilmer, Christopher, do.Kilmer, Mary, do.Kilmer, Carl, do.Kimbal, Mrs. Jennie, 76 Barry.Kimball, Nate II., insurance, Option house.King, Patrick, laborer, Spruce, N. O.King, Ira, laborer, n Union, S. O.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 135King, James H., merchant, 123 Third.King, Mrs. Margaret, do.King, J. Earl, clerk, do.King, Frank, blacksmith, 110 Canal.King, Mrs. Maria, do.King, Richard, gardner, 40 Union.King, Mrs. Catherine, do.King, Charlie, do.King, George L , laborer, 77 Second.King, William, laborer, Washington, N. O.King, Mrs. Anna, do.King, Sarah A., do.Kinnedy, George, 64 Barry.Kinney, Michael, 30 Railroad Ave.Kinney, Mrs. Sarah, 65 First.Kinsor, Edna, 53 Irving.Kirkland, M. C, foreman Lubricating works, 114 Fourth.Kirkland, Mrs. Lafferty, do.Kirkland, Elsie E., do.Kirkland, Clyde W., do.Kirkland, Omar K., do.Kirkmire. Sophia, 73 Union.Kister, Peter, labor, bds 62 Fourth.Klamt, Joseph, cooper, 128 Green.Klamt, Mrs. Hellen, do.Klamt, Joseph J., do.Klamt, Henry, do.Klamt, Edward, do.Klamt, Herman, do.Klamt, August, do.Klamt, Paul, doKlamt, Alfred, do.Klamt, Max, do.Klamt, Hattie, do.Klamt, Rudolph, do.Klink, William, laborer, 245 State.Klink, Mrs. Polisa, do.Klink, Charlie, do.F. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nrUTIOT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingULn IIO I. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12:1 to S. 3D1*- S- J. FISHEE, ID. ID. S.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.136 OLEAN DIRECTORYKlink, Jacob, blacksmith, 219 Henley.Klink, Mrs. Catherine, do.Klink, Charles, hooper, doKlink, William, do.Klink. Caroline, do.Klink, Edward, do.Klink, Anna, do.Klink, Freddie, do.Klink, Henry, do.Klink, Clara, do.Klink, Charlie, laborer, 133 Thirteenth.Klink, Mrs. Kate, do.Klink, Fred, do.Klise, John, farmer, 155 Thirteenth.Klise, Mrs. Frances, do.Klise, Clara, do.Klise, Frank, do.Klise, Mary, do.Klise, Joseph, do.Klise, Johnnie, do.Kluge, August C, fireman, 36 Genesee, cor. Second, Bv.Kluge, Mrs. Anna, do.Kluge, Julia E., do.Kluge, Emma A., do.Kluge, Carrie E., do.Kluge, Germanda B., do.Knalley, John, teamster, Spruce, N. O.Knalley, Mrs. Anna, do.'Knalley, William, do.Knee, James, conductor, Wayne, cor. Ninth.Knee, Mrs. Mamie,' do.Knight, Henry, laborer, Walnut, N. O.Kniper, Oads, bds. 66 Barry.Knowlton, Hannah, bds. 80 State.Koeblin, John, tanner, King, E. O.Koeblin, Mrs. Elizabeth, do.Koeblin, Fred, do.Koeblin, Lena, do.Koeblin, John, Jr., do.Koeblin, William, do.Koeblin, Carrie, do.Koeblin, Jacob, do.Koeblin, DR. Anna, D. do. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,Koeblin, Mary, do.(48 1-2 UNION STREET.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.Kohn. Frank, railroad man, Option house.JCoppler, George, railroad man, Option house.Kozlitke, Wincent, Ave. B., N. O.Kozlitke, Mrs. Peliga, do.Kozlitke, Mary, do.Kozlitke, Pelix, do.Kozlitke, Lookee, do.Kozlitke, Steneslow. do.Krebs, Franklin P., carpenter, io Fulton.Krebs, Mrs. Sarah J., do.Kress, Albert M., painter and paper hanger, 21 Henley.Kress, Mrs. Ella, do.Kress, Harry, do.Kress, Frank, do.Kris, Thomas, carpenter, 150 Seventh.Kris, Mrs. Sarah, do.Kris, Lizzie, do.Kris, Otis, do.Kris, Ella, do.Krott, Charles, 32-34-36 Railroad Ave.Krotts, Pierce J., carpenter, 13 Fulton.Kruse, Ernest F., lawyer, 39 CUnton.Kruse, Fred W., lawyer, 39 Clinton.Kruse, Mrs. Julia V., do.Kruse, Alice B., do.Kuhn, M. C, Ave. B, N. O.Kuhn, Mrs. Mary, do.Kuhn, Frank, do.Kuhn, Maud, do.Kuhn, Mrs John, milliner, 231; State.Kuhn, Ermie, do.Kurzhaltz, Edmond, tailor, 90 Seventh.Kurzhaltz, Mrs. Anna, do.Kurzhaltz, Wallace, do.Kurzhaltz, Anna, do.Kurzhaltz, Edmond, Jr., do.Kurzhaltz, Leo., do.Lacy, August, laborer, 101 Buffalo.F, H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES

nCMTIQT Esoecial attention to Crown and Brido-e work and CorrectingULI1IIOI. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to B. IDE. S. J. FISHEE, 3D. 3D. S-Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.136 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Lacy, Patrick, laborer, Spruce, N. O.Laffan, Robert M., painter, Fourth, Bv.Laffan, Mrs. Mary A., do.Laffan, John W., do.Lampack, George, mail carrier, 51 Buffalo.Lampack, Mrs. Sophia, do.Lampack, Walter J., do.Lamper, A. M., carpenter, 145 Sullivan.Lamper, Mrs. Nancy, do.Lampack, Henry, farmer, 66 Buffalo.Lampack, Mrs. Elizabeth, do.Lanan, Mrs. Sarah, 90 Henley.Landsrath, Fred, exp. messenger, 216 Union.Lane, Prof. A. D., musician, 2 Canal.Lane, Mrs. Jane, do.Lane, Henry D., do.Lane, Nellie M. E., do.Lane, Josie C, do.Lane, L. B., peddler, 120 Barry.Lang, Lewis N., painter, 89 State.Lang, Mrs. Anna, do.Lang, Joseph, do.Lapham, Mrs. B. A., dressmaker, 205 Union.Lapham, Ada, book-keeper, do.Larabee, John, hostler, 233 Union.Larabee, Mrs. Sarah, 195 Henley, cor. Eleventh.Larkham, Abram, laborer, Orchard Ave., cor Bishop, E. O.Larkham, Mrs. Charlotte H., do.Larkham, Burr, clerk, do.Larkham, Frankie, do.Larkham, Archie, do.Larkin, Mathew, cigar maker, 15 Henley, cor. Clinton.Larkin, Mrs. Margaret, do.Larkin, Mary A., do.Larkin, John'M., do.Larkin, Mathew, J., Jr., do.Larkin, Thomas S., do.Larkin, George A., do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 139LeStrange, W. P., laborer, 171 State.LeStrange, Mrs. Jane, do.LeStrange, William, tailor, do.LeStrange, Flora T., do.LeStrange, Frank, do.Latimer, Lyman, 147 Second.Latimer, Mrs. Sarah J., do.Latimer, A. J., engineer, 34 River.Latimer, Mrs. Kate E., do.Latimer, Bessie, do.Latimer, Leona, do.Laughlen, Thomas B., medical student, 78 First.Laughlin, L. Dazell, oil inspector Acme refinery, bds. Olean house.Laverty, Catherine, 188 Fifth.Laverty, John, flagman railroad, 188 Fifth.Laverty, Mrs. Elizabeth, do.Laverty, Lizzie, do.Laverty, Maggie, do.Laverty, Katie, do.Laverty, Frances, do.Laverty, Johnnie, do.Lawrence, A. J., tanner, Railroad Ave., E. O.Lawrence, Mrs. Isabelle C, do.Lawrence, Cathrine T., do.Lawrence, Jessie M., do.Lawrence, Charles A., do.Lawrence, Burnett R., do.Lawrence, Mrs. C. O., 18 Third, Bv.Lawrence, Albert F., do.Lawrence, George, bds. 88 Canal.Lawrence, Lanson, hooper, Fifth Ave., Bv.Lawrence, Mrs. Agnes, do.Lawrence, Hazel E., do.Lawton, L. F., 14 Laurens, cor. First.Lawton, Mrs. Helen M., do.Lawton, W. J., yard master refinery, 35 Buffalo.Lawton, Mrs. Mary, do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

llCNTlQT Esoecial attention to Crown and Brido-e work and CorrectingUuilllol. Irregularities. ' „Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. ^ E . S- J. F I S H E E 3D. 3D S-Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. i .OLEAN DIRECTORY.I A V Albert L M'f'r of Fine Custom Made Boots and Shoes.I U fCIGARS AND TOBACCO.kfl I | 74 STATE STREET, OLEAN, N. V.Lay, Edward K., shoemaker, 103 Thirteenth.Lay, Mrs, Alice, do.Lay, Florence, do.Lay, Leonard, saloon keeper, 71 Buffalo.Lay, Mrs. Fredrika, do.-Lay, George F., carpenter, do.Lay, William G., reporter, do.Lay, Otto L., do.Lay, George, shoemaker, 71 Buffalo.Leader, George W., tinner, 146 First.Leader, Mrs. Frances, do.Leader, George Howard, do.Leader, Mrs. Sarah, 73 First.Lean, Mrs. Ellen, 235 Spruce, N. O.Lean, Anna, do.Lean, James, do.Lean, Katie, do.Lean, John, do.Lean, Nellie, do.Leckler, Charlie, laborer, State, E. O.Leckler, Mrs. Christina, do.Leckler, Charlie, Jr., do.Leckler, Otto, do.Leckler, Henry, do.Lee, James, laborer, 91 Twelfth.Lee, Mrs. Nora, do.Lee, John, do.Lee, M. L., station agent, Erie depot, N. O.Lee, Mrs. Jennie, do.Lee, Mary L., do.Lee, Maud L., do.Lee, William, laborer, 429 Union, N. O.Lee, Edward, do.Lee, James, do.Lee, John, do.Lee, William, do.Lee, Mary, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65 Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.Lee, W. T., junk dealer, Water, N. O.Lee, Mrs. Louisa S., do.Lee, Cassius M., painter, do.Lee, Etta A., do.LeFever, John Z., clerk board of water commissioners, 20 Henley.LeFever, Mrs. Kate M., do.LeFever,. Shirley, C, do.Lefever, George W., farmer, Garden Ave., E. O.Lefever, Mrs. Fannie M., do.Lefever, Hattie J., do.Lefever, Edna L., do.Lefever, Lenora M., do.Lefever, Richard R., do.Legerty, William, laborer, 121 Irving.Legerty, Mrs. Anna, do.Legerty, Anna, doLehmann, Joseph M., blacksmith, 18 Fulton.Lehmann, Mrs. Mary M., do.Lehmann, George J., do.Leigh, Mrs. Hannah A., 112 Henley.Leigh, Alice M., do.Lempky, Otto, carpenter, 54 Ninth.Lempky, Mrs. Kate, do.Lenhart, Mrs. Mary, 93 Second.Lenihan, John, boarding, Oak, N. O.Lenihan, Mrs. Julia, do.Lenihan, Anna, do.Lenihan, Michael, do.Lenihan, John, do.Lenihan, Dennis, do.Lenihan, Mary, do.Lenihan, Kate, do.Lenihan-, Timothy, do.Lenihan, Adelbert, do.Lenihan, Nora, do.Lenney, Mrs. G. W., boarding house, 6 Coleman.Lenney, Walter E., do.Lenney, Edith, do.Lent, Levi, painter, 32 Fulton.Lent, Mrs. Margaret, do.Lent, Kittie E., do.F. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW

Ilf UTIOT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUtll IIOli Irregularities.Hours9tol2:lto5. IDE- S. J. FISHEE, 3D- 3D. S.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.142 OLEAN DIRECTORYsLeonard, Thomas, engineer, 66 Wayne, cor. Fifth.Letts, Frank, moulder, bds. 8 Coleman.Leusey, George, Brook, E. O.Leusey, Aurora, do.Leusey, Florence, do.Leusey, Mary, do.Leusey, George, Jr., do.Lerusha, Pedron, laborer, 233 Spruce, N. O.Leveridge, Josie, rear 17 Green.Lewis, Mrs. Delphene M., 120 Barry.Lewis, F. B., flagman, 149 Eighth.Lewis, Mrs. Jennie, do.Lewis, Eugene, do.Lewis, James B., mason, 104 Eighth.Lewis, Mrs. Lillian E., do.Lewis, Mrs. Mary E., 23 Fulton.Lewis, Sandford J., do.Lewis, Theadora, do.Lewis, Stillman E., dentist, 126 Third.Lewis, Mrs. Jennie, do.Lewis, Maud, do.Lewis, Lina, do.Lewis, William L-, mason, 105 Eighth.Lewis, Mrs. Ida, do.Lewis, Chauncey, do.Lewis, Jennie, do.Lewlor, William, laborer, Homer Road, N. O.Lewlor, Mrs. Eliza, do.Lewlor, John, do.Lewlor, Dennis, do.Lewlor, Thomas, do.Lewlor, Martin, do.Lidstone, William H., engineer, 188 Union.Lidstone, Mrs. Mary L , do.Lidstone, William H., do.Liechti, Godfrey, laborer, 197 Fifth.Liechti, Mrs. Barbara, do.Liechti, Freda, do.Liechti, Johnnie, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65 Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.143Liham, Kate, domestic, 26 Wayne.Lillis, John J., laborer, 32 Jay.Lillis, Mrs Maria, do.Linahan, Anna, domestic, 87 Union.Linan, Maggie C, domestic, 62 Union.Lindstone, Oscar, machinist, 187 Fourth.Linehan, Katie, domestic, 18 State.Lingstrom, Frank, laborer, 101 Buffalo.Lindy, James, farmer, Spruce, cor. River, N. O.Lindy, Mrs. Anna, do.Linrly, Agnes, do.Lindy, James, do.Lindy, Thomas, do.Lindy. George, do.Lines, J. P., 442 Union, N. 0.Lines, Mrs. Hannah E., do.Linsey, Francis, laborer, Pierce Ave., W. 0.Linsey, Mrs. Emma S., do.Linsey, Francis E., do.Linsey, John D., blacksmith, State, E. O.Linsey, Mrs. Dena S., do.Linsey, Minnie S., do.Linsey, Clara E.. do.Linsey, Charles1 J., do.Linsey, Albert F., do.Lippert, Casper, laborer, 126 Henley.Lippert, Mrs Eva K., do.Lippert, Caroline C, do.Lisk, Elmer, head stillman, 171 Sullivan.Lisk, Mrs. Mitta, do.Lisk, Earle, do.Little, John, Jr., under sheriff, 72 Second.Little, Mrs. Christena, do.Little, Bessie, do.Little, Carrie, do.Little, Mason, do.Little, Kate, do.Little, Archie, do.!F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nrilTIPT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUlIi I lO 11 Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. TDR- S- J- ITIS-HEE, 3D. 3D- S-Thnrsdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.144 OLEAN DIRECTORYLittle, Martin, laborer, 247 Union.Little, Maggie, dressmaker, do.Little, Thomas, fireman, 157 Eighth.Little, Mrs. Lizzie, do.Little, Rena, do.Llewellyn, Frank, sole leather pad factory, 66 Washington.Llewellyn, Mrs. Carrie, do.Llewellyn, Myron, 66 Washington.Llewellyn, Mrs. Emma, do.Locke, Philip, wiper, 30 Coleman.Locke, S. B., baggage master, no First.Locke, Mrs. Julia M., do.Locke, George J., do.Lockwood, Abram, bds. 124 Barry.Lockwood, Eliza, 84 Barry.Lockwood, Henry H., carriage maker, 200 First.Lockwood, Mrs. Anna, do.Lockwood, Matie, do.Lockwood, Ray, do.Lockwood, Garfield, do.Lockwood, Freddie, do.Lockwood, J. W., lumberman, Bishop, E. O.Lockwood, Mrs. Elnora, do.Lockwood, Ida B., do.Lockwood, W. L., blacksmith, over 8 Coleman.Lockwood, Mis. Mary, do.Lockwood, Myrtle, do.Loftus, Kate, dressmaker, Union, N. O.Loftus, Jennie, dressmaker, do.Look, Frank, finisher, 137 Seventh.Look, Mrs. Julia, do.Look, Eva D., do.Look, Ella M., do.Look, Frank P., do.Lorenze, W. D., tool dresser, 71 Green.Lorenze, Mrs. Nannie, do.Lorenze, Harland W., do.Lorenze, William, porter, 122-124 Union.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 145Lougee, Charles, laborer, 115 Henley.Lougharst, Frank, laborer, 128 State.Loughlen, T., conductor, Option house.Loughlen, Mrs. T., do.Loughlen, J., do.Love, Samuel, foreman, State, W. O.Love, Mrs. Anna, do.Love, Samuel, Jr., do.Love, Myrtie, do.I.ove, Walter, do.Lowell, MayL., teacher, 28 Laurens.Lowell, Lizzie L., teacher, do.Lowrey, Hattie, bds. 7 Laurel Ave.Lowry, James, peddler, 7 Irving.Lowry, John, laborer, bds. O'Meara hotel, 261 Union.Luce, Charles H., blacksmith, of Swarts & Luce, 74 Third.Luce, Mrs. Nellie, do.Luce, Harry J., do.Luce, Mary E , do.Ludden, Perry B., Railroad Ave., E. O.Ludden, Mrs. Naoma, do.Ludden, Henry, do.Luh, John, machinist, 105 Sixth.Luh, Mrs. Caroline, do.Luh, John, Jr., do.Luh, Carrie, do.Luh, Katie, do.Luh, Charlie, do.Luh, Adam, do.Lukeomore, H. K., water well driller, 1 jo Thirteenth.Lukeomore, Mrs. Mina, do.Lukeomore, Alta, do.Lundy, William, laborer, Buffalo, N. O.Lundy, Mrs. Mary, do.Lundy, Thomas, do.Lundy, Mrs. Bridget, Maple, N. O.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nrMTIPT Esoecial attention to Crown and Brido-e work and CorrectingUCJlllul. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to B. I*R- S. J. F I S H E E 3D. 3D S3-Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. l.146 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Lunney, Patrick, hooper, Buffalo.Lunney, Mrs. Maggie, do.Lunney, Johnnie, do.Lunney, Mary, do.Lunney, Lizzie, do.Lunney, Thomas J., do.J. H., FOUNDRY AND MACHINE SHOP,LUTHER, Opposite TTnion TDepot;-Luther, Mrs. Mary, 86 Clinton.Luther, Charles P., machinist, do.Luthpr, Bertha, do.Luther, Hattie, do.Luther, Jessie, do.Luther, George H., machinist, 25 Tompkins.Luther, Mrs. George H., do.Luther, Mabel, do.Luther, George W., do.Lutz, Adam, bds. 24 Railroad Ave.Lyman, G. S., 109 Twelfth.Lyman, Mrs. T., do.Lyman, Clyde, do.Lyman, M. Y., confectioner, bds. 84 Second.Lyman, Mrs. Kate, do.Lyman, Plynn, laborer, 52 Ninth.Lyman, Mrs. Edith, do.Lyman, Merril, do.Lyman, Ward, bds. 126 GreenLynch, Daniel, cooper, 215 Seventh.Lynch, Mrs. Hannah, do.Lynch, Daniel, do.Lynch, Theresa, do.Lynch, John, do.Lynch, Edward, do.Lynch, Hannah, do.Lynch, Miles, do.Lynch. Thomas, do.Lynch, Ed. 233 Union.Lynch, James, laborer, 6 Railroad Ave.Lynch, John, laborer, 179 Seventh.Lynch, Mrs. Ella, do.Lynch, Michael, laborer, 196 Fifth.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

\OLEAN DIRECTORY. 147J . j \ . l u k \ ] e r m ^ o r ) $• FOUNDRY AND MACHINE SHOPS. •MANVFAGTVREBS OFCutler's fluto/r\atie \/aluesFOB STEAM, GAS ANDWATER.The Best Regulators Manufactured.Beware of Infringetnents.Opposite Union Depot, Olean, N. Y.

Esoecial attention to Crown and Brido-e work and CorrectingDENTIST. I regularities.IDE. S. J- EISHEE, 3D. 3D. S-Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. , _ d n,..» » vThursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. 1148 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Lynch, Neil, laborer, Spruce, N. O.Lynch, Mrs. Catherine, do.Lynch, Patrick, do.Lynch, Joseph, do.Lynch, Mary, do.Lynch, Michael, do.Lynch, Frances, do.Lynch, Margaret, do.Lynch, Thomas, laborer, Homer road, N. O.Lynd, Mark, laborer, 198 Seventh.Lynd, Mrs. Sarah, do.Lynd, Michael, do.Lynd, Thomas W., do.Lynd, Henry, do.Lynd, Joseph, do.Lynd, Alice, do.Lynd, Mary E., do.Lyon, Mary, 51 Henley, cor. Union.Lyons, J. A., painter, 53 Green.Lyons, Mrs. Anna, doLyons, Julia, domestic, 38 Clinton; cor. Henley.Lyons, Peter, Homer tract, N. O.Lyons, Mrs. Martha, do.Lyons, Fjed Chittenden, do.Lyons, Lewis, do.Lyons, Robert Farrel, do.Mabee, Theodore, laborer, Railroad Ave., E. O.Mabee, Mrs. Mary, do.Mabee, Ida, do.Mabee, William, do.Mabee, Fred, do.Mabee, John, do.Mabee, Lottie, do.Mabee, Alford, do.Mabee, Arthur, do.MacGowan, W. L., principal union schools, 78 Second.MacGowan, Mrs. May, do.MacGowan, W. L., Jr., do.Mack, Mrs. Mary, Spruce, N. O.Mack, Michael, bricklayer, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65 Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.149Mack, T., io Railroad Ave.Mack, J. W., do.Mack, D., do.Mack, J. H., do.Mack, Dennis, laborer, 183 Thirteenth.Mack, Patrick, do.Mack, Ellen, do.Macklehany, Mrs. 97 Fourth.Macklehany, Joseph, do.Macklem, Sarah S., 120 Barry.Macklem, Lucy E., do.Macoman, Tony, laborer, 227 Spruce, N. O.Macomber, Mrs. J. B., dressmaker, 73 First.Maddison, John, bds. 82 Henley.Mahafey, Michael, clerk, Union, cor. Oak, N. O.Mahaney, Dean, boarding, Vine, N. O.Mahaney, Mrs. Mary, do.Mahaney, Mary, do.Mahany, Mrs, B., 196 Fifth.irSOC/3Mahar, Thomas F., Plum, E. O.Mahar, Mrs. Julia H., do.Maharr, James, potter, Railroad Ave., E. O.Maharr, Mrs. Cathron, do.Maharr, James, Jr., do.Mahoney, Mrs. Mary, Elm, cor. Walnut, N. 0.Mahoney, Raymond, do.Mahoney, Willie, do.Mahoney, Nellie, do.Major, Nellie G., 76 State.Major, Mollie A., do.Mallery, George, farmer, East River, S. O.Mallery, Mrs. Emma F., do.Mallery, Fred, do.Mallery, Nellie, do.Mallery, Edward, laborer, Wild Cat, S. O.Mallery, Mrs. Agnes, do.Mallery, Frederick, do.•F. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nrilTIOT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingIrregularities,Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. :D:R- S- J- ITIS-ELEE, 3D. 3D. S.Thursdays sTto~]2. " Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y150 OLEAN DIRECTORY"Mallery, Ferris, J., grocer, 123 State, cor. Fourth.Mallery, Mrs. Mary, do.Mallery, C. M., farmer, S. O.Mallery, Mrs. Susan, do.Mallery, Flora, do.Mallery, Lura, do.Mallery, Clyde, do.Mallery, Llewellyn, spring bed manufacturer, 82 Fourth.Mallery, Mrs. Sopha, do.Mallery, Lewis, do.Mallery, Raymond, do.Mallery, Carr, do.Malone, Martin, laborer, Maple, N. O.Malone, Mrs. Ellen, do.Malone, Josephine, do.Maloney, Maggie, 32 State, cor. Clinton.Maloney, James, laborer, 55 River, N. O.Maloney, Mrs. Ellen, do.Maloney, Minnie, teacher, do.Maloney, Maggie, do.Maloney, Michael, do.Maloney, Lizzie, do.Maloney, Nellie, do.Maloney, Agnes, do.Maloney, James, do.Mandeville, W. II., insurance agent, 141 First.Mandeville, Mrs. Helen, do.Mandeville, Harry, do.Mandeville, F. E., teacher in penmanship, 59 Union.Manetta, Dorr, fireman, 73 Wayne.Mann, Michael, laborer railroad shops, 200 Fifth.Mann, Mrs Mary, do.Mann, R. T., carpenter, Railroad Ave , E. 0.Mann, Matilela, do.Mann, Daisy B., do.Manning, M. H., 128 Barry, cor. Tompkins.Manning, Mrs. M. H., do.Manstin, Michael, grinder, 208 Sixth.Manstin, Mrs. Mary, do.Manstin, Ella, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65 Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.March, Frank, fireman,bds. 124 Barry.Marcus, Harry W., dry goods merchant, 103 First.Marcus, Mrs. Ida, do.Marcus, E. Mary, do.Marcus, Bennie M., do.Marcus, Mental V., do.Marcus, David, do.Marshall, Mrs. 14 Laurens, cor. First.Marshall, Cora, 116 First.Marshall, Carrie, do.Martandile, Ella, domestic, 24 State.Marth, Martin, furniture repairer, 111 Thirteenth.Marth, Mrs. Sopha, do.Marth, Anna, do.Marth, Libbie, do.Marth, August, do.Martin, F. J., superintendent railroad, 7 Laurel Avenue.Martin, Mrs. Dell, do.Martin, Guy, F., do.Martin, George W., do.Martin, Aaron B., 81 Barry.Martin, Charles H., do.Martin, Eunice, George, do. 143 Barry.Martin, Eli, mason, 23 Canal.Martin, Mrs. Caroline G., do.Martin, Sox, do.Martin, Florence, do.Martin, Alfozene, do.Martin, William, do.Martin, Fred, do.Martin, Caroline, do.Martin, Mrs. Lizzie, 14 Garden Ave., £. O.Martin, Sarah L., do.Martin, W. A., fireman, River, N. OMartin, Mrs. Levina, do.Martin, Bessie, do.Martin, Gracie, do.Martin, Clifford, do.Martin, Lulu, 66 Green.engoF. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

fjrUTIOT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUCil 110 I • Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12:1 to 5. 33»- S- J- 3TIS3i3.EE, 3D. 3D. S.Thursdays 9 to )2. Office Duke Block, Olean. N. Y.152 OLEAN DIRECTORYMartin, Charles, H., Option house.Martin, J. H., carpenter, Oak, N. O.Marin, Mrs. Mary, do.Masgaron, J., laborer, 234 Spruce, N. O.Mason, Lois A., bds. 32 Laurens.Mason, Mills, 16 Laurens, cor. First.Masoner, Carrie, dressmaker, 35 Henley.Matas, Michael, laborer, Ave. A, N. O.Matas, Mrs. Eliza, do.Matas, Lizzie G., do.Matas, Michael, do.Matas, Johnnie, do.Matas, Eliza, do.Mathews, Mary E., teacher, 34 Laurens.Mathews, Richard S., 8 North.Mathews, Mrs. Marie E., do.Mathews, Ethel, do.Mathews, Anna L., do.Mathews, Leon, do.Mathews, Daniel, engineer, 216 Union.Mathews, Martin, laborer, 92 River, N. O.Mathews, Mrs. Josephine, do.Mathews, Harry, do.Mathews, Frederick, laborer, Ave. A, N. O.Matthews, F. H., agent, 164 Seventh.Matthews, Mrs. M. E., do.Matthews, Lena, do.Matthews, Dunlap, do.Mattorn, Abram, laborer, State, W. O.Mattorn, Mrs. Anna, do.Mattom, Alma, do.Mattorn, Carlie, do.Maurer, James M., carpenter, 19 Fulton.Maurer, Mrs. Kate L., do.Maurer, Lewis A., do.Maurer, Mandus S., do.Maurer, Cora M., do.DR. D. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,148 1-2 UNION STREET.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 153Maurer, John, manufacturer of hair goods, I3C% Union.Maurer, Mrs. Phoeba, do.May, Bernie, plumber, 83 Irving.May, Mrs. Ella, do.May, Rosana, do.May, Fred W., boiler maker,' 37 Irving.May, Mrs. Inez, do.May, Orville, do.May, Frank, teamster, 125 Irving.May, Mrs. Ellen, do.May, Frank, do.May, Edward, do.May, E. O., farmer, S. O.May, Mrs. Lavina, do.Maybee, Eugene, Railroad Ave., E. O.Mayer, Mrs. Max, cor. Sullivan and Fourth.Mayer, Max F., butcher, do.Mayer, Rudolph C, butcher, do.Maye:, Julius A., butcher, do.Mayer, George M., lawyer, do.Mayer, Claud F.,, & CO., 54 STATE STREET,M A Y E RDealers in Fresh, Salt and Smoked Meats.joysters and game in season.Mayer, Mrs. Anna E., 54 State.Mayer, Fred C, Jr., do.Mayer, Irwin R., do.Mayer, Mabel A., do.Mayer, Raymond, L., do.Mayer, Mrs. R., dining hall, 56 State.Mayer, Mary T., do.Mayer, Dora L., do.Mayer, A. J., telegraph operator, 91 Union, cor. State.Mayer, Mrs. Margarette, do.Mayer, Harold, do.Mayer, John, laborer, 11 Coleman.Mayer, Joseph, painter, 42 Irving.Mayer, Mrs. Kate, do.Mayer, Edward, butcher, rear 9 Barry.Mayer, Mrs. Eliza J., do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nrUTIPT Esoecial attention to Crown and Brido-e work and CorrectineUCIlllol. Irregularities. „Hours 9 to 12:1 to 5. ^ E . S. J- EIS33IEE 3D- 3D S-Thursdays 9 to t2. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.154 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Mayhar, John, 20 Railroad Ave.Maylym, William, machinist, bds. 26 Wayne.Mayo, G. H., lumberman, 60 Washington.Mayo, Mrs. M. F., do.Mayo, William, laborer, do.Mayo, Winfield, lumber inspector, do.Mayo, Minnie, do.Mayo, Belden, do.Mayo, Mary, do.McAbee, Edward C, locomotive engineer, 30 Canal.McAbee, Airs. Margaret J., do.McAbee, Mary I., do.McAbee, Clara E., do.McAbee, Earle R., do.McAdam, Mabel, 22 Jay.McAfee, James, 207 Fourth.McAlister, Benjamin, 170 Eighth.McAuliff, Dennis, laborer, State, E. O.McAuliff, Mrs. Ellen, do.McAuliff, Maggie E., do.McAuliff, Dennis F., do.McAuliff, William, do.McAuliff, Thomas, do.McAuliff, Anna, do.McAuliff, Morris, stone cutter and contractor, 62 Irving.McAuliff, Mrs. Mary, do.McAuliff, Modestta,'do.McCaffrey, Kate, domestic, 222-224 Union.McCalmont, Merritt, teamster, Elm, N. O.McCalmont, Mrs. Flora, do.McCalmont, Willie, do.McCarthy, Peter, laborer, Spruce, N. O.McCarthy, Mrs. Mary, do.McCarthy, William J., do.McCarthy, Daniel, do.McCarthy, Lizzie, do.McCarthy, Ellen, do.McCarthy, Mary, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 155McCarthy, J. J., flagman,28 Jay.McCarthy, Mrs Mary, do.McCarthy, Etta G., do.McCarthy, Joseph, do.McCarthy, Mary, State, W. O.McCarthy, Michael, laborer, do.McCarthy, Robert, farmer, State, W. O.McCarthy, Mrs. Mary, do.McCarthy, Michael, do.McCarthy, J. I., contractor, 86 Canal.McCarthy, Mrs. J. I., do.McCarthy, Florence E., do.McCarthy, Ira, do.McCarthy, Edna, do.McCarty, Nellie, domestic, 129 Fourth.McCarty, Michael, laborer, 263 Union.McCarty, Mrs. A. L., 259 Union.McCarty, Michael, do.McCarty, Charlie, do.McCarty, Eugene, do.McCarty, Anna, do.McCarty, John, do.McCloskey, Mary, Wild Cat road, S. O.McClure, O. S. paper hanger, 10 Coleman.McClure, Sylphia, do.McClure, Hazel, do.McClure, Edna, do.McConnell, Minnie F., teacher.McCormick, J. H. whole saleliquor dealer, 18 Railroad Ave.McCormick, Mrs. Margaret, do.McCormick, Nora, do.McCormick, Maggie B., do.McCormick, Mrs. Mary, 102 Fourth.McCormick, Harry, do.McCormick, G. W., driller, 177 Eighth.McCormick, Mrs. G. M., do.McCormick, Chester, do.McCormick, Mary E., do.McCormick, Mrs. M., 30 River, N. O.McCormick, Mary, teacher, do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 157McDowell, Jennie, 65 First.McDowell, W. A., restaurant, 214 Union.McDowell, Mrs. Maggie, do.McEachern, Sarah, 25 Buffalo.McEachern, John, car inspector W. N. Y. & P., 25 Buffalo.McEachern, Mrs. Eliza, do.McEachern, Anna, do.McEachern, Duncan, do.TMcEachern, Johnnie, do.McElfresh, John, laborer, 51 King, E. O.McElfresh, Mrs. Rosa, do.McElfresh, Earl K, do.McEllinny, J. R., 32 State, cor. Clinton.McEIroy, J. M., fireman, bet. Reed and Wayne.McElroy, Mrs. Delia, do.McEIroy, James H., do.McElroy, Melvin, do.McEvelia, Bonnie, 27 Main, Bv,McEvelia, Dawn F., do.McEvelia, Percy J., do.McEvilly, .Maggie, 177 Henley.McEvoy, William, laborer, Spruce, N. O.McEvoy, Mrs. Margaret, do.McEvoy, Thomas J., do.McGann, Thomas, laborer, 160 Eighth..McGann, Mrs. Margaret, do.McGann, Mary, do.McGann, Charles, do.McGann, George, do.McGann, James, do.McGann, Josie, do.McGann, Harry, do.52McGann, Eugene, do.McGann, Cecelia, do.McGannon, Michael, switchman, 37 Buffalo.McGannon, Mrs. Beatrice, do.McGannon, Margaret, do.McGavisk, Patrick, foreman at transfer W.. N. Y. & P., State, E. O.McGavisk, Mrs. Mary, do.McGavisk, Roy, do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nCUTIPT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUCIlllOl. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12:1 to 5. 3DE. S3. J- FISHEE, 3D. 3D. S.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.158 OLEAN DIRECTORY'McGeiver, Catherine, 50 Clinton.McGeiver, Andrew, do.McGilligott, Mrs. Mary, 187 Fifth.McGilligott, John, do.McGilligott, Kate, do.McGilligott, William, do.McGilligott, Mary, do.McGilligott, Theresia, do.McGilligott, James, do.McGillis, A. S., bar tender, 90 Second.McGillis, Mrs. Margaret, do.McGillis, Angus L., do.McGinn, Michael, foreman bottling works, 76 Pine, N. O.McGinnis Elizabeth, domestic, 78 Barry.McGivern, Eugene, miller, 113 Green.McGivern, Mrs. Catherine L., do.McGivern, Eugene, Jr., do.McGivern, Frank, carpenter, 183 Henley.McGivern, Mrs Lucy, do.McGivern, Lewis, do.McGivern, Leslie, do.McGlogin, J., laborer, 95 Ninth.McGon, Rufus, laborer, 243 Spruce, N. O.McGon, Coley, laborer, do.McGon, Peter, laborer, do.McGrath, Martin, laborer, 6 Buffalo.McGrath, Mrs. Mary, do.McGrath, James, do.McGrath, Mamie, do.McGrath, Margaret, do.McGrath, Thomas, laborer, Oak, N. O.McGrath, Mrs. Kate, do.McGrath, Dana, do.McGraw, Patrick, mason, Vine, N. O.McGraw, Mrs. Jane, do.McGraw, Catherine, do.McGraw, Daniel, tank builder, do.McGraw, Anna, do.McGraw, Patrick, laborer, do.McGraw, Richard, do.McGraw, Robert, do.McGraw, Thomas, do.McGraw, DR. May, D. do. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,148 1-2 UNION STREET.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 159McGraw, Kate, domestic, 24 Railroad Ave.McGraw, Anna, domestic, 483 Union, N. O.McGuire, Edward, bar tender, 216 Union.McGuire, Peter, laborer, 158 Eighth, cor. Reed.McGuire, Patrick, laborer, do.McGuire, James, laborer, do.Mcrlugh, Hugh, blacksmith, 241 Union.McHugh, Lara, 233 Union.Mclntire, John, currier, 66 Wayne, cor. Fifth.Mcintosh, Ross, carpenter, 98 First.Mcintosh, Mrs. Laura, do.Mcintosh, Mrs. G. S., boarding house, 32 State, cor. Clinton.Mcintosh, Georgia, teacher, 141 Barry.Mcintosh, Sadie, copyist, do.Mcintosh, Anna B., do.Mcintosh, C. A., engineer, 211 Henley.Mcintosh, Mrs. C. L„ do.Mcintosh, Lewis, do.Mcintosh, Archie, do.Mclntyre, James, shoemaker, 36 Walnut, N. O.Mclntyre, Mrs. Mary, do.McKee, James H., clergyman, 11 Hamilton.McKee, Mrs. Rosalie D., do.McKee, Henry H., do.McKee, Alice D., do.McKee, L., 10 Railroad Ave.McKee, Richard, fireman, bds. 26 Wayne.I—McKees, Bret, machinist, 73 Wayne.McKello, Michael, laborer, Pond, E. O.McKello, Mrs. Mary A. G., do.McKello, Grace R., do.McKinley, Henry, justice of the peace, bds. Option house 1F. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

npilTIOT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingULIlllOli irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. JD^i. S3. J- 3?"IS.fcIEE, 3D- 3D. S-Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.160 OLEAN DIRECTORY*McKinney, D. B., currier, 77 Second.McKinney, Mrs. Mary, do.McKinney, Florence M., do.McKinney, Lottie L., do.McKowen, Henry, laborer, 71 River, N. O.McKowen, John, blacksmith, 71 River, N. O.McLane, Duncan, 64 Barry.McLowry, Mary, saleslady, Fifth, bet. Washington and Sullivan.McMahon, Lucy, 135 Barry.McMahon, John, farmer, Main, BV.McMahon, Mrs. Minnie, do.McMahon, Daniel W., do.McMahon, Kosa, do.McMahon, Walter, do.McMahon, John, Jr., do.McMahon, Lulu, do.McMahon, May, do.McMann, Mrs. Mary, 39 Irving.McMann, John, laborer, do.McMann, Mary Ann, do.McMann, Edward, laborer, do.McMann, Richard, laborer, do.McMann, Maggie, do.McMann, Mrs. Kate, 207 Fourth.McMann, Edward F., gauger, do.McMann, Harry, laborer, do.McMann, Willie, laborer, doMcMann, John, foreman section railroad, Pine, N. O.McMann, Mrs. Mary, do.McMann, Mary, do.McMann, Katie, do.McMann, Agnes, do.McMann, John, do.McMillen, Mrs. D. A., 224 State.McMillen, Mabel, do.McMillen, Delbert, correspondent, 224 State.McMillen, Mrs. Amy, do.McMurray, Andy, farmer, 22 State, E. O.McMurray, Mrs. Fannie, do.McMurray, Maud L., do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 161McNalley, Patsy, galvanizer, Elm, N. O.McNeil, Daniel lumberman, 104 Barry.McNeil, Mrs. Margaret, do.McNeil, J. H., do.McNeil, Jennie, do.McNeil, Arthur, do.McNeil, Peter, do.McNeille, George, mason, Elm, N. 0.McNeille, Mrs. Sally, do.McNeille, George, do.McNeille, Lulu, do.McNeille, Mrs. Camilla W., rear 174 Union.McNeille, Emma C, do.McNeille, Abbie R , milliner, do.S«5McNeille, Perry, do.McNeille, Horace S., foreman bricklayers at refinery, West River, N. O.McNeille, Mrs. Florence E., do.McNeille, Jessie W., do.McNeille, Arland A., do.McNeille, CamillaJ.-, do.McNeille, Bessie, R., do.McNeille, Emma Z., do.McNierny, Mary, domestic, 125 Third.McNierny, Ellen, domestic, do.McNulty, John, laborer, Vine, N. 0.McRostie, John, laborer, Railroad Ave., E. O.McRostie, Mrs. Rachel, do.McRostie, John, do.McUhorter, Charlotte A., teacher.McWilliams, Willis, teaTnster, 56 Canal.McWilliams, Mrs. Mary, do.McWilliams, Nellie, do.McWilliams, John, do.McWilliams, Louise, domestic, 56 Canal.Mead, John, carpenter, 165 Eighth.Mead, Mrs. Maria, do.Mead, Frank, do.Mead, George, do.Mead, Fred, do.Mead, Glenn, do.Mead, Pearl, do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nCMTIPT Esoecial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingULIlllOl. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12:1 to 5. IDE. S3. J. FISHER, 3D. 3D. S.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.162 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Mead, W. L., cook, 99 Fourth.Mead, Mrs. Fannie E., do.Mead, Nettie, do.Meany, Ellen, domestic, 35 Laurens.Medbury, William, painter, 106 Fourth.Medbury, Mrs. Anna, do.Meder, Jacob, laborer, 123 Seventh.Meder, Mrs. Lena, do.Meder, Carl, do.Meloy, J. W., grocer, 74 Clinton.Meloy, Mrs. Francis W., do.Meloy, Fannie W., do.Meloy, John E., do.Meanas, M., wagonmaker, 241 Union.Mendonce, Will E., butcher, 54 State.Menie, Mary, domestic, 10 Hamilton.Menter, Edgar, laborer, 31 Pine, N. O.Menter, Mrs. Jennie, do.Menter, Viola, do.Merchant, Austin W., planer, bds. 22 Fulton.Merrill, John H., book-keeper, 12 Irving.Merrill, Mrs. Emily, do.Merrill, Fred, do.Merrill, Hattie H., do.Merrill, Mary A., do.Merrill, Henry, do.Merrill, Bennie, do.Merrill, Edward, do.Merriman, E. O., grocer, 337 Union, cor. Coleman.Merriman, Mrs. Verdena, do.Merritt, Abram, 153 Second.Merritt, Mrs. Annie E., do.Merritt, D. W., laborer, 89 Wayne.Merritt, Mrs. Frances, do.Merritt, Edward, machinist apprentice, do.Merritt, George, do.Merritt, Lavern W., clerk, Bishop, E. O.Merritt, Grace M., do.Merritt, Ethel G., do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.163Merritt, Onslow M., tax collector, 41 Henley.Merritt, Mrs. Francelia, do.Merritt, George H., do.Merritt, Jessie G., do.Merritt, F. W., miller, Bishop, E. O.Merritt, Mrs. Ida E., do.Merritt, Gertrude L., do.Mersey, Reuben, laborer, Walnut, N. O.Mersey, Mrs. Jane, do.Mersey, Kate, do.Mersey, Charlie, do.Messer, John, night watch, 44 Wayne.Messer, Mrs. Eva, do.Messer, Peter, do.Messer, Plena, do.Messer, Mary, do.Messer, Georgie, do,Messer, Metcalf, Louisa, Emma, do. 164 Sullivan.Metcalf, L. D., carriage maker, 285^ Union.Metcalf, Mildred M., do.Michael, Samuel, clothing merchant, 104 Second.Michael, Mrs. Hannah, do., Michael, Ida, do.Michael, Joseph, do.Michael, Samuel, do.Michael, Abe, do.Michael, Esther, do.Middleton, Michael, Rufus, George, do. barber, 9 Irving.Middleton, Mrs. Mandena, do.Middleton, Edna May, do.Miles, G. D., carpenter, 77 First.Miles, Mrs. Elwilda, do.Miles, Eddie A., do.Miles, Corrin J., do.Miles, Nellie, M., do.Miles, Minta B., do.Miles, Bertie R., do.Miles, Hannah, domestic, 37 Laurens.Milham, Francis, 264 Irving.i:;II[IIF. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nrilTIOT Esoecial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUtllllOl. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12:1 to 5. :D:la- S- J- J^ISHEE, 3D. 3D. S3-Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.164 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Miller, Otto, 87 State.Miller, Mrs. Susie, do.Miller, Keonora, 87 State.Miller, Floretta, do.Miller, Alois, music teacher, 124 Henley.Miller, Mrs. Agnes, do.Miller, Alfred, do.Miller, Celia, do.Miller, Robert E., cigar maker, 78 Seventh.Miller, Mrs. Kate, do.Miller, Albert B., do.Miller, Flora E., do.Miller, Gertie M., do.Miller, Gertrude, teacher, 33 Laurens.Miller, Jacob, 121 Thirteenth.Miller, Mrs. Maggie, do.Miller, Emma, do.Miller, Alice L., do.Miller, Carrie, do.Miller, Anna, do.Miller, Nicklas, lead burner, Thirteenth.Miller, Mrs. Augusta, do.Miller, Grace, domestic, 124 Barry.Miller, Daniel H., contractor, 134 Green.Miller, Mrs. Mary, do.Miller, Stella, do.Miller, Herbert, do.Miller, H. G , laborer, 52 Genesee, cor. Third, Bv.Miller, Mrs. Eva, do.Miller, Henry E., do.Miller, Ray, do.Miller, Grace, do.Miller, George, do.Miller, Emma, do.Miller, Peter, machinist, 155 Henley.Miller, Mrs Dora, do.Miller, Clara, dressmaker, do.Miller, Lena, do.Miller, Willie, do.Miller, Bertha, do.Miller, Freddie, do.Miller, Albert, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,148 1-2 UNION STREET.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.Miller, Michael, hostler, 317 Union.Miller, Mrs. Anna, do.Miller, Mrs. A., 346 Union.Miller, William, car driver, do.Miller, M. A:, train dispatcher, 147 Second.Miller, Frank G., 10 Third, Bv.Miller, Edward C, do.Miller, Milton A., engineer, 4 Center, Bv.Miller, Mrs. Anna L., do.Miller, Effie M., do.Miller, Lura A., do.Miller, Hattie S., do.Miller, Chloe L., do.Miller, Lewis, carpenter, 239 Spruce, N. O.Miller, Mrs. Julia, do.Miller, George, do.Miller, Amelia, 19 Barry.Miller, E. C, engineer, 190 First.Miller, Mrs. Bertha, do.Miller, Willie, do.Miller, Thomas, 222-224 Union.Miller, Joseph, 62 Barry.Miller, Florence, domestic, 222-224 Union.Miller, Thomas, book-keeper, 153 First, cor. Sullivan.Miller, Agnes, 207 Fourth.Miller, Grace, Wild Cat road, S. O.Milligan, A. G., 1 Laurel Ave.Milligan, Mrs. A. G., do.Milligan, William E.,ido.Milliken, Mrs. Mary, 188 Sixth.I—52Milliken, Thomas, asst. yard master W. N. Y. & P. 188 Sixth.Milliken, Mrs. Bridget, do.Milliken, Robert, hotel keeper, 70 Wayne, cor. Sixth.Milliken, Mrs. Nora, do.Milliken, Walter, do.F. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

firilTJPT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUlIIMoIi ^regularities.Hours & to 12: 1 to 5. J^J- S. J- EISSiiEE, 3D- 3D. S3.Thursdays 9 to12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.166 OLEAN DIRECTORY'3Millius, Mrs. Lizzie, dressmaker, 138 ThirdMillius, William R., cigarmaker, do.Millius, Hattie B., dressmaker, do.Mills, Mrs Julia A., 51 Henley.Mills, Edward, cigar manufacturer, 222.-224 Union.Mills, Lena J., Plum, E. O.Millspangh, Mrs. M., 13 Hamilton.Miltner, Gerard, painter, Union, N. O.Miltner, Mrs. Josie, do.Minahan, William, Sr., laborer, 131 Buffalo.Minahan, William, operator, 131 Buffalo.Minahan, Mrs. Rose N., Bo.Minahan, Adna, do.Minehan, Patrick, engineer, 75 Wayne.Minehan, Mrs. Mary, do.Minehan, George, do.Minnie, Frederick, 211 Seventh.Minnie, Mrs. Dorotha, do.Minnie, William, laborer, do.Mitchler, Gotleib, fireman, 77 Fourth.Mitchler, Mrs. Caroline, do.MoIIer, Henry, manufacturing confectioner, 133 Union.Monahan, Michael S., boiler maker, West River, N. O.Monahn, William, boiler maker, West River, N. O.Monahn, Mrs. Mary, do.Monahn, Lauretta, do.Monfort, Joseph, night baggage master, Union, N. O.Monfort, Mrs. Lillian, do.Monfort, Willie, do.Monfort, Henry, do.Mongellow, Anslow, laborer, 4 Canal.Mongellow, Mrs. Anna, do.Monk, William, mason, 135 Thirteenth.Monk, Mrs. Lydia, do.Monk, Fannie, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,148 1-2 UNION STREET.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.165 Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.Monthey, August, laborer, 63 River, N. O.Monthey, Mrs. Ansteina, do.Monthey, Albert, do.Monthey, Lena, do.Monthey, Herman, do.,Monthey, Paul, do.Moodier, Charles F., carpenter, 345 Union.Moodier, Mrs. Susan, do.Moodier, Viola M., do.Mooney, B. F., shoemaker, 57 Union.Mooney, Mrs. Annjuetta, do.Mooney, Frank, plumber, do.Mooney, Sarah A., nurse, do.Mooney, Mary J., do.Mooney, Benjamin, do.Mooney, Lizzie B., do.Mooney, Carrie N., do.Moore, Martin V., hotel keeper, 91 Union, cor. State.Moore, Mrs. Hester, do.Moore, Martin V., no First.Moore, Mrs. Lizzie, do.Moore, Daniel, do.Moore, Flora, do.Moore, Delia, do.Moore, Kent, do.Moore, W. D., contractor and builder and furniture dealer, 150 First.Moore, Mrs. Elizabeth R., do.Moore, Charles G., do.Moore, Fredrick R., do.Moore, Mary E., do.Moore, W. D., Jr., do.Moore, Fannie C., do.Moore, Hollis W., carriage spring manufacturer, 132 Second.Moore, Mrs. Rosina L., do.Moore, Ella C, do.Moore, E. L,, laborer, 16 Center, Bv.Moore, Mrs. Maud, do.Moore, G. N., oil producer, 74 Sullivan.Moore, Mrs. Kate S., do.Moore, Clarence S., do.Moore, Eva M., do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F, H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nCMTICT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingULIlllOli Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to 5. IDE. S3- J. FISHER, 3D. 3D. S3.Thursdays 9rto 12. Office, Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.168 OLEAN DIRECTORY'yMoore, Mrs. Loretta B., 130 First.Moore, E. B., photographer, do.Moore, Anna L , do.Moore, Frank S., jeweler, do.Moore, Mrs. R., near Buffalo, N. O.Moore, William, corpenter, do.Moore, George, carpenter, 72 Washington.Moore, Mrs. Mary A., do.Moore, John, do.Moore, Harry, do.Moore, Frederick C, printer, do.Moore, George W., carpenter, 82 Washington.Moore, Mrs. Ida M , do.Moore, Glen D., do.Moore, Arthur, oil pumper, 68 Washington.Moore, Mrs. Ida May, do.Moore, Clarence M.. do.Moore, Clifford R., do.Moore, Frank, do.Moore, Lewis C, bds. 72 Washington.Moore, G. D., hotel, 22 Railroad Ave.Moore, Mrs. Maggie M., do.Moore, Lottie B., do.Moore, Charles, laborer, near Buffalo, N. O.Moore, Mrs. Eliza, do.Moore, George H., do.Moran, Thomas, moulder, 20 Railroad Ave.Moran, Michael, laborer, 40 Wayne.Moran, Mrs. Mary, do.Moran, Eddie, do.Moran, John, do.Moran, Henry, do.Moran, Edward D., laborer, State, E. O.Moran, Mrs. Catherine, do.Moran, Mary, do.Moran, Edward D., Jr., do.Moran, Thomas, do.More, Mrs. Kate IL, 112 Henley.More, Alice L., do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M, ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 167Morgan, D. M., carpenter, Third, Bv.Morgan, Mrs. Margarette A., do.Morgan, Lillian V., do.Morgan, Pearl V., do.Morgan, Justus B., farmer, State, E. O.Morgan, Mrs. Orrilla J., do.Morgan, Mrs. Z. E., seamstress, West River, N. O.Morgan, Joseph S., do.Morgan, Cassius C , do.Morgan, Charles B., do.Morian, C. C, merchant, 87 Clinton.Morian, Mrs. Marion E., do.Morian, Fred E., clerk, 87 Clinton.Morian, Mrs. Sarah M., do.Morian, F. Raymond, do.Morris, J. E. K., physician, 191 Union.Morris, Mrs. Sarah F., do.Morris, Dexter, do.Morris, Raymond, do.Morris, H. C, clothier, bds. Olean house,, 122-124 Union.Morris, Mrs. Mary E., do.Morris, J. J., tailor, over 202 Union.Morris, Mrs. Minnie, do.Morris. Irene, do.Morris, Joseph, tailor, 16 Washington.Morris, Mrs. Maria, do.Morris, Emma, do.Morris, Hattie, do.Morrison, J. B., fireman glass works, Sixth, bet. Reed and Sullivan.Morrison, Mrs. Etta, do.Morrison, Otis Perry, 99 Thirteenth.Morrison, Adie L., do.Morrison, Otis, bds. 26 Main, Bv.Morse, Emulis, wood turner, 22 Fulton.Morse, Mrs. Ella D., do.Morse, Carrie D., do.Morse, Cora B., do.Morse, Mrs. H. S., 105 Third.Morse, Merlin W., do.Morse, Roswell, do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nCUTIOT Esoecial attention to Crown and Brtdo-e work and CorrectingULIlllOl. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. JD7H, S3. J. F I S H E E , 3D. 3D. S3-Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.168 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Morton, Agnes, 93 Second.Morton, Deforest, do.Morton, Mrs. Caroline, 191 Seventh.Morton, Mary, doMosely, LuLu, bds. 131 First.Moss, Albert, laborer, Washinton, N. O.Moss, Mrs. Magdalena, do.Moss, Tilla, do.Moss, Mary, do.Moss, Rosa, doMoss, Agnes, do.Moss, Joseph, do.Moss, Frank, do.Moss, Lillie, domestic, 16 Laurel Ave.Mott, Archey M., painter, 26 Barry.Mott, Mrs. Mattie A., do.Mott, Stephen F., do.Mott, Stephen A., 26 Barry.Mott, Mrs. Mary E., do.Moulton, Charles P., lawyer. 16 Henley, cor. Clinton.Moulton, Mrs. Gertrude B., do.Moulton, E. Louise, do.Moulton, L. B., tanner, 91 Union, cor. State.Muckey, Orgen, 12 North.Muckey, William T., clerk, 36 State, E. O.Muckey, F. D., grocer, 36 State, E. O.Muckey, Mrs. C. L., do.Muckey, Cleo, do.Muckey, Earley, do.Muckey, William P., do.Mudge, S. J., physician, 8 State.Mudge, Mrs. Nellie, do.Mudge, Linus T , lawyer, 73 Clinton.Mudge, Mrs. Addie B., do.Mudge, Erwin H., do.Mudge. Charles, book-keeper, 132 Fourth.Mudge, Mrs. Gerald, do.Mudge, Wilifred, do.Mudge, Hellen, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.Mulcay, F. C, operator, City Exchange hotel, cor. Union, N. O.Mullaly, Mrs. Anna, 109 River, N. O.Mullaly, Thomas W., laborer, do.Mullin, David, stillman, 47 Washington, N. O.Mullin, Mrs. Hortense, do.Mullin, Charles, do.Mullin, George, do.Mullin, John, do.Mullin. Sarah, do.Mullin, Lourie, do.Munger, Edwin, laborer, 16 Washington.Munger, Mrs. AHce, do.Munger, Ermie, do.Munger, George, do.Murphy, Mrs. Ann, boarding house, 8 North.Murphy, William, do.Murphy, Michael, railroad man, 78 Wayne.Murphy, John, laborer, Wayne, cor. Ninth.Murphy, Mrs. Maggie, do.Murphy, Michael, do.Murphy, John, do.Murphy, Daniel, do.Murphy, James, do.Murphy, Mary, do.Murphy, Patrick, do.Murphy, Anna A., domestic, 8 North.Murphy, Mrs. Mary, Spruce, N. O.Murphy, Daniel, laborer, do.Murphy, Ellen, do.Murphy, Lizzie, do.Murray, J. P., drayman, 60 Railroad Ave., N. O.Murray, Henrietta, do.Murray, Joseph N., farmer, 15 Garden Ave., £. O.Murray, Mrs. Rachel A., do.Murray, John C, do.Murry, Mrs. Catherine, 437 Union, N. O.Murry, Michael, switchman, do.Murry, John, conductor, do.Murry, Kate, do.Mutschlechner, Joseph, merchant, 158 State.Mutschlechner, Mrs. Clara M., do.F. H. Mutschlechner, OAKLEAF, BOOKS, Joseph STATIONERY F. N., do. AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nCMTIOT Esoecial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingULIlllOl. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. 3D^4- S- J- EIS33CEE, 3D. 3D. 63-Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.1T0 OLEAN DIRECTORY.anMyers, Mrs. Lavina, boarding house, 6o Union.Myers, Edith M., do.Myers, John, machinist, 208 Seventh.Myers, Mrs. Amelia, do.Myers, Wanda, do.Myers, Paul, do.Myers, Katie, do.Myers, Adam, pumper refinery, Walnut. N. O.Myers, Mrs. Margaretta, do.Myers, Matilda, do.Myrick, Mrs. F. H., 149 First, cor. Sullivan.Myrick, W. P., machinist, n Sullivan.Myrick, Mrs L. H., do.Myrick, George F., do.Nalson, Hilda, domestic, 131 Third.Neff, Delbert, barber, 25^ Green.Neff, Mrs. Philopene, do."Neff, Dannie A., do.Nefi", Carrie M., do.Neff, Edward W., barber, rear 17 Green.Neff, Mrs. Emily A., do.Neff, Edna P., do.Neff, Blanche, do.Neill. James G., book-keeper, 203 First.Neill, Mrs. Kate, do.Neill, Anna, do.Neill, Nora, do.Neitner, Henry, laborer, 149 Irving.Neitner, Mrs. Mary, do.Nelson, Alexander W., laundry, 15 Sullivan.Nelson, Mrs. Jennie M., do.Nelson, Clara W., do.Nelson, Gus., laborer, 144 Thirteenth.Nelson, Mrs. Mrs. Emma, do.Nelson, John J., fireman, 152 Thirteenth.Nelson, Mrs. Julia, do.Nelson, Michael B., do.Nelson, Mary J., do.Nelson, Nellie, do.Nelson, Mrs. Laura, S. O.Nelson, Katie, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

I. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM'FITTiNG,I 65Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.Nelson, Magnus, engineer, State, E. O.Nelson, Mrs. Mary, boarding house, 78 Wayne.Nelson, Lizzie, do.Nelson, Maggie, do.Nelson, Willie, do.Nelson, Minnie, domestic, 22 State.Nelson, P. H., contractor oil driller, 100 Wayne.Nelson, Mrs. Mary, do.Nelson, Alice P., do.Nelson, Henry, do.Nelson, James R., do.Nelton, Mrs. Maggie; bds. 84 State.Nettleton, H. U., domestic bakery, 152^ Union.Neutz, Edward, bds. 24 Railroad Ave.Newman, Henry, laborer, 84 Eleventh.Newman, Mrs. Angelina, do.Newman, Henry F., do.Newman, Adalaide, do.Newman, James, currier, Ave. A, cor. Washington, N. O.Newman, William S., supt. electric light works, 40 Jay.Newman, Mrs. Lillie L., do.Newman, Bessie E., do.Newman, Bernice A., do.Newman, William, laborer, Buffalo, N. O.Newman, Mrs. Loisa, do.Newman, William, do.Newman, Freddie, do.Newman, Anna, do.Newman, William, laborer, Buffalo, N. O.Newman, Mrs. Ellen, do.Newman, Thomas, do.Newman, Daniel, do.Newton, W. C, clerk, bds. Olean house, 122-124 Union.Nichols, Frank, laborer, 124 Thirteenth.Nichols, Mrs. Mary, do.Nichols, John, do.Nichols, A. D., conductor, 26 Laurel Ave.Nichols, Mrs. A. D., do.Nichols, Arthur, do.COF. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nrilTIQT Especial attention to Crown andBridge work'and CorrectingUtlllloli Irregularities. „ „ „Hours 9 to 12:1 to 5. X»S- S3. J- EIS3.HEE 3D. 3D S3-Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.172 OLEAN DIRECTORYenS2£2UJNichols, G. W., carpenter, 157 Henley.Nichols, Mrs. Mary Z., do.Nichols, Delos-B., do.Nichols, Wallace B., tanner, do.Nichols, John J., printer, 3,1 Eleventh, cor. Henley.Nichols, Mrs. Clara A., do.Nichols, Willis-H., do.Nichols, William, currier, Pierce Ave., W. O.Nichols, Mrs. Alice, do.Nicholson, W. H., oil dealer, 76 Sullivan.Nicholson, Mrs. Mary, do.Nicholson, William, do.Nicholson, Alice, do.Nicholson, Frank, do.Nicholson, Albert, do.Nicholson, Charles, do.Nicklas, John, barber, 198 Fourth.Nicklas, Mrs. Charlotte, do.Nicklas, Louisa, do.Nicklas, Cathrina, do.Nicklas, Emma, do.Nickum, Charles T , painter, 70 Second.Nickum, Mrs. Lizzie L., do.Nickum, Marion L., do.Niesel, Robert, tailor, 10 Washington.Niesel, Mrs. Frederica, do.Nobles, B , laborer, 97 Buffalo.Nobles, Mrs. A., do.Nobles, Laura, do.Nobles, Fred, do.Nobles, Eddie, do.Nolan, Peter, laborer, 195 Henley, cor. Eleventh.Noonen, Bina, domestic, Maple, N. O.Northcote, Frederick, laborer, 231 Spruce, N. O.Northcote, Mrs. Sarah A., do.Northcote, Mamie, do.• Northcote, Lillian, do.Northcote, John R., do.Northcote, Edith, do.Northcote, Ethel, do.Northcote, Frederick G., do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,


fl P NTIQT f specfar attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingULIllloli Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. I*R- S_ J. EIS3-E3.EE 3D. 3D S3.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.174 OLEAN DIRECTORY*CDNorton, Albertus, 2r Hen'Iy.Norton, Mrs. AdaB., do.Norton, Mabel A., do.Norton, Alfred B., clerk, 9. Laurens.Norton, Bradley, do.Norton, Edward, tanner, Spruce, N. O.Norton, Mrs. Mary, do,Norton, James P., laborer, do.Norton, Lizzie, do.Norton, Eddie F., do.Norton, Katie, domestic, 16 Laurens cor. First.Norton, L. D., farmer, Main, Bv.Norton, Mrs. M. E., c!o.Norton, Bert H., do.Norton, W. S., mail carrier, 56 Union.Norton, Mrs. Nellie C, do.Norton, Zora B., do.Norton, Ralph R., d

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.175O'Brien, Daniel, engineer, Elm, N. O.O'Brien, Mrs. Abbie, do.O'Brien, Michael, do.O'Brien, Daniel, Jr., do.O'Brien, John, do.O'Brien, Leo, do.O'Brien, James, 20 R. R. Ave.O'Brien, James carpenter, Oak cor. Spruce, N. O.O'Brien, J. W., clerk, 122 and 124 Union.O'Brien, Patrick, engineer, 45 Coleman.O'Brien, Mrs. Maggie, do.O'Brien, 50 State, E. 0.O'Connell, James, saloon keeper, 11 Irving,O'Connell, Mrs. Mary, do.O'Connell, Frank, do.O'Connell, Kate, 39 Jay.O'Connell, Bridget, do.O'Connell, Patrick, laborer, 194 Fourth.O'Connell, Mrs. Ellen, do.O'Connell, Johnnie, do.O'Connell, Mary, do.O'Connell, Maud, do.O'Connell, Thomas, section foreman, 2 R. R. Ave.O'Connell, Mrs. Mary, do.O'Connor, Mary, Cor. Washington and River, N. O.O'Connor, Michael, laborer, 178 Henley.O'Connor, Mrs. Margaret, do.O'Connors, Thomas, 166 Henley.O'Ccmners, Mrs. Nora, do.O'Day, Mrs. Hannah, 35 Coleman.O'Day, T. F., merchant tailor, 194^ Union.O'Day, Mrs. Mary E., do.O'Day, Daniel E., do.O'Day, Nellie F., do.O'Day, John E., do.O'Dell, Mrs. Jennie, seamstress, 22 Wayne.|!i;iii;F.'H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWSDEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

flCMTIOT Esoecial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUCI1II0I. Irregularities.Hours 12:1 to 5. IDE- S3- J. E I S H E E , 3D. ID. S3-Thuradays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.176 OLEAN DIRECTORY.O'Dell, J. P., canvasser, 67 Green.O'Dell, Mrs. E. H., do.O'Dell, James M., painter, do.O'Dell, Wm., laborer, 97 Twelfth.O'Dell, Mrs. Sarah, do.O'Dell, Frances, do.O'Dell, MaudM., do.O'Dell, Nellie, do.O'Donnell, James, bds. 23 Second, Bv.O'Donnell, Jerry, hotel, Oak cor. Spruce, N. O.O'Donnell, Mrs. Kate, do.O'Donnell, Julia, do.O'Donnell, Agnes, do.O'Donnell, Jimmie, do.O'Donnell, Jerry, do.O'Donnell, Roger, do.O'Donnell, Maggie, domestic, 131 First.O'Donnell, Mary, 96 Barry.O'Donnell, Morris, laborer, Buffalo, N. O.O'Donnell, Mrs. Mary, do.O'Donnell, Joseph, do.O'Donnell, Nellie, domestic, 13 South and Union.O'Donnell, Nora, domestic, 159 First.Oelkrug, Mary, domestic, 129 State.Oelkrugh, Wm., laborer, 213 Seventh.Oelkrugh, Mrs. Matilda, do.Oelkrugh, William, do.Oelkrugh, Mary, do.Oelkrugh, George, do.Oelkrugh, Lucy, do.Oelkrugh, Dora, do.Oelkrugh, Maggie, do.Oelkrugh, Fred, do.Oelkrugh, Ethel, do.Ogden, Henry, carpenter, no state.Ogden, Mrs. Catherine P., do.Ogden, Samuel W., mixer chem. works, Washineton N OOgden, Mrs. Adda Z., do.' " 'Ogden, Raymond E., do.Ogden, Clarence D., do.Ogden, Grace E., do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 177O'Hara, Ella, domestic, 29 State.O'Harra, Henry, laborer, 91 Seventh.O'Harra, Mrs. May, do.O'Harra, Lina M., do.O'Harra, Frank H., do.O'Harra, Georgia A., do.O'Harra, Mrs. Mary, 237 State.O'Harra. Charlie, do.O'Harra, Willie, do.O'Harra, Florence, do.O'Harra, Rosa, do.O'Hearn, Mary, 58 Washington.O'Hern, Nora, domestic, 122-124 Union.O'Hern, Edward, 35 Eleventh.O'Keef, Mrs. Mary, State, W. O.O'Keef, Patsy, laborer and gas fitter,do,J. B., BLAGKSM1THING&H0RSESH0EINGOLBEY, 293 TJ3STI03Sr STBEET.Olbey, Mrs. Mary A., 106 Third.Older, Myron, grocer, 134 Fourth.Older, Vlrs. Harriet, do.Olds, C. C, carpenter, 10 Winters Ave.Olds, Mrs. Lydia E.,doOlds, J. A., carpenter, 112 Sullivan.Olds, Mrs. Jennie R., do.Olds, M. W., stationary engineer, 255 Union.Olds, Mrs. Ida, do.Olds, George, do.Olds, Mary, do.Al P • &| BEEF COMPANY, dealers in ARMOUR &CO'S.Ill LfllU CHICAGO DRESSED BEEF,'III T H11 Pori:,jVE-u.-b-t03=L and 3L,a,m.TD.-^ ^ ^m • • • • :f_ c_ 3wca_-5Z"e:ei, 3wr^^.asr^i.c3-Eiii, foot j-A.~

178 OLEAN DIRECTORY.© l e a p ^ o s p i f a l ,102 ^eL 104 Tl\iifd S^eet,For Treatment General Surgical Conditions,vlcute and Chronic, also Diseases Eye,Ear, Throat and Nose.peeidept li^surapee "pellets $5 per Year.Terms seven dollars per week in ward hospital,including board. Private rooms %io to $75 perweek. All communications should be addressed toJ. C. Clark, M. D., Olean, N. T.DR. F. H. BARTLETT,Eye and Ear Department.DR. J. C. CLARK,Surgical and Medical Department.

M, ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,1 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 179O'Meara, Lawrence, hotel, 261 Union.O'Meara, Mrs. Anna, do.O'Meara, Maggie, do.O'Meara, Louise, daO'Meara, Frank, do.O'Meara, Mary, teacher, bds. 8 North, rooms 110 Barry.O'Neil, Annie, domestic, 77 Union.O'Neil, Henry, carpenter, 116 Thirteenth.O'Neil, Mrs. Mary, do.O'Neil, Hugh F., oil producer, 90 Barry.O'Neil, Mrs. Mary A., do.O'Neil, Charles F., do.O'Neil, John, laborer, Spruce,N. O.O'Neil, John, currier, 66 Wayne cor. Fifth.O'Neil, Yetitia, 90 Barry.O'Neil, Sadie, domestic, 95 Clinton.O'Neil, Mrs. Anna, 194 Fifth.O'Neil Mary, do.O'Neil, Anna, do.O'Neil, Sarah, do.O'Neil, Henry, do.O'Neil, Patrick.O'Neil, Francis, laborer, 194 Fifth.O'Neil, Mrs. Lena, do.O'Neil, Mary, domestic, 161 Fifth.Oosterhoudt, Frank S., prop, acme milling Co. 159 First.Oosterhoudt, Mrs. Lou, do.Oosterhoudt, Artie, do.Oosterhoudt, Matie, do.Oosterhoudt, Mrs. Mary, 29 State.Oosterhoudt, William, lumberman, Main, Bv.Oosterhoudt, Mrs. Libbie, do.Oosterhoudt, Gertie, do.Oosterhoudt, Roy, -do.Oosterhoudt, Glenn, do.Oosterhoudt, Willie, do.Oosterhoudt, Minnie, do.Orendally, Timothy, laborer Vine , N. O.Orendally, Mrs. Mary, domestic, do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nTHTIPT Especial attention to Crown arrcf Bridge work and"CorrectingUCil 110 11 Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to S. IDE- S3- J. F I S H E E , 3D. 3D. S3.Thursdays 9 ta 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.180 OLEAN DIRECTORYOstomy Clara B., bds. 107 Third.Osborn, George, coffee and lunch house, 219 Union-Osborn, Vern, laborer, 157 Sullivan.Osgood, Geo. D., painter, 108 Second,Osgood, Mrs. Mary E., do.Osgood, Bert, do.Osgood, Mattie, do.Osgood, Burdette, do.Osgoock George, do.Osgood, Bertha, do.Osgood, George N., painter, Osgood, E. O-Osgood, Mra. Bertha, do.Osgood, Bessie M., do.Osgood, Minnie L.f do.Osgood, Edward, farmer. Steam Valley, S. O.Osgood, Mrs. Ida, do.Osgood, Eleanor, do.Osgood, Mabel, do.Osgood, Rubie, do.Osgood1, B. Harrison, do.-Osgood, William S., laborer, Dugan road, E. O.Osgood, Mrs. Agnes, do.Osgood, Leroy, do.Osgood, Rosa, do.Osgood, Leon, do.Osterhoudt, Charles, farmer, 56 Front, Bv.Osterhoudt, Mrs. Carrie G., daOsterhoudt, Chester I., do.Osterhoudt, Emma B., do.Osterhoudt, Mrs. E., bds. 34 Jay.Osterman, George, laborer, bds. 102 State.Osterman, John, farmer, Wild Cat, S. O.Osterman, Mrs. Gelia, do.Osterman, Frank, do.Osterman, William, do.Osterman, Jacob, do.Osterman, Henry, do.Osterman, Lottie, do.Osterman, Lizzie, do.Ostertag, John, laborer, State, W. O.Ostertag, Mrs. Etta, do.Ostertag, DR. Blanche, D. do. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,Ostertag, Bessie, do.148 1-2 UNION STREET.

M, ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,1 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 181O'Toole, Joseph, laborer, Homer road, N. O.O'Toole, Mrs. Elizabeth, do.O'Toole, Mary, do.O'Toole, Ella, do.O'Toole, Lizzie, daO'Toole, Katie, do.'O'Tooln, Agnes, do.O'Toole, Joseph, do.IO'Toole, Thomas, Michael, laborer, da Homer road, N. 0.O'Toole, Michael, Mrs. Mary, do. do. :O'Toole, fohn, do.O'Toole, Joseph, do.O'Toole, Mary A., do.O'Toole, Nora, doO'Toole, Thomas, do.O'Toole, Thomas, Michael, laborer, do. Fountain, N. O.O'Toole, Patrick, do.O'Toole, Anna, do.O'Toole, Joseph, do. :O'Toole, Sarah, do.jO'Toole, Mary, do. i;Otto,O'Toole, Bridget, do.O'Toole, Andrew Ellen, J., do. boarding house, 78 Barry. j !Otto, Mrs. Jennie D., do.Otto, Jennie D., stenographer, 153 Second.Otto, J. F., farmer, Spring, E. 0.Otto, Mrs. Kittie L., do.Otto, Alta J., do.Otto, Jed J., do.Overton, Giles B., 161 Fifth.Overton, Mrs. Marie, do.Overton, Marie, do.Oviett, Mrs. Lucetta A., 51 Washington.Oviett, Frances E., do.Owens, Maggie, 25 Green.Owens, Ross, tanner, 25 Green.Owens, Mrs. Lottie, do.Owens, W. H., merchant, bds. Olean house, 122-124.C9F. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nrilTICT Especfaf attention to Crown and Brrdge work and CorrectingUlN I Io I i Irregularities. _Hours 9 to 12; 1 to 5.IDE.= » -S3.»-J-J -EIS-HEE,•±^&J5"«1*23D.ti"33.~ YS3.Thm-HdavH *to 12Office Duke Block, Olean, H. i182 OLEAN DIRECTORYPadden, E. J., laborer, 277 Union.Paddock,' Harry A., 164J Union.Paddock, J. H., carpenter, 27 Main. Bv.Paddock, Mrs, Emma M., do.Paddock, Roswell, carpenter, 31 Irving.Paddock, Mrs. Lizzie, do.Paddock, Nellie, do.Paddock, Linda, do.Paddock, Jennie, do.Paddock, Ray, do.Page, Adolph, laborer, 84 Eleventh.Page, Anna, do.Page, Frank E., laborer, 130 Green.Page, Mrs. Hattie M., do.Page, John, engineer, 96 River, N. O.Page, Mrs. Margaret, do.Page, Stella, do.Page, Eddie, do.Page, Mrs. R. L., 75 State.Page, Joseph, do.Page, Jennie, do.Page, Tracy M., book keeper, 77 State.Page, Mrs. Georgia, do.Page, W. R., book keeper, 84 Second.Page, Mrs. Nellie, do.Page, Wilson, do.Page, Maria, do.Page, Frank R., cor. Sullivan and First.Page, Mrs. Carrie D., do.Painter, Mrs. Catharine, 77 Union.Painter, Frank B., book keeper, do.Painter, Florence, do.Painter, Jennie, do.Pallman, Frank, lumberman, 34 Fulton.Pallman, Mrs. Catharine A., do.Pallman, Ida E., do.Palmer, Mrs. Amelia, music teacher, 123 Sullivan.Palmer, Carrie, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, 6AS AND STEAM FITTING,165 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 183Palmer, James H., laborer, cor. Pond and Garden Ave. E. O.Palmer, Mrs. Bridget, do.Palmer, Benjamin, eo.Palmer, Frank, do.Palmer, Jennie, do.Palmer, J. J., carpenter, R. R. Ave. E. O.Palmer, Mrs. Emaline M., do.Pancoast, S. W., prop, glass works, 92 Sullivan.Pancoast, Mrs. Hellen, do.Pancoast, G. Harry, do.Pancoast, Vernon W, do.Paris, Mrs. S., toothpick packer, 27 Coleman.Parish, Belle M., teacher, 209 Union.Parish, Burdett, carpenter, Spring, E. O.Parish, Mrs. B., do.Parish, Mabel, do.Parish, Eviat, laborer, 18 Eleventh.Parish, Mrs. Alice, do.Parish, Charlie, do.Parish, Mrs. Lizzie, 158 Fifth.Parish, Charlie, do.Parish, Melvin, carpenter, 18 cor. First and Center, Bv.Parish, Mrs. Emaline, do.PARKER &MUDGE,Parker, A. C, laborer, 79 River, N. O.Parker, Mrs. Hannah, do.Parker, Anna B., do.Parker, Homer L., do.Parker, Florence A., do.Parker, Emma, 192 State.Parker, Erastus, S. O.Parker, E. W., laborer, 164 Irving.Parker, Sarah, A., do.Parker, Mrs. Fidelia, 31 Eleventh.Parker, Archie, do.ATTORNEYS95^ UNION.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS'DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nCMTICT Esoecial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUUlllOl. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. 3DE_ S3- J- JTISHEE, 3D. ID. S3-Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.184 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Parker, Willis, D., lawyer, 35 Eleventh.Parker, Mrs. Nora, do.Parker, Blanche, do.Parker, Grace, do.Parker, Mildred, do.Parker, Charles W., carpenter, 35 Eleventh.Parker, G. G , machinist, 18 Canal.Parker, Mrs. Melissa A., do.Parker, George M., doParker, Hiram, hostler, 56 Sullivan.Parker, Mrs. Frances, do.Parker, Chester, doParker, Frankie, do.Parker, J., laborer, City Exchange hotel, cor. Union, N. O.Parker, J., mason, R. R. Ave. E O.Parker, John, tool dresser, Wild Cat, S. O.Parker, Mrs. Annis, do.Parker, Fred, do.Parker, Florence, do.Parker, John B., farmer, S. O.Parker, Mrs. Sarah, do.Parker, Allen, do.Parker, Wallace, do.Parker, Electa, do.Parker, Orrin, do,Parker, Mrs. Sarah L., 69 First.Parker, William, farmer, Main, Bv.Parker, Mrs. Margaret, do.Parker, Carlton, do.Parsch, Wm., machinist, 64 Washington.Parsch, Mrs. Bertha, do. •Parsch, Raymond, do.Parshall, George, merchant, 49 Clinton.Parshall, Mrs. Emma, do.Parshall, Flora, do.Passmore, John A., electrician, 47 Clinton.Passmore, Mrs. Maggie, do.Passmore, Faith L., do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 185Passmore, William D.. operator, 31 Clinton.Passmore, Mrs. Betsy M., do.Passmore, Samuel E., do.Passmore, Mary E., do.Patch, Charles H., boiler maker, 6 Canal.Patch, Mrs. Mary L., do.Paterson, Andrew G., blacksmith, River, N O.Paterson, Mrs. Frank, do.Paterson, Raymond, do.Paterson, Jessie, do.Patterson, Charles, teamster, 13 Barry.Patterson, Mrs. Sarah E., do.Patterson, Maggie M., do.Patterson, Ella L., do.Patterson, Duncan, forman R. R. 55 Irving.Patterson, Mrs. Mary, do.Patterson, John, do.Patterson, Amelia, do.Patterson, Elizabeth, do.Patterson, E. A., Clerk, 436 Union, N. O.Patterson, Mrs. Kate, do.Patterson, Maggie, do.Patterson, Lemuel, carpenter, Pierce Row, W. O.Patterson, Mrs. Mary, do.Patterson, Lemuel, do.Patterson, Clyde, do.Patterson, Maggie, domestic, 44 Barry.Patterson, Willian, laborer, 60 Barry.Patterson, Mrs. Ella, do.Patterson, Lizzie, do.Payne, Otto R., machinist, 109 Sixth.Payne, Mrs. Luella, do.Pearsall, John, 157 Sullivan.Pearsall, Mrs. E. M., do.Peck, Minnie E., teacher, 57 Henley.Peck, Jessie A., clerk, 54 State.Peckham, Frank, fireman, 194 First.Peckham, Mrs. Carrie E., do.Peckham, Grace M., do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nrilTIPT Esoecial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUuMllol. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1to5. DB" V " ^ ^ n D" ?V &Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.186 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Pedro, John, bds. 50-52 State.Peglar, John, laborer, Washington, N. O.Peglar, Mrs. Anna, do.Peglar, George, do.Peglar, Don, do.Peglar, Edna, do.Peglar, Arthur, do.Peglar. Haffie, do.Peglar, Dora, do.Peglar, Susie, do.Pelton, J. G., 133J Union.Pelton, Mrs. Mary F., do.Pelton, William, book-keeper, do.Pendleton, Charles A., driller, 10 Third, Bv.Pendleton, Mrs. Ella M., do.Pendleton, Charlie L., do.Pendleton, Nina B., do.Pendleton, Pearl B., do.Penfield, Martin F., 17 cor. South and Union.Penfield, P. L. H., milliner, do.Penfield, C, do.Penny, James H., carpenter, 24 Barry.Penny, Mrs. Louie M., do.Penny, Orren S., do.Penny, W. D., engineer, 216 Union.Perkins, A. A., engineer, 12 Colman.Perkins, Mrs. Melvina A., do.Perkins, Lynna, do.Perkins, Dorr D., clerk, cor. King and R. R., E. O.Perkins, Mrs. Jennie B., do.Perkins, Bertha M., do.Pero, Ella, domestic, 279 Union.Perry, Mrs. A., 64 Eleventh.Perry, Celia, do. vPerry, Clara D., do.Perry, Wallace, do.Perry, Esther, do.Perry. Abel, do.Perry, Lewis, supt. Pierce tannery, 134 Third.Perry, Mrs. Carrie R., do.Perry, Cherry L., do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 187Perry, Mrs. Mary, wahsing, Canal.Perry, Martha, do.Peters, James, Broom mfg. 265 Union.Peters, Mrs. Ida, do.Peters, Jessie, do.Peters, Mabel, do.Peters, Lewis, do.Peterson, Andrew, laborer, 11 Buffalo.Peterson, Mrs. Anna C, do.Peterson, Andrew, Jr., laborer, do.Peterson, Otto, do.Peterson, Alice M., do.Peterson, Hellen, do.Peterson, Anna, bds. 84 Canal.Peterson, Anna, domestic, 16 Main, Bv.Peterson, Charles, laborer, Plum, E. O.Peterson, Mrs. Anna L., do.Peterson, Jefferson S., kalsominer, R. R. Ave. E. O.Peterson, Mrs. Mary J., do.Peterson, John A., laborer, R. R. Ave. E. O.Peterson, Mrs. Mary A., do.Peterson, John P., bricklayer, River, N. O.Peterson, Mrs. Anna, do.Peterson, Oscar, do.Peterson, Evaline, do.Peterson, P. O., wagon maker, 76 Canal.Peterson, Ellen C, do.Peterson, Annie M., do.Peterson, Mamie M., do.Peterson, John H., do.Peterson, W. P., European hotel, 163- Union.Peterson, Mrs. May, do.Petit, Frank, mason, bds. 84 State.Phalon, T., 10 R. R.—1—i5Phalon, Kate, domestic, 4 State.Philips, Mrs. Ada, R. R. Ave. E. O.F. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nCHTIPT Especfar attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUtll lluli Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to 5. IDE. S3. J. EISB-HEE, 3D. 3D. S3-Thursdays 9-te 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.T88 OLEAN DIRECTORYPhillips, George E., painter and paper hanger, 27 Second, Bv.Phillips, Mrs. May M., do.Phillips, Max B., do.Phillips, George A., do.Phillips, Millie M.. do.Phillips, Duke, laborer, cor Elm, N. O.Phillips, Mrs. Bridget, do.Phillips, Charles, do.Phillips, Florence T., do.Phillips, Peter, laborer, Walnut, N. O.Phillips, Mrs. Sarah, do.Phillips, Tennie, do.Phillips, Sadie, do.Phinney, B., builder, 136 Buffalo.Phinney, Mrs. Harriet, do.Piatt, Mrs. A. E., tailoress, 76 State.Pierce, A. L., com. traveler, 136 Third.Pierce, Mrs. Hellen, do.Pierce, Kitty, do.Pierce, Caleb D., book keeper, 80 Washington.Pierce, Mrs. Louisa S., do.Pierce, Otto W., do.Pierce, E. S., wood and coal dealer, 141 Third.Pierce, Mrs. Theodesia, do.Pierce, Eugene W., State, E. O.Pierce, Mrs. Minnie, do.Pierce, Mrs. Hettie S., 145 First.Pierce, Joseph, foreman, Pierce Aye. W. O.Pierce, Mrs. M., do.Pierce, Jennie F., do.Pierce, Ida M., do.Pierce, James S., do.Pierce, Lizzie, domestic, 233 Union.Pierce, Mrs. M. E., bds. 8 State.Pierce, Bertha E., do.Pierce, 0. W., hardware merchant, 108 Barry.Pierce, Mrs. Margaret, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 189Pierce, W. B., coal and wood dealer, 129 Barry.Pierce, Mrs. Eveline L., do.Pierce, Ada A., do.Pierce, Maud E., do.Pierce, Wm. P., leather mfg. 78 Sullivan.Pierce, Mrs. Sarah, do.Pierce, Maud Mabel, do.Pierce, Baron A., do.Pierce, Earnest W, do.Piffer, Geo. engineer W. N. Y. & P. 74 Wayne cor. Sixth.Pilon, Joseph, laborer, R. R. Ave. E. O.Pilon, Mrs. Mary E., do.Pilon, Orson H., do.Pilon, John, do.Pilon, Charles, T., do.Pilon, Orson, laborer, Clark, E. O.Pilon, Mrs. Barbara, do.Pingrey, Mrs. Cora E., 124^ Union.Pinney, S. A., bds. I Prune, E. O.Pinney, S. Norton, Fourth, Bv.Pipp, Charles, clerk, 259 Union.Pitts, Fred, saloon, 279 UnionPitts, Mrs. Bertie, do.Pitts, Mabel, do.Pitts, L. C, canvasser, 93 Fourth.Pitts, Mrs. Margarett E., do.Pitts, Lon, H., do.Piatt, Adam, baker, 137 State.Piatt, Mrs. Elizabeth, do.Piatt, Fred, lather, do.Piatt, Adam J., plumber, do.Piatt, John, do.Piatt, Minnie, do.Piatt, Frank, lather, 14 Irving.Piatt, Mrs. Emma, do.Playford, Henry C, machinist, 53 Washington.Playford, Mrs. Sarah, do.Playford, Ralph, do.Playford, Mildred, do.5F. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nrUTIPT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUCIllluli Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. JDJH- S3- J- 3TIS3.E1EE, 3D. 3D. S3.Thursdays 9 te 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.190 OLEAN DIRECTORY^UJ.-Jer»l^*UJUJCOasC3=eraCO= SB1^llJCOCOf ^^s CECO.C3caUJ5—=>Polley, Brewer D., driller, 23 Boardman, Bv.Polley, Mrs. Alice P., do.Polley, Gertie E.Polley, Frankie G„ do.Polmateer, M., carpenter, Pond, E. O.Polmateer, Mrs Elizabeth A., do.Pope, A. P., book keeper, 105 First.Pope, Mrs. Louisa, do.Pope, Glennie, do.Pope, Fred, do.Pope, F. M., Wildcat road, S. O.Pope, F. S., speculator, Wildcat, S. O.Pope, Mrs. Carrie, do.Porter, Orson, blacksmith, 277 Union.Post, Rev. Woodruff, clergyman, 159^ Union.Post, Mrs. Parmelia, do.Potter, C. B., forman Daily Herald, 17 Jay.Potter, Mrs. Ida, do.Potter, Mabel E., do.Potter, Mrs. Catherine, 134 State.Potter, 0. A., druggist, 467 Union, N. O.Potter, Mrs. Florence, do.Potter, Frankie, do.Potter, Blanche, do.Potter, Howard, do.Powell, A. S., E. O.Powell, Mrs. Rosalette, do.Powell, George C., do.Powell, Herbert, do.Powell, Ruth A., do.Powell, Loie, do.Powell, Ida, do.Powell, Ernest, do.Powers, John, laborer, 113 Buffalo.Powers, Mrs. Ellen, do.Powers, John, cooper, do.Powers, Thomas, do.Powers, William, do.Powers, Edward, do.Powers, J. H., Farmers hotel, 233 Union.Powers, Mrs. Arietta, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 UnionStreet.OLEANDIRECTORY.Powers, J. J., physician, 7 Hamilton,Powers, Mrs. Martha W., do.Powers, Ailene, do.Powers, Beulah, do.Powers, Thomas, laborer, State, W. O.Pratt, D. A., grocer, 22 Laurel Ave.Pratt, Mrs. D. A., do.Pratt, Emory B., do.Pratt, I. F., merchant, bds. Olean house, 122-124 Union.Pratt, John W., grocer, 139 Fourth.Pratt, Mrs. Nora I., do.Pratt, Mary L., do.Pratt, Fannie A., do.Pratt, Joseph, farmer, Water, S. O.Preckle, W. H., machinist, 20 Coleman.Preckle, .Mrs. Mary H., do.Preckle, W. B., engineer, do.Preckle, Mabel, do.Prest, Mrs. John, 179 State.Preston, Chester, hostler, 51 Green.Preston, Mrs. Louise, do.Preston, Ella M., do.Price, A. R., barber, 92 State.Price, Mrs. Dana, do.Price, Edna, do.Price, Warren, carpenter, 89 Clinton.Price, Mrs. Ella H., do.Price, Nellie V., do.Price, Bessie A., do.Priest. Mrs. Edward, Seventh bet. Henley & Green.Priest, Julia, dressmaking, do.Priest, Patrick, bracket sawer, 140 Henley cor. Seventh.Priest, Mrs. Anna, do.Prime, William, laborer, Canal.Prindle, F. E., rooms 171^ Union.Prindle, Henry E., wagon maker, 13 Fulton.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nCMTIOT Esoecial attention to Crown and Brido-e work and CorrectingULI1IIOI. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5.IDE. S3. J. EIS333CEE, 3D. 3D. SB-Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.192 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Prosser, Wellington; electrician, 152J Union.Prosser, Mrs. F. A., do.Prosser, Donald, \V., do.Proudman, Joseph, bds. 124 Barry.Pryor, Nellie M., domestic, 34 State.Puddy, Mrs. Jane, housekeeper, 134 Barry.Pullman, Harry, liveryman, 124 Fourth.Pullman, Mrs. Lucy, do.Pullman, Gertrude, do.Pullman, Lottie, do.Pullman, Maud, do.Pullman, Bennie, do.Pullman, Charlie, do.Purrington, Charles L., private secretary, g4 Henley.Purrington, Mrs. Hattie V., do.Puttney, John C, teamster. Wildcat, S. O.Puttney, Mrs. Hannah D., do.Puttney, Delia, do. VQuackenbush, Percy, Pond, cor. R. R. Ave. E. O.Quackenbush, William M.y laborer, Pond, cor. R. R. Ave. E. O.Quackenbush, Mrs. Mary, do.Quigley, Michael, laborer, 89 Washington.Quigley, Mrs. Nellie, do.Quigley, William J., foreman, 33 Clinton.Quigley, Mrs. Frances K., do.Quigley, Delia M., do.Quigley, William J., do.Quigley, Charles &., do.Quigley, Helen, C, do.Quinlan, Charles engineer, 73 Wayne.Quinlan, William, laborer, 73 Wayne.Quinliven, Mary, 261 Union.Quirin, George L. A., merchant, 177 rear UnionQuirm, Mrs. Celia F., do.Quirin, Leslie R., do.Quirin, Ethel B., do.Quirin, W. C. A., leather manufacturer, E. O.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 UnionStreet.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 193Quirin, Michael, Canal.Quirin, Mrs. Winnifred, do.Quirin, J. D.. do.Raber, W., 28 Coleman.Raber, Christopher, laborer, do.Raber, Albert, laborer^ do.Raber, Libbie, tailoress, do.Raber, Kate, tailoress, do.Radley, Thomas, currier, Ave. A., cor. Washington, N. O.Radley, Wilson, drayman, Fourth, Bv.Radley, Mrs. Mary, do.Radley, J. W., do.Radley, Carrie, doRadley, George, do.Radley, Edith M., do.Rafferty, Charles, foreman Daily Times, Homer Road, N. O.Rafferty, Mrs. Laura, do.Rafferty, L. Essie, do.Rafferty, Melphy L., do.Rafferty, H. Arthur, do.Rafferty, Frank C, do.Ragan, Joana, domestic, 27 State cor. Clinton.Ramsdell, Mary, domestic, 82 Fourth.Ramsey, S. S., oil producer, 8 Henley cor. Fulton.Ramsey, Mrs. Eliza, do.Ramsey, Harry N., do.Ramsey, £. Alice, do.Ramsey, E. Grace, do.Ramsey, George E., collar pad mfr., 144 First.Ramsey, Mrs. Kate E., do.Ramsey, Florence M., do.Ramsey, William H., 31 Henley cor. Barry.Ramsey, Mrs. Julia R., do.Ramsey, Emma, do.Ramsey, William H., Jr., do.Randall, John, laborer, 78 Canal.Randall, Mrs. John, do.Randall, Edith R., do.Randall, Ella R., do.Randall, Walter U., do.Randall, Ida B., do.Randall, Leroy E., do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES,

Esoecial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingDENTIST. Irregularities,3DE- S3- J- EISHEE, 3D- 3D- S3-Thursdays Tioti *^ ^ ^ O ^ c ^ ^ Z ^ , nTy.194 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Randall, Addison, pattern maker, 196 Irving.Randall, Mrs. Almeda, do.Randall, Charlie, do.Randall, William, do.Randall, John, do.Randall, Lewis, do.Randall, Ada, do.Randall, Mrs. Fannie, 55 Union.Randall, George H., carpenter, do.Randolph, Thomas, wagon maker, Green, E -O.Randolph, Mrs. Alice L., do.Randolph, John A., do.Randolph, Scott E., do.Randolph, John, farmer, 21 Front, Bv.Randolph, Mrs. Abagail, do.Rank, George, harness maker, State, W. O.Rank, Mrs. Jennie, do.Ranschest, Adam, tinsmith, 195 Eighth.Ranschest, Mrs. Kate, do.Ranschest, Willie, do.Ranschest, Katie, do.Ranschest, Fred, do.Ranschest, George, do.Ranshavr, Alonzo, 92 Clinton.Rapp, William, boiler maker, Oak, N. O.Rapp, J. A., clerk, bds. 98 Clinton.Rapp, W. A., general agent W. N. V. & 1'.. 34 Jay.Rapp, Mrs. Ida, do.Rapp, Clyde W , doRarbach, Max, '212 State.Rarey, Henry S., tin peddler, S. O.Rarey, Mrs. Harriett N., do.Rarey, Henry S., Jr., do.Rarey, Herbert L., do.Rarey, Harriett E., do,Rarey, Harry R., do.Rarey, Maud M., do.Rarey, Henry W., do.Rarey, Florence A., do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

1. ALBRECHT, PLUMBJNG, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 195Rathburn, C B., car inspector, Garden Ave. E. O.Rathburn, Mrs. Stella D., do.Rathburn, Gladys F., do.Rathbone, Deforest L., cor. Queen and Spring, E. O.L. M., DENTISTRAUB. Firm of Raub & Jackson, 125 I-2 Union St.Raub, Mrs. L. M., 18 Laurel.Ave.Raub, Herschel D., do.Raub, Roy E., do.Raub, Joseph, teamster, 136 Sixth.Raub, Mrs. Mary, do.Rawson, E. W., painter, 20 Washington.Rawson, Mrs. Sarah, do.Rawson, Effie, do.Rawson, Grace, do.Rawson, Washington, cooper. River.Rawson, Mrs. Elizabeth, do.Rawson, Albert, do.Rawson, Frank, do.Rawson, Fred, do.Raymond, Chas., fireman R. R. 202 Seventh.Raymond, Mrs. Kate. do.Raymond, Rosa, do.Raymond, August, do.Raymond, Charlie, do.Raymond, Belle, do.Raymond, Mary, do.. Razey, Frank T., printer, bds. Option house.Reader, John, laborer, 216 Seventh.Reader, Mrs. Eva, do.Reader, Barbara, do.Reader, Andrew, do.Reader, John, do.Reading, Frank, machinist, 483 Union, N. O.Reading, Mrs. F., do.Reading, Hannah, nurse, 175 Union.Reafsnider, Samuel, laborer, over 319 Union.Reafsnider, Mrs. M. J., do.Reafsnider, Maud, do.Reafsnider, Ina, do.F. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

firUTIOT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and1 CorrectingUCIl I Io 11 Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. TD^i- S- J- ZFIStHEE, 3D. 3D. S3-Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.OLEANDIRECTORYReardon, Jerry, laborer, Vine, N. O.Reardon, Peter, currier, Oak cor. Spruce, N. O.Reardon, Mrs. Ellen, 37 Oak, N. O.Reardon, James, do.Reardon, Anna, do.Reardon, Kittie, do.Reardon, Josie, do.Keardon, John, do.Reardon, Mary, do.Reardon, John F., laborer, Pierce Ave., W. O.Reardon, Mrs. Emma, do.Reardon, John F., Jr., do.Reardon, Dennis W., do.Reardon, Clifford, E., do.Reardon, John, laborer, 75 Wayne.Reardon, Mrs. Maria, do.Reaser, F. H., book keeper, 124 State.Reaser, Mrs. Kate E., do.Reaser, Sherman, 153 Sullivan cor. First.Redding, James, canvasser, bds. 97 First.Redding, Henry, carpenter, 6 Second.Redding, Mrs. Florence, do.Redding, Freddie, do.,Redding, Dean, do.Redman, Mary, domestic, 87 Sullivan.Redstone, C. G., engineer, King, E. O.Redstone, Mrs. Alice A., do.Redstone, Bayard T., do.Redstone, Lee L., do.Redstone, Ray R., do.Redstone, Ethel M., do.Reed, W. B , carriage manufacturer, 145 Barry.Reed, Mrs Bertie, do.Reed, Minnie, do.Reed, Philip S., laborer, 97 First.Reed, Newton L., clergyman, 18 Lam ens.Reed, Mrs. Eleanor L. S., do.Reed, Byron W., do.Reed, Charlotte L., do.Reed, Francis N., do.Reed, Carlas L., do.DR. D. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,148 1-2 UNION STREET.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65 UnionStreet.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 197Reed, Charles, operator, 78 Wayne.Reed, Charlie, machinist, 153 Eighth.Reed, Mrs. Barbara, do.Reed, Emma, domestic, 158 First.Reed, Edward, laborer, 192^ Union.Reed, Mrs. Diantha, do.Reed, Emma C, do.Reed, Emma, Canal.Reed, James, Canal.Reed, Alford, laborer, Canal.Reed, Mrs. Hattie, do.Reed, Edward, do.Reed, Albert, Jr., do.Reel, Frank, farmer, 61 Green.Reel, Mrs. Mary A., do.Reel, Charles, do.Reel, Anna, do.Reel, Mamie, do.Reel, Fannie, do.Reese, George B., fireman, 55 Ninth.Reese, Mrs. Dora M., do.Reese, Lee Evart, do.Reeve, J. C, grocer, 144 Third.Reeve, Josephene, do.Reeve, Mary, do.Reeve, Frank, do.Reeve, Juliet, do.Reeves, Canar, lumberman, State, E. O.Reeves, Mrs. Kate, do.Reeves, Frank B., do.Reeves, Nina N., do.Reeves, William, do.Reeves, Blanch L., do.Reeves, John, Railroad, E. O.Reeves, Adda, domestic, II Laurel Ave.Regan, John, laborer, Oak, N. O.Reham, George, laborer, 61 Second.Reich, Simeon, merchant, bds. Olean house, 122-124 Union.coF. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

jirilTfOT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work anrf CorrectingULIIIIOIi Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to 5. TJE. S3- J- EIS3JH1EE, 3D. 3D. S3-Thursdays 9 to 13. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.198 OLEAN DfRECTORYReitz, William, laborer, Washington*, N. O.Reitz, Mrs. Lizzie, daReitz, Anna, do.Reitz, Clara, do.Reitz, Fred, do.Reitz, Edward, do.Renega, Jacob, lather, bds-. r37 StateRenshaw, A, R., foreman Olean livery stable, 146 Union.Repp, C. F.. manager Grand Uuion Tea Co., bds>. Moore house.Revels, Robert, carpenter. 14 Winters Ave.Revels, Mrs. Anna, do.Revels, Ida A., book-keeper, do.Revels, Fred W, book-keeper, do.Revels, Anna, do.Reynolds, Edward P., filer, Brush, E. O.Reynolds, Mrs. Sarah, do.Reynolds, Frank V., do.Reynolds, Grace M., do.Reynolds, Lee, do.Reynolds, Fannie E., 18 Laurens.Reynolds, Vema, State, E. O.Reynolds, Samuel A., carpenter, Bishop, E. O.Reynolds, Etta E., do.Reynolds, Clarence M., do,Reynolds, William R., painter, Railroad Ave., E. O.Reynolds, Ellsworth, carpenter, State, E. O.Reynolds, John, laborer, Ave. B., N. O.Reynolds, James, River, N. O.Reynolds, Mrs. Mary, do.Reynolds, Katie, do.Reynolds, John, do.Reynolds, Lillie, do.Reynolds, John, fireman refinery, 50 Walnut, N. O.Reynolds, Mrs. Katie, do.Reynolds, Gertrude, do.Reynolds, Ella, do.Reynolds, Alton L., 46 Front, BvDR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.'DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 199Reynolds, Patrick H., laborer, 95 Fourth.Reynolds, Mrs. Katie, do.Reynolds, Lena, do..Reynolds, Jennie, do.Reynolds, Lillie, do.Reynolds, Eva, do.Reynolds, W. E., carpenter, 14 Coleman.Reynolds, Mrs. Lizzie, do.Reynolds, Carrie, doReynolds, Edith, do.Reynolds. Kate, domestic, 8 State.Reynolds, Libbie, domestic, 122-124 Union.Reynolds, Mrs. Betsy, 29 Barry.Reynolds, Libbie, do.Reynolds, David, 77 Barry.Reynolds, Mrs. Elizabeth, do.Rhodes, Hosea, pile driver, 32 Coleman.Rhodes, Mrs. Elizabeth A., do.Rhodes, Carrie, do.Rice, Mrs. G.. Elm, N. O.Rice, Lena, bds. 127 Henley.Rice, Lina, do.Rice, Charles, farmer, 45 Eleventh.Rice, Cynthia L., do.Rice, Sterns, teamster, Railroad Ave., E. O.Rice, Mrs. Mary A., do.Rice, Blanch J., do.Rice, Bertha S., do.Rice, Grace M., do.Rice, Clara, do.Richards, J. C, physician, 130 Third.Richards, Mrs. Caroline, do.Richards, Hellen R., do.Richards, John B., do.Richards, Benjamin, liveryman, 102 First.Richards, Mrs. H. S., dressmaker, do.Richards, John C, liveryman, 102 First.Richards, Mrs. Flora; do.Richards, Belle, do.Richards, Isa, do.Richards, Harry, do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nCMTIOT Esoecial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingULIlllol. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. 3DE. S3. J. EIS33CEE-, 3D. 3D. 63-Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.200 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Richards, James, laborer, bds. Bateman hotel, 331 Union.Richardson, Henry, laborer, 27 Wild Cat, S. O.Richardson, Mrs. Libbie, do.Richardson, Henry, do.Richardson, Harry, do.Richardson, L. C, carpenter, Wild Cat, S. O.Richardson, Mrs. Sarah, do.Richardson, Albert, do.Richardson, Beaulah, do.Richardson, Daisy, do.Richardson, Rosa, do.Richardson, Arthur, do.Richardson, Rosa, 27 Barry.Richardson, George, do.Riddell, E. S., harness maker, 112 First.Riddell, Mrs Ella S., do.Riech, William, laborer, 30 Coleman.Rieger, Barbara, domestic, 78 Sullivan.Rigdon, W. S., 222-224 Union.Riley, Millard F., grocer, firm Riley & Wands, 93 Henley.Riley, Mrs. Martha W., do.Riley, James W., do.Riley, Ralph C, do.Riley, Harriett N., do.Riley, Edith M., do.Riley, Edna A , do.Riley, Millard F., Jr., do.Riley, Nellie, laundress, bds. Bateman hotel, 331 Union.Riley, Thomas, laborer, Spruce, cor. Oak, N. O.Riley, Mrs Catherine, do.Riley, William, laborer, do.Rineholder, Mrs. Catherine, State, W. O.Rineholder, William, tank builder, doRineholder, Herman, do.Ringbarr, Martin, fireman, 73 Wayne.Roach, Michael, laborer, 28 Oak, N. O.Roach, Mrs. Ellen, do.Roach, James, leather whitener, do.Roach, John, do.Roach, Nellie, do.Roach, Lillie, do.Roach^ Michael, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,148 1-2 UNION STREET.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 201Roach, James, bds. 24 Railroad Ave.Robertson, Peter, engineer, 49 Canal.Robertson, Mrs. H. M., do.Robins, Mandeville, laborer, 138 State.Robinson, John, carpenter, 241 Union.Robinson, Sarah, domestic, 9 Laurel Ave.Robinson, John S., laborer, Canal.Robinson, Mrs. Ellen, do:Robinson, George, do.Robinson, Walter, do.Robinson, Hannah, do.Robinson, Isabelle, do.Robinson, John, laborer, near Buffalo, N. O.Robinson, Mrs. Eliza, do.Robinson, Mary, do.Robinson, Christopher, do.Robinson, Patrick, do.Robinson, Anna, do.Robinson, James, do.Robinson, N. R., grocer, 20 Tompkins.Robinson, Mrs. Anna, do.Roche, Delia, dcmesic, Option house.Roche, Mary, cook, 91 Union, cor. State.Rockafellow, M. E., conductor R. &P R. R., Barry.Rockafellow, Mrs Eliza, do.Rockafellow, Charles C, U. S. Express deliverer, do.Rockwood, Charles H., Empire Line agent, 99 Sullivan.Rockwood, Mrs. Florence E., do.Rockwood, Harry L., do.Rockwood, E. Louise, do.Rockwood, William, bds. 20 Canal.Rockwood, David C, painter, 71 Henley.Rockwood, Mrs. Anna, do.Rockwood, Mrs. Emeline, 18 State.Roe, George, hostler Curtis' stable, 53 Union.Roe, Mrs. Carrie, do.Roe, Albert E., do.Roe, George A., do.Roe, Clifford G., do.Roe, May, do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES,

nrilTIOT Esoecial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUtilllul. Irregularities. _„ ^ _^ _tt „*,»,** IDE. £3. J. EISHEE, 3D. 3D- 63-T&lyslVl2° 5' O.H0. Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.202 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Roeski, Charles, laborer, 167 Henley.Roeski, Mrs. Louisa, do.Rogers, William, mason, 76 Tenth.Rogers, Mrs. Dine, do.Rogers, Charles L , do.Rogers, Peail, do.Rogers, Aaron H., wheel wright, 31 Green.Rogers, Mrs. Mary A., do.Rogers, Mabel J., do.Rogers, Elta I., do.Rogers, Lewis, farmer, State, E. O.Rogers, Mrs. Jane, do.Rogers, Allen, 1 Homer, N. O.Rogers, Calvin E., teamster, 23 Third, Bv.Rogers, Mrs. Catherine, do.Rogers, Edward E., do.Rogers, Mary A., do.Rogers, Julia, do.Rogers, Kate A., do.Rogers, William, engineer, 216 Union.Rogers, Frank, laborer, 50 Barry.Rogers, Mrs. Ada, do.Rogers, Howard, do.Rogers, James, bar tender, 233 Union.Rogers, Charles E., wagon maker, 17 Fulton.Rogers, Mrs. Ella M., do.Rogers, Myrtie L., do.Rogers, Langford, plumber, bds: 119 Henley.Rollinson, Linden, mason, 144 Seventh.Rollinson, Mrs. Lizzie B.. do.Rollinson, Ralph L., do.Rollinson, Ray B., do.Rollinson, Katie M. A.,'do.Rooney, John E., treasurer Allegany Lumber Co., 37 Laurens.Rooney, Mrs. Margaret, 189 Seventh.Rooney, Thomas, tank builder, do.Rooney, Jennie, domestic, Grand Central hotel, 216 Union.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST.

V. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.203Root, David, engineer, 56 Pine, N. 0.Root, Mrs. Mary, do.Root, Minnie, do.Root, Jennie, do.Root, Ida, do.Root, C. R., blacksmith, 65 Green.Root, Mrs. Louise, do.Roper, James, laborer, Queen, cor. Spring, E. O.Roper, Mrs. Florence L., do.Roper, Ira, do.Rosa, Tony, laborer, 243 Spruce, N. O.Rose, Jerome J., bds. 124 Barry.Rose, C. T., laborer, Homer, N. O.Rose, Mrs. Anna, do.Rose, C. T., Jr., do.Rose, Joseph D., do.Rose, Emily, do.Rose, Frank N., do.Rose, Florence E., do.Rose, Edward S., drug clerk, bds. 216 Union.Rosen, John, laborer, 80 Eleventh.Rosen, Mrs. Eliza, do.Rosen, Louisa, do.Ross, O. P., druggist, bds. Olean house, 122-124 Union.Ross, Fred, machinist, bds. 216 Union.Ross, Mrs. Marcia A., 28 Railroad Ave.Ross, Tony, laborer, bds. 243 Spruce, N. O.Ross, George, clerk Moore house, 73 Fourth.Ross, Mrs. Ella, do.Rotschky, Godfrey B., shoe maker, State, E. O.Rotschky, Mrs. Elizabeth, do.Rounds, Almedia, 65 Green.Rounds, Johnnie, plumber, 66 Wayne, cor. Fifth.Rounds, Orton, 119 Green.Rounds, Mrs. Mary, do.Rounds, Georgianna, do.Rounds, Bertha A., do.Rounds, Charlie E., do.Rounds, Weltha M., do.;F. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

ITpl|T|0'T Especial attention to Crown and"Bridge worfeantf Correcting:ULIlllOli Irregularities. ,. Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. JD^i. S3. J- F I S H E E , ID. 3D. S3.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.204 OLEAN DIRECTORYRourke, E. J., conductor, 435 Union, N. O.Rourke, Mrs-. Margaret, do.Rourke, John, do.Rouse, Lavantia, 21 Water, Bv.Rouse, M. M., carpenter, 7 TorapkinsvRouse, Mr& Dora E , do.Rouse, Charles J., do.Rowan, Patrick, laborer, S. O'.Rowan, Mrs. Ann M., do.Rowan, Ellen J., do.Rowan, Charlie M., do.Rowan, Susie, domestic, 78 Barry.Rowe, Fred, pumper, 77 River, N. O.Kowe, Mrs. Elizabeth, do.Rowe, Thomas L., do.Rowe, Archibald, do.Rowland, Allie, artist, 114 State.Rowland, John, clerk, do.Rowley, John, switchman, bds. 26 Wayne.Royan, Charles, laborer, 140 Union.Ruchte, Fred, tailor, 188 Henley.Ruchte, Edward, plumber, 131 State.Ruchte, Mrs. Louisa, do.Rudy, W. H., druggist, bds. Olean house, 122-124 Union.Rugg, H W., jeweler, Second, Bv.Rugg, Mrs. Lucy J., do.Rugg, Charles S , do.Rugg, Jennie O., do.Rulison, James E , farmer, Grossman, E. O.Rulison, Mrs. Rosella, do.Rulison, Allie M., do.Rulison, Henry J., do.Rumsey, Frank, lawyer, 130 Second.Rumsey, Mrs. Emma, do.Russ, John, machinist, 88 Seventh.Russ, Mrs. Emma, do.Russ, Mamie E., do.Russ, Charles J., do.Russ, Clarence E., do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

U. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.205Russell, Eugene R., ice dealer, 9 Garden Ave., E. O.Russell, Mrs. Kate, dressmaker, do.Russell, Elizabeth M., do.Russell, Bertha M., do.Russell, Leo E., do.Russell, Mrs. Melvina, Wild Cat, S. 0.Russell, Mary, domestic, S. O.Russell, A., laborer, 160 Sullivan.Russell, Mrs. Lizzie, daRussell, Wilhemine, do.Russell, Kate, do.Russell, Julia, do.Russell, Lizzie, A. E., dresmaker, do. 103 Clinton, cor. Jay.Russell, George, mason, 35 Irving.Russell, Mrs. Elisabeth, do.Russell, Ida, do.Russell, Frank, doRussell, William, do.Rutherford, Russell, Bessie, T. B., do. night watch, 42 Laurens.Rutherford, Mrs. Mary, do.Rutherford, Jessie, do.Rutherford, Delia, do.Rutherford, Anna, do.Ryan, Mary, 431 Union, N. O.Ryan, Dennis, laborer, do.Ryan, Stephen, laborer, 36 Pine, N. O.Ryan, Mrs. Nellie, do.Ryan, Michael, 45 River, N. O.Ryan, Mrs. Bridget, do.Ryan, Etta, do.Ryan, Patsy, do.Ryan, Matthew, brakeman, do.Ryan, Nora, dressmaker, do.Ryan, Mary, Michael, dressmaker cooper, Oak, do. N. O.Ryan, Mrs. Kate, do.Ryan, Philip J., do.Ryan, Michael W., do.Ryan, John J., do.Ryan, Robert E., do.Ryan, Johanna E., do../1i••F. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nCHTICT Especiar attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectitrgUlIiIIOIi Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to 5. IDE. S3. J. EIS3.HEE, 3D. 3D. S3-Thursdays »to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.208 OLEAN DIRECTORYRyan, Join, foreman railroad, Pine, N. O.Ryan, Mrs. Ellen, do.Ryan, Ellen, do.Ryan, Mary, dressmaker, ioo Wayne.Ryan, Thomas, brakeman, 22 Railroad Ave.Ry,-n, John, bds. 124 Barry.Ryan, R. J., 24 Railroad Ave.Ryan, Edward H., driller, 21 Fulton.Ryan, Mrs, Florence, do;Ryan, William E , do.Ryan, Edward H., Tr., do.Ryan, Bertha I., do.Ryan, Anna M., do.Ryan, E. J., liquor dealer, 16 Coleman, cor. First.Ryan, Mrs. Mary A., do.Nyan, Edward E., do.Ryan, May, do.Ryder, Barbara, domestic, 30 Railroad Ave.Sage, Wilfred H., physician, 78 First.Sage, Mrs. Jennie L., do.Sage, Merton W., do.Sage, Bessie M., do. ISage, U. V., traveling salesman, 20 Main, Bv.Sage, Mrs. C. E., do.Sage, Ray E , do.Sage,. Florence R., bds. 78 FirstSt. John, T. Howard, 148 First.Salisbury, G. M., carpenter, Bishop, E. O.Salisbury, Mrs. Eliza J., do.Salisbury, Celestine, do.Salisbury, Arson P., do.Salisbury, Charles, mason, bds. Bateman hotel, 331 Union.Salisbury, Hugh, carpenter, 12 Waine.Salisbury, Mrs. Mamie, do.Salisbury, Loyd, do.Salisbury, Archibald B., fireman, Union, E. O.Salisbury, Mrs. Elizabeth, do.Salisbury, Harry B., do.Salisbury, Ethel M., do.DR. D. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,148 1-2 UNION STREET.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 UnionStreet.OLEANDIRECTORY.207Sanderson, I. F., farmer, 108 Tenth.Sanderson, Mrs. Dcrcas, do.Sanderson, Flora, do.Santord, Milon A., physician, 189 Henley.Sanford, Mrs. Christianna, do.Sanstrom, G. W., laborer, 156 Fifth.Sanstrom, Mrs. Matilda, do.Sanstrom, Ellen, do.Sanstrom, Henry, do.Sanstrom, Lena, do.Sanstrom, Sartwell, H. Maggie, S., prop. do. Olean house, 122-124 Union.Sartwell, Mrs. Kate B., do.Sartwell, Bessie, do.Sartwell, Ethel, do.Sarver, J. A., laborer, 64 Green.Sarver, Mrs. Mary, do.Sarver, George, do.Sarver, Etta, do.Savage, Patrick, laborer, 58 Washington.Savage, Mrs. Anna, do.Savage, Morris, tanner, 42 Buffalo.Savage, Mrs. Nellie J., do.Savage, Bartlett F., do.Savage, James A., do.Savage, William E., do.Savage, Richard J., do.Savage, John J., do.Savage, Patrick, Charles conductor, H., do. 151 Seventh.Savage, Mrs. Lizzie, do.Savage, John, do.Savage, Minnie, do.Savage, Katie, do.Savage, John, 52 Buffalo.Sawyer, Albert J., laborer, Garden Ave., E. 0.Sawyer, Mrs. Cora D., do.Sawyer, Nettie, domestic, 96 Clinton.Schaffer, John, saloon, 130 State.Schaffer, Mrs. Elizabeth, do.Schaffer, Fred, do.Schaffer, John, Jr., do.1!i'11IjF. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES

jCUTICT Esoecial attention to Crown and Brido-e work and CorrectingULll 110 I. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to 5. IDE. S3. J. F I S H B E , 3D. ID. S3.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.208 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Schaffer, Daniel, conductor, 435 Union, N. O.Schaffer, Mrs. Snrah, do.Schaffer, Mary, do.Schaffer, Libbie, domestic, 191 Umion.encoStharlie, Conrad, shoemaker, 148 Thirteenth.Scharlie, Mrs. Elizabeth, do.Scheiterle, Michael, farmer, 248 State.Scheiterle, Mrs. Eva, do.Scheiterle, Conrad, do.Scheiterle, Mary.Scheiterle, Charles, boiler maker, 240 State.Scheiterle, Mrs. Mary, do.Scheiterle, Charlie, do.Schellin, William, painter, 131 Sullivan.Schellin, Mrs. Minnie, do.Schellin, Mary, do.Schellin, Andrew, saloon keeper, 165 State, cor. Seventh.:-chellin, Mrs. Christena, do.Schellin, Charlie, do.Schellin, Mollie. do.Schellin, Nellie, do.Schenkel, John, marble cutter, 148 Seventh.Schenkel, Mrs. Elizabeth, do.Schenkel, Albert, do.Schenkel, Anna, do.Schenkel, Samuel, do.Schenkel, Lydia, daSchenkel, Essie, do.Schermerhorn, C H., architect and builder, 55 Whitney Ave.Schermerhorn, Mrs. Maggie, do.Schmidt, William, laborer, 61 Second.Schmitt, Peter, restaurant, 126 State.Schmitt, Mrs Mary, do.Schmitt, John, do.Schmitt, William, baker, 129 StateSchmitt, Mrs. Anna, do.Schmitt, Robert, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 209Schneider, Rudolph T., laborer, 28 Green.Schneider, Mrs. Louisa, do.Schneider, Amelia, do.Schneider, Rudolph T., Jr., do. 1Schneider, Carl, do.Schneider, Schobnover, Louisa, Effie J., do. State, E. O.jSchoonover, Natalia M., do.jSchote, Charles, machinist, 4 Coleman. 5Schote, Mrs. Edith, do.',Schott, Erwin, agent, 109 State, cor. Third.iSchott, Mrs. Magdalene, milliner, do.jSchott, Emma, do. (Schott, Willie, do. ;Schott, Charlie, do.Schott, Julia, do.'Schott, Carrie, do.jSchott, Georgie, do.Schott, Schrader, Albert, Otto W., do. laborer, State, E. O.'Schott, Schrader, Elma, Mrs. do. Matilda A., do. 1 !Schrader, Walter R., do.iSchrader, Laura A., do. 1Schrader, Ernest O., do.Schuder, Tohn, laborer, Oak, N. O. ,Schuder, Nellie, do.Schuder, Wallie, do.Schuder, Mary, do.Schue, Conrad, laborer, 126 Thirteenth. |Schue, Mrs. Sophia, do. 1Schue, Henry, carpenter, do.Schue, Maggie, do.jSchue, Charlie, do.Schue, Ora, do. |Schue, Schuets, Lina, Godfred, do. 107 Second.1Schuetz, Herman, jeweler, 87 State cor. Second.Schuetz, Mrs. Louisa, do.Schultz, John G., saloon keeper, 96 State.Schultz, Mrs. Philipine, do.Schultz, William, do.Schultz, Emma, do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES

Esoecial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingDENTIST Irregularities. _.......Hours 9 to 12: 1 to5. ^E- S- J" ^ISELEE, 3D. ID._ S3-Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.210 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Schuyler, Mrs. Emma C, laundress, 82 Canal.Schuyler, Burtron A., do.Scott, L. C, wholesale grocer, 134 Fourth.Scott, Sadie, do.Scott, Bessie, do.Scott, Earnest, doScott, H. R., oil tester, Homer road, N. O.Scott, Mrs. Nettie E., do.Scott, Clarence, do.Scott, Mrs. Julia, domestic, 121 Barry.Scott, Marshall, 80 Fourth.Scott, Emma, domestic, 60 Fourth.Scott, Mrs. Elizabeth, 58 Union.Scott, John B., stone cutter, do.Scott, Mildred S., doScrafford, Mr., local mgr. pipe line, bds. 92 Clinton.Scrafford, E. A., operator, Center, Bv.Scrafford, Mrs. Mary B., do.Scrafford, Edward M., do.Seamon, John, glue maker, S. O.Seamon, Mrs. Rachel, do.Seamon, Fred, laborer, Wild Cat road, S. O.Seamon, Mrs. Ida, doSeamon, Roy, do.Seamon, Clarence, do.Seamon, l'.lmon, laborer, S. O.Seamon, Mrs. Louisa, do.Seamon, Anna M., do.See, Eber D., book keeper, 8 Laurens.See, Mrs. Anna, do.Seefriet, John, fireman, 93 Seventh.Seefriet, Mrs. Julia, do.Seefriet, Augusta A., do.Seefriet, Alice, do.Seefriet, Albert, do.Seefriet, Henry, blacksmith, 10 Second.Seefriet, Mrs. Mary, do.Seefriet, Willie, do.Seefriet, Maggie, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

H. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAB AND STEAM TOTING.I 65Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 211Seefriet, John, laborer, 22 Tompkins.Seefriet, Mrs. Barbara, do.Seeley, D. W., merchant, 410 Union, N. O.Seeley, Mrs. Ellen, do.Seeley, Blanche D., do.Seeley, J. Floyd, doSenter, James M., painter, 51 Sullivan.Senter, Mrs. O. A., do.Serana, Mrs. Lucy N., Canal.Serana, Ellen I.., do.Serana, Rosa, doSewent, Gus, painter, 18 Fulton.Sexton, M. J., carriage manufacturer, 28 State cor. Clinton.Seymour, J. W., post office clerk, 136 Fourth.Seymour, Mrs. N. W., do.Seymour, Wilson W., clerk, do.Shadwick, J., laborer, Railroad Ave. E. O.Shafer, Jacob, drayman, 225 State.Shafer, Mrs. Mary H., do.Shafer, Fred, do.Shafer, Willie, do.Shaffer, Mi s. L., between Wayne and Reed.Shaffer, Hayes, carpenter, do.Shaffer, Charlie, do.Shaffer, Nina, do.Shaffer, Lizzie, do.Shaffer, Minnie, do.Shaffer, Delia, do.Shaffer, Willis, do.Shaffer, Charles, chief police, 184 State.Shaffer, Mrs. Emily, do.Shaffer, Bell, do.Shaffer, Frank, do.Shanbacher, J. H., Option house.Shanbacher, Mrs. J. H., do.Shanbacher, C H., do.Shanbacher, F. W., do.Shanbacher, H. J., do.Shane, Leonard, cigar maker, 91 Union cor. State.F. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

firjBTIffT Especial'attention to Crown and"Bridge work arrd*Cbrrecfin«"uLllllOl. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. ^D^. S3- J. 3?IS3 L3L351E, 3D. ID- S3-Thursdays »to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean. N. Y.21Z OLEAN DIRECTORYShannon, {. W., laborer,. Queen) cor. Spring,. E. O".Shannon, Mrs. Ella, do.Shannon; Aggie Ms., do.Shannon, Bessie E., do.Shannon., Patrick, brick maker, 50. SecondLShannon, Mrs. Catherine, do.Shannon, Frank, tank builder,, do.Sharp, Mrs. Anna, 135^ Union.Sharp, Jay, do.Shartle, John, laborer, Homer road;,, N. O-Shartle, Mrs. Winifred, do.Shartle, Michael, daShartle, Mary, do.Shartle, James, dc.Shartle, Julia, do.Shattuck, Jerome, S. C.Shattuck, Lewis, 23 State.Shattuck, Claud, do.Shaw, Ada M., teacher.Shaw, Mrs. J. Si, 1.17 Barry.Shaw, Peter, laborer, Brook, E. O.Shaw, Mrs. Mary A., do.Shaw, William, do.Shaw, Raymond, do.Shaw, Charles, laborer. Pond, E. 0>.Shaw, Mrs. Henrietta, do,Shaw, William, laborer, Walnut, N. O.Shaw, Mrs. Mary, do.Shaw, Agnes, do.Shaw, Leo, do.Shaw, John, yard boss Eclipse, oil works, Buffalo.Shaw, Mrs. Nora, do.Shaw, riddie, do,Shaw, Kittie, do.Shaw, Charlie, do.Shaw, James, do.Shaw, Francis, do.Shay, William, farmer, 132 State.Shay, Mrs. Ella, do.Shay, Josephene, do.Shay, Etta, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

1M. aIBBlCUT, TLUMB.NG, GAS AND STEAM TOTING.I 65 Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.Shea, Mrs. Clara, Washington, cot. A-ve. B, N. O.Shea, jerry F., shipper, daShea, Michael, currier, 66 Wayme, cor. Fiftth.Sheehan, D. W, grocer, 49 Oak, N.

fH-NTKIT Especial attention to Crown and"B>rdge work and"Correcting-ULllllOl. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to 5.3DE. S3, J- EIS3-EIEE, 3D. 3D- S3_Thursdays 9 to 12.Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.214: OLEAN DIRECTORYSlierrril, Libbie, housekeeper, 165 Fourtlv.Sherwhr, S. N., blacksmith, 32 Third, Bv.Sherwin, Mrs. Caroline, do:Sherwm, Nelson J., do.Sherwki, George M., do.Sherwm, Harry, M., do:Sherwin, James- M., carpenter, S. 0'»Sherwin, Mrs. Mary A., do.Sherwin, Frances P., do'.Sherwin, Emma O., do.Sherwin, Marchia S., do,Sherwin, Joseph E., do.Sherwin, Eddie S., do.Sherwin, C&arlie J., da,Sherwood, Augusta E., I Main, E. O.Sherwood, M. B , laborer, cor. Boordman and Third, Br.Sherwood, Mrs. Margeret, do.Shiber, John T., inspector, 8 Washington..Shiber, Mrs. Maria, daShiber, George W., grocer, daShiber, Emma, cashier, do.Shiber, Mary L., book keeper, do*.Shiber, Willie N., do.Shiber, Nettie J., do.Shiley, MinnieM., dressmaker. Garden Ave. E. O.Shiley, Carrie M., do,Shiley, Bertha L., do.Shiley, Jennie I., daSfiiley, Myrtle I., do.Shine, Daniel, roadmaster W. N. Y. & P., 203 Fourth.Shine, Mrs. Catherine, do.Shine, Willie, do.Shine, Patrick, fireman, 216 Union.Shinnerling, E. L., laborer, Sixth between Reed and Sullivan.Shinnerling, Mrs. Fannie, do.Shinnerling, Harry, do.Shinnerling, Freddie, do.Shinnerling, Lizzie, do.Shortell, Julia, domestic, Grand Central hotel, 216 Union,DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.215Shorts, O. P., mason, 143 Third.Shorts, Mrs. Sarah, do.. Shorts, Floyd, do.Shorts, Maud, do.Shorts, Minar, do.Showalter, W F., carpenter, 7 Jay.Showalter, Mrs. Nettie D., do.Showalter, Clinton H., do.Showalter, Lida W., do.Shuler, Charles, book-keeper, 78 Union.Shuler, Mrs. Deborah, do.Sibley, H. D., editor Daily Herald, 70 Second.Sibley, Mrs. Margaret E., do.Sickler, Stephen M., 8 Canal.Sickler, Mrs. Clara B., do.Sickles, John, laborer, State, W. O.Sickles, Mrs. Margarett, do.Sickles, Maggie, do.Sickles, Mary, do.Sickles, Charlie.Sigel, John C, painter, 136 State.Sigel, Mrs. Julia, do.Sigel, Casper, do.Sigel, John H., cigar maker, 96 Thirteenth.Sigel, Mrs. Louisa, do.Sigel, William, do.Sige', Carrie, do.Sigel, Freddie, do.Sigel, Josephene, do.Sigel, Henry, policeman, 120 State.Sigel, Mrs. Mary, do.Sikes, Florence, teacher, bds. 74 Second.Silk, Frank, switchman, Oak, N. O.Silk, Mrs. Mary, do.Silk, John, do.Silk, Anna, do.Silk, Agnes, do.Silk, Nettie, do.Simmons, Everet, engineer, 8 Winters Ave.Simmons, Mrs. Flora, do.Simmons, Mabel A., do.ji!IiIF. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES

nrMTIOT Esoecial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUCIl I lu I. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. 3333. S3. J. E I S H E E 3D. 3D S3.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y. ,OLEANDIRECTORY.encoSimmons, F. S., laborer, 169 Sullivan.Simmons, Mrs. Belle, do.Simmons, Willie, do.Simmons, William, hostler, 16 Sullivan.Simmons, Mrs. Lydie E., do.Simmons, Elizabeth, Canal.Simons, Eli, laborer, Canal.Simons, Mrs. Anna L., do.Simons, Henry M., do.Simons, Benjamin, Water, S. O.Simons, Mrs. Salina, do.Simpier, Mrs. Harriet, boarding house, 26 Wayne.Simpson, William H., plumber, 118 State.Simpson, Mrs. Mary C., do.Simpson, William H., Jr , do.Simpson, Thomas, do.Simpson, Walter, do.Simpson, Ada, do.Simpson, F. W., marble polisher, 115 Ninth.Simpson, Mrs. R., do.Simpson, Willliam, do.Simpson, Nancy J., do.Simpson, A. C, marble cutter, 154 State.Simpson, Mrs Elnora, do.Simpson, Rennie, do.Simpson, Daisy, do.Simpson, Henry R , 227 Barry.Simpson, James, pipe fitter, 66 Wayne, cor. Fifth.Simpson, George, peddler, 82 Fifth.Simpson, Mrs. Mabel, do.Simpson, Clara, do.Simpson, Pearl, do.Sirdevan, Patrick F,, laborer, East Water, N. O.Sirdevan, Mrs. Mary A., do.Sirdevan, Francis, do.Sirdevan, Edwin, do.Sirdevan, Luke, do.Sirdevan, Walter, do.Sirdevan, William, do.Sirdevan, Mary E,DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.Sirdevan, Thomas, laborer, Oak, N. O.Sirdevan, Mrs. Anna, do.Sirdevan, John, laborer, do.Sirdevan, Thomas, laborer, do.Sirdevan, Patrick, laborer, do.Sirdeuan, Rosa, do.Sirdevan, Mary, do.Sirdevan, James, do.Sirdevan, Maggie, do.Sirdevan, George, do.Sirdevan, Sarah, do.Sirdevan, Ella, do.Sirdevan, David J., painter, 32 Walnut, N. O.Sirdevan, Mrs. Maggie, do.Sisson, Mrs. S. B., 55 Green.Sisson, Edwin G., clerk Exchange bank, do.Sisson, William G., clerk post office, do.Sisson, Clark M., do.Skiff, C. H., agent, 203 State.Skiff, Mrs. Ella, do.Skiff, May, do.Skiff, Lillian, do.Skiff, Walter, do.Skiff, Blanche, do.Skinner, Reuben J., laborer, 82^s Fifth.Skinner, Mrs. Maud, do.Skully, M., bds. 24 Railroad Ave.Slater, Wesley, carpenter, Sixth, bet. Reed and Sullivan.Slater, Mrs. Mary, do.Slater, Grace, do.Slater, Orson, do.Slater, Bessie, do.Slinker, Christian J , painter, 116 Green.Slinker, Mrs. Augusta, do.Slinker, Ida, do.Slinker, Fred, do.Slinker, Lulu, do.Slinker, Frances, do.Sloan, John W., wagon maker, 46 Orchard Ave., E. O.Sloan, Mrs. Maggie M., do.Sloan, Anna E., do.Sloan, William R., do.F. H. Sloan, OAKLEAF, DeWitt BOOKS, C, do. STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. Sloan, OAKLEAF Hattie E., do. & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES

npilTIOT Esoecial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUlUIIOI. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. ' :D:R- S- J. PISHEE, 3D. 3D. S3.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.218 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Sloan, Maggie I.., 111 Barry.Sloane, John, miller, 134 Barry.Sloane, Mrs. Eliza, do.Sloane, Anna M., do.Sloat, Minnie E., Wild Cat road, S. O.Sloat, Frederick, teamster, bds. 12 Third, Bv.Slosser, Hannah, domestic, 13 Fulton.Sluder, Henry, 20 Railroad Ave.Small, P., operator, Maple, N. O.Small, Mrs. Jennie, do.Smith, L. A., clergyman, 62 Henley.Smith, Ambrose E., physician, 96 Barry.Smith, Mrs Alta E., do.Smith, Marcia E., do.Smith, Amy, do.Smith, John B., druggist, 29 State.Smith, Mrs. Eva E., do.Smith, Samuel E., do.Smith, Eugene, music dealer, 99 Third.Smith, Mrs. Josephene, do.Smith, Fred, do.Smith, Eddie, do.Smith, Edmond, do.Smith, Mrs. Lucy E., 124^ Union.Smith, Jasper E., lawyer, So.Smith, W. V., lawyer, 57 Henley.Smith, Mrs. Dora, do.Smith, Bessie, do.Smith, J. J., commercial agent, 16 Laurens, cor. First.Smith, Mrs. Jennie, do.Smith, Lee, clerk, 22 Coleman.Smith, Mrs. Mary, do.Smith, Hiram D., do.Smith, Charles R , do.Smith, Alice, do.Smith, J. W., conductor, 157^ Union.Smith, Mrs. Stena, do.Smith, George -W , teamster, 13 ClintonSmith, Mrs. Polly M., do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65 Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.219Smith, Byron W., drayman, 20 Canal.Smith, Mrs. Phoebe, do.Smith, Clara F., do.Smith, George R., do.Smith, Mary A., do.Smith, Marshal F., mail carrier, 8 Canal,Smith, Mrs. Alice L., do.Smith, George E. L., daSmith, James H., do.Smith, D. L., harness maker, 13 Fulton.Smith, Mrs. Emma, do.Smith, J. Edward, daSmith, R. Porter, do.Smith, Minnie B., do.Smith, Herman, teamster, 39 Union cor. Green.Smith, Mrs. Rosa, do.Smith, William, teamster, do.Smith, Charlie, teamster, do.Smith, Annie, do.Smith, Fred, Frank, carpenter, do. 39 Mnion, cor. Green.Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth, do.Smith, A., 78 Barry.Smith, W. L., tanner, Option house.Smith, R. W., engineer, Pierce Ave. W. O.Smith, Mrr. Agnes, do.Smith, Nellie L.. do.Smith, Ruth N., do.Smith, Lee W., do.Smith, Hendrick J., carpenter, Pond cor. State, E. O.Smith, Mrs. Sarah S., do,Smith, N. Gertrude, do.Smith, Angie B., do.Smith, Gains C, do.Smith, Warren W., do.Smith, Winfred, Frederick do. H., gardner, State, E. O.Smith, J. W., carpenter, King, E. 0.Smith, Mrs. Maggie, do.Smith, Kate, do.Smith, Libbie S., do.Smith. Hannah, do.Smith^ Nathniel D., do.I'I;i3F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

fjrilTIPT Especial attention to Crown and'Bridge work and1 CorrectingULllllOl. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to S. IDE. S3. J. If IS3 .HEE, 3D. 3D. E3-Thnrsdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.220 OLEAN DIRECTORYSmith, Floyd, laborer, Union, S. O.Smith, Mrs. Floyd, do.Smith, Leo, do.Smith, Lizzie, domestic, 398 Union, N. C.Smith, Stephen, carpenter, 21 Water, Bv.Smith, Mrs* Cairrie L., do.Smith, Addie L., do.Smith, Joseph, switchman, 200 Eighth.Smith, Mrs. Emma, do.Smith, Martha, do.Smith, William, cabinet maker, 91 Eleventh.Smith, Mrs. Kate, do.Smith, Emma, do..Smith, Henry M., carpenter, 13 Winters Ave.Smith, Mrs. Effie M., do.Smith, Charles W., do.Smith, Earle D., do.Smith, Jam^s E., do.Smith, E. L.. agent, 203 State;Smith, Mrs. Nellie, do.Smith, Walter, do.Smith, Charlie, do.Smith, Claud, do.Smith, Bessie, milliner, 335 State.Smith, Minnie, teacher, 223 State.Smith, John, butcher, 167 State cor. Seventh.Smith, G. P., machinist, 191 Fourth.Smith, Mrs. Sarah, do.Smith, Lewis, Hub factory, do.Smith, George, Pad factory.Smith, Joseph A., saloon anl restaurant, 58 State.Smith, Mrs. Lena, do.Smith, Fred C, do.Smith, Clara A., do.Smith, James H., carpenter, 39 Laurens.Smith, Mrs. Sarah, do.Smith, Mrs. Harriet, 84 Sta'e.Smith, Mary, do.Smith, Grace, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAMI 65 Union Street.FITTING,OLEANDIRECTORY.221Smith, Carrie, 48 Wayne.Smith, Charlie, do.Smith, Paul, laborer, 84 State.Smith, F., 77 River, N. O.Smith, H. A., carriage trimmer, 4 Laurens.Smith, Harry McV., 158 Second.Smith, William, painter, 123 Barry.Smith, Mrs, Lodema A., do.Smith, Ollie A., do.Smith, Ella L., do.Smith, Hattie N., dressmaker, do.Smith, James E., laborer, 140 Union.Smith, C. W., grocer, 90 Clinton, cor. Tompkins.Smith, Mrs C. W., do.Smith, Ira E., do.Smith, Ward W., do.Smith, Hiram B., lumberman, 79 Clinton.Smith, Mrs. Charlotte M., do.Smith, J. Carrie, do.Smith, May M., do.Smith, J. Agnes, stenographer, do.Smith, Annie L., do.Smith, Fred, C, lumber do. dealer, 91 Clinton, cor. Tompkins.Smith, Mrs. Marion, do.Smith, Bertha M., do.Snider, C. W., baker, 12 Henley.Snider, Mrs. Frances A., do.Snider, Laura O., do.Snider, Darius R., do.Snider, Libbie H., do.Snobble, George, laborer, 47 Eleventh.Snobble, Mrs Lizzie, do.Snobble, Willie, do.Snobble, Rosa, do.Snow, John, coachman, 128 ThirdSnow, Mrs. Elizabeth, do.Snow, Vann, do.Snow, William A., carpenter, 65 Second.i''en00F. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

RCMTIOT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUlIIIIoI. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. 3DR- S- J. 3riS3JE3tEE, 3D. 3D. S3.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.222 OLEAN DIRECTORYSnowden, S. J., barber, 84 Caaiaf.Snowden, Mrs. S. J., do.Snowden, Fred S., do.Snyder, LeGrand, salesman, 40 Barry.Snyder. Mrs. Harriet, do.Snyder, Grate C, do.Snyder, William I.., do.Snyder, Mrs. Matilda, 20 Eleventh.Snyder, Emma, do.Snyder, Amelia, domestic, 59 Union.Snyder, C. D., carpenter, 123Henley.SnyJer, Charlie, laborer, do.Snyder, Andrew, laborer, 121 Henley.Snyder, Mrs. Katie, do.Snyder, Edward, do.Snyder, Lena, do.Snyder, Carrie, do.Snyder, Madison, laborer, 214 State.Suyder, Mrs. Louisa, do.Snyder, William, do.Snyder, Johnnie, do.Snyder, Charles, do.Snyder, Mary, do.Snyder, Gustave, painter, 82 Eleventh.Snyder, Mrs. Augusta, do.Solometre, Dominie, laborer, 227 Spruce, X. O.Solometre, Mrs. Nicholette, do.Soperty, Tony, laborer, Spruce, N. O.Soperty, Mrs. Tony. do.Soperty, Rosa, do.Soperty, Frank, do.Soule, Henry W., rear 177 Union.Soule, Mrs. W., do.Souls, David, canvasser, 43 Coleman.Southeron, Martin, carpenter, 201 State.Southeron, Mrs. Mina, do.Spaulding, William H., carpenter, Fifth, bet.Washington and SullivanSpaulding, Mrs. Jane, do.Spaulding, Cynthia, do.Spaulding, Preston D., business manager Daily Herald, do.'Spaulding, Harry E., book-keeper, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 223Spears, Robert, stone mason, Main, Bv.Spears, Mrs Jessie, do.Spears, Jessie, do.Spears, James, do.Spears, John, do.Spears, Maggie, James, stone do. mason, Main, Bv.Spears, Mrs. Jennie, do.Spears, George, do.jSpears, Alexander, do.jSpears, William, do. 1Spears, Speller, Hellen, Eugene, do. painter, 127 Henley. 1 jSpeller, Mrs. Idella, do.jbpeller, Georgia, do.Spencer, George C, Washington, N. 0. !Spencer, Mrs. Rose, do. !Spencer, Conrad W., do.iSpencer, Lewis, do.iSpencer, Ira J., do.'Sphose, Spencer, Thomas, Rosa, do. laborer, 233 Spruce, N. O.'Sphose, Mrs. Louisa, do.Sphose, Lestra, do.Sphose, Pedron, do.Sphose, Joseph, do.Sphose, Mary, do. ;Spier, Julia, domestic, 20 Laurel Ave.Spier, Lizzie, domestic, 54 State.Spiers, Andrew, laborer, 176 Thirteenth.Spiers, Mrs. Christina, do.Spiers, Jeanette, do.Spiesman, Matthew, meat market, 167 State cor. Seventh.Spiesman, Mrs. Mary, do.Spiesman, Catherine, do.Spire, Mary, domestic, 80 Second.Splane, Mrs., Elm, N. O.,Sporer, John, Brook, E. 0.Sporer, Mrs. Barbara, do.Sporer, Mary, do.Sprague, Albert, drayman, 164 Sullivan.Sprague, Mrs. Sophrana, do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER,F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES

nrMTIPT Esoecial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingULIlllOli Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to 5. ^D^- S- J- E I S H E E 3D. ID 63.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. 1.224. OLEAN DIRECTORY.Sprague. S. C, baker, 39 Jay.•Spreter, Mrs. Catherine, 103^ Union.Spreter, Hattie, do.Spry, John H., painter, Bishop, E. O.Spry, Mrs. Ada E., do.Spry, Harry F., do.Spry, Claud, do.Stafford, Richard, farmer, Buffalo, N. O.Stafford, Mrs Mary, do.Stafford, Edward, hooper, do.Stafford, James, hooper, do.Stafford, Thomas, laborer, doStafford, John, do.Stanley, Daniel, laborer. 134 State.Stanley, Mrs. Victoria, do.Stanley, Clara, do.Stanley, Grace, do.Stnnton, Clarence, 1 Homer, N. O.Staples, Katie, bds. 2 Laurel Ave.Starks, Stephen, bds. 88 Canal.Starks, Melvin, do.Starks, David R, carpenter, 88 Canal.Starks, Mrs. M. D., do.Starks, Fred C, do.Starks, Maud M., do.Steadman, S. T., machinist, State, E. O.Steadman, Mrs. Permelia H., doStedman, F. L., commercial traveler, 140 Fourth.Stedman, Mrs. Sarah, doStedman, Lyra, do.Steele, Frank, engineer, 37 Coleman.Steele, Mrs. Kate, do.Steele, John, do.Steele, Charlie, do.Steele, Essie, do.Steele, Anna, do.Steele, A., laborer, 190 Thirteenth.Steele, Mrs Alice, do.Steele, M. Aggie, do.Steele, Anna J., do.DR. D. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,148 1-2 UNION STREET.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 UnionStreet.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 225Steen, Mrs. Ida A., 164 Irving.Steen, Eddie, do.Steen, May, do.Stegner, Adam, cooper, 240 State.Stegner, Mrs. Lena, do.Stegner, Lena, do.Stegner, Mary, do.Steinway, Fannie, 140 Fourth.Sterling, Lewis, butcher, 228 State.Sterling, Mrs. Sarah, do.Sterling, Arthur L., do.Sternmiller, Frank, cigarmaker, 177 Henley.Sternmiller, Mrs. Ella, do.Stevens, John, machinist, 168 Eighth.Stevens, Mrs. Jane, do.Stevens, J. J., machinist, 168 Eighth.Stevens, Mrs. I., do.Stevens, W. N., clerk, 142 Fourth.Stevens, Mrs. Gusta, do.Stevens, Clara, do.Stevens, Anna, do.Stevens, Kate, do.Stevens, Lena, do.Stevens, Jennie, do.Stevens, Frank, moulder, 37 Henley.Stevens, Mrs. Mary A., do.Stevens, Dascum, Jr., do.Stewart, Joseph, carpenter, 99 Ninth.Stewart, Mrs. Kate, do.Stewart, Mary A., do.Stewart, Katie M., do.Stewart, May, do.Stewart, Celia, do.Stewart, Leo, do.Steyner, John J., 79 Sullivan.Steyner, Mrs. Frederica, J. do. F, M. D„ PHYSICIAN & SURGEONSteyner, Edward R., real estate agent, do.STEYNER, Chronic Diseases & Diseases of the Rectum.136X Union Stkeet.Steyner, Mrs. E. B., physician, 136J Union.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES

nCUTIOT Esoecial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUL.ll 110 I • Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. IDE- S3- J. EIS33CEE, 3D. 3D- 63-Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.226 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Stickney, E. W., merchant, 137 Third.Stickney, Mrs. do.Stickney, James, clerk, 39^ Laurens.Stickney, Mrs. Eva, do.Stickney, Florence, do.Stineboch, Minnie, domestic, Fifth.Stimpson, George E., teamster, Water, S. OStimpson, Mrs. Ida E., doStimpson, Hattie P , do.Stimpson, Jennie; do.Stimpson, Mabel, do.Stimpson, Floyd R., do.Stinebock, Martha, domestic, 53 Clinton.Stokes, Hattie, 158 Fifth.Stokes, Mary, dressmaker, 30 Walnut, N. O.Stone, William F., 92 Canal.Stone, W. F., laborer, Elm, N. O.Stone, Mrs Libbie E., dresmaker, 79 Second.Stone, Guy R., barber, do.Storms, Christopher, moulder, 15 Jay.Storms, Mrs. Amelia A., do.Storms, George A., do.Storrs, Thomas, attorney, 126 Barry cor. Tompkins.Storrs, Mrs. Fannie, do.Storey, John, lumberman, 32 Main, N. O.Storey, Mrs. Anna, do.Stowell. C. S.-, postmaster, 131 First.Stowell, Mrs. Sarah, do.Stowell, Lewis, do.,Stowell, Fannie, do.Stowell, Aileen, do.Stowell, Grace, do.Stowell, Calvin, do.Stowell, Mrs. Betsy, 139 Second.Strait, William, bds. 114 Barry.Streb, Joseph, machinist, 142 State.Streb, Mrs. Anna, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

H. AlBflcCHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65 Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.227Strickland, Mrs. M. A., 105 Third.Striker, Mrs. Kate, State, W. 0.Striker, John, laborer, do.Striker, William, do.Striker, Mary, do.Strong, Mrs. J. B., 23 Laurens.Strong, Lois, do.Strong, Bertha, do.Strong, G. H., oil producer, 143 Second.Strong, Mrs Anna M., do.Stump, Matt, railroad laborer, 131^ State.Stump, Mrs. Rosa, do.Sturdavent, Mary, domestic, 131 Barry.Sturm, E., contractor, 143 State.Sturm, Mrs Josephem», do.Sturm, Eddie, J., do.Sturm, Julia, do.Sturm, Jacob, do.Sturm, Henry, do.Sturm, C. F., machinist, 239 State.Sturm, Mrs. Mary C, do.Sturm, Mary H., do.Sturm, F'rederick, do.Sturm, Charlie, do.Sturm, Herbert W., do.Sturm, Suddick, Lewis Richard, W., do. carpenter, King, E. O.Suddick, M.s. Samantha O., do.Suess, Sopha, 163 State.Sullivan, Kate, domestic, 36 Henley.Sullivan, Thomas, laborer, Buffalo, N. O.Sullivan, Mrs. Mary, do.Sullivan, Mrs. Mary, 20 Walnut, N. O.Sullivan, John, conductor, do.Sullivan, Daniel, do.Sullivan, Bernard, do.Sullivan, Agnes, do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO.. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.ijj|at

OCMTIQT Especial'attention to Crown and" Bridge work and" CorrectingLlllloli Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to 5. 33R- S- J- ^ISfiEE, 3D- 3D- 63_Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.228 OLEAN DfRECTORYujoeI—COSullivan, M. C, hotel, Oak, N. O-.Sullivan, Mrs. Elizabeth, do.Snllivan, Cornelius T., do.Sullivan, Katie, do.Sullivan, Elizabeth, do.Sullivan, Susan, do.Sullivan, Johanna, do.Sullivan, Mary, do.Sullivan, Mrs. Eliza, Pine, N. O.Sullivan, John, operator, do.Sullivan, Daniel, laborer, do.Sullivan, Dennis, laborer, do.Sullivan, Frank, do.Sullivan, Elizabeth, do.Sullivan, Ella, do.Sullivan, Cornelius, switchman, Washington, N. O.Sullivan, Mrs. Mary, do.Sullivan, James C, do.Sullivan, Mrs. Susan, Washington, N. O.Sullivan, Agnes, do.Sullivan, John, engineer, Washington, N. O.Sullivan, Mrs. Fannie, do.Sullivan, Richard, bottler, City Exchange hotel, cor. Union, X. O.Sullivan, Dennis, laborer, 179 Seventh.Sullivan, Maggie, do.Sullivan, Timothy, laborer, 97 Buffalo.Sullivan, Michael, boiler maker, 247 Union,Sullivan, Mrs. Mary, do.Sullivan, Albert, do.Sullivan, D., engineer, 188 Fourth.Sullivan, Mrs. Nellie, do.Sullivan, Minnie, do.Sullivan, Willie, do.Sullivan, Thomas, do.Sullivan, Kittie, do.Sullivan, Robert, do.Summers, August, laborer, Railroad Ave. E. O.Summers, Mrs. Louisa, do.Summers, Edward, do.Sunk, Henry, mason, 95 Eleventh.Sunk, Mrs. Louisa, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

1. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.165 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 229Swanson, Frank, laborer, 5 Irving.Swanson, Mrs. Anna, do. ;Swanson, Charlie, do,Swanson, Oscar, doSwarts, A. A., blacksmith, 65 State. !Swarts, Mrs. Ella, do. 1Swarts, George E., drayman, 126 Green. }Swarts, 1 aura E., do.Swarts, Anna B., do.Swarts, David E., do.Swarts, Gertie, do.Swarts, Raymond, do.Swarts, Mrs. M. J., Pond cor. Garden Ave. E. O.Swarts, Robert R., carpenter, do. ,Swarts, O. E., saw filer,State, E. O. j!-warts, Mrs. Rozett, E., do. \Swaats, Alice, do.Swarts, Abram N., do.Swarts, Howard W., do.Swarts, Elmer, farmer, Steam Valley, S. O.Swarts, Mrs. Bertha, do.Swarts, Willie, do.Swarts, Nellie, do.Swarts, Clara, do.Swarts, Mary, do.Swarts, Alford, farmer, Water, S. O. ;Swarts, Mrs. Hannah J., do.jSwarts, Minnie B., do.•Swarts, Claud P., do.'Swarts, Catherine, 6 Foufth, Bv.Swarts, Mrs. Lizzie, do.Swarts, Mary, do. ;Swarts, Henry, doSwarts, Emma, do.Swarts, Charlie, daSwarts, George, do.Swarts, Thomas, Anna, do. laborer, 197 Henley.Swarts, Mrs. Hannah, do.Swarts, James, do.Swarts, Etna, do.Swarts, Rosa, do.F, H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO.. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

HCSTfC*T Especial attention to Crown and" Bridge worfr and Correcting;ULl? Iloli Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5.IDE. S3. J. EIS3£31EE, 3D- 3D. S3_Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.230 OLEAN DIRECTORYSwarts, Mrs. Amarirfa, 46 Henley.Swarts, Jennie Lee, do.Sweeney, S«sie, 76 Pine, N. O.Sweeney, Owen-, laborer, Walnut, N. Ot.Sweeney, Mrs. Mary, cU>.Sweeney, Kate, do'.Sweeney, Susie, daSweeney, Mary, daSweeney, Anna, daSweeney, Ella, do.Sweeney, Lillie, do. P„ MATTRESS & SPRIN6 MAN'R,SWEENEY, 231 STATE STREET.Sweeney, Mrs. Sarah, 231 State.Sweeney, Maggie E., do.Sweeney, John P., daSweeney, John, 30 Railroad Ave;Sweet, Mrs. J. M., River, N. O.Sweet, Francis, doSweet, Ella, do.Sweet, Jesse, do.Sweet, Mattie, do.Sweet, Henry, do.Sweet, William, do.Sweet, Winifred, do.Sweeting, Mary A., teacher, 28 Laurens.Sweetland, Mrs. Jane, 17 South, cor. Union.Swetzar, William, 61 Second,& KEENAN, 121 UNION STREET,SWIFT CASH GROCERS.Swift, George H., grocer, 108 Barry.Swift, Mrs. L. E., do.Swift, Douglas, do.Swinger, Gotleib, laborer, 131 State.Swinger, Mrs. Henrietta, do.Switzer, George, 212 State.Switzer, Julia, domestic, 159 Second.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.Sy.dow, Lewis, laborer, State, E. O.Sydow, Mrs. Geranaut, do.Sydow, William, do.Sydow, Anna, do.Sydow, Charlie, do.Sydow, Emma, do.Tafel, L. O., blacksmith, 28 State.Tafel, Mrs. Mary E., do.Tafel, Harry, do.Tafel, Charles, do.Talmage, Charles J., engineer Acme Milling Co., bds. Option house.Tanner, W. E., laborer, Crown, E. O.Tanner, Mrs. Abbie, do.Tanner, Ortello, do.Tanner, Ira, do.Tanner, Hattie, do.Tanner, Clarence, do.Tanner, Mabel, do.Tanner, George, do.Tanner, Edwin, do.Tarbell, D. O., 14 Laurel Ave.Tarbell, Mrs D. O., do.Tarbell, Fred R., mgr. Postal Telegraph office, do.Tarr, Henry H., veterinary surgeon, 80 Barry.Tarr, Mrs. Minnie A., do.Tarr, Edith M., do.Tate, Elnora L., bds, 78 Barry.Taylor, Mrs. Abbie, 63 Sullivan.Taylor, A. M., wagon maker, 69 Green.Taylor, Mrs. Mary, dq.Taylor, Nellie M., do.Taylor, Frank A., do.Taylor, B. U., contractor and builder, 63 Sullivan.Taylor, Mrs. Hattie M., do.Taylor, Amy, do.Taylor, Florence E., do.Taylor, Alta M., do.Taylor, Earnest, 212 State.Taylor, Elbert L., teamster, East River, S. O.Taylor, Mrs. Mollie, do.Taylor, Ray, do.Taylor, Sarah, do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES

ntfiSTICT' Esoecial attention to Crown and Bridce work and CorrectingUGlllOl. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. IDE. S3- J. FISHEE, 3D. 3D- 3-Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.232 OLEAN DIRECTORY.ancoco=3COTaylor, Edward, rear 9 Barry.Taylor, Ella, E. O.Taylor, Anna, do.Taylor, Frank, refinery, 147 Second.Taylor, Henry A., teamster, Main, Bv.Taylor, Mrs. Ada. do.Taylor, Henry C , do.Taylor, Mary, do.Taylor, Jasper, do.Taylor, James, Pond cor. Railroad Ave., E. O.Taylor, J. H. D., 34 Main, N. O.Taylor, Mrs. Amanda, do.Taylor, John, do.Taylor, Susie Nelson, do.Taylor, Kate, milliner, 22 Wayne.Taylor, Lewis \V., Brook cor. Gulf, E. O.Taylor, W. W , teamster, Union, S. O.Taylor, Mrs. Mina M., do.Taylor, Mattie E., do.Taylor, Tracey L., do.Taylor, Bertha M., do.Taylor, Melvin K., do.Taylorsore, George O., traveling engineer W. N. Y. & P. 121 Barry.Taylorsore, Mrs. Mary M., do.Taylorsore, Arthur, do.Tefft, J. O., plumber, River, N. O.Tefft, Mrs. A., do.Tefft, Byron, doTefft, Blanche, do.Tefft, William \\'., do.Tegertay, John, laborer, State, E. O.Tefft. Ruth S., do.Tegertay, Mrs. Mary, do.Tegertay, William J., do.Tegertay, Margarett, do.Tegertay, Michael, ]., do.Tegertay, Mariah j., do.Tein, Timothy, laborer, Walnut, cor. Elm, N. O.Temperon, Joseph, laborer, Reed, near Thirteenth.Temperon, Mrs. Betsy, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAMI 65 Union Street.FITTING,OLEANDIRECTORY.Temperon, Thomas, engineer, Reed.Temperon, Mrs. Anna, do.Temperon, Jennie, do.Tenney, W. B., fireman, bds. 216 Union.Terry, Mrs. Anna E., 68 Union, cor. Henley.Terry, Bertha, 123 Henley.Terry, Charles, do.Thiermann, Urlrich, laborer. 92 Washington.Thiermann, Mrs. Louisa, do.Thiermann, Eddie, do.Thillen, Frank, laborer, 130 Barry.Thirds, Mrs. Parthenia G., 9 Hamilton.Thirds, Isabelle R., do.Thomas, Albert, machinist, State, E. O. 'Thomas, Mrs. Grace E., do.Thomas, B. F., carpenter, 180 State.Thomas, Mrs Lizzie, do.Thomas, J. A., machinist, State, E. O.Thomas, Mrs. Harriet, do.Thomas, Anna J., do.Thomas, Hattie N., do.Thomas, Alice L., do.Thomas, John, teamster, 323 Union.Thompson, Capt. A. J., oil producer, 8 North.Thompson, Mrs. Alida, do.Thompson, Joseph H., insurance agent, bds. 126 Third.Thompson, Mrs. Elizabeth, do.Thompson, George F., manager W. U. Tel. office, m Henley.Thompson, Mrs. Anna E., do.Thompson, Carrie B., do.Thompson, Belle, do.Thompson, Florence, do.Thompson, Georgia A., do.Thompson, E. W., loan agent, 103 Clinton, cor. Jay.Thompson, Mrs. Ellen P., do.Thompson, Scott E., do.Thompson, F. G., teacher, 78 Barry.COF. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES,

nrilTIOT Esoecial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingULll I IO I • Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to 5. H^- S- J- FISHBE, 3D. 3D. 63.,Thursdays 9 to 12.Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y. •234 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Thompson, Paul, stone cutter, 208 State.Thompson, Mrs. Frances, do.Thompson, Anno, do.Thompson, Alfred, do.Thompson, Rosa, do.Thompson, Harriet, 51 Sullivan.Thompson, J. H., carpenter, 79 Irving.Thompson, Mrs. Flora E., do.Thompson, Lloyd G., do.Thompson, Charles M., hardwood worker, 42 Henley.Thompson, Mrs. Sarah L., do.Thompson, Alice G., do.Thompson, Emory C., do.Thompson, C. A., laborer, First, Bv.Thompson, Mrs. Ella L , do.Thompson, Rennie E., do.Thomson, Mrs. Phoebe, 37 Laurens.Thomson, Georgia, do.Thornbury, Mathew, grocer, 235 State.Thornbury, Mrs. Mary, do.Thurber, Charles F., machinist, Eighth, cor. Washington.Thurber, Mrs. Clara M., do.Thurber, Maud F., do.Thurber, Mrs. Louise, 13 State.Thurber, Ida, do.Thyng, Frank P., 98 Barry.Thyng, Mrs. Sarah E., do.Thyng, Capt. C. G., carriage manufacturer, 27 State, cor. Clinton.Thyng, Bessie, do. >Thyng, William H., do.Tidd, Lewis, currier, Pierce Ave., W. O.Tidd, Mrs. Ella, do.Tidd, Ethel, do.Tillson, Thomas, 14 Garden Ave., E. O.Timblin, E. J., tanner, 114 Sullivan.Timblin, Mrs. C. W., do.Timblin, Willie, do.Timblin, Arthur, do.Timblin, John, do.Timessy, James H., 11 Jay.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 235Tinsure, Augusta, domestic, 51 Henley, cor. Union.Titus, J. H., traveling salesman, S. O.Titus, Mrs. Agnes L., do.Titus, Pearl M., do.Toles, Charles, brakeman, 6 Whitney Ave..Toles, Mrs. Alma, do.Tompkins, Remson D., 72 BarryTompkins, Mrs Martha E., do.Tompkins, Clara B., do.Tonkins, Jesse, laborer, Railroad Ave., E. OTonkins, Mrs. Julia, do.Toohey, Jerry, mason, 8 Second.Toohey, Mrs. Sarah, do.Toohey, James, do.Toohey, Nora, do.Toohey, Sarah, do.Toohey, Jerry, do.Toohey, Hannah, do.Toohey, John, do.Toohey, Agnes, do.Toohey, Joseph, 8 Second.Torrey, S. B., grocer, 16 Main, Bv.Torrey, Mrs. Nora, do.Tothill, Alfred, machine shop, firm Green & Tothill, 135 Third.Tothill, Mrs. Philipe, do.Tothill, Ida, do.Tothill, Edward, do.Tothill, Miriam, do.Tothill, Lucy, do.Tothill, Bertha, do.Tough, William, 222-224 Union.Tough, Kate, do.Tough, Harold, do.Troy, Thomas, clerk, 37 Main, Bv.Troy, Edward, book-keeper, do.Troy, Lizzie S., do.Troy, Nora E., do.Troy, John, firm W. H. Mandeville & Co., 136 Barry.Troy, Mrs. Minnie, do.F. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO.. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

fjrjyTIOT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUCfllloii Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to 5.^D^- S- J- BTS tiEE, 3D. 3D. SB-Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.OLEANDIRECTORYI—COTruby, Nicholas, wagon maker, 97 Washington.Truby, Mrs. Christiana, do.Truby, Peter, do.Truby, Nicholas, do.Truby, Lizzie, do.Truby, Ernest, do,Trude, B. S., mason, State, E. O.Trude, Mrs. Anna, do.True, Mrs. Elmer, home laundry, 186 Union.True, Artie, do.True, E. G., lumber dealer, 74 Second.Tubbs, F. H., clerk, Second, Bv.Tubbs, Mrs. Mary, do.Tubbs, Herbert M. E., do.Tucker, A. J., tanner, 12 Laurel Ave.Tucker, Mrs. A. J., do.Tucker, Minnie C., do.Tucker, Emma W., do.Tucker, Nora E., do.Tucker, Lottie S., do.Tucker, Clarence J., do.Tucker, Nina J., do.Tudden, Perry B., laborer, Clark, E. O.Tudden, Mrs. Naoma E., do.Tudden, Henry C, do.Tugwell, K. H., 2 Hamilton, cor. Barry.Tugwell, Mrs. R. H., do.Tugwell, lone, do.Tulley, J. S., bottler, Railroad Ave.Tulley, Mattie B., do.Tulley, Edith, do.Tulley, John R,, West Pine, N. O.Tulley, Mrs. Minora, do.Tulley, Minora, do.Tulley, Frank, do.Tulley, Thomas, do.Tulley, Daniel, do.Tulley, Mrs. Lotta, 136 Irving.Tulley, Henry, bricklayer, do.Tulley, Samuel, machinist, do.Tulley, William, bricklayer, do.Tulley, Dinah, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,148 1-2 UNION STREET.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 237Turner, W S., coal dealer, 66 Green.Turner, Mrs. Sarah A., do.Turner, Lina B., do.Turner, Allen, carpenter, Garden Ave., E. O.Turner, Mrs. Alice O., do.Turner, Leonett, do.Turner, C. E , master mechanic W. N. Y. & P., 191 Union.Turner, Charles A , gas fitter, 9 First, cor. Genesee, Bv.Turner, Bertie, do.Turner, Lizzie, do.Turner, James, laborer, Canal.Turner, Mrs. Mary O., do.Turner, Mary, do.Turner, Mabel, do.Turner, Frank, do.Turner, John, stone cutter, 50 Railroad Ave.Turner, Mrs. Adalaide, do.Turner, Nellie, dr..Turner, Alice, do.Turner, Adalaide, do.Turner. George H., do.Turner, Jessie, do.Turner, Frankie, do.Turner, A. L., lather, 30 Coleman.Tuttle, Frank, clerk, 78 Barry.Uhl, Henry, machinist, 205 Sixth.Uhl, Mrs. Maggie, do.Uhl, Thomas, do.Uhl, Martha A., do.Underwood, O. D., book-keeper, 91 Union, cor. State.Umferfate, John, galvanizer, 151 State.Umferfate, Mrs. Anna, do.Umferfate, John A., painter, do.Umferfate, Martha, dressmaker, do.Umferfate, Joseph, laborer, do.Umferfate, Henry, do.Umferfate, James, do.Updyke, Mrs. C, 27 State, cor. Clinton.TJpdyke, Lois M., Queen, E. O.F. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO.. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

firilTIPT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUCIlllOl. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to 5. ^D^- S- J- ^IS H E E , ID. 3D. 63.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.238 OLEAN DIRECTORYUrsoy, Joseph, laborer. 68 Green.Ursoy, Mrs. Emma, do. •Ursoy, Pearl, do.Van Antwerp, J. D., painter, 11 Fourth, Bv.Van Antwerp, Mrs. Emma A., do.Van Antwerp, Mary E., do.Van Antwerp, Viola B., do.Van Antwerp, Edgar E., do.Van Antwerp, Floyd B., do.Van Antwerp, Jerome D., do.Van Antwerp, Clarence 0., do.Vanatta, W., operator, 216 Union.Van Campen, George, Sr., Olean house, 122-124 Union.Van Campen, Mrs. George, do.Van Campen, Josephine, do.Van Campen, James K., oil producer, 18. State.Van Campen, Mrs. Frances E,, do.Van Campen, Marc G., do.Van Campen, Frank R., do.Van Campen, Alden, do.Vandaluer, John, laborer, Oak, N. O.Vanderhoof, A., bottler, 91 Henley.Vanderhoof, Mrs. Frances, do,Vanderhoof, Frank, do.Vanderhoof, Newton, do.Vanderhoof, Charlie, do.Vanderhoof, Fred, do.Vandusen, Mrs. Samantha, 158^ Union.Vandusen, Hattie M., do.Vanhorn, Harry, blacksmith, 106 Third.Vansyckle, Mary E., 130 Third.Varney, E. J. carpenter, 93 Green.Varney, Mrs. O. W., do.Varney, Charles L., do.Veasey, Henry, engineer, bds. 65 Sullivan.Vetter, Joseph, laborer, 146^ State.Vetter, Mrs. Barbara, do.Vincent, J. C, carriage maker, bds. Option house.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.239Viner, William, laborer, River, N. O.Viner, Mrs Elizabeth, do.Viner, Ida, do.Viner, Fayette, do.Vogel, Mrs. Matilda, 11 Eleventh.Vogel, Anna, do.Volk, Katie, 75 Henly.Volmer, Frederick, saloon keeper, 102 State.Volmer, Mrs. Anna, do.Volmer, Freddie, do.Volmer, Gertrude, do.Vosburg, C. H., clerk, bds. 216 Union.Wagner, Antone, Car inspector, Walnut, N. O.Wagner, Mrs. Dora, do.Wagner, Tracy, do.Wagner, Walter, do.Wagner, Wensel, brewer, 78 Third.Wagner, Mrs. Dora, do.Wagner, Joseph, do.Wagner, Charles, do.Wagner, Frederick, do.Wagner, George, do.Wagner, Dorothy, do.Wagner, Mrs. Eddie, Caroline, do. Elm, N. O.Wagner, Henry, Amelia, bricklayer, do. do.Wagner, Charles M., steam fitter,do.Wagner, George, do.Wagnerj Anna, do.Wagner, Minnie, do.Wagner, Andrew, Clara, do. carpenter, Elm, N. 0.Wagner, Mrs. Libbie, do.Wah, Quong, Chinese laundry, 182 Union.Waite, William J., laborer, 26 Garden Ave., cor. Orchard Ave. E. O.Waite, Mrs. Lillian A., do.• Wakelee, J. W., 97 Ninth.Wakelee, Mrs. Jennie, do.Wakelee, Anna, do.Wakelee, Arthur, do.Wakelee, Clyde, do.Wakelee, Minnie, do.Wakelee, Nellie, do.!F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES

firilTIPT Esoecial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUCIlllOI. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. TDTt. S3- J- EIS3HEE, 3D- 3D, 63-Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.240 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Walcott, C. F., musician, 6o Clinton.Walcott, Mrs. Dora L., do.Walcott, Herman A., do. •Walcott, George H., do.Waldorf, M. L., book-keeper, 191 Union.Walford, George, 20 Railroad Ave.Walker, James H., carpenter, Orchard Ave, E. O.Walker, Mrs. Charlotte V., do.Walley. T. A., driller, no Sullivan.Walley, Mrs. C. G., do.Walley, Edna, do.Walley, Clyde, do.Walley, Ethel, do.Wallhouser, George F., bottler, State, E. O.Wallhouser, Mrs. Mary, do.Wallhouser, Charles, do.Wallhousei, George O., do.Wallhouser, Emil, do.Wallhouser, Rosa, do.Walrath, Mrs. Catherine, 28 Canal.Walrath, Charles H., engineer, 28 Canal.Walrath, Harry G., do.Walrath, Ray, do.Walrath, Alvin A., carpenter, Bishop, E. O.Walrath, Mrs. Frances A., do.Walrath, Lyman D., do.Walrath, Laman E., do.Walrath, Ella M., do.Walrath, Charlotte E,, do.Walsh, H. A., milliner, 161 Union.Walsh, L. F., milliner, do.Walsh, John C, conductor, 24 Jay.Walsh, Mrs. Mary, do.Walsh, Mary, do.Walsh, Eddie, do.Walsh, Jennie, do.Walsh, Kittie, do.Walsh, Maggie, bds. 24 Jay.Wands, Charles R., grocer, bds. 93 Henley.Wands, Mrs. Edith M., do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 241Wannenwetsch, Andrew, machinist, 187 Fourth.Ward, Mrs. Mary, 5 Coleman.Ward, Daniel, druggist, do.Ward, Agnes, do.Ward, James K. P., carpenter, 107 Sixth.Ward, Mrs. Louise C, do.Ward, Harry, do. ,Ward, George, do.Ward, Clifford, doWard, Edward, do.Ward, W. A., carpenter, 221 Seventh.Ward, Mrs. Emma, do.Ward, Catherine F. B. W., do.Ward, Thomas, do.Ward, William F., do.Ward, Fannie, do.Ward, Emma, do.Ward, James, do.Ward, Harry H. C, do.Ward, Ernest W., do.Ward, Arthur E., do.Ward, John, Spruce, N. O.Ward, Mrs. Kate, do.Ward, James, do.Ward, Timothy, do.Ward, Clara, do.Ward, Barney, laborer, Spruce, N. O.Ward, Mrs. Sarah, doWard, Mary, do.Ward, John, do.Warren, Seth W., 124 Barry.Warren, Mrs. Mary A., do.Warren, Mrs. Kate, 64 Barry.Warren, Frank L., do.Warren, William, buffer, Fifteenth, W. O.Warren, George W., farmer, over 123 State, cor. Fourth.Warren, Mrs. Cordelia A-, do. "Warren, James M., farmer, over 123 State, cor. Fourth.Warren, Mrs. Emma J., do.Warren, Mary Alida, do.Washburn, Sarah L., 6 Canal.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES,

nrilTICT Esoecial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUr.ll I Io I. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. 33^- S- J- F I S H E E , 3D. 3D. 63.Thursdays 9 to 12.Office Duke Block, Olean, N. \ •242 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Washer, George, cooper, 193 Fifth.Washer, Mrs. Henriette, do.Washer, Ella, do.Washer, George, Jr., do.Waterhouse, George, conductor, 39 Buffalo.Waterhouse, Mrs. Etta, do.Watkins, Mrs. W. R., 170 Eighth.Watkins, Maud, do.Watkins, Eva, do.Watkins, Daniel, junk dealer, Oregon, N. O.Watkins, Mrs. D., do.Watkins, Martha, do.Watson, J. W., division supt. W N. Y. & P., 160 Second.Watson, Mrs Julia, do.Watson, Allen, do.Watson, Nettie, do.Watson, Grayton, do.Watson, Hazel, do.Watson, Carrie, 14 Canal.Watson, Clara I., teacher, 33 Laurens.AVayland, J. H., tanner, bds. 216 Union.Weagraff, William, machinist, 193 Seventh.Weagraff, Mrs. Jennie, do.Weagraff, Canda, do.Weaver, M. G., engineer, First, cor. Genesee, Bv.Weaver, Mrs. Carrie E., do.Weaver, Gertie M., do.WFAVFR & WiLLIAMS> 196 Union.• • Lfi ¥ Lll Pianos. Organs & Sewing MachinesWeaver, Mrs. W. H., 323 Union.Webb, Henry, car inspector, 148 Eighth.Webb, Mrs. Dell, do.Webb, Charles, foreman car shops, 113 Ninth.Webb, Mrs. Carrie, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M, ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 243Webber, William, tinner, 16 Canal.Webber, Mrs. Catherine A., do.Webber, Francis B., do.Webber, Frederick J., daWebber, Lottie A., do.Webber, Olive M., do.Webber, Loretta T., do.Webber, George M. L., do.Weber, B. B., business manager Olean Times, 128 Fifth.Weber, Mrs. Lena, do.Weber, Adna F., do.Weber, Anna V., do.Weber, Lucia E., do.Weber, Mathew, do.Weber, Raxley, do.Weber, Bernice B., do.Weber, Wallace "W., do.Weber, Henry H., clerk, 17 Henley, cor. Clinton.Weber, Mrs. Carrie A., do.Webster, Henry N., milk man, S. O.Webster, Mrs. Kate M., do.Webster, Ada M., do.Webster, Eva E., do.Webster, Alice R., do.Webster, Edwin L., do.Weidman, F., clergyman, 45 Laurens.Weidman, Mrs. Carrie, do.Weidman, Fred, do.Weidman, Amanda, do.Weidman, Henry, do.Weidman, Amelia, do.Weidman, Martha, do.Weinhauer, E. G., tailor, 130 Barry.Weinhauer, Mrs. Carrie F., do.Weinke, Emanuel, laborer, 143 Irving.Weinke, Mrs. Bertha, do.Weinke, Ida, do.Weinke, Paul, laborer, 135 Irving.Weinke, Mrs. Louisa, do.Weinke, Mollie, do.Weinke, Charlie, do.Weinke, Fredie, do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.Weinke, Eddie, do.F. H. Weinke, OAKLEAF Lena, & CO.. do. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

fjCHT|OT Especfar attention to Crown and Bridge work and Correctirrg-UlU 110 I • Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to 5.^3^- S. J. F I S H B B , 3D. 3D. SB-Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.244 OLEAN DIRECTORYWeis, Max, machinist, Union, N. OiWeis, Mrs. Ella, do.Weis, Paul, farmer, Oregon, N. O.Weis, Mrs. Rosa, do.Weis, Frank, do.Weis, Maggie, do.Weis, Paul, do.Weis, Christa, do.Weis, Rosa M., daWeis, Mary A., do.Weis> William, do.Weiser, Joseph, laborer, 143 Irving'.Weiser, Mrs. Theresa, do.Weiser, Edna, do.Henry, MERCHANT TAILOR, state.WEITH 9 Fine Custom Work a Specialty.Weith, Mrs. Cecelia, 103 State.Weith, Lillie, do.Weith, Susie, do.Weith, Freddie, do.Weith, Henry, do.Weith, Flora, do.Weith, Alice, do.Welch, J. H., liquor dealer, 22i£ Union.Welch, Mrs. Sarah, do.Welch, Frank, cigar maker, do.Welch, James, clerk, do.Welch, Ella, do.Welch, John, do.Welch, Henry, do.Welch, Sarah, do.Welch, Cora, do.Welch, Willie, do.Welch, Eddie, do.Welch, Mattie, do,Welch, Maud, do.Welch, T. C, stillman, West Water, N. O.Welch, Mrs. Mary, do.Welch, Katie, do.Welch, Mabel, do.Welch, Nellie, do.Welch, DR. John T., D. do. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,Welch, Vernie, do.148 1-2 UNION STREET.

H. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 245Welch, Patrick E., laborer, Walnut, N. O.Welch, Mrs. Anna, do.Welch, Kittie. do.Welch, Minnie, do.Welch, Willie, do.Welch, Anna, do.Welch, George, do.Welch, Rosa, do.Welch, Nellie, domestic, 483 Union, N. O.Welch, Mary, domestic, Bateman hotel, 331 Union.Welch, Ella, bds. 146 Third.Welch, Katie, bds. 95 Sullivan.Welch, Charles II.. 68£ State.Welch, Samuel L., do.Welch, P. C, hotel, 271 Union.Welch, Mrs. Sarah, do.Welch, Agnes, do.Welch, Charles, do.Welch, Therese, do.Welch, Clara, do.Welch, Alfred, do.Welch, Edward, do.Weldon, George, brakeman, Walnut, N. O.Weldon, Mrs. Clara, do.Weldon, Gertie, do.Weldon, Edith, do.Weldon, S., carpenter, East Water, N. O.Weldon, Mrs. Maria, do.Weldon, Frances F., dc.Weldon, Harry B., do.Wendell, Paul, 48 Washington.Wendell, Mrs. Lena, do.Wendell, Anna, do.Wenkie, Antoine, bds. 125 Green.Wentworth, Benjamin F., carpenter, 44 Orchard Ave., E. O.Wentworth, Mary C, do.Wentworth, George D., do.Wrentworth, Charlie, do.Wescott, M., cooper, 148 Sullivan.Wescott, Mrs. Kate, do.Wescott, Grace, do.F. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

Especiar attention to Crown and Bridge work antf Correcting-DENTIST. Irregularities.IDE. 63. J. FISHER, 3D. 3D. S3-Hours 9 to 12; 1 to 5./s,„.„ w vThursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, JN. i.246 OLEAN DfRECTORYWescott, Charles-, condnctor, 22 Railroad Ave.West, W. N., photographer, 201 State, cor. Tenth.West, Mrs-. Ella M., do.West, F. Estella, music teacher, do.Westbrook, Prof. E. D., Westbrook Commercial College, 31 Henley.Westbrook, Mrs. Blanche, do.Westley, Eli, laborer, Dugan road, E. O.Whalen, F., Homer road, N. O.Whalen, Mrs. Susan, do.Whalen, Michael, pipe line walker, Homer road, N. O.Whalen, Mrs. Katie, do.Whalen, James, do.Whalen, John, machinist, 44 Washington.Whalen, Mrs. Matilda, do.Whalen, George, do.Whalen, Zula, do.Whalen, Joseph, boiler maker, Homer road, N. O.Whalen, Mrs. Mary, do.Whalen, Fenton, do.Whalen, Joseph, Jr, do.Whalen, William, laborer, Buffalo, N. O.Whalen, Mrs. Hattie, do.Whalen, Fenton, do.Whalon, Mary B., domestic, 90 Barry.Wheaton, F. B., second hand furniture dealer, 319 Union.Wheaton, Mrs. M. S., do.Wheaton, Hercules, do.Wheaton, Samuel, carpenter, 22 Barry.Wheaton, Mrs. Mary S., do.Wheaton, Maud E., do.Wheaton, Linn S., do.Wheaton, Earl, do.Wheeler, Mrs. B., west of bridge, S. O.Wheeler, Elmer T., farmer, west of bridge, S. O.Wheeler, Mrs. Nettie, do.Wheeler, Stewart, laborer, Washington, cor. Fifteenth.Wheeler, Mrs. S., do.Wheeler, Irving, do.Wheeler, Earl, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.247Wheeler, John B., painter, 59 Green.Wheeler, Mrs. Maggie M., do.Wheeler, Maud, do.Wheeler, John, do.Wheeler, Flora, do.Wheeler, Leona Pearl, E., do. 20 Main, Bv.Wheeler, F. E., operator, 425 Union N. O.Whelpley, William, Jr., painter, Washington, N. 0.Whelpley, Mrs. Jennie, do.Whelpley, William M., painter, 51 Irving.Whelpley, Mrs. Elizabeth, do.Whelpley, Frank, do.Whelpley, Fred, do.Whelpley, Daniel, do.Whelpley, Henry, do.Whelpley, Whetford, Erastus, Bessie, do. Wild Cat road, S. O.Whipple, H. C, photographer, 128 Fourth.Whipple, Mrs. Carrie, do.Whipple, Melville, do.Whipple, Ford, do.Whipple, Otis, dentist, 83 Sullivan.Whipple, Mrs. Louisa, do.Whipple, Ellsworth, dentist, 83 Sullivan.Whipple, Mrs. Cora, do.Whipple, J. S., book-keeper, 30 Washington.Whipple, Mrs. Alice, do.Whitaker, Clark F., carriage ironer; 63 Green.Whitaker, Mrs. Martha E., do.Whitaker, Hariet L., do.Whitaker, D. O., laborer, Osgood, E. O.Whitaker, Mrs. Nellie M., do.Whitaker, Dell, do.Whitcomb, L. J., laborer, 127 Fifth.Whitcomb, Mrs. Belle, do.White, Henry, druggist, Clinton.White, Mrs. Hariet G., do.White, Calvin W., do.White, Henry, Jr., doj|,F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES

nCMT[CT Esoecial attention to Crown and Bridve work and CorrectingUullllOli Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. **R- S. J. PISHEE, 3D. 3D. S3.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.olean directory.White, Charles A., accountant, 106 First.White, Mrs. Mary L., do.White, Henry K , 116 First.White, Mrs. Lydia F., do.White, Edith L., do.White, E. D., carpenter, 253 Union.White, Mrs. Carrie A., do.White, Bertie, do.White, Arthur, do.White, Mary, do.White, John W., 62 King, E. O.White, Mrs. Mary M., do.White, Lloyd J., do.White, Mrs. Mary, 217 Seventh.White, Florence, do.White, James, laborer, 217 Seventh.White, Mrs. Catherine, do.White, Steven, do.White, Michael, do.White, Edward, do.White, Mrs. Mary, 196 Eighth.Wh'te, Mary, do.White, Kate, do.White, Maggie, do.White, James, do.White, Mrs. Ellen, 199 Henley.White, Jessie, do.White, Minnie, do.White, Anna, do.White, Emmett, laborer, 166 Sullivan.White, Mrs. Hariet, doWhite Lucy, do.White, James M., brakeman, 192 First.White, Mrs. Marv, do.White, Claud, do'.White, Lizzie, 192 First.White, A. C, domestic, 222-224 Union.WHITMFR & P0RTER' 33°union st.HORSE SHOER& WAGON MAKER.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 249Whitner, W. A., horse shoer, 330 Union.Whitner, Mrs. Lillian, do.Whitner, Enyene H., do.Whitner, Burton, do.Whitner, Leon, do.Whitney, Lambert, doctor, 65 Union.Whitney, Mrs. Sally, do.Whitney, Russell M., hub manufacturer, 6 Laurens.Whitney, Mrs. Lydia, do.Whitney, Edgar, do.Whitney, Roy, do.Whitney, Pearl, do.Whitney, Lambert S., oil operator, 68 Union, cor. Henley.Whitney, Mrs. Sarah C, do.Whitney, Frank S., do.Whitney, Mary, 25 Green.Whittiam, Mrs. M., tailoress, 9 Coleman.Whittiam, Minnie, tailoress, do.Whittiam, Frank, laborer. Bishop, E. O.Whittiam, Mrs. Anna, do.Wholebin, Philip, laborer, 187 StateWholebin, Mrs. Sophia, do.Wholebin, Willie, do.Wholebin, Johnnie, do.Wholebin, Carl, do.Wholebin, Martin, laborer, 79 Tenth.Wholebin, Mrs. Maggie, do.Wholebin, Willie, do.Wholebin, Martain, do.Wholebin, Philip, do.Wichert, Charles, blacksmith, 73 Fourth.Wichert, Mrs. Regina, do.Wichert, Eddie, do.Wichert, Freddie M., do.Wichert, Clara L., do.Wichert, Lena R., do.Wienke, Wicklander, Ernest, Alfred, 149 Irving. laborer, 351 Union.Wienke, Mrs. Edna, do.Wienke, Mollie, do.Wienke, Martha, do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES

nCMTIOT Esoecial attention to Crown and Brido-e work and CorrectingUL.ll MO I • Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to S. 13*1. S3- J. P I S H E B , 3D. 3D. 63.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.250 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Wilber, Robert H., S. O.Wilber, Mrs. Hariet M., Spruce, N. O.Wilcox, I. C, cabinet maker, 190 State. .Wilcox, Mrs. Emma, do.Wilder, Dan, laborer, 134 State.Wilder, Mrs. Lucy, do.Wilder, Alfred, do.Wiley, Henry D., hotel, 30 Railroad Ave.Wiley, Mrs. Rozella, do.Wiley, Frank A., do.Wiley, Edward, agent, 1 10 Fourth.Wiley, Mrs. Sarah, do.Wiley, May, do.Wiley, Fannie, do.Wiley, John, private night watchman, 43 Laurens.Wiley, Mrs. Bridget A., do.Wiley, Mary J., do.Wiley, Anna, do.Wiley, Minnie, domestic, 222-224 Union.Wiley, Mrs. Frankie, State, E. O.Wilkins, Moses T., wagon maker, 24 Barry.Wilkins, Mrs. Anna, do.Wilkins, Charles S., do.Wilkins, Herbert, do.Wilkins, Freeman H. do.Wilkins, Westley, do.Wilkins, Orrin H., leather finisher, bds. 207 State.Wilkins, Oscar R., leather finisher, 157 Henley.Wilkins, Mrs. Emma, do.Wilkins, Fred, painter, 2i£ Henley.Wilkins, Mrs. Mina A., do.Wilkins, Kittie M., do.Wilkins, Clarence R., do.Wilkinson, William, hardware merchant, 9 Laurens.Wilkinson, Mrs. Martha, do.Wilkinson, De France, carpenter, Pond, E. O.Wilkinson, Mrs. Ida, do.Wilkinson, Archie L., do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

TO. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS ADD STEAMi 65 Union Street.TOTING.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 251Willard, Newell M., laborer, Ca«al.Willard, Mrs. Albaretta, do.Willard, Arthur L., do.Williams, H_ J., music dealer, 323 Union.Williams, Mrs. Emma C, do.Williams, G. Earle, do.Williams, Ward B., do.Williams, John G., oil producer, 135 Barry.Williams, Mrs. Kate E., do.Williams, Mabel C, do.Williams, Charles E., do.Williams, A. I., book-keeper, 38 Jay.Williams, Mrs. A. I., daWilliams, Allen B., do.Wvliams, Myron P., do.Williams, Friend P., do.Williams, B. C, Allegany Lumber Co., limited.Williams, W. S., book-keeper, Olean house, 122-124 Union.Williams, C. G., farmer, 34 State.Williams, Mrs. Orpha A., do.Williams, Mattis, 119 Thirteenth.Williams, J. W., steward, 122-124 Union.Williams, S. M., painter, 227 Barry.Williams, H. P., laundry, 15 Sullivan.Williams, Mrs. Mary M., do.Williams, George H., do.Williams, Peter, laborer, Canal.Williams, Mrs. Martha, dp.Williams, Archie, do.Williams, Henry, do.Williams, Frank, do.Williams, Mrs. Catherine, 15 Sullivan.Williams, Herbert, 60 Union.Williams, Bert, asst. bottler, bds. 91 Henley.Williams, T. M., machinist, 227 Barry.Williams, Mrs. Rebecca E., do.Williams, Clinton R., do.Williams, Floyd J., do.F. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO.. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

JlCflTfOT Especial attention to Crown and'BritigeworR-ancfCon-ectrng-Utlllloli Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to 5.^DE. 63. J. EIS3.HEE, ID. 3D. S3_Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.252 OLEAN DIRECTORYWilliams, O. J., carpenter, 114. Sullivan.Williams, Mrs-. E. J., do,Williams) Owen, do.Williams, Eddfe, do:Williams; Joseph-, galvanizei> 1 ra Thirteenthi-WilliamSj Wrs. Sophia, dotWilliams, John, do.Williams,. Joseph, do,Williams, Lena, do.Williams-, Dora. do.Williams, William, laborer, East River, S". O,WilliamS) Mrs* Minnie, do.Williams, Peter, laborer. Railroad Ave., E. O-Williams) Mrs-. Martha, do.Williams, Archibald, do.WHliamSj Henry, doWilliamson, Mrs. Nellie, domestic, r86 Union.Williamson, J, G., brakeman,, 135 Sixth.Williamson, Mrs. Mary E., do.Williamson, Emma, do.Williamson, Edna, do.Williamson, Anna, do-.Willard, Charles, musician, 323, Union.Williard, Charles-, carpenter, 203 Henley.Williard, Mrs. Emma, do.Williard, Lillian, do.Williard, DeRoth, do.Williard, Ora, do.Willis, H., merchant, 163 Sullivan,Willis, Clarence, do.Willis, Ray, do.Willis. Carrie, do.Willis, L. Adelle, teacher, 33 Laurens.Willis, London, bds. 152 Eighth.Wilsonf L. C, oil dealer, 87 Sullivan.Wilson, Mrs. Thalia, do.Wilson, James, painter, 56 River, N. O.Wilson, Mrs. Ada, do.Wilson, George, do,Wilson, Jessie, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,148 1-2 UNION STREET.

TO. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.i 65 Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.253Wilson. Libbie, cook, 175 Union.Wilsoia, Ada, do.Wilson, J. A., lodging house, 241 Union.Wilson, Mrs. Jennie, do.Wilson, Bert, do.Wilson, Andrew, cooper, 144 Sulfivan.Wilson, Mrs. Lizzie, do.Wilson, Anna, pad maker, do.Wilson, David, laborer, do.Wilson, Thomas, do.Wilson, John, do.Wilson, Hattie J., do.Wilson, Joseph, Lillie, do. blacksmith, 36 Jay.Wilson, Mrs. Joseph, d».Wilson, Edward J., do.Wilson, Clara A., do.Wilson, Joseph W., daWilson, D. F., carpenter, Water, S. O,Wilson, Mrs. Alvina L., do.Wilson, Volney J., do.Wilson, Frank L., do.Wilson, Leroy V., do.Wind, Jacob, hotel, 127 State.Wind, Mrs. Angelina, do.Wind, Mary, do.Wind, Anna, do.Wind, Louisa, do.Wind, Johnnie, do.Wind, Lilla, do.Wind, Jacob, do.Wind, Mrs. Charlie, Ella do. M., bds. 127 State,Wind, Wm., night watch, Ave. B., N. 0.Wind, Mrs. Mary, do.Wind, William, do.Wind, Jacob, do.Wind, Anna, do.Wind, John, do.Winsor, W. C, photographer, 108 First.Winsor, Mrs. Hattie C., do.Winner, Lewis, 20 Railroad Ave.,i1l1'\,ss§onF. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO.. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

flCUTIQTtEspeciar attention to Crown and" Bridge work and Correcting:Ul.ll I lu I • Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. 7DTI- S3. J. EIS-HEE, 3D- 3D- 63_Thursdays »to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.254 OLEAN DtRECTORYWinters, Laura, bds. 440 Union, N O.Winters, Ethel, do.Wiseman, Mrs. Mary, 6 Railroad Ave.Wiseman, Mifflin, laborer, do.Wisner, Fred, tea and coffee pot manufacturer, 227 Barry/.Wrisner, Mrs. Eutheria V., do.Wisner, Blanche W,, do.Wolf, Jacob, laborer, 42 Third, Bv.Wolf, Mrs. Mary, do.Wolf, Mabel, do.Wolf, Joseph, laborer, 77 Eleventh.Wolf, Mrs Anna, daWolf, Mary, do.Wolf, Anna, do.Wolf, Joseph, do.Wolf, Carl, daWolf, Hattie, do.Wolf, Bertha, daWolf, Paul, do.Wolf, Henry, daWolf, Lena, do.Wolf, Rosa, do.Wolf, Mary, domestic, 212 State.Wolf, Charles, baker, do.Wolfe, S rL, engineer, 26'Jay.Wolfe, Mrs. Ida M., do.Wolfe, E. Gertie, do.Wood, Mr& G. N., 131 Fourth.Wcod, Genevieve, do.Wood, Mildred, do.Wood, Bessie, do.Wood, Monroe, carpenter, 110 Fourth.Wood, Mrs. Mary A., do.Wood, Gladys L., do.Wood, William C, printer, bds. 131 Fourth.Wood, Nathan, hooper, 146 Thirteenth.Wood, Mrs. Martha, do.Wood, Edna, do.Wood, Thomas, carpenter, 241 Union.Wood, Charles, blacksmith, 8 Bishop, E. O.Wood, Mrs. Nora, do. ,DR. D. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,148 1-2 UNION STREET.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 255Wood, Fred, engineer, 162 Sullivan.Wood, Reuben, laborer, do.Wood, Laura, do.Wood, William, do.Wood, C. F., clerk, bds. Olean house, 122-124 Union.Woodard, G. B., oil producer, State, W. O.Woodard, Mrs. Mary L., do.Woodard, Clinton P., express man, 48 Laurens.Woodard, Mrs. Rubie E., do.Woodard, W. C , carpenter, 16 Whitney Ave.Woodard, Mrs. Rodintha, do.Woodard, Pearl E., do.W[oodell, James, driller, 130 Sixth.Woodell, Vlrs. Lillie, do.Woodell, Fred, collector, do.Woodell, Willie, do.Woodell, Grace, do.Woodell, James, do.Woodland, Joseph T., hostler, 16 Sullivan.Woodland, Mrs. Louisa J., do.Woodruff, Alan C, clerk, 19 Third, Bv.Woodruff, Mrs. Jennie, do.Woodruff, Gertrude, do.Woodruff, William, do.Woodruff, Robert H., do.Woodruff, Israel, laborer, 43 Canal.- Woodruff, Mrs. Jane, do.Woodruff, Blanche, do.Woodruff, Maud, do.Woodruff, Charlotte, do.Woodruff, Mary A., do.Woodruff, Samuel, do.Woodruff, Eva, domestic, 216 Union.Wood, Mrs. F. F. 12 North.Wood, Charles F., salesman, do.Woods, John J., foreman barrel works, 9 Eleventh.Woods, Mrs. Mary B., do.Woods, Anna M., do.Woods, Mary T., do.Woodworth, Hart, blacksmith, Sixth, bet. Reed and Sullivan.Woodworth, Mrs. Jennie, do.Woodworth, Alvine, do.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES

nCUTIOT Esoecial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUL.ll 110 I • Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. • IDE. S3. J. F I S H E R , 3D. ID. S3-Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.256 OLEAN DIRECTORY.Woolizer, Cora, domestic, 27 Second.Worden, I. E., book-keeper, bds. Olean house, 122-124 Union.Worden, Charles, carpenter. Garden Ave., E. O.Worden, Mrs. Charles, do.Worden, W. C, carpenter, 50 Washington.W7orden, Mrs. Hariet, do.Worden, Charles W., insurance solicitor, Abrams & Sons, do.Wcrden, Flora, do.Wright, William R., carpenter and joiner, 80 Fourth.Wright, Mrs. Mira, do.Wright, Ralph, carpenter and joiner, do.Wright, Grace, do.Wright, Lewis, policeman, 17 Barry.Wright, Mrs. Kate, do.Wright, Mina E., do.Wright, Charles W., do.Wright, Mabel, do.Wright George, laborer, 116 Canal.Wright, Mrs. George, do.Wright, Nellie, do.Wright, May, do.Wright, Sarah, do.Wright, Eva, do.Wright, Jessie, 102 Fourth.Wright, Dolphin, janitor Exchange bank, no Third.Wright, Mrs. Susan, do.Wright, Clarence. 92 State.Wright, Mrs. Vina, do.Wright, Joseph, Railroad Ave., E, O.Wright, Sophia, do.Wright, Mortimer, Railroad Ave, E. O.Wright, Lebben A., Railroad Ave., £. O.Wright, Mrs. Mary C, do.Wright, Benjamin, laborer, Railroad Ave., E. O.Wright, Mrs. Jane, do.•Wright, R. R., grocer, 28 State, E. O.Wright, Nellie A., domestic, 8 Laurel Ave.Wright, W. A., merchant, bds. 233 Union.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 257Wrynian, Eva, bds. 134 Third.Yard, David S., carpenter, 82 Seventh.Yard, Mrs. Hannah, do.Yard, Lizzie S , do.Yard, Laura, do.Yard, John W., contractor, 67 First.Yard, Mrs. Sarah B., do.Yard, James B., do.Yard, William H., do.Yard, Grace, do.Yard, Blanche, do.Yarton, Edward, night watch, 32 Washington.Yarton, Mrs. Olive B., do.Yarton, James A., plumber, do.Yarton, John F., do.Yarton, Stella, do.Yarton, Llewellyn, do.Yarton, Olive, do.Yarton, Mildred F., do.Yates, Oney, teamster, Center, Bv.Yates, Mrs. Helen, do.Yates. Edward A., do.Yaw, Harvey B., teamster, 14 Union, S. O.Yaw, Mrs. Sarah J., do.Yaw, Jesse, sexton Olean cemetery, 23 Washington.Yaw, Mrs. Lucy M., do.Yaw, Charles, harness maker, do.Yaw, Mahlon, tinner, do.Yaw, Frank, do.Yezearska, Mary, domestic, 66 Wayne, cor. Fifth.Yingling, William J., machinist, 83 Clinton.Yingling, Mrs. Mary R., do.Yingling, Chester W., do.Yingling, Earl L., do.York, James, tanner, 13 Garden Ave., E. O.York, Mrs. Kate, do.York, Maggie A., do.York, Christopher J., do.York, Marcia C, do.York, Anna T., do.York, James F., do.F. H. York, OAKLEAF, John L., BOOKS, do. STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES,

npUTIOT Esoecial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUlUIIoI. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. TDJa. S3- J- EIS333CEE, 3D. 3D. 63-Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.258 OLEAN DIRECTORY.York, Joseph, laborer. Pierce Ave., \Y. O.York, Mrs. Nancy, do.York, Edward, do.York, Harry, do.York, Arthur, do.York, Dessie, do.York, Marcia, domestic, 22 State.York, Nellie, bds. 12 Fulton.Young, A. H., 182 Union.Young, P. A., liquor dealer, bds. Moore house.Young, Charles H., mason, 60 Third.Young, Mrs. Mary, do.Young, E. E., artist, 185 Henley.Young, Mrs. Cora, do.Young. Katie, do.Young, Bertha, do.Young, J. S., stock guager, 88 River, cor. Walnut, N. O.Young, Mrs. Mary, do.Young, Howard A., do.Young, Georgianna, do.Young, Robert, laborer, 95 State.Young, Mrs. Betsy, do.Young, William, laborer, do.Young, Cora, do.Young, Elizabeth, do.Young, Simeon, farmer, S. O.Young, Mrs. Fannie, do.Young, Willie, do.Young, Gertie, do.Yuska, Michael, laborer, Ave. A, N. O.Yuska, Mrs. Mary, do.Yuska, John, do.Yuska, Mary, do.Yut, Lee, 199 Union.Zimbour, John, tanner, State, W. O.Zimbour, Mrs. Barbara, do.Zimbour, Barbara, do.Zimbour, John, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65 Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.Zimmerman, John, gardner, 172 State.Zimmerman, Mrs. Magdalena, do.Zimmerman, Henry, grocer, do.Zimmerman, Philip, grocer, over 168 State.Zimmerman, Mrs. Jessie, do.Zimmerman, Philip, 346 Union.Zimmerman, Mrs. Mary, do.Zoln, Charles, baker, 125 Union.G3C

nrilTlOT Especial' attention to Crown and1 BVidg* workarrrfCorrectinwUlIiIIoI. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5.3DE- S3_ J- FISHEE, 3D- 3D. £3_Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.260 OLEAN DIRECTORYS U P P L E M E N T .Allen-, Katie, 195 Fourth.Allen, Maggie, do.Althouser, C. E., agent, bds. Mayer's dining hall.Baish, C. E , printer, 35 Eleventh.Baisfc, Mrs. Jennie, do.Barber, Philip J., 188 Union.Bissett, C. C, 101 First.Bissett, Mrs. Mamie, do.Breeze, H J., undertaker, 140 First.Breeze, Mrs. C. W., do.Cahill, Patrick, laborer, cor. Washington and Walnut, N. O.Cahill, Mrs. Ellen, do.Cahill, Mary, do.Cahill, Michael, do.Cahill, Patrick, do.Cahill, Thomas, do.Carringer, W. H., laborer, Water, N. O.Carringer, Mrs. May, do.Carringer, Harvey, do.Carringer, Raymond, do.Carringer, Anna, do.DeKay, Mrs. N. E., •) Hamilton.Dolan, Thomas H., currier, 181 Henley.Dolan, Mrs. Catherine, do.Dolan, May, do.Gasper, N., barber, bds. 182 State.Grames, R. C., clergman, bds. 82 Second.Harbeck, Charles E., carpenter, 114 Irving.Harbeck, Mrs. Ella H., do.Harbeck, Mary E., do.Harbeck, Martha G., do.Harbeck, Arthur W., doHarbeck, C. Ruth, do.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M, ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAB AND STEAM FITTING,I 65Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 261Harrison, Albert, carpenter, 9 Brickell Ave.Hatch, W. N., shoemaker, 9 Barry.Hatch, Mrs. Jennie, do.Hatch, Guy N_, do.Hatch, Bertha M., do.' Hinton, William, yard master W. N. Y. & P., 199 State.Hinton, Mrs. Emma, do.Hinton, Eveline, do.Jahn, Anthony, merchant tailor, 96 Ninth.Jahn, Mrs. Pauline, do.Jahn, Rosa, do.Jahn, Liziie, do.Kinney, Myrtie M., 30 Coleman.Kinney, Emory C, do.Kinney, Kittie L., daMartin, George, carriage painter, 130 BarryMyrick, W. L., machinist, 104 Clinton.Newman, John, foreman hub factory, 26 Wayne.Newman, Mrs. Hattie, do.Newman, Roy, do.O'Donnell, Winnie, dressmaker, 65 Barry.Place, Helen M., teacher, bds. 32 Laurens.Plucker, William, lumberman, 54 River, N. O.Plucker, Henry J., do.Plucker, Anson R., do.Plucker, Reuben, do.Plucker, Mabel C , do.Scouton, Mrs. Fannie, 9 Brickell Ave.Sheldon, J. A., 145 Sullivan.Smith. W. M., teamster, 107J Union.Smith, Mrs. E. A., dressmaker, do.Smith, Luella, dressmaker, do.Sweet, George C, manager, bds. Olean house, 122-124 Union.Varney, E. J., electrician, 3 Jay.Varney, Mrs. O. W., doVarney, Charles W., do.•3r-sF. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO.. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nrUTIPT Especiaf attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUCIl I lu I • Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to 5. 3DE. S3- J- EISHEE, 3D- ID. 63-Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.262 OLEAN DIRECTORYOlean Business Directory.AGENTS-Althouser, C. E., Wells, Fargo & Co. Express 126 Union street.Homer, E. A., American Express Co., 147 LTnion street.Humphrey, Fred B., N. T. C, Ex. B'k bld'g, corner Union andLaurens s'reet.T.apham, A. M., U. S..Express Co., 121 Union street.Lee, Morris L., N. Y. L. E. & W. R R., North Olean.Rapp, W. A., W. N. Y. & P. R. R. Co.Rockwood, C. H., Empire Line, W. N. Y. & P. R. R., fright house.ARCHITECTS-Brickell, E. F. & W. S-, 156^ Union street.Gillingham, Charles, 204 Union street.Yard, J. W., rear 113 Union street.ARMORY-43d Separate Company, corner North and Barry.ASSOCIATIONS-Young Men's Hebrew Association, 3d floor,cor. Union and State Sts.Olean Athletic Association, grounds opp. Wayne street, betweenUnion street and BoardmanvilleV. M. C. A., Duke block, 187J Union street; free reading room,gymnasium, parlors and bath rooms open daily from 9 a. m. to10 p. m.; young men's meeting every Sunday at 4 p. m.; C. G.Cady, general secretary.ATTORNEYS-Baxter, J. T., 113^ Union street.Beardsley, Horace A. L., 95^ Union street.Bolles & Waring, 97^ Union street.Cary & Rumsey, 143^ Union street.Corbin & Yates, 129^ Union street.Donnelly, Henry, 113^ Union street.Dwinells, C. S., 113^ Union street.Eaton, F. L.,.office 1st floor city building.Hastings, DR. D. A. J., E. 143^ BARROWS, Union street. DENTIST,Jewell, J. R. & M. B., 123^ Union street.148 1-2 UNION STREET.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 263ATTORNEYS-Continued.Kruse, F. W. & E. F., I2i£ Union street.Mayer, G., i2i£ Union street.Moulton, Charles P., 95J Union street.Mudge, L. T., cor. Union and State street, 2nd floor.Nourse, W. H., 131^ Union street.Parker, W. D., cor. Union and State streets, 2nd floor.Smith, W. V., 95^ Union street.Smith, Jasper E., 95^ Union street.Storrs, Thomas, Duke block, 185^ Union street.BAKERS-Brendell, John A., barkery and confectionery, 125 Union.Green & Butler, home bakery, 138 Union street.Hoffman, Frank, bakery, 212 State street.Mayer, Mrs R., bakery and dining room, 56 State street.Nettleton, Miss H. N., domsetic, 152 Union street.Reed, Mrs. Caroline, home bakery, 97 First street.Schmitt, W., 129 State street.Sprague, S. C , domestic bakery, 180 Union street.BANKS-Exchan-je National Bank, i;i Union street.First National Bank, 99 Union street.BARBER SHOPS-Adams barber shop, Oak street, North Olean.Barnes, T. H., O. K. barber shop, 116 Union street.Berry, John, Union street, North Olean.' Bland barber shop, 237 Union street.Bonner & Clark, 265 Union street.Bowser, J. F., 210 Union street.Decker, C. J., Union street, North Olean.Devers, W H., 227 Union street.Exchange barber shop, 146 Union street.Gasper, N., basement city building.Hawley, F. E.. 92 State street.Howenstein, J. W., 176 Union street.Johnson, H. H., 283 Union street.Neff, E. W., basement 58 State street.Nicklas, John, 89 Union street.Olean House barber shop and bath rooms, Olean house, I22| Unionstreet.Peckham, A. Z., 182 Union street.Price, A. R., 232 State street.F. H. OAKLEAF,Stevely, R.BOOKS,M., 106STATIONERYState street.AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. BILLIARDS- OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES,Lang, L. N., 64-66 State street.Jones, N. I., 223 Union street.Williams & Bates, Grand Central parlors, 210 Union street.

DCMTIPr Esoecial attention tQ Crown and Bridge work and Correcting-LllllOS. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to 5. IDE. S3. J. ITISHEE, 3D. 3D. 63.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.BLACKSMITHS-Ackley, William, South Olean.Blessing Brothers, 98 Third street.Chaffee, M. D., & Co., premium horse shoer and repairing, 326Union street.Dekay, C. M., State street, East Olean.Feuchter, George, 69 State, cor. First street.Olbey, J B., 293 Union street.Ewarts & Luce, 67 State, cor First street.Whitner & Porter, 330 Union street.BO\RDINCHOUSES-Dunlavy, Maggie, 4 Elm street, North Olean.Frier, Mrs L., 22 Wayne street.Hasting, Mrs. J. T., 32 Laurens street.I.einhan, John, Oak street, North Olean.Long, Mrs. Martha, 107 Buffalo, cor. Thirteenth street.Mahoney, Dean, Vine street, North Olean.Murphy, Mrs Anna, 8 North street.Otto, Mrs. A. J., 78 Barry street.Pape, Mrs. R. L., 75 State street.Simpier, Harriet, 26 Wayne street.Warren, Mrs Kate, 64 Barry street.White, Mrs. Ellen, 290 Henley street.BOOKS-Catholic Book Store, 67 Henley street.Coon, J. V D., 111 Union street.Oakleaf. F. II., 119 Union street.BOOTS AND SHOES-Ball, W. W., 152 Union street.Boston Boot and Shoe Store, 148 Union street.Grant, J. F., & Brother, 115 Union street.Hart, E. C, 109 Union street.Hatch, W. N., maker, 176 Union street.Howard, F. L., & Co., 136 Union street.Kiesel, M , maker, Union street, North Olean.King, James H., 150 Union street.Johnson, J. M., 137^ Union street.Lay, A. L., maker, 74 State street.Mooney. B. F., maker, Whitney avenue, near Union street.BOTTLINC WORKS-Acme Bottling Works, 206 Seventh street.Beer Bottling Works, 76 Pine street, North Olean.Dotterweich DR. D. Bottling E. BARROWS,Works, corner Henley and DENTIST,Second streets.Haugh, M. J., 30 Whitney avenue.148 1-2 UNION STREET.Walhouser, George F., east of bridge, State street, East Olean.

ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 265BREWERIES-Dotterweich's Brewery^ 77-81 Henley street.Lion Brewery, George Rochevat, prop., Railroad avenue.BRICKYARD-Olean Brick Works, East Olean.CABINET WORKS-Wilcox. I. C , cabinet maker, 190 State street.CARPENTER SHOPS-Brickell, Eli F., 118 First street.Bussler, A. C , 95 First street.Yard, J. W., rear 113 Union street.CARRIACES-Emerson & Bond, carriage and harness shop, 230 Union streetsReed, Martin & Co., 192 Union street.CHURCHES-A. M. E. Church, 135 State street.' Baptist Church, South street, opposite park.Catholic Church, 61 Henley street.Congregational Church, services held at Y. M. C. A. rooms, Dukeblock, 187^ Union street.Episcopal Church, Harry street, opposite park.German Methodist Church, corner Washington and Thirteenth streets.Lutheran Church, Laurens, corner Fourth street.Methodist Episcopal Church, corner Union and Hamilton streets.Methodist Episcopal Church, 109 Ninth street.Methodist Episcopal Church, corner Chestnut street and Gardenavenue, East Olean.Presbyterian Church, Laurens, corner Second street.Y. M. C. A. Chapel, corner Elm and Walnut streets, North Olean.CICARS-Benson, F. W., cigar and tobacco store, cor. Whitney Ave. andUnion streets.Cohn, Max, & Co., cigar manufacturers, shop 239 Union street.Copenspire, F. H., cigar manufactory and retail store, 180 Unionstreet.Fiers, Thomas, cigar manufactory, 225 Union street.Kelsey, James, tobacco and cigar store, 134 Union street.Larkin, Mathew, cigar factory, 215 Union street.Miller, Robert E., cigar factory, ioi£ Union street.Oakleaf, F. H., cigars and and tobacco, 119 Union street.F. H. OAKLEAF,Parshall,BOOKS,G., cigarSTATIONERYand tobacco store,AND208NEWSUnionDEALER.street.F. H. Sigel, OAKLEAF John H., & cigar CO. manufactory, WALL PAPER 93 Union AND street. WINDOW SHADES

RCMTJQT ^soecial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingULH 110 I > Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. JDS.. 63. J. EI6333IEE, 3D. 3D- 63-Thursdays 9 to 12. _ Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.266 OLEAN DIRECTORY.CLERCY-Ashton, Rev. J. W., rector St. Stephens Episcopal Church, 55Clinton street.Bissell, T. J., clergyman, 116 Barry street.Boiler, Rev. C. F., minister German Church, 114 Thirteenth street.Dox, Rev. Rutger, pastor Baptist Church, 36 Henley street.Givler, Rev H. J., pastor M E. Church, 127 Fourth street.Grames, Rev. R. C, pastor 2nd M. E. Church, 82 Second street.Hamel. Rev. J. J., pastor St. Mary's Catholic Church, 62 Henleystreet.McKee, Rev. James H., pastor 1st Congregational Church, 11 Hamiltonstreet.Reed, Rev. Newton I.., pastor Presbyterian Church, 18 Laurensstreet.Smith, Rev. L A., assistant pastor, 62 Henley street.Weidman, Rev. F., pastor German Lutheran Church, 45 Laurensstreet.CLOTHIERS-Alden Clothing Co., 154 Union street.Pall, W. W., clothing store, 152 Union street.Ba

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.CONTRATORS-Cliamberlin. A. W., 74 Second street.Colas, Joseph, Avenue B, North Olean.Gillingham & Co., 204 Union atreet.Goltz, F. W., 74 Henley street.McA uliffe, M , 62 Irving street.McCarthy, J. I., contractor and builder, office rear 180 Union street.M ore, W. D., 200 Union street.Taylor, B. U., 133 Union street.Yard, J. W., rear 113 Union street.DENT1STS-Barrows, D. E., 148^ Union street.Fisher, S. J., Duke b'ock, 187^ Union street.Jackson, E. S., 125^ Union street.Lewis, S. E., 164^ Union street.Raub, L. M., 18 Laurel avenue.Whipple & Son, room 15 Exchange National Bank building, 151Union street.DEPOTS-N. V., L. E. & W. R. R., North Olean. 'W. N Y. & P. R. R., Railroad avenue, between Barry and Unionstreets.DRAYMEN-Atwood, Jerry, 1 i Garden avenue, East Olean.Gilligan & Co., 59 Henley street.Griswold, Martin L., 222 First street."Hall, John C, Garden avenue, East Olean.Murry, Jasper N., Railroad avenue, East Olean.Shafer, Jacob, 225 State street.Smith, Byron W., 20 Canal street.Sprague, Albert, 164 Sullivan street.Swarts, George E., 126 Green street.DRESSMAKERS-Boyle, Kate, Union street, North Olean.Brown, Miss A., 184 State street.Burley, Libbie, 59 River street, North Olean.Collopy, Miss Nora, 103^ Union street.Cunniregham, Mary, 140 Henley, cor. Seventh street.Dagnan, Mary A.. Spruce street, North Olean.Deake, Mrs. Hattie, 40 Pine street, North Olean.Etter, Lila M., 180 Union street.Feeny, Lizzie, Bell Bros, store, 141 Union street.F, H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.Grant, Julia, 10 Tompkins street.F. H. Ho'.lman, OAKLEAF Mrs. & C. CO,. E., 107 WALL First street. PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.Jessmore, Mrs. John, 162 Sullivan street.Karagan, Miss A., I13J Union street.aton

nrifTIPT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingU L It 110 I • | rregu lariti es.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. D B . S3- J- 3TIS3 H E E , 3D- 3D- 63.Thnrsdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.268 OLEAN DIRECTORYDRESSMAKERS-Continned.Kiley, Miss Mary, 335^ Union street.King, Miss Fannie, 125^ Union street.Loftus, Misses Kate and" Jennie, Union street, North Olean.O'Donnell, Winnie, 65 Barry street.Reynolds, Miss Verna, State street, East Olean.Russell, Mrs. Kate, 9 Garden avenue, East Olean.Smith, Mrs. E. A., and daughter, 107^ Union street.Smith, Hattie N., 123 Barry street.Stokes, Mary, 30 Walnut street. North Olean.DRUCCISTS-Coon, Dr. J. V. D., drug and book store, 111 Union street.Hanks, C. S., 107 Union street.Potter, O., Union near Oak street, North Olean.Ross, O. P., & Co., 112 Union street.Smith, J. B., 155 Union, cor. Laurens street.Ward, Daniel, 166 Union and 15 Hamilton streets.White, Henry, 117 Union street.DRY COODS-Adams, George B., & Co., 145 Union street.Bell Bros , 141 Union street.Harris, R., 95 Union street.Marcus, H. W, 97 Union street.DYERS-Borneman, Wm., cleaner and dyer, 269 Union street.LICHTINC-Electric Light and Power Co., office over Union 119 street.Keystone Gas Company, 126 Union street.ELECTIRCIAN-Prosser, Wellington, 152^ Union street.FACTORIES-Acme barrel factory, North Olean.Barrel head factory, between King and Duke streets, East Olean.Hart, E. C, manager, tooth-pick and basket factory, First streetnear W. N. Y. & P. R. R.Gillingham & Co., sash factory, corner Third street and Whitneyavenue.Moore, W. D., sash and blind factory, 19-23 Wayne street.Whitney, R. M., hub factory and warehouse, corner Union andWayne streets.DR. D. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,148 1-2 UNION STREET.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65 Union Street.FIRE DEPARTMENT-Barse Hose house, 220 State street.Chamberlin Hook & Ladder, city building, corner Union and Statestreets.Citizens Hose company, city building, cor. Union and State streets.Fire Police, city building, corner Union and State streets.Fountain Hose house, 88 First street.Luther Hose house, 260 Union street.Turner Hose house, 80 Wayne, street.FLORIST-Johnson, Fred H , 45 Whitney avenue.FREICHT-Empire Line freight office and depot, Railroad avenue, corner Barrystreet.N. Y., L. E. & W., freight depot, Washington street, North .Olean.W. N. Y. & P. frieght office and depot, Railroad avenue, cornerBarry street.FRUITS, &c-Asselta, Nick, fruits and confectionery, 93 Union street.Green & Butler, Olean Confectionery store, fruits and confectionery,138 Union street.Morian, C. C fruit and confectionery, 139 Union street.FURNITURE-Andrews, C. E., 129 Union street.Holzberg, Julius, 167 Union street.Marth, Martin P,, furniture repair shop, 234 State street.Moore, V.'. D., 200 Union street.Muckey, Orgen, second hand furniture store, 12 North street.CLASS WORKS-Olean Glass Works, 115-117 Buffalo street.CROCERS-Burdick, A. J., 223 State street.Chamberlin, E. E., 158 Union street.Chamberlin, Wm D., 119 Barry street.Collins, Daniel, 263 Union street, North Olean.Craddock, Charles, 16 Railroad Ave.Craddock, Conway, cor. State and Pond, East Olean.De Kay, C. M. & A., 173 Union street.Dotterweich, George H., 86 State street.Higgins, F. W. & Co , 110 Union street.Higgins, O. T. & Son., 474 Union street, North Olean.Higgins, F. W., & Co., 31 Buffalo street.F. H. OAKLEAF.Judge, Geo.,BOOKS,213 StateSTATIONERYstreet.AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO.. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.OSonC/3

firilTIOT Especiar attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUlRIIoL Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to B. :D:R- S- J- EISilEE, 3D. 3D. 63.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.GROCERS—Continued.Keim, John G, 236 State street.Kent, Wm. S., Union street, North Olean.Mallery, Ferr , 123 State street.Meloy, J., 105 Union street.Merriman, E. O., 337 Union, cor. Coleman streetMuckey, F. D., 36 State street, East Olean.Muckey, F. D., 189 Union street.Mustchlechner. 156 State street.Older, Myron, 189 Union street.Pratt, J. W. & D. A., 157 Union street.Reeve, J. C, 198 Union street.Riley & Wands, wholesale grocers, 202 Union street, corner Sullivan.Sheehan, D. W., 49 Oak street, North Olean.Sheehan, J. M., Union, cor. Oak street, North Olean.Shiber, George, 68 State street, comer First.Swift & Keenan. 121 Union street.Thornbury, Matthew, 235 State street.Torrey & Merriman, 16 Maine, cor. Center street.Webster & Robinson, 285 Union street.Webster & Robinson, 191 Henley street, corner Eleventh.AY right, R. K , 28 State street, East Olean!Zimmerman Bros., 168 State, cor. Seventh street.CUNSMITH-Goodell, James, repair shop, 122 Fourth street.HALLS-Blighton's Hall, 3d floor, 167J Union street.Edel's Hall, 2d floor, 215 State street.Griffin's Hall, 3d floor,285-287 Union street. ,Gillingham's Hall, 3d floor, 196-198 Union street.Knight of Honor Hall, 3d floor,corner Union and Hamilton streets.Knight's of Pythias Hall, 2d floor,121 Union street.Masonic Hall, 3d floor,143 Union street.Mayer's Hall, 3d floor,54-56 State street.Moore & Sage's Hall, 3d floor,200-202 Union street.Odd Fellow's Hall, 3d floor, 85J Union street.United Workmen Hall, 3d floor,152-154 Union street.HARDWARE-Barse & Co., 143 Union street.Bennie, H. D., 123 Union street.Blake & Wilkinson, 131 Union street.Frawley, John B., 159 Union street.Pierce, DR. O. D. W., E. 55 State BARROWS,street.DENTIST,HARNESS SHOPS-- 148 1-2 UNION STREET.Burge, N., 139J Union street.Olean Harness Co., 184 Union street.Smith, D. L., 171^ Union street.Wiedman, John, 87 First street.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,165 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 271HOSPITALS-Olean General Hospital, 119 State street.Olean Hospital, 102-104 Third street.HOTELS-American House, 483 Union street, North Olean, Henry Bourk,prop'r.Arcade Hotel, 22 Railroad avenue, G. D. Moore, prop'r.Brinkman House, Vine street, North Olean, Mrs. Brinkman, proprietress.Buffalo House, 26 Railroad avenue, James Farley, prop'r.Capitol Cafe Hotel, 175 Union street, W. P. Peterson, prop'r.City Exchange Hotel, Union street, North Olean, John Henniman,-prop'r.Coffey, Mrs. Johanna, hotel, 263 Union street.Commercial Hotel, Oak street, corner Spruce, North Olean, JerryO'Donnell, prop'r.Corry House, 70 Wayne street, corner Sixth, Robert Milliken, prop'r.Dietman, Henry, State street, West Olean.Donovan, William, hotel, Vine street, North Olean.Eagle Hotel, 127 State street, Jacob Wind, prop'r.Erie House, 20 Railroad avenue, John Consedine, prop'r.European Hotel, 163 Union street, W. P., Peterson, prop'r.Farmer's Hotel, 233 Union street, J. H. Powers.Fifth Ward House, 219 State street, corner Eleventh, O. N. Garvey,prop'r.Frank's Hotel and restaurant, 50-52 State street, Mrs. Kate Frank,proprietress.Genesee House, 10 Railroad avenue, W. Hutchings, prop'r.German Hotel, 215 State street, Charles Edel, prop'r.Grand Central Hotel, 216 Union street, C. H. Doran, prop'r.Moore House, 91 Union street, corner State, M. V. Moore, prop'r.New Palmer House, 222-224 Union, Geo. P. Babcock, prop'r.Olean House, 122-130 U^iion street, H. S. Sartwell, prop'r.Option House, 12 Sullivan street, opp. Union depot, J. H. Shanbacher,prop'r.Sullivan, M. C, hotel, Oak street, North Olean.The Earth Hotel, 70-72 State street, corner First, Ed. McDade,prop'r.Welsh, P. C; hotel, 271 Union street.Wiley, Henry D., hotel, 30 Railroad avenue. 'ICE DEALERS-Haugh, M. J., 30 Whitney avenue.F. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.Holiday, Charles, State street, East Olean.F. H. Russell, OAKLEAF Eugene & R., CO. 9 Garden WALL avenue, PAPER East Olean. AND WINDOW SHADES.INSURANCE-Abrams & Sons, 1st floorcity building.Eaton, H. W., 131J Union street.Mandeville, W. H., & Co., Exchange bank building, 149 Union street.

nrijTIOT Esoecial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUCilllol. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. ^^4- S. J- E I S H E E 3D. 3D 63.Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, JN. i.272 OLEAN DIRECTORY.JEWELERS-Brown, A. T., 153 Union street, corner Laurens.Kerr, Boyd M., 117 Union street.Kerr, William J., 118 Union street.Schuetz, Herman, 101 Union street.JUNK DEALER-Heilbrunn, Joseph, 87 Third street.JUSTICE-Parker, W. D., Merritt block, 2nd floor,cor. Union and State streets;.Smith, W. V., 2d floor, 97 Union street.McKinley, H., 2d floor,cor. Union and State streets.LAUNDRIES-City Steam Laundry, A. W. Nelson, prop. 15 Sullivan street.'I onkins, Allie, 95 First street.True, Mrs. Elmer, home laundry, 186 Union street.Sam Sing, 199 Union street.LIBRARY-Forman Library, 85 Union street.LIQUOR DEALERS-Clancy, W. F., liquor dealer, 227 Union street.Connell, L. P. & J., liquor dealers, 477-479 Union street, NorthOlean.Dorsev, E. & Co., wholesole liquor store, 190 Union street.Fitzgerald, M., 472 Union street, North Olean.Hoffman, N D., 273 Union street.Johnson, Chas. O., 62 State street.Ryan & Collopy, wholesale liquor store, 212 Union street.Welch, James, 221 Union street.Young, P. A., 132 Union street.LIVERY & BOARDINC STABLES-Hovey & Son, 16 Sullivan street.Olean Livery Co., barns rear 130-132 and 146 Union and 61 Statestreets.LUBRICATING WORKS-Eclipse Lubricating Works, North Olean.LUMBER DEALERS-Allegany Lumber Co., limited, 13 Sullivan street.Olean Lumber Co., office 13 Sullivan street.Pennsylvania Lumber Storage Co., rooms 16 and 18 Exchang bankbuilding, 151 Union street.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.MACHINISTS-Abbott D. S., general machine shop, lath and shingle machinery,.also s'» mill work, 213-215 First street, near Wayne.Luther, J. H. & Sons, Variety Iron Works, 8 Railroad avenue, opp.Union depot.Myrick foundry and machine works, 155 Barry, corner Sullivan street.W. N. Y. & P., R. R. shops, 71 Wayne, CDr. Sixth street.MANUFACTURERS-Chamberlin Manufacturing Co., patent screw pump machines, 59-61Barry street.Chemical Co., Washington street, North Olean.Conklin, W. H. & D. C, wagon manufacturers, State street.Hart, William D., tooth-pick and basket factory. First street, nearW. N. Y. & P. tracks.Hollis Spring Co., manufacturers of the Ram's Horn spring 194Union street.Maurer, John, manufacturer of hair goods, 130J Union street.Olean Cart Company, 299 Union street.Olean Harness Company, 184 Union street.Reed. Martin & Co., manufacturer of and dealer in carriages, 194Union street.Sweeney, Patrick, springs and matresses, 231 State street.The Wright Manufacturing Co., wood workers, 78 Fourth street.Wagner, A., Spring beds, 82 Fourth street.Wilkins, M. T., carriages, 328 Union street.Wisner & Williams, tea and coffee pot factory, rear 154 Union street.MARBLE WORKS-City Marble and Granite Works, A. J. Emerson, prop., 228 Unionstreet.Eureka Granite Works, rear 188 Union street, Heysel & Holly, prop'rs.Foley, P. C., granite and marble dealer and cutter, 71 State street.MARKETS-Bailey, A. E., fish and Oyster, 186 Union street.Bennett, William M., 29 Buffalo street.Gault, J C, 198 Union street.Halter, William, 128 State street.Jackie, Jacob, 471 Union stieet, North Olean.Mayer Bros , wholesale and retail butchers; fresh and salt meats, fishand oysters, 140 Union street.Mayer, Fred C. & Co., wholesale and retail butchers, 54 State street.Schott' Erwin, Third street, near State.F. H. OAKLEAF, Sheehan, BOOKS, J. M., Union STATIONERY street, corner AND Oak, NEWS North DEALER. Olean.Sheehan, D. W., 49 Oak street, North Olean.Spiesman, F. H. OAKLEAF Matthew, 167 & CO. State WALL street, PAPER corner Seventh. AND WINDOW SHADESSterling, Lewis, 228 State street

Esoecial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingDENTIST. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to 5. ^*J- S- J. EIS3IIEE 3D. 3D S3Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. i .OLEANDIRECTORY.I—COMERCHANTS-Bishop, J. S., corner State street and Orchard avenue, East Olean.Gately & Williams, 17 Sullivan street.MILLINERY-Closser, Mrs. H. A., 164J Union street.Curran, Miss A. A., 6 Laurens street.Hausman, Miss M., 169 Union street.Hunt, Mrs. M. H., 209 Union street.McNeille. Abbie R., 147 Union street.Penfield, Miss C, 78 Union street,Walsh, H. A. & L. F., 161 Union street.MILLS-Acme Milling Co., 146-148-150 Barry street.J L. liaxter, flouringmills, 68-70 Canal street.Empire Mills, 1-3-5 P,ne street, North Olean.Pennsylvania Lumber and Storage Co., planing mill, Homer street,North Olean.True, E. C, Seventh, cor. Reed.MUSIC STORES-Blake, A., 178 L'nion street.Weaver & Williams, 196 Union street.NEWSPAPERS-Olean Daily Herald office, 167-169 Union street.Olean Weekly Democrat office, 167-169 Union street.Olean Daily and Weekly Times office, 117^ Union street.NEWSROOM-Oakleaf & Co.. 119 Union street.OFFICES-F. W. Higgins & Co , 117^ Union street.C. G. Thyng & Co., 2d floor city building, cor. Union and Statestreets.Vegetable Oil Company, 232 Union street.OIL PRODUCERS OFFICES-Ackerly & Co., rooms 23-25 Exchange Bank building, cor. Unionand Laurens streets.Ballard, L. H., 123 Third street.Brown, H. A., Ill Sullivan street.Bussell, G. S., 135 Fourth street.Clark, rl. J., 9 Laurel Ave.Coast, John, room 8 Exchange National Bank building, 151 Unionstreet.DR. D. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,148 1-2 UNION STREET.

H. ALBREfHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.165 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 275OIL PRODUCERS OFFICES-Contiuued.-> Coast, J. W., room 8 Exchange National Bank building, 151 Unionstreet.'. oast, Flemming T., Room 8 Exchange National Bank building, 151Union street.Coast, Wm. F., Room 8 Exchange National Bank building, 121Union street.Duke, John, 76 Clinton, cor. Laurel Ave.Ernst, H. M., 75 Union street.Finegan, M., room 6 Exchange National Bank building, 151 Unionstreet.Forman, George V., room 6 Exchange National Bank building, 151Union street.Franchot Bros., & Co , room 12 Exchange National Bank buiding,151 Union street.Johnson, E. M., cor. Sullivan and First.O'Neil, Hugh F., room 6 Exchange National Bank building, 151Union street.Strong, G. H., room 17 Exchange National Bank building, 151Union street.Thompson, A. J., room 14 Exchange National Bank building, 151Union street.Thyng, C. G. & Co., 2d floor, city building.Van Campen, James K., 18 State street.Woodard, J. B., State street, West Olean.OPERA HOUSES-Mayer's Opera Hall, 54^ State street.Olean Opera House, 57 State street.PAINTERS-Jones, M. T., over 146 Union stereet.Nickum, Charles T., 70 Second street.McClure, O. S., to Coleman street.PHOTOCRAPHERS-Brickell, T. J., 156^ Union street.Curtis, Frank S., over 178 Union street.Godfrey, F. W., 95^ Union street.Moore, E. B., 183 Union street.Winsor & Whipple, 142^ Union street.PHYSICIANS-Bartlett, C. H. & F. H., rooms 7-9 Exchange National Bank Building,151 Union street.F. H. OAKLEAF.Burdick,BOOKS,E. B., 160STATIONERYUnion.AND NEWS DEALER.Clark, J. C, u£ Union street.F. H. Earle, OAKLEAF J. C, 467- & CO.. Union street, WALL North PAPER Olean. AND WINDOW SHADES.Eddy, J. T., 8 State street.Follett," M. C., 51 cor. Union and Henley streets'.

firHTIPT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work arrd Correct i nUCIl I Io I • Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. JD*i. 63. J. F I S H E R , 3D. 3D. S3.Thursdays 9to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.276 OLEAN DIRECTORYPHYSrCfANS-Continued.Hibbard, De Vere, 112 Barry street.Mudge, S. J., 8 State street.Powers, J. J., 7 Hamilton street.Richards, J. C, 158^ Union street.Sage, W. H., 111^ Union street.Sanford, M. A., 113^ Union street.Smith, A. E., 7 Hamilton street.Steyner, J. F., 136^ Union street.Steyner, E. B., 136J Union street.Tretton, J. K., 164^ Union streetPIPE LrNES-National Transit Co., room 4 Exchange National Bank building,151 Union street.Tidewater Pipe Co., room 16 Exchange National Bank building, 151Union street.PLUMBERS-Alb:echt, M., 165 Union street.Simpson, W. H., 164 Union street.POLICE-Schaffer, Charles, chief police, office in basement city hall.POST OFFICE-Post Office, city building, cor. Union and State.PRINTINC-Baker, W. B., room 4 Opera house block, State street.Daily Herald Job, Book and Show Printing House, 167-169 Unionstreet, 2d floor.Gillett, Henry, 3d floor,187^ Union street.Times Job Printing House, over 119 Union street.PUMPSTATION-Olean Pump Station, Uuion street, South Olean.United Pipe Line Pump Station, North Olean.REAL ESTATE-Alderman, E. E., 133 Union street.Boardman, O. P., 1 Main street, Boardmanville.Chapin, L. E., room 13, 2d floorExchange bank building.Steyner, E. B., 136^ Union street.OIL WORKS-Acme Oil Works, North Olean.RESTAURANTS-Coffey, M. J., 28 Railroad avenue.Fink, John, 163 State street.Feldhaus, DR. D. Anton, E. 66 BARROWS,Wayne street, corner Fifth. DENTIST,148 1-2 UNION STREET.

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTIN6.I 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 277RESTAURANTS-Coi.tinued.McDowell, W. A., 214 Union street.Osborn, Geo. W., 219 Union street.Quigley, J. J , 567 Union street.Schaffer, John, 130 State street.Schelin, A., proprietor World's Restaurant, 165 State street, cornerSeventh.Smith, Joseph A., 58 State streetSALOONS-Coffey, M. J., 28 Railroad avenue.Dutton, D. E., co.ner State and King streets, East Olean.Fink, John, 163 State street.Kief, M rs. Anna, Vine street, North Olean.Lang, Lewis N., 64-66 State street.Lay Leonard, 106 State street.McCray, P., 34 Wayne street.Pitts, Fred. 279 Union street.Schaffer, John, 130 State street.Schelin, Andrew, 165 State streetSchmitt, Peter, 126 State street.Quigley, J. J., 267 Union streetShultz, J. G., 100 State street.Smith, Joseph A., 58 State buildingsunionDistrict No. i—Building No. I, Sullivan street, betweenThird and Fourth streets; No. 2, corner Eleventh and Statestreets; No. 3; (Academy) corner State and Barry streets;No. 4, corner Bishop and Chestnut streets, East Olean; No. 5,South street, Boardmanville; No. 6, corner Reed and Buffalostreets.District No. 2—Union street, corner River, North Olean.German Lutheran, corner Laurens and Fourth streets.St. Mary's Parochial, corner Sullivan and Sixth streets.Miss Mary Lyon's select school, rooms 99 First street.SEWING MACHINES-Domestic, office 167 Union street.New Home, office 38 State street.Singer Manufacturing Co., office, 203 State.The White, office 109 Union street.STAND-Gardner, John, 68£ State street.STOCK FARM-F. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.Forman, George V., State street.F. H. OAKLEAF Barse Stock & CO.. Farm, WALL South PAPER Olean. AND WINDOW SHADES,Godfrey Stock Farm, North Olean.onon—tso

firUTjQT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectimULliliol. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to S. 3DK- S. 0". FISHEK, 3D. 3D. 63-Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.278 OLEAN DPRECTORYSTONE-Olean Blue Stone Co., room 13 Exchange Bank building, 151 Unionstreet, 3d floor.STORE HOUSES- -Armour & Co., foot Jay.Mutschlechner, Joseph, 156 State street.STREET CARS-Street Car barn and office, 264 Union streetSliRVEYORS-Blakeslee, M. A., 96 Barry streetHanks, H. S., 107 Union street.TAILORS-Ackerman, F. R., 187 Union street.Brenner, George, 221£ Union street.Duffy, P. J., 135 Union street.Hart, John, 245 Union street.Horner, Wm., shop, 4 Laurens street, 3d floor.Jahn, Anthony, 60 State street.Kurtzholtz, Edward, 114 Union street.Morris, loseph, 287 Union street.O'Day, T. F., 194 Union streetWeith, Henry, 103 Street.TANNERIES-Barrett, Levi, corner Green and Clinton streets.Hubbard & Blake, North Olean.Lee., Claflin & Sons, North Olean.Pierce Tannery, West Olean.Quirin, W. C. L., East Olean.Root & Keating, North Olean.Wright, Clark & Co., East Olean.TEA COMPANY-Grand Union Tea Co., dealers in tea, coffee and spices, 103 Unionstreet, Chas. F. Repp, manager.TELECRAPH-Postal Telegraph and Cable Co., 128 Union street.Western Union Telegraph Co., room 5, Exchange Bank building,1st floor.TELEPHONE-Telephone Exchange, Central office, room 5, Exchange Bank building,corner Union and Laurens streets.DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 279TORPEDO CO.-Gallagher Bros., 301 Union street.TRUSTEES-Village Trustees, room No. 7, city building, 2d floor.UNDERTAKERS-Blighton, E. C, 169 Union street.Crandall, Alburn, 59 State streetVARIETY STORE-A^iction Bargain store, 109 Union street.Riley & Co., 99 cent store, 144 Union street.Quirin, George L., department store, 171 Union streetVETERINARY SURGEON-Tarr, H. H., 80 Barry street.WATER COMMISSIONERS-Water Commissioners' office, room 8 city building, 2d floor.WOOL AND SEED-Bond, E. E., 226 Union street.COF. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES

nCMTIC f Esoecial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectULllllul. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5.IDE. 63. J. FISHEE, 3D. 3D. IThursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.280 OLEAN DIRECTORY.G eneralInformationTHE OLEAN HOSPITAL.President, AVilliam M. Irish; Vice-President, Thomas Gilligan;Secretary and Treasurer, E. E. Alderman.Trustees—Mayor Ch-rles E. Turuer, Hon. W. F. Wheeler, Hon. C.S. Cary, F. W. Higgins, J. V D. Coon, M. D.; Hon. F. W. Krus», F.L. Bartlett, L. F. Lawton, H. K. Wlrte, J. L. Baxter, N. V. V. Franchot,M. L, Lee, Hon. James Pierce, S. S. Bullis, H. M. Ernst, C. SStowell, W. H Mandeville, E. G. Dusenbury.Ladies' Visiting Committee—Mrs. Geo. T. Keith, Mrs. J. B.Strong, Miss Lizzie Danforth, Miss Dora Coss, Mrs. C. E. Andrews, Mrs.A. J. Thompson, Mrs. W. H. Mandeville, Mrs. W. O. Curtis, Mrs. W. H.Harrison, Mrs. R. M. Whitney, Mrs. H. O'Neil, Mrs. Henchy, Mrs. F.I.. Bartlett, Mrs. E. W. Stickney.Consulting Physicians and Surgeons—Prof. Stephen Smith,New York; Prof. Lewis A. Stimson, New York, Prof. Rosewell W.Park, Buffalo: Dr. C. H. Bartlett, Olean; Dr. M. C. Follett, Olean;Dr. J. E. K. Moiris, Olean; Dr. Edward Torry, Allegany, N. Y.Eye and Ear—Dr. B. H. Grove, Buffalo; Dr. W. O. Moore, NewYork; Dr. F. Valk, New York.Nose and Throat—Dr. C. C. Rice, New York.Physicians in Charge—Dr. F. H. Bartlett, eye and ear department;Dr. J. C. Clark, surgical and medical department.The Olean Hospital is a private enterprise, established by Drs. F. H.Bartlett and J C. Clark, for the benefit and accommodation of theirprivate patients. To meet the wants of Olean and surrounding countrythey have provided a place where the sick or injured can be placed underDR. D. E. BARROWS, DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING,I 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 281the most favorable conditions for recovery, viz.: pure air, cleanly surroundings,best of nursing and skillful treatment.The sanitary conditions of the hospital are the best, the buildingbeing entirely new, its location upon high ground and in a pleasant andquiet part of the city; the internal arrangement being such that patientscan be treated with the privacy of home and yet receive the benefit ofgood nursing and close attention of physicians.The hospital was established more particularly for treatment of generalsurgical conditions, acute and chronic, and diseases of eye arid ear,nose and throat, but all diseases, excepting those of a contagious characterare admitted.The surgical department will be in charge of Dr. J. C. Clark,formerly connected with Bellevue Hospital and instructor in operativesurgery at University Medical College, New York city.The department for the treatment of diseases of the eye and ear,throat and nose, will be in charge of Dr. F. H. Bartlett, specialist inthose branches.For the benefit of those who, from the nature of their work, are indanger of injury, this hospital offers a yearly insurance ticket. The costof the ticket is $5. It entitles the holder, in case of accident, to a freebed, board and treatment in the hospital for a period of thirty days duringthe year the ticket runs.Two hundred and fiftydollar^ will sustain a free bed for oneyear. For the accommodation of persons who are ill or injured and arenot able to pay for treatment the attending physicians offer their serviceswithout charge, provid ng the above expense is met by private subscripttions, charitable societies or organizations. The free beds are entirelyunder control of those who endow them, subject to rules and regulationsof the hospital.' An opportunity to secure training as nurses is open to a limitednumber. This course consists of eighteen months study and nursing inand outside the hospital. No salary will be paid, but nurses are givenexpenses during the term. Those wishing to avail themselves of thisopportunity can learn particulars by applying at the hospital. Nursesfurnished to private parties upon application.An ambulance, provided with necessary splints, bandages, stretcher,etc., can be obtained promply by notifying by telephone Dr. Coon's drugstore or in other ways the physicians. The ambulance will also be furnishedfor private use.Believing that an institution of this kind cannot reach its highestF. H. OAKLEAF, BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES

nrUTIPT Esoecial attention to Crown and Bridge work and CorrectingUEZIlliOi. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. 3D»- S. J. FISHEE, 3D. 3D- £3-Tbursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.enCOaims in the way of benefit to the community without the co-operation ofthe ladies, there has been elected by the trustees a Ladies' Visiting Committee,whose functions are to bring to the attention of the hospital anycase of sickness among the poor who would be benefitted by securing ad"vantages of hospital treatment, and to provide means for their comfortand actual expenses, the physicians giving their services without charge.Gifts of clothing, books, papers, fruits, flowers,etc., will be used forthe benefit of all the patients unless otherwise specified.Terms—Seven dollars per week in wards of hospital, including board.Private rooms $10 to $15 per week. All communications should be addressedto J. C. Clark, M. D.. Olean, N. Y.BOARD OF U. S. PENSION KXAMINING SURGEONS.Dr. J. L- Eddy, President, Olean; Dr. J. F. Steyner, Secretary,Olean; Dr. J. Cutler, Treasurer, Bolivar, N. Y.VILLAGE OFFICERS.Board of trustees—C. E. Turner, president E. Sturm, Firstward; L. E. Chapin, Second ward; J. I. McCarthy, Third ward; J. E.Gallagher, Fourth ward; Alfred Dickinson, Fifth ward. Fred L. Eaton,attorney and clerk; Frank L. Bartlett, treasurer; John C. Cook, bookkeeper.Police—Charles Shaffer, chief; Daniel Allen, Henry Sigel, LewisWright, policemen.Street Commissioner—F. E. Johnson.TOWN OFFICERS.Town Officers—M. B. Jewell, supervisor; Daniel' Collins, poormaster;W. S. Turner, E. R. Russell, Philip Griffin, highway commissioners;L. A. Mallery, collector. *Town Board—M. B. Jewell, supervisor; W. D. Parker, W. V.Smith, Henry McKinley, Fred L. Eaton, justices. Thomas Troy, townclerk; O. M. Merritt, collector of village and school tax.national guard.43RD Separate Co.—Armory corner North and Barry streets; C.G. Thyng, captain; S. J. Mudge, assistant surgeon; L. T. Mudge,first sergeant; J. E. Gallagher, quartermaster sergeant; A. J. Hastings,clerk; I. W. Councilman, armorer. Drill every Monday department.Fire Department—C. P. Luther, chief engineer; W. Barhydt,DR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.165 Union Street.OLEANDIRECTORY.first assistant; M. Albrecht, second assistant; W. L. Myrick, secretary;A. T. Eaton, treasurer.Fire Board—C. P. Luther, chairman. W. Barhydt, M. Albrecht,W. L. Myrick, A. T. Eaton, Wm. Chariest A. Peterson, F. L. Stowell,J. White, W. Hannifan, M. Hart, J. A. Smith.Fountain Hose Co., No. I.—Quarters 88 First street, organizedAugust 3, i860. W. Charles, foreman; W. L. Myrick, secretary,Chamberlin Hook & Ladder Co., No. i.—Quarters city building,Union and State streets, re-organization of Pioneer Hook & LadderCo., February, 1883. A. Peterson, foreman; H. C. Schamel, secretary.Citizen Hose Co., No. 2—Quarters city building. OrganizedJune 24, 1879. F. L. Stowell, foreman; C. L. Bedford, secretary.Luther Hose Co., No. 4.—Quarters 260 Union street OrganizedDecember 9, 1881. J. White, foreman; M. Lynch, secretary.Barse Hose Co., No. 5.—Quarters 220 State street. OrganizedSeptember 28, 1883. W. Hannifan, foreman; C. Scheiterle, secretary.Turner Hose Co., No. 6.—Quarters 80 Wayne street. OrganizedJanuary 14, 1889. M. Hart, foreman; E. Yarton, secretary.Olean Fire Police.—Quarters city building. Organized and incorporatedApril 14, 1887. J- A- Smith, captain; W. E. Reynolds,secretary.MISCELLANEOUS.Board of Education, 1889.—C. H. Rockwood, president. J. W.Pratt, Charles Gillingham, Dr. J. E. K. Morris, F. W. Kruse, J. B.Frawley, Alfred Dickinson, C. S. Stowell, Henry Chamberlin. G. W.D. Baird, clerk.Board of Water Commissioners—G. S. Bussell, president. J.F. Johnson, Herman Schuetz, treasurer. J. Z. LeFever, superintendent.eracoF. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO.. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nrHTIPT Especfar attention to Crown and Bridge woiHcancfCorrec tiwLIlIiIIoI. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. X3*i. 63- J. F I S H E E , 3D. 3D. 63-Thursdays 9 to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.Olean Lodges and Societies.Equitable Aid Union, No. 229—Meets every Friday evening, K. ofH. hall, third floor,164-166 Union street. W. H. Beers, president^Mrs. II. E. Dickinson, secretary.Knights of Honor—Meets every Wednesday eveningat K. of H. hall,third floor,164-166 Union street. J. A. Brendell, dictator; C. H.Rockwood, reporter.Catholic Mutual Benefit Association—Meets every other Wednesdayevening, A. O. U. W. hall, third floor, 152-154 Union street. ThomasGilligan, president} John J. Woods, corresponding secretary.Olean Council, No. 144, Royal Templars of Temperance—Meetsevery Monday evening, K. of H. hall, third floor,164-166 Union street.F. D. Howlett, select councilor; A. M. Butler, recording secretary; JohnBoyer, financialsecretary.Olean Legion, No. 7, Select Knights, Ancient Order United Workmen—Meetsfirstand third Firday evenings of each month at A. O. U.W. hall, third floor,152-154 Union street. E. H. Dennison, commander;G. W. D. Baird, recorder.Crescent Lodge, No. 60, Ancient Order United Workmen—Meetsevery Monday evening at A. O. U. W. hall, third floor,152-154 Unionstreet. E. J. Varney, master workman; O. W. Godfrey, recorder.Olean Council, No. 869, Royal Arcanum—Meets second and fourthThursdays of each month, at K. of H. hall, third floor,164-166 Unionstreet. C. H. Rockwood, regent; O. P. Ross, secretary.Olean Lodge, No. 371, Ancient Qrder United Workmen—Meetssecond and fourth Fridays ol each month at A. O. U. W. hall, third floor152-154 Union street. George Luther, master workman; J. P. Johnson,recorder.Olean Lodge, No. 252, Free and Accepted Masons—Meets firstandthird Tuesdays of each month at Masonic hall, third floor,143 Unionstreet. John Sloane, W. master; C. S. Hanks, secretary.Olean Chapter, No. 150, Royal Arch Masons—Meets second andDR. D. E. BARROWS,148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65 Union Street.OLEAN DIRECTORY. 235fourth Fridays of each month at Masonic hall, third floor, 143 Unionstreet. W. V. Smith, high priest; E. H. Austin, secretary.Olean Council, No. 33, Royal and Select Masters—Meets secondWednesday of each month at Masonic hall, third floor,143 Union street.W. L. Myrick, thrice 111. master; C. S. Hanks, recorder.St John's Commandery, No. 24, Knight's Templars—Meets secondWednesday in each month at Masonic hall, third floor,143 Union street.F. W. Higgins, commander; E. H. Austin, recorder.Olean,Lodge, No. 471, Independent Order Odd Fellows—Meetsevery Tuesday at I. O. O. F. hall, third floor, 85J Union street. E.Morris, noble grand; M. J. Derrig, secretary.Riverside Tent, No. io, Knights of the Maccabees—Meets second,fourth and fifth Mondays of each month at A. O. F. hall, second floor,121 Union street. Geo. Walhouser, commander; John Quigley, recordkeeper.Olean Lodge, No. 273, Knights of Pythias—Meets every Wednesdayevening at A. O. F. hall, second floor,121 Union street. R. E. Miller,chancellor commander; James M. Maurer, keeper of records and seals.German Relief Association—Meets every first and third Tuesday ofeach month at Edel's hall, second floor, 215 State street F. Kritter,president; P. Kritter, secretary.Bayard Post, No. 222, Grand Army of Republic—Meets every alternateWednesday evening at A. O. U. W. hall, third floor, 152-154Union street. J. H. Thompson, commander; H. S. Merrill, adjutantCourt Acme, No. 6,793, Ancient Order Foresters—Meet everysecond and third Thursdays of each month at A. O. F. hall, second floor,121 Union street. C. Biddlecombe, chief ranger; J. W. Davis, financialsecretary.Local Union No. 4,547, Carpenters and Joiners of America—Meetsevery Friday evening at A. O. F. hall, second floor, 121 Union street.J. I. McCarthy, president; G. D. Miles, corresponding secretary.J. L. Eddy Camp6l, Sons of Veterans—Meets every other Thursdayevening at A. O. U. W. hall, third floor, 152-154 Union street. D.McMillen, captain; J. Umferfate, orderly sergeant.Light's of the West Lodge, No. 42, Free and Accepted Masons,[colored]—Meets first and third Mondays of each month at rooms secondfloor, 95J Union street. T. J. Saunders, W. master; George Middleton,secretary.Olean Medical and Surgical Club— Meets firstand third Wednesdayevenings of each month.enCOcoF. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO.. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

DCIUTIQT Especial attention to Crown and Bridge work and Correc ti nlUIEoI. Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12: 1 to 5. 3333. S J. FI63HEE 3D. 3D 63-Thursdays »to 12. Office Duke Block, Olean, M. 1.286 OLEAN DIRECTORYA C M E OIL C O M P A N Y .Office, Works, Filling Station and Barrel Factory,Located at North Manager 'Wm. M. IrishAssistant ManagerJohn E. EgglestonSuperintendent and InspectorD. R. LaughlinC?shierW. O. CurtissChief Book-keeperA. I. WilliamsTelegraph Operator and Shipping ClerkH. F. DavisStorehouse Book-keeperJ. C. DoudAssistant Book-keeperA. P. ArnoldFreight ClerkJ. W. DickinsonStenographer for General ManagerJ. Agnes SmithAssistant to Telegraph Operator and Clerk Harry E, SpauldingOffice BovEynon BoslerWORKS,Foreman of Crude Still DepartmentJohn CurrenForeman of Tar Still DepartmentJ. P. CaldwellForeman of Boiler MakersW. H. MonahanForeman of MasonsH. S. McNeilleForeman of CarpentersW. J. WardForeman of Pipe FittersA. J. KlottenYard ForemanW. J. LawtonNight ForemanLuke PhillipsMachinist ." Frank RebmanInspector of Burning TestsJ. D. Hastingsfilling station.Filling Station Superintendent E. D. WescottForeman of Domestic Trade DepartmentPaul GreenShipping ClerkJ. D. AbramsBARREL FACTORY.Barrel Factory Superintendent Henry GerstenbergerForemanJohn BoyerTime KeeperL. P. AbbottCashier and Book-keeperF. L. BentonAssistant DR. Book-keeper D. E. BARROWS, DENTIST, Frank TaylorEngineer148 1-2 UNION STREET.B. JohnsonOffice BoyFrank Depskenskie

M. ALBRECHT, PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING.I 65 Union Street.F A C U L T YOf St. Bonaventure's College, Allegany, N. Y.Very Rev. *Fr. Joseph F. Butler, O. S. F., president. Professor ofLatin, higher mathematics, elocution, geometry, rhetoric, history, geographyand of christian doctrine.Rev. Fr. Joachim J. Molloy, O. S. F., vice-president and disciplinarian.Professor of book-keeping and the natural sciences.Rev. Lewis J. Stanton, O. S. F., director of studies, professor ofmoral theology, canon law and sacred eloquence.Rev. Fr. John Roser, O. S. F., professor of philosophy, Hebrew,church history, ceremonies and liturgy.Rev. Fr. Cyprian Dal Monte, O. S. F., professor of dogmatictheology, sacred scripture and hermeneutics.Rev. Fr. Bonaventure M. Fuchs, O. S. F., professor of history ofphilosophy, Latin and Greek.Rev. Fr. Francis Coen, O. S. F., professor of Latin and Greek.Rev. Fr. Philip J. Waldman, O. S. F., professor of fifthLatin, German,second arithmetic and second English.Rev. Fr. Dominic J. Scanlan, O. S. F., professor of fourth Latin,second English and of christian doctrine.Bro. Michael P. Mann, O. S. F., professor of rhetoric, Englishliterature, French and Greek.Bro. Lawrence J. Wards, O. S. F., professor of sixth Latin.Bro. Andrew W. Slattery, O. S. F., professor of firstEnglish, thirdarithmetic and of christian doctrine.Rev. John Mangan, professor of second geometry.William F. Krampf, professor of vocal and instrumental music andgregorian chant.M. C. Follett, M. D., physician.F. H. OAKLEAF. BOOKS, STATIONERY AND NEWS DEALER.F. H. OAKLEAF & CO., WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES.

nCHTICT Esoecial attention to Crown and Brido-e work and CorrectingUCIl Noli Irregularities.Hours 9 to 12; 1 to 5. JD*t. S3- J. E I S H E E , 3D. 3D. 63.Thui-BdayB 9 to 12: Office Duke Block, Olean, N. Y.288 OLEAN DIRECTORYFORMAN LIBRARY.Library building 85 Union street. Open every day except Sundaysand legal holidays, from 1 to 6 and 7 to 9 p. m. F. W. Higgins, president;Mrs. J. R. Jewell, secretary; Miss Ella Hazlett, librarian.BUFFALO STREET LAND CO.Buffalo Street Land Company—F. H. Bartlett, president; E. E.Alderman, secretary and manager. Office 133 Union street.LOANASSOCIATIONS.Olean Branch American Building and Loan Association—Office 133 Union street. J. V. D. Coon, president; E. E. Alderman,secretary; L. E. Chapin, treasurer.Olean Branch National Building, Loan and ProtectiveAssociation—Office 95^ Union street. C. S. Stowell, president; C. P.Moulton, secretary; W. C. Winsor, treasurer.Olean Branch National Building and Saving Association—Office 185J Union street. M. C. Follett, president; H. D. Sibley,secretary; W. H. Sage, treasurer{/tH/ ^t)R. D. E. BARROWS,0 1 148 1-2 UNION STREET.DENTIST,

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