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Situation as at 8TH April 201061 New members invited to accept membership by theCouncil in Naples, 23 September, 2009GREEN - AcceptedRED – DeclinedBLUE no reply as yetSectionFull nameC4- Chair Yvon Le Maho –Organismic &Evolutionary BiologyCity/CountryC4 Henri Décamps France 1935 Landscape ecologyDOBC4 André A. Dhondt (Foreign) USA 1944 Organismal BiologyDaniel RICQUIER France ORGANISMIC C4SubjectC4 Jean-Dominique Lebreton France 1950 Ecology & BiomathematicsFull Name City/Country Subject SectionEdouard BARD France (Climate - Earth &Cosmic Sciences)B5Françoise COMBES France (Astronomy) B5Seth Stein (FOREIGN) USA Geophysics B5 Earth & Cosmic SciFrançoise BARRE-SINOUSSI France (Human Biology)Alain CARPENTIER France (Human Biology)Yvonne CHOCQUET-BRUHAT France (Mathematics)Jean Claude Casanova France Economics1

SectionFull nameCity/CountryDOBSubjectPartha Dasgupta UK EconomicsLord Hunt UK MathematicianRichard Leakey (FOREIGN) UK AnthropologyMary Lyon UK Genetics C2Ian Wilmut UK Gene cloningLouis Bergeron France History A1 History & ArchaeologyMarc Ferro France History A1 History & ArchaeologyMona Ozouf France History A1 History & ArchaeologyMichel Wieviorka France History A1 History & ArchaeologyP. Trudgill UK Linguistics A3 Linguistic StudiesSégolène Le Men France Music A5 Musicology & History ofArt & Arch.Erik Duval Belgium Informatics B2 InformaticsHerbert Edelsbrunner Austria Informatics B2 InformaticsDieter W. Fellner Germany Informatics B2 InformaticsLuc Steels Belgium Informatics B2 InformaticsDame Wendy Hall UK Informatics B2 InformaticsAlain ASPECT France (physics) B3Catherine BRECHIGNAC France (Physics) B3Spartak T. Belyaev Russia Physics & Eng B3 Physics & EngineeringSciences2

City/CountrSectionFull nameDOByGeorges CHARPAK France (Physics) B3SubjectThibault DAMOUR France (Physics) B3Athene Donald UK Soft matter physics B3Francesco Fedi (Honorary) Italy Physics & Eng B3 Physics & EngineeringSciencesAlbert Fert France Physics & Eng B3 Physics & EngineeringSciencesWalter Greiner Germany Physics & Eng B3 Physics & EngineeringSciencesPeter Grünberg Germany Physics & Eng B3 Physics & EngineeringSciencesTheodor W. Haensch Germany Physics & Eng B3 Physics & EngineeringSciencesGünther Hasinger Germany Physics & Eng B3 Physics & EngineeringSciencesGuy LAVAL France (Physics) B3Igor N. Mishustin Russia Physics & Eng B3 Physics & EngineeringSciencesPeter Maria Schuster Austria Physics & Eng B3 Physics & EngineeringSciencesAndrzej Bialas Poland Physics & Eng B3Jean Salençon France Engineering B3David Avnir Israel Chemistry B4 Chemical SciencesBernard Bigot France Chemistry B4 Chemical SciencesYves CHAUVIN France ( Chemistry) B4Tony Cheetham UK Chemistry B4 Chemical SciencesSteven Ley UK Organic Chemistry B43

SectionFull nameCity/CountryDOBSubjectM. P.Pileni France Chemistry B4 Chemical SciencesFernando R Ribeiro Portugal Chemistry B4 Chemical SciencesAARON J CIECHANOVER ISRAEL C1Salomé Prat Monguio Spain Biochemistry & Mol. Bio C1 Biochemistry & MolecularBiologyAnna Tramontano Italy Biochemistry & Mol. Bio C1 Biochemistry & MolecularBiologyStanislas DEHAENE France (Human Biology-Medical Sciences)Graham Collingridge UK Neurosciences C3C3Maurice TUBIANA France (Medicine – HumanBiology)Adriano Aguzzi Italy Medicine & Physiology C3 Physiology & MedicineC34

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