Willy Wonka

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Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka

Commitment Contract Cast

We are very excited that you would like to be part of the cast for the musical this


Please read this contract. There are several places that require both initials from

you and your parent/guardian and your signatures. All signed contracts must be

turned into Mrs. Gagne prior to auditions. You cannot be cast in the show until a

signed contract is turned in. The cast list for the show will be posted on Friday

January 13 th .

By initialing and signing you are letting us know that you and your family are

aware of the commitment involved in this and agree to be a supportive and


I will attend all rehearsals and understand that unexcused absences are not

acceptable. I will call Mrs. Gagne (216) 581-1644 ext 3023 or (440) 773-4459 as soon as

possible if unable to attend a rehearsal or speak to her in person. _______ (student)

______ parent/guardian.

Please note that you must call if you are absent from school as Mrs. Gagne does not

receive a list and it is not assumed you are not attending rehearsal.

I will arrive on time and ready to work at all rehearsals. ______ (student) _____


Rehearsals are to put the show together. You are expected to work on your own

parts and be prepared each practice for what we are going to rehearse. You must

bring YOUR script and a writing instrument to every rehearsal. Please dress for

movement, as you will be dancing.

I understand that if I am late to or absent from rehearsal a number of times that it

will prompt a conference with Mrs. Gagne and Mrs. Braun to assess my ability to

continue with the show. ______ (student) _______ (parent/guardian)

I will learn my lines, music, and choreography by the designated days.

I understand that the fee for drama is $100.00 for each student that is a member of

the cast. This money must be paid no later than Wednesday February 15 th .

In lieu of the fee, you may sell $100.00 worth of advertising for the program.

Advertising sheets are attached. All advertisements and payments are due

February 15 th .

Any combination of fees and advertising money totaling $100.00 is acceptable.

The fees cover the expenses of costumes, scripts and music, snacks for some

rehearsals, a show t-shirt and a performance DVD.

______ (student)

______ (parent/guardian)

I understand I am responsible for providing my own shoes, socks, small accessories

and makeup for the show. I understand that these must be with me at rehearsals

beginning March 7 th and will be needed throughout the run of the show. I also

understand I am responsible for taking care of any costumes or props and rented

music and scripts I am given and will be financially responsible for any damages.

______ (student) _____ (parent/guardian)

I am aware that OGT Testing takes place during the week of March 12 th and we do

have rehearsals in the evening that week. I understand that missing rehearsals for

that reason is not acceptable. I am also aware that the end of the half term is

March 23 rd and some classes will be having midterm exams in and around that time.

Two of our Tech Rehearsals occur this week, which cannot be missed.

_______ (student) _______ (parent/guardian)

I understand the importance and methodology behind TECH WEEK . I realize the

time commitment in these rehearsals and know attendance for these rehearsals is

mandatory for the entire time and that there is no exception to this. ______

(student) _____ (parent/guardian)

I will cooperate with and show respect for EVERYONE involved in the production.

I will have fun, make new friends and grow as a performer to the best of my ability.

I will always remember


I, _________________________________________ agree to the above stated policies and

procedures involved in participating in the spring production this year:





Student Phone: _________________ Email: _________________________

I understand the commitment my son or daughter is making in being part of the

spring production this year.


Parent/Guardian Signature



Parent/Guardian Phone: _______________________________

Parent/Guardian Email: __________________________________________

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