class 2008 - 2011 - Cary Academy

class 2008 - 2011 - Cary Academy

Annual Report | Table of ContentsMESSAGE FROM LYNNE B. FOUNTAIN, DIRECTOR OF INSTITUTIONAL ADVANCEMENT ............................................................. 2MESSAGE FROM MITCH MCGUIGAN, HEAD OF SCHOOL ............................................................................................................ 3MESSAGE FROM MONICA UDELL, CA PTAA PRESIDENT 2011-2012 ............................................................................................ 5CA FUND DONORS BY CLUBS ....................................................................................................................................................... 7CA FUND EMPLOYEE DONORS ................................................................................................................................................... 15CLASS OF 2012 ENDOWMENT DONORS .................................................................................................................................... 18CLASS ENDOWMENTS 2008-2011 DONORS .............................................................................................................................. 20RESTRICTED GIVING DONORS .................................................................................................................................................... 21CHARGER CLUB DONORS ........................................................................................................................................................... 22LIBRARY DONORS ....................................................................................................................................................................... 24PTAA AUCTION DONORS ........................................................................................................................................................... 27SCHOLAR'S GOLF CLASSIC DONORS ........................................................................................................................................... 30GIFT-IN-KIND DONORS ............................................................................................................................................................... 32CHARGER BUCKS PARTICIPANTS ................................................................................................................................................ 33

Message from Lynne B. Fountain, Director of Institutional AdvancementWelcome to the sixth on-line Annual Report as Cary Academy looks back over the highlights of the 2011-2012 school yearand thanks those many supporters who had a role in those successes.Congratulations to the Cary Academy community and friends for surpassing last years’ totals in giving, participation, andvolunteer hours!!! Thank you for keeping Cary Academy at the forefront of your lives. Even as we faced changes anduncertainty, annual fundraising events at Cary Academy such as the Cary Academy Fund, the Holiday Shoppe, the PTAAauction and the Scholars’ Golf Tournament continued to grow. A heartfelt thanks to Cary Academy Fund chairs Jim andCathy Stuart for their dedication, strong leadership and desire to exceed the goal and raise participation to 74 percent!As in years’ past the Class of 2012 can be grateful to their parents for establishing the Class of 2012 Endowment Fund for2012 graduates to grow well into the future! A special thanks to chairs Sam and Vicky Ravenel and their committee for alltheir hard work and hours invested.Your gifts continue to strengthen our school as do the countless hours of volunteering invested in the classroom, fundraisingactivities, programs, committee work and enrichment. An extra-special thanks goes to the chairs of our four majorfund-raising events — our Cary Academy (annual) Fund, Holiday Shoppe, PTAA auction, and Scholars’ Golf Tournament.These events help us to continue investing in our students while providing valuable opportunities inside and outside theclassroom.Five years ago, Cary Academy made a conscious decision to maximize the use of technology and eliminate the bulk of paperused to produce this report. By going paperless we helped conserve a vital natural resource while keeping the sameinformation at your fingertips. The on-line report was received well by our community so we continue to convey this keyinformation in this fashion. This report lists individuals, corporations, and foundations that have made donations to CaryAcademy during the 2011-12 fiscal year (July 1, 2011-June 30, 2012). Your valued gifts enable us to continue the tradition ofexcellence started more than a decade ago. This report is a permanent record and thank you for your contribution!We make every effort to ensure accuracy in our listings; we offer our sincerest apologies if your name is omittedinadvertently or listed incorrectly. Please contact Dorrys McArdle regarding any errors that need to be corrected and thison-line report will be amended immediately.Thank you so much for your on-going support and for ensuring Cary Academy continues to achieve new heights infundraising while keeping our mission of discovery, innovation, collaboration and excellence at the forefront.Lynne B. FountainDirector of Institutional Advancement2

Message from Mitch McGuigan, Head of SchoolEach year Cary Academy celebrates with pride the accomplishments of its students both in the classroom and through ourextra-curricular programs. While our success is attributed to everyone, every day, below are a few examples that highlightthe 2011-12 year:100% of our senior class (105) was accepted to university24% of the class of 2012 was named National Merit ScholarsForty-nine members of the class of 2012 were offered a total of 4.2 million dollars in scholarships. A completelisting is found on the College Counseling web site.Anna Mukamal (’13), Connor Dunleavy (’13), Emily Aarons (’13) and Ms. Cheryl Cotter represented Cary Academyat the Student Global Leadership Institute in Hawaii.The girls’ track and field team earned a state championship, and Allison Bailey (’12) was named Most OutstandingRunner. For his success in running at the national level, Thomas Graham (’12) was voted an All American. TISACchampionship teams included boys’ cross country, soccer, swimming, wrestling and baseball. The girls wereconference champions in tennis, volleyball, basketball and track and field. For the second year in a row the boyswon the Prestige Cup by earning the most points overall in the TISAC; our girls finished a close second. Seventytwostudents were named All-TISAC, 35 were named all-state, 42 school records were tied or broken, and nineseniors signed to play at the collegiate level.The Cary Academy Speech and Debate program is the largest in the state of North Carolina, public or private school. Duringthe 2011-2012 school year, the team placed in the top three in sweepstakes at every North Carolina tournament exceptone. The team has qualified to attend the National Forensic League National Speech and Debate Tournament for 12consecutive years, the longest active streak of any school in the Tar Heel East District. Last year Lauren Moore ('12) reachedthe final round and placed in the top six at nationals.While individual and team successes are to be celebrated, two community events stood out last year. The first was ProjectRe-Runway. More than 300 Middle and Upper School students designed and built costumes representing different historicalages and then showcased the costumes in a fashion show. The costumes were made entirely of recycled cans, bags, tennisballs, circuit boards and the like. Our musicians wrote music for the fashion show, and our writers captured the era andpurpose of each costume. The costumes remain proudly displayed in Berger Hall as evidence that discovery, innovation,collaboration and excellence are alive at CA. Art instructor Margo Smith has been invited to present this project at theNorth Carolina Association of Independent Schools’ Conference.The second event was the 15th Anniversary Celebration held April 29. Under a Carolina-blue sky, the quad filled with boardmembers, employees, students, alumni, parents and past parents – all there to celebrate 15 years, and to pay tribute toDon Berger, our founding head of school. It was heartwarming to come together as a community to celebrate CaryAcademy.Speakers at the anniversary celebration were founder and current board Chair John Sall, Head of Middle School MartiJenkins, Director of Fine and Performing Arts Michael Hayes, Middle School Math Department Chair Pat Martin, PTAAPresident Monica Udell, past parent Dr. Paul Bitting, and alum Tyler Graybeal. Each recalled the early days of CA and sharedpersonal stories vividly chronicling what has been accomplished at Cary Academy and how so many lives have beentouched by the vision, dedication and generosity of the CA community. The choir’s tribute to Mr. Berger, and to the schoolitself, left many misty-eyed. At the conclusion of the celebration, Berger Hall was dedicated to recognize all that Don Bergeraccomplished in leading this great school. That afternoon a sculpture donated by the PTAA and designed collaboratively bystudents, parents, employees and artist Matthew McConnell was dedicated. I went home that evening feeling both proudand fortunate to be part of this school and its greater community.3

I want to thank our employees, students, parents and board members for your enthusiasm and attentiveness to the school.I also want to thank those who donated funds and to those who have given generously of their time and expertise. Whatwas accomplished in 2011-12 could not have taken place without your support and dedication. Cary Academy’s future isbright as we look forward to the arrival of our new head of school next year. I wish you an outstanding 2012-13 year.Thank you.Mitch McGuiganHead of School4

Message from Monica Udell, CA PTAA President 2011-201215 Years of Celebrating Community .... 2011-2012 PTAA RecapDuring 2011-2012, we focused on “Building Community” through a year long celebration of our 15 Year Anniversary. Fourstrategic priorities included: engaging members, funding educational programs, sponsoring social activities, and planning a15th year celebration.Engaging MembersOutreach for new families was a key priority for your PTAA. We made personalized welcome calls, hosted coffees, dinners,and parent socials. Sixth-grade parents stood out as the most represented parent group at the 2012 Auction. Theirparticipation resulted in a pizza party celebration for all 6th grade students. Perhaps our most significant result is that werecruited and engaged a significant percentage of new community members into 2012-2013 PTAA leadership roles.Funding Educational ProgramsA few notable PTAA efforts included launching a US Robotics Club, providing equipment for the Computer and NetworkingEssentials Class and pico pocket projectors for the 6th Grade World Cultures team. We rewarded the 6th Grade studentsfor successfully completing their 1000 book reading challenge with new furniture for all MS language arts reading corners.Parents enjoyed a well-attended Parent Ubuntu - A Portrait of the Millennial One Generation and Cybersmarts parenttechnology seminars. Special class assemblies included the Gisella Abramson celebration and tree planting and the MSassembly with Mike Lupicd, renowned young adult author, columnist, ESPN sports reporter.Social ActivitiesOne important social success was our 15th annual auction. Almost 300 adults enjoyed the PTAA Crystal Anniversaryfestivities and profits increased 12% over the 2011 auction. Perhaps, the most meaningful measure of the value of PTAAsocial activities came as a “shout out” during Commencement Exercises from speaker, Eric Fisher. Knowing that our recentgraduates appreciated all of the breakfasts, lunches, and myriad of social events means the world to our parent volunteers.15th Year CelebrationWe honored our founding Head of School, Don Berger and celebrated 15 years of Cary Academy community on Sunday,April 29th. The afternoon culminated by unveiling the PTAA’s 15th anniversary sculpture named “Connections.” The 2011-2012 PTAA assembled all constituent groups to select a gift commemorating this milestone year. We commissioned a workof art by noted sculptor, Matt McConnell.Four symbolic elements are embedded in the design. First, four rings represent Cary Academy's core values of discovery,innovation, collaboration and excellence. Next, branches connect our past, present and future network of students, alumni,faculty, staff, administrators, parents, and board of directors. Third, varied colored leaves represent the vibrancy anddiversity of our community. Finally, the sculpture's light represents the shining outcome of the growth and collaborationfrom our "connections" to one another.We hope that you enjoyed this yearlong celebration of CA Community.Monica UdellCA PTAA President 2011-20125

THE CARY ACADEMY FUNDJuly 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012Thank you to all our current and past families, grandparents, alumni, employees, friendsand organziations for your generosity in supporting the school's 2011-12 annual campaign,Nuts and Bolts of our Community, This is Cary Academy's top fundraisingeffort each year to help offset the difference from our operating expenses and tuition fees.Your participation is greatly appreciated.FOUNDERS and MAJOR CONTRIBUTORSDr. and Mrs. James H. GoodnightMr. and Mrs. John P. SallFOUNDERS' CIRCLE ($10,000 and above)Dr. Mark L. Graham II and Dr. Laneta J. DorflingerMr. and Mrs. Jeremy K. MarioMr. and Mrs. Gregory J. SanchezDr. and Mrs. Edward SandersCHARTER CLUB ($5,000 - $9,999)Dr. Robert C. Camp and Ms. Marjorie N. Smart in memory of Carolyn Albrecht CampMr. and Mrs. Roderick D. ParrishDr. Matthew R. Plymyer and Ms. Susan HaberbergerMr. and Mrs. Donald R. ReynoldsMr. and Mrs. Samuel J. SuggBLUE AND GOLD SOCIETY ($2,500 - $4,999)Dr. Alan L. Aarons and Dr. Maureen L. AaronsMr. Elbert L. Avery and Dr. Katrina H. AveryMr. and Mrs. Joseph W. CeceMr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Desmond, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. EubanksMr. and Mrs. Gary T. FischbeinMr. and Ms. Daniel JohnsMr. and Mrs. Douglas J. KahnMr. and Mrs. Bruce W. KnottMr. George T. Lee and Dr. Hiller A. SpiresMr. and Mrs. Thomas F. McKayMr. and Mrs. Jeffery F. MooreMr. and Mrs. Stephen Norfleet in honor of Caleb Norfleet and all his fantastic teachersMr. and Mrs. Dan SakladMr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Saklad, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. James L. StuartMr. and Ms. Howard J. UdellWells FargoMr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. WilsonCORNERSTONE CIRCLE ($1,000 - $2,499)Mr. and Mrs. Paul ArendsDr. Mahmoud K. Atieh and Mrs. Soumayya M. KhabbazehBank of AmericaMr. Nigle B. Barrow, Jr. and Ms. Alice C. StubbsMr. and Mrs. Keith S. BellMr. and Mrs. Thomas Blau, III6

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Bright, Sr.Dr. and Mrs. Lyndon F. CooperDr. Joseph B. Cornett and Dr. Cynthia M. GreggMr. Steven D. DraperMs. Kimberly BrunsonGlaxoSmithKlineDr. James E. Godwin, Jr. and Dr. Elizabeth A. CampbellMr. and Mrs. Robert J. Greczyn, Jr.Mr. Bruce A. Hamilton and Ms. Jennifer WeissMr. and Mrs. William A. Harman IIIDr. Gregory C. Hinn and Dr. Anne C. HinnMr. David T. Hutzenbuhler and Dr. Angela N. HutzenbuhlerMr. and Mrs. Arthur M. IngallsMr. and Mrs. Robert A. IngramDr. James H. Johnson, Jr.Mr. Jayant S. Khadilkar and Ms. Manjushree R. KarkareDr. Glenn Kleiman and Dr. Elizabeth MillerDr. Mark F. Lefebvre and Dr. Elizabeth E. CampbellDr. and Mrs. Eric W. MasonMr. and Mrs. Don Mathis in honor of Carter MathisDr. Charles M. Maxfield, Sr. and Dr. Sharon M. MaxfieldDr. and Mrs. John T. McElveen, Jr.Dr. and Mrs. Sameh MobarekMr. and Mrs. Charles R. MooreMr. and Mrs. Richard H. MooreMr. and Mrs. Tingley Moore in honor of Charles H. Moore and Mary Eleanor MooreMr. and Mrs. Bennie G. Owens, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Russell D. ParksMr. John L. Peebles and Dr. Susan S. PeeblesPepsi Bottling Ventures, LLCMr. and Mrs. Samuel F. RavenelDr. Alan L. Rosen and Dr. Susan R. Levy in memory of Martha LevyMr. and Mrs. Edward D. RosenMr. and Mrs. Patrick J. RostMr. and Mrs. John F. SchrammMr. and Mrs. James A. ShermanMr. and Mrs. Gregory W. StaffordMr. and Mrs. Drew SteffensMr. Trawick H. Stubbs Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. SwartzMr. Donald Thimsen and Dr. Ann PflugrathMr. and Mrs. Steven C. ToyMr. and Mrs. Scott J. TunleyMr. Raviraja Upadhya and Dr. Savitha UpadhyaMr. and Mrs. George G. WilsonPINNACLE ($500 - $999)Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. AndrejkoMr. and Mrs. David B. AndrewsMr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Baker in honor of Katie BakerDr. Cengiz BalkasMr. and Ms. Robert H. BergdoltDr. and Mrs. Jon BlankDr. and Mrs. Daljit S. ButtarMr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Carlson7

Cisco SystemsMr. Finbar V. Daly and Ms. Anne J. Aherne-DalyDr. and Mrs. Surinder Dhawan in honor of Ram Rang DhawanMr. and Mrs. Ajay DholakiaDr. Kevin M. Doyle and Mrs. Ellen H. DoyleMr. Jeffrey J. EakesMr. and Mrs. Jay W. EvansMr. Lei Fang and Dr. Jian ZongMr. and Mrs. James M. FerrisMr. and Mrs. Timothy S. GoettelDr. and Mrs. Andrew J. GoetzDr. Gary M. Gordon and Dr. Kathleen G. GordonMr. and Mrs. Iain C. GrayDr. and Mrs. Jonathan S. GreenMr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. HammHarris TeeterMr. and Mrs. Charles L. HenryDr. Robert Hubal and Dr. Elaine Cohen HubalMr. and Mrs. Andrew W. HuntMs. Cheryl N. HunterIBM FoundationDr. Mark Johnson and Mrs. Choy ManDr. and Mrs. Gurdev S. JudgeMr. and Mrs. Harold KadisMr. and Mrs. Parrish B. KetchmarkMr. Jose L. Kofman and Ms. Tracy RichardsMr. and Ms. Brian R. KurtzerMr. Robert L. Lamphier, Jr. and Mrs. Amy L. Anderson LamphierMr. and Mrs. Kevin LeeDr. Peter H. Lee and Dr. Laura K. Hardin-LeeMr. and Mrs. Edward H. LewisMr. Craig G. Lupton-Smith and Dr. Helen S. Lupton-SmithMr. and Mrs. Billy A. MaynorMr. and Mrs. Coleman D. Mitchell, Sr.Mr. and Mrs. Matthew E. MyerMr. and Mrs. John M. Peterson, Sr.Mr. and Mrs. James A. PullenMr. and Mrs. Peter A. ReckertMr. and Mrs. Robert ReeceMr. and Mrs. Robert ReichelMr. and Ms. Timothy RohdeSASMr. and Mrs. Matthew W. SawchakMr. and Mrs. Robert F. Spivey, Jr.Dr. and Mrs. M. Todd StakerDr. Dallas T. Stallings III and Ms. Margaret M. RashTarget StoresMr. Russell E. Thirsk and Mrs. Sarah A. LudlamMs. Grace W. UengUnited Way of the Greater TriangleDr. and Mrs. Dallas E. WregeMr. and Mrs. Gerald Yeaneyand anonymous donorsPILLAR ($250 - $499)8

Dr. Sankar N. Adusumilli and Dr. Bhavani LagadapatiMr. and Mrs. Shakeel I. AnsariMr. and Mrs. Charles Astrike in honor of Emma Astrike DavisMr. and Mrs. William R. Banks, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. BarnetteMr. and Mrs. Michael A. BrooksMr. and Mrs. Walter L. Brown IIIMr. and Mrs. Michael S. CarltonDr. and Mrs. Alexander P. ChiaramontiDr. and Mrs. Remy R. CoeytauxMr. Phillip W. CornMr. Francis X. Dunleavy, Jr. and Ms. Malinda L. PetersMr. Cedric L. Early, Jr. and Ms. Eleanor M. JohnsonMr. Thomas W. Earnhardt and Ms. Dana L. JenningsDr. and Mrs. Charles F. Eisenbeis IIMr. Cecil E. Faircloth Jr. and Dr. Beverly S. FairclothMs. Jennifer A. FeinsteinMr. Brian M. Field and Mrs. Tonyia McBride-FieldMr. and Mrs. Frank O. Fitzgerald IIIMr. and Mrs. Rod FrankelMr. and Mrs. Steven J. Gibbon in memory of Allen L. DeweyMr. and Mrs. Andre K. GoMr. and Mrs. Gary M. GoldenDr. and Mrs. Ashok GopalarathnamMr. and Mrs. Piyush C. GosraniMr. and Mrs. Reginald B. Griffin, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. GrimmMr. and Mrs. Luis A. GutierrezMs. Amy HamptonDr. George L. Hamrick, Jr. and Dr. Terri S. HamrickMr. and Mrs. Michael L. HendrenMr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Hines, Jr.Mr. Gary D. HoltMs. Jeanne C. HoltMr. and Mrs. Brett A. HubbardMr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. JanssenDr. David B. Jarrett and Dr. Victoria M. Soltis-JarrettMs. Jane Q. JenkinsMr. and Mrs. David R. JenkinsDr. and Ms. Barry A. JonesMr. and Mrs. Jonathon C. KadisMr. and Mrs. Martin S. Kendrick, Sr.Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. KenneyMr. and Mrs. Sean M. KernsMr. and Mrs. William King IVDr. Chien-Tsun Kuan and Dr. Hsiu-Wen YuDr. Ramana V. Kuchibhatla and Dr. Maggie N. KuchibhatlaMr. and Mrs. William LambMr. and Mrs. Charles R. Lambert in honor of Pat MartinMs. Ann LivingstonDr. and Mrs. Anthony L. Luo in honor of Michelle ('08) and Patrick ('11) LuoMr. John M. MadarMr. Daniel T. Mangelsdorf and Dr. Heidi C. MangelsdorfMr. and Mrs. Mike A. Mansour9

Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. MarshallDr. Allen MaskMr. and Mrs. Steven W. MatthewsDr. Edward L. Maydew and Dr. Noemi M. MaydewMs. Dorrys A. McArdleMr. and Mrs. Matthew P. McGuireMs. and Mr. Laurie L. MesibovMr. John Mitten and Dr. Sheri MittenMr. and Mrs. Jeffrey MukamalDr. and Mrs. Robert L. NilesNovartisMr. Robert A. Nunez and Ms. Melanie A. MannDr. and Mrs. Jose R. OchoaMr. Suresh K. Palakurthi and Dr. Hima B. PalakurthiMr. and Mrs. Tae W. ParkPfizer FoundationMs. Shakunthala PithavadianMr. and Mrs. David L. RamgerMr. and Mrs. Daniel H. RansdellMr. David R. Reiger and Ms. Ingrid E. SchneiderDr. and Mrs. John F. Reilly, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Russell IIIMr. and Ms. Amit SanyalMr. and Mrs. Jay. D. SchwartzMr. and Mrs. Hascall H. Sharp, Jr.Mr. Craig A. Simpson and Ms. Jennifer AppettaMr. Donald Smith and Ms. Linda Archer-SmithMs. Christi StanforthMr. Shannon StanforthMr. and Mrs. Richard C. StephensonMr. and Mrs. Kerry SwankMr. William Taber III and Dr. Julie TaberMr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. TaylorDr. and Mrs. H. M. Todd in honor of Caroline and MichaelMr. and Mrs. David P. TomickMr. and Mrs. John A. VerderameMr. and Mrs. J. Richard WaltonMr. Brian C. Watts and Mrs. Kathleen E. McGwier-WattsMr. and Mrs. Kurt D. WeaverMrs. Nan S. Weiss in honor of Anna HamiltonMr. and Mrs. Dennis A. WickerMr. Franciscus A. Wissink and Ms. Ursula A. FlynnMr. and Mrs. Robert M. Woronoff, Jr.Mr. Hua Wu and Mrs. Li Zhangand anonymous donorsROTUNDA ($100 - $249)Mr. and Mrs. Deepak Advani in memory of Gul GidwaniMr. and Mrs. Duncan M. AndersonMr. and Mrs. Kenneth Atkins in honor of Cyrus AtkinsMrs. Se Jua AuDr. and Mrs. Bryan E. AupperleMr. and Mrs. Eric AupperleMr. and Mrs. Philip J. AverellMr. and Mrs. Mathias Bishop10

Mrs. Erica Helfer Blank ('03)Mr. Greg L. BoaMr. and Mrs. Clarence BriggsMr. Scott A. Brown and Mrs. Sara B. BrownMr. David R. Cabana and Dr. Sharon L. StannersMr. and Mrs. David T. CalhounMr. and Mrs. Jack CampbellDr. and Dr. Mihai ChiritescuMr. and Mrs. Russell E. CobbMr. and Mrs. Richard S. CooperMr. and Mrs. R.E. CorbettMr. and Mrs. Vaughan Cox in honor of Jenna and Jacqueline ReillyMr. and Mrs. Gennaro A. CuomoMr. and Mrs. Edward M. CvelichMr. and Mrs. Sean P. DaleyMr. and Mrs. James M. DanielsMr. Raul Davalos-Hernandez and Mrs. Alma A. Martinez-De-DavalosMs. Beatrice J. Davis and Mrs. Nancy C. AstrikeMr. and Mrs. David DavisMr. and Ms. Alexander M. DietzMr. Daniel Dolan and Mrs. Mari Muri in honor of the Bright childrenMr. and Mrs. Daniel DolderMr. and Mrs. Paul P. DubianskyMr. and Mrs. Brian J. DudashMr. James N. Duncan and Ms. Dianne M. SaundersMrs. Anne Dungan in honor of Stephanie and Bill DunganMr. and Mrs. Louis D. DworskyMr. and Mrs. Mark R. Easley, Sr.Mr. Jorge A. Echanove and Mrs. Norma L. StevensMr. Alan C. Egge and Dr. Claudia C. EggeMr. and Mrs. Charles FerrellMr. and Mrs. Tony W. FisherMr. and Mrs. Robert G. FrazierMr. and Mrs. Michael O. GabsonMr. Rodney E. GaddyMr. and Mrs. Stephen B. GetzMr. and Mrs. Robert J. Glosson, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Rodney F. GonskiMr. Pratik Gupta and Dr. Jyotsna J. GuptaMr. and Ms. David A. HaeusslerMr. and Ms. Stephen HalfertyMr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. HammerMr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Hill IVMr. and Mrs. Todd HoffmanMr. and Mrs. Ralph C. HollinsheadMr. Thomas L. Hopkins and Mrs. Theresa M. Kelly-HopkinsDr. Alex Huang and Dr. Jing LengMr. and Mrs. Wofford Humphries IVMr. and Mrs. Thomas C. JadelisMr. and Mrs. Kevin JonesMr. and Mrs. John F. KacvinskyMr. and Mrs. Richard H. KalinMr. and Mrs. Tom X. KennaDr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Kennedy, Sr.Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Kenyon11

Ms. Fern Kirkley in honor of Meredith Lippincott ('06)Dr. and Mrs. Norton Klotz in honor of Samantha Paige FeinsteinDr. and Mrs. Charles L. KneifelMr. Kenneth Kozlowski and Mrs. Nan ParkerMr. and Mrs. You-Min KuoDr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. LandryMr. and Mrs. John M. LarusMr. and Mrs. Richard D. Lee in honor of Rachel LeeMr. and Ms. Steven J. LeeDr. Victor Lerch and Ms. Susan J. MarshallMr. and Mrs. Charles W. LeuthMr. and Mrs. Andrew S. LipsonMr. Xiaozheng Ma and Ms. Hui ZhangMs. Erin MacDermutMs. Delal MakansiMr. Robert M. MasonMr. and Mrs. Richard A. McCoppinMr. and Mrs. William D. McCroskey IIMr. and Mrs. Charles F. McDarrisMr. and Mrs. Christopher P. McGrathMr. and Mrs. James McShaneMr. and Mrs. Spencer S. MeymandiMr. Alex Mgaya and Ms. Nnail T. MbilinyiMrs. Ardis R. Miller in honor of Daniel ('10), Kelsey ('12), Michael and Ashley MillerDr. Richard T. Miller and Dr. Shelly L. VadenMr. and Mrs. James W. Milligan, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Bakul ModiMr. and Mrs. Wally MorgusMr. Ronald MukamalMr. and Mrs. Bryan P. MulqueenMs. Yvonne M. NappierMr. Tomas F. Nunez and Ms. Suzanne RosenfeldMr. and Mrs. Michael O'ConnorOracle CorporationMr. and Mrs. Chul H. ParkMr. Ron Parker and Dr. Cora B. ParkerMr. Charles E. Patisaul and Dr. Heather B. PatisaulMr. and Mrs. Joseph H. PompeoQualcommMr. and Mrs. Rajesh RaoMr. and Mrs. Dennis M. ReedMr. and Mrs. Marvin RichardsMr. and Mrs. Marvin G. Richards, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Mark RockettCSM and Mrs. Michael K. RooneyMr. and Mrs. Per S. RosenbaumMr. William G. RushinMr. and Mrs. Glenn SchleicherDr. and Mrs. Peter D. SchulzMr. and Mrs. Stuart F. SchwartzSchweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.Dr. Alan Segal and Dr. Anne YeagerDr. Brian B. Sheitman and Dr. Leslie H. Boyce-SheitmanMr. and Ms. Tracy H. SheltonMr. and Mrs. Adam M. Siegal12

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Snider IIMr. and Mrs. Marc A. SodanoDr. Jared E. Spector and Dr. Nicole C. SpectorMr. and Mrs. Richard Y. StevensMr. Gabriel M. Szulik and Mrs. Orit Ramler in honor of Don Berger's vision and leadershipMr. and Mrs. Daniel J. TamburroDr. James M. Thomas and Dr. Melissa E. DeRosierMr. and Mrs. James C. ThorntonMr. and Mrs. Mindaugas TiminskasDr. Igor Touzov and Mrs. Tatyana P. TouzovaMr. and Mrs. William E. Trent III in honor of all grandparentsMr. and Mrs. Cedric TuckerMr. and Mrs. William A. VeltoMr. and Mrs. William J. WagnerMr. and Mrs. Michael S. WhitcherMr. and Mrs. David WilsonMrs. Shirley Yeaney in honor of Colin J. YeaneyDr. Pavan K. Yerramsetty and Dr. Sujana SamalaDr. Margaret ZahnMr. and Mrs. Xin ZhangDr. Christine E. Zoneand anonymous donorsFRIENDS ($99 and below)Mr. and Mrs. Todd C. AckmanMr. Jeremy N. Allen ('03) and Ms. Katherine GosneyMs. Karen AppersonMr. and Mrs. William BarrusDr. Georgiy V. Bobashev and Mrs. Anna Y. BobashevaMr. and Mrs. Stephen M. BraunMr. and Mrs. Michael T. BrownMr. and Mrs. Christopher J. ButlerMr. and Mrs. Joseph M. CalderMr. and Mrs. Carl M. CoeMr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Coley, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. John DalboMr. and Ms. Michael J. DalboMr. and Ms. Colin S. deSouzaMs. Christina M. Dodwell ('06)Mr. and Mrs. Brian I. EderMr. and Mrs. Donald L. Fowler, Jr.Ms. Miriam BarkerMr. and Mrs. John P. GoodsonMr. and Mrs. Brian M. GorayMs. Glenna M. GriffinMr. and Ms. Galen R. HatfieldMr. and Mrs. Roger W. HerrmanMr. and Mrs. Joseph O. Hines, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. JenkensMr. and Mrs. Robert Jennings in honor of Emily GrimmDr. Robert B. Johnson and Dr. Melissa JohnsonMr. and Mrs. Randall G. JonesMr. Kurt G. Kaliebe and Ms. Suzanne P. DavisMr. Philip Kaufman and Ms. Cynthia I. SpiegelMr. and Mrs. John S. Kleine13

Mr. and Mrs. Robert KurzawaMr. and Mrs. Frank B. LayneMr. and Mrs. T. C. LeeMr. Leonard A. Leggard and Dr. Monica D. Barnes-DurityMr. and Mrs. Hoyle L. LinkerMr. Jim Liu and Ms. Lucy Y. ZhongMr. and Mrs. Gregory K. MayMr. and Mrs. William H. MayMr. Troy G. Morin and Dr. Leigh A. AndersonNetwork for GoodDr. Tom Parker and Ms. Mary C. MattocksMs. Donna S. ParrishMs. Jeri C. PedersonMr. Robert J. PedersonMrs. Teresa K. Porter ('02)Mr. and Mrs. Manjula D. PremasingheMr. and Mrs. Gene Preuss in honor of Alyssa A. HalfertyMr. Yiying Qiao and Mrs. Yunling ChenMs. Kathleen A. RileyMr. and Mrs. Kevin D. RokuskieMr. and Mrs. Samuel F. RossaMr. Kevin Rowsey and Dr. Pamela J. RowseyMr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. SarnoffMrs. and Mr. Sumitra SinghMs. Marianita StevansMs. Charity A. StruthersMr. Robert E. Wilson and Ms. Sajida N. SyedMr. Xiaorong Tai and Ms. Yin TangMs. Susan P. TombesMr. and Mrs. Charles D. Van de ZandeDr. Orlin D. Velev and Dr. Anka N. VelevaMr. and Mrs. Robert J. VinicombeMr. and Mrs. Troy K. WeaverMs. Lisa E. WeberMs. Belinda B. Zayasand anonymous donors14

EMPLOYEE DONORS TO THE CA FUNDJuly 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012Thank you to all our dedicated employees who not only give oftheir time and talents to our students and school but also financially.Your all-around support and dedication is greatly appreciated.Mrs. Tammy AdeMs. Katy Allen in memory of my parents, Barbara and Warren FlowerMrs. Wendy AndrewsMrs. Shani Barrax MooreMs. Dawn BatesMr. Donald S. BergerMrs. Melinda J. BissettMs. Belinda BlackwoodMrs. Susan BonseyMrs. Melanie BryantMrs. Wendy BurgbacherMrs. Kara CaccuittoMs. Jackie CarterMs. Kim CherreMr. Andrew ChiaraviglioMr. Shannon ClarkMrs. Heather ClarksonMrs. Kelly CotronisMrs. Cheryl CotterMr. Robert CovenMs. Bonnie DodwellMrs. Ellen H. DoyleMrs. Stephanie DunganMs. Robin K. EdelsteinMr. Toye EskridgeMrs. Susan H. FerraroMrs. Kim FoglemanMr. Robin N. FolletMrs. Lynne FountainMr. Jason FranklinMr. Jess GarciaMrs. Nancy GardnerMs. Chris GilmoreMrs. Marita GonsalvesMs. Ellen GoodingMrs. Denise GoodmanMs. Martina GreeneMr. Matt GreenwolfeMr. Eric GrushMr. Conrad HallMr. Rick HarrisMr. Michael HayesMr. Eric HimburgMrs. Pamela HoffmanMrs. Jacquie HolcombeMrs. Marti Q. JenkinsMs. Kim Jones15

Mr. Kevin JonesMr. Simon KingMs. Ma Li KwongMrs. Margit LanzeMrs. Cindy LaughlinMrs. Ming-An LeeMrs. Nuria Lopez TardonMrs. Tanya LucasMrs. Longzhi LundMs. Heidi MaloyMr. Dmitry ManakhovMr. Ignacio ManriqueMrs. Patricia W. MartinMr. Glen MatthewsMr. David McAllisterMs. Dorrys A. McArdleMrs. Allison McCoppinMr. Michael McElreathMrs. Danielle M. McGrathMr. Mitchell McGuiganMrs. BJ McLambMs. Debbie McLaurinMr. Vincent McMillanMs. Sara W. MizelleMr. Eric MooreMrs. Katie MooreMrs. Kristen MorrisonMrs. Shannon MurphyMrs. Donna N. EasonMr. John NolandMr. Bob OswaldMs. Cecilia PaganiMs. Kay P. ParksMr. Richard PellicciottaMr. Roy PetersonMr. Ray PopeMs. Teresa PorterMr. Yiying QiaoMr. Victor QuesadaMrs. Shelia RademacherMr. Michael RaskevitzMrs. Deborah ReichelMs. Kathy RileyMr. Matthew Ripley-MoffittMr. Anthony RiskoMr. Barry RochelleMs. Judy RodockerMrs. Marcia RogatMr. Kevin D. RokuskieMr. Aaron RothrockMrs. Jennifer RotoloMr. Gray RushinMrs. Yadiner SabirMr. Palmer SeeleyMrs. Laura Sellers16

Mrs. Madhavi ShankarlingMs Kimberly ShawMs. MaryBeth ShortMs. Margo SmithMrs. Elizabeth SmithMr. David SnivelyMrs. Marie SpellMs. Meredith StewartDr. Joselyn J. ToddMr. Peter ToddMs. Susan P. TombesMrs. Leya Tseng JonesMrs. Amy TurnerMr. German UriosteMr. Bill VeltoMrs. Linda VeltoMr. Robert J. VinicombeMrs. Sarah WaldenMrs. Darshana B. WaniMrs. Betsy Ward-HutchinsonMrs. Rebecca WatkinsMr. Troy K. WeaverMr. Jim WelchMrs. Kristin WetterlingMs. Briarly WhiteMrs. Leslie WilliamsMrs. Sylvia WinchesterMrs. Carol A. Winslett17

SENIOR CLASS ENDOWMENT FUNDTHE CLASS OF 2012July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012Thank you to the following donors who honored their graduating seniorwith a gift to their Class of 2012 Endowment Fund. These gifts will help createlegacies that will grow and remain intact for years to come.Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery J. AidaMr. and Mrs. Haywood A. Allen, Jr.Ms. Karen A. AppersonBank of AmericaMr. and Mrs. William BarrusDr. and Mrs. Georgiy V. BobashevMrs. Kimberly BrunsonMr. and Mrs. Joseph M. CalderDr. and Mrs. Remy R. CoeytauxMr. and Mrs. James M. DanielsMr. James N. Duncan and Ms. Dianne M. SaundersMr. and Mrs. Louis D. DworskyMr. Cedric L. Early, Jr. and Ms. Eleanor JohnsonMr. and Mrs. Brian I. EderMr. and Mrs. Robert S. EubanksMr. and Mrs. Tony W. FisherDr. Cristina GillandersMr. and Mrs. John P. GoodsonDr. Gary M. Gordon and Dr. Kathleen GordonMr. and Mrs. Piyush C. GosraniDr. Mark L. Graham and Dr. Laneta DorflingerDr. and Mrs. Jonathan S. GreenMr. Bruce A. Hamilton and Ms. Jennifer WeissMr. and Ms. Stephen J. HodgdonMs. Jeanne C. HoltMr. and Mrs. Arthur M. IngallsMr. and Mrs. David R. JenkinsDr. and Mrs. Andrew S. KennedyDr. Glenn Kleiman and Dr. Elizabeth MillerMr. and Mrs. Bruce W. KnottMr. and Mrs. John M. LarusDr. Keith P. Mankin and Dr. Julia R. FieldingMr. and Mrs. Matthew P. McGuireMr. and Mrs. Thomas F. McKayMr. and Mrs. Jeffery F. MooreDr. Robert W. Oberfelder and Dr. Cynthia CaskeyMr. and Mrs. Tae W. ParkMr. and Mrs. Russell D. ParksMs. Jeri C. PedersonMr. Robert J. PedersonMr. and Mrs. Walter B. PowellMr. and Mrs. Rajesh RaoMr. and Mrs. Samuel F. RavenelDr. and Mrs. Ludo J. Reynders18

RESTRICTED GIVINGJuly 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012Thank you to the following donors who made gifts to the school for specific programs andinitiatives. Many of these gifts support funds such as our general Scholarship Fund,the Johnnetta Overton Memorial Scholarship and the Stephanie Bauman Scholarship,the Susan Staggers College Fund, Speech and Debate, Math and Science Teams andAthletic programs such as baseball and tennis as well as other enhancementsaround campus.Ms. Karen AppersonDr. Bryan E. Aupperle and Mrs. Carol E. AupperleDr. Jay H. BaumanMr. Robert BodmerMr. and Mrs. Joseph M. CalderCapstratMr. and Mrs. David DavisDogwood IFTMr. and Mrs. Tony W. FisherGlaxoSmithKlineDr. Mark L. Graham II and Dr. Laneta J. DorflingerDr. Paul Greenblatt and Mrs. Eileen Kelly- GreenblattMr. and Mrs. Stephen HodgdonMr. Gary D. HoltMr. and Mrs. Arthur M. IngallsMr. and Ms. Brian R. KurtzerMr. and Mrs. Frank B. LayneDr. Peter H. Lee and Dr. Laura K. Hardin-LeeMr. and Mrs. Edward H. LewisMs. Heidi MaloyMr. Mark A. Marshall and Mrs. Kathy M. Hudson-MarshallMr. and Ms. Jeffrey W. MilesMr. and Mrs. John S. Miller IVMr. and Mrs. Keith J. OwensMr. and Mrs. James W. PendergastMr. and Mrs. David L. RamgerMr. and Mrs. James ReynoldsSASMr. and Mrs. Matthew J. SzulikMr. and Ms. Howard J. UdellMr. and Mrs. George G. WilsonDr. XueFeng Yang and Mrs. Xiaohang Lois Zhu21

THE CHARGER CLUBJuly 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012Thank you to all our donors to our athletic booster club,The Charger Club during 2011-12. Through your support, athleticsat Cary Academy continues to grow and flourish.Dr. Alan L. Aarons and Dr. Maureen L. AaronsMr. and Mrs. Haywood A. Allen, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. AndrejkoMs. Karen AppersonMr. Elbert L. Avery and Dr. Katrina H. AveryMr. and Mrs. Keith S. BellMr. and Mrs. Brian K. BransonMr. and Ms. Brodt BraswellMr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Bright, Sr.Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. BrooksMr. and Mrs. Michael S. CarltonMr. and Mrs. Michael E. CrowMr. and Mrs. James M. DanielsMr. and Mrs. Brian J. DudashMr. and Mrs. James B. Duke IIMr. and Mrs. Brian I. EderDr. and Mrs. Charles F. Eisenbeis IIMr. and Mrs. Robert S. EubanksGlaxoSmithKlineDr. and Mrs. Jonathan S. GreenMr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. HammerMr. and Mrs. Jacob A. Hartsfield IVMr. and Mrs. Joseph O. Hines, Jr.Ms. Cheryl N. HunterMr. David T. Hutzenbuhler and Dr. Angela N. HutzenbuhlerMr. and Mrs. Arthur M. IngallsDr. Mark Johnson and Ms. Choy ManMr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. KenneyMr. and Mrs. William C. Lawrence IIIMr. Hojae Lee and Mrs. Jihyun MaMr. and Ms. Steven J. LeeDr. Mark F. Lefebvre and Dr. Elizabeth E. CampbellDr. Victor Lerch and Ms. Susan J. MarshallDr. and Mrs. P.K. LimMr. Daniel T. Mangelsdorf and Dr. Heidi C. MangelsdorfMr. and Mrs. Michael T. MarshallMr. and Mrs. William H. MayDr. Edward L. Maydew and Dr. Noemi M. MaydewMs. Dorrys A. McArdleMr. and Mrs. Charles F. McDarrisMr. and Mrs. Christopher P. McGrathMr. and Mrs. Mitchell McGuiganMr. and Ms. Jeffrey W. MilesMr. John Mitten and Dr. Sheri MittenMr. and Mrs. Matthew E. MyerDr. and Mrs. Robert L. Niles Jr.22

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen NorfleetMr. and Mrs. John M. OvertonMr. and Mrs. Russell D. ParksDr. Matthew R. Plymyer and Ms. Susan HaberbergerMr. and Mrs. Victor PowellMr. and Mrs. David L. RamgerMr. and Mrs. Daniel H. RansdellMr. and Mrs. Edward D. RosenMr. and Mrs. Courtney D. SandersMr. and Mrs. Matthew W. SawchakMr. and Mrs. James A. ShermanDr. and Mrs. Walter V. SmithMr. and Ms. David M. SotolongoMr. and Mrs. Gregory W. StaffordMr. and Mrs. James L. StuartMr. and Mrs. Samuel J. SuggMr. and Mrs. Kerry SwankMr. and Mrs. Daniel J. TamburroDr. and Mrs. Jerry H. ter AvestMr. Bill E. Wilson and Ms. Carol TealMr. and Mrs. Gerald Yeaney23

LIBRARY DONATIONSJuly 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012Thank you to all our library donors listed below. Your generosity through theBarnes & Noble Book Fair, Grandparents' Day and miscellaneous gift-in-kinddoantions are greatly appreciated by our entire community, who have thepleasure of enjoying the Cary Academy library.Ms. Darla AlgoodMr. and Mrs. Gaylon AmbroseMr. Dale Anderson and Ms. Amy LamphierMr. and Mrs. Charles AstrikeMr. and Mrs. John AultDr. Ray Beatty and Dr. Joyce BeattyMr. and Mrs. Henry BergdoltMr. and Mrs. Donald BergerMr. and Mrs. Joseph M. CalderMr. and Mrs. Clair CarneyDr. and Mrs. George D. CaseMrs. Amy CaseyDr. and Mrs. Jack CherinMr. and Mrs. Wayne ChristiansenMr. and Mrs. Richard CinomanMr. Robert Clottu and Mrs. Jeannette W. ClottuMr. and Mrs. R.E. Cobb, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Russell E. CobbDr. Joseph B. Cornett and Dr. Cynthia M. GreggMs. Caroline CovenMr. and Mrs. David A. CreeMr. David C. Cree and Mrs. Darlene Long-CreeMs. Aida DeJesusMr. and Mrs. Simon deSouzaMr. Daniel Dolan and Mrs. Mari MuriMr. and Dr. Paul P. DubianskyDr. and Mrs. Michael P. DudekMr. Francis X. Dunleavy, Jr. and Ms. Malinda L. PetersMrs. Mary F. EddyDr. and Mrs. Charles F. Eisenbeis IIMr. Martin Ferris and Mrs. Marcia FerrisMr. and Mrs. Gary T. FischbeinMrs. Enid FuhrmanMs. Garnet GibbonMrs. Joanna GibbsMr. and Mrs. Galo GonzalezDr. and Mrs. Jonathan S. GreenMr. and Mrs. Edward S. HamiltonMr. and Mrs. Jim HammMr. and Mrs. William A. Harman IIIMr. and Mrs. Dick HatfieldMr. and Mrs. Ivor A. HendryMr. and Mrs. Bob HillsgroveMr. and Mrs. Joseph O. Hines, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Keith Hoile24

Mr. and Mrs. Bryon HollinsheadMr. and Mrs. John Howard, Sr.Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. HuffMr. and Mrs. Wofford Humphries IIIMr. and Mrs. Andrew W. HuntMr. and Mrs. Rory M. IngramDr. and Ms. Barry A. JonesMr. and Mrs. Bill JonesMrs. Dorothy JonesMr. and Mrs. Charles KaufmanMr. Philip Kaufman and Ms. Cynthia I. SpiegelMr. and Mrs. John KeaganMr. and Mrs. Jim KeistlerMr. and Mrs. Stuart KennedyMr. and Mrs. Paul KernMrs. Helene KettnerMr. and Mrs. Ken KnightMr. Merle KoppenhaferMr. and Mrs. Robert KurzawaMr. and Mrs. Bob LamphierMs. Judith LarsonDr. Peter H. Lee and Dr. Laura K. Hardin-LeeMr. and Mrs. Richard LewisMr. and Mrs. Douglas LipsonMr. and Mrs. Richard LopezMr. and Mrs. Joseph MalinskyMr. Daniel T. Mangelsdorf and Dr. Heidi C. MangelsdorfDr. Keith P. Mankin and Dr. Julia R. FieldingMr. and Mrs. Wayne MartinMr. and Mrs. Gene MatsuoMrs. Shirley Mazza-DeweyMr. and Mrs. Raymond MooreMr. and Mrs. Robert E. MooreMr. and Mrs. Tingley MooreMr. and Mrs. Dewey M. MorrisDr. Robert W. Oberfelder and Dr. Cynthia CaskeyMr. and Mrs. Michael O'ConnorMr. and Mrs. Pat O'QuinnMr. Roger P. OwensMr. and Mrs. Victor PowellMr. Benjamin C. RamgerMr. and Mrs. David L. RamgerMr. and Mrs. Robert C. RamgerMr. and Mrs. Paul ReillyMr. and Mrs. Kip RushinMr. and Mrs. Stephen ScaturroMr. and Mrs. Glenn SchleicherMr. and Mrs.Horst SchleicherMrs. Marlene SiegalMr. Gregory L. Sigmon and Dr. Betsy T. SigmonMr. Donald Smith and Ms. Linda Archer-SmithMr. and Mrs. Joseph A. SmithMr. and Mrs. Joel SmithMr. and Mrs. Donald SnodgrassMrs. Joan Spiegel25

Mr. and Mrs. Harry StephensonMrs. Margaret StovicMr. and Mrs. John StranahanMrs. Helene TamburroDr. and Mrs. H. M. ToddMr. and Ms. Howard J. UdellMs. Grace W. UengMr. and Mrs. Carlos M. WebbMr. and Mrs. George G. WilsonMr. and Mrs. Gregory T. WolfMrs. Shirley YeaneyMr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Zone26

PTAA AuctionCrystal Celebration | Celebrating 15 Years of CommunityThank you to the following organizations and individuals for their generosityof donating the wide array of items for bid at the annual Auction.This is the PTAA's major fundraising initiative to fund their annualoperating budget. Your support is greatly appreciated.411 West42nd Street Oyster Bar & Seafood Grill93.9Kiss FMAlexander Family YMCAAndrew Kratz - Triangle Rock ClubBATTLESHIP NORTH CAROLINABella MiaBlue Sky PilatesBonefish GrillBrenna Brose - Lia Sophia JewelryBrian and Lisa MathisBritt FarmsBruce Myers - Biaggi's Restorante ItalianoBuffaloe Bowling LanesCameron Moore Tennis ProfessionalCari Long PhotographyCary Academy PTAA Auction CommitteeCary Skin CenterCentrex Properties IncCharles and Dori McDarrisCharles and Sue RicorrCharlie and Wendy MooreChris and Traci Glass - Whimsical CookiesCynthia M. Gregg, Plastic SurgeonWet N' Wild Emerald Pointe Water ParkDaniel and Elaine TaylorDouglas and DeAnnah BakerEduardo LapetinaElvira Chiritescu - New Age Dermatology CenterEvan Pike PhotographyExcellaseFearrington HouseFitness TogetherFive Guys North HillsFresh MarketGame Truck TriangleGary and Carole Fischbein - Pepsi Bottling VenturesGet Amped FitnessGlasshalfull27

GravyGreg and Lisa GeyerGregory and Paula StaffordHair Color ExpertsHeidi Mangelsdorf - Cary Dermatology Center, P.A.Henry's GelatoHoward and Monica UdellIvor and Patricia HendryJames Godwin and Elizabeth CampbellJamie and Lisa DukeJayant Khadilkar and Manjushree KarkareJeff PolishJilliian Zausmer-GoldbergJulie Monica - Bella MonicaKarieAllsKelly Lyman - Panera BreadKris Weiss - Ray Price Harley DavidsonLady Lynn's BoutiqueLaura Eischen - Koka Booth AmphitheatreLeone HimzmanLeonidas and Lisa CapetanosLinda Barmann - O2 FitnessLionel Vatinet - LaFarm BakeryLocals SeafoodMaggiano's Little ItalyMajor PanesMandi Peak - Rocky Top Hospitality RestaurantsMargaret Harrison - Lucky 32 RestaurantMarie Maguire - Whole Fods Market in CaryMark Hewitt - W.M. Hewitt PotteryMatthew Plymyer and Susan HaberbergerMellow MushroomMichael RaskevitzMindaugas and Barbara TiminskasMitch and Mary McGuiganMoe's Southwest GrillMy Friend Teresa PhotographyNC SymphonyNew Bern HiltonNY PizzaOld Peak FinanceOrganic ValleyPartStock ComputerPeter and Sharon Galluzzo - Home Video StudioPreston Dental Center, Drs. Mayes and MayesPure Body Fitness StudioReginald and Amanda GriffinReid Brogden - Gurley, Hall, Ritter & Brogden OrthodonticsRey's RestaurantRobert and Kristen Greczyn28

Robert and Lisa GlossonRodney Byrd and Andrea Owens-ByrdRoger and Caroline MorganScout and Molly'sSip...A Wine StoreSitti Authentic LebaneseSix Forks CinemaSouthern Studio Interior DesignSpariansSpencer and Kim MeymandiSteven and Debora O'Neill - Yesterday ProductionsSusan LaMantia Eudomon StudiosThe Preppy PossumThe Produce BoxThe Umstead Hotel & SpaThomas and Suzanne BrightTimothy and Joanne RohdeTotal Wine & MoreTournament PromotionsTown and Country Animal Care CenterTyler Graybeal - Southern Outdoor RestorationWhite DahliaWhite Tiger TaekwondoWilliam and Claire BarrusWilliam and Linda VeltoWQDR 94.7 fmYogen Fruz29

SCHOLARS' GOLF CLASSICJuly 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012We extend our appreciation to the following organizations and individualswho helped make our 2012 Scholars' Golf Clasic a success Thank youfor your support of our ongoing effort to increase our Scholarship Fund.CORPORATE SPONSORSAllied Fire Protection, Inc.Aon Risk ServicesAtlantic Tire & ServiceBaker Roofing CompanyBarnhill Contracting CompanyBlue Cross and Blue Shield of North CarolinaBonitz Flooring GroupBRADY ServicesBrady TraneBrodie ContractorsBrown Architecture, Inc.Bryant-Durham Electric Co., Inc.Building Services GroupCapital AssociatesCapitol Broadcasting Company, Inc.CAPTRUST Financial AdvisorsCarolina HurricanesCary Car CareCharlotte Paint Co.RATIO ArchitectsChick-fil-AClassic GraphicsDanisDAVIS KANE ARCHITECTS, P.A.Economy Exterminators, Inc.Embassy Suites CaryFirst Citizens BankThe University of North CarolinaGeorge Finch/Boney & Associates, P.Hendrick Cary Auto MallJohn Deere Lawn and Grounds Care DivisionJohn J. Kirlin, LLCKilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLPtw telecomSmith Anderson LawLangdon & McKenzie, Inc.lenovoMcGuireWoods, LLPSASMcNeely AssociatesNufab National Rebar Inc.PBM Graphics, Inc.Pinnacle Masonry, Inc.Precision Walls, Inc.Preston Development CompanyPro-Tec Finishes30

Progress EnergyR.L. Ussery, Inc.RN Rouse ConstructionReady Mixed Concrete Co.Revels Turf & TractorRoyalwood Associates, Inc.SAGE Dining ServicesSears Contract, Inc.Seegars Fence Co. of Wake CountyShelco, Inc.Southeastern Paper GroupPreston Development CompanySPS CorporationSt. Moritz Building Services, Inc.Starr Electric CompanyMartin Architectural Productstw telecomWithers & RavenelThe Angus BarnGIFT-IN-KIND DONORS42nd Street Oyster Bar and Seafood GrillCafe LunaCapital City Chop HouseChapel Hill Restaurant GroupCoca Cola Bottling CompanyDaniel's RestaurantEdwards Mill Bar and GrillEmbassy Suites CaryHendrix Cary Auto MallLeBleu Five Gallon of RaleighLong BeverageMoe's Southwest GrillNeo-China RestaurantPrestonwood Country ClubRuth's Chris SteakhouseSecond Empire Restaurant & TavernSyscoTobacco Road Sports Cafe31

GIFT-IN-KIND DONATIONS(Scholars' Golf Classic and Library listed separately)July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012Thank you to the following donors for their gift-in-kind donationsto the school. We appreciate your support.Mrs. Jill A. BrownMr. Jess GarciaPapa John'sPrestonwood Country ClubMr. and Mrs. Jonathan ResslerSASSip...a wine storeSyscoThe Umstead Hotel and SpaTriangle Dinner32

CHARGER BUCKS PARTICIPANTS(Great Lakes Scrip Program)July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012Thank you to the listed participants in our Great Lakes Scrip Program,appropriately named Charger Bucks. All proceeds raised from thisongoing initiative go directly into The Cary Academy Fund to help withour operating budget. Thank you for your support.Mr. and Mrs. Deepak M. AdvaniMr. and Mrs. Andrew C. AllenMs. Katy AllenDr. Bryan E. Aupperle and Mrs. Carol E. AupperleMr. and Mrs. William BarrusMr. and Mrs. Donald BergerMr. and Mrs. Mathias BishopMs. Belinda BlackwoodMr. Jo-Jo Koo and Mrs. Wendy BurgbacherMr. and Mrs. Michael S. CarltonMr. Peter J. Chronowic and Mrs. Karen L. CarlisleMr. and Mrs. William M. CotterMr. and Mrs. Michael E. CrowMr. and Ms. Colin S. deSouzaMr. and Dr. Paul P. DubianskyMr. Francis X. Dunleavy, Jr. and Ms. Malinda L. PetersMr. and Mrs. Brian I. EderMr. and Mrs. Frank O. Fitzgerald IIIMs. Christine GilmoreMr. Philip Kaufman and Ms. Cynthia I. SpiegelMr. Jayant S. Khadilkar and Ms. Manjushree R. KarkareMr. and Mrs. William King IVMr. and Mrs. Bruce W. KnottMr. Kenneth S. Latta and Dr. Karen S. PopovichMr. and Mrs. Michael T. MarshallMs. Dorrys A. McArdleMr. and Mrs. Spencer S. MeymandiMr. Andre Moore and Mrs. Shani Barrax MooreMr. and Mrs. Vincent T. MorgusMr. and Mrs. Dewey M. MorrisMr. and Mrs. Russell D. ParksMr. and Mrs. Roderick D. ParrishMr. Joe Miller and Ms. Judy RodockerMr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Russell IIIDr. Jared E. Spector and Dr. Nicole C. SpectorMr. and Mrs. Robert F. Spivey, Jr.Ms. Christi StanforthMr. Peter Todd and Mrs. Jean Hartford-ToddMr. and Mrs. William A. VeltoMr. Theodore Waechter, Jr. and\ Ms. MaryAnne GucciardiMr. and Mrs. Henry E. WinslettMr. and Mrs. Gerald Yeaney33

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