Covering and Lining Membranes

Covering and Lining Membranes

Covering and Lining Membranes


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10/16/2008<strong>Covering</strong> <strong>and</strong> <strong>Lining</strong><strong>Membranes</strong>Types of membranes• Cutaneous- Is your skin.• Mucous- Lines body cavities that open tothe exterior.• Serous- Moist membranes found in closedventral body cavities.Cutaneous <strong>Membranes</strong>• An organ system consisting of keratinizedstratified squamous epithelium (epidermis)firmly attached to a thick layer of denseirregular connective tissue (dermis).• Unlike other epithelial membranes, thismembrane is exposed to the air <strong>and</strong> is dry.• Cutaneous membranes are thick, relativelywaterproof, <strong>and</strong> dry.1

10/16/2008Mucous <strong>Membranes</strong>• Lines body cavities that open to theexterior, such as those of the holloworgans of the digestive, respiratory, <strong>and</strong>urogenital tracts.• They are wet or moist membranes that arebathed by secretions.• The connective tissue portion of a mucousmembrane is called the lamina propria.Mucous Membrane continued…• The epithelial sheet is directly underlain bya layer of loose connective tissue calledthe lamina propria.• Are often adapted for absorption <strong>and</strong>secretion.Serous <strong>Membranes</strong>• Moist membranes found in closed ventralbody cavities.• Consists of simple squamous epitheliumresting on a thin layer of loose connectivetissue.• Parietal lines the outer wall of the internalchamber. The visceral portion coversorgans within the body cavity.2

10/16/2008Hints to the word search• 1. Firmly attached to the connective tissue.• 2. Irregular connective tissue.• 3. An organ system consisting of a layer ofepithelium tissue.• 4. Wet or moist membrane.• 5. Found in closed ventral body cavities.• 6. Means “one own layer.”Sources• http://www.innvista.com/health/anatomy/membrane.htm3

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