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Corporate Responsibility at MAN in 2014JournalWe areresponsible.Engineering the Future – since 1758.MAN SE

ForewordLiving our responsibility – togetherJochen SchummChief Human Resources Officer of MAN SE and MAN Truck & Bus AG,responsible for corporate responsibility in the MAN Group2014 was an eventful year. In the area of corporate responsibility(CR), we again carried out a variety of projects andsaw numerous successes. Our outstanding performancedepends on the passion and dedication of our employees.Ambitious targets can only be reached with a top-performingteam like MAN’s.Our strong CR position safeguards our future business success.As a supplier of efficient transportation and energysolutions, MAN has an important role to play in developingproducts that respond to urgent global challenges such asclimate change, urbanization, and resource scarcity. Withan eye to these and other challenges, in the year underreview we analyzed the relevance of our activities andrealigned our CR strategy.The result is MAN’s CR Strategy 2020+. This is how we liveour responsibility – along our entire value chain. WithMAN’s CR Strategy 2020+, we are continuing along thecourse we charted in 2010; however, we are sharpening ourfocus on the activities where we can make the most significantcontribution to society and the environment. Forexample, we have completely transitioned to powering ourplant in Pinetown, South Africa with renewable energy,achieving our first carbon-neutral production site. In 2014we presented the latest vehicles and drive technologiesfrom our two business areas at IAA Commercial Vehiclesand SMM, the leading maritime trade fair. And as a goodcorporate citizen, we help children and young peoplearound the world through our longstanding partnershipwith SOS Children’s Villages. By serving as corporateresponsibility ambassadors here, it is again our employeeswho make MAN such an extraordinary company.In this publication, we present our activities in the area ofcorporate responsibility. This Journal draws on the correspondingOnline Journal, which can be found at, showcasing the key areas in which we notonly live up to our obligations – but with our employees,live responsibility together.Best regards,Jochen Schumm2 Corporate Responsibility at MAN in 2014Journal

Portrait of the MAN GroupWE PROVIDE EFFICIENT TRANSPORTATIONAND ENERGY SOLUTIONS2014 201455,903 31employees worldwideproduction sites in 14 countries€ 14.3 € 15.3billion revenuebillion order intake4 € 384The MAN Group is one of Europe's leading commercialvehicle, engine, and mechanical engineering companies. Asa producer of trucks, buses, diesel engines, turbomachinery,and special gear units, all our divisions hold leadingmarket positions. The Group is active in more than 180countries.Our primary objective –sustainable value creationWe have successfully placed our strategic focus on transportationand energy in recent years. The fact that these areforward-looking and high-growth sectors can be seen inchallenges such as globalization and the associated rise ininternational trade, population growth, urbanization, andclimate change. MAN prioritizes responding to customerneeds, with technology leadership and the continuousexpansion of our after-sales business as further key factorsin our success. This strategic approach forms the cornerstoneof the MAN Group’s primary objective – sustainablevalue creation.divisions:MAN Truck & BusMAN Latin AmericaMAN Diesel & TurboRenkmillion operating profitFor more information,please visit Corporate Responsibility at MAN in 2014Journal

MAN kann… MAKE RESPONSIBILITY MOTIVATING.How responsibility motivates usevery day.Reduction in CO 2 emissions at theproduction sitesWith a 19-percent reduction in CO₂ emissions, in 2014 wewere able to cut the climate footprint of our productionsites by an additional five percent compared to the previousyear. This brings us significantly closer to the goal,defined in MAN’s Climate Strategy, of a 25-percent reductionin CO₂ emissions at our production sites by 2020.330 h500 h600 hWe are proud of what we accomplished in2014. As these highlights show, we deliverexcellence in various fields, are well positioned,and are motivated to continueactively living our responsibility.CO 22008 201320142020 Target543,800 t 466,000 t 438,400 t 407,900 t% % %–14–19–25201220132014Employee volunteering in SOSChildren’s VillagesOur employees are dependable. In 2014 they contributedmore than 600 hours of their time to SOSChildren’s Villages projects, an increase over the previousyear. In addition, employees in Munich, Salzgitter,and Nuremberg donated some € 9,000 toSOS Children’s Villages facilities.04 Corporate Responsibility at MAN in 2014Journal

MAN kann… MASTER GLOBAL CHALLENGES.How we respond to challengesstrategically.Our future performance depends on understandingglobal challenges and recognizingthe opportunities and risks with regard notonly to sustainable development, but alsoto commercial success. These factorsguided the realignment of our corporateresponsibility strategy, resulting in MAN’sCR Strategy 2020+. This is how we live ourresponsibility – along our entire valuechain.Realignment of MAN’s CorporateResponsibility StrategySince 2010, corporate responsibility (CR) has been an integralpart of our corporate strategy. In realigning the CRstrategy, we not only took account of our own requirementsand objectives for ensuring sustainable businesssuccess, but also the expectations of our stakeholders – allthose who are affected by the Company’s activities in a varietyof ways.Evaluation by MAN CR Steering Committeeand stakeholdersThe MAN CR Steering Committee discussed and rankedtwelve global challenges, including climate change, populationgrowth, resource scarcity, poverty, and health. Theyevaluated the challenges with regard to business opportunitiesand risks for our company.In addition, we used an online questionnaire to survey ourstakeholders on their expectations of MAN in view of theseglobal challenges. Of the approximately 150 participants,42 percent were employees while 20 percent were customersand business partners.Six global challenges were identified as having material significancefor the Company by both stakeholders and the CRSteering Committee. We present these challenges in the followingtable, along with an explanation of the implicationsthey could have for MAN.06 Corporate Responsibility at MAN in 2014Journal

Material global challenges facing MANGlobal challenge Description Relevance for MANClimate changeResource scarcityUrbanizationHealthEnvironmentalpollutionDiversity & equalopportunityThe rise in global temperatures leads to natural disasters like severe stormsand forest fires. In some areas this causes secondary disasters, such as faminecaused by loss of harvests.Resources include all raw materials and natural resources such as water,energy, and land which are necessary for life and economic activity. Overuseof these resources leads to water shortages, desertification and erosion,and rising prices for raw materials and building materials.The percentage of the total world population living in urban areas is growingsteadily. According to United Nations estimates, in 2030 sixty percentof all people will live in cities.Severe physical stress, lack of exercise, and psychological issues such asstress, mental overload, and burnout are the key challenges facing the fieldof health and create a burden on social welfare and health insurance systems.In addition, environmental pollution (see below) can lead to healthproblems.The increasing amounts of waste generated around the world have farreachingeffects on plant, animal, and human life. Millions of tons of plasticwaste pollute our oceans and endanger the ecosystem.Diversity means treating all people equally, regardless of characteristicssuch as gender, ethnic origin, age, disability, and sexual orientation.Against this backdrop, the transportation and logistics sector is called onto reduce its CO₂ emissions. Here the development and use of alternativedrives and fuels have highest priority.As a manufacturing company, resource scarcity also impacts on MANand makes its supply of production materials less secure. In addition,the finite nature of fossil fuel resources necessitates the rapid developmentof alternative drive technologies.The quality of life and ecological sustainability of large cities depends onefficient transportation and energy solutions, as well as intelligent mobility.MAN can make a material contribution in these areas.As a manufacturer of heavy industrial machinery and commercial vehicles,the issue of occupational health and safety has traditionally playedan important role at MAN. In addition to initiatives targeting our manufacturingemployees, the prevention of office-related illnesses hashigh priority.MAN makes every possible effort to limit the negative environmentalimpacts of its production activities, focusing on the continuous reductionof waste quantities and assessing recyclability of materials in productlifecycle analyses.As a globally positioned, inclusive company, MAN believes it is essentialto treat every employee equally and create an environment in whichindividuals can develop to their full potential.07

MAN kann… master global challenges.How we respond to challengesstrategically.CR Strategy 2020+The CR Strategy 2020+ is our response to the global challengeswhich have been identified as having material significancefor the Company. It allows us to identify the risksand opportunities arising from these challenges at an earlystage and react accordingly. This safeguards the future successof our business and makes a contribution to sustainabledevelopment.MAN’s CorporateResponsibility Strategy 2020+:The four CR cornerstonesMAN’s CR Strategy 2020+ comprises four CR cornerstones:Integration, People, Production, and Products. Four fieldsof action have been assigned to each cornerstone.As a result, our CR activities have been brought even moreclosely into line with the value chain, specifically placing asharper focus on the use phase of MAN products. Moredetailed information about each field of action can befound in our 2014 GRI Report, which is available online Corporate Responsibility at MAN in 2014Journal

MAN kann… deliver excellent and efficient products.Commercial VehiclesHow our efficient solutionslower customers’ energy useand emissions.Innovation is the key to tomorrow’s world.Global challenges such as climate change,resource scarcity, and urbanization demandrobust and future-oriented solutions – notleast in the transportation and energy sectors.With its innovative and efficient technologies,MAN is delivering answers tosome of the key questions of our times. Thefollowing pages showcase just some of theproducts we presented at two key trade fairs– IAA Commercial Vehicles and SMM 2014.MAN Lion’s City GL CNG –the natural gas-powered busThe MAN Lion’s City GL CNG, with Euro 6-compliant CNGdrive, is an extremely low-pollutant, climate-friendly, andcost-efficient urban mobility solution. When operatedon biogas or e-gas, this articulated bus can be almost carbon-neutral.The gas-powered MAN Lion’s City GL articulated CNG citybus was named “Bus of the Year 2015” by the “Bus Euro Test”jury of international trade journalists.Volksbus 18.280 OT LE –synergies for emerging marketsRunning on sugar-cane diesel, this first Volksbus with fullair suspension and low entry height is a product of pioneeringresearch into renewable fuels. The chassis, with 280-hpMAN D08 six-cylinder EGR engine and ZF Ecolife automatedtransmission, also incorporates synergies from aEuropean MAN project dedicated to developing new citybus design solutions and technologies for global markets.Tests with bus fleets in major Brazilian cities such as SãoPaulo have shown that a 30 to 70 percent reduction in fineparticle and nitrogen oxide emissions is possible using thisfuel, with no reduction in vehicle performance.10 Corporate Responsibility at MAN in 2014Journal

MAN TGX EfficientLine 2 –cutting-edge fuel efficiency forlong-distance haulageThe MAN TGX EfficientLine 2 is now more fuel-efficientthan ever. Building on the high standards already set by thefirst-generation TGX EfficientLine, the TGX EfficientLine 2offers further improved efficiency and economy, with areduction in fuel consumption of approximately 2 l/100km. At the same time it also complies with the strict emissionsrequirements of Euro 6.MAN TGX D38 –efficient flagshipWith the TGX D38, MAN’s engineers have created a fuel-efficient,high-performance truck for challenging transportationtasks and developed a customized powertrain withnumerous new efficiency functions. Central to this is thenewly developed D38 15.2-liter six-in-line engine.This extremely reliable and highly efficient engine seriescaters to demanding transportation tasks and adds new520, 560, and 640-hp-rated versions to the TGX modelrange.These improvements are partly thanks to the optimizedpowertrain and the introduction of the GPS-based MANEfficientCruise® cruise control system. All the new electronicfuel-saving systems onboard the TGX EfficientLine 2are fitted as standard.VW Constellation 17.280 6x2 Híbrido –hybrid truck for emerging marketsDeveloped in Brazil, this hybrid truck is powered by a diesel/hydraulichybrid drive system. Braking energy is convertedonboard the vehicle into hydraulic pressure, whichis used to provide a power boost when moving off fromstandstill.This vehicle offers enhanced energy efficiency, costs lessthan comparable hybrid models on the Brazilian marketand is optimally adapted to the requirements of emergingmarkets.11

MAN kann…LIVE RESPONSIBILITY AT OUR SITES.How we show our commitmentto climate protection andpeople at our sites.A workplace ergonomics makeoverfor ResendeAt the Resende site, MAN Latin America regularly conductsactivities aimed at outstanding occupational safety andimproved workplace ergonomics. Our employees from Brazillet the pictures tell their own story.MAN is a top-performing team of almost56,000 employees who deliver excellenceevery day. This is only possible whenemployees are healthy and physically fit –and when top priority is given to climateprotection and resource conservation atour sites.Hands-on sustainability for MAN vocationaltraineesActive responsibility and environmental awareness are also important forour vocational trainees. Workshops and an excursion to Freising outside ofMunich gave 20 of our vocational trainees from MAN Truck & Bus somefascinating insights into sustainable forestry. For example, they learnedabout the most important aspects of harvesting timber. In conclusion theyeach considered what they could do – at MAN and in their daily lives – tobetter conserve resources. Because we are responsible.After BeforeWhen moving a cab roof manually, two workers had to bear the entireweight themselves.Now the roofs are moved with the help of a frame that reduces themanual load handling by 90 percent.14 Corporate Responsibility at MAN in 2014Journal

After BeforeMAN replaced a variety of tools to improve the workplace ergonomics.Before the switch, employees worked with tools such as the torquewrench shown here, which was difficult to use.An electric offset wrench allows the employees to do their jobs moreeasily and ergonomically.In the pink – girls explore technicalprofessionsGirls aren’t interested in technical jobs? We beg to differ!During their 2014 spring break, girls aged between 12 and 14years tried their hands at professions such as electricianand industrial mechanic. For five days at MAN, they cut,lathed, sawed, drilled, and welded. With the help of MANvocational trainers and trainees, the technically talentedgirls constructed a jewelry stand that was carried by a miniaturetruck.It is our aim to get more girls excited about technical professions.That is why we are working to introduce girls tothese careers and create opportunities for talented youngwomen at other MAN Truck & Bus sites as well. At the 14thannual Girls’ Day in Salzgitter, 50 girls also had a chance tolearn more about our vocational training programs and seeMAN in action.Physically fit on the jobOur “Healthy leadership” measuresand activities aim to strengthenmanagers’ and employees’ healthawareness. Through our targetedoccupational health measures, weencourage our employees to takethe initiative in matters concerningtheir own health. At MAN Diesel& Turbo, the employee assistanceprogram (EAP) is anotherimportant pillar of occupationalhealth management. Its services include counselling duringcrisis situations and the development of concrete solutions.The “MAN Checkup” is a high-quality preventive health initiativeaimed at helping employees remain healthy andphysically fit. In 2014 we began rolling out the MAN Checkupat the Munich, Nuremberg, Salzgitter, Augsburg, Deggendorf,and Oberhausen sites. Attractive follow-up measuresand health campaigns are regularly added to the program.The aim is to offer the Checkup to all employees within thenext three years.15

MAN kann… live responsibility at our sites.How we show our commitmentto climate protection andpeople at our sites.Giving climate protectionour full energyMAN’s Climate Strategy sets an ambitiousgoal: cutting the CO 2 emissions at ourproduction sites by 25 percent comparedto 2008 levels by 2020. To this end, ouremployees around the world have beendeveloping a variety of ideas and projectsto reduce our plants’ climate footprint – witha focus on improving energy efficiency.Measuring 6,300 m², the system can generate approximately810,000 kWh of electricity each year – and is largelycarbon-neutral. This makes Pinetown the first plant in theMAN manufacturing group that can not only cover itsenergy needs primarily with renewable sources, but canalso generate more power with its photovoltaic systemthan it actually needs for its production activities. Thisallows CO₂ emissions to be reduced by up to 860 tons peryear.Green electricity thanks to photovoltaic systemPinetown in South Africa is the first MAN plant where most energy needsare met by renewable sources – thanks to its new photovoltaic system. Thesun shines for more than 2,000 hours per year in the regions south of theSahara. A photovoltaic system, which began operating in December 2014,allows the MAN Truck & Bus production site in Pinetown, South Africa totake advantage of this energy source.16 Corporate Responsibility at MAN in 2014Journal

Energy recoveryLarge quantities of gas or liquid fuel areburned during test runs of our engines.Normally, the energy generated by thisprocess disperses unused into the environment.In Frederikshavn (Denmark),MAN Diesel & Turbo has set up a flagshipproject in which part of this energyis recovered and made available to theresidents of the town.Expert network initiates energy savingsAt its Resende production site in Brazil, MAN Latin Americahas formed an internal expert network to promote the conservationof energy. It is working actively with our employeesto minimize CO₂ emissions at the site.As one of its first energy-saving measures, the use of airconditioning was cut from 20 to eleven hours per day. Eveningrounds are conducted to make certain that the floodlightingon the shop floor has been switched off at the endof the third shift. And the site is doing without 40 floodlightsand 30 additional outdoor lights on the grounds. Aspart of an Energy Day, the expert network also carried outan information campaign to raise employee awareness onways to save energy at the production site.The recovered energy is used to heatwater which is collected in a large tank.The tank is connected to the districtheating system of the city of Frederikshavn,allowing residents to heat theirhomes with the surplus energy fromthe nearby MAN site. This cuts CO₂emissions and makes an effective contributionto climate protection.17

MAN kann… MAKE A LASTING DIFFERENCE.How we are working with SOSChildren’s Villages to giveyoung people a brighter future.Whether donating funds and supplies,transferring knowledge, or employee volunteering– MAN has shown it is a partnerthat SOS Children’s Villages can count on.Around the globe, MAN makes a valuablecontribution to educational programsaimed at children and young people.CHILDREN’S VILLAGESMAN and SOS Children’s Villages –strong partnersThe partnership between SOS Children’s Villages and MAN has beenin place for more than seven years. It all started with a vocationaltraining center in Ethiopia. From this seed, a strong partnership hasgrown in Germany and around the world, fostering the educationand well-being of children and young people through rapid emergencyassistance and jointly planned initiatives.We can make the most valuable contributions through projects thatrelate to our core business areas. Our activities focus on long-termand sustainable education projects for children and young people.Working with a strong partner like SOS Children’s Villages is the bestway to meet our goal. We carefully select each project in dialog withthe organization so we can familiarize ourselves with the actualneeds and provide long-term and sustainable assistance.Personal dedication –MAN employees lend a handWe are especially proud of our employees. Showing theirdedication, they lend a helping hand in the SOS Children’sVillages facilities supported by MAN – in Germany andaround the globe. We value their commitment, and grantthem a half-day of extra vacation each year for this purpose.In 2014 more than 100 of our employees volunteereda total of over 600 hours. By volunteering time, donatingmoney, and sharing expertise, we actively live a partnershipthat makes a real difference.Financial aid –donations from employees and MANAt the MAN Family Day at the Salzgitter site, our employeesdonated the proceeds of the raffle – totaling € 6,000 – forthe “green classroom,” a place in the countryside where thechildren can study in peace and quiet. MAN SE employeesdonated more than € 2,000 to the SOS Family Assistanceand Support Center in Munich as part of the Oktoberfestvisit in 2014. The funds are used for German languageclasses for immigrants.We had already provided the € 21,000 needed to set up the“green classroom” at the SOS Mothers’ Center in Salzgitterand hire a qualified employee to run educational activities.Furthermore, we donate € 150,000 to SOS Children’s Villageseach year.18 Corporate Responsibility at MAN in 2014Journal

Helping hands – MAN supports SOS Children’s Villages in AugsburgIn 2014 we expanded our partnership with SOS Children's Villages to include our Augsburg site in Germany.At the kickoff event for the new partnership, the MAN cafeteria offered a cooking course for singlemothers. The focus was on learning to cook healthy, high-quality meals on a budget. On hand toshow the mothers the ropes was Gerhard Frauenschuh, head of corporate catering at MAN Diesel &Turbo in Augsburg, which has been honored with the “fünf Kessel” (five cauldron) award.The trainees from the MAN Vocational Training Center have also pitched in, making a weather-proofdonation basket and installing it at the entrance of the facility. Here people can donate useful itemsthey no longer need for distribution to underprivileged families in the region.Transfer of knowledge –passing on expertiseAt the SOS Vocational Training Center in Nuremberg, weare sponsoring the education of socially disadvantagedyoung people as they qualify to become industrial mechanics,machine operators, electricians, carpenters, and cooks.Since 2011 MAN has made it possible for a number of youngpeople to receive vocational training. At present we aresponsoring three vocational trainees. The center providessupport to a total of almost 400 disadvantaged young peoplefrom more than 30 different countries as they starttheir working lives, helping them build a brighter future.19

MAN kann… make a lasting difference.How we are working with SOSChildren’s Villages to giveyoung people a brighter future.Vocational training –the chance to shape a better lifeOur partnership with SOS Children’s Villages began in2008 with our sponsorship of the SOS Vocational TrainingCollege (VTC) in Kality – an initiative that promiseslong-term benefits by focusing on education. Our ongoingassistance has allowed the financing of several vocationalprograms – engine service and maintenance anddrive-system and automotive mechanics – as well as theconstruction of an additional college building. Not onlyhave we contributed financial aid totaling € 600,000for investments and maintenance, but professionalsupport and knowledge transfer as well. We have providedthe accredited vocational college with access toan MAN expert to teach special training courses, not tomention MAN equipment to practice on in classes –such as axle drives, instruments, and even an entiretruck. This assistance allows the young adults attendingthe VTC to receive a top-notch vocational-technicaleducation. The success of the program is demonstratedby the almost 60 graduates who started careers as automobilemechanics in 2014, for example – paving theway for a brighter future.20 Corporate Responsibility at MAN in 2014Journal

Emergency aid – around the globeIn addition to our long-term international projects, we alsoprovide assistance to people who have been caught up inacute local crises. For years now we have been supplyinghumanitarian aid around the world wherever it is mosturgently needed. In many cases, a long-term partnershipgrows out of our assistance.In 2014 MAN donated € 75,000 to SOS Children’s Villagesin West Africa to help cope with the Ebola epidemic.SOS Children’s Villages offers targeted assistance in atotal of ten locations in Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia– including the provision of emergency aid, preventivemeasures, and long-term assistance such as caring fororphaned children.We donated € 50,000 following the typhoon in the Philippinesin 2013. Here, SOS Children’s Villages providedassistance by means of several different programs, includingincome-generating activities, aid packages, emergencydaycare facilities, school materials, and rebuilding.In 2011 MAN provided € 125,000 in funding to the longtermdisaster-relief program in Kenya established inresponse to the East Africa drought crisis. Here theemergency aid activities focused on water supplies,school meal programs, basic food aid to affected villages,and medical assistance.Another project in 2011 was the expansion of SOS activitiesin Japan following the disastrous earthquake in thatcountry. A donation of € 125,000 provided the initialfunding necessary to establish an SOS Children’s Village inFukuoka, which provided a home to orphaned children.After the earthquake –rebuilding in HaitiA humanitarian disaster also marked the start of our ongoingpartnership in Haiti. What began in 2010 with twotrucks to assist in rebuilding efforts has today grown into awell-established initiative. With our support, at the beginningof 2015 a new SOS Children’s Village was opened in LesCayes in southern Haiti. It comprises 14 family homes andprovides the children with plenty of space in which torecover. Currently, some 60 children live in the village.About SOS Children’sVillagesSOS Children’s Villages is a nonprofitorganization whose aid activitiestarget children, young people,and families. The SOS Children’s Villagesare at the heart of the workdone by the association. In the villages,children whose birth parentscannot care for them for various reasonscan grow up in a family-likeenvironment.SOS Children’s Villages has morethan 2,400 facilities in 134 nationsaround the globe. In Germany some3,400 employees working in 43facilities provide assistance to morethan 95,000 people.21

MAN kann… DRIVE SUSTAINABILITY WITH CR INDICATORS.Selected indicators at a glanceEconomyHow we have improved ourcorporate responsibility performancein the last five years.We use KPIs to measure our progress in thefields of action of our CR Strategy 2020+.We collect and report this data regularly.Indicator Units 2014 2013 2012Revenue € billion 14.3 15.7 15.8Order intake € billion 15.3 16.0 15.9Operating profit € million 384 475 969Corporate responsibility rankingsIndicator Units 2014 2013 2012Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes points listed, 80 out of100 pointslisted, 83 out of100 pointslisted, 78 out of100 pointsoekom Corporate Rating rating Prime B– no newassessmentPrime B–Climate Disclosure Leadership Index points listed, 97 out of100 pointslisted, 89 out of100 pointslisted, 84 out of100 pointsClimate Performance Leadership Index rating listed, A not listed, B not listed, BSustainalytics ranking ranked 8 out of151 companies;sector leaderranked 8 out of151 companies;sector leaderranked 15 out of87 companiesIntegrationIndicator Units 2014 2013 2012Compliance awareness training courses number of participants 1,916 1,138 3,865“Manage responsibly” training courses for managers number of participants(rounded)200 300 70Employee volunteering hours (rounded) >600 500 330Corporate giving, cash and non-cash donations € 963,025 495,440 298,34022 Corporate Responsibility at MAN in 2014Journal

PeopleIndicator Units 2014 2013 2012Women in management positions percent 8.7 8.9 8.2Accident frequency indexaccidents per 1 million13.5 14.9 11.8hours workedOHSAS 18001 certifications(occupational health and safety)ProductionIndicator Units 2014 2013 2012Reduction in CO 2 emissions at the production sites percent 19 14 5Fresh water consumption cubic meters 8,800,915 9,326,797 8,693,537ISO 14001 certifications(environmental protection)number of sites 27 26 25CO 2 emissions per vehicle produced tons per vehicle 2.70 2.41 2.79Productsnumber of certified sites 17 11 9MAN employee opinion survey percentage participation 90 83 –Indicator Units 2014 2013 2012R&D expenditures € million 608 540 830 *R&D employees number 4,560 4,432 5,153 ** Including expenditures for order-related R&D activities; as of 2013, R&D expenditures only include costs for activities carried out by the MAN Group for its own purposes.€ 384million operating profit1,916compliance awareness courses8.7%women in management positions19%reduction in CO 2 emissions4,560R&D employees23

More about the MAN GroupAdditional informationPassion and performance – in three formatsMAN has been publishing a CR report annually since 2011. This allowed us to target all of our stakeholders with a single publication. For 2014, we are using a reporting approach featuringthree different formats aimed at our different target groups – all under the heading of “Corporate Responsibility at MAN in 2014.”2014 MAN CR Online JournalOur Online Journal presents the CR highlightsof 2014, such as the realignment ofthe CR strategy, our efficient products, andour long-term partnership with SOS Children’sVillages. An interative tool providesan overview of CR indicators for the lastfive years. The Online Journal is aimed atemployees, job applicants, customers, nongovernmentalorganizations, and membersof the general public.2014 MAN CR JournalThis Journal offers a clearly structuredsummary of the 2014 CR activities of MANpresented in the Online Journal and theGRI Report. It is primarily intended to providea quick CR overview for our employeesand customers around the world.2014 MAN GRI ReportIn our 2014 GRI Report, we provide a transparentaccount of what we achieved in 2014in the area of corporate responsibility andsustainability and what we plan to accomplishin the future. Here for the first time weare reporting to the new G4 standards of theGlobal Reporting Initiative (GRI). Our 2014GRI Report contains detailed information andKPIs for analysts, investors, customers, andbusiness partners.Corporate Responsibility at MAN in 2014JournalWe areresponsible.Corporate Responsibility bei MAN 2014 – GRI-BerichtWe areresponsible.Engineering the Future – since 1758.MAN SEEngineering the Future – since 1758.MAN SE24 Corporate Responsibility at MAN in 2014Journal

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