THE SITTER Production Notes - Visual Hollywood

THE SITTER Production Notes - Visual Hollywood

THE SITTER (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESPRODUCTION INFORMATIONIt's 10 p.m. Do you know where your children are?When the world's worst babysitter (Jonah Hill) takes three of the world's worst kids on anunforgettable overnight adventure through the streets of New York City, it's anyone's guess as towho is going to make it home in one piece. Jonah Hill is THE SITTER, a new level of twistedand debauched storytelling from the director of Pineapple Express.Subversive. Vulgar. Envelope-pushing. And that's just the first few minutes of the comedy THESITTER, which, after those unforgettable 200 seconds or so, proceeds to go to even moreextreme lengths of verbal scatology, plus assorted drug runs, bar fights, and episodes of grandlarceny. Its cast of characters includes a drug kingpin, his fast-talking associate, a sexuallyselfish, coke-seeking woman, a trio of really, really effed"“up kids, and a debased collegedropout who earns his rep as the babysitter from hell only minutes after arriving on the scene.Interwoven with THE SITTER's raunchy fun are quieter and gentler comedic moments thatsneak up to connect with audiences in unexpected ways. The heart, soul and titular anti-hero ofTHE SITTER is Jonah Hill, who emerged as a formidable and original comedic voice in thefilms The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up, and Superbad, and who more recently was hailedfor his dramatic performances in the acclaimed independent film Cyrus, and opposite Brad Pitt inthe critical and box-office hit Moneyball.Hill's on-screen character, Noah, is not your typical entertain-the-kids-no-matter-how-boring-itiskind of sitter. Not even close. He's reluctant to take the sitting gig; he'd rather, well, be doinganything else, especially if it involves slacking. "Noah is more of the "sit on the sofa, eat aburrito, and do-whatever-I-say-or-I'll-kill-you' type of babysitter,"• says Hill.Hill, who also serves as an executive producer on THE SITTER, worked closely with hisdirector, David Gordon Green to ensure that the film had maximum comedic and emotionalimpact. "The humor in THE SITTER is rowdy and bawdy, but it has a heart of gold at itscore,"• says Green, whose blockbuster comedy Pineapple Express, expertly merged the yin andyang of raunchiness and heart."David has a great sense of humor,"• says Hill,"• "but getting to know him, I realized that wealso shared a desire to bring some unexpected texture, details and layers to the film."•THE SITTER began life as a simple idea imagined by screenwriters Brian Gatewood andAlessandro Tanaka. "We thought it'd be fun to watch Jonah Hill, screaming and cursing at thekids he was babysitting,"• says Gatewood. "But then the challenge was, how do we make amovie around that idea,"• adds Tanaka. "We envisioned THE SITTER as more than a funnyidea or sketch; we wanted to come up with characters that have arcs, and where things fall apartand somehow must be put back together."•Along with screenwriters Gatewood and Tanaka, Hill, Green and producer Michael De Lucaworked tirelessly to flesh out the story and characters, starting with the Sitter himself. "Noah is atTM and© 2011 20th Century Fox 3

THE SITTER (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESa crossroads in his life,"• Hill explains. "He's been kicked out of school, he's dating a womanwho doesn't treat him very well, and all he wants to do is hang out on his mom's sofa and watchTV. He doesn't know what he's going to do with his life."• Adds De Luca: "Noah is stuck. He'snot moving forward with his life and he's regretting some of his past choices."•Noah's choices in the present are, unsurprisingly, extremely limited. It says a lot that Noah's bestoption is a quick babysitting stint, which he very reluctantly agrees to, and then only to help outhis mom, who's eyeing a blind date with a surgeon (set up by the parents of the kids Noah is towatch). "Noah just wants to get the babysitting gig over with, so he can go back to watching TVat his mom's place,"• Hill explains.But once Noah becomes The Sitter, there's no going back to his former life "“ whatever that was.In the comfortable suburban New York home where Noah is to be spending the eveningbabysitting, lurk three youngsters "“ his would-be charges "“ that Noah will immediately, andjustifiably, characterize as "freaks."•The eldest, Slater (Max Records), 13, is riddled with anxiety and identity issues, for which hetakes a disciplined regimen of pills. Even with the meds, Slater is poised to freak out at amoment's notice. "I loved the character's conflicted and surprisingly subtle nature,"• says Green,"and Max, who impressed me with his work in [Spike Jonze's 2009 feature film] Where the WildThings Are, brings out all of Slater's inner turmoil and dimensions."•Then there's Blithe (newcomer Landry Bender), 9, who enjoys playing dress-up" in pink palettesand slathered with her mom's makeup. Noah's first encounter with the mini-"celebutante"• isunpleasant: Blithe twice sprays him in the mouth with a bottle of floral perfume. "She'sinsane!"• says Hill of the character. "Blithe represents a segment of our culture whose entireworld revolves around partying. But, being nine years old, she has no understanding of what"partying' and celebrity culture even mean."•The casting process for Blithe was, like the character itself, non-traditional. "I wasn't sure what Iwas looking for,"• admits Green, "but I knew what I wasn't looking for. When Landry came into audition, her authenticity and charm convinced us she could make Blithe's unlikable manner,unexpectedly likable."•The terrible troika is completed by ten-year-old Rodrigo (Kevin Hernandez), a defiant andexplosion-happy mini-thug the family adopted in Mexico. Rodrigo is not happy unless he'sblowing s*it up" literally; as Noah and the kids begin their misbegotten odyssey Rodrigo's cherrybombs victimize several toilets across New York City. And his theft of a priceless item from thelair of an eccentric drug kingpin triggers an endless series of problems for the besieged Sitter.Still, the filmmakers had no problem seeing the hardened youngster's softer side. "Rodrigopretends to be a badass because he's been bounced around foster homes, and thinks his time withhis latest family will be limited. But he really wants to be a part of the family,"• says Hill. AddsGreen: "Kevin brings a lot of fun to a character marked by tension and alienation."•As the confrontations, arguments, fights, explosions, dive bar visits, and instances of grandTM and© 2011 20th Century Fox 4

THE SITTER (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESlarceny escalate, Noah finds himself actually relating to the kids. "Noah realizes each of themhas problems and issues, and he actually begins to understand and help them work through thoseissues,"• says Hill.Offers De Luca: "All the characters are working the wrong angle. They're all on the wrong pathand thinking they want what they don't need."• Together, they begin to figure things out.For now, what Noah needs to figure out is his alleged quasi-"girlfriend,"• Marisa, amanipulative, sexually self-involved woman whose request for Noah to score her some coke "“with the promise of sex to follow "“ triggers the Sitter's night to remember. We meet Marisa,portrayed by Ari Graynor (Conviction) in the film's opening moments, as she reacts to Noah'soral ministrations. ("It was an, umm, interesting scene to shoot,"• says Graynor, noting that Hilllightened things up considerably by singing a well know videogame song as the actionunfolded.) But when he requests she return the favor, Marisa declines, offering weak excuses.Marisa's selfishness is a formidable roadblock to likability but here, too, the filmmakers found asofter side to the character. "Marisa is a tough customer, and a pain in the ass, but she's alsovulnerable,"• notes Graynor. "You come to understand that her hardened attitude stems frominsecurities and a broken heart from a previous relationship."•But it's Marisa's cold, manipulative heart that enables her to ask Noah to embark upon animpossible mission: to secure some cocaine for her "“ while he's sitting three obnoxious kids.Noah's futile task results in him getting chased, punched out, and having his face plastered with asmall mountain of the white stuff. Marisa's pushers of choice are Karl, an insane but oddlysensitive drug dealer, and his sidekick Julio. Acclaimed actor Sam Rockwell (Moon) portraysKarl, and JB Smoove, best known for his work as Larry David's pal on Curb Your Enthusiasm, isthe fast-talking and profane Julio.The two antagonists are so extreme, in unexpected ways, that Green admits, "I'm not sure wecrafted those characters. I think we just let them out of a cage and they exploded, and things gotmessy and out of control. We thought of Karl as a combination of James Cagney and AndyWarhol."•Sam Rockwell notes that Karl is "dangerous, scary, and very funny. He sees Noah as more thanjust a customer; he wants to be pals with him, and being pals comes with trust. When Karl thinksNoah has betrayed that trust, he is very, very disappointed in Noah."•Julio has a somewhat more traditional approach to being a badass. "I love being bad,"• says JBSmoove in his signature rapid-fire patter. "Julio is so bad, he doesn't carry a gun "“ he doesn'tneed it! Julio wants to get what's owed him, and to get it, pursues Noah across the city."•Karl's subordinate, Garv (Sean Patrick Doyle), never removes his signature roller-skates, as hewheels his way to greeting visitors to Karl's lair, and running errands for his boss. Garv's loyaltyand friendship are treasured by Karl "“ but that doesn't prevent the drug kingpin from shootinghim in the leg when Garv displeases him.TM and© 2011 20th Century Fox 5

THE SITTER (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESAn extraordinarily bizarre character like Karl certainly merits an equally unconventional lair, soTHE SITTER production designer Richard Wright crafted a surreal scientific laboratory andstronghold, where European techno trance pulsates, and "roided-up bodybuilders pump ironbeneath pervasive fluorescent lights.Bodybuilders? Pumping iron? In a drug lab? "I just knew I wanted bodybuilders throughout thisenvironment,"• Green explains of the incongruity. Wright was only too happy to oblige, withhis imagination sparked by everything from epic Stanley Kubrick sets to "80s breakdancemovies.Another favorite set for the filmmakers was "Kid City,"• a clothing store where Noah mustinterrupt his drug run, kids in tow, to buy some new undergarments for young Blithe, who hassoiled the pair she's wearing. ("I sharted,"• she announces in the car to the appalled Sitter.) AsNoah waits for Blithe to complete the change of clothing, he's left alone in the girls' underweardepartment. Noah is confronted by a sales clerk, who understandably assumes he's a pedophile,and who, it turns out, holds a longtime grudge against him. Their confrontation will escalatethroughout the story, to unexpected results.THE SITTER, a genuine New York story, was shot last fall and winter on locations inManhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and an upper middle class neighborhood in Yonkers. Brooklynprovided some colorful and historic locations, including the borough's Williamsberg andGreenpoint sections, the latter providing various interior and exterior locations for Karl'sincredible bodybuilder-laden loft.Queens' Astoria Park provided the location for a poignant moment between Noah and Slater,with the skyline of Manhattan sparkling in the background, and the East River throwing offbursts of reflected light that made for real movie magic. The Forrest Park Carousel, a historicalfixture in the middle of a picturesque park, Grand Army Plaza, and Prospect Park provided thelocations for a chase scene with numerous twists and turns. Several interior sets were captured atthe renowned Silvercup Studios West in Astoria, Queens.Manhattan's Chinatown provided a kind of otherworldly environment, where Karl and rollerskatingGarv greet the shell-shocked travelers.New York City --and the way we look at babysitters-- may never be the same.TM and© 2011 20th Century Fox 6

THE SITTER (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESABOUT THE CASTJONAH HILL (Noah) has quickly become one of Hollywood's most sought after talents, dueinitially in part to his starring role opposite Michael Cera in the acclaimed hit Superbad,produced by Judd Apatow, directed by Greg Mottola, and written by Seth Rogen & EvanGoldberg. Since then, Hill has become a mainstay in the Apatow filmmaking clan, starring in theApatow-produced summer comedies, Get Him to the Greek, in 2010, Funny People, in 2009, andForgetting Sarah Marshall, in 2008. Hill's first appearance in an Apatow production was in The40-Year-Old Virgin, in 2005 starring opposite Steve Carell and Seth Rogen.More recently, Hill appeared in the baseball drama Moneyball for Columbia Pictures, oppositeBrad Pitt. The film has received critical accolades and Hill was praised for his work in thesupporting role of Peter Brand. The film has grossed $60 million in its first month of release.Hill made his directing debut with his first music video, for Sara Bareillis' "Gonna Get OverYou," released in September.Last year was an important one for Hill, who broke free from comedy characters to take on moreserious roles. He starred as the title character in the dark comedy, Cyrus, directed by Jay andMark Duplass. The film received much buzz at the Sundance Film Festival, where it premieredfor Fox Searchlight Pictures, and Hill received high praise from critics, who cited his evolutionas an actor and artist.Also last year, Hill had a starring role in the animated hit Megamind for DreamWorksAnimation, also starring Will Ferrell, Brad Pitt, and Tina Fey. Hill voiced Snotlout inDreamWorks Animation's How to Train Your Dragon, opposite Gerard Butler. The film went onto gross $492 million worldwide and a sequel has been confirmed for 2013. Hill toplined thefeature comedy, Get Him to the Greek, opposite Russell Brand.The 27-year-old continues to confirm his place among a new generation of writer/actors. For thesmall screen, Hill co-created the new animated series Allen Gregory, which tells the tale of oneof the most pretentious seven-year-olds of our time. The series recently premiered on FOX aspart of the network's vaunted Sunday night Animation Domination block. Hill serves as the voiceof the title character and is the show's executive producer.Hill wrapped production on 21 Jump Street, which he co-wrote. The film also stars ChanningTatum and Ice Cube, and is directed by Phil Lord & Christopher Miller. 21 Jump Street is slatedfor a March 2012 release in the U.S. Hill served as associate producer on the Sacha Baron Cohencomedy, Bruno.Hill began his career performing one-scene plays that he wrote and performed at the gritty Black& White bar in New York City. After landing a role in David O. Russell's I Heart Huckabeeswith Dustin Hoffman and Lilly Tomlin, his career quickly took off.MAX RECORDS (Slater), 14, has a wide range of interests: food carts, the PortlandTrailblazers, and the graphic novels of Osamu Tezuka chief among them. Through happenstance,TM and© 2011 20th Century Fox 7

THE SITTER (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESat the age of eight, Records appeared in music videos for the bands Cake and Death Cab forCutie. This led to a leading role in the Spike Jonze adaptation of the Maurice Sendak classicWhere the Wild Things Are, as well as subsequent roles in The Brothers Bloom and the shortfilm Blinky.ARI GRAYNOR (Marisa) was recently seen in a leading role opposite Anna Faris and ChrisEvans in the New Regency comedy What's Your Number? She completed work on Ten Year,written and directed by Jamie Linden, also starring Channing Tatum and Rosario Dawson. Thefilm premiered at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival. Graynor recently wrapped thefilms Celeste and Jesse Forever, opposite Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg; My Mother's Cursewith Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen; and For a Good Time, Call, which Graynor alsoexecutive produced, and also starring Lauren Miller and Justin Long.Last year, she starred in Lucky, also starring Colin Hanks and Jeffrey Tambor. Her additionalfilm credits include Holy Rollers, Conviction, Youth In Revolt, Whip It!, An American Crime,Games 6, The Great New Wonderful, Bereft, For Your Consideration, and Book of Love. Herfeature film debut was in Clint Eastwood's Academy Award-winning film Mystic River.Graynor returns to the stage this fall in the world premiere Broadway production of RelativelySpeaking, three one-act comedies written by Ethan Coen, Elaine May and Woody Allen;Graynor will star in Allen's one-act titled Honeymoon Hotel under the direction of John Turturro.Graynor was last seen in the Second Stage Theater production, Trust, written by Paul Weitz,directed by Peter DuBois; she starred opposite Zach Braff, Bobby Cannavale and Sutton Foster.Graynor made her Broadway debut in Donald Margulies's Brooklyn Boy at the ManhattanTheater Club, which garnered her a 2005 Clarence Derwent Award for Most Promising FemaleActress. Two years later Graynor starred on Broadway in The Little Dog Laughed, a 2007Tony® Award nominee for Best Play. She also appeared in the hit off-Broadway play, Dog SeesGod.Among Graynor's many stand-out television credits are her portrayal of Meadow Soprano'stroubled roommate Caitlin, on The Sopranos, and her recurring role on Fringe as the youngersister of the female lead played by Anna Torv.Graynor has been singled out by Entertainment Weekly as one of the Top 25 Funniest Actressesin Hollywood and received the Comedy Award at the 2009 Hollywood Life Young HollywoodAwards.JB SMOOVE (Julio) is a gifted writer, comedian and actor who entertains audiences with hisunique brand of comedic funk.His breakout role as Leon on HBOs Curb Your Enthusiasm has firmly planted Smoove as one ofthe best comedic actors today. In September 1999, Smoove moved to Los Angeles and landed arecurring role on MTV's The Lyricist Lounge Show, as well as featured guest spots on The ChrisTM and© 2011 20th Century Fox 8

THE SITTER (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESRock Show and Premium Blend. In June 2000, Smoove landed his first big feature film role,narrating and starring in the cult classic Pootie Tang with Chris Rock. In March 2001 Smooveco-starred in Mr. Deeds, starring Adam Sandler.After an impressive yet short lived season as a cast member on Fox's Cedric the EntertainerPresents, Smoove moved back to New York City, where he landed a writing position on NBC'sSaturday Night Live. Smoove has been featured on Comedy Central's Tough Crowd, Jamie FoxxPresents: Laffapalooza, on various SNL sketches, and as a regular on Late Night with ConanOBrien. He recently wrapped his third season on Curb Your Enthusiasm, and appeared as Mannyon the series Everybody Hates Chris.Last year, Smoove appeared in the feature comedy Date Night, and earlier this year had a costarringrole in Hall Pass, directed by the Farrelly brothers. Upcoming is Cameron Crowe's WeBought a Zoo, starring Matt Damon.Smoove's unique comedic voice has been put to good use in animation. He voices a role in theupcoming Ice Age: Continental Drift and in the new Fox animated series Allen Gregory, staringJonah Hill. Smoove has a development deal at Fox to create his own series in partnership withfilmmaker Shawn Levy, whom Smoove met and worked with on Date Night.Smoove is expanding his comedy empire with the launch of The Ruckus, a website focused onoriginal and branded comedy content..SAM ROCKWELL (Karl) has emerged as one of the most dynamic actors of his generation bycontinuing to take on challenging roles in both independent and studio productions.Rockwell was seen starring opposite Hilary Swank in Tony Goldwyn's Conviction, based on thetrue story of Betty Anne Waters. The film was released last year by Fox Searchlight. Earlier thisyear, Rockwell starred in director Jon Favreau's Cowboys & Aliens, also starring Daniel Craigand Harrison Ford.Rockwell starred opposite Christopher Walken in Martin McDonagh's critically acclaimedproduction of A Behanding in Spokane on Broadway. Rockwell was also seen in Jon Favreau'sIron Man 2 opposite Robert Downey Jr. and Duncan Jones' Moon, which won the MichaelPowell Award at the 63rd Edinburgh International Film Festival.Rockwell has created memorable characters in several films, including Andrew Dominik'scritically acclaimed The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, starringopposite Brad Pitt and Casey Affleck; David Gordon Green's acclaimed film Snow Angels,opposite Kate Beckinsale; the Russo brothers' comedy Welcome to Collinwood, opposite GeorgeClooney, Patricia Clarkson, Jennifer Esposito and William H. Macy; David Mamet's Heist,opposite Gene Hackman, Rebecca Pidgeon and Danny DeVito; the blockbuster Charlie's Angels,with Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu; and Frank Darabont's Oscar®-nominatedThe Green Mile, opposite Tom Hanks. Rockwell also appeared in DreamWorks' box-office hitGalaxy Quest, opposite Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman and Tony Shalhoub.TM and© 2011 20th Century Fox 9

THE SITTER (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESAdditional credits include Everybody's Fine, Frost/Nixon, Joshua, The Hitchhiker's Guide to theGalaxy, Matchstick Men, Celebrity, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Lawn Dogs, Safe Men, Jerryand Tom, Box of Moonlight, Drunks, Light Sleeper, and Last Exit to Brooklyn. Rockwell'sfeature film debut was in Francis Ford Coppola's Clownhouse, filmed while Rockwell was still astudent at San Francisco's High School of the Performing Arts.Rockwell won critical praise, as well as the Berlin Film Festival's Silver Berlin Bear Award andMovieline's Breakthrough Performance of the Year Award, for his portrayal of Chuck Barris inGeorge Clooney's Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. He starred opposite Clooney, DrewBarrymore and Julia Roberts in this adaptation of Barris' memoir. Other awards include BestActor at the Sitges International Film Festival of Catalonia for his performance in Joshua and theDecades Achievement Award from Rehoboth Beach Independent Film Festival.On stage, Rockwell was seen in The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, opposite Eric Bogosian, at ThePublic Theater; Philip Seymour Hoffman directed the LAByrinth Theater Company production.Rockwell has appeared in Face Divided as part of the EST Marathon series, as well as the off-Broadway production of Goose-Pimples, written by noted film writer/director Mike Leigh. Hehas also appeared in The Dumb Waiter and Hot L Baltimore for the Williamstown TheatreFestival, both of which were directed by Joe Montello.Cast (in credits order)Jonah Hill ... Noah GriffithMax Records ... SlaterAri Graynor ... Marisa LewisJ.B. Smoove ... JulioSam Rockwell ... KarlLandry Bender ... BlitheKevin Hernandez ... RodrigoKylie Bunbury ... RoxanneErin Daniels ... Mrs. PedullaD.W. Moffett ... Dr. PedullaJessica Hecht ... Sandy GriffithBruce Altman ... Jim GriffithMethod Man ... Jacolby (as Cliff 'Method Man' Smith)Sean Patrick Doyle ... GarvAlex Wolff ... ClaytonJack Krizmanich ... Ricky FontaineGrace Aronds ... Twin #1Jane Aronds ... Twin #2Lou Carbonneau ... Maitre' DAlysia Joy Powell ... Kid City EmployeeErnie Anastos ... News AnchorDari Alexander Williams ... News Broadcaster #2Samira Wiley ... TinaSammuel Soifer ... Benji GillespieTM and© 2011 20th Century Fox 10

THE SITTER (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESKevin Townley ... ValetTrevor Zhou ... Asian Fish MongerWendy Hoopes ... BethanyPeg Stegmeyer ... Piano PlayerEthan M. Davis ... Ashton Griffith (as Ethan Davis)Reggie Alvin Green ... Soul Baby (as Reggie A. Green)Nick Sandow ... Officer FrankNicky Katt ... Officer PetiteEddie Rouse ... Lounge SingerHenry Kwan ... Asian Man #1Michael G. Chin ... Asian Man #2Gracie Lawrence ... Wendy Sapperstein (as Gracie Bea Lawrence)Jackie Hoffman ... Mrs. SappersteinJonathan Forte ... Guy on Subway PlatformMark Moynahan ... Dr. StevensGreg Wall ... Bat Mitzvah Band #1Zevy Zions ... Bat Mitzvah Band #2Jordan Hirsch ... Bat Mitzvah Band #3Jonathon Peretz ... Bat Mitzvah Band #4Anthony Pompa ... Bat Mitzvah Band #5David Hirsch ... Bat Mitzvah Band #6Angel Picard-Ami ... Ricky Fontaine's GirlfriendTM and© 2011 20th Century Fox 11

THE SITTER (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESABOUT THE FILMMAKERSDAVID GORDON GREEN (Director) garnered the Best First Film Award from the New YorkFilm Critics Circle and the Discovery Award at the Toronto International Film Festival with hisdirectorial debut, George Washington. The film also landed on the top-10 lists of Roger Ebert,The New York Times, and Time magazine.Green's other credits include: All the Real Girls, Undertow, Snow Angels, Pineapple Express,Your Highness and the HBO series Eastbound and Down. He is the creator of the new animatedMTV series Good Vibes.Green is a graduate of The North Carolina School of the Arts. He was born in Arkansas and nowresides in Austin, Texas.Screenplay byBrian Gatewood and Alessandro TanakaProduced byJosh Bratman .... executive producerMichael De Luca .... producerJonah Hill .... executive producerDonald J. Lee Jr. .... executive producerLisa Muskat .... executive producerOriginal Music byJeff McIlwainDavid WingoCinematography byTim OrrFilm Editing byCraig AlpertCasting byCarmen CubaAlexa L. FogelProduction Design byRichard A. WrightArt Direction byMatthew MunnSet Decoration bySara ParksTM and© 2011 20th Century Fox 12

THE SITTER (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESDanielle WebbCostume Design byLeah KatznelsonMakeup DepartmentAngel De Angelis .... hair department headLori Hicks .... makeup department headSheri Kornhaber .... key makeup artistTheresa Marra-Siliceo .... hair stylistPamela May .... key hair stylistChristopher Milone .... makeup artistDiana Sikes .... hair stylistLeo Won .... key makeup artistProduction ManagementDavid Bausch .... production supervisorLily Gwyer-Miller .... post-production supervisorStuart Macphee .... post-production supervisorSecond Unit Director or Assistant DirectorAdam Bernard .... additional second assistant directorJeffrey T. Bernstein .... first assistant directorMarcos González Palma .... second assistant director: second unitCraig Haagensen .... second unit directorNancy Herrmann .... second assistant directorCasey Madigan .... second second assistant directorDixon McPhillips .... dga traineeTed O'Connor .... second second assistant directorRichard Patrick .... first assistant director: second unitArt DepartmentAdam Brustein .... graphic designerPhilip Canfield .... leadmanDavid Cooney .... storyboard artistLauren Fitzsimmons .... assistant art directorIsaac Gabaeff .... propsAnne Goelz .... assistant art directorAlex Gorodetsky .... chargeman scenic artistJay Hendrickx .... camera scenicShane Ingersoll .... art production assistantMiriam Johnson .... art department coordinator: reshootsMichael Jortner .... property masterMollie Laurienzo .... art department coordinatorMichael Powsner .... propsKyle Salvatore .... assistant property masterTM and© 2011 20th Century Fox 13

THE SITTER (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESDana Shimko .... art department production assistantDana Shimko .... art department production assistant: re-shootDanielle Webb .... assistant set decoratorSound DepartmentRick Chefalas .... first assistant sound editorMarko A. Costanzo .... foley artistNeil Danziger .... boom operatorDann Fink .... adr voice castingTom Fleischman .... sound re-recording mixerChristof Gebert .... production sound mixerSteve Giammaria .... assistant re-recording mixerMichael Jesmer .... adr recordistGeorge A. Lara .... foley mixerBeauxregard Neylon .... adr mixerPhil Rosati .... sound utilityJac Rubenstein .... dialogue editorWyatt Sprague .... sound effects editorPaul Tirone .... sound re-recordistSteven Visscher .... supervising foley editorTony Volante .... sound re-recording mixerBruce Winant .... adr voice castingLawrence Zipf .... assistant sound editorSpecial Effects byJohn Stifanich .... special effects coordinatorVisual Effects byManda Cheung .... digital compositorSteve Dellerson .... executive producer: Look FXRyan Duffy .... vfx scanning: Deluxe New YorkNicholas Elwell .... visual effects coordinator: HydraulxCary H. Flaum .... visual effects producerWendy Garfinkle .... visual effects producerBrad Kalinoski .... digital supervisor: LOOKFXMathew Krentz .... digital supervisor: LOOK EffectsMatt Kushner .... visual effects coordinator: LOOK EffectsSun Lee .... senior matte painter: HydraulxBruno Parenti .... digital compositorJale Parsons .... roto/paint artistDan Schrecker .... visual effects supervisorLaura Sevilla .... digital compositorBen Sumner .... digital compositorMani Trump .... digital compositorStuntsTM and© 2011 20th Century Fox 14

THE SITTER (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESRoy T. Anderson .... stuntsBobby Beckles .... stunt performerBobby Beckles .... stuntsSteven Cachie Brown .... stunt doubleBlaise Corrigan .... stuntsDouglas Crosby .... stunt doublePeter Epstein .... stuntsJeffrey Lee Gibson .... stunt coordinatorStephen Izzi .... stuntsRaw Leiba .... stuntsHarry Madsen .... stuntsNnamdi Nwosa .... stuntsJeremy Sample .... stuntsBrian Smyj .... stunt driverMatthew R. Staley .... stuntsAaron Vexler .... stuntsKym Washington .... stunt doubleJen Weissenberg .... stunt doubleJen Weissenberg .... stuntsJimmy P. Wong .... stunt playerCamera and Electrical DepartmentJoe Belschner .... dolly grip: "b" cameraMichael Cambria .... key first assistant camera: second unitPatrick Capone .... director of photography: second unitPedro Corcega .... film loader: second unitHoward J. Cournoyer .... rigging electricianMark Cyr .... video playbackJames J. Ferris .... electricianJennie Jeddry .... film loader: second unitBilly Kerwick .... key rigging gripJohn Krause .... a camera: dolly gripHamilton Longyear .... additional camera loaderBruce MacCallum .... camera operator: "a" cameraJohn R. MacDonald .... first assistant camera: "b" cameraNick Maczka .... gripMichael C. Maronna .... electricianMichael J. Maurer .... generator operatorJohn McIntyre .... key second assistant camera: second unitKevin McKenna .... digital video assist operatorCharles Meere III .... rigging gafferDoug Meils .... video playback operatorJessica Miglio .... still photographerJohn S. Moyer .... camera operator: "b" cameraJohn S. Moyer .... steadicam operatorMatthew Pebler .... remote head technicianTM and© 2011 20th Century Fox 15

THE SITTER (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESMatthew Pebler .... second assistant camera: "a" cameraCraig Pressgrove .... first assistant camera: "a" cameraSteve Ramsey .... gafferLance Rieck .... scorpio head technicianEric P. Robinson .... second assistant camera: "b" cameraMike Sime .... video/computer playback engineerJohn C. Walker .... additional camera loaderDaniel Wallenstein .... rigging gripCasting DepartmentAllison Hall .... background casting associateChristine Kromer .... casting associateJason Montgomery .... casting associateKatrina Wandel .... additional casting: associateMichael Warwick .... casting associateBruce Winant .... adr voice castingKathryn Zamora-Benson .... casting assistantChristian Kaplan .... executive in charge of casting (uncredited)Costume and Wardrobe DepartmentGina Battoglia .... costume production assistantJill Losquadro .... assistant costume designerDavid Paulin .... costume ager/dyerSamantha L. Seda .... wardrobe production assistantPaul Sinnott .... wardrobe assistantMalik Summers .... costumerLawrence Tarzy .... set costumerAbby Walton .... costume assistantSusan J. Wright .... wardrobe supervisorEditorial DepartmentVictoria Anderson .... colorist assistantJames Carretta .... assistant editor (as Jim Carretta)Aliya Carter .... post-production coordinatorTimothy Donovan .... apprentice editorChris Gennarelli .... colorist: high definition dailiesColin Patton .... additional editorRichie Roefaro .... avid technicianTim Stipan .... digital intermediate coloristMusic DepartmentTass Filipos .... music editorMark Wike .... music supervisorTransportation DepartmentRobin Monaghan .... driverTM and© 2011 20th Century Fox 16

THE SITTER (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESTimothy Paustian .... transportation captainThomas Reilly .... transportation co-captainOther crewFinise Avery .... photo doubleKatri Billard .... script supervisor (additional script supervisor)Johnathan Bowling .... set production assistantSteven Ramon Bryson .... production assistantRob Buschgans .... assistant accountantChristina Chow .... production assistantDavid Clarke .... additional production assistantChris Cloud .... location assistantMorgan P. Collins .... production assistantGeorge Daratany .... production assistantSam Day .... office production assistantJoshua P. Dease .... second payroll accountantGjustina Dushku .... production assistantMaggie Engelhardt .... production coordinatorScott Ferlisi .... assistant location managerJay Ferraro .... stand-in: Jonah HillNiko Godfrey .... second assistant accountantKate Gimbel Goldman .... location assistantDamon Michael Gordon .... location manager: second unitKatie Groves .... stand-in: Ari GraynorMichael Hall .... production assistant: re-shootsEva Hannon .... payroll clerkJonathan Hoeg .... key set production assistantBrian Ketcham .... location assistantSteven J. Klaszky .... stand-inMatthew Landry .... production assistantFrank LeBlanc .... office production assistant (as Frank Petrucci)Gine Lui .... location scoutBrendan C. Lynch .... additional production assistantTalia Mayer .... assistant: M. DeLuca and D. LeeDana Morgan .... stand-in: photo double: Max RecordsKyle Mumford .... unit p.a.Jennifer Opresnick .... script supervisorHyo Park .... assistant location managerEllen Parnett .... staff set production assistantNatasha Rivera .... production assistantAllison Robin .... product placement and clearancesKathryn Sigismund .... accounting clerkPeter J. Silbermann .... unit publicistMissy Simms .... studio teacherKati Sklut .... production secretaryMarcus Slabine .... staff production assistantTM and© 2011 20th Century Fox 17

THE SITTER (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESSascha Springer .... assistant location manager: YonkersMichelle Stella .... location coordinatorApril J. Stevens .... additional production assistantApril J. Stevens .... production assistantRamona Sánchez-Waggoner .... production accountantNadia Tabbara .... set production assistantAlexander Uhlmann .... assistant: Ms. MuskatMichael Vasquez .... first assist accountantChristian Vogeler .... production assistantLuca Waldman .... production assistantShawn Willis .... location scoutGreg Wyrick .... payroll accountantImran Yusufzai .... accounting clerkDiego Daniel Pardo .... dialect coach (uncredited)TM and© 2011 20th Century Fox 18

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