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OLD DARTMOUTH HISTORICAL SOCIETYNEW BEDFORD WHALING MUSEUM102nd Annual Meeting – May 27, 20051. Welcome – Albert E. Lees IIIThe 102nd Annual Meeting of the Old Dartmouth Historical Society – New Bedford WhalingMuseum was convened at 4:05 p.m. on May 27, 2005, after President Albert E. Lees IIIrecognized that a quorum was present. He welcomed the members and stated that the meetingwould be a blend of governance, accomplishments, and personal innovations.2. Minutes of May 28, 2004 Annual MeetingMotion made, seconded, andVOTED: To approve the Minutes of the 101st Annual Meeting of May 28, 20043. Executive Director’s Report – Anne BrengleAnne Brengle gave a PowerPoint presentation of the year’s accomplishments. She reminded themembership of the Museum’s mission, vision, and core purposes, and stressed that these are thefoundation of all that the Museum does.Ms. Brengle described some of the major activities:• exhibitions: Pacific Encounters: Yankee Whalers, Manjiro, and the Opening of Japan, theon-site articulation of our sperm-whale skeleton, From the Deep: The Sperm Whale, Boneby-Bone,and A Shared Heritage: Azoreans and the American Whaling Industry;• cataloging of substantial numbers of artifacts in the Museum and materials in the ResearchLibrary through the Institute for Museum and Library Services Leadership Grant;• showcasing the goals of the Museum and its collections through special programs, such asa scrimshaw workshop and the Moby-Dick Marathon;• developing the New Bedford ECHO Project, part of the larger ECHO program funded bythe U.S. Department of Education. In partnership with the education program of the NewBedford Oceanarium and working with the New Bedford Global Learning Charter Schooland UMass-Dartmouth, new activities include opening of the new, multi-purpose, state-ofthe-artECHO Project Resource Center, new curricula, teleconferencing capabilities –initially with our partners in Alaska and Hawaii, sharing of collections through computercataloging, and enabling thousands of underserved youth in the city to have real lifeexperiences at sea on board the schooner Ernestina;• holding the First International Whaleboat Regatta in New Bedford. Crews from Pico andFaial in the Azores and New Bedford competed in a series of sailing and rowing races. TheAzorean Maritime Heritage Society of New Bedford organized the event with thecooperation of the governments of the Azores and the islands of Pico and Faial, the City ofNew Bedford, the New Bedford Whaling Museum, the New Bedford Whaling NationalHistorical Park, and the Low Tide Yacht Club. A sailing trophy was established in memoryof José Cardoso Pinheiro, the former Azorean whaleman;1

In 2004, the Museum also successfully addressed the second core purpose, to “provide the highestquality educational experiences through innovation, creativity, and substantive content.” OurEducation Department conducted more than 253 school programs, which offered nearly 10,000students solid learning activities that satisfy the state’s curriculum frameworks. Considerablehands-on activities enriched the student experience. Family Guides to Pacific Encounters alongwith special activities for children expanded the visitor experience of that exhibition. Wedeveloped a new curriculum worksheet, Whaling Museum Math, for third- and fourth-gradeteachers, adding a new dimension to the Museum’s programming.The ECHO project has enabled the Museum to extend significantly its program offerings andresources throughout the New Bedford region and further to cultural institutions and audiences inAlaska and Hawaii. In addition to the Ernestina ocean-learning program, staff exchanges and thejoint storytelling festival highlighted the year.We also should not forget our more scholarly activities. In 2004 the 29th Annual Whaling HistorySymposium and the day-long symposium held in conjunction with Pacific Encounters were justtwo of the many events that drew new participants and audiences to the Museum. The ResearchLibrary served more than 2,500 researchers. And the Museum’s web site, which continues to beenhanced each year, was visited by more than 90,000 people.Ms. Whitla thanked the staff and Program Committee members for their dedication and continuedhard work. She concluded by pointing out that each year, the Museum looks to its mission, itsvision, and core purposes to both reenergize and move forward.8. Volunteer Council Report – Lorna Walker, President, the Volunteer CouncilAl Lees acknowledged the critical importance of the volunteers. Ms. Walker asked the volunteersto stand. She thanked Anne and the staff. She indicated that the volunteers – particularly thedocents – are most involved in the first core purpose of the Museum’s Strategic Plan, to “createexciting, compelling, and enjoyable museum experiences for all audiences.” Ms. Walker statedthat the volunteers contributed 21,933 hours in 2004, which are valued at $328,995. Shecongratulated Donald Ridley, Thomas Flynn, Millicent Hurley, Paul Kramer, Irwin Marks, andJoyce Reynolds who gave the most volunteer hours. She noted the volunteers who had passedaway during the year: Thelma Bagley, Mary “Minty” Maloney, Edwin McQuillan, Faith Simas,Louise Strongman, Nathalie Tallman, Mary Wardle, and Oscar Waring.Ms. Walker announced the new officers of the Volunteer Council for 2005-06:PresidentVice PresidentComptrollerRecording SecretaryCorresponding SecretaryThomas FlynnWilliam WyattVincent FurtadoCarol FitzgeraldRosemary Lucas9. Recognition of Retiring Trustees – Albert E. Lees III and Anne BrenglePresident Lees thanked the retiring trustees, Frederic C. Hood, Frances Levin, Celeste Penney, andW.J. Underwood, Jr. for their many years of advice and guidance.4

10. Trusteeship Committee Report – William T. Kennedy, Chair, Trusteeship CommitteeWilliam Kennedy thanked the committee for its work. He presented the nominees for Officers andTrustees for 2005-2006.He called for any nominations from the floor, and as there were none, thenominations were closed.A motion was made, seconded andVOTED to elect the following officers for the year ending May 26, 2006:Chair:Albert E. Lees IIIlst Vice-Chair:Janet Whitla2nd Vice-Chair:John W. BraitmayerTreasurer:Calvin SiegalAssistant Treasurer: Joseph M. Barry, Jr.Clerk:Deborah SeguinA motion was made, seconded andVOTED to elect for a second term expiring 2008Barbara FerriElizabeth HuidekoperJames LopesA motion was made, seconded andVOTED to approve the following new trustees to afirst term expiring in 2008.Roger P. CheeverSteven LubarMichael MooreFrances D. Ricketson11. Special Recognition – Albert E. Lees III and Anne BrengleMr. Lees announced the following:Today it is my honor to present a Lifetime Achievement Award to someone who has doneseveral lifetimes worth of work for the Museum. Fred Hood, through his partnership, sageadvice, commitment, generosity, and just plain hard work, continues to enhance and advancethe value of this institution in truly invaluable ways.Fred has worn many hats at the Museum. Before becoming a trustee in 1997, he was avolunteer docent and director of public relations. As a board member, he has served as anofficer and on numerous board committees. He not only helped to establish the BourneSociety, which recognizes donors who have included the Museum in their estate plans, but alsobecame a charter member. In so many ways like this, Fred has quietly led by his own example,encouraging the engagement and support of fellow trustees at the highest level.It is with deep gratitude that I proudly present this Lifetime Achievement Award to Fred Hood,for all he has done, and all he continues to do, for the New Bedford Whaling Museum.5

12. Adjournment – Albert E. Lees III and Anne BrengleBefore the meeting was adjourned, Carl Cruz asked that the meeting be dedicated to the memory ofGratia Rinehart Montgomery. There was a moment of silence.Anne hoped that everyone would attend the opening of A Storied Lens: The Photographic World ofNorman Fortier. She recognized Betty Knowles, wife of Eliot S. Knowles, in whose memory theexhibition is being presented.There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:15 p.m.Sincerely,Deborah SeguinClerk6

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