SUCH - Tarheel Chapter BMW Car Club of America

SUCH - Tarheel Chapter BMW Car Club of America

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Volume XXXIX, No. 7 July 2011


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The Club Race Outing was held on Saturday, April 9 at VIR.

It was a very busy weekend, there were almost no parking spaces

available. The place was alive with vintage cars, formula 2000 cars,

formula Fords and BMW racecars. The weather did not cooperate

- it was freezing. We had 40 people at the Outing and another 6

joining in for the Parade laps. We had over 20 cars in the corral but

there was not a lot of fun and fellowship around them. Likewise,

there was not much visiting over cold drinks with racers signing

autographs. The weather, however, could not dampen the excitement and enthusiasm of the Parade

Laps. Everyone was all smiles as they came off the track, many asking if we were going to do it on

Sunday as well. Thanks to all who helped out in the rain, but a special thanks to April Curtis, Karen

Seymore-Blood, Pam Hinkley, Sam Wood and Shane Dunlevy. We plan to repeat this event next year,

but here’s hoping we have better weather.


This month, we’d like to give a warm Tarheel welcome

to 57 new and returning members and associate

members. This brings our total chapter

membership to 2,809! Our membership is the lifeblood

of the Club. Without your participation, there

would be no Club. We offer a wide variety of activi-

Patrick Adair Wake Forest NC

Kelly Beatty Raleigh NC

Shannon Braxton Burlington NC

Patricia Bridges Clayton NC

Allison Caligiuri Mars Hill NC

Hazel Clark Penland NC

Patrick Cotten Fairview NC

James Culp Carrboro NC

Susan Derocher Wake Forest NC

Clayton Dorn Wake Forest NC

Cole Edwards Brevard NC

B Edwards Raleigh NC

Rae Elliott Williamston NC

Jacqueline Ford Clayton NC

Paul Francis Cary NC

Stephen Gnesda Holly Springs NC

Ashley Gray Cary NC

Mitchell Hart Hendersonville NC

Rob Hasty Fayetteville NC

Jason Hightman Raleigh NC

Jeremy Hinman Mooresville NC

Graham Hobbs Charlotte NC

Nancy Hobbs Charlotte NC

Kristina Honsell Raleigh NC

Will Hughes Fairview NC

Paul Johnson Cary NC

Suzannah Loftin Asheville NC

John Long Wake Forest NC

Calyssa Maness Winston Salem NC

ties, and welcome the opportunity to get to know

you better at some of these events. We encourage

you to contact your Area Coordinator to fi nd out

about local dinner meetings and other ways to get

involved in YOUR club. Come join us, you’ll have a

great time!

Michael Martin Mooresville NC

Paul Martin Charlotte NC

Heather Minnix Charlotte NC

Mark Minnix Charlotte NC

Charles Monroe Durham NC

Doris Morris Raleigh NC

Jeff Mukamal Raleigh NC

Will Newman Asheville NC

Bill Oldfi eld Apex NC

John Owen Cary NC

William Rowan Lumberton NC

Matthew Schaedler Charlotte NC

Jacob Schandevel Hendersonville NC

Nathan Shore Asheville NC

Kelli Shuler Waynesville NC

Alex Sigmon Hickory NC

Matt Stevens Fleetwood NC

Vicki Stevens Fleetwood NC

Kelli Stewart Cedar Mountain NC

Adam Stewart Cedar Mountain NC

Tom Stinson Wake Forest NC

Dee Stribling Hillsborough NC

Patrice Thomas Knightdale NC

Randall Turner Fairmont WV

Miller Van Vliet Wilmington NC

Mark Vetrano Kernersville NC

Christian Whitaker Winston Salem NC

Mark Williams Greensboro NC

It’s pretty much a fact of life that modern cars

are loaded with electronic gear. There are black

boxes under the hood, inside the passenger compartment

and who knows where else. They control

or assist in not just fuel delivery, ignition, braking,

traction and other operational functions, but provide

the driver with a host of amenities – remote

door locks, climate control, communications,

roadside assistance and what have you. In fact,

they are so much a part of our vehicles that we

hardly ever give them a thought.

As an aside to this, there’s a funny – and true

– story illustrating our utter dependence on these

electronic aids in our cars. Some time ago, a

friend of mine saw this young lady standing next

to her car. She was distraught, near tears in fact. It

turned out the battery in her key had died and she

had no idea how to unlock the car door. Imagine

how delighted she was when my buddy pointed

out that she could still get in by unlocking the

door the old-fashioned way – i.e. sticking the key

in the little slot on the door and turning it! Okay,

so maybe it’s an extreme case, but it makes my


Even an alien visitor from another planet

couldn’t fail to become aware of this in short order.

If nothing else, our TV commercials and magazine

ads would apprise him or her (or it) of how

dependent on all this gear our vehicles (and us

chickens) have become. Consider this recent ad

in Scientifi c American, which says the advertised

vehicle – which happens to be a Lincoln MKX –

“can upload your photos, fi nd your music and automatically

download your contacts. It’s not just

luxury. It’s smarter than that.” Or maybe there’s

the commercial for Mercedes-Benz, which touts

the car’s ability to warn the sleepy driver who

PAUL HOECKE Notes from the road

Technology Downsides

is about to drift into another lane, or brake for

a semi that’s come to a sudden stop before the

driver becomes aware of this unexpected hazard.

But you knew all that, right? The vast majority

of the BMWs you and other club members drive

today are that smart. So why am I preaching to

the choir? It’s because, like all good things, all

this technology may have a downside. It’s a yinyang

thing – there’s a dark spot in the light part

for everything.

What fi rst got me thinking along those lines

was a commercial – for a Chevy Cruze, I believe –

which has these two dudes call one of the guys’

wife and ask her to demonstrate once more how

the remote start gizmo works. So she goes ahead

and fi res up the car – except she’s miles away,

about to board a plane at the local airport! Naturally,

my fi rst reaction was: Hey, that’s pretty cool!

But then my paranoid self got into the act. What if

someone did this inadvertently while a kid was in

the car? Worse yet, what if some bad guy got hold

of the remote? To say that would be a real bummer

would be an understatement.

Getting back to my paranoid self, I’d normally

be loath to raise this issue, mainly for fear of being

laughed out of the room as a pre-Boomer

Luddite. But as someone once said, even paranoids

have enemies. And as it turns out in this

instance, I’m evidently not alone in harboring

these concerns about the vulnerability of our cars’

electronic innards.

According to a story in that same issue of

Scientifi c American cited earlier (June 2011, p.18),

our cars are indeed likely to fall prey to hacking.

Titled ‘Hack my Ride’, the article’s sub-lead says:

‘Increasingly sophisticated onboard computers

may put cars in danger of cyber attacks.’ It


then goes on to describe how two researchers, a

computer science professor at US San Diego and

another scientist at the U. of Washington collaborated

in an experiment to demonstrate this.

Using an unspecifi ed car’s own Bluetooth and cell

phone connections, they inserted malware that

“could have been used to co-opt the car’s computer

system, including its engine.”

As I see it, that’s pretty scary stuff. More importantly,

experts feel this way too. Olaf Henniger,

who does research at the Fraunhofer Institute for

Secure Information Technology in Germany, is

quoted in the article as stating that this experiment

“shows the need for security measures in

vehicular onboard networks.” I for one couldn’t

agree more.

The article cautions against panic, pointing

out that this experiment was just that – a trial run

that doesn’t necessarily mean all cars are suddenly

subject to network attacks. But it does raise the

specter of “the unending chess match between

hackers and security experts” having “found a new

fi eld of play.” And lucky for all of us driving our

The Editor’s Desk...

As you can see by our calendar, we have A

LOT of events this year (both Tarheel Chapter

sponsored and not). And, there are events to cover

just about any interest, from wine and cheese

to racing.

Since we are always looking for photos and

write-ups, and with no feasible way for Paul or

myself to cover all these events, we would love to

have you cover them for us.

All we usually need are a few photos and a

paragraph describing the event - what, where,

when, etc.

Hearing about these events directly from you,

our members, is very helpful to all of us - you

would not believe how, once the word get’s out,

these events grow. (Think Vintage at the Vineyards

- in year one I doubt there were 20 cars. Now they

count them by the hundreds!).

One of the biggest benefi ts of this Club are

the events and the majority of our membership

never ventures out to them. Let’s show them

what they are missing! -ed.

“With over 65 years of combined experience, we offer dependable, affordable,

quality service for your BMW.”


Free Alignment







Free Diagnose

with Repair

Stop Paying Dealership Prices!


Racecar Builds


Service Center



2556 Landmark Dr Winston Salem 336.659.8988 1.888.462.2591

ever-so-smart BMWs and other makes, at least

some people have been way ahead of the game

for some time now in addressing this potential


That Henniger guy and several coworkers

belong to EVITA, a group started in 2008 by BMW

AG, Fujitsu and others for the purpose of developing

a ‘security blueprint’ that carmakers can

use to make onboard networks more secure. The

project is expected to wrap up this year and is

expected to yield software that will “encrypt or

authenticate data exchanged within the car, with

other cars and with equipment on roadways.”

And other carmakers are also working along

those lines, claiming their cars are already secure

against many threats.

GM says their mobile app (presumably the

one referred to in that commercial I’ve cited)

never connects directly to their cars but instead

works through OnStar, which requires authentication.

And Ford has fi rewalled its SYNC system

against attacks and has kept its phone and fun

parts separate from vehicle control functions,

which gives me a little peace of mind, seeing as

how one of my cars is a Fusion. But I still can’t rid

myself of creepy thoughts about someone wheedling

their way into the brains of my rides without

my knowing it. If nothing else, I’ve picked up

plenty of talk on this subject on the Net.

One such red fl ag has to do with that ever so

convenient remote lock-unlock car key feature.

As the story goes, someone parked near your car

could use a remote reading device to detect the

signal that locks your car and thus be able to get

in after you’ve toddled off to the mall, with you

never the wiser – until you return and fi nd your

goodies gone – if not the car too.

Okay, so maybe that could be urban legend.

I can’t count the times I’ve been warned about

believing all the stuff you fi nd on the Net. But

having read the article I’ve just cited, I can’t be

blamed for wondering. And maybe you should be

wondering too.


BMW Car Club

of America

Tarheel Chapter



It isn’t often that we get to watch two big

events at VIR back-to-back. But that’s what happened

this spring. Having seen our homegrown

track warriors battle with visitors and one another

– not to mention the weather – on our home track

in April, we were fortunate enough to return there

in May, to cover the pros in Round Four of both

the Rolex Sports Car Series and the Continental

Tire Sports Car Challenge.

It was an interesting experience, to say the

least. The races were a real treat, not only because

we don’t all that often see the pros compete

in our neck of the woods, but also because

we got to watch the BimmerWorld guys in action,

live and in color as it were. What’s more, it allowed

us to draw some interesting comparisons

between the whole pro racing scene – the level of

technical expertise; the general atmosphere and

inevitable hoopla; and the racing itself – and the

way our ‘amateurs’ (read: Club racers) do it. It was

enlightening and, in some ways, surprising too.

We won’t go into detail about the Rolex race,

other than to say that this big-bucks series lived

up to expectations. It included only three BMWs

– the Ganassi Team and Aim Autosport BMW/Rileys

in the Daytona Prototype (DP) class and the

lone Turner M3 that ran in the GT class. But they

acquitted themselves well, especially the Ganassi

and Turner teams, despite a rainstorm that made

much of that race a water sport spectacle of sorts.

If you were one of the many club members who

packed the Tarheel Corral at the track, you know

what we’re talking about. If not, you’ll get to read

the whole story in the ROUNDEL one of these

Twice is Nice


We feel the Continental Tire (CTSCC) race

deserves more attention in this context. For one

thing, the cars in this series’ classes – Grand

Sport (GS) and Street Tuner (ST) – are a lot closer

to what us mere mortals drive (relatively speaking

of course) than those high-testosterone beasts

in the Rolex group. Plus this race included a lot

more BMWs in both classes – ten in GS and eight,

plus four MINIs, in ST. And mainly, BimmerWorld

(BW) had two E92 V8s in GS and two E90 328i’s in

ST. ‘Nuff said.

The CTSCC fi eld was pretty big, even by VIR

standards: sixty-one cars, ranging from VW GTIs,

Civics and Mazdas all the way to Boxsters, Camaros

and Mustangs. A series of mishaps, either mechanical

or off-course during practice and qualifying

kept spectators entertained on Friday. Some

of those incidents were almost funny – speaking

from an onlooker’s standpoint, not the drivers’ of

course. In one case, a car spun in NASCAR, did

a 360 and ended up backwards into the tire wall

– whereupon the next car also slid off the track,

trundled through the grass and – get this – poked

its nose directly into the other car’s front! The

guy couldn’t have aimed better if he’d wanted to!

Fortunately, the entire event happened in slowmotion,

sort of, so neither driver nor the cars suffered

real damage (except to egos maybe). And by

the way, neither car was a BMW.

Despite all this minor mayhem, things apparently

got fi xed pretty quickly, as everybody

showed up for the race Saturday. Thankfully, the

weather stayed dry. When the green fl ag fl ew


shortly before noon, the crowd roared off to a

good start. The two BW V8s in GS had qualifi ed

near the front – James Clay (No.79) third and Bob

Michaelian (No.78) ninth – but Clay immediately

charged ahead and was running second by the

time the fi eld rounded Turn 1. He ran very well for

about the fi rst hour of the 2.5-hour race, sometimes

in the third spot, then back to second. But

then damage to his front suspension, apparently

due to contact with another car, forced him to pit

early. Despite frantic attempts by the crew, the

damage couldn’t be fi xed and No.79 was forced to

go behind the wall and out of the race.

This left Michaelian and co-driver Ken Wilden

with the job of carrying the BW banner for the rest

of the GS race. They did pretty well too, running

as high as fi fth during the fi rst half of the race. But

cautions – fi ve yellows in total that ate up some

27 of the 56 laps in the race – slowed the fi eld’s

pace at critical times, negating much of their pit/

fueling strategy. But they still fi nished in tenth

place – a small yet signifi cant improvement over

their showing at Barber.

Behind the GS crowd, the 36-car ST fi eld

proved a much tougher environment for BW’s two

entries – the No.81 328i of John Capestro-Dubets

(aka JCD) and Greg Liefooghe, who started 15th;

and the No.80 driven by Dave White and Bill

Heumann, the latter having qualifi ed 25th. Starting

that far back was only part of their problem;

both actually moved up a bunch of spots during

the fi rst ninety minutes or so, with No.81 running

with the GS cars in 22nd overall at one point.

But their efforts to hold onto their best positions

were hampered by those same cautions. Most of

those were caused by ST wrecks, starting with a

Civic that blew its motor on Lap 13, and followed

by the ST pole-sitter fl ipping and rolling over his

Porsche Boxster at Oak Tree. As a result of all this

mess, the Heumann/White team ended up taking

the checker in 14th place in ST, ten places up from

where they had started. JCD/Liefooghe fi nished

three spots behind them. And both fi nishes were

better than those at Barber.

All things considered, Clay felt greatly encouraged

by these results. He especially cited the

strong showing of the team’s GS entries. “After an

intense beginning to the year, where we started

from scratch with brand-new cars, we’re happy to

see how competitive our GS cars have become.”

We agree, considering the kind of battle it had

been, as evidenced by the dents and tire marks we

saw on both ST cars after the race. Steve Bassen

(who does BW’s bodywork) shook his head as he

inspected the damage, for he knew that he’d have

just one week to fi x it all before the team would

head to Round Five at Lime Rock on Memorial

Day weekend, followed by Round Six at Watkins

Glen a week later.

Due to deadlines, the Lime Rock race was

still in our future as we fi led this report. It’s likely

to have been quite different from the VIR event

because that venerable Connecticut circuit is a lot

shorter – 1.7 miles with only seven turns – with

GS lap times of under a minute the rule. As a

result, it’s the only CTSCC event in which the GS

and ST cars run in separate races; and car setup

as well as pit strategy must be adjusted accordingly.

As usual, we expect to cover this race and

the one at the Glen in future reports.

As we look back on this VIR experience, two

comparisons with Club Racing come to mind. One

is that, from a bystander’s standpoint, pro races

are a veritable zoo, even at a park-like, peoplefriendly

facility like VIR. It’s to be expected, what

with all the promotional hoopla and the legions

of spectators jamming every aisle, roadway and

hillside. But the contrast with the laid-back atmosphere

of a Club Racing event is quite striking,

even when there’s a large crowd of club members

watching a race. The other aspect is something

of a pleasant surprise: Checking the CTSCC race

stats, we fi nd that even the fastest qualifi ers

barely matched some of the best speeds we’ve

seen posted at Club races. If nothing else, it kinda

proves that you’re not missing much if you’re

strictly a Club Racing fan.

As far as local CR activity goes, we should

note that only a few of our hot shoes ventured to

more or less nearby tracks in May. This included

Jason Crist and Roman Lifson, who raced in a

small fi eld of a dozen cars at Sebring. They fi rst

paired up in Crist’s JP E36 M3 to win the enduro;

then each drove that car to a class victory in the

weekend’s two sprint races. Both drivers were also

entered in the much bigger race (53 entrants) at

Mid-Ohio, where Lifson was to drive his own IP

E36 M3. That race ran after press time for this report,

so that story will have to wait until our next

issue. The same goes for last month’s CR event at

NJMP, which at last report listed some thirty entries

but only one Tarheel – Dennis Pippy in M3T.

Local drivers were similarly absent from the

NASA scene, partly because the Mid-Atlantic

Region did not hold an event in May. The Southeast

Region did run a race at CMP April 30-May

1, but that event saw only two of our homegrown

racers take part. Jason Tower mixed it up in a 19car

Spec E30 fi eld, fi nishing in mid-pack in both

sprints; and William Goldfarb posted two victories

in GTS4, including one fi nish in second place


Joyner’s EST. 1993

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* Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or

BMW Original parts

* Many years of experience exclusively with

BMW repairs, maintenance, and modifi -

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* Latest Diagnostic Equipment

Chris Joyner, Owner/Technician

76 South Market Street

Asheville, NC 28801

(828) 253-6000

Hours: 10:00 – 6:00 Monday through Friday

The Triangle’s Choice For Auto


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Kenny Hawkins Automotive

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Buy, Sell, or Consign your car with

friendly local professionals.

We have been helping Club

members since 1989 with

Fine Cars, Fun Cars, and Fast Cars!

Holland Hale Chip Stabler

2511 Guess Road, Durham, NC 27705

phone: 919-416-9400 fax: 919-416-9122


30th Annual Korman Autoworks Open House

Korman Autoworks hosted its 30th Annual

Open House on Saturday, March 19 in Greensboro.

The sunny day was a boon for Club members

eager to display and discuss old and new

BMWs shined up and lined up outside. Bosch

and Michelin sponsors were on-hand to review

products and technology available for Korman

customers. In celebration of the long tradition of

Korman Open Houses, Ray Korman reviewed a

slideshow of his BMW racing history before guests

were treated to a Bavarian-style cookout complete

with bratwurst, knackwurst and traditional German

potato salad. More than 100 Club members

participated in the door-prize giveaways, fun, and

festivities at Korman. Congratulations to Ray Korman

and his staff on their continued success as

a premier BMW performance and service center

over the last 30 years!

Saturday, 7/30/11

Hours: 11:00AM-3:00PM

BimmerWorld Grand Opening Open House

• Facility Tours • Discount on New Parts

• Tech Sessions • Car Show and Shine

• Product Giveaways • Outdoor BBQ

• Used Parts Yard Sale • Lynn the Magician

• And More for All BMW Enthusiasts

Please RSVP at Suggested

driving routes and additional details will be adding in the coming weeks.

I attached a couple of photos of the place and a logo – please use as needed.




October 29, 2011


Services Training


3000 Airport Road

Sanford, NC 27332

Contact: Denis


(919) 247-4876

BMW Car Club

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White Oak Business Park | 5335 Raynor Rd. | Garner

Mon - Thurs: noon - 9pm | Fri & Sat: noon - midnite | Sun: 1 - 9pm



The Triad’s Finest BMW Body Repair

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Insurance work and other fi ne cars welcome!

We are perfectionists, and our combined forty years

of experience assures our customers of

quality workmanship. As BMW specialists, we use

only factory parts and have the area’s most

complete supply of original BMW factory German


We Buy Wrecks – Scott McDuffi e, Owner

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Sep 9-11 *BMW CCA Club Race Road Atlanta Peachtree Chapter website:

Sep 9-11 * Peachtree Fall HPDE at Road Atlanta website:

Sep 10-11 * Tidewater Fall HPDE at NCCAR Bob Eveleigh (757) 651-0575 website:

Sep 10-11 * Euro-Classica Nat Arnold/Lee Davis website:

Sep 10-11 2nd Annual Blue Ridge Parkway CruZ Richard Little

Sep 18 * Points Autocross THSCC Laurinburg Maxton Airport website:

Sep 17-18 *MINIpalooza - Shelton Vineyards Mike Vogler website:

Sep 30 - Oct 2 Tarheel & Toe Driving School VIR Full JoElla John (540) 992-3040

See for the full 2011 calendar

* Not a Tarheel BMW CCA sponsored event




The all-new redesigned X3 boasts a bold exterior, an elegant

interior and the unrivaled power of an up to 300-hp engine.

Whether it’s running errands around town or traversing

windy mountain passes, the X3 handles the road with ease

and superior traction. And unlike the competition, the X3

has features like Brake Energy Regeneration to ensure

fuel-efficiency. Experience the all-new BMW X3 today!


BMW EfficientDynamics

Less emissions. More driving pleasure.

Leith BMW

5603 Capital Blvd. Raleigh, NC 27616

888.218.0284 |



X3 Series


The Ultimate

Driving Machine®



* * * NEW LOCATON * * *

Date: 2nd Thursday each month

Time: 6:30 p.m.

Where: Break Time Billiards

420 Jonestown Rd. Winston-Salem

Come out and join us for drink specials,half-priced

pool, delicious Italian food and even a free Break

Time Billiards membership(for the fi rst year) . This

is no sleazy pool hall, it’s a verynice facility with

a full bar, very nice pool table, dart boards, etc.

Francesco’sItalian Restaurant (next door) offers their

full menu right in Break Time, andI can tell you from

experience that the food is excellent - so come hungry.

Break Time is a 21 yrs and older establishment

so be sure to bring your ID.


Date: 3rd Thursday each month

Time: 7 p.m.

Where: Waldhorn Restaurant

12101 Lancaster Hwy (Old Hwy 521)

Pineville, NC

(Located near Carolina Place Mall)

(704) 540-7047

We’re still hanging out at the Waldhorn Restaurant

on the third Thursday of each month.

Contact Andrew Martinez at (704) 764-1164 or

e-mail at to RSVP.

Please join us (great German food and beer). See

you there!

Thank you, Andrew Martinez, Area Coordinator


Date: (3rd Thursday each month)

Time: 6:30 pm

Where: Rudino’s in RTP - (Miami Blvd / I-40

4911 Central Park Lane

Durham, NC 27703

Ph: (919) 474-8833

Directions: Rudino’s is located off Miami Blvd

south of I40 behind the Homewood Suites Hotel.

As usual, it’s the third Thursday. We are meeting

at the Rudino’s in RTP. They have a room large

enough to accommodate us and a large screen TV

to view BMW movies.

Please come out and join us - Denis Kingberg.

(919) 676-3570 - home offi ce, (919) 247-4876 - cell



Date: 2nd Thursday each month

Time: 6:30 pm

Where: Logan’s Roadhouse

Valley View Mall

If interested in dinners and activities in the Roanoke

Area, please send your e-mail address to

Scott Garner, or call (540)

467-2350 for information. Dinners are normally

the second Thursday of the month.


Date: Last Tuesday each month

Time: 6:30 pm

Where: Carrabba’s Italian Grill

10 Buckstone Place

Asheville, NC 28805

Call for directions (828) 281-2300

All BMW marques are welcome (cars, motorcycles,

Mini, Rolls, etc.).

Contact Richard at for

more information.

DOWNEAST AREA (Greenville, Wilson Rocky Mt)

Members interested in getting together please

email Bob Thomas at

or call (252) 363-1383.

HURRICANE REGION AREA (New Bern, Jacksonville,

Morehead City) will meet the 3rd Tuesday

of the month. For details contact Rich Broughton

(252) 247-2074 or cell (252) 670-0803. See web

page for monthly details.

Meeting will move around in area.


For dinner info call Tom Deacon at H (910) 579-

0520 in Ocean Isle Beach C (910) 398-2694 or email:


Please email Andy Barbee for more information at or call (704) 701-2294.



No information available.


Date: (4th Wednesday each month)

Time: 6:30 p.m.

Where: Luigi’s Restaurant


528 North McPherson Church Road

Fayetteville, NC 28303

Please come out and join us - Jeff Lucas. (919)

454-9383 email:�










��� ���� �



�� �� �



Footnotes classifi ed ads

are free to members in good

standing of the BMW CCA.

Nonmembers can also

place advertisements here

for $5.00 per month (see

inside front cover). Please

enclose all necessary

information with your

advertisement. Unless you

tell us otherwise, your ad

will appear here for three

(3) consecutive issues.

Classifi ed advertisements

can be emailed to the

Editor’s attention at



1976 2002 Bronze with

black/tan interior. Very restorable

body. Clean NC title.

Engine and transmission

are complete, but out of

the car. Has e21 rack and

brakes. Also comes with

1983 e21 engine and 5spd

transmission. Located in

Lincolnton, NC. For pictures

and other details, please


All reasonable offers

will be considered, but

buyer must come see the

car fi rst.

1984 325e for restoration

or parts. 148k mi. Not

running (dead fuel pump;

have uninstalled new one).

Body straight; interior

rough. Purchased running

in 1999 for track rat conversion;

too many projects

forces sale. Garaged for 8

of past 11 years. Comes

with complete 325i engine

+ accessories and PS rack.

Complete package priced

for quick sale: $850. Tom

Ellsworth (919) 231 2285

1999 740i Sport This 740i is

Aspen silver/gray with only

72,200 easy miles..Like new

inside and out. No smoking,

always garaged, no accidents,

dings, dents or rust.

New tires, Top end audio

system, K-40 front and rear

remote radar,

recent NC inspection..

Everything Works..The car

speaks for itself. Carefully

Maintained ( Mobil 1 only) ,

all hoses and

belts have been replaced..

New battery. Have all

maintenance records.. Vin-


Asking $12,900 OBO

For more info, pics, ect..

Call John at 910-575-3400

or my cell 240-687-2260.

e-mail - maryellenandjohn@

2007 M6 SMG Coupe VIN:


Outstandingly clean and

beautiful with unique

Sepang Bronze Metallic

fi nish. Powered by the Formula

1 inspired V-10 5.0L

DOHC 40-valve engine with

SMG (sequential manual

gearbox). The M6 series

is fi tted with high performance

Grand-Prix hardware

throughout, so if you are a

racing or autocross enthusiast,

expect this rocket to

test your driving skills. The

interior is dressed out with

full Sepang Merino leather

and Madiera Walnut Wood

trim with black and satin

chrome accents and hardware.

M6s are optioned to

the max, but please ask and

we will provide a complete

documented list for this vehicle.

Full DVD Navigation

system, Heads Up (windshield)

Display, Comfort

Access Package, Enhanced

Premium Sound system,

High Defi nition Radio, BMW


Assist Phone/Bluetooth

and Satellite Radio. Non

Smoker. Original Factory

Warranty until 4/07/2011

or 50K; and Certifi ed Pre-

Owned Two-year Extended

Warranty to 4/7/2013 or

100K. Carfax certifi ed. $44K

ORO - Contact Joe at joe@ or (704)


2007 Z4 coupe - black and

black- 55,122 miles- very

good condition. John Burgess-704-322-6269

2008 135i Coupe Crimson

Red in outstanding condition

with 20,000 miles.

Savanna Beige Boston

Leather interior, Sport Package

(Sport seats, M steering

wheel, Increased top speed

limiter, Shadowline exterior

trim), Light Burl Walnut trim,

Stronger electricity supply.

Pure driving pleasure

maintained for longevity.

VentureShield Paint Protection

fi lm on front bumper,

full hood and side mirrors.

BMW Edge Protection Film

on door edges. Front and

rear mud fl aps. Detailed

with Zaino products. Carpeted

and Rubber Floor

Mats. Fitted Luggage Compartment

Mat. UV Sun-

shade for front windshield.

BMW Fitted Sun Visor in

rear and side windows.

BMW Warning Triangle installed

in trunk. Old school

maintenance with all records.

$28,900. Mike: 919-

961-4531; macherrington@ (NC)

2011 135i Black on Black,

DCT, Sport Package, ConveniencePackage,


Seats, Ipod, Satellite Radio,

Boston Leather,. 11,500

miles. M3 Sway Bar. Very

clean and likenew. Still has

new carsmell. Run fl ats,

and lots of treadleft on front

and back. Oil changedbetween

factory intervals.

Onlyreason I a selling is I

have a 1M on the way so

this needs to go. $36,500,

sosave thousands versus a


or call me,Sean


1972 Bavaria 128K. Original

owner, California car, in

storage for years. Interior

almost perfect, could be

painted. 4-speed, Weber

conversion and Euro spec

ignition distributor. Make offer.



1996 Porsche 911

Turbo Coupe Vin


Silver with black leather

interior, 51,500 miles, excellent

condition, serviced and

maintained by C & C Eurosports

in Greensboro, Fabspeed

muffl er bypass pipes,

Turbo S oil cooler, brake

cooling ducts, Bilstein HD

shocks, H & R springs, crest

in headrests, CD changer, 3

spoke steering wheel, built

in K40 radar detector, lots

of preventative maintenance

items such as, new steering

rack, AC and oil cooler

resisters replaced, front and

rear hood struts, etc. Front

end resprayed due to rock

chips and covered with Invince-a-shield.

Original hollow

spoke wheels with no

rash. $57,500 obo. Contact

Charles Branch, Clemmons,

NC, or


1997 Audi A6 Quattro

Wagon $4,250 189,000

miles, Black, gray leather

interior, 16” wheels with

Michelins, auto, moonroof,

AWD, third row seat, roof

rack, one owner. Contact

Bill Blancato, fl usfl am@

SUCH A DEAL or 336-785-



1998 M3 front and rear

sway bars Both for $150.

An economical way to upgrade

your non M3, E36

vehicle. Call or e-mail. (410)


2011 550I OEM BMW

LA Wheels set of four, W

Spoke 332, 19 inch. The

front are size 8.5JX19

ET:33, and the rear are

9JX19 ET:44. I can’t say

they are brand new due to

the fact they were on the

car when it arrived at the

dealer. However they have

not been driven on. I had

them removed and different

wheels mounted before it

left the dealership. The set

lists for $2,266.56 (including

tax), for sale at $800 (what a

deal). Buyer must pick up in

Greensboro or cover shipping.

Contact Dan Lynch at

3.0CS trunk panels Right

and left side under the

deck lid, right side fl oor

(gas fi ller neck cut out), rear

fl oor panel, behind the rear

seat panel. I am very interested

in selling them all

together, if possible. Price

OBO. Pictures and detailed

descriptions available via

email. Amy Lester 828-659-

2490 or ottersview@frontier.


Bavaria/ 2800CS/ misc.

Big Six Parts Large selection

of goodies amassed

over the years. I no longer

own either of these cars, so

its time for them to go. 3.5L

big six bottom end, professionally

rebuilt/ never used

(have low mileage head to

go with it). 3.64 LSD, 3.0CS

rotors, Suspension Techniques

29mm front sway

bar, new and used wheel

bearings + suspension parts

front & rear, fuel pumps,

electricals, etc. All parts

cleaned, photographed, and

cataloged (complete listing

and photos on request).


muffl er, kidney grill, front

bumper sections, headlight

grills, front turn signal

assembly, headliner, etc.

Complete listing available.

All OEM; most purchased

during trip to Germany in

1989. Tom Ellsworth (919)

231 2285

E36 Parts All came off

1993 325i 4-door track-car

build. OE springs, swaybars,

transmission mounts,

shifter, master cylinder,

15x7 wheels, tail lights

and indicators (in amber),

front license plate insert,

door moldings, steering

wheel wrapped in Wheel-

Skins Leather, airbag, front

(power) and rear (fold down)

seats, most all interior bits

in tan (or Parchment specifi -

cally), radio w/code, speakers.

Prices TBD or bid for it

all at a lump sum discount.

Salisbury area. Call 704 267

8700m or email

Parts from E34 535i Peake

R5 Oil Reset Tool fi ts many

older cars - get for $50.

Salisbury area. Call 704 267

8700m or email

E28 Radiator New, in the

box. For manual transmission

car (no inlet / outlet

for auto trans cooler lines).

$125 OBO. rblood@yahoo.



New Delta 18x11 42 mm


offset for BMW. Would

not work w/ Koni shocks.

$1,320 delivered. $1000.00.


919-724-5678 or

Wanted 3-series wanted

as a commuter car. Auto

E34 525 is too thirsty these

days; seeking a manual

3-series, $7k or less. Email: Bill

Wanted 2002+ E46 Business

CD radio. If you have

one of these in working

condition let me know.


Preserving the CCA history

The Club Archive is

looking for Oktoberfest or

Chapter events trophies,

shirts, pins, posters, wine

glasses, dash plaques,

grill badges, programs, or

anything else. Anything

from the club’s past for the

Archive/Museum. Do you

have extra items you would

consider donating? Michael:

(864)250-0022; mmitchell@ (SC)

Tarheel Chapter BMW

CCA Email List Join us

online: The “list” provides

a casual, online forum for

chapter members to discuss

BMW’s and BMW

CCA events and related

topics of interest to local

members. Basically it’s a

sort of electronic discussion

board, almost anything is

free game, as long as it has

some connection to BMW’s

(no matter how remote the

connection might be).

To join the list surf on out to:

tarheelbmw/ Info on how

to subscribe or unsubscribe

can be found on this page.

If you want a shortcut to

subscribe- simply send an

email to


sure you send the email

from the email address that

you want to receive the list


THE 02 GROUP A special

interest group for 2002

owners in NC. For more information

about the group

and how to join, check

out our website: www.the-

Ultra 4000 Electric Tongue

Jack For a trailer. New

in the box, New around

$300.00 Would like $200.00

BMW Car Club

of America

Tarheel Chapter

Footnotes classifi eds...

Ads are free to members in good standing of the BMW CCA.

Non-members can also place advertisements here for $5.00

per month. Please enclose all necessary information with

your advertisement.

Unless you tell us otherwise, your ad will appear here for

three (3) consecutive issues.

Classifi ed advertisements can be

emailed to the Editor’s attention at:


Photo by Mike Pugh

The 02 Group invades Jugtown. Hey, are you guys sitting in a Ford dealer’s service port? Flex would

make a great 02 chase car on roadtrips!


Your photos and stories.

Got a tale to tell about your

Bimmer, photos you want

to share with your fellow

Footnotes readers, or just

a suggestion?

Email your submissions to

Come on, you can do it...

We would love to hear from



The Triad’s Most Advanced Diagnostic and Repair Facility For European Autos











•Land Rover



15% OFF


Valid on parts

only. Excludes

fluids and

dealer ordered


Kernersville’s Only Bosch Authorized Service Center






• Service

• Repair

• Parts

• Towing Service

• Shuttle Service

• Available Loaner Vehicles ehicles

• Programming / Coding ng

• Key Matching

BMW Retrofits / Accessory IInstallation

• Factory/Bosch/ASE Trained Technicians

• 12 Month / UNLIMITED Mileage Warranty

• Bosch Nationwide Warranty**

318 West Mountain Street

Kernersville, North Carolina 27284


*qualified customers, financing through GE Money

**see store for details. Valid on Bosch part installs at participating service centers

Reserved by Cupani Solutions, LLC dba Carmine’s Import Service, 2010

We Now Have



Service At





P.O. Box 1208

Harrisburg, NC 28075-1208


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