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grandMAgazine - MA Lighting

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Not of this world? The “Space Station” iscontrolled by grandMAI title I“Magnificent”U2 are touring the globe with grandMAIn 1980, when a little known Irish Band called U2 released its firstalbum “Boy”, hardly anyone noticed. Even the first gigs were played infront of only a handful of guests. Today this is completely beyond belief.After hits like “Sunday Bloody Sunday”, “New Year’s Day”, “Where TheStreets Have No Name”, “One”, “Discotheque” or the Bob Dylan cover“All Along The Watchtower” Larry Mullen Jr., David “The Edge” Evans,Adam Clayton and Paul “Bono Vox” Hewson are now one of the biggestbands in the world. They’ve teamed up with artists like B.B. King, RoyOrbison and Johnny Cash, received awards in every country worldwideand met the Pope, the US President and the UNO Secretary-General.Right now U2 are back on the road with their 360° world tour, witha lighting design by Willie Williams and a set design by Mark Fisher.Previous U2 tours like “Pop Mart” and “Zoo TV” have written a newchapter in the book of modern stage design. Now the band have surpassedthemselves with a stage construction known as “Space Station”,so huge that the whole Rolling Stones’ “A Bigger Bang” stage could befitted beneath it.Lighting Director Ethan Weber accepted the enormous challenge of operatingthe lightshow, and has chosen 2 x grandMA full-size consoles,with Lighting Associate Alex Murphy selecting 2 x grandMA lightsto run the stage and structure LED fixtures. There are a total of 10 xMA NSP (Network Signal Processor) for lighting control.Weber says: “The grandMA is a reliable and enjoyable console to programand run. The world-wide support I’ve gotten from MA Lightinghas always been great, no matter what size show I’ve been on. It’s alsocomforting to know that there’s a large network of users that I cancall, all of whom are more than willing to share their knowledge andtricks.”Two grandMA full-size, one run in Full-Tracking-Backup-Mode, arecontrolling the moving and conventional lights. They are assistedby eight MA NSPs for DMX processing, and the fixture list includes196 x PRG Bad Boys, 156 x Martin Atomic Strobes, 8 x BigLites 4.5,7 x Novalight Nova-Flower 2Ks, generic channels and fog machines.Another grandMA light with a grandMA light as backup and twoMA NSPs are used for LED control. This grandMA light also triggers anM-Box media server used for pixel mapping.Jake Berry is the tour’s Production Director, Craig Evans the TourDirector. Rocko Reedy works as Stage Manager, Nick Barton as LightingCrew Chief, Craig Hancock as Lighting System Crew Chief. Alex Murphyis Lighting Associate. Tom Krueger is the Video Director.PRG is supplying the lighting equipment.© Ralph@Larmann.comThe U2 360° world tour visits 14 cities across Europe includingBarcelona, Milan, Paris, Nice, Berlin, Amsterdam, Dublin,Gothenburg, Gelsenkirchen, Chorzow, Zagreb, London, Sheffieldand Glasgow before finishing at the Millennium Stadium inCardiff, Wales. The European tour will be followed by dates inNorth America beginning at Chicago’s Soldier Field.5

I product news IMA system integrationFar more than the sum of its partsVideo integration –MA VPU (Video Processing Unit)Fader expansion – grandMA2 faderwingDimmer integration with feedback functionParameter expansion – MA NPUs (NetworkProcessing Unit) – up to 65,536 parameters persession6

I product news IgrandMA2 – Multi-User-Mode and backup solution (via 1GB/s MA-Net2)Multi-User-Mode and backup solution – grandMA ‘series1’(via 100 Mbit/s MA-Net, whole system in ‘series1’-mode*)Live show controller, backup system andPreprogramming Tool – grandMA2 onPCPreprogramming and visualisation –grandMA 3DgrandMA2 full-sizeRemote control –grandMA2 remote(iPod and PDA)Signal distribution – MA 2Port Nodes and MANSPs (Network Signal Processor) as 4Port NodesFrom the beginning designed as not onlystand alone tools but high-capacitynetworking products, all components of theMA System – like the grandMA/grandMA2consoles, MA NSP (Networking SignalProcessor), MA NPU (Network ProcessingUnit), MA VPU (Video Processing Unit) and thewhole dimMA range – are more than just thesum of its parts.As a complete MA System the MA componentsbuild a synergy that is absolutely unequalledon the market. Thanks to the MA-Net’s enormous speed and capacity, timesynchronous and steady output of the widestdata flow is possible. Moreover the MA-Netenables the complete integration of the softwaretools, grandMA 3D and grandMA onPC,and can also be used for bi-directional communicationwith the dimMA range.*With all network components except MA NPUs7

I product news ICreativity by designMA Video Processing Unit (VPU)A small cutting from ourvideo references:Cirque de Glace – UK Tour 2008/2009Closing Ceremony Summer Olympics2008 (London Part) – Beijing, ChinaGerman Pop Idol 2009 / 2008 / 2007 –Cologne, GermanyIIFA Awards 2009 – MacauNobel Prize Concert 2008 – Oslo, NorwayThe Police – World Tour 2007/2008The Jonas Brothers “Look me in the Eyes”– World Tour 2008Rock in Rio 2008 – Lisbon, Portugal /Madrid, SpainFestival de Verao 2009 – Salvador, Brazil46664 Concert – Johannesburg, S. AfricaQueensland Performing Arts Centre –Brisbane, AustraliaMillions Poet – Abu Dhabi, UAEEurovision Song Contest Slovakia 2009 –Bratislava, SlovakiaElton John & Tim Rice’s AIDA – The TimelessLove Story - Sao Paulo, BrazilEVA, El Gran Musical Argentino –Buenos Aires, ArgentinaChingay Parade 2009 – SingaporeInauguration Special President JacobZuma – Pretoria, South AfricaDestined Multimedia Show – Dubai, UAEFan Zone Vienna – World Cup 2008 –Vienna, AustriaLeonardo – DVD Shoot – Sao Paulo, Brazil100.000 Euro Show – Cologne, GermanyAbu Dhabi Bride Show 2008 – UAETo find out more please visit our websitewww.malighting.comMA Lighting’s new MA Video Processing Unit(VPU) is especially developed to further extendthe MA System by integrating innovativevideo control.The whole operation relies on MA’s wellestablished control philosophy and is thereforeas straightforward as possible. Setting upand programming the MA VPU is really timesaving.The plug & play solution allows for instantshow start. After connecting the MA VPUto a grandMA/grandMA2 console everything isready to go. With the MA VPU video will becontrolled just like another lighting fixture.Based on MA Lighting’s rock solid techno–logy, the MA VPU offers extreme reliabilityand powerful performance – optimised fortransport, longevity and use on-the-road aswell as for fixed installations like theatres,TV studios, etc. Three different versions ofthe MA VPU are available: MA VPU pro,MA VPU plus and MA VPU basic.It is possible to select, control, live-accessand to alter all the MA VPU’s videos, still imagesand 3D objects from the grandMA. As allMA VPUs and grandMA consoles share thesame showfile in an MA-Net network, justone additional MA VPU can backup the completesystem. If an MA VPU fails it is possibleto easily select your backup MA VPU and useit instead.The MA VPU pro provides four Full-HD (1,920 x1,080 p) DVI-outputs to control four individualstreams with one MA VPU pro. The MA VPU plusoffers two Full-HD (1,920 x 1,080 p) DVI-outputsand the MA VPU basic two HD (1,280 ×720 p) DVI-outputs.Thanks to the horizontal and vertical softedgeblending as well as the keystone correction,it is possible to scale the output to any size.Furthermore the 3D Keystoning functionalityenables the user to fit content to any 3D objectsirrespective of size and shape. If thereis a video running too fast or too slow it canbe adjusted via the frame interpolation andsmooth speed control.Additionally the powerful Pixel Mapper can beused to display video content on any DMX-Matrix (up to 256 DMX universes via Art-Net).The picture can be aligned on pixels whichdon’t have fixed aspect ratios. An invaluablefeature is the possibility to change betweenPixel Mapper-mode and “Standard”-mode –which is used for outputting video contentvia projectors or plasma screens – from anygrandMA console.There are numerous other functions, featuresand effects available like contrast, saturationand hue as well as blur, sepia, black/white,ocean. All of them can be easily accessed andtheir use is self explanatory. Also the MA VPUplays back the sound on video clips which canbe controlled by an individual sound masterper 3D-video-layer.With up to 32 x 3D-video-layers (8 for theMA VPU basic) the MA VPU allows massivescope for creativity, coupled with over 17GBof professional pre-installed HD and SD videocontent on every unit.8

I show case IThe next generation of lighting design“German Pop Idol” relied again on MA LightingThe new MA VPU software proved oneself brilliantFor the fifth time, German Pop Idol (Deutschlandsucht den Superstar or DSDS) featuredlighting and video control by MA. Staged atthe MMC studios in Cologne, the multi-screenvideo control was a huge challenge.mo2 design GmbH, was responsible for thelighting design, represented by Manuelda Costa and Manfred “Ollie” Olma, andthey chose the brand-new MA VPU (VideoProcessing Unit) software. In addition to this,the control set up also consisted of 6 x grandMAfull-size lighting consoles, 6 x MA NSPs(Network Signal Processor) and 20 x MA videostations.Manuel da Costa, working for mo2 design asLighting Designer and Moving Light Operator,explained: “What makes DSDS special isthe synergy between lighting and video. Theinteraction of both visual mediums createsthe unique look of the show. Our task was toproduce a creative concept for 120 songs thatalways looked fresh. With this design we wereable to make both the stage and audienceareas appear different every time. The LEDscreens offered us huge latitude and manypossibilities for altering the stage and theentire studio, bringing new moods andemotions into the space.”Video Operator Stephan Flören reported hisexperiences with the new MA VPU software:“Thanks to the new Colour-Key and Colour-Boost functions, it was possible to modify thecolours of each clip. If there was too muchgreen for example, it was really quick andeasy to adjust. The function can be used eitherfor individual 3D video layers or the masterlayer. By using the Frame-Blending functionI could alter the speed of clips without themstarting to judder.”“Although the MA VPU software can dealwith up to 32 x 3D-video-layers I only useda maximum of ten,” explains Flören. “This wassufficient for our needs, and gave us morethan enough scope for design changes withthe 15 different groups of screens. All contentwas specially created for the show byFalk Rosenthal.”mo2 design was responsible for the lightingdesign, operating and the video stations.Florian Wieder created the set design. LightingCameraman was David Kreilemann, MovingLight Operator was Manuel da Costa, ConventionalsOperator was Oliver Stemplinger andVideo Operator Stephan Flören. Björge Blocklooked after the servers, and Grundy LightEntertainment was the production company.9

I show case ICurtain upgrandMA2 performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival© Louise Stickland“The Girls of Slender Means” trusted in agrandMA2 lightgrandMA consoles were in use at two keyvenues at the 2009 Edinburgh Fringe Festival- one of the world’s largest and liveliest artsfestivals, and a breeding ground for innovativeand cutting edge new works and talent.The Edinburgh International Conference Centreused an grandMA2 light console for theirmain Pentland auditorium, a 600-1,200 capacityflexible space. This hosted two dance showsin several comedy performances includingJimmy Carr and Jason Byrne, during the FringeFestival. The console supply was instigated byfreelance Lighting Designer Dave Elcome, whocreated the production design for most of theshows staged in the venue, and Kenneth Boak,the EICC’s Technical Production Manager.They had never used grandMA before, but thegrandMA2 light console came highly recommendedby several people as an ideal small tomedium theatre and performance control platform.They thought the Festival would providean ideal proving ground to put the consolethrough its paces. It is also well suited to theplethora of conference events in the variousdifferent auditoria, so with future-proofingin mind, and plans for expansion to includea new series of function and live performancespaces, the networkability of the MA controlplatform is something of real interest.Over in the Music Hall venue within theAssembly Rooms on George Street, anothergrandMA2 light was in action with agrandMA pico for the duration. ThegrandMA2 light was specified by AssemblyRooms’ Head of Lighting Paul Lim, and operatedprimarily by Dave Evans and SteveSanders, who ran it in ‘series 1’ compatibilitymode. James Gardner, Operator forthe world premiere of “The Girls of SlenderMeans” by Steller Quines brought in his owngrandMA pico to run lights for that show.In addition to these consoles, a grandMA light‘series 1’ was used to run lighting on “AMidsummer Night’s Dream” by The BeijingFilm Academy in the McEwan Hall.10

I show case IFrom Russia with grandMAEurovision Song Contest 2009Triumphant team: Once again grandMAperformed at EurovisionThis year’s Eurovision Song Contest, the 54thedition of the famous show, took place atthe Olympic Indoor Arena in Moscow, Russia.It was the biggest contest held to date, with550 tons of production equipment in 42trailer trucks sent to Russia’s capital. Nearly2,000 square metres of LED screens plus approximately700 moving lights were assembled.42 artists participated in the contest.For control of most of the massive lighting rig,Lighting Designer Al Gurdon used a grandMASystem consisting of 4 x grandMA full-sizeconsoles and 16 x MA NSPs (Network SignalProcessor).© PROCON Event EngineeringOne grandMA full-size plus another one asbackup were networked via fibre optic cablewith HP2626 switches and 14 MA NSPs.The MA NSPs were installed at the FOH position,and at the two main dimmer cities.From there the DMX signal was distributedto the fixtures. This grandMA also controlledone Catalyst media server feeding the decorativeelements. A second system with onegrandMA full-size plus backup and oneMA NSP was connected to additional mediaservers for further video screens – the mainvideo elements were handled by a Virtuoso.Ola Melzig was the Production Manager andMatthias Rau was the Technical ProductionManager for PROCON. Assistant ProductionManager was Tobias Åberg. Operators wereAndy Voller, Ben Cracknell, Ian Reith andTimo Kauristo. Richard Gorrod and Dave Halletwere the gaffers. System techs were DennisDrewen and Johannes Wahl. Frank Karpinski wasthe Lighting Crew Chief for PROCON. PROCONEvent Engineering delivered lighting, rigging,video and sound. The host broadcaster wasChannel One.© PROCON Event Engineering© PROCON Event Engineering11

I show case IWorld Cup dress rehearsalgrandMA a winner at the Confederation Cup© Louise SticklandTo save time, the show was in advance setupon grandMA 3DGearhouse South Africa supplied full technicalproduction for the Closing Ceremony ofthe 2009 FIFA Confederation Cup at Ellis ParkStadium in Johannesburg. The spectacularshow took place ahead of the Brazil vs USAfinal, with 53,000 fans watching in the stadium,joined by several million viewers of thelive broadcast on SABC 1 and Superchannel 1.Lighting was designed by Hugh Turner, andprogrammed and operated by Tim Dunn usinga grandMA full size console - both Turnerand Dunn’s first choice of control desk. Turnercomments, “The power of the grandMA Systemlies in the total integration and ease ofworking between the desk and its peripheralslike the visualiser and video server.”Due to the very compressed load-in, programmingand rehearsal schedules, the show wasset up in advance on the grandMA 3D visualiser.This enabled checking and confirmationof the coverage and overall look of the showbeforehand. Once on-site this was equallyas invaluable a tool, utilised to visualise theshow from all four sides of the stadium, whilstprogramming from one.The show’s producers were VWV/Till Dawnand it is being hailed as a spectacularsuccess ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup thatwill be hosted by South Africa. A grandMAlight was also supplied by Gearhouse to DWRDistribution for controlling 54 circuits of RGBYcold cathode tubes installed inside a fabulouscustom built winner’s podium – from whichBrazil collected the trophy.12

I show case IAustria Center ViennagrandMA2 sets new technological standardsNew technology, a new look, achieving thebest results and with many plans for thefuture, The Austria Center Vienna (ACV) ison a steady and very successful expansionpath. Austria’s biggest conference centre isprimarily used for international congresses,fairs and proms. In terms of facilities, andtechnical equipment, the ACV is at the top ofthe international congress business. It offers17 halls on four floors that can accommodatebetween 100 and 4,200 guests. Four additionalexhibition halls cover a total area of22,000 square metres. Its latest technologicalupgrade sees the ACV now equipped with agrandMA2 full-size lighting console and anMA NSP.Thomas Keil of Eventtechnik explains whythe grandMA2 was chosen: “The MA familyhas become a standard for event technologyin recent years. There is no other manufacturerthat offers such a well designed systemsolution – consoles, networking technology,dimmers – as MA Lighting, plus the excellentsupport. Furthermore MA Lighting has avery competent partner with LDDE in Vienna,so a grandMA full-size was a logical decisionfor us. It is future-proof and downwardcompatible with the grandMA ‘series 1’.”is ready the console is being operated in‘series 1’ mode. In addition a laptop runsgrandMA onPC software as a backup solution.We will be replacing the old dimming systemin stages with a dimMA system, and will alsoinstall an MA-Net in all the bigger halls” explainsKeil.Michael Kamtner works with Thomas Keil in runningthe new lighting solution. The equipmentwas delivered by LDDE, and F & A Showtechnikis the MA Lighting distributor in Austria.Thomas Keil, Eventtechnik: “The MAfamily has become a standard for eventtechnology in recent years”© ACV Pressefoto“The grandMA2 is mostly used in halls A, Band C,” says Keil. “The MA NSP is located inthe dimmer room of these halls and suppliesthe analogue PANI dimmer modules via aDMX/analogue converter as well as furtherDMX fixtures. Until the grandMA2 software© ACV Pressefoto13

Alternation of generationsgrandMA2 System finds home in the KKL LuzernThe KKL in Luzern, designed by Jean Nouvel, is one of the most famousculture and concert centres in Switzerland. Across three stages inthree halls, the centre presents a fine selection of cultural highlights.Approximately 400 events are staged there each year, visited by over400,000 guests, offering a wide variety of entertainment from clas-sical to pop/rock concerts, plus award ceremonies, product launchesand conventions. To replace the ten year old lighting rig, a brand-newgrandMA2 System has been installed, consisting of 3 x grandMA2 lightand 2 x grandMA2 replay units. This was one of the first grandMA2theatre installation worldwide!14

© KKL LuzernThe new system was installed during a maintenance period at theKKL Luzern in February. The grandMA2 replay units are used as back-upfor the grandMA2 light. The third console was bought for mobile productions.All parts of the MA System are connected via the MA-Net2with 1Gbit/s. The DMX-output is realised via ELC Ethernet-nodes whichare triggered via Art-Net.“Our first impression was fantastic”, says Head of Lighting ChristophKunz, “The manufacturing quality absolutely matches the high standardsfor which MA is famous. Compared to the grandMA ‘series1’, thegrandMA2 has many modifications that enhance the workflow, userfriendlinessand performance. The inbuilt keyboard drawer and dimmablekeys for working in dark environments are just two noteworthy features.““Until the final grandMA2 software release, the consoles will run ingrandMA ‘series 1’ mode. This downward compatibility is part of MA’sphilosophy to smoothly integrate grandMA ‘series 1’ consoles intograndMA2 networks,” Kunz continues, “As a remote, we use an iPodtouch currently running grandMA remote software, which will be updatedto grandMA2 remote in the future.”“The installation and commissioning processes were absolutely faultless,mainly because of the great support from Christian Crego of castSwitzerland AG,” concludes Kunz.cast Switzerland AG is the exclusive distributor of MA Lighting inSwitzerland.15

I show case I“Let the sun shine”grandMA used for the return of “Hair” to BroadwayLEDs, moving lights, conventionals: grandMAis in total control at the Hirschfeld Theater© Joan MarcusThere were grandMAs in the house when “Hair”reappeared on Broadway. Actually, therewere probably more than a few grandmothersin the audience when the iconic love-rockmusical, which debuted in 1967, returned toBroadway, but Lighting Designer Kevin Adamsput MA Lighting’s grandMA consoles to extensiveuse at the Al Hirschfeld Theater.The production, which the New York Timescalled “an emotionally rich revival,” is innovativefrom a lighting perspective becausethe team chose to program the conventionallights, automated lights and LEDs from asingle platform, the grandMA console. Thisenabled the production team to have fewerconsoles on site during set up and rehearsalsand allowed the programmers to work onany console at any time while always havingspecific access to their part of the rig.“We decided to run the whole show off thegrandMA for two reasons,” says Aaron Sporer,“Hair’s” Associate Lighting Designer. “Itwas more cost effective than renting twomoving light consoles and a conventionallight console. And by running the show ononly one console platform we’ve eliminatedthe difficulty we’ve had in the past convertingtwo-console shows to one-console shows fortours.”The grandMA provided superior control of theautomated lights for the numerous musicalnumbers, enhanced colour control andscrolling for the conventional lights andfurnished bitmap programming of the massiveLED wall that spans the back of the stage.“By putting everything on the grandMAs itwas easy for (Conventional Light Programmer)Jeff Dodson and I to work separately in rehearsalsand previews with Lighting DesignerKevin Adams, then go ‘full world’ and havefull control of everything,” says AutomatedLighting Programmer Paul Sonnleitner. “All thedata is in all the consoles which operate likea mainframe.” Show electrician Brian Dawsonruns the grandMAs on a day-to-day basis.PRG delivered the lighting equipment.A.C.T Lighting is the exclusive distributor ofMA Lighting in North America.grandMA on Broadway –current shows:9 to 5HairShrekThe Little MermaidWest Side Story© Joan Marcus16

I show case IgrandMA and her Sister ActOne more Westend show goes for MA LightingDivine show, earthly technology:grandMA performs at the PalladiumA grandMA full-size is controlling movinglights and LED elements for the latestmusical sensation to hit London’s West End“Sister Act”, a new musical comedy basedon the smash hit musical starring WhoopiGoldberg. The show, produced by StageEntertainment and Whoopi Goldberg, hasopened at the London Palladium.© Catherine AshmoreNatasha Katz is the Lighting Designer. Whenshe asked Stuart Porter to programme theshow for her - the two have previously workedtogether on Beauty & The Beast – Porterwanted to use a grandMA System, a decisionKatz was happy to support. Porterhas increased his specification of thegrandMA, and on this show he uses agrandMA full-size, a grandMA light for backupand four MA NSPs (Network Processing Unit).A tablet PC running grandMA remote softwareis also used to run the lights from stage.The rig contains over 100 moving lights – amix of 62 x Vari*Lite VL3500Qs, 60 x VL2500sand 18 x VL500s, all supplied by White Light.The many LED elements are ensconced inthe set, with several custom scenic piecesdesigned and built by Howard EatonLighting Ltd (HELL). They include seven fibreoptics with dimmer, colour wheel and twinkledisk functions and 160 other differently-sizedLED panels, built to resemble stained glasswindows of the abbey in which the principalstage action ensues. These RGB LEDs workoff a grandMA virtual dimmer RGB profile forease of programming, and really make theenvironment come alive with colour, creatingdifferent moods and atmospheres.the “only” lighting console around at the momentcapable of running this type and size ofshow with as much adaptability, and “it doesthe job extremely well.”The grandMA also triggers an Obsession thatdrives the show’s generic lights. The grandMAis operated by the house crew each night, whoare also giving plenty of positive feedbackabout the desk.grandMA in Westend –current shows:Priscilla – Queen of the DesertSister ActWickedAvenue QJersey BoysAnother 28 RGB LED strips are embedded inthe bar area, the steps and even integratedinto a sofa, again on a virtual dimmer, witha total of nine DMX universes being run fromthe console. Porter reckons that grandMA is© Catherine Ashmore17

I show case IgrandMA lights LeonardoDVD shoot of Brazilian singer assisted by MA Lighting System solution© Fabio NunesLight his fire: Leonardo´s filmed show wascontrolled by grandMAFor his recent DVD shoot, popular Braziliansinger Leonardo was lit with a design createdby Danny Nolan. The show in the CredicardHall in Sao Paulo, Brazil was controlled by1 x grandMA full-size, 1 x grandMA light aswell as 3 x video stations with grandMA videosoftware and 1 x MA NSP (Network SignalProcessor).“I decided to go for grandMA as the mainconsole to run everything”, explained Nolan,“This includes the CI-Tronics LED tubes whichwere controlled via the grandMA video PixelMapper. Furthermore grandMA video wasused for all simultaneous transmissions likethe video content for the high and low resLED screens. A grandMA light was used asbackup.”to get everything working. After using manyother desks for years, I can easily say that thegrandMA System is by far the best. It’s quick,reliable and flexible.”Eduardo Correa and Paulo Lebrao helpedNolan with the programming and operating.Tito Sabatini worked as Content Creator. Thelighting equipment was provided by Talismãwith the support of HPL. On Projeções providedthe LED Screens. LSD Led Solution Design providedthe media PC’s with the grandMA videosoftware.“The whole rig was provided with DMX froma local MA NSP (Network Signal Processor)close to the stage”, Nolan continued, “It wasa complex setup running on fibre optic cable.At the same time it was very straightforward© Fabio Nunes18

I show cases IRhyme timegrandMA supports Dubai’s International Poetry FestivalEnlightment: grandMA inspired the poetsA grandMA was the choice to run lightingfor the prestigious 2009 Dubai InternationalPoetry Festival, staged in the Rashid Halland Hall 4 of the Dubai World Trade Centre.Instituted by His Highness Sheikh Mohammedbin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of theUAE and Ruler of Dubai, the event featured100-plus regional and international writersfrom 45 countries. The festival is a uniqueliterary gala uniting poets from around theworld in one city. Based on a lighting designby Sonu A.B., the show was controlled by1 x grandMA ultra-light with a MA 2PortNode PRO and grandMA onPC as backup, plus2 x MA Digital Dimmer Rack 48 x 2,3 kVA.Sonu A.B. explained: “It was challenging touse the same lighting setup in another venuejust 15 hours later. The poetry festival startedin Hall 4 exclusively for Sheikh Hamdan binMohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum (Fazza’a),Crown Prince of Dubai, after which the venuewas shifted to the Sheikh Rashid Hall for oneday, and then back to Hall 4 for the remainderof the festival. We had the same show runningin the two different venues.”“We had almost no time for programming,as the very precise key lighting focus wasso time consuming, with both SheikhHamdan and Sheikh Ahmad bin Mohammad BinRashid Al Maktoum (Azzam), Chairman of theMohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation,reciting that night,” Sonu continued, “HisHighness Sheikh Mohammad also attendedthat same poetry evening. On the programmingside, the grandMA came in handy as wejust had to update the presets and that wasdone in no time. We used different fixturesin the two venues, so the fixture exchangeoption also made life quick and easy. Morethan anything else, it was reliable.”The show was televised on Dubai TV. Thelighting equipment was supplied by EventsProductions to organisers Done Events.Exclusive partnershipLightpower and MA Lighting work closely together with the media academyLightpower, MA Lighting and the mediaacademy in Berlin have agreed that theexclusive rights to host the official certified“MA University” Training for Germany and Austriawill be handed over to the media academy.The media academy will continue to run thishighly successful training programme, utilisingthe best equipment and training coursesfor a maximum of eight attendants. Theacademy will ensure the best results and anoptimised working environment.MA certified trainers are renowned as the bestin their fields and for their first-hand knowledgeof grandMA consoles and MA Lightingvideo solutions. Their lectures will also includethe passing on of many invaluable insider tips.All media academy training courses willmatch the international approved MA Trainingprogramme standards. The media academyadditionally offers attendees the chance to puttheir newly gained knowledge to the test ‘liveon stage’ on every third training day. This willbe arranged at theatres and TV-studios underthe supervision of industry professionals.The MA Training will focus on different marketsegments like concert touring, theatre and TV.Initially the Training will take place in Berlin,with additional locations in Germany andAustria also planned.The Training is ideal for both experiencedlighting technicians and designers, and forbeginners and career changers. If you wouldlike to know more about MA Training in yourcountry, please contact your local

I partner close-up IOn the road in AustraliagrandMA2 gets much praise on a round trip through Australia and all over the worldShow Technology presented the grandMA2“down under”complete with colour changing festooning,coloured LED balls, pinball, foosball and arcademachines.Show Technology, MA Lighting’s Australiandistributor, recently took the grandMA2 on aAustralian tour with special launches held inSydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane. Over300 industry professionals came to see thenew grandMA2.”We’re particularly excited by the newgrandMA2 in Australia as grandMA isdefinitely the preferred control system forserious work here,” commented EmmanuelZiino, Managing Director of Show Technology.“The commitment and support offered by theteam back in Germany is second to none andwe are proud to distribute such acclaimed andrespected products.”“The actual size of the grandMA2 is whatinterests me the most as we are oftenlimited by space at events,” commentedStavros Hatzipantelis from Pro Light & Soundin Melbourne. “We don’t want huge formatlighting consoles but we still need to control20, 30 or 40 fixtures so it has to have horsepower!The grandMA2 gives you all thecontrol for a small footprint.””It’s a console that has just added to whatwas already fantastic control surface,” remarkedJeff Morgan from Lots of Watts inSydney. “The capability of the I/O’s of thegrandMA2 and the fact it can be worked intoa network of classic series consoles, makesit almost ageless for the next 10 -15 years.And there’s more fader capability with theavailable grandMA2 faderwing. I can’t wait toget my hands on the new grandMA2!”Show Technology has reacted to the currentmarket conditions by continuing to investstrongly in marketing, product demonstrationsand stock availability. The creative teamwork had to design inspirational events witha twist. In Sydney the grandMA2 launch washeld on the set of “So You Think You CanDance”, in Melbourne it was at a yet-to-beopenedand much hyped new nightclub whilstthe Brisbane event was turned into a carnivalBut of course not only our Australian distributorwas busy introducing the grandMA2 to themarket. In many other countries grandMA2was presented like in Germany by Lightpower,USA by A.C.T Lighting, Japan by Atelier Japan,Turkey by SF Elektronik, Portugal by NAN,Republic of Korea by Hansam, Czech Republicby Audiomaster, South Africa by DWR Distribution,Spain by Stonex, Poland by LTT, Franceby Axente, Belgium by Candela, Tunisia byMediaCom, Austria by F & A Showtechnik andmany more – and has received much praise.If you would like to know more aboutgrandMA2 presentations in your country,please contact your local distributor.You can find them

I product news ITrack recordSmaller grandMAs are a huge successMA Lighting’s grandMA consoles are hugelypopular worldwide. While many of themost sophisticated productions trust in the“larger options” of the grandMA/grandMA2series, our smaller consoles like thegrandMA ultra-light, grandMA micro andgrandMA pico are busy in schools, smaller theatres,arts centres and semi-professional venues.Why are customers loving thesmaller consoles? This is whatthey told us:grandMA micro, grandMA pico and grandMA ultra-light“They are powerful tools, as they run the samesoftware as the ‘big ones’.”“You can travel the small consoles easilybecause of their handy size.”“The reliability of MA Lighting is second tonone.”“I can call technical support any time of dayand get an immediate solution.”“The free software updates are just great.”“Is this a question? Who doesn’t know thetechnical benefits?”“Because of grandMA’s strong market position,I can rely on a widespread pool of knowledgeand experience.”“As the pre-programming softwaregrandMA 3D is available for free, I also have apowerful visualiser.”“I love the grandMA onPC software. It offersme a perfect back-up solution for my show –and it´s free.”The grandMA ultra-light is particularlypopular. Here are somereasons why:“The grandMA ultra-light offers me real-timecontrol for up to 64 DMX universes inExpansion Mode, extensive networking functionalityincl. Multi-User, Backup, ParameterExpansion, etc. and 2,048 HTP- or LTPparametersin stand-alone mode. This is reallyfantastic.”“The user interface is the most comfortable Iknow.”“The console is our favourite, especially for dryhires because it’s so easy to use.”“Even for smaller shows reliable backupsolutions are possible now.”With the huge success of MA Lighting’sspecial promotion and stimulus package onall smaller grandMA ‘series 1’ consoles at thebeginning of the year, please do not hesitateto contact your local deal for new promotionsin autumn.21

I interview IInterviewMA Lighting meets Patrick WoodroffePatrick Woodroffe was born June 11, 1954 in Oxford. His work encompassesthe worlds of music, dance, fashion, art and architecture.The roster of his clients is diverse, to say the least, and includes amongmany others, artists and organisations such as ABBA, The Los AngelesPhilharmonic Orchestra, Michael Jackson, Cirque du Soleil, BobDylan, Yo! Sushi, Van Morrison, President Vaclav Havel, MichaelFlatley, The Millennium Dome, Elton John, Vanity Fair, the RollingStones and the Wynn Hotels in Macao and Las Vegas.Patrick grew up in Singapore and Germany and was educated inthe UK.There are many projects running on grandMA which we cover regularlyin this magazine.In addition to the technical realisation of these projects, MA likesto take a more personal look at the people, their lives, ideas andaspirations. This time we met Patrick Woodroffe.1. How did you first become involved in lighting?I fell into it really, through my brother Simon, at a time when lightingwas still a fledgling business - parcans only, no trusses just genietowers, very rudimentary control boards and so on. My career developedat the same speed as the industry and I think I was lucky to havecome into at the time I did.2. What/who has inspired you along the way?I remember seeing Marc Brickman’s shows with Bruce Springsteenwhen I first went to America and thinking how he had discovered areal connection between the theatre of Bruce’s performance and theexcitement of the traditional light show. Otherwise, all sorts of lightingsituations can spark an idea, particularly industrial forms and of coursenatural light. And I’ve always been fascinated in architecture and howsomething of such scale, but so inanimate in form, can also often beso moving.3. What are the most memorable or enjoyable moments of your career?The moment after a big show has just finished, and the sense ofachievement and accomplishment in pulling something off underdifficult circumstances is always rewarding.AC/DC “Black Ice” – World Tour© Steve Jennings22

© Dave HoganTake That “The Circus Live” – UK Tour4. Three best things about your job?The people, the people, the people! Travelling so much and beinginvolved in so many different art forms, brings one into contact withso many different sorts of people. I’ve been lucky enough to meet someextraordinary artists and characters. Some well-known, and others lessso, but all with a story to tell.5. Which show/event has been the most challenging or interesting andwhy?Every show had exactly the same challenges in terms of budget,schedule and personalities, but some more so than others. The creatingof the son-et-lumiere at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas was probably themost challenging, difficult, terrifying and because of all these things,the most rewarding when we got it right.6. How do you imagine shows might look in 10 years time?We’ve done enormously brave and imaginative things in our world butwe’ll get better at the detail as the technology becomes even moreefficient. Our lighting equipment will be lighter, more elegant, useless power, take up less space. We’ll also crack the big challenge ofholographic 3D projection and our audiences will truly not be able tobelieve their eyes!7. If you were not working in lighting, what would you be doing?Reading a book in a quiet place…Awards and Nominations2008 Total Production International (TPi)Lighting Designer of the Year2005/2004 EDDY Award – “The Consummate Lighting Team:Patrick Woodroffe, Adam Bassett and Dave Hill”2003 Emmy Nomination – Rolling Stones, Forty LicksWorld Tour Live at Madison Square Gardens2000 LDI Lighting Designer of the Year2000 Emmy Nomintation – Cher TV special1995 Emmy Nomination – Garth Brooks Live in Central Park1985 Lighting Dimensions Lighting Designer of the Year1985 Lighting Dimensions Lighting Director of the YearMA Lighting International GmbHManaging Director: Michael AlthausAn der Talle 24-2833102 Paderborn · GermanyTel: +49 5251 68 88 65-10Fax: +49 5251 68 88 65-88E-mail:© MA Lighting International. All technicalspecifications are subject to change withoutnotification. We do not assume liability forany incorrect information in this magazine.23

Small cutting of latest references:Tracy Chapman – World Tour 2009Beyoncé “I am...” – World Tour 2009Take That “The Circus Live” – UK Tour 2009Yanni Voices: Live in Concert – US Tour 2009Morrissey “Tour of Refusal” – UK Tour 2009Maximo Park – UK Tour 2009Skanderborg Festival 2009 – DenmarkEdinburgh Fringe Festival 2009 – UKBetty Nansen Teater – Copenhagen, DenmarkNoerrebro Teater – Copenhagen, DenmarkiTunes Festival 2009 – London, UKDonauinselfest 2009 – Vienna, AustriaKKL Luzern – Lucerne, SwitzerlandVictoria Theatre – SingaporeAustria Center ViennaSalzburg Festival 2009 – Salzburg, AustriaJazzopen 2009 – Stuttgart, GermanyDiggiloo – Swedish and Finnish Tour 2009ORF – Vienna, AustriaJoin the grandMA2 family...Baxter Theatre Centre – Cape Town, South AfricaRepublique Teater – Copenhagen, DenmarkRose Bruford College – Sidcup, UKAthens Concert Hall – Athens, GreeceCivic Theatre – Johannesburg, South AfricaHarstad Kulturhus – Harstad, NorwayStoep Sociaal Cultureel Centrum – Spijkenisse,NetherlandsDen Nationale Scene – Bergen, NorwayHessischer Rundfunk – Frankfurt, GermanyWorldwide Distributor: MA Lighting International GmbH · An der Talle 24-28 · 33102 Paderborn – GermanyTel: +49 5251688865-10 · Fax: +49 5251688865-88 · ·

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