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Lesson14 Band Model.pdf

Lesson14 Band Model.pdf

K-Distribution Method:

K-Distribution Method: the conceptChoices for calculating spectral average beam transmittances:1. Line-by-Line (LBL): accurate, but lots of CPU2. Band models: fast, but not so accurate3. k-distribution: fast, with acceptable accuracyThe basic idea behind the k-distribution% 2 T b(u) 1L k( % )u 1 k( % )ue % d % e% %2 1% d % e kl u % l1% l 1 %Same (approximate) value of is encountered many times!20

The concept (continued)The average beam spectral transmittance can be writtenT b(u) NoteNj 1f (k j)e k juk jk maxk minf (k)dk 121

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