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RA Engineering - Balfour Beatty Rail

RA Engineering - Balfour Beatty Rail

Objectives of

Objectives of RA EngineeringRAMS stands for:For the construction, expansion and renewal of railelectrification equipment and systems, information onthe subjects reliability, availability, maintainability andsafety for the respective planned technical implementationis required.The primary objective of RA Engineering is to distinguish,evaluate and optimise the reliability and availability ofour products and systems at preset skeleton conditionsby means of characteristic data, to monitor and illustratethe maintainability of our components and equipmentand to recognize and avoid potential safety risks alreadyduring the engineering of our equipment.ReliabilityThe probability of a unit to fulfil the requiredfunction under preset conditions within a presetperiod of time.AvailabilityThe ability of a product to be in a certain state inwhich it may fulfil a required function under presetconditions at a preset time or during a preset periodof time on condition that the required externalresources are at disposal.MaintainabilityThe ability of a unit to be maintained in or restoredto a certain state in which it is able to fulfil therequired function under preset conditions of use,provided that the maintenance is performed underpreset conditions by means of preset proceduresand resources.SafetyThe absence of an inadmissible risk of damage.The RA Engineering is integral part of each projecthandling, thus, contributing to easy operation andmaintainability of the equipment, a trouble-freeoperation and longevity.Demanding tests guaranteethe required properties02

”What does RA Engineering mean?“The RA Engineering ensures a RAMS-true completion ofproject design, construction and engineering. Activitieslay emphasis on the fields reliability and availability.RA Engineering understands all measures to be taken toguarantee this objective. Such as preventive measuresto decrease the probability of a failure state, protectivemeasures to diminish the extend of the effects of afailure state and descriptive measures (as specifications)for documentation, understanding and evidence.Detailed data on activities to be performed in each lifecycle phase for verification and validation and activitiesto specify demands and objectives are described byEN 50 126. Pursuant to this standard, the scope andcharacteristics of demands are identified for individualprojects and adjusted to the specific circumstances ofthe product in question.RA Engineering represents the consequent fulfilmentof the RAMS requirements.Some important terms:Failure: Ending of a unit ability to fulfil a requiredfunction.Failure rate: Simplified: The probability that afailure of a product will occur within a presetmonitored period of time (failures per time).Mean time between failures (MTBF):The MTBF is the assumed value of distribution ofoperating periods between two consecutivefailures. It can be evaluated from a sufficiently largerandom sample as the arithmetical average value ofoperating periods between the recorded failures.Malfunction: State of a unit characterised by itsinability to fulfil a required function.Restoration: The part of the corrective maintenancewhere activities are performed in order to restore therequired function of the unit.Restoration time: Part of the corrective maintenancetime during which restoration activitiesare performed on one unit.Mean time to restoration (MTTR): The MTTR isthe assumed value of the restoration period. It canbe evaluated from a sufficiently large random sampleas an arithmetical average value.Corrective maintenance time: Part of the maintenanceperiod of time during which corrective maintenanceactivities are performed on a unit, includingthe duration of the technical and logistical delayassociated with corrective maintenance.03

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