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Download Free E-Book - James L. Schaller, M.D., M.A.R., P.C

Download Free E-Book - James L. Schaller, M.D., M.A.R., P.C


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The Definitive Collection ofAcademic References on Lyme Diseaseand the Pathology of BorreliaA Citation Guide for Pure Researchersfrom June 2009 to June 2012<strong>James</strong> <strong>Schaller</strong>, M.D., M.A.R.andKimberly Mountjoy, M.S.

ii<strong>Schaller</strong> • MountjoyInternational University Infectious Disease PressBank Towers • Newgate Center (305)5150 Tamiami Trail North [Highway 41]Naples, Florida 34103Copyright © 2012 <strong>James</strong> <strong>Schaller</strong>, M.D.All rights reserved.Cover Art: Derek MurphyLead Research and Research Study Acquisitions: Randal BlackwellCopy Editing by Kimberly Mountjoy, M.S, Kathleen Snyder,and anonymous patients from all over the worldWholesale discount requires purchase of at least twenty copies and can be in five bookunits. Fax request to (239) 304-1987 and (239) 263-6760.Library of Congress Cataloging Data<strong>Schaller</strong>, J.L; Mountjoy, K.ISBN: 9780985669294The definitive collection of academic references on lyme disease andthe pathology of borrelia : a citation guide for pure researchersfrom june 2009 to june 2012 / J.L. <strong>Schaller</strong> and K. Mountjoy.1. Borellia 2. Borreliosis 3. Research 4. Pathology 5. References 6. CitationsManufactured in the United States of AmericaFirst Edition10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1Cover image courtesy of the CDC and http://cellbiology.med.unsw.edu.au/units/science/lecture0802.htm— cellbiology.med.unsw.edu.au.

ContentsIntroduction................................................................................................. 1Bibliography ............................................................................................... 3Dr. <strong>Schaller</strong>’s Publications ..................................................................... 141Other <strong>Book</strong>s by Dr. <strong>Schaller</strong> ................................................................... 142Disclaimer ............................................................................................... 157Contacting Dr. <strong>Schaller</strong> .......................................................................... 158

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Lyme Disease and the Pathology of Borrelia 141Dr. <strong>Schaller</strong> has been published in:Journal of the American Medical AssociationJournal of Clinical NeuroscienceMedscape (Academic Journal of WebMD)Journal of the American Society of Child and AdolescentPsychiatryAmerican Journal of PsychiatryEuropean Journal of Child and Adolescent PsychiatryCompounding Pharmaceuticals: TriadFleming Revell Press (Four Languages)Internal Medicine NewsFamily Practice NewsSpire Mass Market <strong>Book</strong>sInternet Journal of Family MedicineGreenwood PressChild and Adolescent Psychiatry Drug AlertsHope Academic PressClinical Psychiatry NewsPsychiatric Drug AlertsTownsend JournalOB/GYN NewsAMA NewsCurrents

142 <strong>Schaller</strong> • MountjoyA Sample of Other <strong>Book</strong>s by Dr. <strong>Schaller</strong>This 800 page book contains a hundred useful treatment testing and treatmentpearls. However, it does not give one size fits all “mill medicine” treatments.It also includes advanced and comprehensive diagnostic checklists to preventhealth care workers from missing Bartonella, Babesia and Lyme disease. Veteranphysicians and functional medicine practitioners report they are learning a greatdeal from this book. It also shows that very few healers are able to read full timeto reach tomorrow’s medical care now, and Dr. <strong>Schaller</strong> shows he is one of themby clear broad thinking and thousands of references. His primary clinical pearlsare in the first 200 pages.

Lyme Disease and the Pathology of Borrelia 143This fascinating book appeals to all peace officers, legislatures, and concernedcitizens to rethink the science of these super medical examinations which helpsave lives, but also often allow for many to be placed under arrest for over500 medical problems.

144 <strong>Schaller</strong> • MountjoyThis large textbook is clear and easy to read. It is really three books.While some points are partially outdated since 2006, much would beconsidered new to most readers.

Lyme Disease and the Pathology of Borrelia 145The only hematology book exclusively dedicated to Babesia.

146 <strong>Schaller</strong> • MountjoyThe most up-to-date academic and patient-centered bookon practical Artemisia Babesia issues.

Lyme Disease and the Pathology of Borrelia 147A book with advanced research based information, that moves Babesiamedicine into a new decade. It presents highly practical information on waysto detect Babesia that are not mere IgM/G titer tests. Learn how to detectnew species being discovered routinely and which seriously underminefunction. This text also discusses why some individuals do not experiencethe easy and fast cure promised in other writings.

148 <strong>Schaller</strong> • MountjoyBartonella diagnosis is very complex. This current text creatively uses a newset of tools to assist in diagnosis based on solid research of blood vessel andskin augmentation chemicals created by Bartonella. It literally creates a newBartonella physical exam. This book helps with limited basic lab testing, andprevents the use of routinely relapsing or poor treatments promoted in bothtraditional and integrative medicine. No other book on this topic is basedon over a thousand top research articles, and no one has published anythingremotely close to replacing this work in over five years. In summary, Bartonellais carried by more vectors than any infection on earth with one top specialistsaying most testing and treatment is very poor.

Lyme Disease and the Pathology of Borrelia 149Dr. <strong>Schaller</strong> is a Certified Mold Investigatorand a Certified Mold Remediator. Here is a practicaland readable mold mycotoxin book.

150 <strong>Schaller</strong> • MountjoyThis book is helpful for people who are ill, or have trouble thinking andreading science materials. This is very practical and shows the clean-uperrors made by 95% of experienced and expensive licensed mold remediatorsand renovation workers. Just reading ten pages from this book hasshown people why they are not getting better. And this text helps you spotpoor remediators after simply reading 40 easy to understand comics. Mostremediations fail and most building hygiene actions are flawed. See whyfast. The six best mycotoxin binders cannot cure you if you are still in a“sick” home or moldy work location.

Lyme Disease and the Pathology of Borrelia 151The only current, practical and advancedclinical book on this revolutionary treatment foropioid addiction and modest pain.

152 <strong>Schaller</strong> • MountjoyThe many missed medical and neurological causes of poor focus andbad behaviors can no longer be ignored. This unique text advancesmedicine and shows how much in youth psychiatry has medicalroots that are ignored or unknown even in solid child and adolescentpsychiatry practices.

Lyme Disease and the Pathology of Borrelia 153The only tick and flea-borne infection diagnostic checklist bookbased on over 6,000 references related to Bartonella, Babesia andLyme disease. It seeks to prevent false negative diagnosis, meaning,the advanced and expanded criteria are set to catch these three infections.This book is available from www.personalconsult.com under“free books” or from Amazon.com.

154 <strong>Schaller</strong> • MountjoyThis firm book is a strong appeal for all involved in preventing impaired driving,which often causes profound disability and death, to appreciate the medicaltesting done on dark sidewalks or streets is a practice of advanced medicaltesting. FST has hundreds of routinely missed medical troubles which causefalse positive tests. All civilized societies must lower the many arrests based ona lack of knowledge in human physiology and human pathology.Further, the simplistic teaching that field sobriety testing is very easy for soberpeople is wrong. How many adults can walk on a balance beam a mere few feetoff the ground?

Lyme Disease and the Pathology of Borrelia 155This powerful book is from one of the highest rated physicians doing researchon all major tick infections. He only treats people who have failed to be curedby a number of previous smart healers. It is a book of ideas proposing reasonsyou do not feel recovered and back to normal. This book has over 90% of itsreferences removed which are still in the first edition if you are a researcher whois ill or have family, friends or doctors mocking your careful science reflections.

156 <strong>Schaller</strong> • MountjoyThe is a researcher’s textbook for M.D.’s, DO.’s, Ph.D.’s and Master’s ofScience working directly in Babesia and malaria research. It has no use forpatients, unless they also are full-time researchers in this exact area of advancedacademic research.

Lyme Disease and the Pathology of Borrelia 157DisclaimerDr. <strong>Schaller</strong> is not a specialist in infectious disease medicine. He is also not apathologist. Both of these specialties have over 2,000 diseases to treat and study.Dr. <strong>Schaller</strong> is only interested in four infections and has read and published ononly these four. The medical ideas, health thoughts, health comments, productsand any claims made about specific illnesses, diseases, and causes of healthproblems in this book are purely speculative, hypothetical, and are not meant tobe authoritative in any setting. No comment or image has been evaluated by theFDA, CDC, NIH, IDSA or the AMA. Never assume any United States medicalbody, society, or the majority of American physicians endorse any comment inthis book. No comment in this book is approved by any government agency,medical body or medical society. Nothing in this book is to be used to diagnose,treat, cure or prevent disease. The information provided in this book is foreducational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for the advice fromyour physician or other health care professionals.No patient should use the information in this book for the diagnosis or treatmentof any health problem, or for prescription of any medication or other treatment.You should consult with a health care professional before deciding on anydiagnosis, or initiating any treatment plan of any kind. Dr. <strong>Schaller</strong> does notclaim to be an expert in any illness, disease or treatment. In this book, he ismerely sharing one of his interests. Please do not start any diet, exercise orsupplementation program, or take any type of nutrient, herb, or medication,without clear consultation with your licensed health care provider.Borellia diagnosis or treatment comments and reports of possible positive ornegative treatment outcomes are hypothetical. No treatment should be rejectedor embraced by anyone, based on the preliminary research and study in thisbook.

158 <strong>Schaller</strong> • MountjoyContacting Dr. <strong>Schaller</strong>Should you wish to talk to Dr. <strong>Schaller</strong>, he offers individualized educationphone consults, which can be arranged by calling 239-263-0133. Pleaseleave all your phone numbers, a working email and a fax number. Theseconsults are typically in 15 minute units and can last as long as you wish.All that is required is the completion of a short informed consent form.If you would like a full diagnostic consult or to see Dr. <strong>Schaller</strong> as a patient,know he treats patients from all over the USA and from outside thecountry. He meets with you first and then does follow-up care with you byphone.If you would like to fly in to see Dr. <strong>Schaller</strong>, his staff are very familiarwith all the closest airports and hotels.

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