Aldersgate 2015 Program Guide


Join us for our 37th annual Aldersgate conference in Lexington, KY. This conference on Spirit-filled living is an opportunity to experience the relentless love of God as you are equipped to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit. We invite you to explore this website and discover the exciting divine appointments that God is setting up through strategic ministry experiences for adults, youth, and children. Our leadership team is specifically chosen because of the unique and proven gifts and graces that rest on their lives. So come, rest, and receive all that God has prepared for you out of His lavish and relentless love. Worship, learn, discover, explore, and feast as you are refreshed, restored, empowered, and equipped to live and love like Jesus!


ALDERSGATE 2015WELCOMEOn behalf of the conference planning team, I’d like to thank you forchoosing to attend this life-changing conference. We believe thatjust as God touched the heart of John Wesley on Aldersgate Streetin 1738, He will touch you here at Aldersgate 2015.At his Aldersgate experience, John Wesley explained, “I felt my heartstrangely warmed. I felt I did trust in Christ, Christ alone for salvation, andan assurance was given me that he had taken away my sins, even mine,and saved me from the law of sin and death.” As you participate fully in theconference, we encourage you to open yourself up to the heart-warmingexperience of a transformational encounter with the Holy Spirit.Affectionately described as “your brain on paper,” this program guidewill assist you in navigating each day of Aldersgate 2015. To maximize theimpact of this event, take some time to orient yourself to all of the ministriesavailable to you. The conference is packed full with opportunities to receiveministry and to be equipped to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit. Wedon’t want you to miss a thing God has prepared for you!While you are here, rest in the assurance that God is taking care of all that youleft behind. Ask God for an undivided heart and an undistracted mind. Knowthat as lavishly as God will minister to you here, He will also lavishly attend toall of the circumstances that you released to His care when you chose to come.Lastly, as you journey through the conference, consider who you will bringwith you next year to Aldersgate 2016. We will be right here in this verylocation again, July 21 - 24!Looking Forward to Hearing About Your “Heart-Warming”Aldersgate experience,Mark BarrowConference Manager2

ALDERSGATE 2015TABLE OF CONTENTS4-5 Values & Vision6-8 Conference Information & Worship Questions9 Prayer Information10 What Is Exit Lane?11 Thursday Schedule12 Friday Schedule13 Saturday Schedule14 Sunday Schedule15 Hours & Exhibitors List16-17 Facilities Maps18 Friday Workshop Session 1 Schedule19 Friday Workshop Session 2 Schedule20 Saturday Workshop Session 3 Schedule21 Saturday Workshop Session 4 Schedule22 Keynote Speakers23-29 Workshop Descriptions & Speaker Bios31 5 Things You Can do to Carry the Vision Home33 Upcoming Events35 Restaurant MapBack Quick Schedule3

ALDERSGATE 2015VALUES & VISIONOUR VALUESThe Holy Spirit is essential to fulfill the Great Commission.(Matthew 28:18-20, 10:7-8; 2 Peter 1:3-4; Acts 1:8)In Mathew 28, Jesus commanded the disciples to “Gotherefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizingthem in the name of the Father and of the Son and ofthe Holy Spirit, and teaching them everything that Ihave commanded you.” The Message paraphrases Jesus’saying in Matthew 10:6-8, “Go to the lost, confusedpeople right here in the neighborhood. Tell them that thekingdom is here. Bring health to the sick. Raise the dead.Touch the untouchables. Kick out the demons.”Jesus also made it clear that before they were to go, theyneeded to wait for the promise of the Father, indicatingin Acts 1:8 that they would “receive power when theHoly Spirit has come upon you; and you will be mywitnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and tothe ends of the earth.”God uses the local church to reveal Christ to the world.(Acts 2:40-47, Ephesians 5:25-30, Ephesians 3:9-11)The book of Acts describes the early church ascontinuing steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine andfellowship, in the breaking of the bread, and in prayers. Itsays that fear came upon every soul, and many wondersand signs were done through the apostles. “All whobelieved were together, and had all things in common,and sold their possessions and goods, and divided themamong all, as anyone had need. So continuing daily,with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread fromhouse to house, they ate their food with gladness andsimplicity of heart, praising God and having favor with allthe people. And the Lord added to the church daily thosewho were being saved.” Freshly baptized in the HolySpirit, it was the early church that Acts 17 says “Turnedthe world upside down.”When the church was the church, people saw Christexemplified. Ephesians 3:10 tells us that it is through thechurch that the manifold wisdom of God is made knownto the principalities and powers in the heavenly places,according to the eternal purpose which He accomplishedin Christ Jesus our Lord. The Message paraphrases itsaying that: Through followers of Jesus like yourselvesgathered in churches, this extraordinary plan of God isbecoming known and talked about even among the angels!The local church is precious to God. Ephesians 5 tells usthat Christ, the head of the church, loved the church andgave Himself for her… that He might sanctify and cleanseher with the washing of water by the word, that He mightpresent her to Himself a glorious church. That passagegoes on to say that the Lord nourishes and cherishes thechurch...why? So that the church is strong and healthy tomake known God’s extraordinary plan to reconcile theworld through Christ.JOIN US FORALDERSGATE 2016JULY 21-24, 2016LEXINGTON CONVENTION CENTERLEXINGTON, KENTUCKYFor more information, visit AldersgateConference.org4

ALDERSGATE 2015OUR VISIONThat every local church would proclaim and demonstratethe Gospel in the character and power of Jesus Christ.If God uses the local church to reveal Christ to the world,and the Holy Spirit is essential for that task, don’t youthink that every local church needs to learn to minister tothe world in the power of the Holy Spirit?Envision every local church impacting their worldwhere God has uniquely placed them, proclaiming anddemonstrating the gospel in the character and in thepower of Jesus Christ. And if that is too impossible toconsider, imagine if every one of the more than 32,000United Methodist Churches in the United States were,in word and in deed, proclaiming and demonstrating thegospel – carrying on the ministry of Jesus!OUR MISSIONTo equip the local church to minister to the world in thepower of the Holy Spirit.Ephesians 4:11 reminds us that God gave gifts to theBody of Christ to equip the saints for the work ofministry, for building up the body of Christ. ARM seeks tonurture, educate and equip individuals and churches tominister in the power of the Holy Spirit.Without the Holy Spirit, the wounded keep on wounding,the hurt keep on hurting, and the aimless continue towander. Without the Holy Spirit, the captives remaincaptive, the spiritually blind continue in blindness, andthe spiritually deaf continue in silence. Without the HolySpirit, prayers remain unproductive and ineffective,worship remains weak, mediocrity is propelled, andpotentials are not reached. Without the Holy Spirit,instead of fulfilling the Great Commission, the churchends up sitting like the lame one at the Gate Beautifulbegging from the world just to survive.Picture instead, God supernaturally, and uniquely atwork in every local church, drawing people to Himself,building His church, advancing His Kingdom, turning theworld upside down.OUR STRATEGYTo serve the local church by providing dynamic learningexperiences that teach participants to live in the powerof the Holy Spirit.ARM purposes to strengthen the church with a strategyof team-led renewal events tailored to the spiritualneeds of the local congregation. ARM offers tools tohelp the local church establish a vibrant prayer, worshipand faith-sharing life fueled by the power of the HolySpirit. To individuals, ARM offers learning experiencesthat teach about the ministry of the Holy Spirit whoempowers them to pray, worship and to share their faithjourney, carrying on the ministry of Jesus.Also, ARM seeks to minister to ministers. Mindful of theunique and serious challenges that clergy face, ARMprovides opportunities for spiritual renewal, refreshmentand leadership development for those in ministry.LIVINGAR MIN THE SUPERNATURALINTENSIVEARM INTENSIVEFebruary 25 - 27, 2016Goodlettsville, TennesseeRegistration opensin early fall 2015.SPEAKER:Dr. Rob McCorkleWORSHIP LEADER:Jonathan DowLiving in the SupernaturalAn examination of the supernatural lifestyle andgifts that are evident in a Spirit-filled believer.For more information

ALDERSGATE 2015CONFERENCE INFOWHY DO YOU TAKE OFFERINGS?ARM is funded entirely by gifts from individuals like youand congregations who embrace the call to equip thelocal church to minister to the world in the power of theHoly Spirit.Registration fees do not completely cover the cost ofhosting the event. Therefore, ARM relies on the graceof God and the generosity of participants to resourcethis life-changing ministry and to lower the financialthreshold of attending.ARM recognizes the Biblical standard for goodstewardship and adheres to the policies of theEvangelical Council for Financial Accountability.Please make checks payable to:ARM or Aldersgate Renewal Ministries.DID YOU KNOW?You can give one time or recurring gifts online by visiting:Give2ARM.orgOr learn more by visiting QUESTIONSWORSHIP IN SONG FOR ADULTSWe are blessed to be led by the Holy Spirit throughCasey Culbreth a Master’s of Divinity student at AsburyTheological Seminary. In her own words “My purposein leading worship is two-fold: to reverently submit myown self to the Father in response to His provision forme through Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit,and to cultivate an environment where others are alsofree to encounter, enjoy, and respond to His transformingpresence”. She has compiled a team of Asbury studentsand they will lead the musical portion of the adultworship celebrations. On Sunday morning, along withCasey, we will be worshipping with The Gate WorshipTeam, led by Haley Stapleton. Each team ministers witha desire to lift up Jesus, praying that the Holy Spirit willdraw us into a deeper level of intimacy with God.WHAT IS FREEDOM TO WORSHIP?It is the freedom to express yourself to God in waysmost meaningful to you, as prompted by the Holy Spirit.We recognize that the Holy Spirit prompts Biblicalexpressions of worship differently in each worshiper. Inour worship experiences, we desire unity, not uniformity.WHY DO WE CLAP OUR HANDS?Clapping hands is a natural expression of appreciation orjoy and brings delight to the heart of the Lord as we enjoyHis presence. A clap offering is given to the Lord with aheart full of gratitude for what He is doing in the worshipservice. (Ps. 47:1)WHY DO WE PRAISE THE LORD?Scripture says that we were created to do so, to honorGod’s command, and to become more aware of God’spresence active in our lives and in our world. (Is. 43:21,Ps. 50:1, Ps. 22:3, and 2 Chron. 20:22)WHY DO WE LIFT OUR HANDS?The lifting of hands is simply one way to express to Godthat we are open and receptive to God. It can expressagreement with a Truth in word or song. It can also expresstotal surrender to God or our heart’s desire to reach uptoward our “Abba, Father.” (Psalm 134:2, Psalm 63:4)7

ALDERSGATE 2015WORSHIP QUESTIONSWHY DO WE WORSHIP WITH DANCE?Dance is a joyful and physically demonstrative responseto the revelation of God’s presence and activity in ourlives. (Ps. 149:3, Ex. 15:20, 2 Sam. 6:14)Those interested in becoming part of the dance teamduring the worship celebrations may attend theCelebrating God in Dance seminar on Friday at 1:30. Seepage 29 for more information.MANIFESTATION OF SPIRITUAL GIFTSAs we gather in the name of Jesus and open ourselvesto the Holy Spirit, we can expect that the Lord willmanifest Himself in the gifts of the Spirit (1 Cor. 12-14)as it pleases Him. We expect healings, miracles, words ofknowledge, and words of wisdom as we worship God. Wealso expect Jesus to impart gifts of ministry and service(Eph. 4 & Rom. 12), and to send people home empoweredand equipped by the Holy Spirit to make a difference intheir world.We believe that God still speaks directly to peoplethrough words of prophecy and through unknowntongues which are understood, in turn, through the giftof interpretation. We also believe that “God is not a Godof disorder but of peace,” (1 Cor. 14:33) and that thesegifts are best received when exercised in a Scripturalmanner. “If anybody thinks he is a prophet or spirituallygifted, let him acknowledge that what I am writing toyou is the Lord’s command. If he ignores this, he himselfwill be ignored. Therefore, my brothers, be eager toprophesy, and do not forbid speaking in tongues. Buteverything should be done in a fitting and orderly way.”(1 Cor. 14:37-39)Therefore, if you feel you have a word from the Lord inthe Adult Worship Celebration, write it out or otherwisecommunicate it to the Aldersgate 2015 Word Gifts Teamlocated in the center of the front row.The Methodist School For Supernatural MinistryComplete Set(Sessions 1-7)only $459.00This set contains 70 DVDsfrom all seven sessions ofthe Methodist School forSupernatural Ministry.Filled with teachings applicablefor both laity and clergy thisseries will transform your lifeand ministry!For more information

PRAYER INFORMATIONALDERSGATE 2015JOIN THE ARM INTERCESSORS NETWORKThe Intercessors’ Network is an interactive communityaligned in prayer undergirding the ministry of ARM. Byintentionally joining in corporate prayer, we are joiningJesus in His ongoing work. Together we are putting ourhands on Jesus’ net, making His work and agenda ourpriority. As we pray for events, meetings, and staff prayerneeds, the Holy Spirit is strengthening the bond of lovewe have with one another, and together our prayers areexponentially effective as release agents for the will of God.If, by God’s grace, you feel called to the ministry ofintercession for ARM, please contact Carol Gullatt,at, or contact theARM office. Sign up forms also may be found by theRegistration Desk in the prayer room, in ThoroughbredRoom 7 in Lexington Convention Center on the 3rd Floor.PRAYER ROOMThe prayer room is in Thoroughbred 7 in the LexingtonCenter on the 3rd level and is open the same hoursas the conference exhibits. Consider using this roomfor personal quiet time, to submit a prayer request, orto experience prayer stations. Stations are providedby Western Pennsylvania Regional Affiliate RenewalFellowship.PRAYER WALKThe Prayer Walk will take place on Thursday afternoon asa part of the Exit Lane Worship & Prayer Experience from2:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M. This session begins in the BluegrassBallroom on the 3rd level of the Lexington Center.PRAYER TEAM MINISTRYARM Board and Advisory Council members willoffer prayer team ministry at the conclusion of eachevening Worship Celebration. Take advantage of theseopportunities to receive personal prayer.PERSONAL PROPHETIC OPPORTUNITYWhile we all have access to God through Jesus Christ bythe power of the Holy Spirit, sometimes we find ourselvesdistracted by the many things in our lives that vie forour attention. The Personal Prophetic Ministry is anopportunity for you to be still, and to allow a team of twopeople to intercede on your behalf and to share what theysense the Spirit is saying. We encourage you to test theword of the Lord according to 1 Thessalonians 5:19-22.The sign up table will be located in the lobby outside ofthe Bluegrass Ballroom on the 3rd floor of the LexingtonCenter. There will be two opportunities to sign up.Registration for the Friday session is on Thursday from4:30 to 6:30pm. Registration for the Saturday session is onFriday from 4:30 to 6:30pm.Due to the high demand, you must make your appointment inperson (no one can make it for you).If you have an appointment, please be faithful to arrive tenminutes early to Thoroughbred 8 on the 3rd level of theLexington Center.9

WHAT IS EXIT LANE?Think about the last time you traveled for a long periodof time on a busy highway. Do you remember what itfelt like when your exit was approaching? You slippedinto the exit lane, slowing down, and exhaling beforereaching your final destination!That is the heart behind the “Exit Lane Worship &Prayer Experience” taking place at 2 pm on Thursdayin the Bluegrass Ballroom on the 3rd level of theLexington Center. This interactive and reflectiveworship encounter will allow participants a chanceto slow down, release burdens, and spiritually andemotionally prepare for the Aldersgate conferencebeginning later that evening. There will be timesof singing, times of personal and corporate prayer,times of interaction, times of reflection, and times ofrejoicing. So, put your turn signal on and pull into theExit Lane!THURSDAY 2:00-4:00 PMBLUEGRESS BALLROOM - 3RD FLOORARM RESOURCECENTERLooking for great resources or a recording of one ofthe sessions? Stop in at the ARM Resource center justoutside the Bluegrass Ballroom. We’ve got something foreveryone, including:Keynote Session DVDsKeynote & Workshop CDsPrayer ResourcesChurch ResourcesBooksMusicApparelFor hours of operation, see page 15.LOCATED JUST OUTSIDE OF THEBLUEGRASS BALLROOM - 3RD FLOOR10Enjoy FREE WIFI Available in andaround the Bluegrass BallroomSponsored by the ARM Resource Center

ALDERSGATE 2015THECONFERENCEBeing refreshed and renewed is the heartbeat of theAldersgate 2015 Conference. Do not feel obligated totake part in every single available ministry opportunity.Set your schedule to include some breaks forfellowship with others and time for rest. Unplug andreconnect in the prayer room during conference hoursin Thoroughbred Room 7 on the Lexington Center’s3rd floor.Consider using your mobile device to sign up for anaccount at to mark whichworkshops you want to attend - that way you won’tstress about missing something.THURSDAYEnjoy yourself and have a great conference!JULY 9, 2015ADULTS GATE YOUTH GATE KIDS2:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M.EXIT LANEWorship & Prayer Experience(This session will conclude with a PRAYER WALKof the conference facilities.)Bluegrass Ballroom - 3rd Floor4:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M.OPEN HOUSEPatterson Ballroom - Hyatt Level BWe invite parents to take a tour of the children’s areaand meet the staff7:00 P.M. - 9:30 P.M.WORSHIP CELEBRATION 1“A LOVE THAT PURSUES US”Rev. Jacquie LeveronBluegrass Ballroom - 3rd Floor6:15 - 7:30 P.M.MMC FUN ZONEHeritage Hall Center1st Floor6:30 - 7:00 P.M.PARENT ORIENTATIONElkhorn B7:30 P.M. - 9:30 P.M.THE GATE - SESSION 1“What is Love Part I”Kourtney BrownlowHeritage Hall Center - 1st Floor6:30 P.M. - 9:45 P.M.GATE KIDS - SESSION 1Nursery, Preschool & ElementaryPatterson BallroomHyatt - Level B11

ALDERSGATE 2015FRIDAY JULY 10, 2015ADULTS GATE YOUTH GATE KIDS9:30 A.M. - 11:30 A.M.WORSHIP CELEBRATION 2“A LOVE THAT RECONCILES US”Kathy HershmanBluegrass Ballroom - 3rd Floor9:30 A.M. - 11:30 A.M.THE GATE - SESSION 2“Loving Ourselves”Jonathan DowHeritage Hall Center - 1st Floor9:00 A.M. - 11:45 A.M.GATE KIDS - SESSION 2Nursery, Preschool & ElementaryPatterson BallroomHyatt - Level B11:45 A.M. - 1:15 P.M.ARM PARTNER LUNCHEON(Reservation Required)Hyatt - Regency Ballroom - Lobby Level1:30 P.M. - 2:45 P.M. 1:30 P.M. - 4:30 P.M.WORKSHOP SESSION 1(See page 18)BREAK OUT SESSION3:15 P.M. - 4:30 P.M.WORKSHOP SESSION 2(See page 19)“Romantic And Intimate Love”6th-9th Grade - Elkhorn A9th-10th Grade - Elkhorn B11th-12th Grade - Elkhorn C1:00 P.M. - 4:45 P.M.GATE KIDS - SESSION 3Nursery, Preschool & ElementaryPatterson BallroomHyatt - Level B7:00 P.M. - 9:30 P.M.WORSHIP CELEBRATION 3“A LOVE THAT HEALS US”Dr. Harvey BrownBluegrass Ballroom - 3rd Floor6:15 P.M. - 7:30 P.M.MMC FUN ZONEHeritage Hall Center - 1st Floor7:30 P.M. - 9:30 P.M.THE GATE - SESSION 3“Loving the Unlovable”Tyler BestHeritage Hall Center - 1st Floor9:30 P.M. - 10:30 P.M.ICE CREAM1st Floor Outside of Heritage Hall6:30 P.M. - 9:45 P.M.GATE KIDS - SESSION 4Nursery, Preschool & ElementaryPatterson BallroomHyatt - Level B12MP3s will be available at 24 hours after each session for only $4 each

SATURDAYJULY 11, 2015ALDERSGATE 2015ADULTS GATE YOUTH GATE KIDS7:30 A.M. - 9:15 A.M.CLERGY AND SPOUSE BREAKFASTRev. Jason Everson(Reservation Required)Hyatt - Regency Ballroom - Lobby Level9:30 A.M. - 11:30 A.M.WORSHIP CELEBRATION 4“A LOVE THAT STRETCHES US”Rev. Dr. Josephine Whitely-FieldsBluegrass Ballroom - 3rd Floor9:30 A.M. - 11:30 A.M.THE GATE - SESSION 4“Loving the Church”Kyle LockHeritage Hall Center - 1st Floor9:00 A.M. - 11:45 A.M.GATE KIDS - SESSION 5Nursery, Preschool & ElementaryPatterson BallroomHyatt - Level B11:45 A.M. - 1:15 P.M.INTERCESSORS LUNCHEON(Reservation Required)Hyatt - Regency Ballroom - Lobby Level1:30 P.M. - 2:45 P.M. 1:30 P.M. - 4:30 P.M.WORKSHOP SESSION 3(See page 20)BREAK OUT SESSION3:15 P.M. - 4:30 P.M.WORKSHOP SESSION 4(See page 21)“Small Group Shenanigans”The Ultimate VintageBoard Game Tournament!1:00 P.M. - 4:45 P.M.GATE KIDS - SESSION 6Nursery, Preschool & ElementaryPatterson BallroomHyatt - Level B7:00 P.M. - 9:30 P.M.WORSHIP CELEBRATION 5“A LOVE THAT COMPELS US”Bishop Ricardo PereiraBluegrass Ballroom - 3rd Floor6:15 P.M. - 7:30 P.M.MMC FUN ZONEHeritage Hall Center - 1st Floor7:30 P.M. - 9:30 P.M.THE GATE - SESSION 5“What is Love Part II”Kourtney BrownlowHeritage Hall Center - 1st Floor6:30 P.M. - 9:45 P.M.GATE KIDS - SESSION 7Nursery, Preschool & ElementaryPatterson BallroomHyatt - Level BDVDs of the Keynote presentations can be ordered for $15 each, or $60 for the complete set.Pick up an order form at the ARM Resource Center13

ALDERSGATE 2015SUNDAYJULY 12, 2015ADULTS GATE YOUTH GATE KIDS9:30 A.M. - 11:00 A.M.WORSHIP CELEBRATION 6 WITH HOLY COMMUNIONAdults, Gate Youth, Gate Kids areTogether in the Bluegrass Ballroom - 3rd Floor9:00 A.M. - 11:45 A.M.GATE KIDSNursery and Preschool OnlyHyatt - Level BView the schedule online (desktop or mobile), mark yourfavorites, view exhibitors, and find other attendees! BY SCHED.ORGSPECIAL THANKSTo Our ARM Church PartnersBethany UMCBrodnax, VABradley Epworth UMCPeoria, ILBreden Memorial UMCTerre Haute, INFaith UMCTwinsburg, OHFirst UMCKinmundy, ILFirst UMCMarysville, OHFirst UMCPlymouth, MIMatthews Memorial UMCMadison, TNTrinity UMCErie, PATo learn more about becoming anARM Church Partner,

ALDERSGATE 2015HOURSREGISTRATION3RD FLOOROUTSIDE BLUEGRASS BALLROOMThursday 11:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M.Friday 8:30 A.M. - 7:00 P.M.Saturday 8:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.ARM RESOURCE CENTER3RD FLOOROUTSIDE BLUEGRASS BALLROOMThursday 9:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M.Friday 8:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M.Saturday 8:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M.9:00 P.M. - 10:30 P.M.EXHIBITORS3RD FLOOROUTSIDE THOROUGHBRED ROOMSThursday 11:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M.9:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M.Friday 8:30 A.M. - 7:00 P.M.9:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M.Saturday 8:30 A.M. - 7:00 P.M.9:00 P.M. - 10:30 P.M.GIVE US YOUR FEEDBACKLIVE WEBCASTGive us your feedback and be enteredinto a drawing for a free registration toAldersgate someone who can’t attend?Encourage them to view the WorshipCelebrations live online’s DelightAldersgate Renewal MinistriesAspen Tree MinistryAwanaCasey Page CulbrethEagle StoryFire in the Mountains MinistryGood News MagazineHershman Ministries (Huruma)His Name Exalted MinistriesImpact MinistriesNorman Ramsey MinistriesOverflow MinistriesRic Wright MinistriesTemple KeepersThe King’s Closet, Inc.Touching Hearts MinistriesVisitors from the PastWes Craven’s John 10:16 MinistriesWind of the Spirit MinistriesUnited Theological Seminary15

ALDERSGATE 2015FACILITIES MAPSHILTON - 2nd FloorGRAND KENTUCKY BALLROOMA B C DTOPARKINGGARAGESKYWALK TO HILTON (2nd Floor)HYATT - MEZZANINE LEVELJESSAMINEBLACKTRIPLE CROWN BERRYLILLYESCALATORCRISMSONCLOVERBLUEGRASSSKYWALK TO HYATTMEZZANINE FLOORFRANKLINSCOTTWOODFORDHYATT SUITESHYATT - LOBBY LEVELHILTON - 1st FloorFRONT DOORELEVATORSFRONT DESKMAGNOLIAESCALATOR* Reservations required for these mealsARM Partner LuncheonFriday, 11:45 A.M. to 1:15 P.M.Clergy and Spouse BreakfastSaturday, 7:30 A.M. to 9:15 A.M.REGENCY BALLROOMTo 3rd FloorLexingtonCenter(Facing Page)Intercessors LuncheonSaturday, 11:45 A.M. to 1:15 P.M.ELEVATORSHILTON HOTELQuick Guide and LegendExit LaneAdult Worship CelebrationsConference RegistrationARM Resource CenterGate KidsThe Gate 2015 Youth MinistryWorkshopsExhibitsPrayer RoomPersonal PropheticLCC = Lexington Convention CenterLCCLCCLCCLCCHyattLCCAllLCCLCCLCCBluegrass Ballroom3rd FloorBluegrass Ballroom3rd FloorBluegrass Lobby3rd FloorBluegrass Lobby3rd FloorLevel BPatterson BallroomHeritage Hall Center1st FloorSee Pages 18-21Thoroughbred Lobby3rd FloorThoroughbred 7Thoroughbred 8HYATT HOTELEFGHYATTLobbyFloorELEVATORSHYATT - LEVEL BHYATT - LEVEL AKENTUCKY2nd FloorConvention Center2nd Floor Convention CenterGate KidsCheck-inFirst FloorFoodCourtFor the safety of our children and youth, the ARM leadershipteam will monitor traffic flow into designated areas. Uponentrance, you will be greeted by monitors who will assist youwith any parental/guardian needs you may have.DPATTERSON BALLROOMCBATo Food CourtFirst FloorLexington Convention Center16

FRIDAY SESSION 2ALDERSGATE 20153:15-4:30 PMLEXINGTON CONVENTION CENTERPursuing Holiness RelentlesslyRev. Jacquie LeveronRelentless Love: Loving The Prodigal Whether They Come Home Or NotFrank & Peggi BillmanRelentless Hunger: Living Life As A Student Of God’s WordRev. Dr. David WatsonAnd They Spoke With New TonguesRichard RhodesImplementing A Vision For WorshipMarilyn Walker & Laurie PerkinsSession will not be recorded1 ST TIME1 ST TIME1 ST TIMEThoroughbred1Thoroughbred2-3Thoroughbred4Thoroughbred5-6Bluegrass LobbyHYATT REGENCY LEXINGTONRelentless Passion: Living A Life Pursuing The “More” Of GodRev. Dr. Craig GreenJourney To WholenessRev. Dr. Rick VanceHILTON LEXINGTONLiving History: Peter CartwrightRev. Dr. Joel CatlinRelentless Grace: Breaking Free From AddictionRev. Tommy HaysDiscovering Your Identity Through The FatherRev. Ric WrightRelentless OutreachRev. Jim HollisVisit ST TIME1 ST TIME1 ST TIME 2 ND TIMEHyatt SuitesKentucky RoomBluegrass RoomMagnolia RoomBlackberry LillyTriple CrownRoom19

ALDERSGATE 2015SATURDAY SESSION 31:30-2:45PMLEXINGTON CONVENTION CENTERRelentless Joy: Learning To Truly Rejoice In All Things At All TimesTina RoachHoly Spirit Hot Potatoes: Addressing Controversial PhenomenaRev. Dr. Frank BillmanThe Power of God’s Relentless Love: Parenting A Child With Special NeedsDavid & Harriett WatsonRelentless Leadership: Leading Consistently Through Every SeasonRev. Tim JohnsonHYATT REGENCY LEXINGTONTruth Therapy: How The Word Of God Sets People FreeRev. Dr. Peter BelliniTaking God’s Relentless Love To The Streets - Part IRev. Jason HarpoleHILTON LEXINGTONListen Up Guys: How’s That Working For You?Daniel MingoThe Tabernacle Model For Relentless PowerRev. Dr. Diana DewittOvercoming The Orphan SpiritDr. Harvey BrownDeeper Healing: Discerning Emotional Roots To Physical IllnessRev. Tommy HaysWhat Is The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit And Do I Really Need It?Rev. Dr. Scott KelsoLeaving A Legacy Through GrandparentingRev. Gary and Sally MooreRelentless Help: Sharing Grace In Times Of NeedRev. Norman Ramsey202 ND TIME 1 ST TIME 2 ND TIME 1 ST TIME 1 ST TIME2 ND TIME 2 ND TIME 2 ND TIME 2 ND TIMEThoroughbred1Thoroughbred2-3Thoroughbred4Thoroughbred5-6Hyatt SuitesKentucky RoomBluegrass RoomGrand KentuckyBallroom AGrand KentuckyBallroom BGrand KentuckyBallroom CGrand KentuckyBallroom DCrimson CloverTriple CrownRoom

SATURDAY SESSION 4ALDERSGATE 20153:15-4:30 PMLEXINGTON CONVENTION CENTERRelentless Obedience: Following God Out Of My Comfort ZoneJeanne MartinRelentless Love: Loving The Prodigal Whether They Come Home Or NotFrank & Peggi BillmanRelentless Hunger: Living Life As A Student Of God’s WordRev. Dr. David WatsonAnd They Spoke With New TonguesRichard Rhodes2 ND TIME2 ND TIME2 ND TIMEThoroughbred1Thoroughbred2-3Thoroughbred4Thoroughbred5-6HYATT REGENCY LEXINGTONRelentless Passion: Living A Life Pursuing The “More” Of GodRev. Dr. Craig GreenTaking God’s Relentless Love To The Streets - Part IIRev. Jason HarpoleSession will not be recorded2 ND TIMEHyatt SuitesKentucky RoomHILTON LEXINGTONLet’s Talk Ladies: Wisdom For Understanding The Men In Our LivesDaniel MingoThe Tabernacle Model For Relentless PowerRev. Dr. Diana DewittOvercoming The Orphan SpiritDr. Harvey BrownRelentless Grace: Breaking Free From AddictionRev. Tommy HaysWhat Is The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit And Do I Really Need It?Rev. Dr. Scott KelsoTake Aldersgate Back To Your ConferenceRev. Maryanne DitterRelentless OutreachRev. Jim Hollis2 ND TIME2 ND TIME 2 ND TIME 2 ND TIME 2 ND TIMEBluegrass RoomGrand KentuckyBallroom AGrand KentuckyBallroom BGrand KentuckyBallroom CGrand KentuckyBallroom DCrimson CloverTriple CrownRoom21

ALDERSGATE 2015KEYNOTE SPEAKERSTHURSDAY EVENINGA LOVE THATPURSUES USREV. JACQUIE LEVERONRev. Jacquie Leveron was born in Cuba, and at the age of nineimmigrated to the United States with her family. She holds anundergraduate degree from Florida International University,received her Master of Divinity degree from Oral RobertsUniversity, and is an ordained minister in the United MethodistChurch. She travels and speaks frequently at retreats, conferences,and churches.FRIDAY MORNINGA LOVE THATRECONCILES USFRIDAY EVENINGA LOVE THATHEALS USSATURDAY MORNINGA LOVE THATSTRETCHES USSATURDAY EVENINGA LOVE THATCOMPELS USKATHY HERSHMANDR. HARVEY BROWNKathy served for 15 years in both local church and District UnitedMethodist ministries, alongside pastors and members, helping them todiscover passion for God through the power of the Holy Spirit. She thenserved for 9 years as the director of The Prayer Center. During that time,it received 18,000 visitors from throughout the world - with many peopleexperiencing mighty moves of the Holy Spirit through signs, wonders,and miracles. She now travels with her worship leader husband, Don,teaching and releasing the fullness of what they know God wants to do.It seemed that Dr. Harvey Brown had everything one could want...awonderful family, prestigious position at Asbury University, careeras an Army Chaplain and noted preacher. But when the Holy Spiritled him into an encounter with the fire of God, his world turnedupside down and inside out. The power of the Holy Spirit drew himinto a relationship with his loving Heavenly Father who shatteredlife-long bondages. Dr. Brown now travels the world proclaiminghope, healing, and holiness through a message of the Father’s lovethrough the Lord Jesus Christ.REV. DR. JOSEPHINE WHITELY-FIELDSRev. Dr. Josephine Whitely-Fields is the senior pastor of Port VueUnited Methodist Church in Port Vue, PA. She recently served as theAssociate Dean of Doctoral Studies at United Theological Seminaryand as adjunct faculty for Upper Room Ministries in the Academyof Spiritual Formation. Her duties also included teaching coursesin spiritual formation and African American Studies. Pastor Jo is anordained clergywoman of the Western Pennsylvania Conference ofthe United Methodist Church.BISHOP RICARDO PEREIRACuban Bishop Ricardo Pereira concentrates his time on the growth,projects and goals of the Methodist Church in Cuba. Bishop Pereirawas elected an episcopal leader in the Cuban Methodist Church in1999. He also serves concurrently as senior pastor of the largestchurch in Cuba. When Ricardo Pereira was elected bishop, therewas a Methodist presence in less than half the Cuban nation; today,that presence is up to 90%. Bishop Pereira is confident they canachieve the remaining 10% before the end of his episcopacy!22

ALDERSGATE 2015WORKSHOPSREV. DR. PETER BELLINIREV. DR. FRANK BILLMANFrank has pastored United Methodistchurches since 1979 and currently serveson the ARM staff as Director of EquippingMinistries where he is responsible forlocal church renewal events, Internationalministries and the Methodist Schoolfor Supernatural Ministry. He is also amentor for the DMin in SupernaturalMinistry at United Theological Seminary.FRANK & PEGGI BILLMANDR. HARVEY BROWNPeter Bellini was born in Little Italy,Cleveland, Ohio. He has a BA in Englishfrom Ohio State University, an MDiv witha focus on Historical Theology and a PhDin Intercultural Studies with a dual majorin History and Theology of Mission andEvangelization from Asbury Seminary.Peter is an ordained Elder and pastor inthe UMC.Frank and Peggi Billman celebrated40 years of marriage in June 2015 andhave three adult sons, two daughtersin-loveand seven grandchildren. Theyhave interceded, cried out, struggledand prayed for all. Frank and Peggi alsocelebrate the victory of God’s redeeminglove in their family and the Trophies ofGrace He’s blessed them with.It seemed that Dr. Harvey Brown hadeverything one could want...a wonderfulfamily, prestigious position at AsburyUniversity, career as an Army Chaplainand noted preacher. But when the HolySpirit led him into an encounter with thefire of God, his world turned upside downand inside out. The power of the Holy Spiritdrew him into a relationship with his lovingHeavenly Father who shattered life-long bondages. Dr. Brown nowtravels the world proclaiming hope, healing, and holiness through amessage of the Father’s love through the Lord Jesus Christ.TRUTH THERAPY: HOW THE WORD OFGOD SETS PEOPLE FREETruth Therapy is a method for renewing the mind with the Word ofGod. Developed in the laboratory of inner city ministry, it combinescontemplative and charismatic spirituality with cognitive behavioraltheory to create a new strategy to discipleship, based around thebeliever’s identity formation in Christ.FRI 1:30 PMSAT 1:30 PMHYATT REGENCY LEXINGTONHYATT SUITESHOLY SPIRIT HOT POTATOES: ADDRESSINGCONTROVERSIAL PHENOMENASometimes discussions of speaking in tongues, resting in the Spirit,gold dust and other controversial phenomena generate more heatthan light. This session will shed light on some Holy Spirit HotPotatoes from a Biblical and Methodist perspective.FRI 1:30 PMSAT 1:30 PMLEXINGTON CONVENTION CENTERTHOROUGHBRED 2-3RELENTLESS LOVE: LOVING THE PRODIGALWHETHER THEY COME HOME OR NOTFrank and Peggi will share from God’s promises and personalexperience how they have loved their sons during times of trial andseparation. God’s Word is alive and His promises are true. Come hearhow His love lifts our burdens and reaches those we love through allcircumstances.FRI 3:15 PMSAT 3:15 PMLEXINGTON CONVENTION CENTERTHOROUGHBRED 2-3OVERCOMING THE ORPHAN SPIRITOur creator fashioned us in such a way that we have been preprogrammedto be satisfied only with His unconditional love. He haswired us so that we will never be at rest as long as we are away fromsuch love. But ever since Adam’s and Eve’s sin separated them fromtheir Father God, humankind has wandered through life as orphans—living as if we alone are responsible to provide those things that canonly be found in God’s presence. In Overcoming The Orphan Spirit,Dr. Brown will lead us into an experience that breaks the power of the“orphan” and releases us into the glorious liberty of the children of God.SAT 1:30 PMSAT 3:15 PMHILTON LEXINGTONGRAND KENTUCKY BALLROOM BFor more detailed Bios and Descriptions, visit

ALDERSGATE 2015MARGIE BURGERMargie Burger recently retired asARM’s Director of Prayer Ministry. Shecontinues serving the Lord as an authorand speaker, and has traveled nationallyteaching on prayer and on intimacy withGod. Her passion is to press deeper intoGod and to create experiences whereothers may do the same.REV. DR. JOEL CATLINRev. Dr. Joel P. Catlin is a preacher’s kid, actor,published author, poet, lover of the outdoors,winner of the Asbury Theological Seminary’sFaculty’s Distinguished Dissertation Awardfor the 2001 outstanding dissertation project,Co-founder of Christian Arts Productions,and a pastor for 36 years. Dr. Catlin hasperformed in 400 churches and presentedPeter Cartwright “The Backwoods Preacher”over 300 times.REV. DR. DIANA DEWITTRev. Dr. Diana DeWitt is an ordainedelder in the Tennessee Conference.Having served as a pastor for a numberof years, she is currently the ExecutiveDirector of Aspen Tree Ministries,a ministry which focuses on therestoration of hearts and souls.REV. MARYANNE DITTERMaryanne is an Ordained Deacon andserves as Minister of Spiritual Formationat Tabor UMC in Woxall, PA. As chair ofthe Eastern PA Renewal Fellowship andan Aldersgate Executive Board Member,she brings the ministry of Aldersgateto her Annual Conference throughorganizing events, leading prayer walks,and offering a Prayer Guide to be usedthirty days prior to Annual Conference.REV. DR. CRAIG GREENCraig Green has served as a UnitedMethodist Pastor for over 23 years.Called as an instrument of renewalwithin the UMC, his passion is tosee the Holy Spirit awaken sleepingcongregations and transform individualsand communities.RELENTLESS PRAYER: PERSEVERING PRAYERIN THE FACE OF HOPELESS SITUATIONSRelentless prayer is persistent, unyielding, and insistent. It is the keyto persevering in the face of situations that seem hopeless. Cometo this interactive workshop to be encouraged as we learn to praywithout ceasing.FRI 1:30 PMLEXINGTON CONVENTION CENTERTHOROUGHBRED 1LIVING HISTORY: PETER CARTWRIGHTIn “The Backwoods Preacher” workshop you will meet America’smost famous (next to Francis Asbury) and toughest preacher, PeterCartwright. He baptized 12,000 people, converted 15,000, startedhundreds of congregations and was a pivotal figure in Americanhistory from the early 1800’s to the 1860’s.FRI 3:15 PMHYATT REGENCY LEXINGTONBLUEGRASS ROOMTHE TABERNACLE MODEL FORRELENTLESS POWERGod invites us to move from the “outer court” of nominal Christianityinto the “inner court” where the power and presence of God transformslives, and sets us free to be all that God has created us to be. As we learnwhat it means to move into the Holy of Holies, we will begin to engagewith the supernatural power of God.SAT 1:30 PMHILTON LEXINGTONGRAND KENTUCKY BALLROOM ATAKE ALDERSGATE BACK TO YOUR CONFERENCEWhat has your experience at Aldersgate been like? Is it somethingyou want to take back with you? Come hear about how othershave begun a Regional Fellowship in their annual conferencewhich has impacted their conference through events, prayerwalks, prayer guides, information, and much more.SAT 3:15 PMHILTON LEXINGTONCRIMSON CLOVERRELENTLESS PASSION: LIVING A LIFEPURSUING THE “MORE” OF GOD.All of us need more of God, and He is looking for those who wantmore of Him! In this interactive workshop, we will discuss the “why”and “how” questions, share about the joys and obstacles, and stir upsome Relentless Passion!FRI 3:15 PMSAT 3:15 PMHYATT REGENCY LEXINGTONHYATT SUITES24

REV. DR. PHILIP HARDTRev. Dr. Philip Hardt is a United Methodistpastor in the New York Annual Conferenceserving Glendale Maspeth UMC inQueens, New York. He has done extensiveresearch on the Methodist class meeting inlower Manhattan (1770-1850) and earlyAmerican Methodism. He is the author ofThe Soul of Methodism: The Class Meetingin Early New York City Methodism.REV. JASON HARPOLEREV. TOMMY HAYSRev. Jason Harpole is a pastor in the WestMichigan Conference of the UMC. Witha strong heart for evangelism, he strivesto reach out to the lost and hurting.He has a passion for helping equip thechurch and for awakening God’s childrento the power and anointing given to eachof them by God. He has been called toreach as many as he can with the Gospel.Tommy Hays serves as Pastoral Directorof Rapha God Ministries and Founder ofMessiah Ministries in San Antonio, Texas.His passion is the healing and equippingof the Body of Christ through ministriesof inner healing, deliverance, and prayer.His daily prayer devotional, Morning byMorning, is sent to readers around theworld and his book Free to Be Like Jesus—Transforming Power of Healing & Deliverance is taught by manyas a standard resource for inner healing and deliverance ministry.REV. JIM HOLLISRev. Jim W. Hollis serves full time asa General Evangelist of the UMC andis the Executive Director of ProactiveMinistries. Proactive has worked tobring spiritual transformation andpractical ministry development withnearly 1000 congregations across 40states in America since 1993.RELENTLESS DISCIPLESHIP: REDISCOVERINGTHE METHODIST CLASS MEETINGFRI 1:30 PMHILTON LEXINGTONTRIPLE CROWN ROOMTAKING GOD’S RELENTLESS LOVETO THE STREET I & IIRELENTLESS OUTREACHALDERSGATE 2015Covering (1) origin and development of the class meeting in England underJohn Wesley, (2) its decline in 19th century America and subsequent renewalin the late 20th century and (3) opportunity to participate in an actual classmeeting of 6 to 8 persons using the original class meeting questions “How isit with your soul?” or “What has the Lord been doing in your life this week?”How do I demonstrate the love of God to the people that God bringsacross my path in everyday life? What are the nuts and bolts of reachingout to people that God leads me to? In part one we’ll learn; in part twowe’ll put into action what we’ve learned.SAT 1:30 PM (Part I) SAT 3:15 PM (Part II)HYATT REGENCY LEXINGTONKENTUCKY ROOMRELENTLESS GRACE: BREAKING FREE FROMADDICTIONFRI 1:30 PMSAT 1:30 PMHILTON LEXINGTON HILTON LEXINGTONMAGNOLIA ROOM GRAND KY BALLROOM CDEEPER HEALING: DISCERNING EMOTIONALROOTS TO PHYSICAL ILLNESSFRI 3:15 PMSAT 3:15 PMHILTON LEXINGTON HILTON LEXINGTONMAGNOLIA ROOM GRAND KY BALLROOM CLocal church outreach begins inside the walls of the local church andextends outside those walls. We will look at how a local church can createa practical plan for excelling far beyond the next level of ministry joy!Five focus areas will be shared: maximizing Spirit-empowered prayerministry, Relational Connect groups, Relational outreach in and out ofour church, Worship Hospitality, and Spiritual Leadership Development.FRI 3:15 PMSAT 3:15 PMHYATT REGENCY LEXINGTONTRIPLE CROWN ROOM25

ALDERSGATE 2015REV. TIM JOHNSONThere are just a few things that TimJohnson loves more than preaching theGospel of Jesus Christ. But one of histrue passions is pastoring Pfrimmer’sChapel UMC in Corydon, IN., wherethe Holy Spirit has used innovative andunique ways to grow the church from 90to 350 in weekly attendance.REV. DR. SCOTT KELSORev. Dr. Scott Kelso is a UM Pastor anddirector of Ice on Fire Ministries andtravels full time in preaching, teaching,and writing. Scott has a long history ofministering to pastors and spouses whilecultivating his passion for evangelismand revival.LUELLA KREIGERJEANNE MARTINLuella Kreiger accepted a call from Godto bring His word to life dramaticallythrough sacred portrayals of womenof faith and Biblical storytelling. Afterten years and many thousands of milesGod answered the cry of Luella’s heartto have her husband, Jim, in full-timeministry with her.REV. JACQUIE LEVERONRev. Jacquie Leveron was born in Cuba,and at the age of nine immigrated to theUnited States with her family. She holdsan undergraduate degree from FloridaInternational University, received herMaster of Divinity degree from OralRoberts University, and is an ordainedminister in the United Methodist Church.Jeanne Martin believes all ministryshould emanate from and be undergirdedby prayer. She has been walking inobedience to God’s call on her life to bethe prayer coordinator for her church inPlymouth, MI, for many years. She lovesto pray continuously and encourageothers in their prayer life.RELENTLESS LEADERSHIP: LEADINGCONSISTENTLY THROUGH EVERY SEASONIn the local church, change often can open a door to fear, hurt and wounds.Church leaders must learn to match the change with an equal degree ofrelentless grace, hope, courage and vision through the anointing of theHoly Ghost. There will also be a time of prayer for healing, deliverance,and equipping prayer to become even more relentless.FRI 1:30 PMSAT 1:30 PMLEXINGTON CONVENTION CENTERTHOROUGHBRED 5-6WHAT IS THE BAPTISM OF THE HOLY SPIRITAND DO I REALLY NEED IT?The Holy Spirit is the game changer in the Christian witness paradigm.When Jesus says it is essential, we had better give it a very close look.And we will in this breakout session.SAT 1:30 PMSAT 3:15 PMHILTON LEXINGTONGRAND KENTUCKY BALLROOM DLIVING HISTORY: SUSANNA WESLEYThe participants in our session will meet Susanna and hear herdescribe her husband and family. She will speak about their faithand the way they sought to know their God and His assurance ofsalvation.FRI 1:30 PMHILTON LEXINGTONBLUEGRASS ROOMPURSUING HOLINESS RELENTLESSLYChristianity has moved from a religion of confessional creeds tothe spiritualization of personal needs, where the question is nolonger, “Is it true?” but, “Does it work?” In a post Christian world,how do we remain holy?FRI 3:15 PMLEXINGTON CONVENTION CENTERTHOROUGHBRED 1RELENTLESS OBEDIENCE: FOLLOWING GODOUT OF MY COMFORT ZONEYou know God is calling you into new ministry opportunities. Let usexplore together how to say “Yes” to God no matter where it leads.Be encouraged to trust your faithful God and follow Him out of yourcomfort zone into amazing ministry, as you choose to walk in obedience.SAT 3:15 PMLEXINGTON CONVENTION CENTERTHOROUGHBRED 126

DANIEL MINGOthree adult sons.Daniel Mingo is the Founder andMinistry Director of Abba’s Delight,, a ministry dedicatedto helping Christians who are in sexualturmoil. He writes extensively on subjectsrelated to Christianity and homosexuality,and is a speaker at local, regional andnational conferences. Daniel and hiswife, Fran, live in Louisville, KY, and haveOrder forms are available at the ARM ResourceCenter for DVDs & CDs of Adult WorshipCelebration messages, as well as CDs ofrecorded Workshops. These mustbe ordered and paid for on-site.DVDs $15, CDs $5 and MP3s $4For hours andlocation see page 17REV. GARY AND SALLY MOOREGary and Sally have been married for 52years. Their two daughters have blessedthem with 11 grandchildren. The Mooreswill share the impact of setting an exampleof lives lived in the power of the Holy Spirit,and how that can imprint God’s heart andcharacter on our descendants. Investingprayer, time, energy, and sometimesmoney into the lives of grandchildren canhelp them develop the foundation andframework for growing into dynamic men and women of God.REV. NORMAN RAMSEYNorman Ramsey is the president ofNorman Ramsey Ministries and hasserved as a United Methodist pastorfor 25 years. His calling to make thegrace and joy of Jesus as unavoidableas possible compels him to teach,write, and sing. Norman is a memberof the National Association of UnitedMethodist Evangelists.RICHARD RHODESRichard Rhodes is president and founderof Fire in the Mountains Ministry. Thisministry travels the country seeingpeople saved, healed, delivered andreleased from bondages. Richard’s heartis to see all God’s children equipped tobe the priests and kings He calls us to be.LISTEN UP GUYS: HOW’S THAT WORKING FOR YOU?In today’s culture, especially for men, achieving and maintaining sexualpurity seems near to impossible. But with God, nothing is impossible!In this session designed for men, we will explore spiritual and practicaltips for living sexually pure lives through the power of the Holy SpiritSAT 1:30 PMHILTON LEXINGTONBLUEGRASS ROOMLET’S TALK LADIES: WISDOM FORUNDERSTANDING THE MEN IN OUR LIVESIn a highly sexualized culture, relationships can be easily distorted.We are called to set our minds on what the Spirit desires, but ourthought lives and resulting choices can either undermine integrityor can nurture relational wholeness. Designed for women, thissession will offer candid insight into how men generally viewsexuality and practical ways to walk in relational wholeness.SAT 3:15 PMHILTON LEXINGTONBLUEGRASS ROOMLEAVING A LEGACY THROUGHGRANDPARENTINGHow can I, as a grandparent, make the most of every moment andmaximize my spiritual impact on my grand children? Can I make adifference for their generation?FRI 1:30 PMHILTON LEXINGTONCRIMSON CLOVERRELENTLESS HELP: SHARING GRACE INTIMES OF NEEDWe will see how to navigate through the challenging waters ofchronic need. Whether you are a care-giver, or a care-receiver, let’sdiscover skills, attitude, and the wisdom needed to give and receivethe grace of God in time of need.SAT 1:30 PMHILTON LEXINGTONTRIPLE CROWN ROOMALDERSGATE 2015SAT 1:30 PMAND THEY SPOKE WITH NEW TONGUESThere are four biblical reasons for the gift of tongues. Learn allfour and hear real life examples as to how the gift of tongues hasworked the miraculous. There will be a time to receive and orrekindle this very important gift of the Holy Spirit.FRI 3:15 PMSAT 3:15 PMLEXINGTON CONVENTION CENTERTHOROUGHBRED 5-627

ALDERSGATE 2015TINA ROACHREV. DR. RICK VANCETina Roach is passionate in worship, inprayer, and in her desire for the body ofChrist to become ALL that God has calledit to be! The Lord uses her to speak Hislove and encouragement to His Brideand to call forth our true identity!Rick received his A.A. from Wor-WicCommunity College in RadiologicTechnology, and worked in the healthcare field for 12 years before becominga pastor. He received a B.S. in AdultEducation from Salisbury University anda Master’s of Divinity and a DoctoralDegree in Leadership Excellencefrom Wesley Theological Seminary inWashington DC.JIM AND MARILYN WALKERInspired by the Holy Spirit and usingher talent for fine arts, in addition tothe creative skills developed over yearsas a bridal designer, Marilyn Walkerhas, for many years, produced liturgicalparaments and wall banners whichcommemorate the various churchseasons. Marilyn has designed andconstructed the beautiful banners usedat the Aldersgate conference each year.REV. DR. DAVID WATSONDavid Watson serves as AcademicDean and Associate Professor ofNew Testament at United TheologicalSeminary in Dayton, Ohio. He has a PhDfrom Southern Methodist University andis an ordained elder in the West OhioConference of the United MethodistChurch.DAVID & HARRIETT WATSONEight years ago, when their son Sean wasborn, David and Harriet Watson foundout that he had Down Syndrome. Theirjourney since that time has been one offaith, hope, and love--and the greatest ofthese is love.RELENTLESS JOY: LEARNING TO TRULYREJOICE IN ALL THINGS AT ALL TIMESHow can we truly rejoice when we are walking through hard times?How do we get to that place of joy despite what is going on around us?Join us if you are hungry for a fresh impartation of JOY! Come and befilled!! Happiness is good ~ but JOY is better!!SAT 1:30 PMLEXINGTON CONVENTION CENTERTHOROUGHBRED 1JOURNEY TO WHOLENESSGod’s desire is for us to live our lives fully empowered by the HolySpirit. This workshop will discuss the journey toward wholeness andthe connections between health and being whole. This session is notsolely about dieting but about making better choices in terms of whatwe eat and how we spend our energy so that we might be whole inmind, body, soul and spirit.FRI 3:15 PMHYATT REGENCY LEXINGTONKENTUCKY ROOMCELEBRATING GOD WITH BANNERSJoin us as we build a Biblical foundation for the use of bannersin corporate worship. Discover why banners are relevant fortoday as we cast a vision for the importance of their use and learnhow the Holy Spirit can inhabit the praises that incorporate theministry of banners.FRI 1:30 PMLEXINGTON CONVENTION CENTERBLUEGRASS LOBBYRELENTLESS HUNGER: LIVING LIFE AS ASTUDENT OF GOD’S WORDReading the Bible should be an experience of receiving the HolySpirit and entering ever more fully into the life of God. Join Dr. DavidWatson, Academic Dean and New Testament professor at UnitedTheological Seminary, as he talks about the saving work of Godthrough the Bible.FRI 3:15 PMSAT 3:15 PMLEXINGTON CONVENTION CENTERTHOROUGHBRED 4THE POWER OF GOD’S RELENTLESS LOVE:PARENTING A CHILD WITH SPECIAL NEEDSJoin David & Harriett as they reflect on the work of God in thelife of their family and the gifts that they have received in theirjourney of parenthood.FRI 1:30 PMSAT 1:30 PMLEXINGTON CONVENTION CENTERTHOROUGHBRED 428

REV. RIC WRIGHTRic Wright has served as a pastor in theUMC for 27 years and has a passion tosee renewal in the United MethodistChurch. He currently serves as an ARMBoard member. Recently, he and hiswife, Karen, stepped out in faith as Ricbecame a General Evangelist for theUMC to renew, revitalize, and serveGod’s people. Ric is focused on showingthe love of Jesus and bringing resurrection life to everyone theyencounter through the power of the Holy Spirit with his newministry called Ric Wright Ministries.DISCOVERING YOUR IDENTITY THROUGHTHE FATHERThrough guilt, condemnation, and frustration many believersbecome limited and never progress into their destiny and divinepurpose. Discovering your identity in Jesus and seeing yourselfthrough God’s eyes of love will empower you to move effectivelyin the gifts of the Holy Spirit and fulfill your destiny. This teachingwill help you cancel out the enemy’s lie and let your spiritualidentity crisis!FRI 1:30 PMHILTON LEXINGTONBLACKBERRY LILLYALDERSGATE 2015SAT 1:30 PMSPECIAL WORKSHOPSIMPLEMENTING A VISION FOR WORSHIPIf I am inspired by the Holy Spirit to incorporate banners anddance in my local church, how do I do that without creatingrelational carnage? Join us as we take a banner and dance ideafrom the dreaming and vision stage through the discernmentprocess, to actually ministering with it.MARILYNWALKERSee her bio on page 28FRI 3:15 PMLEXINGTON CONVENTION CENTERBLUEGRASS LOBBYLAURIEPERKINSSee her bio belowCELEBRATING GOD IN DANCEJoin us as we build a biblical foundation for the use of dance incorporate worship. Discover why dance is relevant for today aswe cast a vision for the importance of expressive worship andlearn how the Holy Spirit can inhabit the praises that incorporateexpressive worship.LINDA HIGGINBOTHAMLinda Higginbotham is from Bedford, TX, andfinds great joy in expressing worship to Godwith movement, involving spirit, soul, and body.She loves sharing this joy by teaching otherswherever the Lord leads.LAURIE PERKINSLaurie Perkins loves worshiping God throughdance and joined the Aldersgate expressiveworship team in 1993. Laurie has also selfpublishedseveral novels and inspirationalstories. Check for her publications on herwebsite at 1:30 PMHYATT REGENCY LEXINGTONKENTUCKY ROOMADRIENNE OWENAdrienne Owen is a worshipper at heart.Expressing her love for the Lord throughmovement, dance, and song brings her greatjoy. She enjoys helping others experience thatfreedom. Adrienne lives in Jacksonville, Florida,and finds her new role as a grandparent atremendous blessing.DID YOU KNOW?Attending this session allows you to have the opportunityto join the dance team in some of the Adult WorshipCelebration sessions, if you so choose.29

Available Now in the Resource CenterFree To Be Like Jesusby Tommy Hays“Tommy Hays has spent a lifetime studying the place of prayer in innerhealing. I have personally benefited from his teaching, writing and encouragement.This book gathers a wealth of helpful insights and experiencesinto one volume. I am honored to have it on my shelf and honored to callTommy my friend.”- Max Lucado“Tommy Hays combines a lawyer’s keen logic with a spiritual intuition tobring inner healing to a practical, effective and applied level. His proventechniques have been used in hundreds of ministry settings and can serveas simple yet profound tools in the hands of even the novice minister.”- Andy Reeseonly $20.00“Free to Be Like Jesus will take you on a journey to learn more about theinner healing ministry. This book has many foundational spiritual truthsand will help you if you want more healing in your own life, or if you wantmore tools to assist you in your inner healing ministry.”- Randy ClarkEnjoy Text updates during the conferenceCourtesy of!Text “2015” to (895) 212-3830*• Important Notices & Reminders• Information on upcoming speakers• Give conference feedback• No junk, no spam - just conference related textsUse Phone Tree Robot for your own ministry or events!• Sunday School Classes• Hazardous Weather• Weekly Worship Info• Youth Notices• Small Groups• Welcome Teams• Worship TeamsVisit for more information*Regular rates for SMS, MMS, Data and Voice calls apply. Reply “STOP” or visit to unsubscribe

ALDERSGATE 20155 THINGS YOU CAN DO TOCARRY THE VISION HOMEThe vision of Aldersgate Renewal Ministries is that every local church would proclaim and demonstrate the Gospelin the character and power of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth. We recognize that the only way that will happenis when we are empowered and equipped by the Holy Spirit. That is why we do what we do! We provide learningexperiences where that can happen!The Aldersgate conference is just one of the strategies we use to accomplish our mission of equipping local churches tominister to the world in the power of the Holy Spirit!So, here are 5 things you can do to carry the vision home!u GET THE BIG PICTURE!Go back to your local church with a fresh hope ofseeing that the renewal of our denomination can bea reality. God spoke clearly to the leadership of ARMsaying, “What I am doing with you is bigger, and greaterthan your understanding or imagination. Your eye hasnot seen, your ear has not heard, your mind has notconceived what I have prepared for you who love Me,but I am revealing it to you by My Spirit. Stay alert, beprepared. I am not finished yet. ” We have a God-givenpicture seen through the eyes of faith that the renewal ofthe denomination will be a reality. Can you see it?v GET TO KNOW US!ARM’s passion is to educate through learning experiencesdesigned to equip individuals to pray, worship, and sharetheir faith, empowered by the Holy Spirit. ARM also seeksto strengthen the local church by providing a strategy ofteam-led renewal events tailored to the spiritual needsof the congregation. ARM offers tools to help a churchestablish a vibrant prayer, worship & faith-sharing lifefueled by the power of the Holy Spirit. ARM also providesministry to ministers and leaders through unique eventsand experiences designed to renew and refresh those whohave committed their lives to serve in ministry.We have an extensive website that shares moreinformation and includes testimonies, videos, anddownloadable resources.Visit AldersgateRenewal.orgw GET INVOLVED!Make plans to attend Aldersgate 2016 and intentionallyask God whom you should bring with you. Share withyour pastor and leadership teams about the local churchrenewal events that would minister to your church, andconsider hosting an event. Also take advantage of the manyresources available to you through the ARMBookstore.orgincluding books, MP3s, CDs, and DVDs.x GET THE WORD OUT!Sharing your personal testimony, and sharing the visionGod has given you for the renewal of our denomination,is the most effective way to get the word out. Give atestimony in your Sunday School class, in your Biblestudy, and even at your choir rehearsal!y GET CONNECTED!Connect with ARM online: Twitter: @Aldersgate_News (#aldconf2015) Facebook: an ARM Family Partner, or encourage yourchurch to become an ARM Church Partner. Considerbecoming an intercessor, joining the Intercessor’sNetwork. Become a part of an ARM Regional RenewalFellowship that brings ARM ministries to the annualconference level all year round.We pray you would join us – that you would becomecaptive to the call of equipping the local church tominister to the world in the power of the Holy Spirit.Your parish is waiting.31

ALDERSGATE 2015UPCOMING EVENTSTo learn more about our events, visit: Renewal Center EventsHeld at 121 East Avenue, Goodlettsville, Tennessee 370722-3Oct20155-6Feb201625-26Feb201629-31Mar2016Fall Day ApartWomen’s Ministry Event Day ApartWomen’s Ministry Event Intensive Ministers’ Retreat’t miss this ARM sponsored eventThe Methodist SchoolFor Supernatural MinistryUnited Theological SeminaryDayton, OhioSession 1 - The BasicsNovember 11 - 14, 2015Four days of clergy and lay training from a Methodistperspective to minister from a dependence upon thesupernatural power of God. Participants will experiencetimes of worship, ministry, and impartation.SupernaturalMethodist.comLocal Church Renewal EventsHeld at local churches across the worldLay Witness MissionA team-led weekend renewal event designed to leadpeople to a new or renewed commitment to Jesus Christ. LayWitnessMission.comVenture In DiscipleshipA team-led weekend renewal event designed to encouragepeople to become committed disciples and move into service. VentureInDiscipleship.comLife In The Spirit SeminarA team-led weekend renewal event designed to teachparticipants how the Holy Spirit ministers in andthrough the life of the believer. LifeInTheSpiritSeminar.comWorship In Spirit And TruthA team-led weekend renewal event designed to equipparticipants with a Biblical understanding of corporateand personal worship. WorshipInSpiritAndTruthSeminar.comLord, Teach Us To PrayA team-led weekend renewal event designed toencourage God’s people to become a people of prayer. LordTeachUsToPraySeminar.comPathways To A Praying ChurchA team-led weekend renewal event designed toencourage God’s people to pray together corporately. PathwaysToAPrayingChurch.comSupernatural Ministry SeminarA new experience for your church where AldersgateRenewal Ministries teachers will equip participants incustom chosen supernatural ministry topics. SupernaturalMinistrySeminar.comIf you would like more information about schedulingan event for your church, contact us at:info@AldersgateRenewal.orgor 1-877-857-937233

FallDay ApartWOMEN’SCONFERENCEOctober 2-3, 2015Goodlettsville, TN$30 including lunch(Friday night Session is Optional)For more informationCall 1-877-857-9372or visit“Christ In You”As we gather with other women in asafe, nurturing environment, we’ll bechallenged in our walk with the Lord.We’ll experience worship, workshops,a keynote address, and prayerministry.KEYNOTESPEAKERRev. Candace LewisWORSHIPLEADERCinde LucasSAVE THE DATE FORSpringDay ApartWOMEN’SCONFERENCEFebruary 5-6, 2016Goodlettsville, TNFor more informationCall 1-877-857-9372or visit FromThe Heart“Treasures from theHeart comes out of mypersonal journey towalk in intimacy withGod. It is a compilationof thoughts on avariety of topicsrelevant to those whodesire to passionatelypursue God.”A new book by authorMargie BurgerAvailable Now in theARM Resource Centeronly $7.00

ALDERSGATE 2015RESTAURANT GUIDE2768421S Jefferson StreetOn StreetParking is FREEAfter 5 pm andAll WeekendPatterson StreetTucker AlleyKlair AlleyW Main Street1928W High Street42125S Broadway RoadE Maxwell Street1W Short Street W Short Street60S Mill StreetMacks AlleyJefferson StreetBruce StreetLexington Convention CenterEnter Here For RegistrationHyatt2273S Upper StreetS Mill Street6Hilton4 525421W High Street7688W Vine Street1974W Main StreetCole Alley276860W 3rd StreetN Broadway Road N Broadway Road914151110 1312171625Water StreetN Upper StreetE Main StreetThe BywayMechanic StreetBarr StreetClark StreetW 4th StreetSave time by gettingyour food delivered!Jimmy John's Sandwiches ($) 859-225-4444Slice of Chicago ($$) 859-381-8700Papa John's Pizza ($) 859-233-0808Pizza Hut ($) 859-253-2111Jin Jin Chinese ($) 859-269-3382Noble StreetN Martin Luther Kind BlvdSalem StreetDeliver to your hotel!Hyatt Regency Lexington401 West High StreetHilton Lexington/Downtown369 West Vine StreetE 3rd StreetWickliffe Street123456Food Court Options in Lexington CenterYesterdays’ Bar and Grille ($$)Mon-Thur 11 am to 1 am , Fri-Sat 11 am to 2:30 amSubway ($)Mon – Sat 10 am to 6 pmArbys ($)Mon – Sat 10 am to 6 pmCosi ($$)Mon – Sat 7:30 am to 3 pmMr. Kan's Chinese ($$)Mon – Sat 10 am to 6 pmSunset Strips ($$)Mon – Sat 10 am to 6 pmOld Kentucky Chocolates ($$)Mon – Sat 10 am to 7 pm (2nd Floor)BlueFire Bar & Grill ($$$$) 859-253-1234Daily 6:30 am - 2 pm & 5:30 pm - 10 pm (Hyatt’s 1st Floor)Cafe on the Park ($$$)Triangle Grille ($$$) 859-281-3773 (Inside the Hilton Hotel)Mon - Sat 6:30 am to 10 am, 11 am to 2 pm & 5 pm to 10 pmBigg Blue Martini ($$$$) 859-231-9000Mon - Fri 3 pm to 1 am & Sat 1 pm to 1 am (Inside the Hilton Hotel)deSha's Restaurant & Bar ($$$) 859-259-3771Daily 11 am to 11 pm7891011121314151617Sawyer's - Restaurant and Grill ($$$) 859-281-6022Mon - Thur 11 am to 9 pm & Fri-Sat 11 am to 10 pmWest Coast Gourmet Pizza ($$$) 859-253-5247Mon-Thur 11 am to 10:30 pm & Fri-Sat 11 am to 12 amTable Three Ten ($$$) 859-309-3901Mon-Thur 4:30 pm to 11 pm, Fri 4:30 pm to 1 pmSat 11 am to 3 pm, 4:30 pm to 1 amGood Fellas Pizzeria ($$$) 859-281-1101Mon-Wed 11 am to 10 pm, Thur-Sat 11 am to 3:30 amBluegrass Tavern ($$$) 859-389-6664Mon-Fri 4 pm to 2:30 am & Sat 7 pm to 2:30 amThe Courtyard Deli ($$) 859-252-3354Mon-Fri 11 am to 2 pmCheapside Bar & Grill Restaurant ($$$) 859-254-0046Mon -Fri 11:30 am to 2:30 pm & 5 pm to 12 amSat 11:30 am to 3:30 pm & 5 pm to 12 amDudley's On Short ($$$) 859-252-1010Mon-Thur 11 am to 12 am & Fri-Sat 11 am to 1 amParlay Social ($$$) 859-244-1932Bellini's ($$$) 859-388-9583Daily 5 pm to 11 pmShorty's The Urban Market ($$$) 859-309-3813Mon-Fri 7:30 am to 8 pm & Sat 9 am to 5 pmPlease call your desired restaurant before heading there to verify serving hours or reservations.35

GIVE ONLINE!QUICK SCHEDULETHURSDAY, JULY 9TH2:00 PM – 4:00 PMExit Lane Worship Experience & Prayer Walk7:00 PM - 9:30 PMWorship CelebrationRev. Jacquie LeveronHave A Smart Phone or Tablet?You can conveniently give online!Make your online donation and receivean automatic confirmation email!uvwGo to GIVE2ARM.ORGMake Your DonationConfirmation EmailSent To YouThank you for investing in AldersgateRenewal Ministries!1-877-857-9372615-851-9192AldersgateRenewal.orginfo@AldersgateRenewal.orgALDERSGATE RENEWAL MINISTRIESUNITED METHODIST RENEWAL SERVICES FELLOWSHIP, INC.121 EAST AVE, GOODLETTSVILLE, TN 37072FRIDAY, JULY 10TH9:30 AM – 11:30 AMWorship CelebrationKathy Hershman1:30 PM – 2:45 PMWorkshop Session 13:15 PM – 4:30 PMWorkshop Session 27:00 PM – 9:30 PMWorship CelebrationDr. Harvey BrownSATURDAY, JULY 11TH9:30 AM – 11:30 AMWorship CelebrationRev. Dr. Josephine Whitely-Fields1:30 PM – 2:45 PMWorkshop Session 33:15 PM – 4:30 PMWorkshop Session 47:00 PM – 9:30 PMWorship CelebrationBishop Ricardo PereiraSUNDAY, JULY 12TH9:30 AM – 11:00 AMHoly Communion Worship CelebrationView the detailed schedule on pages 11-14

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