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F.A.S.T. - Our Savior Lutheran Church

Fellowship And Study TogetherWednesday EveningsSeptember 8th - October 13thSupper in the cafeteria 5:45 - 6:30 pmClasses are from 6:45 - 8:00 pmChoose from the following classes:Pastor Musgrove: THE CHRISTIAN IN A POST-CHRISTIAN SOCIETY! — C105Are we living in a post-Christian society? What do we see in society today that leads us to believe this? Does the Scripturesay anything about this? How does a Christian cope in such a society? Bring your Bible for this discussion class.Ben Schoppe: “Let’s talk politics.” — C101Bring your Bible and be prepared to discuss current political issues using God’s Word.Jeff Armstrong: Selected Psalms Study — C106 — Bring your Bible.Brian & Amy Waiser: FINANCIAL PEACE UNIVERSITY — C103FPU is a 13-week life changing class on personal finance, designed to empower people to become great Stewards bymanaging their money better, providing a plan for future success, and allowing everyone to be able to GIVE like never before.All material is Biblically-based and taught via entertaining video by Dave Ramsey. Because we are following lessons throughvideo and discussion, our class runs from 6-8pm. (FYI, there is a charge for materials for this class.) Please contact Brian orAmy Waiser for more information at 713-934-9027 or allthewaiser@gmail.com.Freddie Holman: Making a Hook Rug — C102Child care is available in the ECE Building.Voice 2

Come on out for a night of BINGO, onSeptember 4th in the Bible Class room,at 6:00pm. While you play, enjoyspecial coffees, drinks, and popcorn.•Bring a white elephant gift to begiven away as the prizes!This is a great way for your wholefamily to come out and get to knowyour church family more.•Desserts and snacks are alwayswelcome, too!FINANCIAL PEACE UNIVERSITY ISCOMING BACK!!FPU is a 13-week life changing class on personal finance. It isdesigned to empower people to become great Stewards of theirhome finances by managing their money better, providing a planfor future success, and allowing everyone to be able to GIVElike never before. All material is Biblically-based and taught viaentertaining video by Dave Ramsey. The actual class will beginas part of the F.A.S.T. classes on Wednesday, Sept 8 from 6:00-8:00pm, and continue after F.A.S.T. for several more weeks.There is a charge for the materials for this class. Please contact Brian or Amy Waiser for moreinformation at 713-934-9027 or allthewaiser@gmail.com.Here are 2 quotes from previous students in the class:“FPU has changed my life by giving me HOPE that things can get better financially. So manytimes in the past when money was tight, my husband and I would wonder how we could generate ahigher income. With FPU, we are learning together how to use the income that we have in a moreGod-pleasing way. The fact that we are working together is wonderful. I’m so glad that we are takingthe course.”“Even with the economy the way it is right now …. we havenot felt significant negative effects — I attribute that to beingin control of our money. So be faithful in your giving and stayfocused on paying off any debts you have. It’s exciting whenyou can see that you are making progress. If we can makethis work, anybody can!”Voice 3

Be a Part of the OSLMusic Ministry!On Thursday, September 2nd, the Jubilate Choir andthe Carillon Ringers will begin practicing.The Jubilate Choir practices every Thursday from7:15 – 8:30 pm, and sings twice a month and at allmajor church festivals. This is a high-commitmentchoir, but well worth the time and effort.Carillon Ringers is our handbell choir. They meeton Thursdays, from 6:15 – 7:15 pm. They play at allmajor church festivals, approximately once a month.No prior music knowledge is necessary, but helpful.Our Laudate Choir, which is the women’s choir, meets on the 2nd and 4th Sundaysafter Sunday school, and will begin on September 12th for approximately 45 minutes.This choir sings about once, every other month. This choir is ideal for those womenwho cannot come out during the week, but would still like to sing.The Exultae Choir is our men’s choir. The time for this choir will be announced.This choir sings about once, every other month.A new group is being started up this year. If you play an instrument, you mightwant to be involved in Cantate. This is an instrumental group that will play alongwith the hymns and service music once a month. This choir is open to all who areproficient in their instrument. Practices are called on as needed.All of the above groups are open to anyone in high school or older. Just come onout and get involved. Music is a wonderful way to praise God and get to knowyour fellow church family.If you have any questions about the music ministry, pleasecontact Jeff Armstrong,713-290-9087 or jeffarm@oslschool.org.New Adult Instruction ClassesIf you know of anyone interested in Lutheran doctrine or becoming amember of Our Savior Lutheran Church, tell them Pastor White will bestarting a new class on Thursday, September 23, at 7:00pm, in the BibleClass Room. Babysitting will be provided in the Youth Room.Voice 4

Years of Blessings Overflowing . . .On Saturday, July 31, family and friends of Thelmaand James Lee Cruse gathered to honor 87 years ofThelma’s life, 90 years of James Lee’s life, and tocelebrate the life and love they have shared for 68years. A barbecue dinner and delicious dessertswere enjoyed by all in attendance. We praise Godfor the blessings He has bestowed on Thelma andJames Lee, and ask His continued blessings on thisspecial couple.Thelma and I would like to thank all the folks whogave Forward Faithfully honorariums for my 90thbirthday. God has been good to me.Bless you!James CruseBaptized Into the FaithLittle Hannah Marie Graham wasbaptized on August 1st. She’s picturedhere with her parents, ShannonTrevino & Aaron Graham, and hersponsors, grandmother Libby Trevino& Becky Martinez, and Pastor White.Voice 5

Attention JR. CIA members!!Greetings with an official welcome to all the “new” 6thgraders. Not only are you enrolled in the confirmationclass, but you are also invited to become involved in theJr. Christians In Action youth group.Youth meets at 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm on the 2nd and 4thSundays of each month. During this time, we have ashort Bible study / devotion, have an activity meeting,play games and have snacks. We occasionally ventureoff campus for outside fellowship activities like iceskating, pictured here. Parents and drivers are alwaysneeded and welcomed. If you have any questions pleasefeel free to contact either Jeff Armstrong or DeanMushinski. We would love to have every 6th through8th grade student involved.Jr. Youth Ice Skating Adventure — August 8thEveryone eventually got off the wall and had a great time!Voice 6

H L F L A C T I V I T I E S & U P C O M I N G E V E N T SGeneral Membership Meeting - Sept. 19, 2010The next General Membership Meeting for HoustonLutherans For Life will be held at Living WordLutheran Church on Sunday, September 19, 2010.Living Word is located at: 9500 N . Panther CreekDrive, The Woodlands, TX, 77381A light Meal will be provided that begins at 12:30p.m. with the ofÞcial General Membership Meetingfrom 1:00-2:00 p.m. Please RSVP to Janice Jolley at281-414-6565 or HLFL@comcast.net.HLFL NEEDS your HELP for 40 Days For Life!Houston Lutherans For Life is proud to support TheHouston Coalition for Life during this Fall’sInternational 40 Days for Life campaign - to be heldat Planned Parenthood of Houston & SoutheastTexas' new abortion mega-facility at 4600 Gulf Frwy.HLFL has agreed to staff the vigil between 6:30 AMand 6:30 PM on Monday, October 11, 2010 (ColumbusDay). We are looking for a minimum of 3 volunteersfor each two-hour shift. To sign up for your time topeacefully stand or sit & pray, please contact GarySchmidt (713-582-1490 or jgaryschmidt@yahoo.com)Texas to Host Lutherans For Life 2011 ConferenceMark your calendar, the Texas State Federation ofLFL (TeLL) will be hosting the National LutheransFor Life Conference at the Sheraton Hotel (Irving,near DFW Airport) on August 5-6, 2011. The themefor the Conference will be “Adopted into Christ”.Texas Lutherans For Life will be holding theirannual meeting in the DFW area from 10 am - 2 pmon Saturday, October 30, 2010, to discuss our role ashosts to this upcoming event. The exact location ofthe TeLL meeting will be announced soon. Pleaseplan on attending this planning meeting if you can!And mark you calendars to bring your family to the2011 Conference!Mission Statement: “Equipping Lutherans to beGospel-motivated voices For Life!”Interested in becoming a member?God calls us to be faithful, and there are many waysyou can get involved. Maybe you take part in oneof the “Social Action” events we participate in, orperhaps become a part of our speakers bureauwhere we make presentations to local LutheranGroups and Congregations on the many Life issuesthat face us EVERY DAY! We know how imperativeit is we understand and share God’s Word on issueslike Abortion, Adoption, After the Abortion,Biotechnology, Chastity, Contraception, Creation,Christian Responsibility and End of Life matters.We can help you Þnd some way to plug-in, that Þtsinto your Life. Please contact Janice Jolley for moreinformation or to join. phone - 281-414-6565 or e-mail - HLFL@comcast.net.(from left to right: Ethelene Marshall, Taylor Bayne,Cindy Wright and Pat Wottrich)THANK YOU! - to ALL who participated! TheWalk For Life was a tremendous success! TheHouston Coalition For Life hopes to have the newMobile Crisis Pregnancy Center running by Nov.Check out the NEW resources available online!Lutherans For Life has recently updated theirwebsite with MANY new resources includingArticles, Media, Products and their very ownLifeTube®! Visit TODAY!http://www.lutheransforlife.org/Mike JolleyPresident - Houston Lutherans For LifeSIGN-UP for National Life-Chain, Oct. 3, 2010Life-Chain is a peaceful & prayerful public witnessof pro-life Americans all across our country, standingfor 90 minutes praying for our nation & for an endto abortion. It is a visual statement of solidarity bythe Christian community that abortion kills children& that the Church supports the sanctity of humanlife from the moment of conception. HoustonLutherans For Life & OSL are coordinating a groupto join the Chain from 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. atChampions Forest @ FM 1960 W. Please contactGary Schmidt if you & your family would like toparticipate. (713-582-1490 or jgaryschmidt@yahoo.com)(previous Life-Chain participants)Let HLFL Speakers address your next group!Houston Lutherans For Life is prepared to present avariety of “Special Presentations” on Life Issues. Weaddress Adult groups, Youth groups, Bible classes,School classes or assemblies. We realize howimportant it is for all of us to understand the valueof life and learn the Biblical basis of how God viewsall life as precious. We would love to be a resourceto your group as a powerful, Biblical, pro-life voice.Through this study, God, through His Word, canchange hearts and through them transform society.Here are some of the presentations we have:¥ “The Mission, Message and Manner of Lutherans ForLife” (10 min.; Jr. High School to Adult.)¥ “Lutherans For Life – Who Are We?” (25 min.; Jr. HighSchool to Adult.)¥ "Biotechnology 101: A Primer" (45 min.; High School toAdult.)¥ “The Basics on Advance Directives” (25 min.; Adult.)¥ “God’s View of the Value of Life” (12 min.; Grades K-8)¥ “God’s Knitting Room” (10 min.; Grades K-8.)¥ “For Life” (35 to 60 min.; Jr. High School to Adult.)¥ “Sexual Purity” (45 min.; Grade 6 to High School.)¥ “Martin Luther on the Life Issues” (45 min.; Jr. HighSchool to Adult.)For more information or to book your event pleasecontact Mike Jolley (713) 542-9400 or HLFL@comcast.netSoli Deo Gloria!Houston Lutherans For Life, September 2010Voice 7

OSL School NewsServing Families for Jesus ChristSave the Date...OKTOBERFESTSaturday, October 23, 201011:00 am – 3:00 pmGames • Prizes • RidesGreat FoodSilent Auction • Live AuctionLots of Fun for the Whole Family!Voice 8

LWML CORNEROn Sunday afternoons after we returned from church and had a sumptuous fried chicken dinner,(fyi: chicken was raised in the yard; the kids ate after the grown-ups). We gathered around an outof-tuneupright piano to sing gospel songs. Humming “Love Lifted Me” for weeks, I can’t rememberall the words but I do remember my sinking deep in sin, the Master saved me, I was safe, and thenthe chorus. That was such a comfort in my teen years. I had a strong aversion to hell, which wasprobably instilled in me after spending most of my summers going to every church in my small townfor Vacation Bible School. I loved their cookies and punch. Yes, His love lifted me and you becauseGod is love. Love supersedes faith and hope, remains the greatest gift and forever will be the guidingprinciple for all that Christians are and do.“Melody of God’s Love” was an appropriate theme of the LWML Convention in Austin. A delegationof nine from Our Savior attended, and they all returned with a determination to grow LWML and toget young people involved. “Because of this convention, I am a Lutheran teen on a mission to servethe Lord,” was a quote by Skyler Schoolfield (Sharon Petree’s granddaughter). Another was by HeidiGerke, “With all my heart, I believe that God led me there to show me a vital part of what makes OurSavior and other Missouri Synod Lutheran Churches what they are. The love and guidance I felt inAustin could only be God-inspired in the walk with Jesus through this life. I pray that I will be ableto continue that walk in a way that will make my God proud, as well as the surrogate family of Godlywomen I have found.” Both quotes bear repeating.LWML Cheerful Helpers meeting on July 17, was well attended. A delicious brunch was served onbeautifully decorated tables. Martha Glammeyer carried out “In the Garden” theme in her devotion.Kudos go to the Trojacek family, Ellie, Larry and Andi, for making this meeting such an elegant affair.The Turkey Dinner Committee’s report was given by Mildred Holeman and Deanie Stephens. Everygroup in the church will be involved. Children will be served chicken nuggets and potatoes insteadof turkey. All you who haven’t been coming because children don’t like turkey, bring ‘em on, theywill love the substitute. Also, we are attempting to make the Fish Fry an annual affair and likewiseinclude something palatable for the children, but we need volunteers.Every person in Our Savior has a talent and we need you! David was a simple, unknown shepherdboy. David’s gift may have been only a slingshot, but it opened the door to his future as Israel’s king.So what — you have no training or the proper education. All Godrequires is that you show up, say yes, and make yourself available. Whenyou give God what you’ve got, He gives you what He’s got, that makesyour odds unbeatable. Benjamin Franklin had less than two years offormal schools. Yet at twenty-five he founded America’s first library, atthirty-one he started its first fire department, at thirty-six he designeda heating stove that’s still in use today, at forty he harnessed the powerof electricity, at forty-five he founded the nations’s first university, andat seventy-nine he invested bifocals. Most already have more educationthen he had when he was your age. Add to that these two promises: “TheLord is my helper” (Hebrews 13:6 NKJV); “I can do all things throughChrist who strengthens me,” and you have what’s required.When your life is done, what will you have lived for? Eventuallyeverything on earth will turn to dust — including you! So give yourselfto things that will last beyond your lifetime.Mildred HolemanVoice 9

Calling All Ladies!The Cheerful Helpers would like to extendan invitation to all ladies of the congregationto attend the September meeting on the 18th,at 11:00am, in Pastor White’s Bible studyroom. Like the meetings we have had this yearthere will be several topics discussed (TurkeySupper, etc.) and there are two positions upfor election. If anyone is interested in runningfor secretary or treasurer please contact oneof the Nominating Committee members fordetails (Gladys Kunkel, Cheryl Fristche, MarthaGlammayer or Margie Green).Dixie Hahn is the chairperson for the MembersCommittee and she is always working to bringin new members for the Cheerful Helpers. Ifyou are interested please contact her. All ladiesof the congregation are welcome. We haveinformative meetings, fellowship and reallygood food. As usual, Ellie Trojacek has atheme-packed meeting planned. With the endof summer around the corner, Ellie has plannedon a picnic theme. There will be a contest forthe best adorned hat/visor that shows up, soladies get those creative juices flowing and findthat favorite hat/visor from the closet and hopeto see you there.The Cheerful Helpers would like to give aspecial thank you to Pastor Simcak for blessingus with his devotions. We have enjoyed havinghim and his lovely wife Jacqueline be a part ofour meetings.“Serve the Lordwith gladness:come before Himsinging with joy.”Your sister infaith,TerryTomchessonLutheran World Relief:To Others Through OthersWe need to concentrateon layettes, health kits,quilts and sewing kits.Items needed are:• Ivory soap (bath size bars)• Diapers -- Gerber -- Flat Fold, birdseye clothdiapers (sold at Walmart — 12 per package)• Wash Cloths -- (If the packs have several colorswe can use the dark ones for health kits and thelight ones for layettes)• Baby Blankets -- (If you have any flannel justlaying around we can make the blankets!!!)• Hand Towels -- darker colors preferred• Tooth Brushes• Wide Tooth Combs• 3 yards of 45 inch wide cotton and polyesterblend fabric (If you just have the fabric to donatewe will find the thread, buttons and needles.)• Thread to match• Hand sewing needles, card of 5 or 6 buttons(5/8” to 3/4”) to match or contrast the fabric.LWML Members andinterested helpers:On Saturday, September 25th, we have plannedto have JOY Day. Bring your daughters,granddaughters, and also the sons and grandsonsalong to help. We will be packing all the boxesfor Lutheran World Relief.LWML Night CircleOur next meeting will be Tuesday, September7th, in the home of hostess Martha Glammeyer,6610 Greenvale Lane, at 6:30 p.m. We haverefreshments before our meeting and then Biblestudy. All ladies of the church are welcome tojoin us.Voice 10

“The Unconscious Sith”Congratulations to Adam and Christian Whitefor winning “Best in Show” at the Star WarsFan Movie Challenge. Adam produced a shortmovie starring his son Christian titled, “TheUnconscious Sith.” George Lucas himself pickedthe winner of this highly coveted award amongStar Wars fans.Go online and watch for yourself the dreams of thedark side of the force...http://blogs.mysanantonio.com/weblogs/geekspeak/2010/08/george-lucas-se.htmlOther pictures from the event in Orlando can beseen at:http://www.flickr.com/photos/starwarsblog/page6/PLANNING AHEAD —PEP TRIPSWe need an early head count for this holidaytreat...FRIDAY, DECEMBER 10Adam was also interviewed by Channel 39.Pictured below is Christian White proudlydisplaying their trophy. The force is strong withthis one!Come experience the holiday adventure ofSanta’s Town, A Texas Christmas Village. Boarda Texas Christmas “Hayride” to tour the sightsand sounds of Santa’s Wonderland, featuringmillions of dazzling Christmas lights seen on awinding path stretching over a mile long.More details coming soon!Contact Cindy Wright 281-583-9228 orJanice Jolley 281-414-6565.FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 4Got any suggestions? We are open for ideas.Destination to be determined but it will befun! Contact Cindy Wright 281-583-9228 orJanice Jolley 281-414-6565 if you would like tohelp in the planning.Voice 11

Our Savior Lutheran Church + 5000 W Tidwell Rd + Houston, TX 77091-4633 + 713.290.9087 + www.osl.ccSeptember 2010Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday16:30 AM Men'sBible Study-BC10:00 AM BibleClass-BC12:00 PMBulletin Deadline6:30 PM GirlScout Rally-A1017:00 PM MidweekBible Class-ER24:00 PM PrayerRequest printingdeadline3 47:00 AM MenAlive-A1016:00 PMFellowshipBINGO Night -BC58:15 AM Bible Class9:30 AM MatinsBennett Baptisms10:45 AM SundaySchool4:30 PM JacobNoack & MelissaHunter wedding128:15 AM Bible Class9:30 AMCommunion10:45 AM SundaySchool12:00 PM Laudate12:00 PM SundaySchool TeachersMtg-A1014:30 PM Jr CIA5:30 PM Bon Appétitreturn198:15 AM Bible Class9:30 AM MatinsRiewe/HamlinBaptisms10:45 AM SundaySchool12:00 PM Exultae268:15 AM Bible Class9:30 AMCommunion10:45 AM SundaySchool12:00 PM Laudate4:30 PM Jr CIA6Campus Closed138:20 AM SchoolChapel9:00 AMJoseph's Guild ofColors-LWML6:15 PMEvangelism208:20 AM SchoolChapel6:15 PMEvangelism278:20 AM SchoolChapel6:15 PMEvangelism78:20 AM SchoolChapel10:00 AMSewing Circle7:00 PM ChurchCouncil-BC7:00 PM NightCircle148:30 AM Braille7:00 PMEvang.Mtg-BC7:00 PM ParishEd mtg215:00 PMScrapbookingClass-A102E6:30 PMTrustees7:00 PM Eldersmtg-BC2810:00 AMDorcas Circle-ER7:00 PMParochial Ed-A102E86:30 AM Men'sBible Study-BC10:00 AM BibleClass-BC12:00 PMBulletin Deadline5:45 PM FASTDinner-A1016:45 PM FASTClasses156:30 AM Men'sBible Study-BC10:00 AM BibleClass-BC12:00 PMBulletin Deadline5:45 PM FASTDinner-A1016:45 PM FAST226:30 AM Men'sBible Study-BC10:00 AM BibleClass-BC12:00 PMBulletin Deadline5:45 PM FASTDinner-A1016:45 PM FAST296:30 AM Men'sBible Study-BC10:00 AM BibleClass-BC12:00 PMBulletin Deadline5:45 PM FASTDinner-A1016:45 PM FAST94:00 PM PrayerRequest printingdeadline6:15 PMCarillon7:15 PMJubilate164:00 PM PrayerRequest printingdeadline6:15 PMCarillon7:15 PMJubilate23 First Day ofAutumn4:00 PM PrayerRequest printingdeadline6:15 PMCarillon7:00 PM AdultInfo - BC7:15 Jubilate304:00 PM PrayerRequest printingdeadline6:15 PMCarillon7:00 PM AdultInfo - BC7:15 PMJubilate106:00 AM BonAppétit trip9:00 AMJoseph's Guildof Colors-LWML176:00 PM Youngat Heart-BC111811:00 AMLWML mtg-BC24 259:00 AMLWML Joy Day-BCA=Gym/Cafeteria; B=Early Childhood Ctr; C=Classrooms; BC/East Rm=Church office level; Italic=not @ OSLVoice 12

2 Kurby HackemackGil LambersonDrew ManriquezDonna NalleyKarl ReidLea Sanford3 Gary Hintz4 Jeff ArmstrongElwaine BarrettBrooke BroadwayCarolyn DaumEric HenkeDarin Neal5 Helena McGeeTaylor MushinskiRachel SkweresAmy Wamble6 Martha BergCharlotte CollinsKimberly CurtinLindsay LewisLoretta ManriquezManny MuguerzaVictoria NoackJohn Pate7 Philip MasonLindie Mensik8 Marvin EversAudrey Nitsch9 George SumnerEthan Voigt10 Wayne MoldovanStephen SchoppeBrenda Zorn11 Tyler ArmstrongKaren BohlsAngela BouskaRon FreemanAaron HerveyMelissa McWhirterRandall Tannert12 Katie HorstmanKatie Morgan13 Kevin Straker14 Mandy JonesNatalie Rose15 David LazarineAlvin Musgrove, Jr.Lindsey RappPat Terry16 Nabila FotyHeidi NitschSarah TalbottBernice Weber17 Sydni CasanoverAustin JonesKen TomchessonRon Wunderlich18 Sam AdamsBreann ReyesPatricia SmithsonAshlynn Zorn19 Joanne Alford20 Malynda Albright-TannertRobert Fritsche, Jr.Carleen McIlvainDallas E. MohlerSherri PadalinoRuth Pietsch21 Stevan GalatianDallas K. MohlerRebecca SkinnerLaura Unger22 Kay BauerkemperRyan DerongGary LawsonBob McCharenBrenda PageNorbert PietschDorothy Worthing23 Amy BaldwinBrandon HoffartOlga O’ConnorRuss Wernli24 Berdie Barron-ReedKiersten BurlingKathleen Miller25 Emily AlmarazMatthew BohlsCarol FritschePam GavinDelores KarischBen Schoppe26 Doug Mushinski27 Amelie BoergerJanice CostaMichele LakadoschLeah LewisWalter Schramm28 Debbie DerongLogan HenkeJamie McClellanTerry Morgan IIDiana StephensKim Wulf29 Fred BergerJay Tomchesson30 Cathy ByersShirley CorrellEthel HikalGlen PutmanJames Verbois IIISeptemberbirthdaysChurchStaffDirectoryDr Laurence L White, Senior Pastorpaswhite@osl.ccRev Andrew Simcak, Visitation Pastor281.477.6194Jeff Armstrong,Minister of Music & Junior Youthjeffarm@oslschool.orgLance Gerard, Principallgerard@oslschool.orgLoretta Supercinski, Office Managerlsupers@osl.ccBarbara Mushinski, Publicistbarbara@osl.ccDiana Stachowiak, Office Associatediana@osl.ccSandy Fritsche, Accountantsandy@osl.ccCheryl Straker, School Secretarycheryl@oslschool.orgLynette Cherington, ECE Directorlynette@oslschool.orgDawn Kenward, Gabriel Project281.889.8493Worship Sundays at 9:30amSunday School at 8:15 & 10:45amChurch: 713.290.9087Fax: 713.290.0224Email: church@osl.ccWeb: www.osl.cc5000 W Tidwell RdHouston, TX 77091School: 713.290.8277School Fax: 713.290.0850Office Hours: 8am-5pm, Monday-Thursday8am-4pm, FridayVoice 13

Those To Serve – September 20105 9:30am - ACOLYTES: Carson Bruzewski / Micah Eckert9:30am - CARTS: Gavin Team9:30am - ELDERS: Brian Nitsch / Gil Lamberson / Gerald Hooper / Mike Jolley9:30AM - GREETERS: Gladys Farley / Kelly Fash / Corine Froehlich / TerryTomchesson9:30am - SOUND: Lankford9:30am - USHERS: Schoppe6 6:15pm - EVANG: Don Kaiser / Ed Eckert / Martha Glammeyer / Margie Green12 9:30am - ACOLYTES: Drew Manriquez / Elyssa Mushinski9:30am - ALTAR GUILD: Stephens Team9:30am - CARTS: Gerard Team9:30am - COMM. ASST: Brian Nitsch / Gerald Hooper / Lance Gerard / Ed Eckert /Herb Peterson9:30am - ELDERS: Brian Nitsch / Gil Lamberson / Gerald Hooper / Mike Jolley9:30AM - GREETERS: Norman & Debbie Adams / Bill & Jody Cook9:30am - SOUND: Whiting9:30am - USHERS: Hall13 6:15pm - EVANG: Paul Stringer / Jeanelle Lee19 9:30am - ACOLYTES: Melissa Armstrong / Jessica Moehlman9:30am - CARTS: Adams Team9:30am - ELDERS: Brian Nitsch / Gil Lamberson / Gerald Hooper / Mike Jolley9:30AM - GREETERS: Al & Cheryl Fritsche / Bob & Emily Lankford9:30am - SOUND: Kenward9:30am - USHERS: Hobart20 6:15pm - EVANG: Victor Riewe / Judy Murray26 9:30am - ACOLYTES: Breann Reyes / Jocelyn Reyes9:30am - ALTAR GUILD: Worthing Team9:30am - CARTS: Kemnitz Team9:30am - COMM. ASST: Brian Nitsch / Gerald Hooper / Lance Gerard / Ed Eckert /Herb Peterson9:30am - ELDERS: Brian Nitsch / Gil Lamberson / Gerald Hooper / Mike Jolley9:30AM - GREETERS: David & Nancy Boddicker / Alan & Sandy Fritsche9:30am - SOUND: Greenwood9:30am - USHERS: Cherington27 6:15pm - EVANG: Alvin Fritsche / Lonnie Roesel / Alan Fritsche / John PateFLOWER DELIVERY for SEPTEMBER is LWML POTTER’S VESSELVoice 14

MemorialsThe following memorials were given to the glory of God to Forward Faithfully, in lovingmemory of...Ruby Bauerkemper. ................................... Brian & Vickie NitschBrianna Becker. .......................... Brian & Vickie Nitsch (Gabriel Project)Bonnie Stone ............................ Brian & Vickie Nitsch (Gabriel Project)Michael Dearen (Joni Noble’s brother & Kathleen McBride’s nephew) .......... Bon AppétitTravel’n GalsJack Green (Martha Markert’s son’s father-in-law). ..........Martha Markert - Altar GuildEmil Moerbe (Beverly Muguerza’s father). ............................ Bon AppétitEd & Joni NobleMargie GreenRowdy GalsRob, Loretta, & Danielle SupercinskiWildon Petty (Diane Kemnitz’s father) .................... Walter & Marian SchrammTimothy Andrew Simcak (Pastor Andrew & Jackie Simcak’s son) ....................Pastor Andrew & Jackie SimcakFerd Trobridge (Martha Markert’s brother) ................. Amy Hodde - Altar GuildHonorariums .......................................................In honor of James & Thelma Cruse’s birthdays & 68th wedding anniversary given by:Jim & Dorothy WorthingJim & Lois NitschWallace & Evelyn KlebOliver & Marilyn BiehleMildred HolemanBuddy & Darlyne McSpaddenHelen McGeeGeorge & Florence BoergerKurby & Doris HackemackCalvin FrankHazel HuberRob & Loretta SupercinskiVoice 15

Our Savior LutheranChurch & School5000 W. Tidwell RdHouston TX 77091-4633Serving Families for Jesus ChristReturn Service RequestedA Year of BlessingFellowship And Study TogetherSeptember 8 — October 13*Article entry deadline is September 15 for October’s issueNon-Profit Org.U S PostagePAIDHouston, TXPermit No. 7553

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