The Mover December 2012

The Mover December 2012

Trade associationsare key to growthPage 12Reducingproperty costsPage 16Feature:PackagingPage 30Recession theSpanish wayPage 34Issue 021 December 2012 OF THESHADOWSAn interview with Derek Milnerof Intransit. Page 26

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4 The MoverDecember 2012 ● for salesto take the leadSteve Jordan, EditorThe world of moving, in the UK at least, seems tobe on the up. And about time you might say. Mostof the movers I talk to had a pretty good year in2012, good by comparison to the last few anyway. I haveheard also today that the UK housing market is lookinga little brighter so that’s a good sign for 2013 too.Business generally seems to be better but prices arestill stretched. There still seems to be plenty of peopleout there prepared to work for peanuts.Then again, there always has been. Movers seem tohave a unique ability to compete on price when, in fact,there is so much else that is important to customers ifonly our sales people had worked out how to get themessage across. In a past life I used to lecture on salesfor BAR. It was clear to me then that most sales peopletalked about quality but when you asked them todemonstrate it, they looked at the floor and dribbled. Askthem to differentiate their service from a competitor’sand they would waffle and fail to make any sense.People often said to me that there was little actualdifference between them and a competitor so it was onlyprice they had to sell on. I understand, but the obverseof the coin is that when everyone is the same, beingdifferent (better) should be easy: you don’t need to domuch extra to be extraordinary. So how about askingyourself today, what can you do in the future that’s alittle different from your competition? How can you showyour quality and attention to detail? How can you makeyour customers pay a little more because they get youas part of the package? It’s not easy, I know - I did it forlong enough - but it is possible. What’s more, as themarket begins to recover which, I feel it certainly will in2013, it really is worth making the effort to spend a littlelonger with each customer, be a little more attentive,and work a little harder because the business is comingback. The challenge now is to be bold enough to believein your quality, make your customers see it, and makesome real profits again.Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous2013.Steve Jordan● 88% of businesses reported a rise in transport costs.Business costs still risingahead of inflationThe cost of doing business has continued to rise during 2012,with energy costs still the most commonly seen increase amongSMEs, research by the Forum of Private Business has indicated.The Forum’s latest quarterlyReferendum survey, carriedout among its members,shows firms are still facingan uphill battle to make ends meet.The results showed in total 95%of businesses have seen an overallincrease in their business costs. 85%of businesses reported an increasein energy costs, 88% in transportcosts, 82% a rise in marketing costs,and 73% a rise in the cost of rawmaterials/stock.Also of concern, the reportidentified around one in threebusiness owners who admitted tobeing unable to pass rising costsonto customers, forcing them to cuttheir own costs to keep prices static.Alex Jackman, the Forum’s SeniorPolicy Adviser, said: “The majorreasons for increases in prices arepredominantly down to VAT andenergy prices rising, coupled withthe weakness of sterling forimporters. Unfortunately, it doesn’tlook as if there is going to be anyrespite from energy hikes any timesoon. Oil prices have started risingagain having dipped in the summer,and now we have the likes of BritishGas raising prices for customerstoo. On the horizon we have a 3p alitre increase in fuel duty scheduledfor January.”While annual inflation has droppedfrom around 5% to 3%, the researchalso found small business inflationrunning at 6.7%. This means priceshave risen far faster for micro, smalland medium-sized businesses thanfor the rest of UK society, althoughthis is less than the 8.3% figurereported by the Forum last year inresearch into business costs,suggesting things have improved,albeit slowly. Wage inflation isaround the same level as underlyinginflation as reducing staff costs hasbeen the only way for somebusinesses to continue trading.“The major reasons forincreases in prices arepredominantly downto VAT and energyprices rising ...”Alex JackmanThe most frequently citedexacerbating factors were customerspaying late (59%) and competitorsoffering products below cost price(55%). Changing payment termshad been a problem for 24% ofbusinesses in dealing with suppliers,and 26% in dealing with customers.This latter issue suggests there ismuch work to be done in encouragingmore firms to subscribe to thePrompt Payment Code, whichaddresses the retrospective changingof payment terms and conditions.● The Forum of Private Businessis a proactive business supportorganisation focused on thegrowth and profitability of smallbusinesses. For more informationvisit

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6 The MoverDecember 2012 ● UKCROWNRELOCATIONSDEVELOPSMIGRATIONBUSINESSCrown Relocations has hiredTony Vullo to develop thecompany’s migrant businessopportunities across the UK.Tony has been appointed asBusiness DevelopmentManager – Migrant Marketand will be responsible forincreasing revenue byforming strategic partnershipsacross a variety of sectors.With a strong background inbusiness and salesdevelopment, Tony willmanage the online sales team toensure its continued success, as wellas working with teams throughoutthe UK to identify opportunities fordeveloping links with individualslooking to move abroad.Alongside running the online teamto ultimately increase the number ofnew clients and referrals, Tony willwork closely with a number of industryassociatedpartners, includingbusinesses from the airline, personalfinance and visa and immigrationsectors, to increase and enhance CrownRelocations’ strategic alliances.Tony commented: “It’s great to beworking with so many people acrossthe business to drive the migrantmarket forward and I’m lookingforward to embracing the challengeof working in a different industry.Thousands of people leave the UKevery year for a new start abroad soI’ll be tapping into the migrant sceneand establishing trends to enable meto get into the minds of this targetaudience.”David Hollins, Regional GeneralManager – UK & Ireland, CrownRelocations said: “Tony’s appointmenthas come at an important time for thecompany. We welcome Tony’s experienceand knowledge and look forward toseeing him implement his strategyfor the relocation market.”● Tony Vullo.● The idea is to make it easier for companies to take on staff, thus boosting growth.‘Employee owner’ plansset out to boost growthA consultation setting out plans for a newemployment status called an ‘employeeowner’ was published on 18 October byBusiness Minister Jo Swinson.The move follows anannouncement by theChancellor on 8 Octoberand will provide companieswith a new option to increase theflexibility of how they hire peopleand help their companies grow.Under the new employmentstatus, employee owners will havea different set of employment rightsand they will be given shares in thecompany of between £2,000 and£50,000. Any increase in value ofthese shares will not be subject tocapital gains tax.Employees taken on this way willhave all of the rights associatedwith other employees except for:• Unfair dismissal rights (apartfrom automatically unfair reasonsand where dismissal is based ondiscriminatory grounds);• Rights to redundancy pay;• Certain statutory rights to requesttraining;• The statutory right to requestflexible working;• Employee owners will have to givemore notice to their employer oftheir intention to return frommaternity or adoption leave early.Business Minister Jo Swinson said:“We know that engaged employeesare more productive and motivated.This scheme increases the optionsfor business and brings greaterflexibility to companies andemployees in determining theiremployment relationship. Byresponding to the flexible needs offast growing companies, it will helpthem take people on, providing areal incentive for employers andemployees.”“We know thatengaged employeesare more productiveand motivated. Thisscheme increases theoptions for businessand brings greaterflexibility ...”Jo SwinsonIt will be entirely voluntary for theemployer to offer the new statusand for an individual to choose toaccept it. An employer will be ableto choose the new status and stillchoose to offer more rights to itsstaff, e.g. the right to requestflexible working or higher levels ofcontractual redundancy pay.Companies of any size will be ableto use this new kind of contract, butit is principally intended for fastgrowing small and medium-sizedcompanies that would benefit mostfrom a flexible workforce.The consultation on the proposalwas focussed on both employmentlaw and company law issues andclosed on 8 November, 2012. TheTreasury will be consulting on thetax matters separately.Legislation to bring in the newemployee owner contract wasintroduced via the Growth andInfrastructure Bill, with the aim ofcompanies being able to offer thenew type of contract from April 2013.BISHOP’SHELPED KEEPLONDON MOVINGTHIS SUMMERThis summer, Bishop’s Moveworked with The StagecoachGroup to help keep Londonmoving during the Jubileecelebrations and the Olympicseason.With assistance from Bishop’s Move,Stagecoach helped form thebackbone of transport acrossLondon during the Games. Bishop’s Movewas on hand to assist with this high profileassignment, transporting suitcases andholdalls to various hotels and campusesaround London, including a cruise ship whichwas docked near to London City Airport.In a contract that was worth in the regionof £50,000 to the removals company, Bishop’sMove helped keep the capital moving on atotal of six days during July, August andSeptember, when the number of visitors tothe Games was at its peak.Steve Burd, Managing Director ofStagecoach Midlands, commented: “I wouldlike to thank Bishop’s Move for their help andassistance with Stagecoach’s July, Augustand September moves and the helpful andpro-active manner in which the team dealtwith many of the necessary last minutechanges. Their assistance was muchappreciated.”Al Bingle, Bishop’s Move Managing Director,said: “We were delighted to be approachedby Stagecoach to assist in the delivery of asuccessful transportation programmethroughout what was an extremely busysummer in London. We are proud of thesmall role we played in making the Gamessuch a huge success and for helping thingsto run smoothly behind the scenes.”● Delighted to be approached - Bishop’s MoveManaging Director Al Bingle. ● December 2012The Mover7NEWS: UKPound Gates is bestemployer in East AngliaChartered insurance brokers Pound Gates is celebratingafter winning an award for being the best employer inEast Anglia as well as achieving both the ISO 14001and 9001 accreditations.● Watson’s – a growing reputation in the commercial field.Removal firm picks upmajor new contractNorth East-based removals firm Watson’s has landed a majorcontract with multinational giant AMEC to assist in the move ofover 500 office stations into new premises.The Darlington companywill work with AMEC as itmoves staff into its newhome on the Lingfield Pointbusiness park, on the outskirts ofDarlington.AMEC is the latest in a long line ofnew commercial customers forWatson’s, as it continues to growits presence in that area alongsidecontinually healthy demand fordomestic removals and storage. Tofacilitate the AMEC contract and othercommercial work, the company hasnow added a new vehicle to its fleet.Company owner Mick Watson said:“We’re delighted to have won thiswork and our reputation continuesto grow in the commercial field andevery opportunity that comes ourway enables us to prove we are aprofessional team which pridesitself on the quality of our customerservice.”“We chose Watson’sRemovals becausethe team therewere extremelyprofessional ...”Kevin CatterickKevin Catterick, Head of Functionat AMEC, said: “We chose Watson’sRemovals because the team therewere extremely professional, andprovided us with a deliverable andaffordable solution.”As well as AMEC, Watson’s lists anumber of other major UK firmsamong its commercial clientsincluding NIFCO, the Student LoansCompany and Darlington BuildingSociety.Harrow Green moves libraryfor the University of LeedsPound Gates was recentlyacknowledged at theBest Employers EasternRegion Awards as theBest Overall Business with 50employees or fewer and alsoreceived the Award for EmployeeValues. The 2012 awardsannounced in October are basedon an online staff survey exploringa company’s culture and values.The confidential survey attractedover 5,000 participants.Director, Rob Thacker said, “Weare extremely pleased to havebeen recognised. The awards aretestament to how much as acompany we value our staff, as it isonly through their dedication andcommitment that we can deliverour superior client experience.”The company has also achievedits ISO 14001 accreditationcertifying its commitment toenvironmental management.Pound Gates has worked economicand green concepts into its supplychain, choosing and working withpartners and suppliers to monitortheir environmental complianceand so ensure a sustainablefuture.Environmental Officer, JulietHood said, “As well as reducingour usage of consumables, suchas paper and electricity, we selectlow emission vehicles and askour staff to cycle, walk or makeappropriate use of public transportwhere possible.”● Below: Rob Thacker;right: Kevin Collins.In September Pound Gates alsorenewed its ISO 9001 accreditationcertifying its commitment toquality management andcontinuous improvement. PoundGates has held this accreditationfor 20 years.Owner and Managing Director,Kevin Collins said, “At Pound Gateswe put the client experience atthe heart of everything we do andone of the ways in which we do thisis through the investment in ourstaff. I am extremely proud we havebeen acknowledged as a goodemployer. Taking responsibilityfor our environmental impact hasalways been high on our agendaand an important part of being aresponsible business within ourcommunity. This ISO accreditationsits comfortably alongside thecharity fundraising andvolunteering our staff undertakeas part of our wider corporatesocially responsible approach.”Harrow Green has beenchosen to relocate 19,000linear metres of books at theUniversity of Leeds.The project is the latest in anumber of education sector movesundertaken by Harrow Green inthe region with a combined valuein excess of £400,000.Karl Crompton, CommercialConsultant, Harrow Green, said:“Harrow Green has gained anexcellent reputation as a specialistlibrary mover alongside ourcommercial relocation expertise.We have worked with theuniversity on a number of projectsover the past few years.”

8 The MoverDecember 2012 ● PICKFORDS GOLF TOURNAMENTTop centre: Adele Churchill, NSPCC; top: thewinning team - left to right: Steve Boyd(Pickfords), James Pearson (Ecu Line UK) andMichael Cornish (Agility GRMS). Lyndsey Daykin,Head of Marketing for Pickfords, handed out theprizes. Centre: Steve Gooding, longest drive.Above: Roger Moore, nearest the pin.Pickfords charity golf – take twoThirty-two intrepid golfers braved the damp fairways of the Abbey Hotel coursein Reddich for the annual Pickfords golf tournament in aid of the NSPCC.Although the fairwayswere wet and the greenson the sluggish side theweather was sublimeby comparison to a few weeksearlier when the event had to becancelled because torrential rainhad made the course unplayable.As always, a few of the playersfound it pretty tough anyway.After the golf was completeeveryone gathered in the hotelfor a charity dinner including asilent auction, an extensive raffle,and a not so silent auction whenmany of the raffle winners choseto auction their prizes to raiseeven more money for the charity.Adele Churchill, from NSPCCattended the dinner and thankedeveryone at Pickfords for theirsupport. She said that whenPickfords started working with thechildren’s charity it had a target toraise £25,000. That total was quicklypassed with £67,000 being raisedin 2012 alone from a combinationof events including the LondonMarathon, a parachute jump anda cycle ride from London to John0’ Groats. The new target figurefor Pickfords is £150,000.Left: Russel Start; above: marking the card.

10 The MoverDecember 2012 ● UKTRAININGCOMPANYWARNS OFLOADING BAYDANGERSLoading and unloading ofgoods has been identifiedby the Health and SafetyExecutive (HSE) as thehighest risk activity commonlycarried out in many sectors,accounting for up to 30% of allworkplace transport accidents.Mentor Training’s TechnicalManager Steve Baldwinexplained: “Loading baysafety always needs special attention,with so many load, pedestrian andvehicle movements. The extra risks ofvisiting drivers who don’t know yourprocedures, and the potential forloads to shift in transit also pose aparticular safety issue to those workingin and around loading bays.”Special safety measuresrecommended by the HSE for theloading bay include additional riskassessments, producing procedureson delivering for visiting drivers andempowering drivers and staff to haltloading or unloading instantly, shouldthey have any concerns.Additionally, the Fork Lift TruckAssociation urges businesses to ensureall staff visiting the loading bay, inwhatever capacity, are adequatelytrained to recognise the unique risksinvolved.● For free advice from MentorTraining’s in-house experts, Moverback issues● The Crown team reaches Paris.Crown employees get ontheir bikes for charityA group of employees from Crown Worldwide Group have pedalled 321 miles to raise money forthe company’s Charity of the Year, DebRA. 15 staff from the records management and relocationsbusinesses completed the journey from London to Paris for the bike ride fundraiser.The trip saw the amateurcyclists ride an average of107 miles a day and burnnearly 300,000 caloriesbetween them before reaching theEiffel Tower in Paris. The collective£9,500 raised will be matched byCrown Worldwide Group, resultingin a total of £19,000 for the rare skincondition charity.Mark Browne, London & SouthEast Regional Operations Managerat Crown Records Management, said:“After over 13,000 miles in trainingit felt great to finally achieve theLondon to Paris cycle route andraise so much money for DebRA.We were privileged to travel throughsome amazing scenery and seesome spectacular sunsets and whileit was a challenge, it was well worthit knowing the funds were going toEvery year UTS Bournessupports the TumbleUp4Lifecharity that raises money forcancer research. As a worldwidenetwork, UniGroup WorldwideUTS supports the Inspire2Livesuch a great cause.”Stuart Lawson, Global AllianceManager at Crown Worldwide Groupand fellow cyclist, added: “The wholeteam did a fantastic job in keepingeveryone going on the trip andthere was a group sense of pridethroughout knowing that we weredoing our bit in helping thosesuffering with the skin blisteringcondition, EB. It’s been a realadventure and we are delighted tohave raised such a fantastic amountfor DebRA.”The 15-strong team included fourmembers of staff from Crown Paris.The £19,000 London to Parisdonation now brings the total moneyraised for the charity by CrownWorldwide Group to over £47,000so far. Read the team diary at for flag poles!● Tumbleup4life group.organisation by promoting andsupporting its events andencouraging teams from its 1,300worldwide service centres to jointhe challenges and raise funds forthis worthwhile cause.What does DebRA do?DebRA works on behalf ofpeople with the skin blisteringcondition Epidermolysis Bullosa(EB), a very rare genetic condition inwhich the skin and internal bodylinings blister at the slightest knock orrub; causing painful, open wounds. EBis likely to affect one in 17,000 livebirths and it is estimated that there arecurrently 5,000 people with thecondition in the UK.To make a donation to DebRA, pleasevisit ‘iron mountain’ of SouthWales, The Tumble, is the site forthe annual challenge where cyclistsattempt to reach the summit asmany times as possible in a singleday to replicate the daily challengesa cancer patient faces.Next year’s event will take placeon May 4, 2013, and the charity isappealing for help in sourcingflag poles for the event, becauseas a charitable organisation itdoesn’t have any funds to buythem. If anyone has any portableflag poles that they’d be willing tolend the charity for the event, orknows someone that might beable to help, please e-mail DianaCastrop, TumbleUp4Life RaceDirector, at ● December 2012The Mover 11NEWS: UKBritannia Sandersteads chooses12t DAFs to replace 7.5t vansBritannia Sandersteads has taken delivery of twoDAF 12t vans to replace smaller 7.5t vehicles.● The new DAFs outside Sandersteads’ office in Surrey.The move to lager vanswas prompted by newregulations requiringsome drivers to take anLGV test to drive 7.5t vehicles thatcould previously be driven by anyoneholding a car licence. The extracapacity also means there are noproblems with weight restrictionswhich was often a concern with thesmaller vans.The DAF – FALF45 vans arecapable of carrying four industrystandard250ft 3 storage containersand have a loose pack volume ofMike Fahey of CheshireRemovals has launched anew website specifically tosell used vehicles. Mike has beenselling removals vans for sometime but this is the first time hehas had a dedicated website for1,500ft 3 . If more capacity is neededa five ton trailer can be attachedaccommodating two storagecontainers or 800ft 3 loose pack. Bothvans were built by Unique VanBodies and feature three-seaterday cabs with two-man sleeperpods for long distance moves in theUK and Europe.The trucks are ideal for use aroundthe leafy suburbs of Surrey whichoften pose tight access problemsand also around central London,where again access and parkingbecome a real challenge.New website for used trucksthe purpose. He says that the sitehas trucks of all shapes and sizesand if he hasn’t got what you arelooking for in stock, he canprobably find it pretty quickly.Take a look at● European Driver Troy Ashley with Project Manager Jon Barton.Santa Express andThe Euro GroupFollowing the huge success of last year’s campaign,The EuroGroup of Mildenhall has again teamed upwith local radio station Zack FM to deliver a specialChristmas to children who are less fortunate at thisfestive time of the year.Zack FM will againappeal for toys in afresh campaign, ‘SantaExpress’, and once thedonations of new toys are receivedthey will be distributed to thechildren.Last year the combined effortsmade it possible to providehundreds of less fortunate childrenwith Christmas presents and raisedan unbelievable estimated twentythousand pounds-worth of newtoys for the children. Some of thetoys were taken to local socialservices and then on ChristmasEve many were delivered to WestSuffolk’s Rainbow Ward forchildren staying in the hospitalover Christmas. Toys were alsosupplied for the play unit whichis normally stocked with secondhandtoys.At midnight last Christmasmorning the toys arrived at thechildren’s unit at Addenbrookshospital in Cambridge, whereover 60 children who were inSome of the toyswere taken to localsocial services andthen on ChristmasEve many weredelivered to WestSuffolk’s RainbowWard for childrenhospital on the day all receivednew toys and again their play unitwas stocked with a substantialamount of toys for use by futurepatients.The last of the toys were donatedto local churches that put themto good use for their causes.The EuroGroup said it is veryproud to be in a position to helpwith its expertise being put to usefor such a good cause and puttingsmiles on so many children’s faces.

12 The MoverDecember 2012 ● TRADE ASSOCIATIONS AND GROWTHTrade associations key to UK growth says reportLord Heseltine launched his long awaited government commissionedreport, ‘No Stone Unturned in Pursuit of Growth’, on 31 October.Among the 80 or so and focussed on the need forrecommendations smaller sectors like the removalsHestletine cited the industry to be representedclose involvement properly and not be side-linedof trade associations with by broader sectors such as thegovernment as a key element in wider logistics industry. BAR alsothe nation’s road to recovery called for improved standards,with lead associations appointed clarification of the role of tradeto represent specific industry associations and a code ofsectors.practice. It also called for a clearThe British Association of divide between legitimate tradeRemovers (BAR) was one of only associations such as BAR anda handful of trade associations other organisations claiming toto be consulted on the report represent the sector.● Michael Heseltine.Extracts from the Heseltine report:3.99Trade associations clearly have akey role to play in improvinggovernment’s engagement withbusiness sectors. The problem isthe reality on the ground. Ingeneral sectoral representation inthe UK is fragmented, duplicativeand often poorly resourced. Thereis no legislation governing tradeassociations and no requirementon them to be registered. Anyonecan set one up.3.100The result is a proliferation of bodiesof variable quality. The TradeAssociation Forum estimates thatthere are currently as many as3,500 trade associations in the UK.There have been various attempts toaddress the problems of businessrepresentation dating back to theDevlin Commission in 1972, butthe issues of fragmentation andproliferation are still very muchalive today. There has been littleeffective action to address theseissues since that report.3.101Many of these issues are for businessto sort out for itself – I discuss thisfurther in Chapter 5. However,through the way it chooses to engagewith sectors, government canprovide powerful incentives fortrade associations to improve andrationalise.3.102First it needs to reintroduce theconcept of lead associations. Thiswould require government tonominate a trade association as thefocus for its engagement with aparticular sector. Government wouldthen channel all of its engagement,such as consultations, through thelead association. Permanentsecretaries and ministers shouldspecifically ask whether policy hasbeen developed in consultationwith the lead association. Thisdoes not involve any sort of veto ongovernment policy. It is designed toensure a deeper understanding ofthe issues and opportunities involved.It simply ensures, as a minimum,proper consultation. Again it iscommon practice overseas.3.103A condition of nomination must bethat the lead association takes onresponsibility for ensuring that theviews of the entire sector are fairlyrepresented, and that steps aretaken to draw all trade associationsoperating in a particular sector intonew, more strategic workingarrangements. This can be done, notonly through mergers, but throughthe creation of umbrella bodies.The creation of the ConstructionProducts Association is an exampleof what is possible. So too is theformation of ADS in 2009 throughthe merger of the Association ofPolice and Public Security Suppliers,the Defence ManufacturersAssociation and the Society ofBritish Aerospace Companies. Itwould be a welcome initiative ifindustry more widely examined theplethora of such bodies with a viewto streamlining and improving focuswhere appropriate. In the end theyare paying for these bodies andshould ensure that they are gettingthe best value for money.Hestletine expressed a cautionarynote regarding the concept oflead organisations following hisexperiences during the 1990swhen President of the Board ofTrade.3.106I introduced the concept of leadassociations in the 1990s but it didnot survive. This stop, start approachdoes not work. Effective tradeassociations can make a majorcontribution to the development ofproductive partnerships betweengovernment and the private sector.They are a prize worth strivingfor, but they need nurturing. Thepoint has been made to me thatgovernment gets the tradeassociations it deserves. If it wantsto see trade associations raisingtheir performance, governmentneeds to show a consistent approachand a sustained commitment tojoined-up partnership working.● To read the full report ● December 2012The Mover13NEWS: UKEUROPEAN EMMARESULTS ANNOUNCEDSterling, from London, has won the ‘International MovingCompany of the Year’ Award at the European EMMAs 2012.The award was presented ata gala dinner on Friday 19October at London’s ParkPlaza Hotel. BournesRemovals was the runner up.Sterling has had a solid showingat the EMMA awards over the pastfew years; in 2011, it was runner upfor the same award. In 2010 it took thetrophy for ‘Relocation ManagementCompany of the Year’.Rupert Morley, Sterling’s CEOsaid: “We are delighted to havewon the EMMA for ‘InternationalMoving Company of the Year’. Thisis a tribute to the hard work ofeveryone at Sterling: their ability tounderstand our clients’ needs, thecare they exhibit for them and theircommitment to delivering on whatwe promise.”Bournes Removals has offices inKent, Sussex and London andprovides removals, storage andshipping services to private,corporate and business customers.The company was established in1875 and is now a shareholder inUniGroup Worldwide UTS with over1,300 branches on six continents.The EMMAs, organised by theForum of Expatriate Management,are the world’s only awardsdedicated exclusively to celebratingexcellence in global mobilityrecognising industry leaders,business successes and rising stars.● Left to right: Brian Friedman, FEM CEO;Radhika Gorsia, Sterling CSM; Rebecca Gonzaga,Sterling CSM; Ellen Jansma, Heineken GlobalMobility Manager and EMMAs judge;Rupert Morley, Sterling CEO.Other EMMA winnersHere are the winners from the movingindustry at the European EMMAs.International MovingCompany of the YearWinner:SterlingRunner-Up:BournesHighly Commended:Elite Moving SystemsThought Leadership – Survey orResearch Study of the YearWinner:Interdean Relocation ServicesRunner-Up:DeloitteHighly Commended:DFA Intercultural Global SolutionsInternational SOSGlobal Mobility RisingStar of the YearWinner:Chris Debner – Ernst & YoungRunner-Up:Rebecca Gonzaga – SterlingHighly Commended:Andrew Elliman – 360 RelocationsAndy Elson – InterdeanRelocation Services● Left to right: Paul Landy, Pat Murphy and James Buckley.Britannia Fleet helpslocal hospice packthe Christmas goodiesWhen Darren French of Britannia Fleet Removals received a callfrom a local hospice for help he was more than happy to oblige.Pat Murphy, Director ofFundraising andCommunications atSt. Josephs Hospice inThornton, Liverpool was sending a40ft container with goodies boundfor needy people in Honduras andshe needed two experienced burlypackers to make sure everythingwas done properly. The big daycame on Monday 22 October andremovals men James Buckley andPaul Landy arrived at the hospice’swoodland setting armed with cartonsand bubble wrap to start work.There was everything frommedicines and hospital equipmentto clothes and furniture, but, mostimportant of all, toys for the children,that would arrive in time for Santato share out on Christmas Day.James and Paul were delighted to beable to help and had an unexpectedbonus when, to their surprise, a BBCcamera crew arrived to film them inaction. This year is St Joseph’s 50thanniversary and the BBC weremaking a film to celebrate theamazing work that Pat and her teamperform at the hospice.Happily, James and Paul managedto pack the container with room tospare and the container left on timefor its 4,000 mile journey across theocean. No doubt it will bring lots ofChristmas joy to the people ofHonduras.● Fame at last! James and Paul face the camera.Get on The Mover websitesuppliers directory for free.E-mail:

14 The MoverDecember 2012 ● UKPound Gatesis Santa ClausCelebrating its 25th year inbusiness, charteredinsurance brokers PoundGates, are challenging 25staff to cycle 25 milesdressed as Santa, with atarget of raising over£5,000 for East Anglia’sChildren’s Hospices (EACH).The event will be heldon 9 December,cycling a 25 mileroute around Ipswich,Suffolk, stopping at the EACHTreehouse hospice to deliverpresents for the children beforereturning to their head office,St Vincent House.EACH support families andcare for children and youngpeople with life-threateningconditions across the East ofEngland. They provide care andsupport wherever the familywishes – in families’ own homes,in the community or at one oftheir hospices.Pound Gates aim is to raise£5,000 through personal andcorporate donations which willfund family and bereavementsupport sessions for over 300families.Marketing Manager, RobertAppleton commented, “Everyyear we participate in a largecharitable event, this year wewanted this to align to our25th anniversary. We have hada great response from our staffeager to participate in eithercycling, fund raising orsupporting our riders. 2013 isall set to be a great year forPound Gates celebratingsuccess over the last 25 yearsand looking forward to thenext 25.”● For more information● Urgent action is required over fuel duty, according to a report commissioned by the RHA.FairFuelUK in talks withChief Treasury SecretaryOn 29 October the FairFuelUK campaigngroup, together with RHA Chief ExecutiveGeoff Dunning, met in London for discussionswith Chief Secretary to the Treasury, DannyAlexander and his team to discuss next year’sproposed 3ppl increase in fuel duty.“ The Minister listenedcarefully to what we had tosay,” said RHA ChiefExecutive Geoff Dunning.“He was also pleased to receive acopy of the report by the NationalInstitute of Economic and SocialResearch, commissioned by the RHA,which pulls no punches regardingthe case for urgent action over fuelduty.”The report clearly states that a 3pplduty rise in January will:• Cut 35,000 jobs;• Cut growth by 0.1%;• Will improve the fiscal deficit byonly £880 million;• Every household will feel an evengreat strain on their finances;• The Bank of England could beforced to raise interest rates earlierthan currently expected.However, if the contents of theRHA-funded report are acted upon,a fuel duty cut of 3ppl would:• Create 70,00 jobs;• Boost the economy by 0.2% -● Danny Alexander.“We left the Treasuryteam in no doubt asto the plight of boththe motorist and thehaulier and it is nowvital that we see astop to an increasein January ...”Geoff Dunningessential at a time when financialgrowth is so critical;• Reduce the fiscal position by£1.8billion – significantly less thatthe £3 billion the Treasury wouldexpect.“We left the Treasury team in nodoubt as to the plight of both themotorist and the haulier and it isnow vital that we see a stop to anincrease in January,” Geoff Dunningcontinued. “We made our caseclearly, and honestly. To have theadditional backing of a professionalreport that presents a firm andpositive case to address fuel dutyas a matter of extreme urgencystrengthens our case for action.”Lightereveningswouldsave livesThe Institute of AdvancedMotorists (IAM) is calling forchanges to British SummerTime (BST), to give us moredaylight hours in the evening.Pushing the British time zoneforward by an hour in bothwinter and summer wouldmean lighter evenings, and would,according to IAM, save lives. Apparentlythere are more accidents in the eveningthan in the morning. Figures from theDepartment for Transport show thatchanging the daylight hours couldprevent about 80 deaths and at least200 serious injuries on our roads eachyear. It would also align the hours ofdaylight to the waking and workinghours of the vast majority of thepopulation.Road casualty rates increase withthe arrival of darker evenings. In2011:• The number of pedestrians killed orseriously injured in November was 14%more than the monthly average;• The number of cyclist casualties was5% higher;• The rate of motorcycle casualtiesper vehicle mile was 28% higher.IAM Chief Executive Simon Best said:“Making evenings lighter would savelives. While an extra hour of daylightwould help to make the commutehome much safer for all road users;children, cyclists and motorcyclistswould benefit most. We want to see athree-year trial of the new daylightsystem. If the trial period proves thenew daylight hours have a positiveeffect on road safety, it is clear that itis the system we should keep. Withconvincing evidence of the potentialbenefits, it is only right that we pilot anew system.”Editor’s noteThis also means that the UK would beon the same time zone as the rest ofEurope. Not a bad idea but how do youfancy being left in the dark until9.00am on winter mornings? ● December 2012The Mover 15NEWS: UKEssex truck firm prosecutedover life-changing injuriesAn Essex firm has been prosecuted after one of its employeessuffered life-changing injuries when he fell from a stepladderwhile spray-painting a lorry.● Richard Close, CEO of Briggs Equipment UK Ltd.Barloworld HandlingUK acquired by BriggsEquipment UK LtdBriggs Equipment UK Ltd, a leading materials handling specialist,has recently acquired the assets of Barloworld Handling UK.Briggs is now the exclusiveUK dealer for Hysterproducts and takesresponsibility for salesand service of both the Hyster andYale brand of lift trucks in the UK.Demonstrating Briggs’ clearcommitment to growth, thisacquisition positions the companywith the largest, multi-skilled mobileengineering workforce in the UK.Richard Close, CEO for BriggsEquipment UK, said: “We are excitedto have the addition of the Hysterbrand which will expand ourfootprint and product offering in theUK. This strategic growth bringsmore opportunities for our employeesand an enhanced service to ourcustomers, with greater productsolutions and quicker responsetimes.”Briggs Equipment UK Ltd is asubsidiary of Briggs International.“We are excited tohave the additionof the Hyster brandwhich will expandour footprint andproduct offeringin the UK.”Richard CloseBriggs International has dealershipsof Yale and Hyster products acrossthe southern United States and inMexico. Both Hyster Company andYale Materials Handling Corporationare operating divisions of NACCOMaterials Handling Group.For more information visit 51-year-old man fromLatchingdon, who hasasked not to be named,shattered his left shoulderand collar bone, broke several ribsand received a deep cut to his headin the fall at Chelmer Truck BodiesLtd in Boreham near Chelmsford.The company was prosecuted bythe Health and Safety Executive(HSE) after an investigation foundthat the same employee had fallen offa stepladder just one month beforethe incident, but no action had beentaken to improve safety at the site onBoreham Industrial Estate.Chelmsford Magistrates’ Courtheard on 3 October that the workerhad been painting the lorry on 27January, 2012, when one of the feet● the stepladder slipped down agrill in the concrete floor. He fellapproximately two metres andsuffered serious injuries. He is stillunable to return to work nearly sixmonths on from the incident, andsuffers considerable pain due to theinjury to his shoulder.The company, which went intovoluntary liquidation in April 2012,was fined £7,500 and ordered topay costs of £4,923 as well as a £15victim surcharge.The latest figures show that 38people died as a result of a workplacefall in Great Britain in 2010/11, andmore than 4,000 suffered a majorinjury.● Information on preventing falls isavailable at it comes to crate rental, it paysto call people you know you can trust.Call John Mitchell on 07800 983908or Nick Flaxman on 07791 632293.

16 The MoverDecember 2012 ● PROPERTY COSTSReducing your property costsBy Jason Goldsmith of Keystone Law.In difficult times tenants might needto reduce their property costs.Commercial property solicitor, JasonGoldsmith, reviews a number ofapproaches and highlights key points andthe latest developments for businessesto consider.If the lease dates from 1996 onwards,then you will still be required toguarantee the performance ofthe lease covenants, but for yourimmediate successor only.arrangement can sometimes also beprohibited. A final point that oftencomplicates matters is that, as withassignment, the landlord will want to besatisfied regarding the financial standingof the proposed subtenant.SurrenderUnless the landlord has plans toredevelop or has another tenant lined up,surrender is unlikely to be a realisticoption without paying a significantpremium.AssignmentAssignment is where you transfer thewhole of your interest in a lease tosomeone else. Although assigning a leaseseems like a clean solution, there arehurdles to overcome. Landlord’s consentwill be required and the proposed assigneewill have to satisfy the usual financialtests and provide suitable security.There is also a sting in the tail: if thelease was granted before 1995 then youwill retain liability for performance oflease covenants by your successors intitle. This applies until the end of the leaseterm, no matter how many times it isassigned. So if an assignee defaults, thelandlord has the ability to require you tomake good the default.If the lease dates from 1996 onwards,then you will still be required to guaranteethe performance of the lease covenants,but for your immediate successor only.This guarantee, known as an authorisedguarantee agreement, falls away whenyour immediate successor assigns thelease. Sometimes a lease also requires thatany current guarantor of your lease alsoparticipates in an authorised guaranteeagreement. Recent cases have clarifiedthat this obligation can sometimes be void.Sub-lettingSub-letting is where you lease the wholeor part of your interest in a rental propertyto someone else. This approach is not asmuch of a clean break as assignmentbecause you remain in situ for theremainder of the term acting as a post boxfor the payment of rents.In the event of breach, you remain thelandlord’s first port of call for enforcement.As the tenant remains on the hook for allthe lease covenants, it will be importantto ensure that these are offloaded as faras possible onto the sub-tenant. However,it is not always possible to do this,... all the methods for mitigatingleasehold liabilities can involveclearing significant hurdles orleave you with residual liabilities.particularly in relation to the repairingcovenants where subtenants are oftenreluctant to assume the full repairingobligation, thus leaving you with a shortfall.Also, if the subtenant fails to pay their rentthen you will still have to pay your rent!It might be difficult to find a potentialsubtenant who wants to take the wholeof the leased area, but the ability to subletpart is often restricted under the lease.Also, if the potential subtenant will onlypay less than the passing rent then this● Jason Goldsmith.Re-gearingThis is renegotiating the key terms of alease in a manner that allows tenants andlandlords to accomplish key commercialobjectives. Some tenants have beensuccessful in re-gearing their leases.This approach is unconventional and itrequires understanding your landlord’sobjectives clearly. Sometimes it canbenefit a landlord to renegotiate key termsof the lease on the basis of a tenant givingcertain concessions.Break clausesIf you are lucky enough to be approachinga break date, it still pays to be wary toensure that lease liabilities come to anend when expected. Conditions attachedto break clauses need to be strictlyobserved and some recent cases haveemphasised this. Where a break clauserequired all rent to be paid up to thebreak date and a tenant’s cheque for£150 had not cleared at the break date,the court ruled that the attempt to exercisethe break clause was ineffective.ConclusionTo sum up, all the methods for mitigatingleasehold liabilities can involve clearingsignificant hurdles or leave you withresidual liabilities. Please speak to us aboutestablishing the best approach for you.● ● December 2012The Mover17Why youneed us!BAR Servicesmembersco-operative.Join the club and get great products, savings and benefitsBAR Services offers a wide rangeof products & services specificallydesigned for the moving industry. Thepartnership between BAR Services andits customers has resulted in the mostcomprehensive range of products &services available.BAR Services is a not-for-profitorganisation that was created with aview to working on behalf of themembers. By purchasing yourpackaging products through ourcompany you will receive theadded benefit of a yearly rebateand peace of mind that you have boughtat an extremely competitive rate. Want toknow more? Contact our sales team on(01342) 870087

18 The MoverDecember 2012 ● EMPLOYMENT TRIBUNAL FEESEmployment tribunal fees –good news or bad?Employment law has long been a hot potato. Depending on where you sit, it is either hopelesslyineffective at protecting vulnerable employees against immoral employers, or a huge legal andadministrative burden that allows well meaning employers to be unfairly pursued by formeremployees with spurious claims. Andrew Buckley of Woodfines solicitors looks at the good andthe bad of the new legislation.We can all come up withexamples to illustrateeither viewpoint.Small wonder, then,that the government are keen to makereforms.In 2011, the coalition governmentindicated that Claimants inEmployment Tribunal cases wouldstart to have to pay fees for pursuingcases. In December 2011, aconsultation document (ChargingFees in Employment Tribunals andthe Employment Appeal Tribunal) waslaunched, and views were sought asto how fees should be implemented.The consultation closed in March2012, and the government publishedits response on 13 July, 2012. Thegovernment hopes that fees will beintroduced in the summer of 2013.The proposal is that Claimants willpay a fee when they issue their claim(the issue fee), and a further fee ifthe case proceeds to a final hearing(the hearing fee).The amount of each fee payablewill depend upon what type of caseit is. Level 1 fees will be payable forsimple cases such as deductionsfrom wages claims, and redundancypayment claims. Level 2 claims willbe payable for more complex casessuch as unfair dismissal anddiscrimination claims.It is currently proposed that the feespayable will be: Level 1 – Issue Fee£160 and Hearing Fee £230.Level 2– Issue Fee £250 and Hearing Fee £950.It is apparent from the responsesto the consultation, that the proposalsdo not please either employees oremployers. Employee groups areopposed in principle to the idea ofemployees having to pay fees tobring tribunal cases. They argue thatintroduction of a fee would unfairlydisadvantage employees and preventthem from pursuing valid claims.On the other hand, business groupsargue that the proposals are unlikelyto deter weak claims.The government state that deterringclaims is not the purpose of theproposals. They say that in commonwith other courts, EmploymentTribunals should be partially selffunding.However, the governmenthad originally indicated that deterringclaims was not the purpose of theproposals, but then withdrew thissuggestion.There are other fundamentalcriticisms of the proposals. Firstly,it is thought that having a two stagefee system will clog up the tribunal– employers will delay making offersto settle cases to see if the employeepays the hearing fee, and employeeswho have paid the hearing fee maybe less likely to accept reasonableproposals from the employer.Secondly, applications at the end ofcases for orders that another partyshould be responsible for the feesare likely to become common, whichwill take up more Tribunal time.Whether the proposals change thesystem for the better remains to beseen.● BuckleyAndrew Buckley has been asolicitor for 12 years and hasspecialised entirely inemployment law matters, usuallyrepresenting employers. He is amember of the Solicitors Associationof Higher Courts Advocates, as well asthe Employment Lawyers Association.He is a partner in the Employmentdepartment at Woodfines. ● December 2012The Mover 19NEWS: INTERNATIONALGoods vehicles must pay touse French roads from 2013From July 2013 goods vehicles over 3.5 tonnes travelling in France will becharged a tax to use large sections of the national and local road network.● Vehicles travelling to European countries have little choice but to pass through France.The Heavy Goods Vehicle Eco-Tax will apply to 15,000kmof French roads but will notinclude toll motorways.The new Eco-Tax will be calculatedby applying a kilometre rate thatvaries according to the type of vehicleinvolved, its emission levels and thearea of the country concerned. It isestimated the tax will raise 1.2 billioneuros per annum and - according tothe French government - will be usedto finance transport infrastructureprojects and support sustainabledevelopment.Tax will be collected by an onboardunit (OBU) fitted to the insideof the vehicle’s windscreen. Thedevice will be configured to applythe correct rate of tax at the time ofregistration based on the vehicle’scharacteristics and will be triggeredby GPS satellite technology. It willbe the operator’s responsibility toinstall the unit and to register witha Registered Electronic Toll SystemCompany (SHT) who will invoicethe operator on a monthly basis.Alternative pre-payment methods willalso be available whereby operatorsbuy credits using a credit or fuelcard. The tax will be deductedautomatically from the balanceduring the journey and can be recreditedvia a 24-hour multi-lingualcall centre or via the Internet.The actual rates of tax have not yetbeen announced however a websitewill be available from January nextyear that will enable operators tocalculate the tax due for any particularjourney in advance.The customermust payThis new, somewhat cynically namedEco-Tax is another unwelcomemove to make vehicle operatorsfork out even more of their already slimmargins to the tax man. France is a bigcountry and vehicles travelling to otherparts of continental Europe have littleoption but to pass through it on theirway to and from their destinations.As yet the French authorities have notannounced the level of tax they intendto impose, but whatever it is it must notbe allowed to impact on the profits ofremovals companies operating on theaffected routes. Careful calculationswill need to be made to establish howmuch the new tax will add to a journeyand the price to the customer must beset accordingly. Attempting to absorbthe tax will result in more removalscompanies struggling to survive and adiminished service to Europe.EnforcementThe designers of the charging system,Ecomouv have installed a numberof fixed automatic enforcementcheckpoints located across France.Information collected by thesedevices will also be passed to StateEnforcement Agents responsiblefor policing the taxable network.● More information about theforthcoming French Heavy GoodsVehicle Eco-Tax is available POSTPONEFINES FOR NOTCARRYING ABREATHALYSERFines for drivers of allmotor vehicles - includingmotorcyclists - who are caughtwithout a breathalyser kit, willbe implemented in Francefrom March 2013, accordingto the Institute of AdvancedMotorists (IAM). The fineswere due to be enforced from1 November, 2012.All drivers in France are nowrequired to carry a breathalyserkit and a euro 11 fine will beapplicable to all road users, exceptriders of mopeds, who do not comply.Single-use breathalyser kits willsatisfy the requirement. The legallimit in France is 50mg per 100ml ofblood, lower than in the UK (the UKlimit is 80mg). They cost between £1and £2 and are available at ferry andtunnel terminals for crossings toFrance. The French authorities hopethe move will encourage drivers totest themselves to check if they areover the drink-drive limit beforesetting out.Anyone driving in France is alreadyrequired to carry a warning triangleand a fluorescent safety vest to use inan emergency. Additionally UKmotorists and motorcyclists mustdisplay a GB plate.IAM Director of Policy and ResearchNeil Greig said: “The new French rule isa genuine attempt to reduce the numberof alcohol-related accidents. France’slower limit means it’s very easy to beover the limit the morning after as well.As always, the best advice for roadusers is not to drink and drive at all.”EUROMOVERS InternationalWorldwide Movers AllicanceA friendly Networkwith a Family SpiritEUROMOVERS International SA13, Rue Edmond Reuter · L-5326 Contern, LuxembourgPhone: +352-26 70 16 56 · Fax: +352-26 70 16 57The EUROMOVERS Network, now in existence for over10 years, is proud to count partners in more than 30countries in Europe and Overseas.Throughout the years, the network has developed astrong, international recognized partnership. Originallycreated by likeminded European Movers who wished toco-operate with others under the same standards, visionand banner, it has developed to an exclusive Circle ofExperts with strong coherence, co-operating with afamily spirit.Email: info@euromovers.comWeb: www.euromovers.comRecognized TrademarkCo-operation and AssistanceSpecial rates and ConditionsPowerlanes and Groupage ServicesExchange of Knowledge and ExperienceParticipate in Corporate AccountsHO's Sales AssistancePartner-to-Partner Sales AssistanceMarketing, Public Relations, WebQuality Training EnvironmentInternational Matrix CertificationArea Coverage

20 The MoverDecember 2012 ● EUROPEAN REMOVALS & STORAGE CO● Left to right: Steen Herrche, International; Henrik Dixon, Operations and Keld Gissemann.EUROMOVERSDANISH CONNECTIONIt was back in 1999 that Keld Gissemann bought the EuropeanRemoval & Storage Co in Copenhagen Denmark and 2004when he was one of the founders of EUROMOVERS International.Steve Jordan dropped in to see him at his office in Copenhagento find out how the company had developed since.In a quiet corner of a modern industrialestate in Taastrup, on the outskirtsof Copenhagen, you’ll find KeldGissemann’s European Removal &Storage Co. The company moved into thepremises three years ago and, despitethe global recession that has increasedthe stress levels for everyone in recentyears, is doing well. The company alsohas a branch office in Aarhus in Jutland,across the Kattegat in the west of Denmark,allowing it to serve the entire country andthe south of Sweden too.Although the premises in Copenhagenare modest they do provide extensivefacilities lacking in many much largerorganisations. Adjacent to the smartoffice area is the 1,500m 2 warehouseincorporating a case-making workshop,rarely seen in movers’ warehousesnowadays, and a secure lock up. Out inthe yard is space for lift-van assembly (thecompany holds the American Embassycontract), the storage of a large fleet ofswap-body trailers, and parking for thevehicles that pull them. The company alsooperates to a Total Quality Managementstandard that complies with DIN EN ISO9001: 2000 and meets EN 12522 (furnitureremoval); EN 12507 (transportation);and EN 14873 (storage).The company itself started in 1995. Keldbought it in 1999. He had spent most ofhis life working in the moving businessso knew it well. It was while on a trip to“It’s a family so there’salways someone toturn to if you have aproblem or need someadvice. It’s not expensiveto join either.”Keld GissemannGermany in 2000 that he first saw aEUROMOVERS vehicle alongside him ina traffic queue. “As soon as I got back tothe office I decided to investigate,” hesaid. “We joined EUROMOVERS Germanythe following year.”But Keld was particularly interested indeveloping a network of internationalagents. “We didn’t know many agents andwe couldn’t do international moves justwith the contacts we had,” he explained.Keld Gissemann has advisedthat there is a continuingproblem with LCL shipmentsentering Denmark via Hamburg.Shipments via Hamburg are chargeda THC of around euro 900/lift van iftheir final destination is in Denmark.In addition, customs clearance atthe German/Danish border can bevery time consuming.Keld advises all shippers to sendcargo as FCL or groupage if possibleor, where LCL shipment is essential,to route the cargo via GothenburgSo it was him and a handful of otherEuropean companies who had the sameproblem who set up EUROMOVERSInternational in 2004. Keld became aBoard member.EUROMOVERS International firstspread its wings at IAM (then HHGFAA)at San Diego in 2004. The following yearthe organisation caused something of astorm at IAM in Washington DC with its‘painted lady’: a female model painted inEUROMOVERS’ colours. “She reallystood out in the crowd,” said Keld. “Shewas head and shoulders taller thananyone else.”EUROMOVERS today has around 60members in over 30 countries includingAustralia, New Zealand, China and theUSA. “We are good for each other,”explained Keld. “It’s a family so there’salways someone to turn to if you have aproblem or need some advice. It’s notexpensive to join either. We get morebusiness and also can help othermembers. We are also able to contributeon third-country moves. The more peopleyou know the better able you are to solveproblems as they come along.”Keld has recently been working on anew website for his company that givescustomers the opportunity of enteringinformation about their move online andobtaining an instant quotation. That initself is not unusual but he has added atwist. “We provide a quote but don’tdisclose to the customer the volume onwhich it’s based. That way they can’t thenuse the volume we’ve assessed to phonearound for competitive quotes.” Of coursehe does surveys for all the larger jobsbut, according to Keld, it’s online that isthe future.The moving industry in Denmark is notbig and Keld’s company has now grownto be one of the major players. Agentsinterested in obtaining rates or requestinginformation should contact the company’sInternational Manager, Steen Herrche, THC for LCL shipmentsthrough Hamburgin Sweden rather than Hamburg inGermany. Alternatively ensurethat the cargo is not discharged atHamburg but enters Denmark on afeeder vessel.He also warns that it is possiblethat some shippers are notincluding THC in their quotationsand, therefore, those companiesthat include all charges mightappear to be expensive and,therefore, lose out in a competitivetender. If in doubt contact ● December 2012The Mover 21NEWS: INTERNATIONALEUROMOVERS at IAMEUROMOVERS had its ownhospitality room in theMarriot Residence Inn,right across the street fromthe IAM convention hotel. The ideawas to give partners the opportunityof meeting colleagues in a quieterenvironment than would have beenpossible in the main conference hotel.It was a great success with around90 people attending a reception onthe afternoon of 11 October. Thehospitality room also provided theperfect venue for Denis Zonneveld,EUROMOVERS Chairman, to awardcertificates as follows:Certificates of Approved Agencywere awarded to Walter Pereira, fromLink India Mumbai; Kamar Bakker ofElite Shipping Dubai UAE; and PaulDefries from Move ManagementAustralia in Sydney. Frank Koenig,of AW Transportation USA receiveda Certificate of Appreciation for theprovision of excellent services andsupport to the EUROMOVERSInternational Network in 2011.After the reception theEUROMOVERS partners all went outfor dinner at a local restaurant. “Theentire convention was a tremendoussuccess,” said Thomas Juchum,EUROMOVERS ManagingDirector. “We were able to meetand chat with our selected contactsand we were able to spread ourEUROMOVERS message to theindustry. EUROMOVERS has a verygood reputation and is well knownin the industry as a strong, friendlyand reliable organisation withvaluable partners.”Rebels rousing – fun on twowheels at the IAM convention● Clockwise from top left: Walter Pereira, Link India Mumbai; Frank Koenig, AW Transportation USA;Kamar Bakker, Elite Shipping Dubai UAE; Paul Defries, Move Management Australia, Sydney.Following the success of its inauguralmeeting at the IAM convention inDenver ‘The Rebels’, Harley enthusiasts,reconvened at the 50th anniversary IAM atthe Gaylord convention centre in Washington.This year’s event was organised by TomVesperman of Trans International Movingand Shipping of Sydney who, to ensureperfect planning, went on a recce the daybefore ably accompanied by Stephen Grayof Anglo Pacific London, Tamara Reid ofGuardian Overseas in Ottawa and her friendTami Sharp. They returned from their 200 milejourney eulogising about the ShenandoahNational Park and the amazing Skyline Drive.The Rebels fully convened at 0900 on theSunday of the convention, where the lovelysound of Harleys resonated across the hotelforecourt. Some of the group hired cars, TonyOro of Whybirds and Graham Puddephatt ofReason Global followed the group in anenormous 4X4; while Paul McClusky of OPSInternational, hired an American soft-topsports car. Unbeknown to Paul it had limiteron the throttle so he struggled to keep pacewith the group. After Anat Shrieber of Sea &Air International in New York had suppliedthe group with branded caps as a souvenirof the event, everyone was fit to leave.Tom, having already reconnoitred theroute, gave each of the bike riders directions,and the group set on their way destined forFront Royal at the bottom of the ShenandoahNational Park where the group planned torefuel and check that everyone was stillwith the group. At the petrol station therewas a diner and small store where everyonecould grab a coffee to warm up as the drivewas freezing and most riders had only broughtessential clothing for the trip. Luckily thestore also sold mechanics gloves which weresnapped up.Surprisingly, Tom Vesperman and StephenGray didn’t arrive so Tami picked up the roleof tour leader as the group headed off tothe Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia (for allyou Laurel and Hardy fans). The Skyline Drivewas simply magnificent rising to 4,000ftwith views across the national park as itmeandered up a winding road surroundedby Virginia forest in the fall: just beautiful.The destination was the Skyland restaurantfor a lunch, sponsored by Tom Vesperman -but where was Tom? He arrived 30 minuteslater with Stephen Gray having got lost andenjoyed a 120-mile detour - all the satnav’sfault apparently. Lunch and plenty of talkplus a gentle warm up was order of the day,before commencing the decent. On the wayback the group stopped at various vantagepoints to fully appreciate the views, eaglesand other large birds below plus miles ofuntamed wilderness. The drive back wasmuch warmer as the watery sun did itswork. Another petrol station was invaded,surprising the owner with the influx ofHarleys, before heading back to the Gaylordfor drinks and a celebration of the day.Tom Vesperman invites all those budding‘Rebels’ to join the group at the Vancouverconvention centre 7-10 October, 2014, againduring the IAM convention, where anotheramazing journey will begin.● More information from courtesy of Graham Puddephattfrom Reason Global.

22 The MoverDecember 2012 ● MOBELTRANSPORT DANMARK● Swimming in international waters – Gunnar Moeskjaer.A BIG FISHMobeltransport Danmark is the largest moving company inDenmark, a member of the Danish Moving Federation, theonly member of OMNI in the country and one of only a handfulof FIDI Denmark members. During a recent visit to Copenhagen,Steve Jordan dropped by for a chat with the company’s head ofGroup International Business, Gunnar Moeskjaer.Drive up outside theMobeltransport Danmarkbuilding in Copenhagen andits hard not to be impressed.It’s a large, modern building in a bustlingindustrial area close to the highwaynetwork and yet within reach of the brightlights of the city. It’s the ideal spot.HistoryNiels Bach was the 3rd generation ownerof the Aarhus-based Bach Mobeltransportcompany. In 1996 he merged his companywith Salicath Express, one of Copenhagen’sold established moving companies thatwas founded in 1878, to form Bach &Salicath. In 2001 Niels bought Salicath’spart of the business and in 2002 went onto acquire Mobeltransport Danmark tocreate the largest moving company inDenmark for both domestic andinternational. The company also owns aseparate brand for domestic moving –Lyngby Flytteforretning acquired in 2007- which is very well respected in the cityand with which it liveries some of itsvehicles. Scan Transport in SouthernSpain was also purchased in 2007 and istoday an important part in the company’sEuropean Logistic set up. Today thecompany employs around 200 people inDenmark, has a turnover of around 200million Krona (£22million), and nowembraces relocation, and office movingincluding space planning and projectmanagement.Gunnar explained that the internationalmarket in Denmark was quite small withonly a few big names. The company hasmade a particular name for itself in themedical sector. Mobeltransport Danmarksuffered, just as did everyone else, in therecession. However in 2007 it signed afour-year contract with the foreign ministrywhich helped it through the difficult years.The contract was lost to Crown earlierthis year. “Our whole society has had tosave money and the government is thesame,” said Gunnar.There then ensued a long conversationabout quality, pricing, procurement, etc.– one that has been had in everyboardroom worldwide. Although Gunnarbelieves that his company’s record forquality speaks for itself, he admits that hetoo succumbed to cutting prices tosecure the contract. “I think we are all ourown worst enemies. We knew it wouldbe tight so we dived too.” Of course thetrick is knowing just how far you can dive:cutting too far is usually worse, long term,than not cutting enough.QualityWhen it comes to quality, Gunnar’scompany ticks all the boxes on the RFPforms. It also has FIDI/FAIM, has recentlyachieved ISO 14001, and in Octoberannounced that it has signed the UnitedNation Global Compact reaffirming itslong tradition of working with corporateresponsibility. But to Gunnar, quality isnot a box-ticking exercise. “We spend alot of time building relationships,” hesaid, although he acknowledges thatrelationships in corporate moving are ● December 2012The Mover23PROFILE: MOBELTRANSPORT DANMARKnot always easy to make as decisionmakers are often kept well insulated fromsuppliers. “We try to get people to visitus. We have pretty good facilities andpeople are always impressed when theycome round. When customers have beenhere they realise we are not just likeordinary moving companies; then theytend to treat us more as equals ratherthan suppliers to be pushed around.”RelocationThe international business is, today,heavily influenced by relo. The companywas one of the first to embrace relocationin 1998 under the brand name of ‘Houseof Relocation’. “In the early days we hadto convince people that they needed it,”said Gunnar. “It was very hard work.”But, although the Internet appears toenable assignees to do a lot of the workthat a relo company would offer – homeand school search, for example – Gunnarfeels that the average corporate assigneedoesn’t have the necessary localknowledge nor the time, even if he ispaying for the service though an allowance.“Some of the people don’t even have timeto read the documentation we send them,”he explained. “I have even had people signdelivery documentation before the crewunloads and go off to work.” Not that theInternet isn’t a threat. Gunnar said thatalthough people might not have the timeto do the work themselves, they at leasthave some idea of how they could do itusing the Internet so it puts pressure onthe service the relo companies offer.Since 2008 the company has beenincreasingly handling global relocationmanagement services all over the world forDanish corporate accounts, a developmentthat the company is aggressively pushing,among others by investing in a newintegrated relocation and moving ITsystem with all the bells and whistles thecorporate market requires today.● Top: artwork in the mainreception donated by staff;top right and right: theLyngby Flytteforretningbrand is well respected fordomestic moving; above:this distictive clock alsodonated by staff.“We try to get people to visit us.We have pretty good facilities andpeople are always impressedwhen they come round.”Gunnar MoeskjaerThe domestic services in Denmark aswell as the Fine Art Logistic Division willhowever maintain the MobeltransportDanmark name, which also will continueto be the legal entity of the company.European coverageWhen the company in 2007 purchasedScan Transport in Malaga, Spain, theidea was to use the regular flow of privatework from Denmark, through Europe toSpain to provide a regular service. This,in turn, allows the company to offer afirst-class corporate moving service toand from the commercial centres ofMadrid and Barcelona for its corporateGunnar MoeskjaerGunnar Moeskjaer started work in theshipping industry with East AsiaticCompany first in the Philippines, thenNigeria, and finally in Hong Kong when he tookover from Dan Randal when his company acquiredSanta Fe. After three years he handed over his roleclients. “We run it like a shipping line.We keep the vehicles on the road and flythe drivers out to join them. In the offseason we run a very effective groupageservice for Danish and Spanish moversthrough Europe.”CultureWhich brings me back to the reception.The artwork which greets the visitor, atiled picture, an ornamental clock andstatues, have all been presented to thecompany by the staff to commemoratespecial anniversaries: This is a companythat looks after its staff. Walk upstairs tothe main office to see the awards fromOMNI, FIDI, Graebel and others: Thiscompany is proud of its record. A littlefurther into the communal area to find awhole wall festooned with profiles oflong-serving employees – one has beenwith the company for 65 years: Thiscompany knows a thing or two aboutstaff retention.Mobeltransport Danmark/AspireMobility is, without doubt, a big fish in asmall pond. However, even a short visitmakes it clear that the company does nottake its position for granted and the movingindustry in Denmark is all the better forits Lars Lykke Iversen, before moving to Germanyand then back to run Santa Fe in Singapore from1993 to 2000. After his son was born he returnedwith his family to his native Denmark and hasbeen with Mobeltransport Danmark since. He isnow in charge of Group International Business.Name change to AspireThe company recently opened an officein Stockholm Sweden called AspireMobility AB. And in January next year allthe international services of the companywill be rebranded to become AspireMobility. “The problem is that we providea global service and our existing companyname limits us to Denmark,” explainedGunnar. “Also, the name is a bit difficultto pronounce, especially for non-Danishspeakers. The word ‘mobility’ alsodescribes what we do better.”● Gunnar beside the wallproudly displaying profilesof long-serving employees.

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26 The MoverDecember 2012 ● STORY: DEREK MILNER● Left to right: Amy Lake, Derek Milner and Becky Morris.Angels and demonsNo business ever runs perfectly smooth. But sometimes, along the way, we meet people whohelp us in a totally selfless way without apparent reason. There are also times when it seemsthe odds are being stacked against us. Steve Jordan talks to Derek Milner from Intransit inTrowbridge about the ups and downs he’s had along the way - and some he’s still having.Derek started his companyas a bet. He was workingas an electrician fixingstreet lights. Frustratedat being continually by-passed forpromotion he bet his boss £5.00that he could start his own businessand make it successful. The result wasa roller-coaster that wouldn’t havebeen out of place at Alton Towers.In 1997 Derek sold his car andbought a Transit van, a computerand some business cards. He hadno experience but his dad hadalways told him that there must besome money in ‘moving stuff aroundfor people’. Derek started workinghard to prove his father right.Three months later he was stillworking full-time as an electricianbut driving his van after hours. But bythen he had thought of the companyname – Intransit – as all the ‘stuff’he moved was in a Transit, and hebegan making a name for himself.“I always wanted to create a brandand be known locally,” he explained.“It was very hard going,” Dereksaid. “One day I was about to packit in when a shop rang and wantedme to do some home deliveries offlat-pack furniture. It worked welland I was soon earning £100/weekand had a mate helping me.” Butthe success wasn’t to last. “Theywent bankrupt owing me about£1,500. I thought … I can’t do thisany more.”Just as Derek had decided again tothrow in the towel he took a phonecall from a large furniture store whowanted him to deliver sofas. “I rangmy mate and told him we were backin business. The company is still aclient of mine today.”But he had still to do a household“All sorts happenedand lots of peoplehelped me. I startedmarketing Intransitas a moving companyand I was gettingbusier.”Derek Milnerremoval. His break into that marketcame from another chance phonecall from an elderly lady who hadhad a fire in her kitchen and wantedto move out. “I told her that we don’treally do household removals,”remembered Derek. “But she said,‘well you do now’, and that was that.She wouldn’t take no for an answer.I don’t know why she rang me orinsisted that I do the work but I’mglad she did. I still work for herfamily.”Going full-timeWork picked up from that point on.“All sorts happened and lots of peoplehelped me. I started marketingIntransit as a moving company (notlight haulage) and I was gettingbusier.” Derek explained that he hadan office set up in an airing cupboardand was working around the clock.“I was learning so much so quickly.”Eventually having two jobs becametoo much and he left his job as anelectrician. “I never got my fivequid though.”Building the businessIn 2004 he was approached byH J Knee department store inTrowbridge. The company had ● December 2012The Mover 27some vehicles for sale including a7.5 tonne lorry that Derek had hiseye on. “I said that I couldn’t affordit but the boss there offered to letme pay half then and the rest a yearlater. I don’t know why, he just wantedto give me a leg up.” Derek took theoffer, got a CPC (he already had anHGV licence) and took desk spacein Knee’s office.In 2005 Derek’s daughter was bornso he had even more to work for.He decided to make the companylook more professional with itsdistinctive livery and, the followingyear, he joined the National Guild ofRemovers and Storers. “I consideredjoining the BAR but I thought itwould be impossible,” explainedDerek. “Instead I applied for andbecame a member of The Guild.”The business continued to moveon. Derek bought a five-door Scaniafrom Andrew Porter in 2007. “It wasa bit of a shock to have somethingthat big but it got us known evenmore. It was then that I realised theimportance of side doors, containersand containerised storage. I thenknew where I was headed.”containers. The company now hasseven containerised trucks and tenfull-time employees. He puts hissuccess down to his local knowledge.He was born and bred in the areaand people know him as a local lad.“People like to use local companies.They like the idea of a ‘Trowbridgeguy come good’ and I guess I playon that.”BAR and The GuildDespite Derek thinking previouslythat he wasn’t good enough to joinBAR, he did become a member 18months ago. Since joining he saidthat his experience of BAR has beenexcellent. “I am proud to be amember of BAR along with thebigger companies,” Derek said. “Ienjoy voicing my opinion at Areameetings and I now know there isalways someone I can call on if Ineed some help or advice. I also getcustomers ringing because theyknow we are BAR.”Derek’s company’s membershipof The Guild continued until 2010.Since leaving, the company hasfound itself in a legal battle. The case● Derek is proud of his extensive fleet.Illness and reconciliationIn 2008 illness struck. Derek wasdiagnosed with a serious conditionthat required him to undergo a majoroperation on his hip. It was aboutthat time that Amy Lake joined him.“She looked after the place while Iwas in hospital,” said Derek. “It wasthen that I realised the importanceof stepping back. I was not a removalman any more, I was a man who rana removal company. I had to wise up.”Bucking the recessionDerek’s company continued to dowell despite the recession. By theend of 2009 he had 55 containers inhis warehouse. He moved to largerpremises (11,000ft 2 ) in March 2011expanding his storage to 180“People like to uselocal companies.They like the idea ofa ‘Trowbridge guycome good’ and Iguess I play on that.”Derek Milnerhas yet to come to court. Derek didnot wish to go into detail about thecase before the hearing howeverhe did say that the whole situationhad left him feeling “immenselydisappointed”.The Mover will report on the resultof the case when it is announced.

28 The MoverDecember 2012 ● ON THE ROADDVLA digitalservices tobenefitmotoristsMillions of motoristswill be able to go onlineto update their vehiclerecord under proposalspublished for consultationby Roads MinisterStephen Hammond.The red-tape-cutting plans willmean motorists can go online toupdate change of keeper andaddress details. Motor dealers will alsobe able to update changes on behalfof customers. Currently motorists andmotor dealers have to write to DVLA.Roads Minister Stephen Hammondsaid, “The government is committedto cutting red tape and getting rid ofunnecessary, burdensome andovercomplicated regulation. It is rightthat in this digital age motorists andthe motor industry should be able togo online to tell DVLA if there havebeen changes to a vehicle record.These proposals will make it easierand cheaper than ever to do that.”Paul Everitt, Chief Executive of theSociety of Motor Manufacturers andTraders said, “SMMT supportsinitiatives that make car ownershipeasier for motorists and reduce theadministrative burden onmanufacturer approved dealers. Theproposed measures would allowswift, efficient and secure updating ofvehicle records avoiding postal delaysand enhancing the accuracy ofinformation held by DVLA.”The consultation, which started inOctober closed on 2 November, 2012.● The proposal will reduce administrativeburden on motorists and dealers.● Preparation for winter is a must says the FTA.Are you prepared for winter?With winter fast approaching, salt stocks are being replenished, new equipment has beenpurchased and the Met Office is teaming up with the highway authorities to provide the bestpossible service in anticipation of the winter weather.The message from the FreightTransport Association(FTA) is that drivers andfleet operators must also beprepared for the onslaught of winter.Malcolm Bingham, FTA’s Head ofRoad Network Management Policysaid, “Up until three years ago therewas a whole generation of driversthat had never experienced severewinter conditions, but in 2010 and2011 many learned that going outon UK roads when winter can hitsuddenly is not advisable withouttaking sensible precautions.Insufficient preparation can lead tolives being put at risk, peoplestranded for uncomfortable lengthsof time, and emergency servicesbecoming stretched.”● Below: the Met Office’s online weather advice service.Bingham said that being aware ofapproaching winter weather isvital, as is the availability of reliableinformation that allows informeddecisions on where and when totravel. The highway authorities havedevised a robust system to informtravellers and fleet operators ofapproaching storms that can bringhigh winds, ice and snow, and howthat will impact on the network. It istherefore up to drivers to takeresponsibility for what they do insuch difficult periods.In addition to warning drivers, it isessential to have vehicles properlyprepared. The decision about whatan individual transport operatorshould do is related to the sort ofoperations being undertaken and“... in 2010 and 2011many learned thatgoing out on UK roadswhen winter can hitsuddenly is notadvisable withouttaking sensibleprecautions.”Malcolm Binghamwhilst a few years ago there was acry for all goods vehicles to havewinter tyres, it is now recognisedthat operators should be allowed tomake their own decisions.Bingham continued, “This yearhighway authorities are asking fordrivers to be made aware whengritters are operating. The newmethod used by the nationalauthorities is to spread salt in a brinesolution, which is more accurate inits spread. It also preserves saltstocks and does not blow away.”Winter information can be foundon the FTA website at in the ‘Roads’ section. stocks advisoryinformation and other winter itemssuch as AutoSocks for trucks, snowshovels, winter emergency kits, gritbins, de-icing salt, snow cleats andeven hats, scarves and gloves. ● December 2012The Mover 29NEWS: ON THE ROADHGV Road User LevyForeign vehicles will haveto pay to work in the UK.● A levy will be introduced for foreign vehicles of 12 tonnes and over using British roads.On 23 October aParliamentary Bill waspublished that willintroduce a charge forforeign-registered vehicles using UKroads. Under the HGV Road UserLevy Bill all heavy goods vehicles of12 tonnes and over will be requiredto pay a levy before being able totravel on UK roads.For UK operators the Bill confirmsthat this cost will be rebated throughan equivalent reduction in VehicleExcise Duty (VED). Operators offoreign registered vehicles will berequired to pay the levy at a daily,weekly, monthly or annual rate,depending upon how long theyintend their vehicles to remain in thecountry. This provides the ‘levelplaying field’ the UK transportindustry has been calling for.James Hookham, FTA’s ManagingDirector of Policy & Communicationssaid, “FTA has supported the ideaof a charge on foreign vehicles formany years as a way of addressingat least partly the competitivedifferences between Britishregistered operators and foreignregisteredvehicles. However, therewere important conditions attachedto our support to avoid additionalcosts and burdens falling on UKoperators, as the charge could not beapplied to foreign vehicles alone.”FTA ConcernsThe FTA said that it had three mainconcerns about the Bill: That thecost of the Levy must be fullyrecompensed for UK operators byan equivalent reduction in VED;that the cost and administrativeburden of paying the Levy must beno greater than that involved inacquiring a VED disc; and theremust be meaningful and financiallysignificant penalties for operatorsthat evade the charge.Although the level of VED rebatewill not be announced until thebudget statement of September 2014analysis shows that about 6,500vehicles already fall into bands whereVED rates were already too low tofully offset the cost of the Levy. Innearly all cases the additional costcould be reduced to less than £10were vehicles to be down-platedinto the next VED rate band.The Levy will be administered forUK operators by DVLA. The Billmakes clear that the Levy will be paidin a single transaction and for thesame time period as VED, with Levyrates being calculated automatically.The ‘single transaction’ approachalso means virtually no additionalcosts for DVLA.The Bill sets out a detailedenforcement strategy for nonpaymentof the Levy and for misspaymentat the wrong rate. Becauseeach payment will be vehicle specific,the Bill commits DVLA to usingAutomatic Number Plate Recognition(ANPR) cameras to target vehiclespresent in the country for which noLevy has been paid. There will beon-the-spot fines and a fine of up to£5,000 upon conviction in court.James Hookham concluded,“Overall, we are pleased with thegovernment’s plans to address thislong-standing disparity between UKand foreign vehicle costs. Our mainconcerns seem to have been met.”Collision Warningwith EmergencyBrake from VolvoVolvo Trucks has developed Collision Warning withEmergency Brake – an advanced emergency brakingsystem equipped with early collision warning to helpprevent severe accidents caused by inattention.Rear-end collisions accountfor a significant proportionof road accidents. To addressthis problem, Volvo Trucks hasdeveloped Collision Warningwith Emergency Brake - anadvanced emergency brakingsystem which also includes earlycollision warning. The brakingsystem, which is available onthe new Volvo FH Series, hasbeen developed to support thedriver so that the majority ofthese rear-end collisions can beavoided or mitigated.“We began by asking ‘whatreally is the problem?’ Theanswer is inattention. If youwatched the traffic ahead of youthe whole time, you wouldn’tneed systems like these,” saidCarl Johan Almqvist, Traffic &Product Safety Director, VolvoTrucks.The new system combinesradar and a camera that worktogether to identify and monitorvehicles in front. The system isdesigned to deal with bothstationary and moving vehiclesand can prevent a collision witha moving target at relative speedsof up to 70km/h. When thesystem detects a vehicle that thetruck will hit at its current speed,the warning system activates aconstant red light in the● Inattention is usually the cause of rear-end collisions.“If you watchedthe traffic aheadof you the wholetime, you wouldn’tneed systems likethese ...”Carl Johan Almqvistwindscreen to bring the driver’sattention back to the road.“We don’t want to take overfrom drivers because we believethey are in the best position torespond, as they might be ableto safely drive around thevehicle,” said Almqvist.If the system fails to detectany reaction from the driver,such as steering or braking, thewarning upgrades to a flashingred light and a beeping sound.If there is still no reaction, thesystem applies the brakes gently.If all this fails, the systemactivates the emergency brakingsystem and does everythingpossible to bring the truck to acomplete stop.In Europe, emergencybraking systems will be a legalrequirement in new trucks byNovember 2015.

30 The MoverDecember 2012 ● PACKAGINGPACKAGINGNEWSPackaging suppliers are coming up withnew ideas to make movers’ lives easierall the time. Here are a few of the latest.New fromSimpson PackagingSimpson Packaging hasrecently introduced anumber of new, laboursavingpackaging itemsincluding new flat screen TVcovers and a snazzy new bike bagwith lifting straps made from seatbelt webbing, a patented bungeeVelcro fastening system, and asix-month warranty. There are nowaste disposal costs either.Simpsons says that these coverspay for themselves within 14 usescompared with standard cardboardpackaging.There’s also a new range of SelfPak secure padlocks, both keyedand with combinations, for the selfstorage market offering a simpleextra revenue source. They areBARSAnew type of carton fromBAR Services is madefrom corrugated boardthat is 25% slimmer thanprevious types, is less expensiveand boxes can be transported andstored more easily and cheaper.Since its introduction at thebeginning of 2012 the new RBflute has proved to be very popularwith BAR Services selling around900,000 boxes. It is smaller, flatterand closer together than its BCpredecessor. The cost is lowerand it also has the advantage thateach pallet can carry more boxes,more can be stored on existingavailable with the Self Pak brandor carrying your company logo.There’s also a new display standholding over £1,000 worth ofsaleable materials yet occupyingon half a square metre of floorspace.Simpsons has recently launcheda new service in which materialscan be delivered direct tocustomers’ homes. This is a usefuladded value service for customersthat provides the mover with anadditional revenue stream withlittle additional work or set upcosts. It helps movers reduce theneed to hold stocks on their ownpremises and saves the need tomake small deliveries with theirown vehicles.New RB Flute from● The new RB flute is 25% slimmer, less expensiveand easier to transport and store.It’s also stronger, as demonstratedby Tim Oliver and friend (right).racking, and theboxes take upless space inthe van.In terms ofperformance,the RB flute hasconsistently outperformedthe BC incrushability and stackabilitytests. Ali Cowie from BARServices commented: “Thinnerdefinitely means stronger but withthe added benefits of a reducedcosts and savings in transport andstorage.”● E-mail:● Top: the new bike bag with lifting straps made from seat belt webbing ;above: the flat screen television cover. ● December 2012The Mover31PHS Teacratenext-day deliveryConfidence & PrudenceWorldwide Movers Africa offersour relocation colleagues a widerange of service options. We workwith you to help you to devise theright level of relocation supportfor your client accounts.Worldwide Movers Africa wasthe first international relocationcompany on the continentand remains the African goldstandard against which ourcompetitors measuretheir performance.worldwidemoversafrica.com25540i Trade Advert 93 x 132_Layout 1 14/05/2012 11:57 Page 1● PHS Teacrate supplies its customers using the ‘Just in time’ next day delivery model.TradeShipping ServicesDolphinM O V E R SEst. 20 yearsThe e-commerce market boxes.for removal packaging Several removals companieshas come of age, however, now provide online packagingthis has led to greater shops on their websites wherebyfragmentation as more and more their clients can browse and orderplayers have entered the market. the packaging materials theyThe traditional model of the require for their move. Moverssuppliers choosing the delivery with no existing packaging offeringdate has been replaced, for the on their websites can set up a shopmost part, by the PHS Teacrate by working with PHS Teacrate to‘Just in time’ next day delivery integrate a fully enabled packagingmodel. Fast and responsive service e-shop into their site. Teacrate’sis key, and the bricks and clicks packaging e-shop is embeddedmodel used by PHS Teacrate uses seamlessly into a mover’s websitethe depot network that it has for and can be branded in line withits crate hire operations. their business. The packaging e-Whilst the larger removers may shop is managed end-to-end byorder in pallet quantities, we are Teacrate, so there is no moverseeing the smaller operators involvement in product storage,ordering on a job by job basis with delivery or customerno minimum order quantities, communications.thus enabling even the smallest This value added service fromplayers to have access to PHS Teacrate provides moversprofessional quality packaging with the means to set up an onlinematerials. A worrying trend, packaging shop quickly and withhowever, is the growth of second no upfront investment. Andhand box sellers and various sites movers can earn on packagingoffering inferior single walled sales in the process.Weekly Shuttle ServiceAustria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus North, Cyprus, Czech Republic,Greece & Islands, Hungary, Israel, Poland, Romania, Slovakia,Turkey. Also serving the Balkans, Russia & Central Asia. Loose groupage, single items, part & full loads Regular departures & full destination services Competitive Collections UK & Mainland Europe Weekly door to door Car Transportation Services between UK - Europe - UK Car delivery/collections throughout UK & EuropePlease contact our trade deskfor all bookings & departure details020 8216 6311Fax: 020 8804 3232www.dolphinmovers.comEmail: trade@dolphinmovers.comDolphin Group37 Millmarsh Lane, Enfield EN3 7UYMemb No: D052Memb No: D052

32 The MoverDecember 2012 ● ON THE ROADFUEL PRICINGTRANSPARENCYRobert Halfon, Tory MPfor Harlow, is preparing totable a Private MembersBill to make fuel pricingmore transparent byseparating out the taxelement of the fuel onpetrol station receipts.The initiative is supportedby the Road HaulageAssociation (RHA). “Thisinitiative will serve as a realwake up call to all users ofroad fuels; petrol or diesel”,said RHA spokesperson KateGibbs. “Filling the tank -regardless of size - has alwaysbeen costly,” she continued.“If the cost of the fuel dutyand the VAT is clearly shownon the receipt, it will makeusers far more aware of justwhere their money is going.This is a move that couldbenefit the economy in generaland the road haulage sectorin particular as customers willsee that they are getting thebest possible rate for the job.The price of fuel has becomea wide reaching political issue;it affects everyone. If thismove for transparency goesahead, fuel pricing has thepotential to become a real votewinner, or indeed vote loser.”The Mover, however, believesthat this will be a total wasteof time as everyone knowsthat most of the cost of fuel istax, nobody looks at the receiptanyway and there’s nothingthey could do about it even ifthey did.● Will this proposal tell motorists muchmore than they already know?● Using motorways could mean paying a higher rate of road tax.Two-tier road tax beingconsidered by the governmentA scheme to introduce a two-tier rate of road tax (VED) wherebymotorists using motorways and other major routes would becharged a higher rate is being considered by the government.The move follows anannouncement by DavidCameron earlier this yearthat an “innovativeapproach” was needed to addressthe issue of how roads would beowned and financed in the future. Ifthe plans were introduced the feeswould be paid to private companiesappointed to manage and invest inthe county’s road network. Camerasusing number plate recognition(NPR) similar to those used by thepolice would be used to catchmotorists who had not paid thehigher rate.At present cars with low levels ofemissions pay a lower rate of VEDthan those deemed to be lessenvironmentally friendly and thishas lead to fears that the amount oftax paid to the exchequer will fallfrom its current level of £6bn duringthe next few years.The Daily Mail reported that otheroptions being considered by thegovernment include changes to theduty’s payment bands or makingthe tax a one-off up-front charge onnew vehicles, instead of chargingannually. However, linking chargesto the distance travelled on majorroutes, or on their use at peak timeshas, according to the newspaper,been ruled out.A spokesman for the Departmentfor Transport said: “The departmentand Treasury are currently carryingout a feasibility study to review newownership and financing modelsfor the strategic road network. Thisis looking at how best we can secureinvestment in the network to increasecapacity and boost economic growth.The government has made clear it“I seem to rememberone of Mr Cameron’spre-election pledgeswas to end the waron motorists andthose who rely onthe road to run theirbusinesses ...”Alastair Binglewill not implement tolls on existingroad capacity and has no plans toreplace existing motoring taxes withpay-as-you-go road charging.”Alistair Bingle, Managing Directorof Bishop’s Move commented:“I seem to remember one of MrCameron’s pre-election pledges wasto end the war on motorists andthose who rely on the road to runtheir businesses effectively. Has thegovernment not considered thatmotorists also pay over 60% tax onevery litre of fuel? A two-tier systemsimply would not ease congestionon the roads. Businesses, familiesand individuals will continue to usethe motorways and main A roadsbecause it makes sense from a timingperspective. This is just anotherrevenue gaining exercise which,whilst in the short term might takesome traffic off the motorways, overtime the public will revert to usingthe quickest means of getting fromA to B. The net result will be moretax revenue with little achieved toalleviate congestion.”Road safetycharity offers freesafety advice tofleet operatorsBrake, the road safety charity,is launching a new initiativecalled ‘Ask Brake’.The service will provide fleetmanagers and health andsafety professionals withadvice and guidance on issues theyare experiencing with the safety oftheir fleets.Fleet managers can ‘Ask Brake’ foradvice completely free of charge,thanks to sponsorship from fleetmanagement and incident preventioncompany FMG. Answers will bepublished on the charity’s websiteto facilitate the wider sharing ofbest practice.Roz Cumming, DevelopmentManager at Brake, said; “Managingyour organisation’s road risk is afundamental part of being aresponsible and ethical business,ensuring staff have the greatestchance of staying safe on the roads.‘Ask Brake’ will provide anotherchannel through which Brake cansupport fleet managers and healthand safety professionals, utilising thecharity’s considerable experienceto share best practice and help toreduce the number of devastatingcrashes which take place involvingat-work drivers.”● If you would like to ‘Ask Brake’for advice on a particular fleetsafety issue, e-mail Brake’s FleetSafety Forum today at quoting ‘Ask Brake’in the subject line.● ‘Ask Brake’ will provide support for fleet managersand health and safety professionals. ● December 2012The Mover 33NEWS: ON THE ROADPetition launchedto close downvehicle clockersVehicle information expert,HPI, is urging dealers to joinconsumers in the fight backagainst clockers, as it launchesan e-Petition to DirectGovto close down mileagecorrection firms.Across the UK, these companiesare turning back the miles onused cars, helping certainsellers push up the price of vehicles.One in 20 cars checked with HPIshow a discrepant mileage, and thisfigure has risen by 10% in the lastfive years. Dealers need to tackle thethreat of ‘clocking’ head on, as theyrisk unwittingly part exchanging‘clocked’ vehicles and selling themon to customers, putting theirbusiness and their reputation at risk.“Dealers are well aware thatclocking itself isn’t illegal, but sellinga clocked car without declaring itstrue mileage is,” explained DanielBurgess, Managing Director for HPI.“Whilst there is rarely a legitimatereason to alter the mileage on avehicle, Trading Standards estimatesthere are 50 mileage correctionfirms operating in Britain. Some ofthese companies will be exploitinga legal loophole that could helpunscrupulous sellers make a fastprofit at the expense of dealers andconsumers alike. We’re calling fora change to the law and dealersshould be too. Our e-petition will givemotorists and the motor industry achance for their voice to be heard.”Mr. Burgess said that The Officeof Fair Trading (OFT) has calledupon the government for reformtwice before, but still there are nosigns of change. You can sign thepetition at● For further information out thesearch facility’s lightning fast!● The Mirror Monitor camera system is both a reversing camera and a rear view mirror.White vans go hi-techUK vans are set to become the cutting-edge of reversingtechnology, with many new vehicles being fitted withreversing camera monitors built into their rear view mirrors.Blackburn-based VisionTechniques has beenoffering this system forseveral years, and nowmajor manufacturers are beginningto adopt them.Companies such as Ford areoffering digital parking cameras inthe rear view mirrors of new Transitvans to assist with maneuvering.Vision Techniques’ Mirror Monitorcamera system is both a reversingcamera and a rear view mirror. Theultra-compact reversing camerasystem looks like an ordinary rear viewmirror to fool opportunist thieves.Blind spots are a huge problem forvan drivers and cause many costlyaccidents. Steve Perrin, Manager atVision Techniques, said: “Reversingcamera systems in all commercialvehicles are becoming recognised asan important safety feature in theUK. Like most Vision TechniquesYou too canstudy at OxfordFrom March 2013, theUniversity of Oxford launchesits inaugural Oxford LeadershipProgramme: ‘Global Challengesin Transport’, an innovative shortcourseprogramme in sustainabletransport. The programme is run bythe university’s world-renownedTransport Studies Unit (TSU) inproducts, the Mirror Monitordramatically increases vehicle andpedestrian safety.”“Reversing camerasystems in allcommercial vehiclesare becomingrecognised as animportant safetyfeature in the UK.”Steve PerrinThe Mirror Monitor is a 4.2”profile-wide monitor, which can beused on most vehicle types.● For more information with the UKChartered Institute of Transport andLogistics (CILT) and is designed toprovide the leaders of tomorrowwith the necessary knowledgeand expertise, supported by thelatest research evidence, to addressthe complexity of the issuesassociated with making transportsustainable. It is a very broad setof courses so is suitable forprofessionals across many sectors.● For more information DFT THINK!CAMPAIGN AIMSTO IMPROVECYCLE SAFETYThe Department forTransport’s latest THINK!Campaign, ‘THINK CYCLIST’,calls on drivers and cycliststo stay safe by looking out foreach other – pointing outthat drivers and cyclistshave more in common thanis often realised.With 80% of cyclists holding adriving licence, and one infive drivers cycling at leastonce a month, they are often the samepeople. The THINK CYCLIST poll has alsoshowed that cyclists and drivers agreeon how to stay safe on the road.Looking twice for each other whenturning or at junctions came out topfor both as the precaution that wouldavoid the most collisions (41% ofregular cyclists, and 35% of regular cardrivers). Both also agree on how tomake things better, with 67% of cyclistsand 59% of drivers saying that givingeach other space on the road was intheir top three ways of making cyclistsand drivers more visible to road users.Road Safety Minister StephenHammond said, “We take the issue ofcycle safety extremely seriously so weare launching ‘THINK CYCLIST’, acampaign aimed at both cyclists anddrivers. With interest in cyclingheightened by Bradley Wigginswinning the Tour de France and ourcyclists’ extraordinary success at theOlympics and Paralympics too, wewant to remind cyclists and drivers ofthe importance of looking out for eachother to avoid accidents. Many peoplecycle and drive and a new THINK! pollshows both road user groups agreethat looking twice at junctions, as wellas giving each other space on the road,are practical things that we can all doto help reduce the numbers of cyclistskilled and seriously injured on ourroads each year.”● DfT wants cyclists and driversto look out for each other.

34 The MoverDecember 2012 ● INTER S&R“We are seeingmore people comeinto the businessfrom other areasof the industry ...”Àngels Gallardo● Left to right: Elisabeth San Nicolás, M. Dolores Martínez, Catherina Stier, Miriam Acedo and Mari Carmen García.Dealing with the recession –the Spanish wayWherever you are in the world your business will have been touched by the worldwiderecession. In some countries, such as the UK, we think we have had it pretty bad. Butelsewhere the effects have hit even harder. In this interview with Àngels Gallardo andCatherina Stier, International Director and Manager for Inter S&R in Spain, Steve Jordanlooks at some of the decisions they have had to make to keep the business healthy.Inter S&R was started 20 yearsago by M. Dolores Martinez,Àngels Gallardo’s mother. Shehad been working in theindustry for some years, includingwith Interdean in Spain, but thetime had come to start a business ofher own. She still owns and runs thecompany and is involved every day.The company originally started inBarcelona then opened a branch inMadrid ten years later. The officesin Barcelona are still bigger than inMadrid but more crews run out ofthe capital. In 2005 the companyopened an office in New York toservice enquiries from Spanishpeople, mainly those working forgovernment agencies and multinationalcompanies, who wished tomove home.Àngels joined in 2004 at a timewhen the Catalan government wereencouraging companies to becomemore international. She spent fiveyears in New York, returning to Spainonly after the birth of her son and● M.Dolores Martinez, seated, and Àngels Gallardo.when the office was then established.“We started in a rented office in theCatalan trade centre in NY beforemoving into a Business Centre,”she explained. “It is just a salesoffice with all the work being subcontractedto partners that we havechosen very carefully. It’s just apoint of contact for the Spanishcommunity in Spain.”Catherina joined the company in2006 and has enjoyed the businessever since. “I like the people andthe fact that every day is different,”she said.Working with the recessionÀngels explained that when therecession hit in 2009, things hadto change. “At that time we wererunning with around 55 people. Wehad to make cuts and had to worktwice as hard to get the sameamount of business as before.” Thecompany now has around 40 peopleemployed.Part of the problem was that InterS&R’s corporate customers changedtheir objectives. “Before they justwanted a smooth stress-free move,”Àngels explained. “But they had tocut costs themselves so their maingoal was to keep the cost down.The quality of the service becameless important.”The competition changed too.Many moving companies started tocut corners to cut costs. “I don’tknow exactly what they are doingbut I know the prices they chargeand there is no other way to do it.One way is to use more temporarystaff.”Not only are moving companiescutting costs but there are morecompetitors entering the markettoo. “We are seeing more peoplecome into the business from otherareas of the industry,” explainedCatherina. “Courier services, cleaningcompanies, even shipping lines areall offering removals services now.”It would have been easy for InterS&R to follow the market down and,to some extent at least, its marginshave been squeezed. But they havemade a stand when it comes to thequality of the service. “All our crewsare on the payroll and all our vehiclesare inspected and legal for the road,”explained Catherina. The companyhas also avoided the temptation tofollow any business at any cost. “Ifpeople just want to load a containerthemselves we suggest they godirect to the shipping line. We don’twant to get involved with that sideof the market. We have to keep ourlevel and our standards to ensurethat we will be here long term.Maybe we took the difficult way.”Maybe they did, but Inter S&R didmake a stand and have already seenimprovements. 2009 was very bad,2010 and 2011 were better, and sofar 2012 has shown continued ● December 2012The Mover35TECHNOLOGY: BISHOP’S MOVE ITimprovement. “Nobody likes to havetheir salaries cut and in the salesdepartment we have been workingharder than ever before to find thework: more travelling, longer hours,more agency visits,” said Catherina.“But the motivation is huge.Everything is now more urgent.Most of the staff feel the same way.”“We are already stronger becausewe have had to do these things. I seenow that we were too comfortablebefore,” said Àngels. “When weknew we had to make cuts we allaccepted that we needed to changethe way we get paid rather than letmore people go.”The on-road staff have been hardhittoo although in a different way.There was a time when there wasplenty of overtime but now many ofthem are on reduced hours. “In someways it’s harder for them,” explainedCatherina. “They don’t know howhard we are working to get morework or what might be just aroundthe corner. They just have to waitfor the work to arrive.”“All our crews areon the payroll andall our vehicles areinspected and legalfor the road ...”Àngels GallardoBut over the last 20 years theowners have shown respect for theirworkers and some have stayedloyally for many years. They try tocreate an atmosphere of support inwhich everyone works together forthe same aim. “They are worriedabout the future but they know weare all in it together. What happensto them will also happen to us all. Idon’t think they blame us.”In fact that loyalty extended evento those people the company had tolet go. When they left they were allgiven letters promising them theirjobs back as soon as the companywas hiring again.The company has rejecteddiversification, preferring to stickto its core business and focus all itsenergy on what it does best. “We’veall accepted that this is the way it’sgoing to be for the foreseeablefuture. We are not going back to2008. That’s fine with us. We haveto work harder of course, but we aredoing OK.”● Making IT happen – Peter Bishop.Making IT workPeter Bishop, Bishop’s Move ICT Director, looks at thefirm’s long-standing and impressive IT system.To have any chance ofbeing a leading player inthe market, and thatcounts for any industry,technology should be at theforefront of the business. Ten yearsago we introduced our own Bishop’sOperational Database System(BODSweb) – a fully integratedCustomer RelationshipManagement system which handlesall enquiries, quotations, worksheets, storage and invoicing acrossall our branches and franchisesthroughout the UK.Having been the first removalscompany to introduce such asystem, we can share first-handknowledge of the impact it has hadin enhancing the customerexperience with Bishop’s Move.The evolution of BODSweb overthe past decade has mirrored thegrowth and expansion of thecompany. It started life as a simplemanagement tool written on a BBCMicro Computer using the basicprogramming language. It thenprogressed into an access database,running in each branch separately,with reports consolidated manuallyevery month. However, it is now afully featured web-based systemwhich is an important feature ofthe company. Let’s look at how itenables us to make life easier forFor ten years ourBODSweb systemhas made the livesof not only ouremployees, butalso our customers,much easier.the customer.When a customer first gets intouch, the BODSweb will save thedetails of the enquiry and can usean online calendar to book the visitof the estimator. It will then e-maildetails of the visit to the customerand follows this up with an SMS textreminder the day before the visit.The estimator can either performa traditional manual survey, or usethe Bishop’s ‘Checkmate’ tabletbasedsystem to record their fullinventory. The system then createsa quote, the customer is thene-mailed with the full quote detailsand, once the customer acceptsour reasonable quotes, createsconfirmation letters, work sheetsand invoices. This is all linked toour accounts system which meanseach electronic invoice is sent witha link to a secure online paymentsystem. It can also create customerdocumentation in Word format incase further editing is requiredbefore being converted into a finalPDF document.The BODSweb is also used to helpus manage and allocate staff andvehicles across the entire companyand produces work sheets both insummary and for each individualjob. This means we can determinehow time is managed throughoutthe company which enables us toincrease profitability and evaluateand improve performance levels.Having been tailored to match howthe company works, BODSwebhas been designed and customwrittenin house by senior membersof staff and the Bishop’s family. Ithandles all operational requirementsand is also fully integrated with ourself storage business. What alsogives us all added flexibility is thatthe system also works externallyfrom any PC with an Internetconnection.For ten years our BODSwebsystem has made the lives of notonly our employees, but also ourcustomers, much easier. It providesall the necessary tools to ensurethe customer goes away satisfiedand enjoys a smooth, trouble-freeenquiry and overall experiencewith Bishop’s Move.

36 The MoverDecember 2012 ● PRODUCTNew trolley meanslight work for removersASwedish company has developed aunique device for moving desks tablesand other furniture which can be usedby a single operator. The Multi Trolley wasinvented by Peder Jensen who has over 40years’ experience in the moving business.The Multi Trolley features a patentedtilting platform which allows one person tosafely move a large heavy office desk ortable without the need of an assistant. Themakers claim that injuries to muscles andjoints, a major cause of absenteeism, can besignificantly reduced by using the system.Peder Jensen began selling trolleys tocolleagues in the moving business back in2010 and when demand increased hedecided to start the Multi Trolley company.● More information is available at comparison site fordestination and origin servicesA US company has recently launched a new onlinesoftware platform called PricePoint. It’s designed to helpinternational moving companies compare prices forboth origin and destination services.The company call PricePoint a‘Price Engine’. It allowscompanies to input shipmentinformation and see at a glance originand destination rates for a range ofsuppliers. The system also includesdetailed agent profiles, it ranks pricescompared with the lowest quoteand allows those companies takingpart to block companies from seeingtheir rates to avoid providingprivileged information to competitors.Ryan Keintz is the co-founder ofthe company Global RelocationInnovative Procurement (GRIP).“Suppliers are by invitation onlyand invitations are controlled strictlyby bookers so my company staysaway from any perceived bias orconflict of interest,” he explained.To become a booker on PricePointcompanies need to sign a useragreement, which contains a centralprovision of strict non-disclosure/confidentiality of all supplier pricingdata; and provide GRIP with apreferred supplier list. “The cost iscurrently a simple flat monthlysubscription paid by booker-users,no cost to invited suppliers,”explained Ryan. “We are scalingthe fee according to company size,currently U$100-U$800 per month.”GRIP acknowledges that many ofthe savings are subjective, howevernonetheless real. Savings come fromthe reduction in administration,elimination of human error, and thepotential to obtain better ratesthrough the system.● For more information pedestrianstacker fromJungheinrichMaterials handling specialistJungheinrich has launched anew range of manoeuvrableand compact electric-poweredpedestrian operated stacker trucks.The new models can lift loads up to1,200 kilograms to heights of 4.70metres, have 3-phase AC motors andare particularly energy efficient.The trucks can be manoeuvredsafely and efficiently in the narrowestaisles and within confined warehousespaces.● E-mail more information. ● December 2012The Mover 37The Mover - Household Goods Ad December 189 x 132mmHousehold goods insurancetailored to suit youWith Reason Global you get the best of all worlds.As the only Lloyd’s of London broker dedicated to thehousehold goods moving and storage industries, weoffer our clients greater choice and more competitivepolicies. And with our unrivalled ability to combineinternational cover with local claims handlers, wepride ourselves on delivering the perfect balancebetween global reach and regional insight.Your languageYour currencyLocal claims handlersSpecialist insurance for the removals & self storage industries+44 (0) 1273 739961 | www.reason-global.comRed REcruit NOV2012:Layout 1 7/11/12 09:53 Page 115959_TheMover_Ad_Dec.indd 1 07/11/2012 13:04WORLDWIDECAREEROPPORTUNITIESCANADAAssistant OperationsManagerBranch ManagerCorporate DeveloperInternationalInternational MoveCoordinatorRemovals OperationsDirectorSales EstimatorInternationalUSAFine Art DriverFine Art InventoryWarehouse ManagerFine Art TechnicianInternational RemovalsCorporate DeveloperInternational Sales EstimatorPrivate Migrant BusinessDeveloper/EstimatorSales Consultant/EstimatorSales ManagerUKAssistant Branch ManagerBranch AdministratorBranch ManagerCommercial Moving SalesDeveloperCorporate DeveloperInternationalFine Art Business DeveloperFine Art Technicianswith HGVImport / Export ClerkInternational CorporateDeveloperInternational MoveCoordinatorInternational Move/Relocation CoordinatorInternational Sales EstimatorOperations ManagerRemoval CorporateDeveloperRemovals/RelocationsDeveloperSales Manager(Director elect)Sales/Admin CoordinatorStorage CoordinatorTelesales OperativeOTHEREUROPEANVACANCIESInternational BusinessDeveloperInternational CorporateSales SurveyorRemoval Branch ManagerMIDDLE EASTAccount ManagerBranch ManagerCorporate InternationalRemovals DeveloperCorporate Sales DeveloperCustomer Service AdvisorCustoms ClerkExport CoordinatorFine Art OperationSupervisorFine Art TechnicianPricing AnalystRemovals Sales SurveyorINDIABranch ManagerASIAAssistant CoordinatorBranch ManagerCountry ManagerGeneral ManagerImport and Export ClerkRemovals and RelocationsAdministratorSales and Marketing DirectorSales Estimator InternationalSales/Business DevelopmentExecutiveSales/Relocation ConsultantTrainee Branch ManagerJAPANMove CoordinatorAUSTRALIABranch ManagerContractor RemovalistDrivers/Offsiders/Pre-packersExternal Sales ConsultantGeneral ManagerOperations SupervisorSales Consultant/EstimatorSales ManagerOPENINGOFFICESWORLDWIDE+44 (0) 1621 840 600 24 hour serviceEmail us: or Skype - RedRecruit1

38 The MoverDecember 2012 ● A CHRISTMAS WISHA Christmas WishA children’s story for Christmas, by Steve Jordan.There were lots of thingsthat Jamie wanted forChristmas. He wasn’t agreedy boy you understand,he just liked doing lots of things.Jamie would have asked FatherChristmas for a new bike, he’dgrown out of his old one and anywayit still had the little wheels on theside and they were only for babies,but he’d got one only a few weeksbefore, for his ninth birthday. It wasred and shiny and his mum anddad had wrapped it up in X-menpaper and tied it with red string. Butthat was before Dad and Jake wentaway.Since then things had changed.Dad had gone to work in Afghanistan.He was a soldier. A sapper Dad said,but Jamie didn’t know what thatmeant. Jake, his elder brother, was20 and he’d gone away too. He wasworking as a barman in London.Jamie and his mum hadn’t seen himfor months.Only a few days ago Jamie hadwritten his Christmas list and sentit up the chimney just as Dad hadshown him. He’d asked for someroller blades, three Xbox games(but Mum didn’t like him havingthe fighting ones), an iPod (whichhe knew was too expensive but …),some Nike trainers, a rucksack forthe next scout camp, and lots morethat he couldn’t remember. Hewanted all of them, and none of them.He would have given up them all,screwed up the list and never lookedat it again, if Father Christmas wouldjust make his mum smile again.Smile the way she used to do, withher eyes and her heart, not just hermouth.It was Christmas Eve. It was nearly9.00pm and Jamie had sat still andquiet for ages hoping that Mumwould forget to send him to bed. Buteventually she read him his bedtimestory, gave him a hug and shushedhim up the stairs. “Now no gettingup Jamie,” she said, “or Santa mightnot come.”Jamie lay awake. He wantedChristmas day to come but it wouldn’tbe the same with just the two of them.As he lay staring at the ceiling of hisbedroom in the half light, he becameaware of something. It wasn’tfrightening. It was warm, gentle,kind. It was there, but it wasn’tanywhere. And there was a reallystrong smell of sweet spice, justlike the candle that burned on thehearth in the living room. Therewas no sound, nobody spoke, butJamie knew something. He knewfor sure what this ‘presence’ wasasking him to do. He had to make awish. Just one. Not like in the storieswhere the genie grants three wishes.Without hearing or seeing a thing,Jamie knew that he had only one.Hecould wish for anything in the worldand it would be his. Would it be theiPod, the trainers, the blades …Christmas morning came andJamie remembered his strange dreamfrom the night before. It was stilldark but Jamie figured he’d waitedlong enough. He crept into his mum’sroom, tugged at the duvet andclimbed in with her. It was warm,safe and scented in the big bed, atMum’s side it was anyway. Jamiecould never understand why Mumalways slept on her side of the bedeven when Dad wasn’t there.“Mum, can we get up now? Can wesee if he’s been?”The lights of the tree twinkled asJamie and his mum peeped aroundthe living room door. There, as Jamiehad hoped, was a small pile ofpresents just for him. He opened one,then another. Then he stopped, ranupstairs and came down, beaming,holding a package, lovingly wrappedin white paper with a red-nosedreindeer motif, for his mum. Shesmiled, the thin one he’d grown usedto, opened the parcel, hugged himand, he thought, wept a little.Nana arrived and helped mummake dinner. She was a good nanabut Jamie wished she wouldn’talways want to kiss him. The hair onher chin always tickled. Grandadand Grandma came soon after. Eachbrought something for Jamie. Bymidday he was wearing his trainers,the Xbox games - the fighting ones- were already upstairs in his roomand Grandad had a twinkle in hiseye. His new iPod, from Mum andDad, was already downloading hisfavourite stuff off the computer.Then, the doorbell rang. “Hi mum,hi Jamie” came the shout as Jakepoked his head around the door.Mum hugged him really hard. Shewas crying again but this time thetears were different. This time theywere of relief. Tears of joy for Jake’ssafe return. “Hi Buster,” said Jaketo Jamie. He always called himBuster; Jamie didn’t know why buthe kind of liked it. “Beat you atXbox.” He picked Jamie up andswung him around twice.As his feet touched the carpetsomething strange happened: Jamiecould smell sweet spice again. Helooked around but there wasnothing to be seen. Then he hearda car horn outside and a door bang.His mum dashed into the room,taking off her cooking apron as sheran. She said nothing, just squeezedJamie and Jake’s hands. At the mirrorin the hall she paused, touched herhair, smoothed her skirt and openedthe front door. Jamie stood, held hisbrother’s hand, as the sweet smellof Christmas spices grew strongerand stronger.As he waited, Jamie held hisbreath, but he already knew thatlast night had been no dream - andhis Christmas wish was about tocome true. ● December 2012The Mover 39MOVING MOVIES: SKYFALLReductions inroad deathsmust continue,says IAMThe IAM (Institute of AdvancedMotorists) sees the reduction inthe number of people killed andseriously injured on our roads asconfirmation that measures taken sofar have been successful, but urgesagainst complacency and fundingcuts as the latest figures are releasedby the Department for Transport (DfT).Neil Greig, the IAM’s Policy andResearch Director, said: “It’s alwaysgood to see a downward trend in roaddeaths in the UK. The focus on ruralroads in the last two years hasundoubtedly helped with rural roadsafety campaigns by the DfT and thepolice, raising awareness that countryroads are the biggest risk to drivers.The fact that fewer people in their lateteens and early twenties are takingthe test due to demographic trendsmay also be a factor in the drop, andas older cars are taken off the road weare driving safer, better tested cars.”Mr Greig said the IAM’s main concernnow is that the successful measuresare not scrapped under spending cuts:“With these positive results, the worstthing to do would be to withdrawfunding, and so it is important to carryon this good work. Any interventionsneed to combine maximumeffectiveness, with as little intrusionon the public’s lives as possible, toimprove acceptance.”Latest DfT figures show overallcasualties to be down. The number ofpeople killed in road accidents fell by12% from 2008, to 2,222 in 2009. Inaccidents reported to the police 24,690people were seriously injured in 2009,5% fewer than in 2008. There werejust over 222,000 road casualties inGreat Britain in 2009, 4% less than in2008.“If the results continue to improvelike this, we will be well below 2,000fatalities by 2020,” said Mr Greig.Advertise in The Moverand get a freebanner advert MendesStarring:Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem, Judi Dench,Ralph Fiennes,Naomie Harris,Bernice Lim Marlohe.Running time:143 minsRating:12AGenre:Action/adventure/crimeMary Jay is a student of film atRedborne College in Bedfordshire.● Bond is back. Enough said.A quantum of silenceThe brilliance of this film isthat it is so difficult to talkabout without completelygiving away what happens in it.A very good tactic if you’retalking to a friend because allyou need to say is “Just go andsee it. It’s great”, but it makes ita bit difficult to write a reviewabout. You may be thinking “whydon’t you write about somethingelse then?” but again that wouldbe difficult. What director wouldrelease a film hoping for it to doreally well at the same time asthe latest Bond film has beenreleased? No one is that crazy.What I can say about this film is ithas the conventional ingredientsof a Bond film. It has DanielCraig in a black suit, fightingbad guys, drinking martinis anddriving fast cars (not all at thesame time). It also has a creepyvillain; a Bond girl, perhapsmore than one; twists and turns;explosions and, of course, Bond’shelpers at MI6. If you haven’talready seen it you’ll definitelyenjoy it no matter what age orsex you are. If you miss it at thecinema, even if you don’t, add itto the collection when it comesout on DVD.Everyone has their favouriteor someone that they will alwaysconsider as Bond and even ifDaniel Craig isn’t either of themfor you there is no denying howbrilliantly he played the iconiccharacter. All the actors playedtheir characters very well. JavierBardem was a fantastic villain;Naomie Harris and Bernice LimMarlohe brought differentcharacteristics to their Bond girlroles; Ralph Fiennes is the latestemployee at MI6 and the legendthat is Judi Dench is back as M.There isn’t a lot that womancan’t do. There have alreadybeen talks about who’s going toreplace Daniel Craig in theupcoming films. Idris Elba (fromTV programmes The Wire andLuther) is rumoured to take overwhich would make him the firstblack Bond.Upcoming films:At the end of November Gambitwas released. This is a remakeof the 1966 version with ShirleyMacLaine and Michael Cain. Itstars Colin Firth, Cameron Diazand Alan Rickman. It looks veryfunny so definitely go and see it.

40 The MoverDecember 2012 ● BIO-DME TESTINGVolvo tests bio-DME – a better fuel for trucksTrucks that impose hardly any load on the environment because their carbon emissions are virtually zero - could this be a futurescenario? In fact Volvo Trucks is already running successful field tests with vehicles powered by bio-DME, a fuel that can be producedfrom biomass both cost and energy efficiently.For the transport industry, this couldreduce dependence on oil andthereby reduce the environmentalimpact.Since last autumn, ten specially adaptedVolvo trucks have been operating onSwedish roads. They do not stand out inthe traffic – they do not travel more slowlyand they do not look any different – butthey are revolutionary. The reason is thatthey are powered by bio-DME whichreduces carbon emissions by 95%compared with diesel. The field tests havenow reached the halfway point and theresults so far have both met and exceededexpectations.“We have demonstrated both that thetechnology works in practice and thatthe infrastructure with filling stations indifferent parts of Sweden works effectively.The test results bode well for the future,”said Lars Mårtensson, EnvironmentalDirector at Volvo Trucks. “We haveshown that it’s possible to take an ideafrom the laboratory to full-scale operationand we have also successfully spreadthis knowledge all over the world.”Bio-DME, dimethyl ether produced frombiomass, is a liquid, so-called secondgenerationbiofuel that can be made fromwood or by-products and waste fromagricultural production. “According tothe calculations, bio-DME could replaceup to 50% of the diesel that is currentlybeing consumed by commercial vehicles inEurope within the next 20 years. We havea chance to make a fantastic contributionto help the environment,” said Lars.To date, the drivers who are operatingthe trucks in the field tests have reportedthat everything is as expected. Yngve Holmis transporting pulpwood in northernSweden in a DME-adapted Volvo FH 440.He is one of the test drivers and he hasalso reported a number of advantages,such as lower noise levels and, first andforemost, environmental aspects. “I candrive about 650 kilometres on one tankand the truck runs just as well as it does onany other fuel. It is actually much quieter,both internally and externally.”He has been participating in the fieldtests since last September and so far hehas driven 40,000 kilometres. “Manypeople are curious and want to know howit works. The most important thing isthat we are doing something for theenvironment and the future and that’sgood for the soul, as I see it.”The bio-DME he is using is producedjust a stone’s throw from the filling stationhe uses, at the Chemrec plant in Piteå innorthern Sweden, next to the Smurfit-Kappa Kraftliner paper mill. Bio-DME isFacts aboutbio-DMEAs a fuel in a diesel engine,bio-DME produces the samelevel of efficiency and lowernoise levels compared with atraditional engine. Compared withdiesel, bio-DME generates no lessthan 95% fewer carbon emissions.Combustion also producesextremely low levels of particulatesand nitrogen oxide. Taken as awhole, this makes bio-DME an idealAbove: Yngve Holm is one of the test drivers in VolvoTrucks’ field tests of bio-DME; left: Lars Mårtensson,Environmental Director at Volvo Trucks.made from a ‘black liquor’ produced inthe pulp plant. “At the present time, weare only using 1% of the black liquorproduced at the mill,” said Ingvar Landälv,Technical Director at Chemrec. “If wecan use our technology to convert all theblack liquor to bio-DME, it would be ableto power around 2,500 trucks, so weenvisage incredible potential.”fuel for diesel engines.DME is a gas, but it is convertedinto liquid at a pressure of just 5bar. Handling is uncomplicatedand resembles that of liquefiedpetroleum gas (LPG). DME can beproduced from both natural gasand different kinds of biomass.When it is made from biomass, itis called bio-DME.The production of DME fromnatural gas is already substantial.DME then has the same positivecharacteristics as a fuel in dieselengines, but its environmentalimpact is not as low. ● December 2012The Mover 41NEWS: PEOPLE /PUZZLESPuzzles1 2 3 4 5 67 8910 1112 1314 15 16● Bevan Bush and crew.Bevan Bush retiresBevan Bush has retired as apartner and Director ofBusiness Development inBrytor International’s Ottawaoffice. Bevan will be well knownto many from his attendance atLACMA conferences with hiswife, Gina, and BAR conferences.The photo shows Bevan at thejob site for the second of twocontainers packed in Ottawa forAlex Baumann. Alex was a twotimeCanadian swimming goldmedalist and left his high profileposition as CEO of the Own thePodium program in Canada tobecome CEO of High PerformanceSport in New Zealand.Editor’s noteAny time with Bevan was always greatfun and I would like to thank him forbrightening up many dull conferenceswith his quick wit and flashing smile.Have a great retirement Bevan – youlucky man!Suddath hiresChristine SidariChristine Sidari has joined Suddath in Jacksonvilleas the company’s global account sales executive.Christine has been in the industryfor 13 years and will be basedat the company’s Chicago office.She will focus on global sales in themid-west region of the United States,covering Chicago to Texas. Prior tojoining Suddath, Christine acted ina vice president’s role for businessdevelopment at a large relocationcompany. Locally, Christine is amember of the Great LakesRelocation Council, the WorldwideEmployee Relocation Council (ERC)and Cornerstone of Hope. “We areexcited to have Christine as a partof our Suddath team. With hermotivation and enthusiasm, we arecertain that she will bringcontinued success to SuddathInternational,” said Brian Loud,Senior Vice President of GlobalAccount Sales.● Christine Sidari.17 1819 20 2122 2324 25ACROSS7 Prevents (6)8 Trios (6)10 Harmless pill (7)11 Musical time (5)12 None (anag) (4)13 Opposite of lower (5)17 Additional payment forgood performance (5)18 Cry with grief (4)22 Open disrespect (5)23 Fast-moving reptiles (7)24 Extremely foolish (6)25 Bearlike (6)DOWN1 Distorting or twisting (7)2 Shape with ten sides (7)3 Iron alloy (5)4 Personal property (7)5 Large quantities of paper (5)6 Famous Englishracetrack (5)9 Sententiously (9)14 Connecting; linking (7)15 Sharp bend (7)16 Consecrated; made holy (7)19 Up and out of bed (5)20 Seashore (5)21 Shade of blue (5)9 11 7 37 28 2 59 4 6 87 4 56 53 6 25 4

42 The MoverDecember 2012 ● DATESDiaryDatesE-mail10th Annual Road UserCharging Conference5 – 6 March, 2013,Radisson Blu Royal Hotel,Brussels, BelgiumCV Show 20139 – 11 April, 2013,NEC, Birmingham, UKLACMA Convention9 – 13 March 2013,Quito, Ecuador16th Annual EuRA InternationalRelocation Congress24 – 26 April, 2013,Bucharest, RomaniaOMNI Annual Conference7 – 10 May, 2013,Monte CarloFIDI Annual Conference12 – 16 May 2013,Athens, GreeceyourDiary Dates Annual Conference16 – 18 May 2013,Newcastle, UKMöLo International Fair19 – 21 September 2013,Kassel, GermanyAMÖ General Assembly21 September 2013,Kassel, GermanyIAM 51st Annual Meeting7 – 10 October 2013,Vancouver, BC, CanadaFEDEMAC General Assembly25 – 27 October 2013,Sofia, BulgariaIAM 52nd Annual Meetin7 – 10 October 2014,Orlando, Florida, USATake out an overseassubscription to The Mover.The Movermagazine is distributed free in the UK but if you’d like yourown copy sent to you in another country, just take out a subscriptionfor £100 a year and it will be delivered to you every month anywhere inthe world.Send in your stories tooAlthough The Mover is published in the UK it tries to include as manystories from around the world as possible. So, don’t be shy. If you havesomething to say about what’s going on in your country or a message forthe members of the global moving industry, just tell The Mover andwe’ll tell the rest of the world.Don’t forget that all stories published in the magazine itself will bereproduced on allowing anyone the opportunity ofreading them at any time. What’s more, your stories will all carry a livelink to your company website making it easy for search engines andreal people to find you.So, what are you waiting for? Time to get typing.To take out an annual subscription to The Mover juste-mail or telephone Nikki on+44 1908 695500. It’s the easiest way to keep in touchwith news from the moving industry worldwide.Make the right moveand contactPPS for crate rentals MIDLANDS ● December 2012The Mover 43PUZZLESWe’ve dug up a fewfacts that we thoughtyou may (or may not)find interesting.All over the world windmillsgo counterclockwise, except in Irelandwhere they go clockwise.A turtle can breathe through its bottom.The only animal that cannot jump with all legsoff the ground is the elephant.The phrase ‘rule of thumb’ comes from anold English law that said that a man couldnot beat his wife with something that waswider than a thumb.An Earth day is not 24 hours long.It’s actually 23h, 56m, 4swhich is the time that the planet needsto rotate on its own axis.The coldest place on Earth isVostok in Antarctica and the hottestarea is El Azizia in Libya.Twelve people have walked on the moon.The international space station is travelling atan astonishing 17,500 miles per hour.PuzzlesolutionsW D S C R AA V E R T S T H R E E SR C E P A A CP L A C E B O T E M P OI G L M T S TN E O N U P P E RG N J O L H BB O N U S W A I LA C I S A I ES C O R N L I Z A R D ST A I Y U P SI N S A N E U R S I N ER T G E N D6 5 8 3 9 4 2 7 12 1 7 5 6 8 9 4 34 3 9 7 1 2 5 8 67 8 2 4 5 6 1 3 99 4 5 2 3 1 7 6 81 6 3 8 7 9 4 5 28 7 1 6 2 5 3 9 43 9 4 1 8 7 6 2 55 2 6 9 4 3 8 1 7FEATURESCHEDULEOver the coming months we’ll be puttingtogether in-depth features concerning aspects ofthe moving industry. If you’d like to contribute,please e-mail coming up:January: ScotlandFebruary: TrainingMarch: Trade GroupageApr il: Pet ShippingAre you surethere are nospeed camerasup here?

44 The MoverDecember 2012 ● FOR SALEads are booked per unit ormultiples thereof, and run for a minimumof 12 months. 1 unit measures30mm (height) x 60mm (1 column).CALLISTERR E M O V A L SISLE OF MANCOMPETITIVE TRADE RATESFULL AND PART LOADS WEEKLYCONTACT JACKIE COMPLIANT 56 REG MERC-BENZVancraft 3 x container removal truck,tie rails, side table, barn doors,luton dropwell false floor, 3 seats in cab,MOT October 2012.Ring Mike Fahey:07730 309699 or 01614 trucks for sale.NORTHERNIRELANDFULL AND PARTLOADS WEEKLYCALL BRIANFOR INSTANT RATETEL 02892 699131E: Stephen Morris ShippingWORLDWIDE RELOCATION • FINE ART & ANTIQUES SHIPPINGISRAELThe largest consolidators ofHHPE from the UK to Israel.Weekly with full destination sevices020 8832 2222Stephen Morris Shipping Plc, Unit 9, Ockham Drive,Greenford Park, Greenford UB6 I www. Morris ShippingWORLDWIDE RELOCATION • FINE ART & ANTIQUES SHIPPINGMALTA & GOZORegular groupageevery weekFull destination services020 8832 2222Stephen Morris Shipping Plc, Unit 9, Ockham Drive,Greenford Park, Greenford UB6 0FDG&R Advert 60x60mm:Layout I www. 1 20/10/08 16THE PIANOSPECIALISTSA family run business, Est. in 1968.LOCAL MOVING • WORLDWIDE SHIPPINGWEEKLY EUROPEAN SERVICERecommended by the worlds finest piano manufacturers,auctioneers, music colleges & academies.Mem. No G005100 BOLLO LANE, CHISWICK, LONDON W4 5LXTel: +44 (0) 20 8994 9733 Fax: +44 (0) 20 8995 0855Email: ● December 2012The Mover 45MARKETPLACER.B. STEEL & COGLASGOW 01389 ads up to 20 words for sales and wantsare free in The Mover. E-mail your advertisementto number plate for sale.Call Mr Taylor on 01354 695698.NEED DRIVERS? INCREASED WORKLOAD?SICKNESS/HOLIDAYS? Supplying 24/7 acrossLondon & M25 usually within 1 hour.CALL 020 8453 4444; TRAINING & DRIVER CPC12 venues across London/M25 or At Your Site.Jaupt Accredited RTITB Qualified 8453 3440.3 X STORAGE CONTAINERS.Fine art and antique shipping cases. Heavy duty.Excellent Condition. £50. Contact AdamTel: 07717 323356M3 MOV PRIVATE NUMBERPLATE ON RETENTION£700 + VAT, including transfer feeCall Vancraft: 01953 457000Earn valuable additional income by helping yourcustomers save money on household bills (they’lllove you!). 01403 330097, 07791 310363.CITY & WEST ENDRELOCATIONS LTDcompany name for sale,sensible offers invited.Call Kevin or Alan: 0208 443 3122.WANTED - TOP SPEC REMOVAL VAN,1250/1450cube Vancraft or similar,LEZ compliant, w.h.y?e-mail david@easy2move.comWORK WANTEDAldershot Based Owner Driver,Plain Mercedes (1750cube)Reliable Porters. Sub-Contract w.h.y?David tel: 01252 328841A.R.B. FURNITURE REMOVAL LUTONVAN AND DRIVER FOR HIRESheffield/UK Mainland. Single items to full house.Tel: 0114 2889003/07944813389Take a half-page ad ormore and get a freelink to your website

46 The MoverDecember 2012 ● 02/11/2010 12:45 Page 1 AUSTRIA 01732 358900 ‘WHEN SERVICE MATTERS’EXTERNALA C C E S SSOLUTIONSA variety ofelevatorsolutions.From 10 to 30metresContact Warren onT: 07778 794 711F: 020 7117 1606E: info@pritchardsoflondon.comBooking advertisementsE-mail or contact Nikki Gee on01908 695500 for more information or to make a booking.All prices are subject to VAT at the current rate.Overseas subscriptionsThe Mover is distributed free of charge to UK movers. Annualsubscriptions are available in Europe and the rest of the worldat a cost of £100 per year. E-mail orcontact Nikki Gee on +44 1908 695500 to subscribe.Copy datesBooking of adverts: 1st of the month preceding publication.Artwork for adverts: 8th of the month preceding publication.EnquiriesAll enquiries to:Nikki Gee, The Words Workshop,26 Swanwick Lane, BroughtonMilton Keynes MK10 9LD.Tel: 01908 695500; Email: NOTE:Advertising rates cover the cost of advert insertion only.Advertisers should provide their own advertising artwork. TheMover can generate new or amend existing artwork for anadditional charge. All advertising must be paid for in advanceby credit card.* Marketplace advertisements are booked per unit ormultiples thereof, and run for a minimum of 12 months.1 unit measures 30mm (height) x 60mm (1 column).Advertising Rate Card 20121 – 4insertions5 – 8insertions9 – 12insertionsDISPLAYFull page £945 £920 £895Half page £600 £585 £570Quarter page £345 £335 £325Quarter page single column £345 £335 £325Two column square £260 £250 £240Four by one £260 £250 £240Three by one £200 £190 £180Inside front cover £1155 £1125 £1095Outside back cover £1210 £1175 £1145Centre spread £1470 £1435 £1395MARKETPLACE*1 unit mono £420 (1 year) n/a n/a1 unit colour £525 (1 year) n/a n/aCLASSIFIEDLineage – up to 20 words FREE n/a n/aSemi-display – per column centimetre £25 n/a n/aVehicle for sale box £190 n/a n/aBox number for confidential responses £30 n/a n/aINSERTSLoose inserts (per 1000 A4 supplied) £160 n/a n/a

Trade SecretsFind out what you can achieve on-line withour trade groupage shipping services,and make sure you’re in the know.We’ve been in the business for30 years and offer frequentsailings on all routes to majordestinations worldwide.We’ll arrange shipment on the vesselpromised and nominate reliable FIDIagents at destination. With depots inLondon, Manchester and Glasgow weoffer a competitive groupage solutionwherever you are located.At Anglo Pacific we understandyour business and will ensurethat your goods are handledprofessionally from start tofinish.Visit our website or simply callour friendly experts andget the facts.Memb No: A026Our Services Continuous receiving in London, Manchester and Glasgow Worldwide LCL, FCL and airfreight services Regular groupage services to Australasia, North America, South Africa, S.E. Asia, Dubai, Cyprus On-line sailing schedule updates and shipment trackingFREEPHONE 0800 707 6093Or visit us at London, Manchester, Glasgow

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