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WAREWASHING - Hobart Food Equipment

Key Benefits of Investingin a Hobart Top Tech DishwasherWhat can Top Tech do for your work?Clean water and reduced detergent consumptionExceptional results with Deep Drain, eliminating heavy dirtparticles from the wash tank.Sanitised kitchen waresTemperature, quantity and pressure of the rinsing water is kept ata constant with the Constant Rinse Performance rinsing systemintegrated by a precise electronic programmable Thermostop.Easy to clean & less fatigue for the operatorThe Top Tech dishwashers are built to make fast cleaning operationsat the end of the shift. Thanks to the final completely automatic selfwashingcycle. Every part, from the one-piece deep drawn washtank, to the washing chamber without internal manifolds, thedouble surface filters and to the moulded strainer basket guides, isdesigned to make the daily cleaning routine simple and fast.EconomyThanks to their advanced construction the consumption of waterand energy is reduced, as little as 2.7 litres per basket for the 710 &740 models. By washing with cleaner water the detergent has ahigher effectiveness and also the quantity required is reduced;the operative cycles are shorter allowing a more efficient utilisationof the warewasher. Hobart’s technology has equipped every modelwith an effective Energy Saving electronic device that avoidsunnecessary power consumption during intermittent work periods.WAREWASHINGBetter working environmentLess noise and less heat in the environment with the integraldouble-walled construction; an end to bad smells and betterhygiene with the fully self-draining pumps.Intuitive functioningThe electronic control panel allows you to command the machinewith a few large push buttons with intuitive meaning; the lightingindicators and the digital displays visualise the working state andthe current temperatures, as required by the HACCP standards.Total qualityThe Top Tech dishwashers are designed to guarantee maximumreliability. The components used are among the best to be found onthe market. Incorporated as a standard is a self-diagnostic systemfor all the main electric components in order to simplify the maintenanceoperations. Top Tech is a Hobart product, the quality systemis certified ISO 9000 and the production building is the mostmodern in Europe, because “Total Quality” is not just a slogan.Always at your sideThe Hobart warewashers are distributed only by Hobart’sauthorised retailers; the company takes direct care of the serviceand training; the distribution of the spare parts is ensured byHobart, a structure solely dedicated to keeping excellence incustomer service.The Top Tech range of dishwashers have achieved excellence in washing performance due to theirDEEP DRAIN FILTERING SYSTEM which eliminates the heaviest particles of dirt from the one-piece deepdrawn wash tank every cycle, resulting in reduced detergent usage and cost savings.Deep DrainClean water and reduced detergent consumption.Deep Drain is able to achieve this apparent contradiction.At the end of every washing cycle a dedicated pump,drains the accumulation of heavy dirt particles, eliminatingthem from the wash tank.Before the next washing cycle the level is reintegratedwith the introduction of clean water coming from therinsing boiler. In this way the washing is made withcleaner water, but the low consumption of water isstill maintained.Water mix after 1 hour –Traditional Drain Filtering System.Water mix after 1 hour –Deep Drain Filtering System.Traditional DrainDeep Drain3

MAINSMAINSUNCONTROLLEDRINSE TEMPERATURE& PRESSURETRADITIONALRINSEOFFON=MAINSOFFMAINSONMAINTAINSCONSTANT RINSETEMPERATURE& PRESSURE=Look for PerfectionFor your clients you ask for perfectly cleanand sanitised dishes. You need a goodwash, but above all a perfect rinse thattakes away all the soap and guaranteesgood sanitation.You need Hobart CRP –Constant Rinse Performance.CRP (Constant Rinse Performance)Is the answer for those looking for optimum results and excellence inhygiene. In all applications the refined technology of the Hobart CRPsystem guarantees perfect rinse results. CRP out-performs traditionalrinsing systems that push colder water into the heated boilerrinsing circuit creating an uncontrolled water mixture and reductionof rinse water temperature.The CRP boiler is not connected to mains pressure during the rinsingphase, the dedicated rinse pump draws the rinse water onlyfrom the boiler and delivers it directly to the washware, creatingconstant rinse temperature and pressure. Only when this is completedoes the CRP boiler replenish with mains pressure water.4 HOBART TOP TECH DISHWASHERS

WAREWASHINGHobart Top Tech DishwashersSimple. Reliable. Efficient.Clean Assist TechnologyThe Hobart TOP TECH CLEAN ASSIST self-integrated wash program isautomatically activated on drain down of the machine, so the cleaning of thedishwasher is fast, thorough and effortless, thus saving time and money.Key Features Insulated hood / door Rinse pressure pump Class “A” air gap One-piece deep drawn wash tank Clean assist program Large usable chamber heightClean! Less effort for the personnel.Superior rinsing! Independent circuits andhigh tech spray arms.Ergonomic! And silent, thanks to thedouble-walled body with balanced door.Easy! Function push buttons andtemperature displays to satisfy HACCP standards.Versatile! Hobart’s range of baskets allows you to effectively washglasses and other wares of all shapes and sizes.5

Excellencein Performance& Reliability6 HOBART TOP TECH DISHWASHERS

WAREWASHINGTop Tech 500Versatility – Four independent cyclesIn the health service, in quality restaurants, in all types of food outletsthe versatility, hygiene and overall results are paramount.That’s why Hobart recommends the Top Tech 500, an innovativedishwasher compact outside but with a great load capacity thatallows you to clean particularly large sized dishes – including,thermally insulated trays, self-service trays and other items up to385mm in height.Every article, from the glass to the kitchen utensil, can bewashed in the most suitable way because Top Tech 500 hasfour independent cycles selectable from the control panel,while the Quick Start function allows you to begin the servicequicker, with less down time. The pumps for the detergent andrinse aid are supplied as a standard, making the Top Tech 500a complete product!Technology also means less stress for the operators. Top Techuses a special door with ultra soft locking that reduces the effortand allows smooth operation while the self-cleaning cycle makesfor fast, effective and hygienic end of shift machine shutdown.Superior Results! With independent washingand rinsing circuits.Easy & Fast! Refined construction technology.Silent! Integral double-walled insulation.Immediate! Minimal function push buttons tosimplify your work.Huge! Can even washEuronorm / Gastronorm trays.Versatile! Suitable to many uses.7

WAREWASHINGTop Tech 710 / 740Passage clearance of no less than 420mmGreat productivity and great results. Where this is the question,Top Tech 710 & 740 is the answer! Hood type dishwashers ofadvanced conception, this is the ideal solution for small to mediumsized food outlets – restaurants, clubs, nursing homes to name afew. The passage clearance of no less than 420mm makes itsuitable to wash every kind of item, while four selectable cyclesadapt productivity and consumptions to the different kinds ofitems and soiling that are met in the daily activities, all this withthe quietness and the reduced thermal emissions ensured by theintegral double-walled construction. Suitable for pass-through orcorner situations, without modifications. The 710 & 740 can besupplied with optional pumps for liquid detergent and rinse aid.Top Tech 710 & 740 offers the maximum versatility in theadministration of time and operative spaces, thanks to therange of benches available from Hobart. In a product that isdesigned for ease of use, it is paramount that the operator’soccupational health & safety is kept in mind. Hobart hasdeveloped a patented Hood Lift System which reduces the lifteffort from over 10kg of a traditional machine, to only 3kg;the wash chamber’s construction has no internal edges ormanifolds and the self-cleaning cycle makes you savetime and energy, while the tank’s integral filter, withremovable basket, permits you to remove waste quickly duringoperational periods.Ergonomic! Designed to makeyou work more efficiently.Huge! No less than 420mm clearance to washalmost everything.Easy cleaning! Integral wash tank.Easy! Large push buttons and automaticstarting by closing of the hood.Flexible! Suitable for pass-through or corner,it adapts itself to every installation.Merciless! Pressed tanks.9

TECHNICAL DATA Top Tech Top Tech Top Tech500 710 740Constant rinse performance yes yes yesDeep drain yes yes yesRack dimensions 500 x 500mm 500 x 500 / 540 x 540mm* 500 x 500 / 540 x 540mm*Usable opening 385mm 420mm 420mmTank capacity 12 ltr 30 ltr 20 ltrVoltage 240/50/1 V/Hz/ph 415/50/3N V/Hz/ph 415/50/3N V/Hz/phMax power 3.1 kW 7.1 kW 11.1 kWQuick cycle 60 sec. 60 sec. 50 sec.Standard cycle 110 sec. 120 sec. 85 sec.Intensive cycle 150 sec. 160 sec. 110 sec.Continuous wash yes yes yesMax output 1080 plates/hr 1080 / 1320** plates/hr 1080 / 1320** plates/hrWater feed 50° – 60° C 55 – 60° C 55 – 60° CWater consumption 3 ltr 2.7 ltr 2.7 ltrDetergent & rinse aid yes optional optionaldispensers* Optional** 540 x 540mm optional rack30 mm3/4”10 HOBART TOP TECH DISHWASHERS

WAREWASHING71630 mm3/4”*Benches optional71630 mm3/4”11

WAREWASHINGFree Call: 1800 462 278www.hobartequipment.com.auNSW / TASUnit 1, 2 Picken Street,Silverwater NSW 2128Tel 02 9714 0200VICUnit 4, 6 Commercial Court,Tullamarine VIC 3043Tel 03 8318 5900QLDUnit 7, 300 Cullen Avenue (East)Eagle Farm QLD 4009Tel 07 3216 4800SA21 Nelson Street,Stepney SA 5069Tel 08 8363 2667WAUnit 4, 15 Carbon Court,Osborne Park WA 6017Tel 08 9204 2236

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