Information for Federal Employees Filing Unemployment Claims

Information for Federal Employees Filing Unemployment Claims

Information for Federal Employees Filing Unemployment Claims


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<strong>In<strong>for</strong>mation</strong> <strong>for</strong> <strong>Federal</strong> <strong>Employees</strong> <strong>Filing</strong> <strong>Unemployment</strong> <strong>Claims</strong>Where to fileIf you live in West Virginia, but worked in another state, your federal wages are reported to the statewhere you worked, and that is where you would file your claim.West Virginia <strong>Claims</strong>In-state claimants must report to one of our local offices, and you can obtain the locations, claimtakingschedules, and hours of operation at our website at www.work<strong>for</strong>cewv.org. However, if you livein a bordering state and worked in West Virginia, you can (1) report to the local office closest to youand your claim will be accepted or (2) call the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System at (800) 379-1032 between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and follow the prompts tofile a new claim.<strong>Filing</strong> <strong>for</strong> <strong>Unemployment</strong>Please print and complete the Initial <strong>Unemployment</strong> Compensation Claim Form from our website,www.work<strong>for</strong>cewv.org. You will need to have this in<strong>for</strong>mation ready to give the Interviewer to review.You will be given a Benefit Rights Interview (BRI) which will explain your rights and duties. Please askthe Interviewer if you have any questions after you have your BRI.NOTE: if you are awarded back pay <strong>for</strong> the period you are receiving unemployment benefits, you willhave to repay the unemployment benefits received.Wage DocumentationYou will be asked to provide wage documentation. You can provide your 2012 W2 tax <strong>for</strong>m, pay stubs,or screen printouts from the federal website ‘ MY PAY’ as proof of your wages. To expedite theprocessing of your claim, please have this in<strong>for</strong>mation available to give to the Interviewer.Job ServiceYou are not required to register with Job Service at the time you file your initial claim. If the shutdownlasts longer than four (4) weeks, you may have to register with Job Service. Keep the Job Serviceregistration portion of your Initial <strong>Unemployment</strong> Compensation Claim Form (pages 6 through 10) ifyou do not wish to register now. If you would like to register, make sure you complete the in<strong>for</strong>mationand give it to the Interviewer who takes your initial claim.112 Cali<strong>for</strong>nia AvenueCharleston, WV 25305

Monetary DeterminationOnce your claim has been entered, you will receive an <strong>Unemployment</strong> Compensation MonetaryDetermination in the mail. Since federal wages are requested from the various federal agencies, theinitial <strong>Unemployment</strong> Compensation Monetary Determination will show that you are monetarilyineligible. Once the wages are entered on your claim, you will receive a revised <strong>Unemployment</strong>Compensation Monetary Determination providing you with your weekly benefit amount (WBA).Continued Claim FormOnce your claim has been entered, you will also be mailed a claim <strong>for</strong>m which will be <strong>for</strong> a two- weekperiod. Until you receive the <strong>Unemployment</strong> Compensation Monetary Determination that lists aWeekly Benefit Amount (WBA) other than a Zero Amount, you will not be able to file your continuedclaim <strong>for</strong>m via the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system (via phone or Internet). If you have notreceived an <strong>Unemployment</strong> Compensation Monetary Determination with a WBA other than Zero, youwill have to either mail or take your claim <strong>for</strong>m to your local office <strong>for</strong> processing. Please do not delayreturning your claim <strong>for</strong>m to your local office.Waiting WeekWest Virginia law requires that claimants serve a one-week unpaid waiting period.Earnings:You are required to report all hours worked and wages earned during the week in which the work wasper<strong>for</strong>med. Accordingly, federal employees must report their hours worked/wages earned onMonday, September 30 th , as well as any hours worked on Tuesday, October 1, 2013. These wagesmust be reported. West Virginia does permit an individual to earn $60 gross, and then deductsearnings dollar <strong>for</strong> dollar after $60. If your earnings are more than your WBA plus $60, you would haveexcessive earnings and the week cannot be used as the waiting week.Payment:Payments are generally received on the debit card two business days after the claim <strong>for</strong>m is processed.The earliest potential date that payment could be received would be Wednesday, October 16, 2013,<strong>for</strong> the weeks ending 10/5/13 and 10/12/13. Direct deposit payments occur within two to fourbusiness days after the claim <strong>for</strong>m is processed.2

Debit CardsFor initial claims, the debit card is mailed by Chase the next business day after the claim is entered. Itnormally takes 5-7 days <strong>for</strong> you to receive your debit card. There may be a delay between when youreceive your card and when payment is posted to the debit card.Direct DepositYou cannot enroll in direct deposit until your claim has been entered. Once you receive your initialmonetary determination you may enroll in direct deposit.NOTE: Due to the high volume of federal unemployment claims being taken, there may be a delay inthe entry of your new claim. We will be processing them as quickly as possible. We appreciate yourpatience.Additional in<strong>for</strong>mation on the federal shutdown impacts federal workers and their benefits can befound here.3

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