Download our PDF - North Carolina's Great Smoky Mountains

Download our PDF - North Carolina's Great Smoky Mountains

Discover HeritageTreasures HereDeep within the Blue Ridge Mountains of WesternNorth Carolina, you’ll discover a unique heritage andcultural treasures that can’t be found anywhere elsein the world.From mountain music and Appalachian crafts toancient Cherokee traditions, you’ll see why thisregion has the honor of being called the Blue RidgeNational Heritage Area.Visit to learn more about thetreasures you’ll discover here.Proud to be part of the

There’s a gazillion things to do in North Carolina’s Smokies!No matter where you’re staying, nomatter what you want to see or do, aday-trip across the Great Smokies isalways a great idea.

Preservation of Place, Culture and TraditionThe indigenous Cherokeepeople readily sharedtheir tradition of craftingtechniques with the region’s earlyScots-Irish settlers — includingweaving baskets out of honeysucklevines and firing clay into beautifulblack pottery.The early settlers used theirnewly acquired skills to develop autilitarian form of art and craft thatcontinues to this day through thehands of mountain craftsmen andNative American artisans.When the settlers and Cherokeefound time to celebrate, they did sowith song and dance, forging evenmore unique cultural traditions.Mountain music was born of handcarvedfiddles, dulcimers and banjosthat were used to play jigs, balladsand love songs from the settlers’Along with the preservation of theseunique cultures and traditions, greatsteps have been taken to protect andpreserve the natural beauty of theland where it all started.The Great Smoky Mountains NationalPark was created in 1934 to preserve800 square miles of natural wonder.The park encompasses 700 milesof rivers and streams, 800 miles ofhiking trails and 200,000 acres ofvirgin forest. It is now recognized asthe most biologically diverse placeon Earth, an International Biosphereand part of the Blue Ridge NationalHeritage Area.You can take a scenic tour of the areaby traveling down the historic BlueRidge Parkway, a unique Americantreasure that spans 469 miles ofridge tops, tunnels and breathtakingoverlooks from Shenandoah NationalPark to the heart of The Great Smokyhomeland. Mountain dance was soonMountains National follow, as Scottish sword dancing,Irish step dancing and Cherokee However you choose to enjoy it,buck dancing combined to create you’re always welcome to visit ourmountain clogging. These forms of backyard to experience outdoormusic and dance are still performed adventure, unique mountain heritage,in competitions and festivals natural beauty, and Southernthroughout the region.hospitality that flows so freely here.Download thisFREE regionaltour from the AppStore or scan code onpage 30 (NC MountainsUgoTour) complete withfull video tours!This publication ispartially supported by:800.432.4678VisitSmokies.orgContentsFontana LakeWaynesville 2Maggie Valley 3Cherokee 4Almond, Bryson City,Wesser, Whittier 6Blueway Trails 11Robbinsville,Fontana Village, Santeelah 12Fishing 14Sylva, Dillsboro, Cashiers 19Highlands 20Andrews, Murphy 22Hayesville, Brasstown 23Breweries & Wineries 24Mountain Waterfalls 26Backyard Trails 28Scenic Byways 30Recreational Areas& Campgrounds 33Directory 345/2013 1

WaynesvilleGeneral “Mad” Anthony Waynecould’ve never foreseen how lovely a“ville” his namesake would grow upto be; the quirk and charm of MainStreet ushering a downtown of cafés,coffeehouses, galleries and boutiqueswould’ve given Mrs. Wayne spells.Worth your time is the Apple HarvestFestival, Folkmoot (celebratingcultures from across the globe) andthe Church Street Arts & CraftShow. Folks, you can’t go wrong witha place referred to as a “low-costEden” that throws a party to allthings apple.The Waynesville InnGolf Resort & Spa176 Country Club DriveWaynesvilleTheWaynesvilleInn.com828.456.3551 • 800.627.6250The Waynesville Inn Golf Resort &Spa has been welcoming visitors since1926. Surrounded by the Great SmokyMountains, the Blue Ridge Parkway andthe Balsam Mountains, guests enjoyrooms with stunning views. Offering27 holes of championship golf, twounique restaurants and a spa, makes itthe perfect destination for travelers.Maggie ValleyThis little town sits at the foot of CataloocheeGuest Ranch, one of North Carolina’s premierattractions. You can enjoy amazing vistas, ridethe trails on horseback or hike with the elk in theadjacent Great Smoky Mountains National Park.The family will also enjoy Ghost Town In The Sky,NCs oldest family attraction. If you are there inwinter be sure to enjoy some of the Southeast’sbest-groomed slopes at Cataloochee Ski Area, wellknown to snowboarders and ski enthusiasts alike.Folkmoot Festival Celebrates30 Years: July 17–28, 2013Photo by Beth Brown23

CherokeeHome of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee IndiansIn 1838 the federal government exiled the Cherokee people to Oklahoma.While only 16,000 survived the forced march over The Trail of Tears,some chose to defy congress and disappear into the Smoky Mountains.Fifty years later, those who stayed behind earned the right to govern a57,500-acre slice of land they called the Qualla Boundary. In the’50s the drama “Unto These Hills” and the Museum of TheCherokee Indian, turned the area into a destination. Today,Cherokee is the place that’s never lacking for another “mustdo.” Try the Oconaluftee River, flowing right into town on acurrent of good times. Island Park isin these waters, offering plentifulplaytime for the kids. Alsorecommended is The Qualla Arts& Crafts Mutual for the best innative artisanship. Frankly, ifyou can’t find something to dohere, maybe fun and laughterare not your thing.Some are stunned.Others, thrilled.Many just relax.But no one everleaves bored.VisitCherokeeNC.com800.438.1601How will Cherokee affectyou? That depends.Whether you like tranquilmoments with our elk herd ormud-splattering romps throughthe nearby Great SmokyMountains, in Cherokee, NC,you can immerse in culture,shop for authentic crafts, ordive into drama.With just a few clicks, youcan find extraordinary deals onhundreds of things to do, all without walloping your family vacation budget.Explore native dance, the Oconaluftee Indian Village, and the “How’d theydo that?” beauty of baskets, masks, and more at Qualla Arts & Crafts Mutual,Inc. Or experience the outdoor drama “Unto These Hills,” golf at SequoyahNational Golf Club, indulge at Harrah’s® Cherokee Casino Resort, or fishsome of the most pristine, well-stocked waters you can find. From amazingstories around a bonfire to jaw-dropping sights, a vacation in Cherokee willaffect you. The “how” is completely up to you.4 5

AlmoND −> Bryson City −> Wesser −> WhittierThe Nantahala National Forest is to the south from here, the Great SmokyMountains National Park to the north, and the Tuckaseegee River is a stone’sthrow away. Fontana Lake mirrors the sky for 29 miles and a host of waterfalls,with names like Juney Whank and Mingo, are peppered about. Plus, the NantahalaRiver Gorge unleashes such furious rapids the 2013 International FreestyleKayaking Championships are being held here!Bryson • 828.488.3681 • 800.867.9246Nestled in the Great Smokies of Western North Carolina isBryson City, the premier outdoor destination of the Southeast.Hiking and biking opportunities abound in the Great SmokyMountains National Park and the Tsali Recreational Area. TryLake Fontana or one of our many trout streams for world classfishing or creek tube down Deep Creek and make a day of itwith a picnic and waterfall walk. And don’t forget the NantahalaRiver, home to the 2013 Freestyle Kayaking Championships and aleader in the whitewater rafting industry.But don’t stay in the woods the entire time. Plan an afternoonand evening to visit our downtown where you will find an eclecticblend of shops and galleries as well as an array of dining optionssure to please any palate.Plan your visit to Bryson City and discover how easy it is to“have a big vacation in a small town.”For all you hikers, the 28 miles of former logging roads and rail beds ofThe Wayehutta ATV Trail System will satisfy.But you don’t have to be an elf or a mermaid to enjoy these towns either –relax a bit with a scenic train ride through the mountainswith the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad,or relax at the historic Fryemont Inn.67

Great Smoky Mountains Railroad226 Everett Street, Bryson • 800.872.4681Step on board for a passage through time as the railroad takesyou through a scenic corner of Western North Carolina. Enjoyviews of the river gorge, fertile farmland, a soaring high trestleor a hand carved tunnel. Let us be your guide through thebreath-taking scenery while you kick back and relax in one ofour vintage railroad cars. Ride First Class and enjoy a deliciousmeal with exclusive souvenirs or ride our Open Air Gondola forfresh mountain air viewing!Choose from a variety of train adventures departing from ourBryson City, NC depot. Enjoy special event trains like thePOLAR EXPRESS with your family! Opt to do a full day ofrailroading on the 44-mile Nantahala Gorge Excursionincluding a layover at the Nantahala Outdoor Center,or the 32-mile Tuckasegee River Excursion takingyou past The Fugitive movie film site, to the townof Dillsboro and back! Book your tickets today!NantahalaOutdoor Center13077 Hwy 19 W, Bryson • 866.297.5281Whether you take youroutdoor adventures seriouslyor just for fun, NantahalaOutdoor Center (or NOCfor short) is your idealstarting point. NOC is “Oneof the Best Outfitters on Earth,”according to National GeographicAdventure. In fact, NOC is widelyconsidered the leader in raftingand has been for 40 years. NOCoffers family-friendly adventuresincluding rafting and paddlingon the Nantahala River, a worldfamouspaddling school, ziplines, mountain bike rentals, lakekayaking, wilderness medicinetraining, riverside dining, lodgingand shopping. See for yourself whyNOC is a legend in the outdoors!89

Blueway Trails of the North Carolina SmokiesFour rivers, Little Tennessee, Nantahala, Oconaluftee and Tuckaseegee, flowthrough the NC Smokies and into Fontana Lake at the edge of the GreatSmoky Mountains creating a spectacular “Blueways Trail” throughout theregion. Those rivers and their watersheds encompass the Nantahala NationalForest and the two most visited units of the national park system, the GreatSmoky Mountains National Park and the Blue Ridge Parkway, which createthe “infrastructure” for the largest and most visited outdoor recreation areasin the Southeastern United States.The Oconaluftee, considered “sacred waters” by the Cherokee, and known as the“Luftee,” is a beautiful, freestone river that drops 2,000 feet over 10 miles and flowsthrough Cherokee before joining the Little Tennessee on the way to Lake Fontana.Wading, tubing and canoeing are all popular here. However, the Luftee is most famousfor its abundant healthy Rainbow, Brook and Brown Trout. In fact it holds the NorthCarolina Record Brown Trout weighing in at 15.9 pounds!10Action So Hot, The WaterIsn’t Just White. It’s Boiling.Bryson City, NCFreestyleKayaking2013.comKayak.VisitSmokies.orgThe ultimate whitewater competition is comingto the Nantahala River on September 2–8, 2013— the International Canoe Federation’s (ICF)Canoe Freestyle World Championships. Thispremier freestyle kayak event is slated to drawover 300 top freestyle paddlers from aroundthe world, as well as thousands of spectatorshere, to the Nantahala Gorge, in the heart ofthe North Carolina Smokies.B Free live music in downtown Bryson Cityand by the Nantahala River B Fun games andraces for athletes and spectators alike, includinga spectacular “big air” ramp competitionB Outdoor activities, such as whitewater andflatwater paddling, zip lining, hiking andmountain biking B Authentic mountain musicand crafts in the Blue Ridge National HeritageArea vendor marketplace B Meet vendor repsfrom the biggest names in outdoor recreation inan on-site outdoor gear exhibition.All photo by Steven McBrideThe Nantahala offers river raftingand kayaking through familyfriendlyrapids and is a popularspot for the amateur as well as theOlympic padder. It features eightmiles of Class II rapids beforesplashing through the excitingClass III whitewater of NantahalaFalls. This is one of America’s mostpopular whitewater runs! It is alsorecognized as one of the area’spremier trout streams. So good infact, that Trout Unlimited includedit on their list of the top 100 TroutStreams in the US.The Little Tennesseeand its immediate watershedcomprise one of the richestarchaeological areas in theSoutheastern US. Knownto the avid fisherman forits Small Mouth Bass, thisriver is a popular spot forcanoeing, fishing and floating.Travelers and locals alikeenjoy the town of Franklin’sLittle Tennessee Greenwayas it winds along the river.The Tuckasegee, known as the “Tuck,”originates around Cashiers and runs throughCullowhee, Sylva, Dillsboro and Bryson Cityon its way to Fontana Lake. A float trip onthe Tuck is an exhilarating way to experiencefly-fishing in the southern Appalachians.The river has areas that are as wide as manywestern rivers, offering plenty of room forback casting. The Tuck is also a popular riverfor tubing, floating and canoeing.11

RoBBinsville −> Fontana Village −> SanteetlahDig in here and you virtually hear weathered voices of ages gone by say, “There’s a lotof history in these mountains.” While you listen, undulating views of the Smokies rippleout in front of you and right into the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest. Just grab yourhiking boots and hit Snowbird Backcountry, where you’ll find yourself amidst woodsthat once harbored the Cherokee that fought expatriation. Past and present in perfectkinetic union – this is life in motion. This is vintage North Carolina Smokies.Then, for touring with plenty of turns, take The Dragon. An 11-mile stretch of US 129,its curvy legend among sports car drivers and motorcyclists grows each year. Whilehere, motor on the Cherohala Skyway, one of America’s most spectacular NationalByways! Or, for a more peaceful way to acquaint yourself with these beautiful mountaintowns, stop by Robbinsville and visit Junaluska’s grave. He was the Cherokee Chief whofamously saved President Andrew Jackson’s life, only to be repaid with an eviction notice.Motor on over to Santeetlah Lake, a postcard-perfect, crystal blue body of watersurrounded by the Nantahala National Forest that will take your breath away! Certainlyshoot over to Stecoah and the Stecoah Valley Center, a beautifully refurbished stoneschoolhouse dedicated to preserving and promoting the rich heritage of SouthernAppalachian culture, music and craft.Graham County Traveland Tourism AuthorityServing Robbinsville, Fontana Dam,Lake Santeetlah & Stecoah Valley387 Rodney Orr Bypass, RobbinsvilleGrahamCountyTravel.com800.470.3790 • 828.479.3790With a natural beauty still unspoiledby crowds, we are truly a rare find in today’s busy world. Come spend theday driving the twisties, hiking at Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest, WhitewaterRafting on the Cheoah River or biking our newest Santeetlah Bike Trails!Fontana Village Resort300 Woods Road, Fontana • 800.849.2258Over 100 cabins, lodge, campground,Lake Fontana Marina & boat rentals,group conference &catering facilities,restaurants &lounges, pools &lazy river, biking& hiking trails.12 13

Fishingin the Smoky Mountainsof North CarolinaIt is often said that variety is thespice of life…if that is so, thenfishing in the Smoky Mountainsis extra spicy. Fishing in thesemountain waters provides diverseopportunities for anglers of allages and experience levels. Explore lakes, creeksand rivers nationally recognized for a wide varietyof trout. Visit some of the country’s premierelocations for bait and fly-fishing. Nonresidentand resident fishing permits can be purchased atseveral local locations and online. Special tribalfishing permits can also be acquired if you wantto visit the rivers, streams and ponds on theCherokee Indian Reservation. Annual events thatcelebrate the tradition of fishing in the SmokyMountains can also be found throughout the year.Families can even enjoy fishing competitionsand classes. Start planning your ultimatefishing trip to the Smoky Mountainsof North Carolina today.The DragonAt Deal’s Gap318 curves in just11 miles. In fact, the mostcurves per mile you can findanywhere. Yep, The Dragon isone of the meanest, twistiest,nastiest pieces of asphaltever laid down. Officiallyknown as US 129, The Dragonis a fire-breather to MiniCooper enthusiasts or anysports car that can hang a corner,and motorcyclists proud of theirroad rash scars. You’ll find most of themgathered at Deal’s Gap Motorcycle Resort,“Guaranteed to be one of the best motorcycleexperiences you will have.” Then jump back onto test your skills on “Krudd Corner,” “The Wall,”or “The Gravity Cavity.”1415

Discover Nantahala — Nature’s ParadiseNantahala Tourism Commission425 Porter Street, • 877.524.2583The community of Nantahala shares its name around here with a lake,a national forest and the river that runs through it. Considering its location inthe foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park at Macon County’swestern boundary, the translation of Nantahala into “Land of the NoondaySun” seems appropriate.Whether you are looking for a quiet getaway or an active vacation, Nantahalahas it all: omfortable lodging where you can just relax for awhile and enjoyfast waters for fishing, rafting and boating; wooded trails for quiet hiking; anda high-elevation lake with crystal clear water for all kinds of fun. The lake is at3,200‐feet elevation, making it one of the highest mountain lakes east of theRocky Mountains.The road leading through the Nantahala community is a beautifulscenic drive which is designated as a National Scenic Byway,known as the “Mountain Waters Scenic Byway.”You may have never heard of this beautiful corner of theSmokies, but just come to visit once and we knowyou’ll be back — again and again.Franklin, NC425 Porter Street, • 866-372-5546Calling Franklin a “gem” wouldn’t be that far off. You see, in thearea around Franklin there are nine active gem mines where youcan find rubies, garnets, sapphires and other precious stones.Franklin offers lots of outdoor activities like hiking trails in theNantahala National Forest, the Appalachian Trail and manybeautiful waterfalls. Don’t worry; we have lots to do inside aswell. Visit our new performing arts center for some of the bestentertainment you’ll find in these parts or shop for antiquesin one of our antique malls. Franklin has something to offereveryone, no matter your age. Come to a place wherebeautiful scenery, hiking, fishing, history and Southernhospitality are a way of life! Come enjoy the beautyand discover the life in Franklin.1617

Smoky Mountain Centerfor the Performing Arts1028 Georgia Road, • 866.273.4615The Smoky Mountain Center for the Performing Arts’ 2013season has something for everyone, including shows fromJars of Clay, the Georgia Symphony, Vince Gill, and Clint Black,just to name a few. The Center seats 1,500 in orchestra andbalcony seating. Join us for anunforgettable concertor event!Heinzelmännchen Brewery545 Mill Street, • 828.631.4466Established in 2004, this working brewery produces fresh draft beer andsodas brewed in the German Tradition with great passion and care. Kegconditioned and non-filtered, The Beer Brewed for Food entices yourpalette and complements what’s on your plate. Ranked in Trip Advisor’sTop 10 Brewery Tours, Fall2012, you can enjoy samplesor pints of beer & soda onpremises or take home ina 2 liter German Growler,1/2 gallon Gnomler or 32 ozHeinzel-Munchkin.Sylva −> Dillsboro −> CashiersMarry a nature poet’s dreamscape with a Norman Rockwellpainting and you get Jackson County.Imbue the picture with the mountain charm of a town likeCashiers, settled on the highest plateau of the Blue RidgeMountains and host to the very cool Cashiers MountainMusic Festival. Inject the scene with the timelessness ofDillsboro: a small 19th-century railroad town on the banksof the Tuckasegee where “quaint” must’ve been invented.Party in Cullowhee with the Catamounts of Western CarolinaUniversity. While there, see the controversial markings ofJudaculla Rock, thought to be morethan 2,000 years old and somysterious, big brains are puzzled.Then jump over to Sylva, where ascene from the movie Deliverance—was filmed.The crafts, music, cuisine andculture of the mountains are foundin ample amounts here. Sampleany or all of them but whateveryou do, just don’t leave withouta heaping helping.Photo courtesy Southern Living18 19

20HighlaNDsAlmost from inception,Highlands has been thepicturesque mountainretreat built to enchant:charming B&Bs that romance feedson, a mighty culinary scene (six restaurants honored byWine Spectator) and shopping that would please everyone—— from high-end boutiques to art galleries and craft stores.Plus, it’s all beautifully wrapped in the dynamic, yet Zen-likesurroundings of the Nantahala National Forest.Highlands Aerial Park9625 Dillard Road, Scaly MountainHighlandsCanopyTour.com828.526.8773 • 855 ZIP ME HIHighlands Aerial Park isdesigned for children, parentsand grandparents to creatememories together. With threedistinct activities there is anadventure waiting for all ages!The World Class Zip Linegives you a 270° view ofsurrounding mountains. For“first timers” that may wantto test-drive the zips beforeexcelling to the World ClassZip Line, then the MountainZip Line Tour is perfect foryou. The Brave Indian FamiyZip Line Adventure Course istree‐based, and reaches elevations that excite and speeds that thrill,but nothing too intimidating for the younger riders. After zip lining, take awalk on the nature trail that begins at the Tree House with check-in, andcontinues as a self-guided walk of gradual descent.21

Andrews −> MurphySpanish explorer Hernando de Sotorummaged through here in 1540.The Cherokee settled this territory,overseeing an important trading routewest. (Ironically, this land also usheredtheir deportation.) And it’s here,tucked away in the pristine heart ofthe Appalachian Mountains, that you’lldiscover Murphy. Soak in a downtownworthy of a postcard. You’ll see the“Blue Marble” Courthouse, a beautyof Classical Revival built with marblequarried locally. Inquisitive minds head toThe Cherokee County Historical Museumfor a peek into the Southern Appalachiaof yesteryear, including a replica of a19th-century, one-room log schoolhouse.For a more botanical stroll, River Walkskirts town along both the Hiwassee andValley rivers. Murphy also offers plentyof tasting opportunities for the grapeobsessed. Hit Valley River Vineyards thenCherokee Cellars Winery and Art Gallerywhile there, or mosey (carefully) over toCalaboose Cellars in Andrews.Murphy, Andrewsand BrasstownCherokee County805 West US 64, MurphyCherokeeCountyChamber.com828.837.2242Where forested mountains touchthe sky, lakes sparkle and thecharm of small-town America stillexists. Experience our lakes, fishingstreams, hiking trails, biking trails,our downtown River Walk, uniqueshops, fine dining, wineries andmore. We have something forevery member of your groupto enjoy, whether it is actionadventure or relaxation.Hayesville −> BrasstownIf someone told of a place self-proclaimedas “the best-kept secret in NorthCarolina,” basic human curiosity woulddemand proof. The search for it wouldlead you here to Clay County and therealization that said secret wouldn’tsurvive once word got out about thePunkin Chunkin Festival in Hayesville:a three-day party celebrating hurlingpumpkins with homemade catapults— PLUS a chili cook-off to boot!Brasstown is home to the John C.Cambell Folk School. Since 1925,it’s been one of North Carolina’s mostinspired cultural institutions, dedicated to preserving and teaching amultitude of art forms native to the area. Make this visit a priority!Visit the Clay County Historical and Arts Council Museum, housed inthe old county jail in Hayesville, for a unique perspective. For earthieroutings, Fires Creek Rim Trail is popular both on foot and horseback.For water, do as the locals do, check out Lake Chatuge.2223

DID YOU KNOW?North Carolina has a storied history ofwine and grapes, from being the home ofour nation’s first cultivated wine grapeto being the leading wine producer beforeProhibition! Today, North Carolina ranks 10thin wine and grape production in the US. Thenumber of wineries has grown five‐fold andgrape acreage has more than doubled in thelast decade.North Carolina also boasts the largestnumber of craft breweries in the AmericanSouth, with more than 50 breweries andbrewpubs. It is also the most decorated statein the South with more medals from the WorldBeer Cup® and the Great American BeerFestival than any of its neighboring states.BREWERIESBearwaters Brewing Company130 Fraizer Street, Suite 7, • 828.246.0602Calaboose CellarsWinery & Brewery565 Aquone Road, AndrewsCalabooseCellars.com828.321.2006Frog Level Brewing Company56 Commerce Street, WaynesvilleFrogLevelBrewing.com828.454.5664HeinzelmÄnnchen Brewery545 Mill Street, SylvaYourGnometownBrewery.com828.631.4466Nantahala Brewing Company103 Depot Street, Bryson CityNantahalaBrewing.com828.488.2337Tipping Point Tavern190 N. Main Street, WaynesvilleTippingPointTavern.com828.246.9230WinERIESCalaboose CellarsWinery & BrewerySee listing under BreweriesCherokee Cellars Wineryand Art Gallery23 Hickory Street, Murphy828.835.9565Eagle Fork Vineyards225 Dick Jones Road, HayesvilleEagleForkVineyards.com828.389.VINONottely River ValleyVineyards, llc1150 Old Culberson Road, MurphyNottelywine.com828.837.7822Valley River Vineyards4689 Martins Creek Road, MurphyValleyRiverVineyards.com828.321.53332425

Mountain WaterfallsPoet Walt Whitman once described a waterfall as, “…the monotone and liquid gurgle from the hoarse, impetuous,copious fall….” Frankly, we don’t know what that means. Whatwe do know is: those words sound amplified somehow, swollenby a place that inspires, by a world that might seem, at times,mythical as it finally emerges soon after the roar that declaresit. You enter nature’s picture alive with ghostly longing, whereskyscrapers and asphalt feel like delusions of a madman.Sorry. Waterfalls can sometimes make you want to try tosay something pretty. So, pack up some water and some trailmix, strap on your best hiking footwear – comfort is key.Headband and tube socks are optional. Let’s go “waterfallin!’”Use the fold-out mapin the back to find yournew favorite falls.Site numbers correspond to themap on the foldout cover.1 Big Laurel FallsAn easy 0.5-mile trail bringsyou to this 30-foot cascadingwaterfall that tumbles into asmall, placid pool.2 Bridal Veil FallsVisible from Hwy 64, thisbeautiful waterfall drops 120 feet.3 Cullasaja FallsVisible from Hwy 64, this250‐foot waterfall is accessibleby a 0.5-mile steep trail.4 Dry Falls3.5 miles west of Highlands, apaved walkway takes you to andthrough the 75‐foot falls.5 Glen FallsA 1-mile steep, rough trail bringsyou to three falls, each droppingabout 60 feet.6 Indian Creek FallsAn easy one-mile hike fromDeep Creek Campground inthe Great Smoky MountainsNational Park brings you to thisgorgeous 60-foot waterfall.7 Juney Whank FallsJust 0.25 mile downstream fromIndian Creek Falls.8 Mingo FallsThis 200-foot scenic waterfallis a five-minute walk from theMingo Falls Campground on theCherokee Indian Reservation.9 Mouse Creek FallsFollow a 2-mile trail to MouseCreek’s 25-foot falls in the GreatSmoky Mountains National Park.10 Rufus Morgan FallsIt’s just a short walk to thesenear-vertical 65-foot falls inWayah Bald.11 Sassafras FallsFollow a 3.5-mile trail to wide,steep, multiple falls about45 feet high.12 Silver Run FallsA combination free-fall andnear-vertical slide about40 feet high.13 Soco FallsJust north of Cherokee, thiswaterfall runs down the slope ofSoco Bald.14Tom’s Branch FallsJust 0.25-quarter mile fromDeep Creek Campground.15 Waterfall on Tellico River0.5-mile trail to two largecascading waterfalls, separatedby a short run, with an overallheight of about 45 feet.16 Waterfall onTownhouse BranchThis 30-foot waterfall starts witha steep cascade into a 5‐footfreefall, 1-mile trail to falls.17 Whitewater FallsAt 411 feet, this is the highestwaterfall in the EasternUnited States.26 27

Backyard TrailsThese are literally geteways — portals thatlead you from an eternally connected worldthat still longs for a flying car into anotherworld that predates our capacity to imagineanything. Like roots of a tree, hundredsof trails permeate these here Smokies.From easy to strenuous, from short tolong, whether you’re on a bike, a horse oron foot, if you’re looking to disconnect fora bit, get away and feel just a little like apioneer must’ve felt exploring these woods,pick up a trail and take in our backyard.Below are just a few recommendationsfrom the US Forest Service. Thecoordinates correspond to the fold‐outmap inside the back cover.The Appalachian Trailto Charlie’s BunionF24 milestrailhead: Newfound Gap parkingarea. This 4-mile stretch offersspectacular views of the Smokies.The Appalachian Trailto Wesser BaldE52 milestrailhead: Wesser Gap. This scenicportion of the Appalachian Trail isperfect for day hikes.EasyModerateDifficultB Cyclingb Horsebackc FishingX ATVX Wheelchair AccessBartram TrailG737.7 milestrailhead: The trail enters NorthCarolina just south of Highlandsnear Rabun Bald and joins theAppalachian Trail at two points. Thetrail ends on Cheoah Bald.Big Indian Horse TrailF68 miles b ctrailhead: Big Indian Creek.The Standing Indian RecreationArea west of Franklin offers manyexcellent hiking trials and lies inclose proximity to the AppalachianTrail. The Big Indian Trail isdesignated for both horseback ridingand hiking, and there is a horse campclose by at Hurricane Creek.Big Snowbird TrailD412.7 miles ctrailhead: Big Snowbird Road.The first 4 miles are recommendedfor day hikes.Use the fold-out mapin the back to findyour new favorite trails.Fires Creek Area Trails C60.3–5.4 miles b ctrailhead: Fires Creek RecreationArea. Offers a number of excellenttrails, including a designatedhorseback trail and horse camp. CoverLoop is an easy 0.3-mile trail that ishandicap accessible. Other popularfoot trails include Leatherwood LoopTrail (0.7 mile), Leatherwood BranchAccess (3.5 miles) and Cover Trail,which follows Fires Creek forapproximately 5 miles.Jackrabbit Mountain Trail D72.5 miles ctrailhead: Jackrabbit RecreationArea. Trail offers an excellent view ofLake Chatuge and provides lakefishing access as well.Joyce Kilmer Memorial Trail C42 milestrailhead: Joyce Kilmer MemorialForest parking lot. Joyce KilmerForest, the last remnant of virginforest in the Southern Appalachians,offers a spectacular 2-mile loop trail.Mallonee Trail5 miles c Xtrailhead: Balsam LakeRecreation Area. TheMallonee Trail providesbarrier free access,with three wheelchairaccessiblefishingplatforms located alongthe trail.I5Maple SpringsObservation PointC4800 feet Xtrailhead: Maple SpringsObservation Area. Maple Springsoffers an unparalleled view of theSmokies, especially during the fallcolor season.Mountains-to-Sea TrailI48.75 miles B b Xtrailhead: Old Bald Ridge on theBlue Ridge Parkway. The Highland’sportion of North Carolina’sMountains-to-Sea Trail traversesbreathtaking stands of old-growthforest and plenty of wildlife.Whiteside Mountain Trail H72 milestrailhead: Whiteside Mountainparking area. The loop trail featuresa view of the highest vertical dropin the Eastern US at 750 feet. Sheerrock faces are popular for rockclimbing and rappelling.Yellow Mountain TrailH74.8 milestrailhead: Buck Creek Road(SR 1538). Traverse three ofHighland’s most scenic mountains.Beautiful views and a diversity ofplant life.28 29

Western North CarolinaScenic BywaysScenic byways have beendesignated to give visitors andresidents a chance to experience a bitof North Carolina history, geographyand culture while raising awarenessfor the protection and preservation ofthese treasures. The routes are carefullyselected to embody the diverse beautyand culture of the area and providetravelers with a safe and interestingalternate route.These byways are intended as analternative to the faster-paced trafficand commercial areas found along ourmajor highways and interstates. Byfollowing the byways, you will see someof the most breathtaking scenery in theGreat Smokies.For more information, Waterfall BywayStrangely powerful or eerily tranquil,waterfalls do have a way of castinga spell. If you happen to be a fan,this is your byway. Winding 98miles and featuring more than 200distinct waterfalls, it begins at US 64’sintersection with NC 215. Where itends is likely somewhere far deeperwithin you.98 miles • 3.5 hoursCherokee, Clay, Jackson,Macon and Transylvania Counties2 Nantahala BywayThe Cherokee used “Nantahala” tomean “Land of the Noonday Sun.”Why noonday? Well, likely for thesteep walls that frame the NantahalaGorge, an impressive site you’lltour as part of this swirling byway.Nearby, the Nantahala River hasbecome legendary for its whitewater.Just depart from Marble, head eastand don’t stop until you pass Wesser.43 miles • 1.5 hoursCherokee, Graham, Jackson andSwain Counties3 Cherohala SkywayEsquire magazine said “It’s like drivingthrough a car commercial.” Connectingthe Cherokee National Forest to theNantahala National Forest, this clean,smooth highway encourages you toopen up your sports car or pause yourRV for a sandwich and the beautifulsights. And the skyway vs. byway bit?Once you drive it, you’ll understand.20 miles • 45 minutes • Graham County4 Indian Lakes Scenic BywayWhere NC 28 meets US 29, fans ofcrystalline lakes (especially thosefeaturing Indian names) will find theircalling. Just leave what’s known as“The Dragon” and discover the firstlandmark, Fontana Dam. From there,you’ll have a hard time watching theroad as you pass the likes of FontanaVillage and Stecoah on the way tothe byway’s meandering end at theTennessee border.57 miles • 1.5 hoursSwain, Graham and Cherokee Counties5 Whitewater WayQuick: You have three guesses as towhat you’ll encounter on this scenicbyway. The aptly named WhitewaterWay is named for Whitewater Falls,which is the highest waterfall east of theRockies. Take NC 281 and hike the manytrails leading to spectacular rushingwater. Bathroom breaks are a must.9 miles • 20 minutesTransylvania and Jackson Counties6 Forest Heritage Scenic BywayIf, like Joyce Kilmer, you thinkthat you “shall never see a poemas lovely as a tree,” it’s time to putdown the poetry book and start yourengines. Take off on US 276 Northfrom Brevard on the Forest HeritageScenic Byway to see The Cradle ofForestry, the Pink Beds and ShiningRock Wilderness.65 miles • 2 hoursHaywood, Transylvania andJackson Counties7 Smoky Mountain Scenic BywayTravel through The Great SmokyMountains National Park, renownedfor its diverse plant and animal life.A trip along this road puts you inclose proximity to some of NorthCarolina’s most captivating wildlife,and gives a glimpse of the SouthernAppalachian pioneer culture thatonce dominated the region. Just hopoff the Blue Ridge Parkway on to US441 near the Qualla Boundary of theCherokee Indian Reservationand head North intoTennessee.16.5 miles • 35 minutesSwain CountySite numbers correspondto this mapUgo TourMobile AppIntroducing the Ugo NCMountains Tour app. Downloadit today on your iPhone, Android,iPad or iPod Touch and discoverthe best kept secrets of hiking,shopping, rafting and more in thebeautiful Smoky Mountains.3031

Recreational Areas & CampgroundsIf enjoying the outdoors is not your strength, skip this page.This information is reserved for those who love the way thesun feels on the back of their neck.Site numberscorrespond to mapon foldout cover.Nantahala National Forest1 Cherokee Lake S Y X c Open year-round2 Hanging Dog d S o Y H $ Open June – Oct.3 Fires Creek S F b c Open year-round4 Jackrabbit Mountain d S o p Y F 1 H c A $ Open May – Sept.5 Bob Allison S Y F Open year-round6 Standing Indian d S o Y F c $ Open April – Nov.7 Hurricane Primitive d o F b c Open year-round8 Arrowood Glade S Y Open year-round9 Wayah Crest S F Open year-round10 Wayah Bald S F h Open year-round11 Nantahala Gorge S 9 c h Open year-round12 Ferebee Memorial 9 c Open year-round13 Snowbird S c Open year-round14 Cheoah Point d S o Y F H c $ Open April – Oct.15 Horse Cove d S o Y F c $ Open year-round*16 Joyce Kilmer S Y F ? Open year-round17 Cable Cove d S o Y H c $ Open April – Oct.18 Tsali d S o Y F b B H c $ Open April – Oct.19 Cliffside Lake d S Y F 1 c $ Open May – Oct.20 Van Hook Glade d S o Y $ Open May – Oct.21 Highlands Visitor Center S Y X ? Open June – Oct.22 Whitewater Falls S F h Open year-round23 Whiteside Mountain F h Open year-round24 Balsam Lake X F c Open year-round25 Sunburst d S o Y $ Open May – Nov.Great Smoky Mountains National Park26 Deep Creek d S o Y F b c h $ Open May – Oct.27 Smokemont d S o Y X F b c h ? $ Open year-round**28 Balsam Mountain d S o Y F h $ Open year-round**29 Cataloochee d S o Y F h $ Open April – Oct.30 Elkmont d S o Y X F c h ? $ Open year-round**31 Cades Cove d S o Y X F b c h ? $ Open year-round**d Camping PicnickingS Restroomso Trailer Spacep Trailer Dump StationShowersY Drinking WaterX Handicap AccessibleF Hiking Trailb Horse TrailB Bike Trail1 SwimmingH Boat Ramp9 Canoeing/Raftingc Fishing} Winter Recreationh Scenic Viewsg Ranger StationA Amphitheater? Information$ Fee Required* In winter no water or fee ** Weather permitting3233

This guide is published by SmokyMountain Host, a regional non.profitorganization designed to promotetourism in North Carolina’s sevenwesternmost counties. For moredetailed information about specificareas of the Smokies contact thefollowing visitor information centers.DirectoryANDREWSTravel InformationAndrews Chamber of CommerceD5345 Locust Street, 28901828.321.3584 • 877.558.0005andrewschamber.comCome to Andrews. Annual Wagon Train, whitewaterrafting, bike, hike, fish, and shop. Historic downtown.Andrews Valley Initiative985 Main Street, 28901828.644.3471 • andrewsvalley.orgA living laboratory of sustainable futures.RESortHawkesdene Househ D5381 Phillips Creek Road, 28901828.321.6027 • 800.447.9549 • hawkesdene.comLuxury private mountain estate on 26-acres.Perfect for destination wedding, family reunion orgroup retreat.BALSAMB&B/Country InnsBalsam Mountain Inn & Restauranth H468 Seven Springs Drive, 28707828.456.9498 • 855.456.9498balsammountaininn.netAuthentic 50-room country inn, just as it was104 years ago. Restored not renovated.BrasstownCultural/EDucationalAndrews Chamber of Commerce877.558.0005 • 828.321.3584Cashiers Area Chamber of Commerce828.743.5191Cherokee Smokies Chamber of Commerce877.433.6700 • 828.497.6700Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce828.837.2242Cherokee Indians Welcome Center800.438.1601Clay County Chamber of Commerce828.389.3704 • 877.389.3704The Dillsboro Merchants Associationvisitdillsboro.orgDowntown Waynesville Association828.456.3517Franklin Area Chamber of Commerce888.592.2663 • 828.524.3161Franklin Main Street Program828.524.2516Graham County Chamber of Commerce828.735.4907Graham County Travel & TourismAuthority800.470.3790 • 828.479.3790Greater Haywood CountyChamber of Commerce877.456.3073 • 828.456.3021Haywood CountyTourism Development Authority800.334.9036 • 828.452.0152Highlands Visitor Center866.251.1826 • 828.526.2112Jackson County Chamber of Commerce800.962.1911 • 828.586.2155Maggie Valley Chamber of Commerce800.624.4431 • 828.926.1686Smoky Mountain Visitor Center800.432.4678 • 828.369.9606Swain County Chamber of Commerce800.867.9246 • 828.488.3681Town of Dillsboro828.586.1439 h A pet friendly establishment.John C. Campbell Folk SchoolOne Folk School Road, 28902828.837.2775 • 800.365.5724 • folkschool.orgSince 1925. Offering courses in craft, music anddance. On-campus housing. Visitors welcome.BRYSON CITYTravel InformationSwain County Chamber of Commerceand Visitor CenterF4210 Main Street, 28713828.488.3681 • 800.867.9246 • greatsmokies.comStop by for all the information you need for yourperfect Bryson City vacation experience.B&B/Country InnsFolkestone InnF4101 Folkestone Road, 28713828.488.2730 • 888.812.3385 • folkestoneinn.comA bed and breakfast for all seasons, steps from theGreat Smoky Mountains National Park.Fryemont Innh F4245 Fryemont Street, 28713828.488.2159 • 800.845.4879 • fryemontinn.comThe historic Fryemont Inn has 37 chestnut paneledrooms and an excellent full service dining roomand bar. From mid-April through November, a bigcountry breakfast and delicious 4-course dinnerare included in the room rates. The dining room isalso open.CaBIns / CoTTagESCarolina Vacation Lodgingh E412121 Highway 19 West, 28713828.488.6345 • 800.468.7238carolinaoutfitters.comBryson City and Nantahala River Gorge vacationhome rentals. Convenient to rafting and train tours.C7Creekside CabinsG41044 West Deep Road, 28713828.488.2235 • creeksidecabins.netCabins, cottages and homes in a beautiful park-likemountain setting.Great Smokys Cabin Rentalsh F41151 Main Street, 28713828.488.4630 • 800.655.9771 • 4gscr.comFrom luxury to economy, we have WiFi, Jacuzzis,game rooms, fishing, breathtaking views & more!Mountain Bear Cabinsh F4828.586.8058 • 866.586.8058mountainbearcabins.comLuxury cabins, hot spring spas,home theaterequipment, great views, Bryson City, Nantahala,Dillsboro areas.Nantahala Cabins, Inc.h E4580 Nantahala Cabins Lane, 28713828.488.1622 • 877.488.1622nantahalacabins.comEnjoy your romantic getaway / mountain adventurein a cabin nestled in the beautiful NantahalaGorge. Nantahala Cabins offers new cabin rentalsin NC’s Great Smoky Mountains in the NantahalaGorge, Bryson City. Our property faces the GreatSmoky Mountains and is near the Nantahala Riverand Tsali. Our fully equipped cabins have all theconveniences: full kitchens, full baths, ac/heat,satellite TV, wireless internet, linens provided.NOC Cabinsh E413077 Highway 19 West, 28713800.232.7238 • noc.comComfortable cabins located on-site at NantahalaOutdoor Center. Enjoy immediate access topaddling, biking and hiking.Settler’s Mountainh340 East Alarka Road, 28713828.488.8622 • 800.476.8027settlersmountain.comFive homes on 200 acres. 170-year-old log cabin.Amazing view of the Smokies. Centrally located.Watershed Cabinsh F4137 West Watershed Road, 28713888.488.3688 • 888.604.3075watershedcabins.comOver 65 luxury cabins, lake houses, and chaletswithin minutes of Bryson City and NantahalaGorge.DiningBig Wesser BBQ & BrewE413077 Highway 19 West, 28713828.488.7174 • noc.comEnjoy a hearty meal at the intersection of theAppalachian Trail and the Nantahala River. Livemusic calendar available online.River’s End RestaurantE413077 Highway 19 West, 28713828.488.7172 • noc.comFuel up for a day of adventure, where every seat isa riverside seat!The Village BistroE49400 Hwy 19 West, 28713828.488.9000nantahalavillage.comThe Village Bistro is located at Nantahala Villageand serves a fresh continental menu with aMediterranean flair.Family AttractionsNantahala Outdoor CenterE413077 Highway 19 West, 28713866.297.5281 • noc.comOffering whitewater rafting, zip line adventures,outdoor instruction and flatwater kayak tours.NOC’s Nantahala River campus also providesriverside dining, festivals and events and a fun,boardwalk-in-the-mountains atmosphere.Gem MiningNantahala River Gem Mineh E412121 Highway 19 West, 28713828.488.6345 • 800.468.7238carolinaoutfitters.comFamily gemstone mining adventures near NantahalaRiver and Bryson City. Find rubies, emeralds, sapphires.HOTELS / MOTELSSleep InnF4500 Veterans Boulevard, 28713828.488.0326 • mile from Great Smoky Mountains Railroad.Minutes from Cherokee Indian Reservation,Harrah’s Cherokee Casino.Two Rivers Lodgeh F45280 Ela Road, 28713828.488.2284 • tworiverslodgenc.comEnjoy a quiet family motel with deep porches,riverside park with bonfire and beautiful pool.Mountain BikingNOC Bike ShopE413077 Highway 19 West, 28713828.488.7233 • noc.comOffering mountain bike rentals, repairs and sales.Rentals range from entry-level to high-end.MuSEumSmoky Mountain Trains Lionel Train Museum F4100 Greenlee Street, 28713828.488.5200 • 866.872.4681smokymountaintrains.comCatch the spirit of model railroading. Museum rankedin top ten in United States. GSMR owned and operated.34 35

Bryson City continuedRafting/Kayaking/tuBIng/canoEIngDeep Creek Lodge & Creekside TubingF41881 West Deep Creek Road, 28713828.488.2587deepcreeklodgetubing.comLocated on your left at the entrance to the GreatSmoky Mountains National Park, Bryson City.Nantahala Outdoor CenterE413077 Highway 19 West, 28713866.297.5281 • noc.comRaft with the best. Named “One of the Best Outfitterson Earth” by National Geographic Adventure. Ages 7+.NOC Paddling SchoolE413077 Highway 19 West, 28713866.297.5281 • noc.comFlatwater kayak and stand-up-paddleboard toursas well as whitewater paddling instruction.Rolling Thunder River Companyh E510160 Highway 19 West, 28713828.488.2030 • 800.408.7238rollingthunderriverco.comThe preferred rafting company for more than 30 years.Family-friendly rafting trips. Guided/non-guided.USA RaftsE41044 Highway 19 West, 28713828.488.3316 • 800.872.7238usaraft.netWhitewater rafting on the French Broad River,Nolichucky River Gorge, Lower Nolichucky,Nantahala and Watauga Rivers.Real ESTateFontana RealtyF455 Main Street, 28713828.488.1090 • 888.777.1090 • fontanarealty.comFull service real estate firm in Bryson Cityspecializing in sales in and around Fontana Lake.RESoRTSNantahala VillageE49400 Hwy 19 West, 28713828.488.9000 • nantahalavillage.comNantahala Village offers onsite lodging, restaurants,and activities near Bryson City, Nantahala Gorge,and attractions.ShoppingDarnell FarmF42300 Governors Island Road, 28789828.488.2376 • darnellfarm.comOpen-air farmer’s market, festivities, corn maze,hayrides, special events.NOC Outfitter’s StoreE413077 Highway 19 West, 28713828.488.7230 • noc.comThe nation’s most-famous paddlesports store alsooffers apparel, footwear and equipment for hikingand outdoor lifestyles.Wesser General StoreE413077 Highway 19 West, 28713828.488.7226 • noc.comOne-stop shopping for snacks, sundries, souvenirs,fly-fishing supplies, beer and wine.Train ExcuRSIonsGreat Smoky Mountains RailroadF4225 Everett Street, Suites G & H, 28713828.586.8811 • 800.872.4681GSMR.comJoin us on board the Great Smoky MountainsRailroad for a fantastic journey!CASHIERSTravel InformationCashiers Area Chamber of CommerceH6202 Highway 64 West, 28717828.743.5191 • cashiersnorthcarolina.comVisit this welcome center for maps & informationon events, recreation, accommodations, dining,shopping and more.HOTELS / MOTELSLaurelwood Mountain Innh H658 North Highway 107, 28717828.743.9939 • 800.346.6846laurelwoodmountaininn.comA quaint motel in the heart of Cashiers. Rooms,suites, cabins.CherokeeTravel InformationCherokee Smokies Chamber of Commerce G31148 Tsali Boulevard, 28719828.497.6700 • 877.433.6700CherokeeSmokies.comVisit us at to downloador receive by mail your 2013 Visitor’s Guide.Cherokee Indians Welcome CenterG3498 Tsali Boulevard, 28719800.438.1601 • cherokee-nc.comCome experience 11,000 years of soul-stirring Cherokeehistory, culture, art, legend, tradition and events.AntiquES, Arts & CraftsQualla Arts and Crafts Mutual, Inc.G3645 Tsali Boulevard, 28719828.497.3103 • quallaartsandcrafts.comFor the best in handmade Cherokee arts and crafts,visit Qualla Arts and Crafts Mutual, Inc.Arts/TheaTREUnto These Hills...a retellingG3564 Tsali Boulevard, 28719828.497.2111 • 866.554.4557cherokeeadventure.comUnto These Hills... a retelling. Totally re-written,re-choreographed and re-designed. Still absolutelyremarkable.CaBIns / CoTTagESGreat Smoky Mountain Log Cabin Rentals h G3828.497.6182 • gsmcabins.comUnique, individually owned cabins. Mountain viewsor creekside serenity throughout Western NorthCarolina. Fully equipped.CampgrounDS/RV ParksAdventure Trail Campgroundh G3276 Adventure Trail, 28789828.497.3651 • atCampground.comA true family campground located on 20 acres in abeautiful mountain setting.Yogi in the Smokies Campgroundh G3317 Galamore Bridge Road, 28719828.497.9151 • 877.716.6711jellystone-cherokee.comThe best of the best. Fishing, camping, hayrides,activities. Fun-filled family park.CasinoHarrah’s Cherokee Casino and HotelG3777 Casino Drive, 28719828.497.7777 • 877.811.0777 • harrahscherokee.comThe Southeast’s premiere resort destinationfeaturing slots and traditional table games, tenrestaurants, shopping, entertainmentment, 1,100guest rooms, and the luxurious Mandara Spa.Cultural/EDucationalOconaluftee Indian VillageG3564 Tsali Boulevard, 28719828.497.2111 • 866.554.4557cherokeeadventure.comWalk among the living culture of the Cherokee,circa 1750.DiningBrio Tuscan GrillG3777 Casino Drive, 28719828.497.7777 • 877.811.0777 • harrahscherokee.comAuthentic Northern Italian specialties, including pizza,oven-roasted steaks, chops, fresh fish and pastas.Chefs Stage BuffetG3777 Casino Drive, 28719828.497.7777 • 877.811.0777 • harrahscherokee.comOffering seven stations — Italian, Mexican, Asian,comfort vood, BBQ, soup & salad bar and desserts!Chestnut Tree RestaurantG327 Tsalagi Road/Highway 19, 28719828.497.9181 • chestnuttreeinncherokee.comLocated at the Chestnut Tree Inn. Great weekendbuffets. Open daily for breakfast and dinner. Casual.Food CourtG3777 Casino Drive, 28719828.497.7777 • 877.811.0777 • harrahscherokee.comDunkin Donuts, Uno Pizzeria Express, Johnny Rocketsand Winning Streaks Deli featuring Boar’s Head meats.Lobby CaféG3777 Casino Drive, 28719828.497.7777 • 877.811.0777 • harrahscherokee.comOffering Starbucks coffee, espresso and latte,salads and sandwiches, fine wine and importedbeers.Noodle BarG3777 Casino Drive, 28719828.497.7777 • 877.811.0777 • harrahscherokee.comDim Sum and small plates, noodle soups, housespecialties and a variety of beverages.Paula Deen’s KitchenG3777 Casino Drive, 28719828.497.7777 • 877.811.0777 • harrahscherokee.comOffering Paula’s favorites and new seafood menuoptions! Visit Paula’s retail shop after your meal.Ruth’s Chris Steak HouseG3777 Casino Drive, 28719828.497.7777 • 877.811.0777 • harrahscherokee.comUSDA Prime steaks served in Ruth’s Chris’signature style — sizzling hot on a 500° plate.EnTERTainmentEssence LoungeG3777 Casino Drive, 28719828.497.7777 • 877.811.0777 • harrahscherokee.comWed-Sat nights. Bands, DJ’s, Karaoke, 33 LCDscreensfor sporting events.Family AttractionsCherokee Fish and GameG3PO Box 302, 28719828.497.5201 • fishcherokee.comWe invite you to fish in our ancestral homelands.Waters are cold, fishing is great.HOTELS / MOTELSBaymont InnG31455 Acquoni Road, 28719828.497.2102 • from Harrah’s Casino. Our rooms featurepillow-top mattresses, micro/fridges and freewireless Internet access.Chestnut Tree InnG337 Tsalagi Road, 28719828.497.9181 • chestnuttreeinncherokee.comLocated on the Cherokee Indian Reservation.Less than 2 miles from Harrahs Casino. Breakfastincluded.Econo LodgeG320 River Road US 19, 28719828.497.4575 • econolodge.comWalk to downtown. 1 mile to Harrahs. WiFi, hairdryers,refrigerators. Adjacent to River Park and Theater.Fairfield Inn and Suitesg3568 Paint Town Road, 28719828.497.0400 • 800.228.2800 • the street from Harrah’s Cherokee Casino,on Hwy 19.Gear Head InnG46280 Ela Road, 28789828.488.2398 • gearheadinn.comQuiet country setting close to everything. Minutesfrom GSMNP. Between Cherokee and Bryson City.Hampton Inn CherokeeG3185 Tsalagi Road Highway 19, 28719828.497.3115 • 800.426.7866 • hilton.comNewly remodeled. Close to Harrahs Casino. Openyear-round. Refrigerators, microwaves in every room.Microtel Inn and Suites of Cherokee h G3674 Casino Trail, 28719828.497.7800 • 800.771.7171 • microtelinn.comDream Well bedding. Free WiFi and long distancecalling, Jacuzzi suites.Quality Inn of CherokeeG3Highway 441 North Bypass, 28719828.497.4702 • 800.228.5151qualityinncherokeenc.comRiver view, deluxe breakfast, balconies, pool,laundry, coffee, hiking, museum, park, biking,amusement, wireless, skiing.River’s Edge Motelh G31026 Tsali Boulevard /Highway 441 North, 28719828.497.7995 • riversedgecherokee.comPrivate balconies, walk to restaurants and shops,WiFi, refrigerators, hairdryers. 1 mile to Harrahs.Convenient location.MuSEumMuseum of the Cherokee IndianG4589 Tsali Boulevard, 28719828.497.3481 • cherokeemuseum.orgArtifacts from a culture nearly lost — waiting to bediscovered.Rafting/Kayaking/tuBIng/canoEIngRivers Edge OutfittersG41235 Seven Clans Lane Highway 441, 28789828.497.9300 • riversedgeoutfittersnc.comWith over 3000 miles of trout water within an hour’sradius of our shop, this area boast’s some of the bestfly fishing on the Earth.ShoppingGilded BasketG3777 Casino Drive, 28719828.497.7777 • 877.811.0777 • harrahscherokee.comCandy, snacks, bottled drinks, home decor,Cherokee crafts, jewelry, logoed men’s and ladiesitems, gifts.Kanati’sG3777 Casino Drive, 28719828.497.7777 • 877.811.0777 • harrahscherokee.comOffering jewelry, handbags, shoes, watches andfragrances. Features Brighton and Fossil.36 37

Cherokee continuedPaula Deen’s Kitchen ShopG3777 Casino Drive, 28719828.497.7777 • 877.811.0777 • harrahscherokee.comFeaturing Paul Deen brand cookware, dinnerware,housewares and cookbooks.StudioG3777 Casino Drive, 28719828.497.7777 • 877.811.0777 • harrahscherokee.comLadies apparel, shoes, accessories, sportswear/coordinates featuring Karen Kane, Erin London,Nik + Zoe and Tribal Sportswear.Sweet StopG3777 Casino Drive, 28719828.497.7777 • 877.811.0777 • harrahscherokee.comDelicious homemade chocolate and candies.Tower ShopG3777 Casino Drive, 28719828.497.7777 • 877.811.0777 • harrahscherokee.comTobacco, candy, snacks, bottled drinks andsouvenirs.CULLOWHEEFamily AttractionsThomas Berry FarmH578 Medallion Drive, 28723828.293.5132Pick-your-own blueberries. July and August.Western Carolina University AthleticsH5Western Carolina University, 28723828.227.7338 • 800.344.6928catamountsports.comThe Department of Athletics at Western CarolinaUniversity.HoRSEBack ridingArrowmont Stable and CabinsH6276 Arrowmont Trail, 28723828.743.2762 • 800.682.1092 • arrowmont.comYou’ll enjoy one of the best trail programs in theSoutheast, maybe even the country!DillsboroTravel InformationTown of DillsboroG442 Front Street, 28725828.586.1439 • dillsboronc.infoRe-discover the quaint mountain village ofDillsboro, NC! Eat, shop, stay and playin Dillsboro.The Dillsboro Merchants AssociationPO Box 634, 28725 • visitdillsboro.orgA picture-book country town on the banks of theTuckasegee River. Walk-about town.CaBIns / CoTTagESProperties in the Smokysh G4472 Haywood Road, 28725828.631.9203 • 888.631.9203propertiesinthesmokies.comVacation rentals and real estate sales all in one!Visit / MOTELSBest Western Plus River Escape Inn and Suites G4248 WBI Drive, 28725828.586.6060 • 800.780.7234bwriverescape.comBalcony suites overlooking the picturesqueTuckasegee River available. Close to the action, farfrom the crowds!Rafting/Kayaking/tuBIng/canoEIngBlue Ridge Outing CompanyG4119 Front Street, 28725828.586.3510 • 800.572.3510raftwithkids.comThe ultimate kids rafting trip — guaranteed! Guideson every trip, kids as young as 4!Smoky Mountain River Adventuresh G45303 US Highway 74 East, 28789828.-586.5285 • 888.785.2662smokymountainriveradventures.comPerfect for beginner and intermediate paddlers.Bring the family for a scenic river trip!ShoppingDillsboro Chocolate FactoryG428 Church Street, 28725877.687.9731 • dillsborochocolate.comEspresso bar, coffee beans, homemade chocolates,fudge candies and gifts. Open all year. Come enjoy!Dogwood CraftersG490 Webster Street, 28725828.586.2248 • dogwoodcrafters.comTraditional and contemporary arts and crafts canbe found within the shop’s eleven rooms.Vacation rentalsSmoky Mountain Getaways, Inc.h G412 Younge Ln, 28725828.586.8058 • 866.586.8058smokymtngetaways.netFully-equipped vacation rentals featuring hot tubs,lakefront, riverfront and mountain views.FONTANA DAMDiningFontana Village Resorth D4300 Woods Road, 28733828.498.2211 • 800.849.2258fontanavillage.comSee description under Resort.RESortFontana Village Resorth D4300 Woods Road, 28733828.498.2211 • 800.849.2258fontanavillage.comSmokies Getaway: Lodge, cabins, campground,shopping, restaurants, entertainment, disc golf, lazyriver, marina, stables, groups.FRANKLINTravel InformationFranklin Area Chamber of Commerce h G6425 Porter Street, 28734828.524.3161 • 866.372.5546 • visitfranklinnc.comA full-service information center serving theFranklin and Nantahala areas of Macon County.Smoky Mountain Visitor CenterG6US Highway 441 South, 28734828.369.9606 • 800.432.4678VisitSmokies.orgOur regional travel information center is staffedyear-round, seven days a week. Picnic area andrestroom facilities on-site, gift shop, free WiFi.Stay and Play in the SmokiesG6208 East Palmer Street, 28734828.349.5880 • stayandplayinthesmokies.comWeb and print vacation trip planner for relaxing,rejuvenating escapes to the Great SmokyMountains.Arts/TheaTRESmoky Mountain Center for the Performing Arts G61028 Georgia Road, 28734828.524.1598 • 866.273.4615greatmountainmusic.comOutstanding shows and plays. 1,500 seats withmaximum comfort and visibility from every seat.B&B/Country InnsCat Creek LodgeG6109 Holly Springs Village Road, 28734828.524.0991 • catcreeklodge.comBeautifully decorated one bedroom, one bath suites,breakfast included, personal screened-in porches.Oak Hill Country Inn Bed & BreakfastF61689 Old Murphy Road, 28734828.349.9194 • 800.587.6374 access code 07oakhillcountryinn.comPrivate baths, queen beds, wireless DSL, airconditioning and a bountiful breakfast. Openyear-round.Snow Hill InnG6531 Snow Hill Road, 28734828.349.9009 • snowhillfranklinnc.comHistoric, remodeled inn, 7 bedrooms, each with itsown private bath, handicap accessible.CaBIns / CoTTagESBates Cabinsh g6129 Mac’s Mountain Retreat Lane, 28734828.342.7764 • batescabins.com4, 5, 6 and 7 bedroom upscale kid- and pet-friendlyvacation home rentals.Bear Paw CabinG620 Bear Paw Hill Road,, fully equipped cabin. Bedroom,bathroom, loft, rollaway bed, kitchen, laundry, livingand dining area.Bearpaw Wilderness Retreat CabinG6719 Bearpaw Ridge, 28734305.219.9284 •! Secluded! Mountain-top timber frame.3300-ft elevation. 47-mile view! Five stars! Allamenities.Big Bear Log CabinsG6Bruin Ridge Trail, 28734828.349.0099 • 866.349.0099bigbearfranklin.comLog cabins in wooded setting with WiFi and W/D.Perfect base location and open year-round.Buckwood Log Lodgeh G675 Doe Falls Road, 28741828.524.4811 • 866.524.4811 • buckwood.comLog homes and villas. Secluded water and mountainviews. Year-round. Fireplace, porches, AC, TV,laundry, pet friendly.Carolina Mountaintop Homesh F5144 Deer Crossing Road, 28734800.820.1210 • cmthomes.comModern 2 bedroom/2 bath cabins, high speedInternet, mountain views, fireplace, full kitchen,king beds, pet friendly.Lakeview CottagesF623 Gideon Circle, bedroom, 1 bath, full kitchen, cable TV, AC, easyaccess, off Hwy 441 Bypass.Oak Grove CabinsF59835 Bryson City Road, 28734828.369.0166 • 828.342.4257 • oakgrovecabins.comLog cabins and cottages along The Little TennesseeRiver in Franklin, NC.Old Mill Campgroundh G77164 Georgia Road, 28734828.369.3484 • 954.495.0296oldmillCampgroundnc.comCentrally located, full hook-ups, bathhouse,WiFi, satellite. Open year-round. Daily, weekly,monthly rates.Primrose CottageF5151 Gemstone Dr, 28734828.371.0675 • primrosevacationcottage.comCozy cottage, sleeps six with fantastic view fromcovered porch. No pets or smoking allowed.Rivendell Vacation Rental Cabinsh G6761, 922, 950 Henderson Road, 28734828.349.6087 • 800.994.6462RivendellCabins.comSecluded cabins with great mountain views, nestled inthe heart of the Great Smoky Mountains. At Rivendellyou will find a cure for weariness and sadnesswhether you like to sing, dance, read or just sit anddream. Three fully furnished cabins include hot tubs,fireplaces, satellite TV, washer/dryer, private phonelines, Internet access available nearby, central heat.River Run Cabinsh F57900 Bryson City Road, 28734828.342.7406 • riverruncabins.comNew log homes. Private 1 to 5 bedrooms on the river.Hot tub and private trout pond.Sleepy Hollow Mountain Cabinsh F6130 Sleepy Hollow Lane, 28734828.524.4311 • 877.682.8850sleepyhollowmountaincabins.comEight charming 1-2 and 4 bedroom cabins on 7beautiful acres with creek.Wayah Creek CottagesF626 Wayah Way, 28734828.524.2034 • cozy cabins with stone fireplaces. Onrushing trout stream. Non-smoking. No pets.CampgrounDS/RV ParksCardinal Ridge Farm RV&Bh G71722 Hickory Knoll Road, 28734828.524.8090 • cardinalridgefarmrvandb.comLooking for a pleasant change from the typicalCampground atmosphere? Three (+ one overflow)30/50amp full hook-up motorhome sites on a 23-acre hobby farm. Three additional sites are underconstruction and will be completed soon. Gated,quiet and peaceful with breathtaking mountainviews. Clean laundry facilities, walking/hikingtrails, places of interest and friendly hosts. Optionalbreakfast available with stay in our comfortablegarden room. Call for reservations.38 39

Franklin continuedCountry Woods RV Parkh G660 Country Woods Dr, 28734828.524.4339 • countrywoodsrvpark.comCountry Woods RV Park offers you spacious terracedsites, easy access and wonderful mountain views.Cullasaja River RV Parkh G66269 Highlands Road, 28734828.524.2559 • 800.843.2795 • campnc.comOur Campgroundound is located on the CullasajaRiver, five miles from Franklin.Franklin RV Park and Campgroundh G6230 Old Addington Bridge Road, 28734828.349.6200 • franklinrvpark.comFull hook-up sites, 20-30-50 AMP, free WiFi, cable. Bigrigs welcome. Pull-through sites, pavilion, fireplace.The Great Outdoors RV Resorth G6321 Thumpers Trail, 28734828.349.0412 • gorvresort.com30/50 AMP, water, sewer, large sites, paved interiorroads, WiFi available, propane, swimming pool,cable TV.Mi Mountain Campgroundh G6151 Mi Mountain Road, 28734828.524.6155 • 800.441.6155mimountainCampground.comFull hook-ups, cable TV, pool, tent sites, rusticcabins, playground, LP gas, family oriented.Old Corundum Millsite Campground h G680 Nickajack Road, Lot 33, 28734828.524.4663 • ocmCampground.comLocated on Cullasaja River off Hwy 64 E, 5 milesfrom Franklin. 85 sites, full hook-ups. Gem minesnearby.Pines RV Park and Cabinsh F64724 Murphy Road, AMP. Open year-round. Tenters to 45-ft RVsand cabins. Beautiful, quiet mountain setting.RiverBend RV Resort and CampgroundF5121 River Bend RV Circle, 28734828.524.7846Clean, quiet, Campground. All sites riverside, WiFi,TV available. 50 AMP, FHV. Open April–Oct.Rose Creek Campground and Cabins h G6140 Terrace Ridge Drive, 28734828.524.3225 • rosecreekcamp.comSecluded, level and shaded sites. Surrounded bygem mining, fishing, river adventures and localattractions.ConTRactors/SuppliesCabin Creek Timber FramesG76624 Georgia Road, 28734828.369.5899 • 877.369.5899cabincreektimberframes.comBuilding timber frame homes and structures thatare beautiful, durable, efficient and sustainable.Goshen Timber FramesG637 Phillips Street, 28734828.524.8662 • timberframemag.comDesigners and builders of extraordinary mountainpost and beam homes for exceptional people.Winter Sun Construction, LLCG6131 Franklin Plaza, #304, 28734828.342.0873 • awoodrailing.comMacon County’s leading green builder offeringEnergy Star homes and affordable solar systems.AntiquES, Arts & CraftsThe AtticG6268 East Palmer Street (Rear)828.349.2900Rustic, cozy, friendly atmosphere. Great bargains onantiques, furniture, pottery, art, glass, small collectibles.Barber PotteryG619 Iotla Street, 28734828.332.0047 • barberpottery.comMike & Christy Barber’s nature-inspiredhandcrafted pottery and watercolors. Stoneware isfully functional.Frog QuartersG6573 East Main Street, 28734828.369.8488 • littletennessee.orgGreenway information, coffee, and local arts and craftssupporting the Little Tennessee River Greenway.North Carolina Mountain MadeG636 East Main Street, 28734828.524.7766 • ncmountainmade.netThis store features the works of over 200 regionalartisans on display with primitives and antiques.Whistle Stop MallG61281 Georgia Road, 28734828.349.1600 • whistlestopmall.comHuge antique mall and specialty shops — includingfurniture, country accessories, clothing, jewelry,crafts and restaurants.DiningBoiler Room SteakhouseF61024 Georgia Road, 28734828.349.5555boilerroomsteakhouse.comDelicious, home-cooked meals, presented in ahearty, fun and family-friendly atmosphere.Boone Thai RestaurantG6553 Highlands Road, 28734828.524.1111Authentic Thai food. Serving both lunch and dinner.Appetizers, soups, salads and entrees. Beer and wine.Cajun ConnectionG6549 Highlands Road, 28734828.369.6288 • cajunconnectioncafé.comWe are your seafood connection. New Orleansspecialties. Shrimp, oysters, fish, crab, crawfish andgator.Cash’s Smokehouse BBQF61281 Georgia Road/Whistle Stop Antique Mall(outside, in RV Park), 28734828.524.8386 • cashssmokehouse.comExperience good ol’ Southern-cooked BBQ withhomemade sides. Giving fast, friendly serviceyear-round.Fat Buddies Ribs and BBQ of FranklinG6311 Westgate Plaza, 28734828.349.4743 • fatbuddiesribsandbbq.comFamily-style BBQ, baby back ribs, smoked pork,smoked beef, smoked chicken and hand-cut steaks.Gazebo Creekside CaféG644 Heritage Hollow Drivet, 28734828.524.8783 • gazebocreeksidecafé.comEnjoy good food and relax by the creek side. Listento the birds and babbling creek.Jer’s KitchenF61281 Georgia Road PMB 486, 28734828.524.1960 • jerskitchen.comWNC’s premier deli and catering company.Homemade soups, salads, sandwiches and dessertsby Chef Jerri Fifer.Peking Gourmet RestaurantG6215 Holly Springs Plaza, 28734828.524.8879The Pizza FactoryG61024 Georgia Road, 28734828.349.8888 • 866.482.2386 • thefactory.bzHome of the all-you-can-eat pizza and salad buffet.The buffet features traditional and specialty pizzas,and a salad bar with all the trimmings.Rathskeller Coffee HausG658 Stewart Street, 28734828.349.0598 • rathskeller2000.comEspresso drinks. Premium and import draft. Bakedsandwiches. WiFi, weekend entertainmentment,discussion groups and foosball.Rosebud CottageG646 East Main Street, 28734828.369.2429 • rosebudcottagenc.comCenter of Main Street, homemade soups, salads,sandwiches, desserts, Breyers ice cream, adjoininggift shops.Stamey’s CaféG61111 East Main Street, 28734828.524.8198 • stameyscafe.comBreakfast served all day with lunch and dinner specials.Country café with veggies, sandwiches and more.Subway at Prentiss BridgeG63852 Georgia Road, 28734828.349.1115 • subway.comEat Fresh! At the newest Subway in Franklin. Fast,friendly service. Drive-thru available.Sunset RestaurantF6498 Harrison Ave, 28734828.524.4842Great homestyle cooking with family atmosphere,homemade pies, daily specials and sides. Dine in,curbside, carryout and catering.Family AttractionsThe FactoryG61024 Georgia Road, 28734828.349.8888 • 866.482.2386 • thefactory.bzVideo games, laser tag, mini golf, go-carts, bowling,pizza buffet.J.W. Mitchell FarmsG62535 Lakey Creek Road, 28734828.349.2725GalleriesGallery of Gems and MineralsG62724 Georgia Road, 28734828.524.8931 • galleryofgems.comQuality jewelry at affordable prices!Gem FactoryF63348 Georgia Road, 28734828.524.9193 • gemfactorynorthcarolina.comBring in your mined gemstones for free cutting estimate.With over 30 years experience in jewelry making andstone cutting we are sure to meet your needs.Michael M. Rogers GalleryG61511 Highlands Road, 28734828.524.6709 • www.sharethebeauty.tvOriginal watercolors, fine art prints, photographyand DVD movies of regional landscapes.Uptown GalleryG630 East Main Street, 28734828.349.4607 • mcaauptowngallery.wordpress.comOriginal art by area artists. Classes and workshopsavailable. Call for art association membership benefits.Gem MiningSGold City Gem Mine,Jewelry and Rock Shoph G59410 Sylva Road/Highway 441 North, 28734828.369.3905 • 800.713.7767goldcityamusement.comNo admission fee.40 41

Franklin continuedRose Creek Mineh F5115 Terrace Ridge Drive, 28734828.349.3774 • rosecreekmine.comGood, clean, dirty fun! All equipment provided.Family friendly, picnic area, closed Sundays.Ruby City Gemsh G6130 East Main Street, 28734828.524.3967 • 800.821.7829 • rubycity.comNC’s largest and finest gem and mineral store.Gemstone cutting and mounting. Free museum.Sheffield MineF5385 Sheffield Farms Road, 28734828.369.8383 • sheffieldmine.comA native ruby mine for both experienced andamateur rockhounds. Seen on the Travel Channel.GenERal SERviceSAll Saints Episcopal CommunityG684 Church Street, 28734828.524.4910 • asecnc.orgA Covenant Community of St. Agnes andSt. Cyprian’s churches.Angel Medical CenterG6120 Riverview Street, 28734828.524.8411 • angelmed.orgAcute-care hospital plus Urgent Care Center onHwy 441 in the Big Lots Shopping Center.Command MobilityF61281 Georgia Road/Whistle Stop Mall, 28734828.349.4254 • 800.790.5769commandmobility.comPower chairs, scooters, lift chairs, stair lifts,mastectomy supplies, diabetic shoes, bath safetyaids, wheelchairs.Dnet Internet ServicesG6189 E Palmer Street, 28734828.349.3638 • 877.601.3638dnet.netFamily-friendly Internet service provider. Internetaccess, hosting and website development.Drake SoftwareG6235 East Palmer Street, 28734828.524.2922 • DrakeSoftware.comDrake Software is a rapidly growing taxpreparation software company headquarted inFranklin, NC.Franklin Main Street Program, Inc.G6PO Box 1479, 28744828.524.2516 • renewingfranklin.orgCombining historic preservation with economicdevelopment to renew the downtown Franklinbusiness district.The Franklin PressG640 Depot Street, 28734828.524.2010 • thefranklinpress.comMacon County’s community newspaper since 1886.Friends of the Macon CountyPublic Library BookstoreG6Shops at Riverwalk, 121 Highlands Road, 28734828.524.3600 • maconlibraryfriends.orgBooks, magazines, puzzles, music books, videotapes, CDs and textbooks for home schooling.Gem Capitol MusicG6626 Laurel Lake Drive, 28734828.369.9196Guitarist, CDs, weddings, receptions, dinning,anniversaries, birthdays, concerts, promotions,variety, fingerstyle, nostalgic.J & J Tree FarmG628 Guffie Road, 28734828.524.3464Choose-and-cut Christmas trees and wreaths. Alson-dug,Frazier, Norway spruce, whitepine, hemlock trees.Longview Cycle Service, LLCG6134 Cheek Road, 28734828.524.8043Full-service motorcycle and ATV dealer. Parts,accessories and service for all makes and models.Macon BankG650 West Main Street + 30 Hyatt Road, 28734828.524.7000 • 800.438.2265 • maconbank.comCommunity banking with personal and businessaccounts, mortgages, commercial loans, and more.Macon PrintingG6219 East Palmer Street, 28734828.524.7045 • maconprinting.comFrom quick copy to full-color professional offsetprinting, we can handle your printing needs.Macon Rental Co.G6537 West Main Street, 28734828.524.8911Excavators, sanders, scaffolding, drills, pumps,party rentals, beds. Family owned and operated formore than 30 years.Premiere MarketingF6261 East Palmer Street, 28734828.349.5999 • premieremarketing.bizPremiere Marketing is a marketing agencyservicing select businesses in Western NorthCarolina.Smoky Mountain Systems, Inc.G619 Smoky Mountain Drive, 28734828.369.6067 • 800.677.4350Telephone, security, data, sound, Internet, audio,video, TV, web design, lighting control, fiber,electrical services.Stewart ConsultingG6581 West Palmer Street, 28734828.482.1115 • stewartech.comComputer help. Wireless and wired networks. Canhelp with all your technology needs.Wayah Insurance GroupG6295 East Palmer Street, 28734828.524.4442 • 800.999.2924 • wayah.comIndependent insurance agency offering auto, home, life,health, commercial and retirement in WNC since 1955.GolfingFranklin Golf CourseG6255 First Fairway Drive, 28734828.524.2288 • FranklinGolfCourse.comWe feature 9 holes, par 36, 3080-yard layout in apeaceful mountain setting. Pro shop, club repairand fitting, lessons available, driving range, pool,memberships available.HOTELS / MOTELSColonial Inn, Franklinh G63157 Georgia Road, 28734828.524.6600 • colonialinnfranklin.com30 rooms, mountain views, pool, microwave,refrigerator, coffemakers and free WiFi. Petsallowed. Call to match prices.Comfort Innh G6313 Cunningham Road, 28734828.369.9200 • 800.221.2222 • choicehotels.comIndoor pool, high-speed Internet, fitness room,handicap accessible, Jacuzzi, honeymoon suite.Microtel Inn and Suites of FranklinG681 Allman Drive, 28734828.349.9000 • 888.403.1700MicrotelFranklinNC.comTake a deep breath of invigorating mountain air andrelax in the comfortable Franklin Microtel.Sapphire Innh F6761 E. Main Street, 28734828.524.4406 • 800.401.0072thesapphireinn.comLuxury for less, continental breakfast, pool, freeInternet access, microwave and refrigerator.Mountain BikingSmoky Mountain Bicycles, Inc.G631 East Main Street, 28734828.369.2881 • smokymtnbikes.comSales, service, rentals, group rides, free maps! Newlocation in Downtown Franklin.MuSEumSFranklin Gem and Mineral Museumh G625 Phillips Street, 28734828.369.7831 • fgmm.orgFree admission, gems, minerals, fossils, Indianartifacts and gift shop.Macon County Historical MuseumG636 West Main Street, 28734828.524.9758 • maconnchistorical.orgLocal history and geneology. Special rotating collections.Gift shop. Geneological research free to members.Scottish Tartans MuseumG686 East Main Street, 28734828.524.7472 • 866.898.1192 • scottishtartans.orgAmerica’s only museum dedicated to traditionalScottish Highland dress. Find your tartan! Browseour gift shop.Rafting/Kayaking/tuBIng/canoEIngGreat Smoky Mountain Fish Camp and Safaris h F581 Bennett Road, 28734828.369.5295 • fishcamp.bizCanoe, kayak, and tube rental, gourmet food andpeaceful camping. An upscale resort.Real ESTateAntler Ridge Developmenth G6/F6Antler Ridge Lane off John B Deal Road, 28734828.369.2952 • connventures.comScenic with wooded-mountain long-range views.Acres and paved roads, underground utilities, DSL,Prudential.Classic PropertiesG6212 Wayah Street, 28734828.369.6720 • 800.622.8835classicpropertiesnc.comLive in the beautiful North Carolina mountains.Retirement, relocation and second homes are ourspeciality!Diamond Falls EstatesF643 Mashburn White Road, 28734828.349.1100 • diamondfallsestates.comBeautiful gated mountain community offeringclubhouse, pool, incredible views, streams, saunas,waterfalls. Starting in $70s.Lamplighter-McCoy Real EstateG6340 East Main Street, 28734828.524.5601 • 800.524.5601franklinNCrealtor.comAll real estate needs including lot sales, residential,commercial, large tracts, and long term rentals.Preferred Properties of Franklin, Inc.G691 Georgia Road, 28734828.349.4663 • in customer service, Preferred Properties for allyour real estate needs.The Sanctuary Villageh G6/G517 Market Street, 28734828.349.4465 • 866.449.4465Sanctuarync.comThe Sanctuary Village, a traditional neighborhoodcommunity five blocks from historical Main Streetin Franklin.RESoRTSMill Creek Resort and Country ClubF6341 Country Club Drive, 28743828.524.6458 • 800.533.3916millcreekcountryclub.comBeautiful 1- and 2-bedroom villas. Daily, weekly,monthly. 18-hole championship golf course. Tennis.ShoppingBateman’s ProduceG65869 Georgia Road, 28734828.524.8497Since 1972, we’ve carried fresh local produce, jams,jellies, salsas, arts, crafts and sourwood honey.Dalton’s Christian BookstoreG6177 Franklin Plaza, 28734828.369.6464 • daltonschristianbooks.comDalton’s has the largest selection of books, Bibles,music, and Christian gifts in the region.Eller and Owens FurnitureF77555 Georgia Highway, 28734828.369.5451ellerandowensfurniture.comNew furniture and accessories, manufactured bymost major brands, priced at a value.Mountainside ChocolatesG58565 Sylva Road/Highway 441 North, 28734828.524.5532 • 877.424.5532mountainsidechocolates.comDelectable handmade fine chocolates, fudge, icecream, gift baskets, corporate gifts, personalizedpackages.NestfeathersG6153 E. Palmer Street, 28734828.349.5476Visit a quaint old building with three floors ofwonderful antiques and wonderful prices.SportsZoneG6209 Franklin Plaza, 28734828.369.6587 • WNCSportsZone.comEverything you need to get geared up — athleticshoes, apparel, sports equipment, screen printing &embroidery.Tech PlaceG6185 Franklin Plaza, 28734828.349.1110 • TechnologyPlace.netVerizon wireless cell phones and accessories.Computer sales and service. Cell phone repairs.Watauga CreekG625 Setser Branch Road, 28734828.369.7881 • 800.443.1131wataugacreek.comWestern furniture, upholstery, bedding, lodge,rustic, leather, cabin accessories, handcraftedIndian art, lighting, unique and high-end.42 43

Franklin continuedVacation rentalsMountain Timber Frame Vacation Rentals G6Featherstone, 28734828.421.0352 • timberframerentals.comLuxury timber-framed vacation rental homeslocated between Franklin and Highlands. Private,peaceful, perfect! Both homes feature indoor andoutdoor fireplaces, upscale rustic furnishings, fullyequipped kitchens, linens, washer/dryer, gas grills.Base all your mountain activities from here — hike,raft/canoe, scenic mountain drives, waterfalls, flyfishing, or try your hand at gem mining. 10 minutesfor downtown Franklin and 25 minutes to Highlands.Rest in the Mountains of Franklin, Inc. h G6144 Porter Street, 28734828.524.8088 • 800.499.9310RestInTheMountains.comProviding beautiful vacation rentals in Franklin andMacon County.HAYESVILLETravel InformationClay County Chamber of CommerceD7388 Business Highway 64, 28904828.389.3704 • 877.389.3704ncmtnchamber.comChamber of Commerce and visitors center forinformation.B&B/Country InnsHinton Centerh D72330 Hinton Center Road, 28904828.389.8336 • 866.389.8336 • hintoncenter.orgRetreat. Reflect. Renew. Hinton Centeraccommodations revenue helps fund healthyeffective communities of faith.GalleriesGoldhagen StudiosD77 Goldhagen Studio Drive, 28904828.389.8847 • goldhagenartglass.comSee glassmaking by David Goldhagen at the studiogallery representing regional and national artists.HoRSEBack ridingChunky Gal StablesE71306 Hot House Road, 28904828.389.4175 • chunkygalstables.comGuided trail rides. Year-round fun. Excitement for allexperience levels. National Forest trails.ShoppingTech PlaceD7964 Blair Creek Plaza, Suite 1, 28904828.389.2200 • techplacemobile.comVerizon wireless cell phones and accessories. We offercomputer sales and service, and cell phone repairs.HIGHLANDSTravel InformationHighlands Visitor Centerh7108 Main Street, 28741828.526.2112 • 866.251.1826highlandschamber.orgConveniently located on Hwy 64 to help visitorsplan their stay! (Free parking behind building.)B&B/Country InnsFire Mountain Inn, Cabins & Treehouses h H7700 Happy Hill Road, 28775828.526.4446 • 800.775.4446 • firemt.comA secluded mountaintop hideaway on hundreds ofacres with breathtaking long range mountain views.GalleriesThe BascomH7323 Franklin Road, 28741828.526.4949 • TheBascom.orgThe Bascom is a visual art center offeringexhibitions, classes, shopping, nature trail, more.Tin Roof StudioH71990 Dillard Road, 28741828.526.3900 • tinroofhighlands.comA unique collection of distinctive art and handcraftsmade by some of America’s finest artisans.Gem MiningsJackson Hole Trading Posth G69770 Highlands Road, Highway 64 East, 28741828.524.5850jacksonholegemmine.comCleanest mine around. Help for the inexperienced.On Waterfall Drive between Franklin andHighlands.GenERal SERvicESChestnut Hill of HighlandsH764 Clubhouse Trail, 28741828.787.2114 • 888.473.5093chestnuthillathighlands.comAssisted living/retirement community. Monthly andweekly rentals. Apartments, cottages, respite care.HOTELS / MOTELSHighlands Innh H7420 Main Street, 28741828.526.9380 • highlandsinn-nc.com131 years of continuing hospitality and service.31 rooms- hot country breakfast included.Highlands Inn Lodgeh H796 Log Cabin Lane, 28741828.526.5899 • highlandsinnlodge.com59 rooms. Easy walk to Main Street. Terrace,outdoorspa, wireless high-speed Internet.Highlands Suite HotelH7205 Main Street, 28741828.526.4502 • 800.221.5078highlandssuitehotel.comOpen year-round, telephones, fireplaces, TVs, creditcards, kitchenettes. $ varies.Mitchell’s Lodge and Cottagesh H7264 Dillard Road, 28741828.526.2267 • 800.522.9874mitchellslodge.comLodge and cottages nestled by a stream and lake,only two blocks from Highlands’ Main Street.Mountain High LodgeH7200 Main Street, 28741828.526.2790 • 800.445.7293mountainhighlodge.comRustic charm with elegant accents and genuinehospitality await you at Mountain High Lodge.Real ESTateCountry Club PropertiesH7Wright Square, 183 West Main Street, 28741828.526.2520 • 888.744.2523ccphighlandsnc.comProviding quality service from three locations.RESoRTSOld Edwards Inn and SpaH7445 Main Street, 28741828.526.8008 • 866.526.8008oldedwardsinn.comLuxury spa, destination resort. 67 elegant guestrooms,suites and cottages. Fine dining. European spa.MAGGIE VALLEYTravel InformationMaggie Valley Chamber of CommerceH33987 Soco Road, 28751828.926.1686 • 800.624.4431 • maggievalley.org50 years of service to Maggie Valley andsurrounding area businesses!CaBIns / CoTTagESCarolina Vacations, Inc.h H31984 Soco Road, 28751828.926.0871 • 800.968.5817carolinavacations.com100+ rentals located in Maggie Valley. Minutes frommany sites and attractions. Something for everyone.Country Cabinsh H3171 Bradley Street, 28751828.926.0612 • 888.222.4611 • countrycabinsmv.comAuthentic log cabins in mountain setting. Fireplaces, hottubs, rocking chairs, covered porches, open year-round.Fireside Cottagesh H36490 Soco Road, 28751828.926.1730 • firesidecottages.netJust off the Blue Ridge Parkway, cozy cabins,awesome view, creekside, jacuzzi and restaurant!Family AttractionsGhost Town in the SkyH316 Fie Top Road, 28751828.926.1130 • ghostowninthesky.comNorth Carolina’s mile-high wild-west-themedamusement park on top of the Smoky Mountains.HOTELS / MOTELSAbbey Inn Motelh H36375 Soco Rd/US 19 West, 28751828.926.1188 • 800.545.5853 • abbeyinn.comBreathtaking views. Quiet comfort, 4,200’ high.Nearest Maggie motel to BRP, Smokies, Deal’s Gap,Cherokee. WiFi.Cataloochee Guest RanchH3119 Ranch Drive, 28751828.926.1401 • 800.868.1401cataloochee-ranch.comCataloochee Guest Ranch is a destinationvacation spot offering mountaintop lodging, dining,horseback riding, hiking.Microtel Inn and Suites of Maggie Valley h H33777 Soco Road/Highway 19, 28751828.926.8554 • 800.752.6230 • microtelmaggie.comWhether you’re vacationing with the kids, meetingthe family for a reunion or planning a romanticgetaway for the two of you, Microtel Inn and Suitesin Maggie Valley is a perfect place to stay!Ramada Limited-Maggie ValleyH34048 Soco Road, 28751828.926.7800 • 800.305.6703 • ramdamaggie.comOpen year-round, creekside rooms, indoor pool andhot tub, newly renovated.HoRSEBack RIDIngCataloochee Guest RanchH3119 Ranch Drive, 28751828.926.1401 • 800.868.1401cataloochee-ranch.comSee description under Hotels/Motels.Real ESTateRealty World- Heritage RealtyH31986 Soco Road, 28751828.926.5200 • 800.627.1072RealtyWorldHeritage.comHaywood County’s most experienced, full-servicereal estate firm since 1974.RESortMaggie Valley Club and ResortH31819 Country Club Drive, 28751828.926.1616 • 800.438.3861maggievalleyclub.comLifestyle, luxury, recreation, sports, community,dining, golf, weddings, investments, real estate,vacation, spa, accomodating, friendly, inclusive.snow SKIINGCataloochee Ski AreaH31080 Ski Lodge Road, 28751828.926.0285 • 800.768.0285cataloochee.comGreat skiing with easy access, 100% snowmaking,17 lighted slopes, 5 lifts, rentals, instruction,snowtubing.MurphyTravel InformationCherokee County Chamber of Commerce h B6805 US Highway 64 West, 28906828.837.2242cherokeecountychamber.comPromoting Cherokee County businesses. Welcomecenter.NANTAHALACaBIns / CoTTagESNantahala River Lodgeh E527395 Wayah Road, 28781800.470.4718NantahalaRiverLodge.netRiverfront, seclusion, wildlife, fireflies, peace,angling, whitewater, trails, ancient stones,barnwood, history, fire, nature, awesome.CampgrounDS/RV ParksBrookside Campground& Whitewater Raftingh E5764 Highway 19, 28781828.321.5209 • 800.848.7238brooksiderafting.comCampground with creekside sites, country store,swimming pool. Whitewater rafting available fromcampground.OTTOCaBIns / CoTTagESLittle Mountain CottageF7414 Quail Haven Road, 28763828.421.1751 • 828.524.8868Private, 2-bedroom cottage. Full kitchen, laundry,AC, TV, phone, linens. Easy access to Hwy 441.Gem MiningPrimitive Outback, Inc.G7210 Robin Lynn Lane, 28763828.349.1717 • primitiveoutback.comCome pan in our flume or in the river. Your treasureawaits. Fun for everyone.Rafting/Kayaking/tuBIng/canoEIngPrimitive Outback, Inc.G7210 Robin Lynn Lane, 28763828.349.1717 • primitiveoutback.comKayak leisurely down Little Tennessee River orcamp along river. See nature at her best.ShoppingFour Winds PotteryG666 Shadow Drive, 28763828.524.4512 • 828.342.0628Colorful pottery and slab worked pieces. Sculpturaland functional. Reasonably priced gift ideas.44 45

ROBBINSVILLEsnow tuBIng / ice skaTIngRafting/Kayaking/tuBIng/canoEIng Nick & Nate’s PizzeriaI3Travel InformationScaly Mountain Outdoor ParkH7153 Charters H4 111 North Main Street, 28786Graham County Chamber of CommerceD4 7420 Dillard Road, 287752013 East Fork Road, 28779828.452.0027 • nickandnatespizza.com421 Rodney Orr Bypass, 28771828.526.3737 • scalymountain.com828.421.8125 • 153charters.comSpecialty sandwiches and subs. Gourmet828.735.4907Dry tubing, ice skating, snow tubing, one slope 3800-ftFull-service fishing guide. Numerous mountain pizza, salads, and more. Daily lunch buffet. Allgrahamchambernc.comelevation and 450-ft long. Kiddie slope available.lakes. Coast Guard licensed. Bass, walleye, trout, handcrafted beer!Peaceful mountains, historic heritage and naturalstripers and hybrids.SYLVAGalleriesresources provide wonders for our communities,Travel InformationTAPOCOT Pennington Art GalleryI3businesses and visitors.Jackson County Chamber of CommerceH4CampgrounDS/RV Parks15 N Main Street, 28786Graham County Travel and Tourism Authority D4 773 West Main Street, 28779Deal’s Gap Motorcycle Resort, Inc.C4 828.452.9284 • tpennington.com12 North Main Street, 28771828.586.2155 • 800.962.1911 • mountainlovers.com17548 Tapoco Road, 28771Colored pencil drawings of Western North800.470.3790 • grahamcountytravel.comWe have everything you need to know about the800.889.5550 • dealsgap.comCarolina scenery, wildlife and landmarks byA quiet place in the Smokies you really must visit! area and the beautiful North Carolina mountains.Showers, 30 sites, $12-$16. Cabins available.Teresa Pennington.B&B/Country InnsBREWERyWAYNESVILLEGenERal SERvicESBlue Waters Mountain LodgeD4 Heinzelmännchen Brewery, Inc.h H4Smoky Mountain LivingI3Travel Information292 Pine Ridge Road, 28771545 Mill Street, 2877934 Church Street, 28786Haywood County Chamber of Commerce i3828.479.8888 • 888.828.3978828.631.4466 • yourgnometownbrewery.com828.452.9283 • smliv.com28 Walnut Street, 28786bluewatersmtnl.comEstablished in 2004. Enjoy samples/pints and take homeCelebrating the people, culture, history, music,Located on Lake Santeetlah, ten-slip boat dock,828.456.3021 • 877.456.3073 • haywood-nc.comdraft beer, soda and novelty items from the, crafts and special places of the mountains incomfortable rooms, private baths, WiFi andYour trusted source for visitor information. Contact the each edition.bountiful breakfast.CaBIns / CoTTagESchamber for assistance planning an unforgettable visit.Smoky Mountain Newsi3Mountain Brook Cottagesh G5Haywood County Tourism Development Authority I3Snowbird Mountain LodgeD434 Church Street, 28786208 Mountain Brook Road, 287794633 Santeetlah Road, 2877144 North Main Street, 28786828.452.4251 • smokymountainnews.com828.586.4329 • mountainbrook.com828.479.3433 • 800.941.9290828.452.0152 • 800.334.9036Weekly regional newspaper with news, opinions,Fireplace cottages in the Great Smokies! Fullysnowbirdlodge.comvisitncsmokies.comarts and environmental information.equipped for a relaxing getaway. Couples, families,AC, private bath, no smoking, fireplaces, creditExperience local brews, shops, galleries, horsebackgroups!riding and hiking on our 46 miles of Blue RidgeHOTELS / MOTELScards. 23 rooms. $210-$380.Parkway.Best Western Smoky Mountain InnI3CampgrounDS/RV ParksTapoco LodgeC4Moonshine Creek Campgroundh130 Shiloh Trail, Highway 74, Exit 98, 28786H414981 Tapoco Road, 28771B&B/Country Inns2486 Dark Ridge Road, 28779828.456.4402 • 800.218.2121Old Stone Innh I3828.498.2325 • tapocolodge.combwsmokymountaininn.com828.586.6666 • MoonshinecreekCampground.comHistoric inn near Deal’s Gap, Joyce Kilmer,109 Dolan Road, 28786Spectacular views, near Blue Ridge Parkway,Cool and secluded on mountain stream, five minutesCheoah River. Perfect for reunions, weddings,828.456.3333 • 800.432.8499Mountain to Sea Trail and National Park. Deluxefrom Blue Ridge Parkway. RV, tent and cabins.motorsports events.oldstoneinn.comcontinental breakfast.AntiquES, Arts & CraftsRustic mountain lodge with 18 guest rooms, fullservicebar and fine dining restaurant.Cultural/EDucationalRESortOld School Antique MallG5Stecoah Valley Cultural Arts CenterE4The Waynesville Inn Golf Resort & Spa h I34704 Highway 441 South, 28779121 School House Road, 28771The Swagh I3 176 Country Club Drive, 28786828.586.8097 • oldschoolantiquemall.com828.479.3364 • stecoahvalleycenter.com2300 Swag Road, 28785828.456.3551 • 800.627.6250Over 12,000 square feet of quality antiques, nowArtisans gallery, historic auditorium, commercial828.926.0430 • 800.789.7672 • thewaynesvilleinn.comover 100 showcases and, arts, crafts, and culinary classes. FallThe Swag, a rustic mountaintop inn and restaurant. Historic resort featuring marvelous views, 115 rooms,festival and summer concerts.Cultural/EDucationalReservations required. Open April–November. 27 holes of golf, restaurants, meeting facilities, spa.Southwestern Community CollegeH4The Windover Inn Bed & BreakfastI3DiningShoppingJasper’s Restaurant447 College Drive, 28779D440 Old Hickory Street, 28786Downtown Waynesville AssociationI314981 Tapoco Road, 28771828.586.4091 • 800.447.4091828.452.4411 • 866.452.4411 • 9 S Main Street, 28786southwesterncc.eduReconnections begin with a stay at our historic bed828.498.2325 • tapocolodge.com828.456.3517 • downtownwaynesville.comA full-service community college serving Macon,and breakfast in Waynesville.Jasper’s five-course gourmet meals are all preparedA historic vibrant small town nestled in theJackson and Swain Counties and the Qualla Boundary.with the freshest of seasonal ingredients.CaBIns / CoTTagESSmoky Mountains with magnificent views of theDiningBoyd Mountain Log CabinsI3 Blue Ridge Parkway.Family AttractionsBogart’sH4Town of RobbinsvilleD4445 Boyd Farm Road, 28785Mast General Storeh I335 East Main Street, 287794 Court Street, 28771828.926.1575 • boydmountain.com63 North Main Street, 28786828.586.6532Unique 1-, 2-, 3- 4-bedroom cabins. All amenities.828.479.3250828.452.2101 • mastgeneralstore.comJackson County’s gathering place for everyone.130 acres. Fishing. Hiking. Christmas tree farm.townofrobbinsville.comMercantile packed with traditional fashions,Steaks, seafood, burgers, salads, kids menu,Robbinsville is the perfect destination for folksRivermont Cabinsh I3 comfortable footwear, hiking gear, 500 candies andcarryout and catering.wanting outdoor adventure, beautiful lakes, and243 Rivermont Road, 28786country gourmet foods.mountain culture.City Lights CaféH4828.648.3066 • 888.648.6373 • rivermont.com3 East Jackson Street, 28779WHITTIERNine cabins on 70 acres of riverfront property closeHOTELS / MOTELS828.587.2233 • citylightscafé.comto Waynesville.CampgrounDS/RV ParksMicrotel Inn and Suites of Robbinsville h D4Crepes, paninis, soups/salads, pasta, coffee,Holly Cove RV Resorth G4111 Rodney Orr Bypass, 28771CampgrounDS/RV Parksespresso, beer, wine, organic, gluten-free,341 Holly Cove Road, 28789828.479.6772Pride RV ResortI3vegetarian, free WiFi, outdoor dining.828.631.0692 • hollycovervresort.commicrotelrobbinsville.com4394 Jonathon Creek Road, 28785Lulu’s On MainH4Seasonal and year-round campground. Large shadyFifty rooms, near Joyce Kilmer, Tail of the Dragon,828.926.1645 • 800.926.8191sites, swimming pool, community activities.Cherohala Skyway. Rafting, hiking, fishing, Internet.612 West Main Street, 28779pridervresort.com828.586.8989 • lulusonmain.com140 campsites, 14 rentals, pool, hot tub, mini golf,GolfingSCALY MOUNTAINGourmet dining featuring nightly specials thatfishing, rec building, church, breakfast, activities.Sequoyah National Golf ClubG4Attractionsinclude seafood, chicken and vegetarian-friendly79 Cahons Road, 28786DiningHighlands Aerial ParkH7 fare. Homemade desserts.828.497.3000Fat Buddies Ribs and BBQ of Waynesville I39455 Dillard Road, 28775Nick & Nate’s PizzeriaH4sequoyahnational.com193 Waynesville Plaza, 28786828.526.8773 • 855.947.634483 The Villages Overlook, 28779Located 45 minutes west of Asheville, NC, and828.456.6368 • fatbuddiesribsandbbq.comhighlandscanopytour.com828.586.3000 • nickandnatespizza.comnestled among the oak, fir and flowered valleys inFamily-style BBQ, baby back ribs, smoked pork,A mix of the alpine adventure courses of Europe Specialty sandwiches and subs. Gourmet pizza,the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains, residessmoked beef, smoked chicken, hand-cut steaks.with the rain forest canopy tours of Central America. salads, and more. Daily lunch buffet. Full Bar.Sequoyah National Golf Club.46 47

Whittier continuedSmoky Mountain Country ClubG41112 Conleys Creek Road, 28789828.497.2772 • 800.474.0070smcclodging.comEnjoy fully furnished, two-bedroom condos withbeautiful views. Play the newly renovated, 18-holemountain golf course and driving range withfull practice facilities. Rental clubs available.800.474.0070 (lodging). 828.497.7622 (pro shop).Rafting/Kayaking/tuBIng/canoEIngTuckaseegee OutfittersG44909 Highway 441, 28789828.586.5050 • 888.593.5050raftnc.comRafts, funyaks, duckies, kayaks, tubes. Guided andself-guided daily trips. All ages and experiences.Nearby NeighborsASHEVILLEHOTELS / MOTELSShoji Spa and Lodge96 Avondale Heights Road,$42 private outdoor hot tubs, sauna, cold plunge.The ultimate escape, 8 minutes from Asheville.Real ESTateThe Farm at Bradshaw Lane820 Merrimon Avenue, 28804828.712.9088ashevillerealestate.comGated residential neighborhood for ultimateprivacy with fewer than 40 home sites.J3Clayton, GEORGIADiningLa Cabana Mexican RestaurantG8128 Duval Street, Suite C, 30525706.212.2834The finest Mexican restaurant in the Smokies.GolfingRabun County Golf CourseG870 Sequoia Hills Camp, 30525706.782.55009-hole, mountain, public golf course. Open yearround.Driving range. Women and senior discounts.Dillard, GEORGIACampgrounDS/RV ParksRiver Vista RV Resorth G7960 Highway 246 (GPS)20 River Vista Drive, 30537706.746.2722 • 888.850.7275rvmountainvillage.comFive-star RV resort with cabin rentals, featuringlarge level sites and fully furnished cabins.AntiquES, Arts & CraftsArt Source — Fine Art by Pat CalderoneH7169 Valley John Lane, 30537828.787.1828 • artsource-now.comOriginal artwork inspired by the natural beauty andindigenous history of the Smoky Mountain area.DiningCupboard CaféG77388 Highway 441, 30537706.746.5700Celebrating 26 years. Fudge, coffee, gift shop,country cooking, full deli.La Cabana Mexican RestaurantH77052 Highway 441 North, Suite 104, 30537706.746.0058The finest Mexican restaurant in the Smokies.Proud to be part of the48 49

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