Influence Magazine boldly celebrates brilliant local businesses and entrepreneurs. Inside this issue we feature Canadian Award-Winning Jewellery designer Laura Tedesco. In addition, columns by Adam Oldfield, Shelley McQuade, David Hughes, Jamie Shanks and Sharon Ricci appear. For the first time a Mohawk College (Hamilton) writer/art director duo appears with a column titled The Food Virgin.

Influence Magazine boldly celebrates brilliant local businesses and entrepreneurs. Inside this issue we feature Canadian Award-Winning Jewellery designer Laura Tedesco. In addition, columns by Adam Oldfield, Shelley McQuade, David Hughes, Jamie Shanks and Sharon Ricci appear. For the first time a Mohawk College (Hamilton) writer/art director duo appears with a column titled The Food Virgin.


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INTRODUCING | <strong>LAURA</strong> <strong>TEDESCO</strong>

Contents<br />

Business. Balance. Bottom Line and Brilliance.



90 SECOND<br />

SCHOOL<br />

<strong>MEET</strong> <strong>LAURA</strong><br />





the influence factor | editors note<br />

The motto of Influence Magazine is Business. Balance. Bottom<br />

Line and Brilliance. And have we got a lot of sparkly brilliance<br />

to share with you in this special Issue!

Issue | hamilton, ontario<br />

Laura Tedesco, a celebrated young<br />

Canadian jewellery designer embodies<br />

the word brilliance. Her imaginative<br />

jewellery designs turn heads with their<br />

bold originality, steal hearts as intimate<br />

storytellers and will stand as timeless<br />

pieces of art. A Laura Tedesco design is<br />

crafted from precious metals, exquisite<br />

stones and from the delicate history<br />

of the women lucky enough to have<br />

commissioned it.<br />

This Issue’s Brilliance goes beyond<br />

jewels and gems. Our always engaging<br />

Contributing Columnists are at their<br />

very best bringing you great business<br />

and lifestyle reading whether you’re at<br />

the office, the beach or somewhere in<br />

between.<br />

Sharon Ricci<br />


So you’re feeling like a real<br />

smarty pants today?<br />

Not so fast there brainy.<br />

1<br />

Where parents rank in terms<br />

of a prodigy’s development<br />

3<br />

The age Amadeus Mozart<br />

began playing piano<br />

4<br />

The age Amadeus Mozart<br />

began playing the violin

8<br />

The age Amadeus Mozart<br />

wrote his first symphony<br />

11<br />

The age Amadeus Mozart<br />

wrote his first opera<br />

1956<br />

The year Bobby Fischer won the<br />

US Jr Chess Championship<br />

16<br />

The age of Bobby Fischer when<br />

he became the US Champion<br />

11<br />

The age of a Harvard frosh<br />

named William James Sidis<br />

2<br />

The age William James Sidis was when<br />

he was reading adult-level books

90 SECOND<br />

SCHOOL<br />


Jamie is one of North America’s leading Social Selling experts. He has personally built<br />

Social Selling solutions in nearly every industry, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500<br />

corporations. Sales for Life is now the world’s definitive Social Selling training and coaching<br />

company. Jamie is also the Toronto chapter President of the American Association of<br />

Inside Sales Professionals and holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of<br />

Ottawa, and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of South Australia.




Issue | hamilton, ontario<br />

Before I met Laura Tedesco in person, I fell<br />

in love with her ring. Now, before you jump<br />

to the conclusion that I must be a jewellery<br />

junkie, let me correct you – I’m the exact<br />

opposite. For me jewellery has always<br />

been take it or leave it. Mostly leave it.<br />

That all changed when I walked by the Laura Tedesco store on one<br />

of my favourite neighbourhood streets. In her window I saw a ring so<br />

unique, so unapologetically fresh and so beautifully designed, I fell in<br />

love instantly. I kept missing her at the store each time I walked by,<br />

but life graciously put us together at a business lunch. I was a guest<br />

panelist and the woman in the front row introduced herself as Laura<br />

Tedesco. The rest, as they say, is history.<br />

When I got to know Laura I knew why I was so powerfully drawn<br />

to her designs. It’s because each of them is a love story filled with<br />

meaning. Whether she’s starting from scratch or reimagining a piece<br />

that’s been in a family for generations, the end creation will turn<br />

heads and warm hearts.<br />

In our signature Influence Spotlight style, I sat down with Laura to<br />

ask her about her business, her roots, what motivates her, what she<br />

draws on for creativity. I know you’ll find her story as inspiring as I<br />

did. Enjoy…<br />

Sharon Ricci<br />


the influence factor | spotlight<br />

hamilton, ontario<br />

<strong>MEET</strong><br />

<strong>LAURA</strong> <strong>TEDESCO</strong><br />

We commission one-of-a-kind jewellery. I<br />

sketch and hand-draft each design based<br />

on my clients’ lives and stories. The end<br />

result is a well crafted, unique piece of<br />

jewellery created with precious metals and<br />

the forces of my imagination.<br />

<strong>LAURA</strong> <strong>TEDESCO</strong> JEWELLERY DESIGN<br />

I’ve heard you say fine<br />

jewellery is like a fingerprint.<br />

Our company mantra is Jewellery<br />

with Meaning. No two designs are alike<br />

because I believe jewellery is an extension of the<br />

person wearing it and should be as unique<br />

as their fingerprint.<br />

Where does your love of the jewellery<br />

business come from?<br />

Those are deep roots.<br />

I’ve always loved jewellery. My<br />

parents owned Venetian Jewellers in<br />

Hamilton and I have fond memories of<br />

being a little girl watching my Dad behind the<br />

bench grading diamonds or adjusting watches. I<br />

loved watching my Mom buy and order exquisite<br />

pieces and how she made them all glitter through<br />

the showcase. Alot of my style comes from her.<br />

I’m a third generation jeweller. My Nonno,<br />

Alessandro Tedesco, founded Venetian Jewellers<br />

first in Italy and then in Hamilton in 1954..

the influence factor | spotlight<br />

Your strong family ties are a constant the bond between Mother and Daughter,<br />

theme in your story.<br />

but also my infinite love for my mother,<br />

I loved my childhood. I was surrounded Linda, a source of inspiration and beauty.<br />

by love. My family dynamic was the best<br />

imaginable. I could honestly say that it<br />

Transforming from a<br />

was perfect. I had a<br />

friend in my sister (when<br />

we didn’t fight like cats<br />

and dogs). My Mom<br />

was the definition of an<br />

amazing Mom. My Dad,<br />

a hard worker, bevy of<br />

knowledge and cheesy<br />

Dad jokes. My Mother<br />

died of brain cancer when<br />

I was 14 and we were all<br />

crushed. I cherish our<br />

family memories so much.<br />

Creativity and<br />

quality work takes<br />

time, you simply<br />

can’t rush it.<br />

young girl into an<br />

award-winning<br />

jewellery designer must<br />

have had some ups<br />

and downs.<br />

There was a time in my<br />

mid 20’s where I really<br />

wanted to give up. I felt<br />

that I wasn’t fully satisfied<br />

working at my Dad’s<br />

jewellery store – there was<br />

something missing.<br />

I understand this<br />

ring you wear is linked<br />

to your Mom. I don’t<br />

think I’ve seen a more<br />

memorable ring.<br />

This ring was one of my first jewellery<br />

designs and I designed it for myself. It’s<br />

built around a beautiful marquise diamond<br />

that belonged to my mother. The key<br />

I didn’t know what to do.<br />

A few books I was reading<br />

gave me the spark to<br />

leave Hamilton and go<br />

on a bit of a spiritual journey. I pursued<br />

jewellery design in Florence, Italy. My trip<br />

to Florence was life altering. It was where I<br />

fully realized my love of design and started<br />

envisioning myself as a jewellery designer.<br />

design element is two looped, stylized “L’s”<br />

locked together in infinity. They represent

Issue | hamilton, ontario<br />


and to be grateful for all business that comes your way (big or small).

the influence factor | spotlight<br />

Do exactly what you are<br />

doing because all of your<br />

experiences, all of your<br />

mistakes led you to where<br />

you are today, so relax and<br />

stop worrying.<br />

What is your role within the<br />

company? What kinds of things do<br />

you do?<br />

I wear many hats. I’m CEO, certified GIA<br />

diamond grader and my favourite part<br />

of my job, designer. And when my son<br />

Alexander comes in for visits I also wear<br />

the Mommy hat. That’s actually the best<br />

part of my company, having the flexibility<br />

to see Alexander whenever I want.<br />

A favourite business quote:<br />

Making money is art and working is art and<br />

good business is the best art.<br />

— Andy Warhol<br />

Your most proud professional<br />

accomplishments?<br />

Winning first place for Best Diamond<br />

design in Canada for the 2010 Excellence<br />

in Jewellery Design Competition with the<br />

piece featuring my Mother’s diamond.<br />

If you’ve learned one thing in the<br />

world of business it would be....<br />

Building relationships and trust with<br />

your customer is key and to be grateful<br />

for all business that comes your way<br />

(big or small).<br />

Any advice you received that really<br />

made sense to you?<br />

My dad reminds me all the time that Rome<br />

wasn’t built in a day. Creativity and quality<br />

work takes time, you simply can’t rush it.

Issue | hamilton, ontario<br />

If you could talk to your 20 year old<br />

self, what advice would you give?<br />

Do exactly what you are doing because all<br />

of your experiences, all of your mistakes<br />

led you to where you are today, so relax<br />

and stop worrying.<br />

I give you a million dollars to spend<br />

on business and you...<br />

Design the collection I’ve been dreaming of.<br />

Night Owl or Early Bird?<br />

Night owl all the way.<br />

What do you wish you were better at?<br />

Finding lost car keys.<br />

Your one superpower?<br />

Making my son laugh hysterically.<br />

What motivates you to get out of bed<br />

every day?<br />

My Family... to prove to my son that<br />

Accolades for Laura Tedesco Designs:<br />

2010 Excellence in Design<br />

1st place Best Diamond Design<br />

2013 Excellence in Design<br />

3rd place Platinum Design<br />

dreams do come true and to continue to<br />

make my Dad proud by continuing a<br />

family tradition.




ST P<br />


As founder of Cypress Strategies, an organizational growth<br />

coaching and consulting firm, Shelley is the Peak Prosperity<br />


coach that gets cities, associations and companies clear,<br />

confident and ready to prosper.


Well not really but figuratively. In a knowledge-based economy<br />

industrial age hierarchies are less than optimal to develop a creative<br />

and innovative workforce. Many companies are jumping on the flat<br />

organization band wagon to grow their people and their company.<br />

Creativity and innovation means multiple people from diverse<br />

backgrounds and disciplines need to learn to play nice in the shared<br />

sand box so to speak. This requires engaging in ways many of us<br />

traditionally haven’t done or thought of. To help with this challenge, try<br />

working the New Economy model. These 4 pillars provide the right<br />

structure for a flat world:<br />

CONTEXT – Thanks to the internet the amount of codified knowledge<br />

is doubling every 5 minutes. In an era of information overload we need<br />

context – models or frameworks – to make sense of content. With<br />

shorter product and business lifecycles change is the norm and context<br />

will help you build your success formula to stay relevant and profitable.<br />

ALIGNMENT – With complex value chains and multiple stakeholders<br />

-<br />

alignment is critical. Right fit matters. For your team this means having<br />

the right people with both the skill – ability and will – attitude required<br />

for peak performance.<br />

COLLABORATION – Gone are the days of “knowing it all”.<br />

Organizational success requires a highly engaged team that can park<br />

their ego at the door and work together for the greater good.<br />

Sometimes you’ll lead, sometimes I’ll lead and we both need to know<br />

when to back off and step up.<br />

ACCOUNTABILITY – With less rigid rules and more grey than black<br />

and white; freedom is required to get the job done. That being said we<br />

need to get results. Providing your team with clear goals or outcomes<br />

and holding them accountable, creates a deep level of personal<br />

satisfaction and drives performance.<br />

Less jobs today fall into the “just tell me what to do and I’ll do it”<br />

category. Critical thinking is the new world order and individuals with<br />

high social and analytical skills are the cream that rises to the top. So<br />

loosen up your button down approach and at the same time create a<br />

structure with accountability to solve your customer’s biggest problems<br />

and to win big in the new economy.

straight speak | spotlight<br />

DAVID &<br />

GOLIATH...<br />

actually it’s<br />

Leonard & Goliath<br />

When it comes to influence, size<br />

matters ... and it comes in all<br />

shapes and sizes.<br />

There’s a reason David kicked<br />

Goliath’s butt.

Issue | hamilton, ontario<br />

Leonard H. Goodman knows a thing or<br />

two about life insurance and influence.<br />

After all, he’s been a stalwart in the<br />

industry for more than half a century.<br />

Today, Leonard is persona non grata with<br />

the life insurance companies because he’s<br />

fighting for change. Big change that they<br />

don’t want. He’s up against a Goliath who’s<br />

fighting for the status quo.<br />

The Canadian life insurance industry wields<br />

considerable power and influence and, like<br />

Goliath, it is seldom challenged, unless your<br />

name is David ... or Leonard.<br />

Goodman, on behalf of Canadian seniors,<br />

is fighting for their right to access the fair<br />

market value in their life insurance policy,<br />

an asset they own. He says, “Canadian<br />

insurers are ignoring the needs of seniors<br />

and the advancements experienced in the<br />

United States and around the world.” He<br />

adds. “In the US alone, seniors are receiving<br />

more than $7 million a day by accessing<br />

the fair market value in their life insurance<br />

policies through life settlements. But in<br />

Canada, nothing. Because of the power<br />

of insurance companies – big money,<br />

big influence.”

straight speak | spotlight<br />

A well-regulated life settlement industry<br />

provides seniors with a secondary market<br />

where, on average, they receive four<br />

times the cash surrender value of their<br />

policy, and in the case of term insurance,<br />

much more.<br />

Votes influence<br />

Goodman is advocating on behalf of 5.6<br />

million Canadian seniors. “That’s a lot of<br />

votes and a lot of influence,” he says. “And<br />

that’s why I wrote my book, Why Are<br />

Canadian Seniors Worth More Dead Than<br />

Alive? and why seniors need to know what<br />

their insurers won’t tell them.”<br />

Leonard H. Goodman (photo<br />

courtesy: Northumberland Today)<br />

In Ontario, more than 15 years ago, the<br />

government supported establishing a life<br />

settlement industry and recommended to<br />

change Section 115 in the Ontario Insurance<br />

Fifty-two years in life<br />

insurance and he’s<br />

reloading his slingshot.<br />

Act, an egregious law that prevents seniors<br />

from accessing the maximum value in<br />

their life insurance. But nothing happened.<br />

Seniors are still waiting because the<br />

influence of the insurance lobby and the<br />

inertia of bureaucracy trumped political<br />

will – so far. Now Goodman has reloaded<br />

his slingshot.

Issue | hamilton, ontario<br />

Doing what’s right<br />

Malcolm Gladwell in his book David and<br />

Goliath, said, “Davids defeat Goliaths<br />

all the time.” And when the Davids are<br />

advocating for fundamental rights, the<br />

Goliaths eventually fall. Goodman, who<br />

has burnished his influence over the years,<br />

knows he is on the side of right, for seniors,<br />

the economy and the future of Canada.<br />

Leonard H. Goodman’s book,<br />

Why Are Canadian Seniors Worth<br />

More Dead Than Alive.<br />

A life settlement<br />

pertains to the sale of<br />

an unneeded in force<br />

life insurance policy for<br />

an amount that’s more<br />

than the policy’s cash<br />

surrender value but less<br />

than its death benefit.

What<br />

Wore<br />

This is Ali. He walks past Zoe Spawton’s office in Berlin, Germany every morning wearing<br />

great clothes. She snaps pictures of him and shares them with the world.<br />

We in turn are sharing them with you. Why? To kick your ass so you’ll give up that beige<br />

suit and those worn shoes … it’s time to up your fashion game gentleman and Ali is just the<br />

man to be your guide!




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