Maas Map 6-2011 - Land Conservancy of West Michigan
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Maas Map 6-2011 - Land Conservancy of West Michigan

Maas FamilyNature PreserveLegendPreserve BoundaryTrailTrailheadMaas Family Nature Preserve4400 12 Mile Rd, Rockford, MIDescription: 17-acre home of the federally endangeredKarner blue butterfly in addition to many other uncommonprairie species. Enjoy the lupine-filled fields and the wildflowercovered forest floor in late spring.Due to the sensitive nature of the Karner blue butterfly,please respect the following rules during your visit:Do not remove/disturb any living or nonliving items;no bikes or ORVs; no dogs; please stay on the trail.Support for thistrail guideprovided by:Karner blue butterfliesKarner blue butterfly caterpillars feed exclusively on wild lupine.During the two times a year that they fly you can see themfeeding on horsemint, butterflyweed, and other native plants.WATCH YOUR STEP!Karner blue butterflies often sun themselves while taking upminerals on sandy trails. Please watch where you are walkingto prevent stepping on one of these slow moving butterflies!

400 Ann St. NWSuite 102Grand Rapids, MI 49504Ph: 616-451-9476Fax: 616-451-1874lcwm@naturenearby.orgwww.naturenearby.orgLand Conservancy of West MichiganTo keep nature nearby, the Land Conservancy of WestMichigan (LCWM) permanently protects natural and scenicland. Since 1976, we have protected over 7,300 acres ofWest Michigan's forests, fields, wetlands, and dunes.Methods of land protection include:• Conservation Easements: land is protected foreverbut remains in private ownership.• Assistance to Local Communities: LCWM providessupport to county, state, and city governments in theirefforts to acquire and protect natural land.• Nature Preserves: LCWM owns and manages 13nature preserves within our 8-county service area.These natural areas are permanently protected asplaces where we can hike, enjoy wildlife, and besurrounded by the sights and sounds of nature.How You Can HelpBecome a Member: Join the 2,000 West Michigan families and individuals who supportour work. Your donations make it possible for us to protect our beautiful natural areas.Volunteer: Lend a helping hand with nature preserves maintenance, monitoring ofprotected lands, outreach mailings, administrative activities, and much more. Pleaseemail if you are interested in volunteering.Please visit for more information.Land Conservancy of West Michigan Nature Preserves1. Castle Park Reserve2. Dune Pines Nature Preserve3. Kuker-Van Til Preserve4. Palomita Reserve5. DePersia South HighlandsNature Preserve6. Minnie Skwarek Preserve7. Lamberton Lake Fen8. Maas Family Preserve9. Brower Lake Preserve10. Saul Lake Bog Preserve11. Wege Natural Area for theStudy of Ecology12. Bradford Dickinson WhiteNature Preserve13. Lake Breeze PreserveLCWMNaturePreserve

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