2009-2010 HONOR ROLL OF DONORS - Ursuline Academy


2009-2010 HONOR ROLL OF DONORS - Ursuline Academy



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Mission Statement

In the Catholic tradition of Ursuline education, the mission of Ursuline

Academy is to prepare the young woman for college and beyond by

nurturing her soul, intellect, heart and imagination.


In the vision of St. Angela Merici, Ursuline empowers the young woman

to recognize her unique gifts, to give voice to her ideals, to strive for

personal and academic excellence, to seek justice through actions

inspired by Gospel values, and to accept the challenge of human freedom

with its accompanying responsibilities. Ursuline welcomes diversity and

fosters community in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

The Core Values

Ursuline Academy centers its policies, procedures and practices

in the Ursuline core values of

Voice: United in Respect and Openness

Values: Committed to Excellence, Service, and Spirituality

Vision: Empowered by our Ursuline Legacy

Table of Contents

2009-2010 School Profile . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5

2009-2010 Volunteer Leadership . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7

2009-2010 Annual Fund Contributions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9

2009-2010 Auction Contributors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32

Phase II Capital Campaign Donors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36

Memorial & Honor Gifts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40

Golden Girls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42

Reunion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44

Generations Breakfast . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48


is published each fall and honors

Ursuline’s many benefactors for their

financial support during the immediate

past fiscal year. Although great care is

taken in the gathering of this information,

we know that errors or omissions

inadvertently occur. For this we

apologize, and ask that you notify us so

that we may correct our data. Also, if

you would like to be listed differently,

please let us know. Thanks for helping

us publish the most accurate Voices

possible. Call (513) 791.5794 or email


These seniors received special recognition at Ursuline's graduation this year:

Cara Nicolas, elected to speak by her classmates; Maria Thomas, Archbishop McNicholas Memorial

Award; Christina Mondi, Christian Leadership Award; Alex Abbate, Centennial Spirit Award;

President Sharon Redmond, Emily Cleary, Senior Scholar Award; Shannon Manley, Senior Scholar

Award; Courtney Smalley, Senior Scholar Award.

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Dear Ursuline Community,

Welcome to the Book of Names, otherwise known as the Donor Honor Roll. These

aren’t just any names, though; included in these pages are the people who helped

make 2009-2010 another banner year for Ursuline Academy. These true friends

contributed to the Annual Fund, the Capital Campaign, performing arts and athletic

fundraisers, helped with the Big Green Raffle, sponsored or volunteered for the

Run for the Lions, and literally made the Auction happen through donations and

countless volunteer hours.

How can we adequately thank these hundreds of supporters? We can’t, really, but

we can try, and that’s what this edition of Voices is all about. Look through these

pages and share enormous pride with us to be associated with an institution for

which so many sacrifice. You’ll recognize the names of many of your classmates

and fellow parents. Perhaps you’ll even be inspired to continue your support of

Ursuline, or to make a first-time gift this year.

To the wonderful friends whose names are in this issue,

please accept our most sincere thanks, on behalf of

Ursuline’s faculty and staff and students.

Interspersed in these pages, you’ll find quotes from alumnae who were eager to

tell us why they support the school. Their loyalty and commitment to the young

women who will come after them is inspiring.

From all of us at Ursuline, blessings and gratitude to each and every one of you.

Sharon Redmond,


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Voices is published three times a year to report

school and alumnae news to parents, alumnae

and friends of Ursuline Academy.

Robin Anzinger Galvin '65, editor.


Ursuline Academy Development Department

5535 Pfeiffer Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

Phone: (513) 791-5794

2010-2011 Board of Trustees

Patricia Fox Alderson

Gary M. Breissinger

Sr. Ellen Doyle OSU

S. Kay Geiger

Patrick C. Gilligan

Dianne Kreuzman Hill '73,


Mary G. Hobson, vice-chair

Sr. Patricia Homan OSU

Monica Donath Kohnen


Sharon L. Redmond, president


Thomas M. Barhorst, principal


Mary Bender, assistant principal


Development Department

Anne Jarrad

Development Director


Donna Scheidler Gruber '75

Director of Alumnae & Parent Relations


Lori Haines

Director of Special Events


Marianne Lang

Director of Communications & Public Relations


Mary Alice Redden LaPille '76

Coordinator of Records & Research


Emily Lorentz

Administrative Assistant


Clare MacConnell

Coordinator of Annual Giving


Tim Ranaghan

Director of Stewardship & Major Gifts


Design: Anne Shannon Graphic Design

Printing: The Jos. Berning Printing Co.

Donald P. Laden

Tamara Kearney Lanier '95

Alan H. McCoy

Michael S. McGraw, chair

Sr. Ruth Podesta OSU '50

Brian A. Ross, treasurer

Judy Wildermuth Wells '78

William E. Wiebe


Front: Cate Brinker, Lauren Tassone, Amy Berg, Kelly Kaes, Darcie Gorsuch, Grace Castelli; back: Michelle Conrad Brinker ’85, Molly Klekamp Tassone

’81, Megan Tassone '08; Joan Klein Berg ’48, Jenny Neyer Berg ’79, Anne Marie Kollman Kaes ’82, Julie Finan Gorsuch ’81, Diane Castelli ‘71

Lauren Tassone '13, Molly Klekamp Tassone '81, Megan Tassone '08

Holly Schnicke '09, Donna Timmel Schnicke '82,

Megan Schnicke '11


Front: Hanna Schlaack, Caroline Berger, Shannon Kronenberger, Abby Sigward, Bree Beitman, Emily Farrell, Caroline Smith, Kelly Gusweiler, Grace Adams, Molly Roberts, Sarah

Goodridge, Catherine Strietmann, Lauren Brinker; back: Holly Eck Schlaack ’90, Jane Vogele Berger ’53, Janelle Martini Kronenberger ’86, Nancy Pellman Sigward ’61, Barb Brannen

Beitman ’75, Gail Schneider Matre ’55, Elizabeth Mueller Smith ’84, Kim Greiwe Gusweiler ’76, Beth Kramer Adams ’83, Beth Dressing Roberts ’82, Lisa Huber ’84, Laura Bride

Strietmann ’84, Michelle Conrad Brinker ‘85


“I give to make sure that my daughters have

a wonderful experience at Ursuline Academy.

Meredith '12 and Grace '12 are growing

from the traditions of all the women who

went before them at UA. Someday I hope

their daughters will be blessed to share in

an Ursuline education!”

Sally Westerbeck Myers '74

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2009 5K

Run Fun for All

November 15, 2009 was a warm and beautiful morning that

was enjoyed by 275 runners and walkers at Ursuline. The 42

degree weather was in fact a wonderful way to begin the early

morning with 7:30 am Mass, followed by the 8:30 am start of

the run. The Run for the Lions which was initially established

to benefit an Ursuline scholarship fund, included students,

current parents, alumnae, and local runners. Medals were

awarded while the runners enjoyed breakfast and live musical


2009 5K Run Event Chair

Barb Rohs

Spring 2011 5K Run

Save the date for the April 10, 2011 Run For The Lions.

This 5K Run will be the 3rd annual event held at Ursuline.

The run begins and ends at UA with a complimentary breakfast

offered to all runners. Whether this is your first run/walk

or a practice for your favorite marathon, start your spring with

a fitness challenge at Ursuline. This race is open to everyone

and a perfect way to stay connected. For information contact

the Development Office at (513) 791-5794.

50 V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0

2009 5K Run Sponsors

Cincinnati Container

First Watch

Sunny D (Elations)

Fleet Feet

Cincinnati Sports Medicine



Jos. Berning Printing



Hal Robertson - Heartwood Builders LLC

Cincinnati Sportsmedicine & Orthopaedic Center

Elliot Adams - General Tool Company


Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions

Joe Gruber - McCaslin, Imbus & McCaslin

Mark & Dianne Hill

The 2009 UA Soccer Teams

Fr. Jack Wessling


Mike McGraw - R.G. McGraw

Insurance Agency, Inc.

Doug Fuller - Kings Ford

Brian & Julie Ross


Horan Associates, Inc.

Allen Backscheider - BGR, Inc.

Tony Esposito - Ohio National

Financial Services

The Law Offices of Thomas W.

Bosse, PLLC

Tony Wood - Kohne O’Neill,


Jeff Tanner - Jostens

Drs. Alfredo & Priscila Suntay


Brian & Donna Keating

Peter Wimberg - Wimberg

Landscaping, Inc.

Gary Wilson - Convergys

The 2009-10 UA Bowling Team

Ursuline Academy

Golf Classic

2 0 1 0 S P O N S O R S


Gerry Reilly - Seven Hills

Women’s Health Center

Sharon Redmond

The 2009 UA Soccer Team

The 2009 UA Golf Team

The 2009 UA Field Hockey Team

The 2009 UA Cross Country


The 2009 UA Tennis Team

The 2009 UA Swim &

Diving Team

The 2009 UA Basketball Team

The 2009 UA Lacrosse Team


Steve Tino - NT

Management LLC

Gregory & Cynthia Jaun

The 2009 UA Volleyball Team

The UA Music Boosters

Special thanks to parents Fred Sabetta, Jene Skelly and

tournament coordinator Marianne Utz-Sahms '78.

Help Ursuline Stay In Touch

The Ursuline community enjoys charting the progress of our talented graduates. We would appreciate your assistance

in keeping us informed of your journey. This can be accomplished in various ways:

1) Send an email to either dgruber@ursulineacademy.org OR mlapille@ursulineacademy.org.

2) You can also visit www.ursulineacademy.org and follow the link “For Alumnae” at the top of

the home page. From there click on “What’s New With You” and tell us what you are doing.

3) Or you can cut out the form below and mail it to Ursuline Academy Alumnae Office,

5535 Pfeiffer Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242.


First Name Maiden Name

Last Name Class Year

Home Address

Preferred Phone Email Address

Business Name Position

Business Address

Business Phone Spouse Name

What would you like to share?

Can You Help Us Find These “Lost” Alumnae?

From time to time we lose track of our graduates. If you have any information about any of the alumnae listed below

please share with UA using any one of the forms of communication described above.

Class of 1966

Kristina Backscheider Bach

Shari Cottingham

Kathy Sailer Davis

Carol Holley

Anellina Marelli Myers

Eileen Hannon Tramonte

Class of 1971

Sara Schum Dirks

Sue Allen Ellis

Angela Halpin Jelinek

Barbara Westerfield Rizzo

Carol Sahlfeld

Susan Welch

Patricia Young

MAIL TO: Ursuline Academy Alumnae Office,

5535 Pfeiffer Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242

Class of 1976

Lisa Crosby Hoersting

Diane Duwel Hoover

Peggy Witt Neumaier

Thobe Williams

Class of 1981

Karen Gorgone Burns

Laura Dinklage

Amy Groenke Dorsey

Abbey Abirached Frost

Marcie Hyatt

Martha Gonzalez King-Smith

Elizabeth Lagdameo

Amy McManus

Patricia Ortiz

Tanya Price

Susan Timperman Ruhl

Julie Roberts Schafer

Claire Crotty Sickey

Julie VanCuren Stevenson

Joanne Stoner

Lana McKitric Tailly

V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0


5535 Pfeiffer Road

Cincinnati, Ohio 45242


Non-Profit Org.

U.S. Postage


Cincinnati, Ohio

Permit No. 9614

Parents: If you are receiving this magazine at your home instead of at your alumna daughter’s, please send

us her address. Call (513) 791-5794 or email mlapille@ursulineacademy.org

Calendar of Upcoming Events

Halloween Carnival

Ultimate Auction The Emerald City:

There’s No Place Like Ursuline

Big Green Raffle Drawing

Class of 2010

Afternoon Alumnae Visit

5K Run/Walk

Spring Raffle Drawing

Alumnae Easter Egg Hunt

Golden Girls Mass & Luncheon

Alumnae Mass & Reunion

Oct. 28

Nov. 20

Nov. 20

Dec. 17

Apr. 10

Apr. 15

Apr. 16

June 17

June 18


School Profile

Ursuline Academy

5535 Pfeiffer Road

Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

Phone: (513) 791-5791

Fax: (513) 791-5802


Founded: 1896 by the Ursulines of Brown County

Enrollment: 712

Tuition and Fees: $10,850

Faculty: 70

Student Faculty Ratio: 13:1

Faculty Graduate Degrees: 75%

National Merit Scholars:

7 finalists,11 commended

Class of 2010 Scholarships:

76% of graduates totaling more than $21 M

Accreditations & Memberships:

North Central Association of Secondary Schools & Colleges

Department of Education State of Ohio

Ohio Catholic Schools Accrediting Association

V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0


Dear Friends of Ursuline,

Every year, Ursuline produces its annual Donor Honor Roll to recognize the

generosity of alumnae, parents, friends, faculty, and current students who have

given gifts in support of the school that they love. There are individuals, families

and businesses who have made gifts to support Phase II of our Capital Campaign,

the Ultimate Auction, Starry Starry Night, and the Athletic Boosters’ golf outing.

There are many who have generously given endowed scholarships that will support

students into perpetuity; there are individuals who have made the ultimate gift of

including Ursuline in their estate plans; and there are hundreds who have given their

time and talents throughout the year as volunteers. The annual donor honor roll

gives Ursuline the opportunity to say “thank you”.

The Donor Honor Roll also recognizes those donors who made gifts to the Annual

Fund—the least glamorous, but most sustainable to our fundraising efforts. It is

gifts to the Annual Fund that help Ursuline meet its operating costs by providing

financial assistance to students, providing resources for faculty inside and outside of

the classroom, and helps close the $3,500 gap between the cost of tuition and the

actual cost to educate each student. Every student receives this $3,500 scholarship

in addition to any need- or merit-based financial assistance.

It is the overwhelming generosity of our community that makes an Ursuline

education possible. As the parent of one Ursuline alumna, and two current students,

I have seen first-hand the benefits of their education. Through a strong foundation

grounded in Catholic teaching, students have been prepared as individuals to speak

their minds, manage their time, and think thoughtfully and creatively as active global

citizens. They have been encouraged to find their voices, to embrace their values,

and the vision to lead us into the future. Thank you to all of you who, through your

own belief in the mission of Ursuline, have made this possible for students of today

and tomorrow. While you don’t give for the recognition, it is our way of humbly

saying "thank you" for all that you have done and continue to do.

Yours Truly,

Michael S. McGraw

Chair, Ursuline Academy Board of Trustees

6 V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0


“UA gave me the tools to achieve my

dreams. I give so that today’s young

women can achieve THEIR dreams.”

Linda Vester Greenberg '83




2009-2010 Board of Trustees

Patricia Fox Alderson

Gary M. Breissinger

Sr. Ellen Doyle OSU

Patrick C. Gilligan

Dianne Kreuzman Hill '73, secretary

Mary G. Hobson, vice chair

Sr. Patricia Homan OSU

Monica Donath Kohnen

Donald P. Laden

Tamara Kearney Lanier '95

Alan H. McCoy

Michael S. McGraw, chair

Ramona Payne '76

Sr. Ruth Podesta OSU '50

Brian A. Ross, treasurer

Gregory M. Utter

Judy Wildermuth Wells '78

William E. Wiebe


Ursuline Foundation Trustees

Kathleen Conway Bell '79

Becky Buehler Catino '79

Gerald J. DeBrunner

Richard A. Dineen

Mary G. Hobson

Paul Muething, chair

Brian A. Ross

Mothers’ Club

Pam Rayome, president

Joyce Horn, recording secretary

Kathy Allard, VP/publicity

Karen Kinker Miller '78, VP/hospitality

Debbie Rauh Neumann, spirituality

KC Stagaman, corresponding secretary

Junior Mothers:

Annie Partusch Castle '76

Mary McGraw

Karla Mitchell

Michelle McCoy

Katie Robertson

Julie Ruggiero

Joan Valerio

Lynne Whang

Sophomore Mothers:

Kim Finke

Brenda Maloney

Sally Westerbeck Myers '74

Marilyn O'Brien

Sara Schoettmer '71

Margi McCarthy Snelling '83

Trish Tagariello

Karin Zuber

Members at Large:

Madeline Bruemmer Gilligan '87

Kathy Huber Greiner '78

Julie Milam Ross '76

JoAnn Sarama

The following boards, committees, clubs and groups are

comprised of individuals whose love for Ursuline is manifested

in the time and energy they invest in the school.

Their effort and support enriches the school community

and enhances Ursuline’s fulfillment of its mission.

Donna Timmel Schnicke '82

Molly Klekamp Tassone '81

Julie Ulliman

Sheryll Wiener

Dads’ Club

Senior Dads:

John Abbate, president

Mike Besl

Brian Eve

Kevin Malloy

Tom Paquette

Peter Wimberg

Junior Dads:

Dave Bartish

Tom Cowperthwait

Greg Foote

Patrick Kirk

Jeff May

Sophomore Dads:

Dave Carrier

Terry Estes

Brian Holbrook

Tim Mackey

Mike Rusconi

Jay Snelling

Scott Sieber

Tom Wulf

V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0


Athletic Booster Board

Anne Marie Kollman Kaes '82,


Dianne Kreuzman Hill '73,

vice president

Gayle Lucas, secretary

Fred Sabetta, treasurer

Performing Arts Boosters Board

Gina Kuvin, co-president

Beth Reichert, co-president

Pam Buehler, vice president

Usha Reddy, secretary

Julie Bauer, treasurer


Mary Abele

Lori Beach

Dean Donovan

Kathy Havey

Polly Kemme Lacker '75

Beth Newman


8 V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0

2009 Auction Executive Board

Allen & Barb O’Neill Backscheider '74

Ellen Bourgeois

Sue Dickens

Ginny Donovan

Karen Gruber

Micki Harrell

Jim & Julie Schmitt Kelly '81

Anne Marie Kollman Kaes '82

Joanne Lutmer

Ann Miller

Rob & Michelle Morgan

Julie Ruggiero

Shelly Seitz

Marianne Utz-Sahms '78

Joan Valerio

Allison Yeager

“It is a privilege to give, for it is in giving that we receive.

I especially love to give to the exceptional high school

that I attended, because it forms young women in the most

challenging way. Over thirty years ago, Ursuline formed

me and I am most grateful. I know that the can-do spirit I got

from this fine high school catapulted into a life I know today that

takes tenacity, love, responsibility and a great deal of spirit.

I know that the stellar education continues to thrive there and I am delighted

to know that my donations help young women find their way.


Kelly Dehan '79

1970 - Mary Tenoever, Anne Shadley Sedlacek, Susan Wissinger, Chris Cook, Chris

Bertke Toth, Jayne Kuhlman

1960 - Mary Jo Kircher Hick, Judy Ball, Ann Dulle, Kathy Bertram, Pat Ahern

1975 - Debbie Meier Pendl, Kaye Brockman Humbert, Jenny Dugan Vestecka, Jane Hack Linke, Molly

Meakin Rogers, Kim Carrigan Carroll, Ann Buzek Stromberg, Connie Gessing Haglage, Chris Brandstetter

Shaffer, Kathy Keitel Dempsey

2000 - Lauren William Kellum, Sarah Hemmer, Lindsay Rolfson, Lindsay Homan

Masters, Laura Carver, Jenny McGraw

1990 - Esther Heller Tombragel & Teresa

Davis Mulligan

Barbara Becht Cooper '60

& husband Jerry

1975 - Janet Welch Rodenfels, Connie Stenger Dilhoff, Barb Clifford, Mary

Inkrot Schroder, Betsey Beckman

V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0


Class of 1960

Front: Sheila McPhelin Mutchler, Gayle Wernke Lesko, Meri Kay Ruwe Radecki, Diane Ward

McNally, Mary Jo Gruber Berding, Ann Collins Keller; second: Sr. Mary Virginia Macke,

Patricia Engelbert McMurtry, Pinky Brannen Kopf, Joyce Bohmer Long, Julie Hartlaub

Schwettman; third: Kathy Wiethe Lippert, Suzie Funch Burke, Kathy Bertram, Barbara Becht

Cooper, Madeleine Schnorbus Jerger, Mary Jo Kircher Hick; fourth: Judy Ball, Barb Rains

Carrico, Jane Gieseling Kapphahn, Beth Berning Schmitt, Patty Ahern, Ann Dulle, Sandy

Parker Osterhues

Class of 1965

Front: Janie Chappell Murphy, Nancy Haun Roos, Mimi Wais Rosselot, Pat Corcoran, Mary Jo

Middleton; middle: Debra Dessart Hickey, Martha Broerman Brosz, Sr. Ruth Podesta, Paula

Graham Posival, Karen Dreidame Weber; back: Robin Anzinger Galvin, Suzanne Frederick, Pam

Sweeney Schneider, Debby Roach North, Lynn Huber Flavin

Class of 1970

Front: Anne Shadley Sedlacek, Susan Wissinger, Jayne Kuhlman; Back: Chris Bertke Toth,

Mary Tenoever, Chris Cook

46 V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0

Class of 1975

Front: Kathy Keitel Dempsey, Janet Welch Rodenfels, Kaye Brockman Humbert, Betsey

Beckman, Connie Gessing Haglage, Barbara Clifford; middle: Connie Stenger Dilhoff, Chris

Brandstetter Shaffer, Donna Scheidler Gruber, Ann Buzek Stromberg, Jane Hack Linke, Debbie

Meier Pendl; back: Julianne Schone Vaupen, Kim Carrigan Carroll, Jenny Dugan Vestecka, Mary

Inkrot Schroder, Holly Hollenkamp Heekin, Molly Meakin Rogers

Class of 1980

Front: Tish Hess Marquardt, Jill Stegman Cocks, Molly Dapper Davenport; back: Jean Poon

Hogan, Lisa Pembauer Harpenau, Patricia Cooper, Joan Sullivan Friedhoff

Class of 1985

Front: Patricia Barry Herbers, Lisa Quatman Hoffman, Kathy Bofinger Scheidler,

Jeanne Antonia Koopman, Jennifer Kemper Abrahamson; middle: Karen Giebel

Shea, Emily Caroline Willig, Julie Winstel Lazarus, Alison Brands Rice, Amy Neat

Hart, Julie Schlinkert Hawkins; back: Christine Wenninger McKain, JoAnn Maier

Hanna, Lorna Luebbe, Emmy Ziller Longo, Michelle Babinec Crimmins,

Theresa Gibbons Nicholson

Class of 1990

Front: Kathy Schnee Kline, Trish Brands Miller, Amy Kamphake, Esther Heller Tombragel,

Karen Gross Majors; middle: Holly Eck Schlaack, Milissa Couzins Castrucci, Cathy Frye Rucker,

Susan Gallagher, Liz Albers Goodrich; back: Carrie Fieler Ellis, Jen Johoski Ochsenhirt,

Leanne Schimpf Hensley, Teresa Davis Mulligan

Class of 1995

Front: Jessica Wortman Jones, Emily Godfroy Lofald, Kaitlin Habig Connelly;

Back: Samantha Curran Dwinell, Ellinore James Brandy, Aryn Hermes Morgennete,

Brooke Downton Miller

Class of 2000

Front: Laura Carver, Ava Neyer, Jenny McGraw, Meredith Holthaus,

Carrie Farnham, Katie Lund; second: Jennifer Meyer Niehaus,

Sarah Hemmer Re, Lindsay Homan Masters, Ashley McHugh, Ali

Smith McCance, Alison Downton; third: Meredith Brown, Lauren

Matthes, Lauren Williams Kellum, Kate Farrell, Kara Schappa, Jill

Otten, Elizabeth Edwards, Katherine Gruner; fourth: Jennifer Lewis

Gerlach, Meghan Dugan Friend, Diane Rettig, Lindsay Rolfson,

Emily Leverone Rend, Samantha Bellman, Allyson Dammel, Jacalu

Robson, Abbie White Blunce

Class of 2005

Front: Colleen Jordan, Bridget Whitehead, Elaine Whitaker, Caitlin

MacEachen Steininger, Margaret Knipper; second: Katherine

DeBlasio, Angela Neyer, Allison Cottrell, Stephanie Hemm, Lizzy

Linke, Carolyn Burke, Sara Robertson; third: Lori Divo, Tara

Stehlin, Marie Kramer, Molly Berendt, Jennifer Mast, Katie Sellers,

Carly Hagins, Lauren Skyllingstad Glenn; fourth: Katie Carmen,

Elise Turner, Catherine Wolfe, Meg Kenny, Catherine Bove, Lauren

Ponti-Zins, Katie Brotherton, Lauren Sharo


V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0


Generations Breakfast

August 2010

Celebrates Alumnae Grandmothers, Mothers,

Daughters and a Brand New Year.

President Sharon Redmond greets

the generations of UA women.


Front: Emily Adams, Samantha Von Hoene, Ali Valentine, Angie Cisneros, Emily Haynes, Katie Brewer, Christie Mauch, Kathlyn Fessler, Nikki Hill, Clare Gilligan,

Frannie Ross, Megan Schnicke, Brynne Kelly, Holly Gruber; back: Beth Kramer Adams ’83, Theresa Neyer Von Hoene ’80, Maureen Brennan Valentine ’82,

Tina Cisneros ’07, Nancy Flowers Cisneros ’81, Angela Clarke Haynes ’82, Peggy Bonn Brewer ’83, Jennie Waddell Mauch ’81, Susan Ellerhorst Clear ’72, Dianne Kreuzman

Hill ’73, Madeline Bruemmer Gilligan ’87, Julie Milam Ross ’76, Holly Schnicke ‘09, Donna Timmel Schnicke ’82, Julie Schmitt Kelly ’81, Sue Keefe Schmitt BC '55,

Donna Scheidler Gruber ’75


Front: Grace Myers, Meredith Myers, Stephanie Lang, Katie Smith, Katie Kaes, Taylor Snelling, Laura Schoettmer, Allison Ventura;

back: Sally Westerbeck Myers ’74, Jackie Kegley Lang ’79, Elizabeth Mueller Smith ‘ 84, Anne Marie Kollman Kaes ’82, Margi McCarthy

Snelling ’83, Sara Schoettmer ’71, Puck Donovan Schoettmer Stoeckle ’46, Nancy Champlin Ventura ‘74

48 V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0

The Julia Chatfield Society


In 1845 Julia Chatfield accepted the challenge to

leave her native country, family and community in

order to provide education for young woman in the

remote wilderness of Ohio. Steeped in the vision of

Angela Merici, who founded the Ursulines in 1535,

Julia believed that the education of women would

create a better world.

Julia instilled in her companions and students the

courage to be flexible and a desire to act as living

examples of Christ. Because Ursuline Academy,

established by the Ursulines in 1896, continues to

impart the same values, beliefs and traditions that

Julia held more than a century ago, we honor her

by naming this giving society after our Foundress.

These gifts give continued life to her vision.

The Julia Chatfield

Society was established

in 1990 to recognize

those individuals who make

leadership gifts to the Annual

Fund. Anyone who contributed to

the Annual Fund at the $1000 level or

higher during the 2009-2010 school year

is listed here. These donors are honored each

fall at the Donor Recognition Mass & Dinner. The

Board of Trustees, administration, faculty & staff and

students of Ursuline thank the members of the

Julia Chatfield Society for their loyalty, leadership

and generosity.

For additional information, please contact:

Anne Jarrad, director of development


(513) 791.5794 ext. 1208

The Julia Chatfield Society


St. Angela Merci Circle $10,000+

1896 Circle $5000–$9,999

(founding year of school)

Benefactor Circle $3,000–$4,999

Founder Circle $2,000–$2,999

Ursuline Circle $1000–$1,999

V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0


Ted & Beth Connelly received the St. Angela Merici Leadership Award for a lifetime

of generosity to Ursuline at the annual Donor Recognition Dinner.

St. Angela Merici Circle ($10,000 +)

Marjory Brennan Ballman '39

Mary Lou Dulle Boylan '45

Eileen Rodgers

1896 Circle ($5,000 - $9,999)

David & Rebecca Barron

James & Jennifer Neyer Berg '79

Bill & Lori Beer

Ted & Becky Buehler Catino '79

Patricia Lane '77

Alan & Michelle McCoy

James A. Miller

Benefactors Circle ($3,000 - $4,999)

Gary & Judy Breissinger

Sue McDonald Clarke '63

Robert & Ruth Jung Conway+

Anthony & Emmy Hobson

Peter & Lynn Kurtz

Paul & Maureen Lechleiter

Michael & Mary McGraw

Donald & Phyllis Neyer

James & Victoria Reynolds

Hal & Katie Robertson

10 V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0

2 0 0 9 - 2 0 1 0 A N N U A L F U N D


Founders Circle ($2,000 - $2,999)

Kelly Dehan '79

Mary Ann Blesi Fagel '48

Margretta Huster Gennantonio '85

Mark & Marjorie Wright Hauser '81

Mark & Dianne Kreuzman Hill '73

John & Carolyn LaBar

Don & Cate Laden

Evelyn Mak '96

Martha McGraw

Paul & Terri Muething

Pramod & Usha Reddy

Diane Konerman Sweeny '68

Ursuline Circle ($1,000 - $1,999)

Richard A’Hearn

Allen & Barbara O’Neill Backscheider '74

Gregory & Kathleen Conway Bell '79

Theodore & Margaret Bergh

Walter & Sara Beringer

Michael & Stephanie Besl

Richard & Debbie Blum

Elaine Kunkel Bourgraf '50

Marian Kinker Brems '46

Donna Neyer Broderick '76

William & Alberta Brown

Thomas & Diane Brunst

Greg & Laura Byrd

James & Barbara Cleary

Edward & Beth Connelly

Sr. Phyllis Kemper '67 & Beth Chapman Chance '98 were honored

as Women of the Years.

Karen Kishpaugh Connors '60

Patricia Corcoran '65

Terry & Adele Craft

Gerald & Nancy DeBrunner

Julia Dietrich '66

Richard & Susan Long Dineen '64

Dean Donovan & Patricia


Margaret Drain '63

Dan & Susan Fleming

Robert & Gale Fogg

Randolph & Sue Freking

James & Carol Garanich

Jack & S. Kay Geiger

Henry & Virginia Kinker Gessing '43

Patrick & Madeline Bruemmer Gilligan '87

Susan Grathwohl '79

Mary Dean Grote

Thomas & Patricia Grote

Richard & Kathleen Lowes Haglage '74

Art & Joan Dugan Hauser '52

James & Kathleen Havey

Michelle Heatherton '87

Jenny Heyl '79

Steve & Christine Hils

Don & Patti Hinkley

Timothy & Janet Johnson

Patrick Kirk & Mary Vondrak

James & Molly Knecht

Ralph & Monica Kohnen

Tamara Kearney Lanier '95

Lisa Levine

Donna Seebohm Luehrmann '79

Mary Kay Lynch '68

Michael & Mary Mahoney

Charles & Sophia Male

James & Ann McConnell

Michael & Megan McCuen

Barbara Manley Morris '84

John & Mariann Moster

Barry & Mary Jo Neyer

Raymond & JoAnn Neyer

Victor Nicolas

Ramona Payne '76

Robert & Denise Perry

Molly Donovan Radigan '00

Timothy & Ann Ranaghan

Sharon Redmond

Anthony Reis

Gates & Margaret Richards

Diane Neyer Rose '74

Brian & Julie Milam Ross '76

Mark Ruehlmann

Max & Jeanne Schellman

Kenneth & Janet Schneider

Pamela Sweeney Schneider '65

Louis & Christine Inkrot Schroder '69

Joseph & Linda Staneck

Dorothy Donovan Stoeckle '46

Bill & Gail Lutter Strietmann '74

Kay Koerner Sudbrack '50

Jerry & Joyce Tasset

Steven & Susan Tolbert

Jennifer Gibson Tucker '92

Lawrence & Mary Uebel

Gregory & Cynthia Utter

Vartek Corp.

Rev. John Wessling

Fred & Julie Garvin White '76

Bill & Deborah Wiebe

Karin Zuber

+ denotes deceased


Dick & Patricia Alderson

Phillip & Kathy Allard

Arthur & JoAnn Arand

James & Lorianne Beach

Eileen Grathwohl Beckman ‘53

Kimberly Vorbroker Berman ‘77

Stephen & Rosemary Bird

Jennifer Grathwohl Breissinger ‘88

Suzanne Hiernaux Bryce ‘84

Daniel CaJacob

Kathleen Whalen Carter ‘70

Milissa Couzins Castrucci ‘90

Karen Goetz Centner ‘67

Patty Nemec Clark ‘82

Peg Morse Conway ‘81

George & Carol Dettenwanger

Maureen Wright Dittman ‘65

Ted & Karen Donnelly

Carrie Fieler Ellis ‘90

Peggy Vonder Haar Frank ‘56

Nicole Frei ‘85

Mark Frietch

Charles & Barbara Gagel

Robin Anzinger Galvin ‘65

Madeleine Garvin ‘72

Charles & Gail Gaston

Paula Bidwell Gehring ‘74

Lisa Schoettinger Habel ‘75

Mary Kaye Handel Hess ‘62

Jennifer Young Homer ‘85

Deborah Hundley

Robert & Janet Inkrot

2 0 0 9 - 2 0 1 0 A N N U A L F U N D


The Shirley Gaede Speaks Society was established in 2007-2008 to

recognize those individuals who made gifts of $500-$999 to the Annual

Fund. It is named in honor of Shirley Speaks, long-time director of

Ursuline who successfully guided the school through decades of social

change and ever-increasing academic expectations. These leadership

gifts are essential to Ursuline’s future and allow every student to

receive a quality education regardless of cost. The Board of Trustees,

administration, faculty & staff and students of Ursuline thank members

of The Shirley Gaede Speaks Society for their generosity.

Mary Lou Reese Inwood ‘79

Ken & Adele Iwanusa

Thomas & JoAnne Peck Kennard ‘83

Adrienne Berning Kessling ‘82

John & Kimberly Kirsch

Kathleen Kuhn

Randy & Gina Kuvin

Letty Lavely ‘63

Peter Wimberg & Molly Leonard ‘81

Susan Luken ‘81

Sue Mackey ‘76

Brooke Downton Miller ‘95

Teresa Davis Mulligan ‘90

Richard & Beth Schneider Naylor ‘79

Connie Nicolas

Christine Schragal Pildis ‘88

William & Mary Reinert

Alison Brands Rice ‘85

David & Elizabeth Roberts

Jennifer Sullivan Rudell ‘93

Mary Del Vesper Schwetschenau ‘62

Margaret Rudolph Sieber ‘48

Mark & Kathleen Geraci Stall ‘76

Mary Sweeney ‘74

Gregory & Carol Thomas

Judy Wildermuth Wells ‘78

Keith & Joni Wells

David & Lynne Whang

John & Geraldine Wiehe

Emily Willig ‘85

Ronald & Pamela Wilson

Gary & Wendy Wojtaszek

Jim & Lisa Woodall

V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0


The New Face of

Annual Giving at

Ursuline Academy

The Annual Fund is an important and

sustainable way for Ursuline to meet its

annual operating costs. It helps close the

$3,500 gap between the cost of tuition

and the actual cost it takes to educate

each student; it helps provide need- and

merit-based financial assistance to students;

it provides the resources that the

faculty and students need inside and outside

of the classroom. The Annual Fund

is a critical component to the school’s

fundraising efforts.

This year, for the first time, donors can

direct their Annual Fund gifts to one of

three primary funding areas. No matter

how you direct your gift, you will be

helping to make an Ursuline education

possible. As always, the fiscal year runs

from July 1- June 30.

Teaching and Faculty Resources: Gifts

to this area provide the resources faculty

and students need for an exceptional

experience inside and outside of the


Student Assistance: This gives the school

the resources it needs to help student

need. Gifts in this category will be used

to meet Angela Merici’s mission of keeping

an Ursuline education possible for all

qualified young women regardless

of cost.

Ursuline’s Greatest Needs: This gives

Ursuline the greatest flexibility to use

gifts in the way that the school needs

them the most. Any undesignated

gifts will be applied to this area of

unrestricted giving.

12 V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0

(Up to $499)

Alexandra Abbate '10

John & Margaret Abbate

Joe & Laura Abell

Jan Abernathy

Sue Rusconi Accetta '71

Jennifer Acciani '97

Robert & Kristine Agar

Sarah Agar '07

Patricia Ahern '60

Emily Albrinck '09

Thomas & Suzanne Alessi

Edward & Madge Alf

Margaret Allard '10

Phillip & Kathy Allard

Mary Allen '10

Molly Allen '10

Julie Dixon Allison '87

Carol Lutter Almond '70

Diane Sedler Altenburg '65

Tom & Lynne Alverson

Andrea Amaya '08

Emily Moore Anderson '95

Rosemary Armbrust Anderson '65

Mary Huster Andre '75


Alison Anthony '95

Christina Arand '10

Brent MacMorland & Paula Asmus '79

Colleen Clear Aug '64

Megan Autry '10

Mary Hogan Babb '73

Al & Pat Babey

Dorie Munafo Bachman '64

Ellen Berg Baden '76

Jae-Keun & Seh-Joone Bae

Shirley Baehner '47

Rosemary Cosgrove Baele '50

Judy Ball '60

Donna Ballman '75

Karla & William Balskus

Thomas & Susan Keller Barhorst '91

Greg & Janet Barker

2 0 0 9 - 2 0 1 0 A N N U A L F U N D


Victoria Barker '09

Mary Ann Overmann Barnard '68

Michael and Maria Barrett

Gwen Barron '09

David & Rebecca Barron

David and Joyce Bartish

Gail Moellering Baryl '61

Paul & Melissa Basile

Anthony & Patricia Bassano

Kimberly Altenau Bathe '85

Matthew & Beth Bauer

Patricia Walsh Baynton '87

Andrea Bazzoli '09

James & Lorianne Beach

Kathleen Beach '10

William Beck

Jenifer Becker '92

Lauren Becker '08

Vanessa Becker '08

Barbara Ely Beckman '81

Betsey Beckman '75

Julie Beckman '77

Tim Beerman

Scott & Tamara Behrens

Mary Ann Beiting '82

Thomas & Ruth Beiting

Jerry Beitman & Barbara Brannen '75

Carolyn Beitman '07

James & Kathleen Belmont

Carolyn Bender '10

Kelley Tabb Bender '86

Robert & Mary Bender

Mary Jo Gruber Berding '60

Molly Berendt '05

Emily Berg '08

Joan Klein Berg '48

Jane Vogele Berger '53

Rebecca Bergh '09

Kelsey Bergman '10

Marlene Huedepohl Berling '53

Betsy Shadley Bernard '77

Judith Kohmescher Berris '68

Kathy Bertram '60

In Memory of Lynn Frye Finnegan '65

Mary Wais Rosselot '65

In Memory of Mark Emerson

Ann Dougherty Kunkemoeller '53

In Memory of Mary Jane A’Hearn '45

Anne Maechling Blake '79

Grace McClorey

Sharon L. Redmond

William & Marilyn Schimanski

In Memory of Nancy Niklas

Joseph & Shirley G. Speaks

In Memory of Patty Doyle '75

Mary M. Keane '75

In Memory of Robert G. Robson

Joseph & Shirley G. Speaks

In Memory of Robert Scheidler

Mary Alice Redden LaPille '76

Sharon L. Redmond

Mark & Kathleen Geraci Stall '76

Bill & Gail Lutter Strietmann '74

In Memory of Ruby Neil

Sharon L. Redmond

In Memory of Susan Rains Garry '53

Timothy A. Garry

In Honor of Emmy and Tony

Hobson’s 25th Wedding


William & Nancy Keating

In Honor of Caroline Reilly '10

Gerard & Jennifer Reilly

In Honor of Grace Reilly

Gerard & Jennifer Reilly

In Honor of Katherine Reilly '12

Gerard & Jennifer Reilly

In Honor of Margaret Reilly '06

Gerard & Jennifer Reilly

In Honor of Sarah Reilly '14

Gerard & Jennifer Reilly

In Honor of the Class of 1967

Phyllis Kemper OSU '67

In Honor of the Class of 2008

Emily C. Berg '08

In Honor of the Class of 2010

Hilary Pitner '10

In Honor of Elaine Helmick '61

Brian & Carolyn Helmick

In Honor of Jane N. Gardner’s '53


Anne Gardner Wilker '81

In Honor of Sr. Joan Brosnan

Mary Mac Ruberg Schooley '65

In Honor of Ursuline Academy

Faculty and Staff

Carole A. Fanning Torres '92

Kathleen J. Lamping-Arar '85

Molly Donovan Radigan '00

In Honor of Mary Pflum

Cassidy '85

John & Barbara Pflum

In Honor of Sarah Pflum

Mock '82

John & Barbara Pflum


“The strength and dedication

of the Brown County Ursulines,

their vow to educate women,

their respect for beauty in the

arts, their willingness to serve

others, and also to think

outside the box, provided a

foundation best illustrated by

UA’s school motto: ‘We learn

not for school but for life.’ I

give to pass on similar opportunities

to today’s students.”

Marilyn Parks Herring '68

V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0


Golden Girls Welcome

the Class of 1960

The annual luncheon for alumnae who graduated 50

or more years ago honored the 2010 initiates,

the dynamic women of the class of 1960.

Front: Jane Gieseling Kapphahn, Meri Kay Ruwe Radecki, Sheila McPhelin Mutchler, Barbara Becht Cooper, Beth Berning Schmitt, Ann Collins Keller, Gayle Wenke Lesko,

Barbara Reder, Sr. Mary Virginia Macke, Sandy Parker Osterhues, Julie Hartlaub Schwettmann; back: Dianne Kapphahn Rebbin, Sue McWayne Kesterson, Pinky Brannen Kopf,

Suzie Finch Burke, Barb Rains Carrico, Cris Niehaus Osterwisch, Kathy Bertram, Nancy Malone, Patricia Engelbert McMurtry, Patty Ahern, Mary Niemczyk, Kathy Wiethe Lippert,

Peggy Neisel Logue, Diane Ward McNally, Ann Dulle

The Dulle Sisters: Mary Lou Dulle Boylan '45, Ann Dulle '60, Rosemary Dulle

Lutmer '47, Margie Dulle Wimberg '51

More than 130 Golden Girls attended

42 V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0

The Class of 1960 presents their class gift.

Three Bohls & a Herring: Peggy Bohl '58, cousin Sr. Carren Herring '59, Becky

Bohl Smith '66, Barbara Bohl Watkins '56

The Class of 1960 processes in for Mass.

The faithful Forty-Niners

Our favorite accompanist, Sr. Cecilia Huber

Members of the 35 of 53 class The Class of 1950 celebrates their 60th



V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0




Ann Collins Keller ‘60 with Jane

Gieseling Kapphahn ‘60

44 V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0

Bob Flavin & Lynn Huber Flavin '65.

These newlyweds were incorrectly named

in the last issue of Voices.

Fr. Jack Wessling with Steve & Julie Winstel Lazarus '85

2000 - Abbie White Blunce,

Alison Downton, Meredith Brown,

Jennifer Lewis Gerlach,

Katherine Gruner

1965 - Suzanne Frederick, Jane Chapell Murphy, Pam Sweeney Schneider,

Paula Graham Posival, Robin Anzinger Galvin

2005 - Catherine Bove, Dan Cournoyer, Catherine Wolfe, Colleen Jordan, Caitlin

MacEachen Steininger, Andy Steininger

2005 - Carolyn Burke, Katie Brotherton, Carly Hagins, Lauren Ponti-Zins

1990 - Milissa Couzins Castrucci, Ana Stolz Infantino, Liz Albers Goodrich,

Cathy Frye Rucker

April Besl '00

Joyce Greve Betz '55

Jayapandian & Vanagambika Bhaskaran

Paul Biddle

Cadi Breslin Bien '82

Elizabeth Cutler Bishop '81

Allyn Bissmeyer '05

Jill Heenan Blackburn '95

Anne Maechling Blake '79

Sue Kitzmiller Blaney '74

Allison Blinn '00

Emily Blinn '00

Natalie Blizniak '08

Kelsey Blum '06

Charles & Tracy Blum

Mary Blum '07

Colleen Horrigan Blumenthal '84

Betty Boaz

Jerry & Jennifer Boehner

Lynn Boggio '88

Margaret Bohl '58

Robert and Rebecca Bompiedi

Ray & Paula Bookmyer

Jeanine Boutiere '01

Vicki Geers Bove '70

Walter and Sharon Bowles

Jennifer Shimala Bowman '93

Breanne Boyd '09

Norman & Roberta Boyd

Arlene Risk Boykin '89

Nell Favret Boyle '78

Ellen Boyne '80

Doug & Claire Bradshaw

Jennifer Winstel Brandt '91

Maria Riegert Brannan '84

Emily Meyer Breeze '93

Paul & Sherry Brehm

Joanne Brewer

Web & Kim Brewer

Webster & Patricia Brewer

Laura Kramer Brezinski '95

Virginia Graham Brezinski '67

Richard and Cynthia Brilli

W. Todd & Michelle Conrard Brinker '85

Lindsey Brockman '08

Donna Neyer Broderick '76

Jennifer Broderick '06

Thomas & Cindy Broderick

Jenifer Brokamp '08

Jay & Teri Kneer Brokamp '79

Martha Broerman Brosz '65

Michele Brotherton '07

Lyn Niehaus Brunemann '53

Philip & Maureen Bucher

Mary Gormley Budde '55

Angela Hoetker Buechner '71

Elizabeth Buening '96

Kathleen Mulvaney Buente '67

Connie Kunz Buford '72

Pat & Marylin Burke

Rosemary Burke

Suzanne Funch Burke '60

James Burson

Amy Burton

Chester & Bobbie Burton

Meredith Kohnen Burton '62

Michael Colangelo & Julie Burwinkel

Megan Busam '05

Morgan Busam '08

Sharon Davis Butler '70

Daniel & Kellie Buzek

Nora Buzek '88

Ann Cachat '97

Chrissy Callan '06

Patricia Oldfield Calo '70

Christina Cambruzzi '00

Erin Schenz Campbell '98

John & Janet Campbell

Albert & Carol Cannon

Patricia McDougall Cargould '64

Arun & Padma Cariappa

Shanthi Cariappa '06

Dino and Rose Carota

Kim Santoro Carpenter '87

Kathleen Carr '70

Barbara Rains Carrico '60

Laura Carver '00

Jayne Kuhlman Cassedy '70

Patricia Cassinelli '74

Diane Castelli, Ph.D. '71

Joseph & Patricia Castelli

Amy Wenstrup Castellini '86

Shannon Flynn Celarek '73

Elizabeth Chapman Chance '98

Gail Co Chang '86

Julie Chase '08

Chuck & Katy Cheton

Patricia Stratman Chojnicki '73

Mark & Denise Christy

Michael & Nancy Flowers Cisneros '81

David & Mary Clapp

Jennifer Clarke '00

James & Barbara Cleary

Emily Cleary '10

Joan Cleary '08

Denise Zobrist Clemmons '89

Barbara Clifford '75

Byron & Jody Coaston

Alexandria Cobb '09

Arthur & Janet Cobb

Elizabeth Wayman Cochran '95

Jill Stegman Cocks '80

Donna Ficker Coessens '60

Stacy Petricone Cofer '95

Steve & Debbie Coleman

Jill Collord

Lauren McGraw Combs '98

John & Catherine Conaty

Kerry Conaty '07

Carolyn Cone '08

Scot & Marilyn Cone

Judith Maier Connelly '67

Kaitlin Connelly '95

John & Ruth Connolly

Karen Kishpaugh Connors '60

Diana Roetepohl Coogan '60

Hannah Cook '09

Julia Hittner Cooke '83

Michael & Michele Cooney

Barbara Becht Cooper '60

Melinda Koenig Cooper '77

William & Mary Corbett '62

Nicole Corbin '02

Judy Forgacs Cossentino '79

Allison Cottrell '05

Beth Cowperthwait

Lois Sailer Cox '74

Suzanne Huesing Cox '57

Kristin Coyle '05

Mary Lynn Nobis Cracchiolo '67

Amy Crane '67

V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0


Lori Liebel Crilley '72

Michelle Babinec Crimmins '85

Nancy Stefkovich Crippin '76

Margie McCafferty Cronin '70

Lauren Crucitt '09

Patrick & Linda Crucitt

Patricia Podesta Crumley '61

Thomas & Amelia Crutcher

Chris & Annette Cundiff

Christina Cunningham '00

Karen Kling Danchik '64

Jane Dankenbring '05

John & Stefanie Darlington

Alyson Dattilo '07

Caroline Konerman Dattilo '79

Molly Dapper Davenport '80

Dorothy Pohlman David '62

Lydia Davidoski '06

Sarah Davlin '07

Walter & Leslie Davlin

Stephanie Dawes '05

Erin Carroll De Bow '97

Ashlee De Stelger '01

Grace Debbeler '09

Helen Debbeler '04

Mike & Lisa Maechling Debbeler '73

Monica Debbeler '06

Elizabeth Laker DeBlasio '93

Mary DeBrunner '00

Emily DeCenso '05

William & Nancy DeCenso

Kris Odenwald Dees '74

Joanne DeGreg '78

Colleen O'Brien Dehring '93

Judy Gilday Delaney '73

Marianne Kleinhaus Delaney '64

Jeanne Favret Dell '52

Tricia Dell '77

Jill Lennert DeLucia '84

LeBert & Darlene DePasquale

Katherine Blum Desmond '88

George & Carol Dettenwanger

Kerry Devanney '98

Timothy & Susan Dickens

Janet Mollmann Dickman '73

Connie Stenger Dillhoff '75

Katie Dillhoff '04

14 V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0

Deanne DeCarlo Dirksing '87

Annette DiTommaso '07

Angela Ratliff Ditsler '00

Kathy Stineman Dittrich '73

Frank & Patricia Divo

Lori Divo '05

Katherine Doellman '08

Norbert & Karen Doellman

Thomas & Mary Beth Donelan '77

Joyce Gessing Donnellon '73

Mary Pat Sweeney Donnellon '81

Carolyn Partridge Donovan '82

Cynthia Donovan '10

Dean Donovan & Patricia Perin-Donovan

Sandra Stuerenberg Donovan '67

Diane Feldman Dooley '55

Janet Tappel Dorger '82

Brian & Karen Dowling

Sr. Ellen Doyle OSU

Sara Doyon '08

Alexandra Dressman '10

Michael and Mary Kay Dressman

Roy & Cindy Drew

Deborah Dryer '02

Danna Meyer Duarte '85

Anne Dulle '60

Mike & Marybeth Partridge Dulle '81

Jacqueline Dunker

Sarah Stehlin Durio '00

Nancy Eagen '62

Jeannine Hagee Eaton '75

Maribeth Cleary Ebner '63

Elizabeth Edwards '00

Carol Vogele Egnor '58

Stefanie Eilers '01

Erin Gregory Eiser '00

Mary Schimpf Ekins '91

Claire Elder '06

David & Monica Elder

Fred & Karen Elias

Kerry Hogan Ellensohn '94

David & Susan Ellerhorst

William & Rosemary Erman

Anita Sicker Ernst '78

Sue Moster Eschmeyer '61

Terry & Toya Estes

Kelly Sorg Evans '89

Carmen Evans

Sally Hock Evans '67

Brianna Eve '08

Christina Ewers '90

Melissa Ewers '90

Thomas and Lynn Ewers

Edith Fahr

Julie Walsh Fairbanks '76

Carole Fanning Torres '92

Eileen McNerney Fauver '94

Tara Fehrenbach '07

Omer & Ruth Feldhaus

Martha Fellerhoff '76

Bonnie Bressler Fellinger '56

Mary Patricia Sedler Fellinger '66

Kimberly Fennell '95

Jeff & Marci Fenter

Stephanie Bachmeyer Fenwick '98

Timothy & Marjorie Ferguson

Jenny Ferris

Robert & Barbara Feth

Veronica Feth '07

Kelli Ficke '08

Hannah Fiehrer '06

David & Marilyn Fields

Mary Patricia Schlueter Fischer '77

Maxine Winterhalter Fischesser '51

Anne Marie Fitch

Meghan Fitch '09

Laura Dillman FitzSimmons '95

Ann Teuschl Flanagan '79

Debbie Flanigan

Lynn Flavin '65

Maureen Walsh Flavin '82

Sara Flege '06

Jenny Foertsch

Mark & Janice Lydon Folzenlogen '82

Brian & Carole Foos

Virginia Meyer Forbes '62

Gwen Forte' '99

Patricia Habegger Fox '85

Lea Ann Chambers Fracasso '98

Denise Cassin France

Rosemary Herbort Franck '58

Beverley Reindl Frank '77

Paul & Julie Franke

Sue Dollenmayer Franz '80

George & Christel Fraundorfer

John & Margaret Frederick

Meredith French '02

Mary Knollman Frey '57

Terry & Michelle Frey

Mary Kate Frietch '10

Thomas & Teresa Frietch

Mary Anne Dwyer Fritschner '77

Jim & Janet Frock

Meghan Schenck Fronduti '90

Linda Henning Gaitskill '74

Judy Gallagher '61

George & Kathleen Gallaway

Meghan Eckstein Gange '95

Janet Ganim '55

Claire Wientjes Gardner '66

Jani Gardner '60

Catherine Gaston '10

Patricia Kelly Gavigan '99

James & Jo Gavin

Lisa Wellbaum Geber '65

Josephine Voss Geiger '46

Nancy Dickert Gentzow '70

Katelyn George '08

Lauren George '10

Ron & Ann George

Heidi Gerber-Shore '98

Julia Stehlin Gevrenov '97

Kathleen Geyer '08

Sally Schultz Giannella '88

Gregory & Roseanna Gibbons

Harry & Karen Gilligan

Leah Gilligan '09

Jenny Ginn '85

Debora Rizzi Girardot

Jeffrey & Susan Giuliano

Katherine Giuliano '08

Bridget Sweeney Glaescher '82

Catelyn Gleason '07

Allison Glockner '08

Holly Mollaun Goedde '95

Holly Ostendorf Goldberg '90

Catherine Good

Molly Good '07

Steven & Lisa Good

Jean Koller Goodhart '73

Lesle Hellmann Goodhart '79

Elizabeth Albers Goodrich '90

Forrest & Amy Goodwin

Bruce & Carole Goodwin

Scott & Jan Gordon

Debra DiLorenzo Gorman '85

Megan Gorman '08

Katherine Gorsuch '07

Frank & Pam Gottschall

Holly Gottschall '09

Marc & Rose Grafton

Heidi Radina Graham '73

Jan Graham '68

Kelly Ortner Grant '94

Bruce & Deborah Conboy Graumlich '83

Carol Klosterkemper Gravens '57

Barbara Gray

Thomas & Kimberly Gray

Jeffrey & Sandra Green

Lisa Hauser Green '90

Valerie Sohngen Grein '85

Katherine Greiner '02

Kathy Huber Greiner '78

Marilyn Grendel

Mary K. Maier Griffin '58

Katherine Griffith '05

Geoff & Sharon Griffiths

Jenna Griffiths '08

Morgan Griffiths '10

Stephanie Reindl Grimm '78

Lynda Groh '83

William & Jacqueline Groth

Allison Gruber '04

Amy Gruber '06

Caroline Gruber '10

Donna Scheidler Gruber '75

Elizabeth Gruber '07

Mary Gruber '81

William & Karen Gruber

Margaret Grumbley '08

Richard & Martha Frank Grumbley '80

Christopher & Terry Guay

Lisa Guay '09

George & Judith Guju

Mary Ellen Gula

Sandeep & Chandan Gupta

Mary Schmidt Hacker '62

Amy Hackett '99

Richard & Teresa Hackman

Charles & Kim Hafele

Barbara Brackman Hagberg '57

Gary & Amy Hagedorn

Abigail Haglage '06

Connie Gessing Haglage '75

Kelsey Haines '09

Michael & Lori Haines

Victoria Hale '06

Beth Hall '90

David & Irina Hall

Heather Hall '06

Julia Hall '09

Theresa Hallett '98

Arlie & Helen Hamilton

Tara Hammann '10

Ann Hammer '98

Richard & Jeanne Hannan

B. Robert & Eileen Harlow

Lisa Pembaur Harpenau '80

Michelle Harpenau '06

Lauren Harrell '07

Mackenzie Harrell '10

Michelle Harrell

Regan Harrell '09

Steve & Kelly Harrell

Joe Harrigan

Brian Harsh

Jean Bae Haspel '91

Foster & Patricia Haunz

Greg & Joan Hausfeld

Katie Hausfeld

Jane Ratchford Hausterman '69

Julie Schlinkert Hawkins '85

Rebecca Klettner Haynam '76

Myradene Haynes

Bruce & Melanie Healey

Michael & Dorothy Pitner Healy

Julie Robson Hefele '74

Sheila Barnes Heinen '77

Sandra Simminger Held '66

Courtney Vetter Helgeson '82

Lauren Helgeson '07

Lindsay Helgeson '07

Megan Helgeson '07

Joseph & Karol Hellmann

Robert & Gail Hellmann

V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0


Brian & Carolyn Helmick

Elaine Dulle Helmick '61

Mary Ellen Helms '03

Sophia Gilligan Helms '86

Katherine Hemmer '95

Brynne Henderson '08

Beth Bergman Henderson '75

Todd & Jean Henderson

Sylvia Sieve Hendon '61

Sarah Kellison Hendricks '00

Justine Hendy

Emily Hengehold '06

Lynn Fitzpatrick Hengehold '53

Joan Henning

Leanne Schimpf Hensley '90

Patricia Barry Herbers '85

Richard & Amy Hermanns

Stacey Linnemann Herr '96

Carren Herring RSM '59

Marilyn Parks Herring '68

Denice DeNuccio Hertlein '75

Marc & Lisa Hetterich

Marie Hetterich '08

Debra Dessart Hickey '65

Kathryn Hickey '04

Kris & Fran Hickey

Chris Higgins

Lorraine Esseck Higgins '81

Alexandra Hill '08

Caroline Hils '07

Laura Hils '01

Ann Hinkle

Herman & Patricia Hobohm

Nick & Renee Hoderlein

Kelly Hodovanic '06

Kristen Hodovanic '09

Michael & Beatrice Hodovanic

William & Betty Hoffer

Lisa Quatman Hoffman '85

Lynda Hoffman-Jeep

Donald & Kathleen Hogan

Jean Poon Hogan '80

Joanne Baker Hogan '53

Mark & Dana Hogan

Ruth Bross Hoh '38

Christopher & Sandra Holden

Samantha Holden '06

16 V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0

Andrew Holmes

Jim & Cathy Holmes

Katie Evans Holmes '92

Cydny Hofmann Holt '76

Norah Edelmann Holt '57

Judith Gutting Holtegel '57

Kimberly Holtgrefe '06

Michael & Constance Holtgrefe

Julia Hom '10

Sr. Patricia Homan OSU

John Honebrink

Stephen & Diana Honerlaw

Karolyn Horn '06

Kelly Hornback '95

Sue Wintzinger Horter '74

Thomas & Mary Sue Houk

Caroline Howard '57

Ruth Winters Hubbard '64

Jani Gutting Hudepohl '65

Tom & Janet Huff

Diane Dellerman Hughes '79

Doris Sikorski Hughes '57

Mary Kay Hughes

Michael & Cynthia Hughes

Kaye Brockman Humbert '75

Nancy Koenig Huneke '66

Ruth Hurley-Franchi

Susan Bonn Husting '85

Lindsey Huston '07

Catherine Ihlendorf '98

Richard & Carol Ihlendorf

Mary Sue Penderghast Imbus '55

Ana Stolz Infantino '90

Jean Inkrot

Mary Inkrot-Schroder '75

Rodie Sweeney Ionna '54

James & Mary Ireton

Michelle Ireton '97

Jennifer Irey '00

James & Susan Irvine

Harihar & Ranjana Iyer

Mary Jackson

Michelle Jahn '09

Anne Jarrad & Ryan Thomas

Nancy Brumleve Jarvis '61

Angela Belmont Jenkins '89

Kim Jewett

Donald & Billy Jean Jobe

Lois Levy Johannigman '45

David & Jacqueline Johnson

Jill Johnson '06

Lindsay Johnson '06

O.B. & Annemarie Johnson

Timothy & Mary Johnson

Evelyn Joseph '75

Jerome Judd

Steven & Mary Ann Juenger

Jacqueline Kent Juenke '57

Carol Voss Julian '70

Robert & Christine Jung

Ronald & Anne Marie Kollman Kaes '82

Brenda Kahan

Nancy Buescher Kane '64

Anuja Kapil '08

Jane Gieseling Kapphahn '60

John & Karen Karle

Barbara Mattis Kasselmann '95

Marilyn Carr Kaylor '63

Katie Keane '84

Maggie Keane '78

Mary Keane '75

Susan Keane '76

Ann Erpenbeck Keitel '48

Kathleen Keitel '10

Ann Collins Keller '60

Robert & Susan Kellison

Lauren Williams Kellum '00

Jazmone' Kelly '08

James & Julie Schmitt Kelly '81

Erin Kelly Park '90

Sr. Phyllis Kemper OSU '67

Kari Kempf '08

Ursula Rawdon Kender '60

Wilma Kennard

Susan Alfers Kennealy '65

Adam & Rebecca Abel Kennedy '92

John & Jayne Kerr

John & Mary Kerr

Melinda Kerr '92

Chelsea Kessler '08

Melanie Hartman Ketner '79

William & Carol Kilroy

Elizabeth Wenstrup Kindt '90

Marc & Patty Kirby

Virginia Graham Brezinski '67

Suzanne Hiernaux Bryce '84

Meredith Kohnen Burton '62

Nora Buzek '88

Paul & Jennifer Callahan

Erin Schenz Campbell '98

Patricia McDougall Cargould '64

Maria Iannitti Carver '62

Patricia Cassinelli '74

Steve & Debbie Coleman

Scot & Marilyn Cone

William & Mary Corbett '62

Renard & Lisa Cousineau

Donald & Susan Crain

Catherine Schuster Creeden '01

Richard & Shauna Dammel

Molly Dapper Davenport '80

Katherine Blum Desmond '88

Robert & Tunde Dewey

Suzanne Schimanski Diehl '46

Diane Feldman Dooley '55

Danna Meyer Duarte '85

Robert & Leah Dugan

Patricia Reno Dyer '77

Erin Gregory Eiser '00

Sally Hock Evans '67

Christina Ewers '90

Emily Fagel '99

Sondra Starling Fee '61

David & Marilyn Fields

Patricia Aerni Fletcher '72

Beverley Reindl Frank '77

Janet Bruns Franz '88

Mark Frietch

Robert & Jo Gallagher

Janet Ganim '55

Sally Schultz Giannella '88

Elizabeth Jackson Glass '92

Robert & Kathleen Greiwe

Kristen Koptish Grimes '94

Joan Albers Gruber '47

Gary & Amy Hagedorn

Lisa Pembaur Harpenau '80

Mary Lou Vogelpohl Hathorn '66

Caroline Bristol Heekin '84

Lynn Fitzpatrick Hengehold '53

Daniel & Cathy Higgins

Cydny Hofmann Holt '76

Kaye Brockman Humbert '75

Mary Sue Penderghast Imbus '55

Institute of International Education

Sr. Mary Ann Jansen OSU

Nancy Brumleve Jarvis '61

Mike & Susan Gessing Jones '69

Caroline Jordan '01

Steven & Mary Ann Juenger

Richard Kallenberg & Mary Karen Fox

Thomas & Laura Keitel

Sr. Phyllis Kemper OSU '67

Adam & Rebecca Abel Kennedy '92

Kathleen Kim '94

Paul & Carita Kollman

Robert & Karen Krone

Anne Lame '01

Luke & Marian Leonard

Emmy Ziller Longo '85

Steven & Gayle Lucas

Rosemary Dulle Lutmer '47

William & Catherine MacEachen

Sr. Anne Maureen Maher OSU

Patrick & Brenda Maloney

Amanda Flaig Marko '95

Allen & Cathleen Cullinane Martin '74

Laura Massa '72

Deborah Dishaw McCollough '84

Kristen Fayter McKenzie '90

Michael & Mary Frances McKeown

Kimberly Staneck Mead '98

Peggy Meyer '67

Rhonda Miller '03

Nicole Munz '96

Jeffrey Myers & Christine Frick

Connie Nicolas

Marc & Carol Ollier

John & Phyllis Overmann

John & Barbara Pflum

Richard & Cindy Piening

Anthony Reis

Alison Brands Rice '85

Patrick & Juliet Ruggiero

Thomas & Lori Rumpler

Michael & Lisa Russell

Jose & Maria Sarasua

Todd & Susan Scheffler

Richard & Judith Schnelle

Leslie Schuler '03

Mark & Lois Brumleve Sedacca '74

Richard & Joan Sellers

Bruce & Chris Brandstetter Shaffer '75

Pauline Glaser Sheard '88

Jennifer Henehan Sheil '91

Sr. Lawrence Sickman OSU '55

Michelle Hiernaux Sidoti '89

Molly Donnellon Simpson '95

Melissa Brennan Su '81

Donald & Carol Tabb

Jean Welz Thompson '62

Melissa Pharo Townsend '85

Elizabeth Hellmann Varga '96

Cheryl Vice

Mourice & Mary Jane Waltz

Joan Carletti Wenstrup '51

Barbara Knight Whitmer '66

Sarah Abell Whitney '96

Karen Lippert Witte '75

Patricia Berning Wood '46

+ denotes deceased


COMPANIES 2009-2010

AK Steel Foundation

American Express Gift

Matching Program

Bank of America Charitable Foundation

Choice Hotels International Foundation

Fidelity Foundation

Fifth Third Foundation

General Electric Foundation

Kraft Employee Involvement Program

LEXIS-NEXIS Shares Matching

Contribution Program

Macy’s Inc.

McDonald’s Corporation

McKesson HBOC Foundation, Inc.

Merck Company Foundation

Matching Gift Program

Neyer Foundation

Northwestern Mutual Foundation


Sony Pictures Entertainment Matching

Gifts Program

WellPoint Foundation

Wells Fargo Educational Matching

Gift Program, JK Group, Inc

Always ask your employer if your gift

to Ursuline will be matched!

V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0



“I owe so much of who I am

and who my daughters are

to Ursuline.”

Sue Besl Price


Ursuline has been an integral part of

my life; from my first encounter with an

Ursuline nun in second grade with Sr. Ann

at St. Vivian’s to my year spent as the

President of The Ursuline Mothers’ Club

when my girls were in school there. My

entire life has been shaped by these wonderful

women and the Ursuline tradition.

Not only have I been impacted by Ursuline,

my four sisters, my two nieces and more

importantly for me, my two daughters

have been as well.

Giving back to Ursuline has never been a

question. For me it is expected. After all

I owe so much of who I am and who my

daughters are to Ursuline. I want to support

the mission so that other women can

have the Ursuline experience as well. So

the question became, “How could I be sure

to give something of myself to Ursuline?”

For my husband Dan and me, we decided

the easiest and most lasting way for us to

help ensure the school’s future was to include

Ursuline as a recipient in my will. As

a matter of fact this was decided long ago

before the girls entered elementary school.

We were in the process of writing up the

will and I had heard about this as a vehicle

for donating to the school from Sr. Gabriel.

It was perfect for us. As a young family

starting out we didn’t have the funds to

donate, but wanted to make sure we could

help pay back Ursuline for all it has given

me and my family.

38 V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0

Sue Besl Price

2 0 0 9 - 2 0 1 0 A N N U A L F U N D


The Behler Ladrigan Guild, established in 1993, was named to honor

Sr. Gabriel Behler and Sr. Xavier Ladrigan. The guild is comprised of

alumnae, parents and friends who have made a commitment to

Ursuline Academy of Cincinnati through an estate gift.

We are pleased to recognize the members of the Behler Ladrigan

Guild whose legacy will help secure a strong future for our school

and future generations.

Dick & Patricia Alderson

Ruth Grathwohl Anderson '55


Ruth Austing '33+

Harriet Hogan Barrett '31+

Vincent Beckman

Kathy Bertram '60

Mary Anne Besl

Gertrude Betz '25+

Richard & Debbie Blum

Herman & Elizabeth

Schlanser Bolles '33++

William & Pat Bonn

Elaine Kunkel Bourgraf '50

Marian Kinker Brems '46

Marianne Johannigman Brokamp '73

Ronald & Linda Brown

Maria Iannitti Carver '62

Hilda Cavanaugh

Robert & Ruth Jung Conway+

Patricia Corcoran '65

Betty Seeger Dannenfelser '40

Jeanne Favret Dell '52

Nick Deters+

Julie Ledwin Driscoll '82

Kim Folz Egan '72

Gerald & Mary Gruber Egelston '32++

Anne Einspanier '33+

Mary Anne Dwyer Fritschner '77

Robin Anzinger Galvin '65

Virginia Kinker Gessing '43

Richard+ & Mary Dean Grote

James & Kim Hartman

Thomas Hemmer

Clothilde Rampe Herschede 1907+

Edward & Mary Jo Hogan

William & Lynn Housh

Helen Hurm '40

Mike & Susan Gessing Jones '69

Jacqueline Kent Juenke '57

Marlene Hafer Lagemann '54

Thomas & Adele Lippert

Margaret Long '31+

Jim & Anne Scheidler McGraw '68

Elizabeth Fisher Mott '49

Jeanne McDonough Murray '44+

Donald & Phyllis Neyer

Karen Folz Perry '71

Barbara Pinzka '70

Cecilia Havlin Podesta '35+

Sue Besl Price '80

Joan Kempf Reincke '42

Anthony & Regina Reis+

Diane Fette Rinaldi '79

Evelyn Martina Sansone '37+

Jewelle Schauer+

Madge Smith Scheidler '44+

Timothy & Judy Schilling

Kay Brennan Siefert '38+

Christine Bohmer Stewart '68

Margaret Farrell Stier '50

Thomas Sullivan+

Alfredo & Priscila Suntay

Elaine Grift Voorhees '39

Lois Grift Wanstrath '45

Patrick & Carole Ward

Sue Bressler West '57

Susan Wheatley '78

Sandra Trifilio Wubbolding '61

+ denotes deceased

Endowed Scholarships

and Named Funds

Ursuline Academy is pleased to acknowledge the following expendable

scholarship funds and those who made gifts to them for distribution in

the 2009-2010 year.

Individuals may establish an endowed scholarship or other

named fund with a minimum contribution of $25,000.

Scholarships and named funds may be restricted or

unrestricted as directed by the donor and are

often created in honor or memory

of a loved one.

Endowed Scholorships and Named Funds

35 of '53 Endowed Scholarship Fund

William H. Albers Foundation Scholarship Fund

Betsey & Julie Beckman Endowed Scholarship Fund

Sister Gabriel Behler Endowed Scholarship Fund

Andy & Cindy Burns Berman Endowed Scholarship Fund

Besl Theatre Endowed Fund

Nancy R. Blankenbuehler Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

Blum Family Endowed Scholarship

Elizabeth Schlanser Bolles '33 Endowed Fund

Lucy Borgess Endowed Scholarship Fund

Elroy & Elaine Kunkel Bourgraf Endowed Fund

Ronald D. & Linda Brown Endowed Scholarship Fund

Sister Elizabeth Browne Endowed Scholarship Fund

Michael J. Burke Memorial Endowed Fund

Ted & Becky Buehler Catino Endowed Fund

Class of 1967 Endowed Scholarship Fund

Class of 1971 Endowed Scholarship Fund

Class of 1977 Silver Anniversary Endowed Scholarship Fund

The Connelly Endowed Scholarship Fund

Nancy Maureen Conway Endowed Scholarship Fund

Ruth & Robert Conway Endowed Scholarship Fund

The Cooney Endowed Fund

Helen Mary Gruber Egelston Endowed French Award Fund

Helen Mary Gruber Egelston Endowed Scholarship Fund

Patricia S. Ernsting Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

Faculty Endowed Fund

Gettlefinger Family Foundation

Golden Girls Endowed Scholarship Fund

Virginia Farwick Graham '41 Endowed Scholarship Fund

Rosemary & Richard Greiwe Endowed Scholarship Fund

Fred & Nancy Habegger Endowed Scholarship Fund

The Hauser Endowed Fund

JBM Envelope Company Scholarship Fund

Mike & Sue Gessing Jones '69 Endowed Fund

The Konerman Sweeny Endowed Scholarship Fund

John & Susie Lame Endowed Scholarship Fund

Jerry & Sue Leassner Endowed Scholarship Fund

The Lions’ Pride Scholarship

Thomas J. & Adele E. Lippert Endowed Scholarship Fund

Joe & Kim Merrill Lukens Endowed Scholarship Fund

Joseph T. and Rosemarie Lukens Community Service Fund

Paula Jo Lynch Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

Marklee Endowed Scholarship Fund

The Robert & Martha McGraw Family Endowed Fund

John & Mildred Muething Endowed Scholarship Fund

Jeanne McDonough Murray Endowed Scholarship Fund

Nieman, McDonald and Clarke Endowed Scholarship Fund

Phyllis A. & Donald L. Neyer Endowed Scholarship Fund

PDB Endowed Scholarship Fund

Elaine Funch Pierce '77 Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

Vicky & Rick Reynolds Endowed Scholarship Fund

Charles E. & Eileen A. Rodgers Endowed Scholarship Fund

Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Endowed Scholarship Fund

Marge & Charles J. Schott Foundation Scholarship Program

James P. & Eileen F. Simon Endowed Scholarship Fund

“Sister in Spirit - Minority, Leadership & Mentoring

Program Endowed Fund”

Shirley Gaede Speaks Endowed Scholarship Fund

St. Susanna Achievement Endowed Scholarship

Ruth Bernert Stagaman and Wilma Lee Rutland PAL Scholarship

Helen Maggini Schimanski Stross Endowed Scholarship Fund

Ursuline Academy Emergency Fund

Student Council Endowed Scholarship Fund

Linda Vester Endowed Scholarship Fund

Robert Wildermuth Endowed Fund

Sandra Trifilio Wubbolding World Languages Endowed Fund

V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0


Unless otherwise specified by the donor, memorial gifts go to the

Sister Gabriel Behler Scholarship Fund. Acknowledgments are

sent to donors as well as to the families of the person or

persons being memorialized or honored.

Memorial &

Honor Gifts

In Memory of Alan Bosch

Elizabeth Bosch Reynolds '59

In Memory of Alice Redden

Doug & Claire Bradshaw

Forrest & Amy Goodwin

Donna Scheidler Gruber '75

Shirley A. Pille

Sharon L. Redmond

Mark & Kathleen Geraci Stall '76

Ronald & Pamela Wilson

In Memory of Carole Quinn

Joseph & Shirley G. Speaks

In Memory of Charles Dellerman

Diane Dellerman Hughes '79

40 V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0

In Memory of Eileen Hackett '59

Amy Hackett '99

Sharon L. Redmond

In Memory of Sr. Gabriel Behler

Meredith L. Burton

Lynnda L. Osborne

Sharon L. Redmond

Maureen Dolan Schwab '73

Joseph & Shirley Speaks

Diane Konerman Sweeny '68

In Memory of Jamie France '07

George & Carol Dettenwanger

Thomas & Mary Beth Donelan '77

Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. White

Victoria Hale '06

Gregory & Peggy Hopkins

Timothy & Kathleen Mahoney

Gene & Cindy Ungruhn

Ann & Don Lampkin

Beth Lampkin Crawford

Dan & Pat Spaeth

Stan & Alice Lamping

Stephanie Gray

Catherine Landers


Social Condo Club at Four Bridges

Country Club

Burkhardt & Co.

Thomas & Barbara Muehlenkamp

Cynthia Barnes

Vincent and Nancy Salinas

Lori Hiatt

Beth Vondenbrink

Katie Aielli

Karen & Lou Aielli

Lois & Earl Brown

Jeanie Jonas

Alberta Rattermann

Phillip Ping & Brigid Hill

Sharon L. Redmond

Ronald & Pamela Wilson

Karin Zuber

In Memory of Jeanne Sweeney

Jake and Jeanne Sweeney Foundation

Sharon L. Redmond

In Memory of Jerry O’Connell

Brian & Amy O'Connell

In Memory of Joe Camardo

Sharon L. Redmond

In Memory of Linda Biddle

Marianne E. O'Neill '98

Sharon L. Redmond

In Memory of Lois Scheid Fath

Jane Ratchford Hausterman '69

In Memory of Loraine Anzinger

Donna Scheidler Gruber '75

Mary Alice Redden LaPille '76

Sharon L. Redmond

Mark & Kathleen Geraci Stall '76

In Memory of Pamela

Chaney-Land '65

Mary Wais Rosselot '65

Cheryl Neltner Kircher '73

Jaclyn Kirsch '09

Bonnie Buchert Kirwin '58

Jeanne Gessing Kiser '66

Michele Henning Kissinger '82

Mary Bumiller Kleimeyer '64

Anna Kleiner '80

Donald & Marianne Klekamp

Denise Heister Klett '85

Kathleen Schnee Kline '90

Nancy Rielage Klusman '59

Ellen Knecht '06

Jack & Joan Knecht

Kathleen Knecht '98

Mary Beth Koch

Bernard Koenig

Jean Koenig

Patricia Obert Koepnick '64

Amy Cachat Koester '94

Anna Kohnen '09

Erika Kohnen '08

Paul & Carita Kollman

Patricia Brannen Kopf '60

Allison Koren '00

Donna Korvick

Jean Lee Flaig Krabacher '47

Julie and Andrew Kraemer

Katherine Kraemer '09

Ken & Dee Kramer

William & Judy Kramer

Linda Krammes

Edward & Joan Krech

Susan Krech

Kaitlyn Kreiner '10

Maria Curro Kreppel '63

Dale & Brenda Kristof

Ann Castellini Kromer '56

Thomas & Janelle Martini Kronenberger '84

Judith Burns Kruse '63

Amy Krzmarzick '09

Kathleen Kuhn

Rev. George Kunkel

Peter & Lynn Kurtz

Carey McGraw Kuznar '94

Amelia Lacker '06

Mark & Polly Kemme Lacker '75

Phyllis Moenster Ladrigan '59

Richard & Susan Lamb

Karen Herbert Lambka '87

A. James & Dottie Lambright

Elizabeth Lame '04

Kathleen Lamping Arar '85

James & Jackie Kegley Lang '79

Marianne Lang

Erin Lange '06

Mary Alice Redden LaPille '76

Chris Larsen

Letty Lavely '63

Julie Winstel Lazarus '85

Meagan Lechleiter '09

Paul & Maureen Lechleiter

Michelle Alderson Leder '96

Anne Lennon '09

Michael & Jill Lennon

Gayle Wernke Lesko '60

Jennifer Letourneau '07

Susan Leverone '76

David & Tara Ligon

Danielle Lillie '06

Kimberly Lillie '08

Thomas & Cindy Lillie

Megan Lindle '00

Caroline Linke '08

Paul Lindsay

Erin O'Connor Linduff '89

Maureen McDevitt Lingg '61

Caroline Linke '08

Michael & Jane Hack Linke '75

Kent & Sharon Linnemann

Melissa Eckert Linville '00

Kathy Wiethe Lippert '60

Laurel Lippert '87

Melissa Orr Lipps '94

Mary Lou Hodapp Loase '62

Lance & Margaret Lohr

Olivia Lohr '08

Joyce Bohmer Long '60

Patricia Winter Long '46

Emmy Ziller Longo '85

David & Liz Sweeney Loper '76

Laura Bellman Lorbach '88

Ellen Muething Lorentz '72

Julie Yeazell Lucas '96

Karen Brandstetter Lucas '91

Steven & Gayle Lucas

Kelly Ross Luken '96

Michele Breitenbach Lukens '74

Rosemary Dulle Lutmer '47

Andrea Lutter '08

Jeffrey & Anne Lutter

Betty Hauck Luttmann '51

Colleen Tobin Lynch '85

John & Lou Ann Eckert Lynch

Ann Ballman Lynch '67

Mary Kay Lynch '68

Steven & Jeri Lynch

Tara Lynch '08

Sue Lytle

Martha Coors MacEachen '71

Kenneth & Alice Mack

Sr. Mary Macke OSU

Mary Mackey

Don & Sherene Mackos

Laura MacMorland '10

Paige MacMorland '09

Ann Rettig Madden '59

Moira Madden '02

Jacqueline Mader '07

Mary Ann Siegel Madewell '54

Mark & Mary Huesing Magner '75

Donald & Donna Maher

Frank & Pat Main

Josephine Male '10

Kevin & Lori Malloy

Mary Malloy '10

Nancy Malone '60

Lynne Wilke Maloney '76

Patrick & Brenda Maloney

Robert & Patricia Manier

Emma Manier '10

Andrew & Linda Manning

Brian & Elizabeth Mannion

Amanda Flaig Marko '95

Katelyn Marples '10

Robert & Carol Marples

Allen & Cathleen Cullinane Martin '74

Marilyn Martin '50

Laura Martis '81

Meredith Mason '05

Barbara Buchert Massman '58

Ilona Matulaitis '06

V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0


Melissa Mauntel '08

Beatrice Grogan Maxwell '61

Jeff & Marnie May

Jean Ann Pierce McAuliffe '64

Sharon Connelly McBeath '83

James McCarthy

Kathryn McCarthy '07

Sarah Yost McClain '90

M.J. Frederick McClure '76

Deborah Dishaw McCollough '84

Mark & Rita McCormack

Molly McCormack '06

Annah Castellini McDowell '90

Breann McDowell '10

Dave & Jenn McDowell

Mary Hellmann McElwee '70

Katherine McGaughy '01

Chelsea McGill '08

Mary McGrath '65

Anne Scheidler McGraw '68

Bridget Gannon McGraw '96

Kelly McGraw '08

Roche & Susan Schneider McGreevy '77

Christine Teufen McGuire '64

Ashley McHugh '00

Teresa McIntyre '74

Christine Wenninger McKain '85

Mike & Fran McKeown

Janet Osberger McKenna '63

Kristen Fayter McKenzie '90

Patrick & Pamela McLaughlin

Ann Zeno McMackin '71

Lauren McMahon '09

Megan McMahon '04

Patricia Engelbert McMurtry '60

Diane Ward McNally '60

Maureen McPhillips '61

Suzanne Kesterson McWayne '60

Shelley Valerius Mech '85

Alexandra Mechley '08

Michael & Mary Mechley

Mary Rose Medenilla-Hidalgo

Patrick & Carol Meehan

Joseph & Amy Mehrle

Carol Muething Meirose '66

Steve & Mary Frances Melink

Joseph & Mary Mellen

18 V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0

Lindsey Mercer '09

Laura Messer '90

Marilyn Durkin Metz '59

Elizabeth Meyer '00

Hilary Meyer '10

Gerard & Anna Meyer

Gregory & Deborah Meyer

Jo Ann Meyer '67

Laura Meyer '00

Peggy Meyer '67

Mary Middleton '65

Claire Miller '10

Patricia Brands Miller '90

Wendy Stratman Miller '88

Sally Mayer Mills '61

Celeste Fellner & Nickolas Minnie

Pamela Halloran Mischell '65

Brian & Karla Mitchell

Norah Cusick Mock '75

Michelle Moeller '05

Robert & Sandra Moeller

Nancy Heffron Mohr '70

Suzanne Adams Moll '81

Christina Mondi '10

Scott & Elena Mondi

Susan Montag '99

Nancy Montague '77

Alison Fry Montgomery '61

Morgan Moone '10

Tricia Scheidler Moorman '91

Ann Winstel Moran '83

Mary Gallagher Moran '66

Mary Beth Bolger Moran '57

Megan Moran '85

Katherine Kruse More '90

Robert & Michelle Morgan

Julie Quatman Morrison '88

Melissa Wilson Morrissey '92

Mary Beth Harig Morse '51

Andrea Benza Morwood '95

Gary & Kim Moscarino

Hank & Carol Moscarino

Michael & Melissa Moser

Elizabeth Fisher Mott '49

Adolfo & Sharron Muccillo

Angela Muccino '98

Julie Muething '98

Erin Mullin '08

Marianne Meyer Mundy '59

Laura Linduff Munz '87

Kate Murphy '76

Marsha Klekamp Murphy '67

Nancy Grube Murphy '62

Jacqueline Muse

Barbara Neyer Mustard '76

Emily Mustard '04

Rebecca Mustard '07

Sheila McPhelin Mutchler '60

Keith Myers & Patricia Ghory

Mary Myers '07

Mary Myers '08

Patrick & Sally Westerbeck Myers '74

Nina Naberhaus '85

Jeanne Connelly Nardolillo '80

Ellen Neumann '09

Marilyn Wright Newman '67

Linh Nguyen '80

Theresa Gibbons Nicholson '85

Ann Stineman Nick '71

Cara Nicolas '10

Mr. & Mrs. Victor Nicolas

Daniel Nieman

Mary Niemczyk '60

Mary Frank Norris '81

Deborah Roach North '65

Robert & Katie Noschang

Kendal Novak '07

Rhoda Browne Obermeier '71

Jacquelyn Obert '03

Roger & Carol Obert

Patrick & Marilyn O'Brien

Jennifer Johoski Ochsenhirt '90

Brian & Amy O'Connell

Marijo Fraley O'Connell '73

Laura Oeters '07

Kathleen Isphording Oetgen '86

Joyce Ogban '08

Kathryn Olinger '03

Marc & Carol Ollier

Megan Ollier '10

Keith & Pam Olscamp

Mary Windes Olson '55

Mary Olson '81

Marianne O'Neill '98

Mary Jane O'Neill

Murphy O’Neill '08

Timothy O'Neill

Ed & Diane Oravec

Marilyn Ormsbee '59

Joan Dugan Osborne '85

Lauren Osborne '04

Mary Osborne

Theresa Osborne '03

Sandra Parker Osterhues '60

Carol Niehaus Osterwisch '66

Cris Niehaus Osterwisch '60

Jill Otten '00

Kathleen Doran Otten '69

Cathy Browne Overbeck '69

Ethel Ballman Palm '70

Ruthanne Palmer

Daniel & Barbara Paluch

Hsiang & Shirley Pan

Mollie Paquette '10

Kourtney Parchment '09

Allen & Dawn Paxson

Alyssa Paxson '10

Andrea Hallett Pellegrino '95

Deborah Meier Pendl '75

Amy Pennekamp '99

Caitlin Perazzo '07

Gina Perazzo '00

John & Ellen Perazzo

Lauren Perazzo '03

Joseph & Patricia Perin

Joseph & Trina Perin

Douglas & Jackye Perkins

Mary Hibarger Perkinson '49

Nancy Teufen Perrone '62

Karen Folz Perry '71

Brian & Ann Marie Peterson

Chelsea Pflum '08

Joseph & Catherine Pflum

Dean Phan & Angie Trandai

Michelle Phan '08

Vincent Phelan

Richard & Cindy Piening

Shirley A. Pille

Mary Kay Kinney Piller '54

Hilary Pitner '10

Suzanne Platt '99

Sr. Ruth Podesta OSU '50

Ann Howison Polcer '66

Charlene Ponti

Mary Albers Porter '74

Lynn Braun Potter '61

Jordan Powers '10

Sr. Christine Pratt OSU '64

Earl & Karen Price

Mary Price '09

Daniel & Sue Besl Price '80

Daniel & Cynthia Prows

Jennifer Prows '08

Nancy Tressler Pryor '75

Maria Prysock '05

Jill Schellman Puffer '94

Mary Hodapp Queenborough '68

Betsy Smyth Radcliffe '68

Meri Kay Ruwe Radecki '60

Don & Carolee Rafn

Mary Ann Kunkemoeller Rafoth '75

Douglas & Joan Raftery

Karen Lindeman Rahe '78

Teresa Pearson Ramirez '82

John & Jacquie Ranz

Anne Kirwin Ratterman '63

Sarah Hemmer Re '00

Dianne Kapphahn Rebbin '60

John & Jodi Recker

Barbara Reder SP '60

Jerry Redmond & Jane McGregor-


Jennifer Fangmann Reed '97

William & Kathleen Reed

Robert & Beth Reichert

Phil & Mollie Reifenberg

Gerard & Jennifer Reilly

Nancy Welling Reilly '84

Bill & Wilma Reinert

Danielle Reinert '10

Jeff & Carol Remenowsky

Maureen Rettig

Elizabeth Bosch Reynolds '59

Ann Blum Rhodes '91

Alison Brands Rice '85

Anne Stagnaro Rich '80

Ruth Richardson

Lynda Riddle

Mary Clarke Rider '64

Angela Ridgley '07

Melissa Ridgley '09

Amy Rieman

Timothy & Sharon Riley

Vincent & Mary Elizabeth Riley

Diane Fette Rinaldi '79

David & Blanca Risdon

Lindsay Runyan '09

Susan Rivers Payne '58

Sr. Joan Roach OSU '56

Mary Roberts '10

Tom & Mary Beth Dressing Roberts '82

Sarah Kohls Roberts '90

Stephanie Kern Roberts '94

Jacalu Robson '00

Tracy Yuellig Robson '75

Susan Rodgers '72

Cassandra Carl Rohm '94

Sandra Roley '00

Chelsea Rolfes '10

Lauren Rolfes '08

Anthony & Frances Romweber

Nancy Haun Roos '65

John & Beau Rootring

Theresa Ross '05

Mary Wais Rosselot '65

Audrey Rossman

Ellen Kemper Rossoni '61

Paul & Connie Roth

Henry & Nancy Roy

Lindsey Roy '08

Charles & Lynn Ruehl

Timothy & Tamera Runyan

Michael & Carla Rusconi

Andrea Russell '08

Arlene Bayer Russell '62

Karalyn Russo '09

Paul & Mary Ann Russo

Sharon Luken Russo '73

Mary Brosey Rust '80

Betsy Bertke Ruwe '75

Amy Wahl Ryan '90

Paula Brennan Ryan '70

Chris & Susan Sabo

Amanda Alderson Sandford '92

Donna Sandman '66

V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0


Molly Sandquist '95

Tracy Bien Sandquist '91

Mary Sanitato '07

Carissa Dimaculangan Santell '95

Kristin Satterwhite '08

James & Lucinda Sauer

Julie Hebel Schaefer '75

Samantha Bellman Schafer '00

Jean Oldfield Schatzman '64

David & Anne Schaub

Ashleigh Scheidler '07

Katherine Bofinger Scheidler '85

Paige Scheidler '99

Catherine Schellhous

Max & Mary Schellman

Bruce & Diane Schings

Kathleen Schings '09

David & Darlene Schlagheck

Elmer & Carmelita Schlueter

Valerie Florez Schmerge '73

Sr. Lucy Schmid OSU

Judith Spraul Schmidt '71

Marcia Reder Schmidt '68

William & Susan Schmidt

Elizabeth Berning Schmitt '60

David & Katherine Dorger Schmitt '81

Meghan Schmitt '09

Sylvia Long Schnee '57

Karen Vogel Schneid '63

Abby Schneider '09

Nancy Smith Schneider '58

Stephen & Mary Jo Schneider

Mark & Donna Timmel Schnicke '82

Sara Schoettmer '71

Mary Mac Ruberg Schooley '65

Carol Schottelkotte '72

Joanne Schrader

Jennifer Lucht Schretter '84

Gerald & Nanette Schroder

Kate Schroder '95

John & Kelly Schroeder

Chrissy Breslin Schroeder '85

Kelly Schroer '09

Christine Schuckman '95

Jody Sansone Schuermann '66

Julie Stier Schuermann '57

Kerri Kagler Schuman '86

20 V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0

Melissa Schuab '08

Maureen Dolan Schwab '73

Mary Frances Humbert Schwartz '86

Julie Hartlaub Schwettmann '60

Joanne Piening Scott '81

Katherine Scoville '09

Keran Seagreaves Smith '57

Mary Winstel Seaman '86

Molly Sedmak '79

Marybeth Castrucci Seifert '78

Richard & Joan Sellers

Bonnie Kahles Sena '59

William & Victoria Sena

Chelsea Sensibaugh '09

Elizabeth Shadley '07

Christine Cappella Shafer '96

Bruce & Chris Brandstetter Shaffer '75

Lauren Shaffer '04

Rebecca Shaffer '07

Lisa Shank '08

Steven & Barbara Shank

Jean Shannon '75

Catherine Connelly Sharif '75

Karen Giebel Shea '85

Anna Parchman Sheanshang '92

Pauline Glaser Sheard '88

Maria Sheeran '01

Robert & Terry Sheeran

Jennifer Henehan Sheil '91

Craig & Melissa Sherman

Judith Adriansen Sherman '55

Mary Sherman '08

Alison Shiver-Himes '92

Suzanne Short '85

Susan Freking Showers '67

Edward Showman

Emma Shreve '09

Donald & Honora Shumrick

Janet Staun Shute '76

Robert & Elaine Sicking

Sr. Lawrence Sickman OSU '55

Michelle Hiernaux Sidoti '89

Nancy Pellman Sigward '61

John & Ruth Sikorski

Cathy Cahalan Silverman '67

Celeste Simon '73

Elizabeth Saile Simon '85

Stephanie Simon '80

Molly Donnellon Simpson '95

Peter & Jene Skelly

William & Judith Skyllingstad

Suzanne Slack '68

David Slomer

Ann McGreevy Slone '71

Gregory & Elizabeth Mueller Smith '84

Joan McCoy Smith '46

Susan Behrends Smith '67

Michael & Mary Snow

Julie Misrach Snyder '83

Marcia Rusche Soule '70

Emily Spaulding '00

Mary Lehrter Spears '70

Molly Frank Speer '85

Terri Huber Spooner '80

Emily Spotts '09

Polly McGuinness Srp '66

Tracey & Carol Stacey

Kristin Ward Stackpole '91

Joseph & Kay Stagaman

Claire Stall '08

Gail Hentz Stein '61

Peggy Fischer Stemen '61

Erika Sterusky '08

Jordan Stevens '08

Kathy Gavin Stewart '75

Megan Stewart-Sicking '94

David & Barbara Stifel

Kelly Jones Stiles '94

Mr. and Mrs. David Stocker

James & Paige Stoker

Theodore Stoner

Maria Stowell '08

Steve & Kelly Strang

Doris Strange

Jennifer Strassburger '98

Edward & Marie Strasser

Darlene Kerber Stricker '69

Abigail Strietmann '05

Sarah Strietmann '10

Ann Buzek Stromberg '75

Kathleen Chenal Stuart '64

Ruth Stubbers

John & Stephanie Sudbrack Busam '76

Beverly Sullivan

The William E. Besl Theatre was transformed into a Winter Wonderland.

Auction chairs Michelle & Bob Morgan and Barb O‘Neill Backscheider

'74 greet the crowd.

Auction Chair Barb O'Neill Backscheider '74

with her daughter Kelly.

Auction 2009

A Winter Wonderland To Remember

On November 21st Ursuline Academy’s Schildmeyer Gallery and Besl Theatre turned into

a Winter Wonderland, the Auction theme. Hundreds of silent auction items covered the

gallery and theatre. The Auction generated $293,000 in sales and cash donations. Monies

from the Auction, along with the raffle, and annual fund benefit Ursuline’s programs and

students directly. The live auction generated a record breaking $93,000. More than 100

volunteers generously donated their time the night of the Auction, which was preceded

by eleven months of planning by 400 generous volunteers.

Many thanks to all of the volunteers and guests, especially Barb O’Neill

Backscheider '74 and Alan Backscheider and Michelle and Bob Morgan

for co-chairing the event, and Julie Schmitt Kelly '81 and Ginnie Donovan

for their strong live auction leadership!

V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0



($250 and above)

A Savannah Nite Limousine

John & Connie Allen


Art & JoAnn Arand

Autry Learning Center

Allen & Barb O'Neill Backscheider '74

Eric & Michelle Ball

Mike & Jackie Bergman



Glenn Bladh

Blaine’s Fine Men’s Apparel

Blue Ash YMCA

Bonefish Grill of Hyde Park

Neil & Ellen Bourgeois

Kevin & Rose Bowers

Karen Breed

Rick & Maribeth Brizzolara

Gina Brown & Jim Lowell

Laura Byrd

Carroll’s Carpets

Dr. David C. & Kelly Carrier

Drs. Cassinelli, Shanker & Biddle

Tim & Kathy Whalen Carter '70

Chef's Choice Catering

Cincinnati Bell

Cincinnati Sports Club


College of Mount St. Joseph

Lee Czerwonka & Christine Buttress

John & Stefanie Darlington

Details It’s All Inside

Suzy Adrian DeYoung '76

Diamonds Rock

Tim & Sue Dickens

Everybody’s Health Chiropractic

Massage Wellness

Tom & Wendy Fiehrer

Fitness Together

Bob & Gale Fogg

Fountain Specialist Inc.

Brian & Michelle Frey

Jim & Carol Garanich

Grand Victoria Resort & Casino

Great American Financial

Resources, Inc.

Green Bay Packers

Jeff Green

Thomas & Patricia Grote

34 V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0

Ron & Patti Grycko

Dick & Kathy Lowes Haglage '74

Mike & Lori Haines

Walt & Andrea Hamilton

Hardin Dental

Micki Harrell

Bob Hellmann & Gail Hellmann

Robert Henderson

Tony & Emmy Hobson

Mike & Cindy Hughes

Ellen Isfort

Jaguar Land Rover of Cincinnati

Jeffrey R. Anderson Real Estate, Inc.

Ed & Sharon Jenkins

Jay Johannigman &Cindy Dellinger

Gary & Peggy Gardner Johns '81

Dave & Jackie Johnson


JV Home Improvements

Melissa Kadish

Keating, Muething & Klekamp

Jim & Julie Schmitt Kelly '81

Tom & JoAnne Peck Kennard '83

Kenwood Country Club

John & Jayne Kerr

Christopher & Lori Knorr

Sandy Kroth

L & L Nippert Trust

Don & Cate Laden

George & Debbie Lang

Larry’s Lock, Safe & Security Center, Inc

Lisa Levine

Genie Libis

Carl Lindner

Roger & Joni Littlejohn

Lochmoor Stables, Inc

Steve & Gayle Lucas

Paul & Joanne Lutmer

John & Lou Ann Lynch

Mike & Mary Mahoney

Maketewah Country Club

Chuck & Sossie Male

Tony & Amy Maricocchi

Mary Ann Martin

Mary Ran Gallery

Clayton & Mary Mathile

Alan & Michelle McCoy

Tim & Miki McGee

Michael & Mary McGraw

McLaughlin Studio of

Fine Portrait Photography

Mike & Mary Mechley

Myra Messick Simons

Doug & Ann Miller

Connie Minard Gates

Brian & Karla Mitchell

Moeller High School

Montag’s Home Furnishings Mall

Mariann Moster

National City Bank

Rick & Beth Schneider Naylor '79

O’Bannon Creek Golf Club

Patrick & Marilyn O'Brien

Oasis Golf Club

Samuel & Jeanne Paxton

Daniel & Gina Prickel

Bob Purdy

Giovanni Ranieri

Dennis & Pam Rayome

Recker & Boerger

Tim Recker

Recreations Outlet

Pramod Reddy & Usha Reddy

Bob & Beth Reichert

Richter & Phillips Co

Joe & Barb Rohs

Karen Alf Rolfes '79

Brian & Julie Milam Ross '76

Pat & Julie Ruggiero

Chris & Susan Sabo

Kerry & Marianne Utz Sahms '78

Maggie Sahms

Tim & Jana Sansbury

Sean & Shelly Seitz

Glenn & Cecilia Suntay

Sweetman Enterprises LLC

Tanya’s Image & Wellness Salon

Greg & Molly Klekamp Tassone '81

James & Karen Tenhundfeld

The Armor Metal Group, Inc.

The BMW Store

The Walnut Group

TPC River’s Bend

TriHealth Fitness and Health Pavilion

UA Athletics

Mark & Julie Ulliman

University of Dayton

Ursuline Dads’ Club

Ursuline Fall Athletic Teams

Ursuline Golf Team

Ursuline Mothers’ Club

Jim & Catherine Valentine

Dan & Joan Valerio

VARtek Corp.

Wags Dog Park

Walt Disney World Co.

David & Susan Waltz

Web Extreme Entertainment

Jay & Beth Foy Wenstrup '80

Rev. Jack Wessling

Richard & Lola Wiebe

Scott & Laura Williams

Tom & Jenny Greiwe Williams '73

Peter Wimberg & Molly Leonard '81

Vincent Wu & Cindy Schwieterman

Xavier University

Rick & Allison Yeager

Tom & Melinda Yonchak

Karin Zuber


“I give to Ursuline because

I am committed to supporting

Catholic education. Ursuline

continues to excel in so many

areas (academics, community

service and spiritual focus –

just to name a few.) The

opportunity for young women

to be nurtured and educated in

such an incredible environment

is immeasurable. I am thrilled

to support this excellence in

Catholic education.”

Becky Buehler Catino '79

Starry Starry Night Sponsors

Ursuline alumna and Broadway star Sharon Wheatley '85

with renowned accompanist Terry LaBolt were the headline act for the 4th annual

Starry Starry Night, a benefit for Ursuline’s Performing Arts department. UA

vocalists Kate Beach, Caroline Gruber and Alyssa Newman were featured

soloists with the Jump ’n Jive Show Band, as well as instrumentalists from our Jazz

Ensemble; our A Capella Choir sang with Sharon Wheatley and the Show Choir

performed with UA music director Chris Larsen. This was an evening of great

cheer and wonderful music all to support the arts at Ursuline.

Many sponsors made the gala evening possible.

Presenting Sponsor

The McCoy Family

Florenz Ziegfeld Circle ($1000)

The Fitzpatrick Family

Fanny Brice Circle ($500)

Art & JoAnn Arand

James & Kathleen Havey

Fr. Jack Wessling

Broadway star and alumna Sharon Wheatley '85

receives roses after her stellar performance. The

A Capella Choir accompanied her in the singing of

“Starry, Starry Night,” Don McLean’s iconic song

about the painting of the same name by Vincent

Van Gogh.

Sophie Tucker Circle ($250)

John & Margaret Abbate

David & Joyce Bartish

John & Nancy Clement

Flagel, Huber, Flager & Co –

Randy & Gina Kuvin

Bob & Gale Fogg

Daniel & Cynthia Prows

Drs. Pramod & Usha Reddy

Kelly & Sharon Redmond

Show choir members sang "A Pretty Girl" with music

director Chris Larsen.

V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0





Ursuline’s capital campaign,

Phase II: The Lions’ Pride began

in 2007. It is with deep appreciation

that Ursuline acknowledges those

listed whose pledges were received

in the 2009-2010 fiscal year.

$50,000 & ABOVE

Bill & Lori Beer

Gary & Judy Breissinger

Terry & Adele Craft

Donald & Catherine Laden

Lisa Levine

Martha H. McGraw

Robert G. and Martha H. McGraw

Family Foundation

Hal & Katie Robertson

$25,000 TO $49,999

Jack & Kay Geiger

The Hauser Group

Bruce & Melanie Healey

Tom & JoAnne Peck Kennard '83

Carl & Edith Lindner

$10,000 TO $24,999

Dick & Patricia Alderson

Allen & Barbara O’Neill Backscheider '74

David & Rebecca Barron

JFK Window and Door

Patrick Kirk & Mary Vondrak

Ralph & Monica Kohnen

Kroger Co.

Peter Wimberg & Molly Leonard '81

Michael & Mary Mahoney

Michael & Megan McCuen

Dan & Janine Melink Hueber '74

36 V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0



T H E L I O N S ’ P R I D E

James A. Miller

Eileen Rodgers

Vonderhaars Catering Inc.

Western & Southern Financial Fund

Rev. John Wessling

$5,000 TO $9,999

Barnes Dennig

James & Barbara Cleary

Patrick & Madeline Bruemmer

Gilligan '87

Susan Grathwohl '79

Robert & Gail Hellmann

Susan Sweeney Kreuzmann '72

Douglas & Ann Miller

Ramona Payne '76

Dan & Sue Besl Price '80

$1,000 TO $4,999

Paul Allaer

Scott & Tamara Behrens

Gregory & Kathleen Conway Bell '79

Robert & Mary Bender

Walter & Sara Beringer

Marian Kinker Brems '46

Thomas & Cindy Broderick

Mark & Denise Christy

Laura Connelly '78

Robert & Gale Fogg

Fund Evaluation Group

Charles & Gail Gaston

Kathy Huber Greiner '78

Group Health Associates

Michelle Harrell

Michelle Heatherton '87

Megan Hughes '03

Garrett & Ellen Jackson

Jake and Jeanne Sweeney Foundation

Ronald & Anne Marie Kollman Kaes '82

Ted & Maggie Longshore

Sue Mackey '76

Lindsay Masters '00

John & Siga Matulaitis

Robert & Michelle Morgan

John & Mariann Moster

Mary Beth O’Connor

Thomas Paquette

Peter T. Joseph Foundation

Gerard & Jennifer Reilly

Joseph & Barb Rohs

Kenneth & Janet Schneider

Susan Bellman Schreiber '77

Michael & Michele Schuster

Mary Del Vesper Schwetschenau '62

Steven & Barbara Shank

Kay Brennan Siefert '38

Jeanne Strouth Spadafora '49

Dorothy Donovan Stoeckle '46

Kay Koerner Sudbrack '50

Robert & Anne Taylor

James & Karen Tenhundfeld

Gerry Tonges

James & Catherine Valentine

Keith & Joni Wells

Richard & Lola Wiebe

David & Sharon Youmans

$999 & UNDER

Alison Anthony '95

Al & Pat Babey

Rosemary Cosgrove Baele '50

Robert & Mary Anne Barbella

Douglas & Nancy Becker

Betsey Beckman '75

Jerry & Barbara Brannen Beitman '75

Georgeann Frank Bender '58

Ellen Boyne '80

Amanda Sundberg '06

Al & Terry Sundberg

Elizabeth Sundermann '94

Diane McHargue Sundrup '74

Maureen Hagee Surkamp '80

Jennifer Bangs Swain '92

Therese Besl Swebilius '77

William & Lois Swisher

Tom & Donna Szarwark

Donald & Carol Tabb

Stephen & Patricia Tagariello

Kristen Tappel '07

Julia Tasset '10

Megan Tassone '08

Nicole Taylor '99

Thomas & Betsy Taylor

Mark & Linda Tefend

Suzanne Voss Telintelo '71

Kirk & Judith Gibson TenEyck '80

James & Karen Tenhundfeld

James & Claire Tenhundfeld

Maureen Selzer Tenkman '69

Abigail Tennant '10

Kurt & Pam Tennant

Lisa Hanson Tent '95

Susan Smyth Tew '58

Terri Mayer Thacker '92

Tom & Betty Thaman

Scott & Anne Thatcher

Courtney Thomas '08

Scott & Cathy Thomas

Emily Schneider Thompson '83

Jane Dollenmayer Thompson '87

Joanne Campbell Thompson '51

Sue Stadler Thompson '60

Patricia Thornell '58

Claire Castellini Thornton Wilger '46

Mark & Lisa Tierney

Patricia Tobin '80

Suzanne Krehnbrink Tomes '70

Gerry Tonges

Christine Bertke Toth '70

Melissa Pharo Townsend '85

Michelle Risdon Tracy '95

John & Patricia Trainor

Shannon Trame '09

Patrice Trauth

Ernie & Lynn Treiss

Patricia Koch Trimpe '57

Kelly MacEachen Trush '95

Allison Turner '08

Michael & Margaret Turner

Paige Umberger '09

Andre & Maureen Brennan Valentine '82

Joan Behrends Van Pelt '80

Maureen Cooney Van Wert '98

Kerrie VandenEynden '98

Alexandra Veitch '98

Eugenio Venturato & Rosa Compostella

Rebecca Verdon '00

Jenny Dugan Vestecka '75

Mary Vetter '66

Mary Ann Vogele '49

Kim Volz '75

Steve & Theresa Neyer Von Hoene '80

Craig & Cari Corbett Vonier '86

Margaret Berning Wais '42

Sara Morand Waldenmeyer '95

Donna Geers Walsh '59

Sr. Mary Paul Walsh OSU

Giovanna Walters '07

Mourice & Mary Jane Waltz

Stephen & Suzann Warden

Heather Ward-O'Malia '88

Kerry Robertshaw Warndorf '96

Mary Alice Grube Watson '59

Kathleen Mayer Wayman '64

Alison Weber '07

Jerome & Ingrid Weber

Karen Dreidame Weber '65

Mary Hochhausler Weber '65

Ann Ouellette Wehr '75

Greg & Roberta Weinheimer

Allison Wendel '03

Eileen O'Brien Wenstrup '52

Joan Carletti Wenstrup '51

Lauren Wenstrup '10

Jay & Mary Beth Foy Wenstrup '80

Sarah Wenstrup '08

Allen & Joan Wernke

Nancy Homan Wertheimer '61

Jennifer Westerkamp '06

Amy White '05

Barbara Knight Whitmer '66

Sarah Abell Whitney '96

Karen Berg Whittington '71

Joan Vesper Wichmann '64

David & Cate Widmann

Maria Widmann '07

Richard & Lola Wiebe

Jennifer Wiener '08

Nancy Weber Wigington '70

Kathy Lotterer Williams '80

Robert & Deborah Williford

Ronald & Pamela Wilson

Brigid Wimberg '10

Margaret Dulle Wimberg '51

Katherine Schoettmer Winn '74

Thomas & Elsie Winship

Mary Meyer Winstel '02

Patricia Seiter Wirthlin '79

Karen Lippert Witte '75

Barbara Jones Witteborg '62

Greg & Theresa Wnek

Laura Leonard Wolf '80

Timothy & Teresa Wolfer

Sally Woliver '72

Patricia Berning Wood '46

Joni Speier Woodhouse '74

Vincent Wu & Cynthia Schwieterman

Sandra Trifilio Wubbolding '61

Thomas & Tracy Wulf

Elizabeth Wurtzler '06

Laurie Wyant-Zenni

Margaret Yocis '62

Albertta Yockey

Richard & Jane Yost

Alan & Nancy Young

Jim & Marg Younghans

Darcy Zacharias '06

Kimberly Budke Zelasko '77

Jim & Teri Zenz

Melissa Zenz '05

Kristin Hogan Zepf '92

Steve & Mary Ziller

Carrie Zimmer '95

James & Michele Zins

Paula McPhelin Zipfel '61

Jessica Ziza '06

Marianne Fellinger Zook '58

Patt Zurlinden

V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0


Restricted Giving

Enhanced Music Program

Alan & Michelle McCoy

General Donations

Donald & Cate Laden

Diane Neyer Rose '74

Theatre Fund

John & Deborah Majoras

Guidance Department Fund

Fred & Julie Garvin White '76

Linda Vester Ivy Scholarship Program

Glenn & Linda Vester Greenberg '83

Ursuline Family Crisis Fund

Patricia Kemp Clarke '58

Nancy R. Blankenbuehler Memorial

Endowed Scholarship Fund

Ronald & Rose Blankenbuehler

Helen Maggini Schimanski Stross

Endowed Scholarship Fund

Sally Bunker Fellerhoff Olberding '49


John & Susie Lame Endowed

Scholarship Fund

Susie Keating Lame '76

Lions’ Pride Scholarship



Whitney Myers '03

Leadership Symposium

Linda Haller Sloan '75

Lisa Haller '75

Community Service

Helen Hurm '40

Run for the Lions

Sunny Delight Beverages Company

Learning to Lead

Patricia Kemp Clarke '58

Women’s Fund of the Greater

Cincinnati Foundation

“I give to Ursuline because Ursuline was the first school

where I really felt that I could be myself and be accepted

for who I am. The teachers, staff, and students at Ursuline

really focused on enhancing each person's individual gifts

and made it okay to just be the person you were meant

to be. That's a rare thing to find and I hope that by giving

back to Ursuline, young women for generations will have

that same experience.”

Mara Richards '96

22 V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0

The Lions’ Pride Scholarship

was established in 2010 as an outcome

of Phase II–The Lions’ Pride Capital

Campaign. Established as a challenge

grant, it offered parents, alumnae and

friends an incentive to participate in

the Capital Campaign by matching

dollar for dollar funds raised for the

new building with funds to create a

need-based scholarship. The challenge

was extremely successful, raising more

than $500,000 for the new Athletic

and Wellness Center as well as creating

a scholarship that will help the school

meet St. Angela’s vision to keep

Ursuline available to all qualified

young women regardless of cost.

Alumnae Donors

by Class


Ruth Bross Hoh


Marjory Brennan Ballman


Margaret Berning Wais


Virginia Kinker Gessing


Mary Lou Dulle Boylan

Lois Levy Johannigman


Marian Kinker Brems

Josephine Voss Geiger

Patricia Winter Long

Joan McCoy Smith

Dorothy Donovan Stoeckle

Claire Castellini Thornton

Patricia Berning Wood


Shirley Baehner

Jean Lee Flaig Krabacher

Rosemary Dulle Lutmer


Joan Klein Berg

Mary Ann Blesi Fagel

Ann Erpenbeck Keitel

Margaret Rudolph Sieber


Elizabeth Fisher Mott

Mary Hibarger Perkinson

Mary Ann Vogele


Rosemary Cosgrove Baele

Elaine Kunkel Bourgraf

Marilyn Martin

Sr. Ruth Podesta OSU

Kay Koerner Sudbrack


Maxine Winterhalter Fischesser

Betty Hauck Luttmann

Mary Beth Harig Morse

Joanne Campbell Thompson

Joan Carletti Wenstrup

Margaret Dulle Wimberg


Jeanne Favret Dell

Joan Dugan Hauser

Eileen O'Brien Wenstrup


Eileen Grathwohl Beckman

Jane Vogele Berger

Marlene Huedepohl Berling

Lyn Niehaus Brunemann

Lynn Fitzpatrick Hengehold

Joanne Baker Hogan


Rodie Sweeney Ionna

Mary Ann Siegel Madewell

Mary Kay Kinney Piller


Joyce Greve Betz

Mary Gormley Budde

Diane Feldman Dooley

Janet Ganim

Mary Sue Penderghast Imbus

Mary Windes Olson

Judith Adriansen Sherman

Sr. Lawrence Sickman OSU

V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0



Bonnie Bressler Fellinger

Peggy Vonder Haar Frank

Ann Castellini Kromer

Sr. Joan Roach OSU


Suzanne Huesing Cox

Mary Knollman Frey

Carol Klosterkemper Gravens

Barbara Brackman Hagberg

Norah Edelmann Holt

Judith Gutting Holtegel

Caroline Howard

Doris Sikorski Hughes

Jacqueline Kent Juenke

Mary Beth Bolger Moran

Sylvia Long Schnee

Julie Stier Schuermann

Keran Seagreaves Smith

Patricia Koch Trimpe


Margaret Bohl

Carol Vogele Egnor

Rosemary Herbort Franck

Mary K. Maier Griffin

Bonnie Buchert Kirwin

Barbara Buchert Massman

Susan Rivers-Payne

Nancy Smith Schneider

Susan Smyth Tew

Patricia Thornell

Marianne Fellinger Zook


“I give because I had such

a fantastic four years at

Ursuline as a student, and

I am proud that the tradition

of excellence that I got to

experience continues today.”

Deborah Dryer'02

24 V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0


Sr. Carren Herring RSM

Nancy Rielage Klusman

Phyllis Moenster Ladrigan

Ann Rettig Madden

Marilyn Durkin Metz

Marianne Meyer Mundy

Marilyn Ormsbee

Elizabeth Bosch Reynolds

Bonnie Kahles Sena

Donna Geers Walsh

Mary Alice Grube Watson


Patricia Ahern

Judy Ball

Mary Jo Gruber Berding

Kathy Bertram

Suzanne Funch Burke

Barbara Rains Carrico

Donna Ficker Coessens

Karen Kishpaugh Connors

Diana Roetepohl Coogan

Barbara Becht Cooper

Anne Dulle

Jani Gardner

Jane Gieseling Kapphahn

Ann Collins Keller

Ursula Rawdon Kender

Patricia Brannen Kopf

Gayle Wernke Lesko

Kathy Wiethe Lippert

Joyce Bohmer Long

Sr. Mary V. Macke OSU

Nancy Malone

Patricia Engelbert McMurtry

Diane Ward McNally

Suzanne Kesterson McWayne

Sheila McPhelin Mutchler

Mary Niemczyk

Sandra Parker Osterhues

Cris Niehaus Osterwisch

Meri Kay Ruwe Radecki

Dianne Kapphahn Rebbin

Sr. Barbara Reder SP

Elizabeth Berning Schmitt

Julie Hartlaub Schwettmann

Sue Stadler Thompson


M. Gail Moellering Baryl

Patricia Podesta Crumley

Sue Moster Eschmeyer

Judy Gallagher

Elaine Dulle Helmick

The Honorable Sylvia Sieve Hendon

Nancy Brumleve Jarvis

Maureen McDevitt Lingg

Beatrice Grogan Maxwell

Maureen McPhillips

Sally Mayer Mills

Alison Fry Montgomery

Lynn Braun Potter

Ellen Kemper Rossoni

Nancy Pellman Sigward

Gail Hentz Stein

Peggy Fischer Stemen

Nancy Homan Wertheimer

Sandra Trifilio Wubbolding

Paula McPhelin Zipfel


Meredith Kohnen Burton

Mary McDonald Corbett

Dorothy Pohlman David

Nancy Eagen

Virginia Meyer Forbes

Mary Schmidt Hacker

Mary Kaye Handel Hess

Mary Lou Hodapp Loase

Nancy Grube Murphy

Nancy Teufen Perrone

Arlene Bayer Russell

Mary Del Vesper Schwetschenau

Barbara Jones Witteborg

Margaret Yocis


Sue McDonald Clarke

Margaret Drain

Maribeth Cleary Ebner

Marilyn Carr Kaylor

Maria Curro Kreppel

Judith Burns Kruse

Mary Letty Lavely

Janet Osberger McKenna

Anne Kirwin Ratterman

Karen Vogel Schneid

Kate Schroder

Christine Schuckman

Molly Donnellon Simpson

Lisa Hanson Tent

Michelle Risdon Tracy

Kelly MacEachen Trush

Sara Morand Waldenmeyer

Carrie Zimmer


Elizabeth Buening

Stacey Linnemann Herr

Michelle Alderson Leder

Julie Yeazell Lucas

Kelly Ross Luken

Evelyn Mak

Bridget Gannon McGraw

Margaret Richards

Christine Cappella Shafer

Kerry Robertshaw Warndorf

Sarah Abell Whitney


Jennifer Acciani

Ann Cachat

Erin Carroll De Bow

Julia Stehlin Gevrenov

Michelle Frank Ireton

Jennifer Fangmann Reed


Erin Schenz Campbell

Elizabeth Chapman Chance

Lauren McGraw Combs

Kerry Devanney

Stephanie Bachmeyer Fenwick

Lea Ann Chambers Fracasso

Heidi Gerber-Shore

Theresa Hallett

Ann Hammer

Catherine Ihlendorf

Kathleen Knecht

Angela Muccino

Julie Muething

Marianne O'Neill

Jennifer Strassburger

Maureen Cooney Van Wert

Kerrie VandenEynden

Alexandra Veitch

Gwen Forté

Patricia Kelly Gavigan

Amy Hackett

Susan Montag

Amy Pennekamp

Suzanne Platt

Paige Scheidler

Nicole Yankulov Taylor


April Besl

Allison Blinn

Emily Blinn

Christina Cambruzzi

Laura Carver

Jennifer Clarke

Christina Cunningham

Mary DeBrunner

Angela Ratliff Ditsler

Sarah Stehlin Durio

Elizabeth Edwards

Erin Gregory Eiser

Sarah Kellison Hendricks

Jennifer Irey

Lauren Williams Kellum

Allison Koren

Megan Lindle

Melissa Eckert Linville

Ashley McHugh

Elizabeth Meyer

Laura Meyer

Jill Otten

Gina Perazzo

Molly Donovan Radigan

Sarah Hemmer Re

Jacalu Robson

Sandra Wurzelbacher Roley

Samantha Bellman Schafer

Emily Spaulding

Rebecca Verdon


Jeanine Boutiere

Ashlee De Stelger

Stefanie Eilers

Laura Hils

Maria Sheeran


Nicole Corbin

Deborah Dryer

Meredith French

Katherine Greiner

Moira Madden

Mary Meyer Winstel


Mary Ellen Helms

Jacquelyn Obert

Kathryn Olinger

Theresa Osborne

Lauren Perazzo

Allison Wendel


Sarah Debbeler

Katie Dillhoff

Ali Gruber

Kathryn Hickey

Elizabeth Lame

Megan McMahon

Emily Mustard

Lauren Osborne

Lauren Shaffer


Molly Berendt

Allyn Bissmeyer

Megan Busam

Allison Cottrell

Kristin Coyle

Jane Dankenbring

Stephanie Dawes

Emily DeCenso

Lori Diro

Katherine Griffith

Meredith Mason

Michelle Moeller

Maria Prysock

Theresa Ross

Abigail Strietmann

Amy White

Melissa Zenz

V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0



Kelsey Blum

Jennifer Broderick

Christine Callan

Shanthi Cariappa

Lydia Davidoski

Monica Debbeler

Claire Elder

Hannah Fiehrer

Sara Flege

Amy Gruber

Abigail Haglage

Victoria Hale

Heather Hall

Michelle Harpenau

Emily Hengehold

Smantha Holden

Kelly Hodovanic

Kimberly Holtgrefe

Karolyn Horn

Jill Johnson

Lindsay Johnson

Ellen Knecht

Amy Lacker

Erin Lange

Danielle Lillie

Ilona Matulaitis

Molly McCormack

Amanda Sundberg

Jennifer Westerkamp

Elizabeth Wurtzler

Darcy Zacharias

Jessica Ziza


“I give in gratitude for all

that Ursuline has given

me and in hope that

many other young women

will share in the same

Ursuline experience.”

Kathleen Geraci Stall, Ph.D. '76

30 V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0


Sarah Agar

Carolyn Beitman

Mary Blum

Michele Brotherton

Kerry Conaty

Alyson Dattilo

Sarah Davlin

Annette DiTommaso

Tara Fehrenbach

Veronica Feth

Catelyn Gleason

Katherine Gorsuch

Elizabeth Gruber

Lauren Harrell

Lauren Helgeson

Lindsey Helgeson

Megan Helgeson

Caroline Hils

Lindsey Huston

Molly Good

Jennifer Letourneau

Jacqueline Mader

Kathryn McCarthy

Rebecca Mustard

Mary Myers

Kendal Novak

Laura Oeters

Caitlin Perazzo

Angela Ridgley

Mary Sanitato

Ashleigh Scheidler

Elizabeth Shadley

Rebecca Shaffer

Kristen Tappel

Giovanna Walters

Alison Weber

Maria Widmann


Andrea Amaya

Lauren Becker

Vanessa Becker

Emily Berg

Natalie Blizniak

Lindsey Brockman

Jenifer Brokamp

Morgan Busam

Julie Chase

Joan Cleary

Carolyn Cone

Katherine Doellman

Sara Doyon

Brianna Eve

Kelli Ficke

Katelyn George

Kathleen Geyer

Katherin Giuliano

Allison Glockner

Megan Gorman

Jenna Griffiths

Margaret Grumbley

Brynne Henderson

Marcie Hetterich

Alexandra Hill

Anuja Kapil

Jazmone' Kelly

Kari Kempf

Chelsea Kessler

Erika Kohnen

Kimberly Lillie

Caroline Linke

Olivia Lohr

Andrea Lutter

Tara Lynch

Melissa Mauntel

Alexandra Mechley

Chelsea McGill

Kelly McGraw

Erin Mullin

Mary Myers

Joyce Ogban

Murphy O’Neill

Chelsea Pflum

Michelle Phan

Jennifer Prows

Lauren Rolfes

Lindsey Roy

Andrea Russell

Kristin Satterwhite

Melissa Schuab

Lisa Shank

Mary Sherman

Claire Stall

Erika Sterusky

Jordan Stevens

Maria Stowell

Megan Tassone

Courtney Thomas

Allison Turner

Sarah Wenstrup

Jennifer Wiener


Emily Albrinck

Victoria Barker

Gwen Barron

Andrea Bazzoli

Rebecca Bergh

Breanne Boyd

Alexandria Cobb

Hannah Cook

Lauren Crucitt

Grace Debbeler

Meghan Fitch

Leah Gilligan

Holly Gottschall

Lisa Guay

Kelsey Haines

Julia Hall

Regan Harrell

Kristen Hodovanic

Michelle Jahn

Jaclyn Kirsch

Anna Kohnen

Katherine Kraemer

Amy Krzmarzick

Meagan Lechleiter

Anne Lennon

Paige MacMorland

Lauren McMahon

Lindsey Mercer

Ellen Neumann

Kourtney Parchment

Mary Price

Melissa Ridgley

Lindsay Runyan

Karalyn Russo

Kathleen Schings

Meghan Schmitt

Abby Schneider

Kelly Schroer

Katherine Scoville

Chelsea Sensibaugh

Emma Shreve

Emily Spotts

Shannon Trame

Paige Umberger


Alexandra Abbate

Margaret Allard

Mary Allen

Molly Allen

Christina Arand

Megan Autry

Kathleen Beach

Carolyn Bender

Kelsey Bergman

Emily Cleary

Cynthia Donovan

Alexandra Dressman

Mary Kate Frietch

Catherine Gaston

Lauren George

Morgan Griffiths

Caroline Gruber

Tara Hammann

Julia Hom

Mackenzie Harrell

Kathleen Keitel

Kaitlyn Kreiner

Laura MacMorland

Josephine Male

Mary Malloyu

Emma Manier

Katelyn Marples

Breann McDowell

Katherine McGaughy

Hilary Meyer

Claire Miller

Christina Mondi

Morgan Moone

Cara Nicolas

Megan Ollier

Mollie Paquette

Alyssa Paxson

Hilary Pitner

Jordan Powers

Danielle Reinert

Mary Roberts

Chelsea Rolfes

Sarah Strietmann

Julia Tasset

Abigail Tennant

Lauren Wenstrup

Brigid Wimberg

Golden Girls

Scholarship Fund

Joan Albers Gruber '47

Suzanne Schimanski Diehl '46

The 35 of '53 Fund

Ann Dougherty Kunkemoeller '53

Ann Hayes Strotman '53

Henry & Mary Ann Fermann

Burwinkel '53

Jane Naberhaus Gardner '53

Timothy Garry


“Why I give? That’s easy.

I literally owe my career to the

Ursulines who taught me –similar

to the Army mantra–to be

‘all that I could be.’ I want to make

sure that same opportunity is

available to another young woman

who might not recognize her own

potential without the gentle

prodding of an Ursuline

education. Corny, but true.”

Judge Sylvia Sieve Hendon '61

V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0




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Kathleen Whalen Carter

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Connie Kunz Buford

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Mary Hogan Babb

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Celeste Simon, Ph.D.


Barb O’Neill Backscheider

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Gail Lutter Strietmann

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Joni Speier Woodhouse

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Mary Huster Andre

Donna Ballman

Betsey Beckman

Barbara Brannen Beitman

Barbara Clifford, MD

Connie Stenger Dillhoff

Jeannine Hagee Eaton

Donna Scheidler Gruber

Lisa Schoettinger Habel

Connie Gessing Haglage

Beth Bergman Henderson

Denice DeNuccio Hertlein

Kaye Brockman Humbert

Mary Inkrot-Schroder

Evelyn Joseph, MD

Mary Keane

Polly Kemme Lacker

Jane Hack Linke

Mary Huesing Magner

Norah Cusick Mock

Deborah Meier Pendl

Nancy Tressler Pryor

Mary Ann Kunkemoeller Rafoth

Tracy Yuellig Robson

Betsy Bertke Ruwe

Julie Hebel Schaefer

Chris Brandstetter Shaffer

Jean Shannon

Catherine Connelly Sharif

Kathy Gavin Stewart

Ann Buzek Stromberg

Jenny Dugan Vestecka

Kim Volz

Ann Ouellette Wehr, MD

Karen Lippert Witte



Ellen Berg Baden

Donna Neyer Broderick

Nancy Stefkovich Crippin

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Martha Fellerhoff

Rebecca Klettner Haynam

Cydny Hofmann Holt

Susan Keane

Mary Alice Redden LaPille

Susan Leverone

Liz Sweeney Loper

Sue Mackey

Lynne Wilke Maloney

M.J. Frederick McClure

Kate Murphy

Barbara Neyer Mustard

Ramona Payne

Julie Milam Ross

Janet Staun Shute

Kathleen Geraci Stall

Stephanie Sudbrack-Busam

Julie Garvin White


Julie M. Beckman

Kimberly Vorbroker Berman

Betsy Shadley Bernard

Melinda Koenig Cooper

Tricia Dell

Mary Beth Neyer Donelan

Mary Patricia Schlueter Fischer

Beverley Reindl Frank

Mary Anne Dwyer Fritschner

Sheila Barnes Heinen

Patricia Lane

Susan Schneider McGreevy

Nancy Montague

Therese Besl Swebilius

Kimberly Budke Zelasko

“We believe our financial support allows any qualified young

lady the opportunity to attend Ursuline Academy. What a

lucky young lady to have the experience of a lifetime!”

Susie Keating Lame '76 & John Lame


Nell Favret Boyle

Joanne DeGreg

Anita Sicker Ernst

Kathy Huber Greiner

Stephanie Reindl Grimm

Maggie Keane

Karen Lindeman Rahe

Marybeth Castrucci Seifert

Judy Wildermuth Wells


Paula Asmus

Kathleen Conway Bell

Jennifer Neyer Berg

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Teri Kneer Brokamp

Becky Buehler Catino

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Kelly Dehan

Ann Teuschl Flanagan

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Susan Grathwohl

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Jackie Kegley Lang

Donna Seebohm Luehrmann

Beth Schneider Naylor

Diane Fette Rinaldi

Molly Sedmak

Patricia Seiter Wirthlin


Ellen Boyne

Jill Stegman Cocks

Molly Dapper Davenport

Sue Dollenmayer Franz

Martha Frank Grumbley

Lisa Pembaur Harpenau

Jean Poon Hogan

Anna Kleiner

Jeanne Connelly Nardolillo

Linh Nguyen

Sue Besl Price

Anne Stagnaro Rich

Mary Brosey Rust

Stephanie Simon

Terri Huber Spooner

Maureen Hagee Surkamp

Judith Gibson TenEyck

Patricia Tobin

Joan Behrends Van Pelt

Theresa Neyer Von Hoene

Mary Beth Foy Wenstrup

Kathy Lotterer Williams

Laura Leonard Wolf


Barbara Ely Beckman

Elizabeth Cutler Bishop

Nancy Flowers Cisneros

Peg Morse Conway

Mary Pat Sweeney Donnellon

Marybeth Partridge Dulle

Mary Gruber

Marjorie Wright Hauser

Lorraine Esseck Higgins

Julie Schmitt Kelly

Molly Leonard

Susan Luken

Laura Wiebold Martis

Suzanne Adams Moll

Mary Frank Norris

Mary Olson

Katherine Dorger Schmitt

Joanne Piening Scott


Mary Ann Beiting

Cadi Breslin Bien

Patty Nemec Clark

Carolyn Partridge Donovan

Janet Tappel Dorger

Maureen Walsh Flavin

Janice Lydon Folzenlogen

Bridget Sweeney Glaescher

Courtney Vetter Helgeson

Anne Marie Kollman Kaes

Adrienne Berning Kessling

Michele Henning Kissinger

Teresa Pearson Ramirez

Mary Beth Dressing Roberts

Donna Timmel Schnicke

Maureen Brennan Valentine


Julia Hittner Cooke

Deborah Conboy Graumlich

Lynda Groh

JoAnne Peck Kennard

Sharon Connelly McBeath

Ann Winstel Moran

Julie Misrach Snyder

Emily Schneider Thompson


Colleen Horrigan Blumenthal

Maria Riegert Brannan

Suzanne Hiernaux Bryce

Jill Lennert DeLucia

Katie Keane

Janelle Martini Kronenberger

Deborah Dishaw McCollough

Barbara Manley Morris

Nancy Welling Reilly

Jennifer Lucht Schretter

Elizabeth Mueller Smith


Kimberly Altenau Bathe

Michelle Conrard Brinker

Michelle Babinec Crimmins

Danna Meyer Duarte

Patricia Habegger Fox

Nicole Frei

Margretta Huster Gennantonio, MD

Jennifer Carroll Ginn

Debora Rizzi Girardot

Debra DiLorenzo Gorman

Valerie Sohngen Grein

Julie Schlinkert Hawkins

Patricia Barry Herbers

Lisa Quatman Hoffman

Jennifer Young Homer

Susan Bonn Husting

Denise Heister Klett

Kathleen Lamping-Arar

Julie Lazarus

Emmy Ziller Longo

Colleen Tobin Lynch

Christine Wenninger McKain

Shelley Valerius Mech

Megan Moran

Nina Naberhaus

Theresa Nicholson

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Joan Dugan Osborne

Alison Brands Rice

Katherine Bofinger Scheidler

Chrissy Breslin Schroeder

Karen Giebel Shea

Suzanne Short

Elizabeth Saile Simon

Molly Frank Speer

Melissa Pharo Townsend

Emily Willig


Kelley Tabb Bender

Amy Wenstrup Castellini

Gail Co Chang

Sophia Gilligan Helms

Kathleen Isphording Oetgen

Kerri Kagler Schuman

Mary Frances Humbert Schwartz

Mary Winstel Seaman

Cari Corbett Vonier


Julie Dixon Allison

Patricia Walsh Baynton

Kim Santoro Carpenter

Deanne DeCarlo Dirksing

Madeline Bruemmer Gilligan

Michelle Heatherton

Karen Herbert Lambka

Laurel Lippert

Laura Linduff Munz

Jane Dollenmayer Thompson


S. Lynn Boggio

Jennifer Grathwohl Breissinger

Nora Buzek

Katherine Blum Desmond

Sally Schultz Giannella

Laura Bellman Lorbach

Wendy Stratman Miller

Julie Quatman Morrison

Christine Schragal Pildis

Pauline Glaser Sheard

Heather Ward-O’Malia

Arlene Risk Boykin

Denise Zobrist Clemmons

Kelly Sorg Evans

28 V O I C E S F A L L 2 0 1 0

Angela Belmont Jenkins

Erin O’Connor Linduff

Michelle Hiernaux Sidoti


Milissa Couzins Castrucci

Carrie Fieler Ellis

Christina Ewers

Melissa Ewers

Meghan Schenck Fronduti

Holly Ostendorf Goldberg

Elizabeth Albers Goodrich

Lisa Hauser Green

Beth Hall

Leanne Schimpf Hensley

Ana Stolz Infantino

Erin Kelly-Park

Elizabeth Wenstrup Kindt

Kathleen Schnee Kline

Sarah Yost McClain

Annah Castellini McDowell

Kristen Fayter McKenzie

Laura Messer

Patricia Brands Miller

Katherine Kruse More

Teresa Davis Mulligan

Jennifer Johoski Ochsenhirt

Sarah Kohls Robert

Amy Wahl Ryan


Jennifer Winstel Brandt

Mary Schimpf Ekins

Jean Bae Haspel

Karen Brandstetter Lucas

Tricia Scheidler Moorman

Ann Blum Rhodes

Tracy Bien Sandquist

Jennifer Henehan Sheil

Kristin Stackpole, MD


Jenifer Becker

Carole Fanning Torres

Katie Holmes

Rebecca Abel Kennedy

Melinda Kerr

Melissa Wilson Morrissey

Amanda Alderson Sandford

Anna Parchman Sheanshang

Alison Shiver-Himes

Jennifer Bangs Swain

Terri Thacker

Jennifer Gibson Tucker

Kristin Hogan Zepf


Jennifer Shimala Bowman

Emily Meyer Breeze

Elizabeth Laker DeBlasio

Colleen O'Brien Dehring

Jennifer Sullivan Rudell


Kerry Hogan Ellensohn

Eileen Fauver

Kelly Ortner Grant

Amy Cachat Koester

Melissa Orr Lipps

Jill Schellman Puffer

Stephanie Kern Roberts

Cassandra Carl Rohm

Megan Stewart-Sicking

Kelly Jones Stiles

Elizabeth Sundermann


Emily Moore Anderson

Alison Anthony

Jill Heenan Blackburn

Laura Kramer Brezinski

Elizabeth Wayman Cochran

Stacy Petricone Cofer

Kaitlin Connelly

Kimberly Fennell

Laura Dillman FitzSimmons

Meghan Gange

Holly Mollaun Goedde

Katherine Hemmer

Kelly Hornback

Barbara Kasselmann

Tamara Kearney Lanier

Amanda Flaig Marko

Brooke Downton Miller

Andrea Morwood

Andrea Hallett Pellegrino

Molly Sandquist

Carissa Dimaculangan Santell

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