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Lesson14 Band Model.pdf

Lesson14 Band Model.pdf

Influence of

Influence of overlapConsider two identical lines within % . When completely separated:W 2 1 exp[ m( %)u] d % %When perfectly superimposed:W 1 exp[2 m( %)u] d % %If several lines contribute to the transmittance (absorptance) at a particularwavenumber , the total transmittance is the product of transmittances: njT b( %) exp[ m( %)u j] exp[ j jm( %)u j] T bj 1j 1j 1nn8

Line-By-Line (LBL) modelsMonochromatic optical path along inhomogeneous path:nnj( %) m( %, u )du m( %, p,T ) du S j( %,T )( %, p,T ) du uu j 1u j 1Need to resolve individual lines!The average spectral beam transmittance is: 1 %Mi1exp Lnl 1j 1 mj( % i, p l,T l)u l % iwhen broken to smaller paths that can beconsidered homogeneousLots of calculations!9

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