Download BAOT Membership Brochure and Application Form

Download BAOT Membership Brochure and Application Form

peace of mindn £5 million professional indemnity insurance protects you against potential practice claimsn UNISON advice on employment and workplace issues safeguards you at workn CPD material and events help you maintain your registration with the Health Professions Councilprofessionaldevelopmentn Access a wealth of lifelong learning materials tobuild your career and to support your CPDn Enjoy member-only discounts for eventsn Enjoy free downloads of College books assoon as titles are publishedn Receive the latest job vacancies in the statutoryand other sectorsn Receive monthly updates via Occupational TherapyNews, the UK’s only OT best-practice magazineexclusive practice guidancen Dedicated helpline to answer your queries and give advicen Access to member-only websiten Support for members’ research from the UK Occupational Therapy Research Foundationn Briefings and guidelines available onlinen Evidence-based updates in the monthly British Journal of Occupational Therapynews andnetworksn Meet and exchange ideas with OT professionals inregional and local groups, and Specialist Sectionsn Communicate with members via our social media channelsn Join the World Federation of Occupational Therapistsspreading the wordn Lobby and campaign, make your voice heardn Have your say in shaping the future of your professionn We’ll engage with policy decision-makers on your professional body…it’s simply indispensable

joinherefor professional developmentAs your professional body, our focus is on your continuing professionaldevelopment. We help with members’ career development, whetheryou are starting your first job, returning to work after a break, looking forpromotion, changing role, or moving to a new sector. Keep on learning withour Interactive Learning Opportunities Database (ILOD), a ‘one stop CPD shop’where you can find guidance and resources to help you with career planning,tools for your CPD and information on formal learning, training opportunities– and events at special member-only discounts. What’s more, you can enjoyfree downloads of College books as soon as they are published, saving youup to £400 (should hard copies be purchased) to keep you up to speed in theworkplace.The College Library and Information Service houses the UK nationalcollection of occupational therapy literature. You can access over 7,000 OTpublications and 120 journal titles – including international publications, Master’sand Doctoral theses. The Library Enquiry Line – professional librarians on call during officehours – is exclusive to members. You can access our library catalogue online or alternatively tell us what you needand our experts can help you to source the literature and information required for your practice.Members get two publications delivered free to their doorevery month. Occupational Therapy News is news and practicefocused, bringing you features on clinical updates and sharingexciting service developments. The British Journal of OccupationalTherapy (BJOT) is the world’s only peer-reviewed monthly OTjournal, with papers on education, management and research.You can search online and download BJOT issues from 1998onwards. What’s more, members have online access to theCanadian Journal of Occupational Therapy.And, as you shape your future development, BAOT willhelp with your job search. Check out the latest careervacancies in The British Journal of Occupational Therapyand Occupational Therapy News or go online to themember-only section of our website for a Job Alert tailored toyour needs.joinherefor exclusive practice guidanceJoin BAOT and you can speak to our team of dedicated officers. They’re available toanswer your queries and offer advice, from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. It’s aninvaluable helpline – providing a level of professional guidance exclusively for OTstaff that you’ll find nowhere else. And the member-only website gives you onlineaccess to news, free downloadable publications and advice, jobs, freebriefings and help with your practice issues and lifelong learning.The United Kingdom Occupational Therapy Research Foundation– a division of the College – supports members’ research and seeks toincrease the research capacity of the profession. In addition, members are encouraged toapply for College awards, to help fund education and CPD that assists their practice.Remember, BAOT supports you wherever your practice might be. Whether you’re studying, taking a career break,employed or self-employed, we want to be with you throughout your career – from student to expertpractitioner, manager, consultant, researcher or educator.4

Please pull out this four page membership form, complete and return.Alternatively, visit, click on Membership/Application Form to download an application form.MembershipApplication FormBAOT, 106–114 Borough High Street, London, SE1 1LB. Tel: 020 7450 2348 Fax: 020 7450 2299 Email: A: Membership categoryPlease tick the appropriate box (details of the requirements of each category can be found on the final page of this form)Professional Member Discounted Professional Member Self-employed Member Retired MemberAssociate Member Discounted Associate Member Overseas Member Career BreakMEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED FROM 01/_______ /_______(Please indicate month and year you wish membership to commence. Please note that all memberships commence from the 1st of each month)SECTION B: Personal DetailsSurname:_________________________________________________ Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms/Dr etc. ________________________________Forename(s): __________________________________________________ Male FemaleHome address:______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Post code:________________________________Home tel: ___________________________________________ Contact email: ________________________________Mobile tel:___________________________________________Date of Birth: ________/________/________ National Insurance Number: ________________________________SECTION C: Qualifications – (not required to be completed for Associate membership)Qualifications: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________University/College studied at: ________________________________________________________________________________________Date of qualification: ________/________/________ HPC Number (if known): _________________________________SECTION D: Employer & Work DetailsIMPORTANT INFORMATION: YOU NEED TO COMPLETE THIS SECTION FOR YOUR APPLICATION TO BE PROCESSED. If you are not currentlyemployed then please enter your previous employer details. If you have not worked before then please ensure that you have entered the nameof your University or College in the Qualifications section. This information is required so that you can be provided with industrial relationssupport (where appropriate).Please indicate whether this is your Current employer Previous employer/University or CollegeEmployer name:Work address:______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Post code: _______________________________________Work tel: _________________________________________ Work fax:________________________________________________Job title:________________________________________________________________________________________________________SECTION E: Ethnic OriginPlease circle your appropriate ethnic originWhite White/European Asian Black/Caribbean Black/African Black/Other Bangladeshi Chinese OrientalOther - Please specify _____________________________________________________________________________________________________BAOT Use OnlyB T July 2010

SECTION F: Method of PaymentPlease choose ONE method of paymentChequeCredit/Debit CardI enclose a cheque for £ ___________ made payable to “British Association of Occupational Therapists”Please charge £__________________ to my Visa/MasterCard/Maestro* (please select one)Card Number: - ( Maestro Only)Expiry Date:___________________Start Date/Issue No.*:_______________ *Maestro card holders onlyCard Security Code(3 digit code embossed or imprinted on the reverse side of the card)Direct DebitSECTION G: DeclarationI enclose the completed direct debit instruction (Overleaf)NB: We are not allowed to accept faxed copies of direct debit mandatesI apply for membership of the British Association of Occupational Therapists and, if accepted, undertake to be bound by the provisions of itsMemorandum and Articles of Association and its Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. I confirm that I fulfil the conditions of the category ofmembership for which I am applying.Signature of applicant: _______________________________________________________ Date: ________/________/________NB: Once accepted as a member of BAOT, should you wish to resign your membership you will need to notify us directly of this. Your membershipwill then be cancelled with effect from the end of that current month or the end of the requested month, if later.Data Protection statementBAOT treats your information in the strictest confidence. Information provided by you is recorded by BAOT for statistical purposes and is onlypassed on to third parties in order to provide you with BAOT services, election facilities and other information required by statute. In particular,your details are passed on to, and recorded by, UNISON in order to provide you with industrial relations support as part of your BAOT membership.Payment informationPAYING BY CHEQUETo pay the subscription in full until 30th September 2011, please use the following table to determine how much you need toinclude with your completed application form. For example, if you wish to commence Discounted Professional Membershipfrom the 1st August 2010 then you need to submit payment of £219.20.Please be careful of the staples when removing the formProfessionalMember*£DiscountedProfessionalMember*£AssociateMember£DiscountedAssociateMember*£Self-Employed£Overseas£Retired Member£Career Break£July 2010August 2010September 2010October 2010November 2010December 2010January 2011February 2011March 2011April 2011May 2011June 2011July 2011August 2011September 2011312.87292.34271.81251.28230.34209.40188.46167.52146.58125.64104.7083.7662.8241.8820.94234.60219.20203.80188.40172.70157.00141.30125.60109.9094.2078.5062.8047.1031.4015.70183.63171.58159.53137.46128.44119.42161.10150.48139.86Beginning of 2010/11 new subscription year147.48135.19122.90110.6198.3286.0373.7461.4549.1636.8724.5812.29110.40101.2092.0082.8073.6064.4055.2046.0036.8027.6018.409.20129.24118.47107.7096.9386.1675.3964.6253.8543.0832.3121.5410.77136.26127.32118.38109.44100.3291.2082.0872.9663.8454.7245.6036.4827.3618.249.1277.5572.4667.3762.2857.0951.9046.7141.5236.3331.1425.9520.7615.5710.385.19213.66199.64185.62171.60157.30143.00128.70114.40100.1085.8071.5057.2042.9028.6014.30* Please note that discounted membership is available only to individuals who have not previously been either Professional or Associatemembers. The discount is only available until the end of the first subscription year, after which membership will change to that of aprofessional or associate member.

informationWHAT MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS WILL I RECEIVE?For information on the benefits you will receive when you become a member of BAOT, please see the table below.Further details can be found in the “Join Here” booklet, on the BAOT website, or by contacting the MembershipAdministration Department.ProfessionalMemberSelf-EmployedOverseasMemberAssociateMemberRetiredMemberCareerBreakIndustrial relations advice and assistance (through UNISON)✓✓✓Receipt of two monthly publications(The British Journal of Occupational Therapy and Occupational Therapy News)Access to members area of BAOT website, including access to onlinevacancies, publications and BJOT.✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓Professional advice to support your work in occupational therapy✓✓✓✓✓✓Personal professional indemnity insurance*✓✓*✓**✓✓✓Access to the COT library with its national collection of occupationaltherapy literature, and literature search facilities✓✓✓✓✓✓Membership of a regional and local group✓✓✓✓✓75% Income tax relief on subscriptions †✓✓✓✓Membership badge✓✓✓✓✓✓Voting rights for council representation and any BAOT ballots✓✓✓✓✓✓Special low rates for annual conferences, events, publications and courses✓✓✓✓✓✓* Cover for members has a limit of £1,500 gross earnings per year. **The cover for Overseas members is also limited depending on the location of the claim.Please contact the Membership Administration Department for further details. † For UK taxpayers only.WHICH MEMBERSHIP CATEGORY SHOULD I JOIN?Please read the following to ensure you are applying for the correct category of membership. A full list of the benefits ofmembership for each category can be found in the “Join Here” booklet or on the BAOT website Membership – You must hold a professional qualification recognised by Council or have completed a periodof training or actual practice as an occupational therapist as prescribed by Council. You must either be registered with theHealth Professions Council or be eligible for registration with the Health Professions Council and be resident in the UK.Discounted Professional Membership – As for Professional membership, but you will not have been a Professionalmember before. You will receive a 25% discount until the end of your first subscription year.Associate Membership – You must be engaged in work within the recognised definition of occupational therapy, but beineligible for registration with the Health Professions Council. You must be supervised in this work by a person who is eligiblefor Professional membership.Discounted Associate Membership – As for Associate membership, but you will not have been an Associate memberbefore. You will receive a 25% discount until the end of your first subscription year.Self-Employed Member – As for Professional membership, but you should be wholly self-employed. A full definition can befound on the BAOT website or in the “Join Here” booklet.Overseas Membership – As for Professional membership, but you must be resident outside the UK.Career Break Membership – You are entitled to a special discounted membership fee whilst taking a career break of upto one year.Retired Membership – You must be an occupational therapist or support worker no longer actively employed in that rolebecause of retirement at the statutory age, or any form of retirement recognised by employers.If you have any further questions regarding BAOT membership,please contact the Membership Administration Department:Tel: 020 7450 2348 Email: professional body…it’s simply indispensablePlease return completed form to:Membership Administration DepartmentBAOT106–114 Borough High StreetLondonSE1 1LB

Your professional body…it’s simply of mind...Professional development...Exclusive practice guidance...News and networks...Spreading the word...British Association of Occupational Therapists106–114 Borough High Street, London SE1 1LBTel: 020 7357 6480 British Association of Occupational Therapists Ltd is a companyregistered in England No. 392350 VAT Reg. No. 242 7829 47

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