Solutions for the mining industry - Siemens

Solutions for the mining industry - Siemens

Water TechnologiesInnovative water technologies formaximum efficiency and profitabilitySolutions for the mining industry from one reliable

About Siemens Water TechnologiesSiemens Water Technologies is committed to ensuring uninterrupted quantityand quality of water and a more sustainable future for communities andindustries around the globe. We offer a comprehensive set of reliable solutionsfrom emergency water supply and water treatment processes, to wastewaterreuse systems — all designed to help keep your community safe and yourbusiness profitable, while helping to preserve our environment.

Deep Industry ExpertiseFor Optimal Mining PerformanceToday’s mining operations areincreasingly complex and waterintensive. In order to maintainprofitability and ensureenvironmental compliance, youneed continuous access to highquality water and the most reliableprocess for treating your wastewater.Innovative solutions from SiemensWater Technologies are designed tohelp mining companies recover andrecycle the maximum amount ofwater possible, substantially reducingoverall costs while helping to achieve100% regulatory compliance. Ourmining industry experts provideeverything from water supply andprocess water solutions to effluenttreatment, reuse and dewateringof tailings and concentrates —optimizing each step of the watertreatment and dewatering processto enhance your overall yieldand efficiency.Our comprehensive offering forthe mining industry includes:• Application and Design Engineering• Equipment Manufacturing• Project Management• Commissioning• Operator Training• ServicesThe Benefits of Working withthe Global LeaderSiemens offers multiple advantagesto the mining industry:Process KnowledgeBy understanding the variousprocesses involved in watertreatment, we can successfullyintegrate multiple technologies intoone water system for maximumoperational improvements and costsavings. We manufacture our ownbroad base of technologies for waterprocessing. And by outsourcingcertain subcomponents, we are ableto provide additional savings andlower overall costs. Siemens expertsare fully trained in all aspects ofequipment operation and will ensureyour staff is up to speed with everypart of the process, while we get yoursystem up and running.Customer Specific SolutionsAt Siemens, we don’t make yourneeds fit our solutions — wecustomize solutions to meet yourneeds. With both new and retrofitsystems, we can help solve yourmost unique water andwastewater challenges.Our experts will fully evaluate yourcircumstances, drawing on ourdiverse technology offering todetermine the optimal approach,while assisting you in meeting allstandards, regulations and corporatesustainability targets.Superior Customer ServiceFrom planning, implementation andcommissioning, to maintenance andmodernization, Siemens offers abroad range of integrated field andsupport services to help protect ourcustomers, their employees and theirinvestment. This comprehensiveapproach makes it easier to adaptto changing market conditions,enhancing your competitiveness andprofitability, while allowing you tofocus on your core competency. Andwith a full R&D laboratory supportingexisting systems and helping tominimize risk, our preventativesupport helps you identify problemsbefore they occur, improvingreliability and efficiency whilehelping to maximize uptime.See how products and services fromSiemens integrate with miningoperations, at every stage of processwater and wastewater treatment.

Maximize Efficiency at Every stage of theWater and Wastewater Treatment ProcessGroundwaterIndustrial WastewaterSurface Water21Beneficiation ProcessLeaching FloatationElectrowinning FiltrationTailings31 Water Intake• Intake Screening– Trash Rakes– Traveling Water Screens– Rex® Modified RistrophFish Handling Screens• Chlorination– Chloropac® Systems forSeawater Electrochlorination– Gas Chlorination Systems– OSEC® On-Site ElectrolyticChlorine Generation Systems2 Pretreatment• High-Rate Clarification– CoMag® Systems• Media Filtration– Vantage® Multimedia FiltrationSystems– Vantage® Carbon FiltrationSystems• Membrane Filtration– MEMCOR® Ultrafiltration Systems– Vantage® Ultrafiltration Systems– Memtek® Microfiltration Systems– Vantage® Nanofiltration Systems– Vantage® Reverse OsmosisSystems3Dewatering• Pressure Filtration– J-Press® Filter Press– MC Press® Filter Press• Clarification– J-Press® Filter Press

Remote Monitoring ServicesTreated Effluent45lingsAcid Mine DrainageConcentrate Processing4 Wastewater Treatment,Reclaim and Reuse• High-Rate Clarification Systems• Media Filtration Systems• Membrane Filtration Systems• Ion Exchange– PERMUTIT® XPS & NSNon-Regenerable Demineralizers– Vantage® Softening Systems• Electrodeionization– Ionpure® VNX ElectrodeionizationSystems• Cyanide Destruction– Chlorine Dioxide Systems• Chemical Precipitation Systems• Multi-Stage pH NeutralizationSystems• Acid Mine Drainage/SulfateRemoval Systems• Enhanced Metals Removal Systems5Ancillary Equipment and Services• Equipment and Systems– RO/UF Clean-In-Place Systems– Integrated Instrumentation andControls– Pumps– Storage Tanks• Services– Intake Inspection and Repair Dive Team– Maintenance Contracts– Metals Polishing Systems– Mobile Filtration, Demineralization andReverse Osmosis Systems– Off-Site Resin Regeneration– Process Evaluation and Optimization– Spare and Replacement Parts• Remote Monitoring– Link2Site® Monitoring andControl SystemsWhen you’re looking to solve today’sbiggest water challenges, our expertsare here to provide answers that last withproven technologies, reliablesolutions and unparalled support.Ready to extract more value fromyour mining operation?Visit

Chloropac, OSEC, CoMag, Vantage, MEMCOR,Ionpure, Memtek, Link2Site, J-Press, MC Pressand PERMUTIT are trademarks of Siemens, itssubsidiaries or affiliates in some countries.Rex is a trademark of Rexnord Corporation. Theinformation provided in this brochure containsmerely general descriptions or characteristics ofperformance which in actual case of use do notalways apply as described or which may changeas a result of further development of theproducts. An obligation to provide the respectivecharacteristics shall only exist if expressly agreedin the terms of the contract. Not all products andservices are available in all parts of the world.© 2013 Siemens Industry, Inc.Subject to change without notice.MM-Market-BR-0213Siemens Industry, Inc.4800 North Point ParkwaySuite 250Alpharetta, GA 30022+1 866.926.8420 (toll-free)+1 978.614.7111 (tel)

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