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ACG Parnell INSIDE COVER.indd - The Academic Colleges Group

ACG Parnell INSIDE COVER.indd - The Academic Colleges Group


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SENIOR, MIDDLE and PRIMARY SCHOOLBright Minds Bright FutureA C G P A R N E L L C O L L E G E P R O S P E C T U Swww.acgedu.com

The PERSONALISATION of EDUCATIONWhat does the individual want to achieve - educationally or in life?How can we, as a key part of the learning team, help to make a genuine difference to the life of each of our students?What is the best use of time, both within and outside the school environment, to help students achievetheir dreams, goals and ambitions?www.acgedu.com

ACG VALUES and HISTORYACG Parnell College offers a learning environment that helpsstudents enjoy their studies and inspires them to be lifelonglearners. A dedicated group of professional educators iscommitted to creating a school that focuses clearly on thelearning needs of its students.The importance of team work, developing a love oflearning, the absolute worth of the individual and activeencouragement of the pursuits of excellence andachievement are held in the highest regard.We approach education at a special level where the primaryfocus is on the needs of the individual student. We askquestions that build around the individual. We personalisethe learning experience by tailoring programmes to meeteach student’s individual needs and which reflect their abilityand prior learning.At ACG Parnell College, our student-focused approach toeducation has shaped and defined the core values that arecentral to the College.These are:• A unique learning environment that helps students enjoytheir studies and inspires them to be lifelong learners• The individual is valued and his/her accomplishments arecelebrated• Specialist teaching in every subject throughout the College• Active encouragement of the pursuit of personalexcellence and achievement• A highly-qualified, experienced, caring and motivated groupof selected teachers who are committed to bringing out thebest in each student• Innovative and creative programmes designed toencourage students to think both creatively and critically• A personal tutor/mentor system.Our HistoryACG Parnell College (formerly ACG Junior College), openedin 1998 as one of the first independent Years 7 to 10 middleschools in the country. Following the successes of ACGSenior College and ACG New Zealand International College,which both opened in 1995, the impetus was provided for thefounding of a specialist school for a younger age group.The Academic Colleges Group (ACG) has an ever-growingrecord of performance to back its initial vision. Co-Founders,John Graham CBE MA DipTchg and Dawn Jones OBE MADipEd DipTchg, are both well-known and highly respectededucators.Their vision for the new colleges was shaped by their pastexperience as the principals of two of New Zealand’s bestknownand most successful schools.Both were accustomed to the concept of educationalexcellence but their vision was to create a unique placeof learning - one that was fashioned on the very best ofinternational models but with a distinctly New Zealandflavour. It was to be schools that would provide individualswith the knowledge, skills and focus needed to preparethem for future success at tertiary levels.In 2001, ACG Strathallan was established in Karaka, southof Auckland. This superb facility provides world-classeducation through the Strathallan Infant Preschool Centre(for infants and children from the age of three months to twoyears), Strathallan Preschool (ages two to five), StrathallanSchool (Years 1 to 6) and Strathallan College (Years 7 to 13).Modern architecture, high quality teaching, combined witha stunning and spacious natural setting on the picturesqueHingaia Peninsula, make the campus a unique andstimulating learning environment.ACG International Schools were opened in Jakarta in 2005and in Ho Chi Minh in 2007 with a vision to provide similaropportunities for families to experience the ACG educationalvalues from Kindergarten to Year 13.ACG is part of a worldwide network of schools thatare connected to the University of Cambridge and theInternational Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) throughtheir curriculum and assessment programmes. ACGhas affiliations with the University of Auckland and AUTUniversity through its foundation studies programmes.ACG is also engaged in international consulting, includingprojects in Vietnam, Oman and China.As opportunities present themselves, we shall seek to addnew programmes and campuses, both in New Zealandand overseas, in order to meet the challenges of an everchangingand discerning educational market.ACG VALUES AND HISTORYWe would like to thank our parents andteachers who have given us the opportunityto experience a unique and challengingeducation in an environment where excellenceand creativity are the expectations.Anja & Thomas (ACG Parnell College students)


ACG PARNELL COLLEGE: Years 7 to 13ACG Parnell College is sited in Parnell/Newmarket, a short distancefrom the centre of the city. It is easily accessible from most areasof metropolitan Auckland. The College campus lies adjacent toone of the city’s finest open spaces, the Auckland Domain. Centralto the Domain is the world-renowned War Memorial Museum,which houses an outstanding display of Maori and Polynesian artand culture, as well as a wide range of other treasures. This finefacility and the Parnell Community Library provide students withunparalled resources just a short walk away. Sports facilities,such as the Newmarket Olympic Pools and Fitness Centre and theParnell Tennis Club, are also close at hand.ACG Parnell College is co-educational and its programmes arebroad-based to ensure that students develop diverse skills thatwill enable them to take a range of subjects at senior levels.Learning at ACG Parnell College is characterised by enjoyment anddiscovery. A clear focus on academic work teaches students thatnothing of value is achieved without energy, commitment and effort.Class periods at ACG Parnell College are longer than mostsecondary schools and run for 70 to 85 minutes. We believe thatsuch lessons allow students and teachers to delve into ideas andissues in a concentrated and unhurried way.The teaching method ensures individual attention from teachers inthe classroom as well as the opportunity for all to participate fullyin interactive class work, such as discussions and team debates.All students are challenged to set goals for themselves. These arerecorded and both teachers and tutors work with studentsto evaluate achievements and set new goals.Discovery and independent learning beyond the classroomare supported through our exciting online learning system -Blackboard. Unique and specific course and subject resourcessupport the development of each of our students while beingmonitored by our staff and allowing for parent access andoversight.The inclusion of a comprehensive Thinking Skills Programmeacross all subjects enables students to develop critical andcreative minds and deeper understanding so that they are wellprepared for the demands of their learning both in the College andbeyond. Extension activities are in place in each curriculum areato challenge, accelerate and enrich able students.A strong focus on literacy and numeracy is a feature of theCollege. Thus, English and Mathematics receive special emphasisat all Year levels. Information Technology is used extensively inall curriculum areas and specific skills are covered in ICT Skillsclasses in Years 7 and 8.The importance of learning a second language and the valuegained from the intellectual discipline involved are recognised asan important part of the curriculum. Spanish is associated withnew opportunities in South America as well as in Europe and theUSA, and Chinese is a key language for New Zealand’s future.Spanish is taught to all students in Years 5 and 6, and bothSpanish and Chinese Mandarin are taught to all students inYear 7. Students may choose either of these languages to studyat Years 8, 9 and 10, and these languages become part of thesubject options available for students in Years 11 to 13.Music, Art and Drama provide each student with a livelyperforming arts programme both in class and in extracurricularactivities. A band programme is in place for allYears and includes orchestra, jazz, stage and rock bands.The College also recognizes the importance of sport andoutdoor education and makes full use of the Domain andother excellent facilities nearby. A wide range of team sportsis offered, including basketball, cricket, cross-country,waterpolo, soccer, netball and tennis.University of Cambridge International ExaminationsACG Parnell College offers the Cambridge InternationalExaminations (CIE) in Years 11 to 13. Preparatory work isincorporated for the IGCSE (International General Certificateof Secondary Education) into Year 10 programmes andstudents may sit IGCSE papers in Mathematics and Science.University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)is one of the world’s leading providers of internationalassessments. CIE is part of the University of Cambridge LocalExaminations Syndicate (UCLES) which is a department of theworld renowned University of Cambridge.CIE was formally established in 1998 to provide high quality,leading edge qualifications that meet the ongoing demands ofeducators and employers the world over. Today, CIE providesinternational courses, examinations and qualifications toover 170 different countries. In New Zealand, over 40 schoolsare members of the Association of Cambridge Schools inNew Zealand. In recent years, all four local ACG Collegeswere awarded recognition as Top Cambridge Centres in NewZealand.Why CIE?• Flexibility: Students may choose the level of their studyto suit their ability• Rigour: Demanding courses that stretch able students• International Benchmarking: International qualifications thatbenchmark students’ results against the best in the world• Portability: CIE qualifications are accepted and recognisedby universities, education providers and employers acrossthe globe.For more information about CIE, please visit our website.COLLEGE: YEARS 7 TO 13


PRIMARY SCHOOL: Years 1 to 6Years 1 to 6 at ACG Parnell College focus on English andLanguage Skills (speaking, reading and writing) andNumeracy Skills. This focus is underwritten by social andco-operative skills and technologies for learning (ICT orinformation and communications technology). There isa strong emphasis on the value of academic work whileattitudes and values that are deemed important are alsoaffirmed.In keeping with our philosophies, emphasis is placed onproviding a curriculum and learning environment thatactively encourages students to reach their potential.Individual attention is maximized in each classroom.The School offers a level of specialist teaching rarely seenin primary education. Specialist teachers in Music, Art,Physical Education and Science allow students to enjoyexperiences that will provide an important basis for futureachievement.The curriculum is a combination of the best of British,New Zealand and Australian curricula; their resourcesand methodologies. The primary school curriculum isdriven by the University of Cambridge International PrimaryProgramme (CIPP) in Reading, Mathematics and Science.Our aim is to develop further this international curriculum byincluding elements from additional countries.The University of Cambridge International Examinationsand assessment, along with aspects of the New ZealandCurriculum Framework and resources from Australiancurricula, are the foundations for learning and assessmentwithin ACG primary schools. They are designed to suitfamilies preparing for both a local and international workingenvironment.The Curriculum Framework provides teachers with directionfor their teaching and learning programmes. It identifiesessential learning areas and skills and identifies requiredachievement aims and objectives for students.It sets assessment procedures that are closely linked to thecurriculum. It provides an emphasis in the important areasof technology and second language learning, as well asthe traditional core learning areas of English, Mathematics,Science, Social Sciences, The Arts, Health and PhysicalEducation.The Essential Learning areas are:• Language and Languages (English)• Mathematics• Science• Social Sciences• Technology• Health and Physical Education• The ArtsThe Essential Skills areas are:• Communication skills• Numeracy skills• Problem-solving skills• Social and co-operative skills• Self-management and competitive skills• Work and study skillsACG Parnell College Primary School provides an excellentbase for future development. It is a stimulating andproductive environment where the teamwork betweenteachers and students develops a positive work ethicand a love of learning.PRIMARY SCHOOL: YEARS 1 TO 6Our son has thoroughly enjoyed his first yearat ACG Parnell College. The combinationExcellent of enthusiastic teaching students, is at the supportive heart of high teachersquality and challenging learning. Students learning should programmes be motivated hasby given teachers him who the motivation love their subject, to succeed. are highlyskilled in communicating their knowledge,enjoy Paul (ACG what Parnell they are College doing parent) and gain immensepleasure from working with young people.Schools should have a sense of purposefulindustry along with the excitement thatemanates from new experiences. They shouldbe places where individuals feel valued and


ACG PARNELL COLLEGE: International HighSchool Reception Programme (Years 7 to 13)ACG Parnell College’s Reception Programme for internationalstudents is a high school programme that combines EnglishLanguage and one or more academic subjects. It aims toprovide international students with the English languageskills required to achieve success in a full high schoolprogramme. The programme allows for a gradual integrationinto the mainstream classes as students develop theirlanguage skills.On introduction to the International Reception Programme,students take English and Mathematics. Students will alsoparticipate in a recreational activity, such as outdoor sports,swimming, tennis or soccer.Sample weekly timetable:English Language ....................................................... 20 hoursMathematics ............................................................... 5 hoursPhysical Education .................................................... 1.5 hoursThe English language course consists of 10 modules andtakes a maximum of 3 terms (approximately 30 weeks),to complete.The English language course aims to:• Provide learners with the linguistic, academic and culturalskills required to study effectively in an English-speakinghigh school education environment• Encourage students to analyse systems and structures oflanguage, syntax and grammar• Develop specific areas of vocabulary to prepare studentsfor academic subjects• Increase learners’ competency in the four skills:reading, writing, listening and speaking• Introduce students to language learning strategies whichwill enable them to become successful independentlearners and assist them in developing examinationtechniques.At the end of each term, students are tested for Englishcompetency. The level of performance in the test willdetermine how many academic subjects, in addition toMathematics, students will be able to take in the followingterm. When the required standard is achieved, students mayprogress to a full high school programme of study.Additional subjects may include one or more of the following:Years 7 to 10 - Science, Humanities, Spanish, InformationTechnology, Thinking Skills and PhysicalEducationStudents who have an English language level below therequirement and/or who have not been interviewed by theCollege will be tested on arrival. Following this placementtest, students may be placed in the College’s ReceptionProgramme.Minimum English entry standard for entry into a full highschool programme:Years 7 to 10 - IELTS 4.5 (a minimum of 3.0 in all bands) orrecognised equivalentYears 11 to 13 - IELTS 5.0 (a minimum of 4.0 in all bands) orrecognised equivalentA typical full high school course of study includes:Year 11 -Year 12 -Year 13 -English Language, IGCSE Mathematics andthree or four other IGCSE subjectsEnglish Language, AS Mathematics and two orthree other AS level subjectsEnglish Language and three AS level or A2 levelsubjectsGenerally, students prepare for the IGCSE examinations inYear 11, the AS Level qualification in Year 12 and the A Levelqualification in Year 13.INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMMEI would recommend ACG ParnellCollege to anyone who wantsindependence, good teacher-studentrelationships and good results.Sarah (ACG Parnell College student)

Our NEW CampusOUR NEW CAMPUSACG Parnell College has developed an outstanding independentco-educational facility in Titoki Street. A 10,000m 2building was completed in late 2006.The building includes a wide range of specialist facilities,such as a gymnasium, a large library and a cafeteria,sophisticated art, technology and computer rooms, dramaspaces, “wired” classrooms and laboratories. The ParnellCollege Café offers an early welcome to parents andstudents who wish to enjoy breakfast there together.The success of our Colleges has provided the impetusfor the development of a larger ACG school providing formore families. ACG Senior College has become a focus forexceptional educational success while ACG Parnell Collegehas provided an outstanding middle-years programme to itsstudents. The remarkable development of ACG Strathallan asan Infant Centre to Year 13 school has also encouraged ACGto establish a comprehensive Year 1 to Year 13 schoolin central Auckland.Our efforts to cater for the needs of the individual have seenus develop a range of schools for those originating fromwithin New Zealand and overseas; young people and theirfamilies who have put their trust in us to provide them witha first-class education.People who seek to achieve, who relish challenges andwho are committed to being the best they possibly can bedeserve the very best we can offer.We look forward to welcoming you to ACG Parnell College.Excellent teaching is at the heart of high quality learning. Students should bemotivated by teachers who love their subject, are highly skilled in communicatingtheir knowledge, enjoy what they are doing and gain immense pleasure from workingwith young people. Schools should have a sense of purposeful industry along withthe excitement that emanates from new experiences. They should be places whereindividuals feel valued and welcomed, and where each student feels appreciated andaccepted. At school, all students should be encouraged and challenged to do their verybest. Above all, schools should be places where learning is central to everyone.John Graham and Dawn Jones (Co-founders of ACG)

Our LOCATIONOUR LOCATIONAUCKLANDDOMAINCARLTON GORE RD01 ACG Parnell College02 Parnell Community Library03 Newmarket Olympic Pools and Fitness Centre04 Parnell Tennis Club05 Auckland MuseumMORGAN ST050101GEORGE ST03TITOKI STPARNELL RDMAUNSELL RD020 250m 500mBROADWAY04TO PARNELLCode of Practice for the PastoralCare of International StudentsCODE: ACG Parnell College hasagreed to observe and be boundby the Code of Practice for thePastoral Care of InternationalStudents published by the Ministerof Education. Copies of the Codeare available on request fromthis institution or from the NewZealand Ministry of Educationwebsite at www.minedu.govt.nz/goto/international.IMMIGRATION: “Full details ofvisa and permit requirements,advice on rights to employmentin New Zealand while studying,and reporting requirements areavailable through the New ZealandImmigration Service, and can beviewed on their website atwww.immigration.govt.nz.”ELIGIBILITY FOR HEALTHSERVICES: Most internationalstudents are not entitled topublicly funded health serviceswhile in New Zealand. If youreceive medical treatment duringyour visit, you may be liable for thefull costs of that treatment. Fulldetails on entitlements to publiclyfundedhealth services areavailable through the Ministry ofHealth, and can be viewed on theirwebsite at www.moh.govt.nz.ACCIDENT INSURANCE:The Accident CompensationCorporation provides accidentinsurance for all New Zealandcitizens, residents and temporaryvisitors to New Zealand, but youmay still be liable for all othermedical and related costs. Furtherinformation can be viewed on theACC website at www.acc.co.nz.MEDICAL AND TRAVELINSURANCE: Internationalstudents must have appropriateand current medical and travelinsurance while studying inNew Zealand.It is a requirement for allinternational students studyingwith ACG to have comprehensivemedical and travel insurancecover. Students can either havethe cover arranged by ACG orproduce evidence at the timeof application that they haveinsurance cover from anothercompany that meets the approvalof ACG.As at March 2007, every effortwas made to present accurateinformation in this publication.The College reserves the rightto change information withoutnotice where this is considerednecessary or desirable.www.acgedu.com2 Titoki Street and 39 George StreetParnell/Newmarket, AucklandPO Box 9825, Newmarket, Auckland, New ZealandTelephone: 09-308 1666. Fax: 09-308 1668Email: parnellcollege@acgedu.com

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