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The Express - Golden Opportunities - WEDNESDAY, February 23, 2011 - 2Centers are open 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday through Friday.Lock Haven Center352 E. Water St.748-2906March 1 — Movie “The Five Pennies” starring Danny Kaye, 12:45 p.m.March 8 — Movie “The King and I” starring Deborah Kerr and Yul Bryner, 12:45p.m.March 9 — Vital signs screening by Susquehanna Health Home, 10:30 a.m.-noon.March 15 — Movie “The Out-of-Towners” starring Jack Lemmon and SandyDennis, 12:45 p.m.March 17 — Blood pressure screening by Comfort Keepers nurse, 9:30-11:30 a.m.March 22 — Movie “Comedy in Music” starring Victor Borge, 12:45 p.m.March 28 — “Benefits of Sleep” by a Manor Care representative, 12:15 p.m.March 29 — Movie “The Road to Zanzibar” starring Bing Crosby, Bob Hope andDorothy Lamour, 12:45 p.m.Tuesdays & Fridays — Healthy Steps in Motion exercise program, 8:30 a.m.Tuesdays — Wii Fitness Program, 9:30 a.m.Thursdays — Wii Fitness Program, 8:30 a.m.Fridays — Tai Chi for beginners, 1 p.m.Jersey Shore Center641 Cemetery St.398-4352March 1 — Celebration of National Peanut Butter Lovers Day, noon.Golden OpportunitiesCenters host free tax help, movies, moreMarch 2 — Green Eggs and Ham breakfast in honor of Dr. Seuss Day, 8 a.m.March 2 — Namesake Day fun, noon.March 2 — Blood pressure screening with D. Hess, LPN, noon.March 4 — First Friday Feast, 11:30 a.m.March 8 — Pancake Tuesday breakfast, 8 a.m. Cost: A donation.March 10 — Central Pennsylvania Food Bank distributing senior boxes, noon.March 11 — Corn dogs to celebrate Frozen Food Month, 2 p.m.March 14 — Iditarod race, noon.March 15 — “Be a Safe Walker Bingo” with a representative from Prime TimeHealth, noon.March 16 — French toast and sausage breakfast, 8 a.m. Cost: A donation.March 19 — Card party 7 p.m.; doors open at 6 p.m.March 23 — Fun for Yo-Yo and Skill Toys Week, noon.March 24 — American Chocolate Week Celebration, noon.March 28 — Frozen Food Month Surprise, 2 p.m.March 29 — Chicken and noodles supper, 4 p.m. Cost: A donation; reservationsneeded by March 28.March 30 – Senior food boxes from the Love Center, noon.Mondays & Wednesdays — Tai Chi, 3 p.m.Tuesdays & Thursdays — Healthy Steps in Motion exercise program, 9:15 a.m.Mill Hall Center, in the fire hall9 Peale Ave.726-6378Mondays & Wednesdays — Free AARP Tax Aid, by appointment only. Call thecenter for an appointment.March 8 — “What is a Dietician” by a Manor Care representative,11 a.m.March 9 & March 17 — Blood pressure check by Community Nursing, 10:45 a.m.March 12 — Public card party, 7 p.m.March 22 — Pancake breakfast, 9 a.m. Cost: A donation.Tuesdays & Thursdays — Tai Chi for beginners, 9:30 a.m.Tuesdays & Thursdays — Healthy Steps in Motion exercise program, 9 a.m.Renovo Center, at the fire hall414 Fourth St., South Renovo923-2525March 16— Blood pressure check by Community Nursing, 10:30 a.m.Tuesdays & Thursdays — Healthy Steps in Motion exercise program, 11 a.m.Know your Medicare optionsHCR ManorCare offers brochure totake confusion out of benefitsWILLIAMSPORT — The expertsat ManorCare have updated thebrochure “Capture Your Benefits FromMedicare – 2011” that takes theguess work out of what is, and whatis not, covered by Medicare Part A &B.“Many people are familiar with theterms Medicare Part A & B, but veryfew people understand what theseterms really mean,” said WillieMadilia, admissions director atManorCare Williamsport. “Togetherwith our parent company, HCR ManorCare, we have developed thisSee MEDICARE, Page 6

The Express - Golden Opportunities - WEDNESDAY, February 23, 2011 - 4PHOTO PROVIDEDBetty Sega hugs Noodles the greyhound during his recent visit toAlbright LIFE, Williamsport.Noodles the greyhoundvisits Albright LIFEWILLIAMSPORT — What couldbe better than an afternoon with afriendly dog?Noodles the greyhound was thestar of such an afternoon when hevisited Albright LIFE, the areaʼs onlyadult day health center, recently tobrighten the day of the programʼsparticipants and staff.A retired racing greyhound,Noodles became a trained therapydog after Wanda Reid received himas a Motherʼs Day present in May2006. Since then, he also hasbecome an integral part of her family.“Noodles loves everyone andimmediately thinks he is your friend,”his owner said. “Because of his wonderfulpersonality, he frequently visitsGolden Opportunitieselder-care facilities and other communitygroups.”At the center, Noodles broughtjoy to the participants and in return,received lots of pats, hugs and kisses.Itʼs safe to say that he enjoyedthe visit as well!Located at 901 Memorial Ave.,Albright LIFE (Living Independentlyfor Elders) is Pennsylvaniaʼs versionof the nationally recognized PACEprogram (Program of All-InclusiveCare for the Elderly). LIFE offers anarray of services meeting social,medical, emotional, spiritual andnutritional needs of individuals 60and older. To learn more aboutAlbright LIFE, call 570-322-5433 orvisit PROVIDEDDoris Henninger was the guest of honor at a recent celebration of her88th birthday at Bucktail Medical Center.Bucktail residents celebrate birthdaysFARWELL — TheBucktail Medical Center(BMC) Nursing Homeresidents celebrated theirmonthly birthdays withcake and ice cream inFebruary. Two residentswere honored: DorisHenninger, 88, and VioletMorton, 91.A local group fromthe United MethodistChurch at Hyner hasbeen donating the birthdaycakes for the pastfew years. They make anannual donation to Bi-Losupermarket and the staffat BMC order the cakes.“It has been great forthe residents of BMC tohave this treat and to celebratewith each other ontheir special day,” saidSara Woomer of the centerʼsTherapeuticRecreation Department.“They anticipate thecakes each monthbecause Sandy FrancisViolet Morton celebrated her 91st birthdayrecently at Bucktail Medical the bakery will decoratethem with a monthlytheme, and the residentsreally enjoy this.”Birthday girl Doriscelebrated her birthdayFeb. 10 and was overwhelmedwith the party.“This was one of thebest days I have had,”she tearfully stated. “Icanʼt remember the lasttime I had a birthdayparty or cake.”The residents andstaff at BMC credit Bi-Lofor the delicious cakesand the church for makingthe special programpossible each month.

PHOTO PROVIDEDWingate Elementary second-grader Sera Dreeseputs the finishing touches on a Valentine to bedelivered to a resident of Bald Eagle ValleyPersonal Care Home.Wingate studentsspread a little loveWINGATE — The second-grade students ofWingate Elementary worked feverishly during anafternoon activity period to create Valentines for theresidents of Bald Eagle Valley Personal Care Home.In October they took a Community Day field trip andwere able to personally visit the home where theyrecited a fall poem and performed a requested songfor the residents.From this visit, the students felt a special connectionto the people living there, and were excitedto be able to make them cards for Valentineʼs Day.Because it was the 100th day of school, the secondgradershoped to make 100 Valentines by the end ofthe day. However, they far exceeded the goal andmade more than 140 cards. They used the traditionalmaterials of markers, crayons, scissors, glue, constructionpaper and paper doilies to create rectangularand even some heart-shaped cards. Scissorsflew, resulting in cut-out cupids, arrows, and manypink, red and white hearts. The students hoped theresidents would display their creations throughouttheir rooms as reminders of their second-gradefriends at Wingate Elementary.Golden OpportunitiesON THE COVERValentine Queen, King chosenSusque-View home crowned a “King” and “Queen” at the annual Valentineʼs party. Thisyearʼs royalty are Queen Deloras Zeek and King Richard Shortledge. The residentsʼ nameswere drawn from all who attended the special musical performance by the group Marah.CHARLES BURZYNSKI, DDSBoard CertifiedOral & Maxillofacial Surgery and Dental Implant Center* Participating with most insurances525 High Street, Lock Haven570-748-8500ProvidingSurgicalPHOTO PROVIDEDExcellencealong withPersonal Attentionat an Affordable Price.AcceptingNew PatientsFREE CONSULTATIONValid for Extractions, Wisdom Teeth Removal and Implants only. Cannot be combined withinsurance. Not valid with previous consultation. Call our office for details. Charge may apply for x-ray.Patients under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Offer ends 3/31/2011.5 - The Express - Golden Opportunities - WEDNESDAY, February 23, 2011

Golden OpportunitiesHealth Reform Medicare benefits are kicking inJEFFREY A. MARSHALLHealth ReformʼsAffordable Care Act isunder attack.It is disparaged bypolitical critics as“Obamacare.”Republicans inCongress threaten to“defund” it. And itsprovisions mandatingthe purchase of healthinsurance in 2014appear headed to anuncertain fate in theU.S. Supreme Court.Nevertheless, anumber of HealthReformʼs new ruleshave kicked in thisyear and will help seniors.Notable isincreased help forthose caught inMedicareʼs prescriptiondrug “donut hole.”Other new rules offerseniors more preventativeand wellness care,and increase Medicarereimbursements forprimary-care physiciansand general surgeons.HELP WITH THEDONUT HOLEMedicare Part Dprovides limited pre-The coveragecomes with a $310 initialdeductible. Afteryouʼve spent $310yourself, you payabout 25 percent ofyour prescription costsuntil the total cost ofall the covered medicineyou have receivedthis year reaches$2,840. At this pointyou will have spentabout $942 out ofpocket ($310 + $632)of your first $2,840 indrug costs. MedicarePart D will have pickedup the other $1,898.Once you exceed$2,840 you are in thedonut hole. The donuthole continues for thenext $3,608 of yourdrug costs.Before theAffordable Care Actyou had to pay 100percent of your drugcosts while you werein the donut hole. Thisleft seniors with apotential out-of-pocketdrug cost of $4,550($942 + $3,608) beforeMedicare coveragepicks up again.But this year, as aresult of HealthReform, seniors withPart D coverage willsave 50 percent onbrand-name drugs and7 percent on genericswhile they are in thedonut hole. This canreduce prescriptiondrug costs for seniorsby as much as $1,804.Unless HealthReform is completelyundone by its attackers,the donut hole willbe reduced additionallyover the followingeight years. By 2020 itwill be completelygone.Low-income seniorswho canʼt affordtheir drugs should seeif they qualify for“Extra Help” by you reach$6,448 in total prescriptioncosts, youenter the catastrophiczone and your out-ofpocketcost drops toonly 5 percent (or$2.50) for genericsand $6.30 for brandnamedrugs.Part D enrolleeswill then be responsiblefor only the standard25 percent of thecost of both brandnamedrugs andgenerics until theyreach the catastrophiclimit where their copayis dramaticallyless.FREEPREVENTATIVESERVICESAnother of thisyearʼs new benefitsunder Health Reformis free preventive servicesfor Medicarerecipients.Under theAffordable Care Act,people with regularMedicare will no longerhave to pay a co-pay,co-insurance ordeductible to receivepreventive servicesthat are highly recommendedby the U.S.Preventive ServicesTask Force — servicesthat include screeningsfor breast cancer,colon cancer, diabetesand heart disease, aswell as smoking cessationcounseling.Private Medicare plans(also known asMedicare Advantageplans) may still chargefor these services, butmany do not.Preventing somediseases entirely anddetecting others inearlier, more treatablestages, are importantaspects of HealthReform. Prevention isa “win-win:” it savesmoney while improvingthe lives of Medicarebeneficiaries.The MedicareRights Center providesa detailed list of preventiveservices thatwill no longer requireout-of-pocket payments.ANNUALWELLNESSVISITSAs a result of theHealth Reform law,Medicare Part B beneficiariesare now entitledto an annual wellnessvisit free ofcharge. During thisyearly visit, your doctoror other healthpractitioner recognizedby Medicare (such asa nurse practitioner)will update your medicalhistory and currentprescriptions; measureyour height, weight,blood pressure andbody mass index; createa screening schedulefor the next 5 to 10years and screen forcognitive issues. AndMedicare now pays infull, without patient copaysor deductibles,for the initial “Welcometo Medicare” thatMedicare has offeredsince 2005 to beneficiarieswithin 12 monthsof their becoming coveredunder MedicarePart B.BONUS TOPHYSICIANSQualifying doctorsand other health careprofessionals who provideprimary care topeople on Medicarewill get a 10 percentbonus for primary careservices. This will helpensure that primarycareproviders willcontinue to be therefor Medicare patients.The above are justsome of the notableenhancements toMedicare under theAffordable Care Act.For more information,about these new benefits,seniors can callMedicare toll free at 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) or———Jeffrey Marshall is aCertified Elder LawAttorney through theNational Elder LawFoundation. He is thefounding partner of thelaw firm of Marshall,Parker & Associateswhich specializes inhelping families planand pay for long-termcare. He can be contactedat 1-800-401-4552 or Consultant/Financial AdvisorAttention Seniors:• Medicare Supplements• Medicare Choice/Advantage Plans• Medicare “Part D” Rx Coverage• Long & Short Term Care Coverage• Tax Deferred AnnuitiesKent A. BennettCall (570) 327-1006 orToll Free (800) 548-9119ASSOCIATES, INC.SERVING SENIORS SINCE 1978249 Broad Street • Montoursville, PA 177547 - The Express - Golden Opportunities - WEDNESDAY, February 23, 2011

Protection for your employees,security for your business.The Express - Golden Opportunities - WEDNESDAY, February 23, 2011 - 8Jersey Shore HospitalOccupational HealthPhysicals including DOT and liftingLaboratory testingWorkers’ compensationDrug screens including post-accident,DOT and non-DOTRandom drug screensVision screeningsHearing screeningsSpirometry testingSmoking cessation classesDiabetic educationFIT testingFlu shots and other vaccinesAlmost everything can beperformed at your facility!No annual consortium fee!Call today for competitive pricing!570-398-5214

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