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newsletter - Pershore High School

newsletter - Pershore High School

“Through the

“Through the Chair……………….!!!”… your Chair of Governors shares some thoughts on School Governance and Governors!‘School Governance’ is concernedwith overseeing and steering theSchool towards sensible andreasonable outcomes that arewithin its resource base to achieveand which are in the best interestsof its students and the localcommunity.The Governing Body of a schoolis made up of a diverse group ofpeople drawn from the localcommunity, the parents of thestudents and representativesfrom business and other localorganisations who have an interestsuch as colleges and universities.The Government has been verykeen to encourage this diversityof membership in an attempt tohelp schools to develop morerelevant education experiencesthat will equip young people forlife and work.Rule number one to rememberabout any Governing body is thatits members always actcollectively – never independently.However, since it would be difficultfor Governors to meet togetherevery time they have to agree ona decision they have the power todelegate some decision-making.This works through certainsub-committees set up for thepurpose who report back to thewhole governing body on thedecisions they have made on theirbehalf.Perhaps more significantly,the Chair of Governors has adelegated responsibility torespond on behalf of theGoverning Body when thecircumstances call for it. Again,it would be unwieldy for everyGovernor to have to respondindependently every time therewas a question raised. So, tomake things more stream-lined,the Governing body delegatespower to the Chair to respond ontheir behalf. In turn, the Chair isaccountable to the whole body fortheir actions. (If an individualGovernor does take ‘unilateralaction’ on any issue then it isdeemed to originate within thewhole governing body.)The Chair is effectively the ‘leader’of the Governing body and shouldbe able to help it identify prioritiesand steer its members towardssensible goals and outcomes.The Chair needs to establisha close and viable workingrelationship with the Headteacherand Senior Management Team –something that I am pleased tosay works very well at Pershore.The Chair also has a responsibilityto ensure that each member of theGoverning body is encouraged tomake a contribution to its debateson the basis of their expertise andbackground knowledge. It is myfirm belief that all members of thegoverning body should be able tomake a real contribution to thedevelopment of the school. Thiswill depend on how well they canbe involved and motivated byidentifying projects and issues thatwill prove stimulating for them.We have recently been debatinghow this process can be mademore effective. In the New Yearwe intend to embark on a pilotproject to assess how Governorscan make their contributions morerelevant to the current schoolpriorities and ways of working.As Chair of Governors at PershoreI have been very conscious of theneed to try and get everyonefeeling involved. Our recent effortsto bring the workings of theGoverning Body more in line withthe way that 21 st centuryorganisations should operate hasresulted in setting up a newwebsite area where Governors willbe able to share ideas, downloadinformation and participate in anongoing dialogue with each otherand eventually with the school andparents.4We also need to remember thatGovernors are volunteers whogive their time to the job at thecost of other things they could bedoing…..but, Governors are therebecause they have an interest inthe school and its young people.On occasion, being a Governorcan be very demanding of yourtime and this has been increasingof late as the Government (andnow Ofsted) have seen fit to putmore pressure on Governors tobe involved in the schools towhich they are attached.Nowadays, School Governance isbecoming more high profile andvisible and because of this yourschool Governors are keen toknow what other ‘stakeholders’think they should be focussingon?We now have an area of theSchool Website dedicated toGovernors and we want to startusing this as a forum for increasedGovernor activity. If you are aParent, Teacher, Support Staff,Student or other member of theschool community please do nothesitate to make your views onSchool Governance known tous. It is only through an activedialogue that Governors cando the best job they can for theschool.You can contact any Governorthrough the Clerk to theGovernors at Pershore HighSchool.Rob PhillipsChair of GovernorsNB: Over the next few months,we will be publishing profiles ofall your Governors in the schoolnewsletter.

Friends of Pershore High SchoolThe Friends of Pershore High School needs YOUR help….Over recent months we havehelped the school, and, therefore,your child/ren by purchasing awide range of items including:● £2000 towards the new minibus● £200 towards Youth Award –ASDAN● A spirometer for biology● A storage shed for technologyequipment● Autistic Spectrum DisorderSpecific resources includingBaby Belling Cooker and a GiantFloor Cushion, DVD copier forEnglish, Stage make up andequipment for Dramaand much, much more.A large part of our fundraisingcomes from our 100+ Club whichhas been successfully run byMrs Sandra Bird for several years.Sandra has informed us that shewill definitely be resigning from thisposition next summer and so weneed someone to take on her role.We will also be needing a newTreasurer at that time, so maybethis could be an opportunity for youand a friend to get involved withthe work of the Friends.Without your help we will not beable to continue to run the 100+Club – don’t forget all the profits gostraight back to the school and therest in prize money to the luckywinners.Why not take this opportunity tojoin the 100+ Club – look out forthe yellow form included in thisnewsletter.If you want to find out more pleasefeel free to contact Sandra on01905 391469 – I know she willbe happy to hear from you.100 CLUBOCTOBER/NOVEMBERWINNERSOctober£60 No 43 Taber£40 No 165 T Cole£20 No 228 Herdman£10 No 75 P ColeNovember£60 No 44 Sprott£40 No 212 Faizey£20 No 146 Loxley£10 No 170 FowlerQuiz and Auction of PromisesThis popular event will take place on Friday, 5 th February 2010.Teams are limited to 6 players and the cost is £1 per person.Please bring your own refreshments.We need offers of “promises” so rack your brains and see if you can come up withsomething that others will pay good money to have a go at or purchase.Some suggestions are:● Tickets for events (last year we had 2 tickets for the Cheltenham Gold Cup)● Meal vouchers● Beauty treatments/massage/hair etc● Hampers of luxury foodstuffs● Weekend awayetc.To book a table please complete and return the reply slip below.Quiz and Auction of PromisesPlease return to Student Services in an envelope marked for the attention of:The Friends of Pershore High SchoolI would like to book a table of 6 and the name of my team is ………………………………………………………...…..I enclose £……………I can offer the following auction “promise” ………………………………………………..…...Name………………………………………………………………….……... Child’s Tutor Group………………………….5

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