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CHEMICAL ENGINEERING NEWS - College of Engineering - The ...

Chemical Engineering News ◗ ◗ ◗Professor John Prados RetiresAfter 47 years at UT in the department of chemical engineering, Professor John Pradosis retiring. An endowment in his name has been established (for more informationcontact the ChE office at 865-974-2421). John was presented with a rocking chair at hisretirement reception on June 8. John gratefully acknowledged the remarks of formerstudents and colleagues at this reception. Bill Snyder, a UT graduate of 1954, citedJohn’s lifelong commitment to education and his ability to adapt and change; Bill remindedthe group that John has touched the lives of many students in his career and islargely responsible for the changes to engineering education that have come about inDr. John W. Pradosrecent years. He will return to the ChE department in a post-retirement position todevelop Web-based chemical engineering courses. Malcolm Colditz, a UT ChE graduateand the president of Sea Lion Chemical, Inc., recalled that John was an excellent advisor, touched a number ofstudents’ lives and made UT a special university.John was born in Spring Hill, Tennessee, and graduated from high school there in 1947. He received his in chemical engineering from the University of Mississippi in 1951. After spending two years in the AirForce he returned to UT and to part-time research at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He received his Ph.D.from UT in 1957. He moved into UT administration as Associate Dean of Engineering in 1969 and heldseveral positions including Vice President for Academic Affairs for the statewide UT system. He returned toteaching in 1989 as Vice President Emeritus and university professor. John says, “Working with the students iswhat has made me want to stay at the university.”John’s office is filled with awards and citations. He is a registered professional engineer. He is a member of theAmerican Chemical Society, American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), American Institute of Chemists,American Society of Engineering Education, Sigma Xi, Tau Beta Pi and the Technical Society of Knoxville.He has contributed tirelessly to professional organizations. To cite just a few of these contributions,President of Sigma Xi (1983 - 84), Editor for Journal of Engineering Education (1995 - present), Treasurer ofAIChE (1995 - present).John does not have a lot of free time, but when he does, he enjoys hiking, fishing and classical music. He singsin a folk group at John XXIII Catholic Center with his wife Lynn. He enjoys spending time with this his threedaughters and three granddaughters.Ray Bellamy RetiresRay Bellamy was a young man of 17 when he came to work at UT. Now, 45 years later, he is retiring.The Department of Chemical Engineering held a reception in his honor on May 30. Many spoke of his excellentcraftsmanship, his great kindness and his talent as a musician. Ray plays four stringed instruments and onoccasion plays at area bluegrass festivals and often performs in his church.He is planning to work on his farm and spend time with his wife, LaVelle. They were married 44 yearsago and have a son, Tommy, and two granddaughters, Hannah and Leah.Ray was an important resource to our students as well as our faculty. The departments will miss hisknowledge and talent. We thank him for a job well done.7

◗ ◗ ◗ ◗ ◗Chemical Engineering NewsContributors to Chemical EngineeringThanks to the alumni, parents and friends whose generous support makes possible many of the activities described in thisnewsletter. If you wish to support the Chemical Engineering Department or a particular program within the department,be sure and designate this on your check or gift. Undesignated gifts go to support general university programs. Thefollowing is a list of contributors to Chemical Engineering from January 1, 2000 to December 31, 2000.CONTRIBUTORS TO CHEMICAL ENGINEERING- 2000Ms. Amy Akard Mrs. Kathleen J. Cox Mr. W. Franklin Kilgore Dr. Frank S. Riordan Jr.Mr. Donald H. Allen Dr. Peter T. Cummings Mr. Seo Eun Kim Mr. Michael E.RobertsonMr. Nealie Anderson Mrs. Liz Cummings Mr. Robert D. King Mrs. Anita K. RogersMrs. Ann Anderson Ms. Pamela C. Dautenhahn Dr. Jennifer R. Knight Mr. Thomas O. RogersMr. Bernie L. Arnold DOW Chemical Co. Dr. Joseph F. Knight Rohm & HaasArthur Andersen Foundation Dr. James J. Downs Mrs. Mary S. Krempasky Mr. Robert L. RoseDr. Russell E. Aven E. I. DuPont De Nemours& Co. Mrs. Anne M. Larson Mrs. Phyllis K. RoseMr. William Ayers III Eastman Chemical Co. Mr. Richard N. Layman S C Johnson Fund Inc.Mrs. Christy Ayers Mr. Robert S. Eby Lockheed Martin Corp. Mr. Herbert M. Scull Jr.Ms. Joanne Bacon Mrs. Jean G. Eby Mr. Bobby T. Logue Mrs. Roberta L. ScullBASF Corporation Eli Lilly and Co. Foundation Mr. Ransom H. Martin Jr. Mr. Virendra S. ShahMr. Robert G. Bell Mr. Kenneth M. Elliott Mrs. Sue Martin Shell Oil Co. FoundationMs. Debra A. Bennett Mrs. Virginia Elliott Mr. Warren E. Medley Mr. Jeffrey A. SmithMr. Kim H. Bolick Emerson Electric Company Mr. Michael J. Miller Mr. Brian M. SouthernMr. Donald V. Borst Mr. Fleming M. Empson Mrs. Carole B. Miller John H .E. Stelling IIIMrs. Mary J. Borst Mrs. Martha H. Empson Mr. Stephen M. Miller Mr. Douglas F. StickleDr. Louis P. Bosanquet Ethyl Corporation Dr. Edgar L. Mohundro Mrs. Jill H. TaylorMrs. Janine Bosanquet ExxonMobile Foundation Mrs. Carolyn J. Mohundro Mr. Anthony L. TaylorMr. David A. Boshers Dr. John F. Fellers Monsanto Company Mrs. Lisa M. ThompsonMr. Daniel J. Bouch Mrs. Betty J. Fellers Dr. Charles F. Moore Mr. Timothy L. ThompsonBridgestone/Firestone Inc. First USA Bank Mrs. Donna H. Moore Dr. Steven M. TrotterMr. Michael N. Brock Mrs. Kyleen D. Franz Dr. John W. Mottern Dr. Kimberly D. GwinnMr. Tommy L. Brumfield Dr. Warren L. Franz Mrs. Joyce G. Mottern Mr. Troy C. TrotterMrs. Helen S. Bryan Mrs. Patricia W. Garland Mr. John L. Nehls UOPDr. Roy D. Bundy Dr. Steven J. Gerberding Mrs. Cheryl J. Nehls Mr. Michael D. Upshaw Jr.Mrs. Loraine H. Bundy Mr. Anthony P. Gouge Mr. Willis R. Oakes Mrs. Carrie C. UpshawMrs. Lucille R. Buttram Mr. Dallas L. Green Mrs. Peggy I. Oakes Mr. Troy W. VannattaMr. Claude E. Buttram Jr. Mr. Mark A. Guimond Rev. John L. Oglesby Mrs. Jane E. VannattaMr. Bill A. Cabbage Mrs. Linda K. Guimond Mr. Bernie B. Osborne Dr. Gordon G. ViningMrs. Judy K. Cabbage Mr. William T. Hall Mrs. Dana L. Outlaw Mrs. Noel G. WadeMr. Key R. Caldwell Mr. Everette K. Harris Jr. Mr. Charles E. Outlaw Mr. William WadeMrs. Caryl A. Caldwell Mr. S. Neil Hayes Mr. Mahendrakumar C. Parekh Mr. John W. WallingDr. Su-Ming Chan Dr. James H. Haynes Mr. John J. Parran Jr. Mr. Frank Watkins Jr.Mr. Jerry R. Clevenger Mrs. Mary A. Haynes Dr. W. Wilson Pitt Jr. Mr. H. Parker Wayland Jr.Mr. Fred L. Collier Jr. Mr. Thomas M. Hobbs Mrs. Ann M. Pitt Mr. Timothy K. WhiteMr. Nick A. Collins Hoechst Celanese Corp. Dr. John W. Prados Mrs. Lesley WhiteMrs. Melinda H. Collins Hontek Corp. Mrs. Lynn B. Prados Williams Companies Inc.Mrs. Sandra E. Counce Mrs. Patricia A. Houser Mr. Jeffrey T. Pratt Mr. Wayne WilsonDr. Robert M. Counce Mr. Mark E. Huber Proctor & Gamble Fund Dow Chemical Co. FoundationMr. Royce G. Cowan Mrs. Jeanette R. Huber Mr. Stephen D. ProutMrs. Carolyn Cowan Mr. Jonathan L. Huggins Mr. Winston B. RawlstonMr. Mark K. Cox Mr. George A. Huttick Mrs. Susan S. RawlstonMrs. Karen A. Cox Johnson & Johnson Mr. Jerry R. RepassDr. Richard L.Cox Mrs. Andrea S. Kidd Mrs. Patsy Repass8Thank you

Chemical Engineering News◗ ◗ ◗Robert (Pete) Counce was elected a fellow of the American Institute of ChemicalEngineers. He has pioneered techniques for teaching process design. His research anddevelopment activities concentrate on industrial pollution prevention.Pete began his chemical engineering career at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)in 1974, in the area of nuclear fuel reprocessing. He used his research at ORNL as thebasis for M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from UT. Over his career he has produced more than100 journal articles, technical reports and meeting presentations. He also consults forseveral major industries.He has taught most of the chemical engineering courses at UT. Pete has developed agraduate course in industrial pollution prevention, and an industrially supportedcapstone design course. In the capstone activity, each student team has an authenticDr. Pete Counceand unique project and is supported by an industrial advisor and an academic advisorwho serve as coaches. Over 150 students have participated in that experience at UT.Pete has been involved in many national AIChE activities, such as chairing numerous sessions for nationalAIChE meetings, serving as the Environmental Division’s Group Program Chair for the Spring 1989 NationalMeeting and serving on the Admissions Committee. He was lecturer for AIChE’s Continuing Educationcourse, “Fundamentals of Industrial Gas Absorption and Stripping,” and he reviews submissions for AIChEJournal and Environmental Progress. On the local level, Pete has led AIChE’s Knoxville-Oak Ridge Section.Among his honors are the 2000 Leon and Nancy Cole Superior Teaching Award from the UT College ofEngineering.Our newest faculty member is Dr. Brian Edwards. He joined us at thebeginning of the 2001 Spring Semester. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree with highestdistinction from the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Illinois,graduating Summa Cum Laude in 1986. His bachelor’s thesis involved the investigationof flow-induced phase changes in polymer solutions. He then enrolled directlyin the Ph.D. program in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Universityof Delaware, where his Ph.D. dissertation investigated the fundamentalconcepts and application of thermodynamics to the dynamic behavior of materials.He graduated in 1991 and has continued his work on the fundamental basis of nonequilibriumthermodynamics at several institutions since then.Dr. Brian EdwardsMost recently, he has been Oberassistant at the Swiss Federal Institute ofTechnology (ETH) in Zurich, Switzerland. In 1994, he and co-author Antony Beris published a monographbased on their research in non-equilibrium thermodynamics through Oxford University Press. He has writtenover forty articles for technical journals, and now continues his research on non-equilibrium thermodynamicsapplied to complex fluids through molecular and atomistic simulations in the Chemical Engineering Departmentat the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.9

Chemical ◗ ◗ ◗ Chemical Engineering Engineering NewsRay Bellamy and Dr. Charlie BrooksDr. Brooks brought a sample of Ray’s work andspoke of his craftsmanship.Ray at his retirement receptionRay and his family:Kathy Bellamy,Tommy Bellamy(daughter-in-law andson), LaVelle(his wife), Ray and hisgranddaughters Hannah and LeahSporting his new UT hatMrs. Ulie Frazier, Dr. George Frazier and Dr. John PradosCutting the cakeMrs. Ulie Frazier and Dr. Frazier10

◗ ◗ ◗Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering News◗ ◗ ◗LeftDr. Prados and his family:L to R: Laura (daughter), Mary Beth (granddaughter),Dr. Prados, Mrs. Lynn Prados andBeth (daughter)Below centerL to R:Dr. Joe SpruiellDr. PradosDr. Charlie MooreDr. Bill SnyderDr. PradosNewsletter StaffDr. John R. CollierDepartment HeadDr. Fred E. WeberAssociate Department HeadDr. John W. PradosEditorial Advisory BoardDr. Robert M. CounceEditorSusan SeymourGraphic DesignerContact Information:Department of Chemcal Engineering419 Dougherty Engineering Bldg.Knoxville, TN 37996-2200Telephone: (865) 974-2421Fax: (865) 974-7076E-mail: che@chem.engr.utk.eduWeb site: newsletter was produced at no cost tothe State of Tennessee. It was paid for byunrestricted grants to the Department ofChemical Engineering at The University ofTennessee.The University of Tennessee does not discriminateon the basis of race, sex, color, religion,national origin, age, handicap or veteran statusin provision of educational opportunities or employmentopportunities and benefits.UT does not discriminate on the basis of sex orhandicap in its educational programs andactivites pursuant to requirements of Title IX ofthe Education amendments of 1972, Public Law92-318; and Section 504 of the RehabilitationAct of 1973, Public 93-112; and the Americanswith Disabilites Act of 1990, Public Law 101-336, respectively. This policy extends to bothemployment by and admission to the university.Inquiries concerning Title IX. Section 504, andthe Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990should be directed to the Office of AffirmativeAction; 1818 Lake Avenue; The University ofTennessee; Knoxville, Tennessee 37996-0144;(865) 974-2498. Charges of violation of theabove policy also should be directed to the Officeof Affirmative Action. Publication number:E01-1320-002-0211

Chemical Engineering NEWSCollege of EngineeringThe University of TennesseeChemical Engineering News is published two times a year by the Department of Chemical Engineering of TheUniversity of Tennessee, 419 Dougherty Engineering Building, Knoxville, Tennessee 37996-2200 ( Its purpose is to bring to alumni, friends, students, faculty and industry timely and useful informationand news about the Chemical Engineering Department at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville; toencourage interaction with the department through fundraising, volunteerism, alumni events, continuing educationand participation in department programs; to encourage, support and communicate news ideas; and toprovide a means for interdisciplinary dialogue between engineering and other related fields of study.THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEEMr. Emerson Fly, Acting PresidentDr. Clifton Woods, Acting ProvostThe University of Tennesse, KnoxvilleCOLLEGE OF ENGINEERINGDr. Jerry E. Stoneking, DeanDEPARTMENT OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERINGDr. John R. Collier, HeadDr. Fred E. Weber, Associate HeadEDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARDDr. John W. PradosNEWSLETTER PRODUCTIONDr. Robert M. Counce, EditorSusan Seymour, LayoutDepartment of Chemical EngineeringThe University of Tennessee419 Dougherty Engineering BuildingKnoxville, TN 37996-2200Non-Profit Org.U.S. Postage PaidPermit #481Knoxville, TNVisit our homepage at http://che.utk.eduOr send us e-mail at

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